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North West / Mellisa milf lymm
« by Hollywell on Today at 06:46:50 pm »

Nice private app in lymm very discreet

Price 150 for the hour

Met mel a couple of weeks ago she's well reviewed  on here I haven't seen her since  a duo with her and gabrielle  fox, she has another 2 playmates, but this time saw her alone she's still a sexy milf imho and always delivers  a great service.

The meeting. parked in rd opp free loads of space.theres a 1hour max in car park by shops.
Got no and up to her pad clean tidy,very discreet she was dressed as requested nice skirt and blouse no underwear, was in about 3 minutes in lounge started kissing nice not to light striped her off whilst kissing so we  both end up naked after lots of snogging and groping we settled on settle in mish then stood up in heels bent over for doggy, then through to bedroom for more owo and ro, still got a great curvy body and huge bòobs finished with a nice oily tit wank and more oral, cleaned up chat and off with a smile just over the hour. seen her a few times over about 3 years never had a bad meet .

South East / Dirty_Dianna Bracknell
« by Juicedrinker50 on Today at 06:43:12 pm »

Location:Residential house a few blocks from Central Bracknell. On street parking and relatively discreet.She tours regularly so venue was probably an air b n b of some sort. 

Comms:Decent.  insists on calling not texting. Very professional on the phone. Quick chat regarding services,requests and length of time for booking. Location instructions then sent over. 

Price:80 GBP for 30 mins. Punt late autumn 2020.

Services:OWO,RO,TIT WANK,protected sex.

The girl:Pleasant enough attitude. Average height. Bit of a gut but nothing extreme. Well built and a nice juicy ass that you want to fuck.  Big pussy lips that you can get stuck into.  Perky natural tits that were average size.

The Meet:COVID bullshit was dying down a bit at the time so decided I wanted to fuck a black girl as I hadn’t got stuck into one for a good while. Kept an eye out for her tours as she is on many throughout the year and spotted a chance to give her a seeing to.  Call made about midday she was very professional on the phone and seemed keen to understand my requests.  Had asked if she would wear a bikini with slutty heels and makeup.

Arrived at the venue without  to much faffing steps leading up to the house-whole street really did have an American feel but that was probably just me. Let me in swiftly and I was very impressed with what I saw.  Took me upstairs and i got to admire that big ass of hers. Lovely bikini she was in with heels was happy she had remembered my requests.

Straight down to business I spun her around and buried my face into her ass and lapped up her vagina if your into big flaps then she’s your girl.few moans from Diana but nothing major. Into OWO decent technique went in for a good kiss but she was not keen At all was barely a peck. I understand COVID and that but she was still advertising at the time and I was freshly showered so this defiantly pissed me off as DFK is always key to my punts. She clearly could tell I was annoyed but just muttered about COVID. Had a good suck on her tits and she gave me a decent tit wank.

Onto the shagging asked for doggy she went straight into position.  Made sure her ass was raised and plunged my cock deep into that JUICY ass lovely slapping noise as i penetrated her again and again. SAP rising quickly and seeing DIANA on all fours was such a turn on. Ordered her onto her knees on the bed whipped the Mack off and unloaded  a big dollop of spunk over her tits. So nice seeing my muck over a black lady for a change.

Overall: Decent Punt with a girl who tries her best and a nice finish to the punt however I just don’t believe we clicked especially after DFK was not followed through on. Feel slightly harsh maybe giving a neutral but was slightly cold to me,we didn’t click and specific service was not offered.

I reckon Diana will be the right cup of tea for many on here though.

Happy punting  :thumbsup:

London / Melissa Love x - West Ham
« by Yaardie on Today at 06:35:14 pm »
Name - Melissa Love

Location - West Ham. Known house with Hungarians rotated

Price - £60 for 30 minutes

WG - Hungarian, stands around 5'3 , had no make up on but had decent looks. Petite body, nice ass with good weight around the cheeks

Service - Greeted at the door and shown to a nearby room.
Shes one of those Eastern Europeans who like to make casual jokes with you but are shy about there english so conversation can become limited at times.
Anyway owo which was above average, nothing to spectactular but does lock on eye contact with decent suction.
Climbed ontop and rode me very good , good fast pace and energy, occasionally came down to kiss/suck up my neck.
Got her in mish for awhile then switched doggy and prone which was a nice sight as she has a good ass.
At this point i wanted to finish with her riding me again and she did just that.
More Fast paced riding, held me down by the chest and just kept going as fast as she could without signs of wearing down until i finished in the dom.
Brief talk then made my way out.

South East / PatriciaMK
« by Smoothballs on Today at 06:21:25 pm »

This actually took place last year. The review is a sort of penance.
Fancied a “mature woman” type. Quick trawl produced a few hits, opted for the one reasonably  close to where I was staying at the time.

Initial contact by phone, arranged time and date. All good to go

One of those endless meandering estates in MK. Mid terraced house. Inside Mrs Hinch would have a field day tidying up.

Opened door in a dressing gown, that had seen better days, as had her face. Age difficult to tell but about the same age as Methuselah.. I should of walked but since I was here and horny. I quickly changed from an hours booking to 15 mins

Up to bedroom, bed just had a blanket on. She opened her dressing gown (wish she had not bothered) The action was none existent. Even though I tried missionary with my eyes closed I struggled, to sustain an erection the sight of her droopy breasts and body, plus her attitude did nader for me.
Got up went to bathroom, came back make excuse dressed and out.
Walking back to the car, wondering what possessed me. Note to self just walk next time.

Don’t like giving negative feedback, but as a provider. The amount of poetic license on her profile is outrageous.
I know we all have a few punts that go awry, well this was mine. A day I try and forget.

North West / Happy spa Massage Stockport
« by Chip on Today at 05:43:19 pm »
First review.

Advert removed from gumtree, but place well reviewed on here.

Took place just before Christmas. Rang up on the day and was through the door a couple of hours later.

Booked for an hours massage. £35. Shop located on what could be a busy high street, but was dead when I went.

Showed to a room downstairs, buy a older lady, told me to undress , I did but left my boxers on as I'd never been before. Lay down she came back got me to remove them. Massage started off well, but 5 minutes in the lady was replaced by a younger lady say mid 20's, massage was ok but she occasionally was  checking her phone.

Here is why it's a neutral there was a knock at the back door, and my lady left me to let him in and then walked him through, my room. As I was face down I wasn't 100%  sure what was going on, there was a curtain hiding  me, but it still killed the mood.

After the interruption  the massage continued with lots of Cc and teasing swipes, this continued for about half hour. Was asked to turn over where I was met bet by a cute looking Chinese girl (didn't catch her name), was asked if wanted extras, settled on £60 for b2b with  BJ, great service after that.

Would have been a positive had it not been for interruption.


15min incall - £60 with £10 extra for owo

Just before lock down i was in doncaster one evening and i had seen this profile afew times when i was in town on viva street but hesitant because of the amount of fake's on the site and because im away from home and dont really know the area but there was nothing else happening in town and it was still light out so i thought i'd risk it

Comms were good, all done via text, arrived at a new build flats near a asda supermarket, near the centre of town, buzzed in, door opened and there was pinky, tiny gorgeous Thia lady about 30 maybe 35 max, decent size tits for her size, seemed real compared to the pics but could go either way

Offered drink, abit of a chat before hand, very good english and quite funny, joked about the weather and then joked about how we are going to do this as she's so small and im a broad chap.

She offered a massage but I prefer to just get on with it, she replied she liked it that way and then came one of the best Bj's ive had, tongue, deepthroat, sloppy, give the balls a working, it was amazing did that for about 5 mins then grabbed condom and lubed up my chap and herself, rode me then bent her over until i finished in the bag

Another chat about xmas, lockdown and vaccines then on my way, offered another drink for the journey

Defo would return for another round, didnt see or hear anyone else around while i was there


London / Buxomblonde Scarlett of Richmond
« by enjoyedthat on Today at 04:38:43 pm »

Punt just before last lockdown.
Good comms via text and agreed a lovely GFE for 1 hour at £170
Top floor flat nearer St Margaret’s then Richmond, parking a little tricky and some side street spaces, typically priced for this part of West London.
Buzzed and Scarlett came down to let me in. Straight away I thought ‘girl next door’, a younger looking 30 something, blonde hair, about 5’6, not slim, but no way chubby. Dressed in a simple all in one black number with hold ups.
Up to the bedroom, very nicely furnished flat, clearly lived in and well looked after, very tidy and spacious. The bedroom was nice and comfortable, not too large, not a box either.  Offered shower and use of bathroom. We had a nice chat, sorted out the notes and quickly clicked. The next hour was a very nice experience of oral wo, reverse and sex in various positions. I finished on her lovely 34e breasts.  She’s quite shy, but I loved that about her. Seemed to enjoy the time we had, but whatever any guy says, they never really know , but in essence I’m paying for my enjoyment.   She certainly didn’t rush me at any stage.
Scarlett is willing to please, but probably not in the industry for long term.
Hope to see her again soon.

North East / Lexy violet Durham
« by Chilled North East on Today at 04:36:53 pm »
5 mins spare so here is a meet from mid July.
Lexy works from the popular well known carville establishment this being my only visit there.
Coms via aw on the morning and texts quickly secured an early afternoon 1 hour appointment the same day @£140.00.
Text from carpark nearby gave me flat number to buzz. Greeted by a beautiful lexy with a big smile and a kiss as I stepped inside. Age correct. Fake tits that suit her size naturally pretty and a lovely bubble butt. What I liked though were her shapely thighs that set her up perfectly. Tickets exchanged and I went in the shower. Lexy wore white lingerie with suspender belt minus the stockings.
Onto the bed. During the chat on arrival she was obviously paying attention to my likes and her thighs were soon either side of my head with her pussy lowering onto my mouth. She literally bucked my tongue with herself upright hands flat against the wall behind the bed. Then turned for 69. I emerged with a sticky chin to take her mish, her legs over my shoulders. Stood and bent her over and fucked to a furious climax. Breather was a free-flowing 2 way chat. Then she got her wand out and gave me a show before my face went back down. Reverse cowgirl finished me off.
Very pretty. Pussy sweet and hygiene 1st class.
2nd shower and out 15 minutes over. Introduced to another girl before I left in the living room.
I'd see lexy again absolutely I just feel the flat itself is too well known.
Hope this helps

Scotland / Sophia g5
« by Stonerfine on Today at 04:34:17 pm » or £150 for the 60 minute booking seen at her flat next to the Kingston bridge had to phone her outside flat for door buzzer number and then up stair and next buzzer number for door Sophia is hot when she open the door and was in black lingerie she then take me to bedroom and I take off my jacket and shirt and jeans and she put them in wardrobe then I went to shower then on her bed started kissing and she has nice lips and I played with her tits then she gave me some blowjob which was nice but not slutty blowjob like Stephanie  does then she go on top and rides me for a while then she has amazing tits in this position she then went on her side and we fuck like man and wife then I cum she then starts talking about other client and what they do wrong katie talk like this also then I wait till she start to suck and give Blowjob then I fuck her doggy and her arse is nice when being fucked was good and I see her often and she is always a good moment

South East / English Kimberley Chingford
« by Paul364 on Today at 04:33:27 pm »

Came to my hotel in Chingford August for a one booking, cost £140 for the outcall.

This was not a good experience, her profile says 41, I would say late 40's at best, probably mid 50's. Not very discrete when I met her at reception and I felt awkward.

She was slim and petite and she had worn the lingerie as requested so thumbs up there.

However, trying to explain this without sounding horrid but she was very rough and not in a good way.

Oral was poor, lots of teeth and it felt uncomfortable, full sex was good and she was very agile and enthusiastic.

I would certainly not return but I feel a negative would be unfair as her attitude was good.

North East / NicoetteNaughtyPSE Newcastle
« by stardust on Today at 04:22:15 pm »
One of my last punts before lock down was with this little stunner.
Comm's were good with a quick reply to my email and texts on the day with information on location etc which was a Hotel on the outskirts of Newcastle.
I arrived on time and was let into the room in the usual way with her hiding behind the door. I was impressed by her looks and she was very welcoming. She is an attractive girl and has a great little body despite being quite short. I'm not really a fan of enhanced tits but hers are nice enough. She was wearing a nice outfit and heels. Straight into some good DFK and then onto her knees for some OWO which was also good with a bit of face fucking thrown in. Laid her on the bed for some oral on her neat little pussy tasted good. She doesn't like the use of fingers for some reason. Bag on and fucking in Mish and doggie mainly. She has a great ass and seems to like anal so gave her a good pounding in the ass before taking the bag off and finishing on her tits.
I would go back but see that she has been working throughout lock down so will leave it until I consider it safe for me to do so.

Scotland / Sexy Emma - G44
« by Stonerfine on Today at 04:18:41 pm » or  Emma for £120 for 60 minute booking a few months ago at her flat in G44 easy enough to get to and decent gaff just text her number and she replied saying was okay so I went round at that time she opened the door wearing house coat thing and underneath had the red lingerie set made her fake tits look big and fuckable she has these pouty lips which feel great when she starts blowjob then into 69 so I could lick her pussy was fresh enough she then moved onto fuck and she chose condom let her get on top for a bit then pounded her pretty hard in doggy for a while then fucked her with me on top then pulled out and let her finish cim which she spat out then a few more tongue and she went back to a blowjob which was plenty of spit but she make a weird noise then we moved onto fucking again and she encouraged me to go for it so just went for it then pulled out and jizzed on her arse she then pulled out the vino and started drinking a few glasses told me she was getting hammered tonight with her friends I have meet a few of them and they do not fuck as well as ber


Booking and Comms: booking by text, no problems at all.

Price: I paid for 30min(70)

Location: Reading, close to BP Station (Oxford Road)

Venue: a crap 2-3 bed flat. Really messy and disgusting.

Girl: Romanian, its not the girl in the photos. Looks old and on drugs.

Meet:  After see her... just asked for a massage and owo but surprise (she refuse, just offer with condom). Really weird actitude and fake body

Summary: Scam and fake advert/girl. losing time and money

Northern Ireland & Ireland / Nicole Belfast
« by BigDog123 on Today at 04:11:32 pm »

30 mins / £70 (offered anal for extra)

Saw Nikole just before the most recent lockdown. Only posting now as I have just joined.

Communication was easy a quick call to arrange and then a call when I was parked up and walking towards the flat. Not an ideal area as it’s quite residential.

Once inside led down to the bedroom and paperwork sorted. shower offered which I took use of then back to the bedroom.

Started off with a bit of a massage then into OWO which was delivered well plenty of spit used. Onto the sex and had her on top then doggy, didn’t last very long like this and blew in the bag

Wasn’t rushed out the door and stayed for 5-10 mins just chatting.

Overall experience was good. Would see her again but preferably not in that location

South West / Gorgeous Vicky - Bristol
« by Ryan1489 on Today at 04:00:50 pm »

Well reviewed on here and I can see why

Contacted via AW initially before numbers exchanged, friendly comms, agreed date and time and general location details.

Confirmed via text the morning of the booking

Location near harbour side, plenty of parking.

Not seen Vicky before but equally can't think of many that have such a positive review record. Even so booked just for 30 mins, recently I've not had experiences with much chemistry so always like to dip my toe in first so to speak.

Vicky is attractive, wore a very fine blue lingerie outfit, had requested a black outfit but tbh I'm not that bothered, it's only the frame on a picture. She is tall, in shape (perhaps not in the shape her pics suggest) but certainly in shape.

In heels she is well over 6 foot, on entry offered a drink and shower, asked to wash hands which was absolutely fine if not entirely pointless given what was about to happen.

I won't go into too much detail as she is so well reviewed but highlights, she leaps on you from the get go, sucks cock like an absolute Tasmanian devil, lots of eye contact, spit, ball sucking and deep throating. She genuinely enjoys what she is doing, sex in multiple positions and she was clearly having a good time and wetter than an otters pocket.

Finished on her tits, shower offered.

No negatives and would definitely see again.

Points of note, tits are small, was not surprised but I do generally prefer a larger pair and she is very chatty. I don't mind a chat but in a first visit in 30 min booking i rarely want to open up into so much convo. She wears a lot of makeup, there was a lot of foundation transference, be warned if anyone is in a relationship.

Nothing negative, she deserves her high praise, enjoys what she does, provides a terrific service, enthusiasm reminds me of Ava Valentine with perhaps not quite as filthy and Vicky is eminently more contactable as Ava now is very difficult to get hold of.

Vicky looks 9/10
Service 10/10

Scotland / Morgan Tantric massage - Aberdeen
« by deenblack2014 on Today at 03:55:11 pm »

Last year, met Morgan for a tantric massage and was disappointed with the whole experience. £120 for one hour was a waste of money

Looks: The pics on her ad were probably taken long time ago. She is size 16 to 18 with a flabby belly.

Location: city centre, small street off mid Crown Street

Massage: I have read about tantric massage and a friend who got one in London recommend it. I didn't go with high expectations anyway given its Aberdeen. But have to say that it was nowhere close to what my friend said. It was just a basic massage and the HJ at the end was miserable. I wasn't even turned on and seemed she couldn't be bothered.

Poor service and just an expensive hj. Not going to visit again.

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East England / Karinna Latina - Hemel Hempstead
« by Bloodymary on Today at 03:34:13 pm »

I’d seen Karinna a few times a number of years ago but had not seen her for ages when I noticed her light on during the end of the first lock down last year.    I paid £170 for an hour

Karinna has a very nice flat very close to a supermarket in central Hemel.  I parked there (at the time no parking charges applied but normally if you spend £5 in supermarket you get free parking)

Karinna’s pics are very accurate on AW and she’s got a great body with an attractive face.  She insists on a shower which is fine and as soon as that was finished she was on her knees sucking me off.  She gives great eye contact while giving oral and can take it deep.   Really first class oral skills

Enjoyed some reverse oral on her (very juicy clit) and then on with Jonny to take her missionary, cowgirl and doggy before pulling out to finish in her mouth.   

Nice chat between rounds and then more oral before I came once again in her mouth

Not sure why I’d left if so long to see her again but enjoyed it.   

Think she’s now back in Brazil for awhile but will definitely pay a visit at some point this year to have another go with this sexy Brazilian MILF. 

I did enquire about anal and she said that she used to do it (especially when she worked in Spain) but wouldn’t really do it anymore. A pity as she’s got an arse that I’d love to penetrate.

Scotland / Samara - Edinburgh
« by ElbowGrease on Today at 03:27:55 pm »
Cant seem to copy AW link on my phone, can someone please oblige? 👍
30 mins - £80

Meeting arranged by text, all fairly prompt responses.  Easy enough flat to find in Granton, although the place is a bit of a shithole.
Samara is attractive, slightly bigger shape than photos lead you to believe.  At least a size 14 although carries it pretty well.  Huge firm tits and a nice big arse.
She's really friendly and seems to enjoy what she does.  Straight into groping and DFK as soon as in the bedroom.  Great oral (OWO) technique and keen to deepthroat and doesn't mind a bit of facefucking. 
All was going great until the sex as there was a bit of an odour that was too strong to ignore.  Powered through for a bit before I pulled out for more oral.  This saved the day and I came on her face which again, she seemed to enjoy.

Neutral review given due to enthusiastic and well provided services offset by rank flat and questionable hygiene.  Would revisit for oral only if that was an option but not paying half hour rates for that. 

Adultwork link: or

Price: £140 for one hour

Communication: Good. I checked her out on cam, then called. She sent postcode straight away.

The meet: Took place in an apart-hotel near Earls Court Station. 

Chloe had a couple of pics which were clearly fake, but a couple which looked real and tempting. As such, I decided to check her out on cam. She doesn't show her face on cam, but her body looked great so I took the plunge.

Arrived at the address and she met me at reception and led me down to her room. It was a little cramped, but fit for purpose. I washed up in the bathroom before dealing with the paper work.

I was pleasantly surprised in that she was prettier than I thought. 7/10 I would say. She was wearing a blonde wig and the two piece red lace outfit in her pics. She says she is from South Africa. Her accent should support this and her ass is phat, in line with ladies from that part of the world. Nice sized boobs too.

We chatted and i gave her some Hennesy i brought along with me. We got down to action and her blowjob was pretty good. Worked hard to get it nice and sloppy which is how I like it. She paid decent attention to the balls. We moved on to 69 and she tasted clean. Her pussy is very neat. She seemed to enjoy herself.

On the with rubber and we started off in doggy and I have to say her ass looked great from behind. She took a solid pounding. The only negative was her dirty talk which was a bit juvenile. We did a few different variations of doggy before switching to cowgirl and then missionary. I came into the condom in missionary.

We chatted for a bit and after playing with her pussy some more we went for round two. Her alarm went off whilst we were in full flow. She didn't seem to mind and we kept going. Eventually she squirted, which was a turn-on for me.

I came again and we had a nice chat before i left.

Verdict: Positive. Some pics on her page are fake but the ones in red are really her. Good body, decent face and solid service. Price not too bad imo. I would return.

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[Image hidden]

Saw Sarah a while back in Birmingham for fbsm. Upon opening the door I was very pleased, she is an absolutely stunning woman with a 10/10 body and face.

The meet was a tale of 2 halves. First half I was on my back and received what I can only call the weakest most disinterested massage I have had. She wasn't going to fix any knots and neither was it very sensual.

However, she turned it around drastically in the second half once I turned over. Plenty of oil and rubbing her body all over mine, culminating in me fingering her and finding her to be dripping wet. She then proceeded to make me cum by rubbing her pussy all over my cock for what seemed like an eternity; this was masterful and one of the best sexual experiences I have ever had with a very sexy woman.

North West / Siamese Thai "spa"
« by JollyBoyJohn on Today at 03:02:23 pm »

Hello everyone, only my second review so still finding my feet.

When: early afternoon in midweek in late November before the latest full lockdown.

Location: Chinatown, same street as the gate. Sandwiched between a bakery and a restaurant. It was dead around there when I visited but not sure on a non-lockdown day. So much parking nearby and also the metro station is only a short walk away.

Comms: one phone call that lasted no more than a couple of seconds to check they were open and available. I was working around the corner so made my way over.

Price: £35 for one hour massage + £30 for HR (added bonus of topless)

I arrived a couple of minutes after my phone call and up the stairs and into the ground floor reception which had about 3 girls of different ages and attractiveness sitting on the sofas. I prayed that the young lady on reception was available and my wish came true. Money handed over I made my way to the massage room where "Kim" said she'd be along in a few minutes.

Room: Bog standard room with plinky plonky music, proper massage table, wash basin, and enough baby oil to float the QE2.

Meet: Left to strip off and plonked myself on the table with my head in the hole and the miniscule "towel" over my bum. Young lady from reception came back in, turned the lights low and the music up.

Without even asking she whipped the towel off and rested it on the chair next to my head "here we go then!" I thought. Asked if I wanted hard, soft, or medium and went for hard and I'll say that it was actually a good standard of massage throughout and I'd have paid more for the massage alone.

Usual chatter about how shit lockdown has been, travel plans, weather and all that jazz. Initially there had been a couple of lingering fingers here and there but nothing too naughty. After a thorough up and down the legs and lower back (without much oil) Kim started to become flirty in her chatter and as she did the volume of oil increased as did the proximity of her fingers to my balls, cock, and arse.

We flirted back and forth as she massaged up my body, she jumped up on the table and massaged my shoulders whilst her lower half was resting on my bum,here she Started rocking herself back and forth and making ever so subtle noises. She jumped off and made her way to the head of the bed and brought my hands up and onto her extremely pert bum. Kim massaged all across my shoulders and made no objection when I pulled her pants down a little and gave her arse and pussy a good feel (fingers stay on top of thong was my only instruction)

Asked to turn over and she negotiated with me on extras whilst holding my very erect cock, B2B and FS not on the table but OWO was £40. Opted for just HR and the fun began, we continued the sweet flirty chat and the massage became sensual rather than therapeutic with occasional strokes on my dick to keep him happy,this went on for a few minutes until I said that I was ready to come. At this Kim came down the bed and squeezed my nipples whilst wanking me off, so I reached up to return the favour, and without asking off came the top revealing a cracking pair of small but pert tits with gorgeous bullet nipples. Sorry to say lads that I didn't last long.

After clean up Kim gave me a wonderful neck and head massage before I dressed and left. No money for the extras was requested or given until after I was dressed which is always the best for me!

Summary: cracking first visit here. Won't be my last!


I visited Abigail end of 2019, based on reviews here, on her oral skills.
I had been in a phase of Blown n Go punts with a couple other women who advertised it, especially ones who would let me cim.
At £40 she was the same price as my regular, but closer to home, so thought Id try for a quickie when on my way home.

Communication went well and directions easy enough to city centre.
I knew that I wasn't expecting a looker, I just wanted a good sucker.  I have to say that looks wise she was older than I thought (50 maybe) she was wearing lacy lingerie, and to be honest I just had to keep looking at her tits and ass to get hard.  She laid me on the bed and wanted to kiss me, but I didnt want that.  She grabbed my hand and planted it hard on her pussy and used my hand to rub herself.

OWO started well initially, until the teeth were out in full force scraping my shaft to bits. I asked her to finish me off by hand as I didnt want to go home bleeding.

Maybe she had an off day, but I wont be back.


When: December 2020. I have met with Star on a number of occasions between September and December 2020.

Duration / Donation: 1 hour x £120

Location: Busy throughfare on the outskirts of Northampton, but plenty of free parking within a couple of minutes and the front door to the establishment is always open and access a flight of stairs through and inner door.

Comms: Called up a few days before to book Star and then on the morning to confirm. No problems.

Girl: Having met with Star a handful of times before this specific session, she entered the room in her usual one piece outfit and a great smile on her face. She has a petite body, very smooth skin and a great attitude.

Session Details: I get undressed to my underpants and we have a nice cuddle, with some light kissing and two-way fondling. This only takes a few minutes to get things going, we both undress fully and move to the bed.

As usual she cleans the old boy and moves on to OWO. She gives great head, deep and attentive to all parts including the balls, which she licks and kisses tantalisingly. We then move to 69 and we proceed in this way for the best part of 25 minutes, with both of us paying attention to each others important bits  :rolleyes: She appears to enjoy this position a great deal and seems to cum on most occasions while grinding her hips into my face and getting good access to my tongue.

In a couple of other sessions we have taken the 69 to conclusion with Star taking me over the edge and allowing a finish with CIM (on my first session with her she warned about not doing this but I think she enjoyed the 69 so much that she let it ride 😊).

On this occasion I decided that I would like to get a different view of her when the moment came and moved to missionary initially, with a nice view of her face and the ability to do some light kissing. We then moved on to CG with her making me cum while grinding away on top. The penetration session lasted after approx. 20 minutes in overall.

Then time to relax with a kiss and a cuddle and a good chat about the world, her job, my situation, etc. I had a quick shower, kissed her goodbye and bounced down the stairs feeling all was well with the world 😊

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Conclusion: Star is an absolute star, with a fantastic attitude and is just my cup of tea ! Looking forward to seeing her when the latest lockdown is lifted.

So after seeing punterpersons latest review on Jordy and also knowing she has had a recent boob job, I quickly arranged to see her again which happened very recently

Location, well known hotel chain where no walking past reception which is a brucie bonus

Duration, 1 hour for 200 quid - expensive but totally worth it

Communication, all conducted through text as seen her before, quick to respond to me


A midday meet was arranged and when I arrived I was blown off my, she has had a few upgrades since I last met her..... after coming through the door, she welcomed me in with a cuddle and snog and we had a quick catch up so she could tell me about her trip abroad to get her now mammoth tits done, her enhanced lips and now extra long hair extensions..... yes, the barbie look may not be everyone’s taste, but it’s mine and so worth hours fee

After a quick catch up, I quickly undressed and both lay on the bed running our hands everywhere whilst snogging each other - I have to say the enhanced lips certainly puts a new perspective on FK!!

Both our cocks got hard pretty quickly and she went south to provide me with some expert OWO whilst looking up at me.... a wonderful bloody sight!

After a while, she came back up and after a quick snog, I said it was my turn to give her some OWO.... I would say she is 6/7 inches fully hard and so I proceeded to suck her for a few minutes which she seemed to enjoy.....

Both hard and horny, she said where do you wanna fuck me..... I said on the desk bent over with the curtains slightly open..... we quickly moved from the bed and seeing her bend over was an amazing sight.... rubbered up, I slowly entered and after a gentle thrust, I was balls deep... after a slow build up, I began really fucking her hard whilst grabbing her massive tits.... close to cumming I said let’s fuck in the mirror.... we moved over to the full length mirror and snogged each other more.... taking charge, I spun her around and teased her ass with my cock.... pushing back, we aligned and I slipped in more easily... her hands up against the wall, I fucked her really hard all whilst grabbing her hips..... I couldn’t take it no more and said I want a cum kiss.... she quickly knelt down, and I shot a massive load in her mouth.... getting up, she quickly snogged me and cum dribbled down us both.... something I will remember for a long time!!

45 mins had past so decided on a shower to freshen up and get dressed also...but In no hurry

Conclusion.... I know she gets bad press on here for her attitude and I witnessed that with a phone call she took and how she spoke to someone.... but for me, she is worth every penny because of the way she looks and the service she has provided to me twice now..... I suppose it can be luck if the draw how she is with you, but if you ask stupid questions, what response do you expect?? Not just from Jordy but anyone!! As my mother taught me, treat everyone how you expect to be treated..... so treat Jordy well and she will deliver an A class service :)

North West / Milf Jane Liverpool
« by FuntimeFrank on Today at 02:20:38 pm »

I was staying in Liverpool city centre in between lockdowns late last year and was looking around for a milf type, who would come to me.


Pretty straight forward, sent her a message on AW and she responded pretty quickly. She told me she’d be happy to travel into the city centre and meet me, she just needed directions etc. Time/location confirmed for that afternoon, all very easy and clear.


Jane is very much a ‘next door’ type, not stunning but definitely not ugly either. She had a nice body, size 12 probably about right, and a tidy arse. She was very clean and couldn’t have been more accommodating and nice.


I know it doesn’t tally with the profile, but I’m pretty certain I paid £120 for the hour, which we got out of the way right at the start.

She was happy with DFK and OWO, then protected sex on the bed. She was fine for me to change prositions and pretty much do what I wanted, and even encouraged me to rim her, which was a new one for me. As before, she was really clean etc. So no problem for me going down there!

I never felt rushed and including showers etc. We were probably in the room together for about 1hr 20 mins or so.

All in all a nice WG, who was happy to go with the flow and didn’t clock watch. She’s probably not for everyone, as she is pretty plain, but I enjoyed an uncomplicated hour with her.

East England / Danish Pia Bedford
« by Paul364 on Today at 02:20:19 pm »
Met her early December at the end of lockdown 2.0

Met at her flat in Bedford, opposite Bedford hospital. Parking is poor and you need to park at the hospital, which is a challenge as parking is limited there and you can have to queue.

I paid £70 for 30 minutes which was a full service, she does a Massage/HE option which I think is about £50 for 30 minutes.

Good points
Chatty, very personable and easy to get on with. Excellent service with good oral technique (without) and encouraging, engaged attitude during sex.
Flat is discreet and easy to find.
Dressed in decent lingerie
She states her age is 51, I think probably a little older but not by much

Bad points
Her photos are really out of date, at least 10 years! Her profile states she is a size 12, I would say a size 16. Even though face is obscured in photos you can see she looks very different and these were a long time ago.

Would I return? Possibly as a very good massage and expert in her services, hence why I gave her the positive vote.

This is a shemale review, just so you're aware!

I met Camilla Mattoli a little while back, when this sort of thing was allowed.

She's a great looking girl, nice height and, although her photos have been airbrushed slightly to make her look more slight and feminine, she's definitely not a macho type of TS and is passable. She speaks brilliant English.

She allowed (back then) french kissing, so we started off doing that alot as we undressed, as long as you didn't bite or nibble her lips. I felt at ease with her because of her friendly demeanor. Once we got down to action it was also very enjoyable, she's got a nice sized cock, but it seemed to be having issues getting hard which I think she was conscious about as she kept pushing and playing with it while I tried to give her OWO. After a few mins of this it was obvious she wasn't going to get erect, which is fine as i'm a top only, so I proceeded to pummel her from behind which didn't last too long as she has a cracking arse.

After that there was no rush to leave, we discussed politics, her life back in Brazil, her thoughts on London etc which was really nice. One to recommend definitely.

East England / Biancawhite - Watford
« by Ron89 on Today at 02:03:34 pm »

Saw this one recently, a standard Brazilian set up with male maid. That also means 20 extra each for DFK and OWO. There’s another review about this girl under a different profile, it looks like she worked independently for a while but has gone back to the circuit. The positive review looked good so I checked her out. Good comms from maid.

She’s ok looking facially, maybe a 5.5/10. Slightly older looking than the pics, I’d guess early 30s. The arse is decent, it’s all subjective but it wasn’t amazing or anything to write home about. Not a bubble candidate at all. She’s small, very smiley and excitable. Ok oral, very average tbh. The sex was good in that she will do what you want even if she’s not fully into it. My size was too much in doggy but she persevered like a trooper and took a decent clattering. She had to stop a few times to lube up but continued. I didn’t give it to her fully because she wouldn’t have been able to take a full pummelling.

All in all a neutral because everything was straightforward, the only negatives being the DFK/OWO listed as included in the price on her profile. Other than that, she does the job well enough but didn’t wow me

Newby so hope this is not too late. Jan 2020. Hoping this would be a convenient stop off on way back from Herts. Had texted earlier to check they were open and arrange a time.
Sign outside showed the premises used to be a hairdressers. Got there on time and sent text to say I had arrived and walked up. The door was locked and as it was school coming home time I felt a tad uneasy waiting for them to open the door. Finally, in and told that upstairs is where the massage is. It seemed nice and clean.
Lily, who I met said she was from Japanese, although with hindsight more likely to have been Korean. She was in a t shirt, a flowery skirt, bare legged. 1st impressions were good. She put new paper towelling down on a reasonably sized massage table. The room was clean and warm.

Told it was £45 for 1 hour.  Was sure I had seen somewhere it was £40, but as I had been looking at so many places before making the trip could not be sure. Left my phone ibn car so could not check.

No choice so I agreed, lay down on the bed and a good massage was delivered to back and legs. A little small talk and I let it known I had visited many establishments, but this was my first visit to Stafford. At this point I thought extras would be on the cards at an appropriate price. The massage continued and after about 30 minutes I was asked to turn over and she massaged my stomach and upper legs. This got me going and I started to get hard. She looked at me and asked if I wanted any extras. I asked what was available. At this point it started going downhill.
Foot massage £10 and Head massage £20!! Perplexed I asked if she did Happy Endings. She smiled, said yes then told me - "that will be £50"!!!
I retorted, I usually pay £20. £50 she said, then even told me where the nearest cash machine was. I should have been sensible and just let the massage take its course but you know how it is when your cock rules your head! After a few minutes more massage where it was clear the stiffy was not going to subside she came back with "How much do you have?". I lied and said £20 - she knew I had a fiver as I gave her £50 for the hour and she gave me a fiver back. I stupidly then said-Oh and the £5 you gave me back so I have £25. I had an extra £20 in my pocket, but was never going to bring that into the equation, not with the scenario that was unfolding. "OK I do £25 she said". I relaxed, but then she wanted the money up front. So I got up and gave her the money. By now my hard on was faltering! I expected her to massage me more sensually as there was still at least 25 mins left of the hour I had paid for, but she went straight into it! To be fair she had a technique which did achieve the desired effect - I got hard and came, quite a lot to be fair. She then announced “finished”. So I paid £45 what transpired to be 45 mins + £25 for a HE, which if she had handled everything better, may have been up there as 1 of the better ones.

I will not be hurrying back-in fact I will never go there again.
Fortunately the majority of my experiences with FBSM providers are mostly very positive; the best as you know flow seamlessly from massage into the naughty part and then back again. That is why I typically have had 2 or 3 regulars around the country that I can rely on. Unfortunately some of them have moved, or even quit the country.

Got even more annoyed when I double-checked the website and it said £40 for 1 hour!!!

So in total paid £70 for a massage with HE; what I would usually pay £60 for and got short-changed on time!

Not recommended
Stafford. Chinese shop on Dartmouth Street, not far from the Perkins factory. no longer valid

But found this

South East / Mia69Hot- Hemel Hempstead
« by Zulushakalulu on Today at 01:54:14 pm »

Saw this girl last week. Overal positive experience. I saw her for 30 mins, £80 and £30 extra for anal. OWO and CIM included in price. Located at a Holiday Inn hotel, when I arrived I did have to wait for around 5 mins after the booked time, before she was ready.

As soon as I entered, she was very chatty and friendly throughout. Made me feel very comfortable. She is the girl in the pictures, her face is average/maybe about average but body is nice. I asked if I could take a shower, but she said she didn’t have any spare towels, so I couldn’t. But she got down to business straight away, she didn’t do any FK, but she gave one heck of a blow job and deep throat, licking balls as well. Then did some 69 with her for a bit, until she asked if I wanted to start fucking.

Only down side was we did anal for like 1 min before she said she couldn’t take it, so had to stop. Was a bit annoyed by that, but didn’t want to ruin the mood by complaining. Since everything else up until that point was very good.

Did some doggy for a bit, which was nice, she’s experienced and knows what she’s doing. The switched and had she give me another blow Job which is excellent, and she took that finish in her mouth like a pro, waited till I fully unloaded in her mouth, which I have found some girls just quickly pulling out before I’ve finished.

After my 30 mins were done, chatted to her after for another 20 mins, since she was nice to talk to. She doesn’t clock watch as well, gave me the full 30 mins.

So overall, good experience. Would see her again!

Yorkshire & the Humber / Jessvixen - Leeds
« by mark22 on Today at 01:40:25 pm » or

Hi, Newbie here so any feedback is welcome as I learn the ropes.

Have tried to add a link so hope that works.

Saw Jess in Leeds last year at an apartment block in Leeds and paid £140 for an hour. Booking and communication was easy and she sent me the address the day before so I could plan my journey which was helpful.

Sent Jess a text on arrival and she responded straight away with the Apt No' and instructions to follow, this led nicely to her buzzing me in and there were no problems accessing the lift and locating her door.

Once inside I have to admit Jess looked a little older than her photos but was wearing nice lingerie and seemed pleasant and chatty so i wasn't too disappointed.

We'd already agreed to a fairly vanilla meet or GFE so after I'd handed over the cash (she didn't ask) I quickly stripped and jumped on the bed where Jess joined me and we started kissing and fondling each other for a good 10/15 mins. Jess then decided it was time to intoduce me to her other oral skills and all I can say is wow. Arse, balls & cock all given the full treatment and I could easily have just let her carry on until completion but instead asked if she had a condom. Quickly into some missionary and then a bit of doggie but then asked if we could go back to the oral to finish. Jess gave me a nice smile and said she could tell that's what I liked the most.

So with Jess's head between my thighs she gave me an amazing owo to completion and swallowed everything. Honestly it was one the best orgasms ever, so I'd go back for that alone.

After Jess seemed happy to chat and was in no rush for me to leave but I'd other plans so I left probably just over the hour.

In conclusion a nice girl who's a little older and probably a little fuller in figure than I was expecting but had an overall very good experience and will be back again at some point.

London / Lara_Person, Bond Street - B&S
« by bryro on Today at 01:13:23 pm »
Lara_Person, met in Dec 2020

Arranged over text, a few slow replies but generally ok

The Girl
Basically just not the girl in the picture. Should've walked as soon as I opened the door but was off the back of a prior walk and was tired of the charade. Pictures show 5'6 blonde bombshell. Girl was 5'3 spotty romanian brunette. Quite skinny, potentially attractive.

Bond St

1 Hr, £150.
OWO denied, absolutely no kissing, barely any touching. Trying to get me out the door as fast as possible from word go. Basically just fucked her doggie and was out in 15 min. I also requested an outfit over comms which she agreed to but completely ignored when I got there.

Definite avoid. When an ad looks too good to be true it usually is!

Yorkshire & the Humber / Ashleymaus Leeds
« by kingalfonzy on Today at 01:11:06 pm »

This girl I recommend thoroughly.  first of all, What amazes me is how hard working she is.
he green light is almost always on. Is she in debt or something?  :P

She is from a quintessential sea side town in South East which often features in films and dramas; often described as a joke town her contempt for which I found quite funny during our chat in bed.  I suspect she loves Leeds not so much for its own charm as its distance from her home town she hates. :D

Her AW page has lots of photos some of them showing her face. I dare say none of them
represents her accurately. Adult Work says Age 20, but she is not 20 apparently. I would say 23 or 4 or 5.
She is about five foot tall, or short, and hair black.  TBH, not quite my type and she isn't a head turner, I didn't say 'Cor.. lucky me', but lovely enough. Unless you are Hugh Hefner and after a Playmate of the Month type, you wouldn't turn her down.

When I met her she was sporting hard core punk hair as u c in the pics. Only one side of her head shaved. Death Metal Goth is her music of choice. Makes sense Maus is German for Mouse.
Why mouse? I don't know. Maybe a friend joked she is a bit mousey.  Slightly built without being skinny.   Beautiful pussy with the softness of Chibata bread dough which gets wet quick.

If you are a passive type who would rather lay on bed and want the girl to take initiatives, she might not be the one. i am rather passive and I found her BJ boring and wanting. She is inexperienced in that quarter. But Im of those guys who says 'as long as she is trying, i wouldn't complain and tell her what to do'. I think she wants the man to make all the moves and she is very compliant. I think she calls herself a sub. I am sick of SP says
''my nipple are SENSITIVE'' ''No fingering'' ''just fuck and cum quickly as u can''  Ashley loves touched and fingered.  if u are a sexually aggressive guy who has lots of ideas and just wants a perfect sex doll,
she is a great candidate.

What I remember most is her beautiful soft pussy and fondling it and the way she liked it. but Also her over all personality. In light of my recent nightmare meeting with harsh East Europeans I would say her being mild tempered British girl was worth extra.  I paid 140 for one hour. 

I hope this makes it clearer what to expect from her and helps making up your decision.  PS She said she was thinking of moving away from Leeds in not so far future. This lockdown has made it impossible for her but Leeds folks, don't assume she is always there.  :hi:

Yorkshire & the Humber / Persian goddess x - bradford
« by Kali on Today at 01:01:20 pm »
Hi all,

Thought I’d leave my first review on Persian goddess who I have met a couple of times.

Meets: 30-60 mins
Location: private apartments Bradford
Number of meetings: 4/5

Comms: quick replies however I was told by her that she doesn’t actually send the communication and it is done by her friend who arranges the meets and lets her know. I have sometimes tried to book and got excuses after as I have seen on other girls on here regarding the landlord turning up and afew other reasons. But I tried to be persistent and patient.

Meet: I have put this review down as a negative purely as i have experiences two sides to Persian, a couple of times when I have seen her she has been very disinterested and it seems as though she just wants you to blow your load and leave as soon as possible, similar to a previous review on here she just tries to finish it at oral and nothing more. However the other times I have seen her the service has been completely different with Dfk, a massage and lots of positions.

I hope I have provided all the details you may require if you were willing to book a meet and that I haven’t been too harsh.

Scotland / Morgan Muru Massage - Aberdeen
« by Bluenose247 on Today at 12:43:56 pm »
Met with Morgan a few months ago before the lockdown restrictions. TOFFT as there was nothing on here and fancied a Nuru Massage.

Booked for an hour at £180. This was the cost for a Nuru Massage. Her profile states £120 but that is for tantric massage.

This was all done by text. Texted a couple of hours before for an appointment, appointment was set up in no time and messaged her once I reached the location.

Just off Crown Street, so city centre near where Pear Lounge use to be. Just along from that road.

Her pictures are not what her body looks like. She is fairly attractive but her body is on the very large side. Lots of flab hanging, so the pictures were probably taken a long time ago.

Got in, offered a shower to start so took it. Once back from my showroom, she had laid down a black plastic sheet on the bed, which looked like a massive black bin bag. Got told to lay down on my front, she started putting the Nuru Oil on my back and she rubbed her body very slowly and gently. She did this whilst fully nude. She was not really chatty neither. She did mention that she is also a lapdancer at Bugsy Brown's.

She then asked me to turn on my front, and got to see her body. She did the same again, put oil on and started rubbing her body. There was no sensual feeling about this and I was not turned on at all. There was a swip at my cock once or twice, that was really it. I had not touched her at this point.

Then she proceeded with giving a Hand Job, then she said that i can touch her. I start fondling her saggy tits, and then started fingerings, she was very loose.

I was not really enjoying this, so I started helping her wank myself off. I finished on my own body, was offered a shower and left.

Would I go back again? No definitely not as the pictures were not the latest of her, and I would not say that was a proper nuru experience.

West Midlands / Erotic massages Birmingham.
« by Khanmr566 on Today at 12:33:28 pm »

Cost: £50 for 1 hour

Location: behind St Andrews (Blues ground)

Communication: poor

Meet: wow! If she could share her enthusiasm with the girls in Birmingham there would be no half arsed services anymore. This girl looks better than her pics. When i rang her she cheekily asked me how many times i can cum in a hour i said maybe 2/3. So judging by that i popped a viagra before the meet. As soon as i walked in she started kissing me in the door. I literally had to push her into the hallway lol. Once inside she was in a skimpy dress. And she started to undress me, i paid her the money even though she never asked up until this stage. Once i was fully undressed she started to give me owo and even though it was a bit toothy for my liking it was good with a lot of ball play. She then put the condom on and jumped on. She has a very tight pussy and grinded on top and made me cum within minutes. As soon as i came she pulled off the condom and started from scratch again with the DFK, and oral. This time when she got me hard again after 5 mins she sat on my legs and started wanking me off. It was intense. Once i came she cleaned me up and lay next to me playing with my cock again. This routine of fucking and wanking went on for atleast 1hour 45mins and she made me cum 4 times. I was literally drained then went for a shower and she jumped in the shower with me and tried playing again this time i had to pull back saying no more. She was just giggling away. Before i left i gave her another £25 as a tip. And she was well over the moon. If you can manage to get a booking with her guys, its your bloody lucky day.


Was just scammed out of £40. Contact was done via messege. Told her what kind of session I'd like. She confirmes. Tells me that i must give a £40 deposit before session can go ahead. I agree, as i didn't think £40 was too expensive. Made the deposit and then, radio silence.

Writing this on my mobile, so forgive me if this review is a little abrupt.

I feel like a complete mug. Not looking for sympathy, just alerting others of this scammer.

Serves me right for not being more thorough. Lesson learned.

Meet took place before current lockdown thanks to Sdeogy118 for review/recommendation

Price: 1 hour - £180


Ok Comms, clear instructions given upon arrival, No real issues, (Insists on speaking to you on the phone which wasn't an issue)

Location: Great Barr

Services: FK, OWO, RO, Rimming (her) Protected Sex

The Meet:

Arrived and was told to walk straight, upon entering she was standing in the hallway ( i knew this was going to be awesome), Drink was offered, water was accepted and given. Jessica insists on you taking a shower and using mouthwash (no problem at all).

Once out of the shower paperwork handed over, a quick chat to relax one another and the FK commenced, our hands are all over each other at this point, she moves away to take her clothes off and my eyes popped out of my head at the site of this amazing body (Curves in all the right places). FK started up again her hand stroking my now throbbing cock and may hand massaging her a-hole, this went on for a good 5-10 minutes at which point she asked me to get comfortable while she put my rock hard cock in her mouth and went to town, lots of spit and a nice tongue work which was awesome (no hands too which was so hot!!!) she took me in as much as she could and moved off with lots of spit and drool everywhere and said "your too big i can't take anymore in". I then asked to return the favour upon which she lay back, worked my way down (what was a nice clean pussy) and went to work for a good 15-20 minutes, she came quiet quickly (my face was drenched in her juice) but i wasn't going to stop so i went on and on until she said we should fuck now as your time will be up.

So bag placed on by her and she proceeded to ride me reverse cowgirl (What a site for an ass lover like me) and she rode me like her life depended on it, this went on for another 10-15 minutes by which time i couldnt take anymore and unloaded into the bag. Both fell onto the bed. i cleaned myself up, we had a quick chat while she got me some more water (Really good conversationalist as well). I asked if i could have a quick shower which was fine, got dressed, exchanged kisses and i left with the biggest smile on my face


Awesome Punt, She has a great body which made the punt all the better, the price is toward the topside of by budget but i dont mind paying if i know the SP is a quality provider which Jessica truely is (I'm a vanilla guy so if thats what your after she's definetly worth a visit).

Would i see her again, most definetly without hesitation.

East England / Sweet x Daisy
« by Fuggedaboutit on Today at 12:05:04 pm »
Disclaimer - when I saw her, I was pretty sure she went by another name, but can't for the life remember it.

Meet took place in Cambridge, but she tours. This was in September.

Communications - comms initially by text, good prompt responses. Phone call just before entry.
Meet - apartment near the station. £80 for 1/2 hour. Daisy opened door in time honoured WG fashion. Wearing a babydoll nightie and hold up stockings. Slightly chubbier than AW profile photos, but not offensively so. Quite a sweet face. Advertises as 22, probably accurate, or at least no older than 26.
Offered shower; very quick one taken as only had 1/2 hour. Pretty much down to action as soon as I came out of bathroom. Started with some FK, swiftly followed by her dropping to her knees to remove towel to take me in her mouth (note - she advertises OWO as for gents who are shaved/short below - I'm neither, but guessing she was happy to because I'd just had a shower). Quite good technique with eye contact. Moved back on to bed and into 69. Some appreciative noises from her, then she straddled me. Nice bouncy tits.
Was getting a bit close, so asked her to switch to doggy, which she did and then I finished. Wet wipes on hand and offered 2nd shower.

Usually do hour long slots, and would probably go for longer next time. Overall, a fairly pleasant girl, a bit lacking in conversation, but nice enough to relieve some tension.

London / Ella 4U xx - Edgeware Road , London
« by neb12 on Today at 12:00:03 pm »

Hi Guys,

Long time lurker here who has just completed my first punt. Saw her last week. Thought I would start with someone cheap, and just for a BJ. or

Quick response with menu and location, won't leave you waiting for replies.

Walking distance from Edgeware Road Station less than 2 minutes. Was given the door number and very easy to find if you know what your looking for.

She's a tiny 5'0 Hungarian woman with big tits and a bit of a belly just like the photos.  Age wise I'd say late 40s . Cute face, good enough tits and big ass.

£50 / 1/2 hr . All confirmed via text message.

Deep Throat
Ball sucking

Came into the flat and she was very receptive, asking me what I liked and if I needed a shower of some water. Undressed me and took her top off. I was here just for one thing- the Hungarian milf blowjob. She dropped to her knees and started to kiss my balls, while my erection slowly came to life. She then proceeded to take my whole length in my mouth at once while looking up at me. Respective of my wishes she started moaning with my cock in her mouth, and started bobbing up and down porno style, with plenty of tongue and ball play. After 5 mins we backed up the bed with my cock never once leaving her mouth. This is where things got intense. She proceeded to face fuck herself on my dick, generating so much slobber that it plastered my entire groin area. The sight and sounds of her going full throttle and gagging and spitting  for 20 minutes will stay with me for a while. I couldn't hold it any longer as she milked a globby CIM from me , and kept sucking for 2 mins after. It was only after all this time I finally left her mouth.

Blowjob really is VFM and she gives it all .
Slutty milf look, and gave me the PSE I asked for

Not a great body and quite old.

Overall it was well worth it for me, would recommend if you want a great BJ at a low price, and also a promising first meet.

Will be back for more once I have some different girls I hope.

London / Brazilian Babe - Bounds Green
« by Londonmike39 on Today at 11:57:47 am »

Sadly, this part of North London (Wood Green and surrounding areas) have become very dry for punting and left with very few quality SPs and decent flats/houses to punt. Most of the SPs operate in an environment where even there are no soaps to wash our hands.

Sorry about the moan and let me come to the punt now.

£60 for 30 minutes.

Comms: I called when I was around 10 minutes from there and accepted the short notice. Usually, they ask us to come and ring them because it will be a lucky dip. You may book with one girl there but when you go she may become busy. Happening a lot nowadays unfortunately!

Location: I braved the current situation and went for this location where predominantly Brazilians/Columbians operate. This house is just a 5 minute walk east of Bounds Green station in a quite road. The house is clean enough but the ambience is not enough for a pleasant enjoyable punt.

Girl: Really sorry but forgot to ask her name. Said she is from Brazil. She looked beautiful in my opinion. Sharp features all throughout including the face, not too slim or fat , very proportionate, curves in the right places, around 5'7. Fake bolt ons with visible scar. I am not a big fan of them and I was there for a fairly vanilla punt so didn't bother me too much. The rest of the body compensated for it. Clean down below with a little tuft of hair at the top. Prominent feature is the big clit. Not as big as the one that someone called 'Leyla Big Clit' (old punters will remember her I am sure) who used to punt and disappeared had but prominent enough for good munching. Was tempted to go for munching it by paying extra (which was demanded) but the ambience was not pleasant enough for me to tempt it fully. Speaks not much English so don't expect her to be talkative.

Punt: Fairly vanilla. No kissing allowed. Fucked in different positions - missionary, doggy, and cowgirl. She did not seem to enjoy it too much but just going with a flow. Scar under the breasts didn't tempt me to play with it but that clit and the brown pussy with a little hair at the top was very hard to resist. I looked at them all along the punt. Came in doggy in the sack. Cleaned up and left satisfied although did not enjoy the whole meal.

Conclusion: Bordered on the neutral but the girl was good looking and clean. Although passive, she was in no way unresponsive or rude so I will give a borderline positive. If it had been a different and clean location with the right ambience for punting, I would have stayed longer and enjoyed playing with that clit and I will go back to her if she changes the location.

It is a personal thing, but after seeing standards with both looks, efforts and the ambience, people like Luscious Lucy, Leyla Big Clit, and some others set very high standards. I am unable to compromise on those nowadays and when I go to a dirty location, it just doesn't do it for me. More often, I end up shagging myself in the end unfortunately. Hopefully, North London improves in the future and becomes greener for punting.

London / Pinky25xxx, Dagenham
« by Manutd007 on Today at 11:46:04 am »

Comms: text and phonecall.

Location: forgot exactly what tube station it was, was on district line, however 5-10 min walk from station. Cul- de- sac, safe area.

Girl:facially, not a looker. However decent slim body IMO, lots of tattoos. Girl has a london accent so clearly grew up here. Good owo, good sex, good attitude, I didt get french kissing just lfk. Bolted and showered and left just under the hour.

Good service to be fair but probably wont return.

West Midlands / British becki - Birmingham
« by Khanmr566 on Today at 11:42:36 am »

Cost: £150

Location: flats by newhall st

Communication: fairly good and prompt

Meet: meet was early in the year, she is quite a big girl. Mustve been a size 16 but not a flabby 16. Once we entered the room and monies were paid she lay down on the bed while I undressed. Then when i joined her on the bed she started to rub my cock to get me hard and while i was at semi she tried putting the condom on and started to suck. Her BJ skills are decent but a little toothy. Then once i was hard i got on top and fucked her until i popped. Had a 5/10min break and then proceeded to round 2 then she was on top and it was a joy to watch them tits bounce up and down, then I finished in doggy. The reason she was neutral is because she was very lazy and i had to initiate everything and she lacked that oomph.

Gumtree: or . It was another ad with different number... but same scam

Booking and Comms: booking by text, no problems at all.

Price: I paid for an hour (100), expenting massage like a chinese or thai shop

Location: Reading, really close to city center (no more than 5-10 min walking) to Train Station

Venue: a modern 2-3 bed flat. Really messy, another girl livigin there (both Romanians)

Girl: No chinese or asian at all. Romanian.

Meet:  Really shit massage, after 30 min complaining she was tired and she was asking for f*ck or OW. OW with condom was OK, really deep and with gagging. It was the best thing. I finish, she clean all the mess. After she start to talk with her friend in Romanian about one "customer" (he gone  :lol:) bcz "he wants cum 3 times in one hour" and she says no  :D

Summary: Not worthy at all for the money, but I was looking for relax,massage and happy end... If you want lose your time/money, go for it  :thumbsdown:

East Midlands / Amazing Vikki, FBSM, Northampton
« by CD on Today at 11:27:21 am » or

Location: small terraced house, fairly close to the centre of Northampton

Cost: £80 for 60 mins.

Communication: efficient and professional.  Vikki sent me the house details once I had arrived in the street.

The lady: Vikki is a pretty Polish lady, size 6 with long dark hair.  She was dressed in denim hot pants, and a white blouse.

I saw Vikki in the summer between lockdowns.  She showed me up to a bedroom on the first floor with a massage table and a bed.  I noticed that we passed a second bedroom with another massage table, so I suspect that she works with someone else.

I took a shower.  I thought that the shower was perfectly fine, contrary to another review of her last summer.  She guided me to the bed.  I wanted to pop twice in the house.  After some discussion, she started with a massage on my front, which brought me to a climax.  She then continued with a body-to-body massage on my back, then flipped me over, and finished with a second HE.  I found her massage on the light side, for my taste.   I finished in a fraction under an hour.
  Vikki was professional and interesting to talk to, but I found the overall experience a touch mechanical.  Hence the neutral.

West Midlands / Vicky Toria, FBSM, Birmingham
« by CD on Today at 11:15:45 am » or

Location: immaculate flat in an apartment block a couple of minutes off Broad Street, Birmingham.

Cost: £80 for 60 mins.

Communication: efficient and professional. Vicky texted me details to find the apartment when I arrived.

The lady: Vicky is an intelligent lady, with a pretty face, and a curvy attractive size 12 figure.  She is professional, and likes to be treated with respect.

A first review ...

This is a summary of a few visits over the summer and autumn in between lock downs.  Vicky offers her massage in a dedicated, relaxing room with a couch and a good massage table.  Before each session, she sat down with me on the couch to agree a plan.  A shower was on offer with clean towels in the bath room, which was spotless.  Vicky was naked when I returned.

I opted for a firmer, Swedish style massage, moving on to an erotic body to body massage. Vicky has excellent professional massage skills, and I found her body to body very erotic.  There is a wardrobe on the right-hand side of the room with full length mirrors.  I had a super view looking in the mirror, and she found me a pillow, so that I could prop my head up.  However, for me, the best experience has been to ignore the mirror (tough!), and relax, head down in the cradle, just enjoying the sensations.  The feel of her pussy on my bottom in the body to body was to die for.  On turnover, she delivered a tantalising edging massage with intense eye contact until the explosive finale.  Vicky leaves time between appointments, in my experience, so never felt rushed.

One of the best for an edging and body to body massage that I have come across.


Location : opposite Matalan shop easy parking there.
By train 10 min walk. House is right on the main road with shops all around.

Meet by the maid asked to wait on the room.
2 girls come and puss 1 some old cow.
Pussy 2 the girl on the photo...but with a few more Kg... :dash:
Gone with pussy 2 ...
£40 / 15min ow and bang.
Very mechanical little of eye contact and straight to action.
Fake breasts.
 :wacko: she does let you touch it.
If she would be less heavy she would be a star! Porn star!
Now the bed makes more noise than 2 foxes fighting or having sex.
Would I return? Maybe.. Its the second time I been there first time I walked as there was 2 grandma's on offer.
It's a hit and miss, and it's OK to go and check sometimes a gem 💎 can be found.

West Midlands / Bella_31 - Coventry
« by JammieDodger on Today at 10:37:27 am »
Met in between lockdowns. Good comms and easy enough place to find, if not in the best of places. Place itself is okay inside.

Bella is decent looking, great body and tits. Quite chatty which makes the meet feel a lot less “functional”. Nice friendly woman.

The business part of it started with a some light kissing, followed by her rolling on the rubber and delivering some excellent head whilst I was knelt on the bed. She then lay back and took her in missionary before filling the bag. This part of it felt more functional I have to admit. I think Bella is more of a PSE perhaps.

It was a good meet overall and I’d be tempted to return sometime.

First review, hope its alright and I know that a TS one might not be to everyone's taste

Comms from Amylee were good, I sent her a quick message to see if she was available and she responded quickly and put my nerves at ease with it being my first time with a TS and punting.

Location: block of flats down by quayside, given door codes via text when I was outside

Meet: Jan 2021, once I was inside she greeted me at the door wearing lingere and she had an INSANE body! (She looks like she does in the pictures but with maybe a couple more tattoos and a slightly smaller cock.

Sadly when it came down to the actual act it was all a bit quick. She took total control which was great, and after she fucked my throat for a bit she asked of I wanted to be fucked. I eagerly said yes...

She rubbered up and then made me lube myself up with a small amount she dolloped on my fingers, which seemed abit strange and distant. She then eased herself in and began fucking me in doggystyle before turning me over onto my back.

She then pounded me silly while wanking me off very fast, I asked her to slow down as I was going to cum too soon but she only slowed for a minute, before ramping up again.

Then bang and I was done, I would liked the experience to have gone on for longer but she seemed to want me out the door quickly.

I paid for an hour, got about 30 minutes.

She was insanely sexy, but its maybe put me off venturing out again for this.

[Image hidden]

North West / Zendaya Rose - Preston
« by Feetsteve on Today at 10:24:46 am »

Woke up in the middle of the night feeling VERY horny, so had a look for a morning punt, got a reply from Zendaya Rose who agreed to a 9am booking, 1/2 hour for £100 (ouch). Thought it was very pricey, but couldn’t find anyone else available so just went for it.

She greeted me at the door of a well known hotel chain in Preston city centre (didn’t have to go past reception), naked, and what a stunner! English, but with a Caribbean look about her, pretty face, fantastic arse, pierced nipples and nice red painted toes.

She lay me on my back, and started off with a nice 69, her bj was good if not spectacular, but her arse on my face was fantastic!

We then had sex in various positions, she told me she was cumming while I was on top, and I had to really hold off myself to not finish there and then!

She wanked me off while I sucked her toes, then I came all over her feet.

Really friendly, really fit girl! Only downsides were the price, and also felt just a little robotic at times.

I’d be raving over her and planning my next visit if she wasn’t so expensive, but don’t really want to encourage that price being ok for her!

Worth seeing, even if just to get that perfect arse in your face 😊

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