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South West / SeductiveSultryJenni Bristol BS3
« by likesbeaver on Today at 08:06:11 PM »
Waste of time text what I enjoyed and she replied sound like fun.
Booked on AW and arranged a time and place BS8 not her posted BS3 address.
I Drove to Belgrave Street. asked to text when I arrived, which I did. No Reply.
Still I have my money though better to see Holly or Rebecca Woo Hoo.
Absolute waste of space   :dash:/   :wackogirl:  :manhater:

https://www.adultwork.com/3420233 or https://www.adultwork.com/SeductiveSultryJenni

South West / xbustybex - Worcester
« by Stiltskin on Today at 04:48:51 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2592899 or https://www.adultwork.com/xbustybex

AGE 28
PAID £60 for 30min incall
SERVICES DELIVERED FK | OWO | Fingering | Protected Intercourse
POSITIVES Pretty girl next door | Friendly | Curvy BBW | Got very wet
NEGATIVES Could do with a few more profile pictures

PRE-PUNT Contact was via text. Comms were good. I was delayed in traffic, but it wasn't a problem for her.

VENUE New build house at end of terrace. Clean modern bedroom and ensuite bathroom. I wasn't sure where it was ok to park, so I left my car in a side street on the other side of the main road.

LOOKS 7/10 Bex is a cuddly short BBW. She was wearing a summer dress when she opened the door and looked younger than her stated age of 28. She has a very large arse and big tits. Facially she reminds me of Sinead from Coronation Street, Katie McGlynn.

SERVICE 8/10 A nice slow GFE with lots of kissing. I'm pretty lazy these days so I after sucking her tits and getting her really wet with my fingers, I let her give me owo and ride me cow girl to finish.

VERDICT I was expecting a lady in her mid 30's as her AW age was 28. She looked younger than 28 to me, early 20's even.

Bex is definitely the largest girl I've ever had, bigger than the missus even! :D . However she has proper curves. Her tits are big, she goes in at the waist and out at her massive hips and arse. Strangely for me I couldn't get enough of grabbing that arse. She has a 'tramp stamp' tattoo across her lower back which emphasizes her width even more. She reminded me of a busty Anime character.

She really seems to enjoy the sex too. I love it when a girl gets naturally wet and she got sopping wet. Reaching for a tube of lube just before penetration is a turn off for me.

South West / Sweet Carla x - incall, Bristol.
« by MoTToM on Yesterday at 11:18:25 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1869519 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sweet+Carla+x

So I went back to see her a second time...

One hour incall at her apartment in central Bristol, £100 (no extras added), March '17.

Summary: had I booked half an hour instead, this would've been a Positive, I think. But the hour, given the somewhat impersonal service, was not the greatest. Nuts were drained, no problem, and I still find her off-the-scale attractive, but it wasn't the convincing GFE I prefer.

Comms very good. Same day punt, arranged via text a few hours before (happened to be in Bristol for other reasons and fancied a treat). No problems there - reliable - fair play.

Venue: the 'HNDF' [  :lol: ], near Cabot Circus. Discreet enough apartment; room, bedding, shower (en suite), and towels all clean. Showered on arrival (on this she will insist - fine by me), and I washed again before leaving. Shoes off in the hallway.  :)

As you'll be bored of hearing by now, Carla herself is a stunner. Great looking, killer body. No complaints whatsoever in that that regard. Attitude is... strictly business. Services were provided professionally, energetically and without reluctance, and she's friendly and cordial, but there's not even an attempt to fake affection or emotional intimacy. A purely physical experience - great if that's your thing, but I'd much rather the WG made some effort to fool me a little.

Despite the perfunctory tone of the punt, the sex itself was pretty fucking good, I have to admit. Similar routine as my first booking - I was instantly hard as soon as Carla returned to the room in her lingerie (having answered the door and directed me to the shower in her civvies, before herself exiting the room to undress/change). Quickly stripped naked, light kissing, on to the bed for OWO (not bad either), before she put the condom on and mounted me reverse CG. And, again like the first time, I simply couldn't hold out for very long after she started fucking me - the visuals alone as she rode me were fantastic - and the sensations generated by her tight pussy working my cock were exquisite. Came, uncontrollably, pretty quickly - and enjoyed it.

After a wet-wipe cleanup (Carla having left the room to mop herself up, presumably) I checked my watch, and it was less than twenty-five minutes after I'd arrived at the flat. At this point I was already beginning to think that I should've just gone for a half hour booking, and had that been all I'd paid for, and showered quickly and left (whilst my head was still spinning from orgasm) I would've been quite satisfied. As it was, I was wondering if I really wanted to stick around. Anyway, the rest of the hour was okay - received a nice enough massage before Carla initiated round two. Credit to her for that. Being a fluffy twat, I'd usually prefer a kiss, a cuddle, and a chat, and seeing if that led to further stirring, but Carla would rather get on with the action, so I shouldn't really complain...  :D Credit too for getting me hard a second time and, even though I couldn't cum again, she put in a lot of effort, only stopping when I instructed her to.

Showered again and was out the door just under an hour after I'd arrived, with somewhat mixed feelings. Was happy to've been serviced by this beautiful girl, but the bits in between the sex were lacking, and the experience was overall a little too soulless for my liking. Ultimately, I think a 'Neutral' rating is fair, especially in comparison to other WGs who've not only fucked really well, but also done so in a much warmer way.

So, would I pay her another visit? Well... maybe. In fact, I was in a similar situation again the other week - being in town on unrelated business - and I was tempted to book 30mins. Turned out my schedule wouldn't allow it in the end, but if I'm in Brizzle again under similar circumstances, and fancy a short-notice, uncomplicated fuck, sure, may as well. Sixty quid for such a stunner to suck your cock and screw your brains out ain't fucking bad, imo. However, I wouldn't take the day off and make the journey just to see her - something which I'm more than happy to do for certain other WGs.

Recommended for hotness, but attitude decidedly cool. Physically great, but lacking rapport. Great for a quickie, but if you're looking for a proper GFE, look elsewhere.

South West / The Amazing English Rebecca - Bristol
« by Dougyboy73 on April 21, 2017, 10:55:14 AM »
Met Rebecca for 30 min appointment (wish I’d booked longer but had to be back at work), being trying to see her for some time but due to the fact I can generally only do lunchtime punts I’ve missed out (really missed out). There are already loads of positive reports for Rebecca and I can see why now, as there are so many reviews, all saying similar things, I’ll keep it brief:

Sent a couple of texts, then booked via AW, all hassle free

High quality city centre flat

Looks even better than her photos, amazing body, really pretty face, really friendly and funny, makes you feel special. Answered the door in a green dress looking like the perfect girl next door type (but not next door is of any house I've lived in)

The Basics
Rebecca greeted me with a few kisses, got to meet her cats, was offered shower which I accepted, after shower went into her bedroom to find her in really nice underwear, chatted for a bit then down to lots of kissing, owo, sex in a couple of positions, followed by CIM, ended up chatting afterwards for some time

Rebecca just seemed to sense the sort of experience I was after, will definitely be back when I can get out of work, can't recommend highly enough


South West / ~~~LARA~~~ incall, Bristol.
« by MoTToM on April 21, 2017, 09:25:48 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2849210 or https://www.adultwork.com/%7E%7E%7ELARA%7E%7E%7E

Time to catch up on some reviews! This punt took place in February '17.

After a very enjoyable duo with Lara and her mate Vicki, I was keen to see Lara again, but solo this time, and for a little longer, so decided to make it happen. Very happy I did.  :)

Summary: great GFE!

Location: hotel, central Bristol [incall]. Discreet access, no drama there. Nice room with nice shower (fresh towels provided). Lights dimmed with a music channel on the TV (but quite quiet, thankfully). A pleasant setting.

Hour and a half, £160. FK, OWO, CIM, RO, Penetration [protected]. Very good VFM.

Comms were straightforward - texts on the day to work out a mutually convenient time. Venue having been sent by text after confirming booking, called from nearby a few minutes before appointment for room number and floor. All good.

Lara herself is as described on her profile and in her pictures - fantastic, feminine, curvaceous (but firm) figure, and very pretty. Great attitude, too. Very friendly, warm and affectionate. All services provided with great enthusiasm, and the breaks between action were relaxed, lighthearted and fun, with a genuine sense of intimacy. A pleasure from start to finish, unrushed.

Trying to recall specific details of what happened after I'd showered is a little tricky, since the booking kind of went by in a delicious, dreamlike blur (wonderful to experience, not so good for write-ups, lol) but there was lots of kissing and caressing, and I paid a lot of attention to Lara's beautiful tits. Fantastic round one blowjob as well - she edged me several times before I simply couldn't hold back and unloaded in her mouth. Though Lara doesn't swallow, she did finish me thoroughly - continuing to wank the base of the shaft as I came, and stroking the balls to empty them - before popping to the bathroom to spit only after I'd begun to wilt. Incredibly satisfying BJ!  :D

I did struggle a bit with the condom for round two, attempting (with only partial success) some CG and doggy, so it was back to more uncovered oral and hand action for the remainder of the time, to which my prick responded much more favourably. All handled very gracefully by Lara, I should add.

Showered before I left, and more kisses to say goodbye (friendly attitude maintained 100% throughout entirety of booking - very nice!).

This probably all reads a little fluffy, but I had a great time and can easily recommend Lara as a sweet girl and a solid punt. Will definitely try to see her again if/when she tours back this way, though I feel the urge for another threesome next time.  :cool:

South West / English Honey69xx - Bournemouth
« by Dogfather on April 20, 2017, 08:30:44 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3492689 or https://www.adultwork.com/English+Honey69xx

Was in the area so thought I'd give her a same day try.
Got a reply that she was free and time was OK.
Last response from her was a bit odd but I made my way over to her location and waited for address detail.
It never came.

Guess I got bumped for a regular?  :unknown:
So Negative for wasting 2 hours of my day.

South West / Tantric heaven -- bournemouth
« by bob the knob on April 20, 2017, 04:13:34 PM »
www.adultwork.com/2420312 or https://www.adultwork.com/tantricheaven -

location  in central bournemouth  20 yds walk down a passageway from an a small car park that always has places to park.
walk in straight off passage way  no need to knock on doorway  charlotte opened the door as she saw me approach.

accomodation,  i think it was her own home, small but comfortable, taken immediately upstairs to bedroom which overlooks passageway so was asked not to make too much noise during  session, not a problem for me.

Charlotte is a fairly attractive milf, mid 40,s  with a slight gothy look, not a ravishing beauty but certainly no ugly mug.

i had a pretty good time with her.  o, ro, her on top whilst i was tied to bed,  she seemed to enjoy herself and respond  with enthuasism   to my efforts without going ott. 

only negatives  , limited kissing and no dfk,  she glanced at clock several times and stopped promptly 5 mins before hr up

would i see her again,  yes for £100ph  she is pretty good value in bournemouth,  but because of the 2 negatives  she wont be a first choice  but a good emergency.

comms on phone good,   friendly and relaxed and she texted her address within 5 mins of initial call

https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3960466 Rosie
https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1526033 Rebecca
https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3762786 Ava

Location: Bristol Hotel.

Total Time 3 hours: Cost £££

Comms: This did worry me to start with as i have tried to book even duo`s  before without success, so booking 3 /4 girls together, i though might cause problems, so tried to stick to reliable girls, anyway no worries as all were excellent, First by email and then by text, Note: Recebba is brilliant at comms and plenty of girls could learn at lot from her.

Appearance: I asked all the girls to dress in sexy underwear, they are all English, slim and pretty and all looked fantastic.

Personality: All of these girls have been very well reviewed on here, so pretty much knew what to expect and was not disappointed.

Services: I was interested in watching a 3 girl lesbian show (i had booked 4 but one girl was unable to make it at the last minute) with me joining in and i must say it was very very good. Everything i expected and more.

Meeting: I sat in the hotel bar for a couple beers to steady the old nerves and waited for the girls to text that they were on their way, received first text and went to room to freshen up.  Rosie arrived first and looked fantastic, very pretty, great body followed by Ava who looked equally as stunning in a sexy black dress, my heart was racing, checked my fitbit, heart rate monitor flashed up “call a fucking ambulance”!!!!, The girl freshened up and as it was the first time these two had met we started with a little meet and greet session, 3 way FK and DFK, I poured a drink sat down and let the girls get to know each other with me directing, I watch for around 10 minutes before i stand it no longer and got oral from both girls. Then on with the rubber, whitest Ava and Rosie were doing 69 i rode Ava doggy style with Rosie licking my balls and Ava`s clit, pure heaven! Then it was time to fuck Rosie, i must say she has the most fantastic pussy.

Rebecca arrive after around 30 minutes and said she didn`t need the room number as she could hear the girls from the corridor! I must say it was getting a tad on the noisy side! Rebecca stripped off to reveal some very sexy underwear, oh man she looked hot! Slim blonde with a lovely toned body and straight in to the action, i got all 3 girls to kneel on the bed so i could feast on their pussy`s and rim them, i then sat back and watched girl on girl on girl and they really got in to it! Oral, Rimming , DFK, Spanking, The girls took turns in fucking each other with Ava`s strap on, What a show! The BBC should commission these girl to make a new mini series it would beat Poldark hands down!

Time to rejoin the party, Whilst Rosie and Rebecca pleasured Ava I took advantage of her open mouth and got her to deep throat me and then got all 3 girls to suck and lick my cock at the same time, Fucking hell i was the kid in the candy shop!!! Fantastic oral from Rebecca, then from Rosie and then from Ava gagging on my dick. Then moved on to having Ava sat on my face with Rosie ridding my dick with the 3 girls kissing each other and sucking each other’s tits, Time to fuck Rebecca, my god this girl is tight, i do take a large in condom but her pussy is super tight, did she give up? Oh no sir, she wanted to be fucked and what she wants she gets!

Alas as is life all good things have come to an end and it was time for Rosie to leave, she was fantastic and a really fun and pretty girl we said our goodbyes to Rosie but nil desperandum i still have 2 girls to play with, i must say i was flagging by now, so laid back with Rebecca giving me a fantastic BJ, After a while it was time for Rebecca to leave we said goodbye,  Just Ava left now but by god she knows how to get the best out of me, more fucking and oral, then the final act, CIM followed by room service for food and down to the bar for well deserved beer.

A thoroughly stimulating experience for body and soul

Pros Spending time with 3 first class super fit, super sexy girls

Cons As if there could be any!

Summary  Overall not a bad evening!!

South West / Marley Magnificent - Swindon
« by coakshot on April 19, 2017, 09:01:30 PM »
AW Profile: https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3668946

Location:Swindon. Modern apartment with intercom access. Very safe, car parks close, train station a couple of minutes away on foot.

Cost: £250 for 90 minutes

Appearance:: Very much my type. Slim, elegant, soft kissable lips, super smooth skin and fantastic bum. Dressed in full fantasy lingerie, stocking, suspenders and sexy bra and thong.

Personality: Fun, sexy, dirty, intelligent, bubbly, horny. She loves sex and she was literally gagging for it. Not only did I find her very highly sexual I also found her incredibly engaging company, someone I could happily talk to about anything.

Services Offered:Everything on her list that I tried was offered with 100% enthusiasm.

Meeting: Gentle DFK turned into me moving down, wrenching her panties to one side and licking her pink pussy. Couple of minutes and her legs were clamped around me as she came hard. I started to rim her whilst fingering her pussy,  she whispered for me to get a butt plug. Slowly stuffed her ass with the butt plug and started to give her a hard fingering whilst pushing the plug in and out ,nice and deep. I had brought her a glass ribbed dildo as a present, I pulled out the plug and started to push the thick glass dildo into her ass, I then got her to fuck her ass whilst I went back to licking her clit. As she was about to cum I started to gently spank her breasts to her squeals of delight and continued to give her arse a good reddening (she can take and likes a hard spanking) whilst at the same time fucking her arse with the dildo. I also had a Doxy wedged into her pussy. She came mega hard and gushed everywhere, she was dripping wet.
Flipped her over, grabbed one pig tail in each hand and gave her a face fucking. Marley can really suck hard and deep, she swallowed every inch of my cock deep down to my balls. This was a balls deep gagging face fuck. It felt fantastic, I didn't want to cum so I pulled up and got her to give my balls a good sucking, she was sucking so hard I could hear them pop out of her mouth.
I lost track a bit then as we descended into a wild circle of debauchery. I remember her grinding her clit all over my face as she came again leaving me covered in her pussy juices.  I then recall her whipping my cock and balls with a flogger whilst alternatively wanking me with both hands and deep throating me until I finally had to cum, and I sprayed her face with hot salty rain.

Offered a shower which I took and availed myself of some of her very nice shower gel. Bit more kissing and fondling and chatting before I finally had to tear myself away.

Time: No clock watching, never for one second felt rushed or pushed to get out.

Positives: Absolutely everything

Negatives: Time, never enough time. Marley has so many toys, and I mean a lot, that I only skimmed the surface of what I could have done to her. My head is a buzz with plans for future sessions.

Summary: Mesmerising and magnificent. Filthy and fun. Sexy and sensual. Definitely the best visit to an escort that I've ever had. To quote General MacArthur "I will return"...

« by Tumbling Dice on April 19, 2017, 04:14:47 PM »
Met today for a half hour booking. Nice apartment in harbourside by the water.
Normally stay away from Romanians but thought for half an hour it would be worth a gamble as shes based in Bristol.
Overall, very pleasantly surprised. Fantastic body, gorgeous ass, enhanced but good tits. Fairly petite but an absolutely stunning body.
Service was very basic with covered oral and sex in a few positions to include, mish, cowgirl, doggy and standing.
Overall, for a 30 min it was all ok mainly as she's got such a beautiful little ass.
Good attitude, really friendly and easy to find modern clean apartment.
She's off on holiday soon. Will see her again soon for a 1 hour appointment next time.
Not much to dislike with this one for a reasonable service with a pretty girl with a great little body.

South West / ElizaFitness - Bath
« by Urban_G on April 19, 2017, 03:31:18 PM »

This Brazilian caught my eye some months ago when she had a different profile but I was put off by her expensive prices. She disappeared for a while but recently returned with a new profile and had 'lowered' her rates so decided to arrange a meeting.

Comms could have been much better, she didn't answer her phone so I dropped her a text to which she replied explaining that her phone hadn't rung and confirming she was available. Anyway, after a series of further texts, most of which had gaps of 5-10 minutes before her response, I managed to confirm a suitable time, services and price, 30 minutes of FK, OWO and sex for £80 and she agreed to let me choose something for her to wear once I got there. We agreed a time about 1.5 hours later as it would take me at least 45 mins to get there after getting ready.

Arrived on time and called her for the full address, again I got no answer so I sent another text. Heard nothing for about 10 minutes then received one saying 'give me 5 minutes bby', so I decided to walk around some nearby shops. After another 10 minutes I texted back and told her I would leave if she kept me waiting much longer, a couple of minutes later I got the address so made my way to her place.

Once inside I was not disappointed with her looks, exactly as expected from her profile pics and verification pic (visible at time of writing), but she does wear quite a lot of make-up and she was dressed in standard matching bra and knickers. This is where it started going downhill. I asked her what selection of underwear she had that I could choose from and she replied that all she had was what she was wearing.

She asked how long I wanted to stay, I said half an hour, got my money out and asked her to confirm our agreed services but now she wanted an extra £30 for OWO and kissing. I explained what we agreed and even showed her the text but she blamed it on the ‘secretary’. I tried to reason with her but she wasn’t haven’t any of it so I told her I was disappointed having come all this way only to have my time wasted, with that I turned around and left.

I had a pretty miserable drive home but what was even worse was that when I got back she had sent a few ‘angry’ texts because I didn’t stay and that she was worth what she charges, unbelievable.

So, unless you have more sense than money I suggest you avoid this time waster.

South West / DominaPhoenix - Plymouth
« by Voros on April 19, 2017, 02:30:55 PM »

Not done a review before but just seen Phoenix and noticed no one had reviewed her yet so I may as well try. I wanted a light domination session and she definitely delivered.

Communications: Took a few days to reply to initial message I sent but after that comms were all good. Was very keen in messages to nail down exactly what I was looking for.

Price: I saw her profile a while back and decided not to go for it as she was at £150 an hour which is pushing my upper limit. However she currently has lowered her prices to £140 to see if it brings in some new customers. Mentioned while I was there that the price drop was definitely what was my final push to make a booking and she said she might stay at £140 for the time being.

Appearance: Pictures on her profile are pretty spot on. She currently has dyed blue hair as shown which might not be for everyone but worked for me. Has a very lithe body and a nice shaved pussy. Didn't get to see her breasts as she didn't take of her corset, would have liked to have seen but felt a bit awkward to mention midsession as I was meant to be being submissive. Very nice feet and legs if that is your thing.

Location: Flat is on a busy-ish road but is easy to find and I wasn't left standing around awkwardly. Session took place in her living room which wasn't immaculate but I have seen far worse and it didn't detract from the session.

Session itself: At the start she went over again what we had talked about in messages for what I was looking for to make sure she had everything right. Usual start of session chit chat to break the ice that didn't go on to long. Covered my requests pretty damn well, she clearly enjoys being in control. Was incredibly responsive, and also flattering with her words, when I gave her oral.  Something to note as I saw it mentioned in another thread, she doesn't list OWO or French Kissing on her profile. French kissing didn't come up, meant to ask about but forgot but she did do OWO. Her oral skills were acceptable but nothing to write home about.  Didn't do any penetration but the session was still pretty erotic without so another thing to remember to ask for when booking a if it would be a dealbreaker for you without.

So something to definitely mention is the session almost went to hell as I accidentally gave myself a nosebleed in the middle of giving her oral.  :dash: Now usually this sort of thing would probably make a session a write off as it would be pretty hard to get back into the mood after stopping for 10 minutes to clean up blood from all over yourself and her but big props to Phoenix for managing to get the whole session moving again despite that. I was really impressed with that. We went a bit over on the clock which I think was partly her not including the time spent on the bloody incident.

Things on offer but not experienced: She mentioned both on her profile and in the session that she can also be submissive but she said she definitely preferred being dominant. She also said that while she will do GFE she isn't that keen on it. She talked a lot about doing some more heavy domination which she is clearly pretty into.

Negative notes: Wasn't offered a shower before or after but then again I didn't ask. As mentioned the not seeing her tits or any penetration so I can't comment on either.

All in in all had a pretty good time and am planning to book again.

South West / Slutty Molly "South African" in Bristol
« by Bionology73 on April 19, 2017, 01:52:05 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3515157 or https://www.adultwork.com/SluttyMolly

£70 half hour. Bristol.

Met outside the flat front door. Weird. Took me up a dodgy staircase with other people in flats watching us, all the time telling me it was her mate's flat and if he found out he would kill her so we have to be quiet... Not the most relaxing start. She also wore some weird slippers the whole way through... And I don't know what is South African about her! Nice body, small tits, great ass, sleep and tanned, but was quite distant, sniffed the whole way through (coke?) and it felt like she wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. I paid for a half hour and was out in 15... On the other hand she is fit and did a bit of kissing, got down to sucking the old chap without delay (would have preferred a bit more delay to be honest), although then asked me why it wasn't working after about 30 seconds of BJ... I reminded her we had plenty of time... Offered up a 69 (lovely pussy to look at!), took a fingering, seemed to enjoy it, but again quite distant... Doggy and cowboy... Waited a bit before saying "finished?" then mentioned her killer flatmate again and said "Can you make your own way out?"... Back downstairs with  the neighbours eyeballing me... Bordering on a negative and I wouldn't go back, but the main act was enjoyable so a neutral...  :hi:

« by ian cognito on April 19, 2017, 09:35:51 AM »

I visited Cecilia last week for a 1 hour Massage/GFE.

Comms:  Initial phone call which I'm sure was answered by Cecilia herself - very brief response but followed by immediate text asking about my nationality and whether I had an AW identity and feedback.  I responded by text and sent an AW message to confirm, but before she had even read these I got a further text confirming the appointment and giving the address.  All very good and questions regarding nationality and AW in-line with other reports on her (she does not see black or mixed-race guys).

Location:  Ground floor apartment off Partition Street.  I sent text on my arrival and Cecilia came to the building door to let me in -  dressed in "normal"clothes (obviously).  Apartment is quite modern, I only saw inside bedroom and bathroom but both were clean and fit for purpose.  No sign of anybody else in the apartment.

Appearance:  Cecilia quickly stripped out of her outer clothes once we were in her apartment.  She's as per her profile photographs - attractive enough, slim but not toned body, nice breasts with prominent, dark, nipples.

Service:  I opted for the standard service (£100) plus "service pack" of OWO, FK, CIM/Facial, Rimming for another £50.  Started with a comprehensive massage which started at my neck and went all the way down to my feet.  Cecelia uses both hands and mouth for this and it does feel good.  Massage phase was completed with an extensive rimming session (her on me) where she employed her tongue to both flick around my anus and then penetrate it. The massage is a major part of the session and not just a fill-in to delay the main event. Rolled over for OWO and RO.  I enjoyed both but the OWO was not quite as good as I expected based on how she used her mouth  and tongue during the massage and rimming.  Condom on for sex in CG,miss and doggie.  Condom off and I came over her belly then collapsed down for a cuddle before she cleaned me up.  All this was interspersed by kisses and cuddles- not DFK but nice use of her tongue.  I asked Cecilia for a time check and we were between 5 and 10 minutes from the hour - so shower, dressed and left just on the hour. She was still completely naked when saw me to the apartment door  - but left me to find my own way out of the building  :rolleyes:  Her phone had been silent throughout our time together but rang as I prepared to leave and she was on the phone as she showed me to the door - I don't think she was speaking in English so probably not her next punter.

Hygiene:  Cecilia used mouthwash before the massage and spat out into a bin at the side of the bed, something she repeated several times during the session.  I had showered at home before I left for our meeting,but Cecilia cleaned around my anus thoroughly before the rimming session and gave me a quick wipe before OWO.  Some people may find this off-putting but it does not bother me.  Cecilia climbed into the shower as I finished mine and gave herself a good wash down.

Summary:  The massage was very good and the sex was OK, but I would not say its particularly GVFM at £150 including the extras.  If you see massage as time wasting and want an hour of solid fucking then Cecilia is not for you.  Also, her English is very limited so don't bother if you want conversation. However, overall I enjoyed the meeting and would probably see her again.

South West / Awesome Daga - Bristol
« by Noluck on April 18, 2017, 11:38:50 PM »

A well reviewed and well loved WG.
I saw Daga for the first time in quite some time. And she is still great as ever.
She offers a great GFE.
Her BJ is fantastic and deep.
Her ass is as lovely as ever. I really wanted to give it a good spanking. But I held back.
Her pussy was so fresh I could not stop eating it.
Her ass was so inviting I managed two fingers inside but not quite my dick.

She is a lovely girl and very moreish. I will be back.

South West / jessiejones89 - Plymouth
« by JoeFiddleSticks on April 16, 2017, 02:49:18 PM »

£550, Plymouth overnight in hotel.

I've never posted a review before, and unfortunately it's negative.  Not really my style but I think you'll see why I was motivated to post.  Sit back and break open the popcorn.

So I came across Jessie's profile and loved her photos, very pretty.  I contacted her about doing an overnight, with a few special requests I won't go into  ;)   She read the email but no reply.  I texted her a day or two later.  A couple days later she did reply.  OK I thought, not the best with comms but not a problem, I was arranging this well ahead.  Over the next week and a half we arranged details by text.  Slow process, she isn't good with the communication side.

Eventually I phoned her.  In retrospect this is where things started turning weird.  The conversation was ok, we worked out what she was happy to do and confirmed the time and that I needed to book a hotel for an overnight.  What was strange was that she sounded like a 50 year old Victorian school teacher.  I put this down to telephones sometimes affecting female voices but I was surprised and had my doubts.  Anyway, on to the day...

She texted me to confirm everything was going ahead.  Yes it was I said, as I was about to begin my 100 mile journey to Plymouth.  I reminded her of things I had requested to bring along (e.g. clothing).  She said fine and then said she had her own request.  [Ready for this?]:  She asked, did I mind if someone watched us.  Said it could be kinky and fun, but no worries if not.  Now, alarm bells were starting to ring but as I had booked the hotel, and because my dick was thinking about those pictures, I politely declined and carried on as normal.

Roll on to my arrival at the hotel.  I sent her a message to say I was there, and confirmed room number but that I would have to meet her in carpark as getting past reception required a card.  I also asked if she could make it at 7.30pm instead of 7.00pm as agreed, because I was a little behind.  She said, 9pm ok?  Well, er, I suppose so...

9pm came and went.  After a couple of unanswered texts, finally, 'Sorry, running late.  Won't be round till midnight, understand if that's too late'.  I pointed out that I had travelled and booked the hotel.  Judging by the AW feedback up to that point (last entry about cutting a social date short wasn't up there till that night), and her comms, I had mentally prepared myself to be mucked around a bit, so I agreed to midnight.

Midnight came and went.  Texts and call unanswered.  I checked her AW page and saw it reading 'today' which went she was checking her page after midnight while ignoring my attempts to contact her.

And that was about it.  In the morning, with no word of apology, I sent an articulate, if somewhat lengthy and ranty message on AW, basically saying she shouldn't treat people that way and that due to the hotel and petrol I was about £150 out of pocket, not to mention the disappointment of it not going ahead.

She actually replied:  'Should have booked someone else then.  And spare me the lecture buddy'.


Judging by the feedback on her AW page about cutting a social date short, which he wasn't pleased about, it does appear she is gorgeous like her pics, and intelligent conversation.  Problem is she's a bit of a psycho or flakey at best.  I really can't equate the girl in the pics to the voice on the phone, and the request about someone watching is all very strange.  Maybe she was just trying to shoehorn in another client request but it makes no sense to ask it of someone you've not met before.  Maybe, just maybe, of someone who's a regular.  I'm suspicious other people are involved, e.g., boyfriend, but who knows.  Maybe she's just weird.

Anyway, I guess some of you will be face palming some of my decisions but let my story be a word of warning.

Shame really, can't help but say I'd still want to fuck the girl in the pics but hey ho.


South West / Melody2017 - Plymouth.
« by streetstroler on April 16, 2017, 07:40:29 AM »
www.adultwork.com/MELODY2017    I had a punt in mind for yesterday and after being messed around trying to arrange one in Penzance I decided to find one in Plymouth which is only an hours drive away.Another punter on here says there are alot of time wasters in Cornwall, I think this maybe true. After searching AW  in the morning I came across Melody and liked what she offered.  Her post code is given in her profile which is handy when you have to consider parking. She answered the phone straight away which is always a plus for me and I arranged to see her at 1 PM. I parked in her road and rang for directions to her flat which I had a bit of trouble finding because as her English isn't that great I had difficulty in understanding her instructions. Got there in the end.Her flat is clean and tidy and feels safe to enter and exit without being watched. Her profile pictures don't really do her justice, she is a beautiful lady. It states her age as 29 on the profile but she later told me that she's 36. This makes no difference to me and it would be job to tell anyway. Melody is very polite and obliging. She started of by doing a slow striptease  and then covers herself in oil and gives a body to body massage followed by covered oral and sex. She seamed to take the lead during sex and kept pausing to offer her pussy up to my mouth for reverse oral which I think she really enjoys.I found this nice as she is very clean and sweet. I wish more WGs would do this. She likes to change position alot all instigated by her. This type of session suits me as she has so much energy genuine enthusiasm, the only downer is that she doesn't kiss other than a peck on the lips but this wouldn't put me off and didn't spoil the session. My time spent with Melody was a great experience, she does not clock watch and nothing is rushed. I recommend this lady. I had great time and will visit again

South West / Jessyca New Bristol
« by Mcping on April 16, 2017, 02:00:17 AM »

Pleasantly Surprised !

Ok ok I know the warning signs - Zero feedback, Romanian, last minute punt etc etc but Ive had a raging hard on all week what with the nicer weather and civvy girls dressing less & less everywhere I look.

So, jessyca is a good find and one I recommend.

Comms were good and arranged with the girl directly, definitely no pimps as I often fear with Romanians.

Quiet residential area in a nice part of Clifton not far off Whiteladies.

Jessyca was not exactly like her photos (surprise surprise) but it is definitely her. She's admitted she's out on a little weight since moving to U.K but certainly not fat and she's more tanned in real life which I think is a good thing.
Her body is very firm and tight with very nice perky tits with responsive nipples.

No kissing, no owo and no fingers which would normally be a negative for me but she did give a great massage (genuinely one of the best I've had) and really good OW including some fantastic gagging deep throat which she initiated herself and got very wet  :thumbsup:

Good fucking in mish and then doggy which she said she liked but not too hard...by this point I was ready to pound away and fill the bag .

If she offered owo and dfk I'd be a regular couple times a week

South West / Anna.Diamond - Bristol
« by Mcping on April 15, 2017, 09:25:31 PM »

First time I've walked in a long time...

Initial comms were good and Anna sounded very promising over the phone. Softly spoken and good English.
Meeting arranged very easily and arrived as instructed.

The door was opened and Anna hid herself behind as it opened. I've become accustomed to this with WGs lately so wasn't too put off until I was in the room and clasped eyes on her...

Not at all ugly in any way but NOTHING like the photos!! Really disappointed as I was rareing to have a go.

Clearly her photos are heavily photoshopped but apart from blonde hair they are nothing alike.
The profile says 33 but I'd guess mid to late 40s easily.

I hate to leave negative reviews but the profile is so far out I'd hate to any of you chaps have a wasted evening as I have had

South West / Clairelovesthycock - Newquay
« by curiousgrunt on April 14, 2017, 08:24:19 AM »
GFE, a real cock pleaser

https://www.adultwork.com/2493944 or https://www.adultwork.com/Clairelovesthycock

I've seen Claire a couple of times and I'm going to keep going back.

Comms are spot on.
There's a load of timewasters in Cornwall but Claire is great. Quick replies to emails and texts, no messing around.
She's clear about what she can and can't do, this alone sets her above most of them in Cornwall.
Gave me good warning that she was "on" during our last meeting, sex was still an option but didn't happen.

Attitude is just what I want.
Eager to please, listens to what I want and plays along.
I can lay back and leave her to it or give direction, it's good either way.

Service is enthusiastic and energetic.
This is never going to be PSE, this is GFE if your GF was a bit dirtier than most GFs.

No rush at all, a great relaxed time. Both times I've end up checking the clock before she does so I can get back to my life.

Safety & pricing
Happy to do OWO, CIM was an extra but worth it for me.
Wrapped up for sex as normal.
Price is really good, any cheaper and I'd start wondering what was wrong with her.
Location is a private flat on a quiet suburban road, easy to park outside.

South West / Welsh Lexi - on tour in Bristol
« by Chrislewiscardiff on April 13, 2017, 10:19:01 AM »

https://www.adultwork.com/2896651 or https://www.adultwork.com/welsh%7Elexi

Location - Hotel in Central Bristol, easy to find and discreat

Cost - 150 for an hour

The Meet-

I have met Lexi multiple times in Cardiff. I caught wind that she was going to be in Bristol and as I happened to be there for work, dropped her a text to see if she was free. She said that she had just checked in and to come on over... I rushed to get to her to say the least!

Lexi really is a stunner! Beautiful face and tits (and all the other curves) to die for! Honestly, you need to experience them first hand!

Lexi really treats you as if you were her boyfriend. The french kissing is perfect! Lexi's oral technique to fantastic, I love how she takes all of me in her mouth... and the things she does with her tongue!!!

After a great oral session, on with he protection and then pretty much fucked our way around the bedroom. It really felt organic and natural, just really sexy and fun! Lexi genuinely seemed to enjoy herself too! I decided that I wanted to Cum over her fantastic tits, so off with the condom and spunked all over them. Mmm, what a sight!

After some lovely chat I decided that I wanted to relax, so Lexi gave me some fantastic head. I loved watching her suck my cock. Unloaded into her mouth. Heaven!

I can't recommend seeing Lexi enough! Give her a try and I promise you won't be disappointed! She is a real Gem!

South West / MayJune993 - Bristol
« by licky on April 12, 2017, 10:04:47 PM »

I saw MayJune 993 last week.
1 hour incall £140.00 in a tidy little flat just North of Bristol. Late evening
An attractive girl, not a complete stunner, but def not a minger either, generally as profile, but on the profile there is absolutely no mention of her tits.
And what a fine pair she has too. Natural, probably a D cup, and well firm. Perfect for tit lovers.
We kissed a fair bit, the usual RO, OWO, and sex. I was in one of those moods where I wanted to shag for the hour, and she was quite receptive to this.
I got condom burn in the end, so took it off and had a hand finish over her.

Generally a damn good punt, I loved fondling those ooooh so perfect firm titties.

Not a clock watcher either, we finished the shagging a bit before the hour was up, no time for round 2, but we sat on the sofa and nattered for a good while after.


South West / We care remedy Bournemouth
« by mwalston on April 12, 2017, 12:01:40 AM »


location is the triangle area of bournemouth not far from the town and just up the road from westbourne easy to find

havent been here for a long time so thought i would go in and see how things were, paid the 40 for 40 minutes lady at desk didnt offer any extras like they have done to me in the past so thought not to mention it and see what happens so led to small room and told to undress and wait on massage table a couple of minutes later a small older chinese lady came in not bad looking but not anything to get excited about and then started the massage did try and initiate a little small talk but her english was not great so didnt bother and kept quiet, now the massage she gave was one of the best massages ive ever had not too soft and not getting beaten to death so was pretty happy with that, now after massage was finished she asked if i wanted extras etc so with difficulty i realised it was only hj finish and nothing else and it would be an extra 20 now at this point i wasnt thinking with my brain so agreed and she proceeded to give me a very good oily handjob good technique and didnt feel rushed although she did mention that i had lasted a lot longer than other guys etc so i can only assume that she was hoping i wouldnt hold out that long

so if you are after a good massage and happy ending then on that basis this place is well worth a visit and a positive, if you are expecting more you may be disappointed but i have a feeling it may depend on which girl you see and what that individual may offer not that i got to choose who i saw as i have done many years ago when visiting massage parlours

the lady i saw was called kaylee not aware if thats the correct spelling didnt need to book an appointment as was able to walk in but was advised in the future to book in beforehand

South West / Jolie - Plymouth
« by curiousgrunt on April 11, 2017, 02:09:32 PM »
Not bad if you just want a nice hole to use.


Another provider cancelled on me at the last minute, so I rang the first girl who was in the area and showing as available now.

Didn't answer the phone but texted back with a postcode immediately.

Took me twenty minutes to get there, she guided me nicely to the front door of a private, gated building.

Let me into the flat and straight to the bedroom. Clearly there were others in the flat but she assured me it was safe.

Physically quite different from her photos, they're genuine I'm sure but just carefully chosen. She's a short little chubby thing with small tits and fantastic soft body.

Paid for the hour plus extra for OWO / CIM and she went off to put the money away and I'm sat for a good five minutes holding my cock. She comes back, vanishes again to do something but I didnt understand what.

Eventually came back She wiped me down with a wetwipe and got started sucking me off. Good energy and enthusiasm but the technique was more flash than substance and was never going to make me finish.

I got bored after a bit, it was fine and fun but I was planning on having a second go so I just finished myself off into her mouth. She litterally ran out of the room with a mouthful of my cum as I finished, leaving the rest dripping over me. Not exactly the enthusiasm I thought I was paying for.

I cleaned myself up and waited, again.

Eventually she came back and I suggested I go down on her to get myself going again. Did my best but wasn't getting anywhere so tried fucking from behind. Her lack of enthusiasm was putting me off a bit so I couldn't stay hard.

I had a rest with her on the bed but this is not a GFE Escort.

No kissing or touching, after a bit of coaxing she did start stroking my balls. I suggested she suck me off again to get me hard but she wasn't up for it. I suggested anal but she said that was for regulars only.

I didn't want to leave without my second pop so I just wanked off onto her tits, we cleaned ourselves up with more wipes and got dressed and left.

I'll give her high marks for making it easy. If I had known what to expect going in, I probably wouldn't have had a better time but I definitely got the impression she didn't want to make a lot of effort this night.

Looks were okay overall, she's not hot but she is pretty, just a bit over the ideal weight.

Communication was an issue at times. Her accent was strong and I struggled to understand now and then.

Equally she struggled to understand me, misunderstanding my questions or requests.

I'd probably go back if I was desperate, maybe just for a quick suck,  but even in Plymouth there are better options.

South West / EnglishRebecca121 - Bristol -
« by 5th Musketeer on April 11, 2017, 01:56:30 PM »
I had read a lot about English Rebecca on this site and was intrigued by her participation on UKP – a daunting prospect for any WG.  So when I knew I was going to be in the Bristol area I resolved to meet her.  Because I knew my schedule well ahead of time I was able to email her via AW to set up a 2-hour appointment a month out – which happened to be the week after she returned from her Caribbean vacation.  Since I was staying at a hotel close to her flat, it was only a 5 minute walk to get to her place.  No difficulty finding it and all our communications were great.

Rebecca is a small, very pretty and lively young woman and she has no hang-ups about meeting older, overweight men, which was just as well.  We first spent some time talking in her living room, which was fine by me because I go for GFE and I also like get to know who I am with.  She offered me a drink (tea, coffee or whatever) but I declined and, because of her kidney problems, she does not drink alcohol.  After about 30 minutes of chatting and flirting we moved to the bedroom and, with a lot of FK, began to explore each other’s bodies.  Since I am a one-pop man I enjoy this, and was not disappointed.  After some good oral on me I moved to oral on her and tried reverse oral, but she is short so it’s not so easy.  However, we alternated oral and FK for some time and then I tried to make her orgasm because I like it if I can do that to my partner.  I was successful – and while she is not noisy, she does enjoy sex and the orgasms that go with it.  Finally I decided that it was my turn and she worked well on me to make me come, sometimes with a little encouragement from me, but she does allow CIM and there was no breaking off at the end.  After that I just wanted to lie alongside and enjoy the aftermath, which I did.

Rebecca has two friendly cats and I like cats, but while they had the run of the flat they didn’t interfere with our activities.

Rebecca has a lot of positive reviews on here and I can understand why.  When I am next in the Bristol area I shall certainly try to see her again.  Excellent VFM and an enjoyable experience

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