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If you google the telephone number you'll find a whole heap of ad's for this couple and their mature naturist massage. After looking into them for a while i took the punt just because i was bored :)

So the place itself is easy to get to. It's in a residential side rd off Addington Rd in South Croydon. To be exact, it's in Selsdon. Parking was no issue... no costs.

The house itself seems fine... you go through to a back room where the lady in question asks you to disrobe as she does the same. This is where the "i'll TOFT because i'm bored..." part then went a little shite. No disrespect to the lady who massaged but she's probably knocking on 65+ yrs old and has the body to match. WTF is what i thought.... but then the add does read MATURE NATURIST massage. So my own stupid fault. But in fact from previous research you can find pics of some ladies who seem to be mid 30s-40s working here. So i had true anticipation it could have been one of those. But no..... not for me. So i said stuff it and went along with the massage nevertheless. This woman does like to talk.... and talk and talk. Jeeze.... i thought i was here to relax not listen to your lifestory. Anyway.

The massage itself is ok... nothing spectacular... some CC swipes... and then a whole heap of focus on the arse which i found quite nice in fact. Must have been her long nails or whatever device she was using to slides in and around the area which felt very decent indeed.

So maybe 20 mins on the back... then turned over for a not so good head massage... all the time i was thinking, am i gonna get any sort of erection bearing in mind i have ZERO attraction to this woman. So i did like any good soldier would do, close my eyes and think of nicer times... Anyway, she did say she had no issues with letting me touch wherever. But i kept my hand firmly on her ass.... just because it seemed to be the only part that didnt wobble as much (i have no issue with larger ladies or older ladies.... bear that in mind).
She then got to work on my fella.... oiled up and stroking away with some degree of skill. Some edging going on (like i needed any). After about 10 mins of this (which was in fact the best part and YES the main reason for going), i popped and shot up quite a distance which prompted some discourse on her not having seen that for quite some time. She cleaned me up, i got dressed and said my goodbye's.

So all in all..... if you like the more mature lady who did say that most things go in terms of prostate, fetish etc without any real sex or BJ being involved, she is up for it - then this could be for you. 30 mins was £30 and 60 mins £60.

London / Curvy_Ana
« by stonebow1 on Today at 02:39:34 pm » or

Saw her just over a month ago when she was still in Hayes.

£60 for 30 mins. In the flesh she's tall and thick, lovely thick thighs, heavy breasts and OH LAWWWD DAT ASS! Has a bit of a resting bitch face but her demeanour was friendly and chatty enough. Blowjob was delivered with the option of OWO or OW, i opted for the former which was pretty good and went on for a decent amount of time.

Strapped the rubber on and went doggy. What a sight, and how good did it feel being inside her pussy while resting against that huge firm ass of hers. I stuck to that one position (def didn't want to change) and lasted not long at all. Very satisfying spunk into the rubber.

Overall good. If you're into PAWG's particularly go enjoy yourself.

South West / Time waster - Saharasucker Gloucester
« by Savage on Today at 02:31:33 pm »

Initial comms were ok,  she couldn't text her address but the line was clear enough for me to make things out

No idea about the venue,  but sitting outside in the car for 40 mins it seemed fine... 😕

I rang and booked an appointment,  then set out and drove 45 mins to get there...  And then the phone went unanswered,  as did the text I sent,  and then it was turned off...

Typical double booking time-wasting prossie.

Well I’ve had my eye one Erin since she first appeared at IK in December 2016 and our diaries just haven’t matched. Well there was no way I was going to miss out on her so I kept on trying until bingo our diaries met.

The short version.

From time to time I’ll walk out of a punt and think to yourself “OMFG did that just happen ??”. This was one of those punts.

A proper full on naughty GFE with a lovely lass that I can’t wait to get back and see again.

First I am going to describe her.

Erin is a “classic” big haired blue eyed blonde bombshell. Her profile pictures on the IK website are highly accurate. Her face though for obvious reasons is not shown. She is about 5’4” tall and has a “curvy” size 8 figure with a lovely trim waist. Erin is not what I would describe as muscled and gym fit in the traditional sense, she does though definitely look after herself. She has a classic hourglass shaped figure with a lovely peachy bum. I reckon her stats are 32-26-32. Erin has small pert breasts which are I reckon are a B cup. A proper BSH (British Standard Handful) if I have ever held one. Her age is given as 30 and I reckon that’s not far off.

Erin is IMHO absolutely fit as fuck, she’s incredibly good looking, and I reckon my choice of this lass was inspired. She’s one of those lasses that I don’t think would look out of place hanging off a football players arm before she got into her Chelsea Tractor.

The booking process.

Simples. I sent the agency a text 4 days before I wanted to see her and asked for FFOTD for 2 hours. I was told the booking was mine and to please confirm no later than 0800 on the day. I asked about her “likes” so there were no surprises and let the agency know I would confirm my dress request the day before and that was that. Absolute piece of piss just how I like it.

The waiting game.

As it happens a bollocks up at work with the scheduling meant I had ask if I could shorten the booking to 1 hour and I was told that would be fine. FFS not happy but what could I do ?? I confirmed my dress request whilst I was at it and that was that.

The Venue.

Top end agency apartment in the La Dock area of Leeds. For those not familiar with this location there are plenty of swords and bits of armour not far away from the flat to look at.
The meeting.

So cometh the day cumeth the man. I confirmed that I would by on my way to Leeds prior to 0800 as requested by the agency and then went and got a shower. I got to the car park at La Dock 10 minutes early and sent the text to the agency saying I’d give it 5 and then make my way over. Bang on 10am I was knocking on the door. My knock was greeted by that click click sound of heels that always sets my heart racing. The door opened and of course there was nobody there. From behind it emerged this vision of absolute delight and before I knew what had hit me Erin had grabbed me, shoved her tongue down my throat and proper full on snogged my face off. DFK of the most superb type that I just love. Having snogged my face off Erin released me and now we said hello. I asked her to do a 360 for me so that I could take in the view and to be honest I just couldn’t quite believe what I was looking at. In front of me was this “angel” in a tiny little black dress wearing 5” heels with her big blonde hair, blue eyes and a lovely face. It’s not often that I think to myself “Fuck me you’re well out of my league” and that is exactly what I was thinking.

Erin offered me a drink which I declined. We then had the briefest of getting to know you chats, no anal or pain, and then she went and ran me a shower. While the shower was warming up I did my fisting a Sagami 002 trick with her, no issues there, and then Erin again absolutely ravished my face with her mouth and tongue and into the shower I went.

Oh did I mention she’s got a pierced tongue….well she has.

Damn I ain’t got showered that quick in a while. So out of the shower I came in my birthday suit to find Erin lying on the bed wearing her red one piece and the red fishnets like what’s on her IK profile. Erin now knelt up on the bed and beckoned for me to join her. I knelt infront of her and we again just snogged each others faces off. This was really passionate no holds barred DFK which had mini me straining to join the party. As we were kissing Erin took my cock into her hand gave it a few strokes till I was absolutely cock hard and then just pushed me onto my back. What followed was absolutely superb as Erin worshipped my cock with her tongue, made her way up and down my shaft, and then worked her way round my balls before burying my cock all the way into her mouth and down her throat. She took my full length without issue and then the magic began. Fuck me she’s skilful as she gave me a proper full scale, without any gagging at all, deep throat blow job that had me on the edge in what seemed like no time whatsoever. FFS I had to stop her as I knew if I hadn’t my one shot would have been gone there and then.

I now suggested Erin sit on face. Erin removed the one piece and did exactly that. No issue with what was sat on my face whatsoever. This was a shaven haven to savour. Clean, tasty and oh so responsive. So off I went as I licked and slurped away at her fanny and clit. Had to didn’t I as I tongue fucked her and drank her juices. Oh my was she getting nice and wet and the quivering and shaking began, let’s put it this way if she’s a faker then she sure as hell had me fooled. Erin now came all over my face and it was just delightful. No slacking as our tongues again met and the kissing resumed as again we played tonsil tennis and just ate each other’s faces.

Erin then went down and again worshipped my cock some more and then it was 002 time which I applied.

Well there was only one thing to do now as I asked her to mount me in reverse. At this point I expected her to bounce up and down on me like a champion jockey but oh no not with this lass. Erin took it nice and steady to begin with as she rode my full length and then she proper “got into her stride” as she ground away at me whilst varying the speed. A right good fucking is what Erin gave me as she “swirled her hips” and varied the speed she was moving up and down my shaft. The sight of Erins arse as she slid up and down my cock was just tremendous. To demonstrate her worth Erin was also turning to look and me and licking her lips. WOW !!! What a sight. I just couldn’t help myself as I gave her a number of slaps. Each time I slapped her she slammed into me hard, how I didn’t explode in the condom there and then is beyond me. I reckon this went on for about 20 minutes and then she uttered the magic words…”you gonna bend me over mister ??”

How could I refuse as Erin now assumed the position facing the mirror at the end of the bed. What a sight as there’s me with this fit as fuck blonde in front of me and I’m doing her in doggie. I took it nice and steady but the inevitable wasn’t far away. Bearing in mind our earlier conversation I now asked her if CIM was on the cards to which her response was “yes please” so I withdraw and removed the condom as Erin span round. A couple of strokes of my hand then Erin opened her mouth as I exploded all over her face and into her mouth. Erin clamped on and took the last of my load and OMFG what a sight as she then let what was in her mouth dribble down her chin and onto the bed.

Erin now handed me a wipe and helped me clean up before she cleaned herself up. NICE TOUCH !!! She returned from the bathroom smelling of mint, asked if I wanted a drink which I accepted, and then returned to the room with 2 glasses of water.

Time check……..fuck me just over 10 minutes to go, so that was well timed. For the remainder of the session we cuddled, chatted and kissed and did the fluffy GFE bit. Have to say she’s an absolute delight and I found her incredibly easy to get on with.

A shower was then offered which I took and as I was getting dressed Erin got a shower.

The business now got sorted and once Erin had got dressed we again snogged each other’s faces off. I now made my move to leave and Erin showed me to the door. One final passionate kiss by the door and that was my lot.

I left the flat 1 hour and 15 minutes after I entered it so no clock watching there.

The money bit.

I gave Erin £150 for 1 hour of Erin’s time.

In conclusion.

From time to time I’ll walk out of a punt and think to myself “OMFG did that really just happen ??”. This was one of those punts.

A proper full on naughty GFE with a lovely lass that I can’t wait to get back and see again.

London / Naughty Nicole- Catford
« by Brazilian Martian on Today at 02:09:12 pm »
I have seen this woman before when she was based in Clapham North. Saw her this afternoon and paid 80 pounds for 30 mins with 20 extra for owo and cob, she is based in the brothel near domino's pizza in catford Brownhill road.

I was let in by a male maid and directed into a room she's not a looker and is well into her early fiftys but she has always provided me with a good service. Owo was ok only thing that was good was a deep bull sucking and had both of them in her mouth at the same time  :thumbsup:. On with the  dom and started in doggy then went through the motion of positions cowgirl and reverse then prone bone. Then back to doggy and once I hit jackhammer mode and got close to cumming I moved her on to her knees and nutted over her fake tits with lots of fake moaning from her. She then cleaned me up with wet wipes and I was on my way.

South West / Gushfantastic
« by Mr Kent (Not AW) on Today at 01:41:44 pm »
Interesting this one, been on my Radar for a while, her and her husband are based in Swindon, nice house, pleasant area.

I have never been to a gang bang and have no real intention of doing so, not my thing, this is the closest I have been to such a thing.

In my quest for different things rather than run of the mill she seemed an obvious choice. Gush is an attractive woman, nice figure, sexy lingerie, mid 30s I would say, maybe younger, her husband seemed a pleasant chap.

The scenario was for him to watch as basically I fucked his wife in their front living room, licked her juicy pussy, rimmed her arse, OWO, DFK all the time me telling this chap what I was doing to her. I had a break after half an hour, whilst he then fucked her. He the sat back in his chair whilst I used a Dildo on her relentlessly until she was ready to squirt, boy did she, all over me as I wanked into her face and then came on her soaking stockinged feet.

He was happy to have watched! £100 for the hour, not bad at all, different sort of meet, but that's the way I like it now. (if anyone can do the link please?)


North East / Only 1 Maria - Private
« by itsonlyonce on Today at 12:56:21 pm »

30 mins Incall £60

Ive seen Maria a few times now over the last few years but this has been the first time in a while. Maria was formerly at Diamonds and for those that dont (or do) know her, shes an attractive MILF who i think is knocking on the door of 50 now, but has the body of a lady much younger.

Location is a residential street in North Shields, plenty of houses about but this was daytime so no nosey neighbours....Plenty of street parking, i park just around the next corner to avoid detection.

Now Maria, to put it lightly is quite full on punt wise...More id say PSE the GFE. Im sure she can cater to most tastes but i was feeling in a particulary randy mood so was happy with some filth on the day in question.

Upon arrival, i nip in for a quick shower, and likely the best shower facility ive ever come across on a punt. After much enjoyment of the shower, i zap out for the main course. Maria is dressed in a nice stocking/thong/bra combo with a see through gown.....We exchange a bit of Xmas chit chat and straight onto the bed where Maria pounces for some super intense fucking about here, full on tongue right down your throat as far as you can go, rubbing her ample tits all over me whilst this is happening. Im already rock hard and Maria is rubbing her pussing up and down my cock, lots of teasing, lots of sexy eye contact.

She tells me to turn over with a naughty smack of my arse cheek...i oblige and for those that know Maria, she has a fondness for the baby oil...fookin too much at times....But this time was a light drizzle, a kind of Ainsley Harriet action and starts massaging my arse, and coming through to my hard shaft, bollocks and a few swips on the bumhole. Ive not had the pleasure of a massage yet, but i can image its much the same.

Its doesnt stop there, she straight on my bum hole, with so much tongue action and simultaneous wanking im almost ready to blow my out in out, until i spin her over, grab a rubber and she dives on top for some intense riding, loads of insane crazy get the picture. She's worked me up that much that im not too fussed about maximising the full 30 mins, spin her into doggy knelt up, whilst enjoying a beautiful sight of banging her, looking in her full length wardrobe mirrors....Maria is moaning, giving me all the right ego noises to make me feel like a stud. The, she whips out the little fella, whilst knelt up, and shoves i straight up her arse!! Before i can say "what the fooks happened her Maria" im pounding away until the inevitable conclusion only a few minutes later.

Mop up, straight in the shower again for more fonds memories on the shower earlier, back in for chit chit, then offski.

All in all a great punt, never fails to give 100% at 100mph everytime....If you are after a dirty dirty MILF, in a nice environment, and you dont mind the baby oil, then book Maria.

Would i go back.....Yeah, why not

East Midlands / Thai sexy - Loughborough
« by jaylad on Today at 12:15:35 pm »

Thai sexy bird

I have a liking for thai birds and orientals so i toftt and made a booking with this wg.

No feedback but photos and phone number

Contact via phone and confirmed time and hh at 60 full service.

Arrived and parked up and directed to her flat/house

Èntrance is discreet rear entry down some steps.

Went into room. Offered drink and shower but declined as had already showered before.

Paperwork sorted and i started to undress. She came back wearing a nice matching undie set.

Id say shes early to middle 30's. Size 12

Nice tits and a lovely shaven fanny.

She groped me liked my nipples and onto the bed we went .

From here i had an amazing time. Went down on that shaven fanny and she was soon squirming round.

Love a bit of ass play on me. And she obliged.

Fucked ger in mish and legs over her for a deep fucking which i loved

Finished blowing all over her little titties

Would i return yes

Would i recommend. Yes

North West / DIAMOND KATIE Southport?
« by nightmare on Today at 11:59:30 am »
Long time lurker, first time poster.
Fancied a bit of fun one Saturday morning while OH was out shopping. Looked through AW and found this stunning looking girl. It was a verified photos so was happy with that! Sent a text to find availability and location. She was free and was at a centrally located hotel in Southport.
So the girl was Hot sexy girl Suzy. Good communication. Very prompt replies to my texts. Text when I got to the hotel. Went up to room. Usual cloak and dagger stuff. Knocked on the door and waited for what seemed an age! Door opened, and there she stood! Five foot of gorgeousness!! Long black hair, fantastic figure, wearing small black skimpy knickers and a grey zipped hoodie!! Only 1 problem. It wasn't hot sexy Suzy!! She said her name was Ruby and she was from Italy. I decided as she wasn't a moose that I would stay instead of walking! But decided to cut my time to half an hour! Room was tiny. Bed looked like she had just jumped out of it to open the door! Pillows on the chair by the dressing table. No room to put my coat and clothes. Had quick shower. Had to look around for clean towel! She complained that she was cold when I asked to take her hoodie off!! So she left it on but unzipped it. Lay on my back on the bed. No small talk, no affection! Small tug on the cock to get it stiff then on with the rain coat for a less than average bj that lasted no more than a minute! What position did I want she asked! Just stayed where I was and asked her to get on top. Knickers pulled off her right leg but didn't quite manage to come all the way off her left leg!
Rode me for a few minutes then asked if I want doggie now! Made her carry on for a bit longer but she didn't look happy! Eventually got into doggie. She was still wearing her hoodie. I had to push it up so I could see her gorgeous body! She uttered cum for me baby a few times. Then I stopped so she could put some more lube on me. Then she checked her phone! I don't just mean the time, she actually checked for messages!! You have 5 minutes left she told me. No way I was going to cum whilst shagging that robot so I just got up removed the nodder and got dressed and left!!
Did some research when I got home. Actual girl I saw is also on AW, also with verified photos. She goes by the name of DIAMOND KATIE. Take no notice of her likes. She does not do anything apart from OW and protected sex (wouldn't do unprotected even if it was offered). Oh and I forgot to mention she holds a wet wipe to her vag during intercourse!! Brilliant. Look out for my next review for what happened next!! P.s Looks like they have both moved on to Telford now! (sorry for no links. Struggling to do that on a phone!)

10 or

My second visit in just over a week. Same apartment as last time, which I believe to be Liz's home. Very easy access, Liz came down to the front door to let me in as their was a problem with the video entry system but I didn't see anyone at all whilst entering or leaving. Perfectly safe and comfortable. Parking on the street right outside.

Liz doesn't mention her height on her profile and even though I have already spent some time in her company I had no idea how tall she was, weird I know. Anyway she told me she's 5'7" which surprised me as Im only 5'8" and normally go for shorter girls but it was not a problem at all. Beautifully slim and lithe in a fit athletic way she's not shy at all and I loved looking at her in all her glory walking about naked as the day she was born, lovely small boobs with prominent nips and a shaven pussy. Facially she's very attractive in a natural way without the need for lots of makeup and those mysterious eyes, wow.. She was dressed in a flimsy, floaty patterned dress that didn't stay on very long at all. She doesn't give anything away on her AW profile but don't worry she's a very good looking young woman. Oh and that six pack…

I have no idea how long she's been escorting but Liz is NOT shy. I would say that she's very comfortable in her skin and with what she's doing. She's just naturally confident and I find her incredibly easy to be around. Conversation just flowed without any awkwardness at all. This was my second visit and we seem to get on very nicely thank you and even though Im old enough to be her dad she seemed to genuinely be happy to see me again.

For me what makes a great meeting is what goes on between your ears, as much as, if not more than what goes on between your legs. I’m really not interested in a box ticking excersise as long as there's a spark or a hint of a connection, combined with a basic level of interaction such as passionate DFK, OWO, genuine enjoyment of my RO efforts and genuine intimacy then Im a very happy chappy. Liz excels at this and its why I'll visit her again and again.

In my last review I said that I had put myself on a strict abstinence regime so as to better enjoy my next visit and hopefully be able to get my rocks off. Fat chance!! The memories from my last meeting with Liz were so strong and I was so horny that it took 3 days to get it out of my system and thats a lot of spunk!! Anyway I managed to hold off for 3 days prior to this meet which had me feeling very confident about the outcome. We spent a long time reacquainting ourselves, with a sublime session of DFK and mutual, sensual caresses and touching which had me rising to the occasion very quickly. Great start!!
Prolonged Oral from me combined with fingers stimulating her G spot led to Liz orgasming very powerfully. she came down from her high as I very gently continued licking her and drinking her copious honey like juices. Her response was to give me a fantastic sloppy blow job varying her technique from soft and gentle to hard and fast gagging deep throat and I was still as hard as rock. Looking good!! Quickly on with the hat and straight into a kneeling, hands holding her knees back mish style fuck which drew some lovely moans from Liz mmm. Im really enjoying it banging away like a good un when all of a sudden without warning Im suddenly mr floppy, Im now totally convinced that its condom related so I withdraw in frustration and go back to what I know Im quite good at.
After another serious examination of Liz's gorgeous pussy with my tongue and fingers she's bouncing of the bed thrashing and twitching like a woman posessed and Im feeling good again. Not to be outdone Liz then pounced on me and very quickly had me standing to attention, spending a good long time giving my very erect cock a serious examination with her mouth getting me to the edge of cumming but not quite over the top. Grrrrr. In no way is it a reflection on Liz's cock sucking skills. Ten years ago I would have had no trouble at all painting her tonsils a whiter shade of pale.
With time starting to run out I decided to go for my hat trick and sure enough after licking and sucking and nibbling and gently biting every nook and cranny of her cunt she bucked and writhed to yet another wonderful orgasm and I greedily lapped up all her beautiful juices mmm.. Greedy girl!! Don't get me wrong I absolutely adore hanging on for dear life as an orgasm rips through my partner almost as much as I enjoy my own but I'd be satisfied with just the one!!!!!!
Im not going to be defeated and although I didn't achieve what i set out to, progress was made and I think it might have to be third time lucky.

London / MatureBarnet - Barnet
« by Mabbsey on Today at 10:36:44 am » or

I'll keep this brief...
Posting as a positive because the service was good but if looks are important to you...give her a swerve.

Comms : Easy. One call arranged for next day.
1 Hour - £90
Location : lovely flat in main road, loads of free parking, 10 min walk from station, discreet.
WG : Ok (sharp intake of breath...) a previous review describes her as a Bond villain which is both accurate and amusing. Bride of wildenstein to a tee with a stomach ravaged by surgery. However, if you look past these, which I managed surprisingly quickly, the service is very enjoyable.

20 mins of B2B massage on a proper table expertly administered. Lots of swipes, whispers and kisses. Onto the bed - in a nutshell - a good hard session in all positions ending with a CIM into those inflated red lips. As I left it felt wrong but I had a wry smile and a glint in my eye  :unknown:
A fair price but a weird experience which I enjoyed but wouldn't repeat.

East England / Alina L - Knebworth
« by Mabbsey on Today at 10:13:24 am » or

1 Hour - £100 (usually £120 - see below)
Comms : All done through AW. A tad slow to respond but functional and friendly.
Location :  Maisonette in a nice area with plentiful parking and close to station.

Arranged a morning meet and was provided postcode. Got there, called her, waited, texted, waited, drove around a bit, called again, waited, went home  :dash:  Got an AW message later that day apologising profusely and offering a £20 discount to rebook which seemed sincere so arranged a second visit the following month.

The SP : Return visit was very straightforward - parked right outside. Welcomed at the door by a very pretty girl. Big smile, 5'6, slim, long dark hair, soft features and skin. Not many pics on profile but positive reviews and the location swayed me so was delighted with my decision. She immediately apologised for the previous cock up which was sincere. Wearing a silky negligee - nice.

Into the shower, functional bathroom well stocked, then into boudoir for some passionate DFK and sensual touching, off with our gear and straight into OWO - excellent 10/10. RO - clean, very wet, and seemed to love it. MISH - very GFE convincing. CG - frantic, hard, fast then slow. DOGGY - great she does everything with a real sense of engagement. Finished with a sublime CIM swallow which was about 40 mins into the punt. Had a cuddle and a quite open chat about our lives after I'd told her I wouldn't be going for round two - she seemed disappointed! Second shower, kiss, cuddle - goodbye   :drinks:

A great punt with a lovely natured girl, who pretty much does the lot.

West Midlands / Chinese massage Tamworth
« by gagglez on Today at 05:00:43 am »
Used the site to browse for a while so I thought it was time to post a review.
Enjoyed a recent visit to the Chinese herbal massage shop in Lower Gungate, Tamworth.
Advert for the shop is on viva street. £40 for one hour massage.
Saw girl who called herself Mimi. Not the prettiest girl but very pleasant. Probably about 30. Requested a firm massage and that is exactly what I got. After about 40 minutes she started with the tickling on my back, thighs, bum and balls.
Once she knew I was in the mood she asked if I wanted a HE (£20) or B2B (£40). She was a bit too chunky for me so I declined the latter.
HE was very good. Un-rushed and she enjoyed her work. Managed a fondle of her boobs and she has huge nipples. Extra charge to suck.
10 minutes left so she finished with a good head massage.

South West / South Americans / Spanish - Swindon
« by vectra71 on Today at 01:00:55 am »

Having been disappointed with the last punt undertaken (Asian bait and switch!), early retirement ensued...................

However, thats until temptation was created in the accidentaly found [banned-site-auto-censor] site.

I have had three punts from this site https://[banned-site-auto-censor] slightly hard to review has i can't remember the names, which should be understandable, as they seem to change girls each week, but the picture all seem to have girls with latino looks and bodies.

The latest which was yesterday was with Mia.

Location - Swindon Town Centre and as this was in the town centre used the public car parks, just 2 mins walk away, from the flat they use.  Flat is always clean and tidy.
Communication - Good, slightly hard to understand on two occasions, but generally good.  Time was arranged easy enough 8.5/10

The Girl - Mia was the girl in the picture, picture slightly photo-shopped), but she was pretty would say 7.5/10, with a nice body, a day or two in the gym each week, and she would be 9/10, she also told me she was cuban, but lived in Italy.

The Service - With Mia, although she was pleasant enough, i got the feeling she wanted me in and out quickly (excuse the pun), Great BJ, but after 2 mins at the most, it was on with the condom and her demanding for me to get on top.  I will admit she was responsive with genuine moans and groans :thumbsup: (or could be a good actress :thumbsdown:) after being on top, she wanted it doggy style, i didn't mind being ordered to perform this position, as it is one of my favourites and she has got a cracking ass when bent over and actually she seem to enjoy this as much as i did.  After popping, it was back to being rushed out, didn't really chat too much, just cleaned, dressed and left.

Overall - A good punt, although slightly rush (20 mins in total, but i was in a rush anyway), tidy flat (Swindon Centre itself is looking rather run-down these days) i would recommended, but the as stated earlier, the girls seem to change each week, so likely to end up with someone completely different.

North East / Sophia Lust
« by The Man from Del Monte on Today at 12:32:31 am »
Sophia Lust: Newcastle City Centre - 30mins

The last time I saw Sophia it was summer 2016 in a duo.
(I can't believe I left it so long for a 2nd booking?!)

Seeing Sophia's recent photos on UKE reminded me of how sexy she is, and the amazing time I had with her, and how I really should pay her another visit. I always wanted to see Sophia in a 1-on-1 scenario, so I could experience the full force of her 'Lust' (See what I did there?).  She was doing in-calls in the city centre, so this was an opportunity not to be missed...

I was surprised to only see the one underwhelming review on here... it almost put me off, but knowing how much of a good time I had with Sophia previously, I decided to go with my gut instinct and make a booking, regardless - and I am so happy I did!

I was greeted at the door by a knockout brunette in a tight pencil skirt, blouse and sexy secretary glasses. She had the biggest smile on her face, as she planted a warm wet kiss on my lips.

For the record: Her UKE photos do not do this girl justice, she is super hot! - I dare say a solid 10/10!

In the bedroom. Paperwork filed. She didn't waste anytime, kissing, hands straight down my pants!
I slowly pealed her clothes off to reveal some awesome black lingerie and stockings. Her body is model-fit, and in that outfit... fuck me!!!    I felt like a kid looking through the lingerie section of a catalogue. I don't have any tattoos myself, which I think made it extra horny, to have this tattooed vixen straddling me.

She pushed me onto the bed, and pinned me down for a nice wet BJ, maintaining eye contact the whole time. I didn't want her to stop, but I just HAD to return the favour!  You know how it is...  ;)

With a naughty smile on her face she rolled onto her back, her stocking-clad legs wrapped around my back and neck. Sophia was incredibly well presented, with flawless skin, smelled great, and tasted delicious.

If I do say so myself she seemed to really enjoy me going down on her, she was moaning, and pulling my face closer to her, and talking absolute filth!

Sophia when back to giving outstanding owo while she slipped on the condom, that in itself almost made me blow. lol
Straight into cowgirl, this was intense, she gripped me hard, pulling herself tight against me. This felt really intimate, and hot. I couldn’t help thinking this was horny girlfriend sex, not escort sex!

We didn't leave much time for doggy, I knew the booking was almost up, so I wanted to squeeze in more oral before it was too late. It's worth it just to hear her dirty words of encouragement through gritted teeth. She straddled my face and grinded me into oblivion, I just went along for the ride (loving every second of it). After she came, she stayed, softly grinding as she winded down.  Sophia then twisted around and focused her attentions on me, more amazing oral to completion, emptying me out over her pert boobs.

In conclusion:
Sophia is as good today as she's ever been.
Eager to please with a warm friendly attitude.
She is more a Horny GFE, than PSE. But well worth a visit.

The Man From Del Monte says.... YES! :thumbsup:

Spa Diamond - The Art of Massage


I initially booked via their website, and got an email confirmation around 5 minutes later. I didn't recall any reviews on this site, so i thought why not?

The place closes at 10, and I had booked a Full Body Scrub and Massage (1hr 30min) at 9.30, the system allowed me, so I thought maybe the last appointment was at 10.

I got a text to advise that it does indeed close at 10 and whether I wanted to come in at 9 for 1 hr or 8.30 for 1.30 hour, so I replied back advising to change the time to 8.30.

A few minutes later, I received another confirmation email of the new time slot.


This is on a main road, they do have a car park at back, and there are plenty of bus services around.

There was no issue with finding the location, the information on the site is accurate.


I entered the premises which was very nice and modern, and confirmed my booking.

I had opted for Full Body Scrub and Massage inc Hot Oil and Spa Bath for £85 for 1hr 30mins, but was charged £75 instead. This was reduced due moving my time slot, it was no fault of their own other than whoever designed their booking system online. The lady mentioned that there has been quite a few cancellations due to being double booked.

Paid the money and was offered a drink, which they had a selection. Was delivered in a nice wine glass.

Overall the reception area was rather professional.

This is a new business that has been opened for a few months, so the deco is up to standard. The pics on the site is accurate.

The Event

The masseuse came and told me to follow her, we went upstairs and entered the room, and asked me to take my clothes off, during this time she leaves the room to give me some privacy.

When she returned, I jumped on the massage table. I would guess she is a size 10, and defo attractive (won’t mention her name)

She does a good massage spent an easy 40 mins on the back, whilst on the back, i had an itch so I had to comply and she asked if he needed a good massage too, which I said why not.

It was going to be £30, but that was too much, just for HR, so we agreed on £20, which was paid at the end of the massage and bath.

Turned over and she done a good job on him and continued with the front of my body.

Body Scrub time. This seemed like another massage with Body Scrub, they used minty exfoliate scrub, but covered my little one with the towel. Scrub then massage with towel and wipe off with a flannel.

Turned over and same with the back, but then I realised why the little one was covered. I knew it smelt minty but whilst she was massage and scrubbing my ass, she rubbed her hand on my balls too and that reminded me of the Mint Tree shower gel. That sensation was almost the same as what I felt.

Spa bath was in the same room, jumped in, scrubbed myself and relaxed.

When I came out, she helped to dry my back.

Thought I had finished and it was time to pack up, but no, she asked me to come back and then she rubbed oil throughout my body

All in all, this lasted just under 1 hr 30mins.

On the way back home, i received a thank you for visiting email

Would I Return?

Yes I would, the ladies were very polite and very professional.

I can see this place getting better. I did ask if they done a loyalty scheme, but that is plans for the future, however, they will give you discounts if you "block book"

London / Miss Cy - Aldgate
« by tergil on Yesterday at 11:34:15 pm » or

I saw Cyndy earlier today for half an hour, paid £60. Very easy to organise on phone and text but she kept me waiting for a few minutes outside her place (which is close to Aldgate undergound)

The pictures are accurate. She is very sexy, lovely tanned body, pretty face, flat tummy, perky tits, petite. We agreed services and got to it  :)

She doesn't kiss with tongues which was a let down for me. Her OWO technique is ok but theres a lot of hand action. She tried to DT when I asked but it wasn't very good or deep and only done for a couple of seconds. Onto RO and I have to say that she has one of the best pusses I have seen. Smooth and fresh and great to get into. She tol me she didn't do fingering after I put one all the way in. Onto the covered sex which was nice since she is tight. Banged her in two positions and done

Good - looks, body, puss, sex
Bad - No FK, No DT - both on profile but not done

Although she wasn't rushing me through, I felt that she was going through the motions. Not that engaged so overall neutral, not negative but probably not return

London / CumQueenCass (Croydon)
« by Stealthmode on Yesterday at 11:30:10 pm » or

Met her a few weeks back and forgot to put up a review. Then I saw a video of her I took on my phone and though why not post a quick review.

This is actually my 2nd review of her, as my first was a negative, due to double booking. But I decided to give her a 2nd chance and 30 for a BJ with an extra 10 for filming is a good deal.

The hotel was a major chain in Croydon. Terrible for parking, I had to go up and down the main strip 3 times before parking 5-8 mins walk away :diablo:.

When up and after some small talk got her on her knees for some slow OWO. No hint of DT, but then I don't think I asked or pressed the issue. She confirmed facial was ok, and went about sucking for 10 mins straight.

Just as I was ready to blow, I repositioned her for the facial, but really only managed a CIM.

When she is in London, I think I will film another session.

30 for BJ + 10 for filming.

London / Candy-crush aka Stacey amazing arse
« by Avogadrosnumber on Yesterday at 11:17:17 pm »

I've been keeping an eye on this girl but the bad comms and organisation made me hesitant. Her prices went up considerably. £100 for half hour is limit so I thought I'm going to call her and book.  She picked up first time,  sent me a text with the details.

Location: Fulham. When I arrived I only waited 10 minutes before she called me up.

Girl: I've seen some stunners and trust me she looks so much better than the pictures. Her ass is probably the best ass I've laid hands upon. It was so big, shapely and very soft to the touch. She is 5ft 8, well toned thighs and pretty face (pics don't do her face justice). She's friendly and likes you to take the lead.

Service: owo, rimming , facesitting,  light kissing. That ass in doggy and prone bone was a sight to behold :dance:

Negatives: potentially unreliable judging on previous reviews but her new pricing may reduce the traffic of punters so maybe worth a shot. Also she's not big into kissing as it felt like she was holding back.

Will I return? Yes because she's exactly my type and has a good enough attitude.

20 (photos obv aren't genuine)

There were both positives and negatives involved in this punt, so overall i think a neutral will suffice. 

Comms: Ok. Received location details quickly enough but also got two texts in between to ask me of my whereabouts prior to the appointment time. This was a bit weird and off putting, felt a bit like getting harassed at a market stall. 

Location: CR7 is a shithole. The entrance to the flat isn't discreet at all but once you get inside the flat itself it's actually ok. The hallway is lined with candles, the bathroom is spotlessly clean and you get to lie down on a proper massage table.

Price: £90 for a 60min 4 handed massage. Deece value.

Punt: Upon arrival at the door i was greeted by an absolutely gorgeous young Polish babe, aka the "daughter". Peroxide blonde hair, green eyes and porcelain skin combined with a slim young body. Rarely do Poles fail to impress me with their beauty and this was no exception. Her bottom is sadly small but her boobs are reasonable for her frame and she has very pretty nipples. Up the stairs to meet the "mother". She's about 50 but in good shape for her age and looks ok. Great big natural knockers which look and feel fantastic. She also has a good personality which enables us to banter a little bit during the massage (positive).

So once money and brief pleasantries were exchanged i stripped off and lay face down for the massage to begin. Oil was heated then caressed over me. The mother had firm hands and did a relatively decent job of massaging, while conversely the daughter was rubbish barely administering any pressure. Clear at this point she wasn't really into it (negative).

After about 10 minutes or so the mum walks out for an unexplained reason, leaving me alone with the daughter. She pops up above my head and allows me to enjoy myself by feeling her firm boobs and bum. I also stroke her kitty a little bit over her knickers - she backs off a tiny bit when i do but doesn't stop me. I get very hard at this point because this girl is truly gorgeous (positive)

After a while mum pops back in and the two converse wildly in Polish. While i don't get the feeling anything is majorly wrong it does kill the mood somewhat. Sadly, this pattern repeated itself a couple more times during the duration of the massage, one of them would pop out for a bit and then come back with no explanation other than "sorry baby, back now" (negative)

So when the time came to turn over only the mum was present. She removes her bra to reveal a beautiful set of bangers which she lets me feel while she wanks my cock. I let her continue for a few minutes until i decide i've been polite enough and ask her where the daughter is. "She's not feeling well" was the response. Is she coming back i asked. "I don't think so baby".  At this point i had to put my foot down and firmly explain that i'd paid for a 4 handed massage and i wanted her back here for the climax. She then scuttled off out the room to get her (negative).

This is where it got good again haha. Finally...i was face up and rock hard with two topless and beautiful yet contrasting women while they wanked me off. The daughter took control of the joystick, using her gentle grip while my hands explored her cute ass underneath her panties and groped her now exposed breasts. In the meantime the mum offered gentle strokes around my legs and chest and i was brought to a pretty shuddering climax which left a lovely mess on the hand of the daughter (positive).

I left feeling happy in the end but overall the 4 handed massage was 2 handed for far too long for me to give my review a positive. The final straw was being wanked off with only 1 person present - that just isn't what i paid my money for and had i not said anything that's all i would have got. The thing is i could see myself returning to see the daughter on her own because she was that gorgeous, but i'd struggle to recommend the 4 hander given how much they messed around. Overall neutral seems fair.

London / Brunette Explosion (Cricklwood)
« by Stealthmode on Yesterday at 11:01:19 pm » or

Quick review.

Was in the area and was passing this Latina Brothal. Only 2 girls were available. A white Latina (bit too slim for my linking) and Yasmin.

In my haste a picked Yasmin (wish I had gone with them other girl). Looking at her profile pick she doesn't look to bad, but she lacked shape. Her bum was flat and she had what I assume is a C-Section scar (more like a furrow) up her stomach, with a tat designed to cover up the worst of it. Her tits looked ok, but stayed in the bra.

She doesn't speak a word of English, but managed to communicate she is in fact from the Dominican Republic.

Straight to the point I just could motivate myself to get hard. A mixture of her cock breath and lack of bum put me off, so after a failed attempt to ride me and a lackluster OW, I settle for a HJ, which was terrible.

Came eventually and left.

40 for 15mins and she is now in Neasden.

London / Linda LoveMuch (Feltham)
« by Stealthmode on Yesterday at 10:51:53 pm » or

Thanks for the most recent review of her. This made me make up my mind to she her. And it is a her!

Comms: Very good, first a call (her English is very good) and then follow up texts. Due to the good Comms I first suspected a maid, but it was all her.

Location: Low key hotel in Feltham. Lift is by the entrance, with reception well out off the way, So easy to get in and out with no issues. Clean tidy room, and had a shower in the clean bathroom. So no complaints there.

Linda: I made up my mind that if I got a hint of manlyness I would leave. But in the flesh her features are softer and I was sure she is a female. Her photoshop photos don't help. She has a great body (not gym toned, but not fat) nice bum (didn't look overly fake, so cant tell if it is indeed real), with big well done tits. Had on Huge heels, but is around 5'2 bare footed.

Service: Linda insisted on OWO DT in front of the big mirror, and it felt great while looking the part. Another review mentioned she is quite wild and I second that. We switched to crazy doggy and then CG.  I held of cumming as I wanted to save it up for a huge facial.

I stopped a little to rest up, then back to some more OWO. Plenty of filthy chatter and ball sucking.

With about 10 mins to go, I unleashed a facial which she took like a champ. You can tell she isn't really into this, but didn't cum dodge.  :thumbsup:

Had a brief chat then cleaned up.

1hour for 150.

South East / EnglishGemma - Milton Keynes - TOFTT
« by DipsyDoodle on Yesterday at 10:37:29 pm »
Young lady's profile

She goes by EnglishGemma on Adult Work and works as Imogen at Milton Keynes Escorts on the weekends.  Limited pictures on AW but very recent pictures on MK Escorts web site.  She is also on Twitter as @imogrnescort

Booked for 90 minutes as I like to take my time and allow the encounter to open up a bit.  Paid £170.  No extra's offered and none requested.

Initial contact through AW to secure a booking slot.  Once confirmed, she provided mobile number and all subsequent communications done via text.  Always responsive in both cases.

Gemma is only offering outcalls at the moment, and given that I had an overnight stay in Milton Keynes, it seemed like a good idea to make a booking with her.  Once checked in, I provided her with my room number.

Gemma is very attractive and exactly like her pictures.  She is 5' 7" with a slim figure, and probably B cup breasts that were nice and firm.  Stated age is 23 and low and behold, she is actually 23.

I asked her at the start if there was anything she didn't want me to do, to which she said no anal, water sports, or CIM.  Anything else was fine.

The services that were provided included
Oral on her
Protected Sex in cowgirl, missionary, legs up by my ears, etc.

The Meeting
Gemma arrived several minutes early, which is always a great start.  She has a driver and left her mobile switched on for security reasons, but it never beeped nor did she ever go near it during the punt.  Paperwork sorted and we did some snogging with light FK that developed into full DFK as the punt progressed.  She had me help her out of her dress and she looked stunning in stockings, garter belt, and matching bra (current picture on Twitter is what she was wearing).  Onto the bed where I really took my time to allow her to get comfortable, sucking on her nipples, then moving down to find that she was freshly shaved.  Got the appropriate moans and made her cum.  Up for some DFK where she could taste herself on my mouth, whilst we both fondled each other.  Inserted a finger and over time, got her to cum again.  She then said I think it is your turn and proceed to provide excellent OWO.  I rarely cum from oral so I had her put on the jacket and she climbed aboard for protected sex in cow girl position, then onto missionary, and finally with her legs up by my ears until I filled the balloon.

Had a nice chat during the recovery, then I started again with fingers between her legs.  Grabbed a bottle of water and took a swig, then with some water still in mouth, I went down on her.  The temperature play was intense and she had another orgasm in 60 seconds.  Gave her a brief recovery and had her lick my fingers to get them nice and wet, and inserted one and she was wiggling all over the place.  Inserted a second figure and she became very vocal.  I lost track of how many times she orgasmed.  She was so wet, so I asked her if she ever squirted.  She said that she did when conditions were right and normally from a toy, but didn't want to ruin the bed.  I told her fuck that, let's go for it and gave her a serious fingering concentrating on her g-spot.  Within about 90 seconds she was squirting like a fountain and body in all kinds of contortions.  Grabbed another condom and pounded away until the conclusion.  Had a very quick chat as we were pretty much out of time.  Helped her back into her dress when her driver phoned.  Gemma never once looked at the clock and said wow, that time went really fast.  One last kiss and she was out the door 5 minutes after the scheduled finish time.

Final Commentary
She is a really nice English girl that loves sex.  A little shy at first but then things really opened up as we both became more comfortable.  After she left, I received a thank you text about 15 minutes later, which is always a nice touch.

She only plans to work through the end of 2017, so if you like the looks, you'd better book her this year before she retires.  She told me why she will retire, and it sounds genuine as she definitely has a plan.

Would I book again?  Yes.

North East / Victoria - Pink Ladies - Deckham, Incall
« by datwabbit on Yesterday at 10:20:56 pm »!/

1 hr at £100

Victoria works from a nice bungalow off Old Durham Road. She is blonde, 40s with nice tits. I handed over the money and had a shower.

Her services include OWO but not anal or anal play. I cannot remember if she does Swallow.

We started with some nice kissing and then I started moving south and kissing her tits, stomach and eventually ended up giving RO while she lay back. As I continued with RO, she directed me and as I continued, she put her hands around my head pushing me down on her minge. She carried on grinding into my face until she came.

Then it was my turn to lie back and she went down on me. Nice BJ technique. When I started to feel myself getting close, I got her to stop and I put on the condom and we had sex. Sex was doggy and then mish and it was during mish that I came.

After she took off the condom she offered me a drink of water which I happily took. The bedroom is quite hot.

So a positive as it was enjoyable and I would see her again.                                                                                                                                                           

South East / South East / larajaneboop - Egham
« by martinmars on Yesterday at 10:11:26 pm » or

Incall in Egham, the area felt totally safe with no parking issues

Lara is a good looking girl, around size 12 with a fair few tattoos which are not shown on her profile pictures, but in general they add to her appeal.

The reason for the neutral is that she charges top dollar but does not want to give the full hour. She does the typical time wasting tactic of saying do you want a shower (on my own) as soon as we were in the bedroom, I had a shower less than an hour before the meet and it did not cost me a penny and politely declined.

After some oral (pretty lame to be honest), reverse oral and French kissing I done her doggy which was most enjoyable. After I had come, she said did I want a shower before I leave, were only 35 minutes into the hour. There was no second round offered, I didn't need a shower so got dressed and left, it was all quite amicable but just felt awkward to stay any longer.

She was probably more than happy to get her hourly rate for just over 30 minutes, but I won't be going back.

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