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Comms: excellent texted me the PC the day before and the full location a few hours before responds withing a day to AW messages.

Location: sunderland centre, parking £1/hr within 100m

Incall location itself: fucks sake her incall flat is nicer than my house !

rate: booked an hour £120 extras n offer but i didn't take her op on those.

Had my eye on this girl for a while as i do like slim redheads, seen her on AW and was initially dubious, low reviews, not much talent round that neck of the woods anyway. checked her reviews and some of them were by people who had seen some of the girls i have so i thought i would TOFTT as it were and fuck me was i pleased i did !

now full disclosure she does have quite a few tattoos which personally does hit quite a few buttons of mine but if they dont hit yours she may not be for you. few piercings too overall a alternative look to her (only saying this as they dont really show up well on her profile) full arm full leg and plans for more she say, they do look well on her. tastefully done too not the chavvy tramp stamps n baby names ive seen on some...

found the place no trouble at all parking was a breeze, however be warned once you get into that flock of flats the flat numbering is confusing to say the least :/ door opened and i was greeted by a lovely redhead wearing (almost) exactly what i had requested.

states a size 6 which i can believe, nice proportionate size tits which i certainly enjoyed and a lovely little pert arse which i was pretty taken with too, my god is she tight and vocal ! hardly any gag reflex (which i took advantage of) DT was some of the best ive had in the last 18 months. she seemed to genuinely enjoy the RO and was very vocal, i do like a girl that makes some noise.

booking consisted of some good kissing,OWO, RO cowgirl round one and doggy round two. lots of really good conversation with some nice relaxed cuddling afterwards all in all a fantastic GFE... this girl is as chatty and friendly as the ginger herself !

10/10 would definitely book again.

North East / Lilly of Fenham, massage w/ extra
« by 3rdManIn on Yesterday at 11:48:24 AM »

Hi all,
1st review, so please bear with me. I had read about Lilly on here so many times, I wanted to give it a try.

I texted a couple of hours earlier on the off chance Lilly had availability at the time I was free. Very polite text back fairly quicky confirming and we quickly exchanged messages that gave me details of the address and where I could park. All good.

Very easy to find and park, discrete. Not the nicest place I've been in, in terms of decor, but not the worst (I've been to lisa's).

The superficial stuff:
Lilly was waiting at the door to let me in. I was a little disappointed. I'm a Sheng enthusiast and I find Sheng more attractive, with a better body. I also find Sheng more friendly and flirty, which I really like. Having said that, Lilly was not unfriendly and this was my first visit to her, so she's hardly going to greet me like a long time friend. And funnily enough, the closer I came to cumming, the prettier she looked.

The massage:
Massage is in an upstairs room, with a proper massage table. there's also a bed in there, which I thought was slightly odd.
Lilly saw me into the room, confirmed the length of the massage and the price - £40 for an hour - then left to let me undress.
When she returned, I'd adopted the position and she asked if I wanted a soft, medium or hard massage. I went for hard.
The massage was really good quality and well recommended.
During the main massage, there was plenty of close call glides of the fingers and the way she manipulates your body causes a good bit of jiggling on he old man that was making me pray that I didn't shoot before she even touched my balls. I'm sure she must know that it starts the excitement.
While I was still on my front, she started playing with my balls and ass, with the occasional reach-under stroke. really good technique and this was all before she even asked about HE.
She then asked me to turn over and my semi was a clear indication that the answer to "do you want extra massage?" was going to be yes. She pointed out that she charges extra, and she said £20, which was fine with me, as it was what I expected.
She started massaging around the area and then began the HE itself. Now, this is unusual in my experience, she asked me whether I liked it slow and steady or fast (I forget the exact words she used. I went for slow as I wanted to draw things out a little and enjoy it.
One very oily and explosive conclusion later (during which I had a cheeky handful of ass), she wiped up, went for a hot towel to wipe me down and then finished with a leg and foot massage.

All in all, a great massage and HE for a reasonable price.

North East / sexy babe ami adultwork - Newcastle
« by percythepunt on Yesterday at 11:34:57 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1540520 or https://www.adultwork.com/SEXY+BABE+AMI - Get QR Code

Apologies in advance if the link doesn't work, not my strong point.

Ami is well known, popular and has a few reviews, but she's been out the country for a while so I thought a recent update would be handy....if it's possible she's got even better!

Comms.........short and sweet , 1 aw email, 1 call to advise I'd arrived and to get buzzed in. I've seen Ami several times and possibly this made comms easier, having said that always found her easy to deal with.

Location......apartment block behind the Gate complex in Newcastle city centre, basic but clean and tidy, showers/bathroom offered. fairly discreet and safe. Mulit story car park 2mins walk away.

Services.......Very friendly, enthusiastic girl, met at the door with a nice kiss and cuddle, made better as she was rubbing my cock while doing so....So into the bedroom, those of you who have had the pleasure will be familiar with Ami's arse grinding which is awesome. I knelt behind her, spread her gorgeous arse cheeks and gave her an initial rimming and some oral from behind.
Ami now adopts the position on the bed for what is a prolonged rimming, helped by her holding her arse open and pushing firmly back onto me....unbelievable !!!
Ami then returns the favour with some owo, followed by 69 and some firm face sitting. I'm a one pop guy, and don't want to waste it so I ask Ami to give me a good hard fucking, on with the glove, followed by some very energetic cowgirl, reverse cowgirl (truly a sight to behold) , had to have a portion of doggy to finish.
I'm 50 odd-ish been punting 20-ish years and still the best I've come across. Cant think of any negatives other than no anal, which is just as well or I'd be skint.

I had a 1 hour booking, cost £100 no extras .

North East / Lily chinese massage, Fenham
« by mr mischief on March 23, 2017, 09:16:23 PM »

I texted Lily and got a very quick responce confirming that she was available at the time requested and the address to head for. I used the sat nav and arrived at the door on a residential street.

The house itself was quite discreet due to there being no houses  on the opposite side of the road. Once inside Lily showed me to the massage room and explained the price for an hours massage £40, she then left the room leaving me to undress. Lily herself was at a guess 40ish and reasonable attractive and also very pleasant and friendly.   

Due to the other reviews on here I had decided not to ask if anything extra was available  as I was pretty sure I would be offered this at a later point.

When Lily returned to the room she asked how hard i would like the massage, I opted for a hard one. 

Whilst Lily put a lot of effort into the massage and is obviously very skilled at what she does, I didn't find the massage as good as a typical Thai massage, but then again,   Im into very strong massages and  getting a good Thai pummelling.

After about 10 mins of massaging my legs and back,  Lily then asked the inevatble question to which I responded  "Of Course".

Then from that point on, the areas being massaged became a bit more sensual as  she began to  gently brush her fingers across by balls and arse. After about 10 mins of this quite pleasant teasing she asked me to turn over onto my back. by this point I was pretty aroused and well stiff.

Once on my back Lily started on the HE and I have to say its probably one of the best I have ever had and due to her skills I probably only lasted 5 mins or so.

Once finished she said she would get a hot towel and when returned began to towel me down which was really nice. Lily then asked if I would like to finish with a head or foot massage, which i opted for latter. I also really enjoyed this part of the massage as again she put in a lot of effort into it. Once finished I started to dress and asked how much for the extra to which she replied £20 is that ok ?, I was more than happy with that.

Would I return, definitely, even though I thought the massage was not as strong and intense as a good Thai massage Lily did put in a lot of effort and was good at what she does. The HE was one of the best Ive had so that certainly makes up for the less intense massage.

North East / Jessi_Black BBW, Northumberland
« by Boom52 on March 23, 2017, 01:38:13 PM »

Jessi is def a BBW but if that's your thing I highly recommend.
Meeting : Today
Price £20
Service 15 min oral only Quickie ( she offers 15 min GFE or PSE for £30 and £40 respectively too). I went for the oral only to check her out.

Booking - Via AW checked her availability (yesterday) then emailed her.  She replied within the hour then booked using AW.  She emailed back confirming and giving me a post code, initial parking instructions and her mobile number.  I had to message her confirming today no later than an hour before booking. I did this and got a swift reply.

Parking - Asked to park at a specific spot.  Its a large housing estate and plenty street parking. Pretty discreet as could be going anywhere. 

Comms - I rang 5 mins before appt time.  Answered straight away..with details of where to go (literally 1 min walk away).

Accomodation - Is a house in a small block. Very quiet and discreet enough for me. House itself was very clean and tidy as I was taken straight up to bedroom. That itself was immaculate.  Jessi lives there and obviously looks after it well. Jessi was waiting behind the door and opened it as I got there...so no need to knock. Always a plus.

Services - Only expected oral - but Jessi gave good kissing (not DFK but real (ie not pecks)and open mouthed..was nice).  Played with her massive boobs and nipples (they were hanging out on full display. Was offered to cum anywhere inc CIM and faciai and/or hair. was allowed to play with pussy and fingered her throughout the session.  She was VERY wet (and it didnt seem like lube)


For a £20 oral only appt this was very good. Jessi has a great personality and terrific attitude.  Yes she is a big girl...but she makes no secret of it.  Her profile and pics match her perfectly.  Her oral technique was excellent and allowing me to play with her as well was a bonus (prob why I came so quick).

Facially she has a cheerful round face with her hair tied back (she said she didnt mind it being pulled!!)

Her AW profile has a lot of reading on it (as she says its like a shopping list...pick what you want!) But her comms and service was top notch.  I will def be booking her again for a longer session.

Please guys.....dont bother with the "shes too big for me" etc replies.  Questions I will try and answer...but only saw her for 15 mins (never felt rushed though)

North East / Sophia Lust Newcastle/Washington
« by Sir Punt on March 22, 2017, 06:45:09 PM »
Sophia Lust - Adultwork
1hr incall

https://www.adultwork.com/3894373 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sophia+Lust

A week or so ago I noticed Sophia had added some new pics on uke and was back from her holidays. I've seen Sophia before and had a great time with her so treat myself to an hour with her on Sunday night.
Comms were straight forward and prompt via uke and adultwork. I let Sofia know I'd arrived and was given the room number. She works from different places in Newcastle and Gateshead the few I've met her in have all been nice places and this local hotel was no different.

Into the room greet by Sophia wearing some lacy black lingerie and what she called her sexy secretary glasses, she looked amazing. She has a very pretty face, tanned skin with tattoos, slim figure with perky boob's (a B cup possibly?) and my favourite feature of hers her gorgeous arse!

Soon as the door shuts were kissing behind it. Real dfk as good as I've received in any walk of life. I turned her around  dropped to my knees and  began some ro, hygenie was immaculate, whilst groping her bum and legs. We then made it onto the bed for more ro, owo and teasing before covering up. Sophia is a great shag very responsive and enthusiastic we started in cowgirl and moved through missionary a few ways and into doggy where I came during. After a quick clean up we lay chatting. I noticed time was getting on and was about to get a shower and go when she insisted I sample a massage before I go. Just a back massage with a few playful touches. It was really good, as a back massage I'd say I enjoyed it more than Shengs. But in the interests of fairness it was delivered by a stunning naked girl I'd just had sex with.
I had a shower dressed and went into the night a satisfied and dangerously relaxed.

I'd describe her service as a dirty gfe as she's very sensual and attentive however when things get going it's not vanilla.

Her main donts seem to be anal, rimming cim and facials

In summary great punt with a top girl, would definitely visit again

North East / Ozzielass (west cornforth)
« by nufcrob95 on March 22, 2017, 03:28:10 PM »
A very good punt from a very nice lady! Seen this lady 3 times and feel like she deserves a review. I noticed she stopped doing incalls for a while but last time i seen her she was in a village called west cornforth (or doggy to some).

Comms were great, phoned and booked easy. Arrived at location to a terraced house on a quiet road. Parked up outside and went inside. House was clean and didnt smell!

Went upstairs and sorted money out ( £60 for 30 mins), she was very welcoming from the off and made me feel comfy straight away.

Like i said before ive seen her 3 times, on the 3rd time she didnt do owo which was abit of a bummer but not too worry. Dont mention to her that youve seen escorts before and you should get owo!!

Sex was amazing, she was a tiny bit chunky but very flexible. She doesnt do anal or cim but the sex makes up for it. After i finished we just chatted for abit and then i left.

Only downside was that she came across a tiny bit smug due to the amount of money she was making but im sure it was in good humour.

All in all a very good punt and id recommend to anyone.

North East / Sophia_Lily - Newcastle Upon Tyne
« by nikmeister on March 21, 2017, 05:12:10 PM »

As I was travelling up to Newcastle from London for work and social reasons I decided to indulge in the North East punting scene. As stated in my reviews of London WGs I am into long sessions rather than 1-hour punts. Therefore I was on the lookout for a 3-hour punt of pure GFE.

It was a struggle to find someone free, surprisingly most WGs were on holiday or fully booked. Another thing I encountered was not a lot of WGs in North East wanted to see men of Indian decent and if they did it was for 30mins max. Until Tuesday late evening when I was scrolling through UKP and clicked on the UKE link and saw Sophia_Lily available on Sunday 19th March. I had a look at her profile on AW and it pretty much ticked all the boxes. I am very strict about the characteristics of the WG I want to see.

Sent her mail on UKE stating what I wanted and the duration got nearly instant replies, we moved onto text nearer to the date and agreed on all the services I wanted and the price. Once everything was confirmed it was just a matter of waiting for the punt.

Booking Info
2.5 hours booking from 12-2:30 pm  (Sunday 19th March 2017). Cost - £280 for 2.5 hours.

I sent Sophia an email via UKE explaining what I wanted in the session on Tuesday evening and got a reply from her within a few mins confirming she could do everything I wanted. I had a few things I wanted to know which she happily answered. I asked her to confirm all the services I had requested and dressing which she graciously accepted. Her replies were instant and clearly written.

For this punt, it was an outcall to my hotel room which was on the Quayside.

Sophia_Lily states her age 23 on her AW profile which after chatting to her and by her looks does look 23.

She has the looks of around 23/24, has natural breasts, and her arse is soft. Her height is about 5'4"-5'5", her hair is coloured silver grey which was tied in a bun. She was dressed in a loose green top and black leggings which I had requested.

Facial she is good looking; her lips are soft. They are amazing to do DFK and FK with. Her dress is pretty accurate at 10.

She is the same person in the photos.

The Experience
She was a few mins late which I won't crucify her for since the Sunday Market was open which meant getting to my hotel would take quite a while. Was greeted with a hug and a kiss once the door shut. We joked about how warm it was in the room and the view from the window (It was amazing!). I got two glasses from the room bar and took out a bottle of Prosecco (Tip: She likes White Zinfandel Rose or Prosecco). We sat on the sofa with the drink and just spoke about how each other's day had gone, she wanted to know a bit more about me, and what I do and I had a few things I wanted to know. We sat there chatting for around 20/30 mins while we teased and touched each other up. We exchanged a quite a lot of DFKs throughout our chat.

Once I had finished my glass of bubbly we moved onto the bed where she started to unbutton my shirt while DFKing and soon I was down to my boxers, and she was gliding her hands around my body. It was somewhat relaxing, she then proceeded onto giving me OWO. Her ball licking and teasing skills are amazing. I slowly went down on her with my tongue to which she responded well; I slipped two fingers into her pussy while licking it and she responded by pushing herself further down on my hand and moaning. Soon I added a third finger and boy was she wet. After a few mins of this, I got up and went for a DFK to which she first licked my fingers clean. She then proceeded onto giving me OWO which was amazing. While she was giving me a BJ, I tried to push her head towards me for a deep throat to which she responded well. Surprisingly she was proceeded to give me a deep throat and boy it was good, it was the perfect wet. Sloppy BJ with a lot of eye contact. She used her other hand to play with my balls. By far the best OWO I have had.

After taking turns to give each other oral, she then asked if it was time to get the raincoat on to which I agreed. She had assumed the cowgirl position. After a few mins of that we moved on to missionary, and oh boy did I find out how wet her pussy was. It was very wet!. After spending around a few mins with the perfect moans and tightness of her pussy I came in her. I would like to point out this is the first time I have in my three years of punting had a WG ever make me cum in her. I have never been encouraged or aroused as I was this time.

After taking a quick sip of water, we cuddled and talked about general items while laying in each other's arms. She then proceeded to get minime back up with another wet sloppy BJ and soon had him wide awake. A bit more of oral foreplay back and forth took place and a lot of DFK and teasing. Soon I asked her to finger herself and let me watch while I wanked over her breasts ready to layer them with cum. It didn't take long before I had covered her breasts with my second shot.

After the second shot, I had been run dry and knew no more could be taken. I checked the time and informed her it was 2:45 pm and knowing she had a personal appointment at 3 pm. She cleaned herself up, got dressed, gave me a hug and one final kiss and left. Sophia never checked the time once nor did she time waste.

Once she left I felt light on my feet and happy; she never looked at the watch, no interruption from her phone, perfect and clear communication in English and the best of all there was nothing fake about her. I found out a lot about her and the troubles of this jobs.

Overall I loved it, looking back at it I would not have changed anything from the moment she entered to the way she made me comfortable till the end she was herself. She is so easy to talk to about a lot subjects. Her skills are perfected as she has been doing this for a few years now and therefore throughout the meet I let her do her thing. I would go back to her without a doubt.

- Amazing oral skills
- Pure GFE. Sensual DFK.
- Amazing looks
- Never clock watched even though we were 15 min above time.

- Nothing personally wrong with her but I think the room temperature could have been slightly less warm. I was building up a sweat a few mins into protected penetration.

Things to think about
- I love foreplay and oral therefore my review contains a lot more of oral and foreplay details rather than sex.
- She normally will expect you to have at least some feedback on AW and may question you in case you don't to find out what kind of a person you are.
- She has been doing this for a few years. Therefore, she has a few skills sets like BJ, DFK and teasing perfected down to the T.

I would book her again after this session, she was spot on with her services, and they matched up with her profile bio and likes list. She has been saved for future meets. As a first punt in the North East area it has been an amazing punt. Overall, this is ranked in the top 3 best punts in my punting experience. I would say if you have spare cash and maybe want to try someone different, give her a shout you may be happily shocked

North East / North East - Tori.Taylor of Adultwork
« by Inquisitive Male on March 20, 2017, 07:05:18 PM »
So nearly a couple of years since I last saw this young lady, even before I knew UKP existed but in a thread on the best punt of 2015 I had rated my meet with her as my best for that year. So you immediately think I'm playing safe returning to Tori, the thing was there had been a problem shall I say after that meet, and not on my part which had therefore led to this lengthy period the meets, so we were both very apprehensive about how this meet might go. I was hoping that the magic and sparkle of that previous acquaintance might be re-ignited, and that the success of that earlier meet had not just been a one off with a young lady excited at the prospect of her holiday the following day.

Off the radar a bit of late through choice, her choice, Tori's availability is somewhat reduced but perseverance on my part finally meant we could arrange a mutually convenient date to meet up. Some details were sorted out beforehand even down to the apartment number so the car headed north with me believing I knew where I was going. Arrived about 10 minutes early which was just as well as I tailgated into the apartment block only to find I was in the wrong block, soon remedied and into the correct building. A choice of stairs or the lift , and very shortly there I was knocking at the apartment door,  with both of us (as I found out later) wondering if that misunderstanding that had led to such a delay in meets might mar the evening. The door was opened to reveal the Tori I could remember a slim gorgeous blonde, dressed (or not in this case) in seductive red lingerie heels and stockings. Polite introductions over an initial kiss and I instinctively just followed Tori into the bedroom

Personality: Confident with a bubbly friendly personality, certainly not shy, and enthusiastic throughout.

Appearance: Tall slender attractive Blue eyed Blonde, Dress size 10, Breast size about 34B, Height about 5ft 9"

Services: Girl Friend Experience with FK, Oral (owo) & Reverse, Protected Sex, Massage & Hand Relief


In that meet of almost two years ago it hadn't just been the physical side of the meet that had appealed to me but it was Tori's personality, she provides a girl friend experience but in doing so had wanted to get to know something about her client rather than just straight into the sex and this meet followed a similar pattern. Initially offered a cool drink, the water gave way to Prosecco and I found myself sat on the bed with a young lady basically having a good chin wag catching up on events and folk we had met since our last meeting. As we chatted there was the odd kiss, touch but then we were back 'Chatting for England'.

Enough chat I think Tori decided, as she lay on the bed and told me to get my clothes off. There was no need to be told a second time and I was soon naked and laid next to her in a passionate embrace, In order to remove her bra she sat up and despite looking so good in her clothes they just had to come off. The bra off, revealed a nice pert pair of breasts and hardening nipples to the touch and as Tori lay back down my hand sought out her more private parts. Panties removed my fingers began to toy with her and very, very quickly the young lady was most definitely moist and judging by the noises and contortions being made Tori was enjoying my playing with her. Not so much a request more an instruction I was told that my tongue should take over from the fingers. I thought she was inviting me into heaven, and I can certainly say that I enjoyed myself between Tori's legs and again judging by how wet she was I'm sure she did too. What then happened was for me a bit out of order but seeing how gorgeous she looked we both just wanted to move onto the sex next so on with our little rubbery friend and we started with a bit of missionary. I then rolled onto my back and taking the rubber off Tori revived my flagging manhood, I normally prefer oral before my sex but she really had just looked so good that the sex just happened. The reviving oral gave way to a bit of hand relief and as we cuddled Tori continued to massage my privates until I inevitably exploded.

With the physical activity over, we chatted a little, I got dressed and Tori just wandered around a little longer teasing me before eventually putting some clothes on. We chatted a little longer as the Prosecco was finished, think (no I know) I over ran my time by a mile but there was no ushering me out of the door. It had taken a good bit of arranging to finally get to see Tori once more, as well as a near two year absence but my perseverence had paid off and this as you can imagine was a thoroughly enjoyable meet and one I would hope to repeat in the not too distant future.

This meet was almost like meeting 'a friend with benefits', as Tori really provided the 'ultimate girl friend experience package'. A gorgeous, friendly and enthusiastic young lady, in safe comfortable surroundings, excellent hospitality, and a no rushed feel and relaxed approach. Oh yes, the sex was pretty damn good too, but for me I'm just glad I persevered and managed to get to see this young lady once more, it was certainly worth it.

North East / Shilpa Indian Newcastle
« by Wrekenton68 on March 19, 2017, 11:46:53 PM »

What a  waste of money

She says she's 31, I'd say nearer 45.

She answers door in some scruffy  flat in Heaton.

Wearing a scruffy white dressing gown.

I paid £70 for half an hour.

She said I could cum in her mouth.

She puts condom on me and then undressed.

Nice dark nipples.

Sex was missionary,  she was very dry, didn't lube herself

She looked very distressed as I humped her.

Decided to ask for blow job instead.

She left condom on me, I asked about cum in her mouth.

She took condom off.

She winced when I touched her pussy.

Decided to wank on her boobs instead.
Came on her boobs .
Left disappointed.
Would not return

North East / LydiaWest - Wallsend
« by lLake on March 19, 2017, 12:19:46 AM »


Paid £110 for one hour incall via Armour

This is my first review so hope it helps, this site has been invaluable for me as I have explored punting so I figured I owed my own contribution in return...

Lydia is my ideal kind of woman, redhead, well spoken, Great figure (the best 14 I've ever seen), intelligent and tattooed. I'd had an eye on her profile for a few days and with a free afternoon I  booked an hour with Armour via text. Either my phone or Armour's phone was playing up because after the booking none of the texts were coming through for location, instructions but I eventually called them and the receptionist was very friendly and apologetic. They didn't give me any means to communicate with Lydia and I felt weird passing on requests so I emailed Lydia a short request via AdultWork.

I was advised parking was poor so I parked up at a nearby supermarket as recommended and walked over to the address (it was good to have some distance from the car tbh), Wallsend is a bit rough and it was putting me off slightly - especially when I revived a call from the agency asking if I could put the appointment back five minutes as Lydia was running late. So hanging around wasn't fun but I was cutting it fine for time myself so it wasn't a huge inconvenance. After waiting the five minutes I knocked on the door (terraced townhouse, entrance via alley behind house) and Lydia answered. I'd asked her to dress in something black and smart with classy underwear on underneath, plus either long socks of thick stockings, I had liked the idea of undressing her to find the extravagant underwear.

Lydia looks amazing, and she was dressed as I asked. She was not long out of the shower so it felt more like meeting a female friend/girlfriend rather than a sex worker. Personally, I like seeing the personality of a lady rather than her acting like a sex fiend ready to do my bidding (remember, I'm new to all this!). Though it feels strange to kiss and tell, when reading other reviews i've noticed a lot of you want details to help you make your own decisions so here's a detailed synopsis:

I followed Lydia up stairs, enjoying a great view of her bum and we went into her bedroom. It was cosy, clean and homely - welcoming and comfortable. I offered the paperwork though I think Lydia was going to wait until the end. She returned and greeted me with some amazing, sensual kissing (with tongue). I explained I was nervous (as if it wasn't obvious) and wanted to ease into things so after some more kissing we moved to the bed while Lydia stroked my building erection. I made it clear I was after a 'bit of a pampering' and GFE.

I peeled her top off and she was wearing a really nice and extravagant set of lingerie, as requested. Honestly guys, Lydia is an incredible woman and a beautiful sight. After some more kissing we laid down and I engaged her in conversation for a while. Lydia is amazing company, her well spoken southern accent was like music to my ears and I enjoyed listening to her. She respected the fact I was nervous and allowed me to dictate the speed of things rather than just pouncing on me, this felt very much tailored to me and I really appreciated it.

Soon we started kissing again, she took off her bra and I spent time appreciating her magnificent breasts for a while, apparently enhanced but I couldn't really tell - they felt natural. She has a verysexy giggle rather than fake pornstar type moaning, and it made things feel natural. Soon Lydia reached down and got my dick out, working it with her hand while we kissed. Again, this is exactly the type of experience I was after. She took her underwear off (leaving stockings on and the rest of the lingerie, which I loved), and I stroked her pussy for a while, which was nice and wet. Soon Lydia learned over and began OWO, her profile says this is at discretion so it was a nice surprise to get it. Her technique is fantastic, GFE rather than PSE yet extremely satisfying. Could have let her do it all through the session, she would often make eye contact and smile.

I watched Lydia do this for a good while before I suggested we move onto sex, I didn't know how far I had intended to go but she was too amazing not to do it. After she put on the condom she briefly performed OW which was brilliant (to my surprise) before she climbed on for cowgirl. Lydia was amazing, she seemed to really enjoy herself and we continued french kissing during the cowgirl. She had a great technique of really going for it until she could sense me building up then slowing down, changing movements and allowing me to calm down. After doing this a handful of times, I got really carried away and asked her not to stop, she made sure that was ok (clearly she likes guys to get a long session) but I was too worked up and really wanted to come. She quickly brought me to climax and we kissed. She took the condom off and cleaned me up in a really nice, sensual way.

We had a decent amount of time left and I'm sure Lydia would have been happy to do more and get me to come again but I put my pants on and just wanted to cuddle and chat. Before we did, Lydia got entirely naked and let me soak up views of her body while we chattted. This was a really nice touch, I could barely keep eye contact.

Again, Lydia was great at reading my body language and judging what I wanted, as I was after a full yet intimate GFE, so spending the remainder of the time chatting was entirely my move (Lydia is fascinating to speak to).

Lydia either made no attempts to check the time or was extremely subtle, and it was actually me who was clock watching toward the end. She told me to relax and we ended up running 5-10 mins over while chatting anyway, after I realised the time I quickly got ready but she was very reassuring and tole me not to worry.

We kissed goodbye and I walked back to my bar with a stupid grin on my face which remains still!

Lydia is an amazing woman who delivered exactly what I wanted and more, I'll definitely be back once circumstances allow it.

North East / Sexy2savannha (Adultwork) Middlesbrough
« by SBM on March 18, 2017, 02:18:45 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3696953 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy2savannha

Mid-week and with my lower brain overriding its companion higher up, I quite fancied a half-hour punt, but really fancied the combination of a strip-tease, lap-dance, OW and a facial; that’s giving, not receiving, obviously.

Savannha had been an object of intrigue for a while, largely because the chavvy thing appealed and also because the previously stated requirements aren’t actually advertised on anyone’s AW likes’ list too often.  To each their own, and all that.

Comms were good and all arranged by text, which works for me.  Requirements were explained and a time arranged, but then I was informed that Savannha doesn’t offer facials, despite it being on her likes list.  Still, in for a penny and all that.

Arrived a little early and parked in the Captain Cook’s Square multi-storey car park (free for an hour!) and then made my way on foot to the supplied address; just takes a couple of minutes.  Rang Savannha for the building number and found my way there in another minute.

Savannha’s been described on here already; she’s as she appears on her AW photos.  The apartment isn’t pristine, but isn’t hacky either; it does smell heavily of smoke though. 

The short version of my half hour can be summed up with very few words.  In fact, I’ll use “disappointing” and “below-par” because, despite informing her of what I was after, Savannha proceeded to just crack on with her own thing and ignore our previous conversation entirely.  As I sat expectantly, looking forward to my strip-tease and lap-dance, Savannha did a passable impression of a coiled spring and went down for OWO before I could object.  Things didn’t recover much from there; kissing was disappointing although, to be fair, once the cover had been applied, the sight of her riding reverse cowgirl was extremely pleasant and she is, shall we say, quite tight down there.

So, all in all, just a bit of a punting fail.  The likes on her AW profile are inaccurate and despite confirming my requests, she just ignored them.  She seems a canny enough lass, but it was a largely disappointing experience and, in hindsight, I wouldn’t repeat it.  I left both annoyed and with the scent of cigarette smoke ingrained in every item of clothing I was wearing. 

North East / Electra Black - Jesmond
« by trainspotter on March 18, 2017, 11:00:25 AM »
This review is from a meeting last year bu tElectral has just reappeared after an absence so I think it is relevant. At the time, she still worked for Amour

30 mins £50 (at the time)


Location was an acceptable flat in Jesmond but she may well have moved.

This review is neutral bordering on negative. Electra was not as attractive as pictures suggested. However, the main problem was attitude. She seemed totally disinterested  and maybe we just didn't click but anything that happened seemed to be granted grudgingly. I was uncomfortable and left after 15 mins.

Maybe she has got her act together, maybe as I said it was just me but I cannot recommend. Others might beg to differ or give some more recent info.

North East / Emily of Amour
« by trainspotter on March 17, 2017, 12:07:07 PM »
30 mins incall £60

I saw Emily at a flat in Denton a few days ago. Comms with Amour were good and the flat was easy to find, door not overlooked, and with plenty of free parking available. This review is positive and I enjoyed my time but there are some things guys should be aware of before booking.

Emily is Polish but her English is excellent. Her attitude too is superb. Emily was welcoming, smiling, enthusiastic and eager to please so people who normally avoid EE girls for good reason have no need to avoid Emily.

Unless you like BBW however, stay away. Emily is facially attractive, curvy, and has lovely 42J breasts but she is a big girl. I do not see BBW often despite this review and last one but  i found her very attractive, realising that not everyone would.

Kissing (not DFK), mutual fondling, OWO and missionary all entered into with enthsiasm. I did not ask about CIM or anal. For me, basic services delivered enthusiastically by an attractive welcoming girl are what is important and that is what I enjoyed in my 30 mins with Emily.

Now make up your own minds about whether she goes on your HL or is avoided.

North East / Rebecca Brooke of AdultWork - Bensham
« by ProfessorYaffle on March 16, 2017, 09:23:05 PM »

I booked Rebecca for a 1 hour incall. Price was £160.

Comms (via AW message and text) were great. She gave me her postcode the night before the booking then she texted me her house number just prior to the start of the booking.

She was working from a house in Bensham about 10 minutes walk from Gateshead Metro station. It's a nice quiet area with plenty of parking outside. Inside it was neat, clean and tidy.

She's a total babe - beautiful face and a gorgeous curvy body with big natural boobs. Lovely soft skin and an all over tan. She looks just like her photos. She was wearing some sort of sexy white see through nightie / dress and undies.

Personality wise she's lovely, really warm and friendly. With her being a bit of a celeb I was half expecting a bit of an ego but there was none at all, she's very down to earth.

I paid her and jumped in the shower. There was shower gel and she gave me a clean towel.

Her hygiene was perfect, she'd clearly just showered and smelled fresh and gorgeous.

Back in the bedroom I gave her some black hold-ups to wear and she put them on along with a suspender belt from her collection. She looked fantastic, every inch the glamour model.

Services: DFK, covered O / HJ, reverse O, 69, Sex (cowgirl, doggy, missionary - twice each), cum on boobs.

I lay on the bed and got her to climb on top of me. We started kissing and within a few seconds we were passionately snogging (much to my delight). She's a great kisser. Her BJ was superb and didn't seem to be any the worse for being covered. She was very responsive during reverse O. The sex was tremendous, full on and passionate. To finish I came on her boobs.

I got another shower and departed.

It was a terrific punt. I'd highly recommend her and will definitely see her again...in fact I've already got another booking with her this weekend.

North East / Hot Thai Girl Stockton
« by Jibbi on March 15, 2017, 09:10:25 AM »
Hot Thai Girl https://www.adultwork.com/3608129 or https://www.adultwork.com/HOT+THAI+GIRL+xx

So I've read about this little establishment and how they switch girls around every week. Thought I'd give it a go myself. Called to sort out a booking and spoke to someone who didn't sound the most friendly. Was able to arrange something short notice and was given address. The location in Norton is fine and discrete considering you enter the property from the back.

When I entered Susie was behind the door and my first impression was that she is nice and quite pretty. She's short and curvy but she is very smiley and her English is really good. She took me to the room and I told her I'd like to stay for half an hour at £60. Gave her the cash which she left to out in another room. When she came back her robe was removed was wearing a night dress of some sort. I'm really bad when it comes to types of women's clothes. I never changed as she was out of the room as I always think the worst meeting someone new and that some bloke would come storming in.

She came to me kissing and slowly started to undress me which I really liked. After a little time she gave me owo while I was standing! Eventually made our way to the bed where she continued to kiss me all over while mixing in owo. I enjoyed her passionate kissing and her owo was really good too. Applied the condom and had sex in a couple positions before I shot my load. Was offered a message after which I accepted, this was fine and we talked a little. Turns out that she isn't the one who takes calls which makes sense, she is friendly while the person on the phone is quite abrupt. Turning over she managed to get me hard again and offered to try again which I of course accepted. This time her oral was really sloppy and when she applied the condom I noticed we didn't have much time left so I tried to finish again quick time.

Managed to do so and got cleaned up, changed and left a couple minutes over time. She didn't seem too bothered about it. I'm not sure if I'll return as I don't like the fact you may not know what the girl looks like when you book. I would see Susie again though and she was really nice, friendly and offered a really good service. Think she said she's only here for a couple more weeks.

North East / Maya in Gateshead
« by mackeson on March 14, 2017, 01:09:32 PM »
Have seen Maya several times recently - a VERY enjoyable hour every visit! A firm massage with frequent reminders (slipping fingers) of what is to come, no pun intended. Have noticed many comments recently about some girls pushing up prices, but at £35 per hour + £20 Maya is right on the money!!!!


Being bonkers busy, I wasn't planning to punt at all last week, but woke one day with the raging horn, and, well, you know what that can do to a man's brain!

So, my first ever same day booking, my first time with Masquerade Girls, and my first time with an escort who was under twenty.

I booked a 1 hour incall in Stockton. Jayde was friendly and helpful on the phone, and texted clear directions within minutes of my phone call.
The flat was easy to find near the Riverside, oodles of free parking, immaculate and tastefully kitted out with colour coordinated furnishings. I could easily have been in a good quality small hotel.

Sophia greeted me wearing a baby doll nightie and heels. She's about five foot nothing, petite, and gobsmackingly beautiful. She reminded me a little of Cara Delavigne.

I requested a cuppa and a shower. Oops, no milk, but fruit squash was on offer. Into the shower, fully loaded with a selection of shower gels, a big fluffy bath sheet, and not one but TWO bath mats. I was in Three in a Bed heaven!

Into the bedroom again. There was no music system, but no worries - I'd brought my own. I wasn't keen on the single overhead light,(we could have done with a table lamp) so Cara, oops Sophia, turned it off and we used the light from the ensuite, which turned out to be very sexy.

As was Sophia. :)

Down to business, and I suggested a little "getting to know you" game as an icebreaker. This was as much for my benefit as hers, knowing that she was young and inexperienced, and I was feeling like a bit of an old perve. A highly turned on old perve by that time, by the way!

A good snog, not deep kissing, but natural, then into owo, and I remembered what I'd come for.

Oh my golly gosh! Her technique was marvellous, varied and inventive. Off with the nightie, and I set to with some body worshipping. And what a body! She had the most wonderful natural tits, and one of the sweetest little pussies I've ever had the privilege of kissing.

On with the condom, and into cowgirl, a roll over into missionary, a failed attempt at doggy (I'm rubbish at geography these days) then more cowgirl. The sight of her bouncing energetically, Indian squat style, will stay with me for ever (I hope!). By that time I was running out of puff and was mildly distracted by incipient cramp, so I asked for more oral and a hand job, and finished on those gorgeous tits. She doesn't do Cim, by the way.

Then a little chat about the job etc, which she seems to be enjoying. We were running short of time by then, as I'd worked her long and hard, so I'm afraid that I don't know her views on politics, fine art or quantum theory. She was full of praise for the agency and the support and security they had given her. She's been doing duos with lovely Ruby (it was she who recommended Sophia to me, during our session together the previous week) and, I believe, who had been mentoring her.

Quietly spoken, very polite, the whole service was immaculately delivered. I thought back to the old skanky NNE Stockton flat with the broken bathroom and the big wall clock that was permanently 5 or 10 minutes fast, and this experience was at a whole new level.

Maybe she's not yet ready for someone wanting rip roaring "yee ha" style shenanigans, or uber kinky,  but Sophia will no doubt grow in confidence. But for a gentle and sensual gfe experience, she's already blown my socks off!

Top marks. Thank you Sophia, and thank you Masquerade Girls!  :hi:

North East / Scarlett Sage - Gateshead
« by Slaine on March 12, 2017, 03:59:14 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3596820 or https://www.adultwork.com/Scarlett+Sage

Saw this little stunner last weekend for a 1hr incall. Price £100.

Location - Gateshead apartment. Very easy to find and discrete.

Communication - All done on AW and very easily set up. She asked me to send a booking request via AW which I did.
Address and apartment number received by text in good time. There is a car park right next to the location.

I've been wanting to see this little hottie for a while now but she hasn't worked much recently and when I saw she was available on a day that suited me it jumped in and booked her.

When she opened the door I was gobsmacked and how pretty she actually is. She's a proper looker with lovely big brown eyes and a gorgeous slim figure. She was dressed in a black lacy body that showed off her trim figure. I thought 'get in'  :yahoo:

We had a little chat to get to know each other and after I handed over the donation and jumped in the shower to freshen up.

And now the fun begins -  The next hour was filled with lots of kissing, fondling, OWO, RO, Mish, Cowgirl, Doggy you name it. She was game for everything I wanted to do.
She lists her services as GFE and that's exactly what you get with her. I'm fairly vanilla myself and really enjoyed my time with a petite 21yr old babe  :D

We did actually over-run by quite a while as I was her last booking for the day and we just lay on the bed talking with her in my arms and boy can this girl talk. Not in a time wasting kind of way I must add, but in a nice, interesting, friendly manner that is really endearing. I'm a fair bit older than her and there was no awkwardness from her at all. She is a really lovely young girl and I really enjoyed myself.

Afterwards I had another shower with a goodbye kiss and was on my way, very happy  :thumbsup:

To summarize I will definitely be booking this girl again. She is probably the prettiest escort I've ever seen and her figure is fabulous. 10/10

North East / Bethany Diamond - Newcastle-upon-Tyne
« by AgedCases on March 12, 2017, 11:53:43 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3415351 or https://www.adultwork.com/Bethany+Diamond

1.5hrs incall @ £160

Why her?

She is well-reviewed and retiring soon so I just had to grab a piece of the pie before it's too late!


I messaged a date/time on UKE and was told to send a booking request on AW. Incall location and phone number was returned on the morning of the punt.

The Punt

This took place in a hotel on the quayside. It made a refreshing change to be in a luxurious hotel room rather than a grotty agency flat. Bethany is fucking gorgeous, greeted me in wearing some skimpy red underwear. She has quite a confident personality. I handed over the cash then jumped in the shower.

We first had a cup of tea and chatted for several minutes (I punt to enjoy the company as much as the sex so this suits me). Then she asked me to lie on the bed so she could get to work on my stiffening cock. Making eye contact with her as she worshipped my cock was a sight to behold.

I like to take control so I requested her to come up north for some DFK and, boy, can she provide that. Only Demmi L'Amore has kissed me as passionately as this! I then moved in to worship her fantastic tits, moving my hand south to finger her. She began to moan and become wet before reaching for a sextoy for me to use on her. It was such a thrill to feel her body spasm as she orgasmed.

I began masturbating whilst she gave me some more of that amazing DFK and when I signalled that I was coming, she wrapped her lips around the head and took the full load in her mouth. Wow, just wow!

We spent the rest of the punt chatting while groping each other. She guessed my age as 30 (I'm 45) so I left with a huge ego boost as well as rubber legs and drained balls!

Fully recommended!

North East / Duo Newcastle - NaughtyOne and Jesseloves69
« by Jellaby on March 12, 2017, 09:44:20 AM »

Decided to treat myself to a duo when I was in Newcastle last week.  The naughty one replied and impressed me as sincere and offering a really raunchy time with her friend, Jesse.  In the flesh they didn't disappoint.  The naughty one is the older and a bit shorter than Jesse, but her body has great curves and I really loved her bum!  Jesse is a redhead with a lovely slim body, great arse and tits.  They both wore sexy outfits - but they didn't stay on long!

What really marks out these girls is that they are friends who are genuinely bi and love playing together as much as with guys.  Been doing it for a few years and often go to swingers clubs. It's obvious that nothing is being faked.

We started off with lovely deep french kissing, first one girl, then the other.  And while I snogged one, the other was playing with my cock and giving it some sublime oral - licking up and down the shaft - the naughty one asked me what I liked being done with my balls!  What a question!  So, licking, stroking, sucking followed, and playing around my scrotum and arse.  This carried out for a long time, every so often the girls left off from to snog each other or one would move to the other's bum while the first was taking care of me.

Eventually I had to fuck one of them - mac on, they both stuck their arses out at me - choices, choices!  I chose Jesse's and started to build up a rhythm.  Didn't take me long to climax in her smooth pussy!  We rested and chatted.  They told me about some of their adventures and more unusual clients!

Didn't take me long to get horny again.  This time I snogged the lovely Jesse while Naughty started with  my cock.  Naughty then got more and more naughty!  I love my bum and arse hole being played with - Naughty went to town with it, fingers playing around the outside and then gently moving in while her mouth enveloped my cock.  Mmmm!  It was wonderful.  I asked Naughty if she would rim me - so, pillow placed under me to lift up my bum and boy, did she rim!  One of the best rimmings I've ever had!

After this went on for a while I just had to fuck again - this time it was Naughty's turn - doggy again.  Once I'm hard and inside I don't last long so I soon came to a shuddering climax and just kept going until the old man wilted.

After that I needed a rest, which allowed the girls to do some serious playing themselves.  Out came the double-headed dildo - wow!  Never seen one of these for real - it was 18 inches of thick plastic, I guess about 2 inches in diameter.  The girls were obviously used to this and had it inside both in next to no time - we guessed they each had 6 inches inside, leaving just 6 between them.  I tried to help move it back and forth, but I think their own pushing and pulling were more effective!  They certainly enjoyed themselves!

Sadly time was up before I was able to make it 3, though the girls tried very hard.  I had just been sucked and fucked dry!

All in all, a great time with 2 really genuine, horny girls.

North East / Nicole (Gracies Girls) - Norton
« by Sammee69 on March 12, 2017, 03:08:00 AM »
I know she's received many glowing reports, but fwiw here's my report on a 30 minute punt with Nicole at Norton yesterday.


Cost - £60 for 30 minutes

Services offered/requested - DFK, GFE, OWO, RO, 69, COB, CIM (no swallow)

Accommodation - ground floor flat in a quite secluded spot. Clean and tidy.

Comms - all done and confirmed by text

Nicole - as described, mid to late 30s, super figure, fake boobs but well done (not those awful, blown up melons - little bit of scarring underneath), very clean, very well dressed in all manner of sexy lingerie (basque, stockings sussies etc). Dusky looks, would be a head-turner if you saw her down your local pub). Really friendly and accommodating, good hygiene, smelt nice. All smiles and laughter and natural chattiness (not in a boring, can we just get down to business now kind of a way).

Meeting - Started with full on passionate snogging, really gets into it, and either fully enjoys what she's doing, or is a very good actress. After passionate DFK for a couple of minutes with my hands over her very tidy curves, she mischeviously made her way downstairs and unleashed the old racing snake for some exceedingly good oral (lots of lip action, no teeth, sloppy spitting, plenty of eye-contact). If I'd let her carry on she would easily have had me come there and then, so we retired to the bed for some more kissing, cuddling, and getting to grips with her norks. Felt surprisingly natural for fake boobs, had a lot of fun sucking quite hard her dark nips.

At her suggestion we segued into a 69 which was pretty fantastic, buried my face and tongue in her pussy while stroking her ass and back. Again, her oral technique was spot on.

On with the fisherman's friend and she jumped on top for some cowgirl, then what I believe is Indian cowgirl (her feet on my thighs as she squatted down on my cock and bounced up and down). Then opted for some plain old vanilla, which was a lot of fun pounding away as she was moaning and I could feel her pussy contracting around my cock. Finished off splashing all over her boobs as she knelt and the floor and laid back over the bed. Mop up, friendly chit-chat, a few more passionate snogs then back to reality.

Great 30 minutes, quality girl who puts some of my recent punts to shame (see previous 2 reviews). Attitude spot on, very enthusiastic, friendly, sexy and passionate.

North East / Alexa - Premium Escorts, Gateshead
« by itsonlyonce on March 11, 2017, 05:29:04 PM »

30 Mins Incall, residential Gateshead street with plenty of parking and discreet enough. £60

After some brief comms with junie, she'd convinced...i mean recommended that Alexa was a little cracker. Now, im not usually a fan of the petite ladies, i prefer the more curvy but i thought Id give Alexa a try as her Premium write up seemed pretty decent, and did its job.

It took a few knocks of the door for Alexa to open and i'd almost turned around but it happens that she had jumped in the bath for a quick dip following an earlier apt. Nice to know as ive heard some WG using a few Huggies to do the job before next appointments  :scare:

Alex is a really smally lady, very trim, and will tick all the boxes for those who like that type of lady. She's facially a little hottie as well and had some sexy bright red lippy on and only what i can describe as a Cindy Crawford mole, which somehow added to her foxiness. Shes extremely welcoming and a warm personality too, super chatty with it. Almost to the point where is is hard to get a word in. Paperwork done when she comes back in with a few glasses of wine, a nice touch...im driving so i have a small sip at most and she hops on the bed, and my kit is already off. She is wearing a sexy little black thong and bra. Her tits are fairly small but a nice handful nevertheless.

So shes kneeling up and so am i on the bed, the music is blasting out back and i pull her in close, ulmost up onto my knee whilst we indulge is some passionate kissing, with Alexa stroking my cock at the same time. I move down and start kissing her neck and shes super responsive to this, with some nice heavy panting.....I pull her closer and she starts rubbing and teasing my cock on the front of her knickers. Im rock hard now and Alexa throws me a few pillows so im in the comfy BJ position, on my back, watching those bright red sexy lips slide up and down on my hard shaft with loads of eye contact to boot. A right turn on....

Shes moves a few finders down around my arse, with loads of eye contact to, almost to check that im happy for her to start rubbing my arse. Not an issue for me an combines with the OWO BJ, which has some deep throat attempts is just the ticket. Then she pushes me right back and starts rimming me...i take control and start wanking myself in tandem. She's not shy and tries to get her tongue right in there.

Enough teasing and she grabs the mac and its on, feeling a little tighter than normal so shes either reached for an XS mac which i'm definately not or i've got such a hard on its nearly bursting out. We opt for doggie and she's fairly tight and i pound away in doggie and then close her legs together with her lying flat on the bed and she's moaning away which makes me think im doing something right. More neck kissing at the same time, i stop and she begs me to continue licking and kissing her whilst thrusting away. Not longer after i fill the mac and time is up.

Alexa is a really friendly girl and id re visit her again for sure....Great looking young lady who seemed to be well into it and genuine to boot. :cool:

North East / Scarletstar (Hartlepool)
« by trainspotter on March 11, 2017, 03:26:05 PM »

30 mins £40

The location was a house on a council estate in Hartlepool. My visit was in the evening and no one was about so it was discreet then but could be a bit public in daylight. Parking was available round the corner. Area seemed OK but Anth G would have needed several buses from Newcastle and FB's smart car might have stood out. (Anth - if you read this  - hope you're well)

Scarlet's profile has for some reason fascinated me for some time and a few weeks ago, I decided to satisfy my curiosity. As she makes clear on her profile, she is a big girl and when you meet her you know that she is a big girl but one who is very enthusiastic, pleasant and welcoming.

Kissing, mutual fondling and caressing, owo, ro, sex in a couple of positions were all enjoyed enthusiatically by us both. I did not ask about CIM or anal as they are of no interest to me. :crazy: The thing that stands out is that Scarlet just exudes raw rampant sexuality.

Scarlet would not be to everyone's taste but I had a memorable 30 mins.

North East / Lucy Milano Gateshead
« by shiteatgolf on March 09, 2017, 10:17:12 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2997968 or https://www.adultwork.com/LucyMilano

Wednesday just gone for 1 hour booking.

Have seen Lucy a couple of times now. Have reviewed once but she was under a different name Lucy Bond at time and i only did oral, so thought a full review would be in order.

Comms were really good text and phone calls as I prefer to emails/aw.

Location was discreet in apartments with easy parking. I always worry as I drive a stickered company car but was fine.

Text when outside and was sent the message with flat number and to come up.

Was greeted by Lucy at door and dressed as always in some sexy lingerie outfit. Came straight inside and was offered use of bathroom. I took what I thought was a quick shower but obviously not as Lucy shouted too see if I was ok. Also there was men's body wash etc and fresh towels and some mouthwash.
Went to the bedroom where I was offered a drink, just took a glass of water. I always like a bit of chat first to help calm me down and put me at ease. Lucy is easy to talk to and has good craic. She always seems genuine and has a smile on her face which makes you relax.

We then started to kiss and probably for me the best part of the meet. DFK with lots of tongue and seems to really enjoy it. She has pretty blue eyes which are very sexy to look into during everything. Then played with her boobs for a bit which I enjoyed.

Overall I don't feel comfortable doing everything in a session but I think because I have seen her a few times starting to free up a bit. It's the first time I have done oral to a girl in a meet. I didn't do it for long but enjoyed it, she was fresh and wet, so I assume she liked it. Then she did OWO on me which was wet, slow and teasing was amazing, then finished with CIM.

Had another chat for a bit whilst I recovered. Then round 2, some more kissing and oral. Then on with the rubber and Lucy went on top. She looked pretty amazing straddling me and was making all the right noises whispering in my ear. Nothing fake like pornstar moans. I then finished with her on top.

I will definitely be back. Lucy is a really good GFE which is what I generally look for as it makes me feel less awkward. So if you like a gfe with a good snog and good oral she is definitely worth a try.

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