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London / Alisa+black Harrow
« by raygun on December 21, 2016, 08:46:33 am »
Phoned and said I was "a minute walk away, is she free, shall I come now?" Walked into the place and Alisa was busy, told to me by Alisa+black young lady. "Would you like me?" She said, pointing to the bedroom.

Considered it for a moment, not bad me thinks, but I said "no thanks", and walked. Bit messy, both inside and outside the flat. Smokers in the flat, didn't want my clothes and hair to stink afterwards. Went elsewhere.

Borderline to negative (but neutral) because it was too messy and too much like a smoker's lounge / night club / pub from the mid 1990's. Lady who greeted me, I recognised from some other profile picture.

https://www.adultwork.com/3537694 or https://www.adultwork.com/Alisa+black

Wales / ELISE - Illicit Liaisons
« by Batteries not included on December 21, 2016, 08:42:25 am »
Merry Christmas ladies & gentlemen

The lady:
ELISE - Illicit Liaisons


20th December 2016

1 hour / £150

An 'Illicit' location, Cardiff Bay

Initial contact:
As you know this Agency is owned/managed by Savvie.  And with Savvie's business acumen you know you are guaranteed top,
top customer service.  I had already viewed the ladies on the website and was drawn to Elise.  Contacted the Agency and spoke to Savvie who then provided a comprehensive brief on Elise. 

Details exchanged and received confirmation & location within the hour.

Arrival & Reception:
Arrived at the venue.  Rang the bell and made my way up the apartment.  The door is opened by a very pretty young lady dressed in red lingerie. Very little make-up and a lovely smile.

Age:              22/23
Height:          5' 5/6" without heals
Statistics:      size 6-8 / 32 (small yet lovely)
Hair:              medium long, just below shoulder/blonde.
Face:             Very pretty - young looking
Nationality:    Welsh
Ethnicity:       Caucasian

Just the two of us:

As we moved into the bedroom chatting away I have a sense that I have met Elise before.  I freshen up and my reflection in mirror is asking me "Where have you seen her before?  Not one of the girls that works in Head Office?!!!!"  Not as dramatic, thank goodness!!

We chat away, me explaining I very rarely visit Agencies other than Savvie's although I visited Portfolio once.  Elise then tells me she used to work there under the name of BRANDI.  We then suddenly realise where we have met. (My first review on UKP).  A sense of recognition had existed between both of us from the time I entered.  Elise's hair is longer yet still, lovely.

We indulged in the following:
Oral (receiving / giving);
Anal play (asked first)

We just stand together and gently kiss.  Elise is very responsive to touch and foreplay was very sensual. I sense she loves being kissed on the neck and body; change in breathing.  She has a gentle caressing hand movement. Starting slow and very intimate.  Not sure how long we continued like this but there was no rush from either of us.

We finally move to the bed and I lay Elise near the corner of the bed and I kneel on the floor.  Slowly making my way down to her pussy. Giving oral is a favourite  and I love to feel and sense the changing responses of the body.  Elise responded to every touch and very quickly I found the 'spot' and teased her. Taking her to the high points....relax...take her high again.  Elise sat up and then reciprocated and wow. Again very sensual and deep. 

We then fell on the bed and just exploded into DFK and hands everywhere.  Finger penetration and anal play continued the massive desire and again no rush. Very naturally, we move to putting on the mack and Elise on top. Riding me as deep as possible.  Incredible.  Moving quickly to pounding.  And I could feel myself going ever so deep.  Elise was raising herself high enough for me see my penis acting as if a piston - a rare but exhilarating sensation.

I ask Elise if she wanted me to do the work and moved to doggy.  Move to the edge of the bed with me standing.  By now Elise is very wet yet as I entered she felt so tight and the contractions were immense.  Elise had just given me the ride of my life and (unusual for me) I responded in the same way as I received the 'ride'.  From this position; deep penetration and responses from Elise let me know I was going to end this way as excitement was starting to take control.  And what a way to end.


VFM - 100%.  A perfect hour.

Would I return - Yes!

If I had to describe this occasion in one word - 'Bolero'.  starts slowly and ends with a crescendo

And finally:

An unusual situation for me as I was expecting to meet some new.  Equally, I had hoped there would be an opportunity of seeing Brandi again.    Yet, the 'unexpected' contributed perfectly to this encounter for me.   For me there is something about Elise that allows a little more expression.  I love the initial gentle intimacy - the getting to know you moment - and Elise has this in abundance.

As for the Agency,  this is top class.  And in a short space of time & with Savvie at the helm you know you are getting the best of services.  Savvie has the perfect way about her, you can easily forget why you are ringing and always has time for a quick chat before discussing the reason for your call.  Overall that positivity is spread throughout the whole Agency.  I should visit more often.

London / Rosie - Hot Collection - Best of the best rim job
« by Siders69 on December 21, 2016, 08:29:35 am »

I am most happy to report a decent punt



Rosie has been reviewed by others most notably Yeboahsleftfoot  -so mucho cheers for the steer

I must say I am becoming a growing fan of UKpunting having ignored it previously - so thanks everyone for that

I am a Hot Collection fan club member of many years but have been wary of late following a string of average or indeed crap punts - all of whom have been discussed here

Comms: As you would expect from a top london agency

The Flat: Well located near the Cromwell Rd

£ - £250 one hour incl RIM

The Girl: Russian, probably about 29 - 33 (never can tell with these Ruskies and the pics are a few years old I reckon). In fairness Rosie isn't someone I would have ordinarily picked. Her face is average (certainly not stunning) with big pouty botox lips which I am not a fan of. Her body is VERY thin but not waif like, presumably because of her age - there isn't an ounce of fat on her. She is tall with slim long legs. She is a 32B cup size 6. Her tits are probably the best enhanced little B's that I have seen - I am not a fan at all of fake tits but these we quite fine. Her arse was tiny and easily cupped double buttocks with just one hand. Her cunt was a little old and haggard and lacked any pink tinge and I regret to say she had giblets....again something I am not a fan of, however in her total defense she is incredibly tight

The service - hehe....naughty !! Frankly there is nothing she wouldn't do. I didn't try anal so don't know and I didn't fuck her so don't know that either but I can tell you that she is exceptional at her work - she was chosen because I was led believe that she likes to rim

She is very friendly and chatty which makes the whole experience much more enterprising and fun

Round 1

OWO to completion and fantastic facial - Exceptional. Sloppy, wet total devotion to my cock with awesome tongue and tickle play. The full range of blowjob experience was employed buy this filly who knew exactly what she was doing.  Excellent underim and balls play. Quite perfect gripping and handling technique ....one hand or two. Superb anal play and prostate massage (gloved finger). The finale involved her laying her head on my inner thigh as I directed my spunk all over her face, tongue, lips, chin, nose, outer eye socket (not a hint of complaint) and forehead - after I had finished squirming she licked my knob clean and let me wipe it on her face. The blowjob involved numerous positions, including T-bag

Siders rating = 8.8 / 10 ......deductions for over eager moaning noises and the fact that she is not beautiful and so doesn't look a picture against my knob haha)

.....off she rushed to bathroom....followed by me

.......drink, smoke, chat....yadayadayada etc

Round 2 - after round 1 I had already decided that I had little interest to fuck this girl preferring instead to concentrate on OWO.....a somewhat worrying emerging trend with me these days !!

wooohooo......started with a most satisfying fumble and mutual masturbation (including fingers) and titty play with lots of DFK. She is very tight and I doubt she would either like, accept or be able to take a two or three finger pounding.....moved onto......RO which she very willingly engaged in....she is very sensitive but that may be just her getting bored and using it as an excuse to hurry up and make me come....or I made her cum and her response was real...either way (bothered !!!)........  more OWO....all as before but this time with a bit more energy and wanking to get me and sustain me hard.....THEN.......I moved onto all fours whilst she rimmed me from behind and wanked me off - damn this girl ain't shy and proper shoved her tongue where the sun don't shine - absolutely awesome....for the finale I flipped her on her back and knelt over her whilst she sucked my cock and fingered me - shot my load all over her face, tits, body, down to her belly button....because she was pressing my prostate as I came there was plenty there (considering a round 2 pop) enough even to chase back up the body for the last couple of drips onto her nipples and then her outstretched tongue - GOOD GIRL   :wackogirl: :wacko:

Siders rating = 9.7 / 10

.....shower, find socks !.....quick peck on the cheek then off into the twilight

Overall rating = 8.9 / 10 - deductions as above but also on the basis that I am unlikely i think to return owing to the fact that she is older and less pretty than I like and she does talk a lot of bollox. I might consider her though for some FFM fun incl. lesbi action....have to save up first   


London / katieyoungxxx Blowjob queen....hmmm
« by Setodger on December 21, 2016, 02:28:28 am »
I saw katieyoungxxx a few weeks ago in a flat on Wandsworth road, opposite Larkhall park (I've seen Sophia-Haze at the same place).
The place is very clean and modern.

just to be on the safe side I decided to only see Katie for 15 minutes for £50.

Katie is the girl in the photo, but the photos are missing to key details.
1) she is larger than her photos would lead you to believe, by no means is she fat, but she is a bit plump.
2) she i covered in tattoos, all over the place. I like a girl with tats, just don't get why they don't put it in their profile.

Action Katie advertises herself as a "blowjob queen" so I was a bit surprised when she announced that she never did owo. Since it was only a 15 minute punt I went with it. Katie quickly started giving head at good pace, paying the right amount of attention to my balls as well as keeping good eye contact. We then moved onto the main course, Katie does have a nice tight pussy and took a hammering from behind well.

I'd probably see Katie again but only as fall back option.
Katie does give good head, but to not even mention that owo is not on offer on her profile is either retarded, lazy or disrespectful.

https://www.adultwork.com/3501444 or https://www.adultwork.com/katieyoungxxx

London / Filthy_little_minx (Casey) @ HOD
« by Setodger on December 21, 2016, 01:30:09 am »
After being given the runaround i decided to go to plan B and book Casey @ HOD Victoria.

Comms were the usual HOD deal, arranged a £70 30 minute meet Maid answered and gave directions.

Place basement flat 10 minutes walk from Victoria station, 3 girls working (can't remember who the other 2 were), bed is shit and too small.

action Casey is definitely the girl from the pictures, she is probably older than her profile says, her pictures really do not do her justice. She has loads of tattoos  but is still hot. She is chatty and very easy to talk to.

Casey's owo was excellent taking all of my shaft and sloppy. went into 69, casey was nice and clean. Then on with the mack, started reverse cowgirl and then into doggie where I hammered away till cumming.

Had a quick shower and went on my way, I'd definitely recommend her and will see her again in the new year.



North West / UltraChicHeidi - Manchester Centre (touring)
« by Yanusmc on December 21, 2016, 12:49:52 am »
https://www.adultwork.com/3592620 or https://www.adultwork.com/UltraChicHeidi

Was popping into town to meet some friends and had a scoot to see who was in the city centre.  DUe to meeting friends afterwards I was just after 15 mins for £40.

Booking was simple and by text, she sent me directions to the flat (short term rental) and complete directions to get me to the door.  Flat was small but nice, pretty much a hotel room with a small kitchen, it was tidy and I could see a good supply of toiletries in the bathroom.

She invited me inside, I was instantly impressed with what I saw, a great petite figure, good face.  Money sorted we got straight into it, lots of eager DFK, BJ where she positioned herself side on so that I could see all of her, a great sight, great technique and DT then onto CG and missionary.  I'm not one of those that goes on about how much the escort enjoyed herself but she seemed to enjoy it, so she's at least a convincing actress, I know some of you like the ego boost.

Probably my best punt yet.

One last thing, outside I was getting my bearings when I saw some old guy truing to figure out home to get in, not very discreet at all either, guess he was next up!

London / Emma Stone - racist nut job
« by Setodger on December 21, 2016, 12:31:05 am »
https://www.adultwork.com/2348511 or https://www.adultwork.com/Emma+Stone

Comms with Emma were initially very good, and was directed to a a hotel 5 minutes from Earls court. When I got there I  was left waiting for 10 minutes texting and trying to call.

When Emma finally replied she said that she "didn't see black guys and I'd wasted her time by not telling her I was black when I'd first made my booking."

Sent Emma a message saying that maybe she should mention things like this on her AW profile, cut my loses and went to see Casey at HOD who was amazing (review to follow)

https://www.adultwork.com/2348511 or https://www.adultwork.com/Emma+Stone

East England / CHANTAL PEPPERY SEXY - Ipswich
« by suffolkman1 on December 20, 2016, 11:44:31 pm »
Time available now to write some reviews of visits I've had in the last 3 months that don't appear to have an existing review on here. This was a recent visit though.

So I'd been looking at Chantal's profile for a while. By Googling the phone number I see her profile is listed on other sites as well so eventually decided it was a genuine Ipswich Incall and called for a 30 minute booking. Massage with happy ending. And to find out what's on offer for a potential return visit. Did not trust the AW profile blurb.

So called to make a booking. Seemed her English was not good at all but booking made for a couple of days later. Was texted her street and postcode straight away. No house number at this stage. And I replied and confirmed the date and time again.

Street view research done. Worked out she is right in the middle of a residents only parking zone in IP4. So worked my way out to where I could park. Probably left with a 5 minute walk.

So on day of the booking. Sent her a text confirming I was still going and the time. Responded soon after.

Unfortunately from now it all starts to go a bit wrong...

Had to park up about 10 minutes walk away in the end. So called about 10 minutes before time to get house number. No response. Texted no response. Right might as well start walking.

So 5 minutes after the appointment was due to start. She eventually answered. It was a bloody cold day and was starting to get cold. I was not really dressed for a long time walking the streets of Ipswich. Told to wait 10 minutes and call again...

Now wandering round bloody cold. In to minds to cancel warm up and see if my favourite Plan B was available.

Anyhow 15 minutes later eventually got hold over her. Now dangerously cold. And got a house number so walked over. Now 25 minutes late.

So went up some back stairs to her flat. Door opened by a good looking darked skinned lady. Heels, fishnets and a tight dress. Very nice actually. For sure this is her in the pictures on AW and other sites.

No apology for the late start. Told her I was very cold.

So into her bedroom. She had put some scented candles on and the room was very dimly lit.

Offered drink. Came back. Discussed massage with hand relief / oral. Handed over money which was counted in front of me. English very bad. Determined that she was Colombian but had spent most of life in Italy apparently. Also had worked out that no kissing was allowed.

So stripped of still a bit cold while she stashed the money. Rubbing hands to try to get them warm.

She is back and took dress off. Great body, lovely tits, trimmed to Brazilian.

Now it all gets a bit weird...

So first wanted me to wash hands with some antibacterial soap. Was a new bottle and that did not work properly. Anyhow on to my front for a massage which was crap. Spread some oil around and rubbed it in a bit. Then spent some time working on my feet. So next onto my back. Groin area wiped over with the antibacterial soap. Then an oily titie wank which was good. Then a condom on form some oral which was ok. Happy for me to play with her pussy for a bit. Did not want to touch her skin to much because of cold hands.

Still no cum so unknown to me she had applied a surgical glove and started prostate massage combined with oral but
unfortunately still no cum but was quite pleasant. So had not asked for that and certainty not asked for what came next. Next hand relief and a small condom covered toy up my bum but still no cum. So finally... Out with a larger toy. Well that's not going up there I thought. No. She did a toy show on her self with hand relief. I took over that while she made some fake noises but at last a happy ending.

So the last bit. Offered a shower. Which was very hot and excellent.

Dressed after and chatted a bit using the translate on her phone then back on the road.

Should have quit at the start and looked else where but can't win them all..

So I don't think she penned that profile. I've no idea but doubt if she offerers full service and don't intend to find out. A shame as very pleasant on the eye and would have liked a proper full service booking with her if this first visit had been good.

No return planned.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Thai Massage, Beverley East Yorkshire
« by hullbarmy on December 20, 2016, 11:40:29 pm »

So having read a review on here about a place within 20 minutes driving distance that I never knew existed, I decided a pre-Christmas punt was in order to break up a day of dashing in and out of shops!

Called the number, which was answered by a lady with a feint oriental accent. Requested an appointment and the address details followed quickly via text.

The place is easy to find, located close to the Minster. Parking available on street (check signs) and at the local shopping centre which is only a 1 or 2 minute walk away (£1 for 3 hours of parking during the week).

When I arrived, the door was slightly ajar so I offered a quiet knock and walked in. A sign an internal door said 'sorry, busy', so I sat on a chair outside. After a couple of minutes, an attractive Thai lady walked in and after I helped here to unlock the internal door we walked into the room and she locked it behind us.

I'd say she was aged in her early 30s, and I noticed she had a rather nice handful up top as she took off her coat and put on a tunic. I'm not sure of here name, something like Son or Som. Said she was from Leeds but visiting the owner of the business as they are friends, and she had asked her to take care of me!

Undressed fully, I was invited to lay face down on what is basically a mattress on the floor (have never experienced this type of set-up in my relatively inexperienced punting days), but it was comfortable enough and the room was lovely and warm on a cold day.

A towel was placed over me and she proceeded to massage me bit by bit (legs, back, shoulders, arms). On the turn, I made sure to let the towel drop away to leave my cock free but it was soon replaced and with no swipes, accidental or otherwise I settled for what was a very good, but legit massage.

Ten minutes from time she said 'we still have ten minutes left, is there anything else you would like me to massage?' To be honest, I wasn't too bothered at this stage but enquired whether there might be anything else on offer. Quoted £20 for HE and £80 for B2B. I politely declined (HE doesn't really interest me unless the girl is undressed) and the legit massage finished.

I get the feeling there might be different girls working from here, so the next visit might bring different offers and prices for extras and as it is local I will probably venture back which is why I've offered a 'neutral' rating.

For the record, it was £40 for the hour massage.

The Chinese Massage Centre in Doncaster remain my number one in Yorkshire - although there are plenty I haven't tried yet  :D

London / Elite-Anna London outcall
« by normal bloke on December 20, 2016, 11:39:05 pm »
https://www.adultwork.com/3249122   &  https://www.adultwork.com/Elite+anna

Met Anna a few weeks ago for a 2 hour incall at my hotel in central London, set me back 280.  I'd seen the reviews on here previously and the verification picture in the and then I checked the verification thread.  Picture was slightly offputting but her comms were good and so decided to take a chance.  Was Glad I did as she was great, there are negative points so I will summarise below.

Her comms before hand and up to the meeting were good and arrived on time.

The main negative, facially she isn't pretty- there was something alluring about her as she has a kind of slutty/dirty look which is always good for me.  Basically she does look like the verification picture, i'd say with bigger faker looking lips.  Age wise I'd say she is comfortably in her 40s (profile says late 30s) so not much different to what you would expect.

Bodywise she was hot, lovely natural breasts, great ass, curvy body with a tiny bit of a tummy but well toned arms/legs/backs.  She clearly keeps herself in good shape.

personality wise she was very bubbly and put me at ease, chatty without time wasting.  I think it has been said before she is quite loud (talking and during sex) so might not be ideal if you are trying to be discrete.

Kissing was very good, proper French kissing throughout

oral without was fine, i'd say she was average, was enjoyable but nothing to write home about.

She was very receptive to receiving oral, tasted good and fresh and got very wet.  Also is a squirter if that is your thing.   Also very responsive to fingering.

Anal offered without problem which she seemed to enjoy and took like a trooper.

Regular sex was the best part, numerous positions and happy to share the workload.  In the 2 hours she managed to get me to cum 4 times so that pretty much says it all.  The last of which she initiated all by herself, after 3 I thought I was done and quite happy but she insisted in awaking him with oral and rode the fuck out of me.  Genuinely gave the impression she loved was she did and was up for some fun.

As I say if you want a pretty young girl she isn't for you but if you want someone to fuck she is well worth a try.

Hope that was helpful.

Scotland / Sensual samantha edinburgh
« by kennyj on December 20, 2016, 11:30:54 pm »
Had a short notice booking with samantha tonight. Phoned and got appointment at hours notice, western harbour area,  good directions and answered texts promptly,  defo person in pics and knew her from her sauna days, dressed in black sexy lingerie, prob size 8 body,  sam puts you at ease , shower offered then lay on bed kissing,  touching then owo, sams teasing and sensual sucking Had me hard and horny as fk,  responsive to touching and was ready to pop after short period ,  sam probably sensed it and was grinding and teasing when i shot all over her sexy ass,  shower and clean up,  will defo be back wherever she turn up next  enjoy your holiday sexy lady

https://www.adultwork.com/3501754 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sensual+Samantha+777 -
[Link added by admin]

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