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www.adultwork.com/2415822 or https://www.adultwork.com/Blow+Job+Queen+2017

Comms - Good answered my emails (via AW) and responded to texts in a timely manner.
Venue - Quite nice ex council area on out skirts of town, with parking. Room nice and tidy.
Body - Not bad, lovey big tits (that are still quite firm), but a bit of a floppy belly, I'd say she's about 40 (certainly not 28!!).
Action - No shower offered either at start or at the end. Although she did give me A wet wipe at the end the clean myself off with :yahoo: :yahoo:
Booked an hour, told her that it would probably be a one shot meeting, so no need to rush.
Well it was then ready steady, go.........who's the first to the finish line?
Felt very rushed, had OWO (OK no DT, more a suck of the end, whilst she wanks the rest), CW, FK, Anal (bent over the bed), Spoons, and finished with OWO, all within 35 minutes :angry: :angry: :angry:

It was just too methodical, too rushed. Would I return? NO

East Midlands / Jessy.bm - Leicester
« by Drake on Yesterday at 06:57:45 PM »
I've seen Tolly in Leicester a few times in the past but have recently found her to have gone downhill and tends to rush sessions.

So, I thought I would see what her housemate (Jessy) was like.  She was nice enough on the phone so I arranged a very last minute 15 min punt. Got to the usual address and rang.  She said to wait until her neighbor across the road has gone inside before coming, for extra discretion.  Anyway, when I got in I was pleasantly surprised to find that facially she looks exactly like here photos.  She is probably more petite then the photos suggest but still has nice sized boobs.

You'd struggle to find a Romanian that doesn't rush a 15 minute booking so I wasn't actually expecting much for the price.  But her attitude was very friendly and shes actually pretty amusing when joking around. She's got quite a high pitched voice that makes her seem quite cute, in my opinion. So, even though it was short punt, I didn't feel rushed at all and managed to get everything done that I wanted. 

I will definitely be returning for a longer booking at some point.



Price - £80 for 30 mins

Location - Faye's work apartment - Castle Donnington

Communication - I rang Faye with an hours notice to my required appointment time. She didn't answer immediately but returned my call with a 'dropped call' so I got her missed call. When I called back she answered immediately and was very polite, agreeing to see me at the required time. I didn't require the postcode as I was familiar with the area and she asked me to call for further directions when I had parked up in a discrete location nearby. Having done this she talked me to the address itself. 

Venue - Modern apartment complex. Spotlessly clean and safe. Nice discreet buzzer entry with no sign of nosey neighbours.

The meet - Faye greeted me at the door in a stocking and suspended set. Very attractive MILF with a great body. There was no sign of anyone else in the apartment although one of the doors was closed and I suspect there may have been someone there for her safety. No issues.

Faye was chatty and friendly and immediately put me at ease. I would estimate her age at early forties but she has a cracking figure and very pretty face. I'm not a regular punter (my last was probably over a year ago) and as such I was very nervous. I was asked to take my clothes off and she returned to the room after about a minute.

A small bout of very light fingered massage followed to relax me before she unleashed her FUCKING INCREDIBLE tits. Now they are fake and I prefer natural but they are very well done and she has amazing nipples that she wasted no time shoving in my mouth.

Some kissing and fondling followed which was mostly light flicks of the tongue rather than DFK. A bit of face sitting, 69 and arse licking (me to her) followed. A bit too much pre lube on her pussy but it was smooth and tasted great so no big deal.

A bit of mish and finished in doggy. The sight of her fantastic arse was too much.
Unfortunately no OWO which was the only downside of the meet although to be fair I blew my load after 20 minutes so it probably was a good thing.

All in all an easy positive for a safe, reliable punt with a cracking looking girl

East Midlands / Michelle (English lady). Mapperley ng3
« by NervousJimmy on March 28, 2017, 04:57:53 PM »

£50 for 30 mins...

I had £50 month end punting money burning a hole in my pocket, and I keep seeing this profile with no reviews, I thought maybe it could be a hidden Gem... Ha, sadly not, TOFTT

Rang up and got postcode and got there no issues. It's on the busy main road with loads of free side parking. Decent enough area and nice house... Found and told house number, all good....

Door opened and there was Michelle. Tbf, she's not bad looking, just a bit well, plain, wife next door... Dressed in black tight dress. All good so far....took shoes off and upstairs we went... As said, it's a nice large house...

Money exchanged and I strip off and weirdly Michelle strips completely naked too...decent enough bod. Slight stretch marks from obvious kids and the shittest bolt on tits I've seen... Absolutely rock solid....nothing to make you run a mile, overall not too bad....

Gets me on my front for a massage, which was shit. And then she started... Talking that is, never fucking shut up... Literally non stop about every sport known to mankind.... I asked if I could have a snog, oh no, I don't kiss... Ahhhh ok.....my fault I suppose, I nearly txt her to ask, but assumed she would...

Over I turned and just straight out with the thickest rubber I've ever seen. Put it on and started an average blow job, couldn't feel a bloody thing. Before getting into 69 I let her suck for a while, and I stroked her and played with those rock hard tits. They were crazy hard, I like real or fake, but these were like bloody boulders. The only good thing was her sweet tasting pussy, got into 69 then turned her round and continued with her on her back....can't imagine  she came, but made out she did, then cowgirl which was shit as there was no rhythm....

Got her in mish and filled the bag.... Then she started yapping again, about brexit and trump....

Left as soon as I could.... Ha ha ha... Overall just a shit going through the motions punt. No kissing, too much talking, average everything....

Should have saved my money... Looks wise she's ok, service wise, poor......not much else to say, I certainly wouldn't recommend or return....

Oh well......

East Midlands / Aroma Sensual Massage Barwell - Laila
« by JayJay43 on March 28, 2017, 04:03:03 PM »
As a regular monthly client at Aroma i usually see Holly but today I decided to try out Their new girl Layla! I went through the usual call in and book(1hour) with the receptionist Sarah and arrived 5minutes before my appointment. I was made a nice cuppa by Sarah and shown to the room, had a quick shower and then Layla entered. She instructed me to lay on the bed face down as she took off all clothing. She was gorgeous with a stunning figure nice little titts and a shaved pussy, she started the massage on my legs and worked her way up my body teasing and feeling her way inbetween my legs and haveing a good feel of the old man and sack. Around half way through she asked me if I would be interested in having a two girl massage so being payday I said yes!!!! She quickly nipped out of the room and re entered with Holly. They asked me to turn over and both massaged the entire front of my body taking it in turns to climb on top and give me the body to body experience, AMAZING! As we came toward the end Layla was straddling me and gave me HR whilst Holly continued to massage me and aloud me to suck her nipples. I came quicker than I have ever in my life and have to say being my first two girl experience I  thoroughly enjoyed it. I paid the  initial £85 for the 1hour body to body and an extra £50 for Holly to join for the last half an hour. First review hope I've included all info

East Midlands / Dirty Kinky Princess - Leicester
« by banburyboy on March 27, 2017, 12:29:39 PM »
She's been in and out of my hotlist a couple of times but I finally got to meet:
https://www.adultwork.com/1998547 or https://www.adultwork.com/Dirty%5FKinky%5FPrincess - and it was well worth the wait.

I'd been hesitating because she's slightly off my regular patch and I'm not really into the specialist services that she also provides - this was a GFE. However, having seen her pictures and chatted a bit on another forum, I knew it was worth the effort. And yep, it certainly turned out to be   :).
Lookswise: the Princess is a big girl - but not in the BBW sense. She's 5'8" (6'2" in heels) and size 16, she plays sport and she's fit (in the sporty sense ... no, actually in both senses). Quite frankly, she could be pretty intimidating if you're not expecting it and I can see why anybody looking for a domme would be attracted. She's also stunningly pretty with amazing blue eyes, lovely blonde hair and some ample curves - 42" bust to die for.....
Personality: Just such fun. She's got an 'off-the-wall' sense of humour, bucket loads of attitude and is very intelligent. She plainly enjoys what she does and is quite clear about why she's doing it. We probably could have chatted all day but there were other things to do.
The action: Soon upstairs to a comfortable, big bed (shower etc available if you want it). Exploring each others' bodies and finding the sensitive bits. Lovely soft and natural tits with nipples that respond quickly and firmly. She gives great oral with lots of eye contact and smiles, deep throat to gagging, hand job in between to keep the action up. Clearly enjoyed the oral on her (tastes lovely) but we needed something more so out came the wand - that worked!
She was quite sensitive afterwards so we took time to calm down. Then she declared she needed 'banging'; who was I to argue? By then I was ready to burst so had to take it slowly - not quite the hard fast fuck she was clearly looking for but it worked for me. She's surprisingly tight but was dripping wet by the end.
Nice gentle clean up, more chat, shower, more chat, shown out ... well happy
Thoughts: I wanted a GFE and I got it but I nowhere near pushed her limits. She's got a wonderfully filthy mind and a body to die for. I suspect she would be up for almost anything - there's always the next time ...

East Midlands / Mini Derby
« by snoopy on March 27, 2017, 07:02:30 AM »

Comms very easy, good English, postcode sent to punterphone.

Location a bit confusing, the flat is down a little alley with the number on a wooden gate. Embarrassing moment when I walked into the house next door.

Flat is tropical, which I like. Door is stuck with all the heat and humidity.

Was hoping for a pretence of a legit massage, but she rattled through the price list straight away.

Massage commenced, very thorough and professional. No oil at the start, but more and more added as we went along. Massage became more and more intimate, lots of attention to the bum, crack, hole and all. She is sat on my legs, knicker crotch in contact with my calves, very nice. More back massage, now her leg is pressing on my crotch and balls. Almost came there...

Turn over, a bit of attention to the shins and thighs, good press on the femoral pressure points. He is soft, semi, what the fuck is he doing. She manages to get him hard with a bit of tickling. "Treat him really gently, he will just come" A tiny bit more stimulation.. aah fuck it.

Time for a shower, Lynx smelly stuff, not so good. Will this oil come off. Towel handed over, sure that was just on the bed. Wipe, scrape, will have to do.

Bye bye will you come again. Out the door, is the neighbour there with a baseball bat. Back to car, have I got a ticket for the permit parking zone. Away away.

East Midlands / Massage for Seniors, Highbury Vale ng5.
« by NervousJimmy on March 26, 2017, 04:58:02 PM »

TOFTT as mentioned in the Nottingham massage thread. I paid £40 for 30 mins. Im not sure why she advertises as this. I'd hardly call myself a senior, she never asked and tbh didn't seem bothered...

Situated in Highbury Vale, tbh I've no idea where that is but it's a short drive from that Chris Vavaria garage, that kind of direction. Lots of on street parking close by. Was a bit of a nightmare as they had closed a road for tree cutting so I got lost, parked up and asked the locals for directions.... :(

Eventually found the place, a brand new build, weirdly amongst a load of terrace houses....said I'd arrived and Sabrina told me to go in.... She knew I was struggling to find it and as I arrived I caught a glimpse of her partner, who must have come outside to see if I had found it. I didn't speak to him and he shot inside never to be seen again...House was clean and spotless.

Sabrina looks just like her pics, she is Polish, met me in a sexy white masseurs white dress and heels. Clearly low cut with bra on show.... I thought she was fairly fit, has a tummy, nothing offensive, and small ish boobs..she comes across as a nice lass...

Upstairs and intto a bedroom converted with massage table. Paid, stripped off and laid on the table...

Decent enough massage, really oily and warm oil, not hard enough for me, but never the less ok... She then stripped off apart from her knickers and jumped on the table and gave a proper b2b...

Over I turned and she rubbed my front and then jumped on for a front b2b. Very sexy, didn't mind me sucking tits impossible not too when they are In Your face...pants kept on, so I didn't try to enter the secret lady garden...

She then gave me what can only be described as the best hand job I've ever had, proper stroking the tip, gently rubbing, before wanking me off to completion...it was seriously really good and very sensual...I'm not sure if anything else is on offer, I didn't ask or try... Although I must admit I wouldn't have minded fucking her in that white outfit...

Offered a shower, which I should have had as I was properly oily..and left..

Overall I thought was great value for £40..

I probably won't go back, but I'd deffo recommend if you fancy a change...

East Midlands / Miss Catriona – Derby (nr Jct25) Tranny
« by Cameron70 on March 26, 2017, 03:06:07 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3491809 or https://www.adultwork.com/MissCatrionaXXX

Well, I like my punts in all shapes, sizes, genders and types, and Catriona is one of the few
girls on AW that I've met twice. Yeah, she's transgender, so if thats not your cup of tea, so
be it. Click elsewhere now.

Many many years back, probably 10-15yr back, met a TGirl on tour in a gangbang photoshoot
so I was still a bit curious. so thought you only live once, so messaged her. Derby is only half
hour up the road. Was reasonable comms but she only works a few nights a week so was a bit
hard going to work on one that I could manage but got there in the end. For purposes of review
clarity, I've met her twice now so will try to make it clear which is which. ;-)

Quite a well-to-do area, residential parking, quiet, so no worries there. She directed me to her flat
by door buzzer and easy enough to find. Pictures are about right, legs up to her armpits. Taller
than me in heels, quite imposing (and quite exciting too). Was pretty nervous TBH but she's
pretty chatty and conversational. First time she chatted away over a cup of tea to find out what I
wanted, second time was a bit more straight to it after we'd sorted the paperwork out. Smart, clean
flat and tidy (i'm a little bit OCD)

She seems to know a guys 'hotspots' more than most women do (which is unnerving but nice) and
she took her time getting me hard, i took a couple of little blue pills which took a while to kick in but
once I was up, oh boy was I up....Very nice OWO, followed by girl on top, and reverse too. Epic view
of her ass bouncing up and nearly finished there and then but had a long time left to hold it in.

I like doggy a lot and she's got a room full of mirrors to watch yourself, so if you're a dirty bugger,
you'll love the view, so I hammered her on all fours for quite a while, felt a right porn star haha! She
wanted me to finish on her face so how the hell could I refuse. Splattered her a load, which went
pretty much everywhere. I think she loved it as much as I did.

The second time I met her was similar to the first but I was curious to 69 her, so whilst she wasn't
overly keen, she soon got into the swing of things. She also introduced me to few unique kinky things
with a leather glove, some bondage rope and a spanking paddle which was just epic! I've never had
a laugh like this on a punt. Different thats for sure!

Took her up on a shower before I left as I was sweating buckets and had a great cooldown cuddle
before going back home.

Yep, she's filthy, yes, she's transgender but heck, I've met females who don't pay that much attention
to her appearance, so if you're curious, like I was, damn...yes! Recommended punt.

East Midlands / Steffifirstclass - Nottingham (Mapperley)
« by Cameron70 on March 26, 2017, 02:39:19 PM »
Am new to the site, so this review is a bit old but she's still working i see...

https://www.adultwork.com/2354258 or https://www.adultwork.com/stefffirstclass

Had a day off work just before Xmas, so thought i'd do some shopping with a punt afterwards.
so arranged via AW a few days before, and got her mobile number, booked for 5pm. Very easy
and pleasant to talk to briefly, gave me her postcode so i knew where I was going. Was an
address in Mapperley so not far from town.

Was rather late to arrive as I got stuck up in traffic but was understanding even though I was
about 20mins late eventually. Parking was tricky, its a busy road so some planning ahead might
be of use with surrounding streets. Homework required there. Found her place in the dark allright,
and was greeted at the door with her in not that much more than a nightgown. As it was my first
punt with her, just booked 30 mins for £50.

Her AW pics didn't show her face but not disappointed at all, incredibly attractive, and body just as
she is in the photos. Slim without being skinny, i'd say size 10, quite tall in heels, long blonde hair
as per the photos and the rooms you see are the ones she works from. Very clean, very tidy indeed
as i'm a bit picky about that, quite a girly bedroom, cosy and smart. Sorted out the paperwork...

She wasn't hugely talkative, so I requested a sloppy BJ which was slow and really fantastic and kept
good eye contact which worked well. Asked her to flip around for 69 so I could enjoy the sight of her
ass and pussy and she does have an ass to really enjoy. Not too small, not skinny, just about right
and the same with her tits. Not fake, not tiny, just about proportional and natural. Yummy indeed.

Only so much you can squeeze into a half hour punt. So she brought me a bit close and her profile did
say her cowgirl is good, so took her up on that and enjoyed the view of her tits bouncing and hair
flying around too for quite a while. I just had to finish her off doggystyle and she did make quite a noise
eventually as I was quite hard and rough in the end...

Time flies when you're having fun, have always planned to go back and repeat sometime but have never
managed to get myself sorted so would recommend her absolutely indeed.  For £100ph, she's good value
as i've paid more and got a lot less.

East Midlands / BeckyXXX (Thai) - Nottingham NG1
« by Iloveoral on March 26, 2017, 12:19:43 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3718621 or https://www.adultwork.com/BeckyXXX%2E

Gave her a call as per usual to request a short notice 30 min meet was told to problem, as usual I made a fuss on the phone to state "I only want to see....." was told 100% Becky.

Location was the Ropewalk flat as previously met Angry Angel  :D

Glad to see Becky hid behind the door, pretty girl, small though with smaller boobs than the photos on her profile suggest, the photo shop guy is getting better these days I'd say.

£70 paid for 30 mins

We start with kissing, tongues yes but deep no sadly, she reaches down for a play with my cock whilst kissing and it's a good start, I too have a reach for the pussy, I'm told no fingers inside please.

On to the bed, she goes south and the owo is great, she later returns for a bit of kissing and I ask her to sit on my face which was nice, tasty and clean though as Roger mentioned from his tour here there's a lingering taste of johnnys.

Welly on and she's riding me, seemed a bit big for her judging by her face and they way she was trying ride only half deep, thinking she was struggling I helped with the depth  :D
5 mins later she says do you want to go on top? I reply you've had enough haven't you, she grins and gets off.

Mish, doggy and then what I've learnt is called prone bone, I then ask about anal and she says I'm too big, I promise to be very very very careful (that old chestnut again  :lol: )and she says ok haha
Now her ass is pretty tight I won't lie and she clearly isn't enjoying so I drop it back down a hole and pound for the finish line asking about cim, she says no problem.
Spin her over and wank it into her gob with a loud scream (warning heavy load)

Very much enjoyed myself.

She returns smelling of mouthwash after the traditional retching to clean her throat.

I ask for a 5 minute shoulder rub as my necks stiff full of knots, would also mention her massage is good!!

To sum it up:
Great girl, pretty, enthusiast, took it in the ass to please even when she wasn't really down with the idea, great owo, great eyes and eye contact!!

Niggles: kissing could have been deeper, tits aren't as big as aw photos make you believe but real and nice, I should have booked longer.

Would recommend
Will revisit

East Midlands / Lilly Thai massage Derby
« by Hugo Victor on March 25, 2017, 04:50:05 PM »

This was these second time I have been for a massage from Lilly.
The first time, I only had a massage which was £40, for an hour.  I did not have hand relief, but regretted it after.

I booked with Lily at 2pm (Saturday 25 March).  She speak OK English, a lot better than most Thai girls.  Easy to book.

She has a nice apartment that is discreet and tidy and in Chester Green,Derby.  Opening and shutting the door is always difficult for her, so please be a gentleman and do it for her.

I was surprised that I was her first customer on that day.  Surprised becasue she is deffo one of the best masseur around. 

When I got inside it was really hot and asked if she could turnd down the heat, which she happily obliged.  Lily is full of smiles, polite and very sweet.
Her look are ok, her face is decent, her body is awesome.
She is half Thai and half Chinese, but brought up in Singapore.

I paid for an hour massage and hand relief, which is £60.  £40 for massageand £20 for HR.  For her to be naked it is an extra £30, which I declined.

Her massage, like I said is one of the best, she can combine it to how you like it.  Thai, oil, relaxing,erotic. 
What I like best about her and find really sexy is when I am on my front and she is massaging my legs and bottom, she gently rubs her pussy against the heal of my foot.  A real turn on.
You can feel her soft legs and her hands really are magic.

Now, I am not a big fan of hand relief, but hers was the best I have ever had.
After the massage,she lay next to me and started playing with my cock.  She had been erotically building up to it.  She has a great technique and whilst I played with her breasts and firm ass, she massaged my cock, with her lovely hands.
I have never seen so much cum!  It was so great, I felt empty!
Never felt like that ever!

Sadly she is going away on Monday and may not be back for two months.  IF you can get to see her on Sunday, she will take away your aches and pains.  She is really good. 

Thought I will leave a short review to warn other punters.

I saw a positive review previously here on thai massage and thought will give a try.

I was horny and Leicester seems to me to be a very dry place when it comes to good massage places or escorts are concerned. Went to this place and she works in a house with couple of other thai women. 


When I visited she opened the door. Lucy is a young unattractive girl with huge tits. Her face was not at all attractive and she was wearing a dirty frock. Unfortunately, I rarely find thai girls attractive or may be I am meeting all the wrong ones. However, I must say she was nice and friendly during the meet.

I went for 30 mins @ 60 pounds. The massage was nice and she is a good masseuse. She then undressed and was rubbing her boobs and was making noises. Anyways, then I turned around and then she immediately went for my cock and started giving hand job and with difficulty I came and that was it. I was not having much fun to be honest and this may be because I did not find her attractive and probably should have walked away.

I gave a negative because it was not value for money.

I should have just gone for a massage for 1 hour for 40 pounds instead. I usually prefer seeing pics when visiting girls so I made a mistake heading there without looking at any pics first since she does not send pics on phones or emails it seems.  :hi:

East Midlands / Ava Summers - Nottingham...ish!!
« by xllent on March 25, 2017, 01:04:03 AM »
Well decided to pay Ava a visit on a trip back to the UK last week. She had been on my hotlist for a while but had never been able to meet up due to lack of matching availability. Eventually managed to sort something last week when she was staying at a hotel near Jct 25 of the M1.

£150 for an hour

Comms - excellent, texts responded to promptly and completely engaging.

Location - nice hotel, nice room and great directions to the room.

Appearance - well...just lovely. A little curvier than I was expecting but sexy as hell, huge boobs and a lovely look about her. Huge boobs, silky soft skin and not a hair on her body (apart from where headed).

The meet - well, not got long as I have an early start and I need to complete this before I travel tomorrow. To say she is just outstanding would be an understatement, incredibly enthusiastic OWO, shit loads of spit and enthusiasm. Not as deep as I would like but she is enthusiastic!! Spit and wanking galore!!

A bit of 69 and she has a sweet tasting pussy, she seemed to love it as she was soaking wet throughout. Then on with the coat and she rose me like a grand national jockey whilst I sucked her banging tits.

Flipped her over and then changed to mish...she took a proper fuckingbg and then my full load on her tits!!!!!! OMFG!!

I will be back for sure!!

East Midlands / Joy2day Of Nottingham
« by cock custard on March 25, 2017, 12:46:34 AM »
I was a bit disappointed with the 30 minute punt for 85 quid.
Met her at a house she occasionally uses between derby and Notts. The house stunk of wet dog which put me off straight away.
She has a cracking figure, and huge firm tits, but wore next to fuck all make up and looked really plane.
Started groping each other straight away but there was know French kissing at all, couldn't smell any perfume just wet dog. Haha. She soon had my Cock in her mouth and between her tits, no deep throat but good technique, I returned with some reverse oral and finger blasting till she came,  her pussy was very clean. Then on with the jonny for some shagging. Filled the bag, cleaned up and chatted for a bit. Paid my money and left thinking that wasn't good value.
Would I return? No.

East Midlands / Annette - Viva St Northampton
« by Jaymes on March 24, 2017, 02:58:41 PM »

Good com's with the girl. Checked what she did and didn't do. Lots of extra charges (though anal was on offer that she didn't advertise), checked that she would FK. "Yes of course".  Went for it on a whim.
Met at the door by an 20 ish girl, looked tired/bedraggled. Tight jeans and t hiding an exceptional young body.
Went upstairs, handed over money, she stripped to reveal a 9/10 body (if you like young/skinny look). "Let's kiss" - "I don't kiss" - "Money back please" and left.

Why do they bother...

East Midlands / Lee-louxxx - Leicester LE3
« by eastmidsperson on March 24, 2017, 03:18:28 AM »
Saw her a couple of times now looking forward to the next time though.

I'd say the pictures if anything are understated.

I had a fantastic time £140 was about right, she has a fantastic pair of boobs and If you are lucky and she is wearing the right bra (quarter cup) they look sensational.

I got a full gfe each of the 3 times I have seen her to date. Both deep throat, cim and swallow was available which tbf is rare for a lot of girls on aw. On the third booking I had with Louise anal was tight at the start but with some patience and tender care I'm fairly sure she loved it.

The cum in mouth she offers is amongst the best I have had in over 10 years and the service she offers for the price is well worth the time.

Will add aw links when I'm next on via laptop.

East Midlands / Chiang Mai Thai Massage
« by Bigbadgeorge on March 23, 2017, 03:23:24 PM »
It's  not very often I do a reveiw but just recently they all seem to be nagative.

Chiang Mai is on Babibgton Lane near Derby city centre. Is actually a Thai shop which sells gifts and ornaments with the massage rooms down stairs. It all seems a bit odd when you first walk in.
Anyway, I paid £40 for a one hour oil massage without seeing any of the girls. Next a girl in her late 20's with blond hair came to show me down the stairs. She wasn't Thai but English but she did have a very good body, well what I could see of it in her jeans and T-shirt.

I was shown into a very small room with a massage table and a coat rack to hang my clothes and left to change. I'm afraid I can't remember the name of the girl but when she returned, she went through what she did and the prices. She actually wanted an extra £70 just for a nude massage with happy ending! When I told her that I normally pay an additional £40 for body to body with hand relief, she seemed surprised and didn't even know what body to body was. I know I should have left then but I'd already paid £40 to the chap upstairs.

We settled on £55 and she would attempt body to body. The massage was good as Thai massage go but not very erotic and none of your traditional swipes between the legs. Very little oil was used and when it came to the body to body, I'm afraid she had no idea and just sat on my back and rubbed her arse up and down. I didn't even have a semi when I turned over as it was that uninspiring. She then gave a couple of stokes on each leg and a couple of knee bends before dumping a load of oil on my cock and balls. She them vigorously massage my balls (so much so, she actually hurt me) whilst playing with my cock. There was nothing sexual about it. I eventually came and she left the room to get a bowl of warm water and a cloth to wipe me down.

Would I return again? No way, not for nearly £100 and for someone that had no idea when it came to an erotic massage and had no interest in what she was doing.


East Midlands / Paige x, In Call, Derby - sensual GFE
« by MikeTheBike on March 23, 2017, 05:42:13 AM »
Paige, In-call, Derby
Sensual GFE
In response to TheNewSeeker’s request, I promised to provide a new review for Paige to help other members decide. 
So as I mentioned before, Paige has been a regular over the last few years so I want to keep this as objective as possible and try to avoid any accusations of “fluffiness”.  Clearly I have found Paige’s looks, personality, services and prices meet my requirements.  I will expand on them further below based on my last meeting with her (1hour meet - £130).
Paige’s photos, ‘likes’ and her physical description on her AW profile are all accurate and I would judge her stated age (28) to be also.  I would best describe her facially as a pretty blonde with lovely eyes (especially while looking up at you while on her knees) who has a warm and welcoming personality (I recall thinking this at our first meeting and this has been consistent since). As mentioned on this thread earlier, Paige has done Fake Taxi so it is possible to see what she looks like for yourself.
Comms and Location
Paige’s comms are pretty good. The appointment was made by text and I received her reply within a couple of hours (on some occasions in the past it has been next day).  The venue for an in call is her clean and modern apartment about 5 mins drive from J25 M1 which is in a nice safe location with good free parking nearby. I was offered the opportunity to shower (declined as I had showed 30mins before) and refreshment.
The Meeting
I arrived a few minutes early and was let in immediately. Paige greets me, dressed as requested in high heels and a lovely see through beach wrap showing some rather sexy lingerie,  with a lovely smile, a kiss and a slight admonishment (“it’s been ages, it’s sooo good to see you again) – all very good for the ego.
So a bit of chat and paperwork out of the way and we start with some sensual kissing and touching; then Paige pulls me back towards the wall.  I know what she wants, so I take both her hands in one of mine and pin them above her head to the wall. It’s lovely to see and hear Paige’s response to this. My free hand is teasing her, caressing her thigh, brushing her nipple and kissing her neck. Then I firmly turn her around, hands still pinned. I know she can feel my erection through my trousers and she duly pushes back into me. The touching becomes a little more intimate and Paige’s moans more obvious. So it’s time to turn her back around. I run my free hand up her thigh, slipping the crotch to one side and insert my finger. It’s so moist and Paige is utterly ready to do what I command.
We undress and Paige sinks to her knees giving my erection her undivided attention apart from to look up at me with those blue eyes.  Her oral skills are very good and a sloppy BJ is just what I need; however it’s far too soon for me so I move her onto the bed and start to give her oral. She’s close but I’m not quite closing the ‘deal’; a change of tactics required so I kneel between her legs and insert a finger and command Paige to stimulate her own clitoris. After a couple of minutes Paige requests my cock inside her. Who am I to argue?  So on with the condom and we resume the position. Watching her bring herself to an orgasm with my cock deep inside her is delightful.
More sex - missionary, cowgirl and then doggy. This is Paige’s preferred position and she readily cums again. Back to missionary and I finish deep inside her filling the condom with my own cum.
Time is up (actually we have gone over the hour); Paige does not clock watch but I appreciate her time is her own so we chat for a little while I get dressed and one final lingering kiss by the door before I leave.
In Summary
Paige’s AW profile says she wants sensual men and offers a realistic GFE and this is exactly what you get.  She can be sensual, compliant, demanding, submissive, likes role play and she knows what I enjoy.  I believe variation keeps things fresh and Paige has enough variation to keep me coming back for more.
So chaps, I do recommend Paige to anyone who has a similar ‘likes’ to my own.  Go see her and I very much doubt you will be disappointed.

East Midlands / Jessy.bm - Leicester
« by ElectroPop on March 22, 2017, 12:02:03 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3492672 or https://www.adultwork.com/Jessy%2Ebm

Central Leicester. Residencial area, had no difficulties with my big white van.

Very professional and easy going. Polite, focused.

Services used and/or offered
1/2 hour for £40. Massage, oral and sex. I declined the massage, asked if I could instead request her to wear a dress. She did not hesitate.

Appears 24-26. Size 6, petite. Soft, hydrated, nourished skin with a nice fragrance. Proportional to her size are her medium-to small breaths, not too small, well shaped. Petite girls usually have smaller titties while I believe most men fancy larger. She looks healthy although below average weight. Fits my preferences 100%. Her small bum reminds me a civvie I used to date that lied to me her age being 17 instead of 18.

To me its a 7-8. As others mentioned she is not photogenic. Luckily for us she shares her face pic so we do not expect someone with the looks of roadkill to open the door. Too many pics over rate the SP, this one under rates.
Be prepared to be surprised as she looks prettier and younger. Nice make up, not of a bimbo. I would not hesitate taking someone like this to a posh golf club or to the Isle of Wight.

Personality and Nationality
Polite, professional, uncomplicated, humble Romanian girl. If there is prejudice against her nationality, she is far above that and to rate her based on it its simply wrong to me.
I would hire her as an employee or PA or customer support and might not be disappointed.

The room and facilities
Clean, warm (warmer then expected). Very comfortable. Simple but not querky.

Time Keeping
Not rushed, but alerted when close to end.

The experience
From the minute she opened the door, I could not help my self to feel overwhelmed that she looked better than what I was expecting. I kept telling her how pretty she was and actually if I did it more she could fear me to become a pervy stalker!
I asked if I could undress her myself.
For the record, I dont have blue balls but missed a chance to feel, touch and undress a new face, kind of a "Friends with benefits experience".

As for the punt, if someone could complain is Jess. I was very tired from a long day and was distracted looking at her, playing with her nipples. This was a bonus feature as I am a confessed inverted nipples lover.

We switched positions and she accepted every single change I wanted. As I tried to flip her, she would simply ask me what I wanted so she could accommodate my wishes. That was very considerate and professional from her.

I came "just because" but I could just not do it and feel very pleased with the experience of grabbing, kissing, smelling such a pretty girl. Next time I will consider the extra £10 for kissing.

Price, Petite, pretty (beautiful to my eyes). Not a bimbo personality. Not a bimbo make up.
Value for money is amazingly kind.

Opportunities for improvement
I could barely feel her oral but could see she was committed and doing a good job. Maybe condom was too cheap or thick. Next time I bring my own, more expensive for ensuring a better experience.
She feels like a real young GF or Friend with Benefit, i.e. sexually not too experienced, passive. This is not an issue for me and could be classified as neutral but for others could be less appealing.

I think Jess has already several positive reviews but she would deserve this one too. I had several frustrating punts the last couple of years and was happy to have this nice experience. Notice I am more for looks and body then for sex as I am becoming a old grumpy dude and am happy in the bed with my own civvie arrangements.

I plan to return. If I could afford a sugarbabe, she would be on a short list.

Arranged to have a duo with Cock Magnet and her friend. On arrival her friend was not there and would take a while to arrive but when she rang her it kept going though to voicemail.

I then wanted to leave and I was threatened that she would get the people in the other room to "sort things out". Didn't want the hassle so handed over 80 quid for a blowjob. She didn't even have condoms as she was waiting for her friend to bring them.


East Midlands / Lift up my skirt and insert - Northampton
« by junky on March 21, 2017, 07:51:18 PM »
I went to see this girl last night:


I've seen this girls profile on the "other" website a few times over the last few months but never got round to seeing her. since Northampton has been dead for the last few months so i decided to give her a go.

She is working from a small flat in the town centre. parking outside the flat was permit holders only so i had to park on the street around the corner and walk round. The room she lead me into was pretty much bare. she had a sofa in the room that shes using for work because shes apparently waiting for her friend to deliver her bed to her.

The girl is just like the pictures. although i will say she looks thinner in person. shes a leggy size 6/8 and thin, but not a skin and bone thin.

as for the meet itself, she was no clock watcher and was willing to try some of what i asked her for. oral was good, sex was good and she was willing to try different positions.

I stayed for half hour but managed to "pop my load" a little to early. i was a little embarrassed because i usually last a lot longer. she was ok with it though and didnt make me feel uncomfortable about it. but the thing that surprised me the most is that i suggested we fill the rest of the time with a little more sex. she was just like ok, its your time.  i was really surprised by this because most working girls say you can cum once then thats it in half hour meet. so i had another go and managed to last a bit longer. i think we went a little over time by about 10 minuets but she didnt seem to mind

overall it was a fairly good punt and i plan to return this weekend.


East Midlands / Jessica VIP Call Girls, Nottingham
« by Hp149 on March 21, 2017, 02:14:35 AM »
Went for a late night punt have used vip in the past some good punts some bad, but this girl topped the lot I have to say the worst punt I have ever had!
Before I paid the cash I asked if she provided owo to which she replied maybe so I decided to take a risk.
Then I went down on her whilst which she was using her phone and when I asked for a bj she asked whether  I had std!  When it came to do the deed she complained that she was too tight and it hurts in the end she asked me how long till you you finish. I would tell everyone to avoid at all cost.

East Midlands / Veronica, Nottingham - TOFTT
« by Hugo Victor on March 20, 2017, 10:59:50 PM »

I was undecided about giving this a positive or neutral.  I went with positive, because it was for me (may not be for others) and at £70 for an hour (actually went over 20 mins), it was a bargain!  :cool:

I've not been well for a few weeks and could not be bothered with full throttle sex!  Thought I would go for an easy option.  :yahoo:

Communication was excellent, all done via text, except for when I arrived on her street, I called her to get the number of the house.  She told me from the start that she only gave massage and OWO or HR.  Also that she would be naked and I could touch her anywhere.
Veronica is a Polish lady who speak good English, even though she has only been here for a year.  An intelligent woman who was an economist in her homeland. 

Veronica is a very attractive woman.  Beautiful sparkling green eyes and beautiful gleeming smile.  Came to the door in a very sexy nurse outfit, which was sexy and naughty.  Greeted with a big friendly smile.
From first expressions, I could see she was a very polite and welcoming lady.
She has enhanced breasts, an athletic figure, lovely bum and a tanned body.
She said she was 27 years old, and I think she is.

One thing that impressed me was that she put her phone on silent, so that she would not be disturbed.  I could also see she was talkative and new to this work.

Handed over the cash and she returned promptly, even before I got undressed (unlike many other WG's).
Got on the bed and she started massaging, she took her clothes off, but kept her nickers on.  Massage was ok, not the best, but I've had some amazing massages and you really can't beat the Thai ladies.  Not the best, but definitely not the worst. 
After about ten mins, maybe she got bored lol and said turn over and look at me. Asked me to touch her and play with her.  Her breasts are enhanced, they look amazing.  It was the first time I had touched fake breasts, they felt pretty normal.  I am not normally attracted to enhanced breasts, but hers were lovely.  I started to rub her pussy and she liked it.  Slipped my hand inside, whilst i sucked on her nipples.
I could feel her pussy getting wetter.
She slipped off her knickers and revealed a lovely pussy, slipped a condom on me and started sucking.  Now, I am not the biggest fan of oral, especially with a condom on, but she was doing an OK job.  She asked me to rub her pussy in a particular way, that she was very sensitive there and comes very easily.
after a while of sucking my cock and me rubbing her pussy, whilst she groaned. I wondered if it was a bit fake, but I am not sure.  As I rubbed her pussy, it was becoming more and more wet.  She slipped off my condom and started giving me a hand job, the more I rubbed her pussy, the more tighter she rubbed my cock, she actually dug her nails into me at one stage!
I finally came, and she cleaned me up.

Had lots of time left, so she continued with massage.  We really hit it off and had a great chat about lots of different things and lost track of time.  It was me who asked about the time.  And she said, oh, we have run over, but it is fine, I dont mind.  At one stage she asked if she could be my girlfriend, but form the expression on my face, she quickly said she is joking lol.  She would make a great girlfriend.

To wrap it up, not the best massage or oral I have had.  But, very attractive girl, wonderful personality and a bargain at £70 for an hour.

She is all new to this and I am sure if I saw her again, we would have sex, or I might even give her oral. I did not, because I did not feel well.
Very innocent and intelligent.  Treat her like a lady and you will get your reward.

East Midlands / Thai Massage Burton
« by ValleyMan73 on March 20, 2017, 10:12:45 PM »

Visited this place tonight, rang and spoke to an English woman and asked who was working. From recent reviews I asked for Johanna, she seems to give HR.

Was told who was on and went for an English girl called Stacey as I was told she gives a sensual service like Johanna.

£40 paid on entry, £20 in the room.

Decent place, small room but adequate. Comfy massage table.

Stacey, a quiet 20 something curvy woman. Nice massage technique, a tad to firm for me but she softened when asked. Some nice sensual touches when reaching under soon had me hard.

When I flipped over she took off her bra and released a large pair of breasts. What follows was a great sensual massage and teasing of my cock, absolutely lovely!!

Cleaned up and left.

Stacey is a lovely girl, not a looker in any stretch of the imagination, but she gives a brilliant sensual service.

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