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North East / Jade Heart on adultwork
« by Looking4fun on Today at 05:15:14 pm »
https://www.adultwork.com/1645860 or https://www.adultwork.com/Jade+Heart
£120. One hour incall
Location is Gateshead quayside
Apartment is modern, clean & tidy.
the booking was arranged via aw messages & was handled very professionally.
Arrived at the location & rang Jade as per her instructions,in I go.
Greeted at the door by an attractive lady in her late 30's,a quick kiss as I enter the apartment from the smiling Jade, I'm offered a glass of water which I accept & the money changes hands.
Jade dressed in match underwear black lace,knickers & bra, she looked amazing,I haven't see Jade in well over a year but she still has the fittest looking body on any wg I've seen, she has enhanced boobs which fit her frame perfectly.i would guess between a size 6-8 dress size & is quite petit.
We get undressed on onto the bed straight into full on dfk, with plenty of touching going on by both parties, then she makes her way down to deliver one of her trademark blowjobs, I'm lying thinking Christ I'd forgotten how good she was at giving oral, why did I take so long to re-visit her?
I get Jade to move around & we get into a 69 which is awesome her tiny little toned arse right in front of my face, she's sucking & licking & after a few minutes I'm already holding back then after a few minutes of me licking her pussy she starts to become more vocal & she starts to get wet,so we change position so she's on her back & im giving her oral, she seems to enjoy it,a short while later & I can feel her abs,hips & stomach shake then she pulls me up & thanks me looking rather flushed with a sexy smile on her face, saying I love your tongue.
On with the protection & straight into mish, very slow & sensual, with loads of kissing & sexy eye contact,reaching down shes grabbing onto my arse,all the while she has a sexy smile on her face looking into my eyes, after a while we roll over & she's on top, she starts slowly then she ups the pace,she keeps the rhythm going  not slowing down or faltering (Jesus she's fit) until I can't hold back any longer & I fill the cap with the biggest load I've parted with in years.
Jade climbs off & cleans me up & we lay next to each other having a chat & a laugh, after 5 minutes rest I've still got time left so Jade starts again with more of her awesome oral but I'll be honest even with her skills, I'm spent after the big load I shot the first time, so we have a cuddle & a laugh until it's time for me to be on my way, I leave with a kiss from Jade & a spring in my step.
After two false starts to the year My start to punting in 2017 couldn't have been any better if I'm being honest,great looking lady,awesome skills & a toned gym body.
Would I return? Most definitely & I wont be leaving it too long she's definitely my number 1 for a sensual,tactile, girlfriend experience.

North East / Autumn of Allure
« by Beefjerky on Today at 02:06:21 am »

Had my eye on Autumn for some while as I have a thing for redheads but our availability has seldom hit on until I got a chance of a very late night appointment and grabbed it.

Booking and comms with Allure were spot on, the venue was on the Newcastle quayside in an apparent block I I'm very familiar with from my days of using the now defunct Diamonds agency.

Autumn was a little bit late, saying that her car had been blocked in, but these things happen.

When she was ready for me I knocked on the door which was promptly opened by Autumn standing behind it as is the routine. As I walked in she was very apologetic about being late. She lead me into the bedroom, paperwork handed over and I got undressed while she went to stash it. When she promptly returned and I got a good look at Autumn she definitely ticked all the boxes for me. Autumn is facially attractive in a "girl next door" kind of way, redhead, pale skinned and tall, and I mean tall. As we started to kiss standing up I assumed she must be wearing heels, but a quick glance down confirmed she was in stockinged feet!

As we continued to kiss, which was with tongues but not dfk but still nice and passionate, I slid my hand down the front of her thong and started to finger her clit which she responded with some very encouraging moans as she stroked my now ridged shaft.

I then guided her onto the bed and she lay down, discarding her panties in the process. More passionate fk enthused as we caressed and rubbed our bodies against each other. I then removed her stockings and she allowed me to indulge in my foot fetish which is a big plus for me because I find that a lot of girls have very ticklish feet which can be very frustrating because I then feel like a kid in a candy shop who's been told that he can't have any candy.

After giving her toes a good sucking I kissed and licked up her long legs and along her thighs until I reached her clean shaven haven which smelled and tasted divine. Delving my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy then licking her clit rapidly got Autumn moaning and grinding. Asking for 69, which is my favourite position, got Autumn climbing on top of me and positioning her lovely round arse and fanny right over my face which I proceeded to lick and tongue as Autumn eagerly sucked on my cock, which felt very pleasurable but quite gentle compared to some, which was a good thing because if she had been sucking harder I would have just blown there and then, she had me so turned on.

After a prolonged 69 session it was time for the condom which Autumn put on and rolled down my shaft whilst sucking on my helmet. Autumn straddled me, slowly lowering herself onto my shaft and proceeded to ride me cowgirl as I sucked on her lovely purt beasts and nipples. We then switched to doggy. Seeing Autumns lovely round arse in front of me, I couldn't resist giving her tight pink little butty hole a good tonguing which had Autumn moaning with approval. I then slipped my cock inside her and proceeded to give her a good hard pounding with Autumn bucking back onto me. Feeling myself building up to cum, I withdrew and changed positions to missionary. Spreading her legs wide, l pushed myself inside her and started to thrust deeper, with every stroke getting a cry of pleasure from Autumn. I lifted her legs up licked up the backs of her calfs, over her heels and licked up the soles of her feet until I reached her toes which I greedily sucked until I couldn't hold back any longer and blew my load into the rubber. I kept on thrusting into her for a good while until my cock went limp and flopped out completely satisfied.

After a quick clean up and small talk, I got dressed and left a very happy and very satisfied bunny. I just hope that it's not too long before I can book Autumn again.


Met this one after some good reviews here.

Incall Location: About 5mins walk from the central station, very easy to find and  some off-street parking available. The place was very clean and well presented inside. For anyone who wants to know this apartment is used by several WG's mainly asian girls on and off (In fact it was previously advertised for rent on AW, not sure if it still is). There are two girls working out of it right now.

Appearance: Very sexy thai lady. She has a beautiful face and an even more beautiful petite body. Tits are amazing and to die for and a very sexy little ass. Body reminded me of coast road Sarah, for those that have met her.

Comms: Called to book appointment, was asked to text closer to appointment for address. Texted and got the rough address and asked to call when there. Called when there and was given clear directions and led into the apartment immediately.

Massage appointment:

You are given a number of options before the massage starts on the extras being offered. They are pricey to say the least. You pay upfront and the massage starts. Mostly involves rubbing oil on your body lightly and eventually asked to turn over, the lady strips and gives you the special services.

Things I enjoyed the most:

The comms and the location. Fon was very nice, she speaks good english and is very pleasant. Not to mention she is smoking hot and is an absolute stunner.


The 1hr appointment only lasted roughy around 47-48 minutes after which I was dressing around 4-5mins (some chit-chat) and leaving the place still only 52-53mins since I started stripping in the first place.

As mentioned by another user here, answered phone during the appointment, I really don't like when this happens, after all I have paid a premium for her time the least she can do is at least pretend that I'm important during that time.

The "massage" was extremely average, to put it lightly. I'm sorry just rubbing oil on another person is not massage. So it is very clear that this is a bait-switch situation, where you are invited at the pretence of a massage, but then they pile a whole lot of extras on top and it just becomes a normal full sex appointment. This might be alright for many, but for me I felt a bit cheated. I wanted a good massage appointment with extras, as opposed to it being a proper full-sex appointment with massage thrown in there for the pity.

Also might bother some didn't bother me so much, she says 25y/o in the ad but actually said herself that she is over 35. But have to say, if she did not say that, I would have easily believed she was 25....in fact harder to believe her real age.

Will I return:

Probably not if it is continued to be advertised as massage appointment. Perhaps if she just changes it to a full on GFE type appointment with DFK and rest, then definitely do not mind at all as she is quite the hottie.  :hi:

North East / Amber of Newcastle
« by shiteatgolf on Yesterday at 01:37:12 pm »
https://www.adultwork.com/amberofnewcastle Or https://www.adultwork.com/2593205

Comms were good all done via text. I parked really close by in paid parking on the quayside.

I booked Amber for an hour session for £110. This review is from within the last week

I had 2 days away from work and was bored of sitting in the house, even though I had decided not to punt for a bit.

Was nervous as I always am and I told her that once I arrived. There wasn't too much chit chat in the beginning, I don't mind a bit of chat to help calm me down and settle the nerves. So could have done with an it more chat, but everyone is different.

Had some very light kissing, i prefer dfk. Not sure if she offers it or might be because I had a cigarette in the morning. But I do prefer dfk. Then onto oral. Told her I struggled with excitement and she made a very good effort to make me last. She did make me last longer than I usually do which I enjoyed. The oral was was wet, slow and teasing and thoroughly enjoyed it. I then finished in her mouth.

Then decided to go again. She whacked the rubber on then started to ride me. I normally don't try penetration but before I knew she had started. I asked her to stop after a minute and do oral again. Nothing she had done I just didn't feel comfortable, but that's for me to work on. I made the excuse I was going soft, as she wasn't doing anything wrong, it's just me. So I finished twice by oral.

I enjoyed my time with her and liked how she made an effort to try and make me comfortable and take her time with me. Nothing exciting compared to what some of you guys get upto, but it's what I was comfortable with and enjoyed it.

She does have fake tits so that might be a no no for some guys. I do prefer real ones but didn't hinder things at all and her profile does say enhanced, so I knew what I was getting.

I am definitely not getting the same buzz from punting as I did in the beginning but enjoyed it nonetheless.

I finished with a few pints on the quayside.

North East / Faye - Gracie's Girls & Adult Work
« by Born to punt on Yesterday at 07:20:38 am »

Noticed Faye was a newbie to Gracie's so thought I would have a punt.

£60 for 30 mins

Comms were straight forward with Agency location was a quiet house ( not a fan of them) not far from Yarm High Street.

After getting door number I knocked on the door to be greeted by a sexy lass in a black gown. She led me upstairs paperwork was sorted and then I grabbed a quick shower. When I re entered the bedroom Faye was lying on the bed in a nice black lingerie set showing off her curves and tattoos . Pictures and age were accurate I would say. I lay down next to her and started kissing, not DFK but open mouth which was enough to stir the old man. Her tits are natural and felt good and nipples were responsive. I didn't have much time with having to get back to work so a little OWO to get me standing fully to attention I take a while to cum so on with the mac and started with Faye on top she mixed grinding with bouncing and what a site to see them tits bouncing. This got me going so flipped her over for some missionary with kissing and I asked her to dig her nails in my back which she duly obligied with and then into doggie  back to missionary and then off with the mac to cum over them lush tits. She passed me wipes to clean up and I got dressed she showed me to door gave me a kiss and off I went.

Would I return Yes but not to that location I was happy with the punt ticked boxes that I like ticking.

She wasn't happy with the location wasn't discrete enough so is working in calls from hotels in Newcastle for the rest of her short stay.

Miss Ellie - Teesside

1 Hour: £120


Well I must say, without any exaggeration, that if she performs to the standards I saw today on a regular and consistent basis, I'd have no problem saying that Miss Ellie is currently one of the best, if not the best girl working on Teesside, today.

Firstly, I should say that before I went to see her, I was pm'd by another member of the site and warned that Ellie is a big, curvy girl, but was assured that she is absolutely stunning and I have to say that I completely agree. I personally found her quite beautiful, with an incredibly hot, voluptuous figure.

Services: DFK, OWO, RO, 69, FS, DT, Throat/Face Fucking, Very Mild BDSM, WS, X (CIM on offer).

Had a little chat about about Ellie's dos and don'ts first, as I'd told her I'd like to try something along the lines of a sub/dom thing. Then, I couldn't resist having a little bit of a snog and a grope, before taking off her dress, instructing her to stand in front of the mirror and ordering her to show me her tits and pussy.

What followed was a quite sensual round of very mild bdsm, including some light pussy slapping, bum smacking and plenty of verbal abuse, interspersed with some lovely, sensuous FK (something which turned into a more passionate DFK later in the session).

I fingered her juicy, wet pussy for a while before instructing Ellie to get on her knees so that I could fuck her tonsils. After this I told her to get on the bed and present her pussy for a good slapping, but this very quickly turned into me just eating her out as I just couldn't resist tasting her delicious, wet cunt.

I got her to sit her big, sexy ass on my face and I rubbed my face in her sopping twat as she took me quite deep into her mouth. Every now and then she would sit upright and put more of her weight on my face, which was just heavenly, then go back down and take me to the back of her throat again.

I had told her earlier that I was going to use her like a toilet and so I now suggested that we go to the bathroom, were Ellie hopped in the bath and I proceeded to squirt my piss out of my erect cock over her sexy body as I wanked myself off. Her body looked really beautiful, all glistening with little, yellow, droplets of piss, so much so, that I couldn't resist licking my own piss off her gorgeous tits and belly.

I'd love to have fucked her all covered in piss, but we hadn't brought any condoms into the bathroom, so Ellie quickly showered and we went back through to the bedroom for a fuck.

Whilst we were screwing in missionary, Ellie grabbed my hand and put it up to her throat, wanting me to choke her as we fucked. I pulled my hand away, initially too scared in case I harmed her and Ellie apologised. I felt a bit guilty and asked her if she'd like me to try it an she nodded. I brought my hand up to her throat and squeezed only gently, but that alone turned Ellie on greatly and she responded by fucking back hard. Seeing her response to this was incredibly sexy.

I asked Ellie if she was up for cim and then snogging me with her mouth full of spunk and she replied yes, so I got her to lie with her head dangling off the bed so I could throat fuck her a bit more. I actually got quite deep at times, pushing into the back of her throat as it opened up and it felt fantastic. It wasn't like like Justine Douleur, tip-right-into-her-esophagus and balls-in-her-mouth deep, but it was pretty fucking, damn close.

Unfortunately, as sometimes happens to me, although quite close, I couldn't actually cum before my time and didn't get to fulfil my sick, depraved fantasy to snog an escort with a mouthful of jizz (something I've been really wanting to do since Skylah Rhodes spat my spunk back in my mouth last month).

Anyway, I thought Ellie was fucking Awesome. Really fucking good. Probably in the top 5 escorts I've ever seen and that's like out of hundreds. I don't think she realises how fucking good she is either.

Face: 10/10
Body: 10/10 (but bear in mind she's very curvy)
Services: 10/10+


I started the year reflecting on 30 years of punting, and that there were still some adventures to be had, so I decided to make a list of activities for 2017. One on the list was a Thai rub and tug, something I don't normally go for, preferring the full sex GFE experience. So when I read the previous report on here, and finding myself in Newcastle for a night, I thought I'd tick one off the list this early in the year. As luck would have it I found my hotel was in the same block as Fon's flat so how could I resist? So made a booking and said I'll be there in 2 minutes!

Fon is much as described before here - very petite (a real spinner), very attractive and bright and bubbly. Lovely body with smooth skin. I settled on what I was looking for - 30 mins massage with HE - and she charged £50 all in. Massage was so-so but she got naked and once she had some oil on her hands she turned me over for a great hand job, all the time giving me access to her very moist clitoris and vagina encouraging me to insert my fingers. She said she came but who knows? Certainly I did soon after - she seemed to sense I was about to blow and prolonged the sensation somehow in a way I've never experienced before. Cleaned me up and off I went happy. All in all very professional and just what I wanted to experience.

Downside - well she took a call on her phone while massaging my back  :unknown:. I wasnt offered the FS option, but guess it was as I'd only booked 30 mins - if I go back then I would certainly be interested in that.

Right - on to the next item on the list  :diablo:

North East / CumforCarly - Adultwork (Gateshead)
« by OscarC on January 17, 2017, 08:55:44 pm »
Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/3444038 or https://www.adultwork.com/Cumforcarly

1 hour, £90 incall.  All comms answered quickly & politely on AW.

House in Gateshead, quiet street, it was dark, so it was discrete.

Greeted at door by Carly in her dressing gown with some see through negligee. Led upstairs to a warm, comfortable bedroom. Immediate impressions - attractive, petite brunette, minimal make up, very girl-next-door-look. I stripped off & joined on the bed.  Quick chat before starting off with pleasant kissing, with some tongue action.   Onto Carly giving some owo, no deep throat here but I thoroughly enjoyed her technique.  Moved onto me going down on her. Nice pussy, labia are quite prominent, so they just begged to be licked and sucked gently.  Carly is very reponsive and got wet quite quickly.  Some appreciative sighs and moans from her, before I slipped a finger or two in her whilst continuing to lick her clit. Wasn't long before she was cumming on my tongue.

On with condom for first round - a nice steady fuck in mish. She certainly feels tight around your cock. Wasn't long before I was banging her hard & erupting inside her.

10min recovery, pleasant chat with Carly before starting round 2. More owo, slow & sloppy this time, before I gave her more reverse oral, which she seemed to appreciate again! Condom back on, Carly mounting me and bouncing up & down on my cock.  Flipped her round, fucked her hard doggy for a bit before I felt the inevitable start - pulled out, and moved up to her face. She opened wide, and I wanked my cock into her open mouth, some of it spurting on to her face, before she swallowed the lot.

5 mins or so recovery time, then it was time to get dressed & head home.

A good punt, with a lovely girl who seems to be up for most things. I will probably go back and see her again later in the year.  Only slight criticism is that she left me to put the condoms on, and they felt quite tight, almost uncomfortable (not sure what brand they were). Hopefully she will that sorted out in the near future.

North East / Katia Rose
« by Shearer1955 on January 17, 2017, 07:02:12 pm »

I saw Katia Rose earlier today In Wallsend as I knew a few days ago I was going to the Toon so made arrangements via Adultwork to meet with her as I have seen various reviews & liked the pictures - she has been well reviewed previously but I'll add my bit

Communications were excellent throughout & whilst I used public transport everything went smoothly - her apartment is basic but serves its purpose & is less than a 10 minute walk from the Metro.

Cost of £100 for 1 hour & nothing extra to pay

I will start with a small negative to get it out of the way but prudent to let people know. I do like dfk & whilst I kissed Katia a fair bit it wasn't quite as intensive as others I have met with. Perhaps if you meet with her a few times & she becomes more familiar with your "likes" that experience improves but obviously it can affect how an initial meeting will go. As it happens I had  raging hard on anyway & did not prevent a very decent punt but it would be remiss not to mention.

Katia is extremely pleasant & very pretty so there was no problem on that score; lovely lass who was very easy to speak to & allows you to determine how you want to proceed. I started by playing with her pussy & found her receptive and my fingers were slipping into her & playing with her clit as though I was an accordion player - I didn't know I was that good a musician but I seemed to be getting a tune out of her. :rolleyes:

She decided to give me some owo which was extremely nice & very productive - she doesn't go deep but she knows how to use her mouth & play with your bell end. I was already reacting but I wanted a few other things & said i was going to taste her pussy with my tongue - I cannot say i was disappointed & she certainly indicated appreciation of my efforts. :P

I then proceeded to get her into doggy position & said I was going to enjoy some anal  & put on a condom - I was actually already really happy as she had said early in the meeting i was quite large in endowment - now before anybody offers derogatory comments I know i'm not but it still sounds good to hear even if it is just small talk (no pun intended or is it!). Anyway I was very careful initially at her request & let her dictate the pace of penetration with the help of lube. When I was inside she actually then said i could go at my own speed (preferably hard and fast) & gave the impression as I bombed away that she was really enjoying a good banging if i can be descriptive in a vulgar sense. One of the best anal sessions i have enjoyed & I came quickly which does not happen often. As I get to be an ever older pervert I suddenly now have a passion for anal with girls & my punts require this to be on their "likes" - I don't know what Freud might say about me but who gives a fuck - I like to do it & if the girl allows it then I'm doing IT!!  :lol:

I then fucked her vaginally in the missionary & subsequently in doggy as well as more anal although i didn't cum again I certainly enjoyed myself attempting to do. Katia orgasmed a number of times which satisfied me greatly because in many regards I want to the woman enjoy the experience as much if not more than me - I know some of you will say you are paying so it is your experience to enjoy but hey ho I'm offering my opinion as to what I like.

A good portion of the hour was up by now & we relaxed & chatted a bit although Katia was very personable. likeable  & knows how to say the right things - she did mention that she had been well & truly fucked and her pussy & ass both knew it - who knows it might be bollocks but it made me smile & at least think i had done something right. 

I did have one final effort to cum again as she said she would like me to cum over her tits but to no avail.  Time was up & I had a quick clean up & wash & got dressed with a final kiss & embrace before leaving.I would say Katia is more a GFE than PSE  but with a few nice added extras (anal) so if that is something you want then you just might enjoy yourself.

Now Katia is a biggish lass - tall (5' 10'' she said) - she has lost a lot of weight & I know many of you will already be aware of this - she isn't a small wisp of a lass but even though i always considered myself a guy who fancies the small petite type of lass I have had a couple of great punts with the more curvy type of girl recently and not been disappointed at all.

A couple of things to say - the punts I have had & reviewed on here on have been excellent & that is because I have studied the excellent field work undertaken by others who have gone before me - without their efforts I would not have been able to make a proper judgement on who I should see.

If people are seeing girls as a result of the efforts of others do a REVIEW!!

Even with all of this sometimes you might not have a great punt with "well regarded" girls for whatever reason BUT you are less likely to be disappointed for the most part!!

Sorry to go on & I'll sign off

North East / Only 1 Maria - Private
« by itsonlyonce on January 17, 2017, 12:56:21 pm »

30 mins Incall £60

Ive seen Maria a few times now over the last few years but this has been the first time in a while. Maria was formerly at Diamonds and for those that dont (or do) know her, shes an attractive MILF who i think is knocking on the door of 50 now, but has the body of a lady much younger.

Location is a residential street in North Shields, plenty of houses about but this was daytime so no nosey neighbours....Plenty of street parking, i park just around the next corner to avoid detection.

Now Maria, to put it lightly is quite full on punt wise...More id say PSE the GFE. Im sure she can cater to most tastes but i was feeling in a particulary randy mood so was happy with some filth on the day in question.

Upon arrival, i nip in for a quick shower, and likely the best shower facility ive ever come across on a punt. After much enjoyment of the shower, i zap out for the main course. Maria is dressed in a nice stocking/thong/bra combo with a see through gown.....We exchange a bit of Xmas chit chat and straight onto the bed where Maria pounces for some super intense DFK....no fucking about here, full on tongue right down your throat as far as you can go, rubbing her ample tits all over me whilst this is happening. Im already rock hard and Maria is rubbing her pussing up and down my cock, lots of teasing, lots of sexy eye contact.

She tells me to turn over with a naughty smack of my arse cheek...i oblige and for those that know Maria, she has a fondness for the baby oil...fookin too much at times....But this time was a light drizzle, a kind of Ainsley Harriet action and starts massaging my arse, and coming through to my hard shaft, bollocks and a few swips on the bumhole. Ive not had the pleasure of a massage yet, but i can image its much the same.

Its doesnt stop there, she straight on my bum hole, with so much tongue action and simultaneous wanking im almost ready to blow my load...in out in out, until i spin her over, grab a rubber and she dives on top for some intense riding, loads of insane crazy DFK...you get the picture. She's worked me up that much that im not too fussed about maximising the full 30 mins, spin her into doggy knelt up, whilst enjoying a beautiful sight of banging her, looking in her full length wardrobe mirrors....Maria is moaning, giving me all the right ego noises to make me feel like a stud. The, she whips out the little fella, whilst knelt up, and shoves i straight up her arse!! Before i can say "what the fooks happened her Maria" im pounding away until the inevitable conclusion only a few minutes later.

Mop up, straight in the shower again for more fonds memories on the shower earlier, back in for chit chit, then offski.

All in all a great punt, never fails to give 100% at 100mph everytime....If you are after a dirty dirty MILF, in a nice environment, and you dont mind the baby oil, then book Maria.

Would i go back.....Yeah, why not

North East / Sophia Lust
« by The Man from Del Monte on January 17, 2017, 12:32:31 am »
Sophia Lust: Newcastle City Centre - 30mins


The last time I saw Sophia it was summer 2016 in a duo.
(I can't believe I left it so long for a 2nd booking?!)

Seeing Sophia's recent photos on UKE reminded me of how sexy she is, and the amazing time I had with her, and how I really should pay her another visit. I always wanted to see Sophia in a 1-on-1 scenario, so I could experience the full force of her 'Lust' (See what I did there?).  She was doing in-calls in the city centre, so this was an opportunity not to be missed...

I was surprised to only see the one underwhelming review on here... it almost put me off, but knowing how much of a good time I had with Sophia previously, I decided to go with my gut instinct and make a booking, regardless - and I am so happy I did!

I was greeted at the door by a knockout brunette in a tight pencil skirt, blouse and sexy secretary glasses. She had the biggest smile on her face, as she planted a warm wet kiss on my lips.

For the record: Her UKE photos do not do this girl justice, she is super hot! - I dare say a solid 10/10!

In the bedroom. Paperwork filed. She didn't waste anytime, kissing, hands straight down my pants!
I slowly pealed her clothes off to reveal some awesome black lingerie and stockings. Her body is model-fit, and in that outfit... fuck me!!!    I felt like a kid looking through the lingerie section of a catalogue. I don't have any tattoos myself, which I think made it extra horny, to have this tattooed vixen straddling me.

She pushed me onto the bed, and pinned me down for a nice wet BJ, maintaining eye contact the whole time. I didn't want her to stop, but I just HAD to return the favour!  You know how it is...  ;)

With a naughty smile on her face she rolled onto her back, her stocking-clad legs wrapped around my back and neck. Sophia was incredibly well presented, with flawless skin, smelled great, and tasted delicious.

If I do say so myself she seemed to really enjoy me going down on her, she was moaning, and pulling my face closer to her, and talking absolute filth!

Sophia when back to giving outstanding owo while she slipped on the condom, that in itself almost made me blow. lol
Straight into cowgirl, this was intense, she gripped me hard, pulling herself tight against me. This felt really intimate, and hot. I couldn’t help thinking this was horny girlfriend sex, not escort sex!

We didn't leave much time for doggy, I knew the booking was almost up, so I wanted to squeeze in more oral before it was too late. It's worth it just to hear her dirty words of encouragement through gritted teeth. She straddled my face and grinded me into oblivion, I just went along for the ride (loving every second of it). After she came, she stayed, softly grinding as she winded down.  Sophia then twisted around and focused her attentions on me, more amazing oral to completion, emptying me out over her pert boobs.

In conclusion:
Sophia is as good today as she's ever been.
Eager to please with a warm friendly attitude.
She is more a Horny GFE, than PSE. But well worth a visit.

The Man From Del Monte says.... YES! :thumbsup:

North East / Victoria - Pink Ladies - Deckham, Incall
« by datwabbit on January 16, 2017, 10:20:56 pm »

1 hr at £100

Victoria works from a nice bungalow off Old Durham Road. She is blonde, 40s with nice tits. I handed over the money and had a shower.

Her services include OWO but not anal or anal play. I cannot remember if she does Swallow.

We started with some nice kissing and then I started moving south and kissing her tits, stomach and eventually ended up giving RO while she lay back. As I continued with RO, she directed me and as I continued, she put her hands around my head pushing me down on her minge. She carried on grinding into my face until she came.

Then it was my turn to lie back and she went down on me. Nice BJ technique. When I started to feel myself getting close, I got her to stop and I put on the condom and we had sex. Sex was doggy and then mish and it was during mish that I came.

After she took off the condom she offered me a drink of water which I happily took. The bedroom is quite hot.

So a positive as it was enjoyable and I would see her again.                                                                                                                                                           

North East / Zara - gateshead . adultwork
« by CELICA GT on January 16, 2017, 06:19:26 pm »

£100 for 60min.

Before Xmas I had decided my first booking in 2017 was going to be Penelope Diamond, then I read the recent poor reviews of her and changed my mind. Read the review of Zara(Born to Punt if remember correctly) and liked the look of her when I checked out her AW profile, the little fella down stairs approved too! Initial contact with Zara and meeting agreed for Friday 13th. AW booking form completed, but a bit of ping pong E-mails ensued, mainly my fault as not used to AW. Zara gave me her number on Thursday and I gave her a ring , IMHO a sexy phone voice and we had a bit of a sexy chat. :rolleyes:
Zara sent me a text early on Friday morning asking if she could put back by 15min, no probs for me, nice of her to let me know instead of turning up and being told to wait!
Directions from Zara spot on and very easy to find and park discreetly near by on the main road, flat in the Gateshead area.
Typical rented flat used by WG's but nice and warm as it was bloody cold out!
I had asked Zara to wear sussies and she duly complied, these were the naked colour type, she said she would put on black ones if I preferred, yes indeed, I helped her put these on and this set the scene very nicely. I De -robed and ready to go  :thumbsup:
Standing up started with some nice soft kissing and mutual fondling, then onto the bed more light kissing, then I moved into DFK, but she stopped and said no DFK only standard type of kissing due to her just recovering from a throat infection. The kissing she gave was nice but still this was disappointing as I enjoy DFK  :(
Took her bra off and started fondling and sucking her very nice tits and nips, at this time off with her knickers and I was straight down for some RO, lovely pussy and with a Brazilian haircut, I really got stuck in and she seemed to be enjoying it , after quite a while, it was my turn and some nice OWO was given, ready for the hat and straight into mish and round 1 was over fairly quickly.  :)
A bit of a rest lying side by side on the bed which included me fingering her and Zara giving a nice HJ to keep the little fella keen for round 2
Now round 2 is a rarity for me, but wasn't gonna stop Zara from trying, more OWO then her on top with her leaning forward so I could play with her tits.  ;)  I then moved back to RO which I do love and again buried my head into her pussy, I hit the spot as she clamped her thighs around my head and she said she was cuming, pleased she did as my jaw was starting to ache!
One more try in mish but too no avail, cant fault Zara for trying.
All in all a great start to the impending w/end, only slight disappointment was the lack of DFK.
Got dressed bang on the hour, Zara was in no rush to shove me out the door so had a bit of a chat then off I went. :)

https://www.adultwork.com/1575532 or https://www.adultwork.com/Victoria+Kavanagh

 https://www.adultwork.com/3767842 or https://www.adultwork.com/Midori%2Dchan

Background: I say threesome as Midori was not offering duos on her NE tour. However, the opportunity to treat myself to a threesome with her and my regular lady was too good to miss. Both ladies are genuinely bi and more than happy with my plan.

Cost: Midori normal incall rate of £110 per hour and Victoria's usual outcall rate of £100 per hour. The meeting was of 1 hour duration.

Venue: entirely fit for purpose secure city centre apartment, handy for all transport and amenities. A quick call from Midori beforehand provided the secure entry code to the complex.

Comms: Midori had caught my eye on UKE and right from initial pm, comms with her were very prompt and courteous. I see Victoria very often so comms no issue but she always responds very quickly, a big positive in my book.

Ladies: Victoria is a well known and justly respected escort, a curvy natural redhead with a charming personality. I've been seeing her two or three times a month for three years and more which will tell you my opinion of her. Aside from normal meetings, we have also done various MMF and FFM sessions.
Midori is as she describes herself, a very pretty and well spoken lady with a great sense of humour, lovely curves and a quite magnificent bosom. For this session, by pure chance, both ladies emerged from changing in matching basques and stockings looking stunning.

Activities: this was Midori's first such meeting but she adapted quickly and enthusiastically.
Lots of DFK between the girls got things going and I had to join in. The highlights of what followed were in random order: lots of RO in turn on both in 69 or with one girl sitting on my face whilst the other attended to owo on me; watching mesmerised whilst each lady brought the other to orgasm orally and manually; me rimming each one whilst she was going down on the other; me devouring two magnificent sets of breasts and one lady squirting all over my face whilst being sucked.
There was more but you'll get the idea.
The finale was a bukkake style finish with both kneeling in front of me whilst I supplied a double CIM, Victoria taking the initial spurts then guiding me into Midori's mouth for the remainder which then dropped down over her magnificent boobs. I then watched in delight at Midori's first snowballing experience.
VFM: 10/10
Do it again? - without question. Victoria is the best escort I've met in decades in this game and Midori is a real gem. Together they are a memorable experience I could not recommend highly enough.

North East / Amelia of Allure Newcastle upon Tyne
« by randylittlefucker on January 16, 2017, 10:04:53 am »


Incall - 1 hour - £110

Short version - bright, polite but kinky young lass who totally met my expectations.  :D :D :diablo:

Long version.

First time booking with Allure but all initial contacts good. Allie was a star getting me all organised for my incall with great directions to a flat in Gateshead. Not being from this area it took me maybe 5 extra minutes to get my bearings. Flat (and room) was decent enough, clean, no concerns.

Amelia is exactly as described - 5'7", slim size 8, long blond hair (died, not natural) and very pretty.

After getting the usuals out the way it was down to the nasties. Started with some great OWO while I shed my jeans then off with her kit. Her tits are tiny (which we had a laugh about) but nice to feel. In fact, she is ALL nice to feel with smooth, silky skin. After a decent bit of sloppy sucking, it was on with the dom with her on top for a hard bang, then swapped to mish so I could grind her tight pussy. I then gave her some RO and again, nice, well shaved and clean downstairs. But I was getting hungry for some doggy so we moved over to the chest of drawers with a mirror behind on the wall so she could lean across whilst I rammed her hard from behind. This was the best, watching her dainty wee tits boucing around in the mirror whilst I gave her a hard banging.

Time to cum so I asked "where would you like my load" to be answered "in my mouth, and of course I swallow". So, off with the dom and a quick tug to get about a week's worth of spunk into her open mouth, which she duly swallowed. I then pumped some dregs to the tip and she duly mopped that up with her tongue. Wow  :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

So, back to the bed for a wee rest and a chat. Amelia is clearly an intelligent girl as we had a great chat about loads of stuff. Then I noticed I had 15 minutes left so asked for round two, which was a bit less frantic but still ended with a nice CIM and swallow finish.

I don't usually double-punt the same girl but Amelia could become an exception to that rule. Only service missing was anal but, to be honest, when I saw how slim she was and how tight her asshole looked, I doubt she could have taken The Boabie up the back pipe anyway.

Defo recommend from me.

North East / Sasha of Premium Escorts
« by itsonlyonce on January 16, 2017, 09:54:56 am »

30 mins Incall, Gateshead £60

Now, ive struggled to think of how i was to review this one. After much deliberation ive come up with a neutral for a few reasons.

Apt was with the popular Sasha. Many of the regular guys on here have seen Sasha over the years....I have fond memories of seeing her in the early days back at Newcastle Incalls, when she gave me the most terrific BJ, whilst sticking a finger up my arse.....Not for everyone, and i didnt think for me at the time, but it was superb. Anyhow, im digressing a little here.

This meeting was at a location ive not been to before, in Gateshead, just next to Durham Road, a familiar area. Easy to get to from NCC, busy street but Sasha ushered me in quickly after knocking. Greeted with a nice smile and we chatted briefly as it had been a few years since i last seen her up in Ashington.

Think Sasha had put on a few pounds since last time, however i like my ladies curvy, lots of tits, lots of ass, so it suited me fine.. She still looked great. And we all know about those tits!

Pleasantaries out the way, i strip for some action, and Sasha gives me that cheeky look in the eye, im perched on the side of the bed and shes giving me great oral. Short birsts of fast wanking and sucking at the same time whilst pushing those huge melons around my cock....

We move onto the bed with some intenese DFK, im slobbering all over her neck, Sasha is making some nice noises. She spins me around for more oral and a little bit quicker than id like, reaches for the mac....I feel like its a little rushed but maybe she was just keen for a fuck, so i press on. She's on top and really going for it, beautiful melons bouncing all over my face...a memorable sight many can adhere to.  I just had a shit punt not long before (my last review) so im trying to make this one last.....

After Sasha on top, she suggests doggie. No probs for me as i can pound that big ass of hers until climax, or so i think.....So, im hammering away, caressing those butt cheeks and whilst this is happening, ive noticed a pungent whiff coming from the rear area as my cock is sliding in and out. Now, ive seen Sasha, about 10 times over the years, and never noticed this before, however i recall reading a review a while ago where another punter had noticed the same thing....This is going on around a minute and im thinking about the unpleasent whiff and start to go soft....Instead i opt for Sasha to spin around and finish me off with a BJ, coming half in her mouth, the rest of those great tits.

Now, i cant give her a Negative as ive had some many nice punts in the past, shes a lovely girl and genuine to chat to, but the slight whiff had really made the punt not that enjoyable and a little of a disapointment, i think the neutral is fair.

Would i go back....i dont think so now, only because i dont generally see many ladies that many times, and there are plenty more fish in the sea.

North East / Ella Bonds
« by 8055 on January 15, 2017, 12:58:43 pm »
Ella - Bonds (unable to post link due to disappearance from site)
1 Hour In-call (Gateshead)

This review is for an in-call that took place a few month back. Communication with Bonds was easy and postcode and brief description of the location was given, was told to to ring back once I was near. Being a non-driver i'm a slave to public transport and on this occasion i was totally let down, i contacted Bonds to let them know i would be about 10-15 minutes late. Bonds said no problem and gave me the full address details.

Once at the property (Upper flat, just off a busy road in gateshead but never felt obvious) i knocked at the door and Ella answered wearing a black silky robe with matching black basque, thong and suspenders underneath. looks wise Ella is facially very attractive in a girl next door way, she is very tall with lovely long legs and i would say a size 8-10 with nice small chest with very responsive nipples.

As we made our way to the bedroom i apologised for being late to which Ella said it wasn't a problem but said she may need to take a phone call later due to family issues, i had no problem with it as i was late so fair is fair. i was offered a drink and a shower which i declined. i handed over the paperwork and then clothes were removed and on to the bed for some mutual groping and DFK which was very good. Ella started to move south and on to owo which she was extremely good at giving good deep throat and not forgetting to pay attention to my balls, i started to feel a twinge so we switched over and i went down on her. she tasted nice and fresh and had quite big lips which was surprising, moving my fingers inside her whilst licking her clit i noticed she was very tight, i noticed her becoming very flushed in her chest and face and she asked me to stop for her to get on top ride me.

On with the condom and Ella went on top and took control for a good 5 minutes but then her phone rang and she asked if i was ok with her answering it which i said it was fine. i lay there awkwardly for a good 10 minutes and then she came back, apologised and proceeded to get me hard with great oral skills, i asked her to bend over and went at her doggy style and then flipped her over for missionary which were both great. i asked Ella to go back on top but before she did she started sucking my cock again and i told her to keep going as i was going to cum, she took the condom off and and sucked me until i came in her mouth, i didn't see her spit any out so i would say she swallowed. she cleaned me up and offered me a shower which i declined had a bit chit chat about Christmas shopping and was on my merry way.

Overall a great punt considering lateness and phonecalls, the punt was booked for noon and i got there at 12:15 and i didn't leave until just after 13:30 so even with her phone call during and my lateness i still got over my hours worth. i cant see Ella's details on the Bond site but if she shows up elsewhere i definitely will see her again.

North East / Cumforcarly - Gateshead AdultWork
« by Reg1nald on January 14, 2017, 10:38:10 pm »
https://www.adultwork.com/3444038 or https://www.adultwork.com/Cumforcarly

1hr Incall £100

Had my eye on Carly for a while but she rarely seemed to offer Incalls so when I saw she was offering some just before Christmas I decided to give it a shot
Comms were excellent, replied really quickly, date and time agreed and full address given
My first ever night time punt so arriving at the house, in what seemed a quiet street, in the dark was really discreet
Once in turned around and was met by a nice kiss from Carly, a 19yr old bonnie young petite thing, girl next door type no make up plastered on. First thing that caught my eye was that she had nice slim body with a lovely bit of cleavage in a tight black dress.
Upstairs to the bedroom kit off and onto the bed for a bit kissing and fondling, kissing was nice and full on.  She's got a nice body but the highlight for me were a lovely pair of knockers with large round dark areolas, very nice !
Some pretty good OWO followed and she seemed to really enjoy the RO with a bit of fingering ( she's nice and clean ) and it always boosts the confidence when you are complimented on your tongue work   :P
On with the condom followed by cowgirl, doggy and missionary before she finished me off back on top, I hadn't intended to cum in the bag but a combination of her bucking away while snogging me face off and I got lost in the moment.
Bit of time left so after a bit cuddle and chat she's soon devouring me cock again all to no avail though. A pattern seems to be developing in recent punts that I have no bother getting up for round 2 but I'm struggling to cum for a 2nd time, not to worry I have fun trying  :lol:
In conclusion a good punt with a lovely, friendly, fun young girl and I had dreams about those nipples for days !

North East / SEXY AsianGirl4U aka Hot Thai Soda
« by BIGnarsty on January 14, 2017, 05:30:30 pm »

Location - Newcastle City Centre

Price - £70 half an hour

I can confirm this is the same girl which was called 'Hot Thai Soda'. Last time I had a punt with her she said she was leaving elsewhere for a while but shes back I guess and I enjoyed her last time so decided I would pay her another visit as I was free this morning. Coms were great got address via text as I been previously I knew exactly where to go.. anyways arrived entered the apartment and had a quick little chat, after both our kits came off she did a little quick massage got me hard and gave me OW (another £20 for OWO) after I while I just wanted to fuck her she jumped on top rode for a while, switched to doggy and I was out of breath swapped through a few more postions then condom came off she brought out the baby oil and began to gave me a wank, I told her to lie down and I jizzed all over her tits.. showered got dressed gave her a peck on the lips and off I went!

Positive for me! I might be back to pay her another visit next time am free!

North East / Bridie of Premium
« by trainspotter on January 13, 2017, 11:22:42 pm »
www.premium-escorts.com/ Bridie
30 mins £60

Booked 30 mins with Bridie at relatively short notice last week when other arrangements fell through.

Incall was at a relatively discreet terraced house in South Shields

A very disappointing meeting. Bridie is a very attractive petite friendly young lady but unfortunately she was expert at delivering mimimum service with a smile.

I asked for GFE. Kissing was allowed but no tongues - OK. Oral was covered -  OK with me but would not have been with many UKP members. Bridie positioned herself expertly during oral so that I could not reach for any fondling. Oral good but I asked her to ease up or I would come. She went at it even more enthusiastically so that I did. She jumped straight off the bed and put bra back on. We hadn't got as  far as removing anything else. Meeting obviously over. No point in arguing because anything given reluctantly is not worth having. Car was parked about 2 mins away and I was back in it 15 mins after leaving it.

I notice that she is no longer on Premium's website so this review is only useful if she reappears anywhere else. A previous thread made reference to her also being Jess of Allure. Maybe someone could confirm that or put it to rest.

I am not the most demanding of punters but to me she was just taking the mick. Premium have been contacted and have given a satisfactory response.


North East / Darcy Premium
« by Beefjerky on January 13, 2017, 07:05:54 pm »

I'd had my eye on Darcy for a while because I do like petite women. I couldn't find any reviews on her on here, but decided to take a punt on her anyway.

Made the booking and comms with Premium were spot on as usual.  Venue was a terraced flat in Gateshead just out of low fell.

Rang the door bell which was answered promptly by Darcy hiding behind it as is usual. First impressions were very good, Darcy is facially very attractive and she has a lovely petite figure whilst maybe a touch on the skinny side but still sexy.

We went into the bedroom and I got undressed whilst she left to stash the paperwork. When she came back in I lay on the bed and gestured for her to join me, which she did, but her body language and overall demeanour was less than encouraging. She flopped down on the bed and started to complain that she was suffering from a hang over. Considering this was early evening I thought to myself wtf? I went to kiss her but I could tell she wasn't interested, so I started kissing down her body and slowly pulled her pants down as she just lay there. I then thought a bit RO might get things going, but although she did make some whimpering noises, she still just lay there. I then asked if we could 69 as that's my favourite thing, to which she sighed and said I'd have to put a condom on. Okay I thought, if I must. I lay back and she climbed over me positioning her rather nice pussy over my face which I proceeded to lick, and I must confess was clean and tasted very nice. However, Darcy didn't seem to grasp the concept of 69 as not once did she put my now rubbered cock in her mouth. She brushed her mouth against it a few times but it never went in.

At this point I thought, fuck it, I'll just shag her and blow my load. So she jumped off and I prepared for entry, but Darcy started to moan on about her boyfriend then how hungry she was. Then when she finally shut up I'd lost the horn and the fact that she was putting in zero effort I just decided to cut my losses and call it a day.

All in all a very disappointing punt which was a pity because Darcy is physically very sexy but unfortunately also very lazy.

North East / North East - Miss_ Ellie of Adultwork
« by Inquisitive Male on January 13, 2017, 06:38:05 pm »
What turned out to be my three punts in the last three days of last year wasn't originally going to be the three ladies that I actually saw. As having decided to be more EXPERIMENTAL in my sexual tastes at these meets and thereby maybe becoming more aware as to what might be available and to my surprise what I might have a liking for, I had intended seeing Miss_Ellie who had advertised herself as being 'a little submissive slut and doing exactly as you say' as being one of those three meets. Her services fitted in perfectly with this experimentation, taking me tnto areas I hadn't explored before. Unfortunately though we couldn't meet before the end of the year, so a rethink at the time but she was doing incalls the first week of the New Year in my neck of the woods.

Initial contact established the apartment, which was a good choice and certainly one I would have recommended. I had a late, late night booking so had already seen some reviews from earlier in the day before setting off fully aware that Ellie wasn't going to be a shrinking violet. I arrived at the apartments and was text the number, I was expecting to find a statuesque blonde, at 5ft 10" and with heels she would be my height, but maybe as it was late in the day or maybe it was the wooden floor but she had dispensed with the heels. What Ellie did have on though was a pair of stockings and a lacy basque that covered her upper half but still showed off her full figure. She's an ideal height for me (similar to say Amelia at Amour), I was already aware that she wasn't going to be a slim girl but she is most definitely curvy, with a nice large pair of boobs concealed inside the basque and I had already noted a very ample sized bottom.

Personality: Friendly & chatty, very enthusiastic certainly not shy, and confident in what she was delivering

Appearance: Tall attractive, long blondish haired, Blue coloured eyes, Dress size 14-16, Breast size about 36E, Height about 5ft 10", Some tattoos and piercings (nose, mouth and nipple)


We had a brief chat about the location and the other apartments in the block. Ellie offered me a drink that I declined and she momentarily stepped out of the room that gave me the chance to dispense with my clothing. Soon returning we stood at the side of the bed and began with some kissing which in turn developed into DFK as my hands went exploring confirming the nice breasts and bum I was about to be introduced too. Ellie climbed onto the bed and knelling continued kissing me her hand went for a wander and she was soon playing with me and the old man came to life.

I told her what I was interested in and was hoping for from the meet (although subsequently some services are not necessarily on offer in the future) but on the day she had profiled her submissive nature and liked a bit of spanking, this and a number of other things was new to me but she proceeded to turn her backside to me and allowed a few slaps. I pulled the back of her basque to one side and gave her a little rimming whilst my fingers sought out her pussy, I had hardly started to rub her clit before I was getting an immediate reaction from her which only encouraged me further and I was able to slip a couple of fingers inside her. Very quickly Ellie is writhing to my fingering her, and I nearly had a hand in her but it was a bit tight. She asked me to stop, which I did, but Ellie suggested that maybe I should put some lube on, which I did and within seconds a full fist was inside her and the writhing continued. Needless to say she was now extremely wet, she certainly seemed to be enjoying herself and it was quite incredible watching her but finally she said enough and asked me to stop, I obliged.

As I was now knelt next to her on the bed she grasped my member, played with it a few seconds then gently took me in her mouth. A lovely feeling as she slowly slid her lips around me, gentle to begin with then the action became a bit harder, then she went deeper and a bit deeper still, until taking the full thing. Lovely doesn't describe the feeling and I still wanted her to suck me a bit more so we positioned her on her back with her head off the bed, this was certainly not new to her and she enthusiastically took my full member as I face fucked her, the whole of me consumed only interrupted by the odd gagging moment (mentioned Amelia earlier this is one of her specialities). I knew Ellie had done anal in some of her meets and wanted to try this with her so we lubed up her bum, although she wasn't 100% confident that she could manage me but  on with a condom we gave it a go. But disaster, initially I wasn't able to enter her and the disappointment led to a loss of the erection, so over to Ellie and a bit more massaging of my man hood and once restored to somewhere near normal we went into a bit of missionary. These new modern beds are too low for me though as I like to stand with the lady laid at the edge of the bed so I can enter her from a standing position but with the low bed I'm more concerned that I'm going to do my back. Still the missionary was nice and got another enthusiastic reaction from Ellie and her legs proved quite flexible as we changed the angle of attack.

Now chose to have the condom off and more oral, this young lady really knows what she is doing with plenty of eye contact that I find arousing. By magic she had me stiff again so I wanted to give the anal another try, on with a new condom and this time a success, we had entry.

Know it sounds daft but it was me that was conscious of time, Ellie really gets into the meet, so again it was condom off and I lay on the bed. This time Ellie lay between my legs and began to give me another blow job with this excellent eye contact, she even gave me a choice, did I want hard or soft. Only one choice for me and there was a real twinkle in her eyes as she realised that she had got me close to climaxing. Then positioning her mouth over the head of my pounding member she was able to take my full deposit, this was great but like a real pornstar she opened her mouth to show me what she's taken, swirled it around her mouth and came back onto me to clean me up and so not waste any. Then proceeded to swallow the whole load, never mind owo this was wow.

At the start of the meet I had asked Ellie about her likes and dislikes (there weren't many of the latter) so throughout the meet there were a number of things happening that I haven't gone into too much detail about as I actually feel a bit uncomfortable writing about such things. At the end of the meeting at which point the paperwork was sorted out we talked about the services Ellie offers. Now the bad news guys is that she has amended her profile since my meet and it looks as if in future she's offering more of a PSE and or GFE service which is more of a modified version of services than I experienced and have covered in this review. Ellie may be looking to tone down her services in the future, maybe for her own safety but if delivered with the enthusiasm with which she gave at this meet she will still not disappoint anyone. I know for one that I'm already looking forward to seeing this young lady again.

North East / Jess heworth
« by jake on January 13, 2017, 04:26:42 pm »
£40 3o min massage and HR
Text jess earlier today to see if she could fit me in for massage she replied that she had a cancelation
So off I went .Terraced house just off Heworth  metro anyone that can't drive this is easy location to get to.Lots of places where permit to park is required but jess informed me I could use her permit next time .House inside is warm and tidy ,showered before massage then got paper work out the way and shown into room . Massage was good plenty oil used and lots of teasing round arse and balls ,similar to cherry climbing on your back and using parts of her body to massage you which was very enjoyable ,after teasing me on my back I flipped over and jess massaged my legs while gently tugging at my now erect shaft ,didn't take long to finish me off ,and after quick chat and clean up I was on my way quick look at phone realised must have bin in there nearly hour .nice friendly girl very good looking with great body .

North East / Holly Jameson
« by Geordie1209 on January 13, 2017, 12:37:54 pm »

Location: Silverlink
Duration: 30mins
Price: £60

Holly was working at a hotel within reasonable distance of me on a Saturday morning before Xmas, which felt like an opportunity too good to miss. A quick call to her and we agreed what was to be provided, and the appointment was arranged at relatively short notice.

Upon arrival I called Holly from the car park and she confirmed the room number. Thankfully she was located on the first floor which allowed me to dash up the stairs rather than stand shiftily in the lift alongside other guests.

As she opened the door she was wearing black lingerie and kitten heels, similar to those on her AW pics. Appearance was absolutely as described so there were no complaints on the front, personality-wise she came across as being switched-on which made for some good pre-punt banter.

Once the paperwork was over and done with, she proceeded to deliver what was discussed earlier. That being, kissing (almost DFK, not quite 100%), OW (my preference), rimming, doggy, mish, and HJ to finish.

The OW was performed with me sitting on the edge of the bed, with plenty of tongue action and eye contact. As this was going on I asked that she stand up and get naked whilst I sat and watched, which of course she did. A little more OW followed then I asked that she bend over on the bed so I could become acquainted with her bum hole. Hygiene in this respect was spot on and there were moans of approval whilst I indulged myself. I then proceeded to get started with the doggy which she enthusiastically enjoyed, pushing herself back onto me whilst I beavered away. I then flipped her over into mish as she wrapped her legs around me. Interestingly she didn't seem too keen on kissing at this stage, not that it was a biggy for me.

To finish I lay back on the bed whilst she gave me a HJ. Based on what had gone before this didn't last long, although I was later to find out she offers facials (not sure re CIM) - doh!

Would I go back? Yes. In my experience it is good to strike up a rapport with somebody and intellectually she was easily relateable. The location helped, and I see that she has a tendency to visit the area from time to time so I will keep my eye out. She is more GFE than PSE which was made clear during the initial call, and like I say her appearance is as per her AW pics.

North East / Jess - Durham Courtesans - Incall
« by datwabbit on January 13, 2017, 11:37:50 am »

The link name mentions Bethany but it is Jess.

I saw Jess in November.

I was looking for escorts in Durham and my search brought up Durham Courtesans. Elite North Escorts is their old name. They are moving to the name of Durham Courtesans. I recognised 2 of the girls from AW profiles but when I wanted the booking, Jess was the only one available.

I met Jess in a modern flat in Belmont. It was easy to find and didn’t have a problem parking. The flat was clean and tidy and there was no-one around.

Jess is early 40’s I reckon. Older than her profile states. She is local. She has a Morticia/gypsy look IMO and thick black hair that goes to her waist. I really liked the look. We discussed services and OWO, swallow and anal are ok. When we discussed oral, she took out a dildo and put it right down her throat showing that she has no gag reflex. We sorted out the money and I had a shower.

So… we started off with DFK. She was ok with me feeling and sucking her tits. Then she moved onto the BJ. With no gag reflex, she went down to the skin of my groin. There was no gagging, choking, sloppy noises – just a long, hard up and down suck. While she sucked, I fingered and did RO. Jess was very responsive to this, moaning and grinding etc. I would have happily gone to completion.

She suggested doggy sex and she got out the condom. She put the condom on and we did it doggy. She did this thing where she put her legs between mine and then pushed her legs apart, which pushed mine further apart than I was used to. I found this weird but enjoyable. After I came, she took off the condom and wiped me down.

So a positive as I really liked the meeting.

I do have a gripe around the way the agency seems to work. As you can see, the link has a different WG’s name on it. The same agency has two names and their rates are higher than the Newcastle ones. The rates will limit the amount that I use them.

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