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London / MICHELLE HOT MILF - AW 2861974
« by alexem82 on Today at 03:28:34 am »

This is a copy-paste of my 1000-word AW Field Report.

TL:DR = Fucking Amazing

Proper read:

90 GBP for 60 mins
EXTRA: 20 GBP for A-Level, Expected. (Not paid this time)

Tidy, clean, spacious basement flat 3 mins walk from Ealing Broadway Station.
Clean bathroom, clean towel offered.
Easy to find.
I came by Tube so I didn't bother checking for parking.

Beginning of residential area, very discreet.

Pictures accurate (maybe taken a year ago, but genuine).
Face exactly like the picture, with little to no make up, as I like.
She admits adding few years (she's mid-forty, not late-thirty), but this only gets me triple horny! :D

She's a nice fit milf,
size 8-10, minimal belly almost imperceptible
with natural 34 B (or even C) boobs,
perky, pear-shaped, not saggy.
The real deal.

Arse is classic EE, nice, round, pretty and toned.
Not Brazilian, but nor British either! :P

Very friendly, talkative, puts you at ease, and she unexpectedly started FK me.
Throw me away, Ididn't know how to react! :D
I was hard in no time.
Perfect GFE, bar the command of English which is very limited indeed,
but hey, using Google Translate she understood perfectly what I wanted!
Plus I speak a little Polish, which made her laugh and eased the situation.

The massage between rounds is extremely good & professional.
She's a qualified masseuse and you can tell.
In less than 5 minutes I was hard again, but asked her to go deep massaging.

Everything is included from her likes list.
She FK like a girlfriend!
I've tried to convince her to spit cum in my mouth (light snowballing)
after CIM, but she started laughing, saying NOOO :D
But takes CIM like a champ, keeping on sucking until the helmet is dry.
And then goes to the toilet.
(what a waste of tasty cum! :P )

Although, to be fair, I knew it wasn't on her like list.

Upon request, she says that A-levels is 20£.
I was cash-short this time, but I'll try it soon, cause the visual when doggy is too tempting.
Upon seeing my cock (skinny 6 in) she said "No problem!".

She also told me she's got a couple of friends for duo, but I didn't enquired who.

But that's my goal for next time: Double Blowjob quickie and Anal with her.

Can't wait to earn enough money to go back!
She might become my ultimate regular cumdump! <3

I said I'd be in the area at a certain time, and after 3 mins wait, she texts me door number. AAA+++
Was very cold outside, but 200 seconds are a reasonable wait.
She opens the door and greets me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
Like a friend.
I was cold, but the house was warm.
After about 30 seconds I was OK.

I went to wash my hands and cock right after handing paperwork and she appreciated my cleanliness and good perfume.
In the meantime she stashes away the gift, so perfect timing in that.

As soon she comes back I start flirting with her (I can speak a bit of Polish, which she complimented) and we start kissing slowly, then FK, then DFK.
The more I make her laugh, the deeper she kisses.

She removes the pants and bra, but she remains with red corset and black leggings. Sexy as fuck.
I ask what else she can do with that beautiful wet mouth. She laughs and tell me to lie on the bed.
She throws herself over my cock [OWO 9/10], with a tiny bit of hand on shaft, other hand cupping ball with middle finger trying to tickle my asshole.
I'm very hairy and she confesses she would have gone deeper had I been shaved.
(Noted for next time! :D )

I remove her hand from the shaft so that it's handless suck.
Really sloppy, plenty of tongue action inside whilst she's flicking my nipple.
After 5-6 minutes she feels my breath getting heavier, so she intensifies the suck, to allow me to spurt a couple days of man-milk in her mouth.
She waits for me to cum every drop and goes to the toilet to spit and refresh with mouthwash.

I'm on cloud 9, with an ecstatic smile over my face.
Like, ready-to-die god-take-me-now kind of face.

She comes back, lies next to me and starts nogging me and caressing my balls right away.
I say "A little too soon" in Polish, after which she bursts laughing out loud. :D
I asked for a full shoulder-and-back massage.
She obliged right away.
Massage is something in the middle between strong and sensual.
She does shoulder, back, head, buttocks, thighs, calfs and feet! :O

15 mins, really professional, I would have paid at least 40£ for that alone!

After that she starts to tease my arsehole with one finger and balls and cock with other hand, kissing my buttocks.
It was sign that she was ready to play again...

After another 4-5 mins of OWO, i ask if I can just eat her out properly.
She says "Finally!", LOL!  :yahoo:

I spend a good 10 minutes in RO, where all the soft noises she makes are all genuine.
Pretty sure she didn't come, but hey, I'm the one paying! :P
I'm sure she would have if I spent 10-15 mins more...
But I was aching to bone her, so maybe that's for another meeting.

More DFK (I wanted her to taste herself at least), then 30 second more OWO to get harder again, on with the condom and we start:
cowgirl for about 5 mins but she gets tired pretty quickly;
then I start banging energetically in missionary for about 5 mins but I'm not super-fit and it shows...
I then ask reverse cowgirl and she doesn't seem too happy to sweat on top again... Massage took its toll.
After a couple of minutes like that, I suggest doggy.
And here I go on about 5-6 minutes.
I start clock-watching myself, noticing that there are only 4-5 minutes left on the clock and I desperately want to cum again.
I ask her to lick my balls but they're too hairy for her (damn!), so she kisses my belly (big turn on!) whilst I wank slowly and in no time I'm ready for shot number 2, so she removes my hand and takes it in her mouth.
Again, no rush, and I start giggling.
Second orgasm for me was even stronger than the first.

After depositing to the toilet, she comes back and say: "So much sperm!!!" and we start laughing.

I go wash my cock, more snogging and then she hugs me like she didn't want to let me go.

I ask if I can come back for quickie DUO and Anal and she say "Whenever you want!".

Luckily for me, her English is basic, otherwise I'd be there every week and fuck up my holiday money!

Will I be back?
Fuck yeah!
Do I recommend her?
Well, the less you tire her out, the more she'll be horny with me next time! :P

I apologise for my written English is a bit shite, but hey-ho, I'm Italian, I speak 5 languages...
cut me some slack. :D

Message to her:
Michelle, ja cię kocham bardzo! <3  :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

London / LOVE ORAL MAYA - AW 3736071 - Neasden
« by alexem82 on Today at 03:00:10 am »
LOVE ORAL MAYA - AW 3736071 - Neasden

AW Links:

OK peeps, long-time lurker first-time reviewer.
My punting day consist of 2 reviews.

I'm starting with this one: LOVE ORAL MAYA

Perfect, nice voice (then discover it was maid/receptionist)

Block of flat in Neasden in Birse Crescent, very close to Costa Coffee.

Very old 60+ let me enter the house.
I'm scared and ready to leg it.

After 2 minutes, which in this situation seemed 20, a girl arrive in the room.

My theory is:
MAYA left the country and sold/passed a well looked-after profile to Sonia.
Sonia thinks that she is Maya lookalike.
She isn't.

You can see differences in picture on previews thread:

Most people would mark a negative, but I'm a good understanding person.
I didn't like her physically, she didn't like me.
Fair enough.

NEUTRAL it is.

Have a good life, Sonia.

After going away from there, I went back towards Neasden Station to think about a plan to save the day.

PLAN B no answer  :diablo:
PLAN C phone is OFF  :dash:
PLAN D is funny.  :sarcastic:
which inspired me confidence a lot. Because sod those under-30 vaginas, amirite lads?  :drinks:
Her location on Adultwork was Hanger Lane, 70 minutes away from Neasden by public transport.
I call her and she says: "Yes you can come, but I'm not in Hanger Lane, I'm in Neasden".
And she proceeds giving me the EXACT address as SONIA before!  :wacko:
To which I replied: "Sorry darling, but I've just come out of that house and I'm not going back in again!" and I hung up!
Further research of that number, shows that she's associated with yet another Polish WG on AW.

To which point I go to PLAN E and...
I think I found love.
Gorgeous Polish in Ealing, MICHELLE HOT MILF.

I'm writing a separate POSITIVE review for her in a minute.

There are Polish WG and Polish WG.


x x x


London / Prostate + London, near Grays Inn
« by advent2016 on Yesterday at 11:50:50 pm »
Well known Hungarian outfit in various locations near Chancery Lane. or

I've seen most of the ladies over the last 6 months or so, but have found the one who provides the best service for me, Linda, mid to late 30s,
I started just going for the massage and particularly prostate massage, which is excellent.
I chose £80 for the hour, that over time allows BJ/CIM, reverse,  full protected sex,  a bit of spanking both ways,
They do a bit of B&S meaning that if you ask for Linda, the one working becomes Linda.
They all do an excellent prostate massage / HE, and usually for me it is a screaming ending, that I like.
I seem to be visting this place weekly, something I have rarely done except for SL in Baker Street,
Recommended if the outcome is more important than the physical attributes of the provider.

4 or

I have had a few recently that have just not turned up which is annoying - but at least I have not had to shell out money for a pretty bloody awful experience, which was the case here.

This was an RB bid but one I had rejected and dropped some way down the RB HL - however because of some strange circumstances and out of a desperate need to have a shag I ended up giving her a call (more Plan H than B) and because she was available to come straight over we agreed to meet.  Yes I know I should have known better than such a fall back and the fact that she was available spoke volumes, but I was not listening over the loud demands from my cock.

Now I have to admit that the pictures were not shouting fantastic sex goddess at me, but they looked OK and i thought so long as she has a half decent attitude you know what it will be OK.

She turned up and my low expectations on her physical appearance turned out to be rather optimistic, really not that great at all.  Still so long as she throws herself into it with enthusiasm wit and some little skill all will be well.

The next 12 hours (actually I had her out of there is less than half an hour, but it felt like 12 hours) were awful.  She must be the first WG I have come across who has an almost total aversion to being touched.  Any attempt to move hands over her body was resisted or she moved out of the way.  I tried some light hearted comments but they were met with pretty much a flat rejection.

By this stage I was frankly so fed up with her that I was rapidly losing any desire for sex at all.  Her whole manner was strange and I wondered if she was mentally ill or on drugs.

This was the point that my inner wimp appeared and although I felt I would be justified in asking for a refund and kicking her out I was too concerned about this potential loopy woman creating a scene in the hotel.  I decided to come as quickly as I could and get her out of there.

Truly an awful experience.  In my view she is clearly not suited to being a WG and probably hates doing it.  I did not believe that she was being forced but I guess it is a possibility - more likely mentally ill and/or on drugs.


London / Diabolic Diva - warning
« by vale84 on Yesterday at 10:14:28 pm »
Girl: or

Location: Purley (Croydon), incall

Date: 17/1/17

Met her last night at her flat. Has some good feedback on Adultwork (49) reviews and was a good communicator on the phone, so I was expect to have a nice experience with her. Unfortunately, the opposite was true. We mutually agree a time of meeting - 18:30. I arrived 5 minutes early and called her. however she was not ready and asked me to wait for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, she told me to wait a few more minutes. Eventually, at 19:00, after 35 minutes of waiting, she called and apologised for the delay but said she was now ready.

When she opened the door, she looked slightly different to her pictures, but still very attractive. We had agreed a 1 hour appointment over the phone, however she told me that she could now only do 30 minutes because she had to leave the flat by 19:30. This was very disappointing, and she blamed a previous client on her being late, unbelievably stating that he took over 20 minutes in the shower.

I decided to continue with a booking anyway. Had a quick shower, towel was wet and clearly recently used so i didnt dry myself off.

She began to give me a mechanical handjob. I got bored after a minute and tried to kiss her, even though FK was offered, she turned her head away every time my face came near hers. Disappointed, I asked her to give me an OWO BJ which I had paid extra for. She complained that I cannot rush things and she is in control, i have paid for the service, and she can do what she wants. With a bad temper, she started to give me a BJ. It finished quickly and I got dressed and left immediately.

I never leave reviews unless extremely good, but as this was the worst punt I have had in 11 years, I felt I had to share so that others do not waste their time with her. Its a shame because she is an attractive girl, but her attitude is terrible.

Physical attractiveness: 8/10
Attitude: 0/10
Skills: 5/10
Value for money: 1/10

Recommend: No
Use again: No

Please stay clear of this one.

London / Claudia Marylebone
« by slow and low on Yesterday at 07:59:17 pm » Decided to spend bit more than normal as I don't punt much these days so saw this profile and thought why not.  Booking arranged. £200PH. Flat off the Marylebone Road. She was dressed exactly as I requested ( stockings,  heels and short dress) and is definitely the girl in the profile but slimmer with brown hair, very tidy. Funds sorted, I received over the next hour a truly great owo session. DT, face fucking, attention to balls, all in a variety of positions, mirror over bed aided the booking nicely. Cracking girl, quiet but fit as fuck, beautiful eyes. Let me finish on her stomach and I reckon she could have done another hour no problem. She's Lithuanian and studying, my new plan of quality over quality seems justified, next punt in 8 weeks and I suspect it will be her again. Great punt.

London / Mia - Olina Escorts - Edgware Road
« by mrpunterton on Yesterday at 07:43:36 pm »

£150 - 1 hour

This review could be seen negative, positive or neutral depending on your point of view.  She has been reviewed here so I won't go into much detail as it has been said before.

Negative, if after confirming over text that agency replies "100%" to if she does everything on her profile to be told on arrival that "no anal, reachie" what ever that meant.  I was going to walk but she was wearing boots and pvc like I requested and I'd already popped the blue pill so brain was no longer functioning 100% rationally.

Positive, if you like really Thai women and think it is worth paying a premium.

Neutral, from me because even though she was a good fuck, I've had just as good for less money.

London / Massage by Karen - Outcall Euston
« by RedKettle on Yesterday at 06:59:29 pm » or

My poor run just continues, another strange one.

Karen responded to a RB a while ago and I was tempted then but despite the positive review on here there were also some negative comments.  However this trip I looked at the RB HL and invested in her PG, she is not the normal WG I go for being younger and more petite. However partly for that reason I thought an hour with a young fit body would be fun.

I emailed via AW and asked if she wanted to meet on the RB terms.  We had a good exchange of emails where she checked where the hotel was and confirmed that yes we could meet.

On the day she was proactive and contacted me to confirm (we had agreed she could contact me on the day) and comms were fine and nothing to start any worries.  I had another look at the pictures and was getting excited.

Within an hour of the agreed meet time she went off the radar.  You have guessed it, she did not show up and I have heard nothing!  Unbelievable.

London / Parissa - HOD Victoria
« by will-ow on Yesterday at 05:39:30 pm »
One from the end of last year ive got round to typing up!

Parissa @ House of Divine

Venue: Basement flat near Victoria station, clean , nice small bathroom , bedroom fine but squeaky bed!

Comms: Phoned and booked the day before, confirmed that morning. Easy and clear.

Appearance: Legs which dont end and toned all over, you can tell Parissa takes care of herself. However, she must have a resting bitch face or something as she looked pissed off the whole time with me.

Service: I hadn't seen her before so went for a 30 minute service just to be on the safe side. Hoping for a GFE with CIM. Waited in the room with my offered glass of orange juice when Parissa rushes in (probably from another client). After a quick chat she got straight down to OWO , which was okay. As my eyes were closed, I felt a condom rolled onto my cock (didnt hear her even open a pack  :unknown: ) climbing on top, she actually moves pretty well ontop  :thumbsup:! I pulled her down towards me and went for a kiss but she turned away... Anyway, i was aiming for CIM, so asked her to finish orally and when i was about to pop she said 'Not in my mouth" my cum went on her tits (not a bad sight but not what i wanted  :thumbsdown: !)

She is stunning and if you are looking for a fuck and dump then great but didnt get any 'passion' from her , not GFE and Details obviously misleading as was refused CIM. Great body with a few good moves but not what i was looking for in a punt.

London / Geanynaloryxxx - Hounslow/Osterley
« by gash bash on Yesterday at 05:25:18 pm »

£40/15 mins. Saw her earlier today.

Service OW, Sex.

Saw this profile and normally i would avoid Romainians, but profile says 4 girls to choose from and the idea of a brothel type setup got me tempted. Phoned and asked about girls working there and she said you can choose from 4 girls today. Told her to text me postcode and i was on my way.

Location: Not Hounslow East but a semi-detached House on Gt West Road in Osterley, free parking on side road. Osterley station about 10 mins walk.

Pics are her on main profile, but gallery shows the other 3 girls pics. Said her name was Aida. Face is 7/10 but but has a slight gut with stretch marks and big tits.

When i arrived i was greeted by a tall skinny girl(pic 2 in gallery) she was wearing top and shorts, then another girl comes into hallway(pretty sure from hair colour its 2nd row pic 1) she had a dressing gown on and then Aida arrives wearing pyjamas. Fucking hell whats wrong with these twats atleast wear something nice to tempt the punter.

Wheres the 4th girl i enquired. Girl 1 pointed to room off hallway and said she is with client. These three all looked pretty but i went with then one i saw in the profile.

Led upstairs and onto bed and got a pretty decent BJ for about 5 mins, then i asked her to lie down and gave her a pretty good pounding in mish till i emptied my balls. She was quite enthusiastic asking me to fuck her hard and kissing my neck.

Limited service but i was expecting that. Reccomended for pump and dump. Will return to see Girl 2 as she did look very pretty aswell.

London / Sally1anne London
« by baranabus96 on Yesterday at 05:13:50 pm »



Communication with Sally was very good, she took a while to respond but that I think was mostly due to my unusual waking/sleeping pattern at the moment. If I remember correctly any emails sent to her in the evening were promptly replied to, this I think is due to her job as she does this on the side.

Unlike a couple of WG's i've spent time with Sally actually read and replied properly, not suspiciously missing any questions as some of the dodgier ones that want to conceal something do. She answered everything and was friendly throughout, willing to listen to my requests.

Something else to note related to my first statement on comms, she says that she prefers every last detail to be in the first email which didn't quite happen with mine but I assume this is to counter the negative of her busy life. So that negative was on me (hence the 9).



Sally was very friendly and talkative throughout, I opted for a GFE with some sub/dom play (more on that later) as an introduction for me to that kind of thing so I expected her to be firmer and a bit colder seeing as I booked her to dom me at the start but I ended up preferring her GFE side and kept with that.

On top of that for the first time with a WG she was the one that came on to me, after we had a chat she went in for a snog to my surprise and was very warm for the whole booking when it came to to the gentler activities.



I found Sally very attractive, she is facially pretty and has quite a nice body. She has a tiny big of a gut which some might find unattractive but I actually prefer them with a bit on them so no issues there.



After we got to my flat we sat down, had a chat and faster than I expected got right to it. As mentioned above she came on to me and was very eager right from the start with some nice DFK, I don't consider myself particularly attractive so either I'm her type or she's like that with everyone (latter I think based on her feedback but I know that's unreliable so oh well).

We were originally going to start with her dominating me but there was a bit of miscommunication from me about the specifics, this was my first time trying it so my idea of what we would end up doing ended up being different from what she had planned for. I was still fine doing what she had prepared to but after the heated start I opted to just continue with regular GFE.

A similar thing happened when I was going to dominate her except we started and I wasn't really feeling it, decided I'm not going to try being a dom again because I can't go that far so more of a realisation from me than anything she did. We ended up doing missionary on my kitchen table which she seemed to enjoy a lot, it's the only surface in my place at the kind of height where you can do it standing which is probably why.

Other than that we went between talking and cuddling in bed and mutual masturbation/HJ/mish/CG just depending on what we were feeling up to. She did get a little tired out from riding me which is why we did some mish mixed in (CG is my favourite). She also did quite a bit of dirty talk and nice little caresses.

Sally did end up being about 20 minutes late for transport reasons (kept me informed throughout) but left at the original agreed time so the punt was essentially 20 minutes short (we agreed at the start it would be same length so leaving later. If there wasn't a good reason for this then I would have rated this a neutral as leaving short of the agreed time is one of the worst things a WG can possibly do as far as i'm concerned but there were actually a couple of good reasons.

I fucked up with ordering the food, I tried out pre-ordering it on hungryhouse and for whatever reason the order didn't finalise properly (probably misread the very final step I got to, thought I got it). So we ended up doing about half an hour more of CG/mutual masturbation than we would otherwise have done so she ended up worn out and very hungry around dinner time. I always do longer punts so she was properly tired and it really showed, had I not fucked up with the food or had just never mentioned us eating/she had gotten something beforehand then I assume she would have left on time.



DFK, OWO, sex in mish/CG/HJ/doggy and reverse CG were offered but I chose not to. Massage and RO were also planned but never really got round to it so can't comment on them.

DFK was intense and very nice. She initiated it a number of times before, during and after sex.

CG was the best i've ever had by far, she did some proper grinding on me and was happy to go fast/hard with it when I requested.

She was really responsive and took a hard pounding in mish + clearly enjoyed cowgirl as well.


good VFM, starts at £150 for 1 hour but goes up by 100 per hour so ends up being a little over what I think is average.

Take my ratings and comments with a pinch of salt as i'm rather inexperienced but I would definitely recommend her if your a CG/GFE/DFK fan.

« by driver on Yesterday at 03:18:53 pm » or

It eventually happens to us all-the negative shit punt. Just hurts a little bit more in this country due to what it costs, as opposed to being somewhere like Thailand where i would've paid a lot less.

Alexis was brought to my attention by one of the posts i read on here yesterday. And looking at her profile, i liked the look of her, so added her number to a small list of girls i wouldn't mind seeing.
Once my list was complete i began to call them, and Alexis was the only one available. I had a brief chat with her, letting her know VERY CLEARLY that i'm a GFE punter and would it be possible to indulge in DFK, OWO, RIMMING,RO. She agreed t everything apart from RIMMING.
Just to state, i'm not a shy person and i know how to talk to people. And i like to speak to the girl i'm visiting to try and gage a feeling. To see if they are warm, friendly etc etc.
She sounded great, was very friendly, clear and concise. I told her i would send her an sms when i knew what time i'd be finishing work. I then made an appointment for 7.30pm.
When i finished work and was getting ready to depart i put her destination into the sat nav, which said i'd get to her place at 7.55pm. I let her know i was running late, which she was fine with, so off i head to her south east london home. When i started my journey, i began to question my own sanity, on travelling so far for a punt. And thought if it was as good as what i read, i have nothing to fear.

When i was 30 mins before arriving i called Alexis to let her know. I did this for 2 reasons. 1, I didn't want to arrive and the phone didn't answer, and 2, so she would be ready to see me.
I arrived on her street at 7.55 and called her. She told me i'd arrived a little early, and she wasn't quite ready. I thought this a little strange as i was actually late for the original appointment, and i'd called her 25 mins before to confirm i was near. Anyhow, she told me where to park and she'd give me the house number.
As i was waiting i began to have a tingle of doubt. I couldn't work out why she wasn't ready. And then i thought, maybe this is what these DOM's do to their punters. After 15-20  mins i received her house number. I went and knocked on the door, and Alexis shouted, to hold on, she'd be right there.
She then came to the door, which had clear glass, looked through and said she'd be one more minute. Went off, then came back to open the door.
Very, very strange behavior, and normally this would've been enough for me and i would've been gone. I've never been scared to walk away from a punt. But something made me stay. And here i am walking up her stairs to the bedroom. BTW, the house is a complete mess, but i remember going into a Japanese girl's apartment in Tokyo back in 2002, and that was a mess, and she was a fantastic fuck. So i wasn't going to leave because of the mess. Alexis said the reason for this ,was because she was moving.

Now we are in the bedroom, which has a red bulb, and she sits facing me and wants to talk about what i would like from the session. I am looking at her thinking it's definately the girl in the pictures, but the pictures look way better than the reality. She is skinnier, and she is dressed in leggings and a top. None of that sexy stuff you see her wearing in her photo's. Her hair is the short blonde style she has posted.
I asked her to come and sit next to me, and she demands i come and kneel by her. I then remind her i'm not her for the BDSM, but for the GFE. She apologizes and then remembers what we discussed. And we had agreed a 45 min GFE session for 100.

I'm still having doubt's about whether to continue, as she seems very scatty, but give her the benefit of the doubt, pay her, and head for the shower.
She tells me she'll be in the next room getting ready, to knock on the door when i'm ready.
The bathroom was in a state, maybe due the the impending move, notably no mouth wash, not a good sign. And the hot water disappeared after about 2 minutes, so it ended a cold shower.
When showered knocked her door to let her know i was ready, she said she'd be right in. That wasn't the case. I was left sitting waiting. I'm beginning to think, i've made a mistake staying here. It's all beginning to feel a bit weird, what is she doing next door? As i'm about the call it quits and get dressed, in she comes, wearing a black bra and g-string, and an all over body fishnet type suit, and i think hold on, are things about to become good.
She comes in says do you want a drink, and leaves for another 5 mins. At this time i check my phone for the time. It was 8.33pm.
She now comes in the room with the water sets it down. This is when i notice she is very twitchy, and my guess is she is a crackhead, or ice head, and wished i wasn't here. But i am, and i'm lying on her bed naked. She now approaches me and we begin to cuddle, she starts to kiss my ears and neck, well nuzzles more than kisses. And before i know it she has got my cock in her mouth, which is far to quick for my liking. So i beckon her up as i'd like to start a bit slower, starting with some DFK. This is were she tells me she doesn't do that.
So i remind her of what we agreed, and if she wants we can stop now and i'll leave. She replies that if i leave i can't have my money back. I said in a very calm manner, that i'd leave that decision upto her, whereupon she started saying all is not lost and we could repair the situation, and that she would DFK.

Any other time i would've got up, dressed, got a refund or part thereof and fucked off. But here i was kissing, and it was shit kissing a, what i now believe is a crackhead whore. She then moves down and begins to nibble my nipples, and i ask that she licks with plenty of saliva. But she can't manage that and starts using oil.
I am now receiving OWO, and it is shit. Way too toothy to enjoy, and is beginning to hurt. So i ask to eat her pussy, which is shaven and looks ok. after about 3 -5 mins this is too sensitive for her, and this is when i notice a strange smell, which was either bleach or dettol.
My cock at this point of a punt would be solid, but it is now flying at half mast. I ask Alexis to suck me more slowly and less toothy, hoping i can get hard enough to try and fuck her. No sooner had she started sucking that she reminds me i've got ten mins left,. That can't be right, we haven't been at it that long.
One thing i forgot to mention, at the beginning she plugged her phone in and it never stopped ringing, and at one point i told her she could answer it, and she thought it was my phone ringing.

Back to the OWO, which i stop her doing and wank myself over the line.

I strongly recommend you save your money and don't visit this girl. My experience was one of the worst punts i've ever had.
I believe she has a drug habit, which is none of my business, but she can't provide a decent service while out of her nut.
On hindsight, looking at her photo's and seeing her last night, she has lost a lot of weight. She is skin,bone and muscle. And her teeth, which i glimpsed as i was leaving look stained from smoking too much, so if she doesn't smoke cigarettes, drug smoking will stain them.

To the guy who reviewed her positively, maybe a year and a half ago, when she wasn't on drugs, she looked and performed good. NOW SHE IS SHIT....


London / Angie - Northfields Oriental massage
« by gash bash on Yesterday at 02:55:23 pm »


After a review from Jonestown I decided to try this place out as i was in mood for Chinese.

Saw her yesterday and she only works there on Tuesday.

Location is on a Hgh St, parking on side road with residential restrictions between 9-10am and 3-4pm. NIce clean rooms with proper massage table.

Arrived a bit early so stood across the street and waited. Saw an old codger come out who could barely walk - i thought maybe he had such a mind blowing orgasm that has left him weak at the knees.

Girl: In her late 20s, short and a bit chubby, facially a 4/10. NIce personality and giggles a lot. Was wearing a dress.

Wanted £60 for Massage with HE, £20 extra for naked B2B. I felt no real chemistry so went for the £60 option.

Service: 8/10
Started with massage to back and legs and occasional shoulder and arms, after about 15 mins it started to get more sensual with more attention to bum and balls. At one point she had me tingling all over, really good technique. Turned over and started oiling up the shaft and gently stroling cock and balls. At this point i got my hand up her dress to feel her legs - no complaints so i ventured further up and felt her arse. Still no complaints so i pushed my luck and get my hand in her knickers to feel her pussy, she moved towards me to help me get in her knickers. Great. I was now building up to a nice climax and pulled my had out of her dress and squezzed her tit while she brought me to HE.

Will be back to try the other ladies.

London / Miami Electra - Camberwell
« by Brazilian Martian on Yesterday at 02:49:08 pm »
Just got back from this nasty bitch,  she's located in the camberwell brothel with the spiral staircase close to the green. When I arrived I was let in by a female maid I also clocked a black security guy in the room with her downstairs. Directed into the bedroom on the top floor and was given the lineup treatment electra and another black  girl  came in and shook my hand and introduced themselves.

Opted for electra and handed over 40 pounds for a pump and dump she is attractive her pics are touched up but she's still pretty, I could imagine newbies would think that's she's amazing and they are lucky to be seeing her.

Started with covered oral which was shit basically my dick in her mouth with no suction no  tongue no rhythm at all. moved to missionary and the usual restriction on her behalf by elevating her pelvis, switched to doggy and after a few more strokes that's when I noticed the nasty smell which turned out to be residue Shit around her ass. To make matters worse I did not take all my clothes off I was wearing a white hugo boss t shirt  so use your imagination what happend. I stopped half way and told her and to be fair she was apologetic and handed me wet wipes and offered me the use of the shower.

Which I declined on my way out i informed the maid what happend and said I did not nut and I'm not happy and I asked for some money back. She gave me 15 pounds back did not bother to debate it, made my way home to shower and throw the clothes away then go back to work.

London / Maya3232/Sweet Maya, Central Croydon
« by nervouspunter52 on Yesterday at 02:08:09 pm » or

Location: Central Croydon, Flat near Green Dragon Pub

Fee: £60 30 Minutes

Services: OWO, Cowgirl, Doggy

I saw Maya’s profile pop up in Croydon and then I saw her Vivastreet profile, so I thought I’d check her out. Comms were text, she confirmed OWO was included within the rates, then a phone call to get let into the apartment building and to confirm room number. Maya is a Polish girl with a nice pair of tits, I wouldn’t call her a BBW, but she isn’t slim, probably size 14. Her profile says she is 30, and I’d say that is pretty accurate.

Upon arrival she was wearing a sexy short skirt and revealing top. Paperwork sorted and after a brief chat, we undressed, she did the standard wet wipe clean of my cock and told me to lie down. Her OWO was OK, varied speed, use of hand and a little deep throat, but a little toothy. She asked if I wanted sex yet, I told her to continue OWO. After more OWO, she stopped and applied baby oil to my cock, I’m assuming to assist the application of the condom, she then continued OWO for a few more moments then applied the condom. She asked what position I would like, I went for cowgirl, she said it wasn’t her favourite but jokingly agreed. This was again OK; playing with her big tits was the highlight. She got tired I think and asked to change position, I suggested doggy. With the view in the full length wardrobe mirror (you can go full on Patrick Bateman American Psycho), this was the highlight of the punt. She has a nice round bum, which did look great from behind. She was making the right noises as I thrust away, I could feel the end was nigh and after a few more thrusts I filled the condom.

We got cleaned up and then she started getting dressed. I said “no round 2?”, she said “no baby”. Not that I can cum twice inside 30 minutes anyway, but I always enjoy trying. She offered a massage but I declined, and got dressed and left. She did confirm kissing, but she had a sore throat and hoarse voice, so I didn’t pursue.

Overall she is a friendly girl, but not a girlfriend experience, and at £60 for 30 minutes with one round she is a bit overpriced. Would I visit again? Maybe for a 15 minute quickie.

Positives: Nice tits, nice big arse, OWO, Mirror

Negatives: No 2nd round

London / 2246608 and 3613811 - Hounslow/Osterley
« by peter2017 on Yesterday at 11:42:56 am »
Two profiles same girl..Polish
She usually paint her hair ginger....once inside her flat, she will tell you..oh don't worry about the dog in the garden I forgot to fasten its lead.
In reality there is no dog, just Bullshit
Crap service and not so good looking. Her right cheek swollen. toothy blowjob
not hospitable atmosphere. she never smiles. or or

There is another Polish girls, she occasionally uses one of those profiles. Her name is Zara, in her forties. She does good service but the thing is she does Bareback once you offer her money even if she says she doesn't do in her profile.

London / BustyIsabelle central west london
« by KPL on Yesterday at 11:20:23 am »
This girl is paranoid... had a brief conversation when entered, and it was looking good. However due to a tiny birthmark on my skin, she was getting all paranoid. Her friend said its fine, but she was just seemed unstable.. this was after I paid up for an hour. Instead they sent in another girl to the room who was big with a bad attitude. There were about 3 girls in the same flat... shit service so stay away!

London / ALEXIA - Latina - Tooting
« by pumps on Yesterday at 01:40:45 am »

Location: Parlour by lidls / train station. POOR kebab shop - I wouldn't recommend.

Comms: Usually good, with a maid (male/female) off site.

Girl: 25, Dominican, Like the photos, but its all fake, tits, ass, hips whatever... its fake. when she is on her back the tits don't rest right at all and were scared badly. Unusually hair pussy for a Latina  :thumbsdown:. ok hygiene.

Service: OW, positions, HJ

I opted for OW, I could tell she'd be either squeamish to suck raw head or useless just from looking at her, I was right!

Her technique was to suck as hard as possible on the head which was paintfull and felt like she was biting, varying that with a bit of normal head bobbing action.

She wanted to dictate the positions but I declined and went for Reverse Cow girl, Missionary, her ontop in that order.

Her pussy was impossibly tight to enter, but she kept applying load after load of this stuff:

Depth control and loads of complaining my cock was hurting her.  :rolleyes: she's in the wrong trade.

Basically I'm glad I opted for OW and saved myself £20.

Any money spent on this prossie is 100% money wasted.

London / grace sweet 33 - Rayners lane
« by pumps on Yesterday at 01:11:53 am »

Didn't do my homework properly on this one, when I copy and pasted the ID into the search box it came back with no results, I will be extra careful in future.

Location: less than a 8min walk from Rayners Lane train station, from the outside its a dump above a shop. On the inside, her bedroom specifically is fine.
Strong smell of weed when you get to the upstairs landing, enough to probably get you high if you don't smoke it. but within the bedroom not so bad.

comms: Directly with the girl, clear, speaks excellent English, SMS with address.

Girl: In personally facially more than acceptable, 5'4-5", has the skinniest body (clothed) I've ever seen outside of asia, I could probably  put both hands around her waist and touch index finger to index finger & thumb to thumb shes that tiny.

As I followed her upstairs I was looking forwards to fucking her senseless and planning my route of attack mentally so not to snap her in half  :sarcastic:

Services: none

Called her up and did all my checks to confirm it was her in the photos, you can tell she's educated from the conversation, Finally before ending the call and confirming the appointment I asked her the most important question

"Do you do OWO?". She said "heh yes I do"

She said nothing else after that whatsoever, and I confirmed the appointment.

fast forward to me entering her room and moments before paying she asked me how long I wanted to stay and I said 30mins, Then she said "you want owo right?" which I thought was extremely odd as a prossie never usually prompts you to remind you about OWO.

But heres the for why.....She then tells me its £10 extra, I said to her that she never mentioned it on the phone and its not on her profile. She said she did tell me on the phone  :lol: :lol:  :lol: :lol:

She then goes "no problem, I can make without" eventually after the Mexican stand-off she told me to leave and showed me out of the building.  :sarcastic:

After reading the reviews she earned herself in Scotland it looks like she probably didn't have any intention of providing OWO or a decent service, So I saved myself £70 .... Thank fuck for that.



London / Claudya Porn - E14
« by RegionalAndy on Yesterday at 12:19:56 am »

Comms: Text and Calls

Duration: 30 mins (£70)

When: Today

Girl: Very attractive, looks a lot like the pornstar Lisa Ann (this is the reason I wanted to see her) nice chest. Arse, not the size of Belsize Park but she has a curvaceous figure that won't disappoint.

Meet: Although this was a positive punt this was very nearly a negative on the original comms, I'll explain.

I've been wanting to see Claudya since she was last in town but she disappeared before I could.
When I saw her pop up I took the chance and text her from 7pm to say I wanted to see her. I was given the all clear with the time I wanted and I told her how long it would take. When I parked I messaged and left after 20 minutes in a pretty foul mood because I drove from south of the river to make it happen.

As I turned off her road and made my way off, my punt line rang and she very apologetically asked me to come back.

For her tone alone and how sincere she sounded I did go back.

Anyway I called back to say I'm on the road and was given the actual address. The place is a 2 bedroom flat, very spacious and accommodating. Somewhere you'd imagine a pretentious city boy living. She opened the door in a lacy black number and she does look better in real life. Imagine Towie meets/porn. Anyway - we sort out the brass player fee and she leaves the room at this point I go and get undressed and onto the bed. She comes in and plays music on her phone and starts the theatrics. It didn't take long for my third leg to stand up and she told me to lay back and started delivering OWO after a whistle wipe. This was decent/ above average... Not toothy and lots of spit and eye contact. I wasn't disappointed. As it was a quick punt after a few minutes I said I want to fuck and she applied the lube, condom and went through missionary and a few other positions. She can take a pounding in most positions, I finished in doggy. At first she was a bit hesitant of this because of the size but I told her I won't kill her pussy or go overboard. I came and she cleaned me up, she made small talk, in fact she is a friendly girl. Left shortly after.

No odour at all. Very clean in fact. And she does put effort in. To find a negative other than the waiting time wouldn't be much if anything, saying that her moans at points where somewhat exaggerated, but not over the top. 15 minutes is usually where I draw the line wait wise.

For me this punt was similar to what another reviewer said, this is Lisa Ann ticked off. But a much younger version. She said she is back in the first week of February and here for 3 more days and tbh I would go back. Very nice girl and listens to what the paying man wants.

London / XENA a really Cute Doll
« by dubhcarr on Yesterday at 12:19:42 am »
Link: or

Thanks to Steve 2 for the heads up and all YHB who have reviewed before not my first session with Xena.

I had heard that this time retirement is final for Xena so with one week to go I wanted to get a farewell Fkk especially as I had not seen her tits since she got them done.

Expectation: a professional service from a good SP

Comms: good by text with 3 hrs 50/90 I booked 30mins at 50 Lizzies I would have liked longer but I was pushed for time.

Venue: car knows it's way to 70's block in Harrow Weald probably 20-30 mins walk from Stanmore or HW stations though I have never done it. Street parking gratis..

Services: FK/DFK Tit worship HJ OWO Covered sex in Mish

The Girl/MILF: gorgeous smiling friendly 5'4" size 10 glorious 36C tits with responsive nips soft skin age circa 36+ as stated

The meet: enter appt HNY kiss " long time since I see you (Fkk you)" true I have been to the apartment many times but with Xena not for 18 months.. Shower and paperwork done FK/DFK........lots of kisses......tit worship responses to nips being sucked...I must say her new tits are soft and very natural feeling........sloppy OWO with Hand assist lick to balls shaft head lick to my nips kisses over body really in mish boy I had forgotten how tight she is gasps as Bod Mhor does his business. Clean up and nice cuddle and chat......she is definitely off after 4 years working but says Nikki will be back with new girls...

Conclusion: I wish I had stayed longer but time for me was pressing. .she is a top SP and I suspect will be missed, she has a family in Hungary and still wants to be a nurse. Her bedside manner is good and after care is excellent. Good luck to her if this is really the end and if you want to sample I suggest you hurry up.

I don't have a pic to post so maybe one of YHB can oblige?

Happy punting.... :music:

London / SamiTVLondon in Lewisham: £20 for 30 mins
« by Hydrant on Yesterday at 12:04:25 am »
Warning: this is a review of a meeting with a transvestite escort. If that's not for you, kindly leave quietly...

I get email alerts when new Adultwork providers pop up near me and this one from a couple of weeks ago looked too good to be true. As we all learn to our cost, things that look that way usually turn out to be emphatically UN-true. Not in this case though. Sami is, to me, a reasonably convincing and attractiive TV who provides a friendly and willng OWO and 69 service and charges just £20 for a 30-minute incall in Lewisham (anal is not on offer, either way).

Her apartment is in a large sub-divided house in a good quality neighbourhood. It was untidy (for a specific reason I won't specify) but clean nevertheless. I arrived on public transport and didn't check out the parking but I don't think it would have been a problem and there's no reason for neighbours to be suspicious of discreet callers. The action took place standing up in the living room then lying down on a large sofa.

Sami has a slim and well-proportioned figure with fake breast implants, of course. She was dressed the same way as in the full length pic in her AW public gallery that I've posted below. She is a native English speaker but I won't specify which former colony she's from in the interests of her privacy. (Her domestic arrangements seem to me to be courting disaster — for her, not the punter — but that's her choice.)

She is bright and friendly and seemed fully at ease with the slightly odd situation of sex on a grey and wet lunchtime between two strangers in such a domestic setting. She did everything I asked her to with skill and enthusiasm. Her hot wet mouth and darting tongue had me super-hard during OWO and the experience was about as delicious as uncovered oral sex gets.

When we switched to 69 while lying down on the sofa her mouth was perfectly positioned for me to indulge in some vigorous face-fucking, which she took without a murmur. Meanwhile, at my end, I contented myself with gentle sucking and licking of her clean, bare, uncut and very erect cock, which I'd estimate as just under 7ins long and of moderate girth.

For the stand-up finish she was very enthusiastic about taking my cum into her mouth and swallowed every drop after it landed on her outstretched tongue. Then she clamped her mouth over me and milked me of every last drop, which was a really nice finishing touch.

This really was a quality experience and at £20 amazingly good value for money. If you're a guy who likes erotic moments with a pretty TV then Sami comes with my unqualified recommendation. I will definitely be going back soon for more.

London / Vicky18 Newham
« by Nosser2 on January 17, 2017, 11:45:13 pm »
Well, where to start with this one! I suppose with the fact that what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger, and a query to myself to ask yet again, why do I do this? I've only recently returned to punting after a long absence and I've already been reminded that there are generally more bad punts than good ones!

Anyway - I had booked to see Jazmin - or and was really looking forward to TOFTT. However, even though I'd been in touch a couple of times in the days before to confirm, and had text contact earlier in the day to make sure all was still okay, I tried ringing 20mins before I was supposed to be there and went straight through to voicemail - not a good sign!

Eventually exchanged a couple of text messages - she would be busy for an hour (I guess someone else was beating me to TOFTT). Told her thanks, but no thanks and contacted Vicky or who was my first reserve. She was free and about 25 mins away from me. Just got to her place when Jazmin texted to say she was now free - told her maybe another time - maybe a mistake by me!

Vicky's place is on a main road and I found parking in a nearby street. Stood outside feeling conspicuous for  while, but she came out and led me upstairs. Bit of a dingy room, but I wasn't really there for the decor. She is certainly the girl in the profile pics, and is pretty enough, with a nice body.

I very quickly got the idea that she wasn't exactly top of her customer service class - I've had warmer smiles from Russian border guards! Maybe she wears her heart on her sleeve and just can't really act as if she is enjoying things with someone she doesn't find too attractive!

Anyway, I paid for the hour and she quickly peeled off her clothes, and I did the same. She almost ordered me to lay on the bed - so I did as I was told. Started with quite a nice blowjob - after spending ages wiping me with wet wipes. Told me not to touch her as my hands were too cold.

Asked her for 69 and she obliged.

That was all the best bits - once I got hard she said no chance of sex as I'm too big for her. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt as I've had that problem several times before. From there on, some sucking and bit of hand action, just interrupted by her making a phone call in between rather loud sighs. I'm sure I was disturbing her evening and perhaps she had planned on watching the FA cup highlights or something.

Asked her to give me a kiss - wasn't exactly like your granny kissing you, but perhaps somewhere between that and someone giving you a polite kiss goodnight at the end of a first date that hasn't gone so well.

By this time, I had begun wondering how the FA cup was going myself, and wanted to get out of there. Wouldn't let me finish on her face, so tossed myself off over her boobs instead.

40 minutes after walking in, I walked out.

If it was marks out of 10, I'd give her 4, so to me, the low end of neutral. She's a pretty girl, gives a nice blowjob, but clearly her heart wasn't in her work. Didn't get to do anything else with her, but having experienced the before, I'm not going to be too critical of her for that.

Do I feel like I wasted my time and money - yes. Will I do it again - certainly just like any addict!


Good comms, booking and time kept to.

DFK, OWO and sex in loads of positions - service with a smile and a pretty wet pussy in the end.

Very friendly girl, nice boobs and happy for you to play with the C/D's - nice pink pointy nipples.
Full length mirror to see and play in front of.

Not a DT OWO or ball licking but long enough OWO without hands.

Cow girl DFKing whilst i pounded her and started to feel an awful lot of her wetness and or cumming.
After several positions, finally came, cleaned me up and another long kiss before I left.

Could I complain about anything - not really, regardless of her having put a few pounds on. still a great smile, kisses and service.

enjoy if you go.

Oh, since I didnt get anyone telling me about Rose at WellBeing Spa, I cancelled my meeting after saying, they should have brought back Victoria or a girl that has Karen's skills!!
From Jas report - glad I missed Rose...


London / London New Cookie
« by yonimax on January 17, 2017, 11:29:23 pm »

Saw that she had a few good reviews and decided to go for her. Thought about Russian girls but Polish ones usually have been better providers, hence decided to try Cookie. At 200/hour on the upper end of the scale for me.  I was supposed to meet her the day before but she went for an outcall and the agency messed up the addresses. I mentioned that to her but received no apology or acknowledgement. Nevertheless decided to try my luck again tonight

About the girl
She is Polish with an American twang as a result of her exchange experience apparently. Probably a negative for me as I find the twang a bit irritating sometimes. In her late 20s/early 30s, good hourglass figure with a few stretch marks. Some spots/marks on inner thighs which made me question my decision to go down on her. Decent tits with responsive nips but I have seen better

She was dressed in her red dress as seen below. She is polite, smiley and can converse very well in English. Complemented me on my perfume but beyond the initial kissing did not go for DFK. That welcome told me that this might be a lukewarm punt. I guess we just did not click. For her price I expected her to be more enthusiastic but nope she was happy to carry on mechanically. May be just jaded after all the punts she had lately. I asked her to finish me after 40 min. Did not stop me from leaving early or trying to make up by giving me a massage or some other service. Heck the AW prossie offers better for half the price and ensures you have used up the whole hour. One of my most underwhelming experiences. Instead of GFE felt more like Ex-GFE  :thumbsdown: Thought she gave a no holes barred service, instead she was decidedly dull. As a young, reasonably fit guy in his 30s this certainly disappoints!

I guess I better save ££ now with Brexit etc. and put it to better use! The Poles too better get used to it!!

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