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North East / KatyBrown Ashington
« by waynekerr600 on Yesterday at 06:44:20 PM »
Have been quite turned on by katys pictures and have wanted to meet her for some time.

https://www.adultwork.com/3619451 or https://www.adultwork.com/%2DKatyBrown%2D

Sent a text on the offchance and got a prompt reply to say she was available. A time was set and i headed up to ashington. Sat nav got me to the end of the street. There is no road past the house there is a path with houses either side although it didnt feel as if there were twitching curtains.

Katy was just getting ready when i arrived and had just been freshly showered. Katiy is a brunette large chested and curvy in a nice way. Facially she is attractive and age is accurate at 21. She is definitely the girl in the aw pictures. I asked if  katy would wear the blue dress from her profile pictures. She obliged and looked very sexy. Katy really hits the spot with me physically. We began with a little light fk, i didnt push for more, followed by a little foot worship followed by ro, she was lovely and clean, followed by cowgirl. Unusually for me we continued in cowgirl with her wearing that blue dress until she drained me. Unusual for me that i didnt ask her to go nude or do more positions.

A very enjoyable time. We chatted for quitte a while afterwards, booking felt totally unrushed.

Nice girl, very sexy accurate profile. Will definitely see again.

« by PlasticGeordie on Yesterday at 05:49:38 PM »

I have had a pretty good run of punts lately so I guess the law of averages was bound to catch up with me - step up Lorena.

Plusses - Very hot looking girl. Pleasingly massive tits. Reasonable if unenthusiastic kissing with tongues. Normal services i.e mish, cowgirl, doggy were perfectly ok but of only she could crack a smile once in a while.

But...  Very poor english. She certainly did not write her profile and whoever did should be had up under the Trades Description Act.

PROFILE                              ACTUAL
Spanish                               Colombian     

Sensual OWO                       Does not do OWO

Messy CIM.                          Obviously not as no OWO

Balls deep anal                      Does not do anal     

Watersports                           Does not do watersports and looks astonished to be asked

Enthusiastic and sensual         Took 20 minutes to crack a smile. Rushed along to finish with HR asap

Might have rated a neutral for her looks and reasonable basic services but I was out in 25 minutes feeling decidedly short changed having expected great things from her profile..

North East / Tiffany Sarah Belle Newcastle Tour
« by Simmo87 on Yesterday at 03:48:58 PM »

Location, Newcastle central chain hotel, with two large publc car parks 50m and 200m away

Services provided, DFK, OWO, RO sex in miss and doggy, plus deepthroat gagging

About Tiffany, She is a mixed race girl, with and the sort of body and looks that could easy grace a full page of any lads mags. round firm curvy ass and large round firm tits

About the meet, Tiffany opened the door in blue silkly bra and knicker set, black hold ups and heels. We quickly sorted out the paperwork, I showered and when I got out Tiffany was waiting on the bed for me. 2 mins quick chat and staight into the action

Started very much GFE with lots of DFK, I had read her AW profile and like most I took the paragraph on her oral skills as AW bullshit was I wrong!!! Tiffany can deepthroat and gag on your cock like a true champ. she took the whole lengh down hold it in her throat for up to 10-20 secs at a time, gagging slighty and maintaining eye contact at all times. 5 mins of that and I was going to blow my load.

To calm myself down I went down on Tiffany, she was very freshly shaven so its was smooth and tasted great.

Slipped on rubber, started sex in doggy, and flipped her over and finished in miss.

Quick clean up and a bit of round 2, as there was on 15 mins left only really had time for a bit OWO/RO didnt have time to pop a 2nd time.

North East / Lettisha Premium
« by alfie2013 on Yesterday at 02:34:55 PM »
£60 - 30 mins
Saw a pic of her on UKE yesterday and got me interested.I haven't used agencies for some time and never seen an ebony girl for years. Made a few checks and decided to go for it. All booked seemlessly with Junie via UKE. Address given first thing this morning and flat number about an hour beforehand. It was the infamous Hebburn apartments. Went in and found caretaker decorating downstairs so up I went to apt. No answer after several knocks, I text Junie who rang Lettisha to let me in, not a good start especially as caretaker came upstairs and walked past me as I was waiting. Was tempted to leave but the door opened and I was greeted by a very pretty slim girl in a nice tight black dress. A nice wet welcome kiss and then led into bedroom. Money sorted then more dfk while derobing. Onto bed more kissing then she went down for some good owo, quite sloppy and deep. I asked her to move into 69 and we enjoyed mutual satisfaction for a while. All going well then condom on and she got on all fours and gestured me to get behind. I duly obliged and spent about 10 mins pumping hard as she introduced her bullet to pleasure herself even more. I finished in that position and was knackered. ( Getting old ) She wiped me down and we had a little chat while I got ready. All in all I had a good time but perhaps due to me being shallow I won't be returning. Her stomach was very saggy obviously had kids but her breasts were more of an issue for me personally. She is described as 34dd but they were empty loose and saggy. I may be being harsh as she was a nice lass and I'm sure those of you less shallow than me will have a great time.  :unknown:

North East / tiffany @ pink ladies
« by dino1990 on Yesterday at 02:31:31 PM »
http://www.pinkladiesescorts.co.uk/escorts/tiffanyy/ also on UKE

met tiffany yesterday for a short notice 30. Good communication.

Was at the scruffy flats in bensham, if you've been before you know what to expect.

Tiffany is down as 18, I would say she looks and acts 18.

She is a pretty girl and less dolled up as the pictures suggest which is a good thing.

Got the feeling she wasn't into kissing so I suggest oral. She gave decent enough oral, not the best but when you have an 18 year old sucking on your cock its all good.

Felt like she loved being fingered. So I was exploring her with my fingers and tongue for a while.

Onto fucking and she loved being fucked doggy. Really responsive to this. She doesn't do CIM.

Really enjoyed this meeting and would go again.

Donna https://www.adultwork.com/2507582 or https://www.adultwork.com/Donna%2ETantric%2ELove

Recently saw Donna as she was visiting the area again, for those that don't know she used to frequently tour the area but it's been a while since she has come back so I took advantage of this and saw her again.

Now I've seen her a good few times in the past and although her service seems to change on her profile as in whether it's just massage or if she offers more, it's always been the same for me.

After a quick chat on the phone, her English is good but sometimes there can be slight misunderstandings, she remembered me and told me of her address. Location in Middlesbrough is fine with parking, used commonly by touring escorts.

When I got in the building she welcomed me with a great smile and nice little kiss. I've seen her many times before but it's been quite sometime since our last encounter so both seemed a little excited. She's a pretty woman and although she advertises as 39 she looks much younger and can easily pass for mid-late 20's. In fact I think she used to advertise herself as 30 so I'm surprised to see 39 currently on profile. She's a pretty girl with curvy body, very nice boobs.

Got paperwork out the way and asked to use a shower which she ran for me and she stayed within the vicinity as usual. Can be a little awkward for some but I like this and we can have a little small talk. After she dried me down she started with a massage on the bed.

She used plenty of oil and even though I'm not the biggest fan of massages, hers are really good so I enjoy them. She dies know what she's doing. After a while she poured oil over herself which was great and she started sliding herself up and down on my back before she started to massage my front. It's very relaxing and she's always got chilled music on in the background. Not too long since she started sliding up and down my front.

Started to mix in some kissing too which I enjoy. Mix of pecks to kissing to dfk. I was hard a while ago but she just started to pay this part a bit more attention. Playing with it in between her boobs and giving an oily handjob. These are absolute fantastic and I always have to get her to stop or I would come. She applied a condom and we had sex in various standard positions from her on top to doggy to finishing with her on her back.

After she cleaned me up I went for another shower and again she kept me company although I've never managed to get her to join me in the shower. After getting dressed said goodbyes and I left very happy as always. I used to see her every time she toured here so I hope she doesn't wait too long to return this time. She always offers a great sensual service, always smiling and certainly looks after you.

North East / hot.brunette.69 (Anna) - Gateshead
« by maxxblue on April 27, 2017, 07:45:16 PM »
After having a teasing Thai massage last weekend which turned out to be legit, I had the horn and needed some definite action. I have previously discounted seeing Romanians after the bad press they get, and have not wanted to take the risk. However, after reading some positive comments about Anna, I decided to give her a go.

Communications were good – she spoke excellent English on the phone, and sent me the postcode by text. I arrived at a street in the Bensham area, which had plenty of parking, and I felt safe leaving my car. The street is a terrace of townhouses, and it was discreet enough.

I knocked on the door which was quickly opened, and when I stepped in I was greeted by a very sexy looking Anna, who started kissing me there and then. She was dressed in some leather look lingerie which showed off her slim figure and gorgeous ass.
I followed Anna’s ass up the stairs to the bedroom. The bedroom was furnished but basic – it served it’s purpose.

Anna started snogging me and her hand went straight to my dick. She then peeled off her clothes to reveal her gorgeous body. Anna has got lovely puffy nips, a nice ass (I think I mentioned that already), a shaven snatch, and is overall well-toned, with a nice flat stomach. Anna then kneeled in front of me while I stood, and gave some really attentive OWO – so good it was hard to hold back.

We then went to the bed and she continued with OWO while I took in her body, before she produced the condom and sat astride me for some great sex.

We chatted afterwards and she remained affectionate, giving me kisses and stroking me – she is a really warm person, and not like the stereotype we’ve all heard about. She also said that she works for herself, so no evidence of having a pimp, though she lives with her friend who is also in the same business. She also lives in the area rather than touring from town to town.

Although I am still cautious about seeing Romanians generally, but I don’t have any such worries about Anna, and she is definitely someone I will see again. She is also good value, at £50/£80 for 30/60 minutes.

https://www.adultwork.com/3608935 or https://www.adultwork.com/hot%2Ebrunette%2E69

North East / Leeds Elite Two on tour in Newcastle.
« by toon972 on April 27, 2017, 06:50:31 PM »
I had this booked up a few weeks ago before all the accusations started on the sister site. I was in two minds whether to cancel especially reading the problems on the Yorkshire board. I kept in touch with the girls on sister site and aw and they assured me I was seeing the two girls advertised. So I went ahead with booking and was I pleased about this.
        Communications with the girls was very good both on aw and sister site, although banned now. Meeting took place at hotel on quayside, no problem with parking. I was texted where the lift was and floor number on the morning of booking. Arrived at hotel and was given room number and up I went. Tiffany answered door and was pleased to see a pretty ebony girl dressed in bra knickers and housecoat, definitely the girl in pics and was I pleased. She is a petite, curvy, size 8 with long dark hair. Followed her Into room and saw Ellen, also dressed in bra and knickers  and pretty also. She is a bit taller and slimmer and was also a size 8, very happy now. I was offered a shower but said I had just had one but would have another one if required, Ellen said just to go and wash my bits and so off I went.
        Back into room and we all stripped and onto bed. It is not very often I have a duo and everything was a bit of a blur. So it started of kissing Tiffany and Ellen was sitting astride me putting lube on and wanking me. Tiffany went down and started giving me a lovely soft bj while Ellen was playing with my balls. They then swapped over and Ellen was just as good with bj. I asked Tiffany for some face sitting and she duly obliged, lovely clean and smelt nice. They then swapped places and Ellen was equally as clean and fresh. We ended up in a kind of triangle on bed, me giving oral to Ellen, her giving oral to Tiffany and Tiffany giving me a bj, brilliant. Got the girls on their knees and give each one in turn a face fucking, I was going as deep as possible and there was no complaint but plenty of gagging. Ellen's face was streaming. Lost track of time by now and was shocked to learn there was only 10 mins left of the hour, so I asked for cim finish and I was given a few choices. Come on Ellen's breasts and Tiffany would lick off, facials or cim either girl. I has been a while since I came in an ebony's girls mouth and so I chose this. Still both girls on their knees Ellen wanked me and played with my balls while Tiffany was licking until I came into her mouth, brilliant. We had planned the three of us to have a shower together but unfortunately ran out of time.
         Brilliant meeting with two pretty girls who obviously liked each other as they just bounced off each other with their antics and fun style. At one point during the meeting Ellen give Tiffany's arse such a slap and she just smiled. They have both got lovely mid sized perky boobs and have no doubt these are the two girls in pics. Would I see again, yes but not as a  duo. I would like to see each girl individually.

North East / Brooke Knights - South Shields
« by SteveT1969 on April 26, 2017, 03:50:27 AM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/1056304 or https://www.adultwork.com/BROOKE+KNIGHTS

I fucked Brooke Knights  :yahoo: I'll say it again: I FUCKED BROOKE KNIGHTS!
I booked in January and had to wait until Monday 24/04/2017. I was expecting her to cancel for some reason but happy days, she didn't.
Coms - Excellent.
Location - Good. Residential but quiet and felt perfectly safe.
Looks - Absolutely beautiful. Fantastic body and curves. Pictures are accurate but she really is better in the flesh.
Appointment  - Booked for one hour at £150.
She left the door open for me and was standing in the hallway in a strappy bikini thing looking stunning. She jumped on me straight away dfk and dragged me into the bedroom. I had to stop her to sort the paperwork, I don't know how I had the willpower lol.
She did owo and then I did ro, the sex was mish and we spent a lot of the time kissing and touching. I was like a kid in a sweet shop and couldn't stop squeezing her curves.
I don't normally book anyone for an hour as half an hour is enough for me but the time flew by and I enjoyed every second. She was worth every penny and I recommend that if you haven't seen her don't let the waiting list put you off. Join the queue, you won't regret it.
On a side note, there's much more to her than looks. She came across as very intelligent when we were discussing a totally unrelated topic. She became very focused and animated and I believe that she could hold her own in any situation with people of all levels.

North East / Riley of Amour. North Shields.
« by OscarC on April 25, 2017, 09:51:07 AM »

£60 30mins incall.

House in North Shields, quiet street when I visited, discrete enough entrance to the property. 

Pretty brunette, probably early to mid 30's. There were no photos on Amour's site when I booked last week, but I see that there is now and they give a good representation of what she is like. She was wearing a similar underwear outfit to the photos.

Invited into house, straight upstairs to the bedroom. Sorted out the paperwork, then stripped off and joined her on the bed. Told no anal, but that doesn't bother me as it's not really my thing.  Straight into kissing, plenty of DFK, before her bra and underwear were removed.  More kissing, had a little suck on her nips then worked my way south to her pussy.  Started to kiss and lick her pussy which became wet quickly. Teased her clit with my tongue. Her clit became noticeably erect and engorged. Jesus, she was responding to my oral efforts like a woman possessed. In no time, and I'm not bullshitting here, she was cumming hard and squirting like a fountain. Fuck me. I have had a few qirls squirt before, but this was a whole new level of squirting. More clit tongue tickling and sucking, coupled with a couple of fingers inside and she was off again. Jeez, the duvet was soaking by now.

So I came up from underwater to snog her for a bit whilst gently rubbing her pussy lips before inserting a couple of fingers to frig her pussy again. Boom, there she blows, another massive squirt everywhere. Fuck me.

Well, I think it was time for the old fella to get some attention, so onto some oral (without). Reasonable technique, maybe a little too hard and rough around the edges for my liking - I prefer a little softer and sloppy, but it was ok.

Finally on with a condom. (She needs to learn a better technique for getting condom on  - please girls, learn how to roll it on properly rather than stretching it and 'snapping' it on). Into doggy for a hard, wet, frantic fuck to the finish.

All in all, a good punt. Definitely one for the lovers of squirters out there. Just remember to bring your Sowester with you when you go diving ;-)

North East / Lusty Lola Middlesbrough
« by Popcorn on April 23, 2017, 08:25:55 AM »

 https://www.adultwork.com/3774852 or https://www.adultwork.com/+lusty+lola

Been punting around for a few years now and tried most things, but one thing I'd never done was a dinner date, always thought it was a lot of money to watch somebody eat. However, I had a birthday coming up, and a few quid tucked away, and being single I decided that I would treat myself to a more social punt than the normal 30 minutes or an hour incall.
The big decision was who would be a good companion for the dinner date. After mentally going through my list of regs, it was pretty obvious there was only one real candidate, Lola, I'd been seeing her for a while and we got on well in and out of bed, she was the chattiest escort I knew by a good way and I thought if I was going to sit across a table from one then she was the one.
Thinking part over, I got in touch with her and put the idea too her and she was up for it, gave me a price of £300 for 3 hours, which was OK by me, so I asked her what kind of food she liked and she said Italian. So happens there's a really good little Italian place not far from where I live, so I suggested there, and we started to make arrangements for about a week later. Turned out the estate she lived on was not too far from me either, which was handy for picking her up, but the flat she worked in during the day was a good way off, so I asked if she would be OK coming back to mine after the meal, and she said OK straight off because she'd known me a while.
So the table was booked, and on the night I drove to the place she said to pick her up. She looked very nice, black top, denim mini skirt and high boots, sexy without being tarty, very nice. She was quite excited about the evening, don't think these girls get too many dinner dates, and the chat flowed from the moment she got in the car.
The restaurant was very nice, small but well decorated, clean as a whistle and good, quick service, she was impressed I'd taken her somewhere that nice I think. Won't bore you all with the details of the meal, just say Lola reckoned it was one of the nicest Italian dishes she'd ever had. I offered her wine but she settled for a soft drink. We chatted about all sorts all through the meal, then I paid up and back to my place.
This was another first for me, I've never booked an escort for an outcall so she was the first to cross my threshold. I'd spent a couple of days cleaning and tidying, didn't want her to think I lived in a tip, and she seemed to like it. We had a cup of tea while the meal settled then into the bedroom and a very enjoyable end to the evening with OWO, some RO, which she likes a lot, then she rode me cowgirl for a while, a smoochy session in mish, then finally she finished me with one of her teasing edging hand jobs, and if you've never had a hand job off this girl then you've never had a hand job is all I can say.
There was about a half hour of the date left so we lay there cuddling and chatting, then we dressed and I dropped her off at the same place I picked her up. She really went out of her way to make it feel like a proper date rather than a punt, and full marks to her she succeeded, except the sex was ten times better than I'd probably get from a civvie. After I got home she texted me to thank me for a lovely evening.....usually it's me who drops thie WG a text to say thanks, so that was nice of her too, but then she comes across as a genuinely nice lass.
So, good company, good food and good sex, couldn't complain about anything. I might never do it again, but it's a great memory to have and anyone who thinks it's too pricey or WGs aren't there for company, well it was my time and my money, and I enjoyed every minute of it and don't begrudge a penny.

North East / Annie - Bonds - Newcastle
« by The Outsider on April 23, 2017, 01:05:20 AM »

(See also http://www.newcastleescortsagency.co.uk/escort_view.php?esctitle=Gorgeous+Busty+Brunette+Escort)

Annie recently caught my eye when her profile went live at a couple of agencies.   The day I saw her, she was working for Bonds and that is the experience reviewed here.   However she is also available on different days for Amour.  Interestingly, Bonds claim she is 28 but Amour state her age as 34.  The pictures on Amour also look more accurate to me, hence the link to that profile too. 

Anyway, this was a 30 minute incall for £60.   


The booking was made by telephone with Amy and was suitably straight forward.  I received a text with Annie’s address minus the door number.  That last detail was provided in another phone call 5 minutes before the start.   


Annie’s house is in Benwell.  It was easy to find with SatNav and there is plenty of free parking.  I inadvertently parked right outside her house as it was the most obvious spot and I didn’t yet have the door number to know where to avoid. 

Her place was very clean and tidy with subdued lighting and a comfy bed.   

First impressions

This first thing I noticed about Annie was her broad smile.  No really, it was!  She was very welcoming and made a great first impression.  She was wearing very little – just skimpy underwear showing off her great body.  She has a couple of tattoos and a belly button piercing.  I’d say she’s taller than the indicated 5’4” by a couple of inches, and I’ve already mentioned the age conundrum.  That said if she is actually 34, she looks good for it and could pass for 28.  Annie originally hails from Africa, but has been in the UK for years. 

Main event

I handed over the cash quickly and while she nipped out to stash it somewhere, I stripped down to my underwear.  We then started kissing, groping and fondling whilst standing up.  Annie kissed me passionately and it was proper DFK with tongues aplenty.  I was soon hard and naked with Annie kneeling in front of me sucking my cock – something she’s very good at. 

Moving onto the bed, Annie continued OWO and eventually went hands free and pretty deep, only occasionally coming up for air and more kissing.   I let her continue this for as long as I could cope before suggesting we reach for a condom.  She went on top first and then we swapped to doggie where I could admire her fine, firm arse.  After a final swap to missionary, I couldn’t hold on any longer and reached the inevitable conclusion.  (So for those wondering about the availability of CIM, I have no idea, sorry!)

Time was nearly up at this point, so I gathered up my clothes and we chatted briefly as I dressed. 


Annie was enthusiastic, good company, and very skilled where it matters. 

There are some issues with the description and photos that Bonds (and to a lesser extent Amour) are using, but that didn’t detract from a great half hour.  If you’re worried about statistics, you might want to seek further confirmation from your preferred intermediary.  However, if you’re just after some fun and good fuck, you’ll probably be OK!  I’m likely to return. 

North East / Amelia Andrews. South Shileds incall.
« by James Brown on April 22, 2017, 12:34:52 PM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/2072023 or https://www.adultwork.com/Amelia%2EAndrews

So, cards onthe table. For me a big part of punting is trying out things I've never thought of before, to try figure out exactly what I do and don't like. In this case it led me too a bdsm style tie and tease with Miss Andrews.

Comms All donewere through uke. We'd been chatting on there for a while, with me hinting at coming to see her one day so I eventually bit the bullet. Few messages to figure out what I was after and getting dates/times sorted. Amelia then went on to explain safe words etc and that she would build up gradually and never push me too far. All good then.

Location House in South shileds, don't want to say anymore for discretion. It was easy to find and had free parking outside.

Meeting Amelia was waiting for me at the door when I arrived so no hanging around for her to answer, Straight in and a nice welcoming kiss before heading upstairs. I was offered a shower which I accepted (first time punting outside of my home town so first time I've needed one) Amelia turned on the shower and let me know where the showery gels and towels etc were. Quick two minutes shower and back out. Headed in to the bedroom in my boxers as walking round anled didn't feel right somehow  :unknown:
Amelia then explained the rules while I hands over the money; I was to call her mistress at all times, I wasn't to speak unless spoken too, and that the safe words (amber and red) could be used anytime, also a tap system for if I couldn't talk.

It started out with me having my hands tied together in front of me, told to get on my hands and knees, and kiss her boots from toe to knee, a first for me but in for a penny...

Next it was onto the bed, arms raised/laid above my head, and a blindfold apllied and the first instrument was applied. Nipple clamps!! These were fitted and my god they did hurt, a bit of tugging on them to get my attention and then she went down to administer some owo. Great technique soft and deep then really hard. This went Of for 5 minutes maybe? Then the nipple clamps we're removed and so was the blindfold so I could watch what she was doing.

Seeing is much better than just feeling, especially watching her eyes as she teased me, she then used this strange technique with her hand, kind of rubbing the head, which felt amazing and had me twitching.

Back on with the blindfold and ordered to roll over onto my front. Amelia then said she was going to use other items on me, 10 whacks of each, and I had to thank her after each one. I'm not 100 certain what was used in what order but it included, satin paddle, flogger, crop and her famous AA paddle. Each starting of gently before getting harder with each one, I think I called amber after the first set of 10 with each, the crop took me close to my limit!

Back onto my front and time for more pleasure! My hands were Untied and a now naked Amelia came to join me on the bed, loads of dfk and fondling, her breasts are amazing and very responsive.
Soon enough said she was gong to sit on my face, fine by me! Clean and fresh so was very happy, continued in 69 for a bit, her edging me all the time before she hopped off and it was time for more pain. On goes the hooded ball gag and I'm once again blind. I've honestly forgotten the order of what happened next, but it included a twister Iced lolly being run over my nipples and rest of my body beforee being Licked clean, then a short while after hot candle wax being poured onto me (I called red at the candle wax on my nipples and thighs) the gag/hood was removed and we cleaned the wax from my body while chatting.
Now time for not pleasure! Started agin by owo and that hand trick of hers (it's a weird mox of pleasure and torture)  before she declares that she needs to ride me. She put the condom on with her mouth which is a great way to have it put on imo, before climbing on top. Very very enjoyable cowgirl while playing with her boobs, my god she knows what she's doing, slow grinding followed by fast bouncing. All too much for me and I finished there and then in the comdom, shaking.
She hops off and we spend a bit of time kissing and cuddling before, she removed the comdom and cleaned me up then asked if I wanted a drink as I looked thirsty, I gladly accepted.
More chats as we sat there before Amelia told me I was joining her in the shower, (or she was joining me in the shower, not sure which way she said it) I'd said on uke that a shared shower was on my "to do list"  so this was a nice surprise. Quick clean up in the shower, with her soaping me up, out and dried and that's that.

Overall, a very enjoyable experience, it won't be for everyone, and I learnt that pain doesn't turn me on, but I'm very glad I went. Amelia certainly knows what she is doing and knows how to look after you, might even be looking at a duo with her and another lady in the future!

I paid £150 for 90 minutes of Amelia's time.

North East / Lexi @ Premium South Shields Incall
« by smokeythebandit on April 22, 2017, 12:26:09 PM »

Sent Premium a text and June promptly responded confirming availability, meeting arranged with no problem, sent postcode and texted upon arrival for door number and received prompt reply.

Popular flat in South Shields next to Cricket Ground, if you have seen Jada before you will know where it is.

£80 for 45 mins.

The stats given on Premium are accurate, Lexi is a little stunner with gorgeous skin and such pert breasts that she said she loves to be eaten quite rough. Lexi was wearing a loose fitting top and white mini skirt with no knickers on for easy access.  :yahoo:

I would normally book at least 90 mins as I like to take my time in a meeting and not just rush in and out, but I had other business to attend to and I thought I would try the shorter booking length and I was not dissapointed, although no time for round two. Conversation flowed easily and she seems to be a very intelligent young lady.

As I didn't have much time services were limited. I asked what she didn't enjoy and she informed me she hates bums, but so do I so she had no worries there. She also explicitly stated no bareback as the last punter tried it on and she told them "how do you know I have not got an STI"  :P

The Meeting:
Greeted at the door by Lexi and paperwork quickly exchanged. A couple of minutes lying on the bed getting to know one another before I said we dont have much time so lets move it on and she was keen to get her kit off and the sight of her stunning body, which certainly didn't disappoint. Light kissing flowed naturally with a wee bit of my tongue introduced, and light caressing of her body, (such smooth skin and soft pussy) she duly asked
"would you like you cock sucked"
and I said has anyone ever said no! And she laughed and went down on me with some slow deep OWO. It didnt take long for me to become rock hard and I enjoyed her technique, so I told her to bend over and I put the condom on before entering her in doggy style on the edge of the bed while she duly spread her legs as wide as possible for deep penetration, which led to the downward dog. I am ashamed to say it Didn't take long for me to cum inside Lexi but I was so horny after a heavy bank holiday weekend drinking. Best cure for a hangover. Little bit of small talk followed before I said iv'e got 10 minutes left lets make the most of it so I tempted to eat her tits and suck her beautiful nipples while finger banging her, and she got very wet but I had to pull away as I didn't want to push my luck with time as I had a meeting.

I don't like rushing any meeting as it spoils my enjoyment and puts extra pressure on the performance which doesn't work for me. Give her a big kiss and skipped out the door whistling Pharell Williams "Happy"  :music:

Would I re-visit? Yes

North East / Jess1000 - Stockton
« by Slaine on April 21, 2017, 07:39:22 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2227931 or https://www.adultwork.com/jess1000

Saw Jess again earlier in the week. 1hr incall , price £100.

She's well reviewed on here so no need for all the usual info but will get straight down to what was on offer.

Now what happened today was one of the horniest sessions with a lass I've ever experienced. God help the lucky man in her life as she was off the chart in terms of hornyness. She literally devoured me as soon as we got on the bed  :yahoo:

You name it we did it, DFK, and I don't mean little pecks either, I mean proper fucking shoving her tongue so far down my throat I thought she was gonna rim me from the inside  :lol:
OWO, RO, MISH, COWGIRL, SPOONS, DOGGY, SPEEDBUMP (?!), we did it all several times and to finish she wanked me off into her mouth and swallowed the lot, brilliant!.
Also I must add while licking her beautiful shaved pussy out I literally had to hold her down as she was squirming around so much. She said she really enjoyed herself and boy did I  :drinks:

She really was on another level that day and believe me she has the lot. A killer slim tanned bod, the looks and most importantly gives an amazing service. Top top girl.

A repeat will not be far away!  :cool:


(Website given, but it's not particularly helpful)

Some guys don't like this places location - bit too public, local yobbos loitering, workmen opposite etc etc,but I've never had issues there recently.  The girls only stay for about a fortnight, which is both a blessing and a curse.  New staff every couple of weeks, great, had super service, but that girl's moved on, pity.

They seem to be growing in popularity - when they first opened, the girls would be sat waiting but now they seem to be busy.

Called in recently. Little Jasmine, the boss lady, showed me in; the girls were busy, but she'd start the massage for the first 10 minutes or so, then one of the others would take over.

So a decent enough massage. A bit of conversation in Chinese through the door, and Jasmine left as another took her place. I was still face down so didn't see her - but she greeted me with a big wet smacking kiss on my bare bum, then came to the head of the table to snog me. This all seemed very promising for later in the session .

A few minutes on, she said "Oh, I hot, I hot" and i looked round to see her wriggling out of her thick black tights. She saw me watching, giggled, flipped up her short skirt and waggled her cute thong-clad arse at me.

A little while later, after much stroking, touching and outright groping, she asked me to turn over. As i rolled over, she was stood by the massage table totally naked. This was a neat trick, as i was unaware of her hands leaving me yet she managed to lose the dress, bra and knickers, and hang them up, while still touching me.

Good body, smooth shaven ( unusual for Chinese girls) and good tits ( she placed my hands on them).

We agreed a B2B for £30 and up she clambered. Good body slide, good titjob, then a " hotdog" where my cock was rubbing back and forth between her pussy lips ( without penetration).

Then she kissed her way from my neck, down via nipples and navel and i thought a bj was imminent. Well it wasn't, but.....

She licked and sucked my balls, while stroking my shaft, and when she changed from left bollock to right she licked her way up my cock, over the head and back down to take the other ball in her mouth.

Finally i was sat up, with her legs spread across mine. She guided my hand to her damp pussy and i had a great fingering session while she expertly wanked me. She even leaned forward at the vital moment so i could cum over her tits.

A super girl, great fun, cheeky, naughty and sexy. Shame she'll be gone soon as repeat visits could well have led to more.

North East / Lattisha Hebburn
« by daviemac on April 21, 2017, 12:53:21 AM »
Lettisha came to my attention on Premium’s site and as I haven’t been with a black lady I thought an appointment was in order.

I noticed she’s on UKE so sent a PM enquiring about availability and to check she was ok with older guys, got a quick response and the date and time set for before her agency shift. Comms were excellent both on UKE and later via whatsapp to confirm booking details. She did have to change the venue to Hebburn but gave plenty of notice so it wasn’t a problem. The fee of £110 for the hour was the same as through the agency, unlike some who charge more.

She answered the door quickly and once inside I was greeted by the tall, attractive Lettasha with some very passionate kissing, once in the bedroom and clothes discarded I gave her a massage and some RO, she then returned the favour with what she called ‘a cock massage’ and very sensual it was too. What followed was a very enjoyable mixture of kissing and oral both ways (owo) all in various positions including her using her ‘bullet’. Then on with the rubber and fuck in doggy. To finish it was off with the rubber and mutual masturbation, bit of a chat as she cleaned me up with her saying how ‘wobbly’ her legs felt.

As we both thought only about 45 mins had past I was offered a shower but when we checked we had gone a bit over the hour so no time, got dressed and on my way very happy.

Not only is Lattisha attractive with a great body and provides a very good level of service but she very easy to get on with, well worth a return visit.

North East / Sexy2Savana - middlesbrough
« by horrayforboobies on April 20, 2017, 01:11:21 PM »
After getting a massage i decided to try savana's blow and go service.

Aranged via phone and postcode was sent to me. she told me to park in the capt cook sqaure car park as there is no parking outside. Her flat was very close and relatively easy to find.
got there and buzzed in, walked to the stairs to find this rough looking chavvy type (like i expected to be fair). Got in an the place was a dump. into the bedroom which was a dump too.
got paperwork out the way and she set off. It wasnt great head but i did pop a finger in her pussy and had a little smell and i nearly puked in my mouth, it was rough!
I finished off and got out of there as soon as and i just felt dirty after, so i went straight home and had a big ol' shower.

So ive gave a negative because of the state of the flat, the stinky pussy and feeling of disgust afterwards.

North East / Moana's Massage - middlesbrough
« by horrayforboobies on April 20, 2017, 01:02:27 PM »

I couldn't find any info on here and i saw that it was a new add so i thought id TOFTT.

Coms were OK, not great and not bad. I asked about HE via text which she said no but i thought id id try anyway.
Given the location by text and i got there a little early so i text to let her know and she told me to come in. so was in 10 mins early

I was told to undress down to my underwear and lie on the table :dash:

Massage was actually pretty good, she did find some knots that i didnt realise i had and worked them well. but the room was cold, the oil was cold and there was no atmosphere to speak of.

Since i didnt get a HE and i was in boro i decided to try sexy2savana for a blow and go, review to follow.
Alarm went off on her phone and that was it, she instantly stopped and said were done and told me to get dressed. seemed very abrupt ending but hey ho.

North East / Sophia of masquerade girls
« by Beefjerky on April 19, 2017, 11:28:32 PM »

£60 for 30 mins

Working down in teeside I decided to give masquerade girls a go for the first time. I got my eye on Sophia as I like petite girls.

Comms with masquerade where spot on and the venue in Stockton was easy to find with plenty of parking.

Rang the bell and was buzzed in by Sophia. First impressions where very good as Sophia is very petite at 5' tall and facially she is very pretty indeed. She seemed a little bit shy which for me just added to her attraction. Into the bedroom and my clothes were discarded very quickly then I preceded to relieve Sophia first of her robe then her bra and panties to reveal a quite perfect petite young body with a lovely pair of breasts and nice peachy buttocks. We started off with a bit of kissing and fondling which was open mouthed but no tongues as I caressed her pussy as she stroked my very hard cock. On my suggestion we went into a prolonged session of 69. Sophia tasted very nice and was impeccably clean. She was also very responsive to my RO and she gave very good OWO with a lot of varied licking of my shaft, sucking and wanking, but no DT. I then rubbered up and and on my request Sophia lowered herself onto me and gave out a very erotic sigh as she slid herself over my cock whilst proclaiming that I was so big, more like with Sophia being so young she is very tight. Sophia then began to slowly but purposefully slide herself up and down on me taking in the full length of my shaft whilst continuing to moan very erotically interspersed with some nice soft but passionate kissing. Feeling myself heading for an early finish, we changed to doggy interspersed with a bit of rimming of her beautiful tight little button hole which she enjoyed, telling me how good it felt. Then a spot of mish before I lay back and feasted on Sophias cute and tiny bare feet, sucking on her pretty little toes as she wanked me off with her soft little hands until I came and shot my load across her legs and clean over my shoulder.
Sophia is an utterly sweet and gorgeous young thing and I'll definitely pay her another visit when I'm down that way

North East / Sam of Gracies Girls - Hartlepool
« by Andy_707 on April 19, 2017, 06:36:33 PM »
This was a last minute decision which I'm glad I made  :D


Communication was by text - easy to organise with prompt replies.

Venue: fairly new flat in Hartlepool.  Decent area and lots of free parking.

I booked Sam for 45 mins at £90.

Appearance:  About 5 foot - I'm a bit of a short arse, but felt tall with her.  Slim but not skinny.  Pretty with a naughty glint in her eye.  Website says she's 22 - not unreasonable.  Nice small tits with responsive nipples.

I knocked on the door (the bell doesn't work btw) to be greeted with a big smile.  Paperwork out of the way and she went for a glass of water for me.  Forgot what she was doing, poured it away then started again.  She's brunette but ought to be blonde.

We had a little snog sitting on the bed.  We then stood up - she took off her dress to reveal some sexy lingerie below.  She said she wanted my soft hands all over her body - comes from never having a proper job  :lol:.  While stood we were kissing - proper DFK - and boy this girl can kiss for England.  I love a good snog and we kept going for a good while - me fondling her and her fondling me as we went.  Sam has this neat little way of rubbing herself against you.  Boxers still on, but I could probably have cum this way.  Anyway, on to the bed and more DFK and proper hard like she wants to chew my face off  :yahoo:.

Sam then went down on me & gave me a superb BJ (OWO).  Licking my balls, then my shaft and after a bit going hard and fast - facefucking me.  Back up for air and more kissing.  I gave her arse a little slap and told her she was a bad girl.  She reckons she hides it well  :P.  I then let my hands drift downwards and explored her pussy.  She was very receptive and seemed to enjoy the attention.  Meanwhile I sucked her lovely nipples before going south.  Sam again enjoyed the attention and it was time for the mac.

Started in mish - boy she has a naughty face.  Then doggy.  For some reason the little fella was flopping.  Sam was great - gave me some oral to get him going and rode me hard and fast in cowgirl to finish  :dance:.

Every now and again you meet someone and it just clicks into place.  It was like this with Sam.  Left, feeling great, with a big cheesy grin and, like Arnie, "I'll be back".  :cool:

North East / Riley of Amour
« by Jimmy Cagney on April 19, 2017, 05:59:09 PM »


Location: Decent house in N. Shields, easy parking, very quiet early afternoon despite being school holidays

Fee: £60 for 30 mins

Appearance: as per description on website. Lovely toned body. Dressed to impress in very sporty underwear and "fuck me" high heels.

Had been recommended Riley by agency. Not often see girls with limited feedback but have never been let down before with recommendations from Amour so decided to take plunge. Great decision.

Once we got fee out of the way started on the bed with some enthusiastic DFK. I then pulled her pants aside a started to finger her pussy whilst she wanked me off, she was getting wet very quickly. She had told me at the start that everything was with a condom, a bit of a let down, however she then proceeded to give me OWO, who was I to complain? Excellent technique, not quite deep throat but very enjoyable. Soon it was my turn to reciprocate. This was when things got really interesting!!

Started of licking a very sweet pussy. She was really getting into it, getting wetter and wetter and encouraging me to make her cum. After 5 mins she did with the most amazing squirting I have ever seen, she was gushing all over the place, not just once but multiple times. Amazing sight.

After a very brief rest it was on with the condom for a very vigorous fucking session. Started of in mish, then on to doggy. During doggy was thrusting as hard as I could whilst spanking her arse, she was demanding more. Reached to play with her clot, which had her gushing again whilst I was sliding in and out of her pussy, No need for lube with this lady! Pulled out and finished off with cumming over her very impressive arse.

A great session with a very energetic lady. She has only been escorting for a week after spending the last 14 years in customer service. She certainly serviced this customer. Highly recommended!

North East / Nadine of AdultWork - Newcastle
« by Sar-Major on April 19, 2017, 07:19:54 AM »
Well it was down to the last session of the day, with Nadine who I’d had my eye on for a while. She looked smart as fuck and twice as horny in her photos, but much, much better in the flesh, LITERALLY!!!   :D :D :D   I contacted her on AW as it was a couple of weeks before my stop over, and her availability wasn’t going to be up for a while on Allures website.

 https://www.adultwork.com/3634746 or https://www.adultwork.com/Nadine%5Fx

Comms. were good with Nadine; we had some great open, honest, and cheeky banter with each other. So yet again arrangements made, 1 hour @ £130, and to confirm once I was checked into the hotel early to mid afternoon.  Had a meeting re-scheduled, which meant I was going to be back in the hotel early. I texted Nadine to say if she wanted, to arrive early I’d be ready, if not no problems, got the “Green Light” and the new time set.  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Well I did think with Nadine being on UKE, she would have done some “Snooping” on here and read some reviews about me lurking in Reception!!! So a slight change of “Lurking Location” seen a car arrive and got a text saying she was here. I could see Nadine reading the directions to my room from her phone as I followed her. Admiring every step her slim body took, gorgeous legs that went right up to her adorable Arse!!! :sarcastic: :sarcastic: :sarcastic:  As she went to knock on the room door, I approached Nadine and slipped in straight in as I’d had it in my hand and been playing with it for a while (The key card ya dorty minded bastards     ) She took one look at me as I said there’s no one in at the minute, and started giggling and asked where I’d been hiding, I just winked and smiled. Well once in the room I was welcomed with a huge cuddle and full on kiss, and Nadine still giggling about me following her from reception. Paperwork sorted and out of the way, we started with some DFK and a few questions about each other, followed by some intense caressing and fondling of our bodies. It wasn’t long before we shed our clothes and got naked and on the bed, within minutes she was swallowing the old “Bed Snake” with a passion second to none. After about ten minutes of this, I flipped her over and re-paid the favour, Nadine was immaculate in her hygiene, and extremely fekin wet by now as I devoured her sweet pussy. It wasn’t long before the fruits of my labours showed; she was writhing all over and grabbing the bed sheets as she came.  :yahoo: :dance: :yahoo: :dance:

So after a slight recess for Nadine to catch her breath it was on with the Mac  and full steam ahead. Started in cowgirl, then mish, spoons, doggy and mish again with her ankles up beside her head. I was deep into the action and could feel the old helmet at the end of the tunnel, as they say. Well it didn’t take long in pounding her very wet pussy before she had another cumming, and I was getting to the point of “NO RETURN” so I hopped off removed the Mac, and asked Nadine to finish me off with her mouth, which she greedily obliged.  ;) ;)  WHAT I didn’t expect was her not to flinch when I shot me muck, as I’m a heavy cummer and its shoots out rather fast and forceful. Nadine took it all in her stride and swallowed every drop, (which I didn’t expect) nothing was wasted.  :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:

We lay back and rested and chatted for a while before she got dressed, had a good-bye, long DFK snog and left.

Without a doubt an exceptional lady, who exceeds the mark, and for a first time meeting, the whole (excuse the pun) experience was absolutely “Fekin Awesome”.

I can’t wait for the next encounter with this “Little Minx”.   :kissgirl: :rose:

 :hi: :hi:

North East / LovelySandra89 - Newcastle (on tour)
« by PlasticGeordie on April 17, 2017, 08:44:29 PM »

£70.00 - 30 minutes.

Another really good touring girl. Here for a week and very well recommended.

Sandra is an extremely attractive Slovakian girl. Her pics really don't do her justice. Great toned body with nice tits and a magnificent arse. Clean, smart aprtment in Ouseburn Wharf. Bigger than some of the other apartments I have visited there.

She is a very friendly, chatty girl. Great kisser from the time I walked in and throughout. Started with her kissing sensually all over my body and working her way down for some alternately sensual and energetic OW. OW is always a bit of a disappointment but not too much so here as she did a very thorough and enjoyable job.

Then onto cowgirl with those lovely tits often in my mouth, mish and doggy and reverse oral. All performed very energetically again and she was making quite a racket which may be a performance but I choose to believe in her sincerity ! Finished with HR.

Only negative aside fron possibly the OW was a bit of clock watching. She said if I was going to cum then we needed to hurry along a bit. When I said still 10 mins to go she said I had arrived a few minutes early which I hadn't. She wasn't pushy about it but I was a little taken aback.

On the whole though a definite positive and recommended. A friendly, smiley attitude and great kissing go along way to feeling good about a punt.

North East / Miss Kitty Durham
« by Tiger63 on April 17, 2017, 05:09:11 PM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/3870323 or https://www.adultwork.com/mistress%5Fkittyx2015.

OK, so not the normal thing that I go for but saw that she offers a quickie BJ for £30 and I was in the next village so thought I`d see if she was available.
Comms were done via text, she was free,and I was at her door 20mins later.

Estate seems quiet enough,it was during the school hols but there was no kids running about.

It was pretty much,upstairs, strip off and off we go.

OWO was offered with CIM finish....this was agreed beforehand.
Good technique from the lady and I was soon delivering a load which she swallowed.

A bit wham bang thank you Mam but thats what i wanted and it was a good service.

Only negative point was a bit of an animal smell when I went in the house....not strong but i was aware of it.

Nice enough girl and seems to have a very well stocked room full of toys which I might return to see some time.

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