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Wales / Nymphmilfhottie Cwmbran
« by Ferguson86 on Today at 03:32:33 am »

This was one I did at short notice after my first choice was unreliable.
Her place is a flat in a block in Cwmbran near some semi notorious shops in Cwmbran.
She’s not a bad looking woman, age is optimistic I’d say-im 40 and she’s way older than me. Looks like a burned out stripper, not bad looking but reminds me of the kinds of old slags I’d pull when I was a teenager going to grab a granny night at Chicago rocks.
Not bad tits, fat juicy cunt which was available for tongues and fingers and tasted fine.
Her blow job technique was not for me but I got hard eventually and she directed me to do her from behind. I was fine with this tbh as she hasn’t got a particularly nice face and her tits were a bit like Julie delay in true romance (droopy dog ears) when I hit them out of her bra.
Managed to cum, had a nice hot shower and was in my way.
Wouldn’t return as she’s not for me but she was nice enough and offered all the services listed but it just wasn’t quite right. Maybe it would be better on a return visit but I won’t be finding out


Walk-in (£35 for 30mins)
2 girls waiting
A Brunette with Glasses
A Blond n Tanned (I went with the blond) Elena/Aleana (I think) I would say EE Romanian.

Short not sweet:
Basic service consisted of a very brief covered BJ performed with the professional (ROM) blocking tactics, legs clamped together, almost in fetal position - arms blocking breast - only option to rest my hand on her hip and try compliments!

After a couple of licks and a suck she says, com'on 'Doggy' I suggested she might let me on top to start with, I tried to feel her pert B-Cups, complimenting them and go for a suck/lick of her nipple, only to be told off! 'CORONA VIRUS'

Looking down, the business end is lubed up to her eyeballs.. I slide in - I can feel how tense she is...(in her body) I can't explain it other than it feels like I'm forcing myself on her and she's not willing... (I can't deal with that!) after a minute or two she says okay 'DOGGY'

She tried some blocking type move but I manage to get into an okay position - her face is way down ass up! I manage Ye'Ole slip the thumb into the ass trick; I knew she wasn't going to give me chance to enjoy the ride!

After a few moments she realises I have a thumb lodged into her asshole and complains, insisting I cum quickly (which I do)

As soon as I pop she's off the bed and dressed. I request a baby wipe and she says 'No Baby-wipes' wash your dick in the sink and leaves the room, I clean up and dress, having checked my phone I'd say about 13mins (tops) from choosing the girl.     

I'm not sure if it was the end of her shift? I've always had decent 'Selecta' punts, albeit a basic service you normally know what to expect, with the right girl!

Feeling thoroughly pissed off, with money to burn!
I took my freshly shaven balls (still) smelling of my finest eau de parfum and I headed over the road to the 'Angel 56' for my second punt of the night! (honestly, I'm so glad I did!)


Booking & Comms
Meeting took place last month. Knowing Eusie’s popularity I texted my booking request for a 90 minute massage a couple of weeks in advance. All subsequent comms with Eusie were done via text, she responded on each occasion quickly and professionally.

Hair salon surrounded by shops on a main street running through Moorends. Shop seemed smart and clean. It was empty apart from Eusie when I arrived in the middle of the day. Plenty of free on street parking nearby if you are driving. On entering the salon I was shown through to a room at the back of the premises that contained a massage table. In my view the room was fit for purpose.

Asian lady that I would estimate as being in her mid 40s. Not quite as attractive facially as I was hoping for, lots of make-up. Smartly dressed, decent English.

Once in the room I was asked to fill in a questionnaire. When that was handed in I was told to get undressed, including when I checked my underwear, and get on the table. There then followed a very thorough and vigorous massage. So much so that I found a couple bruises the following day! Very early into the massage Eusie asked if I wanted a happy ending. I of course quickly agreed. No other extras were offered and I didn’t ask if there was anything else available. About half-way through the session Eusie started some reach unders and eventually got me on all fours, her handjob technique was a bit too quick and rough for me, despite me asking her to slow down. Eventually I got her to stop as it just wasn’t working, whilst she didn’t say anything I got the impression that Eusie was a little taken aback by this turn of events. Once I turned over and was laid on my back we started again, Eusie had got me an extra pillow to make sure I was comfortable and also give me a better view of proceedings. The handjob was still a little on the quick side for my liking but it eventually did the business. Eusie then cleaned the mess up and continued with the massage. With about 10 minutes to go Eusie indicated that we had finished. She helped get the excess oil off me using towels. I then got dressed and handed Eusie £90 indicating she could keep the £5 change. The shop was empty as I was leaving apart from another Asian lady who Eusie indicated was a colleague and who also did massages at just £35 per hour. Walking back to my car I looked at my phone and found I’d been in the salon about an hour and 40 minutes.

In total I paid £90 for a 90 minute massage with a happy ending, £65 for the massage and £20 for the happy ending. The other £5 was change, which I said Eusie could keep. Massage was ok, happy ending less so. For me a low end positive, I got what I paid for and wasn’t short-changed in terms of time, however I can’t see myself booking Eusie again. I might go to Phets when next in the area to see what the other lady is like, if I do I’ll stick in a review.

London / Emily - Layla Massage - Mill Hill
« by shant999 on Today at 12:16:39 am »
£ 120
1 hour

Whatsapp comm good and quick. and very easy to find. right near mill hill round about.

Girl Very Attractive blond firm trim body as per pic sent on whatapp. Slim firm 5'7".

Accommodation very good inside, nice shower which I was asked to take.

Session started face down, and some good sensual  massaging with some sensual reach unders. A little body to body and then asked to turn over. As soon as i started touching her..

"no touch down there"
"gentle touch on boobs"

she was naked but didn't even see her pussy as she was evasive. She did offer a prostate massage but not my thing.

Just the whole mood went, so just let her wank me off but it just felt pointless if can't interact. Showered left unsatisfied, no spring in my step, just like £120 went down the drain.

not impressed, not going back.

North West / glisteningjools - Accrington
« by The donald on Today at 12:07:18 am »

Saw the lovely Jools at last
Had to sort a meet as she works in another job as do I!
She is 52 and slim
Extremely attractive and immaculately attired as is her beautiful home
Set off with a drink and a chat in her kitchen
She asked what I liked and my expectations for the meet
Then up to the bedroom
Jools had sexy leather dress on with zip all way up back
Classy black lingerie underneath with black fishnet stockings and high heels

Started with lovely Dfk and undressing each other
She is a great kisser
Got me real horny straightaway
Touching my cock and balls as I felt her wet pussy

Onto bed and Jools sat on my face so I could lick her out
Soon into 69 and her technique is second to none

Came for cim and snowball which she excels at
Finished off with chat on many subjects and an oily massage
Excellent meet for me
Highly recommended
Will definitely return
Sorting out next meeting as we speak

£130 for the hour
Best money I’ve ever spent

North East / Courtney Premium escorts Newcastle
« by simplicool on Today at 12:06:55 am »
With a little rare time to spare and in north Tyneside with work decided to check who was available with the local agencies. Courtney grabbed my eyes as her pics are decent and being new, wanted to sample her goods. Booking was flawless through premium and arranged a 30 min in call for £60, location is between percy main and howdon discreet apartments, well they would have been if the buzzer was working but as it wasn’t she had to walk to the door in her glory. She was dressed in a matching corset with suspenders and heels a fantastic look. Once inside and paperwork sorted I got a good look at her and personally without wanting to offend shes not my type. She is bonny and stats are correct but bit to much makeup and looked older than stated. Few too many tattoos for my liking which I missed on her profile pics. She stated shes from teeside area and this can be picked up in het accent. We started with light kissing and lots of fondling, bodywise again shes not tight few marks around her tummy and boobs not pert. She started with owo and I suggested we go in 69, she wasn’t fresh and this was a real down point. It wasn’t a major smelly fanny (I know Im a old romantic) but more of a wee smell, anyhow iv had my tongue in worse, but this put a end to the 69. She climbed on top and but kept her corset and bra on, personally I think this was to hide her tummy and even though I got her boobs out her bra was on again this I feel was to keep her boobs in a reasonable position as they looked like they would have dropped low without the bra. She didn’t mind her bum being played with and after working up a good rhythm we moved onto doggy.
She has a great bum but keeping her clothes on didn’t do it for me. Finished in doggy with a finger slightly in her back door, not much chitchat once the deed was done, simply dressed and left, she is canny but the whole punt was just meh, one off the list but not worth going back.
Punt happened in oct 2021

North East / Ruby Massage Newcastle
« by simplicool on Yesterday at 11:49:47 pm »
Not wanting to miss out on the hoo-haa regarding ruby and the positive reviews I had to get a piece of the action. Texted to book 30 minutes, wasn’t quoted b2b on text but knew this would be available reading other reviews. Communication was pretty straightforward. Her English isn’t perfect and she is using google translate as a couple of messages arrived in Chinese! Venue just behind the central station with lots of parking near by. Arrived a few minutes early and directed to a downstairs flat, very clean and tidy flat Ruby was waiting in a pretty dress and she is a bonny lass. Perfect size 8 with beautiful features hard to age eastern women but I would guess mid to late 20’s (They are always a little older than they look!). Was asked for what I wanted and agreed on £60 for 30 min b2b this is £10 over my preferred rate but hey. Was asked to lie down naked and ruby then entered the room and stripped off, I didn’t know she was naked at this point as I was face down and she started massaging my legs moving upwards and moved onto my back, it was only when she pressed her groin area into my head I realised she was wearing her birthday suit! Asked if touching was allowed and she said yes, felt great stroking her pert arse as the massage proceeded. She then climbed on and rubbed her tush against my bum in a reverse cowgirl type way, was very erotic, only gripe was spent too long on my front and now long enough on my back. Was eventually asked to turn over and pretty much moved onto the hand job, I refer to finish myself off and whilst doing this she was happy to play with my balls, she allowed touching but positioned herself so no fingers inside but was happy to have her clit rubbed and allowed to have her nipples sucked as I came. Shower offered and taken a little bit of chit chat and I left happy. And this is where thing stook a dive. Messaged het 2 days later looking to book a hour for £80 which would represent great value, date and time agreed and couldn’t wait to see her again. Day of the second booking came and as I text her to say I was on my way she messaged back “Sorry not in city” I was like wtf! Called and no answer she messaged saying sorry something happened and she was in London, and that was that. Texted her from anther number and same reply saying she wasn’t available. Really pissed me off as grabbing a hour is neigh on impossible took a lot of moving things around, and no plan b was mega pissed off. No apology from ruby. Would I see her again? Yes maybe as the competition for decent b2b is so crap in Newcastle. 1 meeting was a positive second was a mega negative so a neutral I feel is fair. Even though she was great to chat to, made me realise no matter how nice they are we as punters are just walking wallets to them.
Meeting happened in sept 2021

Girlfriend_Jessica TOFTT - Southampton

Not much about locally lately so I thought I would check out some new talent. Nothing on Jessica here so TOFTT. Profile says fresh off the boat. Paraguayan. These are a risk but fuck it I like surprises.

Comms: Called and arranged session with OWO in about 1 hours time. Coms all good. Given post code, then flat name and flat number. I guess bookings done by the handler. Certainly efficient.

Venue: Flat Southampton near IOW ferry area and the town walls.

The Girl: When the door magically opened I was very happy. The pictures are genuine although slightly photoshopped. She is pretty in real life. Around 5ft 5in very nice natural breasts I liked them. Perfect tanned skin and proportions. Fantastic pear shaped arse. The best bit was she was welcoming and friendly and made me feel at ease straight away. Age 25 ish about right. Pretty face IMO. Maybe slight signs of mum tum but a cracking package. English ok enough to get by but don't expect to hold too much of a conversation.   Suited me for this punt as I wanted vanilla and in and out as I had stuff to do.

Service: we did the deal previously and agreed on £70 sheets for 30min inc OWO, sorted, money stashed.

A bit of banter and foreplay. Clothes came off and I could admire her perfect form. Next OWO with my rock hard and excited boner. Good technique. I went down for some pussy munching. She had a nice most perfectly formed pussy. During licking fingers and tongue inside allowed. She seemed to be enjoying it. Really tight pussy so I was eager to get in there.
Lots of giggles and fun.

Onto mish then cowgirl with some slow sensual sex. Jessica moved about on me body to body and again seemed to be enjoying herself.
She suggested doggy so onto that while she vigorously played with her clit and the clamping on my cock made me come maybe a little too quick but I really enjoyed the view and it was a great session.

I used up the time and was not rushed out the door. We had a bit of banter afterwards.

Summary: A really good punt. It's great when an SP enjoys themselves too and you can see that it's not fake or lacklustre.

Pros: Perfection and great fun to be with. My tastes are vanilla. Your typical normal fit 25yo natural body.

Cons: Kissing was light but suited me actually she was kissing me more. Slight mum tum but still beautiful.

Apparently she is in Southampton for 2 weeks. I would definitely recommend and I will go back if possible.

South East / gemmas_delights Dartford/Longfield
« by Simon1977 on Yesterday at 11:20:39 pm » or
Was in the area and fancied some milf action last month. Couldn't find any reviews on here to guide me.

COMMS: Sent a text and asked to call an hour before to confirm a time. Answered and seemed pleasant enough and sent 1st postcode and talked me to her house when i was in the area. It was £70 for half an hour.

HOUSE:Wow in a great area and what a great place, massive house. Were some cars in the drive but didn't see anyone at the house....

THE WELCOME: Underwhelming in a long dress which did nothing for her slim body.

THE PUNT:Was pleasant enough and offered me a massage after revealing her slim body in some black sexy underwear with hold ups. Massage was meh with some teasing but it was like someone commentating rather than it being passionate and sexy. Some back rubbing whilst chatting. Onto the bed and she did this thing where she turned her back on me to start giving me a handjob but I wasn't able to feel any of her or to see what she was doing. Asked if she could do oral and again I couldn't see a thing. I couldn't tell you if it was OW or OWO. I should have said something but thought I would go with it. Started to feel the sap rise and said for her to stop but she started being more vigorous and ignored me and I shot my load in her mouth or was it a condom? I honestly couldn't tell ya although she said I came in her mouth but I'm unsure. Asked if I could kiss her body as she doesn't do kissing and she turned over for a few minutes but she had a bit of a bad back when I went to sit on her. 20 mins in and not seen her rack or pussy and nor was I too. Talked a little too much and showed me some of her bondage gear. I hadn't come for a tour. She then said it was time to go!! Was offered another 30 mins but politely declined.

SUMMARY: Listen she was a nice lady but she gave a poor service with everything just out of reach so she knew what she was doing. Avoiding all contact really from me. I went away thinking I might have had more fun watching myself burn the £70 in an ashtray. Very non passionate which is what I was looking for and explained this. No kissing and little bodily contact when on the bed. Asked if i would return but I definitely wouldn't give her the chance to take my money for what was served. You'd send it back if it was restaurant!


Arranged a massage session and as usual very  efficient booking arrangement. Paid standard fee plus £20 for 'private massage'. Eventually paid £40 to Anna for naked massage HE finish.

She is a lovely Thai woman, very engaging and friendly. I guess she is 40ish but is in very good shape. My guess would be that she is also facially attractive but she wore a mask throughout.

The massage is very good, soft to medium with a sensuous twist. Her body is very nice and soft to the touch. Her HE technique is superb, slow but firm and also edging.

Eventually I came but only when I was ready! She cleaned me up well and I went my way happy, relaxed and surely to return. So

Comms 10/10
VFM 10/10
Anna 10/10
HE 10/10

Happy bunny!!

London / Christina Thai, Lewisham
« by loveahe on Yesterday at 10:39:08 pm »

Thought I was TOFTT here, but I see I've been beaten to it.  My meet was early this week, and thankfully went better then the other review.

I had previously attempted to arrange a meet with Thai Zee, but her shitty attitude saw me call that one off.  I expected this one to be in the same location, it was, but her attitude and comms were ten times better.

It is the girl in the pics, probably 27 or 28 and I'd expect she has some kids back in the land of smiles that she is raising cash for (as well as her boob job). She is very new to the area, didn't ask where she'd previously been working.

Interesting looking girl, the usual 5 2 and slim, but with ski slope tits and a surgically enhanced 'western' nose.  I asked if she was a mix but she said no, it was a surgeon that created that nose. Nice trimmed pussy, although I didn't get up close and personal so can't give too much background.

I only went for 30 minutes for and 1 pop for 80 quid, as I didn't want to burn any cash judging by my previous comms with Thai Zee.

Asked for a shower on arrival, and she took me in and gave me the typical Thai 'mum' style scrub up.  Back into the room, and I reclined on the bed and she started with some nipple licking before heading down for some nice sloppy dick sucking.  She progressed to giving some ball attention too, and the whole OWWO was quite pleasant without her going too wild.

After a while I asked her to rubber me up and she climbed on top.  Took her a minute to get settled, but once she did I can't fault her effort and she went at it like a champ.  Could see she was starting to tire after a while so lifted her slightly and sped things up until I finished in the bag.

Nice vanilla punt, with a trim Thai.  I'm not into kissing so can't give you any insight on that but if I wanted a relaxed session I wouldn't be averse to heading back for a round two.

Saw Amancia last week. Comms agreed with Diva quickly.
Services: OWO, GFE, DFK and CIM
Had read some did not get 2 rounds so confirmed in advance.

Had to climb 3 floors to get to her flat.
Opened the door with a hesitant smile and a sexy lingerie. She is tall and fit.
Lips slightly more plump than I usually desire. Not sure why girls make them so big.
Nicely shaped boobs. Looked sexy.

Cash on table, quick shower and straight to full on DFK with tongues shoved deep.
This followed by OWO, RO which she seemed to enjoy.
Lots of sloppy OWO again until CIM finish. She did not pull away but stayed there for a few seconds.

Dick wash, followed by an average massage. Efforts appreciated.
Round 2, sloppy OWO, condom on, doggie and cum in mish. Not very tight which made round 2 a bit difficult.

Quick shower and was out with a big smile.
Friendly girl, did not hurry, willing to please. True GFE provided.  :hi:

Yorkshire & the Humber / Gracie - Unit 8 - Sheffield
« by mibx on Yesterday at 10:28:17 pm »
Hi all been a while since my last review.
This was  couple of weeks ago popped in on whim so didnt know who was working.  I dont punt very often, maybe a couple of times a year and its usually on a whim.

The venue - Pleasent enough, been there a few times over the years, its in an industrial area and is more descreet than you think when heading in, as its rare for anyone to be outside it. But even when there is the odd delivery driver they are usually too  busy to bother you.

Choices, there were other girls working that day, but Gracie was the only one available when i arrived, so didnt see any of the others.

The description on the site is pretty accurate, says she mid twenties, slim and attarctive.  She may be a few years over that but not a deal breaker amount.
She wears glasses too, so has that sexy librarian look to her.
Personality wise - the best way i can describe he is good fun.  Shes very attentive, quite bubbly and knows what she is doing.

Kissing, OWO, 69, Sex multiple positions. (She doesnt have a set routine just lets the session flow).


Yes would see her again if she was working next time i pop in.
I like going to parlours as not knowing who im gonna see, until moments before it's part of the fun. So rarely book in advance. This does mean that quite often i walk.

London / Kristabelle - Diva - Gloucester Road
« by Duggee on Yesterday at 10:03:16 pm »

Comms: usual Diva efficiency, been trying to get an appointment with Kristabelle for a week so jumped at the chance today.

Location: near Gloucester Rd tube.

Girl: a fuller version of the pictures, older and less anorexic looking. Genuinely looked better in the flesh than Diva’s pics.

Meeting: total disaster, from the off she was playing wither her phone, trying to find the right music, having to wash hand after touching the money etc I can spot the delaying tactics of a pro a mile off.

Eventually at my insistence we get to the bed, she insists on having her phone on the bed! After a bit of initial action she tells be she doesn’t do OWO as she has issues with her gums, fine with me I say. She then tries to put a condom on )having drenched me in antiseptic and herself in lube). Then it just went south, as she gets near my manhood she just gets up and says “need another shower”.

I’m taken by surprise, I had a shower before I left, another when I arrived…I’m squeaky clean. My line of work makes me very aware of my hygiene particularly down there! By this stage I’ve had enough and decide to walk. I got my £300 back but I was  it happy. Travelled ages to get there and clearly she just didn’t like the look of me.

To make matters worse I spoke to Diva, apologetic noises from them and they arranged an appointment with Bambi who wasn’t in! I saw some large lady walking towards the place as I left and I’m pretty confident that may have been who Diva were passing off as Bambi.

I am not using these clowns anymore!

South East / Karolina~~~ Sunbury Russian in Chatham
« by CockMonster on Yesterday at 09:38:49 pm » or

TLDR:  Much older than pics would suggest so typical Sunbury Russian style.  Lots of smiles, keen to please, clearly had a long day but did her best to please.  If you know about the 10-15 year optimism on the stated age as well as the out of date pics, and are looking for solid service, then fill your boots.

Price(s): £130 for 1 hour, OWO, CIM and kissing included.  No tongue in kissing, and CIM was more of a spray in the mouth but definitely good VFM.

Logistics: Super easy, texts were quick and easy. Asked to confirm when parking.

Location: Same location as I saw Saucy Paris.  Just beware of the Ringgo Car park they suggest you use, super busy and the lanes are small with overgrown trees, scratched up my company car which I'm now having to come up with an excuse for. Not her fault tho, just giving you a heads up.

Flat is nice, big en suite, lots of towels stacked.  kept lights down super low tho which is pet peeve of mine.

Looks: As you will expect from the Sunbury Rusky crew, stated age is 10-15 years optimistic and photos woefully unrealistic.  I knew this going in so was happy to find a hot milf with cracking tits. Quite short and perhaps a bit 'stocky' which you can sort of tell in the pics, but has increased with age.

Attitude & Service: She clearly had a long day, but tried hard to please.  Started with lots of OWO followed by cowgirl.  Only fault here is that kissing is open mouth but no tongue - so not deep-french-kiss at all if that's what you're after.  I rolled over and banged her missionary and she seemed to about to cum, definitely could feel her pussy grasping my cock.  On that note, she does have a wonderfully tight pussy. Little Como dropped his load and then it was intermission.

Her English is great and we had a lovely chat.  She only gently hinted to begin round two as we were 45 mins into the sesh at this point, but not pushy.

Round two I just let her do OWO until CIM so nothing much to report other than that she does have good technique.

Shower offered and then I was out the door.

Conclusion: The sunbury Rusky crew do have some solid workhorses in their stable providing good service and VFM, and I would say Karolina is a good example.  Another recent review stated she was cold and distant. She may have been having a bad day, but I do think Russian 'friendliness' is on a par with English 'coldness', and I could see why someone might confuse the two.  Nonetheless that review could be 100% right and it's luck of the draw with her, but I had a good service and felt well looked after.

Also want to say I would pay triple to fuck her 20 years ago, but at least the tits still hold up after all this time.

Would I return? Yes.

[Image hidden]

About Venue: Apartment in Mayfair. The apartment offers easy access to both Bond Street Tube Station and Marble Arch Tube Station 


Services provided: OWO, DFK, CIM and Penetration (protected)

Time Spent: 60 
Fee: £ 600
Extras: N/A

Appointment Type: In-call

Communication: Text

Smooth booking process. 
Short notice booking
Late 20’s/ Early 30s
Slim and toned body   
Nice Enhanced Tits that suit her petite frame   
Around 5’5   
Good Hygiene
Attractive SP
She is a Size 6   
Photos accurate 
Confident/ Vibrant personality 
Put effort into her looks – Red Manicure/ Red Pedicure, Bvlgari watch (Gold plated with factory diamonds), black bra/ knickers, heels and make up 
She is Chinese (Hong Kong) - Grew up in Hong Kong and New York (Manhattan)
Allowed fingering   
Great enthusiasm
Fully shaved 
Solid GFE Provider
Never rushed Session 
Multiple positions 
Multiple Pops
Never clock watched
No extras/ Inclusive price
Attractive girl
Very friendly   
Eager to please
Her moaning seemed natural   
CIM at no extra cost   
She sucked every drop of semen
Sucked/ licked my balls
Notable BJ Skills – attempt at deep throat, shaft licking, sensual and good variation
She is fluent in English
She used to be an actress. She has acted in a few indie films
Educated girl, if you care about that (She obtained her Masters from a University in London) 
Her apartment is easy to find
One bedroom apartment on the ground floor
Lives in affluent area. I saw two Ferraris and a Lambo casually parked outside her apartment
Air conditioning throughout   
Can take a pounding   
No Tattoos
Mirrored wardrobe in her room
Bottled water offered to me on the way out
She gave me her personal number so I can contact her directly
No on site porter/ security
Generous size bedroom
Marble Arch station is 3 minutes away
Apartment set close to Oxford Street and Marble Arch station, her apartment is conveniently located within easy reach of the shops and restaurants of Mayfair.
Her apartment is a minute away from Le Gavroche
She’s a party girl
Very Chatty
Lube applied
Prohibitive price 
She needed some encouragement to do multiple rounds 

Would I visit again? Yes   

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North West / Natalie- Preston
« by Hemlock47 on Yesterday at 09:23:40 pm » or

30 mins - 60

Comms no problem

Discrete apartment near docks. Plenty of parking.

Natalie- I’d say her AW stats are about right. To be truthful I was a little disappointed as she wasn’t really my type. Seemed like a pleasant lass and chatty but I just didn’t feel it from the beginning.
Everything is covered. Zero kissing (not even a peck) and no fingers inside. Seemed to respond well to reverse oral but could have just been a good bit of acting. Covered sex in a couple of positions popped in the bag and was ready to go.
Seemed a bit Eastern European with a Manc accent to be honest.

Won’t be going back

North West / Daisy Does It - Birkenhead
« by Wirral2021 on Yesterday at 09:17:58 pm »
Meet happened about 2 weeks ago.

Paid £40 for 15 minutes.

House is poorly furnished and in disrepair but is in a quiet and discreet spot with plenty of parking.

She is a nice lady but a bit “tired” looking and maybe showing signs of former drug use or alcohol abuse…or just a bloody tough paper round. Age around 40 and body is in fairly good shape.

The meeting was ok. Received oral, some rinming and a fuck. Daisy was in no rush to get rid of me but I really didn’t want to stay around too long.

Wouldn’t be returning in a hurry and wouldn’t overly recommend seeing her unless you’re desperate.

North West / Posh Victoria - Chorley
« by Hemlock47 on Yesterday at 08:53:33 pm » or

1hr - £130

Ground floor flat in Chorley. Discreet and easy parking.

Comms - quick, easy and to the point.

Victoria is cracking looking girl. Great body and really easy to chat to and get on with. One of the few working girls who seems genuinely happy to see you. Ive seen her a couple of times on her own and once with her friend who was up visiting. Can’t remember her name but another good looking girl and they both seemed genuinely into each other.
I’d say Victoria’s declared stats of being a 30 yo size 12 are about right.

Provides a top notch GFE. Meet at the door in some sexy lingerie (no hiding behind the door with this girl) quick chat and straight into some DFK. She doesn’t hold back. Kit off and onto the bed. Victoria seems quite a confident girl and is able to take the lead if needed but also really receptive to direction. Everything on likes list available so OWO, RO covered sex in multiple positions and CIM. Quick rest chat and massage before round two.
Overall a really solid punt from a girl who actually makes you feel like she’s enjoying your company and at 130 for the hour hasn’t kicked the arse out of her prices.

Would I recommend? Absolutely (I’ve been back twice) I was a bit reluctant to review because she seems to be under the radar and I fancied a couple more visits before I unleashed you horny fuckers. But only right to share a good thing. Enjoy!!


I avoid booking Indian/Paki girls in UK as it has always been a disappointment. But had an itch. So took risk.

1 hour outcall in an East London hotel. 150 GBP. (Hotel was paid for by employer, so not counting in damage)

Very prompt. Called the number and she picked.
Doesn't work all days, possibly a student, guessing from her schedule.

Check her video gallery to get an idea of how she looks. Not pretty but not ugly. Very short. No fat. Skin, hair all good.
I was excited when she walked in. Seemed like a usual upper class south asian girl. Wasn't dressed like a hooker so hotel had no problems.
NOTE: She also does webcam sessions and has decent rating, which gave me a bit of confidence to book. 

This is where it all went south.
I needed a basic punt. OWO and sex. She couldn't deliver it with any enthusiasm. OWO was extremely poor. She was avoiding the suction which made me feel like I'm inside a hollow tube floating around. Lol.
But this wasn't the worst.
When I asked her to get on all fours, there was a whiff of stink from her pussy/bum. Not sure if it was her pussy or bum to be honest. I had what you'd call a Derection. I called her out about her hygiene(I was very pissed off. Coz I did offer her a shower.). She got upset and I told her to leave.
I can understand natural pussy smell but this was nasty.
I had to take a shower to get rid of that memory. And has to call a Romanian masseuse to reset my libido with a HJ.
One of the most disappointing punts in my life ever.

So summary:
Extremely average looking girl with stinky puss and bum. Gentlemen, AVOID.

Scotland / sexy_anna_paisley - Paisley
« by colin_w on Yesterday at 08:30:40 pm »

OK, I am catching up with reviews, I did a few punts in September and feel the need to put some reviews up.  This girl was a TOFTT, also I had visited some well reviewed £80/100 girls so felt the need to visit the other side of the spectrum.

£60 half hour

Location: Usual place where Janine and other girls have worked in Paisley. A short walk from the station.

Communication: All done via text on the day.

Girl: Pictures are much better now, they were air brushed to fuck before. I would say size 10 to 12.  Bit of extra weight on her, about 5 foot 5ish, A to B size tits, pretty good ass and legs. I wasn't blown away, but ok looking. Speaks good English.  At a guess age, late 20s, not early 20s as stated in her profile.

Action: no kissing, as expected, didn't ask though.  OW was not bad, she took it deep, didn't ask about OWO.  She got on top and we did it that way for a while.  Her on top was probably the best bit, she started off a struggle to get me in, but she must have been enjoying it as she got super wet as we carried on.  We moved into various positions, she said I could fuck her any way I wanted, which also nudged her up towards a positive.  So I obliged and fucked her in a few positions and finished in the bag missionary.

Overall she would be close to a positive, but limited services, not quite my type, age not accurate, her profile says she does things which never happened...I probably would want to try some of the other girls that have started working in Paisley before going back to her.  She was 60 when I went to see her, so value for money, but I see now she is 70, naw, not worth it.

North West / Naughty H1/Royton
« by Captain caveman 69 on Yesterday at 08:18:31 pm »

Fee 100pound half hour
Location.......private house royton
Comms.........txt then whattsapp

I reviewed this girl 12 months ago and enjoyed mauling this beauty but wasnt impressed with her commitment so left her a neutral well i need to say fellas she's up her game.

Woke up one morning with a throbbing cock and was dreaming about a large breasted suspender clad blonde beauty so i thought fuck it and reached for hannahs number and booked a 12 noon half hour.

Arrived on time and i knew where i was going in i go ...fuck me she was dressed in outfit 61 and she looked awsome up to the room gets undressed and shes helping me  out of my clothes  ...christ i thought she's keen today then she starts full on snogging and owo very nice sight one for the wank bank.

Into 69 where i stayed for 15 minutes of utter slobbering rubbered up and put her legs over my shoulders and just pounded away next got her in doggy fingers in and rimmed her before fuking her doggy and filling the bag.

Clean up and chat and out the door on about 35 minutes a very very happy man.

Summary....brilliant booking compared to my last one with her i really enjoyed it . She reminds me of the girls in the European brothels when i was a young sailor... I will defo return... yes a bit expensive but that half hour was worth every penny.

Caveman out .

Scotland / Fuckme_Carmenxo - Glasgow
« by colin_w on Yesterday at 08:07:00 pm »

£100 half hour - a few weeks ago

Based on all the previous reviews I had to try her out, even with the few neg reviews mostly about timekeeping.  I knew her timekeeping was not great, so I opted for the first punt she had and gave myself extra time just in case it started late.  I had the obligatory 15 minute delay prior to being given the final details of the location, but I was prepared for that.

Communication: arranged via AW then onto texts, AW was difficult to get straight answers, my advice would be to ask one question at a time.

Location: very well known hotel in Glasgow just off motorway, nice hotel, nice room

Girl: a little hottie, dressed in sexy lingerie, small little thing, photos are accurate, I was very impressed (yes as others said a bit of stretch marks on the belly)

Action: right from walking in dfk, all over me, down on her knees sucking my dick, I get her on the bed, strip her naked and give her oral.  She is a loud one, well known for that, that is the Carmen experience, we fucked in multiple positions her screaming all the way through, lots of dirty talk, finished with cim.  Had about 10 min left so we just cooled down and had a chat, a nice girl good to talk to.

I will go back, but at 100 a session it puts me off a bit, she is worth it, but pains me to spend that amount.

Scotland / Blonde Babe x - Glasgow
« by colin_w on Yesterday at 07:49:51 pm »

I am almost positive this is her old profile based on previous reviews here Mercedes Philips

£80 half hour - meet was a few weeks ago.

Communication: All through text, prompt replies good communication, slight delay letting me in the front door

Location: A street away from central station, nice flat I assume an air b&b

Girl: Based on previous reviews I was not expecting a 30 year old, her other profile says 35 and other punters have said she looked older, so I would say 40 is more accurate.  Pretty face, nice legs and ass, big tits, but mid section not great, carrying a bit of weight/loose skin, she was either pregnant or overweight and lost it.  Very good personality, easy to talk to.

Action: I just let her lead, I wasn't massively into her looks wise, so I didn't go in for a kiss or want to give oral.  It wasn't a should have walked, I just go really lazy, just didn't really do it for me.  She gave a great bj, really top notch, rode me hard (orgasmed but likely a good act), then I did her doggy for quite a long time until completion.  She was tight and has a nice ass so enjoyed the doggy.

Neutral for me for a few reasons.  Age is not accurate on her profile, she tried to get her friend involved (mentioned in previous reviews on other profile), it did very much feel like do the business and leave, I could have sworn another punter was at the door when I was leaving.  I wouldn't go back as looks wise I was not that into her.

North West / Dirtydaniella/ whitefield
« by Captain caveman 69 on Yesterday at 07:33:08 pm »

Comms aw then txt
Fee............................100 ph
Location.....................nice flat whitefield

Clicked on the old available today button i had to double take on her fee 100 for 1 hour not paid that for ages .
I rang daniella she sounded ok defo a manc lady arranged a late afternoon booking confirmed services i required all good.

Arrived on time 5 minute wait.... flats in central whitefield decent area . Up i go after flat number txt.

Danielle was hidden behind the door i was happy with looks a cross between chloe glamour and xxangela lovely long legs and a gorgeous peachy arse slim waist big tits unfortunately  not real and not the best job but i enjoyed playing with them.

The action....christ this girl can shag dfk 69 cim every possible position finished with a mind blowing cim .

20 minutes rest and a chat really nice girl friendly funny and very accommodating she asked if i wanted to go again which i said 69 again . Not expecting to come again well i must say this lady sucked me back to life and drained me a second time which is no easy task . She gave me the impression that her clients are very important and would say shes probably very consistent in giving a good service .

Quick clean up and a long chat about our situations and i was out the door on 75 minutes.

Summary.. This girl has been in my hotlist about 18 months and really glad i finally booked top marks for price service and 100 percent effort on her part . I just dont understand how she's never been reviewed considering she's been on aw and working whitefield for 3 years. Maybe some members been keeping all for themselves  :P..

Caveman out.

West Midlands / Sweetie Emma - Birmingham
« by compata on Yesterday at 07:32:08 pm »

£70 for half hour including a dry massage. I suppose this would be considered good value now a days.

Slim attractive girl mid to late 30s I reckon.

OWO is £10 extra but I went with OW and it was very good, great technique and deep

Bit of a shock was the hairy pussy, not trimmed but proper hairy. I didn’t think it would bother me but after years of shaven pussy and landing strips etc this was a bit of a double take, and that’s why I wouldn’t return.

Sex was great, wrapped her legs and pushed back like a pro, which I suppose she is.

Cleaned me up and I was out around the twenty five minute mark.

If a hairy snatch is your thing then this lady is the one for you.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Larrisa Angels North outcall
« by mushroom77 on Yesterday at 07:20:56 pm »
Outcall to my home, £320 for two hours this included £20 travel,

Larrisa,  mid thirties, dyed blonde hair, biggish nice boobs,
dress size 12.

A couple of drinks [Larrisa was dropped off by her driver] then off to the bedroom.

Kissing, owo, ro, sex in a couple of positions,
a rest and another glass of wine each then round two.

Good company good sex.

East Midlands / Sienna- Northampton Massage
« by whaleears on Yesterday at 07:19:44 pm »

1 hour with Sienna, £120

Some Background

So in a follow up to my wild 4 girl adventure I knew I was going down the stairs, heading straight to the cash machine & getting more readies out. The question was, do I put my pants back on or just stroll out in the buff with my wallet? No, steady now. Calm down.

So on with the trousers & to the cash point I went, returning with some more dough. When I came back I had been told that Sienna & Sasha were busy, the other girl who I hadn't offered a go on, Erika (she was busy, then all of a sudden, she wasn't? Perhaps the girls had told her I was good fun? More likely they told her I was flush with cash...)

Anyways, for a 2nd run I really fancied a longer session with Kylie, was quite smitten with her to be honest, but I also knew from reviews on here that Sienna was more likely to do some more 'exciting' things at this point of her career & again, in comparison to my usual punts in Bristol forefront in my mind, this seemed like an opportunity too good to pass up on.

I asked to see Sienna again, & I got in the shower in the same room I'd just been in.

Accommodation- Good

Overall, the place is quite nice, the door up the stairs sets off a beeper, you're greeted by a very lovely maid who showed me into a room. There were plenty of cameras knocking about in the hallway & up the stairs & the room I was bright, clean had a good sturdy bed & a shower that was hot & easy to use.

Sienna entered the room as I was showering & immediately disrobed & joined me in the shower, wanking me off & kissing me as I washed her tits. I was trying to calm down a bit whilst also well aware there was plenty left in the tank if you catch my drift. We had a convo about the game & I explained why I had just done what I'd done, a four girl, & Sienna said it was like the parties she'd attended in the old days.

"Make sure you clean your bum" she said. I didn't really think anything of it, as I jokingly said, why you gonna play with it?

"If you like..."


So I duly gave the back passage a thorough cleaning, towelled off & explained I'd never done rimming but was semi-curious to give it a crack so as long as Sienna didn't take the piss, agreed that no means no, stop means stop & well, was like, gentle with me.

Honestly, all of a sudden I felt like a virgin. This was a mad day, give it a crack though, there was a good level of trust between the two of us & she was genuinely filthy & I guess I felt she knew what she was doing.

She did.

The Meet

Genuinely now didn't really expect to find myself in the position. It honestly wasn't really something I was looking for but the day had gone well, I had some wild compunction, given the chance to knock 1 thing off the bucket list, I may as well take a 2nd one right?

So I assumed the position on the bed, I was very trepidatious - Anyone whose ever 'assumed the position' for the first time knows what I mean here, as I said, Sienna was very keen to do it & I had warned her that I was likely to feel a tickle, freak out a bit & stop. Still, down she goes... Ohh. Oh fuuuuck...

I was making some very strange noises. I went into daze, it was wild, I was beginning to sound like a Star Wars R2 Unit.

"Do you like it?" Sienna asked, Don't stop I said.

She didn't. Amazing.

After about 5 minutes she came up & started sucking me off. Her technique as previously mentioned was first class, no teeth, went deep, like with my arsehole, loads of eye contact, excellent. Then on with the rubber & she got on top & rode me as hard as she could. She's dripping wet & leans over the top of me kissing me passionately. I think we have all been with a girl who has really enjoyed themselves and we have all been with a girl who is putting it on.

Sienna was the former rather than the latter. We were both having (another) great time & as her legs were on fire after a good 10 minutes of riding I rose from the bed & went into doggy with her. I'm battering her now & she's moaning & again, very wet. By now we're both knackered.

"Get back on the bed, I want to do it again" She says...

So a second round of rimming takes place, I'm not so squirmy this time I know whats coming & Sienna loves these weird noises I make. Christ on a bike, why have I waited so long to give this a crack? (Pun intended)

Another 10 minutes focused on my browneye. Wow.

Then I rise again & she sucks me again as she's on her knees on the edge of the bed. I explain I'd never really done this & we're having a semi-convo whilst she's sucking me about fantasies. Sienna stops sucking me off & tells me her fantasy, I'm not sharing that, you'll have to visit her & ask her yourself, but I wanked myself off a bit here as she unrolled her imaginative fantasy...

.... Oh.... Ooooh. I'm gonna cum! OOOh....

Sienna quickly grabbed my cock & opened her mouth, sucking me off as I blew what felt like a massive load & a helluva build up into her mouth. More weird noises as I spaffed in her throat....

Christ. What an hour.

We had about 5/10 minutes left & we chatted & kissed as I got dressed, cleaned myself up & we kinda got to know each other a bit, a shared dislike of Mary Berry, where she'd worked previously, the industry in general, explaining that the previous session would have most likely cost double in Bristol, how hard it is going to be to find someone to play with my bumhole there & then thanked her for an amazing afternoon.

As previously mentioned in my first review, I don't live anywhere near Northampton, I've no idea when or if I will return, but given the chance to I most certainly will & hopefully I'll see Sienna.

Where are you going on holiday this year Whaleears?
That's a weird place to holiday isn't it?
You have no idea mate...

London / Roxane - Acton
« by ZS on Yesterday at 07:19:00 pm »

So this was my tactical P&D to let one off prior to my meet later that day with the famous Gorgeous Georgia, as it had been a few days, I didn’t want to blow too early with Georgia who is well reviewed and favoured on this board (review for her to follow separately)

15min for £60

Comms easy: arranged via a couple texts at around an hours notice

Location was a bit annoying: block of flats situated in between one way system main roads, closest parking is approx 7-10mins walk away

Arrived, given flat number, buzzed in, greeted at the door, directed into her room.
Pictures are accurate, she’s friendly enough, but does not do or act in anyway attractive.

She has a small bedside station of an assortment of beverages, snacks and I think maybe even fragrances, reminded me of the stereotypical attendant in the nightclub toilets, pretty funny albeit a nice touch. She offered, I said I was fine.

She was very casual yet mechanical about the whole thing. Start with owo, I say I want her on her knees whilst I sit on the edge of the bed, she says ‘okie dokie’ but prolonged the phrase, more like ‘ooooookiieeee dokkkieeee’, she starts very basic owo, I go to grab some ass, she says it’s not possible in such a position, strange that because I’ve only ever done it a million times before, whatever, I’ve been saving up a few days so anything will get me hard and feel good at this point, she sucks, it’s all very up and down motion, no variation, no balls, no emotion or interest, very mechanical. I then say we should go for some doggy, again she drops the casual yet disinterested ‘ooooookiieeee dokkkieeee’, get on all fours, skirt lifted up no underwear on so easy access) and waits, I hammer away for a few mins, finish and then she turns around and takes the jonny off with a wipe. Here’s the best (and by best I mean worst) part, as if the experience didn’t ooze an ounce of sexiness at all contrary to how she poses/acts in some of her pics, I ask if I can help myself to a wipe and she says ‘sure, no prob bro’, yep, she fucking bro’s me, seriously? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, I choose laugh.

I get changed, head out.

Conclusion: neutral, very mechanical, below average owo, too much ‘okie dokie’ for my liking but she did comply with everything and I did get my P&D without any real issue. It was purely a transaction with no real interest from her, not to mention calling me ‘bro’.

South East / Laura May - Epsom - ?TOFTT
« by ZS on Yesterday at 07:18:02 pm » or

Occurred in August, the reason it’s a ?TOFTt is because I saw a previous poster mention of a duo with her and a friend at a different location but I haven’t seen an individual review meet with her - mods please edit as appropriate

Comms: so I text her earlier in the day, she doesn’t reply and then a couple of hours later out the blue she calls me, I didn’t save the number so didn’t know who was calling until I answer and she starts off with ‘Hey it’s Laura from AW, can you talk, did you still want to see me?’ - that is NOT cool, imagine if I had a mrs, we were in the car, the phone is answered in loudspeaker, you can’t be calling unannounced! Luckily for me I don’t have a mrs and wasn’t in the car with anyone on loudspeaker so I take the call as if it’s a normal one and arrange for an hour later. She tells me she’s just at the bank putting some money in - obviously business is going ok then 😎

Price: £120 for 30mins owo inclusive

Location: cheap chain hotel based in the town centre - her usual base she says - no issues getting in

I arrive and greeted by her at the door, she’s friendly and warm, compliments and says ‘oh you’re handsome’, money exchanged, she then politely asks if I can have a quick rinse, she says I obviously look like a clean guy so it doesn’t have to be a proper shower just a quick rinse, a clean towel is provided so I do just that. I come out with the towel around me, she asks what I like, what I’m into, I said I’m into that pornstar blowjob she claims she delivers on her profile, so I sit on the edge of the bed, and she goes to work, owo of course, the blowjob is decent, above average, good variation, good eye contact, ball attention, soft throat fucking but not pornstar type, wet enough, I’m enjoying it nonetheless, then after about 5 minutes if it she says ‘shall we put the condom on’, talking about trying to ruin the party! I don’t want to ruin the party either so I agree, on it goes and she starts CG, average riding, she holding onto the head board and tries to grind hard, I feel like she’s actively trying to make me cum as her main purpose vs making me enjoy myself, I get near so I suggest a change of positions, we do that for a bit until I ask for doggy, she complies the entire time, good attitude about it despite clear indications that she’s on a mission to make me cum, sooner rather than later, I start smashing away, good rhythm, deport and harder, she’s moaning more, she’s getting into it, or at least making me believe it, I suppose it probably is part of the act, then she tells me she’s about to cum, I keep going, she starts cumming and expresses it accordingly, whether I believe it or not is besides the point, the sound of it then makes me cum, I finish and she assists with clean up.

A brief chit chat about how she’s pretty much only works out of this location. In summary, she looks like her photos although the face is clearly filtered and more smoothed, in person she looks a bit older, she also is selective with the angles and body shots because in person there’s nothing spectacular, very average, not tight but not really shapely either. Performance was good but felt too much like she had a job and was primarily concerned with doing it as quick as she could. It’s like she was trying to get it over with without making out like she’s trying to get it over with, if that makes sense, you could just feel the vibe.

Conclusion: Neutral, shes certainly not a negative and was almost positive due to her friendliness and good WG attitude but the reason she doesn’t get a positive is 1) the expected phone call, a big no no for me and 2) early suggestion of putting the condom on clearly showing she’s trying to get the punt over with, whatever happened to ‘no rush service’ ?

London / Hot Camila - Ass to Die For - Richmond
« by stormygrey on Yesterday at 06:37:09 pm »
AW Link: or

Booking: 30 mins for £100 about 3 weeks ago (I had seen her previously in Ealing apartment in May/June for £80 I'm assuming this increased price is due to her new location?)

Location: clean flat in private community 5 minutes walk from Richmond Bridge. (I didn't see anyone but I think she works with another girl. Also Camila requested that I remain quiet due to neighbours in the apt above being home in the daytime)

Comms: via text, prompt and address for google maps provided (see footnote about previous comms which were poor).

Appearance: her adultwork photos don't really don't do her justice. She's exceptionaly fit and has a gym-toned body that wouldn't look out of place on an Instagram model. And that ass! Absolutely incredible  :yahoo:

The Meet: Welcomed with a kiss and a hug. I can't remember what she was wearing, just that it didn't stay on for too long! Straight into light kissing before she stripped and gave me a filthy show on the bed, ass-up cheeks-spread before rolling over to spread her legs and part her lips  :wackogirl: Visual overload! I struggled out of my clothes, joined her on the bed and began rimming her (seriously, that ass. Not quite PAWG but meaty and firm and spankable in all the right ways) Flipped her over to lick her clit (fresh/clean) before she returned the favour with OWO. I was in a rush to fuck so on with the condom and slipped into doggy while she made encouraging sound effects and pulled those exceptional butt cheeks further apart so I could hit even deeper. Flipped her over into missionary with her feet over my shoulder and this is where it went crazy- as she came close to cumming her body flushed, she's so gym-fit and her skin so pale that I could see all the blue lines of her veins in her chest, arms and shoulders. I've never seen anything like it before but an incredible sign to indicate whether a girl is climaxing or not :cool: More OWO followed then on with another condom so I could finish in cowgirl.
A quick shower then light conversation and hugs followed by one last grope of her ass before departing.

Conclusion: I'm at the age where I prefer one or two regular girls that provide great service. Camila definitely fits the bill, fit, fine on the eyes, enthusiatic and with an incredible legendary ass.
Comms: 5/10 (see below)
Appt: 7.5/10
Appearance: 8/10
Service: 8/10

Quick note: Camila's communication wasn't the best the first time I met her in Ealing. After initially giving me a time she then left me waiting for 30-40 minutes. I would of walked but held out as she dripped fed me texts promising to see me asap. Comms this time though were very prompt. Be aware YMMV with comms.

West Midlands / BustySelena - Redditch
« by plasticwombat on Yesterday at 06:32:26 pm » or

Location – Outskirts of Redditch
Venue – Small terrace house in a narrow cul de sac. It is better to park in the opposite street
Contact – Telephoned Selena and was immediately offered an appointment which was followed by a text with prices for 30/60 minutes and postcode. I asked her to confirm the price was for a ‘full service’ and she yes and it is in detailed in her AW profile

My first review. Unfortunately, due to Covid, I was made redundant, and money has been tight. I have a new job but not paying as much so have had to wait to see a WG. I do like the oriental girls and opted for Selena as there were a few favourable reviews on AW however my experience was nowhere similar.

Texted her on arrival and given house number, a few people outside their houses who probably know what is going on as I entered through the magic behind the door. I was invited to take my shoes off and follow her up the steep narrow staircase. The bedroom was sparse and a red ceiling light bulb. I passed over £100 for 1 hour and was asked to strip. Selena immediately took her clothes off which I thought was a good sign.

Selena was around 5’2” and a little dumpy, roundish bum. She does have a pretty face but her tits are somewhat saggy and obviously propped up in her AW photoshopped pics to look bigger, she appeared to have a little fuzz down below but that was as much as I saw.

I lay on the bed and immediately smelt the BO of previous occupants. The mattress was knackered and offered no support and had a cheap duvet cover on it.
Selena positioned herself on my arse and proceeded to give a very average massage of my back with oil. This went on for around 20 minutes and then 5 minutes on each leg. I was asked to turn over and she immediately covered my cock in oil and started to wank it. Her English is not good and she talks very quietly and then she motioned with her mouth if I wanted a blow job. I said yes and she said …£20…. I said forget it and told her I had no more money and wasn’t going to pay anymore for what was already a shit service. She speeded her strokes, and I came pretty quickly.

She cleaned me up and immediately got dressed as did I. I was in and out in 40 minutes. So annoyed I wasted my money but felt it important to review so onone else gets ripped off.

London / tiffany.foryou - so disappointed
« by Tempest on Yesterday at 06:22:54 pm » or

So I saw the other review here: and still decided to go ahead of it cause her pictures are exactly my body type in women.

Comms: good comms, booked 45 mins ahead of time. all done via text.

Price: £80 / 30mins

Girl: Exactly as pictures suggest. thick & jiggly in all the right places. Firm, bouncy, big boobs, lightskin - more on the paler side, thick thighs, nice shaped big jiggly bum. Pretty much my type to the T. She has good English as well.

Meet: in an apartment complex tower block not far from canary wharf. She did the whole hide behind door thing and let me in to her bedroom, she was initially quiet until I initiated convo and it just flowed from there, good banter.

Now here's where it turns bad. As soon as I stripped, didn't even say a word yet: "I can't ride you, you're going to have to come on top" ??? i'm not even hard yet but apparently i'm the "BIGGEST" she's ever seen. Was kinda expecting this as i've had this before from WG's and the other review suggested so.

So I was only limited to missionary and then she was like don't go too hard bla bla, does the whole knees raised thing to prevent me from going all the way in, but after a few mins I was in thrusting deeper and deeper, still with the knees up though preventing full access. And omg it was a sight her titties just bouncing all over the place - this was probs the highlight of this punt. Eventually she stopped and said she can't take it anymore so I was like ima need a refund, she said apologised and said I really want to make you cum but you're just so big bla bla and offered to give me £30 back.

Decided against it and said just give me a tit wank with those big soft bouncy titties. Now this is were it even gets worse, she said okay just dont cum on me ??? I said where you want me to come then?? She said on the baby wipe and she said this semi-jokingly that if I came on her she was gonna kill me lol. Anyway just to get it over with I obliged. The tit wank was really something out of this world and she did put a lot of effort into it, but still was just weird cummin into a tissue

I was really contemplating making this a neutral, purely cause she had the perfect type of body that I like - insta model vibes - but on reflection it's really a negative.

Sorry if this review reads as rushed, just wanted to put it out before I forget.

London / AvaAkaTheWoman - Deptford- SE8
« by Charles54321 on Yesterday at 06:21:18 pm » or

Meeting: September 2021.

Comms: All done by text.

location: works in an apartment near Deptford Green.

The SP: It's the lady in her profile gallery, carrying a bit of belly.

Price: £50- 15 minutes.

Services: DFK, OWO, DOGGY and MISSIONARY, Bonus- (A- LEVELS).

Action: Ava invites me inside her premises wearing a sexy one-piece red Lingerie, she greats me with a smile and leads me to her bedroom, by the way there's a couple of puppies in the living room in which she had a Pressure Fit Pet Gate to stop them going AWOL.

Anyway, we discuss the services that I'm seeking, she agrees with a smile, I hand over the fee in which she places on top of the drawer and strips naked while I undress. 

we then moved towards the bed and I went in for a kiss which soon turns into a passionate snog as I fondle her boobies and gentle spank her ass cheeks.

I then gave her juicy melons a good licking and sucking before she delivers an excellent sloppy wet blowjob, plenty of eye contact whilst occasionally deepthroating my cock until I was rock hard.

So, on goes the rubber, she lubes up her cunt, bends over and I start hammering away, she was moaning and groaning in pleasure as I went through the gears.

Switched to missionary, went in balls deep and smashed away whilst snogging her face off, she then tells me she wants it in her ass... well not wanting to disappoint a lady's request, I pulled out from her fanny and shoved it straight up her ass, she was loving it, screaming the place down as I destroy that tight shithole until I couldn't hold out for any longer and busted a nut in the bag.

cleaned up, got dressed, gave her a peck on the lips on the way out.

London / Lexine - DIVA - Bayswater
« by Payyourwaymate on Yesterday at 06:08:18 pm »

Comms and Location: Comms done through text, very prompt. Located in residential area 5 mins walk from the station off the main street.

Price Paid and Services: £150 for 1 hour. OWO, positions. Only got 1 round  :dash:.

Looks: Alhamdulillah the cheeks are Halal 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿. On a serious note, the video is reflective of her looks. She's tall, 5ft10 on the site description is correct. Very well done enhanced tits, soft skin with clear texture. Upper half size 12, lower half size 14. Barely any cellulite. The cheeks are a bubble butt in the Mid C range. Good plumpness, solid volume, great feel. Ripples back in doggy very nicely and claps with good sound effect on impact. Elasticity is there, good suppleness and snapback. If it's a BBL the surgeon done a great job. Facewise she looked better than the video, she has pouty lips though, not sure if she does lip botox/injections. Oh, and the tattoo is not a bird LOL. It's the Egytian God Isis.

Session: She's very friendly and down to earth, from Romania. Paid up and had a shower. I went straight onto the bed and she said no no and started with some foreplay instead which was good (It seems I have become indoctrinated by latina brothels over the years). After some foreplay moved onto OWO, she tried to do OW first and I had to mention it. Apparently because of COVID people are asking for OW now lol. Head game was sloppy, relatively strong. Covered good depth, attempted deepthroat and a mixed between spitting, wanking and mouth action. No ball action though. Started with CG, Very good technique with good eye contact throwing the cheeks with good force and riding well. Mish, very good penetration; eye contact throughout and could take dick no problem. Onto doggy, the cheeks really clapped back with good impact and a lovely sound, she could take dick no issues with aswell. Technique was not quite brazilian level though but good enough. I noticed she did not do kegels at all like latina women do...this led to some issues lol. See, because of how Latina women are with sex and kegels to make you cum fast, I've built resistance to it and last longer so I don't get cheated. Due to this I last longer than average and the first round was a bit long. This led to me later taking a loss LOL. Why? Well, after I climaxed and had a quick clean up and chat, there was 15 mins left and she now said she cannot do a second round as there is not enough time. I was baffled, there was still 15 mins. She said it's to clean up and leave. I did not want to force it so just left it as that. Got dressed, felt on the cheeks some more and left with mixed feelings.

If it was a 30 min meet, the rating would have been a positive. She was very enthusiastic and a good fuck all round. However, there was no attempt to initiate the second round, the chat was timewasting lol. Then when I asked, there's not enough time. In latina whorehouses I have always had 2 rounds even if I don't finish on the second, she was not with it at all  :lol:.

I would recommend for a P&D for 30 mins. If you take long to finish, 1 hour is not good I found out  :dash:. I'll probs end up going back but for 90 or 120 mins. At least now I know booking 1 hour meets is not good VFM with DIVA, the structure seems to be completely different. If I came in the first 10 mins of the first round it would have been fine with 5 mins downtime and then the second round but with how my timing is setup this will not work for me lol. Oh well. For those that wanted to know if the cheeks are nice, the cheeks are very halal, she is a contestant for the bubble butt thread and thicker edition....HOWEVER, it's not a I have to drop everything to clap them.

It's a neutral because due to timings, I did not get good VFM but that seems to have been my fault. I repeat, if this was a P&D the rating would be a positive.

See representation from PP1920.

[Image hidden]

London / Ameera - Euston hotel solo booking
« by MikaelMika81 on Yesterday at 06:02:57 pm »

I had the opportunity to see Ameera again in a short period of time only her this time.

Booking - through EH were she is posting also the available dates for booking ,on the day of the meeting I received the location.
Location - Euston area hotel ,close to Euston station 5 minutes walk , the room was clean and also the bathroom ,clean towels, shower gel , mouth wash everything was ok .
Price-  £280 ( £50 was for anal )  1h/30 minutes 
Services - OWO,CIM,69,DT, RIMMING ON HER /ME ,ANAL protect  and DFK  for almost the entire session.
Girl - proper women with ass and tits , I'm not going to relate her to the old pictures ,in my opinion she is better now .

The action - I was received with a DFK session from the moment I entered the room , I asked for a shower to fresh up from the tube , jumped back in the room and she was laying down in the bed naked ,towel off and I joined her more DFK and I laid down for some rimming on me ,not a big fan of this so we stopped for more DFK with grinding  on top and she went for the cock and the battle was on ,from time to time she came up for DFK ,the OWO was perfect wit a lot of saliva DT,I could feel her gagging when she stayed in DT .I asked to return the favour and went for 69 her peach was clean ,some fingering and rimming on her ,some face sitting ,in this time my cock was DT  licked and very wet , asked for anal and we  went that road ,we did only doggy and from time to time I went rimming and fingering her ass some DFK along the way , I was about to cum and asked again for 69 to finish in her mouth .
We cleaned and we had a good chat about travel , holidays and future plans and she is planning to retire in the near future maybe this year maybe next year I didn't get a exact date . Looking at the clock I saw that my time was up and I hit the shower and got dressed ,we had another snogging before I exit the room and said goodbye.

Conclusion - should I visit again - YES if I will have time and she's available  until she will close the book ,  I'm not the type of person who will see the same person twice in a short period but she is top notch    , top services ,great lady to spend time and fuck her ,

Mikael- out

North West / Sexi Amelia. Naughtyaimy xxx - Kearsley
« by bobbynobs on Yesterday at 05:11:57 pm »

Long time lurker, this is my first review, I hope it is up to scratch.

Coms -

Email first to Get the number, then all good via text

Location -

Perfect flat with lots of free parking near Kearsley.

Price -

£160 for 1 hour

The wg -

Fit milf , porn star look, fake bolt ons, good looking. She advertised as 48 and I would say that is about right if she had a hard paper round as a kid, I'd say early 50's but fit!!!!

The service -

Jesus! I have never had a service like it! full on snogging from the moment I walked in the door, I had asked for a boss and secretary role play and boy did I get it!
I also asked to be pegged for the first time, and boy did I get it!

From the start she dragged me in to the living room and bent over.

She had her Butt plug in ready for action, lots of rimming both ways, butt plug inserted into me to get me ready for what was to come later.

Anal on her while still in the living room! Very sloppy deep blowjob.

We finally made it to the bed room where Amelia had prepared for my pegging experience, she got me on all fours and lubed me up, finger first to warm me up then gently inserted the strap on  :wacko:
After about 10 minutes I shot my load and needed about 5 minutes to come back around.

It was only after I came she changed from the role play and became herself, we had a good conversation about all sorts and the girl she sometimes works with and would I be interested :thumbsup:
Then I was offered a shower etc...

Would I Recommend  -

If you like a hot milf and full on service then hell yes!!!!!

Would I return -

hell yes!!! :wacko:
I am hoping to see her again with a girl she works with sometimes, I can not remember her name.


Yorkshire & the Humber / Ava-Gracey - Doncaster
« by NewGuy89 on Yesterday at 05:10:51 pm »

30 minutes £60

Pre Meet

The meeting was arranged by text and it was fairly easy. I received a postcode and rang when I was there.


Ava greeted me at the door and lead me upstairs. The photos on her profile are reasonably accurate, she is a good looking girl, but in my opinion perhaps a little larger than her profile pictures suggested. She is by no means fat, but certainly curvy.

Services provided were OW (I didnt ask for it without), french kissing and Sex in multiple positions. I quite like FK as part of a meeting, and I was pleasantly surprised by how Ava did this passionately. After a bit of a kiss, cuddle and fondle, Ava applied the condom and provided OW, before moving on too the main event.

We started in missionary, before moving onto doggy and then cowgirl. Ava going ontop and providing cowgirl was the highlight, as she really went for it.

Overall a positive experience, and I would visit again


Booked 100 for 30 mins. Comms were okay, I had initially tried booking on a separate earlier date but the reply then was too late. However this date Comms were fast. Security as well 2 postcodes were sent, not a big issue for me but can be annoying after a long day.

Fast forward to arrival time. Secure apartment complex so discreet and no issues there. Buzzed up the usual knock on door. Upon looking at her I was mixed. She had the body described but I wasn’t attracted to much to her face.

Funds handed over and started with a dom. she asked how I wanted it, sloppy or none. When I heard that I knew I was gonna be in for a treat. Sloppy of course I replied. True to her word it was very sloppy and a she even started sucking on my balls which was very enjoyable. I enjoyed it to the point I let her do her thing and ended up cumming.

I still had time and was thinking to myself why’d I do that  :lol: normally I’m a one pop guy. Asked for some mutual playing and she has some nice sensitive nipples the foreplay was quite intense and as you know I’m a tits guy so licking, sucking all of that. She had toys that she used and watching her masturbating turned me on to the point round two was possible.

Missionary and I was started off semi fast, what surprised me encouraged me to go deeper. Something I rarely have heard so obliged and she had a nice sensual look while I was ploughing away. Flipped her over and pulled her back to the bed for doggy. This time I went full throttle, got both her hands and gave it to her, started to feel like a gym session as I was sweating quite a bit  :D

She then said I was too deep, so changed the tempo and to be fair and that point I was exhausted so called it a day.

Jumped in the shower and I feel it’s mandatory to have that small chat at the end  :lol: then left.

Face - 4/10 - sorry just didn’t do it for me
Body - 7/10 - nice shape to her and her tits were pretty good
Service - 8/10 - borderline PSE experience at times

Would I go back? Possibly, annoying area to get to so only if local
Would I recommend? Yes just due to the service

Two young Roms with four big titties, could've been atrocious. But it wasn't.

I was drawn in by discovery of Anitta on the “Best tits on AW?” and both on the “TOFTT” thread plus subsequent reviews from Gordon Zola and Drogoboy99, they confirmed the tits are amazing,  tomminstamford discovered Yzabella had profile on Dior Escorts at £200 and despite the butter face, those tits look outstanding and get a mention in most of her agency reviews.

Turns out when you book one of these two you might end up with the other one, Gordon had a good time with Yzabella after booking Anitta. I figured why not book both and see all four of those magnificent mammaries, with the expectation they might put the meh into mechanical.

Comms, WhatsApp with the number on Anitta’s page, easy and responsive, all the way up to an "are you close" message a few minute before kick off.

Place, typical working flat Earl’s Court at Gloucester Road end, two bedrooms, lounge, bathroom with a massive shower.

Girls, Anitta or

Yzabella or

Both fit the description, Romanian, good English, dirty blonde, brown eyes, five six/seven, 34B and 36DD, late twenties, smooth, lightly tanned skin, size 10.

Action, chat, confirmed services, stroke, lip kissing, groping, freshen up, owo, single and double, protected sex, cowgirl with Anitta on the sofa then doggy in the bedroom, missionary with Ysabella in the bedroom, unloaded twice, first with them kneeling and cupping those jugs, near the mirror over the awesome foursome, second time Ysabella jerked me off over her belly and tits as I knelt over her, with her legs akimbo after pulling out of missionary and removing the condom as I groped and kissed Anitta.

Friendly, smily, sexy girls with good English who delivered at the top end of my expectations, yes it's a job to them but they were "in the room" the full time and I was the focus. £150 each.

South East / Anna - Chinese Massage Sevenoaks revisited
« by Barley77 on Yesterday at 04:37:31 pm »
Working in Kent so decided to revisit.
31a Holly Bush Lane
A mid morning walk in, met by Anna, late 40s, chatty, smiley.
Not really attractive but not ugly.
Not slim but not overweight. Nice personality.
1 hour £45.
"Have you been here before?" Yes
Medium soft relaxing massage please.
Began with pleasant head massage face down then moved to shoulders and back.
Very soothing. Then onto bum. Plenty of cc swipes and anal teasing.
"OK darling? " Oh yes!
Legs next,  more pressure and very good.
Back to crack. Intense teasing of bumhole and reach unders.
"B2B baby? £40 ok?"
Nice body, bit of weight, nice breasts which got a good sucking.
Eventually we knelt facing each other on the big massage table.
Mutual masturbation ensued. Gentle kissing (no tongues)
Unloaded onto her thighs. Giggles.
Good clean up with wet wipes. Shower offered
Great massage, lovely lady. Lives in Newcastle!!!
Helping a friend. Living at the shop for a few days.
Kitchen,  shower, sleeps on massage table. Shops nearby.
All good. Happy.


£160/1 hour (under Win Win on her profile)

Still not 100% sure if it's a mild positive or a good neutral.

Location: close to Baker Street Tube, basement flat, big room with a big bed. Very narrow shower. Fresh towel provided.

Girl: Nice body. Slender, but with some nice meat on the bum. Smallish but well shaped tits. Face a bit plain though, did not wear any make up. I'd say she's somewhere close to 30. Easy to talk to, but a bit of a professional air about her - just another day in the office.

Action: First 30 minutes face down. Kinda disappointing - just gliding her hands in the same pattern over my legs and back again and again and again. Very boring. The few reacharounds and light ball touching did feel good though. Few minutes of B2B towards the end of first 30min. On the flip things improved somewhat. Some nice slow oily wanking and more B2B with her boobs reaching my hungry mouth with my hands all over her. Eventually settled in to 69 - her ass and pussy looked magnificent, could look and fondle her like that for hours. Turned her on her back, played with her body and went for oral on her. She seems genuinely responsive to that, making all the right noises and moves, ending in trembling orgasm. Not sure you can fake that, but who knows. Afterwards i laid down while she went for some pleasant OWO - slow and sensual ending with a powerful finish over my own stomach. Another shower, some small talk and off i went.

Overall i had a decent time and have no regrets visiting her, but the first 20+ minutes with my face down felt like time waste. Maybe if it was a proper massage... but it wasn't. And her demeanour, while polite and not unpleasant, was a bit too reserved, another day in the office kinda feel, like i mentioned before. At £160 a bit overpriced. Maybe if i went for prostate massage i would change my mind who knows :unknown:

Scotland / Tayla_Brasil Edinburgh
« by Matrix on Yesterday at 04:17:12 pm »

1 hour @ £180

Saw this one, a couple of days ago, at a nice wee main door residence which clearly costs a few quid to rent, in a wee lane on a side street, just off the top o the walk.

Unlike others reviews the booking was easy to setup via text.

The girl in question has been described adequately in previous reviews.  A bit older than 30 but has an incredible body.  Face is a bit Thai looking and has been stretched a wee bit. She speaks enough English to hold a conversation and seems keen to improve it.

She's very bubbly, friendly and sexy.  Stripped off and was dancing around then giving me random bouts of owo on her knees and encouraging me to finger her when she stood back up for DFK. Certainly not afraid to use her tongue and she started to finger her arse whilst I was playing with her cunt.

Moved onto the bed for a lot more foreplay and also tried some 69. Nice clean pussy with a wee bit of hair. Very responsive but can clearly turn on the porn sounds when she wants to. She was happy to take instruction and clearly likes to enjoy herself at the same time.

Onto sex and she's very tight. Didn't last very long on


The second bout was a bit more hurried as we'd spent so much time tonguing each other.

If you like a kind of PSE deal with big knockered, bubble butted girls, you could do a lot worse. Pricey but worth it as I left with a big grin on my face and very satisfied.  Her performance, attitude and body are all first class. Tit's are great and feel natural.  Arse has probably had work on it and is very nice. No horrible implants thankfully.  She eagerly offered everything on her likes list. Only arse love is Extra. I'm not interested in buggery, but she'd have a nice arse to do it to. At an extra £100 and considering how tight her cunt is, I wouldn't think it's worth the outlay. Although I've never grasped the draw of arseholes, to be frank.

One thing that's clear on her profile and should be mentioned is that she wont see black guys.  She spoke about it briefly and it's clearly her choice. She wasn't alone in the flat but is clearly independent so my % can't just be an anomaly.  :rolleyes:

Oh just in case you're a bit slow, I'm aware that some Brazilian girls and every other nationality have been trafficked.  Not entirely sure I've ever read anyone denying this. If you are aware of such activity, the right thing to do would be to report it. 

Would definitely recommend and would like to return before she fucks off next week, I think.

North East / Carla - Amour - Byker. Newcastle
« by Disco dave on Yesterday at 04:09:09 pm »

As per norm felt the urge but didnt know what for. Seen carla was new at amour so gave it a go.

Comms- easy via text.

Location- flat in byker, quiet street and plenty of parking.

Services- £60 for 30mins. Protected sex, owo, ro, dfk

Meeting- as above i had the urge so standard text fired off for who was available. Carla was at the time i requested, had a quick look and she looked ok so headed off. Standard behind the door and into the room. Carla is a big girl, size 20 is accurate. She has a pretty face, very nice manners and i do like larger ladies. So partially undressed and some dfk and ots not long before she has my boxers off and wanking me off. Laid on the bed, this is the only negative that it was a plastic sheet and i cant stand them. Some nice dfk and she has good tits then she goes down for some owo, great technique and really got into it. Switched to a 69, she was nice and fresh and both really enjoyed that, had to stop as i was getting close. Bag on and into doggie, gave her some real hammer and she took it well. A a few mins more and filled the bag. Quick lie down and chat then on my way.

Overall- pretty good. If you like larger ladies then worth it.


Description and photos on the website are pretty accurate. Cindy is attractive (to my eye) and in her early/mid 30’s. The site says she’s size 8-10 which I read as “size 10”. I suspect though she’s actually closer to an 8. Although it says she’s an occasional smoker I couldn’t smell or taste anything which is a thing I’m quite sensitive to, so all good.

The meet was at the Barnsley flat which is easy to get to with parking nearby. I hear they may be moving on from that place which would be a pity. Had booked a couple of days beforehand. All easy. They texted me on the morning to confirm things were ok. They could have been quicker after I texted for the flat number when I arrived but that’s a little thing.

Apparently Cindy used to work for Mckenzie’s as Cindy also. So she may have other reviews there I guess.

I paid £150 for an hour. This included DFK, OWO, RO, CIM and anal play. There were no extra charges.

I found Cindy very attractive and friendly. This was my first booking since before Covid and definitely a good way to get back into things. We had several sessions of DFK. Her OWO was great although she started very soft. I asked her to be firmer and then all was well. Switched to RO and she was very clean and tasty so I spent a while there. Sex was cowgirl, doggy etc, all fine. Finished with a great handjob and then CIM. The last was fantastic though that might just be me missing that luxury so take that with a pinch of salt! :D I definitely had nothing to complain about!

So, would I repeat? Definitely.

North East / Genesis Massage - Swalwell
« by musicman441 on Yesterday at 03:20:03 pm »

I paid £25 for 30 minute massage plus £20 for HE.

Fired off a text to check availability and received a reply about 45 minutes later. Managed to arrange a booking at short notice.

Shop is located on a quiet street next to a dog parlour. I believe there is a small car park to the left of the shop but I decided to park in Lidl across the road.

Entered the shop which was clean and modern where I was greeted by a petite Thai lady in the hallway.
I didn't get her name but I'd say she was aged between mid to late 30's, around 5ft in height and was wearing a black top and leggings. For those who have been before, she had a tattoo on her right hand so someone else might be able to clarify if it was Nikki or not.
Was told to undress and lie on the massage table. When she came back in, she immediately asked if I would want any extras - obviously the reply was a yes from me! From what I've gathered, it is just a handjob for £20 - I don't think B2B is on offer but I didn't ask.
She then wiped my feet and bumhole with a wet wipe before beginning a massage on my back.
Even if extras were not an option, I'd return for the massage as she managed to get all sorts of cracks and knots out of my back.
At this point I noticed her bare feet through the hole in the massage table, and I'm not a foot person but watching them "dance" around while she was massaging me really got me in the mood.
Onto my legs and this is where the CC swipes started which I was loving.
Now for the good part, she poured warm oil on my bum and began rubbing the hole while reaching under me to get to my cock and balls. She really focused on the head of my cock and it felt amazing, had to stop myself from cumming at that alone.
Asked me to flip over and poured more oil on my cock, I don't think I've ever had as much oil down there as I did for this massage but it felt great.
She began wanking, rubbing my bumhole and talking dirty to me until I shot my load everywhere.
I didn't attempt to touch her during the HE so I'm not sure if that is something that she'd be up for, I was just loving the whole experience.
Was cleaned up with a towel and then she brought through some hot lemon scented towels to finish cleaning me up before drying me off.
Got dressed, paid the £45 and was out the door bang on the 30 minute mark.

I loved every minute of the booking and I'm already looking for an opportunity to go back for another massage.
It is fair to say that I've had worse full service bookings so I could definitely see myself becoming a possible regular at Genesis if the service is as good as it was in this booking.

London / Diva Escorts - Lexine - Bayswater/Queensway
« by TP84 on Yesterday at 03:11:57 pm »

Location: Bayswater/Queensway

Comms: Text - Quick and easy with Agency


I saw Lexine on the Diva thread and was intrigued , so I made a booking. Arrived at her place and as I entered what stood before me was exactly the same as the pictures on her profile. Big Lips, Big Hips and Bum with a nice chest.

It started a bit strangely she told me to whisper as she has neighbours, which i found a bit off putting. Down a narrow staircase to her room which had a double bed and not much more space. I then spoke to her about services, she said yes to most except CIM. She told me "stay you will be upset if you leave" so off came my clothes and off we went.

Started by kissing, no tongues just sensual kissing, then she woke up the old boy , lying on bed she gave me some sloppy OWO nice slow and deep after about 10 minutes moved on to sex , she went on top and she is riding away. Whispers in my ear " i like doggy" and just like that there i am pounding away at her in doggy and she is twerking away. I cannot hold it for much longer and ask her to lie down and shoot my load all over chest.

To the bathroom to freshen up and leave, as i am saying bye she continues to hug my multiple times and says Thank you.

She has been here for a week and plans to stay long term (she said forever)

Booked: £100 for 30 mins

Would I see again? Yes , her personality and services was one of the best I have had from Diva in a long time

London / Lorraine Bella Arnos Grove
« by Sir cumalot on Yesterday at 02:03:50 pm » or

After having walked from my previous review I had a itch to scratch and it had been a long time. So the plan B was this girl. Had my eye on the profile before for a while but never took the plunge before. So of the back of my walking earlier on Little Liliane, I called her, confirmed services, prices and location.

30 minutes £60 FK and cum two times if you can in the time as she put it. 60 minutes £100 same as above, Anal is extra.

Opted for 30 minutes. Arrived at location given, parking restricted but available near the co op near new Southgate main line station. Called to say I was here she started to grill me as to where I was exactly as she couldn’t see me. Asking me to go to a specific point so she could see me. I told here I am her and she either tells me where she is or not. After 30 secs on back and forth she gives me the door number and I stand on the main road very obvious awaiting her to open the door. Girl behind the door routine. Door opens on to a staircase where she asks me to remove my shoes straight away.

So the girl, is it the girl in the photos? Bait and switch? There are no face photos on her profile so I can not say for sure but I’d say it is her. Body wise, for me, she is a size 6. Tall about 175cm. I personally found her fit. Body not face as she had some slight acne. Nothing horrid. So services confirmed and led upstairs. She starts doing this strange animalistic thing, not barking like a dog but snapping at me like trying to make me jump. It doesn’t faze me as I’m there for one thing. Ideally I wanted a few things but it was clear this was more pump and dump hopefully twice but who knows.

So the room is top floor with sergi in a room downstairs. She undresses as do I, and we kiss. Light FK but there is a tongue so I can’t say she didn’t. Oral with, then onto missionary. I tend to not last to long first time with a new girl, especially with one I find as fit as her body was. Deed done, clean up, and lay down where she continues her strange thing. Very small talk and then I instigate round two. She started this time with no oral and straight on with the Dom. Into doggy. I try my best but soften slightly so I try to regain the wood. Happens for a few minutes more but not hard enough to stay in her. Determined not to be beaten I pull out and ask her to help. She refuses so i keep her in missionary and posh wank. I ask her to play with herself and she refuses again.  Fuck it, I going to come so with some hard work and using her visual as stimulation I eventually achieve a second orgasm.

So in summary, a negative, maybe but not because of the following. Slim girl, not a bait and switch. Did FK albeit light. Cum twice in 30 mins.

Should be a negative because, her attitude, animalistic thing she kept doing. Refusal for oral second time and refusal to help me orgasm second time.

If you know this, and like slim tall girls then go for it. Otherwise, learn from
My experience.

Happy punting. 

North East / Courtney at Premium escorts Newcastle
« by Steve Jones. on Yesterday at 01:41:30 pm »
This was my first time using an agency and the booking was around 1 week ago for 1 hour at £110. All was arranged very quickly and easily the previous day by text. Was told to confirm on the morning of the meet and details of address etc were texted to me. Courtneys flat is a ground floor approx 5 mins walk from Percy Main Metro station. Access is by code which is supplied by the agency. I arrived few minutes before the agreed time and confirmed with agency that it was ok to go in. The flat is functional but lighting very subdued. Courtney welcomed me at the door and we moved i to the bedroom. Im fairly vanilla but still enquired of any dos and don'ts, the only things not allowed were anal an CIM which didnt bother me. I was pleased that kissing was on the menu as I do like a good snog. She was wearing one of those basques which stayed on the whole time although she was happy for me to take her tits out. As it was a hot day she had some sort of fan going which was helpful. Courtney is a pretty girl with long dark hair and is easy to get on with, just enough chat to help the meet flow but not so much it could ever be construed as timewasting. We started off with lots of kissing and caressing and tickling which led eventually to sex in cowgirl followed by missionary where after a while I filled the condom with a good load.There was around 15 mins left on the clock after I'd come and Courtney tried to get me going again much to her credit but that was never going to be enough time for pop no2 so we had a chat and cuddle and I left about 5 mins overtime. All in all I had a great time with a lovely girl and will be returning.

I'll keep this brief as was legit

Been passed here a few times and as I couldn't find any info on here I thought I'd give it a go

Rang this morning and got a 40 min appointment today for £30
Parked outside (very public, car park at back though) rang to say I was there and told door was open. Up the stairs to be greeted by a small not unattractive Thai. Don't ask me age as I can never tell.
Asked to remove shoes and put on slippers, filled out consent form and paid. Shown to a large room with 2 tables and asked to strip but leave "pants" on.

What followed was a really good therapeutic massage, she soon found areas I have issues with and spent most of her time working on them.

Legs got a bit of attention but not much

Was thinking of asking the question but after announcing time was up she was through the door before I had chance !!

So there you go If you want a really good massage go, if you want anymore which lets face we all do don't bother

Given this a pos as it was a good massage

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