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London / lovely lulu/ Richmond
« by jimbocimil on Today at 06:13:42 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3094973 or https://www.adultwork.com/lovely+lulu

I wasn't looking for a full service. I had a bad back and was looking for somebody who could give me a massage and a happy ending.

A quick search brought Lulu up and based on the reviews here, I thought I'd give it a go.

She opened the door in a stunning red dress with a welcoming smile.
Her English isn't the best, but she understands, you may have to repeat more than once. 

The massage itself was really good, I told her I had a bad back and she seemed to understand(I could tell as she paid a lot of attention to my back and kept asking if I was OK).

Her services are as advertised, and anything else will be covered(I could not resist and asked her to blow me for a bit, this was a 20 extra).

She was really considerate as well, helped through the shower and even helped me put on my shoes(this was a first!).

I'm looking forward to seeing her again in a few weeks.

Highly recommend. And finally, I paid 120 in total. Its a 100 for a body to body massage, with 20 extra for the Oral-With.

I reviewed these girls just over a month ago but feel another review is justified because this experience was different, still outstanding but different.

When they first came to London early last month they had plans and were obviously smart and driven but the experiences they’ve had and the people they’ve met over the interim six weeks or so has given them extra confidence and the plan appears to have come together.

They have added a level sophistication which to me is very attractive while maintaining the straight to the point Essexness of their personalities.

Megan, 21 British, size 8, 5’7”, 32C, long brown hair, green eyes
https://www.adultwork.com/3799757 or https://www.adultwork.com/MeganCarterMay

Nancy,  20, British, size 10, 5’4”, brunette,, green eyes
https://www.adultwork.com/4045108  or https://www.adultwork.com/xnancy%2Dmayx

Comms: This was almost a reverse booking from the other angle. Megan messaged me on UKE after reading my tales of woe from my last few punts on here and suggested they could cheer me up. Daft not to take up an offer like that so I confirmed time and date and did an AW booking then UKE messaging and texts.

Venue: Basement flat in newly refurbished mansion close to Gloucester Road, good sized bedroom and separate bathroom, clean, well decorated and air conditioned, was luxurious compared to some of the hovels we go to in this game.

Action: I entered the flat to be met by the girls in nice lingerie, stockings and heels, long hair down, immaculate makeup. We had a brief chat and I opened a bottle, we groped, snogged in all combinations and got naked.

The snogging and groping intensified, the girls played with each other but mainly with me and led to a double headed, deep throat, gagging, spitting, ball licking, rimming blow job that got me to the edge a few times until I said I was ready and unleashed a torrent of saved up cum into their mouths and onto their faces as they leant over as I lay on my back and looked up at me. They snowballed and Nancy dribbled goo onto her tits which Megan licked off, I watched in a hot, juddering lather.

We talked about whoring and business and plans and I was struck that this time they were different and it felt better.

Our conversation revealed that they won’t be in London much longer this time with a trip to Essex very soon then a summer in Ibiza, doing some hookery and shooting some porn.

This revelation along with the sight of two naked birds and some oral stimulation got me going again and I fucked them both in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, vigorously and flesh slappingly while the other was paying attention to my balls and gooch or lips.

I asked for the classic porno finish on their knees in front of the mirror and they duly obliged, licking my undercarriage and staring up open mouthed with tongues out until I shot my wad in a double facial which left my knees trembly.

We cleaned up and I remembered to pay as I dressed, they honoured my special rate from the first booking of £350 for ninety minutes. Great girls, great attitude and engagement. Can’t wait to see the porn footage.

The wg: https://www.adultwork.com/4020651 or https://www.adultwork.com/mimi%5Fasian
Paid: £50
Durarion: 30minutes
I knew I was taking a bit of a risk with this one. I was looking for a massage with a bit extra toward the end. Not just a happy end,  but some owo etc.  I had some spare time shop gave this woman a go.

It started positive, comms pretty quick and clear via sms. Got the address and confirmed she was available right then.  5 minute walk from Waterloo station.  She then says to ring when at the door.  Ok, do that Ann's she confess down after 2-3 minutes. She's is dressed in fairly unassuming kind of office clothes. We proceed inside the apartment on the first floor. I go to the toilet, when i come out she's down to tights and some kind of black lace thing she had on under the clothes. She asks how long and we sort the paperwork. After stashing it, she asks if I want 2 pops, then we have to be quick. I can't pop twice in 30 minutes so declined.

Proceed to lay on a towel on the bed, my head at the feet end, so she can "massage" me. Small amount of oil which i prefer...  The massage was pretty bad, not sensual in anyway,  and not hard enough to really have any therapeutic use either. No cc wipes other than pushing my arse cheeks sideways.  Lasted probably 8 to 10 minutes.

Then the flip. She tells me to turn over and go the proper way on the bed.  She has a quick glace assy my size and grabs a condom, and splashes a bit of the baby oil on her pussy.

I felt like a bj instead.  With or without she asks.  Now it's when it turns from neutral to bad. She grabs the baby wipes (Ok can deal with that), starts wiping my member down.  Then she reaches for the mouth wash, swirls a bit around her mouth.  Then pours some onto the baby wipes  and wipes it all over my cock and balls. Was nice for about 30 seconds, cold. Then she slits her mouth wash,  and wipes onto the bin.  Starts licking my nipples. While that happens, feels like my cock and balls are burning. Luckily she moves down, and started working it. Basically cleans of The mouth wash.   The owo was not too bad, but she didn't take directions though,  wouldn't slow or go deeper for instance.  To slow it a bit I asked for 69. She obliged, she tasted clean, with a faint tang of mouth wash too. Then I popped in her mouth, went to hand action after first sign of cum though.

Started to clean me up.  She then jumped off and it got the worst.  The reaction to cum was pretty bad. Spitting it out etc, mouth wash swirling while using baby wipes pin me.

I proceed to the shower, she's in the bathroom too hacking and spitting etc into the sink.  Quick shower to get the oil off. Back in the room getting dressed she's helpful etc even a bit chatty. 

I assume her daughter is also there,  a very unattractive woman, I guess age was 25ish.   They spoke on Chinese,  she looked out of the lounge room when i was coming back from the shower.

Was heading out the door in almost exactly 30 minutes including a shower too.

In summary it was pretty bad.  The ice and fire combo on the little guy was rough, passable owo, but terrible cum, and pointless massage.

The woman herself, the pics are her, she has a tattoo on her breast. Probably better looking on person than the photos suggest.  Nice tits, probably C cups, possible even D. About 5 foot 5. Definitely not 25, I'd say early 40s, but could get away saying 35.

Only pros are how cheap it was. Seems to offer multiple pops if you're up for it.

I won't return.

This is my first review, let me knits if I've missed anything.

London / Jai at HOD Pimlico
« by MrMohican on Today at 11:28:28 AM »
Oh my sweet lord! - I have definitely entered the Jai fan club. What a fucking woman!

Had amassed a number of options for a daytime punt - but all of them involved an element of risk - all of the girls on my to do list were all new unreviewed girls on AW but there was also one woman I had been vowing to see for a while and it just so happened the stars aligned and she was available on my chosen punting day. Jai!

It was a no brainer really - if her reviews were to believed I was in for a wild ride. As it turned out I was certainly not disappointed. I booked her for an hour and what an hour. First off she's one of the few HOD girls who I can say looks just like her pics. She comes in the room and its straight into some sexy DFK

Started with her giving me a sexy dance at my request - she used to work as a stripper and she had all the moves - pushing her beautiful ass up in the air and sliding her hands up and down her boobs while she licked her lips salaciously. She helps me out of my clothes and jumps on the bed. I point out my boxers are still on so she slowly lowers them and takes my cock into her mouth. Heaven - she's everywhere at once - proper deep throating me. Then sucking my balls, then sliding her tongue up and down the shaft. She is an owo expert. I can see why she gets such praise for this.

The hour flies by in a whirl - all services are given with huge vigour and enthusiasm. Jai really makes you feel you are in your very own porn film. Highlights include me massaging her and going down on her twice and making her cum. Her sucking me again and again - she really tries to get your cock right down her throat, gagging, spitting - at one point she lets me grab her head down and fuck it really deep. At one point I can feel my cock head touching her tonsils and I hold it there for a few seconds till I let her come up for air. A huge gasp and a string of saliva spills out of her mouth. Twice she goes down and rims me - which I hadn't expected. She sucks my balls and generally worships my cock. We fuck in two positions - me on top and then from behind with her ass up in the air and me grabbing onto her waist. I finish by shooting my load deep into her mouth and she keeps sucking till every last drop is out. At my request she then dribbles the cum out onto her tits while she looks me in the eyes - total porn material. Im in heaven!

A bit of massage and a chat and a cuddle to finish and Im out in the spring sunshine with my head literally whirling. Jai is the complete package. Totally customer focused, hugely talented in the sack. An amazing blow job artiste and just a charming ball of fun and laughter. I told her before I left this was easily some of the best sex I've ever had. I wasn't saying that just for effect.

You know you've had a good one when your head is still spinning hours after the event and you can't quite get your brain back into gear. I tried to go back to work but kept getting distracted by flashbacks of that amazing ass and her deepthroating me. Had to go back to her twitter page a few times to remind myself I'd just made love this amazing looking woman. It felt like Id just been in a technicolour porn dream.

I saw PARADISE last night, in a budget chain hotel on London road leading to Croydon.

Comms were the only things that were good, and arrange for a 30 minute £70 punt.

https://www.adultwork.com/3949508 or https://www.adultwork.com/TASTE+OF+PARADISE

When I got into the room I was 100% sure she was the the girl from the pictures, but she looked decent enough in lingerie.
I'd already had a shower beforehand so didn't ask to use the bathroom (I should of). Got down to business and was greeted with some very droopy saggy tits, started off with some okish owo and I asked what turned her on and she replied that he loved reverse O but that was only on the table for longer bookings. after the brief owo we moved onto the so called main event. The only thing I'd say about it is that she is baggy down there.

afterwards I was declined us of the shower as the green "budget' hotel didn't have enough towels, there weren't any wet wipes either. I was only offered some toilet roll to clean up.

All in all a waste of time and money. She is around till next Tuesday if anyone else wants to waste their money too.

London / London / Gizelle - (Admiral's) Agency
« by J_meade on Yesterday at 11:18:57 PM »

Other names on other agencies.  180 for 1 hour.  I met with her a little while back.  Also, this was my very first punt, so I may have a different opinion now after a few more under my belt.

Comms: Booked through Admirals via text.  Very easy and professional.  Able to get in to my desired early evening time slot with a few hours notice.

Location: Easy to find basement flat near Earls Court tube station.  Small, simple room with plain double bed.  Lots of flowers in the room indicative of her popularity.

Girl: Definitely the girl in the pics.  Minimal photo shopping.  Pretty, kind, and easy to get along with.  She's about 5' 3" once heels came off.  Petite with a good, not great, body, but oh my those tits.  I picked her b/c I like big natural tits and hers were incredible.  Very firm and slightly too large for her frame - just the way i like them. 

The action: After paperwork we started with some light kissing and mutual touching.  We continued this while slowly stripping eachother's clothes off.  Eventually she dropped to her knees and provided OW with a bright red condom.  As I said earlier, this was my first punt, so i didn't confirm OWO beforehand and was too shy to ask during.  Oral was okay - not spectacular, not bad.  She then switched condoms and then the good part commenced.  We started in mish.  She knows she has amazing tits and she knows how to use them.  Took a great pounding while varying her arm position to get most visual value out of her boobs.  Held onto to headboard for a bit to watch them bounce, then moved her arms to squeeze them together.  While the rest of her body is pretty great, I could not keep my eyes and hands off of those tits.  Lots of eye contact and she does this thing where she bites her lip and looks like she's enjoying it.

Flipped over to doggy for a while, with her looking back and doing the lip biting thing.  Sexy as hell.  Finished with some exceptional CG.  Just fantastic watching that body ride me.  I had hope to last longer, but couldn't control myself once she got on top.  Finished with about 10 minutes of massage (okay) and then time was up.

Conclusion: would I see her again?  Maybe, but probably not.  Now that i'm more experienced I've found same level of service for less money.  That being said, if you are a natural tit enthusiast and have a little extra cash, you could do a lot worse.  As i said, I didn't ask about OWO or DFK or other services b/c i was just a little too nervous as a first timer and didn't really understand the etiquette. 

London / Sarah
« by Greenchilli on Yesterday at 09:12:19 PM »

RB - RB $ rate

New to UK punting however have read few reviews before which have assisted me in steering clear of some bad service providers so was compelled to write few of my own to assist other gentlemen. Moreover guys if you are paying from your hard earned money I would definitely like you to have a good service if not great one. If you play football in major leagues or sell white stuff then this review is not for you. :lol:

Placed a RB for an outcall to a nice hotel based in central london. Sarah's bid was cut and paste job on the lines of 'looking forward to meet me'.Normally I don't go for British girls as have been very disappointed in the past but on that specific day fancied a local lady. RB rate was on the higher end  :scare:
Communication was initially by email and on that specific RB day she contacted(text) by phone . She sent her face pic which proved beyond doubt she is pretty however things were going to turn south as you will read later on. I met her in the lobby and noticed straight away she has a pretty face but she was size 12-14 and somewhere in 30's . Pictures in AW are quite flattering.
Now coming back to the hotel room I had asked for GFE vanilla plain services simple. First thing she did was blow her nose going back to the wash room which completely put me off kissing her . I believe this strategy is used by WGs to deter punters from kissing. The owo requested was for 2-4 min and condom was put on straight on . The sex was average and I could feel she wanted to get out of the room as she kept on looking at the clock in the room. That put me off completely. No owo was provided for the second round as she gave some random excuse :dash: This attitude in itself was enough to get my johnny down and I called it a day. I'm a fit guy I don't know whether it was her or me to be honest who was having a bad day.

Would I see her again on her quoted rates - No or on RB again - No
I don't know really what to give her neutral or negative but if I was hard pressed for money I would have given her neg rating but its just another day and a WG is not going to change my feelings so I move on.

London / __Sofia__London__ (Aldgate East)
« by tergil on Yesterday at 11:49:00 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3920728 or https://www.adultwork.com/%5F%5FSofia%5F%5FLondon%5F%5F

Thanks to Holland for bringing this one to my attention

I arranged to meet Sofia very easily and did not have the problem that Holland reported. Her apartment is easy to find and she speaks good English so she was able to direct me on the phone. I was buzzed in and I walked up

Sofia is really good looking and quite petite with long black hair tied back. Her profile says she is 21 and I believe it definately young and perky. She seemed really happy and smiley and I was offered a shower after agreeing 100 for an hour

Services: DFK, OWO, RO, HJ, protected sex, massage
Highlight was seeing her cute little ass fucking her in doggy. Disappointment was no DT or CIM.

I found her really sexy and enthuiastic for both rounds. Had no problem getting me up for round 2 and deliverd a great vanilla GFE and a good massage in between too. I will definately return but she said she was going away soon so I hope she comes back

London / s@b Japanese Sheppards Bush
« by vx800 on Yesterday at 09:45:36 AM »

I visited this about a month ago, I would of reviewed earlier but the ad had been removed, texted an appointment, no probs with comms, asked to call when outside, tower block in the centre of SB, called and was let in by an Oriental guy, 50s-60 ?, led to a door and he walked in ahead of me, I walked into a hallway with doors to the left and right, concerned at this point and ready to be robbed as it was quite dark and he made no attempt at turning on a light.

I was not going to enter either room untill I found a light switch and when found I entered, not the girl in the pics but good figure and nice boobs, decided to give it a go and handed over the cash, the girl spoke barely any English and even difficult to make her understand that I wanted a shower first as OWO was showing, shown the bathroom and it was not good, the shower had two sliding doors, one was hanging off, I showered and most of the water ended up on the floor.

As I walked back into the bedroom she walked into the bathroom, door open she sat down and urinated loudly, definitely not going for RO today, laid on the bed face down and massage started, she was in her underwear at this point. Very poor effort at massage, at times just one hand being used, I very quickly got fed up and rolled over, she grabbed a condom and I said no, she either did not understand or wanted not to, OWO was not going to happen and condom went on to my half interested dick.

OW was good but after less that five minutes she stopped and laid on the bed, she applied a ton of lube between her legs and and a load onto me, time for sex in missionary, entered her { I think, sausage up the High Street sprung to mind } and could hardly feel anything, as I was banging away I looked down and her muff was the hairiest thing I have ever seen, there was no sign of her fanny at all, at this point I just wanted to finish, I had only been in her for a few moments and she started looking uncomfortable and was holding her tummy, as she had ensured that I was not getting full penetration this was bollocks, I kept going but after another two or three minutes she turned her head to look at the clock on the bedside cabinet, in doing so she had to move her arm out of the way, I have never seen so much under arm hair on a man let alone a woman, it was to me quite disgusting, that was me done.

I withdraw and removed the condom, her English suddenly improved and she asked if I wanted a handjob, I told her no and that her service was very poor, as I dressed she kept saying sorry, I was very pleased to walk from that, overall a crap service.

London / Melisma sweet escort - angel
« by thedoc1 on Yesterday at 08:18:22 AM »

Located in a market street. Very old 2-3 floors house.few girls working there. Double bedroom quite empty and unfurnished....not a nice ambiance.
The girl is not the one in the picture  :manhater: but is is very nice. Early 20's very skinny with great boobs(real) She is energetic and smiles a lot ,decent English.
The problem is EVERYTHING is extra ...
Kissing,69(yes it's extra) owo cim...u get the drill ...
"It's the rules of the place"
Don't know about you but when I'm punting I don't like to be stopped every 5 minutes to hear "it's extra"
Will I be back ? Not to that place and no way under these rules...I did like the girl.

London / Barbie Lily - Bayswater
« by xeron on Yesterday at 02:50:31 AM »

Bait and switch bullshit

So went to see this girl on the strength of previous reviews. I had tried to see Karina from bungry's other review but she blew me out an hour before the appointment so called Lily instead. She said she was available for the time so I headed over.

Honestly I hadnt really read too much into the description which was my own fault, but the girl who opened the door had huge fake boobs and puffy lips, and a big tattoo across her leg, which struck me as strange. Anyway tried to sort out the paperwork as per the advert (£100 for 1hr b2b). She then came back as I was about to have a shower to say that it was 120. When I asked why she said it was for 'more' touching. I said thats not what the advert said and she feigned inability to understand what I was saying. At this point I should have walked, but she was hot so my brain took a brief holiday and I gave her the extra 20

I came out of the shower and lay on the bed as requested. Initial impressions were of a pretty poor massage, and then brief b2b, then she wanted me to turn over, bear in mind this was probably less than 10 minutes in. All of a sudden there was no more massage, whenever I moved in to touch her she would allow it briefly then move away, all with some stupid vacant look on her face, and she was then trying to wank me off to finish. I told her to slow down and that the session had barely started, and she again failed to understand, and tried to go back to wanking me off. At this point I had enough, this girl was clearly not 'Lily'. I got up and asked her to give me half my money back, as this was obviously a bait and switch, and despite having paid extra for 'more' touching I wasn't getting any access to speak of

I got my 60 quid and walked out. On reflection I should have clocked the bait and switch at the start, but aside from the fake tits she was attractive and had a good body so I thought I would go for it anyway, live and learn. I'm much more pissed seeing the other positive reviews for the actual Lily, and will avoid this group.

London / X__Scarlett__X Tottenham Court Road
« by Tony_Red on Yesterday at 01:14:21 AM »
or https://www.adultwork.com/X%5F%5FScarlett%5F%5FX

Ratings/scores based on personal preferences. £130/hr. Well-reviewed lady, so will make this quick.

Comms: All via AW. Just like the rest of the girls in this group, you do not get her number. You message her your number and she calls you (withheld number) before start time.
Venue: 4/5. Decent hotel, 2 mins from Tottenham Court Road Tube.
Face 3/5
. Mid 30's 'next door' Brit. To me, she looks a *bit* facially like Dani Minogue with no make-up.
Like this, but with paler skin and less made-up:
Short hair, dyed red with some of the dye leaking onto her neck.
Body 3/5. She's a short lass but has some nice curves and a firm body that is great for squeezing. Pussy definitely not 28 years old - not a dog's dinner, but not that tidy looking. Very fair/pale skin tone. Tattoos on her upper body.
I was a tad bit disappointed as she looked older than I thought she would be. Gallery pics are a bit shit to be fair.
Services taken part in: FK bit of DFK, OWO, RO, Sex (1 pop).
Services particularly enjoyed
: OWO, Sex. Kissing was ok but she has a strong jaw/pout and I prefer softer and deeper kissing.

Easy to talk to, professional but friendly and responsive lady. Been around a while but no signs of that hardened edge that so many experienced WGs have. 

Just like my punt with Naughty Paris, the positive is for energy, attitude and service. I just didn't really fancy her.
If I had driven to this punt, I would have considered walking. But after making over an hour's journey on the train, I decided to bite the bullet and stay. She's popular, especially among punters whose preference is for Brits. I think I have been spoilt by a lot of tidy European pussy. It's a shame she doesn't do 30mins as she would make a good back-up choice if I were looking for a good shag.
Personally, I wouldn't class her as a Milf. A Milf for me is someone like AliceinWonderland, Olivia* (of Acton/Colindale) etc., however, Scarlett's service level is way better than Alice's.

Still on the hunt for the first great/outstanding punt of 2017...

Final Word: Enthusiastic Brit with decent looks offering a good service.

London / Thai Independant Chiswick
« by NoHo on March 21, 2017, 11:44:59 PM »

Went here today    Sure have been the same block recently but memory rubbish
Can park in supermarket opposite

This was a result
The girl was I guess around 28/30 and looked fit as   Not girl in pic but long hair and slim  Looked great

I was quoted £50 for massage or £100 b2b  No brainer!

Massage was in bedroom on massage table and there was shower

Wasnt really interested in any massage so just asked if me could start the b2b

She stripped off to show a magnificent slim toned body  not an ounce of fat  Pussy not shaved but well kept

To see her naked was worth the entrance fee
Really good oily b2b and handjob    A few hints dropped that more could be on offer next time

Will return

London / Callie deepthroat bond street
« by stampjones on March 21, 2017, 11:26:08 PM »


Went there a couple of weeks ago despite underwhelming reviews - I lust after hot orientals, what can I say?
Usual block of flats for bond st punters. Ok but not great.
Girl - very sexy. Slim, natural, nice body.
Service - shit.
Paid 150 for 1 hour, got fuck all. Maybe thats unfair. She did do owo but it was about as far from DT as you can get and still claim owo. Sex, yep, though that deprnds on the definition. Did my (protected) dick go inside her pussy? Yes. Was it in any way a pleasurable experience? Fuck no. I mean I never - and I mean almost never ;-) - have a problem being hard but despite her very good looks, this was a serious struggle.
In summary, hot girl, shit service.
Would I recommend? No chance

London / Charres Holland - South West London
« by Userone111 on March 21, 2017, 11:21:57 PM »
Escort name: Charres Holland

Location: South west London

Date of visit: Late March 2017

Adultwork profile: https://www.adultwork.com/3850496

Pre amble: . Wasn't too sure how to go about things, what to say or what etiquette was required etc. After speaking to a friend who offered some sage advice on how to conduct oneself I called Charres.

Rate: £200 (1hr incall)

Comms: Easy to reach via phone call and discussed when I would like to see her and any outfit requirements. Once confirmed proceeded to book via AW and then Charres confirmed where she would be by text shortly after. Comms were good and straight forward

Venue: budget hotel. Can't complain it was really easy to find with car parking nearby. However there were good public transport links very very close by. The venue was clean, discreet and most importantly safe. Very easy to reach room upon entering premises. Showering facilities were available.

Physical appearance: Absolutely stunning. Her pictures are accurate to what she looks like IRL. Toned and perky. Pussy had a bit of designer hair. I quite like that though but each to his own.

Personality: really easy to talk to and makes you feel at ease straight away. For a first time punter was mega nervous but that soon faded away once we got chatting and exchanged pleasantries. Very bubbly and upbeat.

The punt: entered her room and exchanged pleasantries.  TCOB paperwork wise  within the first several minutes and I then offered to freshen up. me and Charres talked for a small amount of time and then moved on to some FK which was really good. Minimal on tongue action but not lacking to the point where it is no longer FK.
OWO was really good, very sloppy and filthy with eye contact. Wouldn't call it deep throat but definitely one of the best BJ experienced.
Moved on to 69 with oral on both and rimming on her. Charres is really responsive to oral and gets really wet. Very clean and tastes great!
Moved into some more oral on her and fingering which again she was responsive to and enjoyed.
Condom on, started with her in CG. Didn't seem to enjoy this position much so offered to go into missionary which tbh was more enjoyable for both of us. a fee positions later she had already cum. We then moved on to doggy where I came in the bag.
During the break we chatted , fk and fooled around. After a short time out we went for round two with much of the same activities; 69, really sloppy bj, RO, fingering, FK, rimming on her (amazing ass!) went straight for missionary the second time round, her legs held up. It was great!

Finishing up: close to the hour was up we chatted for a small while whilst I got dressed. She remained naked and was really happy to continue chatting. I did not feel rushed to leave or like I had to Be out the door bang on the hour. Several kisses goodbye I was gone. Unfortunately!

Super attractive
Great body
Amazing sex
Great kisser
Bj skills 10/10
Responsive to RO and genuinely enjoys it as well as giving
Non clock watcher

Had phones out during meet, which went off a few times. Kind of a mood killer
Might have had a slight cold (did not affect the 1 hour or services provided)

Overall: would highly recommend visiting Charres holland . Although rates are quite high I would argue that it is definitely worth it! Will be visiting gain at somepoint for sure.

Hope review was helpful


London / Isabella rose x
« by Miracle_drug on March 21, 2017, 10:44:30 PM »

I want to make sure everyone gets the full story on this one. This field report is not linked to Isabella's profile- you'll see why when you read it!

I'd booked her nearly a week in advance so she had plenty of notice. I wanted to meet her for an outcall and as her profile quite clearly states that she's willing to travel I didn't think that this would be an issue. I told her clearly what I wanted and she seemed enthusiastic as she said she'd done something similar before. I said that I'd definitely be there as I never back out of confirmed bookings.

I then contacted her on Thursday, the booking was due to take place so Saturday. I asked her if we were still on and to let me know if she needed to cancel as I'd lose out on the hotel if I didn't cancel on Friday. She said that she would definitely be there and that she wouldn't have agreed to the booking if she wasn't willing to do it.

You can guess what happened next- the morning of the booking I emailed her asking her to confirm by text. At 11:45 she sends me a message saying that she's on her period and wants to cancel. I say that I don't mind as I just want oral, and then she doesn't reply! I'm pretty sure that this was bollocks anyway as earlier in the day she'd changed he profile to read available and also to say that she was doing incalls and outcalls all day!

I think she either got cold feet with the booking or decided she didn't want to travel. I could have understood either of these reasons and forgiven her, but the fact that she led me on so much and caused me to waste money. It wasn't necessary. Most of all I was disappointed by her selfishness.
Oh yeah... and she can't spell Cambridgeshire!

London / Mindy (Diva Escorts) London - aka Vika @ HC
« by mmmm on March 21, 2017, 10:38:36 PM »

Fuck me this was terrible. I literally can't think of one positive.

Compared to her photos she is now significantly older, and judging by the boobs and tummy she now has, she may have had a child (or two). No way is she 23. Even if she'd been working in siberian mines she wouldn't look that old by 23.

Her English was really quite bad and is the main reason why I wasn't able to salvage the situation: she couldn't understand what I wanted and didn't understand when I started to complain.

But the worst part, was her service. If this is GFE then it's when your girlfriend is a bit crazy and likes playing stupid mental games with you. I had to ask her several times for her to kiss me - which for some reason she found amusing. The first time, she kissed me once and that was it. I think she might actually be a bit of a nutter.

As I started to realise how pear-shaped the session was going, my erection dropped off a cliff. She seemed to take this as a sign she should play with herself on and off for the remaining 30 minutes, whilst on her back looking at the ceiling (i.e turning away from me). Now, whilst it may be a bit of fun to watch an attractive woman jacking herself off, it was not what I paid £200 for and she was actually moving my hand away so that she could DIY.

The best bit of the session - and I'm not even fucking joking - was when we had a big laugh over how to pronounce cucumber. And infact, that anecdote makes the hour sound better than it was.

I made some rooky mistakes on this one, but some lessons you only learn the hard way.

She said she was going back to Russia in a couple of weeks. If it's permanent, I wager she won't be missed by any of the punters who've seen her.

London / Missy_moox - Whitechapel
« by Miracle_drug on March 21, 2017, 10:36:06 PM »

Be careful with this one. It's a bait and switch job. I'm giving this a negative as much for the fact that this idiot thinks she can pull the wool over my eyes because she's assuming I'm a stupid punter cunt who deserves it, as much as for the bait and switch. Ironically the girl who did suck me off wasn't bad looking and may have even fooled some of the punters who have left positive reviews on the profile. Not me though!

I contacted her this evening hoping to meet up. She was based in an apartment in Whitechapel and I visited "Missy Moo" there. This girl admits to moving around between different places. Previously her profile has listed Euston and Knightsbridge as places where she's working. I believe there's two girls sharing the same profile. The 18 year old and the one I saw. Read below-

The girl I saw who answered the phone (number was on the profile) was NOT the girl in the profile pic I've uploaded or the pictures in the private gallery. She was older than 18. I'm saying 22 and I'm a pretty good judge of age. She was also inked up whereas the girl in the pics does not have tattoos.

I do believe that the girl in the pics does escort but if you contact her it's a coin toss whether you'll see her or not. I'll be honest though, the "Missy Moox" version I saw was still quite a hot girl so I stayed. I think there was security in the flat- which was a bit of a cramped place- but when I questioned her on this she said it was her friend. I think we have a pair of WGs here  taking turns with punters and it was the girl I wanted who was in the flat but it wasn't her turn.

I went for a BJ which was uncovered and asked if she did facials. The profile says this is on offer but the girl I saw refused this.

Overall £150 for an average punt. I was looking forward to seeing the girl from the profile but didn't. Another lying slut treating punters as though we're a bunch of stupid cunts who deserve to be fleeced. In between all the liars and cam girls who have no interest in escorting, there's really not much quality out there these days, even in London.

https://www.adultwork.com/2669670 or https://www.adultwork.com/_Miranda_

Before I start this review I want to warn you that it's a weird one. She's strange. And I'm going to do something even more strange. I'm going to give her a positive for the database despite this being a NEGATIVE as far as two very important points are concered:

1. I will never go back to see her
2. I do not recommend any of you to go see her

So why then is the verdict a positive? Surely that makes no sense? Well, it's a positive because what we did have was damn good and I got way more than my money's worth at £60 for 30 minutes. Let this be a lesson that you should read a review and not just look at the verdict!

So I text Miranda saying I liked her profile and would love to see her and asked if she does CIM. She says yes. I then ask her again saying do you definitely do CIM, even spelling it out as cum in mouth this time because I know at that price it's usually a myth here in London and also I've seen reviews that says she doesn't do it, and once again she says she does it. I then ask if she's free at a certain time. There's no response so I assume it's not going ahead. She then texts me 10 minutes before the time saying she's free while I'm still at home, so I reply saying I live half an hour away and didn't leave as I didn't get confirmation. Again no reply so once again I just assume it's not going ahead.

She then calls me 10 minutes later and she talks in such a weird slur that I had NO IDEA what she was saying. She sounded half crazy and half like she had a blocked nose. I caught bits of what I thought was she couldn't always check her phone and she needs time and if I still want to come so I just took initiative and just asked if she's free in an hour. She said yes, I told her to text me the postcode and she did.

I got there on time and text her twice and no reply. Text again 10 minutes later no reply. Called a few times and it just rung. Sent an annoyed text saying how she's the one who called me and invited me and what's going on? No reply. Called a few more times no reply. I could have walked here but the hotel was cosy and I had time to kill so I was patient. Should be a negative already. Called one more time and she picked up and gave me some sort of explanation which again I had no idea what she was saying, something about checking her phone again but I got the room number and went up.

She opened the door and what a body. She's like 6 foot with heels but she has perfect breasts and a nice bum. Her face was ok but her eyes looked like that of a crazy person! She told me to relax and not to worry and that we have 'til 8 (which is an hour despite me paying for half an hour) at least that's what I think she said!

This is where it gets good. She really got into the kissing, and gave a really really good blowjob. She also tasted really good down there and it was an amazing session of 69 both sideways and her on top. She was moving her body so much and really getting into it as I was licking whatever the hell I can back there.

After about 20 minutes of this we went back on our sides and I started lightly face fucking her. Now, I KNEW from all past experiences at this price that CIM would be too good to be true, so I didn't ask again (I had confirmed it twice remember). I simply started face fucking her harder and then.. Came. Man it was so good! She tried to dodge a little and a bit went on her chin but most of it went in. I don't care what happened before the punt and what will happen next but this is why it's a positive. It was great! Definitely one of the best 69 I've ever had. Now, the next part is even more reason why neither I, or you, should ever see her.

She jokingly punched me in the shoulder with a smile on her face but a deep crazy glare in her eyes saying she doesn't do CIM. I told her with a laugh (thinking surely she's joking) I had confirmed it via text twice. She simply said she doesn't do it, and I had no energy to argue with it after that amazing session so I just had a playful "oops" look on my face.

The next part... Now I'm 95% sure I got most of this correct, again she's very hard to understand, but she said she will chop me up and hide me under the bed or throw my body into the garden and bury it. All with a playful smile but like that on a psycho clown. I kind of laughed and went along with it but she kept saying weird things along those lines saying she doesn't do cum in mouth but that she ain't going to charge me extra for it (doesn't make sense I know). After questioning what she was saying just once and getting nowhere I just continued going along with it and changed subject while getting dressed, acting interested in her asking so we're she's from (Poland) and stuff like that.

On the way out continuing in her really strange and almost scary psycho girl look and tone she really tried to sell me on a lesbian show with her best friend for next time. She was saying how she's really in love with her and therefore it's a real lesbian show and that she's going to miss her when she's on holiday but can't wait for her to come back because she loves her that much. I again just went along with it and then gave her a peck on the cheek and went on my way.

I repeat. I gave this a positive because I made it a positive. I was patient enough to wait for half an hour, I took my own initiative and came in her mouth (and it was SO good) due to confirming it twice on text despite having a strong gut feeling it was a false confirmation (why do they think they can get away with that?) and I will not be going back due to the craziness. I'm glad this meeting was in a hotel!


London / Emma - jasmine vip massage / Bond Street
« by J1mmy on March 21, 2017, 10:04:19 PM »
Was in Oxford St and fancied a massage, found this site some time ago and decided to give it a try. Location is a well known punting block by Bond Street tube.

Sent a text asking how many girls were available, was told 2 young girls from Hong Kong. Decided to go and have a look. Got there and a late 30's women in a short dress let me in, quite tubby with a saggy tummy, but to be fair, fairy attractive face. At this point I should have walked, because I knew that this was probably my only choice there, and I was right. I decided to stay and go for 30 mins FS for £80.

Started with a "massage", which was just here putting pressure on my back in various places. After about 5 minutes of that, she stripped and rubbed her breasts over my back a little, and then asked me to turn round. She then gave my chest and groin the same treatment. She started kissing my nipples while getting me hard, and slowly moved down licking and kissing. This part was actually better than I was expecting, she licked my balls, and got fairly close to rimming me, while teasing my shaft. OWO was actually decent, and not just putting the tip in.

She then went to get the condom, but honestly, her tummy was too off putting, and the oral was ok, so I asked her to stick o that. She wasn't as enthusiastic about it as before, and used a lot more hand, but she got me there.

Classic bait and switch joint, so not even sure its worth reviewing this girl, but I guess the review at least lets you all know about the operation.

London / First time with polish Michelle Hot Milf.
« by mace-window on March 21, 2017, 10:02:23 PM »

Escort name: Michelle Hot Milf

Website: https://www.adultwork.com/2861974 or https://www.adultwork.com/Michelle+Hot+Milf

Month of visit: Late Match 2017


Incall; [15 minutes: £50], [½ hour = £70], [1 Hour = £90], [1 ½ Hour = £160], [2 Hour =£180] [Overnight:£700]
Outcalls: N/A
Time I spent: ½ hour = £70 incall.

Location: Ealing Broadway (Her place)

Just going to be honest with you guys. I was really horny and wanted to see someone cheap for half hour to test the waters on someone who I have not much information on UKP. I called Michelle up and was easy to get hold. Got a text of her address and started to head down to her place. I really sorry about being late but she was cool with it.


The venue was 5-10 minute from the Ealing Broadway train station which is at the beginning of residential area. Some have said the flat is very discreet but personally I did not feel the flat was that discreet but not very discreet. The flat is a basement flat which was tidy, clean with a clean bathroom and clean towel offered which had plenty of shower gels. Again nothing out of the ordinary to be honest though I did hit my head when heading down the stairs when I left. So mind you head when you leave.


If you look at the Photos on her adultwork profile and think you are going to meet someone like the photo, you be sadly mistaken. The photos are heavily photoshoped is you ask me.

The face does look similar as the adult work photo but she does have wrinkles which may point out that the photo was taken couple of years ago. I will say her face is decent but nothing that will make me go crazy about. Personally someone looks matter a lot to me for some reason and so if I don’t find a WG’s sexy it may be hard to turn me on. Though this particular meet up that was not the case thanks to her amazing OWO. She is in her middle 40s and definitely not a size 8 but a size 12 as she got a bit of a tummy on her now. Not too great on Breast size so take this. I would say her breast size is a size natural 34 B (or even C) breast which are perky/pear-shaped and real. And if I have not mentioned before she is polish if that matters to anyone here.
Here some photos of her but though these photos are heavily photo shopped:



Michelle was very welcoming and friendly which she was eager to please. She was friendly and was stoking by balls when we talked which she was not easy to talk to (will explain later). She did everything I asked for and gave me some extra time as well. The problem I had with the meeting is that she did not know much English at all. I mean she can understand some Basic English but it was difficult to form a conversation between rounds which made meeting awkward. I know we are here to just have sex but it would be nice to talk to some of the WG’s and I do like to get to know WG’s a little (I mean nothing to invasive though). With that in mind I we did talk about London and Poland though it was something we talked so little about. If I knew polish or she knew English this would have been a positive for me, but I guess different stokes for different folks.


So after reaching to her place I got her house number. Once I entered her house I was greeted with a kiss. She dressed in her black lingerie which looked nice on her and once the paper work was done I was offered a shower which I accepted.  Like I said I did not find her that attractive though she was friendly to me. Following the shower I went into the bedroom which I waited for Michelle to return to her bedroom. We talked a bit about London and all then things started with a blow job. I have to say, her OWO skills where amazing. She know how to suck a dick really well to the point where I was almost about to cum which never happened to me for a while. We did kiss between my blow jobs which ended up into FK. Nothing like Ameera FK or Jade Fox FK but was good enough. She did lick my balls as well but nothing on the level of Ameera, Cleo Blonde Babe or naughty British Alex (that girl suck dick like it is best candy ever). But her OWO was amazing. Once I was about to cum I had to return the favour. I licked her pussy and started to finger her. She only do one finger in her pussy which was disappointing though she got really wet and her pussy tasted really nice. I did FK on her then return licking her pussy every now and them until she began to have orgasm which led to her cumming very silently ha.

Next the condom was on and then I entered her and started to fuck her in the missionary position. Due to her amazing OWO I only lasted for a few minutes which not happened to me for a while. I cummed really hard and was offered some clean wipes. After that we talked about Poland and asked if she could give me a massage which was extremely good & professional. She hit the right spots and helped my back pain ha. She does shoulder, back, head, buttocks (which tricked me a bit), thighs and feet and would have paid £50 for that alone. We had 5 minutes left so I asked her to give me a final blow job and boy she stepped it up a level. She sucked me off like she was sucking for Poland. Though it was hard for me to do CIM I told her to lick my balls while I masturbate till I was about to cum. I was reaching there then I told her I was about to cum and she sucked my dick for the final time. This resulted in my cumming in her mouth where she kept on sucking until the balls was dry.It felt like I was in heaven. So good. She did try to go to the toilet to empty my load but the bathroom door was locked so she got rid of it with her wet wipes. The only negative I had was that she did not let me use the bathroom for some reason (could not know why as her English was not that good). I was like I need to wash myself after having coconut on my back after the massage. So I left without the shower. We said bye to each other and that was it


My meeting with Michelle was ok but I doubt I would see her again as I did not find her attractive . She was very nice and provided really good OWO and massage but that was it when I think about it. If I wanted to experience great OWO again I would see Ameera or any of the girls mentioned before. But yet again I was really horny and for the price I don’t think you could go wrong to be honest. I don’t know. I think it would be harsh to put her as a neutral and I believe another guy would give her a positive for the service alone.

Q. Do I recommend her?
A. Yes. I would recommend her is you’re looking for someone who is cheap and is welling to please. And she is easy to get hold of and if you like Milf, she is not a bad choice.
Q. Would I meet her again (going back in time)?
A. No I did not find her attractive and so I don’t think I would see her again. But the service was great.

London / ANNArealSEXY
« by jamal2k94 on March 21, 2017, 09:59:23 PM »

I met Anna at my hotel in Guilford a couple of weeks ago. Booked for an hour at £140.

The photo of her in the blue top on her profile front page is an accurate representation of her. Good looking Polish blonde, I would say more mid 20s than 19, and shorter than 5"6 but I didn't bring my measuring tape. Firm body, arse and tits. Good chest but nothing to rave about. Pretty face, her nose is larger than average but not ridiculously huge, she was dressed casually in jeans and top as I'd requested. Arrived 20 minutes late but let me know she would be. Her English is serviceable, but not great, fine for a simple chat though.

We started off with DFK which I was impressed with in terms of effort and deepness. She undressed and gave me a bj unprompted which I like with no suggestion of covering up and good eye contact. It didn't blow my mind but her technique is solid and she took me deep in her mouth. After some more DFK I flipped her over and did her doggy and then came in her with her on top of me. After that we did some more DFK and she got me to pop again with what I must say was a very good HJ. Cleaned up, passed the time with small talk and that was that.

She stayed about 1 hour 15 in all and gave an unrushed and enthusiastic service including the limited services she provides. She's vanilla but put the effort in and is well above average looking and I might be tempted to book again. She does what she does well but I don't feel she does enough in terms of services to satisfy a lot of punters.

London / Delisha Baker Street
« by Nickbatvib on March 21, 2017, 08:09:41 PM »
I am new to this site, but thought I would point people in the direction of Delisha.... she is on a couple of sites Admiral and babes of london...

Her pictures are strange, they actually make her look less hot than in real life... The photoshop is not needed - at all!

She does spend a lot of time on the phone, but she is running a business... and despite this, it is worth the frustration. She is actually very funny, super hot (although worries a bit to much about her looks) and at £150 way to cheap - she could charge £500 and get it.

Given the choice of Delisha or Danni Minogue - Id take Delisha every time.

Best bum, tight stomach, toned, stupidly pretty face, sexy eyes, Fake boobs - big (shame I like real, but still amazing) tiny and tight.

I even paid for 3 months exclusivity, but couldn't really afford it for any longer - That good.

London / Busty Sophie, Amazing Cheryl Duo Paddington
« by Jay72 on March 21, 2017, 08:08:56 PM »
Having had Sophie on my hot list for a while and with her having finally returned from Hungary, I fixed up an hour on sunday evening with her. She said her friend (Cheryl) was available for a duo for a bargain 180 quid (for the hour) so I thought why not.

Nice pad in Paddington, Sophie met me downstairs and took me upstairs via the lift. Now I have to say she really is a looker. She introduced me to Cheryl on entering the flat. Cheryl is a weightier kind of girl, decent tits, not as good looking as Sophie, but smiley.

Having been through a stressful few weeks, asked first for a b2b massage, which I knew they gave. First thing that struck me as the clothes came off was what a cracking pair Sophie had - wow. And it was also hard to tell whether they were fake or not. She also has a fabulous body all-round. Anyway, had to two of them working away, and i eventually flipped over for shenaniganns with a double blow job being the highlights. There was some interaction between them (kissing and licking of tits). Had OWO, some french kissing, fingers not allowed. Didnt even get round to sex before popping.

Then had a very decent massage from them, before attempting to go for round 2 but due to recent stress (I think) I was struggling this time. But they kept trying - great attitude - and eventually manage to pop another out via a hand job.

Had a good chat with them afterwards. Very nice couple of girls.

Truth be told I didnt not expect to have sex with them but i didnt have the usual fire in the belly. Would I return - to see Sophie i will. And both these two have a great attitude.


London / Alexandra - Enfield - TIMEWASTER
« by AirForce1 on March 21, 2017, 07:32:48 PM »

I tried to see this girl last year but it didn't fall through now I remember why, I was in the Enfield area for business and had some spare time and thought I'd try again, her video and pics have enticed me for too long. Called and went to voicemail she sent me a text saying she could only do 15min, I told her I wanted an hour and she told she has a "driving lesson" and would be an hour. I waited for an hour and killed some time at a local cafe. When I called back an hour later she said "I'm busy, come later" then hung up, WTF? I would now rather piss the money away on anything but her! A blessing in disguise as it would have been a shit punt. I would avoid her completely.

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