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West Midlands / Isla brooks - Dudley
« by Littlefoot on January 26, 2017, 07:41:18 PM »
This girl bounced onto the scene with a bang, a couple of months back. Thought I'd let the dust settle before I give her a go.


If easily offended by fluff, look away now!

Excellent, booked 5 days prior. Original aw email.  Was then all sorted with quite a few texts throughout the week, some of which were rather raunchy, and got me quite excited.   :wacko:

I don't have transport at the minute, so I jumped on the 126 bus from Brum to Dudley bus station, it was a 15 mins walk from there. There is plenty of parking available. The venue is a bit strange. As others have mentioned it's above a club. Easy to find. Inside... the room is smaller than I imagined, with a two seater sofa, and double bed. I was happy it was nice and warm inside, being a freezing day outside.

I paid £120 for one hour of fun. The fastest hour of my life, just flew by.

Role play✔️
Foot worship✔️
Rimming (on her)✔️
Sex in RCG, CG, squatting, and doggy.✔️

I was quite surprised when I saw her for the first time. She advertises herself a size 8. I think I'd disagree with that. IMHO I'd say a size 6, but shapely with it. She has an attractive face, dirty looking, with a sexy glint in her eye,  :wackogirl:  (if you know what I mean). Her tits are very tiny. Not much at all (my preference) (I'm not really a big tit fan, unless they're wrapped around my cock). But her nipples are quite large and became very hard and pointy with a bit of attention. There isn't a ounce of fat on her. But she does have a fantastic Shapley arse for someone so petite. And her cunt is an absolute delight, with very meaty lips, totally shaven, except a nice neat landing strip above.

I had a lengthy list of how I wanted her to look, and dress:
Bright thick red lipstick✔️
Short skirt, no knickers ✔️
Toe nails painted pink✔️
Nice white heels, with toes on show✔️
Revealing top✔️
Hair in pigtails ✔️
So all my requests were fully met.

Isla opened the door, and I was very pleased indeed. For me physically she was perfect (definitely my type). She looked cute as fuck! She welcomed me with a lingering kiss and guided me through to the action room. It was a freezing cold day outside, so she told me to get warm by the heater while she fetched me a water. I left the paperwork on the side, and obeyed her instructions, and soon warmed up.
I'd requested a bit of role play to kick off proceedings for the first 15 mins, where she was my sex councilor.

So I'm fully clothed sitting on the sofa, and she's lying on the bed, pen in the corner of her mouth, and notepad in hand.  She's asking me sexual questions, with a cheeky grin, and a very sexual glint in her eye. She kept accidentally (on purpose) flashing her cunt at me.   :wacko:  I'm very turned on, and fully erect. Next she gets her vibrator out, and asks me "you know what I do with this?" I say "no, show me!" She then pleasures herself with it. Before asking if I'd like to fuck her with it. I didn't need asking twice. It was a big fucker, and went all the way into her tight hole. I did comment how wet it became.

I then take my clothes off. I've never been this turned on before a girl has hardly touched me!

I join her on the bed for some DFK, which was excellent. She has this lovely habit whilst kissing of gently biting your upper, then lower lip. Next was OWO and DT. I've never had a girl that can DT for so long, hardly coming up for air. There was a fair bit of gagging going on.

Next I slip her shoes off, and begin with kissing, first her ankles then her soles, before sucking each individual toe. They really are perfect little things, and tasted great.

I then get stuck into her cunt and arse with my tongue. She likes this, and starts grabbing my head, and with my long tongue sticking out, she starts manually manoeuvring my head up and down, pleasuring herself. She tells me to stick my tongue right inside. Which I gleefully do, and my probing tongue detects nice tasty warm moistness. Then she asks me to kiss her so she can taste her own pussy.

Then more DT and gagging, until she asks me where I'd like to cum. I say "in your cunt please." Her reply was "of course, with condom though".

She hoods me up, and asks how I'd like it. I tell her to do my favourites, and she jumps on RCG to begin. Fantastic, at one point she's performing RCG and lying back, so I can wrap my arms around her tiny waist and grope her tummy and tiny tits. Next she turns around, for a bit of squatting and CG. After some time she asks if I'd like to fuck her in 'her' favourite position. So I begin to do her doggy, with her biting the pillow to begin. Until I grab hold of her pigtails and firmly pull her head back. So I'm banging her like this, whilst at the same time she's tickling my balls, and really seems to be enjoying herself. Even I can't take too much of this. Eventually I fill the cock sock. But continue to shag her for a few minutes, as I always stop hard for ages after. Eventually I pull out, and she asks me what position I'd like next, unaware I'd shot my load, until I inform her. We have a quick clean up, bit of chocolate, a cuddle and a bit of chat. Sorry that was fucking fluffy.   :kissgirl:

It's not long before her hand starts wandering and playing with my cock again. Gets little me nice and hard again. I tell her I can only cum once. This did not stop her from more deep throating, although felt great and I loved it, we were out of time, and another pop was never going to happen tbf.

So I have a good old wipe down, rid me of all the lipstick which was everywhere. Have one last, long, lingering kiss before I say my goodbyes.

I found Isla a perfect specimen physically. Just my type. She is a very dirty minx, who definitely knows how to keep a man happy.
Thanks to all who reviewed her, goes without saying.  :drinks:
I have only mentioned the highlights for me!

Well I don't have transport at the minute, like I said. I had a one hours bus ride into Brum, then a one hours bus ride from Brum to Dudley. Then a 15 mins walk in the freezing cold to Islas gaff, then the same back. So....... fucking right I'll be returning, as long as she has me back.    ;)

Yorkshire & the Humber / Darcy @ Lush Leeds
« by wheresfluffy on January 26, 2017, 07:37:13 PM »
Had an outcall from Darcy to Harrogate one weekday evening for £150ph. Prebooked the night before and called to confirm on the day. No real problems getting through to Lush either time.

She turned up on time despite some confused directions.

In the hotel room, after a bit of small talk, her clothes were off down to her knickers. She was a nice size 8/10 dyed blonde, with large enhanced and pierced tits. Nicely tanned as she had just got back from holiday and she has tattoos everywhere. She is definitely the same girl in the photos but has filled out a bit more since those were taken. Face was pretty- She is definitely someone I would chat up at the bar. She holds a great and intelligent conversation.

We got on the bed and kissed but no real DFK. After exploring her body for a bit she popped my cock in her mouth and gave a fairly short blowjob till I got hard and then disappeared to get a condom from her bag. Deciding I wasn't ready to shag yet I went down on her and licked her out. She had a nice shaved pussy with a rather amusing tattoo above it to keep me entertained. She seemed to enjoy it and I slipped a finger in and she felt very tight and wet.

After a while she stopped me and put my cock inside her pussy which felt nice and tight. We went at in Mish for a bit and then tried doggy, cowgirl and then over the edge of the bed. We'd been going at it a while so I whipped off the condom and came on her stomach. She doesn't do CIM or CIF and its a no to Anal. She disappeared into the shower and then started getting dressed.

It was an ok punt with a fit girl but it was rather vanilla and somewhat rushed. She was out after 40 mins although she mentioned a lot of rush hour traffic. I did have a good time but it just wasn't perfect so probably wouldn't see again.


West Midlands / Natalli massage-Oldbury
« by Arfur Fucksake on January 26, 2017, 06:49:01 PM »


My fist time with Nat and found the best way to message her was by voice mail then she replies asap


£80 for the hour


Address a couple of minutes walk from Langley Green station


As per the photos on the advert, very nice.



I felt at ease with Natalli as soon as she opened the door,she is friendly and was dressed to impress! After a quick shower lay face down on the bed while Natalli undressed and went to work using her hands, lovely tits and best of all her pussy rubbing over my arse and back,sexy and sensual with some nice reach under to keep the tension.Turned over for HR to begin with nice OWO and attention to my balls which i like. I got to play with her and insert fingers, i really wanted to taste her but will let that develop as i will be going back for more, a nice lady.


London / BrazilianMaria, Paddington
« by MattAns on January 26, 2017, 05:51:01 PM »

My first ever punt was with this girl. She's become the standard I rank other WG to - a high standard at that.

Saw her for an hour for £150.

All of the pictures on her profile are her and she looks even better in person. She was friendly welcoming and easy to talk to.
Face-4/5  Body-4.4/5

Her flat is in a good and clean area and was easy to find with the simple instructions that she gave me. There is parking available. The flat was clean and well presented. She was friendly welcoming and easy to talk to. Good amount of eye contact with a nice voice. I had the usual girlfriend experience with nothing extra. French kissing (no tongue), hand job, blow job, sex. All done extremely well.  :thumbsup:

I made my initial booking on the site, and she contacted me via mobile to confirm my booking. Done with no complications. She gave me her post code and gave me directions to her place when I arrived.
Her flat is discreet and secluded. It's in the basement in an open and clean area. When arrived she greeted me in a silk dressing gown which she was wearing some sexy lingerie underneath. She has the flat to herself and it was very clean and well presented.
She offers good girlfriend experience. Great kissing and touching which naturally led t getting undressed and led t the bed. No excessive hand jobs, just enough t get you hard, which is good.
Her lips - soft. Her face - beautiful. Her body - sexy. Her ass - amazing. She knows how ride and bounce. Yes, she knows how to move. Smooth transitions into different positions. She makes all the right sounds. The experience was great.

North East / Natasha-Gracie's hartlepool
« by Redskin on January 26, 2017, 05:40:15 PM »


Been to see Natasha today so here is my review.

Comms was good as always from Gracie's.

Location was at the hartlepool flat on the marina.

Arrived on time but was kept waiting at the door, not a nice feeling with all them flats overlooking you.

When Natasha finally opened the door she is a very pretty lady, curvy but not fat.

Started with some fk she started some kind lol of moaning very repedative and robotic like.

Made very little atempt to do anything to me I had to do all the running.

Went onto some ro but good t the same monotone moaning no difference in tone or volume.

Thought bollocks to this and on with the coat and straight onto mish legs behind her head and she was stoppping me from going deep, so legs down and finish inside her, still same moaning.

In summery, Natasha is a lovely pretty girl nice and clean, but with no interaction so that's why it's a neutral review from me.

Would I go back?   No.

West Midlands / Nikol_sexy20 - Walsall
« by Jawbreak on January 26, 2017, 05:29:12 PM »
Nikol_sexy20 - https://www.adultwork.com/3958843 or https://www.adultwork.com/Nikol%5Fsexy20  :dancegirl:


Posted this in regional punting too.

Made a booking 3 days prior to meet at 7:30pm on said day all confirmed and all services mentioned were on offer :thumbsup:
Text on the day everything confirmed (afternoon) everything ok  :dance:
showered, shaved and ready to meet - I text to say im on my way  :)
I received a reply that she has an hour booking at 7pm and that she would let me know if she was available at 8pm  :unknown:
I think WTF we had confirmed our booking ..silly Rom cow. any way I text back and tell her that she was unprofessional :dash:
and that she had double booked me knowing i would be coming to see her at 7:30pm She then carries on to tell me that
normally the punters just cum and go, so whats the problem  :angry:
I tell her if i come to see her I would expect to stay the hour as im paying for the hour. :thumbsdown:
She says why stay the hour if you cum... at this point i just say Bye thanks for wasting my time.  :cry:
20 mins later she texts me and says see he is gone !!!!!  :wackogirl:
I just replied wow you money making machine !!!  :diablo:
Make of this what you will.  :diablo: :dash: :mad:

If you want a quick cum and go ...then good luck .. dont expect too much  :scare: :dash: :timeout:

West Midlands / Hot Nicole 32 - Birmingham [tour]
« by GusBendy on January 26, 2017, 05:23:52 PM »

1 Hour In-Call £110

January 24

Comms; Consistent And Clear.

First Contact Was Made through Phone Call To Check on Availability, Usual Follow-Up With a Booking Through AW.

Location; Good, hidden in plain sight.

Working from a modern flat, newly built in Ladywood. There was a kick up finding the door which is tucked into the corner of the shopping parade, easily missed at the best of times, I had to almost fall on top of it at night time to find it. I had checked on Google Earth ahead of time; there is a bloody white van parked in front of it.

Ashlee; As Pictured, mostly.

Nicole is definitely the same as the pictures in her AW profile. There is the normal caveat of some retouching and a few archive stills but the shots are definitely her. I'd say the stated mileage is slightly below reality but not by a significant count, circa 45 would be my guess; very attractive and an especially pleasing face.

Engagement; Pedestrian.

From start to finish the atmosphere's conversational and calm, Nicole has decent English, and conducts activity like a seasoned professional. Aberdeen was sorted out while I made use of shower, and pre-action conversation was friendly but not extended. Action commenced with generous snogging that included uninhibited tongue activity which seemed very natural and produced the correct response from the engine room.

Nicole was happy to receive reverse oral which resulted in no unpleasant surprises but a decent amount of moisture, the soundtrack was dubbed on for effect but wasn't melodramatic and only stopped when she decided to return the favour.

Following some fairly gentle but well executed head, the proposal to finish by mouth was offered and gratefully accepted. Unfortunately Bendy Junior had different plans for the evening and despite valiant efforts left the field of play before final whistle.

Summary; Costa.

I'm conflicted has to which category this review should live in. On match day Nicole did everything as per team instructions, no high tackles, nice tight marking, no arguing with the ref's decision. But it was a no score draw for me and I'm not sure if that merits a positive.

For a bit of context, which I think is necessary, this booking came after a cascade of unavailability or incompatible times from three first choices. Now that's not necessarily a bad thing in the scheme of things, I've had some very good experiences with last-minute and instinctive choices. This time I think there was something missing. It's like fancying a steak but finding your favourite restaurant is fully booked and ending up going through the ranks until all its left is a Costa sandwich because nothing else is open or available. And that day I had the taste the steak.

So while I would recommend a visit for a fellow punter, I wouldn't go back myself, simply because of chemistry. Is a neutral harsh? I think this one is down to taste.

London / Jessica_milfblonde - Tottenham Court Road
« by HighlyMotivated on January 26, 2017, 04:21:18 PM »
Asked for intel on this one a month or so back... no joy. She's been doing this for years which means there's some greedy so-and-so's out there who didn't want to give me any info. Anyway, was in the area so decided I'd test her out at £50 for 15 minutes.

Place is on Oxford Street so not very discreet, but busy enough that it is discreet if you know what I mean. Jessica buzzes me in, opens the door smiling and wearing a full body fishnet, her boobs are massive and her arse is big and juicy. Facially quite pretty too - about 35 years old. Friendly and bubbly girl and overall physically better than what I was expecting after seeing the airbrushing and blurred face pics. She's Brazilian and her English is very good.

Only had 15 minutes - FK throughout, cowgirl and doggy and I was done. She's quite sensual and it felt awesome in cowgirl having her lean into me for FK with her hair brushing all over me. She wore her fishnet throughout which is fine . Has a few extra milf-y pounds on her and could see a caesarian scar through the mesh.

She gave it her all for 10 minutes of shagging, no complaints. Will probably see her again when I'm in the area.

https://www.adultwork.com/3525690 or https://www.adultwork.com/Jessica%5Fmilfblonde

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