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London / Rebeka silva - TOFTT HOLLOWAY ROAD
« by Younglover27 on Today at 01:53:33 am »

Saw rebeka as I really needed a quickie so went for £70 “sex and go” blowjob and shag.

Comms - easy ish. Text was fine and replied. When arrived on the road she directed me by phone. But a bit hard to find. Make sure you take the actual road I think George street cos she directs as if you have

The flat. Very clean. Rough estate but indoors it’s lovely.

Girl - defo in the pics. Matching tattoos. Similar bodies if not identical. Maybe touched up a bit or maybe just the reality of real life but she’s mega fit bodied. Lovely perky fake tits. She’s a proper tanned Brazilian with curly black hair and a cute face. 8/10 Face I reckon 9/10 body.

Paid up. We spoke a bit. Her English is good enough for chat and comms but it’s clearly a second language. Undressed. Standing cuddles and body kissing. She oils her tits before a meet.

Onto the bed she does OW only. I found this out after but didn’t mind. She doesn’t offer OWO. nice actually cos I usually worry about punts not in zone one being a bit dirty. Like run down flat or escort but she wasn’t. Good blowjob for covered. No lube just spit she starts to ride. As I feel I mention every time the little man isn’t little. She complimented it and took it well. Seemed to enjoy it and then I turned her over and pounded on top. Legs up and over shoulders then eventually I opened her legs. Arms inside the open legs while they’re up. Hold her ribs. Hands under the tits and pound till I cum.

I didn’t try reverse oral but I dunno if there was a slight smell or I was thrown off by the baby oil or something I dunno. It MIGHT. But she looked super neat. Shaven too and all tucked in. She’s petite too.

After she was giggly said next time we need longer as she was enjoying it. Slapped my arse twice and complimented my figure. It’s not good at all got a bit of timber but she said she likes that. Probably slightly forced but maybe some truth there why not.

A quick 15 mins I was in and out in about 11 including a chat and hand wash. Oral lasted maybe 2 mins but that was me. Get it hard and fuck. Coulda switched position she wasn’t rushing but I was desperate and I love doggy but nothing beats watching their face while you finish. Onto a hit again list for sure when in need


Just tried to book Rebeka for an outcall tonight, played text tennis for about an hour discussing and then she asked me a £30 deposit. Since she has an adultwork account and various reviews I had to give her the benefit of the doubt and pay it. Afterwards she kept saying it Hadn't gone through even though I was looking at my online banking and even screenshotted a picture to her proving it had. She kept saying it still hadn't gone through and I pretty much knew I had been scammed at that point, It's just sad they went all that way and effort for fucking £30. Posting a review here so others can avoid like plague.

I've seen scammers on vivastreet and other pages before and can always catch on, but this one seemed to go the extra mile just for a couple of hours work.

London / Amanda-Jay
« by luv2kiss54 on Today at 12:26:30 am »

Well I was struggling to find a girl to visit on my day off (about a week ago), a lot of calls ended up unanswered or bad attitude/fully booked, about to give up (and probably should have) but managed to book this lady at the last minute who seemingly works late into the night. No reviews on here so I was going to have to TOFTT. I obviously had reservations but her responses were quick and I thought why not. I was feeling horny as all I had seen all day in the hot weather were scantily clad ladies out and about with their bits on display and I needed to get my hands on some curves.

Venue: nice flat on the main road, nearest overground is Goldhawk Road, though I got the bus(cant remember the number) which goes right past her venue. Good shower.

Cost £80 for half hour but said on the phone she charges extra for  oral without and kissing and would have to see what I looked like before she agreed. I wasnt, however, going to pay extra for these services as £80 is costly enough for a TOFTT.

Girl: it is the girl in the pictures, she said she is Nigerian and nothing special facially. She had that  see-through thing on she wears in one of her pictures but refused to take it off because it would mean she would have to take off the long wig she was sporting (she must have been hot in that thing given the heat) and indeed she was sweating on her forehead. So she just lowered it to reveal her breasts which were large and soft and nice to play with.

Action: I told her I was after a GFE. Her idea of that is obviously different to mine as it was very rushed, not what I was after at all. Also her profile states she is a nympho and you get the impression she is sexually wild but just doesnt deliver. I did mange to get a bit of kissing but very limited (she has nice meaty lips). The oral (with) was a joke, honestly about 4 sucks and she is asking what position WTF (im glad I didn’t pay the extra for oral without). I thought we would try doggy as she has a nice arse but she just knelt on the bed and I couldn’t get any rhythm, so we tried her on top and then mish. Just wasnt feeling it and with  that bloody long wig flapping in my face I just finished quickly as wasnt really connecting with her. Kept things pleasant but felt disappointed. Sexual action was probably less than 10 mins.

Obviously wont be going back. I should probably give her a negative but ive had worse so she scrapes a neutral, She is a quite friendly but obviously new to this (she has another job she said), and others may have a better experience but her profile is a bit misleading in my opinion. Not a party girl at all.  She must have thought I had a good time as she asked me if I would do her a review on AW as she doesn’t have any. Bloody cheek.!

South East / Angel /mke/ good start.
« by bedhedred on Today at 12:08:37 am »
Girl: I got a little wow factor when she came in. Lovely smile. Angular features. Brunette. She had a zit. It didn't dampen my passion. 😍

Attitude: Friendly, welcoming with a lovely smile and a sparkly personality. She gave me a feeling like she was excited to meet a middle aged guy drooling over how sexy she was. That's pretty much what you want as a punter, isn't it?

Action :
She kissed closed lips at first but I buttered her up with compliments. I wasn't just flapping my gums in vain. I looked her in the eye and made her feel like she was really twisting my mellon man. Then she gave me some tongue and I got that little bit more revved.

Owo was basic. I had to keep her on task. Instruction may be required to flesh out this important part of the session.

Still sucking, I got her on all fours in front of the mirror and it's a worthwhile show. I'd recommend it. Tidy pussy with a nice thin but.curvy arse.

69: her pussy tastes like it ought to. It is a pleasure with the inevitable arse grope in 69. If she worked harder on the sucking it would have been a total blast.

Started in CG. It was a very tight squeeze and she was quite passionate while I fucked her. She definitely seemed more involved in the sex compared to the bj, but all the while she gave good vibes. I got her to lean in and kiss me. And then again with tongues. 😜

I was well hard, but not sensitive enough. Regardless of this, it was still a good session and she gave me a bit more snogging before we ended at about 25 minutes.

My conclusion is that Bletchley is lucky to have this kind of T and A available. I'd return if I could. she's value at 30 minutes. She will be value at longer distance if she develops blowjob skills. 👍

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North West / SARA ALEVELS - Liverpool
« by Funtimes16 on Yesterday at 11:36:05 pm »
SARA ALEVELS - Liverpool

Location: Liverpool (city centre/Henry Street, off Duke st)

Date/day:  A couple of weeks ago

Comms:  ok – txt – I nearly walked at one stage waiting for her to get back to me. I was waiting outside for about 15 mins

Price: 1 hour (incall) -  £150 (No extras offered/advertised)
Services: GFE,  regular sex, Anal sex (both covered), OWO, light French kissing.

I approached this meeting with some in trepidation. Sara is a Brazilian and their levels of service have sometimes been compared to Romanians, especially if they have ‘a long list of added extras’. Also the pictures looked ‘too professional’ to be real, if that makes sense? Anyway, I was wrong and I am glad I took the chance to visit an SW who hasn’t been reviewed yet.

She was staying in a hotel/apartment type complex. There were no issues getting in, Sara texted me the access code. The apartment complex is in the centre on Liverpool.

Sara’s family are Jamaican, but she was brought up in Brazil.. She is better looking in person than in the photos. She also looks slightly thinner. Verbal communication was done through a translation App on her phone. She speaks very little English.

The service was a GFE with Anal. There were no added costs. I made sure of this before I handed the money over. Kissing was light, but passable, the owo wasn’t deep, it was quite shallow. Sara had all the necessary toiletries, lube, wipes, tissues ect. Sara was clean and professional.

The language barrier wasn’t good, and our age difference probably didn’t help either. However, Sara put in the effort, and I feel she provided an adequate service.

Would I go back? No. It’s nice to be able to talk to the SW after you have sex with them, and the language barrier creates awkwardness.

I have given this a positive as most Brazilians will try to charge extra for some services. Whereas Sara provided all-inclusive service

Scotland / Hot Young Ashley - Glasgow
« by The dicker on Yesterday at 10:15:36 pm »
Met “Ashley” a few weeks ago. She’s a new profile on AW, the one that’s been reviewed widely on here is now deleted.

Meet was in the popular flats near Kingston bridge. Around lunchtime so the site entrance was busy as there’s a bus stop near it. When getting buzzed in a resident appeared and used their fob to enter in front of me- never a comfortable situation.

Decided just for a quickie at £60. Was asked to wash my hands and got the money out the way.

Pics are fairly accurate and she is quite pretty. Body shape probably bigger than pics suggest. A good looking girl none the less but didn’t have the figure that another punter described a year or two ago in their review.

Started off oral covered until I was hard. Then 69 and a number of different positions including missionary doggy and reverse cowgirl. Blew my load during reverse cowgirl she really knows how to ride and it was nice seeing her arse bounce up and down.

She did seem laid back and I wondered if this was just her personality. In another review a punter said she was withdrawn but I found her very enthusiastic.

Punt lasted 15 minutes so couldn’t complain as got full service.

West Midlands / Leanna g5 Smethwick
« by bonham on Yesterday at 10:09:48 pm »
Seen new girl Leanna. Place has been refurbished bit better than before
Shes only girl working at the moment
Looking for new staff
Leanna is big girl mixed race Caribbean
But for me they can seem to get away with it more than a big white girl
Went in room she seid use the towel if you want to so didn't
Massage was very good very sensual after 5 minutes I thurt this is going to be a positive
Went up by my head to massage my back seemed to be very close like rubbing crouch against my hands
She does a great bum massage gets right in there
Eventually got round to extras topless hand relief 20 naked 20
Would probably just wanted topless but probably been 20 aswell so went for the naked option.
Didn't realy do much with her body but didn't mind me feeling anywhere
Her tits are perfect not massive considering her size not droopy but pert best part of her.
She got into edging for about 15 minutes but went to close and spouted to soon I think she did it on purpose
Has I was letting her know when to stop  :)
Negatives after agreeing naked she put her clothes back on saying its to cold but remained topless
After her making me cum 15 minutes to soon she ended the massage reason for neutral and clothes back on after 15 minutes
This could have been a positive or a negative has she seems to lose her way and kept looking at the clock after 35 minutes I wouldn't return
But I would say if you go maybe have a massage and hand relief only for £60 I'm pretty sure you will get a good time but miss out on them tits :)

Outcall to my home, £300 for two hours.

Jessica, Romanian, early twenties, very thin, size 4, no tits,
Average looks, chatty and friendly.

Doesn't do owo, unfortunately didn't find this out until we were on my bed!
So covered oral that wasn't very good, reverse oral, would only allow one finger and then she kept pulling away,
she was a good shag on top, came, had a rest, had round two, she immediately got dressed after round two and made for the door.
Meet lasted 1 hour 36 minutes.

North West / Cameron GFE Bury
« by Nooilpainting on Yesterday at 09:33:56 pm »

I liked the look of Cameron, mid to late forties milfy type
Into the room showered and waited, she entered the room and stripped off completely and sat next to me on the bed. She asked what I wanted and told her a blow job and sex.
I laid back and she started playing with my semi, I got hard quite quickly and she went straight down on it without asking about a condom, this is when I thought it was going to be a great session…
However she only took the tip into her mouth and gave me a really average blow job.
I stopped her as it ain’t doing anything for me and she put a condom on me and straddled me, she improved the session by riding me starting slow and shallow to going for it balls deep fast, deep and hard until I filled the jonny.
Neutral for me, £60 I wish I’d spent elsewhere

North West / Tegan Sheridan salford
« by Nooilpainting on Yesterday at 09:16:57 pm »

Blow and go £30

Tegan and Christine were available so opted for Tegan, description is correct friendly blonde small boobs quite pretty, stripped off and laid on the bed waiting. She came in wearing a black basque and knickers, she gave the old man wipe with a baby wipe and went straight down on it. A quite good blowy not deep and gagging but she sucked it nicely, loads of saliva and she sucked and wanked me gently taking about three quarters in but not fully. She stopped sucking when I told her I was going to cum and finished me off by hand. I enjoyed it but wouldn’t see her again.

South East / Kelli - Lotus Spa - Newbury
« by T_2_L on Yesterday at 09:03:14 pm »
Hi All,

Long time lurker first time poster, sorry about that.

Was at a loose end the other weekend so gave Lotus Spa a call to see if they could do a short notice appointment.

As always they could, comes brilliant.  I have been several times since they moved location so knew the way.

Met by Kelli and shown in to a room, noticed another pair of shoes by the front door when I took mine off.

As usual paid Kelli £45 for and hour (is it me or is it just a pain getting the extra £5 note).

Kelli left to stash the cash and I was happy to see her return to give me the massage, was feeling rough so needed a good pounding and Kelli never let's me down always a good massage which if I'm honest is my main reason for going.

So massage brilliant works out all the knots, then about 35 min in turn over and Kelli is already stripping (like I said been a couple of times before).

Kelli isn't the youngest but has a fantastic body, tits are fake but feel good on my face and wrapped around my cock.

So after a nice hj and b2b Kelli decided my legs need more work so more massaging to them. 

All done offered a drink but I declined.

All in all was there for prob 10min over an hour.

Paid £45 for massage
£40 for extras

Also I'm assuming its Kelli as it has been mentioned here she is the boss.  I honestly never ask a name just generally not that interested in a chat.

Have seen other women here but Kelli gives the best massage.

P.S. any one who visits have a read of the white lamppost next to the atm.  The graffiti makes me chuckle each time.

East England / Yesi / Yezi- Stevenage
« by Love2come on Yesterday at 08:39:12 pm »
£30 for 30 mins
£10 for hand relief.

All by text, quick and easy.
Prices, Post code and name of block given without any hassle.
My visit was on a weekday Monday I think at around 3pm ish.

Easy by rail (Stevenage railway station) or car. Pay and display parking available in the same street as the entrance and the surrounding streets.  ‘Free’ parking available in the Asda superstore car park which is a few mins walk away.
One thing to note is that they do have security on the reception so my advise is make sure you use the intercom even if the entrance door is open otherwise you may get challenged (Oh and wear your mask to hide your face). I had no issues and just walked past him. There are also fire wardens all walking about outside the building as it has dangerous cladding.
Room was very clean and décor looks fairly new. The massage bed looks reasonably new too and was large enough. She has plenty of space around the message table too so a good room in my opinion in a modern flat which you may not think it is from the outside which is an old office building that has been converted.

Not stunning but I liked her older looks and she has something about her that made me hard throughout the experience.
She wore a black mini dress with plunging neckline. She is not skinny but built like a real woman which I am more than happy with. I would not stop and stare if she walked into a pub but I would not be embarrassed to be seen out with her. Hope that makes sense.

Entered the room and confirmed I wanted 30 mins and paid for that and the hand relief upfront.
Massage was okay on my back  and legs with a few CC swipes after about 10 or 15 mins. On turn over she oiled up my cock and she has a great wanking technique that almost had me shooting far too quickly but I asked her to slow down which she did. I was allowed to play with her boobs and she did let me take her pants down and put a finger inside her but not for long. Once done she wiped me down and then massaged my head until my time was do.

Will I return
Yes, when I am in the area I will give it another go as I want to fuck her.

East Midlands / TIFFANY Vivastreet
« by Leicraja on Yesterday at 07:20:33 pm »
The false photos are getting beyond a joke now  :dash: :mad:

LE3 area just off Narborough road

Nothing like the photo and Romanian (no surprise)
Scrawny girl -really not worth £100

From now on when booking i will ask the girls if the photo is a photo of them
If is is i will offer £20 more
But if i get there and the photo is not them i want £20 discount

This advert is hers too and she looks nothing like either photo


North East / TS Cece Stone in Morpeth
« by A Decent Fist on Yesterday at 07:12:15 pm »
Warning: this is a review of a pre-op transexual escort. or

A fully versatile hour with the well-reviewed TS porn star Cece Stone was episode three of my five-date punter's progress around England a couple of weeks ago. I've written them up in a different order, so this is the last. The encounter was a pleasure from start to finish... she's a lovely person with superb sex skills.

Comms: I contacted CeCe by text and an AW booking was made – £150 for the hour's incall. Actually I made bookings with all of the SPs on this tour and we all left each other feedback.

Location:  I was unavoidably early arriving in Morpeth by car so drove around the town for a bit. Hadn't been there for maybe 30 years. I finally turned up at the postcode on a housing estate a five-minute drive from the centre and parked on the other side of a large green space. Cece was staying in an average-sized house – clean and tidy with a good bathroom.  She tours a lot and said she'd used this place before. It had a big and comfortable bed with a soft Chesterfield-style bottom board that proved ideal for resting my arms and head on while being energetically topped. "A luxury pillow to bite," I said to Cece, making her laugh as she began to thrust into me from behind.

Girl: She looked gloriously sexy and slender in a tight blouse, pencil skirt and high heels. Her fake boobs are exactly the right size for her body shape and I found the overall effect highly arousing. Just to confirm what other reviewers say, she really is much prettier than any of her pictures. Cock maybe just short of seven inches and average thickness.

Services: DFK with intimate fondling, I gave her OWO while she gave me OW, same arrangement for 69. I fucked her briefly in cowgirl before the dreaded condom wilt got me again, then she topped me in missionary and doggy. She came in my mouth along the way and at the end she expertly wanked me to a climax.

Action: As a previous reviewer has said, nothing is too much trouble for Cece. The deep French kissing felt passionate and real and she is totally obliging within her own rules. The main rule is that you are welcome to suck her cock with no rubber, but she will only suck yours with one in place. Likewise, she will cum in your mouth if you want her to (in bookings of an hour or more) but you can't cum in hers. Maybe you can with the condom on – I didn't think to ask.

I don't mind OW to be honest. With a skilled escort it feels just as good to me. I don't like a rubber johnny in my own mouth, though, so this was a perfectly acceptable arrangement.

There's not that much more detail I can add because the trouble with having multiple punts over a short period is that some of the action can slip your mind or become hopelessly confused with memories of the other meetings. The main thing I do recall from my time with Cece is how powerfully she rammed into me while I did my luxury pillow-biting. Especially bearing in mind how slender and sylph-like her bum and thighs are. "I get a lot of practice," she told me when I expressed my appreciation.

I'd hoped to find an example of this from her porn work to remember it by, but she seems to be more bottom on camera. I could find only one clip of her bumming a versatile guy and it was a much more laid-back affair.

If you're in the market for a trans escort, and especially if you want a great-looking girl for anal both ways, keep an eye on Cece's touring schedule.

North East / British-Blair
« by Davey677 on Yesterday at 05:50:35 pm »
Sorry gents but I can’t find her profile today to link it but I’ll do my best to keep an eye out for it and add it when I can,

Coms pretty straight forward, all arranged by text and location was next to Hilton hotel. I originally had a meet booked around Christmas (this is important later on) but I had to cancel and had been wanting to see her since really, dunno why just really liked the look of her. Anyway £80 for 30 mins.

Arrived at location and text for apartment number, and received quick response with buzzer number and told to head straight round. So let in and door closed to reveal not exactly what I was expecting, her newest photos look accurate but they were added after meet. So certainly nothing wrong with her, quite pretty but definitely larger than the size 12 stated, I’d say more a 16. Any I’m here now and horny so fuck it, into the room and paperwork sorted, and we  get on the bed together, no kissing I’m told and no anal. So straight onto owo which is decent to be fair, nice eye contact and quite sloppy. After a bit of this I asked if she fancied carrying that on in 69 to which she replied she like to be lying down for oral, so fair enough, moved down to give her ro, which, nice and clean but not very responsive at all, makes the right noises but no moisture at all really, tried a few times to slip a digit in but was just too dry, even with a bit spit. Carried this on for a few more minutes before swapping back to owo on me and she wanked me to completion over her tits. Clean up and bit chat when she tells me she only started doing this 3 weeks ago, yet I had a booking all arranged around Christmas time? Found that one strange. Anyway overall nice pleasant girl and alright service just nothing to get excited about either and at £80/hh it’sa bit pricey.

16 or or

Going to keep this brief as a lot has already been said about these girls and my experience was consistent with the positive reviews I've read.

These girls are amazing, slutty young thing who seem like they will suck and fuck anything, especially each other. Tonnes of owo, dfk and fucking all very passionate. I'm fairly sure Emily has some sort of nymphomania.

Molly was the more extrovert, Emily more seductive. Not much else to say about the meet that hasn't been detailed elsewhere. I would note that Olivia (who runs the deluxe group) can be hard to get through to and take up to 48hrs to respond. Also make sure you text ahead for any access codes so you're not standing around like a lemon. The flat I went to was 10 mins walk from New Street. They have a policy allowing pics, but only on the girl's phone and they will pic which ones to send you once checked and edited faces out.

East England / Jessica-lou - Brandon, Suffolk
« by billybonkers1988 on Yesterday at 05:33:43 pm »
Profile Name: Jessica-lou

Location: 3 minute walk from the Brandon Leisure Centre (off road parking is everywhere).

AW profile link: or

Services:  GFE, Kissing (without tongues), Fingering, Oral on her, OWO, Penetration (Protected)

Price: £130 – 60 Mins 

Communication: Professional and prompt (although AW messages only)

Physical Appearance: I am both colour blind and rubbish with 'cup sizes', although I would say that her profile description (34C, size 12, dark blonde hair) is probably about accurate. Not crack whore, super model thin, or even toned, but by no means overweight. A little padding, but it is to my taste and I think she may even be slightly slimmer than the AW pictures. She definitely has a feminine figure. Face wise I found her very attractive. Again, not model like but I would say pretty/cute. Possibly more of a girl next door look.

Age: 26 on AW (I would say 26-30 is probably about right).

Height: 5’5

Dress Size: Size 12

Nationality: British
Hygiene: No issues

I wanted an escort near to Norwich. My tastes under under 30 years old and it is well documented that there are slim pickings at the moment. I saw that she was very highly reviewed in a recent post and messaged her on AW. Originally organised for a weekend at very short notice, but mutually rearranged for a later date due to complications. She replies very promptly with detailed messages, asking questions and being very open. It felt like she takes a genuine interest in clients rather than it being a process, like she genuinely wants to provide the best experience. My requirements were very specific (being inexperienced with punting and sex) but she seemed to message exactly the right things to put my at ease. I sent messages explaining that I wanted her to teach me foreplay and oral and how to pleasure her, that I wanted kissing and for it to be as intimate as possible (GFE) which she seemed excited about.

Messaged me the address on the day. Arrived at the location 15 minutes early. Possibly not the most discreet of locations, but not the worst (it didn't bother me). Jessica-lou opened the door in a dressing gown after a couple of rings, and we exchanged pleasantries. It was a well kept, lived in house. She offered me a drink and a seat and we had a little chat in the living room. Kept looking at her naked thighs poking out from the dressing gown which was a massive turn on. She was very chilled and and relaxed, yet upbeat. She reassured me that we would go at my pace and that I could tell her if I didn't like anything. Sorted the paperwork and she took me upstairs to the bedroom. Offered me a shower (which I declined as I had showered) but used the bathroom to freshen up.

In the bedroom, started with kissing (no tongues, didn't attempt it) and general touching up. I was a bit unsure of how things 'go' and she was great at slowly initiating things. Lots of kissing all over each other and getting nude before some finger play and fingering. She gave very detailed instructions on how to do it (which I had requested) and seemed to relish to opportunity to teach someone how to pleasure her. She said as much, was making all the right noises and got extremely wet. Then more of the same with oral on her. Things seemed to flow so well. She certainly wasn't clock watching or trying to rush through things and seemed genuinely engaged, invested and attracted throughout. While she made a lot of the suggestions to switch positions/try something, it all felt well timed (and not jarring/mood killing). She then gave me OWO which was so good I had to stop her after a minute as I was going to bust a nut. She then rubbered me up and rode me cowgirl at her request. Not my favourite position, but she seemed to absolutely love it. She made so much noise and I think she may have been close to coming. She then asked me what I wanted to do and asked for doggie and finished off doing that.

I think we may have finished 20 minutes early and while she had assured me beforehand that I could cum more than once, it felt like a natural end to it and I couldn't have gone again if I wanted to! Nothing was directly said, but after a few minutes of chat she asked if I wanted to shower before travelling back which I took (not that it felt like she was trying to get me out of the door). More chat with her telling me that she hopes I can come back before I left.
Timekeeping: Professional
Under 30

Amazing GFE – passionate, intimate, engaged, invested, attentive

Girl next door appearance (although this may be a negative for some)
Very upbeat, relaxed, chilled and calm

Seemed to genuinely enjoy her job, providing her 'best' service and meeting clients needs 
Reasonably priced
Amazing OWO

She explained that she doesn't like to be 'busy' with escorting and I think that she has another job, so she may be difficult to book (although I have nothing to corroborate this).

Only books and communicates through AW (although she does reply very fast). When arriving at the location, my phone's internet was playing up and I hadn't written down the address. The experience could have ended very differently if I hadn't managed to get connection to look at AW messages (which thankfully I managed to do).
Would I visit again: 100% and I intend to.
Summary: I really am struggling to find negatives to the whole experience. For me, it was perfection and couldn't have gone any better. I am inexperienced with sex and punting, so my whole review can perhaps be taken with a 'pinch of salt', but for me I think it will be difficult to find a better under 30 GFE for £130 so close to Norwich.

This is my first review! I would be happy to clarify parts where I can.

Bashing ot this review quickly s I've been putting it off.

Duo with Zara or

and Sophie, who didn't have a profile on AW (apparently it had got locked out, more likely taken over by someone else) but also used SexySlutBrittany to book solo and duo meets or

Meet took place two weeks ago £400 for one hour. These girls are a little expensive and had previously worked for a London based agency which they were unhappy with and left (from the conversation) they tour from Stoke to Nottingham areas. I overlooked the price because I was horny as hell and needed a dirty fuck with some up-for-it girls.

Booking arranged easily via text and I got there as soon as they were set up in their flats. Small trendy place in NG7, nice showers and decent sized bed.

So first off, objects in the mirror may be larger than they appear. This doesn't mean that the girls are unattractive- far from it- but be mindful the pictures are quite flattering.

I didn't mind this, as I like the contrast between the flat, tall and skinny Sophie and a the full-figured darker skinned Zara. We fucked in a variety of positions. OWO aplenty. Sophie was shy about DFK but obliged with a little encouragement and was good at it. Lots of fun as each suck one of my nipples or balls and took turns riding or being ridden by me. plenty of kissing. I came into Zara's mouth while she was sucking my balls and Sophie my chest and she spat it all out onto Sophie's tits as I had requested, leaving a couple of sights I won't soon forget.

Girls were friendly after as I took another shower, but chatted amongst themselves mostly.

Fair VFM, mostly because they had great personalities and were v. easy to book. Intense, porny-but-vanilla session. Said they'd be up for taking pictures next time.

North East / 2girlFILTHYpse
« by Davey677 on Yesterday at 05:22:05 pm » or

Had my eye on Nic for a while but thought her friend looked good too so fuck it, might as well have both. Coms we’re good throughout, initially on AW then got Nic‘s number and continued by text. Confirmed on the morning of the meet, £200 for 1 hour.

Arrived at the location, nothing flash but certainly fit for purpose, easy to park and felt safe enough. Called to say I was parked up and they were just downstairs having a bit fresh air in the sun so I walked around the back and met them outside, sat had a little chat for 5 then headed up, instantly I knew I was in for a treat, both girls look just as photos, and both stunning in little summer dresses.

On the way up the girls were discussing who’s room we were using and they agreed on Harper’s, so I was shown through and told to get comfortable while they quickly got sorted out. Within seconds Harper came back in and came straight in for a kiss before lying next up me ready for Nic to follow, both now out of their summer dresses and in sexy underwear looking amazing. So full on dfk from Nic as Harper dives straight down for some great owo, before Nic joins her, now the sight of these two beauties devouring your cock is truly a sight to behold, possibly the sloppiest blowjob I’ve ever had to be honest, watching them gag as you feel your cock hitting the back of their throat, taking it in turns to do so. Then it was time for the condom which Nic put on with her mouth which I thought was a very nice touch and then she climbed on top while Harper came and sat on my face. Lovely clean fresh tasting pussy, and very wet but it quickly got too much for me as Nic was riding me frantically and I filled the bag. Fucking fantastic round one.

Laying having a chat for 5 mins getting our breath back, their both lovely girls, great craic about them, we had a right good giggle actually. So onto round two and this time Harper came in for the Dfk while Nic headed down to revive the little fella. Didn’t take her long and I was back to full mast again, Harper by this time is now performing oral on Nic with a very well placed mirror at the bottom of the bed allowing me to see everything, they both definitely get into each other that’s for sure. On with the Mac again and this time Harper came and put it on with her mouth also. So into doggy with Harper this time and honestly what a sight to behold, slapping that arse watching her lick nics pussy, but alas I can very rarely cum twice could tell it wasn’t going to happen so collapsed in a heap next to them. Another god bit craic with the girls followed before I got dressed and left a very happy man

London / Kylie kitten - Aldgate - TOFTT
« by Buenos2006 on Yesterday at 05:14:42 pm » or

Green light on. Fancied taking a chance on what appeared to be a hot young slim blonde English girl.  No prices on profile so enquired by text. 120 for half hour. Obvs pricey but all extras included. Specifically confirmed that kissing, OWO and reverse oral were all included.

On arrival was pleasantly surprised to actually meet a hot young slim blonde English girl. If anything better than the pics. She’s from home counties and said she was quite new to escorting (although AW profile says set up in 2018). Said she’s 21 which could well be true.

All good so far but then went to confirm services agreed by text. She said she doesn’t do reverse oral. Explained I had specifically confirmed this to be within the price and is on her profile. She apologised and said her friend did her bookings and got this wrong. I almost walked but she was fucking hot and seemed friendly enough and happy to offer the other extras so decided to stay.

Glad I did as it was hot. She was dressed in black lingerie and heels. Very small breasts which won’t be for everyone but she is wonderfully petite and lithe. Started with kissing. Prolonged OWO session included spitting and gagging. Fucked her in numerous positions. She’s quite submissive but she really got into it when riding me and squat fucked me. Went into reverse cowgirl which is when the mirror on the wardrobe at the end of the bed came into play. Pulled her back so she was lying on top of me and the sight of me thrusting up inside her meant I came there in the bag.

Can’t be a positive due to being misled on reverse oral. (Shame as her bald pussy would have been a delight to taste.). Therefore overly pricey and some of the militants on here will no doubt complain that I’ve overpaid. She was hot though, dressed immaculately, services great and wasn’t rushed. So overall neutral.

I’d return if she ever changed her mind on wanting me to bury my face in that snatch!



£70 - 30mins

I was attracted by the big natural breasts, they are lovely.

Comms: by phone & text. Reasonable English and got the address to her flat.

Location: Very close to Clapton Station / Lea Bridge Roundabout. The flat is in a dated block, with door entry system. The room is large, basic, crappy old bed, cheap sheets. Plus point wardrobe mirror facing the bed. Not dissimilar to a Soho walk up. One other person heard in flat.

Girl: Naturally attractive, slim with large natural breasts. Nice small arse, not pert but not saggy. No lip fillers, however, herpes covered by lipstick. Nice glint to her eyes.

The act: It was a 30-minute punt, agreed DFK, OWO on the phone but the herpes changed this. I could of walked but the breasts kept me in the room.

No shower offered or asked for. Washed my knob in the sink. Returned to the room, removed the lingerie & set about fondling those lovely norks. Her OW was decent, but not mind blowing. Moved to missionary, legs over my shoulders, spoons, leap frog & doggy so I could play with those hanging melons.

This is my first punt without OWO & or DFK for a longtime & I would normally walk when not for sale but I found her very friendly & we had nice laugh during the punt so I may see her again depending on location & my proximity.

North East / Ava @ Lily’s Massage Fenham
« by Benjamino88 on Yesterday at 04:55:45 pm »

After reading The Centurion’s fantastic review of Ava’s massage services I thought I’d try my first ever massage with HE.

Texted Lily asked for 1 hour B2B massage and she replied saying she’d find me a nice girl and confirmed the address and the price of £80. £40 for the hour and £40 for B2B+HE

Arrived at the place and was let in by a pretty Asian girl who led me upstairs and confirmed what I was after. I then stripped down and lay down on the table which was covered in fresh paper a bit like when you go to the doctor.

I lay on my front and got ready for a lovely massage, I had no idea what to expect but Ava came in, stripped down and proceeded to give me a nice massage, I asked for it hard but it was by no means unpleasant or too painful, sat here now I feel a lot looser in my neck and shoulders.

I kept myself to myself for the first little while but after a while and a few swipes of the balls and round the back, I let my hands wander and wasn’t rebuffed, Ava was happy to let me rub and squeeze her ass and rub the front of her crotch as well.

We eventually got to the part of me turning over and I was absolutely rock hard, she added a lord of oil and started some lovely jerking of my little fella. I reached across to rub her clit and felt she was getting a little wet “not inside” she said which was fine, I still tried to give her a nice time and she was making little moans.

I then asked her up on the table and she rubbed her cute little tits against my cock, I asked if she wanted me to eat her pussy but she very politely refused the offer. After a bit more tit play she hops off the table and it’s time for the big finish, with one hard jerking me off and one very playful finger round the back, she brought me to an amazing climax.

I then got a lovely clean down, a little foot massage to finish up the time and finally a wipe down with a towel.

Had a mint time and will certainly be going back, Ava was mint and I’d be keen to see Holly too.

Thanks to all of you who reviewed Lily’s it was massively helpful.

East England / Sexy Curvy teen (hertford)
« by Igor on Yesterday at 04:55:22 pm »
Hello Gents,
Quick review for Had seen a positive review for this one from Grey Dave, thanks. I was in the mood for a curvy girl and she answered and was free so arranged 30mins for £80. Review is within the last week. She is in the same house as Aly 2021 (previous review). Buzzed up and in. Met by Kimberly. She is the girl in the pics. The pics are flattering and she is bigger than appears (as mentioned by Grey Dave review), probably not a 16 but definitely bigger than a 14. Pretty, smiley and friendly. Into room, shower, paperwork done as above.
Onto action. I would describe as proper gfe, lots of fk, stroking, appreciative noises. Removed her bra to unleash a pair of large, heavy, natural boobs, responsive nipples. These were the main reason for my visit and I kissed, sucked, weighed, grabbed throughout. She worked her way down to a pretty good bj without. Removed her panties, nice 'innie' pu##y. She is quite round, ass big but flat with an overhanging belly (not excessive though). In my opinion if these are negatives they are outscored by her great t#ts and even better attitude. Sex in cowgirl evolving into her supporting herself on her legs (squatting) whilst I laid back and enjoyed the view, finishing in missionary, legs up and down all with good fk, kissing of body and squeezing. Clean up whilst chatting and go. Her English btw is very good and pu##y fairly tight.
Negs, pics a little flattering.
Positives. Friendly, enthusiastic, great boobs, good fk, all in all good sex.
She is a bit bigger than my usual but I would have no hesitation in returning, also she sent me a text on the way home thanking me for a nice time which I found a nice touch.

London / Lora - Leytonstone massage
« by jayj301599 on Yesterday at 04:50:27 pm »

Location; High Road Leytonstone, 10 minutes from Leytonstone station

Comms; all via whatsapp/text. She was abit to slow to reply but she mentioned that she only really replies in the morning

Paid; advertised as £40 but I paid £70, she also confirms £70 is the most you'll ever pay

Looks; average looking EE girl. Facially I'd say 6/10, tits are 8/10

Attitude; great attitude, willing to please, no language barrier.

Service; FBSM for an hour

Conclusion; if you are in the area you should try Lora. I tried her afew weeks back, she operates from a room in a beauty parlour/barbershop so it's not very discreet in my opinion but if someone seen you walking it doesn't look that bad. As I walked in she was waiting for me, which was nice as I didn't want to walk in and have to wait. I'm sure the rest of the staff know what goes on, but she greeted me as I entered.

She operates from a small room and much like other reviews there was noise, building noise, she apologized and put some music on but that didn't bother me. So when we got in she was frank as to what the £70 gets me, a massage when a happy ending. I enquired about finishing on her tits and she was that's extra but left it up to me as to how much I wanted to pay for that.

Massage started as normal, asked how I wanted it and worked my back well. Touching is allowed over her leggings and that's it. Worked me well for 30 minutes then asked to turn over. It was then she jokingly said your very eager haha her top came off and I had full access to them; sucking, squeezing, licking, kissing etc.

Her tits are massive, that was the attractions and the reason I booked her as other reviews mentioned this and I can confirm they are glorious, I asked her what size they are and even she doesn't know

 She also then started to slowly wank me off, I can only compare her techniques to edging which I love watching in porn.

During all of this we had a discussion about other massage parlours and Thai massages, so it was nice, also talked about how she can do a 4 hands massage with her friend (more on her later), during the massage I asked about how many times I can cum. She laughed as she mentioned I should have mentioned that at the start, I guess as it gives her time to plan the massage. But she allowed me to cum more than once.

When I came, she cleaned me up and started to massage the rest of my body and slowly creeped back to my dick, she hands were so soft and oily, she worked so slowly and sensually it wasn't long until I was hard again, in 10 minutes time I was xumming again.

Great massages, would I see her again? I am planning on, and making it clear I want to cum twice as she is very accommodating.

We paid as I was leaving, as for her friend who also provides massages, her name is Bella. She looked rough compare to her pictures on Viva Street, I'd avoid her.

Here are some pictures of Lora

[Image hidden]

[Image hidden]


£80 for 30mins
Sex in missionary

Saw this girl recently in Heathrow, I know she's well reviewed but I just wanted to add another one.

I would say her age being listed as 37 looks about correct, she is tall, not slim but also not fat, she had make up on and had a sexy appearance and confident demeanour, very friendly attitude.

much has been said about this girl before but her DFK was top notch, probably the best I've experienced from any WG and pretty much got straight into as soon as we were on the bed, we did this for probably 5mins then she proceeded to OWO which again this was amazing and up there with the best, its not Deep throat, about mid depth at most, but she does decent suction which IMO is what makes a decent BJ, theres too many WG out there that are well revived on here that may very well do deep throat but their blowjobs are still pretty shit because that don't provide much physical sensation as they don't actually suck.
her oral also included plenty of licking and sucking the balls and moaning in that sexy accent.

during the RO and sex she was also moaning in a way that was not OTT at all IMO and was very seductive and sexy

The only negative for this meet was her timekeeping, I ended up having to wait about 15-20mins after the agreed booking time as she was running late, so just something to be weary of if you do visit her.
However The highlights of the meet for me was the OWO and DFK, these are definitely her best assets and this meeting gets a positive for them alone and I will no doubt return at some point

East Midlands / Karla VS LE2
« by Genuine Mick on Yesterday at 04:45:20 pm »
My second meet with Karla,this time was better than the first,she is more relaxed and her English has got so much better.Such a really pretty petite girl and her bj has got alot better!
I think anyone who doubts this girl,give her a shot she is woth it,Love to watch her take my cum in her mouth
Booking her again tonight  :angelgirl:

South East / LondonLucyXXX - Basingstoke
« by Jack_Jones77 on Yesterday at 04:30:00 pm »
Date: This happened last month while she was in Basingstoke

Location: Apartment complex near train station.

Saw Lucy was available so called her up and asked if she was available for a hour booking, she replied back about 30mins later saying no problem, gave me the address and asked me to text when I was outside. I get outside and text her and she gives me the flat number and I go on up. The apartment she rents is pretty nice and clean and the complex itself is smart and secluded.

Looks: Her profile pictures are pretty much spot on, she's a bigger girl i'd say about a size 15 or 16.

I got inside and she shows me into the bedroom with a massage table set up, she offers me a shower but i say no thanks as i just had one, she then confirms what I want.

Price: £100 for a hour massage.

Strip down and lie on the massage as she leaves the room, she comes back in and starts the massage. Her massage skills are very good, you can tell she knows what she's doing, she sorts out all the knots on my shoulders and has proper massage technique (also she doesn't talk during this which I like as I hate making small talk).

After about 30mins she's worked on my legs and then she oils up her tits and starts rubbing them up and down my back, she's got nice big fake tits that feel soft not like some plastic bolt-ons. She does this for a while then starts feeling between my legs and starts reaching under and stoking my cock and balls for a while (she does also like to start talking dirty at this point fyi lol). She then tells me to turn over and starts working on my cock, she's naked apart from panties at this point and i'm allowed to feel her up too. She then starts to edge me which last the final 30mins, she's very good at this and she switches up with tit wanking and some licking on my torso (i was hoping she would do some light OWO but alas), towards the end she speeds up and I blow my load.

She then cleans me up and offers me a shower, we have a little small talk then i'm out the door. Pretty much there for the full hour.

Overall I'd recommend Lucy, she's got good massage and HJ skills and she gives you a proper full hour of her time. I'd probably see her again if she was about.

***I haven't included a link as I've just gone on AW to get it and it's saying "Member not longer active on site"!  :unknown:

28 or

Saw this girl just before she stopped using her old profile Hot Katerin, she has now reappeared as Hot gya, thanks to crunchy_guy for making us aware.

This girl even though being a Romanian does in my opinion provide a slightly better experience then your typical Rom experience which are usually dreadful, she was more friendly then the typically Romanian however she still came off as being cold and mechanical, she also has poor understanding of English. I only had basic vanilla requests mainly being just the standard sex positions and OWO which she was all happy with however she was slightly confused when asking for missionary as she did not know what this word meant, (again she has poor English) I manoeuvred herself into this position to which she then understood what I was trying to say and had no objection to this position however her position of choice seems to be doggy.

I would say her body is her best asset, very petite, I would say around 5'2-5'3 and has a lovely shaped arse that looks unreal in doggy.
based on her body her age must be around 20 but her face imo looks older and has a strange appearance and I did not find her facially very attractive, maybe it was the heavy makeup she had on im not sure.

the blowjob was shallow but she was not afraid to provide decent suction and this still felt good, but definitely not anything special.

I noticed she is quite reactive in coy sort of way during sex, during missionary during deep penetration she would mutter under her breath "that's fucking amazing" which was a bit unusual.

overall I would say this punt was a neutral, not a positive because she has no capacity for a true GFE as she has poor English and is quite cold but also not a negative because she was still somewhat friendly and not rude and does have a fit young body that looked great in doggy.

London / Mimi, Bayswater - Olina Escorts
« by spiritualsoul on Yesterday at 04:17:22 pm »
Date - June 2021

Found myself with a free afternoon in Early June and was near Bayswater so I decided to contact Olina to see who was available.
Text communications were perfectly fine and was told Mimi was available and location was only 5 mins from Bayswater station
Booked for 1 hour at £150

Arrived at basement flat and greeted by Mimi with a lovely smile and immediate FK as she led me into her small but well maintained flat.
No ask about the money as she went onto DFK and making moans of pleasure when i squeezed her tight but through her tiny silky dress.  Her hands all the while caressing my crotch thrugh my trousers before she eased me out of my clothes while continuing the kissing.
I definitely was enjoying - love kissing and caressing and there was mutual flow with tongues dancing and arms exploring.

When just in boxers I settled the paperwork (just made me feel more comfortable) and she returned back to sitting room and sat me on sofa and did a mini striptease allowing me to delight at her tiny, perfectly formed body. Not big breast size but hers are a delicious mouthful with receptive nipples.  She danced just in her thong for a while bending and teasing before easing off my boxers. Slight pause when she wiped my cock with a wet wipe ( i was not fussed at all) before she continued her deep kissing and caressing of my  shaft and nuts prior to commencing the most glorious BJ as i lay back on sofa.  Mimi seems to love oral - lots of use of her tongue on shaft and balls and plenty of licking of helmet mixed with slow and fast deep throating one of the best BJs i have received and this was just the start.
Her english was fine enough for me ad she encouraged me to get on all fours on sofa when she started to rim me - pure class long strokes of her tongue and intermittent push of tongue and finger into ass before she also blended her wanking and oral of my cock. 
I had to ask her to stop for fear of climaxing when she led me to bedroom and we lay on her bed and started to kiss again - I know it maybe off putting for some but I was fine with it.
I caressed her breasts and sucked her nipples while sliding my hand inside her thong and felt the intense wetness.  She slipped it off and spread her legs allowing me to finger and rub with passion before moving into a 69
More cock sucking from her with my tongue deep in her pussy and ass.  So fresh, so clean and so juice.  Really juicy.
She slid back to me and we kissed again when she said "Lets fuck"  At this stage i was happy to do what ever and with condom slipped on she straddled me with various cowgirl positions and showed great energy and delight allowing me to push in deep as she bounced fast and often knowing that i was to blow soon.  Just before climax she jumped off me, eased of the rubber and started to suck me so so deep and took my cum into her mouth.
Damn awesome!!!
Both catching our breaths we lay on the bed (after she returned with a glass and mouthwash for us both) and started kissing again.
"I give you massage" as she gestured for me to lay on my front and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of massage which soon turned sensual with her reach unders that soon had my cock hard and she commenced oral and rimming again as i got on to all fours once more and she was underneath me enjoying throat fucking.
Condom on again with me fully erect and with me standing on the floor and her legs wide and in the air she applied some lube and eased me into her tight ass. Damn she loved being fucked in the ass and gripped my cock tight with each thrust.  Anal felt so wonderful that i did not want it to stop until climax and nearing this I asked if she wanted in mouth - she nodded.  What a woman.
I was fully spent and we sat on sofa again for a while before she got shower ready for me.

Highly recommended for a fun and sensual time

Comms: Usual good comms with the HOD empire.

£120 for 1 hour.

Venue: Usual place in Fenny Stratford, fit for purpose.

Girl: Jules is 18 for another two months, so if that’s on anyone’s bucket list, you have a couple more weeks. Good body, slim, small but shapely boobs and 5’1 stated seems accurate. Facially, she was pretty enough without being beautiful or anything. Bad teeth really didn’t help either.

Meet: Unfortunately from the off things weren’t great. She came in and asked me to get undressed immediately. I like this part of a meet normally, undressing each other really gets me in the mood. From here on in, was pretty mechanical and lacklustre. Light lip kissing despite listing DFK, OW despite listing OWO. While fucking, she wouldn’t look at let alone kiss me. Had sex in multiple positions but in the end I suggested I finish on her boobs by hand as she clearly was in some pain, only a couple days in I can imagine this being quite a shock on the body.
This took approx 30 mins and we lay and had a chat afterwards. 30 mins of action and 1 shot in an hour session, not good VFM IMO. Once I got her talking, she is a friendly girl. But clearly someone not cut out for this job and just purely here for the money. Which of course they all are, but aren’t as painfully obviously hating the job like this one.

To be fair to the girl, if I were subjectively rating this, it would be a neutral as she was a nice young girl, but objectively, there is no way I can not classify this as negative. I texted the parlour afterwards to let them know the shortcomings, didn’t hear anything back which is slightly worrying as it shows a lack of care about the customer satisfaction at their establishment.

South East / Sunny Pati - independent masseuse in Reading
« by dobob on Yesterday at 04:07:01 pm » or

First opportunity to escape for a punt since last September! Thought I'd start off gently with just a massage and HE and booked 1/2 an hour with Sunny Pati as she was available and has good reports. My experience was a good one along the same lines as her other UKP reviews, but I thought it was worth writing a review for the record.

Comms were good by text and phone. She makes it clear what's on offer before you book: I asked for 30 minutes and she replied offering massage with B2B and HE at £60 - so no worrying about what was and was not going to happen, which can be interesting, but not if you have no time for a plan B.

She's operating from a flat (street name removed as per rule #22)in Tilehurst for the time being. She is only using her flat in Reading city centre for legit purposes while the common space is full of people working on the fire alarms or something like that. If you are using public transport, then the number 15 bus to the stop by the fire station is a good option.

The flat was easy to find from her directions: the entrance is in the middle of a row of shops and offices. The room was a pleasant airy bedroom with a massage table and a double bed. The AW photos are pretty accurate, although she now has a tan and may be a little bit rounder, but was certainly attractive to me. After sorting out the paperwork and me undressing, we began on the massage table with a back massage for 10 minutes. I'd describe this bit as sensual but not erotic - no CC swipes or the like. Then she invited me onto the bed and undressed for the B2B beginning on my back and then turning me over. This definitely was erotic and I was definitely very ready for the HE. Her English is good and we chatted on an off throughout, but she also seemed quite happy just to let me lie back and enjoy it when I didn't feel like talking.

Summary: a very good professional service that ticked all the boxes on offer at a reasonable price. Will likely return, but have a few other fish to try firs!

Lilly’s Thai or Jasmine Thai Massage Swansea it seems to have 2 names.

Pre-amble: Passing through Swansea so wanted a massage. Many places closed. This will be brief as I am not local. You can look the place up on google but no obvious links. I just went for the first Thai gaff I could find.

Comms: Called number outside and immediate pickup.

Arranged for a 1 hr massage with OW and FS.

Venue: Flat F1. Ok room very tight with table and bed.

The Girl: I didn’t get the ladies name but very pleasant shy lady. I guess with these Thai places the girls rotate. Prob size 12 - 14 but nice tits and firm butt.

Service: £100 sorted, money stashed. Then there was a very nice massage for 40 mins. Teased the lady out of her clothes. A bit of foreplay and OW and a nice shag. Out the door in 1 hr as I had things to do.

Summary: A very pleasant experience. If I was local I guess I would return.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Ebony Ryanna - Leeds
« by lm87 on Yesterday at 03:51:36 pm »

Hadn't seen a black lass in a while so decided to spin the VS wheel.
Short to the point messages, quickly had a meet set up and she was happy to see me at pretty short notice. Texted me the address.

Apartment on Upper Basinghall Street, pretty exposed but I wasn't left waiting around, phoned her and she gave me the apartment number to call. Straight inside the building, took a while to find the flat as it's one of those rabbit warren apartments, once I found it I was let straight in.

The Girl:
Ryanna is a pretty lass, welcomed me with a smile and although you can't see her face on the profile it is the same girl. Skinny lass with really small tits, cracking arse though.

The meet:
Agreed on £80 for half an hour and she stripped down quickly. Really lithe body with a nice juicy pussy.
Here's where the neutral rating comes in, despite saying so on her profile there is no kissing or owo, I asked her and she just said no. Anyway the cover goes on and she starts sucking as I fondle her arse.
Move her onto her back and she at least lets me eat her out.
Turn her over to go in because I want a good view of that backside, I go in and it's like I'm caught in a steel vice, she is very tight, have to take a moment not to burst right then. Go through the motions and finish up, she helps clean me up and lets me use her shower before I leave.

Overall it was... alright, the lack of kissing and owo is what made me rate neutral, she was also not really that enthusiastic, pleasant enough but I need a little more than that.

South East / Asian Haven / Amy - Reading
« by Noodlemein on Yesterday at 03:27:51 pm »

New here and first review so be gentle....

this happened a couple of days ago

Walk in, no booking. around 9ish
i was greeted by mid 50's lady

she asked "how long" i went for half hour as completely new to all this and didn't know what to expect. Paid £30

shown to a small room and asked if i wanted tea or coffee...declined both

got in my birthday suit and within 2 mins a average maybe late 20's or early 30's masked lady walked in and got me face down and started with a nice deep massage with plenty of oil went to town on my back with her elbows and hands and quite enjoyed shoulder work.
Flipped over and she worked on my legs for which felt like 30 seconds before she cups my balls with one hand and gestures HE i ask for B2B pay £40 for this.
she gets naked (decent tits and average body) and then gets me to flip back over gets us covered in oil rubs her tits up and down all over my back which made me laugh :sarcastic:
i turn over for the finale, groping her ass and slowly moving closer and closer to sneaking a finger in which she didn't flinch from btw
...then finished me with a oily titwank which was very nice and kept going to get every last drop.

went a bit over time but no complaints

had a cup of water left but not without asking her name which was Amy

would i go back: Hell yeah

West Midlands / TS Review: Cece Stone - Coventry
« by Marsh777 on Yesterday at 03:24:09 pm »
I met Cece last week when she was in Coventry and despite the previous positive reviews, I was disappointed. or

All done via text on the day and very simple - she gave me the postcode and then specifics when I was nearby.

Half an hour - £110

Hotel in Coventry just off the A45. The rooms were separate to the hotel which is ideal so no need to go past reception.

First impression was very good. Cece has lots of pictures and videos online and she looks even better in person. Some of her pictures and videos makes her look quite stocky, especially in the shoulders, but that wasn't the case at all. She's very feminine and attractive, in my opinion.

The meet
When I turned up, she gave me the room number and said the door would be slightly ajar. I texted her to say I was a minute away and let myself in. She looked great, but clearly wasn't ready and was slightly startled by me arriving. I apologised but she blamed herself and brushed it all off.  As I found out later, she runs a conveyor belt service and the previous client had probably only just left.

I freshened up in the bathroom and then back into the room. It was all just a little awkward as we discussed if I'd seen a TS before (I have) and discussed what I wanted. I was very aware of the services she offers in half hour and hour bookings, mainly being she doesn't cum or give in half an hour - fine by me!

We undressed and then got onto the bed for some brief kissing. It was ok, but very brief. She then asked if I wanted oral to which I replied yes. Condom on and then an ok blowjob. She did it at a funny angle though so could barely see her, which was a shame.

After a few minutes, she asked me if I wanted to give her oral. It was all just a bit stop/start with lots of questions and no flow. She stopped to get herself hard, wanking for what seemed like 10 minutes to get herself hard enough for the condom. She then got into a sideward 69 position and carried on sucking me. I sucked her but she went soft within about a minute, so let her carry on just giving me oral.

I knew full well about her limited services in half hour bookings (she doesn't cum or fuck) and that was fine, but I at least expected her to get hard and stay hard.

Another question as she asked if I wanted sex. A few positions - doggy, her on her back, her riding me - again, all ok but each lasting a minute or so. It all felt quite mechanical and boring.

As time was running out, she got off and took the condom off to wank me off. Just as I was getting close, she said her arm was aching and told me to carry on. I did and came all over myself as she watched.

I cleaned myself up and up until this point, it was probably just about a neutral... but when I was getting dressed, we were chatting and some of the things she said just struck the wrong tone. She did it all in a pleasant manner, but she told me how many people she'd seen before me - I was the fourth, two were hour bookings, and it wasn't even lunchtime. She went on to tell me that she sees 12-15 guys a day on her six day stint in Coventry and her next one is due in just a few minutes so she needed me to go so she could take her tablets etc.

She also used the words "Gold Mine" in referring to the location in Coventry as there's so many people passing for business etc. She clearly runs a conveyor belt service, which is probably why she couldn't get hard. I'm under no illusion about the exclusivity (or lack of) of seeing escorts, but her bragging to me didn't sit particularly well.

Despite her being very attractive, it was a very average service of me finishing myself and then her bragging about how many clients she sees and how much money she makes. Not a great start to the meet as she was barely ready, the service was mechanical and then a very bad last impression.

Very attractive and feminine
Good comms and location

Limited stop/start service with no flow
She didn't get hard
Bragging about how many clients she sees and how much money she makes

Would I see again?

West Midlands / 6 hands in Northfield
« by l1mpd1ck on Yesterday at 03:01:20 pm »
Went here recently for a 6 hands.  Pretty much as before.

They have quite a good rhythm and move around the table. A lady called Katie seemed to be in charge.  The other 2 were the indian (Lucy) and a very fat one (Suzanne).  Didn't see anybody else so no idea if there really is a Leanne who places the ads

Anyway it is sordid but still fun for a change.

£90 for 45 minutes including HE with all topless.

The normal ad seems to be offline at the moment but there is one for Suzanne:

this Profile Page using or -
Booked to see her at 13:30 was a little late as it was a nightmare to walk from city centre,postcode given and I went up and down the street for 10/15 minutes trying to find building,all the buildings did not match up to what she was saying look for this colour building this name of the development!
Couldn’t find it anywhere she gave me a number to put in the intercom and I did every building that had one and nothing came up she called and texted sound very nice on phone.
But fuck me she just text me number of building and expected me to know the name of it  :dash: :dash: but damned if I could see where it was.
It’s a shame as I was really looking forward to seeing her and put me right off punting in Birmingham now I’m sticking to Walsall area and I’ll arrange to see my regular this week at least I don’t get fucked around.

South East / China Moon 1a High Street Camberley
« by Barley77 on Yesterday at 02:22:28 pm »
A walk in. Met by masked "Lucy". Offered tea, nice touch.
1 hour relaxing massage £50.
Really good massage, very subtle sensual touches now and then.
Around the 45 minute mark the butterfly touches on the balls and anus.
Bliss....."extra darling?" Lovely oily wank £20.
Really nice lady. Another cup of tea.
07508 882225

North East / Eliza and Mia Premium Escorts Gateshead.
« by toon972 on Yesterday at 02:19:41 pm »
   Price £220 - 1 hour at Gateshead Quayside not far from Hilton. Comms with Premium spot on. Parking was on Peterborough Close £1.20 for 2 hours and about a 10 min walk. My usual free spot on Havelock Road was full.
   Everything about this meet was non stop action and perfection for me. For the first 20 mins I was just lying on my back getting demolished, they were all over me. FK, gagging, licking, sucking, one sucking, one licking balls, 3 way kissing. Eliza on her Knees with bj getting licked by Mia from behind and then they swapped. After this they were both on their knees taking turns gagging etc and staring up at me, 30 m[ns had passed now and eventually I had to tell them to stop and let me do something. They both then lay on the bed with their legs open and I took in turns to give them some ro and they both seemed to enjoy. I then had a little bit doggie with Eliza with comdom on. Nearly forgot I did some rimming on both girls while the other girl was licking her out. Both girls had a turn at this. Then it was all over with cim finish and I think both girls took a turn at this.
     Faultless meeting with absolutely two stunning girls. Two girls who are on the same wavelength in pleasing you, having fun, enjoying themselves, every second was used up. They are a credit to their agency.

East England / Evelin Anal For You 20 - Cambridge
« by cambsguy on Yesterday at 01:56:00 pm »
Not punted for what... 9 months or so but had a real urge of late but sadly nothing decent in the area.

A few tickled my fancy the other day - EnglishRosieLee but not sure i was in the mood for a bigger lass or a half hour punt, which was the same with Alice who seemed to be a Neve lookalike. Ended up texting Evelin, a Rom who I thought worked off of Rustat Ave as had seen AlessiaKiss there before.

Text comms were fine and the only issue is parking - residents only but took the risk on a 15 min punt.

Standard flat, she was nice and friendly. Like many Roms, short (say 5ft 2/3) but with plenty of curve without being fat - I often prefer the petite Neve type look but she was fine. Decent sized tits which were natural and quite nice even for someone who prefers smaller ones.

Got be hard with her hands (not a fan of oral) and then on with the rubber. Put some lube up her so it was not the tightest fuck I have had but did the job, She had her hand over her pussy with fingers like a V - either to check if rubber comes off or to prevent going too deep - bit weird but no real effect for me. Something i couldn't decide at the time if a turn on or turn off was her just staring at my eyes (missionary) - in the end i quite liked it and it wasn't long before i emptied into the mac. Clean up and gone - prob 10 mins.

As I have said with Alessia - I would not book for 30 mins but a 15 min pump and dump for forty notes is decent value than send £100 for 30 mins with some of the english girls. anal was 40 extra but didn't fancy it.

London / Zelda Thai, Queensway
« by Marku99 on Yesterday at 01:33:22 pm »

To say that Zelda is well reviewed is an understatement.
I saw her yesterday in her pad near to Queensway tube station.
£150 for the hour and it was money well spent.
Difficult to gauge her age (always difficult with Thai girls) but early 30’s I reckon. I found her attractive with a banging body.
The session started with a shared shower, then owo and lots of rimming before CIM. Afraid I’m a one pop man so spent the rest of the time dfk (after she used the mouthwash!), fondling each other and chatting.
Just a note chaps that she said she is planning to return to Thailand next year  :scare: and she won’t be returning. She’s made enough cash and she can afford to buy somewhere back home. She seems like a nice girl as well as being hot and I’ll be seeing her again.
Anyone with an appetite for an hour with a Thai hottie who hasn’t seen her, should before she goes.

South East / Sexy Paris in Crawley
« by Assessor on Yesterday at 01:25:35 pm »
Apologies, this is going to be a short review. Booked 30-minutes £70

Pros: good communications both text and voice, hot body, cheerful and friendly, doggy provides a great view
Cons: not pretty, face photos very airbrushed, acne, a bit rushed, out in 23 minutes, rundown apartment with cold tap at sink not working and hot absolutely boiling, no toilet paper

Would not return

North East / Jasmine Thai massage Sunderland
« by Classandtaste on Yesterday at 01:06:57 pm »
I’d like to start this review by telling you that working girls have been a bad habit of mine since I was 15, and it’s something I’ve been trying not to do and for a few years now I’ve refrained, but I have to tell you about what happened yesterday. I went to Jasmine Thai massage in Sunderland. It’s on north bridge street directly across from the old Monkwearmouth station. The comms were good. I explained to the lady on the phone that I was after a sports massage on some muscles that knotted up during resistance training. I was able to book up and find the location easily enough, the lady on the phone spoke perfect English and was easy to understand. When I arrived I opened the door into a foyer that I had to ring the bell to get into the 2nd door. After I was buzzed in I was standing in a dark passage, there were a series of lanterns which lined the passage at the floor leading to the stairs. There was traditional soft Thai music playing and the aroma of eastern cuisine filled the air. I walked along the passage to the bottom of some stairs, I heard the voice of a woman at the top of the stairs instructing me to use the hand sanitiser on the landing. She was a petite Thai lady professionally dressed, she wasn’t exactly a spring chicken, it’s really hard to determine the age of eastern women, they could be 16 or 50. It’s difficult to tell, but I’m guessing she was in her 40’s. She was a solid 6 / 10 on the looks scale and her accent was thick and her English was very broken, nothing like the lady on the phone. When I got to the top of the stairs she led me into a larger room where there was a stunning woman at the desk, she was obviously the one I spoke to on the phone, she told me the price £35 for an hour and it was her I paid. The lady who greeted me at the stairs, her name was “Pair” led me into another room where she told me to “take clothes off” and she left the room. Since I needed the sports massage on my posterior deltoids and trapeziums I only took my shirt off. When she came back she started laughing and told me to take my trousers off and get on the massage table face down. Then she began massaging my calves, then hamstrings, glutes, spinae erectors and the traps and delts, then she climed on top of me and was walking around on me, I must admit, the massage was incredible. A bit painful at first but it soon became nice. The whole time she was talking to me and asking me questions but her accent and English was so broken I couldn’t understand but about 20% of what she was saying. After about a half hour she asked me to turn over and she began doing my arms, all the while talking and I couldn’t understand anything she was saying. But going by the way she was touching me and rubbing up against me I think that if I had pulled out some more money she probably would’ve given me full service, but there was an air of professionalism and the place was immaculately clean, I wanted to ask her if extras were available but I didn’t want to insult her if it was a legit massage but by the time she was done I would’ve gladly impaled her on my cock.  The massage was a 9 out of 10 and the woman was friendly and very knowledgeable about what she was doing. I asked her about her schedule and if I could see her again. She said yes, and told me what days she works. I think I’ll go back next week and flash some cash and a condom at her once were behind closed doors and see what she does. Wish me luck, gentlemen!

After last nites dire footy woke up hungover but very horny.
Text around 6 girls an summer was the only 1 to reply,dont usually go for the barbie doll look but av seen lexi ryder many times an was eager to empty a load.

Incall was a hotel at the bottom of a resident st wiv parkin outside  marked  for residents only but the road that went across the bottom of the road seemed ok,so parked there.

Got into the room wiv a freindly smilin summer in panties,bra an heels,wasnt dressed as requested,another girl takes her texts and didnt relay them so she said!.
Wasnt to fussed an wanted to get down to it,facially not great,fake tan big eyelashes wiv saggy breasts an stomach,very chatty wiv north east accent.

Onto the bed wiv some very light kissin,no tounges despite what it says on her profile before some reasonable OWO wiv hand around base suckin 1/3 of my cock and mainly the tip.
Asked her to DT me which she did twice before sayin i was to big!,i most certainly am not,this went on for 10 mins wiv over the top fake moanin,despite this she did get me rock hard an the sap was rising.

Wanted to fuck her so got into mish after she applied the bag an banged away for 5mins wiv more fake moaning till i came in the bag.
No attemp at a 2nd pop but wasnt fussed as i struggle wiv 2 in a 1hr meet never mind 30mins.

Gone for red as she clearly states DT,DFK on her profile,shes bigger than size 8 and would say older than stated.
If you like the barbie doll look an dont mind the fake moanin,a 15 min pump an dump you may enjoy but i wont be seeing her again.

East Midlands / Juicy jasmine(x)Celine. Nottingham.
« by Jacobkim on Yesterday at 12:53:41 pm »

Comma: I phoned her 3 4 times but no answer, so I nearly gave up on her. All of sudden she replies with text massaging asking how long and wat time. But I did manage to speak with her wen I was outside her building asking for flat number.

Location: flats near canning circus on the edge of Nottingham city centre. No parking near by. I had to park on  alfreton road.

Cost: £80 for half hr


As usual hiding behind the door trick. She has thick thighs bigger ass size 16/18 rather then size 12 as her profile suggests. I handed over the cash upfront . She told me to get un dress. I was thinking positively and looking forward to a great punt but down hill starts wen she says she don’t do kissing and owo in half hr booking. I sed no problem I will pay you for an hour. She refused to extend the booking cause another client was on the way. It was disappointing but I had no choice but to carry on cause I already handed over the money otherwise I cud hv walked away.

She started the oral with but I cud feel her teeth grinding on my penice which was very painful. I told her to stop then I had to use my own hands to make my penice hard. Middle of this situation she was keep checking her phone and telling me to cum quickly as she does not have enough time which I think It was only 5 mins ago wen I entered her flat and I had 25 mins to go yet. That moment I was so frustrated that I wanted to get out of that place ASAP.  I asked her to bend over in doggy style which she did but She wud not let me push it in she kept holding my pence with her fingers. Plus biggest surprise was that she was smelling too bad down there. Fucking I had to put my one hand over my nose. I cud not carry on any further. I asked her to change position intu mish but she refused to do it cause she thought I was wasting her time. She then pops intu the bathroom all of sudden she asked me if she can give me hand relief which I refused. After all, I called it -the end - I started putting clothes on thinking wat a waste of time and money. Deep down thinking that I wud never see her again.

She is mid 30
Fat belly
Big saggy bottom like mango pulp
Not facial attractive.
I would 1000% not return, instead save money and try my luck with some one else.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Porsha 97
« by Essex3 on Yesterday at 12:29:18 pm » or

Girl: 10/10 one of the fittest escorts I've seen. Last girl I gave 10/10 to was michelle independent. Gorgeous face, nice tits and an amazing arse.

Service: owo, ro, dfk, unfortunately no cim or swallow. Nice and  friendly girl and takes a good hard fucking well.

On the very expensive side but worth it as a treat to yourself.

I visited Chanipa a few weeks ago as I was feeling lazy and just fancied a good massage and happy ending. She did have a website ( but it’s been taken down (for now?). Apparently she is still working - Chanipa - (Relax Massage Salford) - Permanently Closed?. I’m not going to publish her phone number as I can’t see it currently advertised.

Booking was arranged following me sending a text message but she did reply using WhatsApp if that would cause you any issues. The price was £30/hour.

Chanipa is a softly spoken and demure 50ish Thai lady. She's thin, perhaps size 6, and around 5' tall. Not unattractive. She wore glasses and a face shield throughout the booking.

The massage takes place in a lean-to on the side of her house and the room is split into two with a curtain; a massage area and a sort of waiting/reception area. There’s a good sized heated massage table with a hole for your face. On arrival there was no issue with using the toilet in the house and I exchanged pleasantries with a man watching TV in the lounge (presumably Chanipa's husband/partner).

Returning to the massage room Chanipa left me to strip off and returned when I said I was ready. We'd agreed on a Swedish massage and, having read previous reviews, I was aware that if you don't ask for extras you won't get any. I broached the subject and, politely but firmly, she said she doesn't do "that". Oh well, on with the massage.

What I received was an extremely sensual Swedish massage. When massaging my back it was all soft strokes and Chanipa kept going down to my bum and using her nails in a teasing way. When she started on my legs she poured warm oil between my arse cheeks and stroked up my legs and between my arse cheeks, or reached under to my groin but without touching my cock or balls. I lived in hope there might be more on offer after all. I was wiped down with a flannel and warm water and asked to turn over. Chanipa massaged the front of my legs, again into my groin, and my stomach down into my pubic area. All this had the effect of arousing me further so I asked again if she'd take care of me. The answer was just a shake of her head. She finished off with a head massage and I was wiped down again with the flannel before I was left to get dressed. On the way out I paid Chanipa and she thanked me for coming to see her.

The massage was very enjoyable but extremely frustrating. Chanipa should really tone down the sensuality of the massage if no happy ending is on offer.

I’ve had some bad meetings but this was the most disappointing. My initial thought was a negative review but, giving the benefit of the doubt that the sensuality was just ill-advised, it's a neutral to reflect my frustration.


Price: £50
Duration: 30 minutes
Service: Full body massage & HR
Location: Well known house in Arnold
Comms: Easy by text.

Girl: Definitely the girl in the viva photos. Friendly, attractive, in her 20's. Great body
Meeting: Quite a good rotation of girls at this location nowadays, so I tend to try them out when I can. 1st floor room with massage table. Chanelle strips naked for massage. Loads of oil used, decent massage with reach unders, cc swipes and teasing right from the off. Turned over for more application of oil, by which time I am almost hard. Some more teasing and a good hand job to finish. Unsure what else is on offer, although touching is allowed. Offered and took a shower to get the excess oil off.

South East / Isabelle163 - Milton Keynes
« by tommyg39 on Yesterday at 10:23:18 am »

May 21

15 mins - £50

I saw Isabelle was only WhatsApp so I msg her in the morning for a 15min punt in the afternoon.
Quick reply - Given postcode.

Got to location 5/10 mins before start time and msg asking for address - no reply
Tried ringing a few times - radio silence. Left disappointed as she has been on my hotlist for a while.

Maybe she managed to book another client for a longer punt? Who knows..

As I was in MK I gave Lizzie a call but she was on a day off. Could have tried Annabelles but decided to head home.

London / Roxy Ravishing - Battersea
« by redwinged on Yesterday at 10:07:08 am »

Finally got to meet ravishing Roxy read all the reviews on here and thought why not give it a bash communication were on off but was given directions from Clapham Junction arrived on time to be met by Roxy and hid behind the door dressed in a sexy black nightie with underwear underneath she asked me didn't want anything to drink and gave me a glass of wine. The meeting itself I did not think was value for money it was probably the same sort of meet she does for everyone nothing spontaneous just some deep French kissing her dropping to her knees and sucking my cock then fucked her anally. Then a break for a chat and onto round two which was exactly the same as round one she is a lovely girl, but I feel just going through the motions despite all the other reports saying she was Polish she is in fact Bulgarian the scar tissue on her breasts is quite prominent I had a good time but after meeting Lola was expecting a little bit more. if you want a real filthy dirty time, I suggest you meet Lola Wild Roxy is a nice girl but not up to same standards as Lola.

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