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North East / Atlanta from Premium
« by johnny34 on Today at 10:47:17 AM »

30mins - £60

Venue - South Shields, decent terraced flat, easy to find & free parking.

Atlanta - Attractive girl with long dark hair, i'd say early-mid twenties, about 5'7, size 8 & large enhanced boobs.

Comms - Easily booked with postcode & street name provided at time of booking with the flat number given once i'd parked up on arrival.

Atlanta answered the door quickly & first impressions good as shes a good looking girl with a lovely body. She was wearing matching black underwear with high heels on. Sorted out the £'s & was offered a drink. This turned out to be one of her first bookings since returning to escorting after a short break (previously diamonds i think she said).

In the bedroom I was just about to take off my shoes & she just came straight in for a kiss & started proceedings off nicely, not quite dfk but close. So both our clothes started getting peeled off whilst kissing at the same time. Both of us got on the bed & continued kissing for a couple of mins before I had a closer inspection of her boobs which are enhanced but soft enough to the touch. After a couple of mins I went down for some ro which seemed to go down well then it was Atlanta's turn to go down on me with some good owo, mainly hands free but with only a little eye contact. Then it was on with the condom for some cowgirl action. We got into a good rhythm but as the pace heated up and with those boobs in my face I did'nt last much longer & filled the condom. Got cleaned up & laid on the bed chatting for a few mins before getting ready & leaving.

Services: kissing, ro, owo & sex (cowgirl).

Overall a good booking with a friendly girl.

Since this booking she has had a comment added to her profile about not seeing people over 45 which is a bummer for all of us above that barrier.

North East / Sheng long
« by Dazza111111 on February 23, 2017, 11:00:08 PM »
   First review guys so bare with me
     A week back I was traveling to see friends in the north and had read about the legend Sheng long and was desperate to give her a go.
     I was around 2 hours away in the car when I text her asking for booking in around 2 hours, she agreed gave address and all sorted. Got tex just before I arrived telling me please come inside door open please lock door and take shoes off. Happy with that
  I did all this and sheng shouted from top off stairs hello welcome please come up.
     First impressions of sheng is she is a very attractive Chinese lady. Not the average Chinese look to her. And pretty well stacked in the chest department although this is as much as I saw of them.
  Asked me to lie face down and the massage began.
    What followed was the most amazing sensual massage I could ever have hoped for. Honestly just let this woman work her magic on you, she knows just what men like and how to give.
   I am normally a bit of a slow burner and I love all these happy ending sensual massages but I'm normally a on my back hand on the girls ass and boobs to be able to reach the happy ending.
  Not with sheng. She had me on all4s and milked me like a cow. I have never felt anything like it. Guys who have not been to her should definitely give her a try. I live a good 2hours away and I will definitely be returning. I normally do my punting around Manchester Wakefield Sheffield way and have seen the best in these areas NID, indionesian ann rainbow in Wakefield to name a few.
   None of which even come close to Sheng. NID was a big favourite of mine And is still great value and a great experience but Sheng is truly amazing.
    Great experience and a very happy ending

North East / Autumn Of Allure
« by Sun Dance on February 23, 2017, 04:34:56 PM »
Had a booking with Autumn this week all arrangements were made via text to Allure who were very quick to reply and provided all the required details so I could put the postcode into sat nav to see how long it would take for me to get there.

Once the time was confirmed the full address minus the apartment number were sent threw with clear instructions, apartment was located in Gateshead not far from Tyne Bridge easy to find and plenty of parking.

Once arrived I messaged Allure got number door was opened immediately by a very stunning Autumn. Once inside formalities taken care of we went into bedroom where we started with some very good DFK. Gradually the layers came of and we were soon naked at which point a gave some oral which Autumn seemed to enjoy all the right sounds and she was getting very wet.

She then returned the favour which was much appreciated as it was so enjoyable we moved onto a few positions before I couldn't hold back. We had a little chat and I left a very happy bunny!

I would say Autumn is very friendly easy to get along with extremely sexy in my humble opinion, I would definitely go back.

Excuse any errors hope link works

Location- Gateshead
Duration - 30 min


North East / Amelia Allure
« by Blackhawk on February 22, 2017, 04:33:59 PM »

Had a 1pm appointment with Amelia today - location Gateshead by the quayside. Excellent 30 minutes spent with a gorgeous young blonde haired girl. Greeted by her at the door and she was dressed in figure hugging dress emphasising her excellent body. What I liked about Amelia is that she was happy to take the initiative which is always a turn-on. I had not been in the flat more that 2 minutes and she was on her knees taking my pants down and sucking my cock which she was happy to do until I requested that she fuck me hard on the bed. Sex followed in a number of positions and it was a pleasure to pound her from behind while looking at that tight ass. She was happy for me to empty my load in her mouth at the end and I was more than happy to oblige. Overall highly recommended.

North East / Victoria Kavanagh of AdultWork (Gateshead)
« by itsonlyonce on February 22, 2017, 04:17:19 PM »

30 mins, Incall, Gateshead

Was in two minds to post this review given there are many many good reviews of this wonderful lady Victoria but another exceptional punt deserves one. I'll keep it quick.

I saw Victoria a few weeks ago at her new (ive not been before) location in Gateshead. Comms great as usual, with Victoria letting me know parking arrangements. Now for those who like to go undetected and thats all of us i think, dont book at 3pm as its chokka with traffic and sprogs. [Location edited by admin]

Victoria answered the door sharpish with a giggle hello and filthy look in her eyes. Those who have seen her, she has this delicate soft voice and initial impressions would have you thinking she'd be new to entertaining a cock...wrong! All seasoned punters know she is pure filth and is extrremely experienced in delivering nothing but 110% on a visit. She's made the effort and is dressed in some stocking and suspenders and looked great.

We exchange plesentaries about the new flat and im offered a shower. Id just come from work so opted to dive in quick. Victoria stayed and whilst giving myself a once over with the imperial leather, Victoria was perched on the edge of the shower tray staring at me with very frequent glances at my already hard cock. Im pretty sure she wanted to get in.

A quick towel down and into the bedroom were Victoria wastes no time in jumping in for some lovely DFK, and most punters will know she does this flicking action, a kind of pulsating tongue all inside your mouth. I sit down on the edge of the bed and Victoria delivers OWO with gusto, lots of spitting and just the right amount of hand and mouth action, throwing in random DT, enveloping my cock completely to the point of chocking with more spitting and watering eyes.  :rolleyes:

I have to stop before i blow my load and Victoria tells me she want me to fuck her arse and i dont normally need a second invitation for that so its quickly on with the mac. She asks me which position i want her in with more shy giggling and soft talking, but i know that Victoria is anything but and has taken many cocks in all manor of positions over the years. Doggie it is and im pounding away at her big arse until ii explode into the mac....As usual with Victoria, she is in no hurry to rush you but im usually off urgent and i get changed and wish her well....out the door, dodge the bin lids and away.

All in all, a great punt from a lady who really does make sure you enjoy yourself 100%. This wont be a surprise to most and for those who have never seen her, its one to put on your list.

North East / Skylah Rhodes : Gateshead AdultWork
« by Destootoo on February 22, 2017, 02:33:32 PM »
Hi guys


Il keep it short but wanted to get a review up!

Had a 30 minute incall last week with Skylah after reading lots of good reviews on here and wasn't dissapointed.

Location was easy enough to find and reasonably secluded for entry. The flat itself was nice enough with a huge bedroom.

Skylah is genuinely very pretty and has a very nice body ,she is also very easy to talk to.

All services (owo , ro , 69 , sex in a few positions) were delivered well and with effort and I would 100% return

This was a great half hour and I'd reccommend her first your hot lists



North East / Blair - Gateshead
« by Sun Dance on February 21, 2017, 11:36:04 PM »
So not much to say on this one I guess everyone can make up there own mind. Messaged premium to book a 30 min slot with Blair today after moving a few things around and a few messages later all confirmed time and so forth.

The address was sent promptly (Gateshead), just started to make my way as I was traveling down got a message to say Blair was not going to be available as she had to deal with a personal matter.

I've never seen her before so would hope this is an isolated incident as things do happen out the blue and the communications from premium were good hence the neutral.

Hope this link works

North East / Sammy Valentine - Tour in Middlesbrough
« by Sammee69 on February 21, 2017, 08:43:19 PM »
Review of my 30 minute incall with Sammy Valentine (formerly CarlieGirl)



Mainly done by text, no major problems.


Newish, cleanish ground floor apartment in Middlesbrough.

Services offered

£60 per half hour incall + £10 OWO

As per website. Extras OWO £10, Anal £40. No CIM.


Wanted to see this tour girl as she looked rather sexy in her photos. Couldn't find much about her on UKP, but there was no negative feedback I could find so decided to go for it and TOFTT. Nearly backed out during the day when I found out she wanted £10 extra for OWO, but my fall-back choice (Ruby of Guisborough) wasn't working today when I tried to book through Masquerade, so I ran with this booking.

Arrived at the door and was let in, showed me to the bedroom, sorted paperwork, she did one and left me to get undressed. Saw her a bit better when she came in, a lot older than advertised (late 30s not 28), but not bad looking, nice sexy figure albeit with a smattering of stretch marks that had been air-brushed out of her pictures. Great set of norks paid for by her parents(!), best fake boobs I've experienced, felt firm but natural, couldn't feel the jelly-fish floating around inside.

Had read that she was a bit of a talker, so tried to go straight in for some FK (which she confirmed by text she was up for) just to shut her up. Bit lame really, no passion, didn't really get into it. Moved onto her boobs, straight away she's trying to get my hard with some slightly rough tugging, which is never going to work very well with me. Started giving me a blow-job which was OK, but far too rushed.

And then her mobile phone went off with text alert. She insisted on reading it and responding, turns out she's somehow managed to book 2 people for the same time. So she takes 30 seconds out to respond to this other guy, saying she's telling him that the landlord has turned up, while I'm still laying there. Eventually sends the text and puts the phone down (which keeps going off during the punt, and she keeps getting distracted by it).

I ask if I can return the oral favour and she seems keen, have to say she does have a lovely, shaven & sweet pussy, could have feasted on her for ages, however she gets spooked by a noise outside the door and goes to investigate. Nothing there. Comes back in and asks if I'm ready for sex (less than 10 minutes into the punt at this point), on with the hat and into mish, followed by cow-girl (which was nice as I had access-all-areas to her funbags), followed by doggy. After that the phone went again so she messed about with that again, when done she just snapped the condom off without asking, saying "Are you ready to wank now?" Quite clear she just wanted this punt done so she wouldn't lose the other chap waiting impatiently in his car outside, so I took the hint and jizzed all over her black beauts.

As I was cleaning up and getting dressed she was droning on about her boyfriend and how she wanted to pack it in so she could be with him.

Overall impression, she's sexy enough (7/10 - I was hoping for a 9/10 from pictures), but I felt like a chicken in a factory being hurried along for the chop so the next one can be processed. Add that to the fact that she stopped to answer the phone/check the door after the punt had started, and tried to chivvy me along when there was still plenty of time left, and I can't really recommend her. £70 for a hurried 20 minute punt with no passion, real or otherwise, just isn't worth it. She's getting ready to exit the escorting life anyway - probably just as well as her heart clearly isn't in it. She's only got one more night in Middlesbrough (Wed 22 Feb) - my advice is steer clear.

Which leaves me a little frustrated, 2 negative reviews in a row!!! I toyed with giving her a neutral review, but since I wish I had my £70 back to spend on someone else, I feel negative feedback is a fair reflection of the experience I had.

North East / Emily Fox - Newcastle
« by Joeyff on February 21, 2017, 05:16:27 PM »

Apologies for not posting sooner, just down to laziness on my behalf.

Had a booking with Emily just before Christmas.   Arranged via AW and all comms clear and prompt.
Confirmed booking on the morning and given postcode, phone number and various locations to park.

Texted Emily when I was in the vicinity and received a quick reply on how to gain entry to her apartment which isn't very far from the Copthorne hotel area of Newcastle.
The door was opened before I had chance to knock and was greeted by a very leggy, tall gorgeous blonde, wearing a short dress and black hold ups, tall as in over 6ft in her heels.
Her aw description and stats are spot on.
Payment made, offered a drink then onto her couch for lots of kissing, shortly after we headed to the bedroom where once stripped there was more kissing, owo ( offered choice of ow if required) ro and sex in various positions, all delivered brilliantly.
Emily is quite chatty and giggly, she speaks very good English, and her apartment is immaculate.
£120 for the hour, no clock watching in the slightest.

Will be back at some point to see her again.

Link not working at minute as profile down.

North East / Penelope diamondx Newcastle Quayside
« by waynekerr600 on February 21, 2017, 04:13:16 PM »
Spent a fantastic half hour with Penelope today.

 https://www.adultwork.com/3066976 or https://www.adultwork.com/Penelope+Diamondx

Intial comms were via AW and UKE. Comms were excellent.

I have been wanting to see Penelope for a while, even more since she posted those pics with the Auburn hair! By a stroke of luck our timetables matched up today. Arrived at the location and was given the flat number promptly.  Penelope opened the door, i guess we all know that momentt when the door opens and you see a girl for the first time.... Penelope is absolutely gorgeous. Offered a shower on arrival which i accepted. I had asked Penelope to wear a school girl outfit with fishnets and heels and she did not disappoint.

Started with a little foot worship followed by a little RO. There was then a little bit 69 with a touch of rimming on her. Penelopes hygene was immaculate. Little bit of kissing and then on to missionary. Normally I vary things a little but i was enjoying the missionary so much I finished in that position.

Chatted for quite a while afterwards. Penelope was very unrushed is very intelligent and articulate. She is facially very attractive. She did remind me of someone and it took me ages to work out who it is. She has a look of the Alice girl from tatoo fixers - just much younger and minus the tatoos.The recent photos on uke are very accurate. Her body shape is exactly as I like it.

Had another shower then left a very happy man.

A very very enjoyable punt. Will definitely see again.

North East / Melissa/Jess Heworth
« by alfie2013 on February 21, 2017, 03:28:17 PM »
1 hour £55 all in.
I've seen M/J several times now but never got round to a review.  I knew she was having a holiday so thought I'd go see her beforehand. Comms as usual through WhatsApp which I booked 4 or 5 days earlier as she gets busy, though I have had last minute appointments due to cancellations. Parked up in back street as permits needed for main road. On entering greeted with a nice hug then upstairs into the massage room which is very well set up for a relaxing session with a proper table. A little catch up then clothes off and on to table. She is a very attractive slim young English lass about 30 yrs old and dressed in denim shorts and crop top showing off her great figure. The massage started and we chatted for the first 10 mins or so then I just relaxed and let her do her thing. She's not like Sheng who is straight into the sensual stuff, this was more of a slow build up but very enjoyable IMO. Once I flipped over more enjoyable sensual massage and the inevitable happened. Washed down with warm wet towels and nice chat before booking my next appointment and leaving a very happy chap. I will continue to visit as long as I'm happy and she doesn't become complacent.  :hi:

North East / Sexychick2233 Berwick on Tweed TOFT
« by The Beano on February 20, 2017, 11:24:28 PM »
www.adultwork.com/3991218 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexychick2233

Going by her profile, you wouldn't give this one a second look. No face pic, no number, no feedback virtually no likes list, virtually no pricing. However punting opportunities are non existent around there, so I dropped her a message on aw. Surprisingly she answered quickly and was nice and polite. I was still sceptical and after determining she was no barebacker, she gave me a price of £40 for a quickie, and it was fucking only.

Decided to give it a whirl. Good directions to a clean tidy flat near the town centre. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw her. Very cute looking (she says she's 20 on her profile, but told me she was 19 and offered to show Id). Was wearing jeans and top. In the bedroom she stripped down to bra and pants and got under the duvet. I quickly followed and had fun groping her, finding her pierced nipple, fingering her pussy before handing me a condom. Fucked her mish, doggy, ending prone bone. After cleaning up had a nice cuddle and chat. So no kissing, oral and the like, just a good honest fuck with a young hottie.cant go wrong at £40. Might be worth investing a bit more time on her. I guess I was in there 25 mins tops.

North East / Jessica - Bonds
« by UN_Dr on February 20, 2017, 11:11:35 PM »

I met with Jessica today and had a great time.

The pickings were slim today with only a couple of girls working at Premium and Allure being closed so it was a first. Poking with Bonds. Communication was all by text and handled great. In fact I was running early and they were able to bring the booking forwards by 15 minutes no problem. Address was texted on booking in the morning and house number when I arrived.

A house in Heaton on the same street I had seen Delilah previously. Easy to get to by car or Metro and discrete enough. However it was rather messy when I arrived. Plenty of clean towels and was offered a shower when I arrived.

Cute red head (and I love a red head). Stats are accurate on the website. She really ticked all my boxes. Lovely pert breasts too. We chatted a little and she was really easy to get on with. I'm sure she would be great for a first time punter too.

The meeting:
Started with some kissing (closed mouth as tongues were a no) before I derived her and explored her body. Mutual fondling before I started to finger her. Jessica is very responsive to this and became aroused and wet very quickly. This led me to go down on her and she certainly enjoys this. All the noises and responses were 100% genuine. After a while it was her turn so I told her to kneel down on the floor while I knelt on the bed. Jessica gives really good OWO. Lots of eye contact and was able to take it reasonably deep. It was very sloppy and just how I liked it. I could have continued like that for the whole meeting but I needed to fuck her so on with the condom. Now Jessica has said she was sub and enjoyed that side of it so I was keen to explore this. She had enjoyed my hand around her neck during RO and I asked how hard she liked that. She said no one had ever been too hard. I suggested a belt and although she had never tried it she was game. We started in cowgirl with the belt round her neck and she really got going at this point. She was incredibly enthusiastic and enjoyed the little spanks with the free end of the belt. We switched to doggy with the belt pulled tight in one hand and her hair in the other ii came. A quick tidy up and a little chat after.
It was one of those punts  where you just click with the girl and have a really good time. I'll defiantly see Jessica if I can next time I'm over.
All in I was in over my 30 mins but it was my decision to leave and I was certainly no my hurried out the door.

North East / Ruby Morgan - Guisborough (Middlesborough)
« by Addicted65 on February 19, 2017, 07:02:41 PM »

Visited Ruby at her place in January. Comms were via her mobile, her number is displayed when she is available. Ruby also works for masquerade girls.

Ruby is an attractive twenty something slim attractive very busty redhead. Her pics are accurate recent and include face pics.

Her place was easy to find with safe discreet parking nearby. No problem with nosy neighbours.

Meet was for an hour at the advertised rate of £120.

Ruby answered the door wearing a rather sexy and short dressing gown revealing her stocking clad legs . Followed her upstairs and was treated to an amazing view of her gorgeous arse. Into the bedroom and with paperwork out of the way the dressing gown was quickly dropped to the floor revealing her slim but very busty body in matching black lingerie. After a short chat light kissing was followed by more passionate kissing and fondling. Ruby then moved down and gave some excellent owo. This was followed by a good suck at those lovely tits and nipples and into 69. Her tight shaved pussy was clean and sweet. It was then on with the mac as Ruby climbed on top. As she started to ride harder and faster the sight of those tits bouncing as I slid in and out of her pussy almost proved too much. We switched to mish her stocking clad legs wrapped round me. It was then off with mc some more owo and I shot over those lovely tits. A quick clean up was followed by more kissing and chatting. A rather nice hour long gfe with an attractive friendly escort. Teesside is a bit of a desert but with her attitude and service I am sure she will do well.
Ruby has numerous tattoos but they are well done and to be honest added to the appeal
I will be back. Recommended.

North East / Nadine_x of Newcastle
« by Tside Mick on February 19, 2017, 01:10:10 PM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/3634746 or https://www.adultwork.com/Nadine%5Fx

I saw on UKE that Nadine was working some extra days this week so messaged her and an appointment was set up. The timing had to be rearranged but communications were good throughout.

The appointment was in a very good reidential area with plenty of on-street parking and seemed fairly discrete.

I had read some good reviews of Nadine and I was not disappointed. She is a beautiful lady, facialy she is very attractive and has a great figure. She is very friendly and has a lovely personality.

I am not going into details of what went on during the meeting but I am sure her 'enjoys' list is accurate.

 I had a great time with her.

North East / FrancescaXXX - North Tyneside
« by Asar on February 19, 2017, 11:04:48 AM »
Location: South Tyneside
Length: 1 hour
Price: £110 (incall)
AW Link: https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3774792

I decided to finally take the plunge and try out Francesa, fairly easy address to find, able to park nearby(had free parking nearby at the time of day I visited).

Good comms beforehand to organise it, decided to go after I saw her advert on UKE.

Once I arrived I handed over my donation and then I couldn't keep my hands off Francesca as she was just wearing lingerie, started off with DFK and plenty of feeling, especially on her gorgeous body. She gave the impression she was very much into it and couldn't keep her hands off me.

Once we both got out of our clothes there was oral both ways (including owo) and I thought she tasted fantastic and seemed to really enjoy the reverse oral. Oral I received was good, although I prefer a more sensual technique that Francesca was offering. As there was plenty of deep throat and came across as she really like it. I did ask for her to tie me to the bed which was more than happy to help me into. Had a bit more oral and then it was with protected sex. Which felt really good and again she was really keen gave the impression she enjoyed it. Nothing quite like a gorgeous blonde controlling the pace of the sex like Francesca:)

Once I was ready she used her good skills with her tongue to help me cum, including CiM, was going to ask for snowballing but was too late as she managed to gobble me up. Afterwards she gave me some great hugs and I couldn't resist going down on her one more time to taste her vagina one more time before the meeting ended.

Overall I felt she made me feel like the centre of attention, good abilities in delivering her skills (which were great) and made it feel like she really enjoyed her time as well. She also had good comms and made making the meeting very easy to do. I would recommend in booking Francesca in the future to anyone else.

North East / eve01 travelling escort (newcastle)
« by Sir Punt on February 19, 2017, 10:31:58 AM »
[Link fixed by admin]

Half hour incall £60
Location - city centre apt, shower was available

I'll start by saying this would have been negative but Eve's sexual technique have saved her from that.

Now I'd normally not entertain a travelling ee escort but her pics an aw feedback are good however her ukp reviews are hit and miss. Those who did see and have a good time with her swayed me to take a punt on her, also it's was quite short notice and all on my usual hot list were either off or booked.

Coms were a tad odd I tried to arrange via AW mail but she insisted I call, now I use a punting phone but still don't like giving the number out until a bookings confirmed. Anyway I called her English is good and the booking was made. I arrived at the venue and was buzzed in promptly.

The girl. Eve is definitely the girl pictured but those pics must be from a while back as she's not as slim as she is there but still a great body on her. Her arse is quality very round and firm. Her face is accurate to her pics on Aw.

The meeting. Eve answered the door in a school girl outfit not something I'd ask for but sexy all the same. She took the money and told me to get undressed.....sensual not!
She left to stash the money and upon her return sat on the edge off the bed and stripped naked, again not very warm or arousing. She then asked what I liked I said girlfriend style but naughty, she rolled her eyes and gave me some Shit about being more specific and I wouldn't do this when ordering in a restaurant. I just wanted to crack on and go with the flow however the flow was non existent. I got her to lie on her front and went down on her from behind she has a meaty curtain of a Pussy and a lovely arsehole. It was a pleasure to go down on her in the physical sense but she just lay there wish time to move faster I think. After this she gave me a blowjob offered with or with out I took without and her oral technique was outstanding if her attitude was as good as her cocksucking she'd be a star! I asked to 69 "no" was the response but to be honest I was really enjoying the blowie. After this she said "sex now" it didn't seem like a question so I just went with it. On with the mac and she went on top where she rode me really nicely slow grinding to start and the she really started going for it. During sex I asked about kissing she said yes but no tongue (what's the point?) I would have like to cim but didn't want to ask so let her ride me to completion which was excellent. Here's the odd bit for me, as soon as were done she was like a different person. Funny chatty and bubbly. I was in the for my full time maybe over by a few mins and wasn't rushed to leave.

I can't really list her services I can only confirm what I received owo, ro, kissing but no dfk, sex

As I said if not for the quality of her services if a little robotic I would have gave a negative but I did enjoy the key elements of the booking she was just a little cold for my liking

North East / Sophia Lily (wallsend)
« by shiteatgolf on February 19, 2017, 08:55:13 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2315993 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sophia%5FLily

30 min booking at £60

Comms were decent, I booked last minute via the phone and then by text for details.

Was working in a flat somewhere next to Wallsend near the Coast Road. There was plenty of parking and was discreet.
Sophia was an attractive lady and I really liked her hair was that silvery colour. She had a very good figure and a rather large bust.
We had a bit of a chat first and she was quite easy to talk to, although seemed easier to chat to afterwards. Maybe i was less nervous.

There was some very light kissing mainly on the lips with a touch of tongue here and there. There was some owo which was very good and wet. I have to say i was quite nervous throughout the oral because she didn't do CIM and i suffer from excitement. So I then decided to move on, put the condom on and she went on top for a little bit and finished with her on top.

Then there was about 5 minutes left had a quick chat and i left. I then went and did my standard post punt routine a few pints and a ciggie.

I definitely thought she was a good girl and would recommend, if you do like more passionate kissing then she might not be the right lady for you.

North East / Megan Allure
« by Ttcrammy on February 19, 2017, 06:45:40 AM »

Saw Megan a few weeks ago.

The flat was in blyth. It was not discreet. I really struggled to find it to begin with.

I was ushered in by Megan but I have to admit the flat stank. I went upstairs and there was no door on the bathroom. I wish I'd walked to be honest. What followed was 15 minutes from a disinterested girl who quote frankly had an aroma of sweat, alcohol. She looked as rough as. Terrible make up.

The flat ♭ was filthy including in the room.

I was in and out in 10 minutes.

Paid £60 for 30 minutes.

Tried ringing Allure to complain 3 times since and  everytime they don't pick up.

Very poor service. Never again.

North East / Belle adultwork and vivastreet
« by waynekerr600 on February 18, 2017, 02:49:04 PM »
Dont hatchet the review guys im doing my best....

Went to see Belle in Sacriston.



Communications by aw rather slow but good comms via text. Given postcode then precise directions to a house in Sacriston. House is discreet and nice and clean. Belle is vey very slim a little too slim for my liking. She says ahe is 5 3 but seemed taller to me. She has a slightly geeky, gothic justine deleur type appearance to me. She is very friendly and chatty. Appears quite new to this. Age listed at 28 i would suggest maybe early thirties. Teeth a little yellow which i find offputting.

Meeting was a quick foot worship booking follwed by hand relief. Shes a bit of a squirmer - foot guys will know what i mean - so possibly this isnt the fetish for her. HR wasnt the best a little overvigourous and lacking in rthym for me.

Facially she doesnt do it for me. Shes a little too slim and has a few tattoos which look a little faded like they might be in the process of removal. I was pondering going for full sex when i was heading to the meeting but physically she didnt float my boat so stiuck with the fetish.

Was pondering a neutral but opted for positive as her comms were good, she did everything asked of her and the accomodation was good- it wax just physically she doesnt do it for me.

Hope this helps someone.

North East / Megan of Allure
« by steelman on February 18, 2017, 09:23:58 AM »
    Met Megan earlier this week for an incall at her place in Blyth. The comms with agency were excellent. Megans place is in a housing estate which was discreet enough as I parked a couple of minutes walk from the flat. Knocked on the door and Megan answered quickly and ushered me inside at the bottom of the stairs. As I followed Megan upstairs where at the top there was a door missing which was replaced by an old curtain and on into the bedroom which certainly had not been cleaned for some time. At this point I was giving it a thought about walking but the small brain was needing took over and went on with the punt. Megan herself had by now taken off a PVC dress she had on when I arrived and she had a good body. As I stripped off and looked around for somewhere to put my clothes she seemed a impatient to get things started. I asked about kissing which was given with some half hearted effort. This let OWO and on missionary to finish. I asked for a wet wipe to clean up but there was none available. But by this time I just got dressed and left with about 25 minutes left on the clock. Would have to say this was a very poor punt in a very grubby flat with a girl who appeared disinterested.

North East / Faith of AdultWork (Gateshead)
« by itsonlyonce on February 17, 2017, 10:15:53 AM »

30 Min Incall, Gateshead, loads of easy parking and easy entry in and out.

Comms with Faith were easy, sent her a few UKE messages, confirmed time...i even had to change the time on the day twice, faith accommodating no probs. Called her 10 mins before to tell her on my way and you know the punt will be decent based on the manner and tone when speaking on calls and emails and it did not disappoint.   Id been trying to catch Faith for a while but noticed that she did not have many times available for incall which i think has changed now.

Faith had the door almost open and i never even had to knock. She was hidden behind the door. I crept in and a quick hello follow a really sexy kiss before climbing the stairs, faith wearing very sexy glasses and her big tits bursting out of her bra.  :cool: Faith is a nice curvy tall lady and ideal for those who like womanly curves.

Up in the bedroom Faith hops on the bed, some nice conversation, she really is a genuine girl and ive stripped and hopped on the bed. Faith is lying on her side and i dive in for more intense DFK, a must on my apts....Im kneeling down whilst doing this, grabbing the back or her neck and my hard cock pushing towards those great tits. I move down to her neck and Faith is making all the right noises to make me think she's enjoying it. After a few minutes of this, im on top and rubbing my hard cock up and down on Faith panties.

Knickers come off and i move south to taste her sweet pussy and swipe in between her tight arse and pussy, with Faith calling me a dirty boy....adding to the excitement. I pull her legs up and get my tongue right into her ass and know that soon after i will be pounding away between ass and pussy. Before that commences, i kneel over Faith, she starts sucking my cock with some DT action whilst im rubbing her pussy and sliding the occasional finger into her arse.

On with the mac, and Faith jumps on top, with some nice dirty talk which is all good for the ego and i ask her if i can now fuck her ass. Yep is the answer and she asks me to pound her from behind over the edge of the bed. This continues in between various positions and eventually i finish on top sliding it in and out of her ass.

I fancy a tit wank and Faith is sat on the bed and im kneeling again for a perfect tit wank and she tells me she wants my cum all over her splendid tits....Must tit shagging ensues and i cover those big tits with everything ive got.

Faith is a really nice lady, more convo and she genuinely is interested in what you are talking about and no quick rush out the door.....Im off down the stairs and i've never had this in all my years punting......We have a nice kiss, well she pins my up against the wall at the bottom of the stairs and tells me she wants my cock in side her now....She drops to her knees, starts sucking the old fella with loads of eye contact. Pulls another mac out and bends over the stairs whilst i'm drilling away for a few mins.....More kisses and tits thrusting into my chest and the farewells are done.

What an end to the apt......Was all this the cunning way for Faith to keep me as a repeat punter? Who knows...she's clearly loves cock and is so pleasant with it, you know any future apts are going to be great. Would i go back....of course, great girls like this come and go and id like some more before she vanishes.

North East / naughty british alex - Newcastle (On Tour)
« by AgedCases on February 16, 2017, 06:59:27 PM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/3122800 or https://www.adultwork.com/alexandra%2DNBA

1.5 hours incall @ £150

Why her?

I've seen her around on UKE and she is well-reviewed. I love CIM and this is her speciality so when she announced a tour up north, I jumped at the chance to book her.


Everything was arranged via UKE then we kept in touch via our phones come the day, which worked out well if you continue reading!

The Punt

First of all, I got lost! I got into a taxi at the Gateshead Interchange and the driver had no idea where the address was so he followed his satnav. Not a great location if, like me, you're travelling from Middlesbrough on public transport but the number 6 bus from Eldon Square will take you there. I walked around the block and back to the spot where I was dropped off and began panicking. Alex called me and I asked her to come find me. Just as I ended the call, this young lady appeared at the gate of the house I was stood in front of...and it was her! We had a good laugh about it over a glass of water.

I handed over the money and jumped into the shower. Then I collected my clothes and she led me upstairs into the bedroom. We talked a bit longer before she initiated kissing. Closed mouth at first but it became raunchier as the punt went on. I embarked on worshipping her breasts while she used a toy to bring herself to orgasm. Turns me on to see a woman come hard.

She indulged in some OWO but I'm beginning to think that I'm not responding to it. I'm sure I'm not the only one but it is disappointing as I enjoy the view. So I brought her back up for more kissing and we mutually masturbated (she came again) and then I could feel myself hitting the vinegar stroke so I let her know and she was straight down there, holding her mouth open hungrily. I proceeded to shoot a fortnight's worth of baby porridge into her mouth and chest, like I love to do.

We cleaned up and had a lovely chat while holding hands. She is a very nice lass, pretty, funny and made me feel so comfortable that I actually emptied my balls!

Firmly recommended.

North East / Naughty British alex on tour in Gateshead
« by strongbow on February 16, 2017, 05:52:54 PM »
nba-naughty British alex... Gateshead on tour..all this was sorted though u k e pms... One hour... Alex was fantastic at keeping in touch and sorting this meeting/booking out no problems... She's a great girl friendly,chatty,pretty girl had on exactly what I wished for..met with a lovely kiss and the dfk went on all through the meet.. Sensational in bed time flies with this girl..she's loves a laugh during play which is nice.
It never stopped loads of owo,sex In 4 positions, dirty talk,69 (yummy).. Anal play (rim and finger) beautiful small body
With lovely small tits... A great lass enjoyed meeting her and will look for her again In North East....

https://www.adultwork.com/3122800 or https://www.adultwork.com/alexandra%2DNBA
[Link added by admin]

North East / Katia Rose / AdultWork / Wallsend
« by Toon73 on February 16, 2017, 01:01:05 PM »

1 Hr £100
Date : 14 Feb


Arrange through UKE , finalised on AW all good , fast and efficient .

The Punt

Ok , i have seen KR a few times now so will try to make this quick ( As it was valentines day i decided to have some extra fun and decided to take some squirty cream along )

KR opened the door wearing a red silk top (i think that was it ) upstairs , paperwork done , clothing off ,onto bed started off a bit light kissing then i got tin of cream out  :D , i positioned KR at the bottom of the bed , legs up in air and proceeded to fill her pussy up with the cream and slowly ate it all out which she seemed to really enjoy , so much so ,when i finished KR had the cream in her hand and squirted more on her pussy again , which i happily lapped it up , this continued for a while ,,,,, then i spun KR round give her a bit massage , then filled her ass with the cream and ate it out a couple times which she seemed to thoroughly enjoy  :P

My turn , KR started some owo and HJ on me then covered my cock in cream and slowly licked the lot off several times ( it was awesome ) , then on with the rubber reverse anal cowgirl , finishing off with owo / hj combo ,, quick clean up and chat .

Great craic as ever , real fun to be with , wished i booked longer  :hi:   

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