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East Midlands / Chiang Mai Thai massage - Derby
« by Arfur Fucksake on Yesterday at 07:55:08 PM »
Walk in appointment with a new petite Thai woman, calls herself Lena, and has been there 3 weeks, very friendly with a nice sense of humour. I paid for one hour and was taken down stairs so new a HE was on, I was left to strip off and played the game by covering myself with a towel, I like to keep them guessing when they don't me! After about 5 mins she asked me if I was shy? No, so the towel came off, the massage was one of the best proper massages I've had, at this point she was fully clothed sitting on the table to massage me and at times felt like a light b2b, very exciting, after a while she approached the subject of extras, this is where it got interesting, she wanted to know what the other woman were offering, I on know of hand jobs so asked for that £20 agreed then she offers to take off her clothes for another £20 I couldn't say no as her body is slim and nice little tits with big puffy nipples, a nice hj, I get the feeling she will go a lt further once she knows me a bit better and will be going back for sure

East Midlands / Jasmine -Massage Northampton
« by Jerboa on Yesterday at 01:37:10 AM »

I had seen Jasmine 5 months ago, she'd not been about for a while, back in Brazil, spotted her back on the parlours rota, so made a last minute booking.

A attractive looking early 40's Brasiliana, tanned size 8, 34"DD enhanced boobs.

OWO, DFK, CIM, PSE, ball licking, Does Anal for £40 extra

The Punt
Was given room 1 as I arrived, took a quick shower as I waited for Jasmine, didn't have to wait long, nice to see her again, she was friendly and bubbly as usual, agree to a half hour, and got straight down to it, plenty of DFK, OWO and sucking my balls, which was great, let Jasmine continue her expert oral.

Until I wanted her pussy, out came a rubber, and she jumped on board in cowgirl, again a very dirty and passionate shag, changed to doggy, did her hard, swapped to Jasmine on her back, and finally shot my load after a vigorous shagging, Jasmine was even kind enough to give me a massage after, with only a couple of minutes left.

Similar to my last meeting, a very sexy 40's milf, who knows how to make a fella happy, friendly fun personality, would recommend and will be back to see Jasmine again.


Noticed Kylie's number was showing on her profile so gave her a call and arranged for an hour incall. Mentioned that I wanted to experience squirting. She texted the address straight after the phone call. Excellent comms.

Phoned her when I got there so she could let me in. Kylie is a fit, attractive girl in my opinion. Started off with excellent DFK with lots of tongue, then tit sucking and RO. Then a lovely sensual BJ with CIM and swallow. Lay on the bed chatting and cuddling for a bit which was nice - she made me feel comfortable throughout. More RO, then she used the wand on herself while I fingered her and eventually she squirted! :) I eagerly lapped up her juices which tasted good, hard to describe the taste tbh. More cock sucking including 69 and I finally finished on her pretty face. Lay down cuddling and chatting for a bit longer then showered and left. Probably my best or at least one of my best punts ever.

In summary, an excellent meet with a lovely, friendly and attractive girl who made me feel comfortable and provided an excellent service.


Comms started off well, initially on UKE, then arranged an incall in Notts via text. On the day, I sent a confirmation text and asked for the address but got no reply. Tried calling until eventually, at the agreed time for the booking, I got through. I was told she was waiting for a plumber and therefore couldn't see me and couldn't offer showers to clients. She was apologetic and so it wasn't too much of an issue and we rearranged for an incall in Notts a few days later. This time, I texted the day before to confirm and get the address but received no response whatsoever, despite sending a couple more texts on the day and trying to call. Given her positive reviews on here and from speaking to her, I'm willing to accept that there may just be a valid reason for the comms going to shit.

East Midlands / Delya Karina LEICESTER
« by Knny on February 23, 2017, 08:03:58 PM »

Booking and communication - booked on the day - tel: 07440 630028

Price - 40/30minutes

Services - ow, sex in two positions.

WG - Looks just like images about 5 foot 2 inches.  Lovely, big firm arse.  Very smooth skin. Clean.

Incall location - clean & tidy, comfortable,. Residential area. On main road, so conspicuous during day.

Same location as Rebecca (Negative) on https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?action=profile;area=showreviews;u=53582

Good cheap pump and dump.  Neutral only because she tries to finish asap, therefore, I was out in 15 mins after unloading. 

There is an en suite shower (end room shared by the others), but no warm water.  Still, it was enough for a rinse afterwards.

These girls are so silly, she'd have been another regular if she honored the time and service.

I will not return on principle.  I vote with my wallet and dick, there are better pussies out there to pick.

East Midlands / sexyescortbabe - Sleaford
« by Lincs.man1 on February 23, 2017, 05:36:32 PM »
This is my first post chaps - i hope its of use and in a format that is acceptable.

Location - Near Sleaford Lincs

Suzie is a fairly big girl but not massive, big knockers and a 6 out of 10 in terms of looks. She directed me to her very nice house down a private driveway through electric gates and greeted me wearing a bask, stockings and suspenders. Drinks offered then straight upstairs to the bedroom after exchanging monies.
Massive bed, toys on the bedside table but didnt bother using them. She started off with the deepest blowjob i have ever received. I could feel the end of my cock going down her throat, she loved it. Banged her for ages, lots of kissing, went downstairs for a graze and ended the session coming all over her tits and face.

Shes not cheap fellas but she is game for most things and smiles through it all. She does make a weird noise during sex, almost cat like...

Shower afterwards, never rushed at all and shes very chatty with a good personality. I will probably go back for another go if only to experience the amazing blow job again.

All the best


https://www.adultwork.com/651943 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexyescortbabe

Feel free to let me know if i could have done anything to make my first post better.

East Midlands / Curvaceous Gemma (Coventry and Coalville)
« by BlueRock on February 22, 2017, 01:11:14 AM »
Had her on my hotlist for a while
Comma were good.
Gemma herself is attractive and reminds me a little of Sara Jayne.
She has more weight on her than in the photos and has a bit of a tum.
Service wise it was pretty vanilla and felt a bit rushed.
Owo was good but nothing out of the ordinary and over too soon. As far as the main event goes either overly thick condom or too much lube (unless it was natural) as couldn't feel a great deal. Moans and "fuck me's" were not great. I know they are invariably put on but sometimes they are more obviously fake than others.
Wasn't a crap punt but for the price she charges its not a positive.
Wouldn't see again unless £60 for 30mins.

East Midlands / exotic arabian layla (Nottingham)
« by Hp149 on February 21, 2017, 06:21:37 PM »
Ive been using this site for a few months first time posting a review,
This was my first time seeing layla, comms were okay got there a few mins early but she didnt answer till it was the said time sharp. Easy to find location in city centre, i booked for an hour (120) so a reasonable price. Had owo but no dfk, no anal, she was clean and smelt good no clock watching. All in all a good punt would go again.

East Midlands / Anastasiya-Dream - Part 2 - Nottingham
« by opronnie on February 21, 2017, 02:32:48 PM »

Part 2

So after my amazing time with this girl a few weeks before i am yet again, sat at work, bored and horny!

I had already decided to not see her again as i thought it could become too addictive and i didn't want that in my life but on this particular day ended up texting her and her saying how she'd missed me!! So with that hook we arranged to meet the next day at a hotel which she was booking. she said she wanted the money sending to her bank but i thought better of it until i met her then i would do the transfer just in case she had learned a few tricks....

The day of the punt was slow. originally we had arranged to meet at 2.30pm which then turned into 4pm then 5.30pm. I was a bit pissed off but she was sweet and blamed college so i couldn't hold a grudge really. I got to the hotel at 5pm and waited in the car park with a cold bottle of pink fizz and at 5.20pm she text me which room number.... so, i went politely up in the lift, knocked on the door and there she was... looking sexy, different har, tight white jeans and grey vest top showing her tits off again... had a snog at the door an d then sat down for a quick chat. had a glass of fizz and talked about some of the wankers she had come across the agency sent her to... which again i had sort of warned her about... but none the less she was happy.

So started off DFK and off come her clothes and she goes down on me for another amazing blowjob...this girl can suck dick...with those massive lips and tongue fuck it is good... anyway i flip her over to go down on her to return the favor and this part i have been looking forward to... and fuck me.... THE fishiest stench emanated from her pussy... really really wafted up my nostrils to which point i came up quickly for air and said i thin k a shower was in order... she just lay back and said yeah be my guest! I said no i meant her at which point she was shocked and went to the bath room to shower! she then blamed her rushing straight from college and not being prepared which i said she was 2 hours later than planned... i was a bit put off to be honest... but thought better of it and kissed her again to get the old chap hard and as i went down again got a massive whiff of shower gel on top of fishy minge!! i thought fuck it.... and asked her to continue with the blowjob which she did do... then she looked at her watch and asked if i could come back later to finish off???!! apparently she had another client booked for 5.30 pm from the agency!! we had agreed an hour minimum and a bit more!! i was a bit pissed off but she said i could quickly fuck her... and guess what folks...she turned around and said she didn't have any fucking johnnies!!! at this point i was like this is fucked up with her holding my hard cock i got her to carry on the blowjob and then when it was time i shot my bolt all over her pussy wiped my dick and left...! i was fuming..

As i walked out the hotel there was the usual punter looking bloke texting away looking around nervously obviosuly her next appointment so i was like yes mate your fucking welcome to her...!

I sat in my car fucking gutted! then i realised i hadn't paid her via bank transfer and just thought fuck her im not paying... for pissing me about and not being clean! i sat and drank the rest of the wine and drove home for a shower!!! she did send me a few messages about the cash but i just had to tell her about herself fucking people about and not being hygienic, seems since she joined the agency she had become lazy and less caring about her punters so thought fuck her, best to burn a bridge now which i think i did! She did say she told her next punter i hadn't paid and he gave her extra which i find amazing, hes obviously someone who likes a stinky fanny so more fool him!

In hindsight and after the first amazing experiences i had told my bro and he said to knock it on the head just there (we share our punting stories) because it always goes sour with brass and he was right... so there, both parts of my experience with this girl.

Hopefully she sorts her shit out because when shes on time and clean and looks after herself she is amazing but going down to lick the floor of grimsby fishmarkets gutting room aint the one!!!

East Midlands / Anastasiya-Dream - Nottingham
« by opronnie on February 21, 2017, 01:54:57 PM »

This review is going to come in 2 parts.... so the first part is a Positive....

About 6 weeks ago i was sat at work bored and scrolling down the usual suspects thinking that they were either too far to travel or too expensive when i came across Anastasia's Brand new profile with hardly anything on it! Ok, i'll drop a quick email to see if i get anything back....... an hour later she pinged back with her number!

After a quick chat and a few wattsap messages it was quite clear that she was new to the industry and a little naive but i liked what i saw on her pics and booked her to come to my office after hours the next night. She was quite flirty and sent quite a few messages about what i liked etc and her price was £50 for half an hour call out( which i didn't question her on!)

So, the next day comms were broken up as she was at college but none the less when she did get back to me she said she might not be able to make it!!! i was well pissed off but text her saying i understood. She offered me the chance to see her at a hotel but wanted more money which i declined. She then offered to come and see me later that night at 8pm!!! i was going to be in the office anyway so agreed. 100% confirmed.

I asked if she liked sparkling rose and she said shed never had it before so went to coop and got some pink Cava (bit cheaper than Lanson) and then set the office up with some screen savers showing roaring fires (romantic old me) and sat and waited... eventually about half 8 a taxi pulls up outside and i get a call... its her... so i go to the security door and let her in...wow... first impression i was blown away... a beautiful Black girl with a long colored wig (sorry but you could tell) glasses fur coat, white jeans and knee length heeled boots... and a big glossy smile...

we have a couple of glasses of wine and a chat and we establish that she has only done this once with one guy since starting a couple of days ago. so by this time im very happy. We start to French Kiss and my god those massive wet lips just swallow me... we kiss for ages it seemed and then  she pushed me back and took off her jacket and jeans and stood there in  a one piece body see through and again wow...what a body. tits natural about 36 c cup perky and pierced... she said she loves her nipples licking so paid them plenty of attention and shes quivering when im licking them... biting her lip and im like fuck me shes gonna cum with me just licking her nipples... so i went round the gusset of the one piece and slipped a finger in to her sopping wet pussy ...it was literally dripping.!!!  anyway a minute of this and shes shuddering and cums hard whilst were DFK and my goodness her juices tasted sweet...!

So at this point i realise i only paid her £50 for 30 mins which is about done but i say fuck all. offer a quick slurp of the bubbly which she said she likes :) " well i spared no expense for you hunnie, lanson champagne it is for you " lol... and then its her onto the desk under a throw naked on her back spreading her pussy lips for me to give my best cunning linguist efforts to which i can tell you this... i can eat a pussy out like a fat kid with the biggest bowl in the world and endless cake mix ..i can literally keep going all fucking day! so, after 30 mins at least after giving her at least 3 orgasms with my tongue and my double finger squirting technique shes begging for my cock! so onto my desk chair and she gives me by far the best sloppy deep throat blowjob ive had in many many years... so much so i had to stop myself from shooting my load into her mouth which she said she didn't mind but still i wanted to wait ... so after 10 mins of this i tell her i want to be inside her which she says in return she wants me inside her (what a fucking turn on) so out of her mouth i come and she turns to me and say's she hasn't got any johnnies!!!!

Now ive been with brass in many countries worldwide this past 14 years, some amazing ...absolutely fucking stunning and some, well lets just say bulldog, piss, nettle. Burt i have never barebacked a brass before so im at a crossroads...... my heads saying no.... but my fucking throbbing dick after an hour of every other part of me have a wail of a fucking time wants in on the party so fuck it..in for a penny it say!!

As i haven't a bed in the office its on the floor for some cowgirl and she is fucking tight... lovely and tight.... we go at it for 5 mins then i ask her to spin round for reverse cowgirl so i can see my cock in and out of her tight pink pussy and my god she has the sweetest arse... so i feel myself about to explode so coax her off my happy knob and get her to sit on my face 69...  all i can say she has the juiciest tastiest pussy i have tasted in a long time... and then she came again...all over and in my mouth fuck me...i was in heaven... then told her to mount me again reverse cowgirl and couldn't last more than than half a dozen stokes in that tight hot wet pussy before i emptied my whole being out of my Japs eye into her...right there...on my office floor...!

She was wet through with sweat and shuddering as was i... she turned around to me and gave me a massive DKF whist i fingered her ....and then sat and chatted for 10 mins... she then released the time and we had been at it for about an hour and a half...fuck me i was like a pig in shit  with a Cheshire cat smile....and felt a little guilty about her rate of only £50 especially when she said shed call a taxi!! So i decided to offer her a lift in to town which she took, we chatted into town and was hungry so went to taco bell and i bought her us food...all chilled and nice... she gave me a kiss before leaving and left me with a massive hard on again!!!

So, i drove home, had a good shower... the missus was moaning about some shit so went to bed alone (nothing new there then) laying there reminiscing... and ping... wattsap message... her naked playing with her pussy!!!! fuck me i was hard again....so much so i decided to see her the next day. she said she was staying at a hotel and would re book it if i was coming... but she didn't have the money so against my better judgement sent he the £50 for the hotel to book and arranged for the next day.!

Next day came along and the meeting was 1pm and all i could think of was her tight pussy all morning at the office.... eventually she text me to arrange how long and a few text back and forth as her new regular we decided on £70 ontop of the £50 already paid for the hotel for 1 and half hours which i thought was fair...

I told her to go and buy a vibrator for the meeting which she said she would do....

Anyway roll on 1pm im knocking at the hotel door and she answers dressed in full suspenders and stocking looking absolutely fucking gorgeous.... we exchange cash and get back on with what we were doing the night before with an extended pussy eating and vibrator on the clit session where she came multiple times (especially with me rimming her arse), another amazing blowjob, and again, get to the point which the fucking will start and she has no johnnies!! Well i thought i was only here last night so fuck it get it up there (which is not me , really it isn't but my calculated brain weighed the odds up and thought pussy!)so we go at it for some time in a few positions (which she films on my phone for me as i did when i was eating her pussy out) and as im fucking her reverse cowgirl with her holding her vibrator on her clit and slipping my thumb up her arse she has a massive orgasm and squirts all over me...but no stopping, we carry on and i decide fuck it and spit on her arse and bearing in mind shes wet through from squirting slide my cock right into her arsehole... fuck me that tight little bumhole got stretched good and proper for the next 15 mins until  i had an out of body experience at the point when i unloaded inside her i was floating on the ceiling looking down at myself and at her holding one hand with her vibrator on her clit and her other hand squeezing her tits... phew...what a fucking punt!

So we had a bit of a chat and a kiss and a cuddle and i fingered her a bit more and we kissed and then she showered which i filmed and i showered and we had a chat about her joining one of the agencies on AW which i told her to be careful about being naive as she was... all the time we chatted she asked me to take photos of her which i did... and she is really stunning (not so sure without the wig on though, probably a bit of a picky head hairdo) but it all worked...well...

Later on that day she asked me to send her some photos of her which i did ... and i felt happy.... i had had a fucking great 24 hours of sex....its about fucking time says my well worn out knob!

East Midlands / Duo Riley Lucie - Mansfield
« by pippo76 on February 21, 2017, 12:28:34 PM »
I finally had a chance to meet this to lady after 12 month and  :yahoo:

I cannot add much more then other review.

I have organise everything with Riley last week for a Monday morning meeting.
Location easy to find and the comunication for arrange everything even easier.
Monday morning drive down on a1/m1 and i'm feeling like i need to facing an exame at uni but Once arrive the warm welcome from Lucie and Riley let me forget everything.
Start with fk three way then i left them and just enjoy the view of them play each other.
After then was a series of bj ro 69 double way ward. Soon a request for sex Riley went first. Lucie felt was a good day to squirt so she try and a result of that ended all over my face   :wacko: :dance:
After that Lucie decided to ride and pop number 1.
My little man decided for the next 40 min want more and more action, Lucie and Riley did not turn down the offet
In the end 1 pop and 3 orgasm for me 2 squirt for Lucie a several orgasm Riley

1 hour normal rate for duo
Would I like to try again...if i have the opportunity yes

Last thing Riley also decided to come to visit in my dream last night :rolleyes:

East Midlands / Anal Sex Specialist - Derby
« by smithy_132 on February 21, 2017, 01:38:55 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3373186 or https://www.adultwork.com/Anal+Sex+Specialist

Feeling horny and tried to contact 2 of my 'regulars' without success, so had a search on the green lights and this one tickled my fancy.

I knew she had been reviewed positively before, so considered it a safe bet. £60 for 30 minutes.

Phone call to check availability, text with postcode and in the flat within 20 minutes of initial contact. Not the best area of Derby, but free parking for 2 hours on the main road and a 60 second walk to the flats. Would I call it discrete, well the outer door has 4 buzzers, but it is in a courtyard visible to many other flats, so I would say no. I suspect WG's rotate in and out of the place and there will be a lot of traffic through the door. There was another girl there ( heard them talking ), suspect it could have been Lucia Slut Horny, but never saw her so it is only an educated guess.

Michelle Blonde, as she was previously known, answered the door in the time honoured fashion, hidden behind it. I was not disappointed on first viewing, sexy bra and thong, great tits, flat stomach and lovely bubble butt, pretty enough face. Greeted with a proper kiss and into the bedroom. Nice enough room, subdued lighting.

Paperwork exchanged and departed to stash. Had only got my shoes and socks off by the time she returned. Michelle comes up for some more kissing and helps me to undress before getting me onto the bed. More kissing and cock stroking before out with the condom for OW  :( Profile states only extra is anal, which I had no intention of paying £50 for, so a let down, but not a deal breaker for me. OW is good and she keeps popping up for some more kissing.

Onto CG and she is really active, damn she can move and those tits are just awesome, big and firm and she is more than happy to let me play with them and suck them, happy days. She suggests doggy and while that means the tits are further away, I'm happy to check out her arse. She gets into position with her knees together, just they way I like it and we go at it like teenagers, she is a really good mover in doggy too. Before I know it, I'm ready to cum. Now, I've pounded away for an hour before now without finishing  and am around 50% on 30 minute meets, so I have no thought of trying to make it last any longer and fill the bag happily.

Michelle cleans me up, still with DFK whilst doing it, nice touch.

Only been there 15 minutes and I'm getting dressed to leave. Not sure if she would have let me stay, didn't ask, and even if she would have done, there would not have been a second pop. Michelle, still naked, escorts me to the door and I'm on my way.


Pics are pretty accurate
Great tits
Firm flat stomach
DFK, though for me I didn't like the technique that much, plenty of tongue, but not so much lip locking
Great enthusiasm whilst fucking


No OWO offered
Must be high footfall through an entrance with limited discretion

Would I visit again ? Yes, when my sac is less full to see if she still has the ability to make me cum so quickly.

Though I have rated this a neutral because of no OWO offered and the slightly disappointing DFK technique, it was borderline positive. Re-reading, I'm almost tempted to change it to positive, but coming away from the meet, I had neutral in my head and will stick with that.

East Midlands / Leonisummer - Mansfield
« by Grenadier36 on February 20, 2017, 10:55:24 PM »
Leonisummer - https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2233191

This punt happened last December (2016)

Had seen the profile and pics a few times and despite the lack of feedback thought I'd take the plunge, so booked a 60 min incall at £140 to cover GFE.

Place easy to find with free parking nearby and minimal fuss. Spoke on the phone for final directions. Comms were good throughout.

She is a pretty mixed race girl (AW profile says caucasian) and was dressed in lingerie and stockings. With paperwork immediately handed over I went to the room whilst she stashed the cash. She offered me a drink and I asked for a glass of water which she brought to me a couple minutes later.

Had a fairly decent oily massage before light FK. RO on her followed by mish and energetic doggy. Very enthusiastic and made all the right noises, very clean and smelt good as it should do.

Time was ticking so got her to finish me off by hand - offered me a shower, which I took her up on and then had a bit of a chat before getting on my way probably 5-10 minutes over time but no fuss made.

Very pretty, bubbly and easy to talk to if you like that. Would see again if in the area.

East Midlands / KATIE69 - Nottingham NG1
« by Iloveoral on February 20, 2017, 10:10:16 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2705840 or https://www.adultwork.com/NEW+KATIE69

The boring bit- make the call, she sounds very nice on the phone, I do the usual "I only want to see this girl.....please make sure it's deffinately this girl.... I'm not interested in anyone else only this girl... bollox down the phone to try to avoid the b&s that the group has been known to do, to be fair I always repeat myself 3-4 times and I've not been switched in ages so happy days maybe they have learnt from the negative reviews? Who knows... anyhoo so I get the text, she's at the same place Kimmie and Hanna were recently, called from outside but to,d her I'd be a few minutes as some guy was hanging around the entrance, she was fine with that, gave me the flat number, I had a walk around the block, dudes gone I'm buzzed in.
Thought I'd mention this guy as he seemed out of place, bit scruffy, wouldn't expect he lives in the block or has £70 to fuck a duck there, just incase anyone else notices this as I remember it mentioned previously about a bloke hanging around there.

The girl - stunning!!! Exactly like her pics, no fake tits but still great tits, tongue down my throats from the off so you know your in for a good time, as mention it's £70 for half of 60 mins, she puts it in a biscuit tin above the sink whilst I get the tackle out ready.

The action - very DFK, very DT, I ask her to take the lot and it was a fantastic effort!! Constant eye contact - very impressed!! Repaid the favour and then wellie on, into first gear for mish, DFK throughout, flipped her like a pancake for doggy, the whacked it up her ass.....wow..
I wipe a little lube on the condom and a tad on her ring piece and my subway fell all the way in... her face was priceless, I'm in deep and it just fucking slotted straight in like it had been there all day but still tight, back into the pussy, ass, pussy combo before going back for mish and more kissing, she's lovely to look at and pounding away, for a first in ages didn't want to stop for cim (no doubt it would have been on the menu though I didn't ask), pounding until booom, and there goes the dynamite.

All in all one of the best meets today, I'd rate her 10/10 for effort, looks and enthusiasm.

Pros: all of it
Cons: I had to leave haha

Recommend: 100% yes
Would return: 101% yes

I'd say she's better than Kimmie - bold statement on standards but I'm putting it out there!!


East Midlands / Lava Lover, Leicester
« by Goodboy107 on February 19, 2017, 10:59:42 PM »

This my first review here so please be gentle.

This meet was last year but only now finding myself writing this review after stumbling across your website.

Spotted Lava Lover's on the AW website after looking for a punt while on business in the Leicestershire area.

https://www.adultwork.com/3756725 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lava+Lover

Firstly communications are great from organising the punt rihht through to walking out of the door very, very satisfied with a huge smile on my face. The location is in a nice area, lots of houses and appartments so little difficult finding my way in to the estate for a country boy like myself.

Made my way up the stairs in a nice apartment block and knocked on the door and was greeted by a gorgeous, petite girl next door type of girl. Lava had a great smile and naturally put me at ease.

Lava only offers massage and no penetration or OWO but her technique and hands are truly magic and sensual. She is a great talker but knows when to be quiet and let the tension build, and that is her true ability, the way she built and held the tension in my cock, making it firmer and so, so sensual  before letting me cum. Her breasts are small, i like that, but her nipples are like bullets, firm and generously large and so receptive to touch. . . Her best feature by far is her butt.......so curvy, so firm, so tight. mmm

Lava is a true delight, intelligent, chatty and skilled at her abilities. Her appearence is beautiful and gorgeous. In short she is definitely worth a punt but do not expect sex or oral, just a fabulous relaxing sensual massage with a very happy ending.

East Midlands / Rebecca Karina LEICESTER
« by Knny on February 19, 2017, 09:12:18 PM »

Booking and communication - booked on the day - tel: 07460 268215

Price - 40/30minutes

Services - ow, sex in two positions.

WG - Looks just like images about 5 foot 2 inches.

Incall location - clean & tidy, comfortable,. Residential area. On main road, so conspicuous during day.

Phoned and agreed  sex and kissing, but when arrived, only allowed kissing on cheek.  She had a pretty and smily look about her so I stayed.  Started in cowgirl, but the distant expression was not doing anything for me.  Then it was the typical attitude to hurry you up.  I thought, fuck this, let's see her cute bottom in doggy to finish off.  It was then that the whiff of BV or bacterial vaginosis really hit me.  The fishy smell that I cannot abide.  Stopped, cleaned, and left.  10 minutes.

Again, on balance I took a risk, at 40 notes I thought it's worth it to get a young lass strip naked for me in the least.  I have a good memory of her nice arse.  But this is a negative, because as a service provider she fails badly. 

She complained that she was quiet all day - no wonder.  Silly girl didn't recognise a respectful, and clean punter when she had me.  She would have made me a regular if she got the basics right.

And girl, sort your twat out will ya!

East Midlands / Pamy Hungarian - Notts
« by irelax32 on February 18, 2017, 09:39:04 PM »
What to say. Listen to gut feelings. I didn't and it's a 60 Queen's face hole in my pocket. Not a huge amount, but I might as well just could've had good food, drank a whole bottle of good wine, and wanked on some French porn.

Anyway, here it goes. I was curious, and decided to TOFTT.

Pamy on AW.

Leila/Pamela on VS.

She's 20 years on top of her advertised age. Short, tanned, bleached blonde and...an unusual face. Place the same as the other Hungarian, Nicky, nice and cozy and easy to get to.


Friendly. Good communication.
Good firm massage, to end, and nice and smiling and helpful.


I was just not attracted. Heavily photo shopped profile obvs.
Wanted to swap anal with cum in mouth, as I'm "too big"...but I couldn't make myself cum in her mouth, so I came in a condom, in her, in normal missionary. Not technically her fault, tbh.
Weird blowjob. Not too deep, with excessive fake moaning.
She's a pro-Dom apparently, with all the gears available...only thing is I am not Sub at all...quite the opposite, so a bit turn off.
I went in, had sex, took shower, and came out in 20 mins. I had better more passionate sex in a drunk backpacker bunk bed, with some German middle aged fat bird, Down Under.

So, there you go. She tried, but it's just bad sex. That's all my fault of course, I chose to go against my gut feeling, but Punter's Guilt strikes more after bad TOFTTs.

East Midlands / Jasmin JJ - Ilkeston
« by Shovelhead on February 18, 2017, 08:11:01 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2383485 or https://www.adultwork.com/Jasmin+JJ
Attractive enough girl, no raging beauty but very nice body, terrific arse. Got to the address and it's set up as a little parlour and that's what I got a pretty average parlour shag, nothing bad but nothing amazing. Average

East Midlands / pixiee little2 - Age Lie Fail (Nottingham)
« by mcgee121 on February 18, 2017, 10:40:28 AM »
Meet did not happen.

I had her on the HL for a while.  I saw her Casting Porn porno (you can find it online now; I used a torrent to download it) which was good unlike PoshGirlGoneBad94's (https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3059876) Fake Taxi video where she doesn't sound posh at all (unsexy imo), takes a creampie which was okay and does some rimming with her massive tongue which was the best part, however rim giving is not on her likes list.  But you fucking did it on film and you were a pro :lol:.  I doubt the money was so good for her to do something she doesn't like so that actually put me off seeing her.  Anyway, I made a booking to see Pixiee which she confirmed; she doesn't do many incalls because she prefers to do sex parties.  After, making the booking I checked her out on Twitter but she looked considerably bigger so something didn't add up.  I googled her to try to find more images of her and stumbled on her Purpleport profile (https://purpleport.com/portfolio/littleboots/) which states that she is 31 years old (on the right hand side).  The Pixiee I was interested in seeing used to look like her pics in her white bra in her free gallery. 

Some of you may argue that that's part of the game but I had a really bad experience with someone that lied about her age to that extreme (6 year gap).  She could have provided a good service but chose to lie about everything not just her age so I was not willing to take that risk again.  Plus I actually believed she was 25.  Some profiles you can tell they are lying or you read a review or something but there was nothing like that about Pixiee.  She is a bit too vanilla for my tastes so was only interested in seeing her because I liked her porno.  It was for a longer booking too and it was a trek to get to see her so I cancelled immediately once discovering her real age because I felt short changed.  It was for an advanced booking so she wasn't inconvenienced at all.

Ladies either grow old gracefully or lie consistently.  No one likes to feel like they are a trick and being lied too.  This was a definite neg and I had to cancel my train ticket I booked so lost a bit of change but I did watch her pornos for free so I guess it balances out.

pixiee little2: https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3277113

East Midlands / Lottie Linxs Lincoln
« by Gplincs on February 18, 2017, 07:43:32 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3361142 or https://www.adultwork.com/lottie+linxs

comms good trough adultwork website and trough SMS
lady pics are accurate
pros... parking
negative almost everything

one of the worst punt of my life,maybe we didn't click...
I received a manic e false BBJ...she stroke my cock like she wanted to pain me...
tried to fuck her at doggy but was impossible cos she didn't make any effort to put herself in the right position...I put condom on meno help from the lady....
at the end i masturnbate myself and finish on her bum...

I'll never come back...bad attitude worse than romanian I'm sorry ...

East Midlands / Naughty Nina Lincoln
« by Gplincs on February 18, 2017, 07:37:47 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/301046 or https://www.adultwork.com/NEW+%2D+Naughty+Nina%21

Communications: very easy booking and infos received by SMS info about the house once closer
Lady I suppose 33-35 years old english lady probably 165 cm without heels, no big breast... nicests asset the BUM
the only thing that can put down someone her eyes...

nice house,no parking problem very safe area, she was dressed to impress cannot complain
the action: french kiss, very good BBJ and then fucking in different positions
been there for almost 1 hour paid 120 pounds

all in all a good punt but I don't know if I'll see Nina again probably 120£ is too much (90-100£ should be the ideal price range)

East Midlands / Sexy Oriental Derby
« by jellymonkey on February 17, 2017, 07:42:43 PM »

OK, first off, I know I should of expected nothing good because I used Viva Street, but lunchtime today my phone wouldn't connect to AW and I was horny as hell. Saw the ad and thought, ok, I know it won't be the girl in the pics as the chinese usually rotate every week, but I will give it a go.

Sent off a text and within minutes received a response with an address and directions to get into the flat. I was 10 mins away so replied back with the questions do you kiss and do you do OWO. Yes was response so set off.

Small sparsely furnished flat above a shop in Uttoexter Road area, was let in and shown to bedroom by Chinese guy. On reflection, I guess he was the person replying to texts.

WG in the room was obviously not girl on photo, but I expected this. Late twenties, slim and trim with a small set of boobs.Seemed attractive and friendly enough so paid cash for 30 mins. (£60). We both stripped off and I lay face down on the bed and started with a massage.

This was good as a massage, but was in no way erotic. Back, shoulders and legs, and no where near the important bits. After 10 mins, I turned over and decided I needed to get on with this. She grabbed hold of the old boy and started to wake him up. Without condom I'm asked? £20 extra. Not prepared to pay so on with the glove and oral starts.This was not bad, Not brilliant, but not bad. Her body is positioned so I cant get hold of anything other than the tits, but these were nice and soft.

Get her on all fours and take her from behind. Feel like I'm doing all the work so get her on her back for mish. Move in for a snog and she moves her head. Oh well, pump and dump it is. Filled the bag and climb off.

She helps me dress and the man lets me out into the street.

Overall, not good, but a neutral because she wasn't awful, and was friendly enough. As a fuck and go it served its purpose. Hopefully AW will be available to me when the urge comes next time.

East Midlands / Jasmine - New Thai House, Leicester
« by hungryboy on February 17, 2017, 07:37:43 PM »

I have a real weakness for Oriental girls and have tried many of the Thai/Chinese places in the East Midlands.
I have been to New Thai House many times over the years.  I still can't forget the wonderful Natasha from about five years ago - but sadly she is long gone.  Most of the girls there are very focussed on the money and it can feel a bit robotic.  Jasmine is a bit different.  I think she only works weekends (not 100% sure on this). She is late 20'3/early 30's - just slightly chubby - nice breasts and nice face.  Massage is a bit half-hearted but she gives good and enthusiastic service and pretty much everything apart from A seems to be on offer.  I spent a lively and enjoyable hour with her, including time in the bath to finish.  Total damage was £150 - yes, its pricey I admit, but I will go back.

East Midlands / Brook xx - Leicester
« by bbron on February 17, 2017, 04:15:13 PM »
Brook xx https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1676723

This punt took place in October. I'd seen Brook's profile a few times and had considered booking her. I called her up and booked in for an hour at £130. She confirmed shower facilities available and that it was unlimited pop. Usually only pop once in an hour booking but no harm in getting the girtl to try for number 2 eh? :dance:

Brook's apartment is located in that nice new-ish complex across the river from the Walker's stadium. Parking was easy and it was discreet although it was dark when i got there (7pm). the ground floor flat is modern and the facilites are as you'd expect.

Brook did the hide behind the door while she opens thing and directed me straight to the bedroom. When I got a good look at her she had a nice face and the type of body i like. size 10 not skinny but not fat. lovely 32DD natural tits and decent arse but not the best. Face was ok 7/10 i'd say, she had a girl next door kind of look. she had a school-girl type miniskirt on

After my quick shower jumped in to bed and started with DFK and a lot of touching. the kissing was really good and she was very responsive, felt natural which is important.moved in to a 69 with a bit of face sitting which im not really in to but she tasted really good. Her oral skills were good also.

Sex was great and enthusiastic, had her in cowgirl, doggy and finishing in mish. After i popped we had a good chat about uni and cars of all things. easy to talk to if that important for you.

Had a great time and would certainly see again

East Midlands / 6Star_Massage - Northampton
« by Jaymes on February 17, 2017, 03:39:04 PM »

This girl used to offer full GFE service as SarahGFE. She has now changed to massage/HR only.

Hotel just off M1. Very nice and discreet.

Sarah opened door wearing bra and thong. She is very attractive for a WG. Prob 5ft 6 ish. Size 10 thick, but very toned/firm with some very well done fake tits.
It was a bit awkward at first given that I'd fucked her twice before, but after her panicked mumbling about no sex we quickly got back on track. I was fully aware that she now only gave a reduced service.

£80 for one hour of absolute bliss. Prob 30 minutes of body to body erotic oily massage followed by around 20 min of HJ, grinding and some other things... Having met her before, and we previously seemed to connect quite well, I think this may have led to me getting a little bit more of a service than most would receive now. But maybe that's me being naive. Let's say it went beyond a massage and HJ. She steadfastly refused to kiss however, despite her teasing and literally opening her mouth about a millimetre away from mine.

Quick shower and off I went in a very happy mood.

Wish she still did full service but it seems she makes more than enough this way.

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