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London / Antonia - Butterflytouch - Epic fail
« by Gent123 on February 24, 2017, 04:10:57 PM »
I saw her a couple of days ago, and I could not help myself giving a review.

The WG "recommended" but Buterflytouch via SMS because Stephany was "not available": http://www.butterfly-touch.co.uk/antonia-london-escort.html

The Price: 180 £ ( because she said NURU is 180 )

The Meeting:

100% not the girl from the pictures, those pictures are too photo shopped. I can`t say much about the meeting, because only thinking of it makes me fucking bang my head to the wall for wasting 180 £ for nothing.

Nuru massage was lame, super lame and minimal body sliding. Her tits are fucking small and ugly, not matter who will say she is "pretty enough" for 180 £ is not worth it. Kissing was with her mouth closed, again not worth 180 £ !

Oral with condom ( she did ask if I want without ), tight pussy which is a good thing. She speaks pretty friendly though, but who the faq' goes for chatting with an escort, I wanted a slippery nuru massage with a beautifull girl that will swallow my cock and then I can destroy her pussy.

Overall not worth it, and I even spent some time getting there...

London / Estella Sexy Horny - Edmonton
« by kefcseries on February 24, 2017, 12:41:21 PM »

Curiosity, plain and simple. I’ve been seeing this girl’s pictures on various profiles for ages, part of what I call the “circuit latinas” group. Something made me want to go see what was up, so I went to see what’s up.

Comms - Phone call to the maid, postcode sent by text. Said there were 2 girls available.

Location - Quiet private estate in Edmonton, plenty of spaces but no parking. One of those 24 hour residents only private clamping set-ups that almost caught me out. Not a single soul in sight except for one block with a dude outside trying to fix his car (at 10:30pm?) and a group of hoodies loitering at the entrance smoking weed and chatting shit.

Yes you guessed it, that was the block the girl’s were in. So much for discretion, can’t help but think they were connected. If so I can’t see this location lasting long before the neighbours get wise.

Estella - And so finally face to face, it seemed weird after seeing her various pics for well over a year. Very warm and friendly, did her best with the limited English she knew and with my limited (terrible) Spanish we had a bit of amusing banter. Facially pictures are pretty accurate, stomach not as flat as photoshopped pics. Said she was Columbian, fake ass, fake boobs, fake news..

OW, mish, doggy, spooning, prone bone, very accommodating, didn’t rush me and encouraged me to pound harder, which I did to a point before I started having concerns about condom breakage.

Surprisingly friendly girl and better than expected punt from someone who’s been around probably longer than I’ve been punting. Will likely have swapped profiles in the next few days and changed location so pics for reference.

London / Not as good as last time-- Curly Warren ST
« by driver on February 24, 2017, 12:33:53 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3298058 or https://www.adultwork.com/curly+beauty+xx

A big problem when we arrange visits to girls who use unreliable maids.
I had an instance not too long ago with Curly at Warren St. Called, booking made, few texts to and fro. When i was on my way, sent another text to say so, which was replied to. Then when i got there phone silence. Hung around a bit sending texts and firing off a few calls. No response.
Now having been to her place before i knew the flat but couldn't remember the number, so by counting the flats per floor i had a guess and rang the flat number i thought was hers. I was buzzed in. When i knocked it was Curly who let me in, who was surprised to see me,as she was expecting someone else. I told her i had a booking arranged and showed her all the messages from that day. She was very apologetic and explained her maid must of double me with someone else. Just to think, if i'd turned up 5 minutes earlier the other guy would've been left outside.
Anyhow, as it was now about 40 mins after my booking time she was now waiting for her next client, which i presume that if she saw me his booking would be messed up.
So her resolution was to give me her personal number to call her direct. And my understanding was she'd make it up to me. More to follow on that one.
Is she to blame for the mix up? Yes. It's her that employs her maid. And it's not the first time she has messed up.

Saw Curly again after the above mix up, with direct contact to her, which was very good.

But i was very disappointed with the punt. It was nothing like the first time i'd seen her. That was a great session.
This time round she seemed to be a little drunk, few too many vino's. And sadly this affected her performance, which affected my performance.
It started quite well with her giving me a blow job which had me coming within 20 mins. There was no CIM.
As we had plenty of time, we can have a little rest and proceeded with a second coming. But i felt a resistance. Don't get me wrong, she put in an effort of sorts, but to no avail. My thinking was, she's tired down to having a few too many drinks.
It disappointed me some what, especially after being messed about on the previous trip. I thought she would've made it up to me. And i also noticed she was reluctant to use her tongue during FK.
Then she let me know time was nearly up.
So hence the neutral, as i have had a lot worse in my time.

Admin could you please add the link, i forgot to copy and past. Many thanks

East England / Sexy Sophie milf - A1 near Baldock
« by Punchdrunk on February 24, 2017, 12:28:26 PM »
I was driving down the A1 on the way home and the loins were srirring, so search time to see what was on offer in the area I traveled through. Sophie caught my eye and liking a milf I thought I'd ring her up. A northern lady answered I checked what was on offer and the price all good she said she was working from 2pm which suited me and a booking was made she said she would text me with location.

The text came through and it was an easy location to get to on the Al between the closed little chef and a petrol station on the southbound side. I got there texted her she then replied with room number and of I went.

I got to the room and she answered the door in glamour wear, now she looked more like a gilf and them pictures are easily 10 plus years old, I was taken a back by this but went ahead with the punt. I paid her the £100 and asked to use the shower. I got out and she was on the bed. We started kissing and she pounced on me and we had a real heavy French kissing session and I played with her tits and pussy as she wanked me slowly. Then she started giving some decent head and I played with her pussy more . I was going to 69 her but I got that wiff of piss from her pussy so no fresh shower from her!!. So I stopped playing with her pussy and enjoyed a skilled bj some more till I cum, she maintained eye contact and teased every last drop out of me then spat. We had a rest and chatted then onto round two in with a condom and I pounded away at her is a few positions she left out a few moans and groans until I blew my beans again. I didn't think I would manage a 3rd so jumped in the shower again and left.  A negative because of the pissy Fanny and how old the pics are out of date.



Scotland / Jade Manchester-Glasgow
« by Gdest on February 24, 2017, 12:17:54 PM »
Honestly I don't even know where to start. Absolutely disgusted with this punt. I still feel dirty and it happened 3 days ago.

Her photos are clearly old, she is obese. Ten times the body weight she is in those photos. Not curvy at all, more like BBW for fucksake.. I know I am coming of harsh here but I just feel absolutely robbed. I should have left when I saw her but for some stupid reason I decided to stay and thought oh well she'll make up for it in her services. Did she fuck. The blowjob was pretty decent but that's about it. I wanted to try out the ass worshipping that she so famously claims to be a goddess in. First the ass was no where near round and curvy and it smelled. So I didn't even bother with it. Luckily my senses kicked in before I went in.  Now I understand it's an arse but come on if you are offering the 'best' ass worship in town atleast fucking clean it. Very lazy, treated it like a 15 minute appointment. I booked a half hr. rushed me out soon after I came.

Ditzy, lazy, fat munter and most of all an absolute fraud.

Avoid guys, you will be disappointed if you are going in expecting someone with a booty like Alexis Texas (even though her profile will lead you to believe that). Her belly still makes me sick.


London / Kkinky Krystal Wood Green N. London
« by Azucar D Artagnan on February 24, 2017, 12:02:18 PM »

Had phoned the day before and made  my enquiries about www.adultwork.com/3808469 . The next day phoned again and probably forgot to re-qualify that it was Luci working . Had really been looking for an African Queen with chocolate skin and the hips and fucking power of a Yemanja  :bomb: So on  arrival was introduced to 2 Latina WGs neither of which were her ( mi a culpa )  :dash: Spent too much time thinking about the pic and not doing a proper Q&A . :blush:

Comms   Good and directions spot on . Very basic english with strong Spanish/South American Accent .

Location   On main road very close to Turn Pike LaneTube station , Ground fl flat which is very basic . Only saw 1 bedroom but assume there to be 2 as there were 2 WGs there . You enter immediately through the kitchen which is a little bizarre .

SPs  Both met immediately in the Kitchen . 1st one tall attractive Morena . Claimed to be Brasilian but i did not speak Portuguese to her so can't confirm . Tall , long hair , pleasant face and great Bunda  :yahoo: Pleasant to talk to .

The 2nd  was   www.adultwork.com/3956980 . Cute smile from a fully made up face and large afro. She had an incredible peachy shaped Bunda . She wore a super tight basque around her waiste, appearing to give her an 18" waiste but with med. sized boobs and a HUGE BUNDA  :yahoo:
When she walked in the room it took another 30 seconds for her Bubble Butt to follow   :D  Probably early 30's but with make up and body shape looks approx 28yrs .

Price Chose the £40.00 15min bang and go as the flat as well as the area is not conducive to making you relax and stay longer .

Service   Krystal went to take her platform shoes off , when i asked her to keep them on she replied "Santo Domingo the capital Dominican Republic " that's when i decided to speak in Spanish with her . Her english is less than basic but she was friendly and reasonably up for a hard and fast bang  :thumbsup:  No negative body language or comments and freely gave a couple of kisses . She started with CBJ which despite the cover was enjoyable and she was skilled at  :dancegirl:  She kept the basque on all the time which maintained the appearance of her incredible curvy shape . Moved her around through 3 different positions and into Doggy finale . WOW  :yahoo: that Bunda when you go from  behind . Went into Lester Piggott mode towards the end and used my imaginary whip to speed her up  :crazy:  She quite liked the slap and gave a semi pleasurable Yelp . Was not told to stop so repeated several times . As she was now banging hard and fast the inevitable end . She  checked the cover to see how much of a donation was made and the  clean up came . On chiecking my watch , must have been there for 25mins   :cool:  .Then a little small talk about her intending to visit Madrid ( The Nirvana for every Mulata Latina WG in Euroland   :wacko: ). 

Repeat   For my taste in this type of SP yes . Believe the £40.00 bang and go was VFM but still interested in finding Luci .

East England / Charleymonroe69 - Stevenage
« by Punchdrunk on February 24, 2017, 11:54:11 AM »
I was working in the area and a job got cancelled so I thought what better way to kill some time but to have a punt. I searched the area and noticed Charlie working, I had punted with her before under a different name a good time was had then so I thought I would repeat rather than take a punt on a ee. I messaged her confirmed time, price and asked if she was still cool with services I'd had before she said yes and £130 for an hour. She then told me she had moved so I stuck the address in the sat-nav and off I went.

Got to the house it was in a cul de sac in a new estate in the north of the town, decent area no safety issues, knocked on the door in I went. She had not made any effort dressing up but she had lost weight from when I saw her before. She is a big size 18? Girl but pretty with it. Up we went I paid the money she went off I got undressed, she returned and stripped of we got down to some light French kissing then she started to suck me off. She gives a decent bj plenty of ball sucking and spit after a while I said I was going to cum and she clamped on and sucked it all out. Then shock horror she lifted her head up and spat the jizz into a tissue , I said you swallowed before? She said I don't anymore- I said but I asked you in a message?? She said sorry crossed wires. I was pissed of by this but not much I could do so I chilled for a while ready for round two. In that time she wouldn't shut up about her boyfriend and he didn't no what she does and about moving abroad to work, she also said her mate worked from the house but I forgot the name. So ready to go again we fucked for a good twenty minutes in a variety of positions she seemed to enjoy it and got wet u till I blew my beans in the hat and laid back in a sweaty mess. I was not offered a shower but wanting to beat the traffic I got dressed and jumped in the van ready to fight the road from hell. Not a bad punt overal but the lack of swallow makes it a negative for me, silly me for not making 100% sure on all services.

/2532352 or https://www.adultwork.com/CharleyMonroe69

London / Chyna-x GFE Marylebone
« by asukubello on February 24, 2017, 09:34:33 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3108825 or https://www.adultwork.com/Chyna%2Dx

Met her while she was on tour in London.
Comms: Excellent. Called her on the day to arrange for an hour incall on the day.
Price: £120. Excellent price for a WG in London

The meet was in an apartment near Marylebone. Very neat. Lady was well presented and as presented in her picture. A very pretty lady, more close to BBW but shapely in a way I like. Big tits and a lovely bum.
She was really pleasant and we got on well. Action commenced with kissing though not DFK. She let me explore her ample figure. Oral was without and really sloppy in a way that got me really hard. Reverse oral was well received and got her really turned on. Sex followed with her being really involved. No complaints at all for the service received.
Would definitely see her again when she is in London.

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