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London / Bond Street - Evita Sweet 21
« by Nervous_Man on Today at 03:19:57 AM »
Link: https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3858910

Location: Less than 5 minutes walk from Bond Street station.

Price: £120 for 60 minutes.

Facilities: The bedroom is spacious with a massive bed in the centre and a dressing table next to the windows overlooking the street. It is well decorated, and has quite a classy feel to it (Upper-middle classy to be exact). However the size does make the whole setup feel a sparse and cold.

Appearance: Exactly as one would expect having seen her Adultwork pictures. Fantastic and plush bum, tits are fake but well done and fun to play with for all that. Was dressed in stockings, a black thong and bra and a leather skirt when she answered the door.

Attitude: Cold and unprofessional to say the least. Was completely disinterested in doing a proper job of things for the entirety of the session, and was inattentive and robotic when in action.

Course of Events:
I turned up outside the house exactly on time, and when I phoned to be let in she said she needed 10 minutes to get ready. This isn't the first time this has happened when punting  of course, and I duly waited, expecting to the clock to start from when I got inside and had sorted the paperwork. After 10 minutes she called and became quickly irritated that I could not understand her perfectly enunciated English regarding instructions on which floor and number she was. I eventually got in, but due to the poor comms in this regard ended up knocking on a different door to the one she had supposedly stated. A curvy dark haired woman opened the door with a confused look on her face. I thought it was a bait and switch, but in all honestly was quite happy as this girl looked great, so handed her the money and she led me to the bedroom. I had settled in and she had returned undressed, and we were about to get to work when my phone rang. It was Evita, and she was enraged as to where I was. In short the fuck-up was undone, the girl I'd almost banged was kind enough to return my money, and her and the girl she was sharing the flat with were very friendly and saw the funny side to the whole debacle, even suggesting I stay there. On hindsight I wish I had, but instead I went upstairs to meet Evita. A terrible mistake it seems.

I got in and she unceremoniously let me in as if I was just there to check her meter and was not in fact paying for a service. By now it was 17 minutes past the time we had originally intended to meet. I went upstairs and settled in while she went to put the money away. She came back, sat on my lap and began grinding against my cock, while I played with her tits and arse. I then got undressed and she put a condom on and began mechanically sucking me off. After a bit of time she got on top and after a lot of fiddling and easing herself on it became clear she was using clamping to great degree (it was not like a conventional tight vagina as those tend to be tight throughout, whereas this was very much a vice like grip at the entrance). She then proceeded to ride as fast and callously as possible, all the while making half arsed and generally retarded pornstar noises. I was glad when I came, as it felt like my dick was about to get torn off.

Considering how I was already quite fed up with this girl by this point, I just told her to give me a massage while I recharged for the second round. The massage was lacklustre, indeed quite literally limp-wristed. At some points she was essentially just dragging the fingers of one hand lightly about in a random way. At this point I turned and saw she was on her phone. She then took a call with me sitting there. I spent a good two minutes listening to some bloke trying to haggle some kind of 15 minute arrangement while I was fondling her arse and tits. It was off putting to say the least. After a couple more minutes of her texting while I was groping her bum I had enough and got a bit pushy until she did her job and popped on another rubber. Sucked me off a bit in the same robotic way, and then I fucked her. She was passive throughout, and made the same irritating porn noises. It must be noted that when she was not on top or in the missionary position, but rather in doggy, she was not able to exercise her grip to such a great extent, such that it almost felt like a normal vagina instead of a bloody Chinese finger trap. She eventually started to moan about the time so i fucked harder until I came, and quickly left to go a more comforting place, namely the cold and wet street outside. Truly a demoralising visit, at least there was a Wafflemeister nearby, a bit of something nice to eat after a bad punt always seems to make me feel a lot better. Turns out that she had begun moaning about the time a whole 25 minutes before time, and even after I was done with her for good I still lost about 10 or so minutes.

Also she says she does OWO on her Adultwork but in fact does not and only works with rubbers. I clarified this before booking, but just to stop disappointment I thought I'd mention it.

In conclusion, 1/5 Stars.

Northern Ireland / Super Crystal
« by Stalinator on Today at 01:15:03 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2914101 or  https://www.adultwork.com/Super+Crystal+

She visits NI every 6 weeks.

Caught her today in Belfast. Nice appartment down by the Lagan.
Comms perfect. Postcode texted early in the day. No problem finding the place. Down by the river. Easy as fuck to find.

All services advertised are available and there is no problem getting them so long as you are clean and respectful.
Booked her for an hour. It was well spent exploring my fetishes. She is very understanding and open. A gem really.

Would not hesitate to book her again.


Now I've met over 20-30 Escort over the last few months and this site is often the path that leads to my next punt.

Quite often I've seen escorts described as stunning and absolute 10's but often on my visits they don't live up to the hype (yes I do understand each to there own, but none the less you go based on what other people's opinions are).

This Escort has to be the most attractive girl I've met till date.

Location: 5 minute walk from Bond Street station, good facilities, very spacious rooms.

The women: looks early 20's, Romanian and Greek background, enhanced breasts. Really beautiful, if you think her AW profile is great wait tilll you see her in person.

Very toned body, in particular her bum. She did mention she squats which is quite evident in her figure.

£120 PH, which in in my opinion is very value for money considering I've seen escorts £150+ and they where no way close to her appearance


DFK - Full on
deepthroat on her own accord
Reverse Oral
Sex in multiple positions ( constantly encouraging you, which is great compared to the last few punts I've been on))

Appearance wise - 10/10
Attitude 9/10 - easy to talk too, encouraging you all the time, likes to have fun
Anal is extra that's available

Her AW profile states services she doesn't provide
All services are with condom

Overall - I've often found people go for WG's based on appearance and services offered. Quite frankly you usually have to pay way over the odds (£150+) for someone this beautiful so if your after appearances than I highly recommend  her

If your going for service and can do without OWO then once again I highly recommend.

London / Amira Hamiltons, Was it my fault ?
« by Sunil_N on Yesterday at 11:48:22 PM »
First of all I didn't stay the first time and Second time she cancelled it. This was the strangest booking ever in my punting career.

First Meet - Was 2 weeks ago or so , booked using one of my punting phone and not the one I regularly use after seeing a positive review in site which states she is 'Open minded'. Her place was on top of an apartment block(7 floors) with no lifts and she came down to get me.  She looked quite young and cute, small boobs was wearing heels , very young  . As usual I straight away ask for services , she asked me what I was looking for and I ask for  owo , she said she does everything covered and asked me why I initially didn't check with agency. I knew it was a mistake and should have checked and it was the review which made me think  she would be ok. My first instinct was to leave and  I said I am leaving. She asked me to wait and she was texting agency and I said I am leaving , she wanted me to wait 5 minutes and in between she said there is a 50£ cancellation fee, I was scared she might have texted her pimp  and I said I am not paying and left as soon as I can. Agency asks me why I left and I said because of services. She was very cute in my eyes and was thinking should I have stayed?

I book her again using my regular phone  and went to meet her ,once she opened the door and seeing me she was taken aback, she was very uncomfortable and I could see that clearly. I said I will leave if you don't want to see me . She asks me to wait and said to me that I was very rude the first time and didn't say 'hi' while she came down to get me and straight away asked for services while in room etc. She is quite new and probably don't understand that we too are nervous and it is not pleasant to wait outside a building and first thing is , we want to get inside . Any way I was surprised when she told I was rude. She said I will give you a hug and start from there . I paid the money and she wanted to chat and relax , I oblige and we chat for a few minutes. But I could still see that she is not comfortable, in between she said if it is ok to cancel. I said its fine. She is in double mind. I tell here everything with condom is fine , but need shower together She said that is not a problem . We go upstairs ,she still not feeling very comfortable. I take off my clothes to shower and again she asks me if it is ok to cancel!!! I said fine as long as you pay my money back. She gives my money back , I dress , she gives me a hug again and I leave.

Why Neutral - She is very new and looks very innocent and naive, I learned that she has told the agency not to book with me after the first meet , in-spite of that she tried her best . Probably me walking out on her was shocking and insulting to her  :D

Any regrets of not able to fuck her ?

Not at all . Done plenty of beautiful and hotter  Indian girls back in India (6 years mongering )  also she doesn't seem like someone who can take a pounding(I might be wrong) :D

London / Warren Street - curly beauty xx
« by Nervous_Man on Yesterday at 11:31:40 PM »
Link: https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3298058

Location: Less than 5 minutes walk from Warren Street station.

Price: £100 for 60 minutes.

Facilities: The bedroom is simply but well decorated, and furnished with a reasonable sized bed, coffee table and comfortable sofa amongst other things. The lighting and general layout make for a relaxing and rather cosy environment. There is also a large clock visible on the wall, perfect for timekeeping for those without a watch.

Appearance: Almost the same as the pictures on Adultwork, except for the fact that she has a far more favourable hip-to-waist ratio and a more voluptuous bum, but also slightly smaller, if no less perky and well formed, tits. The faces on her Adultwork pictures are blurred out, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that she is quite attractive, in many ways looking similar to a younger Ariella Ferrera (pic related). She was wearing a revealing black dress, black thong and red heels, for those interested in clothes.

Attitude: Extremely affectionate and playful from as soon as she opened the door. Throughout the appointment she was full of smiles and giggles and was quick to embrace and kiss at every opportunity that she wasn't attending to the 'task at hand' (and by this I mean making my penis feel nice for me through a combination of OWO, protected sex in various positions and me eating her out, if you get my drift). In terms of everything she was extremely willing to do as was asked of her, and had no qualms about trying any position. In summary she put on the perfect performance for those seeking a passionate and fun GFE.

Course of Events: I entered and was greeted by with a big smile and a hug, before being shown to the bedroom. After dealing with the paperwork she straddled my lap and engaged in an intense 5 minutes of DFK. It is worth noting that her mouth tasted pleasantly minty, no doubt as a result of gum or mouthwash, which was very much welcome considering how some DFKs can be. We then took off our clothes and she immediately crouched next to me on the sofa and began to suck my dick. Her style is not too imaginative, but consistent and nicely sloppy. She was very responsive throughout, moving her body closer to me when I moved to touch her tits or thighs, and was mindful to ensure that I got a nice view of her at work.

After about 10 minutes of this I spent a bit of time eating her out, which moved swiftly to an inclined 69 at my request. It was 20 or so minutes into the session when I put on a rubber and she got on top. By this point I was near to climax though the extensive and thorough BJ I had received, and must have bust a nut in about 30 seconds. After cleaning up she came to lie on my lap and we spent the next 10 or so minutes chatting with the occasional kiss and constant fondling throughout. By the 30 minute mark I was hard again and ready to go, and after a brief BJ we headed to the bed and put a rubber on me.

The next half an hour was non-stop intensive sex in every position I could think of. She put on a great performance throughout, moaning, kissing and even nibbling my nipple a bit, which I found to be nice, if a bit odd. She was exceptionally skilled at the cowgirl position, with a fantastic sense of rhythm and hip movement that quite frankly blew my mind, and eventually led me to blow my load. After getting dressed and saying goodbye I was walked to the door and given one final hug and big smile before the door closed behind me.

In conclusion, 5/5 Stars.

Scotland / Hayely Lss Edinburgh.
« by Jabba the Slut on Yesterday at 11:30:37 PM »
Was in Lss a few weeks ago.Had to wait a few minutes for a girl to appear, as all 6 on duty were busy.
Was given a list of which girls were on and Hayely was the first back up stairs.
Couldn't be bothered to see the rest , so I picked her .
£20 for 30 mins at the door.
£55 to girl.
Looks 8_10 dark hair , nice pretty face, big natural tits.
service, covered oral, on top, doggy, average to be honest.6-10
Attitude 6-10  felt she was going through the motions. Maybe got her on a bad day.
Ok girl to chat with says she is from Russia,  but without the Love.

London / Lovely dyana London Liverpool Street
« by dusty99 on Yesterday at 11:22:35 PM »

30 mins: £70

Overall body: 7/10
Face: 6/0
Tits: 10/10
Ass: 9/10
Stomach: 6/10

Services used:
Oral with condom
Protected sex in doggy and missionary

I was torn between negative and neutral for this punt. Thanks to previous punters, I knew that my experience could be hit or miss. So I went with the attitude that I was going to stay lighthearted and have fun, regardless of her approach. 

The apartment is on a Main Street very close to Liverpool Street station. The accommodation is fine – pretty standard and clean, with decent shower facilities.

When I arrived, she was wearing black lingerie with knee-high boots. I thought she looked hot and fuckable, but I was somewhat underwhelmed by her facial look – I guess this is very subjective. I thought she was pretty, but I often see much more beautiful girls just out-and-about in London.

The mood was pretty relaxed and fun as we chatted about time etc. I specified that I wanted OWO, but she said it's £30 extra. I gently argued the point, explaining how it's on her likes list. I pushed it a bit, but she didn't seem like she'd budge, and I didn't want to ruin the mood, so I decided to just go for oral with.

I took a quick shower and came back in the room. She'd already undressed, which I thought was a bit lame. Her tits and ass are pretty damn amazing. But she has a slightly chubby belly (but bear-in-mind that I like girls with very flat stomachs).

I licked her pussy for a while (she tasted clean) as she played with my dick to get me hard. She put on the condom and sucked me off for about 2 minutes. Then said "let's fuck". I asked her to suck me for longer, which she did. We then moved to doggie, with her facing the mirror. I fucked her quite gently – trying not to cum too soon – just enjoying the feeling of her tight pussy – I sensed that she would insist that it's 1 cum per session. I then took her to the end of the bed and fucked her in missionary. Her tits looked and felt great. She was playing with her clit vigorously, and saying all the right words to me, about how it felt good etc. She then "came". For a moment I thought that it could have been genuine, but then she said "you can cum now". I thought "what the fuck are you talking about" – as if I was waiting for her to cum before I did. I continued to fuck her for a few minutes longer, but she kept asking me to cum. I wanted to keep fucking her, but obviously it feels shitty to be fucking someone who clearly wants you to stop. So I said that I want to cum on her face (facials are on her likes list). She said to cum in the condom. I said that I wanted to cum on her tits instead. She said to cum in the condom. We finally agreed that she'd suck me off until I cum in the condom, in her mouth. She got on her knees, in front of the mirror, and did a pretty good job of a covered blow job until I came – making an effort to go deep (but she definitely can't deep throat – another thing on her likes list).

We had about 10 minutes left. I asked for a massage. She said she's not a massage parlour. She asked why I was still there. I said I'd paid for the time. She basically wanted me to leave. The mood was still fine and light-hearted, but that's mainly because I refused to get pissed off. She seemed comfortable in my presence, but clearly didn't want me there any longer. I remained stubborn and made bullshit conversation with her – essentially wasting my time and hers. I remained calm and polite the whole time.

On reflection, in a weird way I kind of enjoyed myself. Her ass and tits are great. I think the most memorable bit was looking at the shape of her ass, while she wore her high-heels, redoing her makeup in the mirror, asking me why I was still undressed. A bizarre experience.

Comms were easy
Tight pussy
She is pretty, just not quite my type

Slightly chubby belly
Slight smokers breath
She undressed herself
I asked her to spit on on my cock – she did a weird fake spit, thinking that I wouldn't notice the lack of saliva

The rest

Would I return? – maybe for 15 minutes, if she'd let me cum over her tits and face.

London / Tilly of London - Kensington
« by sale77380 on Yesterday at 10:51:35 PM »
Link: http://tillylondonescort.com/

Summary:  Outstanding service, great personality, fantastic face and body.  Expensive, but I punt infrequently and prefer to spend a little more for a top quality punt with a top shelf hottie.  This approach doesn't always work out but it's what I prefer.

Coms:  Really easy.  Text for a time the next day.  Confirmation call the day of, a call and text with directions to the location and then a text with room number.

Fee: £500 - 2 hrs

Location: 9/10:  Nice hotel in Kensington.  Nothing overly fancy but definitely a very nice location
Appearance: 9/10 - She is British and better than her pictures IMO.  Her pics make her look anorexic but I didn't find this to be the case.  A long, lean hard body with well done enhancements.  Very tall....I would say 5'11" without heels is about right.  Long dark wavy hair, beautiful face, tight little ass, and long legs.  She is well put together, elegant, and super sexy

Service: 10/10:  This is where I think she really shines.  She really does make you feel that she really wants you in a genuine, not over the top way.   

The meet:  A warm welcome kiss, a bit to drink and some getting to know each other.  She initiated the activities early on and to summarize:  Outstanding DFK, mutual groping, OWO, RO which she really enjoys, CIM, superior spitting & deepthroat down to the hilt and I am definitely on the larger side, swallow (multiple times), protected sex in multiple positions, multiple rounds insisted upon by her, plenty of dirty talk and encouragement to pound away, and multiple O's for her.

In between rounds she is relaxed and pleasant and at no time did I feel rushed.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Megan - Playmates Leeds
« by Dil1976 on Yesterday at 10:43:15 PM »
First reviews with a few more back logs to come.


All good, made a call in the morning told Megan could come to
Leeds in the afternoon. She's from Manchester way.


She looked amazing. Very pretty face, petite but curvy at the same time. She was wearing stockings and a suspended belt which showed off her bubble butt perfectly. She is enhanced which isn't to everyone's taste but I found her body fantastic.


Went up to the Clarence dock area knocked at the door. Was very pleased with what I saw. No initial kiss which was a little bit of a let done and she offered me a drink which I accepted and begin to chat in the living area. The charting went on quite a while I need to man up a bit and take charge In these situations. We eventually went to the bedroom where we began to kiss whilst she kissed around my neck all over my body and down below where she gave good OWO. She didn't take too deep but fully used her mouth no hands action (which I call cheating) she then climbed on top and removed her top to reveal an amazing pair. (Enhanced as stated before) I found them great and she was quite sensative to the touch. She Carried on with the OWO whilst spinning her body around so o could play with her at the same time. Feeling the time was near we moved on to sex. She put the condom on with her mouth and jumped on and began to ride. I flipped her over and took her doggie style and when I felt the time was right flipped her back round off with the condom and cum all over her tits (CIM was not on offer)
After that we laid back and talked. She is easy to get on with. Very funny and quite confident.
Before I knew it time was up which was a shame cause I was hoping for a round 2.

I found her physically attractive and had a good laugh with her. It would of been nice for a round two but again I need to build my confidence a bit more to take Charge.

Would I recommend yes I would.


South East / Emily Lane - Farnborough
« by Biznasty on Yesterday at 10:35:06 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2855332 or https://www.adultwork.com/EmilyLane+xx

£80 for 30mins.

Location - new flats near the bmw garage in town. Advised to park in local pub car park. Easy to find and pretty standard flat.

The girl - I've seen Emily a few years ago and she looks like the pics do, think she's lost a bit of weight over the past few years, fantastic body, big enhanced breasts. Quite a tall girl and wears high heels so looks even taller.

The service. As just 30mins it wasnt loads, Owo and sex in a few positions..

The meet. Arranged the day before via text, phoned when I arrived and she gave me the number and buzzed me in, opened the door and took me to the room, remembered me as mentioned a time we'd met before. Straight down to it some light fk and then onto Owo which was good. Enthusiastic at this and then suggested sex, so on with the mac and she climbed on top, great view of her tits and she really knows how to ride well! I asked to switch over to doggy and we went at it there before finishing in missionary. Quick chat and asked about her being regular in Farnborough now which she said she would be and off I went.

Would I return? Yes, seen her before and her body really does it for me and always get a good service, she's a good replacement for aimee/Emily jaye who has sadly disappeared.

London / FBSM Outcall By Daniella (Gumtree)
« by Holtender on Yesterday at 10:33:28 PM »
Was in London for work and felt the need for a massage with some extras.

Late night research and texting out to various people got me in touch with Daniella.

Mobile no. is 07459922997

Her ad was (now expired)

Contact me on: 07459922997
Name: Daniela
Location: London zones 1-2
'Visit Me' Rate: N/A
'Visit You' Rate: 60min starts at £60
Working hours: Monday - Sunday from 14 pm - till late

Languages spoken: English, Greek, Russian, Bulgarian

Massage Types: Swedish, Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy, Relaxing, Lomi-Lomi

Therapist Introduction:

Hello and thank you for watching my profile! My name is Daniela and I am a specialist in massage for the last five years. Normally I incorporate a different styles of massage techniques for a relaxing, pleasurable and soothing treatment that meets your specific needs. I combining music, aromatics and my warm gentle touch. My aims to clear your mind as well as your body and leave you feeling held, rested and renewed. Every time you need an excellent massage I will be there with my greatest positive energy and a smile on my face. I am the London mobile massage therapist and my treatments will leave you happier, healthier and lighter in your soul, fully relaxed with all the tension in your body dissolved. I see the massage as a meditational and spiritual experience for both giver and receiver and I guarantee that you will be impressed with one of my best full body relaxing or therapeutic massages.
I like it more holistic and spiritual aspects of massage as a form of therapy and I use only the best quality organic oils in my treatments.
Please note: the London mobile massage service is provided in London between zones 1 to 2, visiting residential addresses and hotels only.
Choose one of my massages today!

Swedish Massage
Relaxing Massage
Deep Tissue Massage

To book an appointment please call me, or if I am unable to answer your call then leave a message or TEXT me and I will try to respond to you as soon as possible.
* Please note this is NOT a sexual service!
See you soon!


Comms all via text which were very prompt and accurate.

Confirmed rates with her = Zone 1-2 £60/hr £70 / 90mins £90 /2hrs  Extra £10 for zones 3-6.

She came out to me for an 11:30 outcall and stayed 90 minutes (I'd booked 60).  Arrived promptly and discretely.

A curvy milf type who gave a very thorough massage and had an easy friendly manner which helped move things along.  Had already confirmed she was ok with undraped and she made a very through job in FDM including a lot of reach arounds and unders.  The massage was erotic and yet therapeutic at the same time.  Lots of long strokes mixed in with some gentle teasing ones which balanced out the more firm massage.

In FUM she was happy to have touching over clothes and her boobs are large and natural.  Massage continued and slowly built up to a very well delivered ending.

Overall very happy and would use her again next time I'm in London.

Gave her £80 to cover a tip and the time overrun - she tried to hand it back!

London / Reallyhotgirl - Brazillian fuck gym body
« by Fact on Yesterday at 10:20:12 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3987359 or https://www.adultwork.com/+ReallyHotGirl
Wow, hot and fit as in pics. no photoshopping of face or figure.
short and sweet review as i'd rather keep her secret.
Nice flash apartment. Dont talk or sign in at reception, just head towards the apartment number provided when you buzzed in.
On arrival, sex little t-shirt with plastic boobs busting out everywhere and a tiny G-string.
walked to her room and wow what a gym body.
fit as fuck ass, picture postcards toned legs, tiny waste with long curly hair hanging down. As I was fucking her dogging I pulled on her hair and was politely asked not to do that, so slapped her ass, flipped her over and fucked like a rabbit. no idea where the energy came from.
Upteen positions fucking her slow, fast and hard.
sorry report out of order as i'm still smiling after fucking her for 2 hours. No, thats a lie, she fucked me for 2 hours LOL
Back to start... Kissing mainly lips, no tongue, OWO with eye contact and happy to be in any position for owo or sex. Loads or 69 and smooth wet cunt - nice pussy lips, as well as big pointing nipples which needed a good twist and pull.
Frankly feel like going and fucking her right now, even though she made me hard three times when most struggle after i have fucked and cum once.
All I can say, dont miss out a hot Brazillian fuck.

North West / xManchesterfun (Manchester tour)
« by Golovkin on Yesterday at 10:19:01 PM »
Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/2994695 or https://www.adultwork.com/xmanchesterfun - Get QR Code
Meet arranged by text messages easily arranged and agreed a time. Working from a nice serviced apartment in the city centre. Text to let her know I was near by messaged me her apartment no. I'm buzzed in straight up to the apartment. Greeted by a very petit cheerleader, shown to the bedroom £70 handed over for the 30 mins. Started with some French kissing then put her on the bed pulled down her knickers. Licked her pussy she was very wet and responsive. We change round she starts giving me oral good deepthroat with eye contact. Then on with the condom she rides me cowgirl then move into missionary, reverse cowgirl and doggy. All sex is enthusiastic with plenty of eye contact kissing and groping! Near the end of the punt I request a facial finish. She gets down on her knees and gets a her face covered! Great punt  :yahoo:

London / Nicoly Ferrari- Latina-Bayswater
« by Brazilian Martian on Yesterday at 10:16:26 PM »
Called up and arranged a time for a meet she informed me that 8 pm was good. When I was closer to the area I texted her for the address as I was near paddington station I had to walk ten or so mins to her flat in Bayswater.

Greeted at the door with a hug and kiss on cheek she was very smiley and happy, once in the room handed over 150 for 1 hour and I confirmed the services she said yes to anal and owo. Wet wiped down first and I got on the bed with her inbetween my legs very good slow owo eye contact and dirty talk. Only real complaint is i like the pace to be faster with owo,  ball sucking and wanking were good after a while I said to her let's fuck, so on with the condom which she put on with her mouth. Sex was very slow untill I built up momentum with her kissing my neck and sucking my ear lobes during missionary. Switched to her in slowly reverse cowgirl and after a few more positions I nutted, she cleaned me up and then we both layed on the bed. She offered me a masssage which I accepted she used to much oil on my back but the convo was good.

After about ten minutes she started to wank me again and began sucking me back to life. On with another dom and we fucked her in missionary again while sucking her tit's spun around and told her its doggy time. More giggling from her which was a bit weird, fucked her hard and she collapsed onto laying on her front so I jackhammered her in probe bone after a couple mins I had a very intese climax.

Cleaned my self up and noticed that I had overrun by at least ten mins. On my phone got dressed and more small talk with her and made my way into the night.

She has a cute face not stunning but still attractive, nice ass which I would say is natural and fake tits, only complaint is she was wearing to much foundation which rubbed off on my jacket. She looks good in the bra and knicker combo and heels.
She's a good punt but I would only recommend if you like doing all of the work she's very lacklustre and for 150 she's not exactly PSE like how Tayla is also I would like to thank Germany for recommending her earlier on.

Also her english is very poor so some may find communication hard with her.



There are already 2 positives for Maddie on here, but I just want to add my voice of approval for this charming teenager.


She's currently studying, so availability is erratic, generally coinciding with Uni breaks. She's bright & witty, joins in readily with any flirty banter, we had a real laugh. Though Polish born, her English is native standard with only the slightest accent. She's very easy to be with and was immaculately presented.

She has a very attractive face, fair hair and beautiful big blue eyes which she uses to good effect throughout. She has a smooth body with pert naturals, no visible tattoos, a full bottom & strong legs, all still very firm as befits her age.

We enjoyed short snogs, oral both ways, her OWO was light & sensual. She seemed to enjoy the sex, great eye contact, her viewing the action, commenting on it and taking her own pleasure were good indications.

Finished with more OWO and a CIM/Swallow finish, she couldn't quite manage my full load though.

All in all, a very naturally responsive GFE with a beautiful, engaging girl that I would love to repeat.  :thumbsup:

Wales / Aimee Portfolio.... stunning gfe Cardiff
« by sephiroth316 on Yesterday at 09:50:44 PM »

Long time lurker first review

1 hour outcall £160  (no extras)

called the agency who have been very polite and helpful when I've called

aimee arrived on time(stunning girl) and could see I was a bit nervous about the whole thing and she immediately put me at ease with some very soft kisses and some nice small talk,sorted the money and went upstairs

we started with some great gfe followed by amazing owo at which point her tongue wandered southwards and I was in heaven, the some r/o  that was followed by some A levels (which she really seemed to enjoy) for a bit followed by me collapsing on the bed for more owo/rimming followed by doggy/ missionary with me popping in her mouth

it has to be said how friendly she is and well spoken and everything was done with amazing enthusiasm,a constant smile on her face , no clock watching/rushing.  I feel like I could have talked to her for days,a genuine gfe with some more pse if you prefer

recommended  :yahoo: 100% yes

would i return  :yahoo: 100% yes

Yorkshire & the Humber / BritishCherrie20 - Sheffield
« by jimmy778 on Yesterday at 09:44:44 PM »



Sent her an email Sunday and she responded witiin the hour and we had arranged a meet Monday  evening. No problems at all

My hotel

The meet
Arrived on time, texted 15 mins away and while coming up the lift.

Opened the door and pretty impressed, preserved her irl than her pic to
Be honest, a really beauty.

She came
In and we cracked open a bottle of wine, chatted a bit. When she spilt a bit of wine on her top I was there to help wipe it clean, getting my first feel Of a lovely pair of boobs.

Not long and we are undressing and she's on her knees sucking me off with lots of energy.

Before it blows we get the cover on and a bit of mish going and was great to bang away and see her pretty face seemingly enjoy it and see her boobs bouncing around.

We swap and she starts to ride me with lots of energy again, seeing them boig boobs bouncing again is just mind blowing. 

To finish off, off comes the cover and she sucks me to completion with some

No rush, no clock watching, lots of pleasure,


Would I go again ? Hell yeah!!

P.s don't all go for her as she may not be available next time I'm up!! Can't wait to meet and carry on!

North West / Carla 4u - Liverpool
« by fairfield on Yesterday at 09:37:14 PM »

This wg is in the more "upmarket" of the two Rom brothels in the area. Tho all you can say about the crap bedroom is that its clean. The wg was clean too, but not freshly showered and no perfume just a little lippy. She opened the street door barefoot and dressed in some neglgee thing that didn't even come to her waist. When she returned from stashing the cash even the neglgee had gone - maybe the next wg needed it and Sergei prefers them naked?

Anyway IMHO she is young and pretty - sort of typical round Rom cherub looking face, good tan, decent tits, thunder thighs but toned legs and pretty delicate feet. Body was smooth and unmarked except for spotty bum and small tatt on left wrist. To me Roms like her are sturdy but petite too, not fat but not thin either.
A bit like this ones younger sister  http://adult.vivastreet.co.uk/escort+liverpool-l7/---karina-new-girl-in-liverpool-outcall-and-incall-24h---/145189143
Ofc looking like the above she clearly does not match the pics on her own profile. Had to say something to her for me to avoid looking a complete tool. She replied "No English." So she isn't even the wg on the phone who is fluent and has a real sexy seductive accent. She insisted 3 times she is Carla but admitted in broken English " my.. friend ...on.. phone."

Honour satisfied it was on with the show. There was no preamble. She just jumped/lurched onto the bed pulling me firmly by the arm. Straddling me she gave John Thomas the wanking of his life and at the same time tried to push my own fingers deep in her fanny. It took well over 5 mins to make her stop. I was amazed JT was still attached. You could feel the sheer strength in her arms and legs as I feebly tried to tap out.
I gestured for a rubber and pointed to missionary but Carla went hell for leather in CG instead. She has a high speed pile driver action broken by the odd slow deep thrust. I went a bit dizzy and sort of came round to have her face close to mine looking at me in a curious fashion. Think she was checking I was still breathing. Anyway she says to me "More? More?" but I gasp out "No, no no. Rest, rest."

At least with her flopped beside me I could have a good play with her tits - unlike so many Roms she didn't prevent this. However what she did do was avoid kissing by turning her head as far away as possible. What happened to the telephone promises of FK? Finally I recovered enough for vigorous bout of mish and came. Tho cheekily without so much as a by your leave she grabbed JT first and squeezed the rubber presumably to see if he came during CG.
Tried going for her tits again but she was disinterested and distant. She didn't object or push me away but there wasn't any reaction at all, so I dressed and left. There was still 20 mins to go.
On leaving I challenged her about FK - had to demonstrate on my arm a few times (not a pretty sight) as her English failed again. When she understood, she blamed me - "You...you.. not.. try... hard enough." WTF, as if I'm gonna try and force a wg in Sergei's back yard especially one as strong as her. She tells me "You...come.. back....come back...lots kissing." But when I go for a goodbye kiss to test this deal she turns her head.

Overall I'd say at £80/hr she is good vfm. Her fast and furious type of sex is way too much for this OAP. But punting in almost silence is a bit offputting and she has the rom habit of switching off at times. Its like sometimes she wasn't even in the room with you. Am tempted to return to see if FK is really on offer - but would I survive another punt with her? A TOFT for the more youthful amongst us maybe?

Wales / Derbyshire Princess - Cardiff Tour
« by crfc on Yesterday at 09:01:18 PM »

Thanks to a few of the lads convincing Rosie to return to Cardiff and the excellent reports
I arranged to book an hour this afternoon
Venue major hotel south of town centre

The girl is as her profile slim, young and pretty

I found Rosie straightforward and easy to talk with
We began with a nice relaxing massage Then after a few minutes of this I started to wake up so Rosie got on top and rubbed her body up and down mine (dry humping?) some light FK no tongue Olympics but just as I like it I played with her and went down south for some rimming and fingering Rosie is very reponsive and got a towel under my neck just intime Now this is a first for me and I was amazed not to mention fascinated by this and I was covered in the flow WOW warm, wet, sticky and quite sweet tasting I was drier when I swam with dolphins!
My turn to receive via a 69 after a while I started to use my fingers again not just tongue and wow yet again I got soaked, bloody great stuff
More oral for me from Rosie, she asked where I'd like to finish, was going to go for CIM but as we carried on I changed my mind! and got a HJ whilst we kissed, tgat did the job, cleaned up and we went right over time as Rosie had no other booking due to a cancellation we chatted I played with her lovely little tits, covered a fair few subjects including me work on family trees!!!

For me a meeting is all about the time spent having an intimate time not so much the ride 'em cowboy stuff, if I were 40 years younger that might well be fine but for an old gripper other things float my boat
Would I revisit? Too dam right I will
Rosie says she has enjoyed coming to Cardiff and hopes to visit every couple of months, which at least will give my pension a chance to recover...
She is busy tomorrow but will be here until 12 on Thursday So if you fancy a young women gushing over you get in quick...
I'm off for a lay down oh and some family tree research for some pepes who have asked fir help with theirs later on I may have a fireverhung monent over this afternoon as well  :rolleyes:

London / XXX_TiffanyA_XXX Docklands
« by killerbees on Yesterday at 08:56:48 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3546659 or https://www.adultwork.com/XXX%5FTiffanyA%5FXXX

I met this WG earlier this year at a flat in docklands. The flat was small but neat. There was a bit of confusion as to which flat it was due to set of stairs and poor layout. When I got inside she asked if I wanted a drink, but then she quickly said but not alcohol which I thought was a little odd. Unfortunately I was drawn in by her mammaries.

Price: it says £195 on her profile but I didn't get a fiver change back from £200...

Comms: I called but there was no answer, so texted. Her text was a little strange, the very first question she asked was what ethnicity I was. She is clearly getting ethnicity confused with race. I asked her about this and she said she didn't see black men.
The reason she gave was that they are "too big". But I think she was trying to be diplomatic. I have zero issue with WGs stating this but she should be more clear and accurate what she means on her profile.
Positives: the blow job was of a very good quality, and she did CIM.

Negatives: however the negatives very much outweigh the positive. This girl is way way way larger than her pictures. Perhaps she has fasted since I met her but I consider this a level of deception. She definitely knows her photo angles. I foolishly asked for a 69 but when she was lowering herself onto me I was praying that I didn't suffocate. It would have needed a car jack to allow me to actually tongue her clit. Shagging her in doggy was not great as her full girth could be viewed.
I said I was tired so just got her to finish me off with her mouth.
There was also no DFK of any nature. She also wasn't very responsive to playing with her tits.
She said she had been living in Dubai for 3 years but had returned to UK.

East England / Naughty Sara Rochford (tours)
« by fastnet on Yesterday at 08:29:09 PM »

After a good punt with a thai girl last year I thought I would give it another go
Guess I picked the wrong with Naughty Sara

Booking was straight forward, location safe and she is a pretty little thing.
Fake tits but well formed, lovely arse

Everything else was rubbish.
Kissing is shown in likes but not on offer.
Her massage skills are poor, little more than a back rub
I opted for covered oral, the old fella went in less than an inch with plenty of hand action.
Penetration was preceeded by more hand action which I stopped.
Penetration was unsatisfactory, she kept moving her legs and hips to stop me from entering very far.

This is one lady who will be seeing no more of my money

North East / Klaudya.hot of Gateshead
« by irwell on Yesterday at 08:16:38 PM »
I haven't punted much in the last several months for various reasons so I wanted this particular one to be good.

Everything about this girl should have rung warning bells, Romanian, age 29, cheap.

Romanian normally means crap
Age 29 usually means 40+
Cheap in conjunction with the other two is usually a big no-no

However, someone had tipped me the wink about this girl and my oh my, am I glad I saw her. Arrangements made with no drama, straightforward and clear. Arrived at the house, a terraced house somewhere in Gateshead, I don't know Tyneside so no idea of the area's reputation, but it seemed OK to me.

She answered the door in matching black bra and panties with those sock things that come to just above the knee and did she look the business. Firm slim body, great boobs and facially she was gorgeous (with that, as it's now called, "latina" look.). Money paid, she jumped at me and started kissing like a girlfiend who hadn't seen me for months. That was followed by OWO and more kissing. Condom on and sex in whatever position I wanted ending with me being very happy.

I'm sure she is Romanian, she speaks good English but with a fairly heavy accent. Is she 29? In all honesty, I would have accepted her being several years younger. £50? Punting bargain of the century.

You may have gathered, she is one of the very few WGs who completely blew me away


North West / Fern@siamese Thai spa manchester
« by Goldfinch on Yesterday at 07:46:28 PM »

Date:       28/3/17
Time:       1.00pm
Duration:  30 mins
Cost:        £25 + £20 for HE
Comms:    N/A-Walked into reception
Location:   Shop fronted premises at 48 Faulkner street,Chinatown,Manchester
Lady:        Fern,Thai,small,early twenties,not much over 5ft

I had some time to spare before a meeting so I decided on a quick rub and tug by a hopefully fit lady,and anyway I hadn't drained my balls in a few days,so it would come as a welcome relief.

Wandered down Portland street in Manchester with the intention of going to Shanghai clinic again,but at the last minute I decided to venture further and ended up in Chinatown.
There's plenty of massage parlours around here,but the first one I came to was Siamese Thai spa.

I walked up the stairs,through the doors and was greeted at reception with a smile.
I asked how much for 30 minutes-£25 I was told-I paid and was led to my room by a small pretty lady wearing a pink uniform with a very short skirt and I was told to undress.

I have a routine when I go to these places-take everything off,if a towel is placed over me,I always say it's not needed thanks-this usually sets the tone of things to come.

In she comes after a couple of minutes,I ask her name and its fern-a different fern to which I saw at jasmines in bury.she was very chatty and giggly from the start and placed a towel over me-i quickly say it's not needed,and she removed it.

What followed was a soft massage at my request by a small,pretty lady with quite big tits-I still couldn't get over how short that skirt was.my back,legs and my favourite bit my arse was done-I told her to pay particular attention to this and showed her to swipe down in between the crack.she giggled again and said £20 to do that and said I thought you would want extras as you only booked 30 minutes.turns out when most guys book for 30 mins they are only after one thing.

After about 15 minutes I was asked to turn over-I quite fancied a foot wank,as I've not had one before,but never asked as she probably would of thought I was weird and got reception to kick me out.

A quick massage of my chest and legs,then she went for my tackle,rubbing my balls and stroking the shaft,I asked could i touch her arse,to which she agreed,and I grabbed her peachy arse cheeks,trying to get deeper in between her ass,but she moved a bit to one side.
She applied a little more pressure and gave me a great hand job with oil-as usual I got excited fairly quickly (PE issues)and in a couple of minutes I shot my load.no wet wipes here,just large kitchen roll to clean up the mess.
Got dressed,as I didn't have time for a shower.

I'm sure I will be back soon as on there website they have a special offer on Wednesdays 1 hour for £30-but I couldn't make that day this week.

GVFM if your after a vanilla punt-which is all I look for.

On the way out I saw another fit lady a bit taller-may give her a try next time.

 https://www.adultwork.com/3599121 or https://www.adultwork.com/BavarianGirl

I thought it was time to share this punt with you all guys
 I felt like it is better not to be selfish .
 Date 28/03/2017
@ 13.30
Paid. £300 for 2 hours but thenpunt last almost 3 hours.
 Today's venue : luxury appartment in garlick hill of canon street.

Score: 10/10

I met the stunning Sonja 3 times within 5 days while she was on tour in london . Twice in travelodge covent garden and once in premier inn euston . Both hotels were decents and the parking was easy. It was quite tricky to get access into both hotels as they were accessible through key cards but always there people going in and out so no problem to reach sonja.
Toda's  punt was in different location . She is renting a luxury appartment in cannon street EC4.
Not far from the underground station.
Avoid driving as it was a nightmare reaching the location and it was hard to find any parking space.

About BavarianGirl

Physical   Score: 10/10
Sonja is out of this world . She looks like her profile pictures but they dont  her justice as she is much more beautiful in real life than in her pictures. She is stunning in everyway you could think about. Green killers eyes, white complexion, black straight hair,  pure germanaccent. Great look of a caucasian sexy lioness lady. Her body size 14 going down to 12 is so well shaped for a 39 years old lady .  It seems like she is taking care of her appearance . Well shaped tits with pink nipples you could see the body curves drawns through her green or black gorgeous dresses. She is a real mermaid .

Personality   Score: 10/10
You think she is very shy at the first impression but she is very polite intelligent educated and she can get involved in any conversation or any subject of your choice though english is her second langage . She is fun , very friendly and great companion to be with. You could say that she is a real provider of girfrriend status .

Services   Score: 10/10

She likes sort of vanilla sex with a twist of like dirty talks plus some submission acts. She fully delivers her service with enjoyment and hapiness. She loves cuddles and kisses. She loves her pussy being licked, her tits being squeezed and her nipples being sucked. You can hear her moaning with pleasure. She is like a kitten making noises to express her sexual joy. Oh god i was turned on along the session.....

About the Meeting   
Score: 10/10

Sonja is not a selfish person in bed . She is a cock lover . She sucks like a queen.  Today She took it deep all in her mouth to reach her throat. If i didnt  control myself i could have  exploded in her mouth . She loved it.
Her wet pink pussy was very tasty itdid smell nice . Personally i did eat her for long time i couldnt get tired. She orgasmed couple of times.
It was the most beautiful intercourse i have ever had so far. I didnt feel like i was  with a working girl. She is not a clock watcher she did  make sure i was happy and well treated in bed . She offers herself like a real girlfriend she even begged meto make love to her. She wanted my cock to enter her slowly deeply then thrusting in and out make her moan and cry with pleasure. The session was more about mutual love and sex .
Please guys take care of this beautiful creature.
So God created the woman !!!!!



Price - £80 for 30 mins

Location - Faye's work apartment - Castle Donnington

Communication - I rang Faye with an hours notice to my required appointment time. She didn't answer immediately but returned my call with a 'dropped call' so I got her missed call. When I called back she answered immediately and was very polite, agreeing to see me at the required time. I didn't require the postcode as I was familiar with the area and she asked me to call for further directions when I had parked up in a discrete location nearby. Having done this she talked me to the address itself. 

Venue - Modern apartment complex. Spotlessly clean and safe. Nice discreet buzzer entry with no sign of nosey neighbours.

The meet - Faye greeted me at the door in a stocking and suspended set. Very attractive MILF with a great body. There was no sign of anyone else in the apartment although one of the doors was closed and I suspect there may have been someone there for her safety. No issues.

Faye was chatty and friendly and immediately put me at ease. I would estimate her age at early forties but she has a cracking figure and very pretty face. I'm not a regular punter (my last was probably over a year ago) and as such I was very nervous. I was asked to take my clothes off and she returned to the room after about a minute.

A small bout of very light fingered massage followed to relax me before she unleashed her FUCKING INCREDIBLE tits. Now they are fake and I prefer natural but they are very well done and she has amazing nipples that she wasted no time shoving in my mouth.

Some kissing and fondling followed which was mostly light flicks of the tongue rather than DFK. A bit of face sitting, 69 and arse licking (me to her) followed. A bit too much pre lube on her pussy but it was smooth and tasted great so no big deal.

A bit of mish and finished in doggy. The sight of her fantastic arse was too much.
Unfortunately no OWO which was the only downside of the meet although to be fair I blew my load after 20 minutes so it probably was a good thing.

All in all an easy positive for a safe, reliable punt with a cracking looking girl

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