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Funnily enough, I ended up here after getting an email from Wowcher, offering a half price Swedish massage (£19 for an hour). So I thought I'd give it a go, not really expecting anything to come of it.


Made the appointment over the phone, turned up to what is a Chinese health shop and they had no record of me at all. They seemed busy with people turning up with their Wowcher vouchers but they told me to wait and they'd fit me in. I wasn't best pleased and thought I might walk but hung on. I had to fill out a form about my medical history and then had a consultation with a Chinese woman in a white doctors coat. She suggested I needed acupuncture, and when I said I didn't want it she looked dismayed.

So it wasn't looking very good. Eventually I was shown into a room with a massage bed and told that someone would be along in 5 minutes. I got my kit off in anticipation, spotting as I hung it up, a notice saying that anyone indulging in any kind of sexual shenanigans would be ejected and/or fired. I still didn't walk but got naked (thinking that if I kept my pants on that would scupper any chances of HE.

There came a knock on the door and a Chinese faced peered in. Blow me down if when she started she hoed in immediately on my bum and didn't leave it for half an hour. It was a really soft, gentle teasing exploration that had me thrusting at the bed - credit card swipes etc but no reach under. Then turned over, a very quick play with my nipples and a swift negotiation led to a lovely hand job. She really really knew what she was doing (so nice and so rare to find any working girl who knows how to give a hand job and takes pride in her work). Kept me on edge for a while and then a huge finish followed by her still holding onto the old man in a lovely warm gentle way for a couple of minutes. Then clean up and a head massage

So, £19 massage for an hour plus £25 extra for the girl (Maddie) - highly recommended

London / London, Dalston - Venus1993
« by BigWillyStyle on Yesterday at 11:42:54 PM »
Her profile:  https://www.adultwork.com/3335278 or https://www.adultwork.com/Venus1993
Number: 07527927437

I wss feeling pretty horny so had a browse and came across this one. I've seen her on the site for a while and wasn't blown away by her profile but was feeling like I needed a go on something. She was fairly quick to get back to me and seemed very keen to meet up. I said I would like and outcall, telling her my area and she said she would soon be on her way before I had even begun discussing what I wanted, etc.
I asked if she could send me a picture or two as the ones on her profile aren't great and not easy to get an idea of what she is like. She made out like it was a big deal and said she gets plenty of punters every day with the pictures on her profile. I arranged to meet anyway.
She rocked up at my flat around 30-40 minutes later than expected and as soon as I opened the door I could tell she was in a pretty bad mood, not very friendly. I could also now see why she didn't want to send me any pictures; she has gained a huge amount of weight since the ones on her profile were taken and is now a very large lady indeed. We went to my bedroom and straight away she said she wanted the money; fair enough I thought and handed her the £70 for half an hour. She counted it out and then claimed she told me she only does hour minimum outcalls. It didn't state this on her profile, half hour prices are clearly advertised and I went through all of the messages with her and she hadn't said anything about an hour minimum. She was adamant and said I would have to get the money or she would take the £70 and be off without giving me anything in return. Reluctantly she said she would do the half hour at £70 and gave me a load of grief about her taking an Uber to get to me.

She was dressed a bit like a tramp in cotton jogging bottoms and a big maternity style shirt that was pinned together. Her tits are huge and her pussy lips are by far the biggest I have ever seen, not quite freshly washed though and had a bit of an odour... She did some unenthusiastic french kissing and then I asked for a blowjob. The blowjob was fairly decent but after a few minutes she was done and asked if I wanted to get down to the main course. She asked me if I had any condoms and when I said no she sighed and looked rather put out and got ger own.
We had sex, which was not bad and after a while I was going to blow so I jumped on the bed, pulled the condom off and sprayed her tits and face. She then got dressed while continuing to be rude and unfriendly and generally very moody. I showed her to the door and off she went.

All in all a bad experience and kicking myself for not just having a wank and keeping my £70. Avoid!

London / Xxx Evelynn- Romanian-Aldgate
« by Brazilian Martian on Yesterday at 11:25:27 PM »
This is a odd one as it could easily be seen as a neutral but as I enjoyed it and she did warm up after 10 mins I'm gonna give her a positive.

Called up and arranged a time and when I got to liverpool st I called and she gave me directions along with a text. Once outside she let me in via intercom, greeted at the door by her she is sexy facially pretty only complaint is she wears to much make up.

I paid her 70 pounds for 30 mins and I asked for owo but she said she does not do it  :wackogirl: I could not be bothered for another argument so she starts by sucking me nipples and kissing my chest, when i tried to return the favour she told me her nipples are sensitive and she does not like her breast touched. She then gets a dom and puts it on me then sucks me off, not the best but not the worst either after at least five minutes of this I push her onto the bed and she lubes up and I hammer the hell out of her and to give her credit she takes it. We go through doggy,prone bone, L shape 
Then back to missionary this is when she starts sucking me neck and kissing my neck. I had to tell her to stop as if I have a hickey my misses would notice, funny enough Evelynn starts to warm up and she starts to ride me cowgirl and then allows me to suck them fake tits of hers. After another position change i finally cum in missionary. She starts asking me personal question about life and relationships, this is when she dropped the ball that her boyfriend/manager is in the next room :sarcastic: and that he's a black guy. So then she starts asking me if I'm a member of AW, and if I had a good time can i leave her feedback.   :lol:

Things started off slightly frosty but half way  she warmed up, I would only recommend her for a short time punt. She speaks good english and full well knows the tricks of the trade such as services on her profile which she has no intention of following through with.


London / Evita Sweet 21 - Bond Street
« by cosmic82 on Yesterday at 10:39:02 PM »

I had a very good time with this beauty this week. She upfront informed me that she does Oral with condom only and it was Ok with me

Paid: £120/ Hour
Comms: Directly with the girl over phone & followed by text with address
Location: Apartment- approx 10 mins walk from Bond st underground

Positives: Pretty face, Smooth Skin and Great attitude. Girl in picture is same as you meet.
Not so great: Enhanced boobs but it was big and soft (I prefer Natural ones), BJ needs improvements

Once Paper work was settled, stripped clothes off and joined her in nice big bed. Cuddles, Oral with condom followed by Girl on top and finised in miss style.  Some chit chat, gave her a pussy massage with oil, she allowed fingering then went for round 2.

Another girl is working in same apartment and I met her on stairs - she looked good as well but don't know her name or AW link.
May return in few weeks time.....

London / Rose - Sexy Polish teen (Bayswater)
« by zulu-lance on Yesterday at 10:34:49 PM »

Location - Saw Rose at a cheap hotel near Bayswater after some prolonged comms.

Girl – Fit young girl as per the pics about 5’3”, her long blonde hair braided which I thought added to her sex appeal. She sports piercings on her nose, lower lip and left cheek bone, heavily inked left arm and tattoo below her breasts. Facially and bodywise would give her a 8/10

Experience - Greeted me near the elevator dressed in a leather jacket and jeans. She looked really sexy, sure headturner if she walked on the street. She escorted me to her room where she quickly got her kit off and revealed a sexy black negligee, which I got rid of in no time  :D Paid the monies £120/hour, she doesn’t do FK apparently, didn’t matter as I was having a raging hard-on simply looking at her.

Started with OWO, lots of spit and reasonable eye contact. Her technique was okay, tried to face fuck her but she was struggling with my size, so had to abort and let her carry on at her pace. Next switched to 69, tasty pussy with a trimmed bush. This girl loves receiving oral and fingering as she gasped “please don’t stop licking me, I want to cum” and cum she did, grinding her pussy on to my face and then locking her legs hard as she climaxed. She had a wide smile as I came up for air and said that felt good. 
On with the rubber next, started fucking her in doggy, she made all the right noises, then she rode me quite hard in CG as I played and sucked her succulent tits. Next slammed that pussy in missionary and then lifted her while I fucked her standing upright, which amused her as she had never tried something like that before it seems. I was now almost ready to cum, so had her kneeling and exploded inside her lovely mouth.
She disappeared to the bathroom to dispose my juice and I cleaned up as well. Spent some time chatting, she apparently splits her time between Manchester (where she has a part-time job) and London. After some time I was ready for round 2, again made her cum in 69, put the rubber on and slammed that pussy for a good while in doggy and missionary before climaxing yet again inside her mouth.

Summary – Sexy, fit young girl, speaks good English and has a pleasing personality. Only downside is that she doesn’t FK forget DFK and gave me a time warning with about 5 minutes to go, however didn’t rush me out. She is apparently getting a pussy piercing soon she said, so I might see her again if she is about and around in London.

London / Eva Johnson - Croydon
« by Pykie on Yesterday at 08:06:13 PM »
I was in South London yesterday and saw Eva Johnsons profile pop up in my searches.

The location.
Non descript estate of Purley way in Croydon.
Nice house, well kept and clean. Get the impression it's hers.

The girl.
Eva is gorgeous, an absolute stunner. Cracking body, lovely face, small boobs but an amazing arse.

I sent Eva a text, and received a quick response.
We agreed time and extras of anal.

The meet.
Arrived at the location, she gave a post code and when I arrived she gave the house number.
Parking was free on a quiet street.
Eva answered the door and she is lovely and tall.
She was wearing a bathrobe when she answered but as soon as the door was shut she dropped it and she was wearing a tight black Lacy nightie.
Followed her amazing arse which was sticking out up the stairs and arrived in her bedroom.
Got the paper work out the way and down to business.
Off with our clothes, and wow. We have all seen her videos but in person 👌
Started of with light kissing, oral with out and 69. Her pussy tastes amazing. Second best I have tasted after spicy Julia in Acton.
On with a condom and into cow girl pussy felt very tight considering her porn, and she seemed to be enjoy it as her pussy was so wet.
Into doggy style upped the pace and presented with that arse we went into anal.
Play acting or not, I don't care but it was awesome lots of "oh, ah" gritting her teeth " (mirror beside the bed) bitting the pillow etc. Pace got quicker and so did her moans. Couldn't hold out any longer went to pull out to bolt in her mouth but was too excited and exploded as soon as the condom
Was off. In her hand, up her arm, on her arse cheek her back and side of her neck. Not her mouth but it was an awesome sight!

Cleaned up, she got me a glass of water and after some chit chat I left. She's not a clock watcher and didn't feel rushed at any time.
A great punt in my opinion and I will see her again.

But I would suggest reading her likes before investing in your money to see her.
She has a lot of "at discretion" in her likes. I took a gamble and it paid off, but when we kissed, I could tell she was thinking about not doing it. Same with the oral without, she was thinking when we went to 69 about doing it or not.

Apologises about not posting a link as my device is being rubbish!

London / @DELUXE TANYA@ (Harrow)
« by parrot123abc on Yesterday at 07:24:37 PM »

Price: £80PH + £10 Facial

Comms: Typical set up, I rang up spoke to the maid confirmed that a facial was ok. I agreed to meet her at 1.00PM and we confirmed this on the phone. I was sent the address, showered at home and then off I went.

Location: The location is pretty discrete as it's behind a bunch of gates, however there is a person who lives next door in the other flat. She opened the door swiftly told me to take my shoes off and then led me into the bedroom.

Looks & Body [/b [5/10]: Tanya has a alright body, if you are looking for a slim girl she may be ok however she is not curvy. Her boobs are pretty saggy however but her legs seem to go on forever.

Language: Tanya understands English however one thing I find is with those Hungarians who understand English they are a bit more cocky when it comes to giving a decent service.

Attitude: [6/10] Once I was in the room Tanya asked how long I wanted to stay for and asked if I wanted any extras. Told her 1H and handed her £70 in total including the facial. She went to stash the money, I took off my coat and once she was back in the room she had a bit of a weird look on her face like why are you not naked.

Meet: [6/10] Tanya stripped down leaving her bra and knickers on and approached me helping to undo my trousers and she took my shirt off. Both of which she then proceeded to fold and leave on the sofa. Then she sat me down and gave me a bit of a lapdance whilst rubbing my cock every now and again. I wanted to get this show on the road properly, so I got up started to kiss her whilst putting a couple of fingers down her knickers. She has a kind of weird kissing technique however it's like she wiggles her tongue around in your mouth however not really DFK. She told me to lie on the bed however I felt like I needed to be in control of this punt. I told her to lie down and then worked my way down her body. Took off her knickers and then I started to lick her out whilst squeezing on her boobs. She seemed to enjoy this and she kept pushing my head into her pussy. At one point I thought is she trying to suffocate me or what as she held it pretty firmly.

Now came my turn, I lied back on the bed adjusting the pillow so I could see her sucking my cock. She quickly gave it a wipe and then she started to suck it. One thing is that she would not really take it deep. She sucked on the tip and that was about it. I took her other hand and guided her to my balls then she got the hint that I wanted them played with and sucked. I got her to suck my balls for a bit however she didn't really get right into it. It was like she was licking on a ice cream cone but not really sucking on them.

She then I asked "SEX", I told her ok and then she slipped on the condom and assumed missionary. I was kind of blind without my glasses on so I left it to her to guide my cock into her pussy which was pretty tight. Once in she gasps a bit, I asked her if she was ok. She replied she's fine and off I went pounding her in missionary. When I felt close to cumming I slowed down however everytime I did this she reached around and played with my balls. I kind of squealed when she did this as it felt pretty good. However I presume she was trying to make me cum quickly.

Then onto doggy, I positioned her at the end of the bed with me stood up and slid into her. I went pretty slow here as I didn't want to cum quickly. After a while I told her to get on top and ride me. She let me lie down and then she hopped on. Starting off slowly and building up a rhythm. I noticed she still had her bra on and I told her to remove it however it seemed as though she didn't understand this. In the end I took it off and sucked on her little puppies whilst she was riding me. She then asked me "You're going to cum soon?". I was kind of enjoying her riding me as she was however I could sort of sense she was getting a bit tired.

Then I asked her if it was okay to pick her up and fuck her. She said go ahead and so I went. I picked her up and fucked her whilst her hands were around my neck and her legs tightly wrapped around me. After around 5 minutes or so, she said we have 15 minutes left. This kind of killed the mood a bit so I put her down and told her to suck on my cock.

I sat down on the sofa and let her suck my cock. Once I felt close to cumming I asked her that the facial is still ok. She said yes it's fine just to let her know when I'm ready. So I stood up and told her to suck on my balls whilst I jerked off my cock. Within a couple of seconds I was ready to cum. I held her face and aimed to shoot my jizz on her chin and cheeks. However as soon as the streams started flying she kept moving her head around and this meant that  it kind of covered her whole face. She opened her mouth and I stuck my cock in and let her suck the rest out. I got the wet wipes packet and handed them to her first however I could sense that she was a bit annoyed with me plastering her face. She wiped herself clean and I did the same. Thankfully it was coming to the end of our time so I put on my clothes and off I went.

Summary: In summary it was an ok punt however I wouldn't really visit her again. I felt as though she seemed a bit passive. Even though I asked her that a facial is ok she didn't really seem happy with me splattering her face. If she had just said that I don't want you ruining my make up I would have been fine with that.

I would recommend her for a half an hour punt however not 1H.

« by blue on Yesterday at 05:31:35 PM »
Will keep this one short and to the point:

Location: N9, mid terraced house on a quiet residential road.

Girl / Looks: Profile photos show the actual girl, pretty face, has bit of a belly but other than that I'd say the photos are accurate.

Services agreed: Opted for a quickie and that's what I got, covered sex which was average at best.

Attitude: Wasn't interested in the punter, was more concerned about her precious phone, as soon as I poped she reached for her phone, didn't offer any cleaning materials or even look at me; face glued to the phone - I suspect another conveyor belt operation here.

This one gets a neutral as she delivered on services agreed, although I won't be back.

AW link: https://www.adultwork.com/3898728

Thanks to a review by the legendary mango muncher King Tarzan, Abelle went on my hit list, he likened her to a young Jennifer Ellison, presumably without the unintelligible accent. https://www.adultwork.com/3643468 or https://www.adultwork.com/Brazilian%2DAbelle 

A young size 8 blonde, blue – eyed Latina with natural 34DDs with a full range of services looked too good to miss, albeit at an agency priced £170. I fancied a sensual girl friend type meet with a cracker, this had to be good, right, so I reckoned my bets were conclusively hedged.

Comms: Easy, texts & AW booking, FK, owo, protected sex, cim & facial agreed and postcode sent in advance, got full address when I told her I was close and I was buzzed in a little early.

Venue: Newly refurbished ground floor flat in old block in Pimlico, near the newest HoD venue, traffic a nightmare and parking difficult, pay by phone or app.

The girl:
Looks: The photos are her, she is a pretty, petite, all natural apart from her hair - blonde, dyed with long extensions - with good sized tits, a great arse, fully shaven, great looking pussy, silky smooth from eyebrows down, early twenties.
Attitude: Friendly from start to finish with a large helping of weird.

The action: We agreed my likes list by text, in advance, I can’t be doing with on site negotiation at the vinegar strokes “I’m going to cum on your face” “ok, but it’s £20 extra” “can you suck it while I find my wallet?” She confirmed to be happy with a sensual girl friend experience featuring FK, owo, protected sex, cim & facial.

She greeted me in a short, silky black robe over a black basque and string hold ups, no shoes, hair slightly greasy and messy, like she just woke up. She kissed me on the cheek and asked me to take off my shoes and follow her into the working bedroom, good size, big bed, clean en-suite bathroom with good shower.

She asked how I found her, I said an online review and AW.

I open a bottle and pour drinks, we chat, her English is ok, kiss, shallow but French and grope and undress, she rubs her body up and down me with some odd staccato movements and I have a good grope.

After a week’s abstinence I’m as erect as a troupe of guardsmen and ready to play.

I do the old push her head down gently towards your cock job and she exclaims “It’s so big” yea right love, never heard that one before and I’m sure it’s part of her script, she slaps her cheek with it a few times, spits on her hand and starts wanking me and reaches for a condom.

I say, we agreed owo, she says "I can’t, look" and points at my magnificent tumescent bell end which is clean as a whistle, she bizarrely repeats "I can’t, look", examining it again, to my mind it is as close to perfection as you will find in a penis, unblemished and beautiful but she insists on a condom and rolls on a thin one, then starts sucking, paying a little attention to my balls with her tongue.

Her technique is average, she starts by taking only the first few inches then getting most of it in but failing to build a satisfactory rhythm, I bring her up for another kiss and waggle my dick on the entrance to her pussy.

She lubes up and I enter in cowgirl, she sucks her teeth and tells me to be slow and gentle, fucking hell, I’d prefer jack and hammer to slow and gentle any day of the week.

She rubs her clit frantically as I enter inch by inch and bash away at her, we change to reverse cowgirl and the view is fabulous, she actually managed get a good pace going as she rode me, albeit more Clare Balding than Lester Piggott.

I increase thrusting speed and grab at her arse cheeks, she slows and appears to be going through the motions so I pull out and position hear at the end of the bed and standing behind her start hammering her in doggy, I can’t see her face but know she is wincing so I pull out and turn her round.

She drops to her knees as I tear off the condom and take aim for the cim/facial finish I’ve been promised.

She puts one hand up to protect her eyes and the other one below her chin, like some weird Vogue pose, presumably to minimize spillage/soiling of the bedding & carpet.

Thank fuck I’d had a week off so was able to battle through the comedy and unleash half a dozen thick spurts over her mouth, which was locked as tight as a nun’s cunt in a sandstorm, chin and cheeks, so much for the promised cum in mouth!

She took every spurt and knelt like a rabbit in the headlights until I said I was done then sprinted to the bathroom where I heard the only gagging of the meet.

She returned and I said she was naughty agreeing to services then not delivering, she understood and apologized saying she was not in the best of health and her resistance was low hence no owo or cim. I mentioned that perhaps she shouldn’t have agreed to them or the meeting then and suggested that we cut the time from one hour to the thirty minutes we had spent and she agreed. I asked what her rate was for that, she said £120, it was my turn to wince and she said “but I can make it £100”, went to the side table where I had placed her cash and gave me £70 back.

She said “money is nothing to me” which is the most bizarre think a hooker has ever said to me and I went to clean up, returned to bedroom, dressed and left with a kiss on both cheeks.

She was either coked up, a nutter or on medication for her medical issue because something was responsible for her behavior, such a shame because if she delivered consistently she would a top girl.

London / MAYABUSTY- Brazilian-Clapham South
« by Brazilian Martian on Yesterday at 10:43:41 AM »

Saw her last night called on the phone and comms were with a off site maid. When I got there I was let in by maya and once in the bedroom we had a brief heated debate about the price as i handed her 30 pounds for a pump and dump , she told me it's 40 so I showed her the profile and this started a back and forth about how her profile has not been updated. I forced her hand by saying ok you can show me out, then her attitude changed she then said she would do it for 30 pounds so we settled on that.

Shit blowjob that's all I can say then after 15 seconds she reached for the condom. Lubed up her pussy and said fuck me which I did in missionary and then doggy jackhammer after about 5 mins I shot my bolt. Then she shot off and ran out the room so I was left on my own so i got cleaned up and left.

Fake tits, nice meaty thighs and hips but she has a big stomach and can do with losing weight in the mid section.

Poor attitude like she studied at the school of romanian prossies  :thumbsdown:

London / Sensual Brigit - Poplar
« by edmay on Yesterday at 10:36:05 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2452661 or https://www.adultwork.com/SENSUAL+BRIGIT

Comms: Fine

Location: 2 mins from poplar.

Price: £80 for 1 hour

Girl: Is the girl in the profile.

Meet: A lunchtime punt. Kept me waiting outside for 10 minutes. No FK (in fact no kissing at all), not particularly friendly, very perfunctory and not the cock worship I was hoping for. Generally a big let down based on some of the reviews on here.

- None really

- None

- No kissing, not what was advertised, didn't fancy her, wasn't able to have a shower.

Would I go back? Definitely not and if I do please feel free to hunt me down and force me into an online 'defend the indefnsible' debate with GolfNut for 48hrs solid

London / Franchesca SweetLips - Poplar/ All Saints
« by edmay on Yesterday at 10:28:54 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2000169 or https://www.adultwork.com/Franchesca+SweetLips

She's currently in Kings Lynn but she told she'd be a way for a bit whilst they sorted out the mould in her flat in Poplar. So hoping she'll be back before too long.

Comms: All fine. Speaks good english. Does her own comms.

Location: 10-15 mins from Poplar. Flat was very nice. Apart from the mould on the bedroom wall which is getting sorted out.

Price: £120 for 1 hour

Girl: Definitely the girl in the profile. Friendly and smiley. Nice to chat to, makes you feel welcome and gives lots of compliments. Quite short 5'1 ish. Nice firm body with decent size tits and nice arse. My type of girl. She definitely lives up to her description on the profile - although there's some ambiguity about CIM on the profile. In the description it's very clear she likes this but in the Qs it's a definite no. I don't like to do this because I like to kiss but not after a mouthful of my man milk. So I never tested this.

Meet: arranged for her to wear a sexy police uniform which she did and she looked hot (it's not the one in her blog. It was a little black number with a cap and handcuffs). With the handcuffs and chain around my back she pulled me in for a snog as I walked in. Gave a big smile and a quick feel of my cock. She offered me some water and then sorted out the time, services and paperwork. A quick shower and then more of her pulling me in, kissing and feeling and rubbing herself on me. She removed the towel and went straight to work with owo. Decent technique not too much hand work and played with my balls. I then watched her take of her uniform which was a real treat and then onto the bed for some 69. She got into the 69 pushing herself into my face and allowing fingers. Back to straight BJ and pop 1 over her tits. She seemed to like this and rubbed it all in before giving me and herself a wipe down. A little breather and then more mutual feeling On with the mack and into a variety of positions culminating with her face in the bed and her arse in the air. Her moaning and playing with herself whilst I plowed in was more than I could take so pop 2.

Pop2 is quite unusual for me but she wanted more and set straight to work on trying to get me to pop again. After about 20 mins of this she failed but it was good fun while she tried  :D

A bit more chatting about south america and then an amusing conversation about her mate who's just come over and is describing herself as Indian. I tried to get her mates details but either she's changed approach or I took the name wrong as I couldn't find her.

Hoping she's back before too long.

- Nice girl
- Nice body
- Speaks very good English
- Good comms
- Decent BJ
- Put in a lot of effort and seems to genuinely like what she does

- Location isn't the easiest to get to.


Would I go back? Definitely. VFM with a girl who was enjoying herself.

London / Sony69 - Canary Wharf - Time waster
« by edmay on Yesterday at 10:06:44 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3873695 or https://www.adultwork.com/SONY+69

Feeling horny I decided to TOFTT near work. Quick comms but when trying to book a time I was told to call 20 mins before coming. Alarm bell went off but the little man was in charge so I did this and agreed to be there in 20 mins. Arrived and called. Was told just in the shower will be ready in 2 minutes. I waited 20 feeling very conspicuous and then left. She called after 45 minutes to say she was ready! Whoever got there before me hasn't bothered with a review on here or AW so I can only assume it was nothing to write home about.

Bullet dodged I think.

London / High Class Alex - Old Street - TOFTT?
« by edmay on Yesterday at 10:01:47 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1854774 or https://www.adultwork.com/High+class+Alex

NOTE: there are other reviews of High Class Alex but I think the profile has changed hands since those days. So this is more a TOFTT.

Comms: Good. Contacted me back after originally saying no when another punter cancelled.

Location: 5 mins rfom old street. Same place SweetTeen_Julia20 operates from.

Price: £100 for 1 hour

Girl: As mentioned, I don't think this is the same girl as the other reviews of this profile from at least a year ago. She is a very nice girl. Smiley, friendly and makes you feel welcome and wanted. A very good start. I fancied her and would definitely try an chat her up in a bar. She's pretty tall - especially in heels. Great legs and arse. Her tits look great in the bra but are a bit on the droopy side - not spaniels ears though. I would say more likely to be early/mid 30s than the 26 the profile states. She has a bit of a tyre but that doesn't bother me.

Meet: Saw her at lunchtime. She was friendly and welcoming. Sorted paperwork and took a shower. Only light kissing with no tongues (at discretion on profile). Only offers OW (consistent with profile) but Jesus she knows how to suck cock. There was no eye contact but other than that it was pure cock worship. Even with the mack this is the best BJ I've had. After a bit of licking the shaft and balls and generally seeming like my cock was nicest thing she'd ever seen she was into full on DT with her nose buried into my pubes. When she did come she really put some serious suction into and played with my balls the whole time. I normally like to hold off and come during the main event but I enjoyed this so much I just went with it.

A brief interlude of nice chatting and feeling each other up for a few minutes before she was back into giving my cock attention. Lots of stroking and playful banter whilst she worked him back into action. A new mack and yet more BJ before I initiated some scissor style mish so I could play with her clit. She really responded to this and some pretty intense fucking ensued. I really struggle to make a second pop so the attention was all on her and she really seemed to like it  :kissgirl:. Who knows if that's true. Anyway she really wanted to make me pop again so another 15 minutes of covered BJ was followed by a furious handjob until i shot all over hit tits. I'm not sure who was more satisfied.

- Nice girl
- Nice body - especially her legs
- Convenient location
- Speaks very good English
- Good comms
- Amazing BJ
- Put in a lot of effort

- Only lip kissing no FK

- Wouldn't allow RO

Would I go back? Definitely. VFM with a girl I fancied and that BJ. Did I mention how good that was?  :cool:

London / GFE Kama - Whitechapel
« by edmay on Yesterday at 09:38:26 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3744880 or https://www.adultwork.com/GFE%5FKama

Comms: Good. She responded very quickly and sent all the details in advance but stopped responding when I asked about outfits. Answered quickly when I rang from nearby and even let me in 15 mins early.

Location: Nice flat and room. Probably the nicest I've punted in. Easy to get to from either Shadwell or Whitechapel which makes it a good pitstop for me on the way home.

Price: £60 for 0.5 hour

Girl: A lot already said about this girl so I won't go into too much detail. In terms of looks she's right up my street. Very girl next door, a great body that's firm and toned with a perfect arse. Tits on the small side but, whilst I'm a tit man, I prefer small to fake. So no complaints. Unfortunately, as a couple of people have mentioned, I found her to be quite disconnected. She was pleasant enough and put some energy into it but it was very clear she'd much rather be doing something else.

Meet: Saw her at 5:30pm on a Wednesday. Maybe an earlier appointment and she'd be more enthusiastic? Agreed duration and sorted paperwork. Was offered and took a shower. When back in the room she went straight into taking off her clothes - no snog, feel and undress each other as others have mentioned. Atthis point didn't feel at all like a GFE. But that body kept me strong! A bit of light FK and then straight into OWO. Decent enough BJ but by no means the best. Onto some RO which I was hoping would turn up the temperature. She certainly made enough noises and pushing herself into my face to be convincing she was enjoying it but she was still pretty distant after. Onto a bit of mish which I senses was uncomfortable so changed into CG. This was a bit more enthusiastic and when I grabbed her hips she really start to go to work on me. I didn't last long after this - especially as I had dual aspect from the mirror. A clean up followed by a nice kiss and a bit of a cuddle. I tried to make some chit chat but she wasn't really saying much. Her English is fine so it's definitely that there was no attempt at a connection. I like to think I was just too good looking she didn't want to get too close and have her heart broken  :cool:

I just enjoyed the view in the mirror and feeling that body for a little longer. This would be a neutral but her body was awesome and despite not wanting to be there she put some effort in.

- Great body
- Location very convenient for me
- Speaks very good English
- Good comms
- Nice apartment with clean shower and discreet

- Disconnected and not really a GFE

- Wouldn't really class any of that a negative.

Would I go back? Possibly for an earlier session. I also think some girls prefer the longer punts and are a lot more engaged for an hour or more. So I might be tempted out of convenience and some of the other reviews that suggest she has better days. But probably not. There's plenty of others to choose from.

London / GFE Tiffany W2 Marble Arch
« by Kseh on Yesterday at 01:23:06 AM »

Hi guys,

2nd visit to her.
Well as previously commented, I was the first client I think.
Nothing major new, some people would rate her attitude as negative, I don't care honestly.


DFK => with no efforts to get her tongue outside the mouth...
Hand job
Penetration (Protected)

Price: £120 per hour

Comm's: Via phone text's.

Location: Flat in near marble arch. 3 to 4 WK inside. Lidya was making some huge noise upstairs. I asked her who was she and she said Lidya 20 y old.

Would I visit again: well depends of my mood.

Pictures: Close to the girl, putting more weight I think.

The girl: same as describe previously. Smoker breathe.

https://www.adultwork.com/3626271 or https://www.adultwork.com/GFE+Tiffany+

Plus : Got 20 minutes to shower and relax before going to the shower.
The flat is ok. The room is nice.
I make her cum with one finger, she doesn't allow a huge penetration as the start, but if you manage doing it the right way well after she cum, she get some initiative for sex and more. So her attitude depends of you... :D. So that's why she doesn't get negative or neutral. She is very static not happy at start but once you warm her up... she is better more engaged.
But again not recommend to all style as it is a kind of vanilla GFE.

Down: however the shower, for fuck sake, normal water as the beginning and then only HOT HOT HOT HOT water... tried all positions always very hot water...

Thanks Kseh

London / Tiffany Deluxe. Obvious trans
« by stonebow1 on Yesterday at 12:51:18 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2482918 or https://www.adultwork.com/tiffany+deluxe

Nothing more to say really, clearly a transsexual so i walked. Will add this info to the relevant thread too.

For those who are still curious: comms were very good whilst the masseuse is skinny and short with big disproportionate bolt ons. Didn't get to see if there was still a cock present but i would guess no. Seemed friendly enough on arrival, but definitely used to be a boy and you can tell straight away. 

London / Moon Flower Spa - Earls Court
« by Paolo dw on February 22, 2017, 11:31:05 PM »
Location: Opposite Earls Court tube, a few doors down a side road (Earls Court Gardens)

Cost: £25 30 mins; £35 45 mins - the usual pricing!

Masseuse - EE, probably in her late 20s, decent figure, very friendly and quite attractive but wearing jeans which means nowhere for the fingers to roam

Service: Was actually a very decent massage in a nice big room. Firm around the shoulders and back. Stiffy inducing elsewhere. She wanted £30 for HJ, £40 for topless and £50 for trouser removal! Adamantly refused to remove panties so went for a negotiated £40 topless massage but had to keep my hands to myself which probably defeats the object really. Not much point removing trousers and keep panties on imo so why pay for it?.

Quality HJ over, dived into the shower (which has no door) and was on my merry way. Should probably be a positive really, but i don't like not being able to have a grope so i'm going neutral.

London / Alisa Black - Harrow
« by kefcseries on February 22, 2017, 10:34:51 PM »

30 mins @ £50

I’m such a sucker for reading positive reviews on here. Alisa had been lounging at the bottom of my “to do” list for ages, in fact I was going to delete her. The recent good reviews on her prompted me to finally go tick her off the list.

Comms - Handled by the maid as Alisa’s english isn’t great. Gave good directions over the phone to the flat, would never have found it otherwise.

Location - Flat above/behind the shopping centre. Pay and display parking up to 6:30. Tesco Express just around the corner, less than 5 minutes walk :thumbsup:. Large flat with an ever so slightly shabby double bed that has seen better days. Clearly a no-frills fuck pad.

Alisa - Opened the door with a big friendly smile, very playful right from the off, grabbing my dick through my pants and cuddling me. Initial impression was facially she’s fairly attractive, long dark hair, dark skin, subtle yet tasteful make-up. I toyed with the idea of staying for 1 hour but as we stood there exchanging banter I realised something, physically I did not fancy her much.

The punt - FK, good OWO with lots of variety then mish and fat-assed doggy. Very vocal and she put a good grind on me.

Alisa was fun to be around and had a great attitude but looking back at my last 3 punts physically this was a few steps backwards. Definitely in the MILF category, a bit plump, a bit of cellulite. Yes it’s only £10 more for 1 hour than for 30 mins but that would have been 30 mins too long for me. It’s like Tesco’s BOGOF, it’s only good value if it’s something you need otherwise you ain’t saving shit.

A decent GFE style punt but not one I’ll be repeating.

London / JUST NO RUSH, Hornsey
« by cunningman on February 22, 2017, 10:27:50 PM »

Also see her 'previous' links and https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?action=serviceprovider;id=365

Pretty much what you see on the tin and previous reviews.  No idea about the 'don't touch my stuff' bit - she was pretty happy with being touched and touching me.  Started by offering coke or bottle of water from the fridge.  In the event I forgot about them.  Shower before and after even in 30 mins, gave me a different towel each time.  Plenty of man shower gels and mouthwash etc - seemed very professional.

She has a fairly strong accent but tries hard (with gestures!) and the texts were fine.

The location is much closer to Hornsey rail than Turnpike Lane, but take care because there aren't so frequent services back to civiliisation.  Also, don't getmugged following numbers on the odd side of the road - they don't match up and you'll walk past.

She is perhaps a little shorter and more voluptuous than the pics suggest, but that broad smiley face is what I got all through and she had a great attitude.

The only slight downside was that RO was initially accompanied by a lot of clearly fake sound effects, but she got into the groove and the fakeness became less obvious and perhaps even appreciative.  Maybe I flatter myself.

She gave a great blowjob and was giving some HR when I said 'oooh that's going to work' and to my surprise she went down again and took it all in.  I didn't even ask.

If you light taught slim girls with clits that aren't shrouded by a bit of flesh then she's not for you - but she was happy for the flesh to be parted and generally fingered and tongued, and its not as if she's claiming to be a gym bunny.

Chatty, fun lady, good attitude, clear positive if you're happy with the body shape.

London / Kasy_Sexyy (Wembley Park) - time waster
« by swomble on February 22, 2017, 10:11:58 PM »

Agreed to meet tonight; comms via SMS.
Services, price and time confirmed.

Given postcode and street.
Told to call on arrival.

Arrive ten minutes early.
Call - goes straight to answer-phone.
Send SMS to notify her, and explain "not calling".

Radio silence. It's been nearly two hours.

I didn't wait long and picked somewhere mostly on my route home.

https://www.adultwork.com/3560088 or https://www.adultwork.com/BRUNETTE%5FEXPLOSION
Profile photos needlessly photoshopped. She IS a human.

It started as a RomCom and ended as a randy climax.

I saw the profile, phoned, was given the complete address by text and toddled round (I was not far away), this time with a couple of pieces of cheesecake baked in a central European style from a local baker.

It was a side door to an end of terrace behind shops on the Cricklewood Broadway. I have no idea if this was the ‘Brothal’ referred to in an earlier thread, but yes, it was a flat or a brothel behind a Costa.

I got no ideas about the doorbell as there was 4 so I phoned and was told she was busy so I explained I had booked and was ushered in to the 1st floor flat. It looked like a new-build inside, clean new wooden staircase and interior. I was ushered into a small lounge by a plump young lady who insisted that she does not go with the guests, she is the receptionist only. I asked her later on how much it would need to tempt her and she said not. Not even a piece of cheesecake. Romanian but good English speaker. She explained that my lady called Stephanie (the Explosion ID) had a man who should have gone but paid extra for more time and would I like to see another lady? OK, I said patiently. I did have time to spare but did not reveal that. So assuming that this was about to happen but no, she was in the flat upstairs but would have a shower first. So I established than my ‘Spanish’ lady was Colombian, the one upstairs was Slovakian and one more who was busy was also Rom. All spoke Spanish. I waited a while.

When the Slovakian came down in two towels I was not pleased. She scowled, coughed and grumbled. I said she had no need to dress up for me as I would leave.

The Romcom continued as I was walking, my smiling Stephanie popped head out of a door and said two minutes, her man was going.

She wore high heels, some slight underwear in black and a big smile. She flirted with me, tickled me through the flies as I was unzipping and was generally playful. She liked the cheesecake. I asked for no shoes. She was small but very rounded. I do not mean fat but really hour glass, big round boobs with no droop and even her legs were hour glass with round calves. All very firm. Nice belly, not protruding. A little downy hair just enough to tickle me.

We snogged for ages and our hands moved around, She had a zest for life unlike many I encountered at this game. I sucked her boobs and she almost tore mister happy from his socket as a reaction, and then kissed him better I almost squirted there and then – and she was not hurrying me. I went down on her, she gyrated, moaned and would not let me stop until she orgasmed with a little trickle. She was playful. She made it very clear that bareback was only for her mouth, and so we went into 69 with me underneath until we reached the edge. On with the the condom and some unknown oil to lubricate.

Wood woof, I dogged her for a while, then mish and I squirmed and she squirmed and I realised she had raised her left leg up to my right ear and I got even deeper in. We both screamed together. I can only describe her as a randy sausage.

She than offered a massage but at this point my skin is too sensitive, I need to lie and rest for 5 minutes, which was OK for her. Then cleaned and dressed and toddled off. I fear that she will not be there for long and her name will change when she moves.

There is another review with the same ID but that is a different lady.

£100 all in.

London / inna-naughty - borehamwood
« by dbank95 on February 22, 2017, 08:14:25 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2890073 or https://www.adultwork.com/inna%2Dnaughty

Pretty new to punting and inna was the 2nd w/g I visited after multiple positive experiences with khloe in Colindale.

I booked her for half an hour, £50 to test the waters. I knew full well before booking her that she didn't provide many gfe services.

Services used:
Oral with
Reverse oral
Sex in one position

Location: believe she relocated to borehamwood recently, when I saw her she was working with another wg in a flat on the high street.

About her: She is definitely the girl in the photos and looks much better in person. Her verification photo is floating around on this forum somewhere where she is looking pretty ragged, but she cleans up WELL. Facially attractive and her body is even better. I'd say she's about 6 ft in heels give or take, still had the buzz cut which suited her well. She has gotten several large tattoos, one beneath her breasts and one on her legs, if you don't like tats they're hard to ignore due to size, they looked nice on her though and apparently had sentimental value when I asked about them. One thing I remembered in particular was that she had really nice petite and well pedicured feet, didn't ask for a fj though which was a blunder on my part.

- clean but small room
- offered shower before and after, took both options
- clean shaven pussy, tasted good
- good English and prompt response via text


-  seems to have some sort of vetting process. Prior to meet up, was asked to wait at a certain location before receiving flat number which was in the view from her flat. Had to stand idly at this place while waiting 6-7 minutes for her to respond to a text.

- after sorting paper work, I merely wanted to confirm services again, apparently she didn't take to this kindly and immediately asked if I had read her profile in a stroppy manner. I gave her the benefit of the doubt as she may have many punters who hadn't.

- seems very jaded about her profession, straight up told me she didn't enjoy sex due to being in this line of work for years. generally seemed distant and aloof.

- played dodgy music throughout the punt, I understand the intention but it was distracting

- tried kissing over body but she reaked of cheap shower gel that hadn't been washed off. I could almost taste the gel on my mouth.

- wakes up late

Overall I walked out regretting the experience. I think more experienced punters could get some vfm as she's stunning and cheap, but I personally won't be going again

London / LeonaXX - London Bridge
« by OutForJustice80 on February 22, 2017, 05:36:51 PM »
Who: https://www.adultwork.com/2777432 or https://www.adultwork.com/Leona+XX

Where: Nice apartment near Monument Station

How much: £150 for the hour (went over by maybe 20 minutes)

Services: OWO, RO, Anal, Toys, Fingering, FK, Fucking, Squirting, DT

Comms: Good by UKE and Text

The Girl: Pictures are a fair reflection. Perhaps a tiny bit fuller in the face than I'd hoped but I have no complaints.

Positives: Great attitude, filthy, made suggestions. Great location and place, non clock watcher.

Neutrals: Not particularly my type looks wise

Negatives: None I can think of

Would I return: Probably not

Short and sweet: Fun time with a big girl with a lot to offer. Dirty and sexy.

TLDR: First a couple of caveats. Leona is a big girl. She's not the biggest I've seen but if you're only interested in slim girls then she's not for you. Leona makes no attempt to hide her figure and I think her pics are an accurate reflection. I like big butts and I cannot lie.

Leona's avatar on UKE was the first thing that brought her to my attention. I started chatting to her on there actually about six months ago and we've not managed to synchronise schedules until now. Comms were flirty and pretty good with the occasional large gap but overall everything was fine. Closer to the time we started texting which continued on the day.

Leona rents luxury apartments for her incalls as she says she likes quality and clearly she gets enough work to justify the cost. The place I went to was pretty nice. Spacious. Well equipped bathroom. Salubrious surroundings. She was delayed and we had to start 15 minutes late but because of the city setting there was no sense of looking obvious.

We'd agreed a scenario where I would arrive and go straight to the shower while she finished getting ready and then when I was ready she would be stood wearing stockings, heels, undies, a shirt and a blindfold when I eventually entered. She also arranged her considerably array of toys and restraints on a table near the sofa which were all at my disposal. So the entirety of round one she was blindfolded and had never seen my face. This was her idea but I found it pretty hot, especially as she's told me she enjoys the idea of being overpowered by a stranger (consensually of course).

I started with a bit of gentle teasing before ripping open the shirt, bending her over the bed and removed her thong to find a bejewelled butt plug, an unexpected surprise. I went in face first and found her clean and fragrant and soon very slippery. She gets into it very quickly and enthusiastically. Likes a really vigorous finger fucking and after a few minutes I decided to try some of the kit laid out. I fucked her with a dildo for a minute while licking her clit and eventually started to feel a pressure on the dildo. The butt plug shot out and when I pulled the dildo out she came loudly and squirted all over the bed and my hands. Ive not experienced this before and personally i bloody loved it.  It's so damn dirty!

After this I pulled her onto her knees and held her by the hair while she sucked me off. She's very good. No teeth, variation in pace and speed. She said she's not a great deep throater but I'm not very big so I got everything in and gave her a good face fucking.

I lead her across the room to a table and told her to bend over and put her elbows on the table. I have her a little spanking before returning to the table of implements and selecting a curved glass dildo. I fucked her a little more with this before grabbing a mac and taking the plunge myself and after a few minutes of vigorous thrusting and a switch to mish with her legs on my shoulders I came in the mac.

We had a decent interval where Leona finally removed the blindfold. She's well equipped for entertaining with lots of sweet treats, cold drinks and a large comfy bed. Eventually she asked if she could suck me off again and I was only too happy to oblige. This was really great. She spent ages down there (at one point saying "I could spend all day sucking cock")with loads of attention given to my balls which I really enjoyed. I don't shave down there as it would draw questions from my other half such as "what the fuck has happened to your balls?" so I never ask a WG to get involved with my sack as I can't imagine it's great fun but she went at it with gusto. I then announced I was going to play with her arse and she adopted what I now think of as her trademark position. Knees together, face on the bed, arse in the air. I lubed her up and started with fingers and the jeweled plug from the beginning which popped in with a little pressure. Next was another ribbed glass dildo which went in slowly at first but then after a while I was fucking her hard with it and fingering her pussy too. After a slight adjustment for height allowance I got rubbered up and went in with my cock. The rest of the session was me pounding away for all I was worth, holding onto her garter belt for dear life, her cumming a couple of times I think and eventually me pulling out and shooting all over her back while she fingered herself to another squirt finish. This was intersprinkled with some mild gaping and lots of rimming which I found horny as fuck. The whole thing was very pleasantly dirty.

On the whole this was a really fun and dirty punt. I had a great time and got to try a few things I'd not done before with a very willing girl with a great attitude and skills. I don't imagine I'll return as Leona wasn't 100% my type. Perhaps if I was into some more bum fun as we did have a conversation about enema play which I'd like to revisit.

London / Tayla Brazil - Wimbledon
« by kim88 on February 22, 2017, 05:12:37 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3479198 or https://www.adultwork.com/TAYLA+BRAZIL

I think I've found my new regular :)

Comms and Cost: Tried to call her at first, but she didn't pick up. Then a minute later, I got the text from her. After agreeing the time, off I went to her place. And upon arriving at her place, I send her another text to let her know before finally getting her flat number. Easy as that.

£150 for 1 hour.

Location: Her flat was just around the corner off the high street. I must say, her place wasn't very discreet, as there were shops next to it and across the street. Fortunately, business was quiet at the time. The nearest station is Wimbledon of course, takes about 10-15 minutes walk.


FK, OWO, HJ, RO, Massage, Penetration (protected)

The Meet:

Was greeted by this bodacious, dark-haired Latina babe wearing a fishnet top over a lingerie. She's definitely the girl in the pictures, alright. An athletic yet curvaceous size 8 figure and according to her, 34DD bust. Not too sure if she's really in her late 20s as stated in her profile. I say early 30s would be more accurate. Facially, I do consider her to be quite pretty with them stunning brown eyes and seductive big lips. She kind of reminds me of Esperanza Gomez. Definitely not a butterface, that's for sure. She has decent English, so there was no problem having a conversation with her.

After exchanging kiss, she led me upstairs to her room, whilst showing off that amazing ass of hers. Whether or not they're real, it don't matter much to me. They feel nice to grope and spank, that's what matters. Sorted out the paper work and got myself freshen up before the fun begins.

During the session, she loves to grind them big titties in my face, which had me sucking them. Some tit wank and a breathtaking OWO with spitting. She did told me no CIM was allowed, which was slightly disappointing. I return the favor afterwards. She wasn't completely shaved down there, but nonetheless her trimmed pubes look nice anyway.

When it comes to the main event, she was fucking me hard in cowgirl, with her leaning her body against me and her arms wrapped around my head. Lots of dirty talk were being whispered to my ears. But the best part was pounding her in doggy with the mirror facing us. Finished off with missionary. I really wanted to unload on that pretty face of hers, but since she doesn't allow CIM, I highly doubt facial is on her menu either.

She had great attitude throughout the meet, being all friendly and smiley. There was no clock watching at all from her, didn't stop to answer texts like some timewasters would usually do. The only bad things I would say, is she doesn't do CIM / facial despite her PSE advertisement. Anal was on offer, but £60 extra. And her location wasn't very discreet.

Nonetheless, I would happily meet her again when she comes back from her holiday :)

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