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North West / XXX-Angela - Middleton, North Manchester
« by Dreamweaver1 on March 26, 2017, 10:11:11 AM »
Link:-  https://www.adultwork.com/3055399 or https://www.adultwork.com/XXX%2DAngela

Fee:- 1 hour, £120

Location:- Middleton - North Manchester

Date:- 23/03/2017.

Had tried to see Angela having seen a few good reviews. Contacted her to make sure my age was no issue but couldn't tie up date/times. Got an unexpected midweek opportunity last Thursday so tried again. Arranged a few days in advance, all comms until day done via AW promptly and without issue. Given postcode as soon as confirmed. Quick call on arrival and apartment number given.

Block of flats on main road, with plenty of free on road parking. No problems with entry, given number pressed button on front door and buzzed up. Top floor flat (4 floors) stairs only. Experienced the blind by the living room but not an issue for me, never really looked to see if anyone else was present. Greeted with a kiss. I would say the AW pictures are pretty accurate. The only facial photo is in her PG.I found her attractive both facially and body wise, I know this is subjective. Drink and shower offered. Shower taken as I'd had a gruesome time on the motorway.

Back into the bedroom naked and started with a quick massage. DFK with cuddles followed and a quick grab of that arse. Progressed down to OWO with plenty of ball liking. Reciprocated with a bout of RO and gave her a bit of rimming. She then said onto your front and let's see what my tongue can do. Straight into the rimming, got told to get on all fours so she could get deeper. Bloody hell it already felt like she was at my tonsils. Arms round my waist to pull in deeper. Seemed to last forever, although probably around 10 minutes worth. Also indulged in playing the rusty trombone. Back onto my back and a good spell of 69 with oral and rimming.

That's when my problem started and the old todger decided that was enough. Never mind she said there's plenty more to enjoy. Both of us had a bit of a wank and I was entranced watching her fingers plunge in and out with one up the back door as well. Back to giving me OWO with spitting, surprised then with a finger up my bum, started to stir a little so DT and a bit of gagging. Tried her hardest, but still not enough reaction from me to progress further.

I realised there was 10 minutes left (no time watching by her) so asked for a repeat performance on the rimming front, certainly her speciality, felt absolutely great. No pop for me, but wasn't really bothered, I'd enjoyed what I'd had. Didn't bother with a post punt shower. Whilst getting dressed realised I hadn't dealt with the paperwork. No problem she said and it was quickly handed over.

Note to self, get the bag on and get the sex at the beginning next time.

Would I recommend - Yes
Would I return - Yes

South West / Amazing Annna - Cheltenham
« by cain on March 26, 2017, 10:01:09 AM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/3472274 or https://www.adultwork.com/Amazing+Annna

30 minute booking £70
Comms good time keeping good.
Amazing Annna - disinterested couldn't look more unenthusiastic if she tried,
OWO well actually it was more like a hand job and my penis bumped into her teeth occasionally, there was never going to be CIM
sex was protected missionary and doggy and cowgirl,  lacklustre is how I would describe it.
Kissing..........a few pecks

not as pretty as I had expected bust size has to a a A , she has a great arse, but thats about the most redeming thing I can take away from the whole thing. she was clean but she had stubble going on down below.

Accomadation clean and safe

she was pleasent enough but thats not what I was paying for, I Would not go back and would not recommend. I guess she has seen too many penis and is burnt out, but likes the money. one to forget.

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