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South East / Gorgeous Nicha - Farnborough
« by nottstester on Today at 06:23:56 pm »
With a few hours to spare in Surrey & an itch for a lovely Asian that needing scratching I decided to miss the two popular & very well reviewed candidates for a relative newcomer with a few positive reviews (thanks again UKP) and what a brilliant decision that was.

The lady: Charming Nicha and she certainly is.

Comms: OK. I tried to book the day before but she requested on the day. With plenty of other options in the area this didn't worry me. On the morning my request quickly answered for a few hours later. Txt has detail & prices, all very clear.

Fee: £130 for an hour £10 for OWO with £30 in my back pocket for an optional back door.

Location: Flat near the railway station. Clean, functional. Shower with clean towels. Decent bed.

Services: DFK, OWO, RO inc digits, FS & Anal.

The meet: I arrived early & fired off a txt. She responded immediately with flat number & 'come on up'. Opened the door & wow, greeted by a lovely Asian in nice lingerie with a kiss & led to the bedroom. Then a great hello, instantly into FK but I asked for a quick shower. Scrubbed in record time & back in the room, sorted the paperwork & then she snogged my face off. I love a GFE & wanted to explore & enjoy.
I slowly undressed her, great bolt ons, fab figure which I kissed every inch of. She returned the favour & then squatted & took the old fella in for a delightful prolonged OWO.
Onto her back I knelt & dived right in. What a treat, not only did the shaved, clean & tidy little bud start to flower & flow but my digits could also be employed in both front & back door. Yep, she sounds weren't natural but her bodies response certainly was.
I hopped onto the bed She spun around on top for some great 69 action, she was the perfect size for this. Before long I desperately wanted her hop on board. On with the cover & she rode me like a trooper(not that that has ever happened) then onto mish, doggy & prone. Lovely tight pussy & happy for me to go as hard as I wanted. Then a first for me with an SP, her arse looked so inviting I couldn't resist. Happy to pay the small extra & what a gorgeous tight hole. No way was I holding out for long & I didn't.
We were only 30 mins in by this time so after a little clean up, some more DFK then I realised a 2nd might be possible for the first time in years. Back for some more oral fun with FuFu & the old fella didn't let me down. She brought him back to full attention & round 2 was a repeat of the first finally finishing at a canter in prone.
No rush for me to hop off & when I did she gently wiped up both before joining me in the shower, which is a cracking way to finish a meet.

Verdict:What an angel, this is now my No 1 punt. A huge positive from me, a really enjoyable GFE with a gorgeous Asian. I am so lucky I don't live nearby or I'd be destitute.

Would I return? In a heartbeat, just need to work out another excuse to visit.


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North West / Candy Carla & her Pal.
« by Laid_back_bloke on Today at 06:21:50 pm »

Quite like a visit with Carla. This one was a touch different, but still good.

Booked an hour at £90. Got offered her pal for an extra £50.

Started with me on my belly, & a double B2B on my back. Both had decent pair of natural tits, & felt good. Soon enough it was flip over. Ok Carla’s pal has an ok body, she was knocking 50 I’d say… So she played with my old fella, while my hands explored Carla’s body. Soon I popped. Quick clean up & Carla continues with B2B massage.

RO & OW are both on offer, but I was happy just to chill with her massaging me. Second half was proper relaxing…

Would I do the 4 hands again, probably not. Definitely see Carla though…


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Advertised phone number:

07742 455553

Cost: £30 for one hour + £20 “tip”

The advert states “Please note this is not a sexual service and any such requests by phone or text will not be responded to. Customer will be asked to leave the premises if the request is made in person. So please do not waste yours or our time as THIS IS NOT A SEXUAL SERVICE.” Likely this is a reflection of the location and a need to avoid problems with the neighbours. My review reflects the need for discretion.


Meeting arranged by text messages which was OK but clearly I was talking to someone with limited English. I arrived at the given postcode a few minutes before my booking and asked for the address. This was sent but then almost immediately a flurry of messages asking where I was and if I was coming, a bit odd.


A residential property on a housing estate on the outskirts of Radcliffe. Three first floor massage rooms which are pictured in the advert, I got the middle one shown above. Spacious rooms with large massage tables but no hole for your face.


Tak is a decent looking Thai lady with pinkish dyed hair. Around 5’ tall and quite slim. She would pass for early forties but is actually a decade older.


I was met at the door by Tak and immediately taken upstairs. I paid my £30, stripped off and climbed onto the table. Tak explained she only offers a relaxing massage so if you want a hard massage you’ll need to see one of the other ladies. True to her world she delivered a well structured medium soft relaxing massage. I didn’t ask for any additional services before or during the massage but I didn’t leave unhappy. One small gripe is I had to give my “tip” part way through the massage. I was offered a shower at the end (not before) but I didn’t take up the offer.


Overall a positive. Nothing amazing but the overall cost wasn’t much more than some are asking for just a massage.

West Midlands / Bunny Blacked - Coventry
« by basquebrumie on Today at 06:16:13 pm »

Meet took place this week

Comms: Quick text and arranged to meet her about an hour later. Easy.

Location: Hotel in south Coventry, exact postcode is on her AW. Motel set up and I would suggest she is not the only working girl there. Parked up and text her, she quickly text back with room number

Price: £20 for 10 minute handjob

The Girl: Pics are accurate reflection although I think they actually do her a disservice. She looks hotter in real life. Girl next door if your neighbour looked filth. Age is accurate at my guess. She was very much up my street.

Session: Door is ajar so I just walk in. She is sitting on bed in some very nice lingerie. Quick chat and my trousers are down before I sit on bed and she kneels in front of me. Excellent hand job technique as she alternates how she goes. As handjobs go I thought this was an excellent one. Actually ended up having just a pretty normal chat as she does her work and I thought she was nice lass. I came, quick clean up and on my way.

Final thoughts: At that price it is hard to go wrong but I thought she was both fit and good at her job. That combined with the fact she is sound and English, I find it a bit strange in terms of the end of the market she has priced herself at. Her pricing structure is all over the shop too. I will go for a blowjob next time though.

Was looking to bang a hot Rom and glad she didn’t get back with a confirmation in the end.  Saw Jenny’s profile and read the single review and was sold.
*I took a piss before going into room.  Used wet wipes but she must had decided she wasn’t doing OW/OWO.  Says £20 extra which I declined.  Wasn’t going to ever walk.   :wacko:   The other reviewer got OW so perhaps bad move going for a piss.

Visited: Sep 2023.

Comms:  Called the number and spoke with a lady that had good English.  Pretty sure it wasn’t Jenny that took the call as her English wasn’t as fluent and later used the phone for translation.  Got the postcode and menu via text.  Booked a time and made my way.

Location:  Between Morden and Rosehill.  House is 1min walk from St Helier train station on busy road.  Plenty of free parking.
Ring camera alert: Pathway is shared with neighbouring terrace house and they have a ring camera facing as you walk in.  Wear a face mask.
Stair camera alert:  Noticed a camera on the staircase was I was leaving.  Quite dim inside with curtains drawn so won’t be the best images.  Also masked up before leaving. 

The girl:  Hide behind magic door. Turn around and my jaw drops to the floor.  :crazy:  The prettiest Brazilian I’ve had the pleasure to shag and likely within my top 3.  She’s nubile category with a very pretty face, and the loveliest tits.
Brazilian. Can’t be more than 5ft4.  Size 6.  No a bubble butt.  Says D cup titties are natural, and believable, saw no scars.  Shaved vag.  Good English so no issue with comms.  Claims to be 20 but I’d throw a few years on top. Definitely <25.

Price: £60 for 15 mins.

Shown upstairs and asked if I can go for piss (cleaned with wipes).  Got back in room and sorted out the donation.  Says £20 for extras but didn’t quite catch what she said.

She’s on bed lays back and strips off Tee and Jean shorts.  Fucking cock hard looking at her.  Asked if she’s doing OW and she says extra, so just bagged up ready for action.  :thumbsup:

I know, I know,, many will say this is a glorified fuck doll experience.  My review.    :hi: :wacko: :lol:

Start in mish and bang away sucking at those lovely tits and kissing her neck.  She does’t kiss back (likely an extra?).  Go through my routine and watch myself taking my cock out and re-inserting into her pussy.  Clit rubbing. And more ploughing.

Switch to CG and she mounts and really bounces looking active.  Suck on those perfect titties and she mentions they can be sensitive so no man handling, and also the navel ring sensitive.
Pull her towards me, taking her wrist to her back and she almost knocked me out dropping forward.  :) She lays onto me titties in my chest as I fuck away, with her light moaning.  Damn this feels so personal.  :wacko:
Stop fucking, with cock inside, position to lotus.  Slowly grind each other as I suck on those tits.  Great attitude from her.

Switch to doggy.  Insert and double check where it's going.  Room is so dim and spot that smallest arsehole looking back. Smash away, thumbing her back door.  ;) Lay into her kissing her back.  Phone alarm goes.   Ask her how long and she says 1-minute.  Keep banging away, then asked her switch to mish.
Spread her wide, heard a fart  :unknown:, inserted and went to town, smashing away until I pushed every last bit of juice out.

Cleaned up and she got on her phone to translate that, 'she caught air in her pussy when we were changing position.'  She was embarrassed about the pussy fart.   :lol:

door-to-door: 15mins.
Conclusion:   Positive.  Was never going to walk away from this one.  SHE IS FUCKING SMOKING!  Not too bothered about Oral sex, everything was delivered and I walk away with the biggest smile.  Very nice girl.
Need to stop myself from going back within the next 3 days or I’ll be dry spunking.   :wacko:

*She used phone translate to warn me about the neighbours ring doorbell on exit.

Asked her how long she’ll be around before move.  She think’s 5 more days and maybe off to Brum or somewhere with a B.

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London / Ts Noir Givenchy - Kensington & Chelsea
« by LarryLA53 on Today at 06:04:18 pm »
This turned out to be a lovely surprise. I found her profile to be a little cold and intimidating as well. By contrast she is warm, careful  concerned and friendly. All communications via WhatsApp and her English is excellent. I would imagine direct phone call will work as easily. Finding the place is straightforward and she's ready before time, so I'm in love before we start. Doesn't comfortably kiss new clients but kissed me with intent on the way out.
No face pics on the profile as she has another life, but she's remarkably pretty. Her body is trim, toned and athletic, and smaller than expected. Her cock on the other hand is every bit as big. It's billed as 9 inches and that seems right. We started out quickly. I wasn't very helpful in terms of letting her know what I like. Very little experience with as dominant a player as Givenchy, so I'm not leading. And she's edging forward trying to do what I like without knowing what that is. She has great instincts and all the erogenous zones get attention. Her responses are gratifyingly on point as well. Her tongue finds temporary homes all over my body and now she's seriously twanging hard. She works my nipples and offers clamps which I decline. Only so much pain is a good thing. And then I'm on my knees and we are testing doggy style. It takes some maneuvering but she is very very good at this. She has a couple of suggestions that bring my prostate into play. This is new and I'm getting close. We switch to almost missionary which is bliss. Again the muscle tweeks for the prostate and I'm right on the edge again. Finally I'm sitting on the end of the bed she is working me with her fingers her cock and her tongue and I come. Shakes me.

We chat, I wash up and she helps me put on my shoes. Gotta love that. Pushes me against the wall and kisses me. Also explains that she loves to come, but being my first time with her I was her priority. Next time.
£200 for the hour, went just over and I'm on my way with a smile. Highly recommended. Skilled, confident and surprisingly nice.

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This is actually my second visit to here and I have seen Nina both times. I forgot to do a report for the first visit.

Comms: Easily booked on WhatsApp with a near instant reply (the number is on the website)
Price: £50 plus £80 for naked HE
Duration: 1 hour
Services agreed: Massage with Naked happy ending
Location: It's on a main road in Sandiacre, there is discreet parking behind. Entrance is located on the crossroads next to the building by the bridge.

Girl: I found Nina to be relatiely atractive. I always find it difficult to guess the age of Thai girls but I'd say she is in her 30's. She has a great pair of fake breasts if you like bolt ons.

Meeting: 1 hour, straight into the room, got naked and she gives a really good massage. I would assume she has some kind of qualification, there has definetly been some proffesional training. After about 30 mintues she turned me over, got naked and gave me a great tit wank, some limited body to body and then sat on my legs facing me with my cock between her legs. She was fine with me using my thumb to rub her clit. I'm not sure if she does this with everyone but we got on well the first time (I can speak a little Thai which might help) and she was wet. I'd asked about full se the first time I went and it wasn't on offer so didn't ask this time.

I'll definetly go back. The reviews of Sunny sound good so I might see her at some point but I'll be quite happy seeing Nina again. She said she goes back to Thailand in November but will be back at some point.

First things first I wish I actually read the reviews on her first.

Location:  A small hotel about a 15 minute walk from the town centre.

Girl: fat black woman with a huge bunda and quite large saggy boobs.
Very cold and business like on arrival. Kept on making me wash my hands.

Experience: got to down to it almost straight away. Almost putting a condom as soon as I got undressed.
Wouldn’t let me touch her boobs “said she is ticklish”. Gave me some oral with to wake me up. I asked if I could go down on her. She said it’s extra. I nearly asked her if she is Romanian.

She laid on her back with hardly any emotion. Then I tried to cum as quickly as I could

She then complained that I made some marks on her bed. I assured her it wasn’t me as I showered thoroughly before I left.

It was almost like she wanted to cause an argument. I quickly got dressed and left. Not even putting my socks on,

Avoid avoid avoid
I definitely have bad luck punting outside of London.
And a lucky escape as I nearly was going to stay/ pay for a hour.

Price paid: £70
Time booked for: 30 minutes

Time actually stayed for: 12 minutes

Recommended: No way
Would I return: definitely not.

South East / ClaudiaBBW - MK
« by funlovingguy on Today at 05:11:44 pm » or

Was looking for a big ass and saw this profile in MK,

Comms : good quick reply

Services, : No penetration, lip kisss, BJ , Cum on boobs

Location : same old MK skyline

Services : Buzzed into the building and flat. The pics dotn talk about her hieght she is 6 ft, i am 5.9 , she was wearing a black inner.. Gave her 50 for 15 mins, no penetration she said she was on periods.

I was there for her ass and for her body it was small and not bubble buttt , she is a large unit, little gut not flat stoacmh , she was opne for lip kiss and then went for the OWO . she was slow and good ,but not DT after 5 mins , i said let me stand and look at COB, she had a amssage table as well, i was not interesetd in the massage, stuck it her moutch to suck.. boobs are good and firm and kept the pace and released on the boobss. She was friendly .. there was another old hag who was sitting and said hello.. not sure who will use her.. said byes and walked ..

for 50 young and big unit, not my type but might work for others

North East / Angel of Xiang Xiang Middlesbrough
« by Highlander on Today at 05:08:52 pm »

Today I had sex with an Asian Princess. Instead of a castle that would befit such  a beautiful girl, it was in a mid-terrace in a run down housing estate in Middlesbrough.

Looks wise she's probably a 10, I'm not joking. Her body is absolutely ridiculous, shes ripped up with abs showing but with large perfectly shaped breasts with long hard nipples. Fully shaved little pussy that looked like all future Flashlights should be moulded from it. Basically a perfect looking vagina, hygiene was  perfect.

I was let in and went upstairs to find her spitting what I assume (hope) was mouthwash into a bucket, which was amusing although not sexy or the Eastern eroticism I was perhaps expecting. I guess I caught her by surprise slightly with my speedy stair climbing prowess.

Actual meet itself was pretty good if not as natural as some I've had. Slight language barrier and she does this weird thing where she asks you if you want a condom for oral and I'm like "no thank you" and then she acts all surprised, shocked almost and it was all slightly awkward and I said well if you must. And then she said "it's extra" and I said "how much?" and she said it's up to you? This confused me. Obviously I don't want to pay much extra but don't want to appear cheap either. At this point all this thinking with my actual head had led to my promising erection evaporating into the ether and she was crouched in front of me negotiating with my limp lettuce cock. Turns out in the end it was only a tenner. Head was actually really good, nice and wet and sensual.

I then fucked her in missionary, then doggy (which was a sight I won't soon forget) and back to missionary with her legs back by her head and my cock pounding into her with me supporting my weight with my arms. I kind of got the feeling she was getting off on seeing my cock slamming into her but then she started saying "it's too big, it's too big" over and over so I said okay I'll hurry up and finish but it turns out she was digging it and thats just what she says when she's getting ruined as she started saying she loved it. Mixed messages I thought but by that point I'd made myself reach the point of no return.

Great punt with slight language/cultural   issues. I asked her if she's sticking around but she didn't seem all that clear, either in what I was asking or if she was staying.

East Midlands / zaralouise - Nottingham
« by ILHS_69 on Today at 05:08:13 pm »
So my first punt in Nottingham, and I saw a few profiles, shortlisted them and liked Zara's pics on her profile. She was fast to respond and told me to come over in a few hours and gave me an address. Once I got to the building, I called her and she gave me the flat no. Buzzed me in.

Overall, I was torn between giving this a neutral or positive for one primary reason - she has put on quite a bit of weight since the photos on Adultwork were taken. Not so much to be unattractive, but definitely not as fit or hot as her photos anymore.

The only reason I am giving this a positive is because of her attitude and the service. She was very friendly, seemed to be really into it, and also gave an amazing blowjob (with excellent edging skills) - and let me cum on her face.

100 pounds for 30 mins - bit on the steeper side and given the weight issues, unlikely to go back for seconds. Unless someone tells me she's fit again. But for a one-time thing, and just for the great oral skills, I'll be generous and give it a positive.

Scotland / Yuna siam horny Edinburgh
« by windowlicker on Today at 04:52:37 pm »

Saw this one recently.

Comms were excellent and meeting was easy to arrange. Let in straight away so minimal waiting around outside.

Venue was in the shitshow that is Dumbiedykes flats. I guess they are fit for purpose but would not want to go at night.

The girl was lovely. Very fit although not wearing the make-up in the AW pictures. She is small with massive tits.

I paid £70 for 30 minutes and an extra £20 for kissing. Not sure this was necessary for the extra as she might have done it anyway.

Started with a nice massage which soon progressed to ball and ass play. This got me going and I was hard when she got me to turn over. She went for OWO although I didn't pay for it. Her skills were excellent with lots of shaft licking and she went deep. I then gave her reverse oral which she seemed to enjoy. She got very wet and seemed to cum when she clamped my head in position. Sex in a couple of positions and came in the bag. Was there for over 30 minutes. No offer of a shower before or after. Lots of quality kissing throughout which started when I was getting undressed.

Had a good time and will return if she returns to Edinburgh. She leaves on Monday so Sunday is her last day working here.


1hr £100 + £20 OWO

This is a regular place for Chinese girls in Nottingham.  The guy that runs it seems to be genuinely driven, at least in part, by customer satisfaction and obviously sees the benefits of keping regulars happy.  I'm not a regular, but I know some on here are.  The quality seems to vary greatly week-to-week but this week's girl was reported to be very good so I was tempted into giving her a go.

Long story short, should have gone for 30mins straight up for 60 quid and even then it would have been a Neutral.

So... firstly, the girl herself is really pretty facially, and seemed around early 20s.  Physically she's got a bit of puppy fat and is fairly tall for a Chinese girl, maybe around 5'7.  She knows about 6 phrases in English - Yes, No, Big, 'Oh-My-God', 'Sleep' and 'No English'.  This means she knows 6 phraes more than I know of Chinese, so she still has me at a disadvantage  :lol: She uses a translation app on her phone for the trickier conversations that require more than this.

She was playful and fun throughout, quite energetic and quite amorous with lots of body kissing and smiles.  Not much lip kissing and definitely mouth-closed where it was.  Didn't mind a bit of pussy play.  OWO wasn't really worth it, but then I'm not sure why I went for it as it's something I only really enjoy when it's top-class (think: Kylie Marie / PrettyLittleEllie).  Here it was OK, but punctuated with a lot of theatre about cock size and what-not.

Sex was disappointing.  We started out with her insisting I go on top.  I eased it in and it took a fair while to get going.  She put on a good show of facial expressions and noises but I wasn't ever really sure if she was in pain or enjoying it, or somewhere in-between.  I was going very slowly and gently, but she seemed very sensitive to depth.  After a while I suggested she go on top, but she gasped shocked and said no way, big big etc.  I tried to debate this, but no luck.  Then I suggested doggy, with exactly the same response.  She was resigned to the missionary position so I figured i'd see off round 1 like that and reapproach the sitaution for round 2.

So we're about 20-mins in, and after 5 minutes or so of 'chat' (using translation app), she suggested a massage.  I gratefully accepted, but it was more of an oily stroke of the back than anything proper.  Again no bother, she's playful and happy-go-lucky still so I figure we'd get on to round 2.

Alas, I suggest it and she says no.  Too big, painful, etc.  Says she'd rather sleep, then lies on me and starts to play around closing my eyes and pretending to snore etc.   Now i'm never, ever going to insist a girl does anything they clearly don't want to do so after a while I just ask her if she wants me to go.  She seems ambivalent, asks if I want to.  I say no, but I'm not going to stay if all she wants to do is fall asleep.  She says OK and so i'm up and off.  (all on the app, of course!).

Can't help feeling like a twat for booking and hour and not insisting on 2 pops being inked into the pre-nup, but i've been to this place before and it's always taken as read that 1hr = 2 pops.  Clearly she wasn't up for that and i'm not going to insist as that's not the kind of person I am.  I did tell the chappie after and he just said it would be fine next time if we agree up front, but I don't feel that was the issue here really.

Anyway, felt a bit disgruntled with the whole thing as 120 notes for 35mins and 1 position is pushing it.  Can't say i'll return but if I ever do, i'll just have to be that guy that insists on his shopping list being checked on the way in.

Very pretty girl, OK body, service below par.  If you like the sound of her, I'd recommend 30mins max and no extras.

14 or

If you’re looking for a slim, glamorous young thing, scented and primped up she is not for you.

But I like a real woman – who listens to what you want and gives it with enthusiasm. Who when she says she is filthy, is filthy.

I had seen her years ago at the House Du Croix in Bristol but didn't remember though she did.

I booked for an hour this time telling her I wanted a hot sweaty time, and that's what I got. If you like a down to earth woman, she is the business.

She was extremely helpful in directing me to her place which is half an hour away from me, and even got an uber for me to go back.

I shall see her next week I hope, and we did discuss some agreeable obscene arrangements.


Vivastreet link

Phone number 07498974982. If someone could paste photos please, I can't do it. No massive urgency though, they're not her.

Location University area, easy comms by text, no shenanigans when I got there. Had arranged &£80 for 30 after clarifying I'd zero interest in massage.

Straight in on time to see a slim, attractive B/C cup boob Rom with a few tats but not the girl in the vs photos. Longish grey/blonde hair very slim and fit. Friendly smiling, welcoming. I immediately liked her, decent English. She undressed me, nice touch, quite rare these days and let me do same to her. That bit was easy as she only had a stringy top and denim shorts, but still. She smelt soapy and nice so I went ahead with RO (I don't often) before she went to work on me.. I was well hard, cover on, good oral and quite a few positions. A bit passive maybe but it suited her if that makes sense.

Dressed me afterwards. I chatted, she is here for another month, told her Mother she was visiting her sister who has a similar job in Belfast but not at that location. Says her Mother would "go shocking" as she thought sister worked in a call centre. Laughed mischecvously at this.

I asked her if she got people asking for extras she rolled her eyes and said yes but she does nothing uncovered and no anal.

I've probably missed something, easy positive for me despite technically a bait and switch but she is quiet and passive so YMMV. I liked her and I had my fun and that's all that counts (copyright Father Fintan Stack). Pair o' wankers...

North West / Ladybirds - Scarlet
« by DozyDave on Today at 03:58:43 pm »
Lady - Scarlet
Venue - Ladybirds, Northenden
Price £50 + £10owo + £10 DFK
date - 28-sep-2023

Whilst Scarlet is on the extra-large size and bigger than I would normally chose, so probably not to the taste of many members, it was for me a great punt.
Again many would baulk at the £10 for DFK but it was worth it. Enthusiastic and keen she was.  Excellent OWO. Cowgirl & Mish to finish. 
Super personality. Would definitely visit again.

East Midlands / Stella Thai Escort- Derby
« by Stickitin on Today at 03:47:36 pm »
Been to this one this week. £70 + £20 for OWO

Not a bad looking girl. Relatively tall for a Thai, age I’d say is about right around 30ish, slim with quite chunky bolt ons and bullet nips. Average looking facially. A bit more pussy hair than you get with most Thais but no problem for me.

Handed over the cash face down for a quick massage, was hoping she’d warm me up from behind with a few swipes but didn’t happen. Turned over and she warmed me up with a gentle bit of wanking while kissing my nipple, sensed she was avoiding kissing. Into OWO which was fine and about average for what you get.

After a few mins of that she put the Jonny on and hopped on top that was reasonably decent, flipped over and pumped away in mish with her legs right back for a while before finally blowing my lot, went in for a kiss before that but she turned her head after about 10 secs.

So overall it was fine, a reasonable pump and dump, probably wouldn’t go back but only because I only ever go back the the best ones as there is too many others out there to try.

South East / Sexylexxy - Rochester
« by matthew1986 on Today at 03:44:49 pm »

Tel: 07712 289525

Arranged a 30 minute session as a same day booking. Time and cost all agreed, with location to follow nearer the booking.

All my messages were promptly replied to, good English and friendly.

Text sent by me at the agreed time (30 minutes before booking time) as I was leaving, requesting the address and was told:

I've got a longer booking with someone unplanned so won't be able to make today now sorry.

And that was that. Hate leaving a negative review, and she was deeply apologetic, but you cannot be treating folk that way. She would have known at some point that she had a more lucrative offer, and should have told me then.

North West / Jenna - Preston Vip
« by Graph123 on Today at 03:05:51 pm »
Preston Vip

Jenna is a red head with tattoos. Her profile shows shes has  purple hair and is a dress size 8, I would say the dress size accurate. I would say 5ft7 with heels.


£45 15mins. Owo

I fancied a quick pump and dump.I was introduced to Jenna.

Went up to the room started off with a bj lasted for 5mins nice technique. On with the rubber, rode in cowgirl whilst I watched in mirror lots moans from her. I next had her in doggy were I came. A bit of chit chat and then she left the room.

Overal a good punt. She seems a down to earth lass who is willing to please.

Would I return yes

South West / Amara - Bath Road Massage Parlour
« by vronsky100 on Today at 02:50:05 pm »

Location: Bath Road, Bristol. Well known and reviewed location. No problems parking and a safe area. Used back entrance for discretion.

Price: £80.00 plus extras (in my case £20.00)

Meeting: This took place in the late evening - about 10pm. I rang earlier to see if Amara was available and I was told that she would be, but that unless I was a regular I couldn't book her. So I turned up hoping that she would be free.

I was in luck and first impressions were favourable. She was aged early 20's and darked haired, brown eyes and with coffee coloured complexion. She had long slim legs, height about 5'8", topped with a delectable bum and looked gorgeous. As it turned out she also had a lovely pair of tits. She has quite a wide mouth but overall I was pleased with my choice.

She told me the price and that extras were OWO and reverse oral which were both £20. I gave her £80 and she departed for several minutes while I tried unsuccessfully to have a shower - I couldn't get the thing to work so gave up and hung around like a spare prick etc

She returned and when we embraced (I was naked at this point) I was very turned on. My mistake was letting her take over and propelling me onto the bed. For some reason I was unable to perform and I couldn't get a satisfactory hard on although I had taken a quarter of a blue pill. So we went through all scenarios including oral and having sex but I couldn't get it up. This may have been because she was quite assertive and I think if I saw her again I would like to take control.

In the end I said that I would like spend a bit more and go down on her. So I paid another £20 and got her properly naked (up to this point she'd been wearing crotchless fishnet tights which might turn some people on but not me. I positioned her on the end of the bed and went down on her lovely cunt. This she enjoyed and guided me to the best spot. I tried to insert a finger after a few minutes but she resisted so I made do with a knuckle which she seemed to be happy with. It was most pleasant licking away between her cool thighs. After a bit I felt a stirring in my dick so I removed one hand and started to wank myself while maintaining my mouth on her cunt. Soon I had a good hard on but I decided to keep wanking while the going was good. After about ten minutes I felt the sap rising and with a big groan I pulled away and spunked a good load into my cupped hand (I'm very tidy). She jumped up in fright because she didn't know what was going on and was away with the fairies enjoying my efforts I suppose.

After we'd both calmed down I said thank you and made my excuses and left. Overall it was frustrating not to be able to perform conventionally but the end result was positive. I might return.

Jessica_Jensen – spur of the moment

I had a 1h incall for £180.

Venue: hotel in Wandsworth by the roundabout.

About the escorts physical appearance and personality: On her profile it says 32 (can be right). Nice body (Size 10). Natural breasts. No pubic hair. Public gallery pictures are accurate.

Arranging the meeting
: Exchanged a few messages on AW. Once we found a date, made the booking and it was sorted.

During the meeting:

I had Jessica on my HotList for a while. While tempted to go to Kent I waited and eventually her profile indicated Wandsworth.

She gives me the directions and I find myself knocking at her room door without any problem.

I get in, paid my fee and go for a shower.

Jessica first asks if I want a massage. I agree. After a while I ask for a blowjob and she puts herself in 69 position and tells me I can massage her butt hole.

Her rhythm and technique for oral is good and eventually I ask to fuck. Condom, lube and I penetrate her in missionary. She knows what to say and round one is finished after a bit.

She offers me another massage and once I’m ready I ask for another blowjob. Round two has similar pattern. Condom, lube and I penetrate her in doggy. She knows how to tease and again I have no problems reaching an orgasm.

Have a quick shower, dry myself and leave with a smile on my face.

1. Good value for money
2. Friendly.


1. None.

URL: (close on what she looks now)

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Summer 2023 - within last 3 months

£150 for 60 min

10mins from Victoria station. West London. Downstairs flat.

Usual communications quick comms from the maid. I called a few days before to sort a slot. Confirmed on the day in the morning.

Mixy is a very nice lady. Greeted with a big hug and long kiss. Kept the smile up the whole time. Likes to do a lot of light touching all of the body and licking everything. Excellent English. Was happy to be lead, but gave a few suggestions of things to do also.

Her pictures are quite representative of what she looks like (both website and twitter/X). Mixed race, but more of a Thai look with a Latina body. Fairly slim but with some nice curves around the hips and bum, has an hour glass shape to her. Very nice ample breasts which are natural and curvy. Shortish hair and pretty face. I suspect she's late 30s/early 40s. About 5ft 4in.

Service received: LFK/DFK, OWO, RO, sex (covered), body licking, HJ
The meet:
I arrived a few mins early and was let in by Jess (who is really stunning) and had a quick shower. Was in the room on time and as usual for HOD, Mixy was about 5 mins late. Greeted me with a big hug and straight into a long kiss. Chit chat as she laid out the towel and sorted herself, asked what I like and told me what she dislikes. Sorted the paperwork and straight into some LFK. This continued as our hands explored each other and we removed each others underwear.

She kissed my upper body and made her way down to start some OWO which was a bit light and mainly focused on the head and less in the shaft. Ball licking provided when asked. She was twisting her head and the base of the penis in opposite ways which was a nice sensation so enjoyed this for around 10mins. Stopped her before I popped and some more kissing which was more DFK as we moved to the bed where she started to lick all over my face - not something I've had before but wasn't that bad, just make sure she has no lipstick on. I then went down on her and initially wasn't getting much reaction but some perseverance and building up the rhythm had her moaning and squirming. Felt the clench and shudder with the sweet juices coming out of her. Short break to let her recover as we kissed more (quite passionate at this point) and I paid attention to her lovely breasts which she was more than happy for me to suck and nibble very gentle.

Just over halfway through got the dom on and we cycled through versions positions including CG, doggy, probone, standing and finishing in mish where I came in the bag. Sex was quite sensual and even paced, not PSE at all which is not my thing really so I enjoyed this. Lots of kissing throughout and her moans were quite soft and gentle mainly. I found her quite tight and right amount of lube was applied. We finished with 10mins to spare in which she tried to get me to come around with a mixture of OWO and HJ but we ran out of time.

Left quite happy, very nice looking lady with a great body and sensual GFE. Not visited since but will likely do so soon.

Naughty-Minxy – was looking for a bit of anal

I had a 90 min  outcall for £300.

Venue: outcall to hotel.

About the escorts physical appearance and personality
: On her profile it says 38 (can be right). Nice body (Size 8). Girl next door looks. Enlarged breasts. No pubic hair. Public gallery pictures are accurate. Went for PSE

Arranging the meeting: Exchanged a few messages on AW. Her number is now up on AW (+447827098201). Once we found a date, made the booking and it was sorted.

During the meeting:

I tried to book but the first time she cancelled. A few days later she got back to me and told me she could get a room so I jumped at the opportunity.

Once in the hotel we go at the same time to the room. I have a shower first and Mercedes goes after to shower and change into lingerie.

As she comes out Mercedes tells me her period started and if I didn’t mind only doing anal.

Music to my ears. The next 90 minutes is a festival of anal fucking with plenty of lube and condoms.

At the end of my time, I have a quick shower, dry myself and leave with a smile on my face.


1. Delivers on anal.
2. The right kind of filth.

1. None.

URL: (some of her porn)

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South West / Lola Massage Torquay
« by Tomstevens17 on Today at 12:31:24 pm »
Saw her last month, just getting around to doing some reviews - or

Location - Near the Willows in Torquay so good location if want somewhere out of town centre.  Quiet road, loads of free parking and pretty discrete. 
Comms - All done via text, really responsive.  Asked to text when parked and given house number and asked to go in through the back gate and into back door.
Girl - I normally see Libby who is much more my type, but like to switch things up when possible.  Lola size 14, massive tits.  She's pretty tall, but is a really nice and chatty person.
Service - 30mins for £50.  She is topless for the whole massage.

Overall similar to Libby, she isn't up to standard of say a Thai bam.  Massage is pretty light, lots of teasing of balls when on front and reach unders.  Asked to turn over and she allows plenty of touching of tits and ass.  I didn't push the touching any further. 

Lots of boobs in face and they are massive.  Seems like she enjoyed me putting them in her mouth and let me do this for a decent amount of time before we got to the ending.

I opted for £10 tit wank finish.  She gets down on her knees, let me put some oil on her tits and then fucked them away until I came all over them.

Offered wet wipes etc to clean up.  No offer of shower, but wet wipes and towel were plenty to clean up.

Seen her a few times since for same service, always been really good.

South West / Bebebelle - Newton Abbot
« by Tomstevens17 on Today at 11:43:45 am »
Second visit, apologies didn't get around to review first time around.

Location - Just outside town centre in Newton Abbot.  Parking definitely and issue on both visits, permit holders only right outside and very limited spaces on the pay and display down the road.  Ended up finding somewhere last minute on both occasions.  You could get away with parking in the Sainsburys opposite the Cider bar if there for a quick visit, but I dont like walking on main roads from too far away as know people in area. 

Comms - All pretty good and done via text.  I changed requested to change the time on the day, all done without much fuss at all.

Girl - Profile accurate, 58-60.  Blonde, size 18, good size tits.  Not my type at all, but I'm struggling to find anyone around Devon area that offers a decent OWO BJ. 

Services - I only wanted 15 mins on both occasions all in for £50.  First visit offered kissing which I was unaware of until she just grabbed me and went for it.  But only being there for a decent BJ and not finding her that attractive second time around I declined.   Gets right to it, lots of attention on my balls, good depth to BJ, lots of spitting and taking direction however I wanted sucking.

Had her in a few different angles and positions, bit of tit fucking.  First time finished deep in her mouth and she swallowed the lot.  Second time over her face.  She gives a really good BJ and does pretty much whatever you ask of her throughout. 

Will definitely be back when I just need that quick seeing to, if anyone has any other recommendations for a decent OWO sloppy BJ in Devon let me know!



Absolute fit young girl

Fee - £100 (1hr) + £30 extra for OWO = £130
Please note fees have since increased

Comms :- Are all handled by a manager but prompt replies and very easy to deal with

Location:- Off Narborough Rd, more towards Fosse park/ M1

Girl:- Not the girl in the pics but actually more good looking, cute face with a nice tight body. Her English is limited but you can get by. Age 20 is about right but she could get away by saying younger and about 5”2 in height although im rubbish at that. She was wearing a tight lace white dress which really got me going. Showed off her tight body and the shorts really showed off half her arse which was a great sight going up the stairs. She was really petite and her dress size I would put around 4-6. Had a real young uni student vibe about her. Her hair was nicely straightened and would be a real head turner walking down any street wearing that dress. I was really looking forward to the next hour!

Meet :- Sorted the paperwork, cash stashed, before she stripped off i just wanted to feel her up wearing that dress. I slowly stripped her off and was already exploring her petite body with my tongue. Onto the bed and onto OWO which was extra but well worth it, technique was ok but was just an amazing sight seeing such a fit young girl sucking away at your cock.  One neg was RO was not available, which i was disappointed in because I could’ve just licked that pussy all day long. On with bag and shes climbs on top off me, nice and tight. She has a small frame so her feet are fully rested on top of me bouncing away, i then grab her waist and thrust with abit more intensity and whilst i do this she puts her arms around my neck and rests face near my neck. Flip her round to doggy and then heels to the heavens finish her in mish. The only kissing available were closed mouth peck’s which were another neg.

After a little rest round 2 was much of the same and then got up and got and whilst getting dressed was just looking at her thinking to myself “wow.. just went 2 rounds with this absolute fitty”

Overall:- lack of any kissing or RO didn’t dampen a gem of a meet but will undoubtedly but a turn off for some punters. If your into young petite small frame girls then she right up your street although unfortunately she has raised her prices since then and with her charging extra for OWO it does put the punt at the higher end price wise. Defo would recommend.

London / Cindy - Olina - Kilburn
« by gooners on Today at 11:23:29 am »

When to see her end of August.
First punt with Olina.

Comms: Easy via WhatsApp
Location: Kilburn in some flat

Getting into the building was a bit tricky but finally got in and went to the flat. She asked me to take my shoes off and then went into the bedroom.

Cindy looked great but had some scarring on her boobs from surgery. No makeup or manicure.

Settled the cash and then we went into the shower together. She wash me up but no BJ or anything in the shower. Also, gave mouth wash.

Once we dried down we went to the bed. She started touching my body with her boobs and then started sucking me off. She had some different technique but it was good and did not make me cum. After I started playing with her pussy and tits. Did a bit of kissing but she did do DFK.

Put the condom on and started fucking in missionary. Pussy wasn't tight but was good. She then massage me for a bit and went for 2nd round.

Pro- she was friendly and good-looking.
Cons- lack of English.

She moved to locations now.

Scotland / vitoriaBRASIL - Falkirk
« by c5k on Today at 11:03:45 am »

Price: £140 for an hour
Comms: Text with fairly prompt responses and postcode given.  Texted on arrival, door number given
Location: Flat, near Falkirk town centre & Grahamston station, free parking nearby. Fairly discreet, entrance to flat was via the back garden, I missed the entrance first time!

The girl: Stunning Brazilian body, if you like tits & arse (like me) then she's perfect, definitely found her attractive and she would catch my eye in a pub/night club. 100% the girl in the photos as you can't miss the tattoo on her shoulder/arm. I've been put off seeing Brazilian girls in the past due to their attitude/reviews on here, but Vitoria was really nice & friendly and perhaps more importantly didn't appear to be going through the motions.

Meeting: Vitoria answered the door wearing an open robe & the black body suit from her gallery, in fact she has the same tan lines so must be pretty recent. The door of the flat opens outwards so there was no way she could hide behind the door. The meet was a vanilla GFE with light FK (no DFK), OWO (no deepthroat), cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy & missionary. She appears to prefer it gentle as each time I got going she asked me to slow down.

All in all a great meet and I would see her again if I ever want a vanilla GFE meet.

If you're in the market for a voluptuous girl I suggest you get in quick as she's heading to Stirling soon and then back to Brazil in October

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South East / Nuru_Massage - Newbury
« by timelord on Today at 10:53:01 am »
This happened a few months ago but only putting the review up now as at the time the ad dissappeared promptly and I couldn't recall the name but another recent review has allowed me to include a link in this belated review.

Where- Hotel in Newbury off the M4

Cost- cant recall precisely now but probbaly region of 70-80 notes for 30min session

SP- Tall, pale and reasonably attractive in GND way dress size would guess at 14 Room was quite dark so didnt really get a great look.

Services- this was my first experience of Nuru....the room was dark with some sort of ceiling projection and soothing music and also it was cold (think there was a portable AC unit in there) and the plastic sheeting on the bed made it just feel even colder. When the lotion was applied it was very cold so not a pleasant experience and I was seriously expecting things to go nowhere as I didn't much enjoy the massage whilst face down. However when I was asked to flip over and she got to work on the front even though it was still cold in the room and the lotion hadnt improved in temp her body to body skills had the sonic screwdriver swiftly rise to attention. We ended up in a 69 position but no oral action as yet just the massage with her using her ample breasts and the sight of her arse rocking back and forth in front of me. She had me close to the edge and I asked her to slow things down...then asked her to stop as I was about to blow and  wanted to move to the FS but she said we have to complete the massage darling. I though fuck it as it was clearly very enjoyable and let her continue and I promptly blew my load without getting to actually do her, not sure I would have enjoyed that more than her body to body massage technique but would have preferred it to be my choice as opposed to her sneakily pushing me over the edge.

Verdict: Neutral- didn't enjoy most of the 'Nuru' massage and didnt get to have the FS with her I was anticipating however she did make the sonic screwdriver explode in a way I've not experienced for some time through her body to body massage that left me reasonably happy with the experience.

Return: probably not, unless the room was warmer and the massage more in keeping with other massages I've had (maybe this is what Nuru is meant to be like?) and the decision on how to complete the session lies firmly with me.

East Midlands / Tanya - xlounge leicester
« by Aakash11 on Today at 10:25:39 am »
Saw a few posts regarding people bumping into tanya at xlounge and she is looking very nice. so i decided to give her go yesterday. paid £10 at the door and £60 in the room. services included ow and sex with kissing but not dfk.

first impressions of tanya was good, she looked really nice, young, fit, about 5'4 with decent natural boobs. We first started off with a light massage which then turned into loads of kissing and fondling with each other. She didnt really get into anything with gusto and was a bit cold. I decided to get her going by going down on her. her pussy tasted nice and i really went at it, she seemed to enjoy it and wanted to return the favour. gave me a decent ow and then i fucked her in doggy, finished up. had a brief chat and left.

She is a nice girl, looks good, young but a little mechanical and cold. Hence the neutral. Really want to get my hands on ellie but she is always bloody booked up.

South East / SEDUCTRESS_D - Isle of Wight Tour
« by macman26 on Today at 10:01:17 am »

AGE:  40’s.
PAID £80  - 30min hotel incall
SERVICES DELIVERED: A little OW | Intercourse |
SERVICES REFUSED:  Everything are you would think an escort would offer!
POSITIVES: she looks quite hot for her age
NEGATIVES:  pretty much everything
Location:  Hotel on Isle of Wight - touring

PRE-PUNT 8/10: Good communication.

LOOKS 5/10:  the photos look like they were taken 10 years ago and kind then! She does look hot in an older Mediterranean milf way


Contacted by phone and text to set up at local hotel, should've been the first red flag the hotel was absolutely dead, and she was really jumpy about me going in and being spotted, and she wouldn't come out and walking together.

Knocked on her room, she looks older than her pictures said, but she was hot in a milf Mediterranean way, and had amazing looking eyes and nice tits and tum.    Stupidly paid the money upfront, thinking she would follow the agreement on the phone a few minutes earlier about all the services.

This is when the service started to go downhill big-time, as she asked me to wash my hands and wash the boy (but no soap  :wackogirl:), have a pee, take my clothes off and relax on the bed.     

Did think perhaps going to get lovely massage while I'm playing with her body.  NO! Had a lecture about what can touch & not etc (lots), basically if you think a stripper service where she dances in front of you is what was on offer, literally no kissing other than a gentle kiss on the cheek. No intimacy, nothing….

I did get hard, she got the condoms out, gave me a light few sec OW.  It wasn't doing anything for me, so I felt crack on and at least we can have sex, flat refused to jump on top.

Missionary was, she whacked a load of lube in her vag, entered her, they literally was no feeling with pussy. Next she wanted to stop after a few pumps, which i did of course.  Then told me to finish myself off with the condom on looking at her! Asked her to play with herself, NO.  OK condom off cum over you nice tits? NO.  You hand me off? NO NO!!

Feeling really dissatisfied now and I just wanted to cum but not DIY style…. So said , you can either give me the money back and I'll pay for 10 minutes of your time call it quits….  Or I'll keep going in Missionary or Doggy, so she agreed, new condom applied with loads of lube inside her.

Missionary, pumped away, seemed to take quite a long time this time ;)  quite frankly, I was in no hurry to cum obvious once I cum, that was it, the meeting was going to be over.

Took all my control to last about 10 minutes with her, she did look at me, which was nice and some consolation. Finally, I cumed in bag, I could see the look of relief on her face at that point. At this point i did kiss her on her cheeks.   I think I was about 18 minutes now in to our meeting.

Made use to the bathroom which she offered, and then she talked about going out for dinner or coffee……  Quite frankly, if she was on a dating site or was a stripper with a little extra, it would've been fine, but I'm there to see an escort not a date!  So it's a reluctant negative for me, maybe she was great about 10 years ago before she had hundreds of cocks, who the fuck knows.   

Gave Muang another go.
Have been told many times
"New girl young very good service"
This time it was true.

New girl Penny new in both senses.
New to massage and new to this shop.
Previously worked in restaurant.
YMMV applies to these girls but some of Ning's best have come by this route.

Young; the 34 she told me is young to me.

Slim small natural boobs.
Closely trimmed pussy
Good massage but no teasing.
Upon enquiry offering B2B
Nicely delivered on request half way.

Genuine B2B with AAA
Smoothly moving to OWO to completion but not CIM
Likes RO
Foot massage to finish the time.
Only minimal down side poor English.
Made up by eagerness to please.A good find Ning.

London / Ebony-shay heathrow, low positive
« by Beesman on Today at 09:13:14 am »

Keenly priced young-ish slim-ish ebony provider.
1 hour £120

Well know budget hotel chain on well know main road near Heathrow airport, clean room, fit for purpose with no reception or locked door issues.

Standard door trick, looks wise facially -she has a bit of an odd look in her eyes, if a soldier who's seen combat has the thousand yard stare, think the escort version. Looks wise 6/10
She was pretty upbeat and probably a nice girl.
Slightly curvier than her pictures suggest with decent sized boobs, full c's or small d's. Reasonable booty but nothing special.

Wanted instruction throughout which is my main reason for the low positive. I've not punted in quite some time for personal reasons and was hoping for a more organic experience.
Not interested in anal  so didn't experience. FK light but decent.

All in all a low positive. I'm sure others would enjoy her more but for me its a one and done.

East England / Sunny69 hot Thai - Huntingdon
« by Condominium on Today at 08:44:08 am »

Comms: spoke to either her or her co-worker, both based in same flat. Some confusion after I confirmed time when I briefly got ghosted, but phoned again to confirm she was ready and waiting.

Locations: nice clean apartment 5 mins walk from Aldi and 10-15 mins from high street.

Price: £70 for 30 mins OWO, RO, kissing and sex.

Action: As reported extensively on both here (other regions) and AW, Sunny is a breath of fresh air with a natural big smile and a can-do attitude.
Money sorted, both stripped and she immediately got on her knees and took the little fella in her mouth. No inspecting, no wet wipes etc. She then encouraged me back onto the bed while she pointed her amazing round and toned ass at the built in mirrors opposite the bed. What a sight as she sucked at one end while raising her rear at the other.
She then laid in mish while I returned the compliment by giving her a good licking. Lots of (false?) moans and all clean and quite neutral taste down there.
She then popped the cover on and mounted me cowgirl while leaning into me for some deep kisses (surprise) for a while before we adopted my favourite doggy position for the big finish.
No rush to clean up after and she was still chatty and smiley. She offered a free bottle of water and a clean towel while I took off to the bathroom.
I left with another kiss and a hug after tipping her £10 for what was a great value punt.
Highly recommended.
Ps. Others have commented positively on her rimming skills but she now charges £20 for that and I wasn’t bothered.

Ok so she's well reviewed with great feed back... it's all true lol

Coms - great I text her the morning of the meet with a time and asking for the BJ special £50 15 mins got back to me within the hour and that was that.

Location - quiet could de sac easy to find , discreet and her own place I'm guessing lots of photos up etc, clean and tidy

The meet - walked in was greeted  with a kiss a lovely smile and a naked lady Wow lol. Her skin felt amazing weird right? Lol her breasts on display , so I had a quick fondle as I got undressed, she said drop your clothes there and sit on the sofa legs up so she could kneel between my legs. To which she then told me how much she loves sucking cock and cum. I mean I've seen the video on AW but wow she really does lol. Lots of sloppy sucking kissing around the cock lots of attention to the balls , genuine lovely lady , got me on the mood to fuck but wasn't there for that , she practically milked the cum from me lol taking it all. What an experience , cleaned up over tan by 10 minutes chatting.

Would i return?? Hell yes , best blow job yet.

South West / Angel Cute Girl in Bristol
« by TerryTibbs on Today at 07:46:47 am »
Hi Guys

This was an interesting and incredible booking.

My first booking with a Brazilian, looked too good to be true on the AW profile so was ready to walk, only one good review on UKP, she was with Agency previously.

Communication was good, but took 4 aborted attemps to finally get through the door! 

Location.  Small Air B&B type apartment on St Michaels Hill.  Lots of parking meters.  Also some incredible student eye candy while waiting in the car.  I have never seen so many hot students sporting the no bra look!  Young nipples every where!!!

The girl.  A real Brazilian beauty, tall, easy 6ft in heels, very slim and perfect dark skin, no tattoos or any other body damage, perfect little bubble butt and lovelt tits, but tits not as big as her profile photos, almost like she had a boob reduction, but no signs of this.  Very sexy face with great quality make-up and wearing black sexy lingerie.

Her prices are high,  £160 Hour for basic service, then you can add on the GFE pack for £50. (bit like BMW)  This includes DFK, OWO, RO, 69.  She also agreed WS as I did not want full sex as I like to keep it as guilt free as possible.


Took a quick shower first, good shower and clean white towels, back in the room where she was waiting, she was very attentive at all times with no time wasting.  She is a great girl, very chatty, sensible and friendly throughout.  I sat on bed and she started with my requested dance and she encourged me to slowly remove her undies and touch her, incredible body pussy and tits!

Then on to the bed together naked, she had a dildo for me to use on her small pussy, so in 69 position she give a great deep blow job, lots of gagging and licking, I was busy with the dildo in her and licking her clit.

Then thing took a strange turn, we finished the 69, and she said, "I need to fuck you" even though we agreed a no FS booking, she quickly put the condom on and slid on to my cock cow girl, it was an incredible sight.  I did remind her we had agreen NO FS but she said she could not resist my hard cock.  So fucked her cow girl, then missionary with lots of kissing and Brizilian dirty talk and finalily in doggy which was perfect, that small bubble butt is perfect.  finally came in her (condom) after about 5 mins of doggy.  Thinking OMG, she was just irisistable!

Then I gave her the special Terry massage, which blew her mind!  Lasted around 10mins and it was great to enjoy the look and feel of that great body and that ASS!

The onto the shower, she pissed on my cock and we had the most lovely soapy shower together, she was very complmentry of my body, its moments like that, that makes going to the gym worthwhile!!  She even squeezed some spots on my back!

I guess I was lucky, we really clicked, and she did not want me to leave.....I did leave eventually and felt like I was on Cloud 9.

Its booking like this that make it all worth while, be they dont happen very often these days.

See her if you can, but be warned, she does not suffer fools gladly....apparently you will be in and out the door if she does not like you.  Guess I got lucky.

So NOT very guilt free, but amazing!

10/10 for the whole event!

Would deffo return, yes!

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Sarah has been reviewed and discussed on here a few times but as I visited her recently I thought I would give my 2 pence worth.

I now normally only punt abroad but have stated to get back into FBSM and thought I’d give her a try
Booked on the day and comms were done via Whatsapp and quite straight forward.

Her place is not actuallylocated  in Great Barr but in Walsall in a quiet cul de sac. I got the idea that she has noisy neighbours and it felt like people are peeping through the windows looking, but as I’m not from the area it didn’t bother me

Paid £40 for 30 mins and that includes HE.

The lady herself is attractive. I would say she’s 5,8 and prob mid 40’s. Fake teeth and tan but looks great and has a lovely figure. Her looks alone probably is the only reason why she is getting a neutral.

The massage starts on your back and it isn’t a real massage but just a light rub down with oil. She does talk a lot which may suit some but I felt it took away from making the experience erotic or sensual. The light strokes literally carried on for 20 mins or so until she then asked me to turn over as time was running out and I wanted a HE.

Now again there was no sensual build up or any sort of teasing, it was just a case of grip the old member and start pulling at it. Technique not great and I struggled to eventually cum. If she stopped talking about random stuff and made the HE a sensual or erotic experience it would be worth going just for that but the session for me was a simple rub down with oil on my back and a quick tug on my member
. I left feeling very underwhelmed.

I don’t think I’ll return, unless I hear that her service has dramatically improved and the only reason she gets a neutral is because she is nice to look at and seemed friendly enough.

Scotland / Camila colombiana - Glasgow
« by K.Jay50 on Today at 02:13:40 am »  /

Communications: Contacted her via text and arranged a time - be aware, she'll give you the runaround with flats

Fee for Time: £100 for 30 mins + £20 for choice of Lingerie

Location: In Govanhill

Looks: She looks good and accurate accordnig to pictures on AW

The Meet: She answered the door wearing exactly what I requested however she didn't seem friendly at all, she had a stinking attitude from the start and I felt maybe it's nerves and she'll get better, Right off the bat, she starts going through her list of dislike (she really should post these), No fingers or biting, okay cool, So she's sitting on my lap and I'm sucking her tit and she slaps my face because I'm "sucking too hard" and it hurts her, I for the record was not...and I have seen other women who have voiced their discomfort but requesting...Can't squeez/spank her ass either because "it hurts" why are you doing this if everything involved hurts you ? In 30 minutes you can only cum once and she was constantly checking her phone but I figured she probably has another booking. I asked her for owo and then to get on top since I figured if I wanted doggy, she'd complain and moan about it. All in all the worst booking I've ever had and it's put me off punting for a while especially since this was my first punt in over a year.


  • Good Body
  • Tight Pussy
  • good owo


  • Clock Watching
  • Abusive (not agreed upon)
  • Moans and Complains about everything hurting
  • Absolute stinking attitude


Apologies for not posting a review in a while, I had taken a break from punting due to cost of living however I recently secure a new high paying job so alot more punting and reviews to come and I'd like to thank my fellow punters for their contributions over the years.


London / Sultry Sharon - Enfield
« by Marvelous on Today at 01:50:41 am »

- £70 = 30 minutes

- Second time lucky after getting bummed around by the maid  first time out. Hmo on a residential road parking about without restrictions. Nothing fancy about it really just does the job.

- Girl as pics but id say looks younger, nice slim body tiny tits and preety face. No English seemed bit tired said she been busy.

- Very submissive asked me to get on bed but i said no you get on bed :D  She let me have a good exploration off her body does kinda get into it but makes the right sounds wasn't really into my foot fetish also i think she don't like her pussy licked, could be as she just come off her P i don't lick pussy but when i was exploring her in that vicinity she said no.

Kissing was open mouth no tounges but was good sometimes she would pull away from it when i was filling my boots but other times come in for it herself at one point she really got into it and we were Kissing and cuddling for time  :thumbsup:  Oral she does take direction and gives the balls attention.

Sex again she gets into it but then at times was moaning/swearing i suspect at me in her language as i was giving her a good seeing to but then again she starts enjoying it no rushing or pressure from her.

- She not much off a talker but i made the effort throughout and got ger smiling and chatting a fair bit by the end which was nice.

It was a decent enough punt just missing the laugher and banter/interaction you get from say Petite Viki but the service was good enough for a positive.

Hidden Image/Members Only

Hidden Image/Members Only


Didn't want to put this in as a Negative as it could possibly have been a good punt so I think Neutral is the best way to go.

Booked over text. Agreed £70 for 30mins. Was given a postcode in Hillingdon. I drove there and parked up on a side street. The location was actually a parade of shops and she was in one of the flats above the shops with access from a service road behind the shops.

On arrival, texted to say I have arrived and was given an address which was behind the shops. Was a bit dark and not very well lit. As I arrived at the flat door and pressed the bell, I noticed a car parked across from there with the engine running and lights on and the driver looking over at me. Then another guy pops out from  around the corner, stares me straight in the face and then walks away. Felt a bit uncomfortable but waited a minute. No answer on the door but as I was feeling a bit anxious, I walked. Jumped in the car and drove off. Messaged her afterwards saying I had to leave.

As I said, could have been a good one had I not come across those guys hanging around so settling for a Neutral.

After my latest visit to Mila earlier this month, I was desperate to utilize my super-smooth cock, balls and crack, and so found myself returning to a local Latina B&S brothel set-up …

Link: or

Hidden Image/Members Only

… and Googling the displayed mobile (07594129140) typically yaks up copious links, referring to multiple and varied Latina WGs, so I knew well I'd be letting myself in for B&S … as ever, you too have been warned.


A text enquiry quickly received a three responses in quick succession …

“Hi Babe, I'm available now if you like!
N17 xxx

“Hi baby, my prices are the following;
1 hour £100 - 2 times
30 min £60 - 1 time
15 min £40- 1 time 1 position
Come so we have have some nice time together”

“Baby I do the following services;
For 1h -2 times :
Normal sex
Oral with condom
Hand job
Feet job
These are the services I charge extra for baby;
OWO (BLOWJOB) £20 extra
French Kiss £20 extra
Lick £20 extra
69 £30 extra”

I simply replied to say I’m on my way, knowing there was no need to state time of arrival or for how long I wanted to stay, knowing neither mattered with such B&S outfits.


This was the same flat and bedroom as was with my Girlfriend Angel > ‘Lily’ B&S …


This brothel is based in the top floor flat above commercial stretch along a dual carriageway … not discreet, as the front door is exposed straight onto the pavement, and there’s a fair bit of footfall with busy shops either side. It’s also an annoying 10min bus ride from Turnpike Lane tube station, and local parking is controlled til 1830.

Like previous Latina B&S brothel set-ups, this flat was typically grotty. I spotted a lounge/kitchen area, where you might choose your WG (although I didn’t get to choose on this visit) … I spotted several bedrooms, doors closed; behind one, I heard familiar fake moans.

The actual bedroom in which I was lead was sparse but fit for purpose … a double bed and dresser. I didn’t bother with the bathroom, but it looked okay as saw it through an open door on my way out.


I of course didn’t get sucked and fucked by MELISSA_GORGEOUS, but retrospective investigations allow me to share a link and imagery to the WG that did serve me …


Hidden Image/Members Only

Hidden Image/Members Only  Hidden Image/Members Only  Hidden Image/Members Only

Hidden Image/Members Only  Hidden Image/Members Only  Hidden Image/Members Only

Kali is a buxom wench, standing her 5’8” in heels with curvy Size 10 frame … pert C-cups and a phenomenal phat ass that she knew how to shake. I found her face cute, although she wore a bit too much slap and sported that odd-coloured wig.

Kali looked older than the VS-stated 25 … from Brazil, she spoke little English, just enough to communicate sexual antics.


On texting my arrival at the postcode, even though I knew the exact flat from my previous escapade, I diligently awaited to be texted to enter … waiting at a nearby bus stop, so as not to look shifty. On instruction, I approached and rang the bell, and the door was opened for me to duck in. Kali was behind it, smiling through thick purple lipstick … and sporting the brown lingerie and red heels in the photos above. I followed her awesome wiggle up the manky stairwell, and into the bedroom.

Kali asked “How long?” and I confirmed “15mins”, handing over £40. She stashed the cash in the dresser, as I quickly stripped and sat on the bed. Kali gyrated her hips toward me, and then leaned down to kiss my left check and neck, as I fondled her tits out of her bra, soon sucking at her nipples. Kali then turned to shake and twerk her tremendous tush in my face, and I could help but kiss and lick her firm cheeks.

Turning round again, Kali now dropped between my knees at the edge of the bed and pushed me to lie back, ripping open condom to slip down my ready erection. She then dropped into solid OW … swirly and slurpy, and taking in most of my 5.5” length … and keeping up sultry eye contact. I knew I could easily cum with her efforts, and so beckoned her to my silky smooth balls … she must’ve liked their freshly shaven look, because she didn’t hesitate to gobble up my scrotum in full, rolling my balls in her mouth, and even licking up-and-down my shaven gooch … all thanks to Mila!

Now probably 5mins in, Kali then stood and turned, as I also rose to sit at the edge of the bed again, keen to catch her gyrating ass in my groping hands and bury my face in it. She lubed her pussy out of sight, and then dropped down onto my lap, guiding my upright cock into her … going on to she bounce up-and-down in wonderful rhythm, interspersing with twerking gyrations. The sight was so cool, I lay back on my elbows to watch the spectacle … revelling in the feel of my cock up in that peachy motion. I knew I was not gonna move now, feeling too good … I let Kali carry on, and I soon burst in the bag. Kali felt me jerk to a climax, but didn’t stop her lapdance until I was proper spent … good girl!

After slipping off my softening cock, Kali pulled off the filled bag and wiped me up. She also carefully wet-wiped the purple lipstick that was evidently on my left cheek and neck, and I made sure to check such evidence was properly gone! As friendly as Kali is, her lack of English prohibited small talk, as I dressed up … she just kept smiling, and finally led me back downstairs and out … 13mins done.


If I’d cum across Kali via her own VS profile, this’d be a Positive P&D … you can’t beat such a slick £40 suck-and-fuck. But of course this was an expected B&S, as is the modus operandi of such a Latina B&S brothel walk-up operation, so this is Neutral … I’ll be back here no doubt, likely after Mila’s had her hands on me again!

London / Petite Viki - Mud'cute'
« by awpunter1 on Today at 12:21:19 am »
Petite Viki made my hotlist after reading previous reviews, she did not disappoint.

1hr - £150 or

Arranged the date a couple of days in advance. Comms were good. Received the directions video when I reached Mudchute - I'm not familiar with the area at all so it was a little tricky to find but realised on way back her place is nearer to the station that I thought.

I'd requested lingerie stockings, heels and a short dress. She delivered on all counts - cute as a button and outfit was perfect. Seriously sexy. I found her very attractive, friendly welcome and kissing, handed over the cash and had a shower.

Had to spend some time admiring and exploring her body in the outfit then asked her to tease her dress off... followed by her panties which she did very well. Plenty of kissing ensued which pretty quickly turned into dfk on tap. OWO (she went deep when requested) and 69 for some time before first round of missionary - her pussy is super tight. I'm not huge but it took a while to reach full depth (no lube used). Got our rhythm though and loved fucking her tight slim body with lots of eye contact and vocal encouragement.

Friendly half time chat - we had a laugh - and then time for round 2 at her suggestion.

Worked our way through doggy, cowgirl and missionary with her on the edge of the bed. Again though her pussy was super tight so it was hard work really getting going. Some lube would have helped!! Despite that enjoyed the views and eventually resulted to wanking myself off next to her pretty face interpearsed with more deep and fairly sloppy OWO and dirty talk encouragement from Viki to come over her. Fabulous.

Would very happily see again - a pain that her place is a bit out of the way for me but will be worth the effort for a repeat visit.

North West / Loosh?: Heywood Massage and Health Heywood
« by rhinot on Yesterday at 11:46:14 pm »

1 hour £40 + £60 B2B & BJ

Paid a visit following a couple of recent positive reviews. They both saw another lady.

Name sounded like Loosh. Could have been Luge since she went down on me.

Size 14-16 and not a great looker but nice enough.
Just standard massage for the first 30 mins or so. Pretty reasonable.
Don't remember much in the way of RUs or teasing.

Offered B2B. Suggested £40 (as per other reviews) but settled on £50.
Then offered OWO for £20 but only had £10 so was quite quick but very good. Ball sucking too.
Got anti-bac foamed before the BJ. No problem with that.
Boobs in the face. Touching allowed but no fingers. No RO but didn't ask.

No arse compliments like the other two reviewers. Must be far too pert for the Heywood girls.

Will visit again with an extra £10 for a proper BJ.

North West / Nam Pear: Radcliffe near Bury
« by rhinot on Yesterday at 11:21:36 pm »

1 Hour £30 + £60 B2B

Also on Gumtree and Google with location.
Residential street. Reasonable area. Parking felt safe.

Had seen Nam mentioned in older reviews and liked the sound of her and some online pics.
Pic No3 on this link to be precise - Hope this is an acceptable link

Ad popped up on VS some time ago so I jumped at the chance to live a fantasy.
Have been a few times.

Insists on a call rather than just text. I guess it reduces time wasters. Comms can be a bit flaky.
Double checked it would be with her. Yes. Definitely would be. It wasn't.
The stand in, whilst no great looker and quite large was very good fun and gave a really good B2B. She got really horny. Was worried about slipping in at one point.

Have seen Nam a few times.
31 my arse. 51 maybe. Still quite cute and tiny. Bit of a belly but nice enough.
Decent massage with RU/CC/bum play. Good B2B with touching and RO. Did promise BJ 'Next time' but seems a bit 'Free beer tomorrow'.
Was aware of her short changing on time in the past.
I made a point of looking at the clock. Never been short timed. Finish off with face and regular massage.

Have not been for a few months and got a text asking when I was visiting again.
I used hushed app but could have been a bit dodgy.

Will probably go again at some point.

East England / Barton Le Clay Jay
« by professorpopkiss on Yesterday at 10:44:00 pm »

Was intrigued by the other reviews on here so thought I would take a chance on a 30min booking.

Comms = very good

Location = clean&tidy comfortable flat.

SP =  more or less what you see in the pictures is what you get. clean mature chatty lady, I found her quite sexily dressed in Basque and stockings.

Paid £60 for 30min

The meet = started off well had a little chat and then was lead through to the bedroom. When in bedroom she tells me she is tired ( not a good start )  I was told what I could have and was offered the choice of cim or condom sex finish. There was no clock in the room but I kept my watch on to keep an eye on time.

She got me to lay on the bed while she straddled me to kiss me, good french kissing with a hint of stale smokey breath. Would you like oral now she said - "yes" so off she went giving good owo with lots of suction after about 3 mins of this she said "do you think you will cum like this?" Its too soon so carry on I said, off she went again sucking and slurping interspersed with hand job, stopping every few minutes to ask me if I was going to come. She then asked if I would like to lick her which I did, nice and clean and smooth down there. We then had sex with condom in missionary - she complained about the thickness of my cock and made penetration more difficult after a few more thrusts she asked I was going to come again - WTF! I was getting fed up as soon as I started getting back into it again she kept asking me when I was going to cum. This killed the mood for me she obviously just wanted me to come as quick as possible and get out of the door. I had a wipe clean and got dressed and left after just 20mins. So £60 spent and one blue pill later and all the stopping and starting meant no cum for me :(

Would I go again? - you,ve guessed it - NO!


1 hour £35 + £60 for B2B and OW (plastic bag)

Really fancied a last minute massage in the evening with at least HE and was the only place open.
A bit dubious given previous reviews.

Decided if the lady wasn't to my taste, I would just go for 30 Mins and HE.
She was a pretty Chinese Lady. I guess 30s size 12 bit of a mum tum.
A corset/support. Not super sexy but not industrial to hold the tum in a nice dress.
Fairly recent arrival in UK so English not great but good enough and very sweet.
Booked the hour.

Main road in Pendlebury next to Mcdonalds. Parking in residential area across the road. Felt pretty safe.
Entered through the front door and had to ring a bell to get to through an internal door. A little exposed but I could have closed the outer door.

Room OK. Shower is apparently not working well but I didn't need to use it.
Heated bed which was nice. Paper roll. Prefer a clean towel/sheet but does the job.

First stroke was from shoulders straight down to caress my arse. No doubt how this was going to go.
A lot of CCs and RUs early on with no mention of extras at that point.
About 20 Mins in, offered B2B. She asked how much I pay. I offered £40. She asked £80 for B2B & BJ. Settled on £60 (all I had brought).

I was half expecting a decontamination team to drop from the ceiling.
Wet wipe her hands, my hands, mini Rhinot followed by alcohol gel, mouthwash and sandblasting just to be sure.
Fair enough and didn't ruin it.

Boobs in my face/mouth, touching/fingers encouraged.
Then out came the plastic bag for OW. "Oh" I said but was pretty decent.
Bit of RO.
A bit more decontamination - sounds worse than it was and I suppose good that she takes some care.
Finished with face and leg massage. About 50 Mins but didn't feel short changed.

Middle positive. Might go again if a fairly late visit is needed.

London / Roxanne Tantric Pleasure - Aldgate East
« by Shindaabc1993 on Yesterday at 10:09:57 pm »
Described as 22, English, size 6, 34D slim figure thought I would give her ago as the location is easy and she was available at the time I was free. Would say she is very average, would have said slightly bigger than 6 but she does have decent size boobs for sure

Meeting: Usual start with a shower, into the room and on your front for a back massage. Some small talk bit seemed disinterested not the end of the world if girls do not partake. Spent a good 20 minutes on my back but the massage technique was not great no body to body, just used hands in a circular motion. Asked about whether she was open to anything else, but she has a BF apparently, no extras on offer (again no problem, each girls discretion).

Then asked to flip over, and this where my review goes from a medium to a negative, after about 1-2 mins started with the HJ. Normally the girls at TP provide you with a good massage on the front to get you more in the zone, there was none of that here, felt like she was rushing me out. Touching was limited to just boobs and she did not come closer to make it easier, once I finished quick massage was told we can continue the massage, about 5 mins promoted to go for a shower, left 15 mins early all felt a bit like she wanted out of there.

Came out the shower, drying off she was even sitting on the bed counting a stack of money from her day, felt a little unprofessional. Would I see her again, nope she is average at best looking if that and does not give a great service

East England / Kinky Annabell in Stevenage now B&S
« by Thisemailbet on Yesterday at 09:39:51 pm »

Bare in mind this B&S happened in Stevenage if profile is back in Hatfield it could be original WG again

This happened today fancied seeing her and booked in and headed to Stevenage new build place in SG2 2nd floor flat I get to door and knock and I’m greeted by a different girl 5’5 Latina B cup boobs didn’t see her arse facially somewhat attractive and covered in tattoos, I tell her I’m here to see an different girl and show a picture on my phone she says she is eating dinner at the moment, I say I can wait in here or the other room for a few mins, she says no she is at restaurant actually and you can either see me or go I don’t even bother asking her what services are on offer I just decide to walk, I text the maid about this and say I’m happy to wait and get told some more complete bullshit.

Hidden Image/Members Only

London / Latina@Caliente - Dalston - Excellent
« by slxbc on Yesterday at 09:23:48 pm »

With a few of my other regulars now gone, I was on the hunt for a good value massage option.  I definitely found it.

Price: £60 for 30 minutes
Location: Dalston

The Setup – WA message about an hour or so before I wanted to come.  Relatively good comms, though the location is a bit odd and in a decently busy area.  Wasn't enough to deter me though, and glad I stuck it out.

The Girl – Tough to tell, but probably 40s?  Claudia is Brazilian with nice skin and a pretty face.  Milfy vibe.  Great set of fake tits, probably D's, decently soft to the touch (but with some scars).  Fairly decent rest of her body, no major belly or anything, decent ass, shaved pussy.  Speaks great English, very pleasant personality.  Made me very comfortable and the whole visit was very light-hearted. 

The Punt - I confirmed in the comms that I was only looking for massage, no sex, which she said was fine.  She's likely more of a FS provider but she delivered the massage and HE really well.  Started on my stomach and gave me a decent back rub using some oil.  A few reach unders and chit chat while I enjoyed the relaxing rubdown.  Flipped about 10 minutes in and she immediately asked if I wanted a blowjob.  I said sure, and she did a bit of OW (my choice).  Really good suction, lots of licking and sucking the balls.  Really got me going. 

Eventually she removed the condom and started a blissful hand relief.  It was a great lingam massage, lots of edging and titwank throughout, sucking and licking my balls, me pausing from time to time to suck her nipples and bury my face between her big tits (and stop myself from cumming).  She tried a bit of ass play and PM on me, but it's not really my thing so I stopped her.  I played with her pussy from time to time, and by the end she was really wet.  I got the feeling she actually wanted FS, but maybe that's just my imagination.

She didn't rush me at all, I was in heaven for 20 or so minutes.  Eventually I could see on her watch that we were close to time so I had her finish me onto her tits.  She kept jerking me slowly for a bit to make sure I was fully done, and man was I spent.  We both showered and I was off.

Summary – Claudia was great, I will definitely go back.  Good price, very friendly, nice body and great set of tits, and delivered exactly what I was looking for.  She might be my new regular.

This happened a few weeks ago, sometime in July before she went on a summer break. This is nearing negative but her attitude and talks made me rate Neutral

Link :

Booking , address , directs were all perfect. Looking at the pictures, I had high hopes. On arrival I found out that the photos are heavily photoshopped but she greeted me well and quickly we connected well and chatted. Her face is cute and she talks well and always smiling. Her body is very loose and she didn't take any lead. Only 1 pop in 1hr :(

I was dull and not excited after looking at her but she did well to get me up. Nice OWO and then pulled out the cover and asked me to go on top and do it in missionary. Few minutes, I was done. After that we talked and she told me about dominatrix and showed the toy. I think she is better in that but then it's not my liking.

Thanks !

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