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South East / Deelite2 (Windlesham)
« by PoKing_KGI on Yesterday at 11:12:40 pm »

Link to profile:

Age: 47 - I highly doubt this is her true age. I wouldn't be surprised if she was in her 60s never mind her 40s.
Location: Windlesham
Nationality: English

The Meet

When: March 2020, 18:30.
Rate Paid: £100 for 1 hour (Incall)

This was a reverse booking. Her usual rate is £150 for an hour but she offered me £100 for an hour on this occasion for full service. Communication was great. We had arranged the meet after just two messages.

I drove from Guildford in the dark and I did find her house a bit difficult to find with the directions she had given me because initially she did not provide a house number. She lives on a leafy street in a fairly large terraced house so it felt very discrete and safe.

After finding the house I entered to find her in a dressing gown and some high heels. She was very friendly and had a London accent. We went up to her bedroom and I was offered the chance to shower which I accepted (She didn't shower with me). When I came back to the bedroom she had taken off her dressing gown and was wearing a g-string and bra. She was not the most stunning MILF I have ever seen and I would even say she is a GILF judging from her wrinkles. Breasts are slightly saggy but a decent size. I certainly cannot believe she is 47 but I did not make an issue of it and she initiated a massage on her bed.

I found her massage to be OK, she is clearly not a qualified masseuse but she also didn't destroy my back. We made friendly conversation and we moved onto French Kissing. Next came a blowjob (without protection) and she gave quite a good one too I have to say. No rimming but she did lick my balls. CIM is included in the price and she did hint at sucking me to completion but I wanted to fuck her. So on went the condom and we started with cowgirl. I did not enjoy this so much because I was not that attracted to her body so I asked to switch to doggy and she obliged. She took my dick pretty well and moaned a bit. I was concerned if I did not cum as quickly as possible I might never cum so I came whilst in doggystyle. Afterwards she took off my condom and gave me some wipes to wipe myself which I much prefer to when WGs do it for me. We lay down for a bit and had a good chat. I never felt that she was watching the clock and after another shower (alone) I left. Total time from entering the door to leaving was 56 minutes.

Overall I would say it wasn't my best meet with WG but what she doesn't have in looks she makes up for in attitude so I have rated this meet as a neutral.


When: monday 1st June PM

Comms; had tried calling from the morning, she eventually texted back some hours later. Was available straight away. Comms from then were swift

Looks;  Long brunette hair...flat curves, dressed in talkies (almost chavy)

Time; had agreed 1 hour for 150, see below for her stunt

Meet; arrived and offered a shower.

Will  keep this short. Shes not chatty and very much distant. Half assed owo. Had to ask.her twice to take bra and knickers off...reluctantly taken off. Tried giving her owo...she takes it as an opportunity to check her phone...a minute later says an emergency has come up and needs to half the booking. But doesn't want to half the fee...rather she insists on 100. Looking back I should have been more pushy as it wernt my problem she had to cut short the meet. I then went back to receiving more oral...which I opted to be more aggressive out of frustration.

Dom on(her on top) and I was out of there 10 mins later.

Poor social skills from her side. She clearly doesn't enjoy it.

My fault..saw the previous reviews which suggested this would happen but a 20 year old Brit sounded tempting.

Shyte service...avoid I'd suggest!

London / Maria - Masha Massage - Edgware HA8
« by seanwd77 on Yesterday at 09:01:53 pm »
Area: Edgware
Session: 60min
Massage type: Relaxing
Amount paid: £60
Days working: Weekdays 6-9pm, weekends all day
Getting there: free parking on the road no restrictions, also bus 288 towards broadfields from edgware station stops right outside the place.

So after the easing of lockdown I fancied a massage and some relief with all this staying indoors and not being able to see anyone as pretty much the ones near where I live had been shut for sometime, so decided to give Masha a call as it's my regular punting area. Fortunately Masha's place was open, unfortunately the boss was fully booked but she suggested I try one of the new girls (she has 2 new girls working for her- will try to review the other one in the next few weeks if I get to see her)
I was 10min early before my appointment but texted Masha to see if I could come in a bit early, she texted back that it would be fine.
Entered the flat and greeted by Maria, she suggested I have a shower which I took her up on as the heat was too much from walking from my house to Masha's place, I was also offered hand sanitizer to use.
Maria is a 30 something Romanian apparently she used to work in finchley/frien barnet area before but I've never punted her before,
Facewise average looking about size 10, nice boobs and a nice big bum. So far so good, the massage started with a nice slow rhythm started from the legs working towards the glute area which she spent a lot of time on which I wasn't complaining, also the occasional reach unders. She managed to find some knots which were sorted out real quick. After about 40mins was asked to turn over, she spent another 10-15mins on the legs which I asked her were very tight with all the running that I had taken up in the last few months, again sorted, then came the looking after the little man, the build up was nice and slow and very sensual, unfortunately it didn't take me long to explode as the sack was full with 2 weeks of stuff. Had about 5mins left she decided to give me a head massage which was so relaxing nearly put me to sleep. After the time was up, I was offered a shower with a fresh new towel, showered up and then left just 5mins over the 60min. Will I return, yes, but will try the other new girl and put up a review.

London / TS Juliana Araujo Paddington
« by BILLY LIAR on Yesterday at 05:34:00 pm » or

Id like to thank mightymo of this parish who included Juliana in his top 10 TS punts of 2019 which encouraged me to make a visit. Number 5 for those interested, ahead of Akemi Tanaka a personal favourite of mine, who was number 6.

Ive seen Juliana twice in recent weeks. First punt was good but had an inkling a second meet would be better, glad I followed my gut intstict. This review deals with visit 2.

All coms by text. Likes you to confirm half an hour before playtime.

Located a 10 -15 walk from Paddington station. Nice basement flat in a Georgian town house.

Appreciate Juliana wont be for everyone, I find her to be cute & sexy. Certainly no waif. Height 5ft 5?

As soon as we were in her room, straight into dfk & groping. With my trousers & undercrackers having been pulled down, she was on her knees for a pre shower blowie, great technique wet & deep. In the word of jazz man from the Fastshow 'mmmmmm Nice...'

A bejeweled butt plug was produced, chrome with a pink stone!, which she was keen to have popped  in her wrongun. Being a gentleman I lubed up her hole with my tongue & spittle. Once the plug was in I must say it looked rather beautiful.

Fee handed over, £150.00 an hour, I jumped in the shower for a V quick rinse of me bits.

Back in the boudoir, it was all a blur of the most appalling behaviour. Some of the highlights were-
69 but with me on top, most unusual, me noshing her rather gurthy cock while she had her tongue up me bum giving me the rimming of a life time. Find it surprisingly rare to receive from a TS escort.

I topped only, multiple positions tried, bulldoged her, arse up head down. She took it well, many cant. Must say you need strong legs, I havent but I manfully persevered.

La piece de resistance occured in missionary. She handed me a rubber dildo, you can see it on her Birchplace ad, bottom left pic.
Lubed up her hole & rubber dong, then instructed me to ease it up her, twas not small. Once in was asked to slip me old chap up her bum whilst the dildo remained in situ, my first dp!
Was expertly guided in, had her hand on my chest to control depth. Took a few attempts for her to get comfy but fully in & her comfortable, I was able to bang away. Apart from being tight it didnt feel amazing but certainly looked it & incredibly horny watching her writh in pleasure.  '& it suddenly struck me, I just might die with a smile on my face after all' (The Smiths)

With time running out she was keen for us to cum together but the longer into an hour punt I go the more difficult it seems for me to shoot me muck. In cow girl told me she'd nearly reached the road of no return & once she had it would be game over. Suggested she cum in my mouth while I vigorously tried to knock one out. She got over the line droping her load in me north & south. Alas I couldnt finish & was desperate to spit, I dont swallow ducky.

Well over the hour once I returned from the bathroom having spat & showered. Chit chat about this & that while I got dressed. Her English is excellent. Nicely easy going, felt at ease & comfortable in her company at all times.

Kiss & an a cuddle at the door. Hope to see her again soon.

North West / kinkyhornyhannah - Manchester
« by MisterGibbon on Yesterday at 02:20:21 pm »

1 hour - £150

Review is a few months overdue (Happened about a month before the Coronavirus)

Comms - Late night but was very responsive and quite quick to agree booking for a few hours ahead.

Location - A block of apartments. Parking was free on nearby road.

Looks - Attractive enough but not knock out gorgeous. Great tits.

The meeting

Messed about for a while. Won't state what happened but lets just say a lot of time was wasted. Not necessarily her fault but still when it got to the action it was crap. Started with small talk for a couple of minutes, FK'd a little bit. Then she put the condom on and said "Ready for the best sex in your life?" There was no oral at all. As I went to guide it in her she said "no lets get it in there without out hands". She guided her pelvis until I got inside her and she rode me. I was finished within 10 minutes to which she then said that she was ready to go home. It is a negative because most of the time before the sex was wasted and was not made up on her end. No money offered back for it either and I had driven quite far to see her which she knew. I think she was slightly intoxicated too but not enough for it to be a huge problem.

Maybe I just got her at a bad time as she seems to have quite a few positives and it was pretty much a late night into the AMs but still, she didn't seem disinterested just not very good.

South East / SugarBabeTalulah - Kent Outcall
« by JamiePunter89 on Yesterday at 11:19:38 am »

Length of booking: 2 hours

Date: 02/06

Fee: £450

Comms: slightly unusual, exchanged emails on adultwork, then had to WhatsApp a ‘booking line’ to confirm. She says she is part of a new agency being set up in Kent. But details are hazy.

The girl: She looks stunning in her photos so I was praying this wasn’t a bait and switch. I was not disappointed. She’s tall, very slim and petite, nice natural perky tits, blonde and has a killer body in general. You can see her face on AW, she is a stunner, right up there as one of the most attractive I have had. I would say her stated age of 19 is genuine.

The meet: I would never usually do an outcall and she is outside of my usual budget. But covid has left me with an excess punting budget and I couldn’t go on much longer without some action, so I took a gamble and went for it. She arrived bang on time dressed in a very sexy dress, she was looking very glam. She came in and sorted the paperwork right away. She let me know she needed to text the agency so they knew she was safe. I sorted her a drink and we moved to the Lounge.

She started with stripping for me and giving me a lap dance. Lots of kissing followed, then on to some decent OWO. Now for the best bit, went to return the favour and her pussy is possibly the most eatable pussy I have had, a real designer vagina. She seemed to enjoy it and made all the right noises, but I defo enjoyed it! Lots of sex followed, multiple positions. Anal was not an option. Finished in the bag twice and on her face once. Got to say having her in doggy was a sight to behold! We probably overran by 10 minutes as I offered her a shower, which she accepted.

Summary: I had a great time with this one and will be seeing her again once she can start doing incalls. The booking process was a bit odd, but I gambled and it all worked out well. Apparently she is struggling to get a place and would rather only do the odd outcall whilst COVID hangs around. She was expensive, so not something I could do every month, but to have a genuine British 19 year old blonde sat on my face makes it all worth while.


London / Andreea_0796 - Sudbury Hill - Timewaster
« by Zammo on June 02, 2020, 08:17:14 pm »


So after a lengthy hiatus from punting and reading some of Andreea's positive and negative reviews in an older thread -  I decided I'd take my chances; she seemed to be good VFM as long as I kept it to a brisk P&D.

Her green light wasn't on on AW but I dropped her a text anyway (Mon 1st June) asking if she was 'available tomorrow' (Tuesday 2nd June). She replied very quickly with 'Yes baby. I'm available tomorrow.' I was quite surprised but text back confirming all of the necessaries: 4:30 pm, £30 for 15 min, OWO to which she replied 'ok'.

A few more text's followed confirming things such as area, name of hotel, postcode etc. All done pretty sharpish.

I text her at midday asking if all was still ok for later on today and she simply replied 'yes'. I was a tad concerned as she tends to be very monosyllabic in the majority of her responses but I know her English isn’t great so didn't think too much of it.

I message her at 4:25pm telling her that I'm very nearly there and can I get the room number to which she replies five minutes later with 'Baby I have to cancel something came up. Really sorry'. I respond by saying that she should've told me if something came up and she's wasted my time, to which she gave me some cock-and-bull about an urgent matter and how she can't get there now as she lives in another area. The latter obviously proves that she's full of it as she told me at the time of the punt and only after I'd text her but, whatever.

So although a fair bit of time was wasted, I've put it down to 'just-deserts' for booking a typical ignorant Rom.

I certainly won't be bothering again, I'll try out the Soho walk-ups if they ever re-open.

- Zammo 

South West / Fit Sarah GFE - BRISTOL
« by Vladimir Putin on June 02, 2020, 05:58:34 pm »
Have seen this girl about 5 times now. Last time in Feb. And have been meaning to give her a well-deserved review.

Same scenario each time. French kissing and OWO+CIM.

Great girl. Very accurate photos and a very pleasant upbeat attitude.

Very chatty too. Based in Bedminster.

North East / Shanghai Massage - Newcastle
« by JackRyan81 on June 01, 2020, 09:49:42 pm »

Review from early February. As described in the review of my December visit here I intended to return to SM at the first opportunity and take condoms with me this time. Quiet midweek evening around 8pm, street was quiet so no issues with discreet entry. Can't remember now if I called before heading there or just turned up. Girl on reception was quite pretty, late 20s / ealry 30s. I described the girl I'd seen last time and was told that she was on holiday. Paid £40 for 1 hour, girl on reception saw me through to the room and asked me to get undressed. Room as previously described.

Tried the same routine as last time - waited in my boxers until she returned (same girl from the front desk) and pointed to the "no adult services" sign on the wall. She said "later" and gestured for me to lie down. When she asked what kind of massage I wanted I replied "sexy" and she gave me a playful smack on the bum (I was naked by this point). What followed was a fairly decent massage for about 25-30 minutes, with no complaints to some light touching on her legs and bum as she worked on my back. On the turn she asked if I wanted anything extra and I asked her to work on my upper thighs (genuinely did have a muscle pain, honest!) and she did so, unfazed by my increasingly raging erection. After 5-10 minutes she asked again about extras and I produced the pack of condoms and she swatted them out of my hand, saying "nooooo!" Oh well. I asked about oral to finish and she said another girl would do this if I wanted, and I could have them both naked for £30 each. I was insanely horny having abstained for a couple of weeks prior and agreed.

She disappeared to get the other girl who came in with the infamous cling film. I again gestured to the pack of condoms and she said ok but I had to dispose of it myself afterwards. What followed was not my finest moment. With a naked girl either side of the table, a finger in both pussies and a mouthful of nipple the 2nd girl put the condom on me and started sucking me off... and I blew my load in about 10 seconds. I told myself afterwards that it was the way she opened the condom wide and snapped it over the head of my cock rather than rolling it down my shaft... but that's just soothing my battered ego. Disappointingly the 2nd girl got dressed again and buggered off, her work complete. Still with 15-20 minutes left on the clock the 1st girl put her panties back on and gave my legs another massage. Little me perked up again and she finished me off with a firm, oily handjob as I resumed touching her through the panties.

So in summary, £100 for a decent massage and two pops in the hour from two different girls. Can't fault them for my poor performance first time round but slightly annoyed that the 2nd girl didn't stay for a bit of 4 hands massage for the last 15 minutes.

Will return once things get back to normal :)

London / Thai_Sexy_Emmy - Kennington
« by Jeffers77 on June 01, 2020, 08:42:31 pm »
Bait and Switch - I saw the original girl in the below aw profile a few times (for FBSM) - but the profile clearly has been recycled and her old photos used.

Went all the way to Vauxhall for a very unattractive bait and switch in a horrible decrepid tower.

North West / Nadea – Karmasutragirls Trafford
« by Kriss on June 01, 2020, 06:22:01 pm »
This punt took place last December 1919, about 5th at about 2 in the afternoon.

KSG is a well-known massage parlour with a bit of a mixed reputation. This was my first visit to the Trafford branch. The basic price is 50 notes for 30 minutes.

I had been fancying a punt for a while and when I saw that there was a Pakistani girl on, I made my way to Trafford. Got a bit lost and had to phone for directions, but eventually got there. Reception area seemed OK (I didn’t really notice TBH). I think I was the only client at the time, but as it happened Nadea was sitting in reception. I had set my heart on an Indian or Pakistani girl, so it was a quick hand over of the cash and straight to the room.

Nadea is probably about 30, 5 foot 2 or so and size 10 (as stated). She was wearing a short, tight skirt and a loose top with a bra underneath. Her tits are OK, and she has a good-sized fine firm arse. She asked if I wanted a massage, and I accepted. I got my kit off and lay on the bed. The massage was nothing more than some stoking and a bit of teasing, but I was so horny that I was hard in no time. Some light chat and then she told me to roll on to my back. She looked at my standing cock and then gave it a couple of quick wanks. I said thanks and I told her I thought she was sexy. She got down to her knickers in no time. I was well pleased.

I put my hand on her arse and pulled her onto the bed. After a nice snog, I gave her nipples a suck, slid her knickers off and then slid down between her thighs and gave her clit a tonguing. She tasted OK so I stayed there for a while. I think she was enjoying it, but I was well ready to fuck. I told her I was ready and she got a johnny from the bedside table and skilfully slipped it on. Then she lay back, bent her knees and spread her brown meaty thighs. What a sight! I was rock hard, and I drove my cock into her as far as I could go. I started slowly, hoping to make it last, but it didn’t take long. I finished in the bag, then lay there for a couple of minutes.

Nadea cleaned me up and I showered and left.

I would – and I hope I will – do it again.

[Image hidden]

Wales / Emily Wilde - Cardiff - (pre lockdown meet)
« by Ricky Ticky on June 01, 2020, 03:44:38 pm »

Emily and I had been try to meet for several months, one thing or another got in the way.  I managed to meet her mid March at a hotel in the city centre and boy am I pleased I did!  I think we might find the punting world, like most things is a bit different when we return but I will do everything I can to see Emily!

£240 for 1 1/2 hrs

The Girl,  - physically she is as per her pix and self description.  I think she has a banging figure and if you are a boob man you are in for a treat! What you can't see on the pix is how pretty she is.  I think she has a stunning face.

The meet - we had a agreed on role play, her advanced comms were fantastic and plentiful so we both knew what to expect and any boundaries.  Greeted me in the little green skirt she has in one of the pics on the site, looked amazing.  She offer me a drink and we sat and chatted for a few mins then kissed and cuddled. After a few mins of this we started our game.

Emily was a great role player, nice balance between taking it seriously and having a giggle, perfect for me, and I am sure she could do just serious if that is you bag.  Like so many role plays she needed to be punished lol.  She took it so well, face slapping, tit slapping and of course bum slapping.  I did all to a high level and she took it like a trouper!!!  It was my first time meeting her so we we're both feeling our way a bit but will try a bot harder next time. (we did have the traffic light safe word system in place)

Her blow job was divine, varied, deep , licking the tip, licking balls. Then on with the condom and fucker her, slapped her face and choked her a bit while fucking which was fun.  Felt it all bubbling so off with the cover and into her pretty mouth where she swallowed the lot!

Then while I recovered I fisted her, I do love doing this an not all girls can take it, but we worked togehter and gently I go my hand in her beautiful shaven cunt, she told me that I she would cum if I went down on her while fisting, I did, she did!

After watcher her cum I was hard again so she went down on me.  I then started to force her head onto me, before hanging her head over the edge of the bed and facefucking her, super sexy gagging noises, she kept her legs open so I could finger her and lick her all over while facefucking her.  At one point I realised I was licking out her belly button that how carried away I got lol.  Came in her mouth again and again she swallowed the lot.

Not rush to leave, freshened up, got dressed with a bit more chit chat final kiss and cuddle and I left saying I'd see her in a few weeks, obvioulsy not realiising that we would be locked down!

Cardiff currently has three of the best girl I have ever met in over 25 years of punting, Emily is one of those 3!

Would I see her again - You can all guess the answer to that, yes

VFM - Great

Would I recommend - I would recommend you see her but also that you take the time so you both know what you are looking for from the meet.  I know it's a naff thing to say at the end of a review but treat her like the special lady she is until you get to the point in the meet you have agreed to use her like a whore then... boy can this lady take it!
10/10 all round for me.

South West / Bella Blue Eyes - Tavistock
« by monday2friday on June 01, 2020, 03:33:00 pm »
Bella is great! Very personable, down to earth and with a naughty twinkle in her eye, which is my weakness! She does not offer full penetration but owo was divine along with b2b, touch anywhere and reverse oral was delicious. A must-see when in the Tavistock area, which is a bit barren at the moment!

South West / GoddessofGreece - Exeter - AVOID
« by monday2friday on June 01, 2020, 02:24:42 pm »
I was duped...after what appeared to be 'normal' text and phone exchanges, this 'lady' came to see me. It was cash on arrival (fair enough). She had a female friend in the car for her own safety - again, all plausible. After 5 mins the friend banged on my door saying the lady had to leave immediately. Then some theatrics to say they were being chased and could they hide in my house. When I refused they walked out and of course, no money back. It happens, should have listened to my gut feeling when I saw the friend in the car. Avoid.

London / Pornstar Eva TOFT Wembly
« by Whoisarrypotter on June 01, 2020, 10:57:17 am » or

Finding an early hours (2am)punt can be quite tricky but I persevere and I think it paid off this time.

30 minutes
Apartment located in Park Royal  near Holidsy Inn hotel

Good communication via text to.begin, confirmed ok for 2am and OWO is included got postcode and set off.
Arrived at location and assumed it was going to be in the hotel, so text to inform.her of my arrival and to ask if it was in the hotel.
She called me back to direct me to an apartment took me a little while and my phone dropped and was just thinking that would be it and she would probably not answer
However she was ok and once in got the room number, there is a concierge desk at the front door but it was unmanned.  (Dont know what it would be like in the daytime).

Got to the room, quick introduction, confirmed OWO was included in the price and took a shower.
Going by the pictures I would say there is a possibility it's her the body shape and size look about right but she is definitely not 22, I would say more like 40's, quite skinny about size 10 or 12 at a guess.
Very polite Polish lady, not bad facially about 6/10, little bit of a tummy.
English isn't too bad can hold a bit.of conversation and no confusion over what was being said.

Pretty good uncovered BJ, not the best or worst but I was satisfied with it.
Got her to to swing round so I could return the favour at the same time tasted nice and fresh and quite tight.
On with the dom and she fucked me cowgirl and she did fuck me proper hard and rough (the way I like it).
Couldn't control it anymore and came in a short time of this.
Quick wipe up and small talk while we dressed.

Overall apart from the deception of the age the service I received was good, although didn't ask for much what I did was delivered with a bit of enthusiasm .

Would I return, I probably would if I am in the area again and she is available.

Potter out

Scotland / Janine Paisley
« by AyrshirePunter on June 01, 2020, 10:39:05 am »
Retrospective review
£120 hr
Comms: excellent, rapid replies to all texts.
Location: Paisley, centre, just off Glasgow Rd. Metered parking. Ooooft. The Syrian Free Army had obviously just retreated in bad order from this street. A barrel bomb or two would probably cause several million pounds worth of improvements...bins strewn everywhere, wood on the windows, abandoned cars. No bams hanging around at least. The flat itself was fine, looked like she lived there.
The girl: no B&S for this Romanian,  definitely as advertised...a solid 8.5/10, nice face, exceptional body...perfect firm handful breasts, hips but no fat, only a few intentional disfigurements (= body "art"). A couple of rashers in the sandwich but a relatively aesthetically pleasing fanny in the usual dark labia style of E.E. girls. Decent English, chatty enough.
Action: I don't kiss WGs, so whipped off her robe (no lingerie) and went straight to the other lips...fresh, clean, nice. Covered BJ, so-so because of the Scania inner tube condom, but decent depth and slurping, shifted her bum for me to stroke (didn't try to slip fingers in anywhere so can't give any info on her attitude to that). Sex in several positions, probably prolonged by that sock of a johnny, but very enjoyable with Janine working enthusiastically.  Shot the wad in mish with her nuzzling my neck. Clean up, bit of a crappy massage (just grabbing lumps of flesh...maybe because I didn't want her to use her perfumed oil). Eventually she went for more covered oral, not very effective, but a slippery handjob with her sitting on my face did the trick for pop 2 on 45mins. Once I've done twice, I'm off, don't really want to hang around, so can't say if she'd have tried to huckle me out as I got up to leave anyway.

London / Hot Sofie - stratford
« by schlong118118 on June 01, 2020, 12:09:07 am »
saw her yesterday in stratford.

coms: called her and arranged 30 mins she agreed to  dfk and owo

location: apartments in Stratford

looks: photos are her but she looks more skinny in person

service : handed her the money (£60 for 30mins) and she then wanted to give a blowjob with condom. I told her what she agreed to on the phone,  she said she don't do owo and doesn't kiss either. I was bit annoyed now was thinking of asking for money back but not had any fun since lockdown started so decided to go through with it (big mistake). after few minutes of covered oral asked for sex, pounded her in missionary for few minutes and she starts asking when are you going to cum? told her I had 20 mins left she starts to get attitude saying im not a machine. she then gets up says she will give handjob. I tried to bust a nut before I left but was put off by her attitude constantly muttering under her breath in her language and talking to her friend in other room. Was fed up told her to get off me and left. was there about 15 mins in total.

summary: bag of bones, lies doesn't do services she agrees to and tries to get you out the door asap. I would AVOID

Yorkshire & the Humber / Dayanna - Leeds
« by Sam12345 on May 31, 2020, 05:25:53 pm »

Saw this girl in Leeds in January, when in the area for work.

Terraced house in Beeston.

£60 for half an hour.

God damn this girl is good looking! Amazing shapely bum and for me, her enhanced breast size is perfect. Facially very attractive also. Boosted my ego when she complimented me on my looks and physique.

Started off with some OWO, which was deep, slow and passioniate!

However, I quickly got her on her back as I love giving oral. Started with a few fake moans, which I quickly told her to stop. After 5 minutes or so I had her very wet, moaning and writhing around. She cummed, smiled at me and said, “you’re too good at that”, proceeded to pull me in and snog my face off (ego stroked again  :lol: ).

On with the condom and eased into her soaking pussy in missionary and Dyanna was happy to DFK, I had her in various positions (deckchair, spoons, doggy, prone bone) until I came in the bag.

She really made me feel like I was fucking a girlfriend, rather than a prostitute. In summary,

One thing to note, Dyanna has a few tattoos and has a full length tattoo on her back, so if that’s not something you’re into, it’s worth noting.



London / Amanda Big Bum Hammersmith London
« by CalQueLon on May 31, 2020, 05:09:08 pm »

Hello all I just had recent punt, I know that this is during a pandemic I could not hold out anymore I apologise too all who are keeping up proper guidelines on social distancing and a will fully take any criticism on my behaviour but I caved in what more can I say; After a bit of a journey there and back I will make a write up of my experience I know people have reviwed her before and I will begin too say IF you are below 5ft 7in she may be a bit full on too handle but otherwise what the other posters have said is true.

Meet time: 30 mins

Com's: Was instant for the most part her she is very hard on the time you say so being late by 10 mins can get you cut off, which was almost my experience with her, but a bit of cool com's and keep the meet alive

Location: her place is off the main road a busy street good for afternoon visits but at night you may not be comfortable going there as the entrance is in a back of a alley way but otherwise very quite nice for me

Meet: Before even touching her at all there is a bathroom which she insist you use too wash up hand wash all available with is a good sign for a risk taker as my self.
  The room is nothing special but cool. she got a cute face imo very nice looking lips so if you want a long session with her and you a get a bit of a mood going on then you can have a bit of inmate GFE but I didnt come for that we never kissed on the lips. Her OWO is good she does it good eye contact and really DT she did that for about 10 mins no stopping in between.
  After that I only did one position with her Doggy mainly for too see the ass and how hard i could go with her and that is her best asset Titts where ok never got too play with them not that it was off limits but again not what I came for, any way Doggy was great she can really take a pounding and that's what I needed too know anyway did that for the rest of the session really went though the gears no complaints just moaning.

 Then got cleaned up and left all in all for a pump and dump for me as I'm 5ft 11 in she is great for that 30 min session if you as going too longer than that I would not really advise that as after the initial first fuck you got too work too get back up again so you may not get you time worth but for 30 mins I cant complain           

West Midlands / PatryPaty - Birmingham - (March 2020)
« by Sam12345 on May 31, 2020, 04:52:45 pm »

Id been wanting to see this girl for quite a while, as she reminds me of an Indian ex girlfriend, however hadn’t got round to it as I don’t punt often, and her comms are pretty bad. Doesn’t really respond before 5pm.

£80 for the hour
Her English is quite good, but I think her housemate deals with comms.

Provided OWO, RO, Rimming on her. No kissing (surprise surprise).

Terraced house in B13 area, bit of a struggle for on road parking. House/room was nice enough, had a decent lamp on and the double bed was decent.

The girl: just like her photos, I have a thing for south Asian women, and she must be from Romany background, I Found her really fit. Pretty face, nice hair, lovely figure, Nice bum and I’d guess b cup boobs.

Onto the action after she’d started playing some music on her phone (typical Rom), she started with OWO, this was acceptable and not particularly deep (I’d say slightly better than the usual p&d technique).

I was keen to give her RO as that’s my fave, took her a while to warm up, but once she did she was lightly gasping away. Spent quite a long time down there and was savouring the moment whilst I tried to edge her. Eventually made her to cum, which was reasonably understated, but I could tell she had.

Onto the sex, she applied what looked like some moisturiser/cream to her vag before sex, which smelt of strawberries, not 100% sure what it was, but it wasn’t lube.

Condom on and entered in missionary and the reason for the cream became apparent, as she was borderline dry. Despite the fact that two minutes previously my mouth/chin had been covered in her juices, somehow she wasn’t very wet inside. Pumped away in this position for 10 mins and had to hold back the seed.

To calm down i spent a good 5 mins lightly rimming her whilst she lay on her front, which she seemed to somewhat enjoy.

Then switched to her on top, where to give her credit she worked pretty hard, but I wasn’t enjoying it that much due to her lack of wetness and I wasn’t going to cum, so after I while I asked her to hop off and she resumed by wanking me off.

This wasn’t doing a great deal until she spat on my cock, which I love, and she could tell, so continued spitting on it for a couple of minutes and I busted all over her hand/arm, which she really didn’t appreciate  :lol:

I think at this point i had 20-25 mins left, but I knew I was done. She said ‘massage?’ Which I accepted, but the technique was woeful and with it being an hour drive home and getting late, I thought ‘fuck it, I’m off’, so I just got up and started getting dressed.

Neutral, probably because I very much fancied her and her attitude was pretty good for a rom.

In summary I’d say a decent p&d, but not worth more than 30 mins (pricing structure always tempts me to go for the hour).



London / Hannah Pornstar Lancaster Gate
« by BILLY LIAR on May 31, 2020, 02:47:51 pm » /

Punt occured mid April, yes during the lockdown.

All coms conducted by text, quick replys. First contact in the morning for an afternoon appointment. Was asked to confirm an hour before punt but she contacted me & I recieved another message 15 mins before kick off to enquire if I was near by.

As has been commented on, her prices are up & down like Zebedee on a trampoline. I saw her when she was charging £200.00 for her supposedly PSE.

Located just around the corner from Lancaster Gate tube. Basement flat located on the same road I saw Thai Maria(funny looking little thing with frizzy curly hair & big bolt ons but wowza the sex was good) in the summer of 2012, I digress. Lovely newly refurbished interior. Even had a TV inbeded in the wall of the bathroom.

I found Hannah to be V beautiful, V pretty face & a cracking bod. She is quite short but I like that, although that can course problems.... Was wearing a nice bra & pantie com bo.
Nice easy going personality, good English so you can have a chat & a laugh.

Popped into the bathroom for a quick shower. Did I mention theres a TV in there?

Onto the action & I must say it was all a bit underwhelming & I left dissapointed. Yes I had a beautiful girl in my arms. Bit of dfk, shes got a lovely shaved & neat cunt which I enjoyed licking.  I had paid for an hour but she clearly wanted me to shoot me beans asap, all tricks were deployed, vigorous wanking while noshing me off & when having sex could feel her pussy muscels desperately trying to milk me, felt pretty fantastic but was clear what her game was.

Her being short she cant take length, Im not gurthy but a little longer than the norm. She commented before I gained permission to board to go easy, which I did but I do like to go deep & she really couldnt take it.
Numerous positions were tried but with the stopping & starting I couldnt build up a rhythm.

With 15 mins remaining her alarm went off, Ive heard of the 4 minute warning but..... Think I finished me self off after some half harted OWO & tugging from her, suppose by this time shed worked out I didnt have a hair trigger.

Back in the shower, theres a TELLY in the BATHROOM!!!!!

Bit of chit chat while I got dressed, got the impression she was busy hence wanting me in & out. Was there about an hour.

So to answer the question on the London Regional Discussion 'Is Hannah worth £250.00 an hour? No I felt short changed paying £200.00.

For me shes very sexy & full of charm but I felt scammed.

This is a weak neutral but not a complete neg. Ive had BAD punts & this wasnt one of them even if it reads like one. ' you get me' 

Thanks to Fuzzyduck’s TOFTT …

Thanks for the TOFTT, OP :hi:

I like that Sara seemingly offers FBSM separate to her full services ... I'll hav' that! :dance:

… and I had that back in March. Alas, little did I know it would be my last punt before lockdown :cry:

Link: or


I’d tried Sara ad hoc several times since the New Year, but we couldn’t get our mutual timings to suit. The stars finally aligned by March. Sara always answered my calls … and always had a pleasant manner. We agreed an hour’s B2B for £80 to end with OWO/CIM for £20 extra … Sara followed through with a texted postcode and directions. Sorted!


Sara worked from the same pad in which I’d fucked the dearly departed Cherie Amour

I met Cherie in a grotty ground floor flat in Clerkenwell, shared with another WG (whom I could hear showering at one point during the hour) … it was less than a 10min stroll from Angel tube station.

… and the pad was still just as grotty it was two years earlier! Nonetheless, it was still discreet, and there was a handy bus stop on main road at which to wait for Sara’s text/call to enter.

We used the smaller bedroom … which was dank and drab, but fit-for-purpose with a double bed overlaid with towel and musty pillow. A useful wardrobe mirror was angled for reflected self-voyeurism. The bathroom seemed mankier than I recalled with a dirty mat and peeling tiles … urgh!


Sara is the solid body in the photos below …

[Image hidden]  [Image hidden]  [Image hidden]  [Image hidden]

[Image hidden]  [Image hidden]  [Image hidden]  [Image hidden]

[Image hidden]  [Image hidden]  [Image hidden]

… standing 5’6” with a Size 10 frame … not fat or even chubby, but thick with pert B-cups, a round toned ass and meaty thighs that meet at a pretty pussy. Facially, Sara is very much the ordinary girl-next-door, framed by straight blonde hair … but her sultry expression, plus perpetual winks and pouts, make her the fantasy girl-next-door

Sara is easily hitting her 30s. From Poland originally, she now speaks good English and enough to maintain pleasant chat.


On entering the flat, I found Sara hiding behind the door … smiley, welcoming and sporting a black PVC minidress, skimming her underbum and uplifting her bust. She quickly lead me to the bedroom, where she then welcomed me with a double kiss. We confirmed 60mins to include B2B with an OWO/CIM finish … and so I paid up £100 that Sara popped out to stash.

Not waiting to be asked, I stripped and assumed prone and spread-eagled position on the bed, as Sara returned to find me keen and ready. I ogled her in the mirror, as Sara slipped out of her PVC outfit … and stood up against the end of the bed, her knees sandwiching my left foot below her bare pussy. She winked in the reflection, and got to work.

Oil was applied over over my left sole and calf … and then followed a proper massage, alternating between hard and soft strokes, plus slaps and squeezes … soles, calves, hams and glutes … gluteal push-ups to split cheeks and slip down with CC-swipes … slick! Sara repeated the same on the right … after which she settled into a straddle over my right calf, where I felt her warm pussy gently grind, as she moved her hand massage up and over my back, nape, shoulders and arms … flitting between firm and feathery. Soon enough, copious oil was spilled over my posterior … allowing Sara to drop down into B2B, slow and swirly, fast and frantic … I enjoyed watching us in reflection … Sara’s body in motion on mine, her small tits slip-sliding all over me, her hands everywhere and particularly in reach-unders … fabulous! Then, with a slap to my ass and a wink via the mirror, Sara indicated that it was time to turn over.

Maintaining a sultry stare, Sara kneeled between my splayed legs and royally oiled up my genitals … beginning lingam massage, more akin to a rapid and raucous wank of my throbbing shaft, although her hands and fingers also sloshed up my balls and slipped down my gooch. Her hand massage extended down to include my legs and feet, plus up and over my stomach, chest and arms … but all the while keeping my cock and balls dangerously on edge. Sara next dropped down into B2B, including Bombay rolls … and I managed a few cheeky lip kisses, everytime neared face-to-face in her motions … my hands also roamed over her ass and tits and flanks, but were gently but purposefully moved away from any pussy play.

At some stage, I assumed nearing the end of our time, Sara settled back between my legs … and spat on my greasy cock … no wipes … and suddenly she was down into oil-ridden OWO… glorious technquie … hard, gagging, fast, slurpy, slow, DT-nose-to-navel, swirly … her hands always around my balls and gooch. I was never going to be able to hold back with such over-stimulating oral attention, and exclaimed that I was gonna cum … to which Sara’s mouth dropped down my shaft, and took in spurt after spurt after spurt … I jerked and semi-squealed as she sucked and sucked and sucked as I came … fuck me! All spent, Sara then closed her mouth over my tip, allowing no spillage … and then rose to wet-wipe my cock, smiling with my cum still rolling in her mouth, until she gestured excusing herself to spit out in the bathroom. Brill!

Back in room, Sara leaned down to kiss my lips … hers were still wet from mouthwash … and offered a towel for my necessary shower. After cleaning up as much as one can in such a dirty bathtub, I returned to the bedroom to dress up … Sara was wrapped in a red towel, as we engaged in banter. I relayed how much I enjoyed the session, and reassured that I’d be a regular to her pleasure. Then, a lip kiss and I skipped out.

As I carried on skipping back to Angel tube station, my mood somewhat soured as I only then noticed that I'd spent no more than 46mins with Sara, including the shower! I had been short-changed by 14min, dammit! I knew I'd cum too soon, but she could’ve calmed down her pace or wrapped up the hour with a post-cum wind-down massage … I didn't feel like skipping anymore.


Sara provided excellent B2B with a superlative OWO/CIM finish, plus I found her to be an attractive SP with a warm persona. Ordinarily, this would be a stand-out Positive all-round, but I was let down by blantant short-changing on paid-for-time … so, Neutral this is, but I can see myself giving her a chance to redeem herself … perhaps with bookend-OWO/CIM, so I last longer with a second pop at the end.

London / stardustx - Croydon - what a let down
« by me_iz007 on May 31, 2020, 08:55:47 am »

Date: early March pre lockdown
Location :croydon
Fee: would have been £150

Booked Anastasia after reading unus669 review. There was a previous review about her letting punters down, but i thought I'll give it ago especially after a decent review from unus669. Comms were ok mainly done through whatsapp.  Arranged a 8pm meeting, confirmed about hour before and got a response "cant wait babe".

Parked one road away, plenty of street parking as it was out of resident permit times.  Called her 7.50pm no answer. Waited untill 8.20 then just left after sending her a message how she wastes my time etc.

Next day got a message saying sorry her phone messsed up and i can see her today told her to fuck off,

Would i vist again: no
Would i recommend : no

East England / Not so incredible Joanna - Colchester
« by marion70 on May 30, 2020, 10:15:27 pm »

 Meeting arranged by text. Location a block of flats near the town centre.

 Dressed in bra and knickers, was quite dissapointed to find profile pics do not match up. Must be in her mid 30's and although a fit body with sagging boobs and stretch marks. Paperwork sorted and she did not hesitate to take off her clothes and get straight to the act. Good BJ with lots of licking and teasing but no eye contact at all. After a few minutes, asked to pit on the condom and started cowgirl. She sure knows how to ride a cock and I came in about 10 minutes which I think was her aim anyway. Mentioned that we had about 20 minutes left but refused a second round or another BJ. Had a short massage a quick chat and left in under 30 minutes ( £80/half an hour )

 Overall a disappointing punt for the unmatching pictures and rushed service. Wouldn't rate negative as she did put some effort in but it was clear that this is only a hobby/ part time job. How does AW verify the pictures I will never figure out.


Called her up and asked if she was available in 10 minutes. Says yes so I make my way and text her when I’m parked, no response. Called her, no response. Total radio silence, never heard from her again.

I was in the area again a week or so later and thought I would give her another try. I used a different number, so she wouldn’t connect me with before.

Called her and asked if she was available in 25 minutes. Yes, agreed the booking.

Arrived and same as before, no response. She called me about 45 minutes after the agreed time, I ignored the call.

North East / Sophie - Premium Sunderland
« by alenski on May 30, 2020, 09:20:44 pm »
Comms with premium were fast and efficient as usual and was directed to the sunderland flats near to the metro station, price was £110 for 60 minutes and am fairly sure that parking is availabile in surrounding streets.The flat was very modern , spacious and well decorated throughout.Sophy lives up to her description of about five eight in height,  fairly slim,large breasts and very attractive.We started off  slowly with sensual kisses,stroking  and grinding with her bum against my cock.Sophy was very friendly from the off,easy to talk to and extremely confident.The OW felt good and got me really hard for the main event ,cowgirl reverse cowgirl missonary  and doggy followed in quick sucession.Inbetween i performed oral sex on sophy and she was incredibly receptive coming in two minutes at the most,abit of a dissapointment as i like to linger down there.All in all i had a great time and will be back for more on monday.

London / Baby latina / Camilla, Walthamstow TOFTT
« by Whoisarrypotter on May 30, 2020, 08:20:27 pm » or

Walthamstow off Blackhorse road
30 minutes

Communication via text, the usual reply with "yes baby" and postcode.
Having never been with a Dominican before (who knows if she really is or not I never ask for proof of natuonality).
I usually have good luck with the Brazilians and felt maybe this could be similar.

Got to location recieved door number and proceeded, she came to the door wasnt really dressed up or anything.
She looks somewhat like the girl in the pictures, has a bit of a tummy and face is not the worst I have seen 6/10
For those of you I'm.sure will.want to know if she fits the perennial question,   yes I would say she would fit in the bubble butt category.
I would put her age at late 20's.

Doesn't speak English, had to mime a shower a few times before she understood and led me to.the bathroom.
Having paid up £80 I usually find OWO is included in the service, however having not checked in my last few punts, I found that assumption makes an arse of me, so asked the question (talking in a slow robotic way that you feel they will have a grasp of what your saying.
After a few frowns it looks like she getting what I'm saying and nods encouragingly.

However turns out she obviously didn't understand and puts a rubber on and attempts a really meh blowjob, which lasts all of a minute or 2.
She then stops to which I indicate 69, oh she understands this one and refuses.
Instead she turns round and exposes her bum to me and indicate she wants me to go in doggy.
Feeling a bit perplexed at the lack of enthusiasm and lack of quality I decided to pound her in doggy, i ended up filling the bag quite quickly, hearing her fake moans and she had made no effort to stop me i carried on for a bit longer.

Overall I guess they dont call it TOFT for nothing I wasnt sure whether it should be a neutral or negative, i guess a neutral would indicate i may consider going back, a negative says I wont be wasting my money round d there again.
I guess there are not particularly ripe pickings around at the moment and this was an unplanned punt which was so last minute I didn't really give myself time to look for something that felt right, instead went for the first one to respond to my message.

Maybe during the day she may.perform.better, maybe if you know Spanish you may be able to get more clarity on what is on offer.
Truth is, I probably would have been better off with a free half hour session on pornhub, but where is the fun in that?

Potter out

London / Alexandra Sunshine-Southgate-N14.
« by smiths on May 30, 2020, 04:28:32 pm »
A punting mate recommended Alexandra to me pre-lockdown. He told me she is a big girl. She has a few reviews on here so thanks to those punters who did them. :thumbsup:

I had a chat with her and I liked her clear replies so I booked her. Services agreed were FK/OWO/Fingering on her/RO.

Alex is a size 16 ish, with big tits and a big arse, fat all over, in fact big boned all over with thick thighs as well. 30 maybe a bit older. Speaks ok English, said she was Bulgarian, her free pics look exactly as she did when I met her in late Feb this year. There is a better face pic on here somewhere and she is no looker facially in my view. She was very good at her comms and when I met her I decided to go ahead.

Good FK then DFK was offered, very nice, then good OWO, please note IF you book for half hour OWO was a £20 extra making it £90 not £70, I booked an hour which included OWO for £110. She was very friendly with a good attitude throughout.

Based in a block of flats near Southgate Station, she says she offers parking in her car park for free, but there are local side roads I parked on whose only restriction was no parking 11-12noon so I didn't book her that time. and

Scotland / Bubbly Beth - Aberdeen/ Kirkcaldy
« by Davey Dykes on May 30, 2020, 04:17:13 pm »

I've seen Beth around half a dozen times over the last year or so. Mainly at various locations around Aberdeen but also once at her place in Kirkcaldy when I was down buying a car about 5 miles away so it would've been rude not to pop around and say hi. Last visit was early March a few weeks prior to lockdown.

I always enjoy my sessions with Beth which are generally for an hour at 120 notes. Comms are always painless and it's been noted elsewhere she generally runs a bit late. The woman clearly has sex drive to match her stature and is a tremendous hostess. Services have varied depending on how we feel on the day but enthusiastic and fun whatever we've went for. Always OWO and RO, usually sex in a few positions, sometimes watersports, dirty talk and her spitting on me but we've yet to have a proper Dom session she keeps threatening me with, I hope this may change when restriction allow play to resume.

A personal highlight for me was making her come,hard. This involved her being in Doggy, wanking herself off with her wand and me alternating between licking her fanny and arsehole whilst roughly fondling her arsecheeks and giving them the occasional stiff slap.  :angelgirl:

I'm a fan, will return.

I see I didn't review this WG from when I saw her in February, she is back in Bounds Green now I see which reminded me, probably in the same Polish brothel she was in then, and where I saw Naughty Natt x.

Not a lot of feedback on here at the time about this WG so I decided to give her a look. Good comms done by a maid/pimp all by text, no problems. Agreed kissing and OWO for £100 for the hour.

Arrived to find Amelia bigger, a size 12/14 ish and older than her pics, late-30s maybe a bit older but I still found her quite attractive facially, that turned out to be a mistake. Agreed kissing and OWO with her at £100 for the hour. She got undressed and that's when I saw her fat stomach, looks like child birth damage to me, not sightly to my eyes. She had a big pair of tits sagging but not bad. No fingering inside her pussy was on offer. Her kissing was poor and her OWO was also poor. :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:

I found her attitude not good, kept trying to hurry me up, not what I am looking for. I cut the punt short after half and hour and asked for £30 back which I got, so I paid the half hour rate of £70 and that was £70 too much. :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:

These local Polish brothels are hit and miss, I found Polish Kora and Natt in 2 different ones, but some bad WGs as well.

This WG is a waste of space in my view. Her pics are of her but photoshopped, she is older and out of condition. My advice is avoid. and

Scotland / Rachel*Starr - Aberdeen
« by Bigsteve69 on May 30, 2020, 03:27:57 pm »

Seen this thing a while back before lockdown. See she is advertising again.

Such a bad punt it was actually hilarious. On the day she was pretty much all that was available so I had a fair idea it wouldnt be top 10 material

Flat was in centre of town in Strawberry Bank complex.

Secure entrance to private parking so called on arrival. Her English is not the greatest. Eventually she managed to buzz the gate and let me in to car park. I said where I was she said ok right, left. I said ok what number am I going to. She then spat down phone I ALREADY TELL YOU RIGHT LEFT. I had a wee smile on my face at this point as I have been around long enough to know what was coming.However balls were like watermelons so carried on. Tried to figure out what she had meant by her instructions. She eventually calls to see where I am. I then see a young lass walk out a block of flats in dressing gown on phone and figure this is her. No fucking idea what this right, left command was as had zero relevance to where she was.

She has no make up on. Hair a mess and a moody fucking look on her face. I am in great mood so thought to myself I am going to enjoy this 1 way or another. Was so bad was a bit like these guys online that book into the worst hotel or restaurant just to see how bad it actually was.

Inside and she makes me lead the way. How the fuck am I supposed to know where Im going lol. Anyway I just start aimlessly wondering in this block of flats until she barks that I have went wrong way. She opens flat door and in we go. Nice enough flat seemed to be a combined living room/bed room.

Gets money out the way, £60 for half hour. She dissappears and I am ordered to undress. On the floor were some scabby old blokes trainers.

Whoever wrote her ad is a great fictional writer and would give Stephen King a run for his money. What I had in my head was some decent OWO and fuck her doggy. On her profile it states the only extra is filming.

She tells me to lie on bed and removes the smelly old stained dressing gown. Decent body with huge tits. I go to play with thise big puppies to be shouted at NO NIPPLES. New 1 on me like I could caress her tits from underneath but as soon as I skiffed a nip the face went on. I actually laughed out loud at 1 point it was so bad it was funny. I lay back and she gets a rubber out. I state that I would like some owo first please. Jesus!!! Apparently if I wanted owo I needed to state on text so she could prepare. So on with rubber and she goes for it like a fucking train.woah there horsey. Really shit technique aswell. Eventually thought fuck it I am going to fuck the arse off her. Asked for doggy and obviously she said no mish only as I was too big. So I climb on board and start fucking her like there is no tomorrow. Whole time she was holding me back with her face screwed up. Finished by wanking off on her tits and got the fuck out of there.

Looks 2/10
Service 1/10

London / Rubby Brazil - Bow
« by oneparkplacee on May 30, 2020, 01:15:22 pm »

£120 for the hour + £30 for anal (great vfm considering the service). 5 mins walk from Devons Road DLR. Nice flat but soft/wonky bed.

The girl:

Mid-20s, A/B cup, peachy ass, pretty good english (we held a conversation for 5 mins at a time).

The punt:

I don't write many reviews but felt compelled to share this because quite simply this was the best experience I've ever had in the UK. I've seen circa 15 girls and Rubby was by far the best. Her attitude to was fun, erotic and she really enjoyed it - which is rare these days!

Her body is amazing too - soft skin, great ass that and her pussy was tight as ever. All started off with a strip dance to get my cock nice and hard. OW was with her on her knees as I stood and observed in the mirror. She took it all in and was fingering herself while doing so. Next up was doggy and a few other positions before in the bag. After some chit chat, we were back at it (she initiated!). I usually do 2 in an hour and feel pretty good about it but Rubby took me to 3! With the finale including anal. She wanted it hard and asked me to pull her hair and slap her bum as I was pounding. By the end, we were both sweating and spent.

Overall, I'd return in a heartbeat. What an incredible experience! Treat her well lads.

North West / Sonia Blade - Chorley - Incall
« by NW_Guy on May 30, 2020, 11:29:13 am »
Feeling very horny one afternoon in January 2020 – someone had their green light on and the sap was rising…. or

Comms:    Called directly on number on AW profile – Simple booking, set a time and off we go.
Numbers listed on AW  are 07821 561386 (the one I used) or 07598 895057

Location:    Hotel at Charnock Richard – I messed up here – There are two hotels, both of which are used by WG’s within about 300 yards of each other – as the crow flies.  However, one I s on the northbound motorway services, the other is on an A road adjacent but inaccessible from the motorway services.  The alternative is to drive 6 or 7 miles to the next exit and then drive six or seven miles back on the A roads.  Guess who went the motorway one first? Yes…. Utter plonker….

Price:     £60 for 30 min

Services: OWO, RO, protected sex.

The Girl:    There are very mixed views about Sonia on here – Allegations of all kinds of things.  I can only report my experiences as I found her.  She is definitely the girl in the pictures – When I saw her she was brunette. 

She is tall and with her heels on (which she was wearing) she clears six feet easily.  Being relatively tall, there is a lot of her and her legs seem to go on for ever.  She is very well proportioned and is exactly as she appears in her pics.  She was dressed in slutty lingerie and a tiny tartan skirt (more of a wide belt tbh) and had a huge grin on her face.  I found her very attractive in a somewhat unconventional way.  She is a bit of a clean freak and it’s definitely ‘Go have a shower’ first. 

Now, given the bad press on here, I had gone prepared  The only things I had on me were the £60 fee, the same again in case I fancied upping the time to an hour, my punting phone and my car key.  The bathroom was the opposite side of the bedroom to where my clothes were stashed whilst I took the regulatory shower.  I had given her the £60 fee before showering and I knew there was £60 in hard cash sitting in my trouser pocket.  I’m very pleased to report that the £60 was still there after the punt. 

After I returned from the shower, she was lounging on the bed with a filthy glint in her eyes and a real ‘bitch on heat’ vibe – sexy  as fuck – The kind of girl your mother would worry about….

The Action:     Straight down to business with some nice, enthusiastic snogging.  Quickly dispensed with window dressing – makes ‘access all areas’ so much easier…  Good old feel around – Boobs are enhanced and not particularly well done IMHO. 

She jumps down to give me a BJ – great technique – filthy eye contact – very sexy.  Ask her to straddle me for some mutual RO.  Lovely and fresh and clean down there – tasted great.  We were at each other like that for a good 10 mins, both of us enjoying the experience it seems.  I backed her off as I was in danger of delivering a dose of sour cream dressing.  I flipped her over and carried on downstairs and to my amusement, she eventually orgasmed.  I could tell it was genuine, as the taste of her pussy changed to a more earthy taste.  Yum!  Ready for some penetration, so on with the condom and she clambered aboard in CG –She is an impressive sight in full flow, bouncing away with enthusiasm. 

As the end was nigh, I asked her to bend over and I hammered into her in doggy till I came – not very long after – she is hot without a doubt.  Had a bit of a post-coital cuddle and talked about possible future booking with anal – seems that it is on offer, no extra, just had to ask – one to stash for that future booking. 

All in all, bit over the 30 min, but bearing in mind she had waited for me to do a 15 mile detour, I was lucky she was so gracious.

Summary:     Despite making a massive cock up with the venue, she waited patiently while I found my way, was as physically clean but sexually filthy as I hoped.  She didn’t attempt to rip me off, steal the cash or skimp on services.  She gave it her best and exuded an aura of utter filth – Don’t know how she does it specifically, but it definitely worked.  She was funny, friendly and very pleasant.  Can't say that about all WGs TBH

Visit Again:    I certainly would but Covid 19 makes me wonder if it will be in the next 12 months or not.

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[Image hidden]

[Image hidden]


Missing the massage parlours I was in the mood for a Chinese rub & tug so I found this one on VivaStreet.

COMMS: All by text to arrange appointment for 2 hours later. Quick response with postcode & street name.

LOCATION: Street in town centre behind Greyfriars Church.

PRICE: £60 for 30 minutes.

When I got there I texted to get the address. She phoned me back to say she would have to cancel because her last punter had decided to extend his appointment, so she wouldn’t be free for another hour.

Disappointed I was going to go home, but I had popped a blue pill 30 minutes before, so decided to see if I could meet Boniciaxxx or -

I saw her a couple of weeks ago & posted a positive review, so I knew I would have a good time. She could see me straight away, so dashed down to her place. She’s even better on a second visit. Sensual massage, B2B, DFK, OWO, RO, & finished off in 69 where I shot seven days load in her mouth.

South West / Gorgeous Georgia X – Bristol
« by punter96 on May 30, 2020, 10:12:42 am »
Link to the SP here:

Met about a month pre-lockdown, so around late Feb (not sure exactly what date). Had an half hour (PSE) @ £95. VFM 8/10

Venue: A central Bristol hotel (chain) near the docks. Clean and pleasant as you'd expect. 8/10

Comms: Very straight forward – by text. I organised the meet at about midday and by 3pm I was nuts-deep! Efficient. 9/10

Girl: Decent without being stunning. Looks her stated age, very pale, slim, smooth skin, braces, average face. Came across very polite and submissive. 8/10

The meet: Definitely a positive, with minor downsides. The first is that she is sooooo submissive. I guess that'll be good for some of you guys, but for me I find it a bit tiring. It was only halfway through the meet I found out she liked DFK! I opted for the PSE as I was in the mood for a bit of backdoor action, good OWO with eye contact, good technique. We had prearranged that I would cum a bit (partial orgasm) and for her to play with it, which she dutifully did, with a bit of gagging on her part when she had the cum in her mouth (I find I need to cum once early so that I can enjoy a full meet). Went into her pussy which was OK but was keen for a bit of brown loving. She checked my size – note of caution she has a strict rule of not doing anal for any dick above about 6 inches . Luckily mine was just within her limit and so she lubed me up and I went in. Much better than her pussy – a lot tighter, pretty clean, could take a pounding. We tried a few positions and then I could feel I was getting close. Popped off the rubber and nutted in her mouth. I asked her to gargle, which in fairness she tried (although she doesn't look comfortable doing cum play).

All in all a good punt. 8/10

Returning to Lancashire from a training course in Yorkshire and feeling horny, December 2019: or!!Lilly-Rose!!

Although her profile now appears to have been taken down – it says:

“The following problem(s) were detected:
Sorry, this profile cannot be accessed at this time. It is most likely that it has been suspended due to suspicion of it's authenticity.”

Seems a bit strange as she has 158 AW reviews.  If you do the ‘hover over the count’ trick, it reveals she has 162 ratings with 2 negatives

Comms:    Was returning to Lancashire after a course in Yorkshire and fancied a roll on the way back.  She had her ‘Available Today’ green light on and mobile number displayed.  Simply called and booked.  Postcode given, but the final address and directions were a bit of a nightmare – get the impression she might not be a driver…

Location:    Rented AirBnB apartment, just out of Huddersfield town centre

Price:     £70 for 30 min

Services: OWO, RO, protected sex.

The Girl:    Exactly the girl in the profile pictures.  She is a naturally pretty girl, with a beautiful smile, when it is genuine.  She was dressed in a snakeskin PVC dress which was a teeny bit small for her – she was spilling out at the edges.  She has the most enormous boobs tucked away under there.  I’d say a curvy 12 to a 14, but it’s always so subjective – Not a skinny lass let’s say.

The Action:     Had a couple of hour drive ahead and fancied some action and she happened to be available as I was passing through the area, so not a pre-meditated shag, more a ‘follow the todger’ kind of event.

On my eventual arrival (directions were utterly shite), she shows me into the apartment’s bedroom which smells of smoke.  I’m an ex-smoker, so I am sensitive to it, but it doesn’t bother me.  Nice enough modern apartment in an older property.

She asks what I like and I tell her.  She has a lovely smile when she is being genuine and I find that quite a turn on in itself.  The usual feeling each other out and a spot of groping, fondling and kissing those huge baps and exploring everywhere else on offer.  She gave me a decent OWO blow job to start.

She was fully shaved and I went down on her, as I absolutely love making women climax.  It’s very much part of my enjoyment of the session.  She is clearly enjoying herself as she writhes around on the bed.  She is vocal in a natural kind of way that she is reaching the edge, but when actually she does, she bucks and writhes and spasms like a woman possessed.

 I thought “Christ she’s having a seizure – this could be awkward”, but it seems she was just having an orgasm.  Some orgasm I have to say….  Scared the living bejasus out of me!  So then it’s me on top of her in mish banging away, flip her over (she’s a bit sluggish on her feet after the orgasm) and pounded away in doggy till I shot my load. 

Time for a bit of a cuddle – seemed like she genuinely had a ball as she was almost snuggling up to sleep next to me.  Went over the time by 10 mins or so – decent value shag IMHO
Summary:     Seemed a nice girl – not sure if she was really into being a WG, but her feedback score suggested otherwise.  Bit chunkier than her profile or pics suggested, but not a huge heifer by any means.  Lovely boobs, if that’s your thing.  Spectacular orgasm if you hit the spot.

Visit Again:    Yes, probably would if passing again.  Kind of a 'pretty girl next door' vibe going on and seemed quite a nice girl to me.  However, profile has been taken down - included this in case she pops up with a new identity / profile.

London / Nammon, BeeZyTHAIMASSAGE - Wandsworth
« by alemdar on May 30, 2020, 02:04:11 am »
I tried checking to see if anyone had a good place to recommend on UKP for massage during LD but I believe it got taken down maybe cause there was too many forums. Regardless I done my research and I ended seeing this particular person.

The area couldn’t have been any more bait, it was bang open in the public so no discretion at all. Ironically it was close to a police station, I thinking to myself you are living life on the edge but I said it’s been too long and I need to release the goods.

Everything went smoothly via text and phone, no issues there. Spoke to the main person who gave clear instructions on how to get there.

Petite maybe size 6 and short women, in her late 30s, no makeup or any effort made, whilst her other two colleagues put more effort in the makeup, early 20s and had a better body figure.

Now this is where it gets funny and awkward, knock on the door and the thought of people looking at you is enough to make you change your mind. Nammon opens the door, I walk in and I already can smell something fishy, which turns out they were eating and about to finish off. I see two more massages sitting on which btw were pornstar looking (I am there thinking getting in there my son). I am then guided to go upstairs. I go upstairs in the bedroom, then Nammon follows me and asks me which service I want. I opted for the standard £80 with HE and I exchange the paperwork. I then get told to get changed and lay over the bed and by now I am still thinking she will ask me who I want to choose for my massage but still no word.

I Lay then down, and then Nammon starts my massage and there I said to myself ffs as I really did not fancy her and I just felt short changed cause she assumed I wanted her but she never gave me the options. The massage was awful, I think she had a bad day and took it out on me. No convo at all and not a single smile. I usually have a small chit chat whilst getting a massage or having a FS  just as a smooth ice breaker but clearly it didn’t workout. The oil was shit and felt like water, so I asked her if she had another oil, she pretended not to understand. Once my back was done, she used those toilet blue towels to dry your hands with in order clean my back (Those paper felt like sandpaper)

Comes to my front body and these is where I capture her grumpy and moody face and I thought to myself when will this end. A few minutes into the massage on my legs and thighs, she starts with the HR, and if I knocked one out myself on a drunk day it would of been still better. Once that finished she used those rough hand paper towels to clean me up, I was like no stop I will just take a shower which btw was shit and cold.

I got changed, and went downstairs again, I saw her colleagues and they started giggling and winking at me, and I thought that was the worst £80 investment ever. Those girls said goodbye and am thanked me whilst the Namoon completely ignored me whilst I was leaving.

Service type
I asked for 1 hour massage with HE for £80

Either it was my fault for not staying at the beginning or she was an arsehole for not giving me the option. I wouldn’t go there again and I think I will stick to proper Thai massage without the extras from now on. Once the LD is over I have my HL for Hannah Shaw the pornstar.


Yorkshire & the Humber / Sexxii Heidi - Barnsley - Incall
« by NW_Guy on May 30, 2020, 01:44:37 am »
A cross-border incursion from Lancashire to try out a proper Yorkshire lass… whilst on a training course: or

Comms:    Enquired and booked via AW email.  Fast response and all details provided.  Usual house number by txt after confirmed arrival at postcode from email.

Location:    Heidi’s home – Ex local authority house in suburbs of Barnsley

Price:     £40 for 30 min

Services: OW, RO, protected sex.

The Girl:    Exactly the girl in the pictures.  Would have had her at a bit older than 33.  Facially attractive, chunky thighs, nice natural boobs.  Proper Yorkshire lass accent and she sounds like she does 40 Capstan full strength a day.  Dressed in the blue lingerie in her gallery pics.

The Action:     I was in Yorkshire for a training course and slipped out at lunchtime to scratch an itch.  It was very much a ‘pump and dump’ kind of appointment.
On arrival, she shows me upstairs to the front bedroom which is set up for her clients.  Bit sparse and I reckon the hoover needs a new belt or bag or maybe just turning on occasionally.

Get straight on with it, boobs out for a play and a visit down below. 

She was reasonably fresh and lay there looking a bit bored while I munched away. 

Stood her up and on with the condom, her on top for a good bit of CG – she certainly can ride if she wants to. 

Swapped over and banged away in doggy till I shot my load.  Quick clean up and away back to training course.

Summary:     Pleasant, but not warm.  Average service, felt like I was imposing in some way.  House was rough, but if you want a cheap fuck, she’s hard to beat for the money.  Hence just scraped a positive

Visit Again:    No, probably not.  Disinterested and house wasn’t very clean

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[Image hidden]

South West / TS Sofia - Bristol
« by trunkz on May 30, 2020, 12:22:02 am »

Had a meet a few months ago, this is my second time seeing TS Sofia, last time was 2 years ago. As per previous experience this was fantastic.

Greeted by Sofia wearing black pull up stockings, sexy lingerie and high heels. She looked so great. Offered a drink upon entering and some friendly chit chat.

Sofia seduces whilst slowly undressing you as she starts to get hard and play with her cock. She was very attentive to me sucking and licking her nipples. After french kissing we moved onto oral both ways  and into a 69 position. She fucked me doggy style but she was a little large for me! Maybe I should have asked for her to be more gentle.

Recommended and I will be booking another appointment when she is back in Bristol.

East Midlands / Mayzeel - Nottingham incall
« by Illuminated4000 on May 30, 2020, 12:19:04 am »   -

I really couldn't decide whether to mark this as a positive or neutral, but I felt generous so will leave it on green, although to be honest its a neutral-positive, reason being I'll get to soon enough.

Location: Litmus in Nottingham. Supposed to be a luxury block, but the reception feels like a swimming pool and walking through the corridors gives me a weird vibe, like a creepy hotel. I was pretty sure I went to the same floor and the same room where I had decided to walk some time before because the Rom in question had either descended into hard drug addiction since her photos were taken or they were 'shopped up far too much. I pressed on regardless.

The girl: I thought it was a bait-and-switch at first because I honestly didn't think she looked like her photos, but she was okay and friendly enough so in I went. She's not 'classically' hot but I warmed up to her, and thought 'hmm, she's actually quite fine when she gets her kit off'. Like I said, she was really friendly and chatty which helped, and is a turn-on in itself. Later at home, it turned out it was the same girl, tattoos matched and everything. Just goes to show how much photo trickery there is; angles, lighting etc. Nice tanned skin, cool tattoos, I don't mind tatted up women. Polish, mid-twenties I'd say. Has lip filler but not enough to be a trout. Wore black tight leggings as per requested.

Service: Was great for about 70-80% of the time. She starts off massaging my groin as we continue our get-to-know conversation. No awkward silences or robotic monotony. Then we go into OWO. Nice, slow and sensual with intermittent ball sucking. After plenty of that, she gets on top and makes good noises (I didn't think her noises were OTT as per other reviews, just right for me). The she insists I go on top, so onto missionary we go, with intermittent oral for her. Apparently, she complained about sensitive nipples before, but she didn't with me fortunately. She let me kiss her on the lips too. I don't know about DFK though. There's a nice big mirror to the side to look at. Then I flip her over for doggy style which was a pretty sight indeed. She can feel me slowing down, gets me on my back, takes off the condom and starts sucking. I ask her to get into 69, obliging as she plonks herself on top of me! This is where it went a bit awry for me. She starts furiously wanking me at top speed, then gagging on my dick at a similarly furious pace, catching me (accidentally I hope) with her teeth as she does this. I was like, "wooah slow down!". I don't know why she did this, when the OWO at the start was the complete opposite and all the nicer for it! I paid extra for CIM, so this may have been a tactic to get me to cum quick. I thought, "did I upset her?". It kind of got me down a bit. Thankfully I had it mostly under control. I asked her to slow down again, and we finish on a successful CIM. It was so furious and out of the blue, it definitely warrants a positive-neutral at least. It seemed to be an issue with other punters. Mouthwash, chat whilst we get dressed and a kiss for the road.

Conclusion: a lovely girl who's company I really enjoyed, ruined unfortunately by a rough and toothy hand- and blow-job at the end. She slowed down by the time I was about to cum, but still. I left feeling happy and satisfied enough, but it just niggled away at me. And I guess I did feel a bit rushed during sex too, but I still really enjoyed it and her body. She was accommodating too, with hand towels, water and mouth wash, and she seemed to like me  :rolleyes: Weirdly though, there was a hardcore porn magazine from what looked like the late 80s or early 90s, probably German or Dutch, sitting on a desk; it didn't do much for me. There was a bit of a strange taste in my mouth after 69 though, but the mouthwash soon took care of that.

And on that note, on to the next one...

North West / Sexy Thai Natalie - Incall - Preston
« by NW_Guy on May 30, 2020, 12:09:39 am »
A late Nov 19 punt, just inside six month limit: or

Comms:    Booked directly by phone number on AW listing  - 07714 119258 for future searchers

Location:    Reasonable apartment on New Hall Lane near budget hotel and supermarket. Postcode given by txt  after phone booking.  Entry instructions and apartment number given on confirmation of arrival

Price:     £70 for 30 min, extra £20 for anal

Services: FK, OWO, RO, protected sex in various positions, protected anal sex.

The Girl:    Looking at previous reviews on here, it seems this profile has been passed around various girls in various places.  I know there was another Thai girl in the apartment while I was there, but didn’t actually see her – just heard them speaking their native language to each other.  I can only report what I saw and I would say that the girl in the pictures is the girl I saw, only her pictures are about ten to fifteen years old…. Or she’s eaten a lot of pies since then.. Thai Pie? Hmmm… sounds quite nice …

She is clearly Thai and has a pretty facial structure, but I would say she is well on the 40 side of 33 and she is much more a curvy 12 than a size 8.  I make this point because I have fallen foul of thinking with the todger and being sorely disappointed before.  Don’t get me wrong, she is no hippo munter type, but don’t expect a stick insect . She has a nice pair of fake boobs, soft skin and was fully shaven.   Her English is excellent, if a little accented.

The Action:     On arrival, I negotiated the door and lift, but the bloody apartment numbering follows no sane logic that I could surmise.  Had to make a phone call in the corridor to find my way to the correct door.  On arrival, was shown into the bedroom and could hear music playing in lounge.  She asked what I would like and I gave her my likes. 

Have a feeling she was wearing red lingerie under a kind of kimono, the detail is a bit fuzzy.  She joined me on the bed and there was some light kissing and a bit of exploring.  She was very willing and once the lingerie was off, it was due south for some nectar of the gods. 

She gives a competent bj, though not super deep, but nice tongue action.  She responded well to RO and climaxed with a shudder.  On with the condom and Natalie on top in CG.  Her enhanced boobs are nice with responsive nipples.  She does have a little bit of a tummy although nothing major and after all the beer I drink, who the hell am I to pass comment?

We swap positions so I can enter her in doggy.  Watching her bum wobble as I’m banging away makes me want to fuck her ass, so I ask her how much extra - £20. 

Reached over for my wallet while still pumping away (only got 30 mins, so can’t be wasting time), paid the extra and with a little lube, gently slid up the wrong ‘un.  She was quite happy with me banging away as deep as I could get.  As per usual, anal sex gets me going and I’m never more than a couple of minutes before filling the bag.

Time for a quick cuddle before time is up.  Chatted about apartment cost,  length of tenancy, getting home to family, all sorts really.  She wasn’t chasing me out, probably 10 – 15 min over my time.

Summary:     Nice enough woman, reasonable service, deceptive pics although not intentionally malicious, just vanity to an extent.  Nice oral, lovely clean and tasty pussy, good fuck.  Larger than billed, but not unattractive.

Visit Again:    Maybe, but not on the "absolutely must return" list

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[Image hidden]

This was a punt from December 19, so just getting it up there before six month elapses:

Comms:    Booked over AW email, quick response, lucky combination of circumstances on our mutual availability and her location.

Location:    Small independent hotel a bit off the M65 in East Lancs at my expense – It should have been a £29.00 Travelodge special, but I cocked up the dates and managed to book the Travelodge for the night before the booking, so a frantic 20 mins spent on and to find an alternative venue before the agreed booking time.….

Price:     £100 for 2 hours ….. Yes, honestly…

Services: FK, DT (kind of) DFK, OWO, RO, food play, protected sex in various positions, full deep protected anal sex.

The Girl:    Most definitely the lady in the profile pictures, age accurate at 46, well proportioned, all natural (no fake boobs that I could tell), clean shaved pussy, nice real body with some faint stretch marks, light brown / dark blonde hair, 5'7" or so – was wearing heels so nicely matched my 5’11’’, facially a 7 – 7.5.  Very real and down to earth person, no airs and graces, no princess behaviour.  Dressed casually as requested, very friendly and smiley.

This was a very unusual punt, not like your average parlour punt or a full on PSE style performance -  LL seems to be a perfectly normal and very pleasant woman who enjoys a challenging full time professional job but she is also a complete nymphomaniac who genuinely likes lots and lots of varied sex.  I get the sense that this is not a career for her, more of a hobby.  She is from Stoke, but happened to be on a training course with lots of colleagues at a nearby large corporate hotel in East Lancs.  Hence the outcall rather than an incall.  Similarly, when she is in Stoke, she only offers outcalls.

The Action:     I had arranged to meet her in the car park of my hotel so we could come in together and walk past the two smiling receptionists as an authentic seeming fake couple - "Would you like dinner sir?  Can I get you a drink from the bar sir?"....  So far so good.  She was wearing some tight jeans, high heeled calf length boots (sexy not slutty) and close fitting jumper (December after all…).  She looked good with understated makeup and glasses to complete the ‘woman next door’ look.

Into the room, I had bought a miniature prosecco each to relax us and set the mood.  Paperwork sorted and we were under starter’s orders, ready for the off.  Both of us had just showered, so it was straight down to action.

We began with a bit of light FK and as I ran my hands over her body to her boobs, she suggested we get the outerwear off.  Under her outfit she was wearing some nice ivory lingerie which enhanced her figure and added to the sense of what was to come.

Some more intense FK followed with the customary groping and exploring.  She was very willing and co-operative.  With everything off it was down to some mutual oral which whilst not deep deep throat, was very sensual and enjoyable.  She was fresh and clean and tasted delightful.  She had warned me that she was just finishing her monthly visit, but no surprises.  I believe I took her to a genuine orgasm, and it was refreshing that she was making real woman noises, rather than porn star grunts, squeals, howls and rants. 

On with the first condom and LL climbed aboard in CG.  There ensued some very enthusiastic leaping around and some very sensual grinding.  As the sap began to rise, I flipped her over to finish off in doggy, watching her splendid bum cheeks wobble with each thrust until I filled the bag.

I laid down against her to recover and we chatted about things we liked and had tried and hadn’t tried.  In the communications up to the event, I had the sense that she was pretty much up for most things.  I cannot explain why, but I had been to a supermarket on the way to acquire a variety of things that I had never tried before.  There was a great urban legend (or may have been a factual anecdote) that Mick Jagger had been caught eating a Mars bar out of Marianne Faithfull’s pussy.  That story amused me and turned me on as a teenager and I had never been brave enough to suggest it to my former wife or girlfriends.  So I proposed an alternative to LL in the form of a KitKat chunky.  Astoundingly, she was up for that on the proviso that she got to eat one herself by the more traditional method.  I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it, although the chocolate does make one hell of a mess. 

Bit of a clean up with baby wipes and then back to my supermarket purchases.  I had bought some lube, a cucumber, some carrots and some sweetcorn.  Again, it was a distant memory of some old porno that had turned me on years ago and here was an opportunity to try it out.  Again, I was astounded that she was up for trying it out – she’d never tried any of them herself before.    We tried a variety of combinations in both the front and rear – she even had me take pictures on her phone for her to look at later… The optimal was a full medium carrot in the rear with a full sweetcorn in the front..  Her only issue with them was they were very cold…

I was chatting away to her whilst enjoying my peverted fun and I asked her if she ever ejaculated when she orgasmed.  She said she did, but there was one guy (her occasional fuckbuddy) that could always make her squirt.  She showed me a picture of him on her phone – mid thirties, tanned, gleaming perfect teeth, ripped, six pack, tribal tattoos, brush cut, handsome…. The absolute antithesis of me….  Challenge accepted! ….  I folded a bath towel underneath her bum and got to work.  I went down on her and used Colin the carrot (a fresh one, not the rear entry one…) to build up a solid rhythm and getting up a fair old speed.  After about 5 minutes of fast paced action, she hit the spot and delivered like a United Utilities disaster movie.  Joking apart, it really was quite spectacular….

We had another close contact breather to recover and chatted some more.  As I said earlier, very pleasant and easy to chat to and seemingly unshockable.
Another thing I had always fancied trying (God only knows why) is vaginal fisting.  I asked if she had ever tried it and again, she said no, but she would have a go.  Plastered loads of lube around both her and me and gently tried to see where we could get to.  We got up to four fingers (The Kitkat again!), but that was the limit it seemed.

By now, the little fella had recovered enough for some more action, so with a bit more deep oral, back to attention with his coat on for some mish.  Swapped over with her on top and some reverse CG.  Really nice technique with plenty of bouncing and some more good deep grinding.  Asked if she was up for some anal and she certainly was.  Bit more lube and gentle start, building up to a balls deep pounding.  It really turns me on, so I’m pretty much guaranteed to shoot my load within a couple of minutes, which is exactly what happened.

Bit more of a cuddle and a chat.  She has watersports listed on her profile which is another thing I have yet to fully experience.  I asked her about it and she answered very honestly that this was the one thing on her likes list she kind of struggled with.  Didn’t bother me in the slightest, as it was just an opportunist question. I hadn’t booked the meet on the strength of it, but had it been available, I would have probably liked to try.

She asked if I wanted to go again.  Spirit was willing and all that, so she gamely gave him a good tonguing to try and summon him back from the flaccid.  She did manage and condom number 3 was duly fitted and we had some more mish and CG.  Whilst he just about stayed the course, there was no way he could do three pops in a bit over two hours, so we ended up collapsed on each other in semi sleep like state.  She had been there for closer to three hours, so nobody could accuse her of clockwatching. 

Summary:     Very clean and utterly filthy at the same time.  Genuinely a nice woman who thoroughly enjoys sex.  Keen to deliver, willing to try pretty much anything I fancied trying.  I see her as more of a paid fuckbuddy than a WG, if you understand my meaning.  In very nice shape for her age.  Not a traditional head turner, but definitely not unpleasant looking.  Good techniques, friendly, pleasant very fuckable body, easily took everything I could pound into her.  Does pretty much what it says on the tin.  Incredibly good value for money, although I do think I did get incredibly lucky.

Visit Again:    Certainly would, and have even considered an overnighter in Stoke.  Not done it yet.  Probs be a good while before that might be possible again, sadly…..

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London / Mellissa hot 40 - Tottenham Hale
« by puntingpumping1920 on May 29, 2020, 05:04:17 pm »
Profile Name: Mellissa hot 40 

Meet Location: Tottenham Hale

About Venue: Terraced house, three minute walk from Tottenham Hale Mainline and Underground Station (Victoria Line).   

Link: or
Services provided: OWO, HJ, Tit-job, LFK & Penetration (protected)
Time Spent: 30 mins
Fee: £60
Extras: £0 (Expectation: £0.00)

Appointment Type: In-call
Communication: Text & Call
Speaks English well
Great body for her age 
Nice Big Tits 
She provided a good HJ
Very submissive girl
She is not as curvy as her pictures portray. 
She didn’t want to kiss even though I confirmed this service beforehand. She changed her mind when I said I was going to leave. 
She did provide LFK but it wasn’t forthcoming 
Stretch marks on her stomach
She works in a brothel. I heard another SW having sex in another room
I wanted to Cum in her moth but she moved away.
Would I visit again? Only for 15 minutes

London / Mia_ Hoxton
« by Animalbeast on May 29, 2020, 04:44:59 pm »
Probably the sexiest escort in London, and offers a service to match.

Coms: not as a great as it used to be, although lost my old number that I used to book her on in late 2018, I’d like to deluded myself into thinking that if I called on that number she’d still have it saved as “best customer” or some shit   :wacko:

Mia is located on what world usually be a very busy road, but no one cares or no knows , her apartment building  is easily missed as it blends with the architecture of the rest of the road. Her apartment is modern and very clean.

Mia is absolutely beautiful both facially and physically and she has a very soft professional demeanour about her.

The meet, Mia recognised me as soon as she opened the door and gave the naughtiest smile followed by a long hug and passionate embrace when I got through the door. 

Paperwork sorted and it was back to normal, long gentle french kissing, exploring each other’s bodies with mouths, tongues and hands, 69, before she turned over put the dom on rod me revere cow girl, lasted a few minutes. Relaxed spoke a bit and with about 30 minutes to go I started getting rock hard again and round 2 is what I came for, Mia knows it, she smiled and lubed up her ass and got into doggy styled... did her anal, started gently and then fucked her ass pretty hard (she likes it) only slowing down occasionally to stop myself from exploding, before speeding up again. I come when we were both in a heap of sweat, felt knackered as if I’d been injected with morphine and just wanted to sleep, had a shower, and left.

Booking 1 hour
£180 all inclusive

Would see her again but not going to because have a civi girl and still need to enjoy banging her

London / English Anabella - Earl's Court
« by puntingpumping1920 on May 29, 2020, 04:28:47 pm »
Profile Name: English Anabella

Meet Location: Earl's Court

About Venue: Apartment few minutes from the tube

Link: or
Services provided: OW, DFK & Penetration (protected)
Time Spent: 30 mins
Fee: £80
Extras: £0 (Expectation: £0.00)
Appointment Type: In-call
Communication: Text
Provided shower time & mouthwash
Passionate Kissing
Great GFE Provider 
She put effort into her looks
Limited services

London / HannahPornStar - Lancaster Gate
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Profile Name: HannahPornStar

Meet Location: Lancaster Gate

About Venue: 2 minutes from Lancaster Gate tube, Basement flat

Link: or

Services provided: OWO, DFK, Fingering & Penetration (protected), CIM
Time Spent: 60mins
Fee: 250   

Extras: £0 (Expectation: £0.00)
Appointment Type: In-call
Communication: Phone call & Text
She speaks excellent English
Provided shower time
Passionate Kissing
Petite – easy to carry around 
Very beautiful girl IRL...I believe she has done some modelling too
She provided CIM for me. Not sure what other services she provides not listed

She seemed more like a GFE than a PSE. 

Would I visit again? Maybe 
[Image hidden]
[Image hidden]

London / Roxane~21 - North Acton
« by puntingpumping1920 on May 29, 2020, 02:39:34 pm »
About Venue: Flat is located in a modern development, seconds away from North Acton tube (CENTRAL LINE).
Link: or
Services provided: LFK, OWO & Penetration (Protected)
Time Spent:  60 mins
Fee:  £100 
Extras: £0 (Expectation: £0.00)
Appointment Type: In-call
Communication: Phone call & Text
Big Tits
Offered shower
Language barrier   
Awkward Silences
She is 19 not 21
Wasn’t forthcoming with kissing
Made me wait
Called me instead of texting to confirm…Lack of discretion 
Would I visit again? Maybe

WARNING - TRANSSEXUAL REVIEW: don't come crying to me if you can't handle a Dee!

I'd had an eye on 'Black Pearl' for a number of years, but since she was based in Greenwich, I kept putting her off as that's far too far "saaaff" for me. Finally got my chance last year (2019) when she stopped of in Biggleswade (20 mins up the A1) on her way up north.

I was a bit apprehensive as some of her photos look better than others, which is normally a sure sign of tampering or that they were taken in a different decade and kicked through a photoshop. But her AW reviews were good and I had a scatrch to itch, so booked her for a half hour sesh.

Organising was easy, she speaks perfect English and told me directions and exactly where to park for free. She makes a point of always renting a house or flat so the Comms are spacious, discrete and comfortable (that's something for the estate agents out there!).

All worries of any kind of beastly punt were dispelled when she answered the door. I'd say good looking early 30s, beautiful curves, wild hair, wearing a white girdle, bra and stocking and a naughty glimmer in your eye. It might be a cliche but most of her AW and BP pictures really don't do her justice. She was bubbly and talkative and put me right at ease. She offered me upstairs.

She was happy to FK and caress until I was hard and a sledge hammer. At this point she remained soft so I gave her some attention with my mouth and it was up in a flash. She told me to bend over, which was fine as I hadn't actually made my mind up whether I wanted to top or not, sometimes it's just nice to be told what you want! She had a quick lick of my arse (that's when you have to ask yourself if you should slap her or marry her!!!). Protection and KY on and she was expertly in. She was quite a size but as I felt relaxed and at ease it wasn't a problem and before long she was pounding in rhythm with me pushing back onto her.

This doggying took up most of the punt, but I wanted to watch her stunning face while she had me, so gestured to turn over. Instinctively she turned me over and thrust my legs into the air and over her shoulders, so she was hands free to give me a knuckle-shuffle while still pounding hard. I could also hold her in my arms and kiss her which always gets me heated while taking a nice TS pounding. The kissing was good - not great, but far from shite.

I couldn't contain myself much longer and cam like niagra falls all over myself. Swift shower, another nice little chat and I was on my way. In and out within 20 mins but well satisfied.

Looks - 7/10
Ability - 8/10
Experience 8/10

I think the only thing lacking was that it felt more like visiting a friend who's a fuck buddy, rather than a naughty punt with a wild Tgirl, but that might be just what some are after. It was a bit too 'safe'. But that just splitting hairs

West Midlands / Sexy Madison Milf. Shrewsbury.
« by Bragaden on May 29, 2020, 10:57:21 am »
Hope I did that right.

So I thought I'd better put a review up of a meeting that happened a few months ago. (Before everyone starts this was well before coronavirus started)

I decided to see Madison. I used to see another girl in the shrewsbury area but she moved so thought id try Madison. Can't say I was disappointed at all.

I've read her negative reviews and either she was having a bad day or they are a little bit harsh or other WGs favourite punters. I'm not into that shit. If a WG was good or bad then I'd say it as it is. Not get pressured into something.

I'd say Madison is early 40s. Blonde, She has fake large boobs and is certainly in good shape for her age.

Communication was good. She answered my messages fairly quickly and then rang me when convenient. Date and time sorted.

She had just moved back to Shrewsbury from Brighton. The flat was just fit for the purpose. Wasn't by any means luxurious but the bed was perfect for what was needed. Greeted me at the door with a massive smile and a really nice kiss that had lots of tongues and passion.

Paperwork out of the way and I was literally thrown on the bed. From my experience no one can say Madison doesn't enjoy her work. She put 110% into sucking my cock. This to me is more important than anything. The more real it feels the better.  I prefer a PSE with lots of spit and deep throat and she did it perfectly. Lots of eye contact and knew when to slow down and speed up again. Gave me a perfect tit wank as well. Then she pushed me back and straddled my face with her pushing her clit down on my mouth while taking me down fully and gagging all over my cock. She either fakes it really well or I managed to get her to cum while in this position.

On with the rain coat and i knew I was ready to explode. She wanted to be on top and she straddled my cock and fucked me until I shot my load. There was no rush. No time watching. She genuinely came across like she wanted to please me. She cleaned me up and within minutes was trying to get me hard again. Cock back down her throat and she managed to get him going again. (I'm getting on a little bit now and that almost never happens that quickly)
She knew i enjoyed the gagging and she put on a great show. There was spit all over the place. Well past the hour by this stage and she didn't care. It was like she had a point to prove that she could make me cum again, and she did. All over her face and tits. 

Would I see her again? I did. A few days later. Then work took me to working away and coronavirus hit. I've seen she is back down Brighton now which is a real shame as I'd have loved to have seen her again when this was all over.


had an itch for a mature granny. Boy what a mistake this was!

Comms- fine nothing unusal  10/10
Location -10 min walk from London Bridge 10/10
Venue - holy fucking shit balls was it a mess! i mean dirt all over the place. Filthy toilet that had not been cleaned in years etc etc 0/10
Girl -  i don't mind a mature lady. Even a granny once in a while.  But this one looks more like a grann possessed by a demon straight out of a steven king horror story! Stinky breath-> Check
Stinky pussy -> check
Missing teeth ->   check
A massive gut that looked like she was carrying the devils child -> check
Overal - 0/10!

Lets just say I just wish I had never even bothered.  It is the first time ( outside of bait and switch situations) where the profile VS the person could not have been more different

Avoid Avoid Avoid!

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