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South West / LovingAngel - Gloucester (Outcall)
« by kamu on Today at 01:50:49 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2708568 or https://www.adultwork.com/LovingAngel

AGE 34
PAID £140 for a 1 hour outcall
SERVICES DELIVERED OWO (Barely) | CIM | RO | Protected Intercourse
POSITIVES Pretty | Friendly | Nice Curvy Body | Very Responsive to RO
NEGATIVES Lack of services | Generally just odd

PRE-PUNT Bid on my RB then arranged via text. Comms were good.


LOOKS 8/10 Good looking blonde girl. Arrived wearing discrete civvy attire. Curvy body and must of been around a 10-12. Nice big tits that are apparently natural although im not so sure. I would guess around 34E. Pussy was shaved.

SERVICE 6/10 Rosie delivered some services, others not. Opened the door and after a quick hello she made a dash for the bathroom (needed a pee after a long journey: fair enough). When she came out her leggings were round her knees and she then pulled down her panties and started stroking herself asking if i had a wet wipe? Well of course I didnt as usually the wg will provide so offered her use of the shower instead. Still not particularly sexy... Anyway on her return paperwork was sorted and started off with a massage. This was ok apart from she kept slapping my back? Strange... Flipped over and she said she did CIM but not OWO. Apparently worried about getting oral thrush? Pro$$ie logic I guess? I did stipulate on my RB that I wanted FK and OWO and assumed as she had said CIM was ok in her initial text message that these wouldnt be a problem. Apparently they were. Anyway went down for some RO which she seemed to enjoy before swapping over. OW does nothing for me which I think she quickly realised so jumped on top for some CG. This was good but after a few minutes she jumped off, whipped the hat off and covered me with lube. Im not a great lover of lube and she used so much my ball sack felt like it was going to burn off! Proceded with what I would call an average hand job before eventually I had to take over to produce a CIM finish. She wanted to snowball it back to me which sounded like a good idea prior to finishing but had no interest at this point so directed her to the bathroom. She then decided she was going to neck my mouthwash straight from the bottle; great thanks I wont be using that again then!! She then had another shower, rumaged around in my kitchen looking for biscuits then left. Fucking bizarre...

VERDICT Good looking girl but lack of services, manners and being extremely fucking odd makes this a negative for me.


South West / Sultry Holly - Bristol
« by Dougyboy73 on Yesterday at 02:04:09 PM »
As Busty Jenny no longer appears to be around thought I’d give Sultry Holly a go
Rung the night before to book, was told to ring next morning, was at work so used AW booking system for 30min appointment, got a message back with postcode, it came from the same number I used to get confirmation text from Jenny.
Flat in BS4 Totterdown area. Same flat as Jenny’s, but a different room.
The Girl
Answered the door in stockings and black underwear looking awesome, I found Holly to be very attractive, normally don’t go for short hair, but it really suits her, and obviously body is amazing. Greeted with a kiss and a cuddle, Holly is real fun to be with
The Sessions
Started with a bit of a chat, some kissing then, Holly gave me a massage and whilst doing so asked me what I fancied, I say from behind because of her amazing ass, and missionary were my favourites, she responded that everybody asks for from behind, Holly is really easy to get on with. Moved from massage to owo (she checked first if I wanted it without) which was very nice, and allowed me to play with her ass and perky tits
Had sex in the aforementioned positions, which meant I got a great view of Holly’s figure, then Holly said do you want to cum on me, I said yes fine, this is where things seemed to be rushed she spent a few mins wanking me off, she used baby oil, I just got the feeling she was rushing me to cum, which had the adverse affect, in the end we decided to stop, she gave me cleaning wipes for baby oil (when visiting Jenny in the same flat I was always offered a shower)
Left by saying goodbye, and she hoped she see me again, and a little kiss for the road

It was whilst I was leaving that I looked at my watch and realised only 20mins had passed, I can just assume she had another client coming. I would have rather she something has come up you’ll have to leave now. First punt where I have not cum
Shame it was rushed at the end cos up until then I was having an amazing time, and Holly was really easy to talk to, sex was great,  I’m tempted to visit again as it was close to being one of my favourite punts, and most of the other reviews for her are good


South West / *Laura*- Salisbury/Amesbury
« by ghostrider on March 23, 2017, 02:04:56 PM »

I saw her on Wed 21st March in Amesbury and i thought her pictures looked similar to a girl who comes to Amesbury every now and again.

Her pics are completely not her and she is NOT a size 10. She is NOT British, more like Polish. If i could find an old profile i would link it.

More like a small dumpy woman who has a big hanging belly and doesnt like anything. I asked anal play "no", finger pussy "no" kiss "on cheek" no. The list goes on.

Anyway i gave her one a while back and vowed never to see her again. She is using *Laura* as her profile. DO NOT SEE guys. She was crap the last time so i walked this time.

Hope this review helps you.

South West / Busty_Jenny_32 - Bristol
« by Dougyboy73 on March 23, 2017, 11:59:53 AM »
After reading several expert reviews on here I thought I’d take the plunge (first meet was Aug 16)
I tried dialling the number on AW profile and didn’t get answer, tried a few times then got a lady saying she wasn’t available, in the end used the AW booking system, got a call back soon after from Jenny, arranged a lunchtime meeting
Located in BS4 area, free off road parking, Jenny is in a block of flats so you have to be quiet getting in and out, and it also helps if you do not knock on the wrong door (d’oh), the flat is a bit aged but does have shower facilities
The meeting
Jenny greeting me at the door in really nice lingerie, with her amazing boobs busting out which she allowed me to bury my head in! sorted the cash out, Jenny told me to strip whilst she went off
The thing thats hard to get across is how funny / energetic / bit crazy (in a very good way), its great just talking with Jenny
Was told to sit on the sofa, which was a lot deeper than it looks, nearly swallowed me whole, Jenny quite likes to take control which I really enjoy, after an excellent uncovered bj she told me we were going to move to the bed where we enjoyed a 69, Jenny seemed to enjoy me rimming her, was told I could only insert one finger in her pussy as it's quite tight (which it is), whilst she was putting the condom on she said that she wanted me to cum in her mouth, which I had no problem with, we had sex in  a couple of positions (from behind, missionary)  and when i was close she whipped my condom off and I came in her mouth as requested!

Had a shower afterwards, at no point did it feel like Jenny was clock watching, she went out of her way at all times to ensure I had a good time
I’ve been back a few times and had the same great service each time, cannot recommend Jenny highly enough



South West / Sally - Bath
« by Not_today on March 22, 2017, 12:52:11 PM »

30 mins £60

I saw Sally last night, my second venture back into punting with an old familiar. Sally never fails to let me down and didnt this time.

Comms were, as ever, good. The sessions always start off with a heavenly oil massage which is just as nice on my front as it is my back and when youre on your back you get to play with her fantastic breasts !! 

Location: Oldfield park, Bath. On street parking is about, you may just have to drive around the block to find a space !

Sally opened the door, we spoke for some time on the sofa before making our way to the bedroom, she was wearing black pull up tights, black panties and bra and looked good. Her profile says shes 39, but add the usual ten years on and you'd be more in the ballpark of her actual age.  Id say her pictures are pretty accurate.

Onto the massage, so relaxing, along with Sallys soft voice really works wonders for the mind and body, thing  progressed in the usual way leading up OWO whilst i fondled . sucked her tits. On went the rubber and sally rode on top, we kissed - shes a good passionate kisser which really adds to the experience for me - really deep fk ! She rode me before i asked to turn her over and then took her doggy style, shes got a really nice set of womanly hips and a nice arse which didnt help matters as with every stroke i could feel myself getting near 'pop time'..

I had to back off a bit and take it easy, switched her over onto her back with her legs over my shoulders and i couldnt take any more so i shot my load and collapsed in pleasure. We chatted for a bit after, shes a genuinely nice lady. I would see her more often but find her area a bit of a faff to get to, Baths traffics bad !

South West / Freya_Lee - Bristol
« by alchemist on March 21, 2017, 02:42:27 PM »

Met up with Freya in South Bristol at the end of last week

She doesn't work every day so whilst she's been on my HL for a while I have never managed to find a convenient time to visit. 

I was greeted by a smiling Freya, an attractive, sexy mid 20's English girl.  Within a few minutes had a feeling it would be a good punt.  I was more than happy to go with the flow for a first visit.  This involved lots of kissing which was probably as full on as any punt I've had, oral which turned into deep throat, a big favourite of mine seeing a cute girl repeatedly take my cock to the back of her throat, rimming me which again was great and instigated by Freya, pussy licking, fingering her bum and pussy and rimming her, all provided naturally, think girlfriend experience meets very enthusiastic pornstar.  I only managed sex in cowgirl before finishing over her face and in her mouth.

Great punt with a friendly girl with a great sub side.  I'm convinced all services on her like list would be happily provided and based on this punt I'm booked in again this week. 

I've struggled to find decent Bristol punts recently so it was a well deserved change of luck even if I do say so myself

South West / Maya sensual blonde - Bristol
« by KC66 on March 21, 2017, 08:48:42 AM »

Texted Maya on the day, one of those urges that needed to be released! Quick response confirming time and postcode. 1hr at published rate.

I knew the location in Bedminster, will be familiar to most as it is used regularly by a variety of touring girls. Arrived on time and texted for apartment number which was quickly received. Through the door and greeted with a light kiss and a smile. Maya looked good in a light robe over her underwear and was as her pics, no disappointment to me. Sorted paperwork and accepted offered shower.

Returned to light FK and touching which grew in intensity as arousal and connection built, became DFK as clothes were lost and onto the bed. RO took Maya to orgasm which always fires me up and seemed to win her enthusiasm. We moved onto OWO followed by covered sex in all the usual postions and I finished while in missionary with her legs around my neck, most pleasurable.

With little time left we engaged in small talk before dressing to leave on time. Was offered a second shower that I declined. I had a great time with Maya and would happily see again.

South West / Suzysuz2020 Bristol.
« by John Johnson on March 20, 2017, 06:26:42 PM »
I met Suzysuz2020 in a hotel in Bristol a few months ago before I was a member here.

Appearance. She has a pretty face with little makeup, fairly short brown hair and a slim, compact body just like her photos. The thing that swung me towards her profile on my Reverse Booking was her small perky breaststroke.  I do love small perky ones. They were perky and she really does fit the description.

Personality. Suzy seems to be a calm but intelligent person, has a friendly way and is easy to chat to. There was nothing forced in the conversation. We got on well and we're a good match.

Sex. All was good, no teeth on the old chap, handled him with confidence. Tried a few positions and really enjoyed ourselves. Nothing went wrong and we were compatible. I would certainly like to meet Suzy again in the future. A good time was had. https://www.adultwork.com/1182698

South West / Chloe, Bristol
« by sloopjohnb on March 19, 2017, 04:26:38 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1276155 or https://www.adultwork.com/Chloe+xox

1 hour incall £130

Chloe likes to talk to new clients on the phone first, so there was a fair bit of AW messaging back and forth, she not giving me her number, me giving her mine, before she called and I could pick up. Once we got that out of the way the rest was straightforward by text and phone call on arrival, when she came out to guide me in to the flat.

Said flat being one of several she uses from time to time in a block near Portland Square, BS2. No problem parking near by and the entrance was discreet (though Chloe standing on the pavement outside and waving at me maybe less so :D )

The girl
There’s not much to go on from the profile pics, so I had built a picture in my mind and was a little disappointed when I saw her in the flesh. This is not to say that she’s not attractive - she is - but she’s not really my type. I guess that’s why I’ve rated the experience ‘neutral’, since we (or I) didn’t click. She has a couple of lip studs in one photo, but when we met was wearing rings through her lower lip and her nose, which I find off-putting. Added to that she is a little rounder than I had expected (and like) and, while it wasn’t enough for me to walk away, it did take the edge of my interest. For those of you who like a round bum, Chloe has a very firm one; just a bit bigger than my personal taste for a petite girl of her size. She looks younger than her 34 years, has an attractive but not beautiful face and small, pert breasts. Big tattoo on her back and more on her arm. She speaks more like an English girl who’s picked up a bit of an Australian accent than an Ozzie who’s lost her accent.

The meet
I was having trouble locating the flat, so Chloe came out to find me, dressed in jeans and T-shirt. Very smiling and friendly. Once inside it was the usual hand over the cash and take a shower, returning to undress Chloe and get down to business.  I can’t complain about service, in that she did all I could reasonably expect (no CIM, I was strictly informed before we started, which is as per profile) from a fairly vanilla likes list. LFK, OWO, RO, and we had a long and vigorous fuck in various positions culminating in my coming in mish. She was willing to go for a second round but I knew it wasn’t going to happen so we chatted a bit, I showered and left. All in all satisfactory but not exciting. Largely my fault, others may find her just their type. Still, it was all friendly but impersonal, iyswim, hence the neutral. There are other girls charging less that I would prefer to visit.

South West / Cecilia Cheung - Bristol
« by Not_today on March 19, 2017, 10:53:31 AM »

30 mins £60

I saw Cecilia last friday, bit of an impromptu punt as was feeling horny and have a thing for asian women !

The comms were good, we agree'd what would happen prior to the meet and she gave clear instructions on how to get to her/where to park !

Location: Just off Deanery road in Bristol. Pay and display car park about two minutes walk away.

Cecilia greeted me at the door looking every bit as good as she does in her photos. I was led in and offered a drink and shower. She asked if id like a massage before the action started, i went for this as often i like the soft ticklish , erotic massages such women often give and she didnt disappoint ! 

Her english isnt very good so gave up on the small talk, but she knows what shes doing and progressed things in a natural way leading up to what we agreed. FK, OWO, Cim, and plenty of her riding my face with that tiny, tight shaved, wet pussy which tasted every bit as good as it looked ! We fucked in a number of positions with her kissing me when on top, she seemed to genuinely be enjoying things, but not in a fake way that some of them do. She was keen to take my load and sensed when i was near, took me in her mouth and looked at me as she sucked me - made things go off quite quick ! She swallowed the lot and gave me a kiss - asked if id like another shower, to which i agreed.

Nice girl, would see again especially if in Bristol as more often than not in Bristol the girls arnt those in the pictures but Cecilia is the real deal !

South West / Fit Sarah, Bristol
« by sloopjohnb on March 19, 2017, 02:18:51 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2449005  https://www.adultwork.com/Fit+Sarah+GFE

1 hour incall £110

Quickly and easily arranged a next day visit by text; text to confirm on the morning and received flat number on arrival

A modern flat near Asda (free parking!) in Bedminster. Sarah shares the flat; there was another girl (but not another punter) there at the time (heard but not seen). Place is secure and clean, decent but not luxurious.

The girl
Sarah is tall (around 5’9” without heels), appearance as per profile photos except she’s put on a little weight recently, so not quite as toned but still very shapely. Long slim legs, nice bum, impressive firm (enhanced) breasts, pleasant face, long, dark hair and shaved pussy. She’s very friendly and chatty, but not inane chat and not excessive. Her gallery picture sitting on the bed in jeans with a pink top look recently and representative. She has a pierced belly, small tat on her back and on her wrist (unless I’m getting her mixed up with someone else), nothing very obtrusive.

The meet
I was greeted with a kiss at the door and led to the bedroom; hugs and kisses, paid and was offered and took a shower. On my return some LFK standing while I removed her bra and panties, then she knelt to give me a very accomplished blowjob before we moved to the bed to continue with 69 and sex as you do: cowgirl, doggy, mish… A cuddle and chat before round two, shower again before I left. Sarah was engaged and enthusiastic throughout, unhurried and definitely not clock-watching - we overran the hour. The only thing she didn’t like was fingers in sensitive places.

I left with a smile on my face and a feeling of money well spent.

South West / Mudpug (Bristol BS2)
« by Colston36 on March 18, 2017, 06:42:34 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3441842 or https://www.adultwork.com/Mudpug

I saw this lady about three weeks ago. A weird experience - though I enjoyed a lot of it.

She was in a nice modern flat 5 minutes from Bristol Children's Hospital but finding it and getting in was like a secret service mission, mostly I guess because she says she has a stalker.

She is indeed tiny - amazingly so - but with a perfect figure. No messing: she got straight down to business and gave me a really excellent blowjob, and really tasted nice being rimmed but quite devoid of any signs of affection - not that I care for the famed GFE.

What put me off was her teeth. Either she's been in a series of car crashes or she has or has had a major heroin problem.

South West / Lovelymisslillybelle - Bristol outcall
« by Punter_Bris on March 18, 2017, 11:28:16 AM »


Feel compelled to share this one as when i booked her there was  nothing really of any substance on here...so in essence i felt i was TOFTT.

The meet was in the week last week and was following several bids on my RB outcall (1hr). There were others i could have picked but something (maybe pictures of her fit body), made me decide to pick Lovelymisslillybelle. This i did on the morning approx 3 hours befofe booking time...i received a speedy confirmation and exchanged a few emails around what to wear, what i wanted etc.

Lovelymisslillybelle turned up bang on time and i let her in had brief chat, sorted out commercials before taking her upstairs...

She is very pretty girl next door type face with a stunning body size 6...fit legs, fit arse, fit tits with lovely nipples and a lovely shaven pussy.

I like a GFE, DFK lots of touching licking, had such a nice pussy and enjoyed her slowly make me exert more pressure on her clit whilst i was down on her...enjoyed lots of foreplay and then put mack on and enjoyed sex  in multiple posotions so i could test her flexibility and get a great view of her.

When finished she snuggled in and gave meots of little kisses whilst having a chat, both naked on bed. Really perfect gfe. Would definitelty see her again.

« by ian cognito on March 18, 2017, 09:46:55 AM »

I met Kristina during her most recent visit to Bristol.  She's been around for quite a while and is well reviewed both on here and on AW.  I normally go for girls around size 8 - 10 and 5ft to 5ft 6in tall, and Kristina is quite a bit bigger, but her range of services is good and so are her reviews, so I thought I must give it a whirl.

Comms:  I booked in advance via e-mail and AW booking.  Kristina sent me a text on the morning to confirm and give location and then I called from the hotel car park for final instructions.  All very clear and professional.  Booked for an hour at £120.

Location:  Large country hotel SW of Bristol.  Room was large and well-appointed, decent shower room.  Kristina books well ahead to get a good room at a decent rate.

Appearance:  Kristina is a big girl, no doubt - but she's big, not fat.   Its the first time I've ever been able to kiss a girl standing up without having to stoop down.  Kristina was dressed smartly in black underwear, suspenders and stockings, with heels that added even more to her height.  Make up was immaculate.  For some reason (maybe the way she spells her name) I thought she was Scandinavian or  European but, no, the accent is pure Yorkshire.  Age-wise, she claims 40 on her AW profile - I would have guessed nearer 50 but that's not a problem for me.  The photos on her AW profile are pretty genuine.

Service:  Possibly the best welcome I've ever had from a WG, with standing kisses (DFK) and hugs, mutual undressing before we hit the bed.  We spent the first 45 minutes on what you might call slightly more than vanilla GFE with oral both ways (uncovered), rimming, anal play (she popped a butt plug into me), hugging and DFK before covered sex in missionary, doggy and prone bone, finishing with CIM.  Kristina offers A Levels, but she was very tight when I popped a finger in, so I did not try for the full deal.  Final 15 minutes were spent with a massage before showering and dressing.  I was out just on the hour.  Kristina gives a proper massage and offers the choice of soft or hard - she's done a number of courses and would be able to give a real therapeutic massage if that's what you want.  Kristina is well-travelled and we had an interesting conversation during the massage.

Summary:  An excellent punt with with a mature WG who is not only good at what she does but also good company.  She offers quite a bit more than I sampled and I think I would trust her to push some of the boundaries of my experience (eg. boys toys, tie & tease etc) so, yes, I will probably return when she visits Bristol again.

South West / English Rebecca / Bristol
« by theGOAT on March 18, 2017, 09:13:30 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1526033 or https://www.adultwork.com/EnglishRebecca121

1 hour £120.  Good VFM.

I wasn’t going to review ER as she is an active member on here and I don’t really like WGs being on UKP.  But I’ve changed my mind as all reviews help punters.  This meet happened about a year ago.

Exactly what you see in her profile pictures. Maybe even better in the flesh as her face shots were very smiley and that's not her best look.  Profile accuracy and detail is excellent compared to most WGs.

Near Bristol Cathedral. On street metered parking right outside.  Really nice, clean apartment with large lounge, bathroom, and bedroom.  Pretty sure she lives there as there were cats lurking.

The Meeting
She invited me in and gave me a tour of her apartment.  We had a nice relaxed chat then made our way to the bedroom.
I remember asking her to sit on her chair infront of her makeup table and I brushed her hair whilst we chatted (she likes to chat).

After a while we went over to the bed. I asked if she had any toys and she opened her bedside drawers and we looked inside.  I noticed a butt plug so we got that out and I lubed her up and inserted it.  She struggled to get it in eventhough it was quite small – which made it quite good fun for me.

We did OWO, RO (she has a nice puss), sex in multiple positions - with the plug in till she said it was getting uncomfortable then we removed it.  We finished with CIM and Swallow. All very pleasant and relaxed.

The downsides were that the kissing was FK at best, and I did let her know after that in future it would need to be DFK - she said she would try harder next time.  She also did chat a bit too much – “a little less conversation, a little more action please!”

When I tried to book her again she messed me around so I haven’t seen her since.  I texted and said “Can I see you today for 30 mins please” – she replied with “how much is 30 mins”?  I felt insulted and annoyed – I always bring the right money and she had seen me before.  So I said “what it says on your profile”.  She said “if you don’t say how much I can’t see you as 2 people recently have turned up with the wrong money”.  So I said “OK I won’t see you in that case”.  Shame as she could have had me as a regular.  Her first reply should have been something like “Great I’d love to see you again, that'll be £70 for 30mins, what time?”

Cheers!  :drinks:

South West / Sweet Carla Bristol
« by Mcping on March 17, 2017, 11:05:42 PM »
Disappointing  :(


Had the opportunity to try Carla this week and have to say I'm a little disappointed !
I had done a little research of previous reviews so had an idea of what to expect and this would otherwise have been a negative if she wasn't so damn good looking..

Firstly having arrived on time I was kept waiting and waiting for her to let me in to a point I was about to walk but she text to say 5 mins, 15 minutes later she eventually said she was ready.

As per previous reviews, Carla met me at the door dressed in casual clothes and welcomed in and instructed to remove my shoes and leave in the hallway. First impressions were great, she is very attractive. Possibly one of the nicest looking prossies ive met. Girl next door type in a good way and photos don't do justice.

Into the room offered a drink and instructed to take a shower, all as expected from previous accounts.
Backin the room Carla returned in matching bra & panties looking amazing, really hot. Very trim, toned and quite petite. Quite simply awesome little body and nicely tanned.

This is where it went down hill...
NO enthusiasm at all. Nothing. Very bland and clinical such a shame.
If this girl could learn some filth from the Goddess or Angelina we would have struck gold in Bristol but the service is just poor.
I was aware no DFK, no fingers etc etc and behaved not wanting to offend but she really just lay there and took it. Very uninspired and at one point in doggy I found myself looking around the room thinking I could keep this up all afternoon. Very unexciting even looking at that awesome little arse..

She was happy with owo but immediately made sure no cim which I was fine with. Watching her pretty face suck cock is great and she even angled herself for easy access to finger her very neat pussy - stopping to point out no fingers!

All in all a very sexy looking and genuinely pretty / attracting girl but such a shame the service was so poor. She says she's been on the game for 5+ years so I doubt it's likely to improve.

I should add she does have great little perky tits with very responsive nipples and very tidy pussy which really saved this review from a negative.

One for the warm list rather than the hot list

South West / Goddess Karolina - Bristol
« by mrdiamond77 on March 17, 2017, 11:00:07 PM »

I managed to see Karolina on her recent stay back in Bristol.  Booking was made by phone and texts, for 1 hour at £160.  Location was in Bristol City Centre not too far from Broadmead and the bus station.  I arrived on time and was let in a couple of minutes early.  Apartment was very clean and comfortable with a shower and clean towels provided.

As for Karolina herself, I would say she is gorgeous.  Pictures from her web site are accurate.  Very attractive lady with a fantastic body, including nice boobs and a great arse.  Services I received included OWO, reverse oral, Penetration (protected) and CIM.  I have to say that my time with Karolina was fantastic and she was very enthusiastic and open minded and also great company.

I took another shower before leaving and I was not rushed.  I will certainly be returning again when she returns to Bristol.  One of the very best punts I have had and well worth another visit.  Highly recommended if you have not seen her before. 10/10.   :thumbsup:

South West / X CuteKatie x in Bristol
« by timstella on March 16, 2017, 04:56:36 PM »

This was my second visit to Katie. The first was good, the second better.

Physically she is pretty much my personal ideal. She is slim (she says skinny, I say very fit and toned) but not in unhealthy way: she has beautiful limbs and nice smooth skin, a lovely figure generally and small breasts with nice erect nipples. Dark almond eyes, pretty facial features and long very dark hair. Clean and fresh too.

We met in a flat in the Horfield area, which was decorated in a creative and interesting style, giving the impression of someone who takes care of herself and her environment. She was wearing normal clothes which I prefer: a black stretch skirt and top, with nice underwear and black hold ups underneath. Katie is easy to strike up a conversation with but she doesn't use chat to delay or shorten the sex bit. Fairly soon we were in the bedroom with a glass of prosecco each, and clothes came off pretty quick.

She is very responsive, but not submissive. She likes things to be pretty equal in terms of control I think. She is very good at all the aspects of sex I enjoy: excellent oral, fantastic feel entering her in missionary, eye contact, kissing, long slim legs akimbo etc. She straddled me for oral on her, and started enjoying proceedings quite a bit. We did quite a bit of her on top, which she seems to love and which produced at least one and possibly two orgasms for her. She is not a loud moaner thank god, her enjoyment is expressed in her face, her eyes closing, her body tensing and then some lovely subtle shudders and a relaxed collapse onto me.

She pleasured me very expertly too, and my own two orgasms were some of the most intense I have had recently. She wanted a massage, which is an indulgence I might not always agree to, but in this case I really felt like helping her relax, so I massaged her while very gently fucking her from behind as she lay on her tummy. More of her on top, followed by my second cum with her lying by me, kissing me and gently tugging me till the jets of spunk were released.

I was very aroused for the whole 90 minutes, and left very satisfied and keen to revisit soon. She does like to get to know someone I think: she seemed much more relaxed on this second visit. I can't really think of any negatives. She doesn't do CIM, which would normally be a service I would take advantage of, but I find her so good to have sex with in other ways that I don't miss it.

So in summary, lovely looking, intelligent, horny girl, courteous communications, nice environment, satisfying, mutually pleasurable and quite intense sex. What's not to like? Highly recommended

South West / Petite Kim Bristol
« by Dougyboy73 on March 15, 2017, 03:14:55 PM »
1st review after a couple of requests so go easy on me!
https://www.adultwork.com/PetiteKimBristol Or
Saw advert on AW and called got quick answer arranged a 30min meeting for later that day, lunchtime. Kims profile is not always up on AW its worth noting
Flat in the Stockwood area, free on road parking,  the flat was nice enough, although as Kim pointed out (and apologised for) the flat does not have a shower
The meet
Kim answered the door in a lacy negligee, kim is very petite, looks exactly like her photos amazing figure with large fake boobs, she has quite a few tattoos which I personally like.
Kim got me to undress and sit on the bed, she then started dfk for several minutes, then moved onto an excellent uncovered BJ, had to try hard not to cm too soon, I then asked to go down on her which she seemed to enjoy, then on with condom, had sex in the missionary pos could only last a few minutes
Got dressed, and chatted for a little while, probably stayed for just over the 30mins, and left a very happy bunny
Seen Kim a couple of times since, and had same great experience each time

South West / Jenny X - Bristol
« by likesbeaver on March 13, 2017, 08:59:15 PM »
Jenny X,
Italian young lady and voluptuous, not skinny but full bodyied.
I was over 20 mins early and it did not phase her, opened the door in jeans and very sexy top.
She was getting her kit of b4 me to reveal lacy panties and stay up, what a gal.
All on her likes is provided and she lets you gently know if you pushed the barrier a bit to far
with a gental tap, note not a genital tap than goodness.
I had my face in her ass and pussy crack for as long as I could, panties in my mouth and winish with Rover position  :D
Wonderful time only in Bristol Hotwells area for a few days be quick!!


South West / Sweetest Linda - Gorgeous petite blonde
« by ferapol on March 12, 2017, 08:26:56 PM »
Hi everyone,

My first review although I have enjoyed about a half dozen punts in the last six months or so. I decided to travel up to Bristol as I had been through everyone I fancied here in Taunton. I stumbled on Sweetest Linda, gorgeous looking profile with others having said she looked better than in her pictures! She seems to travel the country quite a lot so I thought I would jump on the chance to book her! Borderline positive/neutral but I've gone with neutral in the end as it could have been so much better!

Escort: Sweetest Linda
Date: 12/03/2017
Time: 12.00 (1 hour)
Venue: Nice apartment close to Cabot Circus (Bristol)
Price: £130

Comms: 9/10
Comms were done entirely through text. I booked a day in advance and got the time I was after first time. Only minor problem was that she wound up being 15mins later than she agreed, but since she was quite central I just browsed shops until she was ready

Face: 9/10
Linda is much prettier than her pictures suggest. I did browse one of her movies before the meet, and thought to myself, I hope she looks as good in person as she does in this video! In the end she looked even better  :D

Body: 10/10
Linda has the most amazing body. She is quite short which I like, and quite slim but she has fantastic firm breasts and a fantastic arse. She was very clean and smelt superb. On walking in and seeing her I couldn't believe my luck!

Personality: 5/10
Linda was quite short on the phone when I was trying to figure out what is a very complicated entry system. She also seemed quite unwilling to chat or have jokes, possible because English is not her first language, although she did do a decent job of it.

Service: 7/10
Linda was fairly responsive and did seem to enjoy our time together, although I did get the feeling she wanted me to finish as quickly as possible, almost as though she had another punter coming soon after my time would be done. While her services were a tad unenthusiastic, her fantastic body made up for it.

The Meeting:
I arrived slightly early, and as I said above I was told on arrival that she was running a bit late (maybe finishing up with another client). When she finally gave me the code to get in, I found the entry system quite confusing, and was stood in the middle of a busy road talking on the phone trying to understand through her accent how to get in! Not the best start made worse by how frustrated it seemed to make her (I think she must have this problem quite a bit!)
When I got in and first saw her my jaw dropped. This girl is amazing, and I could easily believe she is 19, but maybe 22-23 is more realistic. She was wearing black lingerie which showed off her fantastic body and she showed me to her room. She seemed almost to be creeping around and I got the impression both at the start and end that there were possibly other WGs in the flat working, although I never heard anything.
I was offered a shower which I took, we dealt with the paperwork and I was given some OWO (after paying an extra £10). Her oral technique was good, but there wasn't as much foreplay before that as I would have liked. I more or less got out the shower she sat me down and started sucking. She then revealed her fantastic body which was a dream come true and lay down on the bed for me to join her.
She was not overly keen on kissing on the lips, which isn't a big deal for me, but again I got the impression DFK would have cost me another tenner. We tried numerous positions, each one was better than the previous from my point of view, and it gave me a chance to see her fantastic figure from all angles. She seemed to enjoy it, although I never felt she was close to climax despite previous WGs I've been with all getting there or thereabouts. In the end we finished off with some more OWO until I finished with her quite deliberately aiming me away from her body (unfortunately). I was offered another shower (which was nice) and then headed off.

All in all this was a good punt purely because of the girl, but had she been a bit more responsive or tried a bit harder this could easily have been my best punt yet. Overall still a positive experience, although I doubt I would book her again.


South West / Sweetest Linda - Bristol
« by jaydefo24 on March 12, 2017, 08:18:40 PM »

Half hr : £80

Location : Cabbott Circus wanky appartement blocks.

Girl: Looks just as in the photos, super hot body, pretty face, prob 28-

Comms: Texting was prompt as fuck and warm use of language so I thought this would be ace. Also requested an AW booking which gave me good confidence.

Meeting: First of all she didn't seem to be expecting me despite very recent text exchanges.

She asked who I was here to see? Another girl works there too.

She was in a gown and said that she was watching TV and got distracted.

Offered shower and took it just to give her chance to get ready.

Out of the shower she was there on the bed... looking good.

An icy vibe made me feel like this was going to be functional and i was right. So much for GFE. She really didn't engage at all, turned away when I tried kissing. She rushed straight into BJ with Jonny on and when I questioned this she said only 1 hr appointments get OWO. She said 'check my profile' it says this. Well I just did and I can't see any sign of that rule.

Sadly this set a pooor tone for the punt and although she was quite willing to take the cock in positions and stuff, the silent ( no music ) and brightly lit vibe just didn't feel sexy. Still she was so hot that I could still be turned on. Wow.

Came after 3 positions, after about 10 mins as she clearly didn't want to be doing it:(

With 10 mins still left she gave a reasonable massage and the silence continued.

I started chatting at that point and she warmed up then so maybe you need to be more outgoing but her profile would imply the opposite, hence the negative .

South West / Nadia New Thaigirl - Plymouth
« by Leveve on March 10, 2017, 05:59:35 PM »

1 hour = £120
anal = £20


were as easy as could be. She answered the phone straight away and agreed a booking time for an hour or so later. She was happy to very briefly confirm services over the phone. She then texted me her address and postcode within a couple of minutes.


an apartment block near one of the harbours. Easy to find on Google Maps/ Streetview. Easy to access and get to her apartment within the building and she sent good and timely instructions by text.
It was all very quiet and discreet there
The place is within 5-10 mins walk of Drake Circus parking, though she did mention something about free parking available closer (she may have meant attached to the premises though).


personally the South East Asian looks are about my idea of sexual perfection so I was loving her body, but being objective I’d say:

Pics give a fair indication of her figure – petite, sexy proportions with a decent boob job.
She’s not hardbodied/ toned but not overweight either
Facially pretty to my tastes with nicely made up face and hair
Great tits and juicy nipples, juicy arse, tidy pussy
Hygiene was fine and she smelled great
She was wearing stockings throughout and a black basque and skimpy red and black panties under a robe.
I’m rubbish at guessing ages. She states 28 yo – the concept of ‘prossie years’ might or might not be applicable here :D but with that leeway in mind I don’t think she’s really taking the piss with it too much.

The punt

I’ve seen her a few times when she tours Devon and for me each time has been more enjoyable. She’s always been sweet and smiley, amongst the most laid back punting experiences I’ve had and she seems keen for me to have fun throughout.

After some heated undressing while kissing and groping each other I couldn’t resist going straight into some sex (I know foreplay first is more considerate but I'm the one with the emptied wallet  :P). She put in some lube, then missionary first, followed by some cowgirl with lots of body to body contact, boob sucking, kissing, Eskimo kissing, running her hands over me and vice versa. This bit of the punt had a lovely hot GFE feel and really hit the spot.

Next was some filth – anal in missionary without any fuss and she was relaxed and being saucy throughout as opposed to seeming to just be enduring it as some clearly are. Probably my horniest wank bank memory of the punt is her lying on her back in front of me with legs spread wide, both arms stretched out above her head so her chest was pushing her big round tits out to their fullest and me kneeling in front of her fucking her arse and feeling my cock slide back and forth with tip of a finger I had inside her pussy.

Next face sitting and her wanking me for a while, followed by some very sloppy, noisy 69ing with me also rimming and fingering her while in that position.

Finished off with a nice deep blowjob and balls massage that turned into a bit of light facefucking, before I wanked myself off over her tits.

With 15 mins left she gave me a Thai massage and she’s quite good at it. She offers it with oil but I said no to save showering till I got home which limited it a bit in terms of long strokes and kneading techniques. I asked for it done quite forcefully and she was really moving around and loosening up my vertebrae and shoulders nicely. The old lumbago was genuinely feeling a bit better for it the rest of the day  :D

Throughout the punt at various points she would do some kinky little moves like hard nipple pinching/ nipping and ear lobe biting which I greatly enjoyed and was encouraging.

Not a clockwatcher at all, infact towards the end I had to ask her what the time was and she left the room for a brief moment to find out.
The only bit of a neutral point I can think to dredge up was that while she French kissed throughout it was not passionate DFK. I’d guess this is the service she may have been least enthusiastic about but didn’t seem unhappy to do it when light – maybe just not a tongue  right in her mouth though. Other than that all positive for me.

I’ll almost certainly go back at some point if she tours this way again as she ticks off a lot of my personal likes in looks, services and attitude and I find her good VFM.

South West / Tanya B - Honiton
« by Wideload on March 10, 2017, 03:48:34 PM »
Now I'm sure I'll get a load of "if I wanted to shaft a granny" comment, however, went to see this very nice lady the other day. Arrived at her nice cottage and was greated to a very sexy lady in a very figure hugging dress. Retreated to the bedroom and once the paperwork was out of the way, it was into some lovely kissing and fondling. This lady has a lovely figure and very nice tits.  Lots of sucking and pussy licking followed and then on with the cover and Tanya climbing on top. Holding her hips in place and thrusting away, I could feel her pussy juice running over my balls. Her big tits swinging away and clapping each other was very nice. Filled up the bag and flopped down for a chat. After a short break, it was back to mutual oral and onto more fucking. This time I finished in her mouth.
An hour flew by and I got changed and left with a big smile on my face. Great fun with an experienced lady. Would I return?  Yes, and would like to see if I could get her into a threesome.

Ava.Valentine: https://www.adultwork.com/3762786

I've not managed to find the opportunity to see a young lady for a little while but I knew I wanted to see Ava.Valentine after reading a number of good reviews on here. Ava only works part-time as she is a student and she seems to be growing in popularity so I had to make a booking about 3 weeks in advance to ensure I could see her. That's not a problem for me as I need some notice to book the time off work. So I finally got to see Ava for an hour this afternoon..... and what an hour it was  :yahoo:

Escort: Ava.Valentine
Date: 09/03/2017
Time: 14.30 (1 hour)
Venue: Nice hotel close to Cabot Circus (Bristol)
Price: £120

Comms: 9/10
Comms were originally through AW messaging then via text. Date and time arranged in advance via AW then booking made through AW. We exchanged a few text messages during the few days before the booking that only served to highten the excitement.
Face: 8/10
Ava is very pretty indeed  :thumbsup: I had hoped i would find her pretty, I had no need to worry as I thought Ava was stunning!  :yahoo:
Body: 8/10
Ava has a very nice body and I told her so several times during the meet. I've only given her 8/10 though as Ava has enhanced tits... I much prefer natural tits, my preference but they are well done and not too large as some girls go for. The enhanced tits are really my only negative but I would say more of a neutral.
Personality: 10/10
Very friendly and most welcoming. No awkwardness at all and comes across really genuine. I really felt like I'd seen her before. Ava is extremely friendly with a real naughty streak in her  :yahoo:
Service: 9/10
Ava provided an absolutely amazing GFE, just what I'd hoped for. An incredibly sensual hour with real intimacy. Everything just seemed natural and I didn't feel uncomfortable at any time, apart from nearly falling off the bed at one point  :dash:.

The Meeting:
I arrived a bit early as the traffic was unusually quite light. I texted Ava to let her know I had arrived and she called me back to direct me to her room. A very sweet voice got little Guy going off the bat! Access was easy with no need to go directly past reception. I arrived at the room and the door was answered before I had a chance to knock. No hiding behind the door the door was opened wide with Ava standing to one side in full view inviting me in with a little bit of what looked like a bit of anxiety on her face. I guess it was the not knowing what she would be faced with, plus I'm not much to look at  :unknown: Nevertheless Ava greeted me with the most amazing sensual deep French kiss I've experienced in a long time. Lets just say it couldn't have been any deeper  :dance: I had to tear Ava off my face to get the paperwork out of the way and to get to the shower. The bathroom was nice and clean as was the bedroom. Ava gave me a nice clean towel and left me to it after snogging my face off a second time. This was clearly going to be the sort of meet I enjoy the most. Ava really made me feel like she was really into me  :yahoo: Before I disappeared into the shower I told Ava to warm herself up which she did and on emerging from the bathroom I was faced with this young pretty thing on the bed moaning with her vibrator slowly moving in and out of her nicely shaven pussy. I joined Ava on the bed and a great snogging session ensued. I couldn't keep away from her pussy though so I just had to go down for some RO. Ava was very responsive and after a little bit of rimming then with a finger up her ass I had her cumming in no time which she clearly enjoyed. It was then time for Ava to return the favour. She asked me how I liked to have my cock sucked. That was a first for me, this girl clearly enjoys pleasuring a guy to the fullest. Lots of eye contact made the whole experience amazing. Lots of different techniques including making herself gag whilst deep throating  :yahoo: I told her I was close to cumming and asked her if she wanted me to. Her answer was "only if you're going to be able to cum again later"  :dance: :dance: After confirming that I would she told me to give her my cum and she would swallow every last drop, so I shot my first load deep down her throat  :dancegirl: She happily swallowed whilst maintaining very seductive eye contact. This girl is special  :thumbsup: It was time for me to have another go at that sweet tasting pussy and after she'd had another orgasm Ava suggested she put on a condom. I agreed and she climbed aboard. Several different actions whilst riding but she settled on a rocking motion which felt great. Ava was clearly enjoying this telling me it was hitting her G spot.... Another orgasm for Eva  :dancegirl: I was now feeling like a bit of a stud..... for anyone who knows me they will realise how ridiculous that sounds but this girl was doing wonders for my self esteem.  :dance:. More oral followed and then 69 during which Ava had another orgasm whilst I slapped her ass :thumbsup:. Ava then decided to go to town on me with that tongue of hers and some more deep throat. I finally managed to cum in her mouth a second time with long awaited pleasure. Again Ava greedily swallowed every drop  :yahoo: After a quick shower I was treated to more deep French kisses on the way to the door. Ava was glowing and had clearly enjoyed herself and told me so, but I'm not sure if she really truly understands how very special she made me feel...   
I waited a while before writing this review so as to not be coloured by the post punt euphoria but I would definately place this meet amongst the 3 top punts I've ever had  :hi:. Ava is very responsive and clearly enjoys receiving oral with some fingering and anal play and in my opinion has some very special  skills of her own with OWO, CIM and swallow which she enjoyed as much as I.  :yahoo:

Would I recommend Ava?  Most definitely without question.
Would I see Ava again?  Absolutely!!! After today I have no intention in seeing any other girls until I've seen Ava at least once more, probably more!. The whole experience was truely amazing  :yahoo:

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