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London / Sony 69 - Canary Wharf
« by Cm2104a on Today at 01:21:36 PM »

Met in Canary Wharf. Newish apartment but shared with other girls ( had to keep quiet in and out!)

Very pretty Portuguese girl but only 5' tall though.

Major issue with her complete lack of interest during the meet  - said she thought that she was coming done with flu but quite honestly she just offers a conveyor belt service that doesn't include much from her likes list.

One pop and OW!

Took a chance on her and booked an hour but left after 25 mins (including a shower at either end). Not sure she even noticed I was leaving.

Cheap but best avoided. A real shame, could have been so much fun

London / SexySuzee/Miss Ashley - Walthamstow
« by DarthCaedus on Today at 11:50:58 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2581563 / https://www.adultwork.com/MISS+ASHLEY+LOVE


Saw her in the dead of winter when she was still going by Suzee, and I've been debating doing this review since there are already enough negatives for her. But, if I went by that logic, I'd never have any reviews posted at all, and I've got to start somewhere. Mostly punt abroad, figured I'd try something out locally. Took me about an hour to get there.

Why did I see her? The pictures made me so curious I decided to see for myself. In all fairness, I booked an hour @ £80 and when I get there I hear I've only got a half hour, so at least it was only £60. So, onto the review:-


Walthamstow, not far from the station, behind a kebab shop/chippie, though the food looked a bit too grim to bother with post-punt.


Very few, likes list is pretty much bollocks, FK was barely lip brushing and then nada. Allowed RO, didn't allow fingers, had apparently just landed that morning and seemed to genuinely try to get into it but was apparently too tired. Did think it was a little odd that she had just landed and was back at work but she did seem overall pretty shattered so I could believe she had just landed, but talk about being on the job, right?

As it was a half hour and I'm used to some romance, didn't even try to P&D, just stuck to foreplay. In all fairness, she tried with her OWO, but again she seemed to get so tired so quickly. Even though it was only a half hour, it wasn't rushed. Surprisingly, no clockwatching that I could note, no wrist watch, mobile, wall clock.

Final Impression:

It was cold, wet, and dark. She kept me warm. No major regrets, but it was all so functional there was just nothing there, much less any passion. It's a shame, her body's very much up my street.

Would I Visit Again:

Sorry, no.

This probably didn't help many of you, but like I said, gotta start somewhere.

London / Miranda - Euston - Energetic GFE
« by morganstar on Today at 11:16:27 AM »
Preamble:  I'd seen Miranda over a year ago when she was working with Sandra and she was definitely the more energetic of the two, so I decided to give her a go by herself.

Comms: A little slow, as I it was her answering rather than her maid (she has confirmed this to be the case). I texted her my detailed roleplay situation (which involved her being a co-worker who decided to seduce me to keep her job) and she agreed to it. As ever, I asked to check if CIM would be at her discretion and that OWO was included in the price.  But when it came to her being on time and providing her hotel room number minutes before the punt kicked off, the comms were much better

Location: The usual Euston hotel

Services Received: FK, DFK, OWO, Roleplay, Handjob, RO, Penetration (protected)

Appearance: A nice, cute face. Great rack and a top arse as well.

Price: £100 for one hour

Observation: As I entered the room, I noticed a certain Sweet Teen Julia run out of the bathroom and head out of the room. I asked Sandra about this and she said that she shares a room with Julia and does threesomes with her. I will definitely be checking out that service next month...

The Punt: Sandra (Curly Beauty) provides the perfect GFE experience imo and there are few people who I think would ever take issue with it. I can see Miranda being more of an acquired taste as she seems to be the sort of WG that you need to form a bit of a rapport with to get the best out of her. She didn't immediately recognise me from a year ago and seemed a little cold, but once I reminded her that I had seen her before, she loosened up and was really engaging. Unlike some WGs she seemed to enjoy the roleplay experience very much and got right into it, which made the punt a lot better. Once we got to the FK and DFK, it was hard and full-on, not what I normally like, but she pulled it off really well. OWO was terrific and lasted a good 20 minutes with lots of variation and strong eye contact. RO involved her grinding my face and it was good fun as well. Sex was in 2-3 positions (I'm unadventurous when it comes to positions) and by the time I finished in the condom while in cowgirl, we finished 15 minutes over the hour and there was no clock watching.

Conclusion: Apart from the OWO, which was nice and slow, this was a very high energy punt that left me pretty knackered for the next few hours. It was nice to have a WG throw all her energy into the punt, and I will definitely be going back as I had a really good time.


London / Nicole French - Very near Heathrow
« by Ipad12345 on Today at 06:40:06 AM »
**This meet happened last month, didn't have her profile link and she just re-surfaced so might be in a different location***

Link: https://www.adultwork.com/4018651 and https://www.adultwork.com/nicole+french

Comm's: handled by maid who I think is Scottish but never the less no problems.

Services: DFK, FK, OWO, CIM, Penetration (Protected)

I didn't ask about Anal so don't know whether it is on offer - best to check.

One thing I have to tell you guys is this girl is defo taking something, but when I arrived she was fucked out of her head but that didn't affect the punt at all and got money's worth. She does talk a lot of shit but unfortunately i couldn't understand 60% of the thing she was saying as she was shouting them so just noded along. I didn't mind this but others might not like. she does fake a lot but again doesn't bother me.

One negative is as mentioned before she takes back to back booking and she will rush you to basically get out and she jumps in the shower while you're getting dressed to get ready for the next punter.

she has a great body, fake tits, nice tight pussy but it is not shaven nor trimmed.

She is staying at a very popular hotel which near Heathrow Airport.

The meet went as normal punt so not much to say there. One advise would be if you make booking before you depart to confirm with maid you're on the way as i think she might squeeze someone else in.

London / Spanish beauty - Spanish - Paddington
« by newbie2014 on Today at 12:34:14 AM »


Gave Nadia a call and agreed to meet 30 minutes before the punt and all services agreed.

Her place is 5 minutes from Paddington station in a residential area, got the room number and here I went.

Girl opened the door and she looked completely different to the pictures and to be honest I don't know if that was B&S or if the pictures were taken 10 years ago. She was about 5'2 and about size 12, just not my cup of tea and I decided to walk.

London / Pietra - Glouchester Road - Lazy
« by life_wasted on Today at 12:20:30 AM »
Profile Link - https://www.adultwork.com/3657268 or https://www.adultwork.com/VIP+fitness+girl

Location - Basement close to Glouchester Road station. About 5 min walk.

Price - 1h, £150

Comms - Called her and she said she is "at the gym" and free in 2 hours. We agreed a time but once I got there she said that she was still at "the gym" and need another 30 minutes. I did not respond and decided to get something to eat. She text me in 30 minutes and said she is free now and if I am close by. This is where one has to think with the brain but oh well...

The Girl/Meet - Knowing better I turn up and was greeted by this amazonian looking woman with nice smile. I think she has zero fat on her body. Her body was fit as fuck and I was thinking may be she was at the gym all this time and I have hit the jackpot!

Small talk and I gave her the cash and she striped down and jumped on to the bed. So I did the same and followed but she did not initiate anything. Just lying there looking at me so I thought I will take the lead. Started to kiss her but no tongue was offers so I moved to her tits (fake and not soft at all) and then starter to finger her. All this time she wasn't even touching me but lying there. So I had to get her to give me oral (covered) and it was so so. Then I asked her to go on top but she wanted to me on top! So we did that and at this point I was loosing interest and in danger of losing my erection so I pounded her no stop and came quickly! At this point a £60 Romanian would have done better job!

During recovery, she started to talk about some bad punter and how expensive things are in London like rent, advertising etc. It felt like I was with my ex wife so I could not be arsed to have another go and left around 40 min mark after a shower. In fact her shower was far better experience than her!

I know she has some good reviews in here. Thats why I decided to see her but be warned...

London / Nicole - French - Heathrow
« by newbie2014 on Today at 12:12:38 AM »


Saw Nicole over the weekend when she was working at a hotel near Heathrow airport just off the M4. For those of you coming from Hounslow bus ride is about 15 to 20 minutes away from Hounslow West station.

- Excellent DFK, you won't be disappointed if that's your thing
- Very good owo and she paid a lot of attention to the balls
- Responsive during sex and was happy for me to give her a good pounding, I have never fucked anyone as hard as I did and must have done in 3 or 4 positions for about 40 minutes as she continuously mumbled some random stuff in French.
- Filthy as fuck and love to give you dirty talk
- Took CIM like a trooper and drained every drop as I exploded like a ray gun

- A bit theatrical during sex, it seems that she cum every 5 minutes and she must have cum about 5 or 6 times and I had no idea if she was faking it
- Comms all handled by a maid who does take back to back booking, when I left Nicole had a 30 second shower and had to rush me out of the door as the next punter was going to turn up
- Slight clockwatcher and reminded me 10 minutes and also 5 minutes before the punt ended
- Tits are enhanced, not a problem for me but could be a deal breaker for some fellow punters here

- None that I can think of

Overall a very satisfying punt and she really drained every bit of energy of me. Not sure if I would return to Heathrow as I'm wary of likely issues of double booking / back to back booking, however, if I manage to save up a week's worth of muck she'll be top of my list!

London / Zen massage upminster bridge
« by Parking on Yesterday at 11:38:49 PM »

Seen some fairly good reviews so thought I'd give it a go. Communication by text was responded quickly, made an appointment on the same day. Parking on the side street on a Sunday was free so that was fine.

Upon arrival I was greeted by the receptionist, which was quite a stunning young chinese girl, possibly in her 20s. Her english was perfect, paid £45 for an hour and led into a room. She left for me to undress and I laid butt naked on the massage table and she returned.

Baby oil was used, the massage was average but her hands were really soft. At some point she said she will do the first half of the session and her colleague will take over for the other half - what the fuck  :dash: I should have sensed something abnormal. She literally rubbed around the same spot waiting for the other girl to finish, then left the room. I heard a few voices outside and they did sound young.

The most unimaginable happened...someone had come in the room, she had a voice of an older lady and hands of sandpaper :thumbsdown:, I didn't even look up at her the whole session. Basically the rest of the session she rubbed my back to left leg then right leg, left leg, right leg and back. There was no routine, no swipes, didn't go anywhere near my private areas despite me being butt naked. Didn't say anything about extras or ask me to turn over. It was like 'oh look you've got a knot here and starts rubbing that spot'.

The most unbelievable thing that happened after the massage was that after I got dressed and left the room, I look around it's dead quiet and there's no one in sight. They've all fucked off somewhere, the front door was locked and I had to walk out the back door thinking what a waste of £45.

Never had any good experiences with the chinese, although I am chinese myself  :dash: maybe it's just my luck man.

London / Seductive Alexia - Mayfair
« by life_wasted on Yesterday at 11:21:55 PM »
Profile Link - https://www.adultwork.com/1236063 or https://www.adultwork.com/Seductive+Alexia

Location - Nice apartments close by the Green Park tube station. Easy to find and 5 minute walk from there.

Price - 1h, £200

Comms - Booking done via AW and I booked few days in advance however she is bit slow to respond. She later said, its better to call or text her.

Background - I wanted to try body 2 body massage with "extras" everyone here is going on about so I tried couple of places. The massages were good but the girls were only average looking and at best HJ or BJ was on offer as extras. This wasn't doing it for me and I was paying good £100 - £120 and leaving dissatisfied. So I decided to go up market after seeing couple of mentions of Alexia here.

The Girl/Meet - She must have greeted me straight after a shower as her hair was very wet and she smelt very nice! At first I was bit let down by her face and rated her face as 7/10 but this changed later on and I found her more attractive as time went on! She has great body and boobs to go with it. Her skin was very soft and tender!

She offered me a shower but I didn't take it as I had one an hour ago. I have discussed what I wanted with her via email so we undressed each other with gentle kisses and touching and moved on to the bed.

She applied oil to my back and to herself and starter the massage. I am no expert when it come to messages but it felt good but more importantly she didn't delay massaging the key areas! Lot of teasing with her marvelous pair of tits and her arse. Speaking of tits, she has one of the best pairs I have ever seen. They are silky smooth and milky white! I sucked and played with for good 10 minutes later on!

She asked me to turn over and even more oil applied to my body and lot more teasing this time as well but I could not control my self any further so I garbed her and started kissing. She is a good kisser and more than willing to use her tongue. Then on to covered oral (she doesn't do uncovered) which was good as well. We had sex in the usual positions and finally finished with doggy. She has mirror in the room and it was nice to see her bouncy boobs while you do it from behind!

Had a shower and came back to find her naked on the bed with one hand to the chin smiling at me. This turned me on more than anything and I wanted to fuck her again right there and then but I only take just enough money when I go and see a WG so I had to control myself!

Over all I had an excellent time and money well spent. She is a great GFE. Will definitely see her again but I think she is going back to Brazil in May but she said she will be coming back later in the year. 

London / Dolly (Indian/Malaysian) - Croydon
« by GaryZZ on Yesterday at 11:06:34 PM »
I feel a bit guilty about posting as a neutral, but need to be honest for others as I did enjoy our session - but suspect there are parts of this that won't suit others. If I could 'award' a Neutral-Plus, then I would


Phoned ahead and agreed OWO and French kissing for 30 minutes at £60. Seemed fair enough, and was at the same venue that I had recently seen two other Asianstarz girls which were both decent sessions.

When I arrived I was quickly able to confirm to myself that Dolly was the girl in the pictures. Her eye-brows were a lot softer and suited her better than the ones she is sporting in the photos. She wasn't wearing any make-up (which Dolly later confirmed), but that wasn't really an issue for me.

Dolly is probably mid-late 20s. Slim with a very slight (and I mean slight) tummy. Her breasts were great  :yahoo:

I confirmed the service I was after and we cracked on....

The FK was FK - but not DFK. Dolly was happy to participate, but this wasn't a rauncy snogging session.

She wiped me down before OWO (not an issue) but must have used half a roll of toilet tissue during this session when she as she spat out. Strangely enough this was ok as it wasn't every 5 seconds - rather every minute or so. Her OWO was OK - not too deep, but equally she gave it her best. She actually told me (at the end of the session) that she doesn't normally do OWO, but had misheard me...

The finale was done by hand as time was running out. No CIM for those that need to know.

Would I return? Possibly...Dolly is nice enough and with a good disposition. She isn't a girl trying to finish you off quickly and get you out the door. I do like my DFK and OWO and there are better providers out there...there are however an awful lot that are worse though.

London / Gina bayswater - b/s walked
« by stampjones on Yesterday at 10:14:35 PM »
Arranged over phone. Turned up to flat at appointed time and finally at the end of a long climb (stairs) got to the flat. Girl was not the girl in the photos. Was way older and way way uglier (and not because the advertised girl was a stunner).
Got a text saying gina would be free soon. Yeah right. Ignored it. Bait & switch - avoid.

London / Lucy @massagemeinkondon (westminster)
« by stampjones on Yesterday at 10:06:13 PM »
Saw another girl from this site who (while photos didnt match) was real and good vfm so thought I'd try someone else. Wish I hadnt bothered.
Arranged meet. 30 notes for half hour massage. No mention of extras on phone but persevered. Flat in a maze of streets east of vauxhaul bridge road (15 mins from vic). Flat was small but clean. Girl was very pretty chinese. About 20-25 imo. She told me to strip and lay down on a mattress on the floor. First floor flat and the blinds were open so anyone walking by could see in, but what the fuck, Im not shy so I went for it. Massage was a bit meh. Eventually, with nothing much having happened in the interim, she asked if I wanted to turn over. Yep. Extras? Yep - HRwas 30. Went for it cos I needed something to prevent me slipping into a deadly fugue from which I might never recover. She stripped down to knickers. Nice small pert tits which I fondled as she tugged away. Wouldnt remove knickers and discouraged touching and sucking of tits. Didnt seem at all engaged.

So 60 notes for a crap massage, crap wank and restricted access to a nice pair of young tits. Smart girl but nothing much else going for her. Wont be quite so keen to try anymore from this stable. Definitely wont be back here.

London / Morena.bby - Tottenham
« by kefcseries on Yesterday at 07:42:12 PM »

15mins @ £40

Initially made contact on the Rossa Busty profile number and only found Morena’s AW profile after the punt, so for the record Rossa Busty profile is fake. Also the Rossa Busty phone number links to this VS ad:


So I had a fair idea there’d be more than one girl there, fully prepared to walk if I didn’t like what I saw.

Comms - sms/phone call, no issues. Pretty much just rocked up to the postcode, made the “I’m here” call and was in the flat within minutes.

Location - anonymous door on quiet residential street, free parking after hours.

Morena - small, plump, solid legs and meaty thighs, thick ass, mid-late 20’s, yeah this could work. Was hoping to get a line up of girls to pick from but she claimed to be the only one there. Went for the 15 min p&d.

Started off with slow OW then mish. Moved to asian CG when suddenly she switched up a few gears and really got into it. Shit got rampant and real as she pounded on me, this punt stretched over the 15 min mark. Of course I couldn’t leave without getting my serving of big-ass doggy after which she cleaned me up nicely.

No clock watching, good attitude, Morena smelt clean like she was freshly showered, only my second 15 min p&d but definitely a good one.

London / Black Diamond Xx - Golders Green, 2nd visit
« by kefcseries on Yesterday at 06:53:27 PM »

30 mins @ £60

Saw her back in February when she was new to London and had zero AW feedback. I was undecided between her and her sister Bella, both enjoyable punts but thought I’d try her again.

Broke one of my self-imposed punting rules here though - if a profile states “Last few days!” or “Holiday soon, hurry up!” or some such bullshit, walk away. Unfortunately she had this type of crap showing and I still went.

New location, hard to find flat around the back of the main high street. Meeting arranged 1 hour beforehand when she asked how long I wanted to stay. Arrived at the location bang on time and called.

First warning sign, said she wasn’t ready and needed to shower, kept me waiting an additional 15 mins. Just as I was about to put plan B into play she called me back and it was on.

Into the flat, up to the tiny fuck-room and immediately see her iPhone on the bedside dresser plugged into the mains, blowing up with Whatsapp messages coming through thick and fast. Straight away she’s back on it chatting to whoever, barely able to engage with me to take the punt money.

She somehow managed to tear herself away from the phone and onto the punt. Condom straight onto my soft dick, which doesn’t really work, workmanlike OW BJ then starfish sex in mish. Wouldn’t do cowgirl so put her in doggy and finished up.

I shit you not, within 5 seconds of me withdrawing she was glued to the phone like a zombie tapping away in her Whatsapp conversation. It was clear the punt was over. Got dressed in silence, got out, back in my car checked the time - 20 minutes had passed from her last call to now.

Probably making holiday arrangements and squeezing in the last few punts before she went abroad, either way I won’t be seeing this one again.

London / Karinna Latina - Hemel Hempstead
« by paul2paul on Yesterday at 02:31:53 PM »
She's a work of art that I'd be happy to gaze at for a long time but only managed to do so for an hour (£150).

[Link fixed by admin]

Beautiful soft skin, dark chocolate eyes, ample bosoms, manicured nails and a mouth so plump and lush that I don't know whether I preferred the sensation of kissing it or watching it around the bottom of my shaft. She looks even better than here profile photos.

I went into stealth mode to approach her apartment door that was ajar upon my arrival. Inside a welcoming kiss and some smooth banter. A quick shower and Karinna is arched on the bed effortlessly deep throating my dick, sucking my balls and playing with the ample bosoms. Such wonderful technique, such beautiful eyes and such a filthy spirit that Wham! i came before I got any sense of self control.

And so excited was I that there was no pause for round 2. More wonderful oral and deep throat and I was close again. So into doggy, with a strategically placed mirror, where looking into it, Karinna is growling like a jungle nymph. Move your gaze down and you see her peachy derrière bouncing around your cock. Again, the animal spirit, the variation in technique and Wham! I came in the condom. That's twice in 25 minutes of getting in the door. I felt like a kid again.

Some pleasant chatter, a massage, more sucking and fucking and then my time was up. She really tried to make cum on her tits and boy, I can't wait to do that next time!

Strange she has not been reviewed more here. She's gorgeous, fun and filthy. What a combination  :thumbsup:


London / Happy orchid, Drury Lane
« by hardworkingman on Yesterday at 12:02:42 PM »

I have been here a few times and to be honest its a bit mixed. Extras are always on offer but in room prices vary and seem to be on the up. I think its £30 for half hour and £50 for an hour to get in the room.

Last week I saw Mimi, a 30 something chinease lady with big pert looking boobs. She was wearing a tracksuit which made her look quite cute in a cheap sort of way. The disappointment was her massage was pretty poor and she wanted £80 for B2B. I said no and eventually we settled at £20 for a HE only. The extent of haggling had pissed me off which ruined the experience a little but her HJ efforts where pretty good. She wouldnt allow touching (unless I paid more), I asked about a BJ she said no, but was interested in how much I would pay for FS - I didnt make an offer. Overall she was average and I was in and out in 25 mins.

Lisa who seems to run the place is pretty good, older and milf like. She isnt backwards in coming forward to offer B2B but my experience shows she doesnt always discuss prices before and asks for money at the end. Be prepared!

Would I go back? Maybe. The different girls there are an attraction to me as its all about the thrill of not knowing what you will get...

London / Bombshell - A wg not worth the price. Kensington
« by Playa on Yesterday at 10:55:11 AM »
There is not really much to say about this one.

Comms- phone her up. She tells me to come to the hotel. I get there and phone. She said shes out. Makes me wait 10 minutes. Then tells me to come to the floor. I go to the floor. Call her and she's surprised I made it that quick. Make me wait another 5 minutes telling me she's getting ready. Then gives me room number.

I go to the room and see shes an old hag. Very masculine face, big head, larger frame than I hoped for. Now don't get me wrong I don't mind older women as long as they take care of themselves but this one is charging to much. My standards are pretty high so I personally wouldn't even do her for free. So after I just say sorry I'm not attracted and walk. Then she calls me a prick.

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/1235849 or https://www.adultwork.com/%2DBombshell%2D

Basically went to see this lady, when I arrived I was let in by sergei who happens to have a adultwork profile which is fucking bizarre. Was shown into the bedroom by him and genna was in there, my main issue was the room stank like someone had died in it plus she seemed high on drugs and not weed. So I took this as a cue to make my exit, sergei then told me to come back soon as he will have even prettier girls and apologised for the smell and her state.

Not sure I would return back as the atmosphere there felt very weird it's hard for me to explain it.


Now this is his profile

London / Amadea Linda - Paddington
« by madmania on Yesterday at 01:27:00 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3086061 or

(Warning: Long, bit of a rambling review. Feel free to skip towards the end)

Details: 2 hour incall, GFE/oral session, £260

Comms: Pretty shit actually. Sent an AW email asking a few things, standard fare confirming services, availability etc - it went unread and unanswered. Thought fuck it and sent a booking request anyway which was confirmed a day later. She sent her post code and that was the last I heard from her until about an hour before the meet when she said she'd be 15 mins late because of "traffic". Yeah, if you say so :lol:

Location: Nice flat on a quiet street. I wasn't entirely sure which door was hers because she wasn't clear and the correct door was locked so awkward 2 minutes in the street. But once inside a clean, cozy flat with a nice bathroom. There is on street parking but I don't know if you have to pay. Felt safe at all times.

Services granted: DFK, Massage, Hand Relief, OWO, RO, 69, rough ball play

Services refused: Fingering, Prostate Massage, Rimming (both ways)

Had an exceedingly rare opportunity to punt in London and thank you to everyone who helped me out on my earlier thread requesting help wading through the masses of options. Unfortunately the majority of people who took my fancy and were well reviewed were either on holiday, outcall only, didn't work weekends or lived too far away. I stumbled across Linda and although she was a bit above my price range, and didn't offer the more domme elements I was hoping for, she turned out to be a fun and enjoyable, if somewhat strange punt.

Linda is a very tall, very pretty girl with a cracking body. Easily 9/10 all round. Pictures on profile are definitely of her. She doesn't show her face on her profile but the one I did find was her.

I was greeted amusingly by a handshake. I'm really not a fan when a girl jumps on you the second you are through the door so that was appreciated but still a handshake is a new one even for me :rolleyes: Exchanged money, got a drink of water and took a shower. Toilet paper was quilted and towel was large and clean, although not particularly fluffy. Went back to bedroom and got down to it.

I've been mulling over how to describe this punt as it was pretty different to most any other punt I've had - not in a bad way, nor particularly good, just a strange feeling. It was like I was having a punt with a good mate after a few drinks down the pub. We had a lot of banter, some good conversation and a lot of laughs but never felt particularly sexy at any point, even though the girl was gorgeous.

Linda asks a lot of personal questions. And I mean a lot. But it never felt interrogative, more genuinely inquisitive and interested. By the end of the session we'd practically exchanged detailed life stories :D This might put some people off and I know if we hadn't have gotten on so well it would have felt inappropriate but as it was I didn't mind.

We began with DFK and that was passionate and became very deep, once we got into it a bit. Then she stopped and asked if I had a girlfriend. What lol? Kissed a bit more then I asked for a massage which was really great actually - very hard like a good sports massage. Conversation continued covering all sorts.

Turned over for OWO. She happily deepthroats (although I'm only small), fabulous eye contact, and she gives plenty of attention to the balls which are too often forgotten in my book. Good marks for effort and persistence. I explained that I virtually never cum and if I do it takes me a very long time. She gave oral on and off for most of the session without complaint -  jaw of steel :lol: We varied position from time to time and did 69. She was clean and fresh, although for some reason extremely unresponsive to RO. Also no fingering allowed nor any rimming which was a shame. Didn't bother with that for long.

After that we went back and forth between oral and chatting for pretty much the whole session. We did have a bit of fun with some rough ball play. I'm into ballbusting so it was very tame stuff compared to what I've done in the past but it was amusing and kinda cute seeing her giving it a go with equal parts giggling at a new experience and worrying she was gonna burst them :lol:

Linda is unfortunately a clockwatcher, calling time 15 mins early which was moderately annoying considering she pushed the appointment back yet time up was still 2 hours after the original start time.. But then again I was no where even remotely close to cumming at any point so it's not like it was cut short in the middle of the action :(

I'm conscious this review is too long and I'm really struggling to do justice describing my experience. I was so torn as to describe this review as a positive or a neutral. I originally began writing this as a positive. I left the punt feeling great and my initial response was "wonderful time". But after thinking about it more and writing it out now I've decided to give it a neutral. There wasn't really a "neutral" part of it the entire time; just a mix of good, bad and weird. However there were too many bad moments for me to feel fair giving this a positive. Perhaps I came away happy in the same way you do after a night out with your mates - it was good and you had a great time, but ultimately it's not what you want from a punt and now I feel a bit crap about the whole thing :(

- Gorgeous girl
- Nice flat
- Good DFK and oral
- Got along great

- Handshake greeting
- Intrusive personal questions. I was okay with it but might put others off.
- Good banter but bordered on offensive. Perhaps if this wasn't my first meet and she was a regular would have been more acceptable. But during the course of the punt she'd asked if I was gay, told me several times how strange I was, asked me if I tortured animals for fun (?!?) and was being stubbornly deceitful on a cock size debate; amongst other things.

- No sexual chemistry at all
- Got very hostile when I asked for a finger in my bum. Alright calm down I only asked  :scare:
- Unresponsive to R/O
- Shit comms
- Clockwatcher. 5 minute warning given 20 minutes before time, and many times throughout the punt bending over to look at the clock.
- Not VFM

As I was getting changed ready to leave she kept telling me not to leave any feedback. At the time I didn't understand why but after thinking more about it and exactly what went on I've begun to get it. She said she would really love to see me again and genuinely liked me but didn't think I'd want to come back. Unfortunately I think she's right - we'd be great mates but sexually there was just nothing there :thumbsdown:

London / Hornybee69 — outcall at mine
« by Hydrant on Yesterday at 01:19:52 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/4059612 or https://www.adultwork.com/Hornybee69

This girl bid on a short-notice Reverse Booking and was the best option of four, although I didn't end up with any discount on her regular rate for a one-hour outcall.

I think her profile wording has been changed now, either that or I missed the obvious, but it wasn't entirely clear to me she was a black girl when I made the booking. From the pics I was expecting someone maybe Mediterranean or Arab, but Hornybee is in fact Anglo-African with very beautiful and pale coffee-coloured skin. She drove to my place and when she stepped out of her car in spray-on jeans with her natural curves wobbling on ultra-high heels I was not disappointed. She has long brown hair, wonderful cheekbones and piercing eyes which were expertly made-up with huge fake lashes. She'd make a great tribal princess in an H. Rider Haggard movie.

After sharing a beer and a chat we got down to business and what happened next was just a blur of high-energy erotic passion. This girl can suck and fuck for England, Nigeria, or whatever damn country she cares to represent. Really deep French kissing, fondling and groping and cuddling, a long bout of reverse oral which made her cum with bone-shuddering spasms and howls of joy. Then came around 10 minutes of 69 with my finger exploring her super-tight ass while my tongue worked her pussy and clit to gave her a second bed-shaking orgasm.

Shameless bragging — this is the AW feedback she left me:

Nice very horny gentleman. An amazing hr spent with him made me cum twice in 20 mins loved it xx

This was followed by pussy and anal sex in a variety of positions including fabulous doggy anal with my whole body slamming into her lovely round ass. I find it hard to cum during doggy, so to complete we switched to cowgirl anal. Her AW pics are a bit crap but you'll see that she has huge nipples and these were fucking amazing to play with and suck as I climaxed deep inside her beautiful botty.

After that she gently collapsed  on top of me as we both recovered our breath. After a bit of conversation she went into my bathroom and I realised when she turned on the shower that she thought we were done, although there was still 15 mins on the clock. I pointed this out when she came out part-dressed, and she apologised, saying she thought I was so knackered I wouldn't recover in time for another round. Age prejudice I call it! But she happily wrapped her mouth around my revived rod for the rest of the hour and a bit beyond, and with a lot of work on both sides I finally spunked a small dribble into her mouth, which she swallowed with a smile.

Hornybee is a divorced single lady who has a day job. She has been escorting for less than a month and says she does it for the sex as well as the cash. In my experience these kind of girls are absolute diamonds because they let themselves go and treat you like a lover, not a punter. She is very highly recommended.

London / Sexy Naomi – West Drayton
« by Tony_Red on April 24, 2017, 11:10:25 PM »
or https://www.adultwork.com/sexyyy+naomi

Ratings/scores based on personal preferences. £70/30mins.

Comms and Planning 5/5 All by text. Her English is very basic. Maid does the texting.
Venue 3.5/5 Popular Rom outfit in West Drayton available till late. Ok Flat. Free, limited parking outside and opposite the development.
Face 3/5, Body 3.5/5 Cuter in reality. Nice curves. Size 12 blonde with a body made for sin. Good skin.
Happy to take a pounding. The girl in the last row of pics is the one I saw (different to the other pics on the profile) Although, her hair was not in braids that evening. It was (naturally?) curly and looked nice.
Services taken part in
: OW and Sex.
Services enjoyed: Sex

I didn’t believe anything in the AW ‘likes list’ – I was simply looking for a pump and dump and that’s exactly what I got with a no nonsense WG. In fact, looking back, I could have gotten away with a 15minute booking!

Final word: ok for a pump and dump, but make sure you get the girl in the last row of pics.

London / Inese, Bayswater
« by Tony_Red on April 24, 2017, 11:06:57 PM »
or https://www.adultwork.com/Inese

Latest round of reviews. Ratings/scores based on personal preferences.
Not much to say…

Comms and Planning 4/5 All by text and fairly quickly organised.
Venue 2/5 Was an evening punt, but very easy to find basement flat not far from Queensway (10m walk)/Bayswater(5m) stations. Tiny room and I could hear a small dog barking.
Face 2.5-3/5, Nowhere near as nice as the pics in the other review/pics on AW.
30’s for sure. Pale and dull skin (no make-up). She would look a lot better if she had made an effort.

Looked spaced-out. Speech was slow and eye contact was fleeting. Nothing felt right, so I walked. Some punters would have stayed, but I tend to feed off a WGs enthusiasm/energy and there was none of that. It's a shame as I was really looking for a first great/outstanding punt of the year, and thought this could be the one.

Final word: There is potential, but I am not returning to find out.

« by Visit London on April 24, 2017, 11:06:45 PM »
Ok... so my first review on here as a fairly new UK Punter...

There was a recent review about the above and I went this evening, following a visit last Friday to see if it was a one off.

Firstly a lovely Chinese lady by the name of Lucy was on duty and I have a thing for lovely asian ladies anyway, so this was a great start.

A very relaxing massage to start where about half way through I get asked if I'd like body to body... Now for me thats a no brainer so of course readily accepted and wow, it didn't disappoint.. Obviously when your laying on your front, theres not much to look at, so when the chance came to turn over, happy days...  :D :D :D

Started with some gently sliding, with me having a little feel through some nice little knickers and didnt take long before they were on the floor and she had climbed on top... a lot of grinding, some sucking of the lovely hard nipples and a few fingers in both pussy and ass and she had cum before i knew it... I should explain that this isnt a full service, but a massage and boy was it worth it.

A nicely skilled handjob with a little flicking of her tongue and some nice spit and before you knew it, blew my load over her face...   :crazy: :crazy:

So, all in all a good hour and some will say expensive, but IMO, £90 well spent....

Good luck...

London / Natalia Sweet Sweet - Bond Street
« by Inbetweener on April 24, 2017, 09:50:54 PM »
Date of meeting: 10th April 2017

Price paid: £40 for 15 minutes. My experience with these kind of girls is that I would get the same out of a 15 minute appointment that I would from 30 minutes. Her pricing structure makes 40 quid for 15 the sensible option.

Comms: Made all the arrangements by text. She had me hanging around on the street for a few minutes before getting the address but didn't feel conspicuous at all.

Location: Really easy location to get to just off Oxford Street. I walked it from Oxford circus station in about 8-9 minutes.

The girl: This girl is tiny. Possible the smallest girl I've ever seen. She answered the door wearing tight jeans that my arm would have felt snug in. She looks bigger in her photos which is a sentence I never thought I'd write. Cracking pair of tits on her which was the main reason for visiting.

https://www.adultwork.com/4018803 or https://www.adultwork.com/Natalia+Sweet+Sweet+

The meeting: Not the most chatty girl I've ever seen but she was smiley. Got naked and jumped on the bed. She said if I wanted OWO it would be 20 quid more. I said no. She started a covered blowjob which lasted about 60 seconds. Had a good grope and suck of her tits which she didn't mind at all. Went through a few positions with her and gave her a good pounding. Starting on top, then missionary and doggie. Got her to finish me over her tits with a hand job. She has an annoying habit of saying 'cum baby' every 30 seconds throughout the punt. I need to look up the Romanian for shut the fuck up next time.

Not bad for 40 quid but not someone I'm going to see regularly so giving her a neutral. Location is really good so if I'm around there with 15 minutes to spare I might give her another go. Wouldn't pay 80 quid for 30 minutes for her. I don't think the oral would last any longer than it does on a 15 minute punt.

London / Larissa'sexy - Shoreditch
« by tergil on April 24, 2017, 08:23:16 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3150891 or https://www.adultwork.com/Larissa%27sexy

It looks like this profile has been past onto another WG because the previous reviews on ukp describe a girl called Lora and the index pictures look different. The location sounds like it is the same. I decided I'd give it a go and I regret that now  :(

Arranging to meet Larissa at short notice was very easy using text messages. Her apartment was easy to find on a busy road and I was buzzed in with no hassle. She's a good looking girl, very petite about 5'2", very dark hair and a cute ass, met me wearing sports underwear. I agreed FK and OWO and paid 60 for half an hour

It went bad fast. As I was undressing, she quickly took off her underwear so I had no chance to do it myself. I went to kiss her and it was clear that there would be no tongues. Going to OWO her technique is bad, no variation no eye contact no spit not deep at all and when I asked her not to use so much hand she looked really angry

I played with her boobs which are big hard silicone spheres that don't suit her. She complains that they are too sensitive because she only had them done 2 months ago. So we go to fuck with condom and do it in mish and doggy and although she lets me bang at her she just looks bored and pretends to moan a few times. I slap her cute ass and fuck her in doggy until I come then I go

She's hot but the service is very bad. It looks like she has now moved to Southhampton so I hope she does not come or quits entirely. I will also avoid all other WGs using this profile or anything that is related  :thumbsdown:

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