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East Midlands / Secretary 4 U
« by thelizard on Today at 11:25:49 pm »

Strange one this, spent an hour with her and never actually had sex, good looking tall and slim ex-model, talks a lot but very friendly, almost seems shy, I suspect she spends more time web camming than fucking, Anyway nice small flat near Chesterfield safe parking met me at the door in tight skirt and blouse, bit of roleplay as per her site and onto the bed, more talk some casual groping more talk, bit of face sitting and a hand job, but never got to probe anywhere, lots more talk, she knows a lot about motors, very pleasant girl but looking back £150 to sit on a bed with the Stig in make up ain't great value for money. Would I see her again? probably not. Maybe it was me, but it was a weird experience. 

I've reviewed this place before but the thread is too long. It's never the girl in the picture. I was amazed that the girl really was a pretty Thai girl in her mid twenties.

£90/hr plus extra £10 for OWO sex RO (only recently worked out what that means)  no CIM.
She's over from Birmingham until Sunday or Monday. I don't know if she's returning or moving to the apartment block off Alfreton Rd where I recently saw Lucy and Angel (not Japanese Ha!).
Please forgive me as I want to capture this state of punting bliss. After a few pleasantries I asked her to lie down on the bed so that I could lick her shaved pussy. After getting her in the mood we switched to 69 for ten minutes where she mimicking what I was doing, slow licking and kissing. She licked my shaft up and down, sucked on my bell end whilst she tickled and teased my balls and nether regions with her nails. She lightly teased my cock with her nails quite often as it turns out that she believes that her speciality is oily HE with nails etc. She asked me if I wanted this a couple of times and I replied maybe later. I wanted to make her come so asked her to lie down as I did my thing up her arse and pussy. I was surprised that I ended up with three fingers deep inside her as I lapped her clit. I was even more surprised that she wiggled her bum in appreciation as I slid my index finger up her arse deeper and deeper, past two knuckles. I explored the inside of her rectum. It was almost as big a cavity as the inside of Candy's (Kimmie's little sis). This took up a long time and I got neck ache, jaw ache, and I had to switch position several times because of discomfort and ended up on my knees, my hands raising her lower body up to my face burrowing into her until she finally came and I dropped her with a thud onto the mattress. Phew!  I was sweating and momentarily felt sorry for these hard working Thai girls that provide continuous sex seven days a week to over a thousand punters a year with a smile and without complaint.
I lay down and she sucked me hard put on a rubber johnny and started to fuck me. Her style with my cock fully in, no in out in out, just a sort of groin grinding thing with her eyes apparently rolling back so I could only see the off-whites of her eyes. This reminded me of David Bowie in The Man Who Fell To Earth so I withdrew for a half-arsed snogging session.
40 mins had passed.  Her hands wandered down and she started to wank me onto the outside of her pussy and crotch which I found very sexy whilst continuing to kiss her ears, neck and black nipples. She again offered an oily handjob but I said blowjob and she laughed and reminded me not to come inside her mouth.
I affectionately guided her to wank me off with her mouth over my bell end. She added to my suggestion by using her nails on my balls again. I lay back and sighed at the perfect moment that I was within. The perfect moment to die as I was literally out of Time. I politely signalled my intentions and she changed hands to finish the job off.  A lovely moment as she rested her head on my shoulder and continued to toy with me. "Not much!"  she observed as she wiped up my ejaculate. It's the third punt this week I said to myself.
Lilly helped me to dress and I couldn't help staring deeply into her eyes and I asked myself what is it that I'm really looking for?

East Midlands / Elle Spangles Nottingham
« by Itsnotshy on Today at 05:47:59 pm »
Sorry for lack of website link but I am almost computer illiterate and can't be arsed to figure out how to copy and paste.Hopefully someone will help out with a link.
Anyhow back to the business in hand,Spangle is easy to find on the main Derby road,near the Queens medical centre,look out for the large sign above the shops.Entrance is at the rear of shops,nice and discrete.
Have been a number of times before and frankly never had a bad punt they vary from the OK to excellent,plus they will make you a cup of tea,which is nice.
Decided to see Elle this time,friendly girl,I would estimate in her 30's with a kick ass body.£15 door fee plus £60 in the room for GFE.
Nice massage with lots of tickling of the bollocks,she has very good hands,before some of the best OWO I have ever had.Elle really knows how to give head :)Then on with the condom for missionary,good eye contact,and no condom droop,which can be a problem with me,I'm getting a bit old now :)Finished off with excellent hand job :)
Anyway I had a good time,'nuff said :)


£130 45 mins Incall

Victoria's house is situated on the main high street in Lutterworth.Parking is available nearby on the side streets. Booked in by calling reception and specifically asking for Georgia. £20 door fee for 45 mins, paid and went upstairs into waiting area. A few seats with drinks and a tv, doors around you of the rooms.

I made myself a drink and had a seat. I then could hear the heels coming up the stairs and I was left speechless when I seen her. She is an English girl from down south, facially a 9/10 body 10/10

We shook hands and a peck on the cheeks and into one of the rooms. There was a bit of chit chat before she asked me what I wanted, it was 110 for full gfe with two pops. Had a massage with a choice of oil or powder and when turned over got her naked and she has nice tits, probably enhanced but soft. Sucked on them, plenty of kissing (no tongues), switched to 69 (tastes lovely) Her owo was good but couldn't take the full load as I was a bit big for her.  Sex was fantastic, mish to start with then doggy but I had to remove her condom and put my own on as hers was too tight, she was more than happy for me to do this. Then doggy again, cowgirl and more mish before more 69, fingers her while she wanked me over her tits. Through out there was pauses for kissing and more 69 and then back to sex. I didn't get to do two pops as she drained me plus our time was up.  She wiped me up and gave me tissues, she did ask me if I wanted to use the shower but declined.

Good punt, fantastic girl, expensive

East Midlands / Lizzylicious
« by thelizard on Yesterday at 11:22:10 pm »
Awesome, great girl you feel like you've known her for years, she is so friendly and incredibly attractive, safe house and clean, Lizzie met me at the door bang on time looking fabulous, short black dress and small white panties, I watched her go up the stairs and thought I'd won the lottery- although actually I had won the lottery anyway by a complete co-incidence. Lizzie is about as good as it gets for a punt, she looks amazing smells amazing and is as friendly and genuine as it's possible to be, started off with DFK and I had a problem getting hard that day due to medicinal issues, however that didn't stop us both having a great time, I spent a long time with her beautiful bottom sat right on my face and she reciprocated with the semi hard chap I had dragged to the party, she brought me to a happy ending and all was well with the world. I would return to see her anytime, she's gorgeous both physically and personally.

East Midlands / AlishaRydes - Grantham area
« by Corky on January 17, 2017, 11:29:13 pm »

Logistics: booking and communication;
Straightforward. Prompt response to emails. Easy to communicate with provided you have feedback.

Easy to find with sat nav. Can park close by. Location was discrete.

I would say early 50's. Decent enough body for a 50 year old. I would say photo's on profile are accurate, maybe a couple of years old. Don't expect the body of a 20 year old.

Services used and the price paid
£150 for the hour. Some will say that is a little steep. Definitely genuinely enjoys what she does. Very friendly and enthusiastic. It was g/f experience so kissing was included. Oral without, and this was very good. She certainly knows how to give a god blow job.

The sex was good, she particularly enjoys being on top. She is a porn star and does know how to please.

I would return if in the area.

I would definitely recommend if you were looking for a lady in her age range.

East Midlands / Sala Thai Leicester
« by goodolnick on January 17, 2017, 11:17:39 pm »

Feeling the need for FBSM and took the risk of fulfilling this at Sala Thai.

I had been there a few times over the years and have had pretty mixed experiences ranging from plain awful to very nice indeed...

Not off to the best of starts with an unfriendly greeting from middle aged Thai woman who did not take her eyes off the film she was watching on her lap top.

Asked to meet her friend who turned out to be called Ning and was probably nearer 50 than 40 but kind of cute with a nice top half and friendly disposition. Paid £35 for an hour massage which was good enough. I then extended it to 2 hours and paid £30 for HE with her tits exposed and open for play.  She did not object to me feeling her pussy through her leggings and actually showed signs of enjoying the touch.

Fair to middling overall experience with a kind and pleasant middle aged woman.

Will only return if I can't think of anywhere better in the locality!

East Midlands / Spanish Daisy (in Leicester)?
« by Skills on January 17, 2017, 03:52:52 pm »
https://www.adultwork.com/3425434 or https://www.adultwork.com/+SexyDiana
[Link added by admin]

Sorry: I saw her on the weekend but I cannot find her AW profile. She's from Tenerife.

I'll use numbered points for brevity

1. flat was very nice, clean and homely; mirror next to bed if you like that sort of thing;

2. doesn't speak much English; arranged by text;

3. real face is not much like profile pics., uglier / older (previous feedback on this point were accurate);

4. massive tits; if that's your thing you won't be disappointed;

5. agreed OWO by text but refused when 'in action';

6. no fingering despite previous comments saying she likes this;

7. the usual mechanical, why do I bother punting type sex;

8. may have seen another punter on the way out.

Maybe I wasn't her type as past feedback was fairly positive.

East Midlands / Thai sexy - Loughborough
« by jaylad on January 17, 2017, 12:15:35 pm »

Thai sexy bird

I have a liking for thai birds and orientals so i toftt and made a booking with this wg.

No feedback but photos and phone number

Contact via phone and confirmed time and hh at 60 full service.

Arrived and parked up and directed to her flat/house

Èntrance is discreet rear entry down some steps.

Went into room. Offered drink and shower but declined as had already showered before.

Paperwork sorted and i started to undress. She came back wearing a nice matching undie set.

Id say shes early to middle 30's. Size 12

Nice tits and a lovely shaven fanny.

She groped me liked my nipples and onto the bed we went .

From here i had an amazing time. Went down on that shaven fanny and she was soon squirming round.

Love a bit of ass play on me. And she obliged.

Fucked ger in mish and legs over her for a deep fucking which i loved

Finished blowing all over her little titties

Would i return yes

Would i recommend. Yes

East Midlands / Tolly (the best)
« by SCOOBYDOO1 on January 16, 2017, 09:45:18 am »

Date:  12 Jan
Cost:   £40 plus £10 for licking
Venue: Leicester, safe residential road same house as Jessy BM
Looks:  Nice best feature are her tits

Overall:  7/10

On way home from work and the horny munchies took over once I was on Narborough Road.  Quick text and within 20 mins I was sat on Tolly's bed cock out and ready to go.  She came in dressed in a nice bra and pantie set.  Immediately went to stroke my now very hard cock and looked me in the eyes and said lick me baby........ sounds like a line from a 70's porno.....anyway didn't refuse and gave her a good tonguing which she seemed to like.   Onto oral and then fucking her on top and doggy.  It was an OK session and sorted me out, I did sit in the car after and wonder if I was wasting my money on small quick punts and should go for a more quality girl................... she made all the right noises but I did think that the foot fall due to the low prices is probably quite high.

If you're horny and need a quickie well worth the money.

East Midlands / Xlounge leicester - Nina
« by strongbow on January 14, 2017, 02:13:42 pm »
Was in Leicester and decided to give the xlounge a visit...
Walked in with no problems saw the owner then you sit behind a curtain as the girls come and say hello
Picked nina and went up into a nice set out room with mirrors and good size bed
Nina very attractive blonde mid twenties some nice touching and teasing and sucking breasts before some decent OW Then into two positions of penetration ..all in all a good experience will go again when in the area ..
£50 for 30 mins a nice gfe.

http://www.x-lounge.co.uk/page18.htm (Nina - though note, page may link to a different girl in future)
[Link added by admin]

East Midlands / Aroma Sensual Massage Barwell Leicester
« by JayJay43 on January 13, 2017, 03:59:32 pm »
After reading the other reviews I decided to book in at Aroma. I called and spoke to Claire who I am told is the owner, very pleasant on the phone and when I arrived she was also very pleasing on the eye. I was informed as I arrived that they now have two girls on per day and I could choose between the two! Claire took me through to a very nice dimly lit room where she put on the shower for me and told me the girls would come in and greet me and then leave so I could tell her my choice. First girl to enter was the lovely Holly true to her website pics long blonde hair wearing a pink uniform and black stockings, she introduced herself asked if I had been before and gave me a hug before leaving. Then entered their newby Crystal and wow!!! Very sexy indeed. It was an easy pick for me and when Claire returned I told her that I wanted Crystal. I had a quick shower and when I got out she was in the room wearing nothing but her stockings. As I lay on the bed face down she began to give me a sensual massage including running her fingers over my balls. When she turned me over she continued to give me an amazing experience touching her self and revealing a hidden piercing. I was aloud to touch her but was told it is to the individual girls discretion wether they allow you to do more but sex and oral to a client is a no no. Her teasing continued and led to the inevitable HR which I enjoyed very much. Once we were done I had another quick shower and then Crystal showed me out with a polite kiss on the cheek and hope to see you again soon. All in all a great experience and I will certainly be returning to try out the other girl available.

East Midlands / LEXIE..XX - Chesterfield / Dronfield
« by demonic on January 13, 2017, 03:27:15 pm »
Ok, I should have written this review a couple of months ago however never got around to it. I did however post some lines indicating that I would not recommend. Here goes.

I had seen Lexie's profile however was slightly worried re the lack of feedback. I tried to arrange a meet via AW booking about a month earlier however Lexie did not reply until after the suggested day. About a month later I saw that she was available on the day, spoke to her and then had a confirmed AW booking.

https://www.adultwork.com/3649750 or https://www.adultwork.com/LEXIE%2E%2EXX


Lexi does not have many pictures posted in free gallery however the ones that are look nice. I subscribed to her PG and was happy with what I saw. I even commented on one of the pictures and suggested she wear the same (She did not ...). In the flesh, Lexi is very similar to her pictures. Mid twenties, firm toned body, pretty face with a pleasant personality. She was wearing civvie clothes when I met her but soon changed into a set of nice red knickers and bra. So far, all boxes ticked.


As mentioned above, first attempt at communication was slow however once spoken to, everything else that followed was good.


A very recently refurbished ground floor flat between Chesterfield and Dronfield. Internally was fairly sparsely furnished with little or no ambience. No curtains on the front room. The bedroom was very large with a futon style bed and very well lit - not the most atmospheric venue however I have certainly been to worse (Britishdesibeauty for example ). The room was also pretty cold .....

The Meet:

The spiel that is on Lexie's profile sounds really appealing and the list of services provided covered all of my interests - It was for this reason that I decided to take the punt. Upon entry to the flat, we went into the kitchen at the front of the property (no curtains), had a bit of small talk, sorted out the finances and then went through to the rear bedroom. Lexie then left me to get undressed while she changed out of her civvie clothes.
On her return we engaged in some kissing however it was not the full on DFK I have experienced from many other SP's. We then moved down to the bed that was as I mentioned earlier, very low to the floor and almost futon style. Lexie then proceeded to give me OWO and for me to then swap around and give RO. As is my preference, whilst giving RO I went for some bum fun with my fingers as Anal Play is on her list of likes. This continued for some time and was well received .... I then decided it was time to cover up and suggested that we try anal - (again on her list of likes). Her response was "Not for what you have paid me you are not ...." I have to admit, that response took me by surprise as there was no mention of any extras and it was one of the things that had drawn me to her profile. Add to the fact she was charging a premium rate for an hour I was slightly surprised. (Clearly a moral to this story is always double check before hand .... yes, I know ...)
We then carried on and a few positions later the deed was done. I was probably about 35 minutes into the hour. At this stage, I was ready to have a few minutes break and then see if I could fit another pop in given the amount of time remaining. Lexie however got up and went to the bathroom but returned wearing the civvies she had worn before. This made it very clear to me that playtime was over. I considered making a comment at the time however given that I had not been overly impressed with the service to this point, felt the easiest thing to do would be to cut and run.
We said our goodbyes and I left feeling very underwhelmed by the experience.


This is the bit that probably makes me feel more critical than normal. Lexie was charging £180 for the hour and that is what I paid. Given this level of cost, I felt that the service should have been all inclusive and not require extra for things listed on her likes. Had she been charging the standard £100 per hour, I don't think my level of disappointment would have been as high.

To conclude:

A couple of comments. The first is an observation that Lexie was charging exactly the same as the full service incl anal of a very well written about and popular SP who also works from Chesterfield. There is absolutely no comparison between the 2 with Lexie coming out a very sorry second.
The second observation is that she does appear to have reduced her rates to 150 ph. There is still no mention of any extras though.

Personally, I do not feel that she justifies what is still a top end hourly rate for what is in reality, a lacklustre service. Had the hourly rate been £100 ph I would have rated this review as Neutral at best. Given the level that Lexie pitches herself, I have to go Negative.

I certainly would not return and find it very hard to recommend her   :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:

East Midlands / Miss Leggy Lola , Nottingham
« by NervousJimmy on January 12, 2017, 08:53:22 pm »
 https://www.adultwork.com/3810237 or https://www.adultwork.com/Miss+leggy+Lola+

Decent comms, sent a message yesterday as horny as owt. She replied later in the day saying she was at a hotel today and tomorrow just off j25 m1.. Perfect... I've not done a hotel meet before, so I was excited as it felt a bit naughty..I phoned first thing this morning and arranged an 11.30 meet...

I arrived early and txt, was given the room number, went past reception, but couldn't find the number.... Wtf, had to ask a maid  :scare: turns out I was in the other hotel across the road. Wrong fucking one.... Ha ha ha, only me...Lola was fine and tbh I still arrived bang on time for my 11.30...

Bypassed reception again, I guess a suit helps in a hotel, and up to the room...

Lola opened the door, WOW. She is as Roger suggested an Amazonian beauty, part British part Indian I guess, gorgeous light brown smooth skin. She's extremely tall in her posh hooker heels. I'm 6ft 4 and she wasn't far off. Very attractive and very slender. Exactly as her AW pics. Tbh, they are very airbrushed, but she's not far off.... And she's extremely chatty, in a good way, I could tell we would have a fun meet....she was dressed in a little black dress, fishnet stockings and killer heels...age wise states 43 which I'd say is accurate. Her face looks younger I thought, but body probably early 40s, very toned and lithe though....

After a bit of chat and banter she came across and started kissing me. Christ she's a good kisser, nice full lips. It didn't take long before her lipstick was all over both our faces.. She did offer to remove it, but as I was going back to work and not home, I didn't really care tbh. She also had perfume on, which may have been an issue if I was heading home, but I wasn't. There was a shower if needed afterwards I guess....she smelt gorgeous.

the  dress came off to reveal a pretty matching knickers and see through bra.... Tits are small but with really perky nipples, a change for the boob man Jimmy.... She has a tattoo on her side and across her tummy, tbh it looks good, only in black and white, but some may not like I guess... I don't think it shows on her pics...we did laugh, that she will show her face, but not her tatts....weird....

Right, I was know fully naked stood up kissing, as Lola removed her bra. A quick nipple lick and suck and she was gone, down on he knees sucking the old boy like a long lost friend, from the lips I knew it would be good. Fuck me it was.... I had to stop amd asked if I could rerun the favour, she lay on the edge of the bed whilst I went downstairs to work... Tasted fab, whatever they put down there I like it...at one point her legs were around my neck and I thought she was trying to choke me out...

On the bed I went and rubbered up, Lola, started off on top going at it like a train with more kissing and eye contact..fab....this was only going one way and quickly... Next I got her on the edge of the bed in doggy and saw myself fucking her in the mirror.... The usual dirty slutt talk which always works for me. Over she went and I finished off in mish.... Look at me when you come was the order of the day.... Jesus, did I cum....

Bit of kissing before Lola cleaned me up, and then we had a good natter about her days at Sandy's and where she lives.....looks like she's working up here a couple of days a week. She didn't mention spangles but said she'd only been doing hotels for the past 2 weeks, so I'm guessing this is the route she might be taking...works well for me, at least you know a hotel room is going to be fit for purpose..

A thoroughly good £65 for 30mins... She is extremely good at her job, very friendly and has a really nice charm about her...I couldn't really find any negs, which in my view is a good punt...

I would definately recommend and I would certainly visit again....


East Midlands / Horny Kendall & Samanta - Nottingham
« by MrMan1973 on January 11, 2017, 10:43:08 pm »
Well this is a long (ish) review so please bear with me....

First off Kendall's link: www.adultwork.com/3142500
Initial agreement £60 for half hour...  Yesterday at about 6pm

She is the girl pictured, very cute with a fantastic body. I think her tits are fake, they didn't feel real. Looks early 20,s Colombian who speaks ok English. Says BABEE a lot. Size 8/10 at a guess. Nice olive skin, cracking Latino arse.
It was very much a last minute booking, I was feeling very horny after work so called around. She is in a flat in a block near Pryzm nightclub near the Vic centre. Flat was nice enough with a buzzer entry. 
There was a young Asian lad hanging around inside and he got my spider senses going but more about him later....

Kendall answered the door in quite nice lingerie, I was offered a shower once I paid the money and whilst in the shower I heard Kendall speaking to another girl. At this point someone kept knocking on the flat door, I looked out the peephole and saw the same Asian lad knocking, he also had a mate with him but they both looked like little dickheads so I wasn't bothered in the slightest.

We went to the room and got down to business. Started sucking her tits and fingering her whilst I was sat on the edge of the bed. She did light kissing but not DFK; kept making a Mmm noise after each kiss. Got down to a covered BJ (OWO wasn't offered but I didn't ask for it as I prefer my BJ's covered unless I've seen the girl a few times and trust her)
It was at this point I thought fuck it what's the other girl like? Kendall told me she was Polish and didn't work with her, I asked if she could join us and offered another £30 if she could join in. No lesbo stuff just concentrate on me. Kendall was hesitant but I stuck to my guns so said she would ask; she left me lying on the bed with the Johnny on....

A couple of minutes Kendall came in with a lovely petite blonde Polish girl.
I believe she is this lady Samanta - www.adultwork.com/2239863
Petite around 5'2" , pert tits, cute little ass, very pretty, about 20 at a guess; she was wearing a black teddy.

I laid on my back naked as Kendall got back to sucking my cock with gusto whilst Samatnta squatted next to me letting me lick her pussy. I then got Kendall to ride me reverse cowgirl then cowgirl. Lots of YES BABEE and fake moaning whilst she rode me like the clappers. Then Mish whilst Samanta grabbed my arse and made me fuck her harder. Samanta was quiet but then she started playing with herself and seemed to be getting really into it. A bit of doggy and I was ready to unload. Kendall squatted down in front of me - I asked if I could come on her face but was told NO BABEE... mildly frustrated as its offered on her AW. Never mind I thought - Kendall tried wanking me but her hands were too greasy from the lube so I got Samanta to stand right next to me - I had hold of her arse whilst they both inserted various objects in their pussies. I then groped both of them whilst I wanked myself off - after a minute or two I came all over Kendall's tits and Samanta's legs, I have never come so much in all my life - it just kept coming. Both of them raised their eyebrows.... I almost passed out.

I Cleaned myself up and thanked them both. I'd been there 50 minutes easily I left the flat and made my way downstairs. The Asian lads were sat on the stairs and made to block my way. I laughed in their faces - I don't know what they were expecting but I'm a St Ann's lad born and bred. I'm 6'1" and not skinny.. They backed off when they saw I wasn't going anywhere. I left the sad fucks sat there.
I don't think for one minute they're connected to the girls I think they were just chancers.

In retrospect I think if I had seen Kendall on her own it would have been a flat neutral. Very pretty and pleasant enough but does not provide the services she offers on her AW profile. With both of them for £90 and going well over the 1/2 hour I now give it a definite Positive...

East Midlands / Katy77
« by Typhoon16 on January 11, 2017, 02:17:53 am »

This punt took place last year but I've only just got round to putting it up. Booked one hour with Katy as an outcall and as a punter with no previous feedback on AW I can't complain that she turned up to see me. I had never booked a WG to come to my house but as my housemates were away I took the chance.

Katy arrived promptly via taxi and was dressed discreetly - all of her sexy items hidden by normal clothes - jeans and coat - which I was happy with.

However, what I had specified with my booking was OWO (specifically 'without' as I struggle to cum with OW) and CIM which Katy had agreed to via text beforehand. What eventually turned out was that OWO was nice but not especially brilliant.

When I was ready to 'water the crops', Katy moved me into a position where it was only possible to cum on myself and some of her body despite the fact we had agreed on the CIM beforehand.

Despite Katy making me feel very at ease and coming out to me despite my lack of AW feedback I thought I should best class this encounter as 'neutral' due to the main thing we agreed on being ignored.

I notice that Katy has quite a lot of positive reviews and I'm left wondering whether it was because I was new to the game - and of course she would have known this - that she decided to renege on our agreement in the hope that me being a relative newbie I wouldn't notice or complain.

Having said all of this I firmly believe that had I been as assertive as some of you guys who are very experienced in this game I may well have been treated differently.

Other than my disappointment about the lack of CIM everything else Katy did was spot on but to further back up my neutral review, Katy is almost certainly not 33, more like 43 - if not 50.

East Midlands / Amira Khan - Timewaster
« by MrRaunchy on January 11, 2017, 12:01:21 am »
Comms via text were a little slow but seemed fine. Arranged for a half hour incall in Nottingham. Confirmed on the day but didn't get a reply until I tried calling a few hours before the agreed time. Parked up outside the place and texted to say I was there, no reply. Tried ringing a few times, texted again, nothing so I eventually left. Got a text the following day apologising and saying that her phone screen had broken so she couldn't take calls. I asked how she intended to make amends and got a reply saying she could see me today. I then replied essentially saying that I expected a free or at least discounted punt to make up for it and haven't heard since.


East Midlands / Carla_2015 WARNING - SCAM
« by malenko on January 10, 2017, 08:47:42 pm »

Reported to admin earlier and wanted to keep myself annoymous at first but i dont have anything to lose so thought id post my experience with this one.

Gets you to mail her whatsapp. Never says to text her. Sent £50 to her in exchange for content and set up a meet in future. Then blocks and deletes all messages, this profile is a scam.

Luckily the phone number ive used is not my main number or the acc i sent money through my main account. But be careful guys. Il mail screen shots to admin when hes back (Ive mailed him already) and im lucky enough to be a position where the money doesnt mean much to me. Others may not be so lucky.

East Midlands / naughtyHannahX of Derby
« by mrfishyfoo on January 10, 2017, 08:10:58 pm »
https://www.adultwork.com/2923205 or https://www.adultwork.com/naughtyHannahX

The short version.

A superb ball emptying with a highly experienced and seasoned professional that I’ll happily repeat next time I’m passing that way.
First I am going to describe her.

Hannah is an extremely petite size 6, there’s no way she’s the size 8 her Awank says, long haired brunette. Some of her hair is extensions. She is gym fit, very athletic, and there isn’t an ounce of spare fat on her, trust me I looked.

Her current AW profile pictures are accurate, albeit professionally done and I reckon a couple of years old. She does have some scarring beneath her tits from the boob job and I reckon she’s a C-section as she has a noticeable scar across her belly as well. Her navel is pierced and she has a couple of small unobtrusive tattoos. Her face is clearly shown in her private gallery pictures, I strongly recommend looking at her PG, as what you see in there is what I actually got. Hannah claims on her AW to be 30 but this isn’t the case, she’s actually 34 as I asked her and that’s what she told me. Regardless of her age I wasn’t in the least bit disappointed with her.

Height wise I reckon that 5’4” is about right and I would say her stats are 32-24-30 and that her bolt on tits are the D cup she claims them to be. Put simply that body is just superb but I would say that as I do like them slim, gym bunny fit and proper athletic.

Fuck me she’s got that slutty rock chick look to her that just does it for me. Oh and she has really piercing come fuck me puppy dog blue eyes.

The booking process.

I sent Hannah a couple of Awank emails over the Xmas holidays and got nothing back till the week after when she was back at work on the 4th of January. Her number was now displaying on her Awank and her green light was on…so I rang her. No reply so I rang her again and bingo. Quick chat on the phone to discuss what’s what and well she’s a professional girl with no bullshit. Time and price agreed, for FFOTD for 2 hours, just needed to send the text to confirm.

Text sent and acknowledged immediately, bring it on.

The waiting game.

Well I wasn’t expecting Hannah to be chatty at all as she gives the impression of being a hard nosed seasoned pro, having met her that’s exactly what she is.

How wrong though was I !!!! She was actually remarkably chatty, asking how I wanted her dressed etc. So I told her I wanted her in character and asked for “Slutty Rock Chick” and in an ideal world thigh highs, basque, thong and stockings. Well she came back at me that she didn’t have the basque but she did have something she thought I would approve of so I told her to surprise me.

The Venue.

Hannah’s flat in central Derby. Fuck me this place is lived in and it’s obvious that she doesn’t live alone. I wouldn’t say it was a bombsite as I would have walked if that was the case but it sure as hell ain’t no palace.

One thing that does really detract from it is that there is NO shower.

The meeting.

So cometh the day cumeth the man. I set off down the M1 with time for my diversion via Derby on my way further south. I arrived at the appointed place with 5 minutes to go and rang her for final directions. FFS she wasn’t ready for me and kept me waiting for 10 minutes. Turns out she had visitors who “didn’t want to leave”.

Well I finally got through the door 15 minutes late to be met by Hannah wearing a dressing gown. She showed me up to her room and absolutely snogged my face off, no fucking about DFK of the type that makes me very happy. The business got sorted at this point and then she told me to make myself comfortable. Well she disappeared for about 5 minutes and I could hear voices, sounded like another woman who Hannah told me was her sister. TBH I wasn’t that bothered as I am used to punting EE’s and they tend to work in pairs. I then heard the door go which told me we were now alone.

Hannah returned wearing a tiny little grey thong and thigh high 5” heeled FMB’s.

Time for my fisting a Sagami 002 trick, Hannah was happy to use them.

By now my cock was screaming ding fucking dong as I told her to get sat on the bed and get sucking. So she pulled my trousers and pants round my ankles as I stood infront of her and got stuck in. Good technique though not overly deep. Having sucked and slurped away for a while I told her to get on her back as I wanted to sample the goods. Off with my clothes and then I knelt between her legs. Thong off with my teeth and low and behold we have hair, she’s part shaved with a landing strip. Well my tongue went hunting and found a nice clean pussy that I was well happy to lick. So I licked and slurped away and then stuck a finger up her to play hunt the g-spot. FUCK ME SHE’S TIGHT !!! There was no way I was getting 2 of my fingers in there till she was nice and wet. FFS my cock had melted as I spent too long licking pussy for mini me’s liking so at Hannah’s suggestion it was time for 69 as she sat on my face and brought my cock back to life. Well I just had to so I alternated between tongue fucking her arse and her fanny. No complaints with her hygiene whatsoever.

Well it didn’t take long until she was ready for fucking and there was only one thing to do. REVERSE !!! On with a 002, which I applied, and then on she hopped. Hannah slowly lowered herself onto me and as soon as her fanny clamped on to me I knew it wouldn’t take long. Have I said how fucking tight she is ?? The sight of her arse as she bounced up and down and then ground into me before bouncing away again was just fucking unreal. Damn that tight fanny of hers was doing a right job on my cock. Hannah now uttered the magic words “bend me over then and fuck me as hard and as fast as you can”. Well I wasn’t objecting as she jumped off and assumed the position. Fucking unreal as in no time whatsoever I was spent.

Time for a quick clean up and then we just chilled. Have to say that I found her really easy to get on with and the conversation just flowed. Oh boy she’s had a life. She’s been on the game for quite a while and used to work in parlours both in Sheffield and in Leeds.

Having chilled for a while Hannah now got back to the job at hand. My cock ended up back in her mouth and then she sat on my face as we again 69’d. Time for another 002 and this time I went on top. We started with her ankles round her ears for a fast and furious pasting in deep stick, fuck me she’s bendy, which then changed to my hands flat on the bed with my elbows behind her knees so that I could hold her legs wide open whilst propping myself up. This allowed me to snogg her face off and lick and suck her tits, responsive nipples, as I fucked her. Filthy bitch was uttering a stream of profanities while this was going off and I could tell from the way she was twitching and shuddering beneath me that she was going to cum. Well I wasn’t having that without filling the bag again so I got her to assume the position and again took her from behind. OMFG she's no passive fuck this one as she bucked away infront of me, what a fucking arse she’s got, as she thrust back at me on the instroke so that my thighs were slapping against her arse. Double whammy as the deed was done.

Quick clean up and I’m thinking to myself game over. That’s me spent.

Fucking unreal as there was still 40 minutes left on the clock.

TBH it’s unusual for me to blow twice in 2 hours so the idea of 3 seemed a step too far. Well Hannah wasn’t having any of that as she suggests to me that she’s gonna give me a handjob and see if she can get me to cum again. So luby hand job it was. Hmm well that wasn’t going to plan so I suggested that if she knew what she was doing how’s about a couple of fingers up my arse and give me a prostate massage. So up they went after she’d stuck a rubber on her fingers and lubed me up. Alas though it wasn’t to be as mini me said fuck this for a game of soldiers and eventually melted.

Hannah bless her was game for carrying on but I told her it was pointless as there was no way I was going to cum again in the time that was left to us.

Into the bathroom for a clean-up. FFS no shower though she did offer to fill the bath for me if I wanted, which I declined.

We both now got dressed, she looks even better IMHO in a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt than what she did in her “room attire” and then we again snogged each other’s faces off before I was on my way.

The money bit.

I paid Hannah £230 for 2 hours of her time.

In conclusion.

A superb ball emptying with a highly experienced and seasoned professional that I’ll happily repeat next time I’m passing that way.

She’s not going to be for everyone as she is small and has that slutty rock chick look about her. She’s also very “down to earth” in that “I’m the pro$$ie and I’ve been doing this for years” kind of way but I like that.

The lack of shower could have been a deal breaker but I always take a flannel with me just in case and this time it proved to be very useful.

East Midlands / sexyescortbabe
« by big-paul-86 on January 10, 2017, 03:48:49 pm »
Figured it was time i post a review after so long so i decide my first would be for the first escort i ever visited,

https://www.adultwork.com/651943 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexyescortbabe

If i tried to work out how many times i have seen sexyescortbabe i would probably cry when i realised how much i had spent but lets just say im into double figures, infact i lost my virginity to her.

Located near Newark sexyescortbabe is a friendly women who always answers the door with a smile, she is easy to talk too and always offers a drink before the 'paperwork' gets sorted. She is a women with curves in all the right places and my god does she look sexy, shes always dressed up when she opens the door and it doesnt usually take long for the blood to start flowing south.

Her house is not far from a major road so its not too hard to get to but it is easy to miss the drive (i missed it the first time). Once inside it is clean and tidy she clearly likes to make a good impression.

What can i say about the meets other then perfect everytime, I know some people may think she is expensive at £160p/h but she is worth it. I have never felt rushed, I have never felt uncomfortable, infact it was only the third meet with her when i felt safe enough to let her tie me to the bed, something i dont usually feel safe doing. I wont go into too much detail i let you find out for yourself but i have never left with anything other then a massive smile on my face. Afterwards always offered a shower and a drink again before a kiss and a hug (and tbh a squeeze of her bum) before she sees me out.

I would highly recommend her to anyone, sadly she only works during the day now so i dont get to see her as much as i wish i could.

I hope my first review was up to scratch, if not ill try and do better next time :thumbsup:

East Midlands / Sexy Diana - Leicester
« by smithy_132 on January 08, 2017, 07:00:31 pm »
https://www.adultwork.com/3425434 or https://www.adultwork.com/+SexyDiana

Usual last minute opportunity, so quick search of AW for 'available today' in the area and her profile caught my attention.

OWO/FK and Anal ( need to pop that cherry sooner or later ) on the likes list and pictures looked good.

Phone call initially, which is promptly answered. Some problems with the language barrier, but we seemed to agree she was available and would text the address. This followed within a minute and looked familiar. Turns out it was, had seen Karla36DD there before. LE3 area of Leicester, a little shabby, but felt safe enough.

Text on arrival and was invited in, no waiting around. Into the flat and could hear another punter in the bedroom I had used on my previous visit, doesn't bother me, far enough from home to not meet anyone I know.

Into a very small 'bedroom', thinnest walls I can recall anywhere, clearly a cheap conversation to make the location more profitable. Very low light too, even after my eyes had adjusted. Paperwork done, £60hh and down to business.

Now she is a friendly girl, heavier  set than her pictures would suggest, but no surprise there, for me perfectly acceptable and a nice pair of tits which she was more than happy to let me play with and suck on. We both get stripped down, she is helping me undress, which I always feel is a nice touch. Plenty of kissing, lips and open mouthed, but I have no idea where her tongue disappeared to !!!

I'm on my back and she is rubbing her tits on my chest, in my face and stoking my cock and her phone starts ringing. 'Just let me turn that off' and she is on all fours at the other end of the bed showing me a lovely ass and pussy. What the hell, she's messing with the phone so I start giving her a stroke and she is wriggling away encouragingly and making the right ( probably fake ) noises and is wet or well lubed already. Get a finger lined up, expecting to be told 'no' and sort of hover there, and she slides herself onto it and makes more of the right noises.

Finished with the phone, time for some oral and she is reaching for the condom :( Quick lick on the uncovered shaft and balls, before some OK OW, almost felt like if she'd carried on a bit more, I could have popped just from that ( unheard of for me ). But moved on to cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, which was good, then doggy with her legs close together and my legs on the outside ( small girl, tall bloke, I prefer it that way.

Onto mish and some more kissing with that magically absent tongue. she has her legs and arms wrapped round me and doing a bloody good job of giving the impression she is enjoying it. She might be carrying a bit of extra timber but I could feel her muscles tensing up as she pulled me into her.

Close to the finish now and she asks if I want to come on her tits and face ( I think from the limited English and gestures ). I tell her I'd rather carry on in mish and finish inside, but she either didn't understand or chose not to. So she is lying on her back and I'm straddling her, condom off and oiled up, she is giving me a decent HJ, playing with my balls and her other hand is vaguely near my arse.

Having been introduced to a bit of anal play with Maya in Derby and enjoying it, I move forward a bit to let her get a bit more intimate and she gets the message and lubes up her fingers. Even closer, but not quite there, I have to take over and wank to a finish with her playing with my arse and pushing her pelvis up so I can get a finger back in her pussy.

Now I'm not normally a heavy shooter at home, but it seems the times a WG gets me to completion it has a positive effect. It was hard to tell in the dimly lit room at the time, but her tits and face got a good amount, a bit in the hair ( sorry Diana ) and the bedsheet.

Clean up, and on the positive side she starts stripping the bedsheet off as she tells me she needs a shower.

What we did was good, reasons for the neutral, dark small room, no OWO, absent tongue in the FK, never asked about the Anal, but pretty sure it was not an option.

East Midlands / Genevieve, Hotbox Northampton
« by Mikepboro on January 08, 2017, 06:58:13 pm »

I visited the Hotbox just before Christmas. I'd seen Genevieve on their website, went on spec. and luckily she was available.

The pics on her profile page on their website are pretty accurate, and I wasn't disappointed. I was given a very warm welcome, so after a shower we got down to business. I had a massage and Genevieve was an enthusiastic partner and gave marvellous OWO I returned the favour which she enjoyed, and once on with the raincoat we took multiple positions before the inevitable happened and very enjoyable it was.

Not a timekeeper so far as I could tell, though  I was out in the hour but no complaints.

I would gladly meet Genevieve again, I've a feeling a second meeting would reap benefits

East Midlands / Si si derby
« by NervousJimmy on January 08, 2017, 12:35:59 pm »
https://www.adultwork.com/3382369 or https://www.adultwork.com/xx+Si+Si+xx

After being let down yesterday and couldn't get hold of Ava this morning, my old fella took over and I searched for available now close by...

Decent comms and address given and that's about the highlight of the punt...£60 for 30 mins.

Arrived and entered a flat on uttoxeter road. Met by some Chinese bloke who then unlocked some padlocked gate and up I went into the flat.

Met this girl, who most definately was not the girl in the pictures.... I should have walked but thought fuck it, i need to empty a load.... Average looking, and well, everything about her look was average...

Stripped off, as she did, and went onto the bed. No kissing, no stroking, well nothing.... She wacked  a rubber on and started to give me ow..... Owo was offered at extra.... Fuck that...I'm suprised the old fella was even hard as she had done nothing to arouse him....

I started to stroke her and her tits and tried to make my way round to her front... She did everything to stop me....

Asked her to jump on top which she did, complaining I was too big, fucked for s bit before she said could I fuck her... Into doggy, where she again complained,too big... So I just hammered her as hard as I could.... Spun her round into mish, and again just fucked her to finish as hard as I could....

Awfull punt.... Thought I'd learned my lesson about these sort of spur of the moment punts.... Not even a massage was offered, I think I was out of there in 20 mins flat....

Crap, avoid !!!!


East Midlands / anastazia chestefield
« by shimster1 on January 08, 2017, 10:16:40 am »
https://www.adultwork.com/3782192 or https://www.adultwork.com/++Anastazia++

first time review on here on who is now called anastazia but was big and sweet before.only been a monger before but have done a few punts and as their was no reviews I thought I would toftt and go for it.
on Sheffield road felt safe and good communication. went in and its a lovely flat so all seemed good. straight into bedroom and booked 30 mins so got the money out of the way.
she had a lovely face and huge tits on what I think was probably a size 16 body, bit big for my liking but still thought she looks nice so lets do it.
this is where it all started to go wrong she wasn't chatty like she makes out she is on AW and I did get a quick kiss but was certainly no gfe and within a minute she wanted condom on and gave a half decent bj. I then tried to take the lead and started to rub her pussy and was told very quickly no fingers inside. so just a quick rub and then I turned her over and started to play with what were huge tits but when I went to kiss her neck she said stop because you will mess up my makeup. so I am getting a bit fed up now when she said you go on top and I wasn't that hard so I eventually got hard and tried to enter her but she did this weird thing with her hand where she seemed to put 2 fingers either side of her fanny as I tried to shag and even now I have a feeling I wasn't even inside her. so stopped that as I went soft again and decided on a hand job while I rubbed her fanny again just to shoot and get the hell out of there. all in all I was in and out in about 20 mins.
now I am no oil painting but I am not ugly either and I always smell great as she even commented on so I thought I needed to let others know that this is a girl to avoid in my opinion

East Midlands / Chinese Oriental Faye - Leicester
« by Drood1 on January 07, 2017, 12:20:38 pm »
Decided to give this a positive rather than neutral as the experience of getting to this woman was challenging. Booked to see yesterday afternoon and the postcode for my satnav was 1.5 miles away from the Welford Rd area. The maid did not get this and so tried again with sat nav after the place number and road given was given. https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2921843
Maid said why not bring my car through gates to park rather than street, not sure I would want to do that? I want to stay anonymous. I was perhaps 3 minutes beyond my time. Can I see her now, not made up her make up lied the maid. Half an hour later in her kitchen/tv area, I hear a punter leaving. Cheeky maid, after my giving exact time of arrival, she gave my slot to some one else. The maid kept trying to say have one hour not 30 minutes. The same time thing was mentioned by the 'Faye' of the day.
She was quite lovely with dimples, 5ft 4in, nice breasts and partially shaved. I pointed out that I arrived on time, lost 30 minutes of time and that's why I only have 30 minutes left. I mean, I only popped out to get some milk. So we start and she wants £20 for oral without and I said no. She settles for £10 as I thought it might keep the peace. It was fine, nothing special and I got to do 69 on her. Sex in various positions and I came. Not sure I could have done 60 mins with 2 pops and I got the feeling, there would be time wasting with cleaning my cock with wet wipes and rough toilet paper! She is off after tomorrow for London. I would like to see her again, though a bit wary of the time wasting and being messed about. I am not sure there are many Chinese gals out there? There was one in Birmingham and she keeps asking about ethnic groups etc. Not that keen on fussy gals I guess.
overall, I did like this Faye of the day.

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