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South West / Alycia Bristol
« by licky on Today at 12:27:00 AM »

I would not normally go near a Romanian as they have such a bad reputation, but Alycia has plenty of good reports on here, and I loved the fact she has nice long pussy lips, so a booking was made. Comms were good, and I entered a nice apartment. Alycia is on tour in Bristol for a week.
I had just showered elsewhere, my clothes were removed by Alycia and little willy went straight into her willing mouth for some really nice oral. We swapped to 69, and I was presented with those oooh so lovely long pussy lips. Mmmmm, I could have stayed there for ages just kissing and licking. Meanwhile, I was receiving some VERY nice oral, her tongue was tickling the end of little willy, giving a very nice sensation.. We then swapped round so I was just giving her oral, again getting a nice taste of those lovely long lips.
Eventually, on with the rubber, and gave her sweet, tight little pussy a good hammering. I like to kiss and snog during sex, but her kissing could not be described as tongues deep dfk, but still pleasant never the less.
Eventually, a conclusion was reached, and I came over her nice small tits. We agreed next time it would be a CIM, though she said she doesn't swallow.
Round 2 was not in me this time, I have been punting far too much over the last few days, so we had a mutual massage session to finish and a nice chat.
It is reported that she is not a clockwatcher, but things had come to a natural conclusion, and I left a few minutes early, with the intention of catching her in a couple of weeks when she visits Cardiff.

Good value at £110.00 for the hour
Highly recommended (especially for a rom), and especially for lovers of long pussy lips
And I will be back for more

South West / Perranwell Girlfriend Lara
« by rustpoacher on Yesterday at 11:04:17 PM »
Escort name: Lara (AW nickname Girlfriend Lara)
Website: https://www.adultwork.com/2293287   
Phone: 07873472030
Type of Visit: Incall (Perranwell )
Time spent: 30mins
Current Price Structure: 0.5hr: £100, 1hr: £200

Same girl in AW photos but slightly older and a lot less Photoshop'd
I would not normally bother to chat her up/chase her.

Services: Deep French kissing/snogging, kissing, protected vaginal sex in several positions, OWO, CIM, deep-throating, ball-licking/sucking, cunnilingus, pussy fingering, 69, face sitting, handjob, titjob, soft spanking (of her arse)

I am not Brad Pitt but this is a WG; I get propositioned and I am attractive enough but have an overgrown beard which Lara would not DFK- negative because DFK creates a level of satisfaction & we're talking £100 30 mins with good reviews hence no negative from me/benefit of doubt. Energetic & fairly keen; DT is there but its so loose; blowjob under par. Tits natural but too small for a stonker not DD maybe D. Definitely a fat bubble ass- too fat for me. Lara is a pretty enough girl above average but definitely dirty GFE rather than PSE. Tit wank was rubbish; she couldn't be bothered with lube so was too rough for her and she gave up; plenty of wiping between position changes which killed my libido. Pussy was quite loose and for me not worth it. no anal fingering; groping ok, energetic oral; game for a facial but just too miuch wiping and reserved GFE that I had to finish (after credit to Lara much HJ but completely unskillled) rimmed her (only thing she really liked and she couldn't hide it but in her defence I was having a rough quickie not an overnight) and came from rough humping between her feet. She's up for things a bit extraordinary as a GFE but boring as a PSE. Had the full 30 mins; sweet girl; took money at end; very clean everywhere just not enough skill

Attractiveness/Beauty: 8/10 (face score: 8/10; body score: 7.5/10) – ratings are given based on this scale
Patience & Politeness/Friendliness: 8.5/10
Willingness to please: 8.5/10
Participation, enthusiasm & expression of enjoy: 5/10  (Fake groaning off putting; not enough patience to apply skills- I had to pop myself)
GFE illusion: 9/10
Available services: 8/10
Quality of available services: 8/10
Hygiene Standard: 8.5/10
Health level & Energy: 8/10 
Pre-meeting communication/Reliability: 9/10
English level: 7.0/10
Premises: 8.0/10 (shared with WG noisy/shared bath so not always shower available
Pubic hair: Brazilian (small thin strip)
Smoker status: Non-smoker
Tattoos/Piercings: None
Quality/price ratio: poor
VFM: poor
Use again: No

South West / English Honey69xx - Bournemouth
« by kamu on February 21, 2017, 06:14:18 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3492689 or https://www.adultwork.com/English+Honey69xx

AGE 22
PAID £130 for a 1 hour incall
SERVICES DELIVERED FK | OWO | CIM | RO | Protected Intercourse
POSITIVES Very pretty | Very friendly | Nice body | Responsive to RO | Good GFE | Clean

PRE-PUNT Contact was via text. Comms were good and easy to arrange.

VENUE Flat in a converted house in the Winton area of Bournemouth. Easy enough to find and pleasant enough inside. Parking was a little difficult due to the amount of parked cars and double/single yellows all over the place.

LOOKS 10/10 Very pretty blonde girl. Opened the door in a black lacey one piece, stockings and heels. Body was a little more curvy than her photos suggest but still very nice none the less. Nice natural tits with responsive nipples. I would guess around 34C. Pussy was shaved.

SERVICE 9/10 All services were delivered as requested. After arriving was led straight to the bedroom and paperwork sorted. Had a quick chat then stripped off and onto the bed for some FK and mutual stroking and teasing before going in for some RO. She was responsive but has a clit piercing which I found made it difficult to navigate around her clit. Went to slide a finger in but had my hand moved to her ass so doesnt seem to like being fingered but happy for you to play with her ass. She seemed to enjoy it none the less before finishing herself off with her hand then ramming my tongue into her pussy when she came. Then we swapped over for some OWO. Very good techique. So then on with the hat for sex in CG, Mish and Doggie before more OWO to finish. Was offered a massage after but wasnt feeling it on this occasion so made my way. Must of left around 10min early but there was certainly no pressure to leave.

VERDICT A very pretty, friendly and slightly ditzy blonde who provides a good service.


South West / Lovely Sandra ~ Plymouth
« by Andyply on February 19, 2017, 09:13:19 PM »
LovelySandra ~ Plymouth 1hr incall £120 +£10 for owo which was well worth it!
Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/2656245 or https://www.adultwork.com/LovelySandra89 - Get QR Code
A quick review of this gorgeous, charming and very atttentive Slovakian lady.  Fancied a booking as I'm off on a quick holiday tonight and needed something to get me through a cramped flight.
Sandra has great Ukp reviews so it was a bit of a no-brainer. 
 :thumbsup: good comms, quick response, helpful directions near University in Plymouth City Centre (I think there's a police station nearby)
 :thumbsup: gorgeous blonde, slim but fantastic figure.  Charming personality, obviously reads requests as she had everything prepared.
 :thumbsup: greeted in a black dress looked stunning.
 :thumbsup: quick shower as I wanted OWO, sat on bed as she popped on stockings.
 :thumbsup: does the JBJolie thing of standing you up kissing you all over and undressing in front of you whilst you kiss her all over her body.
 :thumbsup: lots of grinding on bed, fabulous OWO and varied techniques.
 :thumbsup: knickers peeled off great round of 69 she does have the most delicious pussy with great fleshy lips.  Got very wet.
 :thumbsup: great cowgirl very fit figure, oral HR to finish.
 :thumbsup: sexy sounds and some naughty talking.
 :thumbsup: excellent to chat too.
 :yahoo: probably one of the most enjoyable and enthusiastic BJ I've had including civvy life.
Highly recommended.  Someone you could see over and over again and try new things.   Even more prettier in the flesh.  Totally charming I'll book for 1.5hrs next time as I'll have more time.

South West / Sweet Carla x, Bristol incall.
« by MoTToM on February 18, 2017, 04:29:15 PM »
Links: https://www.adultwork.com/1869519 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sweet+Carla+x

Saw Carla for the first time this week - overall a positive experience, though with some Neutral aspects, perhaps. Having thought it over, decided on the Positive rating principally because I'm very keen to see her again - she gave a very good service (albeit more efficient than affectionate), expertly turned me on, and she's simply so fucking hot.

1hr incall, £100. Great VFM, imo.

Comms: Excellent. Same day booking - phoned about lunchtime and left a voice message. Not long afterwards received a call back, during which we chatted briefly to arrange a time later that afternoon. Also instructed to text to confirm 2hrs before appointed time - duly done, and received prompt reply with address and directions. Phoned again on arrival and buzzed straight in. Once inside the apartment building and up the stairs, Carla was waiting with the door half-open. Faultless. On her part, anyway - read on...

The meet itself got off to a shaky start - imbecile that I am, I managed to be in completely the wrong area of the city as the appointment drew near, so had to dash halfway across Bristol at the last minute, and then compounded the issue by somehow managing to miss the door and wandering halfway down the road past it, before doubling back, and being guided (graciously, I must say) to the correct address by Carla over the phone. So, I was a little late, and turned up sweating, flustered and feeling slightly foolish. Still, I was welcomed inside warmly enough, despite making a disastrous first impression. Shoes off in the hallway, and into the room. Brief chat to confirm how long I wanted to stay, handed over cash, offered drink, and presented with fresh towel and directed to the shower - which I was very grateful for, given my disheveled state.   :rolleyes:

Carla initially greeted me wearing casual clothes, but left the room to get changed while I washed, returning in very fetching lingerie - classy matching bra and panties. She'd looked really cute in just jeans and a top, but my jaw almost hit the floor (and my dick, the ceiling) when I clapped eyes on her in her undies. She really is stunningly attractive, with the most mesmerising pale blue eyes (made even more striking by her dark hair and tanned complexion) and a gorgeous body - slightly slimmer, if anything, than her profile pics would suggest, and quite petite, but wonderfully curvy. Fluff-meter redlining, I know, but... goddamn. I'd commented on someone else's review that I wanted to book her on looks alone, and was very pleased to have followed that instinct.

Her attitude was really rather nice, too - considerate, friendly, and extremely polite, though quite reserved, maybe a little distant, and definitely professional. Not necessarily a negative by any means - her demeanour was pleasant throughout - just not the more tender GFE that I've experienced with others. All in all, I liked her, and found her intriguing, because she came across as genuine, and I got the impression that a deeper rapport could be established (and would be worth establishing) with repeat visits and, perhaps more to the point, when I was less on edge and rushing.

Then again, perhaps she's just not one for smalltalk because services were given with apparent enthusiasm and at a delightful tempo. Very little time was wasted before she was performing skillful OWO, having slipped off her underwear and guided us onto the bed from an initial standing embrace. Was erect before we'd even touched, so even though it wasn't a particularly deep blowjob, her sucking and delicious teasing with her tongue and soft lips had me positively throbbing. I don't really keep track of time whilst in ecstasy, but at a well gauged moment, Carla slipped on a condom and asked which position I'd like. I chose her on top. She requested that I go gently, because she said I was 'big' - it's always nice to hear that, bless her heart - but before too long she was pounding me pretty hard, so draw your own conclusions about the actual size of my dick...  :lol: 

I do like 'cowgirl' and she rode me really well - I fuckin' loved it. Had to ask her to slow down a couple of times, because she was bringing me to the brink, and quite quickly I just went with it and came my brains out. Can't have lasted more than a few minutes, tbh, but for me, this was a Very Good Thing. Even after several months of NoFap/NoPorn, with only a handful (har-har) of lapses, my dick's behaviour is still entirely unpredictable when confronted with johnnies. Can't always keep it up, for a start, and it's extremely rare for me to cum with one on, so in this respect, Carla is practically a miracle worker. Even more remarkable, after a fairly brief but very pleasant massage (having finished fucking only about halfway into the booking), she got me hard a second time. This is pretty much unprecedented in my punting career, and was a very pleasant surprise, frankly, after what was such a short recovery time. Couldn't achieve a second orgasm, however, despite more (very enjoyable) mouth and hand attention. Anyway, there's the explanation for the rather gushing review. Made me feel twenty years younger.  :D

So, after it was becoming apparent that pop number two wasn't going to happen, despite a valiant effort from Carla, I called a halt (figured her arm was probably getting tired, too, lol). Was offered, and took, another shower; dried off and dressed, and left just as the hour was up. Great punt, and crammed in more than I was expecting.

Pros: ridiculously good looking, incredible body (well, judge for yourself, her profile pics are accurate). Tremendous fuck, great work ethic, and sexy as hell.

Cons: very little kissing, no more than light brushing of the lips, and not much of that. Very sensitive nipples - a shame, since she's got beautiful tits and I could've sucked on them for hours, and I was gently, but firmly, dissuaded from giving them the attention I would've liked. Not what I'd describe as a GFE, if that's what you're looking for.

YMMV: not hugely talkative, 'least with me. Mind you, I'm not particularly chatty myself, so conversation felt a little stilted between rounds (wasn't a noticeable language barrier - her English is excellent). Fair play, Carla did giggle convincingly at whatever inanities I managed to splutter out, so all credit to her for agreeableness and manners. More akin to those slightly awkward exchanges with a hairdresser or new colleague, if you like, rather than easy banter between old pals. Communication during - and about - the sex was straightforward and natural, though.

Ultimately, enjoyed myself immensely; the time flew by, and the negatives mentioned were far outweighed by the profound pleasure provided. I certainly want to go back and, with my expectations more properly aligned, I'd anticipate an even more satisfying session.

South West / petite kim - Bristol
« by bell765900 on February 17, 2017, 08:58:51 PM »

I'm a long term lurker here but was so shaken by my meeting with Kim that I had to post up a review.

So, to start, I messaged a few days beforehand to set up a meet. No problem here, she texted me the address an hour beforehand, and I headed down to meet her (she is based in Stockwood, on the edge of South Bristol).

I enter the flat and she greets me. She is youngish and attractive, with the body you'd expect from the photos on her profile.

She leads me upstairs to the flat, which appears to be in the process of being refurbished. I'm lead into one of the rooms which isn't under construction, where there is a bed and some cushions. I sort out the payment (£120 for a hour), and ask if I can have a shower. I'm told there is none available; I tell her I showered already and she tells me that she had a bath before coming down to the flat. So we go ahead. Put my stuff on the cushions and we start kissing. I ask her if dirty talk is okay and she tells me she is no good at dirty talk, but says she doesn't mind if I use some.
I ask her to give me a blowjob on the side of the bed, she does so (her kneeling and with myself seated). Whilst she blowing me I play with her tits, asking her to tell me if i'm being too rough. She tells me to focus on her right as the implant in her left 'needs replacing'. So I do that; and while she is blowing me I use a bit of dirty talk "you slut", "you fucking whore" etc. So far, so good. I ask if she can take it deeper and she refuses, telling me that she can't do deep throat.
She then asks if I want the condom on; I give her the go ahead and she puts it on. I ask if she can get on top of me. She says it will be easier for me to go on top. I ask her again, she tries but tells me it doesn't work, and that I should go on top. She lies down and try and enter her, but at this stage my erection fades and we call it off. I ditch the condom and ask her to blow me again and she does for a minute or two. Then I put another condom on, and try again with me on top. Again my erection fails.
So far, we are less than ten minutes in. I ask her if she can give me another blowjob but she refuses, saying her jaw is sore. She offers a handjob, which I accept. She does that for a bit, but at this point she is looking away from me and I'm struggling to stay hard. I ask if I can jerk off on her face but she refuses. I suggest her tits instead. At this point, she is laying in front of me and I am in a kneeling position on the bed. I move my legs over hers to get into a position where I can kneel and jerk off on her tits.

Now at this point, she jumps up and yells, "GET THE FUCK OF OUT MY FLAT"! She repeats herself and threatens to call the police. I start dressing. Whilst I am dressing, she tells me "YOU'RE FUCKING AWKWARD" and "YOU SHOULDN'T BE SEEING ESCORTS, LOVE, GO SEE SOME SPECIAL NEEDS PERSON". I'm saying sorry to get her to calm down (not sure what I had done at this point), she accuses me of trying to rape her and calls up someone on her phone, telling the person "COME IN THE DOORS OPEN!" She then picks up my keys (which had fallen out my my jean's pocket onto the cushion), walks off with them, and tells me she wants £20 on the counter (she had moved to the next room at this point) before she gives them back. I give her the £20, she throws my keys on the floor. I pick my keys up and leave, just over ten minutes in what should have been a hour-long session.

My thoughts in hindsight:
(a) Perhaps my dirty talk during the first blowjob pissed her off/creeped her out. However, I asked her if I could do dirty talk, and at no point did she tell me to stop (had she done so, I would have, immediately). I have done the same with other escorts (maria_k) without issue.
(b) At the point of the flip-out, I didn't have a condom on. I can only assume she thought I was trying to bareback her, which triggered her to go nuts on me.
(c) She was talking to someone on the phone; which made me assume that she had some pimp next door or something. With hindsight, maybe she was faking it.
(d) There isn't really any justification for stealing my keys and demanding £20 for them back; even if she wasn't comfortable with me. I can only presume that as a skinny, nerdy looking guy in his mid-20s, she figured I wouldn't put up a fight.


£140 for a 1hr call in, no extra charges discussed or requested.

Mind Blowing is not praise enough!

Jo is little, only 4'11", size 6/8, she admits that she is 28yo but facially looks younger, early 20's, and I've see 20yo's with far worse bodies, check out her free gallery, all but one of the shots are from the last 6 months.

Facially she is not beautiful, but certainly not ugly, rather a plain Jane girl next door, still don't know if I would glace at her in the street, but that is not the reason for this glowing review.

Her profile states that she specialises in 'Age Play', she can adopt the character of a much younger girl and she really stays in that role.

I had asked for a scenario where a slutty 6th form girl was being admonished by her headmaster for being caught sucking off boys after school and she had to convince me not to tell her parents and expel her from school.

Comms were OK, a bit slow on e-mails but once I had her mobile number (which she only gives out after initial agreement to a meet) things picked up.

Found her place, easy, very central Exeter, ground floor flat in a 4-storey Victorian, a little shabby and cluttered, Jo obviously lives there, but I felt safe and it was clean enough for what I wanted to do.

Received a text 30mins before agreed time to say that she would be ready early and what would like her to be wearing, I asked for 'older schoolgirl' and 15mins later was met at the door by Jo, black vest top under a white blouse, short tartan mini skirt, grey knee socks & black patent leather 'Mary Jane' platform heels, hair in pigtails and glasses. Now I'm a short ass at just 5'7", but even with these 4" heels on I could still look over the top of her head, NICE.   

Paperwork sorted and we were off.

I adopted my role and she fell into hers, proper slutty teen, unapologetic for her behaviour and confident that I could be convinced not to expel her.

The headmaster had to wipe the smile off her face by telling her how much trouble she was in and how all her prospects could be ruined if I let people know what she had done, he told her to stand up straight when she was spoken to, and she did trusting out her tits and ass, I got her to turn on the spot and told her that no wonder she was acting like a little slut when she dressed like a little slut.

I continued to tell her that young boys would use her without regard and that I had found her smutty pictures and filthy stories online very easily, and that this was no way for a girl in my school to act. Very smartly she jumped on this saying 'so you've been looking a pictures of my tits have you Sir, you could get in trouble for that', this cheek got the headmaster going and I stood up and pressed my self against her, already had a huge boner, and grabbed her ass. Then the fun started.

I reached down and started rubbing her smooth shaved pussy through her panties, while telling her that I was disgusted reading her blog about being used by multiple men and how her holes must be worn out. By this time she was shuddering from the rough rubbing her clit was getting and her panties were soaked.

Then turned my attention to her tits, telling her that she was nothing but a distraction to the boys and 'these things didn't help' grabbing her tits through her top. I told her to show them to me and she lifted her top, exposing nice firm C cup tits with firm little nipples, which I gave a little pinch.

I then sat back down and told her to take off her filthy soaking knickers and show me her pussy, which she did. I told her to play with her self, she started to rub, I said 'no, finger yourself, no, two fingers' she said 'yes sir' and plunged them in. I then asked for a taste, made a point of sniffing the fingers first, it smelt great so I sucked her fingers, this really got her hot. I thought that she was enjoying this too much, so I told her to 'turn around, bend over and stick one of those fingers covered in my spit up your tight little ass', again 'yes sir' and she just did. Jo was very cleanly shaved not a hair in sight on pussy or ass and her ass did look tight as she pushed a finger into it.

This had all taken about 10mins from the kick off and it was getting too much for me, so I told her to take her clothes off 'but not the shoes or knee socks, and then sit on the edge of the bed', 'yes sir'.

I then told her that it was time she stopped playing with little boys and found out what a mans cock looked, tasted and felt like 'will you show me sir'. I was loving this 'sir' thing. My cock was already glistening with pre-cum, which I told her off about, 'how dare you be such a little slut that you've got me so hard and leaking cum already, you better clean that up' and again 'yes sir' and into OWO. Good technique, I prefer a little more suction but stood there and made her to all the work.

Now I'm know Ron Jeremy or Rocco, but I've got a solid 8" and had too many WG's say that things were off the cards before I've even touched them. Jo just looked hungry for it.

She took me pretty deep, I could certainly feel the back of her throat, but she is only little so still plenty of shaft to go.

After a couple of mins of this I told her to lay back on the bed and hold her legs up towards her head, I then went down on that smooth shaved pussy, I went hard for the clit and she was moaning and thrashing about within a minute, before she could cum I switch hole, after giving it the sniff check, all seemed super clean, so a bit of rimming while rubbing her clit.

I then asked if 'a little slut would like to feel a mans cock in her', by this time she was begging for it 'yes please sir, please fuck me sir, fuck me', so on with the raincoat and in to mish, her pussy was really hot, wet & tight, and she is so small and my cock is a good size, so it was cervix smashing time from every angle, mish, cowgirl, standing (with me carrying her) it was deep and hard in every position. After she came for the second time, moaning 'you're making your little slut cum again sir', I told her to sit her quivering pussy on my face, it was really juicy and I held her against my face while I went at her clit hard again, she was almost having a fit, it was great.

I then got up and went and sat on the settee and told the little slut to climb on, this slowed things down a little, she was a quivering wreck and I got my first FK of the day. Once I thought she was back in control I told her to kneel on the edge of the bed and I entered her from behind, this was the deepest I had been and within a minute Jo was cuming again, moaning and thrashing about, stuck a spit cover thumb in her ass just as she came and that properly hit the spot. I told her 'you think my cock feels big now, wait until it's in here', 'yes sir, please...'.

I told her to lube up her dirty tight little ass, she squeezed some lube on to my hand and I work one, this was tight, then two lubed fingers in to her ass. Then, with a lube covered cock I guided my way in, just the tip to start and told her to push back on to me. It was nice and tight, but slowly I had my full length in her ass. I told her to spread her cheeks and it looked as good as it felt. I started to build up a rhythm and pretty soon was properly pounding her ass, she then pushed two finger in her pussy and came again.

I roller her over into mish, still in her ass and fucked away, she started fingering her self again, and with that great sight, a tiny girl in knee socks & heels, pigtails & glasses, with my hard cock in her ass and two fingers in her pussy, making her ass even tighter, I could last no more.

Told her I wanted to cum all over her little slut face, 'yes sir cum all over your little slut, cover me in your cum sir', whipped out of her ass, off with the cover, two strokes and BAM, an explosion of cum over her face, neck and tits.

That lot had taken 50mins and I was wasted for a good 5mins, heart thumping like it was going to do an Alien and pop straight out of my chest. Nice chat, she told me how much she had enjoyed it, us both staying in character had made it really hot, complimented me by saying that she hadn't been fucked that hard in ages, we were both all smiles.

Shower offered, needed & taken, dressed, kiss & out the door.

All in all one of the best punts I've had in my 2-year hobby, probably only topped by a 2hr duo with HoneyBell & Platinum Cindy in London last year, but this came close to topping even that.

Jo's attitude is what made this special. Great VFM too.

South West / Madonna BS1 - bristol incall
« by Oggers99 on February 17, 2017, 02:48:24 PM »
2016 catch up continued
This is a 1 hour +++ in call from middle of october

Its a bit of a tricky one to call this but I've gone with neutral but leaning to positive. You can make up your own minds on what you think.

Another finished work call out early in Bristol so rather than hit the road i took a punt literally. I've seen this woman mentioned before and her figure looks amazing so as she was free and repled to my email with a mobile number i took it from there.
She was happy for me to ring her to arrange and she said she could see me an hour from when we talked. She sounded posh as you like on the phone so that got the juices stirring.

Her place is in the middle of town over a coffee shop obviously lots of people about so if you were local it might seem a bit odd ducking in a door by a cafe! She buzzed me up and omg i was impressed with the sight at the top of the stairs. BLonde amazing shape tall dressed to the nines bright red lippy posh as you like . a lot more than the '40' she quotes on her profile but i was expecting that and did not mind.
So far... :thumbsup:

Started with a chat on the sofa and she was all over me from the start. SHe got me to take a shower and met me in the bedroom. straight into a 69 and although she won't swallow she took a load in the face. Shes nicely groomed and very clean down below.
Another shower (at her request) then back to the bed for more playing she got me roused and I have to say the image of her firm ass banging against me in doggy sticks with me now. It was one of those days where it took forever to come but she kept at it and made the right noises until I did. I showered again (third one) and then met her in the front room.

The problems and why it is neutral is that I reckon she's got a drink problem. She had a glass of wine on the go - fair enough i'd want something to take the edge off! but she also had what she said was a glass of water and she kept topping it up. If it's from her tap then it must be mainlined to a vodka distillary 'cos that's what it was. All through the meet she kept saying the same rambling stuf about hugh grant, being ripped off by her ex, lady di being a friend, not having kids, living in London and over an over again and then continually asking did i really like her - all the while i was banging her thinking oh please love give it a rest.  :timeout:

In conclusion i was in her place for about 80 minutes and had to physically pull her off me in the end to let me out.

Like I say I am torn by this as she's a great looking, fit bird in a safe location with a great flat and she goes like a train. But the drinking was too much for me.

https://www.adultwork.com/2691952 or https://www.adultwork.com/Madonna+BS1

South West / Petite Sophie Bristol incall
« by Oggers99 on February 17, 2017, 02:28:56 PM »
Part of my 2016 catch up reviews.
30 min incall £70
Sophie is well reviewed by you guys in the south west so I expect i am just adding to what you already know.
I saw her in September last year for a last minute day time punt. I was on a work call out and had time free so checked the now available section on adultwork and sophie came up. A quick scan of this site told me it was a safe bet as rumanians go so text her and put in a booking request at the same time. She accepted the booking and texted me a postcode within 15 minutes.
Just over an hour later I was buzzing the door of a serviced apartment just round the corner from an NCP car park off the centre. Up a bloody steep cobbled hill which didnt help the ticker!!

I would say that her photos are accurate shes a skinny minny and pretty although as others have mentioned some facial scarring. Mind you i've got a beard to cover my zits so what can i say.

Offered and took a shower. After she stripped off her skimpy skirt knicks and bra and gave me some oral. I was keen to taste her so we swapped and I would say she's got immense pussy lips made me smile as I got stuck in!!!!
As it was just a 30 minuter i asked her to rubber me up so as to make the most of the time and i managed a couple of positions before popping in doggy.
I took her offer of another shower she gave me a big snog goodbye and i was on my way with a smile.
I would see her again although work is now less often in the south west region so might have limited chances.
https://www.adultwork.com/2590149 or https://www.adultwork.com/Petite+Sophie

South West / Camborne Sweet Martinaa
« by rustpoacher on February 16, 2017, 04:39:50 PM »

£80 half hour incall
claims mid-twenties but likely mid-30's; not a gum bunny; tits beginning to sag, bum getting big, quite pretty girl next door type; not the sexiest lingerie.

Meet: did not answer SMS text at all but picked up telephone for meet in 1 hour then texted back to invite earlier; all easy; popular hotel in Camborne; typically reception unmanned and no one cars anyway. Nice rooms though I was asked to keep my noise levels down by WG

Money then I stripped; WG laughed "Oh, ok, straight to it?" Then she stripped too from lingerie which I would have asked he to keep on had it been  bit sexier. M&S rather than Erika Bella.

WG smiley, fairly pretty but not stunning; young natural largish tits but not stunning, M&S bum again not Erika or Briana Banks or Mary Millington. Refused to FK me because I had heavy beard -1 Not a trooper at all more a girl next door seduction; she could not do or take DT or anything more rough than marital. Received oral & rimming well fake groans but I expect that. If you think you can make a typical WG come then you're Billy Hunt. Boring cowgirl a bit loose but enthusiastic and she could keep it up but I put her in missionary to pound hard which she couldn't tolerate then doggy again hard & deep and she couldn't handle that; no tit wank available- shame fair tits for the job.. I would say her skills were weak-ish. Finished with hard hand job and dry humping between her tits & HJ but she complained I was squashing her neck so after one pop I left it- WG was too exhausted for another round. Actually, I was quite gentle. She also complained throughout of her lovely loose hair pulling but this was just snagging- again more marital than PSE; off putting. Condom applied by mouth nice but a thick no-feel variety- bring your own.

Fresh clean keen but amateur and not enough benefits for a quality finish. If you want a GFE this might be it but not tricks or expertise; not PSE. You could never slap her ass; come down her throat or spit on her fanny; everything was military grade rubber covered with wipes but not as paranoid wiping as some. Photos on AW very Photoshop; same girl but no leg or other toning; very ordinary body. She didn't have suspenders just hold ups. Similar in that not a trooper and breaks the mood mechanically lots to www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2264604 & Ms K British but at least Ms K has a very tight pussy. Neither offers anal or anything truly PSE

VFM: Yes
See her again? No.
I reviewed https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2332760 who some may find 'mature' with awful AW photos; but by comparison Karis is prettier but with wisdom lines perhaps but is a true Mary Millington and absolutely much dirtier fun to be with and she DFK kisses like a goddess & works hard to please. Best I ever had was a tall leggy Brazilian street WG in my car; I wasn't in the mood but she persuaded me then   put the rubber on with her mouth and proceeded to DT me without gagging clenching her throat so expertly around me such that I had a really big orgasm  that she took well without flinching & without moving myself which is rare for me; I need extra stimulation. A true pro. I mention this because advanced skills are surely what count?

South West / Awesome Daga/Dagmara - Bristol
« by Jamesthegreat78 on February 15, 2017, 04:12:25 PM »

Whilst Daga has recently changed her service to a minimum of £160 bookings, I'd booked a month ago and she was happy to see me on her old terms. I opted for a £50 session, lasting c40 minutes and was for massage and HR.

Comms ahead of our meeting were clear and friendly and I knew what to expect from the meet as a result. Directions to her door offered shortly before meeting and there's plenty of free parking near by on a quiet estate.

I found her to be very attractive with a superb slim but shapely body and a beautiful bum which I was happy to follow up the stairs - she doesn't rush this so obviously knows how great it is!

Massage on the table and we're talking proper massage, not just something to do before the main event! I was really enjoying the relaxing massage and this was heightened when she took my hands and placed them on her shapely bum. Massage continued with her removing bra and climbing on top of me, using her body to massage with gentle kisses throughout.

She invited me to turn over and as she aroused me with one hand she toyed herself with a vibrator, one leg perched on the adjacent dresser, giving me a lovely view of a perfectly presented pussy.

I was happy to play with her pefectly formed breasts - I think they're ideally sized for her frame - and she then started to pay serious attention to my coco which by now was fully to attention. I moved my hands to lightly touch around her pussy and ass and she was happy for me to do so.

Her teasing, spitting on and massage of my cock resulted in a fantastic orgasm for me. Whilst she wondered if I might come again, I was happy for her to finish the session with more massage.

She's very easy to talk to, very attentive and wants to know that she's offered a good service.

For me, it was a perfect session and great value to spend time with a sexy young beauty.

Overall 10/10

South West / x-Miss_Passion-x Bristol- Kingswood/Lawrence Hill
« by whaleears on February 15, 2017, 01:59:24 PM »

Visited yesterday evening, 1 hour in-call £130

Comms- Excellent

I found myself with 2 hours to kill before a preview screening of John Wick Chapter 2 at Cabot Circus & rather franticly looked through the 'Available today' on Adultwork for a British Milf who would actually answer the phone. Penny, formerly Rebecca Styles who had been on my hotlist then magically disappeared, answered the phone within 3 rings, was bright & personable, quickly putting me at ease (its always an awkward phone call to be honest) & arranged the meet.

I had a little trouble getting there for the arranged time thanks to road works, phoned her to explain & she was patient with me with no dramas. Not rare, you would hope, but appreciated by me & I'm still quite new to private meets & the neurotic side of me worries I'll show up & get rebuffed at the door for being 7 minutes late.

Accommodation- Very Good

A nice private flat somewhere between Lawrence Hill & Kingswood. Lovely & bright & clean apartment with a nice big bed, fresh bed linen & it smelt lovely too. Little things make a big difference. Also had a very nice toilet. Have to mention, I parked in someone's private spot & they left a note on my car & then tried to block me. Fuck you mate, I've got a disabled badge & can park where I like, including up your arse. It's pitch black & I can't see your fucking house number on the parking spot. Nearly knocked on the door, nearly keyed the car instead but didn't thinking of Penny.

Girl's Appearance- Outstanding

Penny is in her early 40's with a short black fauxhawk haircut, a get pair of enhanced bewbs that are a good handful, a nice slender figure, a few tattoos and a shapely bum. I love girls with short hair, it shows off their neckline and encourages me to kiss it. She answered the door in some sexy underwear though this girl would look just as hot in jeans and t-shirt.

The Meet

What a stunning meet. Awesome.

Penny is filthy, flirty & red fucking hot.
Very chatty as we were getting to know one another & did the paperwork. I had a nice massage, which is not something I normally ask for but enjoyed a great deal. Penny then went to work on my bollocks. Heaven. She tret them like my new born baby twins. Absolute heaven. Her blowjob technique is superb, I came & I came hard in her mouth like a sperm whale rising from the ocean.

Powerful image right?

A bit of kissing and chatting & I was rock hard again inside 2 minutes, on with rubber & Penny hopped on & rode me hard. Her fanny is as tight as I've ever found, astonishing for a mature girl. She gripped it & fucked me as hard as she could. Excellent fuck, absolutely excellent. We were having such a nice time that we ran over by 10 minutes, not a problem, it was clear Penny was having as much fun as me & she sucked me off once more & I spunked all over the place. I doubt many punters would get this anywhere else on a first meet. I must have made a good impression.

For a punt on the fly it was absolutely brilliant. Penny tours a lot and is very popular & it's quite clear why. I had a girl friend experience & I'll look forward to a porn star experience next time. Highly recommended, great attitude, great personality, very highly skilled, very good value for money. She might be difficult to get hold of, be patient, trust me, it'll be more than worth it.

South West / Melanie fine ass Brazilian (Bristol/Bedminster)
« by Honolulu on February 15, 2017, 12:37:12 PM »

[Link added by admin]

I fancied a girl with a big ass and tits and got exactly that.

Comms was by text which was easy. Realised it was the maid as 'Melanie' didn't speak much English. 

Melanie was good fun, nice face, and hot body. What I got was big ass and big tits, seemed fake, but was actually genuine tits and ass. She's shorter than I expected.

Fk, RO, mish and doggy. No fingering and no ass play - which was frankly a bummer.

Melanie certainly enjoyed the sex, and got pretty wet during RO. Or at least I liked to think it was my tongue lashing.

Cost: £110 for 1 hr
Comms: easy by text. Flat number provided when i arrived in Bedminster.

Room - ok size double bed.

I caught a glance of another girl in the flat. But didn't ask about her.

There's a AW alert on her profile so punters beware . :unknown:

I expect to make a return visit when next in the area.

South West / Emily at Cleo's in Highbridge
« by Blue Suede Goo on February 14, 2017, 09:40:48 AM »
Went there about 5 years ago and saw Charlie (50s MILF) who was still there this time.
Odd set up where you all wait in a doctors surgery type thing and then say yay or nay to the WG by virtue of first come, first refusal.
The other punters were middle aged.

I should say that Highbridge is a fucking shit-hole and I felt so conspicuous walking to and from the parlour.

Paid 10 to the maid and 40 to the WG
Chose Emily who is an early 40s MILF with short blonde hair and a very tidy, skinny body.
Says she worked in Melissa's in Bristol.
Pretty basic massage after the shower. Turned over and was given a covered BJ.
Cowgirl and missionary followed by doggie over the massage table.
She was so tight and fucked really well. I had to slow her down a few times.
£10 more for OWO and a finish over her tits.

A really good punt and a positive for her
I wouldn't go back to Cleos though cause I felt too exposed.

South West / Ava Valentine Bristol
« by Blue Suede Goo on February 14, 2017, 09:29:55 AM »

Seen her a few times now
I'll keep this short cause I doubt I'll add much more to her other reviews.

Discrete communication
Good choice of hotel- ibis, so easy to get past the front desk

She is very girl next door and, for me, a perfect GFE.
Her new tits are a very nice addition.
Quite submissive and seemingly up for anything
Responsive to oral on her, spanking and she loves to do rimming and receive.

One of the best I've seen in Bristol and a definite regular.

South West / Sexy Bex Keynsham Bristol
« by Blue Suede Goo on February 14, 2017, 09:23:44 AM »

Seen her loads of times but never reviewed her.
Normally see for quick blow jobs.
Her communication is notoriously terrible but I've always put up with it cause she's only ever been a plan b.
Amazing bj, body and in particular- tits.
She talks a lot but it's endearing in its way.
However, last time he saw her was one of those times when I resolved never to see her again.

Her dog had obviously been chewing a bone on her bed.
She looked unwashed- hair very unkempt etc.
Fag breath
Amazing bj as always but I made a huge error in going down on her- she stank downstairs and tasted horrid. Makes me sick to think about it. I nearly gagged at the time.
She had angry red blotches all over her body which I only noticed up close.

We fucked and then I came in her mouth. She spat the cum into the used condom and got dressed (for work she said). At no time did she wash or rinse her mouth out.
I just got the fuck out, vowing never again.

I've had some really good times with her but this felt so grubby to me and made me feel like I had sunk low in my punting by being with her.

A real shame but never, ever again.

South West / suzysuz2020 – Outcall Gloucestershire
« by virtualwaster on February 14, 2017, 01:41:55 AM »
Feeling a little delicate with life decided to get away from normal life, off with real phone on with punting phone and avoid everything/everyone.  Well checked in for 4 days in chain hotel locally but far enough away to not be noticed.  Was sitting on AW with logged in search on and up pops Suzy have tried to book before, or should I say she bid on reverse bookings before but got over looked.


Dropped her an email about popping over tomorrow, instant reply, with approx time which didn’t bother me one bit, sent her hotel and phone number with instructions to text for room number when leaving.   Next day received text sent room number then got myself ready.  Next comms was I’m 5 mins away.  God stuff.


Opted for the 2 hours at £250 as would stop me booking another girl later in the evening. :)

The Girl

Well was suitably impressed, body like photos but tit may have grown slightly, very nice ass. She looked to me like a junior detective from a crime drama of the past, cannot pin it down yet but still trawling IMDB trying to figure that out still. If I do will let you know.  She is a very friendly English girl from pudding country in the north going from her accent, guess size 10 not that mu guessing is accurate, forgot to check the frock this time.

The Service

Well have to say what fantastic blowjob good fast mixing up and relentless  :thumbsup:, but my preference is to cum by fucking so I did.  During booking had oodles or oral , sex in load so positions including some interesting positions utilising the hotels furniture.  Very friendly in the recovery time between pops and seemed genuinely interested in my take of my world that day.


Would I return, well she is on the come back list next time I check out of reality and treat myself, maybe hotel with a gym and spa next time, for me not them. 
Good value outcall, no messing and easy to book.

Only previous mention on here was English Rebecca touting her new duo partner that got deleted “Cheers Rebecca”  :drinks: but had useful comment also from Mr Kent about best blowjob tipped the balance  :hi:. And to answer Roth the nails were fine when I met her  :P. Mine were to.   :sarcastic:


South West / Oliva AKA Skinny and Young incall Gloucester
« by virtualwaster on February 14, 2017, 12:47:55 AM »
My first punt back after my 7 months of non-punting fun ended.  Was spur of the moment decision had just been to gym, chatting to a hot PT and realised I need a fuck so straight on to AW and Olivia was available today and close.  Dropped her a text and instant reply of when would I like?  So arranged for an hours’ time, was sent postcode and instantly knew where it was. :D  Had to wait extra 10 mins for her to be really unfortunate so say on a bench in the park and spoke to a loon until saved by a text.


£100 for the hour, £90 + £10 for CIM.


Well arrived at venue same as last visit, all OK for me, may have been redecorated since last visit, could always do with better lighting in my opinion, maybe if they had a pole in the corner with a spotlight that would really do it for me.  Offered a shower but as had come from gym not required.

The Girl

She was skinny very easy to pick up and move about the bedroom, dark haired and nice petite tits. Her photos on AW are shit. But body size is accurate. She speaks with quite a sexy but husky voice, quite a turn on really.  Wore nice black dress, matching grey undies and heels on arrival, they quickly hit the floor.


Well bit of a smooch to get back in the swing, French kissing with reasonable amount of tongues not too much not too little.  On for a bit of oral, reasonable technique not deep not shallow just average then a bit of cowgirl, then oral again finishing with first pop in her mouth.  All good.

She left the room to rinse the mouth with mouthwash, followed into bathroom swigged some myself and rinsed my knob in the sink, dried with towels provided and back on bed for round 2.  More oral sex in missionary, doggy and then spoons when I decided I am not going to cum which she seemed disappointed and persevered trying.  Hots of hand interlocking and neck nuzzling on request.  Was suitably impressed with her grip squeezing my hands as requested and encouraged, had a good mark on my hands, funny how a little pain can make you feel good again, not her usual stuff but very obliging.


Good value punt except for waiting round for final text and shame she moved on 2 days later.  Got me back into the punting mojo, for a while at least until someone can tempt me away.


South West / Cambridge Parties - Bristol
« by alchemist on February 13, 2017, 03:19:30 PM »
Last week i went along to a central Bristol party run by Cambridge parties (appreciate if someone can add aw link).  I've been to a couple of parties in the past run by LMP, one was great and got me hooked the over wasn't quite as good (but still fun). This was my first time with Cambridge parties. Communication- after booking received an AW message the night before with approx location then a text on the day 30 mins before with further details.  Arrived and eventually let in to the apartment with the other party goers.  Name ticked off the list and paper work completed.  I always find the waiting at the start the most awkward part of a party. I think there was about 10 guys (no more)  and 4 girls to start with then 20 minutes into proceedings a 5th girl arrived and jumped straight to it.  All the girls were very attractive, British, very enthusiastic and a good laugh (which was really great at putting everyone at ease) I believe all of them are published pornstars and all were under 30.  2 1/2 hours of oral (both ways), hand jobs, sex (covered) and cumming over keen bodies followed.  For those who haven't partied before Cambridge parties seem to be very chilled and judging by this occasion attract non pushy guys who are just out for fun.  I played with all of the girls during my time there,  just moved on to whoever took my fancy.  For me the fact that the girls are fit and clearly enjoy the party scene made it a great 2 1/2 hours and although some would say expensive at 220 well worth the money.  I left at the end completely drained but very happy and will definately book again if they come back to Bristol.

South West / Patricia Deluxe, Torquay
« by barry on February 13, 2017, 02:16:20 PM »

Looks great in the pics, did wonder if it was going to be the girl, got to the flat in Torquay and a different girl met me.

I asked about the girl on the profile, but clearly she wasn't there, bait and switch.

She met me naked, a ploy I thought, to try and persuade me to stay, but the girl wasn't much to look at so I walked.

I think there are a couple of other profiles connected to this girl too, eg Bella Wild xxx.

Probably best to avoid all of them

South West / Sexy Angelina - Bristol
« by mrdiamond77 on February 11, 2017, 12:16:34 AM »

I will start off by saying that this is my second review of Angelina.  I have not so far reviewed any girl more than once, the reasons I am reviewing Angelina again is that firstly it has been a year since my other review, also in that time I have seen Angelina countless times since and sometimes when you see a girl as often as I have seen her, then the quality of service can go down, not here.  Also I am aware that she is one of the most popular girls in the South West area and she has a lot of reviews on here already, but despite that I will do another review, and I promise I will try and not be too fluffy.

Arrangements were made by text and through Adultwork more than a week in advance as I had time off work this particular day. Booking was for 90 minutes at £250. Comms were as good as always, she is located in an apartment in Bristol City Centre.  I arrived on the day well in advance, and was let into her apartment a few minutes earlier than scheduled.  A drink and shower was offered and taken and money was exchanged.

I will not go into too much detail about my time spent with her, but as I said earlier, sometimes when you see a girl a number of times, then sometimes the quality of service can decline, not with Angelina, and if anything, it keeps getting better. I had the full works, and the great thing about seeing her throughout the past year is that she knows what I like, and she delivered brilliantly.  I had a fantastic time, and she did all she could to satisfy me. She is also very good company which is a big reason why I keep returning. I took a shower before I left and I fully look forward to our next booking.  If for some reason you have not see Angelina yet then I could not recommend her enough.  Easily the best girl I have seen. 10/10.

South West / Carys & Jasmine Taunton tour
« by justapunter on February 10, 2017, 06:01:41 PM »
I know its late but better late than never. Had a two girl punt oct time. Just seen one of the wgs recently again and it reminded me of oct punt.

So first girl is caryshollyjones - great girl , tall leggy blonde about 30/ 31. Attractive but not what you'd call stunning,next door looks, but has bags of personality to make up for it. Size 12 maybe  , not overly fat, but not stick thin either. I don't like wgs too slim/ skinny so perfect for me. small natural tits ,but great arse, freshly shaved pussy, smooth legs etc . Pics are fairly accurate but photoshopped.

2nd wg is Jasmine diazxxx - beautiful wg, curves, tits, shes got everything but nervous service. Larger than carys more of a 14, but i do like a little bit of meat on the wg. Great tits ,(but one nipple was pierced so she wouldn't let me touch that one),  tanned, pretty face. Advertises herself as half spanish. The prettier of the two wgs. I say shes late 20s.I think she was just trimmed below but can't say as she never took her knickers off! https://www.adultwork.com/3797776
She has selfie photos on her profile. Accurate photos.

Booked carys and she asked if her friend could join us. £100 for two wgs. Dick thinking instead of head now. When I got there carys dressed up in stockings/ suspenders nice lingerie. Jasmine just in a bra and thong, didn't seemed to have made an effort.Now to be fair to jasmine it was explained that she was brand new and carys was literally showing her the ropes, hence the bogof offer.  Jasmine seemed nervous like a rabbit caught in headlights.

 I'll review the wgs separately as there was no interaction between the two wgs, which was clearly explained on the phone. I was happy i was shagging two wgs for the same price so wasn't too concerned about no girol on girl action.

Carys - started with dfk , she really gets into her kissing, then onto a toy show with her glass dildo. She clearly was enjoying herself, cuming all over the bed. She fucked me enthusiastically in doggy, cow girl, miss. Sat on my face while jasmine fucked me cowgirl.

Jasmine - no kissing, no fingering, no toys, wouldn't take her knickers off, had these crotchless knickers on and i had to fuck her through them :scare:Weird . She just seemed really nervous and it was offputting. Carys was trying to encourage her to engage more, but either the girl was too nervous or just purely disinterested. Such a shame as the girl was gorgeous. Wish she offer a more intimate service as I would of booked her again. She needs to up her game or maybe shes not cut out for this line of work

Overall it was a positive punt as fucked two girls for the price of one. But would of been pissed off if i'd paid more. Both girls were friendly, never rushed on time, welcoming atmosphere.


South West / cindy at gentlemans club plymouth
« by mike63 on February 10, 2017, 04:19:53 PM »
I have some punting experience some years ago, and personal circumstances mean I now do so again occaisionally. I had something I wanted to do in Plymouth (not somewhere I go to often) and thought I would try one of the massage parlours. The Gentlemans Club in Union Street was closest.
         Incall at 12 noon. £60 for half hour, £100 for hour. Entrance off a main street, but quite quiet. Not an issue for me anyway.Door on a buzzer and up a flight of stairs to reception. I don,t know how many girls on a shift or how many rooms there are, but I think probably two or three.
         I was told Cindi was free (another girl waiting for an appointment t arrive). Cindi works Friday Saturday and Sunday, is small, quite thin, a couple of piercings, and some tattoos. This is not my ideal. However she is pretty, talkative, bubbly and within her do's and don'ts is willing and enthusiastic-which beats the hell out of  someone incredibly good looking but robotic.
         Having seen Cindi (late 20's?)and the room I booked an hour, room with double bed, Cindi in a sort of overall low cut and to mid thigh. A bit of a massage to my back, turn over with Cindi sitting on me. Her overall and underwear soon off. No kissing or OWO. She makes up for this in my view. She sat on my chest so I could lick her, turned round for 69, takes fingers in her pussy and in her arse(anal extra she says v. expensive). Fucked her missionary, took condom off and rubbed up against her pussy. She seems to take pleasure from all this. She had been rubbing herself. Then she grabbed a bag with a toy in it, lubed herself up and wanked with it. I hadn't   asked for this. Very sexy though.
          The surroundings are ok-to my mind reasonably clean  and tidy. Shower and toilet but not in massage room-possibly an issue for some people. Had I been told that my massuesse would have been thin tattooded and pierced I would not have gone. Personality and a wish to give value for money beats my ideal 'type' of woman any day. A cuddle and a chat after finished the hour nicely. I am in my early 60's, not an issue(you people are more considerate than the drunks). A real plus for massage parlours and the south west.

South West / Sweet Martians - st austell
« by squigmcdig on February 09, 2017, 09:42:03 PM »
Ok so plan A didn't go my way today, see my previous review.

Being an idiot I thought I would go for a Polish girl who had just popped up on aw nearby, even though she had dubious reviews on here.


Arranged to see her in her hotel room. Comms all great and got to the room on time as planned.  From some of her previous reviews was weary may have to walk if she is completely hanging.  Very pleasantly surprised to be welcomed by a very pretty curly haired girl, who looked in her early 20s. Dressed in the cliched little black dress, with a very naughty smile.  I would say she is a size 12, but not fat, though no gym bunny, all the curves are in the right places.

Paperwork out of the way, £80 for 30mins, I undressed she watched. When I was ready she came over to me fully clothed and snogged me full on dfk, which surprised me given how she had been with others, but then immediately went phhhpht!!! "You smoke too many cigarettes" this was actually true and I was very embarrassed, I had smoked heavily after plan A went to shit.  But she just gave me a cheeky smile and grabbed hold of my cock and said I will kiss him instead, who am I to refuse a pretty young lady.

Body wise as I said nice curved figure, boobs just starting to drop but still spectacular, she has a large tattoo, which I quite like but others may not, most of her torso is a Phoenix or something, it stops before her tits so I didn't pay much attention.

Wiped my cock with a wet wipe, again I like this, but some guys don't. Then some great Owo, got most of me in there, and even let me give her head a little push downwards.

She then got on top for cowgirl, she had an impressive riding technique but lost stamina after a few minutes.  Went to doggy, she started making noises, which I initially thought were fake so started banging her harder, then noticed she was getting quite red all over and seemed to have a good time, turned her over for some missionary.  Before getting her to wank me off on her tits, great eye contact and cheeky smile as she went.

Had a chat and a laugh after.

Very pretty
Great smile
Superb Owo
Enthusiast shag
Pleasing shape

Slightly saggy tits, if I am picky
Tattoo is huge
No kissing, but probably my fault.
She looks nothing like those pics, obviously as they are photo shopped to within a inch of their lives, Shame ads she actually looks good anyway??

Overall a good straight forward vanilla punt with a pretty girl next door type who, at least made me feel like she, enjoyed herself.  Plan B maybe but a s surprisingly good plan.

South West / MissJenniferBombshell - Bournemouth
« by fairfield on February 09, 2017, 07:34:26 PM »

Long time since i've been able to record a genuine positive - so plz excuse any fluffy tendencies. Jennifer was actually plan B after this wg http://adult.vivastreet.co.uk/escort+bournemouth-bh1/yasmin--new-and-real--fell-free-and-ask-for-extra/143988763 was horrified at a request of FK with an OAP. Promises in EE profiles mean shit.

So it was a same day booking with this English wg, and comms went very quick. Seemed almost too eager to agree time and send post code. Was she trying to avoid too much discussion of likes/ dislikes? - but did readily agree FK (and fully delivered!)

Venue straight opposite bus stop - my favourite cover. You can arrive early and not arouse any suspicion and there's obvious shelter from bad weather. Modern block in a decent area and plenty of parking in roads - if you come by car. The flat itself is very bare and looks about to be redecorated. Big bath sheet on the bed which was also amongst the most comfortable i've come across.

Sorry have to use the cliché - 'girl next door type' to describe Jennifer. Barefoot in tiny matching bra and knickers. She wore makeup, perfume and hair and body smelt freshly showered. She is tall and i suppose in heels would have been a bit intimidating. Still this was biggest disappointment of punt - had asked on phone for an outfit if possible.  Although she did warn "i might not have any with me" - you cant help hoping can you? Her breasts are a perky C/D' though she didn't let me get too heavy handed with them. 
Facially she could be this EE's younger twin sister. - https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1948128. Tho brunette Jennifers figure is much more slender and toned, her skin and boobs much better too.

Ofc her attitude was also miles better. Given a firm b2b massage to begin proceedings and warm me up from that cold bus stop. She has strong hands and even stronger grip with her thighs. Offered OWO but wanted to test out her promise of FK. It wasn't full on DFK but plenty of tongue action all the same.
Have to admit this dominated the rest of the punt. I refused all positions she offered except mish in order to maintain FK. She also allowed a lot of playing with her hair which i like - but many wgs object to. Initially she manoeuvred to prevent deep penetration but relaxed more as time went on. Came around the 45 mins mark and she offered to clean me up and fit a new rubber for a second pop. Those days are long past for me.
So she chatted whilst i stroked and squeezed her body and went in for some final FK. For the first time in prolly 6 months and 20 odd punts - there was no hint of reservation at mixing it with an old git like me.

This wg actually looks younger that her stated 23 years. At the risk of sounding like a dirty old man - her in a schoolie outfit would be the icing on the cake.
One word of caution. According to my own clock, her room clock was set 10 mins too fast. It wasn't a problem for me, bcs i 'overran' on her clock by nearly 10 mins. But if there had been another punter waiting in the wings - i wonder if i would have been shortchanged by those 10 mins? Is this a common way for pro$$ies to manage their time? But maybe you think since she provided such good service, you shouldn't get hung up about a few minutes?   
Face picture below of the EE 'sister.'     

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