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South West / Lilly4you - Bristol
« by radman67 on Today at 01:40:43 pm » or

Well, I've made the decision to pack it in, so this was my last hurrah (and what a good one)

Comms - 10/10 called at short notice and Lilly was available & texted me postcode etc.

Location - 9/10 Harbourside flat, car parking good (but pricey), nice clean service apartment.

Looks - 8/10 - attractive early 40's milf, nice figure, cracking tits.

The meet started with a welcome kiss & I accepted the offer of a shower.  Started with a massage that then turned into a session of RO with quite a few toys.  First pop came with her blowing me and massaging my prostate then some cuddling & chatting before session two with more oral and sex in several positions.

All in all a really good session, but she is going back to Poland permanently soon so best get in quick if you want to check her out.

2 or

£60 for 30 minutes.

Communication:  The girl who answered the phone and confirmed the appointment had good English. Soon after the call she texted the postcode and building address. I’d been there before. Once I arrived at the building I telephoned to get the apartment number (which I knew anyway). There must have been a breakdown in communication, because I then received a text giving me directions to Harbourside. I wouldn’t have minded except for the fact that it was torrential rain and I had to find cover to get out of the rain. I spent nearly 10 minutes trying to telephone to say that I was outside. Eventually I got through to them and they buzzed me in.

Location: Clean modern apartment in Harbourside (BS1). I walked from the centre but there is underground parking in Millennium Square.

Appearance:   I’d wanted to see Yaya for some time, and she’s had a couple of good mentions when she was working in Cardiff. Unfortunately the girl in the room definitely wasn’t the girl in the photos ie. Yaya. It was raining heavily outside so I decided to risk it and stay. The girl was pretty enough with an average figure but her English wasn’t too good.

Services: Basic massage, covered oral and sex, all delivered with very little enthusiasm.

Recommended: No. Bait & switch. I should’ve walked.

South West / English Busty Blonde - Swindon
« by Cosworth89 on January 20, 2017, 10:47:38 pm »

This is from a punt I had a while ago about just over a year ago when I was a bit more or a rookie to punting and we all get caught from time to time.  but I have seen the profile back up and was going to report at the time.

Has lowered her prices as I paid 190 for an hour. Met in a hotel in Swindon at around 18:00 and I must have been one of the last as I go the distinct impression that she was just going to put as little effort as she could to get me in and out. Profile pics look nothing like the real person. I would say she is at least 4 stone heavier and not a size 12 like advertised but more 16/18. Advertises PSE but didn't like me holding her head during oral as and I quote I don't do face fucking (I wasn't I literally just had now where else to put my hands. Had vaginal and anal sex and came in her ass but to be honest I just wanted out and there was no chance I was going for round 2. Showered chatted a little and left.

Certainly would not recommend and if you see the reviews on here (I wish I had) it pretty much sums up the service.


South West / Sweet Carla, Bristol
« by rudolph hucker on January 18, 2017, 04:38:57 pm » or

Details same as previous reports, £100 per hour incall, earlier today (18-01-17), rented property near St Pauls, BS2
Although Carla sports a cracking figure and is very good looking, I found her very lack-lustre and disinterested with a vacant expression for most of the punt.
Some of my experience mirrors what The Goat found during his visit recently.
No kiss at the door, no assisted shower, seemed to spend an age in another room once I had paid & showered.
No DFK, just very light pecking with her head tilted back so I couldn't stick my tongue down her throat.
She didn't like my advances on her tits saying they were 'very sensitive', didn't want my (splendidly manicured) fingers anywhere near her snatch and just didn't warm up at any point during the punt.
OWO was unspectacular, although this did get the result intended. Sex in mish, was, well, sex in mish, nuff said.

I'm not angry, just disappointed, especially after reading such glowing FRs on her from other experienced punters.
Clearly, we didn't 'click', which is only human I suppose, it happens sometimes.

Happy hunting.

South West / IndigoRose - Exeter
« by Jamesthegreat78 on January 18, 2017, 01:18:54 pm »

Date - September 2015
Location - central hotel in Exeter
Duration - one hour

Apologies for the delay in posting this but hope it's still of use to Indigo and her future clients.

I met her on one of her tours and she was using a hotel in Exeter for a few days. It was one of the nicer hotels and with room number obtained it was easy to slip through reception and up to her room.

First impressions count and she didn't fail to impress. Once inside the door, a freshly showered then 19 year old, dressed invitingly in black corset and fishnets. She's easy to chat to albeit quite demure but this is all part of the charm. She clearly states that she's submissive and as a teenager still very much still learning about her sexuality and likes therefore to be led rather than to lead. If you're expecting her to provide a pornstar experience, look elsewhere. This is much more a gentle, sensual encounter with a lovely young lady.

At my request we started with a light massage, more to ease my nerves than anything else. She had some nice music on which was to both our taste so gave something to chat about. The massage naturally progressed and I was soon unwrapping her soft teen body from her corset to reveal her full and ample breasts, her self proclaimed Crown Jewels! Would have been easy to spend the hour solely focused on playing with these!

All her services are covered and we enjoyed a 69 after I'd gone down on her both with tongue and fingers. She keeps things tidy around a nicely presented pussy but don't expect silky smooth!

Sex was in multiple positions, I most enjoyed taking her doggy style and checking it in the mirror as I unloaded inside her.

We then rested on the bed chatting before I got dresssed and left.

If you want to book her, be specific about what you want and then nobody can be disappointed. She's a nice girl and will respond well when treated with respect.

Thumbs up from me!

South West / Blonde Schoolgirl Cheltenham
« by Otshre1974 on January 18, 2017, 05:26:44 am »
She looks and sounds amazing on her AW profile bit it's all fake! Although some pictures are actually her... Does not reply or when read her AW messages (even official booking requests)  Eventually she (or I suspect someone else answers phone) and made arrangements to visit.  I asked if she could wear something she modeled from her profile pictures, her reply was where had I seen the pictures.  Promises best ever GGE but all I got was worse ever FE (foreign experience) none of the kissing & cuddling she really likes doing (as per AW ad) very cold encounter which I didn't enjoy one bit..... Avoid this one. or
[Link added by admin]

South West / Time waster - Saharasucker Gloucester
« by Savage on January 17, 2017, 02:31:33 pm »

Initial comms were ok,  she couldn't text her address but the line was clear enough for me to make things out

No idea about the venue,  but sitting outside in the car for 40 mins it seemed fine... 😕

I rang and booked an appointment,  then set out and drove 45 mins to get there...  And then the phone went unanswered,  as did the text I sent,  and then it was turned off...

Typical double booking time-wasting prossie.

South West / Gushfantastic
« by Mr Kent (Not AW) on January 17, 2017, 01:41:44 pm »
Interesting this one, been on my Radar for a while, her and her husband are based in Swindon, nice house, pleasant area.

I have never been to a gang bang and have no real intention of doing so, not my thing, this is the closest I have been to such a thing.

In my quest for different things rather than run of the mill she seemed an obvious choice. Gush is an attractive woman, nice figure, sexy lingerie, mid 30s I would say, maybe younger, her husband seemed a pleasant chap.

The scenario was for him to watch as basically I fucked his wife in their front living room, licked her juicy pussy, rimmed her arse, OWO, DFK all the time me telling this chap what I was doing to her. I had a break after half an hour, whilst he then fucked her. He the sat back in his chair whilst I used a Dildo on her relentlessly until she was ready to squirt, boy did she, all over me as I wanked into her face and then came on her soaking stockinged feet.

He was happy to have watched! £100 for the hour, not bad at all, different sort of meet, but that's the way I like it now. (if anyone can do the link please?)


South West / South Americans / Spanish - Swindon
« by vectra71 on January 17, 2017, 01:00:55 am »

Having been disappointed with the last punt undertaken (Asian bait and switch!), early retirement ensued...................

However, thats until temptation was created in the accidentaly found [banned-site-auto-censor] site.

I have had three punts from this site https://[banned-site-auto-censor] slightly hard to review has i can't remember the names, which should be understandable, as they seem to change girls each week, but the picture all seem to have girls with latino looks and bodies.

The latest which was yesterday was with Mia.

Location - Swindon Town Centre and as this was in the town centre used the public car parks, just 2 mins walk away, from the flat they use.  Flat is always clean and tidy.
Communication - Good, slightly hard to understand on two occasions, but generally good.  Time was arranged easy enough 8.5/10

The Girl - Mia was the girl in the picture, picture slightly photo-shopped), but she was pretty would say 7.5/10, with a nice body, a day or two in the gym each week, and she would be 9/10, she also told me she was cuban, but lived in Italy.

The Service - With Mia, although she was pleasant enough, i got the feeling she wanted me in and out quickly (excuse the pun), Great BJ, but after 2 mins at the most, it was on with the condom and her demanding for me to get on top.  I will admit she was responsive with genuine moans and groans :thumbsup: (or could be a good actress :thumbsdown:) after being on top, she wanted it doggy style, i didn't mind being ordered to perform this position, as it is one of my favourites and she has got a cracking ass when bent over and actually she seem to enjoy this as much as i did.  After popping, it was back to being rushed out, didn't really chat too much, just cleaned, dressed and left.

Overall - A good punt, although slightly rush (20 mins in total, but i was in a rush anyway), tidy flat (Swindon Centre itself is looking rather run-down these days) i would recommended, but the as stated earlier, the girls seem to change each week, so likely to end up with someone completely different.

South West / Sexy Susie 24
« by dickdaveoc on January 16, 2017, 04:54:40 pm »

So I met Susie at short notice last week, booked through AW and confirmed the booking by text, was given the address by text and the flat number on arrival.

The flat seems to be in a elderly persons block as if you use the first door you end up walking through a common room, which when was there was empty. Once I found the th flat it was quiet and clean.

On arrival I was greeted by Susie who introduced herself and offered a shower, I'd had one as I left so didn't need another, she asked how long so said 30 mins and got the paperwork out of the way.

Susie is friendly and pretty with a nice figure, lovely tits and a nice round arse, I'm definitely a guy that loves curves and natural tits so was perfect for me.

Started with French kissing and undressing each other, then to some mutual masterbation and oral which she did very well, even sucking balls 👍🏻. Returned the favour and on with the mac for sex in multiple positions. Ended up running over so she gave me an extra 5 mins, so ended wanking into her mouth while her tongue flickered around dp my tip, definitely a pleasant sight.

We had a little chat as was getting ready and a hug and a kiss as was out the door. Decent punt over all.

South West / XxOlivia96xX plymouth
« by squigmcdig on January 15, 2017, 10:53:52 pm »

Meeting in early December.

Comms were reasonable, postcode and call for final part of address. 

Problem straight away as she lives a long way from nearest parking.  Pissing down with rain, get there on time, "can you wait 5 mins hun".  It is passing down with rain, just about to walk, 15 mins later when she sends address.

Get to flat, but of a tip, but not a junky hovel just a teenage party girls flat.

She doesn't look great, not as nice as her pics but passable. Get the money done. Get naked, and for her age her body is really not great, lumps in all the wrong places and none in the right.

Service was lacklustre, found it hard to keep going, lack of loss, body or enthusiasm us not great. Manage to get first pop in.  Made her wank me off for second cum, as I had no interest in fucking her again, but wasn't going to let her get away with not working for the money i paid her. I don't know which one of us enjoyed it the least, but at least she got paid!

When we were done, very friendly and enthusiastic that I return soon, obviously has little insight as well as no customer skills.

Would I return, if she did a quick £30 angry handjob and I fancied that, yes, otherwise no.

South West / laura naughtyx bath
« by fumanchu11 on January 14, 2017, 12:28:11 am »

Fee £60 for an 30 mins

bottom of a steep hill 2 minutes walk from bath spa

The meet
texts were answered prompt and although the entrance to her house wasnt that discrete i was quickly let in and led up a couple of flights of stairs to a pleasant enough bedroom with 2 single beds.
we exchanged paperwork and i was told to strip and she would return shortly.
she wore a black negligee and looked as sexy as hell so all the boxes seemed to be ticked as i waited for her return.
she was gone a good few minutes but as soon as she entered everything was awesome,she couldnt have been more friendly and offered a real gfe.
kisses and foreplay led to an awesome blowjob and plenty of good sex in various positions which she seemed to really get into.She was responsive to my touch (although i was told not to insert fingers) and i only wished i had booked longer.
She is in the area for about a week so shall definitely be revisiting.
A fantastic 2nd punt of 2017 and a Romanian to (some arent so bad)
She even asked me at the end if everything was to my satisfaction as she was nervous as it was her first punt of the year.   

looks 83/100 very pretty
body 96/100 to die for,toned,superb ass and perfect boobs (34c) just about perfection in all aspects
skills 88/100 top notch
attitude 96/100 couldnt have been more friendly
overall 92/100... best 60 quid i think i have ever spent

South West / Kimberly s -Bristol incall
« by Bingobango on January 14, 2017, 12:24:54 am »

Had some free time in Bristol so was left looking for a pretty short notice meet -texted Kimberley who replied promptly with location - near Cabot circus. And agreed a half hour incall in 1hours time.

Apartment was easy enough to find and discrete enough in the pouring rain.

Buzzed in and up the stairs where I was greeted by a pretty girl -accurate photos, nice face, great hair and a juicy ass.

Offered a shower then back to her room where we stripped off and made it to her bed. She straddled me and dry fucked me whilst we both still had our underwear on, it was quite cute and actually got me pretty hard pretty quickly! Boxers off and she gives a nice uncovered blowjob, I actually started to get close to blowing whilst she sucked me so suggested we swap places. She was happy for me to play with her pussy and tongue fuck her but asked for no fingers inside. Her pussy was lovely and fresh and with a bit if work she seemed to cum as a result of my endeavours. I lay back down whilst she applied the condom and then mounted my now rock hard member. Sex was surprisingly good, a lot of girls seem to me quite lazy when riding but she was happy to do the work. I took over after a while and we went at it with a little more urgency. I rolled her over onto her back and continued plowing into her nice tight Pussy, I hitch her legs up over my shoulders to get some real deep penetration, all of which she seemed to enjoy, it also meant I could get my hands on her nice big ass. I asked whether I could cum on her face and was given a straight no - this was my only complaint as on profile facial us listed as an extra, which at this point I'd have been happy with, she suggested a cum on body or tits but I decided to blow while inside her, shifted position slightly and went to town until I came hard in her pussy.

All in all a good punt, value at£60 for 30mins and I would certainly be happy to see her again!

South West / British Sophie milf - Bristol
« by Bingobango on January 14, 2017, 12:07:15 am »

1 hour incall in a modern hotel, city centre.

Sophie has been on my to do list for sometime and I actually had some time free in Bristol so decided to make the most of it. Meeting arranged by email, confirmation on the morning by text. A last minute change of venue but it was only minutes away and advised well in advance.

Sophie has had a previous profile, well reviewed on aw but is now on the link above.

She is an attractive blonde, there are no face pics on profile but I was certainly not disappointed. Great body with nice big fake boobs.

Offered a shower and a drink on arrival then straight to bed for an oily body to body massage, nice tit play and a good blowjob that I just managed to hold off from. She had a little vibe that she used whilst I played with her pussy and when she was nice and wet she popped on a rubber and slid her nice tight pussy down my now pretty hard cock. Some nice grinding and riding with her great boobs on my face then all change for some nice doggy style fucking, she was happy for me to play with her pussy whilst I fucked her from behind and seemed to be enjoying herself!? Decided I wanted to cum on her boobs so she lay back whilst I wanked out a fairly substantial load over her breasts.

Nice chat whilst we recovered, she is friendly and easy to get on with. All in all a good punt with a sexy (young) milf !

South West / Thai Paradise 24 - Bristol
« by Silverado on January 13, 2017, 09:31:33 pm » or

This is an Adultwork group profile used by various Thai girls. The girl currently shown in the profile at the time of this review (Yaya) isn’t the girl that I saw. I’ve added below a link to a photo of the girl that I saw.

Price:  £60 for 30 minutes.

Communication:  The girl who answered the phone and confirmed the appointment had good English. Immediately after the call she texted the postcode and building address. Once I arrived at the building I telephoned and she gave me the apartment number and let me in. The girl that I saw in the room had passable English but wasn’t very chatty.

Location:  Clean modern apartment in Harbourside (BS1). I walked from the centre but there is underground parking in Millennium Square. There’s also Pay-and –display parking on the other side of the floating harbour by the SS Great Britain. It’s £0.90 each way for the ferry, but that stops running early evening.

Appearance:   The room was very dark and she was reluctant to have anything more than minimal lighting. Unfortunately I didn’t ask the girl her name. She was, though, definitely the same girl in the AW profile at the time of the booking. The photos were just more photoshopped than I expected. She was about 10 years older than stated on the profile, and flabbier. She had a noticeable midriff/belly. Large but soft boobs.

Services: Started with a superficial massage followed by covered oral and penetration. It was all rather rushed. Part of that was probably down to me because I think that by then I’d lost interest in the punt. At the end she asked me if I wanted a massage but I declined.

Recommended: No. I left disappointed.

Awful...   ring her at 8pm to say is it ok for 9pm met .... on the phone said yes it was turn up at the address at 9pm. rang her phone 5 times she didnt pick up pick up left 3 message didn't bother getting back to me was waste of my time..  I dont mind if she had to cancel for whatever reason but she could have left me know. oh well you live and learn i wont be seeing her ever again. she is a waste of time..   
bit of advice dont met her lads... 

BUSTY MATURE LADY. = no show... :diablo:

South West / Lexi woods - Cheltenham
« by cain on January 12, 2017, 09:06:30 pm »

I saw lexi just before christmas the booking was straight forward via text, 1 hour at £110, I phoned when I arrived she was running 5 mins late. The place was a serviced apartment,  nice and clean, parking was a minute walk 

Age wise I would say her profile is correct, from her AW pictures you can see she has big hips and she does, not the kind of figure I go for, I kinda of knew this before I saw her but there was something about her profile that kept me interested, I reckon size 14 below but 10 up top, never the less I did consider her attractive.
it's been said on here that she's a talker, and she is, I pushed the meet along a bit, I think she has a "go to list" ie massage first, sorry love not my thing :) but that out the way and I wasn't dissapointed for what I paid i had a good time good kisser FK, owo, reverse oral, protected sex in any position I wanted.

At the end she was in no rush to push me out the door, just as chatty as when I first arrived.

I would recommend if you like curvy girls. I think if you got to know her she would be dirty as sin.

any questions fire away.

South West / Ava Valentine, Bath hotel incall
« by timstella on January 12, 2017, 05:46:50 pm »

We met in a Bath hotel, Ava's first meeting since her break. She is a very attractive young lady, slim waist but curvy, and her new breasts are very nicely done. The first sight of her was altogether enough to ensure I would be aroused for the full two hours of our meeting.

The meeting was planned as an exploratory BDSM light session, which fell into 3 sections. The first 40 minutes involved her sucking me and fucking in various positions, which rather to her surprise resulted in an orgasm for her while she was on top, something she said rarely happens. The first third culminated in her kneeling on the bed and sucking and wanking me to my first cum, which she took in her mouth and swallowed.

I wanted to go back inside her immediately which felt great, but then we moved into D/s mode. She was introduced to a pocket rocket vibrator and I asked her to use it on herself but she wasn't allowed to cum just yet. She knelt on all fours to receive a spanking, and some teasing play with crop and belt, in between some doggy fucking with the vibrator applied to her clit. She begged permission to cum which was granted. She was then blindfolded and collared with a heavy chain lead for further games and more sex, including putting her on her back with her head over the side and deep throating me while I applied subtle and varied vibrations to her clit. Eventually she was led to the mirror and knelt on a chair while sucking me to my second orgasm.

The third section was more missionary and doggy fucking with a the help of some nice little steel butt plugs which made it more intense for her and which she claimed to thoroughly enjoy. All through the session there was affectionate and quite deep kissing, and a little light choking enjoyed by her. Finally we relaxed side by side on the bed to finish with her gently but firmly wanking me to a third cum while kissing me and stimulating my nipple with her tongue. Eventually we had a clean up and clear up and I was on my way, very satisfied and intending to return for sure.

Very good service, sexy and pretty girl, good VFM.


South West / Sindyluvsitxxxx
« by house music dave on January 11, 2017, 05:36:46 pm » or

Weston Super Mare

Working as a buddy/duo partner with: or

Have seen this lady "Sindy" before possibly 8 months ago??: Good services including outfits, toys role play OWO and CIM.

However this time a massive let down. Booked and confirmed 3 consecutive times, each time no cancellation call or text. Once tried to get me to change the time with "I can come earlier if you'd like". Secondly tried to sell me a duo with her mate Georgie (bit of cheek imo). As i said on the main thread I'm sure these two are okay once you do an incall with them and get down to business.  But they are disrespectful, rude and weirdly disconnected in their actions (talked to Georgie briefly).

Some guys might find the "oh sorry hun my mobile broke, or my pussy turned into an alligator" routine acceptable and cute. To myself it speaks of a lack of street smarts, organisation and an underlying arrogance.

The first two meetings cancelled excuses were:

"Georgie had  a client and didn't want me to leave" (don't fucking book me then)
"My mobile broke and I wasn't sure if anything had changed" (I specifically said the booking was in stone and nothing would change, I also text her an hour before to let her know we were on (I know, her phone was wrecked, but still....)

Any thoughts/questions lads?


South West / miss-miowingtons - Bristol
« by green-peace on January 11, 2017, 04:22:36 pm »
Haven't come across her profile on AW for the longest time and this review is written so a few months after we did the deed so I no longer have her mobile number but if anyone does then could you please pass it along!

She was my first time using an escort and I was pretty nervous about it, even backing out of it a couple of times, so I'd spent a couple of weeks chatting to her a bit via whatsapp beforehand. She eventually decided she was going to come to mine and we'd just sort of have a chat and see if I wanted to go through with it then.

When she turned up on my doorstep I knew then and there that I wanted to go through with it, her body looked incredible in the dress she had on. We chatted downstairs for a few minutes before we headed up to my bedroom and were both naked pretty swiftly. Her tits were possibly the best pair I've personally ever laid my eyes on. The whole sex was pretty basic (I'm not too adventurous) starting with kissing, to her giving me a great blowjob, 69, her riding me and then missionary until I came. I'm sure therre's better shags arround but the fact she made me feel so relaxed and at ease is why I'd love to see her again.

Spent about 50 minutes with her which she just rounded down to 45 rather than charging for the hour, which was appreciated!

South West / Freya Lee - Bristol
« by sigmund on January 11, 2017, 09:55:09 am »

Incall 1 hour £140

Location: Private house South Bristol, plenty of free on road parking.

The girl: about 5'5" - 5'6" size 10, mid 20's brown hair, curves in all the right paces and facially very attractive, well proportioned boobs and bum. I like women of all shapes and sizes but curvy girls really do it for me, physically she is approaching my idea of perfect. I didn't develop quite as good a rapport with her as I have with other girls but it was only a 1st visit.

The punt: Pre punt comms were all good, I arrived a few minutes early and she was ready. Greeted at the door I was offered a drink which I accepted and then I followed her up the stairs to her bedroom. She was wearing stocking and a little black which failed to cover much of her, the view as I followed her up stairs was a delight and I'm sure it was entirely intentional.

I was offered a shower but had had one just before so I declined, so with the cash out of the way we got straight down to it. She delivered all the services I'd requested with enthusiasm and seemed to be enjoying herself too. OWO, RO, toy play, sex in various positions, anal in doggy, FK, anal play and CIM. Everything was done well, for some reason I found her cow girl to feel much better than it I usually do and while I'm not experienced at anal I thought it was great.

No clock watching (other than by me) I came about 10 minutes before the end we then chatted for a few minutes and then I got dressed and left on the hour.

The only negative was that she has a noisy bed, she said it needs tightening up!

Over all a top punt with a girl who ticks all my boxes, would happily book her again.

South West / *Mistress Morgan* - Swindon
« by KevTheDev on January 10, 2017, 10:36:20 pm » or*Mistress Morgan*

Date: 10/01/17
Fee: £100 for 45 mins

Comms: 9/10. Excellent. Prompt responses to AW mails. Any mails sent during the evening/night were replied to early the next morning, and those sent during the day were responded to very quickly. Lots of info provided.

Venue: 8/10. Mistress Morgan has a very nice clean flat above a row of shops in the SN2 area of Swindon. The entrance isn't promising...a set of gated steps from a service alleyway but it is discrete. Parking is in the pub opposite. There are signs stating that parking is for patrons of the pub only and clamping is in operation so this may be a risk (but I get the sense that this is mainly for 'show').

Looks 6/10. TOFTT here in a sense as Mistress Morgan has only two pictures on her free AW gallery which suggest a slimmer lady with an attractive face. Whilst she isn't unattractive she is a larger lady - perhaps a size 16 or 18 - and the face pic hints at a younger prettier face than is the reality. Mistress Morgan has several random tats. Her skin is soft and in excellent condition and if you are a boob man then you will find she is ample. She operates a shaved ladygarden.

Personality 9/10. Mistress Morgan has a great personality. Really warm, friendly and chatty. Very helpful and accommodating. Can't fault her much. She is perhaps a little passive (I suggested all the 'moves') but no big thing.

Services 8/10. It not being my bag, I didn't avail myself of Mistress Morgan's Dom/Sub services, opting instead for a vanilla GFE. We indulged in DFK, RO, OWO, lots of nice touching, more RO, and then mish to finish...all of which were delivered/recieved with skill.

Great Comms
Very Friendly and welcoming
Good engagement throughout and genuinely seemed to enjoy our session
Price is very reasonable
Nice clean and discrete venue

Average looks
Could be a bit more assertive?

Despite average looks, I really enjoed my time with Morgan. Her personality shines through and we enjoyed our company. All services were delivered with relish and the price is really reasonable. Would I return?  Probably possibly :)

South West / Scarlette Sauvage - Dorset
« by tangoorangetest on January 10, 2017, 06:51:46 am »

Used to be known as HollyMinx. Had a couple of failed meet ups where she just didn't show, her driver had some sort of argument with his girlfriend. Anyways she seemed great and had some good reviews so I persevered, huge mistake. I am not experienced so maybe I handled this badly...

Arranged to meet up at 1.30 am, she messages me with shes leaving at about 1.30 and would be here shortly. 2 hours later and she messages shes 10 minutes away. 30 minutes later shes 4 minutes away. 15 minutes later shes just down the road so i give her directions. 10 minutes later the driver phones me for more directions. 20 minutes later they are 2 minutes away. they eventually arrive, I am shattered at this point, its around 5.20 am and I thought I would just solider on having come this far...So I notice shes outside in the car for 10 minutes, eventually she gets out, hobbles over and i let her in. She has broken her foot. I hand over the 200 we agreed on. she then goes to the bathroom for 30 minutes and it turns out that's because she didn't bring any condoms so I tell her to come out, we can talk and sort something out. 10 more minutes pass. Eventually she comes out, clearly feeling slightly awkward. I just want things to be done so I offer her £100 for the trip. This seems more than fair to me...she then phones the driver and complains that they packed her bag and didnt do it right. She wont give me back my money for no reason other than she can't but just about agrees to the 100 back. She's clearly off her head on coke at this point and I just want her gone. She goes back to the bathroom to get changed. 30 minutes later she emerges, hobbles to the door, hands me back 60 and says that I had condoms in the top of my bathroom cabinet and seems to think that's fair.

To sum up: 4 hours late, no condoms, spends 30 minutes in the bathroom, refuses to give my money back, eventually gives me back 60 of the original 200 and leaves saying i'm in the wrong. An expensive lesson.

South West / Busty_Jenny_32 Totterdown area of Bristol
« by whaleears on January 09, 2017, 11:53:14 pm »

Visited this afternoon for half an hour- £60 in-call

Comms- Excellent

Phoned out of the blue this afternoon after visiting barbers & arranged a mid-afternoon meet. Jenny was very patient on the phone as my in-car bluetooth loud speaker is about as much use as a cock-flavoured lollypop. Arrived, received a text telling me she'd have to cancel if I didn't show up soon,  phoned her, told I'd arrived & she let me straight in.

Accommodation- Good

A word to the wise- The madam, who I've not met but have spoken to on the phone, is very keen on discretion so ninja skills are required on entry. It's simple enough, a flat on the ground floor but I understand them wanting punters to be overly cautious.

Girl's Appearance- Excellent

Jenny is clearly in her mid to late 40's judging my her face, which is still pretty but shall we say a bit windbeaten by time. However, she's obviously in the gym a great deal of the time & there isn't an ounce of fat on the bird. Slim, slender and with nice fake tits & a nice, tight, un-ruined fanny. Visually, I'd describe as the kind of bird that you'd see in the pub- Drunk, boisterous and flirty, doesn't get out much & if you're brave enough to ask would give you a blowy in the disabled toilets without ever asking your name.

The Meet:

What. An. Absolute. Slag.


Straight into it as soon as we entered the flat, a big kiss and feel of my cock, into the room, paperwork done & a long deep kiss as she let me prepare. She re-entered the room inside of 5 minutes wearing just stockings and a big smile. Another long kiss, a finger or 2 in her fanny & the next thing I know she's got her mouth round my cock & going at it like a dog eating hot chips.


She's licking my balls, they're in her mouth, it's hard not to go into too much detail but suffice to say the 'pop' sound that you make when you're a kid with your finger & the side of your mouth, yeah you know the one, that was made with my bollocks going and out of her mouth. Fuck me sideways. Call me a fluff, I couldn't give 2 fucks, it felt fucking amazing. Although maybe not everyone has as sensitive balls as me? Maybe I've over-shared?

Look at the fucks I give...

On with the Rubber & I pounded her for all I was worth. Although great fun & she's very vigorous, I'd enjoyed her outstanding tongue far too much, pulled off the rubber, stood up off the bed & invited her to swallow my DNA.
Which she did.


Look, others have said she's as mad as a march hare, and if I'd had more time I'd have smashed her poop-chute to oblivion but as far as I'm concerned for £60 quid (and if you're not looking for toilets made of gold or one of these snide twats that expects every girl to look like a page 3 stunner) then you'll do very well with Jenny. As with Ian Cognito's review she made it clear she's heading back to Germany pretty soon. Is it a sales pitch? Fuck knows, all I know is for £60 she's definitely value for money & if she's going or not she's definitely worth a phone-call or a visit. :thumbsup:

South West / Lilly4you - Bristol
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Sorry for another review. But yesterday (8/1/2017) I had a great time with Lilly. 1 hour £120, Comms were done via text message for a morning appointment, as has been mentioned before shes located on the Harbour side of Bristol. Very easy to find. So when I arrived I took the stairs, I recommended you to take the lift here! Lily was wearing the Teachers uniform with redlipstick I requested. She was looking so hot :) She gave me a nice welcome kiss which pretty much left all the lipstick over my face ;)

Offered me a glass of water but I had a quick shower first. When out of the shower Lily was waiting for me in her bra and suspenders looking so sexy. Then we started to kiss and DFK too while my hands were running over her big boobs.

On to the bed where she gave me a nice massage, felt very nice. Then went topless and massaged her boobs over my back which felt so good. She started to lick my back, my shoulder and up to my neck, also my ear. Then started licking above my bum and gently on the outside while blowing on it too. Again this felt very nice.  Anyway after that she went on top of me while I started to squeeze, suck and lick her tits. She was making the right noises and getting aroused whilst thrusting up and down on me, then she got a vibrator which she put on her clit so we could both feel the vibrations. At this point I started to DFK her very hard and passionate, then on with the rubber and I fucked her missionary as hard as I could, after not too long I ended up cumming. She seemed to enjoy it with a nice smile.

We got talking afterwards whilst laying on the bed and I probably only had about 10 mins left. So I asked her to lick and suck my nipples and work on my balls, which she did enthusiastically. I started to wank while she was doing it, it felt so good. Just before my time was up I managed to come again.
I was offered a shower before I left, along with a kiss goodbye. I went over my time by 15 mins, but no clock watching at all.

She wont be in Bristol much longer so if you can, its definitely worth a booking with her.

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