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London / Victoria Kavanagh, Aldgate (London tour)
« by stanlee on Today at 04:33:43 pm »

May 2022

Not much to add to Wycombeboy7's recent review so will keep it brief

Booked via AW a couple of weeks ago

£130 for an hour

Decent hotel between Aldgate and Tower Hill. Easy to access and rooms were small but perfectly fine

Victoria is a softly spoken, Irish lady who is fast approaching BBW status. She's around a size 16 with a big belly and arse and large (but very floppy) tits. I didn't really find her attractive and did think about walking for a brief moment.

Can't really fault her when it comes to services, full on dfk, a decent BJ and she's very responsive when it comes to sex. I struggled to come but she managed to bring me over the line with a combination of BJ/HJ.

It feels slightly unfair giving her a neutral given that she did nothing wrong but I walked out of the meeting feeling underwhelmed and certainly wouldn't return.

Link -

Price: £200 for 1 hour (services included -  Rounds. OWO, DT, DFK, CIM) optional extra is £100 for anal but did not take up offer

Date: Late March - May 2022

Looks: Profile pic of WG accurate and bonus knowing her insta so can confirm WG is as per pics. Was also subscribed to her onlyfans so was aware of what to expect. Note, scars from recent breast enlargement and nipple still visible.

Looks summarised: Colombian, Mid 20s, 5'3, Size 8, fake tits (scars on boobs), blonde hair and lip fillers.

Meet: Arrived at the door and was buzzed in. Led straight into her bedroom and requested I shower which I was happy to comply with.
After shower she came and started with kissing, light FK first and then slowly into DFK. A few minutes of this and she whips the towel off and goes straight into OWO. She put a lot of effort in and this went on for a while, sloppy and deep, so would rate it 8/10.

Moved onto the bed after and wanted to see that arse in motion so requested doggy. She put her head down and arched her back for that perfect doggy position. I made my entry. I grabbed her tiny waist and fucked her hard. After a few minutes, finished in the bag.

Lay down and cuddled for a while whilst she spoke about her time in London and her first threesome for onlyfans.

Later, she initiated round 2 which was solely a PSE style BJ - lots of spit, drool, suction and DT. Finished with CIM and she went off to the bathroom to clean up.

GFE with PSE mix
CIM inclusive
Takes a fantastic pounding
Amazing body and BJ

Would I recommend: Yes, £200 to me still seems reasonable considering she is very attractive with an incredible body.


So yeah that's a bit of a mouth full for a name.

I have a thing for Asian girls and AW has a distinct lack of them, the ones who are there aren't all that great. So basically I go onto viva, check out all the Asian bait and switches and send them a message as follows;


Dress size


I'm looking for no taller than 5.5

No bigger than an 8

And no older than 30

Today from this profile I got the response  25, size 8, 160cm. So it was game on. Might sound mental to some people but I kinda enjoy the not really knowing anythinf else part.

Comms were good, she is EH8 area in what I can only presume is a well know area for Chinese girls. I arrived on time, parked up close by and notified her by text that I was outside. I was buzzed Into a stair entry and greeted immediately by a girl in a house robe. Went for a piss and when I came back out into the hallway I was ushered into a room after my shoes were removed for me where I met a different girl. Nice Chinese heels, right blue jeans and a tight black top.

Got the paperwork sorted (70 for 30 mins, she charges 110 for 1hr) and she returned pretty much straight away. I Got undressed and ahe gesture for me to go onto the bed face down.

Her body was perfect, absolutely unbelievable tits, no signs of having had a kid. Jet black hair, tight and neat pussy and an unreal arse. Facially she probably a 6/7 So not bad at all.

Service, she gave me a b2b massage, rubbing her nipples up and down my was cheeks working up to full coverage, flipped me over and again with more b2b. This progressed into a quality hand job with some lube, not oil. Then on with the bag for protected oral. She is great tbh. Kept me solid all through and went for about 10 minutes maybe give or take.

Flipped her over and onto miss.  Her pussy was so tight it was forcing me out. So I took my time got her sexy little painted toes into my mouth and stroked away until I filled the bag.

She was receptive to everything, seemed to enjoy it when I sped upamd her moans were great. Only thing I'm gutted I didn't do was some 69. I love a little face sit. Might go back tomorrow for another blast.

Anywa. English isn't that great, but I did get out of her that number is shared by them both and you could end up with either or. I managed to get her name though so I'll be able to rebook her again. Her pal js alright looking tbh, w0uld bang her too. Here's the nice touch. As I was leaving the girl who let me in was waiting outside the room door. She put my shoes on for me and tied my laces. This nice touch gave me a bit of a semi and I've no idea why 

Obviously this is a positive because I got Exaclty what I wanted form it. Knew it was a bait and switch before hand and took the risk associated with it. I don't need to hear "tHiS is a bAiT sWiTcH y u MaKe pOsItVe?"

It's positive because it was fuckin quality and if what I've written is something you're into then I'm sure it's positive for you also


Booking & Comms
Meeting took place earlier this week. Booked by text the day before. Responses were quick and the shop was able to accommodate my preferred start time.

Thai massage shop situated on a busy little street in the town centre. Opposite a pub and definitely not a discreet location. Fortunately at the time I went, there were not too many people about. Easy to find. About a 10-minute walk from the train station. Shop itself is small and seemed reasonably clean. There is a special offer on at the moment, £30 for one hour. I paid my money at reception. Apart from the receptionist (short, stocky Asian woman with dyed blond hair & poor English) there was also a youngish Asian woman who I later found out was Tas, as well as a man, it wasn’t clear if he was another customer or part of the staff.   

I would say Tas is in her mid to late 20s, an Asian lady, quite slim and attractive. She spoke English pretty well. Probably the nicest looking girl I’d seen in the Doncaster Chinese and Thai shops.

I was taken up to a small room on the first floor by Tas and told to get undressed. Interestingly Tas removed the two towels on the table, one of which I would have used to cover my bottom, I took this to be a good sign. The room didn’t have a door, just a curtain separating it from the landing, it did have a comfortable massage bed complete with hole to put my face through, a chair on which to leave my things and a small sink. Overall I would say the room was fit for purpose. When Tas left the room I got undressed and lay naked on the table on my front. When Tas returned we agreed a relaxing massage on my legs and a medium one on my back and shoulders to get some of the knots out. She started by slightly parting my legs and using a fair amount of oil, vigorously rubbed each of them in turn. This was followed by my feet, I’m not actually a big fan of foot massage but this was very good indeed. After that she turned to my back and neck and really started to put her weight into it. I had bruises the following day! Not a sign though of any cc swipes or accidental touches. I turned over after about 40 minutes, again I wasn’t covered, I complimented her on the quality of her massage, introduced myself and asked her name. When I was told Tas I realised from having read other reviews of Ginnaree that extras were unlikely. Warmish oil was poured over my legs, chest and arms and the massage continued. It finished with a brief neck massage almost smack on 55 minutes after I had entered the room, there is a clock on the wall. No offer of a shower, Tas wiped me down with a towel and then left me to get dressed which I quickly did and was on my way. Overall I was in the shop 65–70 minutes. BTW as I was leaving the shop there were now two males sitting in reception, didn’t bother me though as I walked past them.

In total I paid £30 for a 60 minute Thai massage. The girl was pretty and the massage was good. If there had been any sort of extras offered this would have been a big positive from me and I suspect a lot of future revisits. Unfortunately it was not to be and I left feeling a bit frustrated. I know some fellow punters would go green on a good legit massage but I go to these places for a happy ending at the very least, so grey it is.

London / Lisa - tinaservices - Golders Green NW11
« by London on Today at 03:12:05 pm »

Punt happened about a week ago (May 2022).

Comms: Enquired and booked through SMS (comms handled by Tina), replies fairly quickly. Booked a day before and was told to confirm in the morning. Postcode given before booking and door number sent less than an hour before the punt.

Location: About a minute from Golders Green Station, close to a bus stop and other shops around so a lot of foot traffic depending on time of the day (mine was afternoon) but they can't really tell what you're there for and no problems once inside. Flat up the stairs with Lisa working in a small bedroom down the hallway, premises seemed clean but didn't really look around well. Was told to take off my shoes by the door.

Price: £120 for 1 hour

Services: B2B, Massage, light RO, protected sex

Looks: Slim body (maybe slightly chubbier than the photo posted by Tina), photo had a filter on so her face looks a bit different in person (maybe 5-10 years older than advertised), nice A cup breasts, hairy but slightly trimmed pussy

The Punt: Initially booked for Tina but changed my mind when I arrived and got introduced to the new girl, so not really a B&S since I agreed to go with it (definitely a mistake now looking back). After handing the money to Tina and her leaving the room, started with some groping while undressing. Showered about an hour before the punt so was pretty fresh and washed my hands when I got there. Went for kissing but didn't seem to offer even lip kissing so just explored down her body instead.

Wanted to start with a massage so I laid on the bed and she gave a decent massage with oil that slowly became sensual before telling me to turn over. Wanted OW but was told her jaw hurt or something and offered a hand job instead. Was like okay but wanted it in 69 position while giving RO. Obliged but told me no fingers inside. Sat on my face for a few minutes while slowly wanking me and teasing with her fingers. Fake moaning while sometimes twitching so seemed like she was a bit sensitive down there. Tried rubbing her pussy lightly without trying to insert any finger but she didn't like that either. Got off and grabbed a condom. Proceeded with missionary and doggy before popping. Cleaned up and finished with a regular massage with good pressure on my back and legs which was relaxing. She told me session was done after about 45min and went for solo shower.

Result: Close neutral but chose negative because of the lack of services provided that was advertised (no kissing and refused oral dropped it to negative), B2B and regular massage were probably the highlights.

Visit Again: No (for Lisa). Some services not offered for the price so would like to try out Tina instead next time who's more reputable but might check out other girls first before returning. Lisa should also be gone soon judging by Tina's twitter.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Ivymai. - Hull
« by Country Lad on Today at 03:02:08 pm »

Meeting in March

£120 for 60 minutes.

Same day meeting arranged by Phone

Residential area about a mile from city centre. Plenty of free  on street parking available .
House a bit untidy . Ivy has 2 dogs they were kept out the way but if anyone has allergies worth knowing.

I was a bit underwhelmed- average looking imo  & bigger than AW photos . I’m crap at sizes but would guess at least Size 16 - By her own admission she had put some weight on in lockdown - so plenty to get hold of.

Cold Bottle of Water offered & accepted - paperwork sorted.
Started with some light kissing , then oral on her,  fingered her g spot & she was soon very wet  & squirted a couple of times.
My turn - Condom  on oral administered very enthusiastically good variation of depth .
Sex in Cow Girl & several variations on missionary before filling the bag. Ivymai takes a good fucking & gets very wet.
Round 2 comprised more covered Oral before Ivy wanked me to a second orgasm.

Positives - Friendly Girl & enthusiastic service.

Negatives - Bigger than AW pictures and probably a good few years older.



Meeting in April

£120 for 60 minutes

Green Light showing all  arranged by text to for meeting later same day.

Flat in Ok residential area plenty of free parking.

AW photos  are a fair representation she is a pretty girl (imo).
Size 8 about right  5ft  nothing , nice slim body ,  great arse & massive enhanced boobs
If I was been critical I’d say boobs are too big for her frame & she has had  lip fillers - why do they do that?

Texted  on arrival a few minutes early but no problem. Drink offered & Paperwork sorted.

Started with some mutual fondling  spent some time playing with  those big tits then oral on her - perfectly clean , soon nicely wet and some appreciative noises .

Bit of handwork to get me hard then on with condom for covered oral pleasant but I’m keen to fuck her sex in several positions but doggy was the highlight filled the bag while enjoying the view.

Few minutes rest before Sydney wanked & sucked me back to life then she rode me enthusiastically .
Finished with a oily hand job.


Vanilla meeting Services are a bit limited - No kissing or OWO.

Pretty & Friendly girl . Enthusiastic & keen to please. Good VFM in present market (imo)

Scotland / Massage by Cam39 - Glasgow
« by rowlock on Today at 02:14:13 pm »

Location: Dennistoun, Glasgow.
Price: £50 for 30 minutes (£40 Massage + £10 OW)
Communication: Text and call.  Was simple, no issue.
Looks: Looks a young 40.  Big lass, massive tits.  Size 22 is probably about right.  Average looking face.

Arranging for later in the day was easy enough, text and a quick call.  Went for the OW extra.

Quiet street in Dennistoun, about five minutes walk from Alexandra Parade train station.  A hug upon arrival and she gave me some hand sanitiser to use (neither of us wore masks at any point).  She mentions on her profile that she is size 22, so no surprises here, she’s a big lass.  She has on her profile that she is 40, and I would say she looks pretty good for it, though I didn’t find her particularly pretty.  Paid my money and went to the bedroom.

Massage takes place on a bed, so I stripped off and got into position.  She stripped to her knickers and used a small amount of baby oil.  Massage is really just a rub, nothing sensual and nothing practical.  She then started to put her tits on my back and do these wee circles, and odd wee shoogles.  Thing is though her tits are so massive then whilst she moves a bit, her tits firmly stay put, so it mostly amounts to her plonking her tits on your back, then plonking them down on a different bit of your back ten seconds later.  If she used more oil and they moved about it might have been alright.  Thumbs down for the massage.

Asked to flip and she lays herself down by my dick, to the side.  On with the rubber and she starts the bj.  Thing is though she situated herself to the side, so she was pulling my stauner to the side to give it a sook.  It wasn’t very comfortable, so I shift myself slightly to make it a bit more comfortable, but I couldn’t really get myself to enjoy it.  I suppose I could have told her to move but I like to just go with it rather than direct everything, so I lay there thinking “how the fuck am I going to cum”.  I was about to tell her to finish me with her hand, but I thought of some better punts and I managed to dirty the rubber.  Big thumbs down here.

She took her time with the clean up, had a bit of a chat as I dressed, then I was on my way with another hug.  I didn’t look at the time at all, but nothing was rushed, so I would have been in there the 30 mins I think.  She was friendly and pleasant enough, but reviewing the service it’s a big negative from me.

I rang the evening before to arrange. Comms OK talked to someone with reasonable english and agreed the time for the next day. Later I was sent a text with the address and location. So far so good.
Turned up the next day at agreed time to find the place locked up. I took a walk around the block,rang number - no answer. Went back to the door to find two other punters waiting! Walked about a bit more,still not open. Sacked it as it was already twenty minutes after the appointed time. Annoying. Before driving away I sent a text complaining of poor service. Eventually got a reply : ' Was girl not there?'   :unknown:

South East / Le Visage (Amy) - Dartford
« by Sausagesurprise on Today at 12:44:53 pm »

Message through to Cici to see if Kelly was working based on someone’s previous review, was told she wasn’t but Amy was (took this as a positive and that Amy was a like for like of Kelly)

Arrived for 1 hour massage £40

Massage took place in 2nd room on the right.

Good massage, swipes and groping of my cock before a mention of “extras”
Asked to turn over and was asked.
I asked for blow job, she asked how much
No quibbles, straight to it, lots of ball play from her mouth. Licking and sucking, took my cock pretty deep in her mouth.
Nothing was said and I released into her mouth, she took like a champ, even carried on sucking.
She then got off to spit in sink.

She then carried on the massage

A good session

She says she is only there on a Friday


 I'm always on the lookout for a nice big pair of new bouncy tits to get my mitts on so when I noticed Ruby's profile whilst I was on the prowl one day I sent her a text to enquire about a booking.

Comms were really easy & the booking was quickly arranged for later that day.

Venue was an apartment block just north of town, near the Angel area.
Concierge on duty & a few residents going about their lives but no problems entering or leaving.

Ruby greeted me with a smile & some smalltalk & lead me to the nearby room.

Pics are accurate, i'd say late 20s/early 30s (2 different ages on profile :unknown:), hair tied back, attractive, I was happy.  :cool:

Room was basic but clean, bright & more than fit for purpose.

It was only a 15 minute booking so clothes were quickly discarded & straight into it.
I was still taking my shirt off when she was lay on the bed naked, using her mouth to turn my semi into an iron rod which she quickly did.
Once I was naked she came up for some kissing, DFK, I rubbed her pussy & slipped a couple of fingers inside as we kissed.
Had a suck on her juicy naturals, lovely big nips.

I then lay down for more OWO,  very enjoyable, nice & deep this time, her mouth felt great.
Asked her to wrap her jubblys around my cock for a tit wank which she did.

Dom on & a bit of fast, frantic shagging in CG & Mish before the dom was off & I lay back for more great OWO before I shot my cum in her mouth.
Good suck off as well, didn't stop until i'd finished cumming then she went to spit.

Job's a good 'un  ;)

Nice woman, attractive, great tits, good service, would deffo return.

£50 all in.

[Image hidden]

[Image hidden]

[Image hidden]

West Midlands / DARK ALEX - Birmingham
« by ilovewomenxxx on Today at 12:21:54 pm »

30 minutes for £70. No extras or surprises.

I saw Alex in a nice flat in central Birmingham, over near Five Ways a few weeks ago. I had been wanting to see her for a long time, and finally managed to arrange a good time to see her. Paid parking was relatively easy and close by. There is a small shop near to the flat so you can get a drink afterwards if you're thirsty, which I was.

The flat is very clean and easily accessible, and the area is quite quiet so you don't feel on show.

Alex herself is very pretty, with very large enhanced breasts. I'm not a big fan of this look, but I'm not put off by it either. Her nature was very relaxed and the conversation pleasant. She made me feel at ease from the beginning.

I only opted for oral both ways, and there was plenty of time for this. She started on me first and went on for about 15 minutes, which was pretty mind-blowing. We then swapped places and I had my turn on her, something I really enjoy doing and she really enjoyed it too. I ended up feeling quite horny I would've liked to have sex but there was no time left. My fault for not managing my time properly. I made a promise to myself to go back at some point in the future, probably for one hour, for a more comprehensive session. I am very much looking forward to this.


When: Last month.

Location: Worthing, near Travelodge on seafront and even closer to a great little pub "Anchored in Worthing"

Comms: Good. Phoned for same day appointment. Text with address/postcode after booking

Venue: Flat in Crescent Road. Bell at front door of buildng. Oddball entry to flat. Door opens into a passage which has one-way working - almost like a turnstile to football but this was a different ball game. Massage room, bathroom to left and living area to the right. There is a shower in the bathroom but it's not offered.

Cost/Services. £45/hr massage Extras: £60 BJ, RO, fingering,  massage on her, kissing with tongues, hugging

WG : Chinese. A great big smiley unit. early thirties. Nice face but not pretty. Small tits with bullet nipples. Very chubby. Shaved.  Not your typical Chinese.

Private residence where the masseuse changes every 2/3 weeks. Turned up on time. Shown into massage room by older lady. Confirmed one hour. Paid £45. She left I start to get undressed. The big unit walks in. She smiles a lot and helps me get undressed. Hugs me and I squeeze her bum. I clamber up onto a good sized, solid massage table. 20 minutes of massage. It's good and sensual from the off while I'm groping around under her uniform. She asks if I want "extra". I just say yes. No discussion of what that would be or the cost. She gets naked. The next ten minutes she is playing with my arse, cock and balls while I half kneel face down on the table. She tells me to turn over and I get off the table. She is standing next to me and for some reason I give her a big hug. Suddenly its full on snogging and access all areas. I put her on the table so I can lick her clit and finger her. She cums twice, loudly. So loudly I am worried the old woman might walk back in. I'm back on the table (I need a rest - I'm old :-)) She kisses me and then it's straight into a good but not great uncovered BJ while she sticks a finger up my arse. After I am finished, she cleans herself up and then wipes me down. Session over she helps me get dressed. Another hug and I decide to giver her £60. She seemed happy but we never discussed money.

Sorry this is fluffy but it was a lot of fun. She apparently normally works in Wales (!) but will be coming back to Worthing. I have her on Wechat so I will update this review when I know she is back in Worthing.

East England / Sofia big tits - Cambridge
« by randyrobert on Today at 11:12:29 am »
Went to see Sofia big tits ( who advertises as “Europe’s Biggest tits” well you just have to go and see don’t you?

Well they are certainly big-not sure about the biggest in Europe though. She is facially pretty IMO and a Latina with only a small amount of English.  I took a shower and then tried to get into action. She likes to try and smother but between her huge  tits a strong smell of body lotion and to be frank not very fresh. She needs to shower more and use less perfume. She does not like her nipples sucked  (too sensitive) or really her boobs played with much-which rather spoiled the point.

I wanted her to face sit but a curt “no” she would only sit in reverse cowgirl position-I like to see big boobs form below. At that stage I felt wtf- this is not going anywhere so got her to hop off. She was then onto her phone talking in Spanish to a male. I just wanted out so I left.

In short a pretty girl with huge (8kg each which felt about right) could be nice enough but not for me on the day in the end but YMMV

South West / MONY X - Bristol
« by juxta on Today at 10:54:45 am » or

Meet earlier this week. Her AW feedback isn't available which was a concern but there were a couple of positive reviews here so decided to take a punt.

30 minutes arranged via text and I was directed to a nice house in an area near Whiteladies Road which was relatively discreet and easy to access.

Got inside and first impressions were very favourable. The girl is attractive with long straight hair down to her waist dyed platinum blonde. Really slim figure and a tiny waist with a juicy ass and big fake tits, the latter of which she'd probably look better without IMO as they are quite hard and not natural at all. Still, she's hot and age 25 seems right, she looked younger. There are a couple of face pics on AW which may be touched up/filtered a bit. The verification pic you can find here is more accurate probably.

First snag when handing over the money - she asked for £80 but her profile states £70 so only had that on me. She said it was okay, stashed the money away in another room and came back.

Bit of brief foreplay to get things warmed up, no kissing, and then onto rimming and face sitting which I'd requested in advance. Started with her standing up facing the wall before moving to the bed with her on her knees. Other reviews mentioned her not being enthusiastic but she made the right noises, nothing too over the top, but she was enjoying it. Wouldn't let me finger either hole though so doubt that's on the menu for anyone.

After ten minutes of that, she got the rubber out for OW - good technique, plenty of spit, and switched between sucking my bellend and going deeper. Got me rock hard and it was time to fuck in a couple of positions. First, I stood up with her at the edge of the bed holding her legs up before switching to doggy. She can take a good pounding and doesn't mind some light spanking. Again more moans, nothing fake or unrealistic, while telling me to cum inside her which I did soon after.

That was it, cleaned up, not much talk afterwards so don't know how long she's in Bristol for and left after about 25 minutes.

Solid service and a hot girl for 70 quid, no complaints, and I'd think about returning if she sticks around or comes back in the future.

South East / Dara-Sexy Thai - Sunbury
« by Hotspur on Today at 10:39:35 am »
My normal punts usually take me to Thai/Oriental massage shops or independent massage providers but given the tiresome negotiation on service extras, I decided to visit Dara earlier this week in Sunbury. Dara is well reviewed here mostly positives with some caveats.

This happened earlier this week. Comms very straightforward and I particularly enjoyed her friendly attitude on the phone which continued during the meet. She is working from a serviced apartment and the location is the same place as other Thais frequent next to a budget hotel chain.

Agreed £100 for 45 minutes to include two. Magic door trick, and although Dara was wearing a loose fitting black dress it did little to disguise her huge chebs. By the time she had stashed the cash I was naked and face down on the bed. I had requested a massage first then some fun but given my aversion to condoms sex was off the table. I heard her undressing but remained face down and the massage was as expected and not of a professional standard. After about 15 minutes of swirling hands, reach unders and cc swipes I turned over. Well all I can say, as others have, she carries a bit of timber around the stomach but the chebs are something to behold. Huge 38 DD's exactly as the profile photo. Some light kissing, tit sucking and pussy and ass play. RO for 10 minutes. Now I'm sure we're all big into hygiene but the length of time she took to "prepare me for owo" applying disinfectant spray, as has been mentioned on previous reviews, and the mountain of wet wipes just killed the mood and I told her to forget the owo. Finished off with a hand job while I continued to play with her.

This for me is a borderline negative but her friendly and smiley attitude edges it to a neutral. I get the impression she's jaded and going through the motions.

For those who want to know, she's normally in Basingstoke and will be there next week. I won't be visiting. or


So I saw this lass a few months back and forgot to review.

Comms were good
Service gfe
Cost 90
Duration 30mins

Place is easy to find with Google maps plenty of on street parking.
Text to say I'm there amd she gives me the house number. Hide behind the door amd I'm in. I turn to see her and I must say I'm a little disappointed she's average looking and doesn't do her body justice imo. She leads me upstairs to a bedroom set out for this purpose, double bed large mirror aimed at the bed.
Paperwork sorted and she starts kissing me, nice slow dfk, we undress each while still kissing and now some fondliling too. Naked I can see her very sexy bum and legs in the mirror as we kiss and boy what a view that is. I've a full on stiffy and start to think this isn't going to last long. So I lead her to the bed and lie her face down. I then kiss her all the way up her legs some quick oral, and she tastes great, up her back then turn her over for some more dfk. I need to chill for a few mins and then she starts to make her way down and gives me one of the best bj I've had. Several times I had to stop her as not to blow. Oh and if you have her in the right position you can see her bum and pussy in the mirror as she's giving you a bj. On with the rubber and we have sex in a couple of positions, mainly so I can watch me fuck her in the mirror as I was on the edge straight away.,so after a few mins of this I finish with her in doggy with a side view in the mirror. Quick clean up a little chat and I'm on my way. Car to car was about 40 mins.

Will I go back I have been waiting for her profe to become active again, which it has and reminded me I'd not done this, so i will be visiting soon.

East Midlands / crystalLux69 - nr Grantham
« by natrush on Today at 10:20:50 am »
Cost: £150 for an hour.
Comms: Emailed her on AW, message back later that day with her phone number. I’d already seen Crystal once before about 3 years ago and left her feedback and she had either remembered on done her homework.

Venue: Semidetached house in a village about 5 miles outside Grantham. Plenty of parking out the front of the house.  I was offered a drink and also a shower both before and again after the session. Bathroom was clean and had a supply of fresh towels and plenty of male toiletries for use (No damp towel over a radiator and grotty loo style, like some I have encountered)

Appearance: AW description has been updated since (which i was told by Crystal with no attempt to mislead)– 5'6, blonde with shorted hair than in her profile picture, size 10 with big natural breasts, pierced nipples and a shaven pussy with a little landing strip.
Greeted at door with a warm smile and wearing a nice dress with killer heels. Led upstairs, eyes transfixed her meaty pussy lips wobbling as she walked upstairs.

Services: Her likes list is fairly comprehensive and it suited me fine as it’s been my 1st FS punt in a while. Finance sorted, she brought me a coffee then immediately got on her knees and deep throated me and swallowed the lot with the cheekiest grin on her face.
On to the bed, clothes off, kissing cuddles and a good 5 minutes of sucking on those pierced nipples whilst she wanked me. Could not resisted going down an the shaven pussy, she tasted great, no nasty smells, she even guided my head so i did it just the way she likes.
Hard again, condom on, she climbs on top and rides me like a woman possessed, all the time those tits of hers are bouncing in front of me and her cheeky grin are making me cum quicker than usual.

Likes: Very down to earth and easy to chat with and intelligent. Liked the fact she didn’t assume I was not up for some horny fun despite being much older than her. Seems to enjoy pleasing older men.

Dislikes: Makes me cum to quickly lol. I usually like girls who moan and make a bit of noise during proceedings, but no moaning is preferable to fake moans.

Conclusion: Well worth a punt and good VFM, and hour is definatly to short and her price structure favours longer meets. Booked in next week as she mentioned she loves making her husband watch or having MMF and I'm liking the idea of fucking her whilst her husband can hear and maybe let him watch as his young wife makes me cum.

Scotland / GothHarlotBBW - Edinburgh
« by bigelvis99 on Today at 09:26:57 am »

£120 for 1 hour.

Long time no punt, decided to break the drought on a trip. Chose this particular lass as I fancied someone Scottish with a gigantic behind and I wasn't disappointed! Booking was done the day before through AW without hassle and the meeting itself took place in a discreet flat. Not only was the goth/tattoo look and BBW combo a winner for me but the service offered was very friendly and accommodating too. A nice genuine girl who will look after you.

Recommended for the lads who appreciate a stacked body, XL butts and the alternative look. I would return should I get the chance.

East Midlands / Filthy Ruby - Nottingham
« by alftupper on Today at 09:22:43 am » or

£70 for half an hour.

Pictures are accurate, her profile says she's 40 and a dress size 18+, which seems truthful. So if you are looking for a slim young thing, she's not for you.

Initial contact through AW, then text and phone on the day. She's based in Lenton, area was quite and discreet. Bit of a hassle being directed in via the phone, but part of that was me not following the directions precisely. I'm pretty sure there was someone else there as I could hear the tv on in another room when I arrived, but that was the only suggestion of somebody else's presence.

Her likes list on AW is a bit lacking, so I had to ask a few questions beforehand. Penetration not being on her list is the obvious omission, I also asked about fk, owo and ro, and was told everything was ok, but it would be covered oral.

She's chatty, but not in an annoying way, and we got down to business pretty much straight away once in her bedroom. Started with some fk, not dfk, but plenty of tongue, could tell she's a smoker but not offensively so. Soon got her naked and played with her soft naturals before heading to her trimmed pussy, she had lubed up beforehand as there was a definite fruit taste, she seemed to be enjoying all of this. On with the condom and a pretty good blow job. Then onto the main event, started with doggy so I could watch that fat arse ripple and wobble, and finished in cowgirl. After I came she stayed on top and we cuddled and kissed for a while, which is better than the normal ee reaction of wanting you cleaned up and out the door as soon as possible.

Overall one of my better punts this year.

London / Juli - UKGG, Outcall
« by Thegamesjj1982 on Today at 08:07:21 am »
1H Outcall in Victoria area £750

Communication easy with UKGG. If you connect with them via Whatsapp they open to send you more pictures and video if available.

Juli is a natural hot, a Brazilian super happy to please you. At some point she was ready to get all my load in her mouth but i then went for penetration in several positions.
Only neutral are boobs quite small and negative the fact she doesn’t speak much english but i do speak a bit of Portuguese.

I would not return because of her price but it does seems i’m getting hottie only at higher price 🤦🏻‍♂️

London / Alisa - Diva, Outcall
« by Thegamesjj1982 on Today at 07:56:56 am »
1H Outcall in Victoria area - £350

Communication with Diva super easy. We agreed on services with focus on DFK and OWO.

She arrived a bit late, with almost no makeup. Her body is hot with nice legs and quite attractive boobs with piercing. But her face was not that attractive at all.
Services was quite lazy too…Very light DFK, no sexual chemistry. I’m actually pretty fast the first time but i’ve almost last all the hour with just one poop.

I know she got quite few positive feedback, but for me was quite a no no, even disappointing as i do have a thing for red hair (hers are not really attractive)

South East / Forever Health Addlestone TOFTT
« by Yelowman on Today at 07:16:25 am »
Location: Station Road Addlestone
Walk in and was met by a pleasant Chinese woman, probs mid thirties. Her name is Shirley and Shirley asked if I had an appointment. I said no and she replied that it was my lucky day because one of her regular’s cancelled! Massage with oil is £50 and deep tissue is £55. These quotes are for an hour. Payment by card, cash is preferred. I opted for deep tissue.

Shirley speaks English very well and although not a stunner is probably a 6/10. Very friendly and chatty. Dressed in a loose fitting top with leggings.

The venue is spotless and I was offered a shower before the massage. I declined as I had recently had one. Shirley left the room to allow me to undress and I asked if I should leave my pants on. Up to me was the reply :-)

On returning Shirley proceeded to provide me with a very good massage, focusing on my back as she said it was extremely stiff and recommended that I need to work on my posture. Working on my legs and inner thighs the stirrings were happening. Absolutely no cc, no indication of any extras and Shirley appeared not to notice my slight discomfort lying with on my front with a growing hard on! Shirley asked me to turn over and said that she would get a pillow. As I was Turing she said that it looks like I need an extra massage. I laughed and replied that I didn’t think that was available. Shirley quoted £30 for HR, £40 for topless and £50 her naked. I went for the £50 option! This allowed access to her voluptuous breasts, not a bad body with slight tummy and very trimmed bush. I’m a clean shaven kind of guy but this was fine.  Body I would say a 6/10. Touching was allowed and while Shirley proceeded with an excellent hand job, she was getting very wet. She didn’t mind the slight finger penetration and perhaps more might be on offer for regulars. I had a few days stocked up and Shirley milked it all out. Her technique was superb. I’m definitely returning.

North West / Tabitha Green - Bolton
« by Ahalfa Carling on Today at 02:55:27 am »
The meeting took place a few weeks ago.

A/W links: or

Her telephone number is displayed on her A/W page.
An initial phone call was answered promptly, and after a quick chat a meeting was arranged for that afternoon. Her postcode & house number was texted to me a few minutes later.

Her place:
All I saw was the stairwell, bathroom and bedroom, but what I saw was clean and tidy, and assume this is her full time home. Parking was easy, with plenty of discrete parking nearby.

Claims to be 45, would probably add 4 or 5 years to that. However, she is not unattractive, and has a good slim figure with a nice pair of boobs. Trimmed down below. Tattoo across her upper back/shoulder blades. Kept her glasses on through the action.

The Meeting.
Into the bedroom where I sorted out the paperwork (£120 for the hour) then it was a quick visit to the bathroom before returning to the bedroom where Tabitha was lying on the bet in her matching bra/panties and stockings. I immediately felt overdressed so stripped off and joined her.
Started off with a quick round of kissing (DFK, but not too deep), removing of her undies and wandering hands from both of us, before she started to kiss her way down my body and started some OWO. Now, whilst the OWO was great (not too deep though), every movement of her head seemed to be accompanied by overly loud/excessive “MMMMM” noises – I found it slightly distracting (OK, and a bit funny) at times during the meet, especially as she carried on making the same noises when I returned the favour and went down on her.
As for her pussy – christ, tight or what – had trouble getting more than one finger in there, but it was clean and fresh so no complaints really.
Anyway, onto the main event, so it was on with the rubber overcoat (had to do it myself as she didn’t want her long nails to tear the aforementioned garment) and sex in a couple of positions. I knew time was running short so I had her finish me off by hand, after which I was handed a couple of wet-wipes to clean myself up.
Then it was a quick cuddle and kiss on the bed before I had to be off.

It was pretty much bang on the hour from me knocking on the door to me leaving.

Summary of events/final thoughts.
A nice vanilla punt that is fairly easy to get to.
I think that Tabitha is a smoker as I caught the occasional tobacco breath, and this might be off putting for some people.

Would I go back?

Since I came back to punting after a 3 year absence I have taken it upon myself to find the diamonds in the rough of my usual hunting grounds. To that end I took myself to Colchester to visit a stunning redhead.

Fernanda Bueno

Comms: Good
Responded quickly. Postcode came through. texted me the cost and services for a half hour and an hour.
Half hour: £80 cum once
Hour: £130 cum twice
Both come with kissing, OW, sex in any postion.

Location: Okay/Bad
Its a flat on the outskirts of Colchester. But it's very near a school. Definitely not the sort of place to be seen to be lingering. Seems to be good parking in the area but I can't comment because I don't drive.
The flat itself is clean and tidy. Nothing to write home about.

Looks: Very Good
She is the girl in the pics and she is drop dead gorgeous. Lovely bum, nice tits, and almost nothing around the tummy. Although she probably isn't actually Brazilian, I'd peg her accent as more Eastern European but I couldn't tell you what country.

The Meet: Okay/Bad
As I was heading to this meet my punter sense kept tingling, telling me something was off. But I was on orders from The Ladykiller himself so I kept going.
I got the area, spotted the school and nearly bolted. I did not want to get caught lurking around here. But I persevered (I'm stubborn like that) and got the flat number.

She was hidden behind the door, as is tradition, but I was very happy when I saw her.

To the bedroom we went where I confirmed a half hour visit and handed over the money and got undressed as she squirreled it away. Her english is okay but I would be surpised if she could hold down a long conversation.

When she returned it was on with the condom as she gave me a good blow job. She's good but a bit mechanical.

Then we switched up to doggy. During the switch I found out she doesn't actually offer kissing.
I had a very nice view of her hourglass figure and she made all the right noises. I was going to finish very quickly so I pulled out to give some RO, but turns out she doesn't offer that. And then she saw a dollop of pre-cum and decided that meant I had finished and started getting her clothes on. And I was ushered out of the door.

You could lay this at my feet by just saying "If you were close, you should have finished in doggy mate" but I prefer to get my monies worth out of a meet. I paid for half an hour and didn't get much more than 10 minutes. If I'd known she was going to spurn my offer of RO I probably would have emptied my balls in doggy.

Overall: Okay
I'd say I was dissapointed by the meet. She has the looks and the skills to be a very good punt. But I left feeling frustrated and annoyed at what I consider bad service.
I'm putting this review down as a negative, Because I'm not going to be visiting again any time soon.

My quest to find the undiscovered gold in the Colchester/Ipswich area may be put on hold for a while as I (re)visit some of the better known SP's in the area.

If I don't put a mark in the 'win' column soon my dick may never forgive me.


Punt was recent in Newcastle city centre near China Town. Paid £70 for 30 mins, included DFK and OWO so decent pricing. Also included CIM but I didn't take advantage of that.

Comms- good, list of services straight to the point.

Location - Flat was in a fairly run down block of flats, I was asked to wait outside as she got ready, I was a bit exposed and was getting some looks from passers by.

The girl - was waiting behind the door. She's more or less as her pictures but I think they're a bit air brushed. looks late 20s, I reckon she could be a size 10 but that's more down to her natural small size than her figure. She's quite slim with a bit of looseness around the mid section. Cute in a natural way.

Shes a funny girl, cracking jokes and is the definition of down to earth, didn't take her self seriously at all. She speaks English but has an extremely thick accent  I'd say I caught about a third of what she was saying so I just nodded along and laughed when she was being funny.

The punt - she started by oiling me up for a massage , I asked for B2B so she started riding on my arse like she was on a mechanical bull...that was interesting, then she took it seriously and rubbed herself all over me which was pleasant.  She turned me over and snogged my face off which was very pleasant indeed.

OWO followed nice technique, shes constantly vibrating her tongue as she goes sloppy, then more snogging, plenty of tongue. Then the condom went on , she squatted over me and rode cowgirl. Flipped her over and finished with doggy.

Had a third of a chat afterwards as she massaged me while she talked
I like her, she'd be good craic on a night out  :D
Would definitely go again but she's only working the rest of this week (I think that's what she said) then having a week off then moving on.

Scotland / We1991 - Aberdeen
« by abdn56 on Today at 12:06:52 am »

Met Nana earlier this week. It was kind of a TOFTT meet, but I just saw that she also has an AW profile that has positive reviews. Paid £120 for the hour.

She was rather slow with her texts back, but I arranged the meet hours before it was gonna happen, so that wasn't an issue. She replied to messages promptly when I arrived to the location, though.

In Torry, just off Victoria Road. The building looked a bit run down, but the flat itself had no issues. Floor heating is great!

The girl
I don't think it's her in the pictures. Which is odd because I found her drop dead gorgeous. Age-wise I would've guessed mid-to-late 20s, but the AW name suggests 31. Definitely not one of those "might be 30 but likely 40+." I'll visit again in the weekend to have a second look; not that I need to make up an excuse for a second visit. Her tits are amazing and a sight to behold. She does have a vertical C-section scar from her belly button to her crotch, which doesn't bother me the slightest but might some. Her English isn't great, but she's very friendly and keen and does try to make conversation if initiated (it's awkward to dress up in silence).

The meet
I wasn't offered, but asked for a shower, as I came straight from work. She had no problems with this and a fresh towel was ready in the bathroom. Upon my return we started off with a bit of exploration and kissing, which soon turned into DFK. Then she wandered lower and lower to give some excellent OWO. I just had to return the favour. She has a trimmed bush, but she tasted fresh. She got really wet really quickly, and didn't mind a couple of fingers, either. After getting covered up we went into doggy, CW (where she rode me like her life depended on it), back to doggy, then prone bone. Throughout she made noises of pleasure, and if it wasn't genuine she deserves a damn award for her acting. And not a single time was I asked to "cum for me baby" :D I was offered a shower after, which I desperately needed.

Definitely highly recommended. She's very attractive, keen to please and can take a good pounding.

I'm told she goes to college in Edinburgh where she doesn't escort, and will return there on Monday.

South East / Oriental Well-Being Salon Gosport “Sophie”
« by 0ty on Yesterday at 11:42:22 pm »

Midweek afternoon walk in. It’s on the high street pedestrian zone. Not too bad waking in as it was fairly quiet.
Waited for a bit at ‘reception’ eventually woman appears and shows me to first room paid £30 for half hour and she said she’d be back in a bit. She was short and plumpy. Two chairs in the room one conveniently located close to where it’s easy to reach for extra cash as required!

Different girl comes in, slimmer had mask on the whole time. Asked if I wanted soft or medium I said I was stiff :lol: and needed hard on neck. She certainly did not hold back with that. CC swipe as she applied the oil but that’s where the sensual stuff ended. Hard massage was good and making the table creek with the amount of pressure applied.

Asked to turn over, no massage on front but question straight away ‘happy ending’ whilst giving wank signal with her hand in case I didn’t know. She said £20 or £40 I asked what £40 involved and she said she’d get naked. Now having asked I felt it would be rude to say no😂. She asked for the money straight away, cue the very handy chair near my head!

She got undressed out of sight while answering texts on her phone. She stood next to the table and got to work. Legs tightly closed but allowed to play with ‘B’ boobs and very cute ass, did notice that her leggings had stayed on but only pulled down!   Her work complete she cleaned me up and got dressed and finished the time with a head massage not great but ok.

Was torn on review but neutral probably fair. Massage was good the HR was good with ball tickling but no build up and the extra £20 for her to be mostly naked for a few minutes was pointless.

£70 total spent. Would probably return and keep the boxers on and pay £30 for the massage alone which was positive.

[Image hidden]

London / Phoenix Party - Kasia, Billie and Juliana
« by Bloodymary on Yesterday at 11:38:55 pm »
I’m a regular at Phoniex Parties and recently attended with a line up of Kasia, Billie and Juliana (late replacement to the roster)

Usual venue at Barons Court and £160 for 2 hours with a ratio of 1:1

Kasia was her usual excellent self and really is one of the top performers at PP.  Second time I’ve seen Billie and really enjoyed having some extended time with her.   Really is good fun to play with and ended up being encouraged to try to fist her - lots of extended oral both ways on her and really enjoyed having my fingers deep inside her

Juilina (spelling?) was a great addition.  Pretty face with fake boobs and stomach but really was great fun.   Gave mind blowing oral and made me cum three time while there from blowing me

Was nice vibe at the party and good value as usual

Elite-Jessica  - was looking for a bit of anal fun


£350 for 1h incall.

Venue: a few minutes walk from Paddington

About the escorts physical appearance and personality: ok body, enlarged breasts, lip fillers, fully shaved. Stated age 28, sounds about right. Photos on profile are accurate. GFE with hints of PSE

Arranging the meeting: messaged on her mobile and she replied in timely manner.


I booked Jessica as a plan B in case my main booking didn't go well, ended up having back to back bookings with just enough time to go from a place to another.

I get in, pay the fee and get into the shower for a quick freshen up.

We kiss and Jessica immediatly gets on her knees to suck. A lot of sound effects and she is keen on letting me know I can facefuck her. She grabs my hands and encourages me to force my cock as far down as possible.

I'm excitted so after a bit of facefucking I ask to fuck. I ask which hole to go first and whether is ok to swap while fucking. Jessica tells me I'm free do to as I please, and so I do.

Start with the arsehole, she has a wand on her cunt. Eventually I go for the other hole. After a bit I swap again.  She was also keen on doing arse-to-mouth.

Eventually I ejeculate. A bit to quickly and she didn't quite have the opportunity to swallow. So Jessica ends up having to lick the sperm off my hand.

A short while later a new condom and I penetrate her in doggy. Again, I'm free to swap between holes and whenever I'm in her cunt I put the want onto her buthole. For this round the is also a dildo in the cunt whenever I’m not there. A small gesture, but a gentleman can only do their level best to keep up with someone as eager as Jessica.

Jessica is vocal and encourages me cum and I do, after I had my fun. She looks like she had a great time too, at least I think so and my ego is pleased.

I go for a shower, get dressed, have a quick chat and leave.

1. Anal, plenty of it;
2. Makes an effort;
3. Does arse-to-mouth;

1. None.

North West / gemmaaw1 - Middleton
« by ISTS2005 on Yesterday at 10:52:09 pm » or

Catching up on a few reviews from the last few months so bare with me.

Cost, half hour - £60.

Comms, were easy enough, managed to arrange at relatively short notice, directions and postcode given and no ambiguity about what to expect on arrival ie services etc.

Location, a house on a council estate in Middleton, loads of parking nearby. Felt safe enough, didnt feel I was being watched. Popular Chinese chipshop and off-licence nearby.

Lady, I'd add at least 5 years onto her stated age (35). Quite tall, friendly and enthusiastic but seemed a bit ditzy. The french maid pic hides the sheer weight she is now carrying though. The black lingerie pic is also at least 10 years old if it even ever was her. She is quite a big girl and to be honest I was not atracted to her. Quite a big gut, big set of tits but proportinate to the frame.

Service, this was a couple of months ago, nothing stands out as poor or great or even exciting. Average, allowed a few positions but a blur of 'meh'. She did nothing wrong but as before, not attracted and misleading pics. Paperwork sorted in lounge before heading upstairs and inamongst the scattered junk all over the place I saw a letter right next to me with her real name on. I hate that.

Conclusion, can barely remember anything positive about the meet so this speaks for itself.

Revisit, no, not even been tempted.

ISTS Verdict, Good VFM this day in age but cheap and semi-cheerful doesnt mean good. I also have a real issue with misleading pics, shes getting on for twice the size of the black lingerie pic! SLIGHT NEGATIVE.

(I found that negative - neutral - positive can be a bit limited, so if I make an additional reference to this like above then I'm going for, in order the following - Mega-Nega, Negative, Slight Negative, Poor Neutral, Neutral, High Neutral, Slight Positive, Positive, Super Positive).

North West / Tantric Alex - Prestwich
« by ISTS2005 on Yesterday at 10:41:43 pm » or

Cost, half hour - £40.

Comms, were easy enough, managed to arrange at relatively short notice, directions and postcode given and no ambiguity about what to expect on arrival ie services etc. Met me at the door and insisted on a COVID mask in place. Was being watched by an occupier of the ground floor right hand side flat so probably a good thing.

Location, was a flat in Prestwich. Near to LIDL.

Lady, she is probably around the right age as AW suggests (47). Quite tall, wasneither impressed or disappointed with the body from previous reviewers.

Service, I was taken to the shower for the foamy shower which was not as good as anticipated. Dried off with a fresh towel but one of those with a detergent I dont like or has been left out to dry itself after washing, had a funny smell to it (but I am convinced it was fresh, not already been used if that makes sense). Laid on the bed and got a bit of a tickly back massage. Happy ending was meh and I just had the urge to get out afterwards. Alex was not in any way unpleasant and it was a case of 'its not you, its me' with her.

Conclusion, Just a complete lack of excitement from start to finish. She was pleasant and chatty (very chatty) but seemed to want to big up her style which was actually quite boring and unsatisifying.

Revisit, no.

ISTS Verdict, Good VFM on one hand, but no excitement and felt like a push over the line rather than anything thrilling. I cannot give a negative as it was nothing down to her, I just did not find her attractive and the massage was nothing special either. POOR NEUTRAL.

(I found that negative - neutral - positive can be a bit limited, so if I make an additional reference to this like above then I'm going for, in order the following - Mega-Nega, Negative, Slight Negative, Poor Neutral, Neutral, High Neutral, Slight Positive, Positive, Super Positive).

North West / Roby - Queens - Cheetham Hill
« by ISTS2005 on Yesterday at 10:31:52 pm »

Cost, hour - £75 B2B.

Comms, were easy enough, managed to arrange at relatively short notice, directions and postcode given.

Location, well known gaff just near Manchester Fort. Emblazoned with adverts in the window so not discrete. Left waiting n the reception (alone) for at least five minutes after being let in by Eva. Saw the french blond girl (Chloe?) who seemed very flirty too.

Lady, Roby is a good looking girl with a great body and perky tits. Very smily and flirty.

Service, this is where I felt a bit let down and why its a High Neutral. The initial massage seemed rushed, there was some reachunders, CC swipes etc as expected, but the B2B on the turnover seemed rushed. My own limitations in not cumming might have helped with this but I did feel like it was a rush to get me over the line to get me out and get ready for the next client.

Conclusion, good fun and felt safe. Her knickers remained on throughout. Really enjoyed her body but it just felt rushed.

Revisit, possibly but I'd want assurances that I would get full time. I paid £75 for what was probably 40 minutes, perhaps even 35.

ISTS Verdict, poor timing, felt short-chnaged and a bit rushed, but what I did have I really enjoyed so its a tough one. If I went again, with the expectation that I'm paying £75 for just over half-hour, I dont know whether I would talk myself out of it. No point thinking I'd get an hour as per other reviewers who feel short-timed lately. In the end I would have to say HIGH NEUTRAL

(I found that negative - neutral - positive can be a bit limited, so if I make an additional reference to this like above then I'm going for, in order the following - Mega-Nega, Negative, Slight Negative, Poor Neutral, Neutral, High Neutral, Slight Positive, Positive, Super Positive).

Wales / Camille - Portfolio (Cardiff)
« by h34 on Yesterday at 10:31:50 pm »
Camille - Portfolio (Cardiff)

Cost : £150 for a 1 hour booking.

Location : Incall at Mermaid Quay.

Booking Process :

The usual booking process which is a bit hit and miss.  To be fair they seemed busier than usual and kept me updated. 

Previous Reviews (TOFTT) :

I couldn't decide who to see next; suddenly had a few on my list including Eva, Lilly, Katerina, and Casey.  I very nearly went for Casey as I'd seen a previous review.  But feeling daring again, I went for an unknown.  So like my last few reviews, I'm also classifying this one as 'TOFTT'  :P   (You're welcome… Again).  Honestly, it was never my intention to see so many Portfolio ladies, but their website is quite glossy and lures you in, so it's something I've now found myself accidentally doing!

The Meet :


There you go, I could just end the review there, because my jaw dropped upon seeing her and didn't undrop by the time I left.

But ok, I'll carry on...

Lovely greeting on arrival, hug, drink offered.  Very friendly.  She was wearing what I'd asked for (the white 'dress' in her pictures).  I tried to remain cool, but I couldn't help just blurt out how stunning she was.  She was cute, embarrassed and giggled.

Website says size 8-10 and I'd say that was accurate.  I asked how old she was - in my hazed state, I think she said 28, which in any case matches the website.  Looks 10/10.

I asked if there was anything she particularly liked/disliked doing, she said not really, and that she was quite vanilla.  It’s her first week, so I think a little nervous.

We kissed for a while - lovely proper kissing.  She went to take the dress off but I said to keep it on for a while.  So I went down on her (via her boobs - which are on the small side but ever so perfectly formed).  Had trouble finding her clit, but think I hit bullseye pretty soon given the moans.  Some gentle fingering, continued licking and nipple playing with my other hand until she soon orgasmed.

In my hazed state I would occasionally remind her how stunning she was; she said it was a makeup facade - but I didn’t care.  I also told her not to understate herself as she was by no means vanilla.

The dress came off and next it was my turn.  More kissing, then OWO.  More of a girlfriend style than pornstar style.  No gagging.  Quite a fast technique, but again, not a pornstar technique.  So it depends what you want.  I sometimes find OWO uncomfortable, especially when it’s hard and rough, but her technique seemed to absolutely agree with me.  She checked a few times if it’s what I liked, so I was able to ask her to slow down etc.  So perfect for what I wanted and my preferences.

She then rode me and OMFG was it a gorgeous sight, slender skin, perfect small perky breasts, gorgeous face and long hair.  Can’t remember the last time I did cowgirl (probably when I saw Raven - definitely not Lena or Eryn), so it was great - again she checked in with me about the speed, pace, etc.

Next into doggy style which went on for quite a while and she seemed very receptive.  I then suggested missionary but lost my erection a little bit (not completely unheard of with me), but we just kissed our way through it until it got excited again (different technique to Eryn who said “It isn’t me, is it?”, which of course is the last thing a guy wants to hear and just adds to the pressure).

Then she asked me outright where did I want to come, so I suggested her mouth.  More truly excellent OWO until I climaxed.  I could hear it sloshing around so knew it wasn’t a swallow - so I wasn’t surprised when she then quickly went to the bathroom.

Again, it’s been a while since I’ve opted for CIM versus in the bag, so I was quite surprised she didn’t swallow (as that’s what I’ve been used to in the past).  Open question - how many SPs do spit versus swallow?

Some more chatting - but brief as time was getting on, then I opted for a very quick shower and left.

Conclusion :

Ever so lovely girl and so pretty so what’s not to like.  Suspect when she said ‘vanilla’ perhaps she meant she wouldn’t be into the harder stuff like face fucking - but I could be wrong, just a hunch.  I prefer the GFE approach anyway, so right up my street.  Definitely would see again but also wondering (again) who to see next.

The portfolio face blurring is annoying.  I was looking at maybe Chanel next, but between the blurs, not sure if I’d fancy her.  But difficult to tell from the limited pictures.

West Midlands / EmilyHendrix - Solihull
« by Tommyvance on Yesterday at 10:23:54 pm »

saw her a couple of months ago. Paid £150 for the hour.

Comms:  Via text, on the morning of the day, when her availability was showing. Pleasant quick responses, arranged mid afternoon meet, when she has checked in- was the first of the day.

venue: hotel/spa in Solihull , room had large double bed, fit for purpose.  She did have some anxiety over the venue.  Apparently you can book for the day, assume that service really intended for conference users.

Emily as per  AW profile pictures.  Facially and bodywise great, maybe a bit more muscular than profile suggests (where she seems more slender).

the meet Got to venue, told to wait, then eventually got a call- delay about 10 mins which is always frustrating,    texted room number, straight up and greeted, she was behind the door.  Delay was due to her having trouble with hotel staff which was slightly worrying, but sounded genuine.  After handing over the cash, a bit of small talk, then into action.  No kissing, so exchanged massages to get physically acquainted then oral on me, OWO, pretty good, mainly the tip, varied speed, hit the right spot when she went slow. Quick break for a chat, then onto to oral her, clean and fresh, no perfumes, natural tasting, very responsive.  Then on with condom, sex in missionary,  legs round shoulders, came in latter position.  Pulled out, on my back Out, and got a kiss!  She doesn’t do kissing, didn’t want to push it, but I think she may do this if she fancies you physically, or at least isn’t Quasimodo.  Don’t quote me on that though.  Cleaned up and freshen up.

Chat as I was getting dressed, and on my way.

veridct  positive, fit woman, nice personality, got into it.   slight anxiety about venue, but that disappeared after we started, would return.

Booked last minute a couple of days ago to see Angel_baby.

She is based in a flat above some shops near the big Sainsburys at North Cheam.

Turned up and met by Angel who ushered me into a room where there was another girl waiting.

B&S I thought, but not quite.

Angel took the £140 for the hour, and asked if I would be interested in a threesome. I asked how much? She said £280 to which I said too much! She said ok £240 to which my dick replied ok!

A threesome had been on my bucket-list, so it had to be done.

This is where it went downhill.

Angel was really keen to make me come quickly. Neither interacted with each other, rather they chatted in Cantonese (or other Chinese language) with each other as if they were cooking or knitting or whatever apart from paying my manhood full attention. They moaned alot and were very loud with it. Oooh baby I'm coming etc etc

Angel's boobs looked as if she had implants removed at some time, the other was ok

I received covered oral from both and fucked both, but not real pleasure.

At one point Angel put some porn on her phone to try and make me come quickly.

After I came, they gave me a massage, but both were still chatting away.

No shower was offered and non taken.

She said I was lucky as this was a one off

Would I go again?


The only positive is that I managed a threesome (of sorts).

After my experience in Antalya, this was a real let down.

Yes £240 was way too much to pay, but when the other head gets in charge......!

I'd be happier seeing one of the Osterly girls

Quite recent, on a cold and chilly night. or

Cost, half hour - £60.

Comms, were easy enough, managed to arrange at relatively short notice, directions and postcode given and parking advised.

Location, was a flat in blackley walking distance from Gardeners Arms pub Moston / Blackley area.  I have visited these flats before a long time ago, was met by Layla and taken inside. The flat was was not too clean and could do with a good hoovering and a change of bedding too. Think I could smell smoke aswell.

Lady, she is probably around the right age as AW suggests (36). Friendly and enthusiastic, had some quite droopy tits though that didnt live up to the ones I expected from her pics at the time (with nice cleavage on show).

Service, I wouldnt say it was rushed but I never thought I would be seeing the full half hour. Her OWO was very good, lots of spitting and slobbering with some decent DT. A couple of protected positions and then came on her tits.

Conclusion, shes very chatty but I felt like a slower pace would have made it feel less rushed. Think I was in and out in just over 20-25 mins.

Revisit, yes I possibly would but probably just for the OWO which contrary to another reviewer, I found very good and she did exactly as I asked for how I like it.

ISTS Verdict, decent VFM, NEUTRAL.

(I found that negative - neutral - positive can be a bit limited, so if I make an additional reference to this like above then I'm going for, in order the following - Mega-Nega, Negative, Slight Negative, Poor Neutral, Neutral, High Neutral, Slight Positive, Positive, Super Positive).

Scotland / Aya - Vivastreet - Aberdeen
« by astra2100u on Yesterday at 10:20:33 pm »
Contacted Aya on Wed 
A simple £40/15 mins was all i really needed
Def not the girl in the ad ,but then I already knew that.
Shes in the well know block of high rise flats off top end of Union street.
Comms straight forward : By text giving address .No probles with entry
Handed over readies and down to biz
Happy hat on straight away  whilst only equipped with a semi but a decent enough OW to get things moving.After a few mins it was me that wanted to hide the sausauge.I asked for doggy and off we went.Probaly only on the job for about 5 mins when looking at her really beutiful bum I shot my load.
All pretty vanilla ,but to be honest I was prertty horny and just wanted to empty the sacks ASAP.
Aya is <30 years old .prob around 27 .She is a decent looking girl with a lovely trim figure. Def not fat or anything like it She dosent have much in the way of tits (maybe a small B cup) But man what a fantasic bum she has really pert .Oh and her pussy is well shaved .
After a friendly chat .She comes from Greece  and is in the same flat i visited her buddy Carla sometime back last year.
Was probably out bang on time .....overall a neautral but given the dross going around ABZ just now she deserves her positive

Yorkshire & the Humber / Narlee Thai
« by sonic999 on Yesterday at 10:06:43 pm »
 Late ish review, Visited here last weekend, booked by txt message, upon arriving was let in by the male massuse ( Shit spelling I know) Seemed like a Thai version of John Inman! Anyway had to wait about ten minutes for previous customer to leave, No discreate hiding as in some places, Open reception where we pass each other. Anyway was in first room directly behind reception, Stripped and laid down on front, Lady doing massage started to apply hot oil straight away to top of thigh with almost immediate brush against sack, Though it was possibly accidental as she was just starting, But after few seconds she went for a lot higher up and to shaft of cock, Pretty obvious that it was going to turn out as required. Plenty more oil ensured on both legs then onto back and arms, On turn over just over half way through Around 35 minutes started on stomach and tops of thighs which had the desired affect and was soon standing to attention, She made of of happy ending and would cost £60 total, I countered with £55, £35 which is massage price and £20 tip for her, Accepted and the fun commenced not the best hand job I have had but was good enough to clean the old pipes out, Would go again. Paid after the event for massage and ending, I did offer massage money as soon as walked into room at start but she said pay after.

First time post so please go easy as I am not a regular punter but happy to give a review that helps others when I can. I do not see any other reviews.

Girl :Pretty, shapely, nice nature and a great attitude. Has tats and piercings. Pleasant to talk to.
Date: 26th May 22
Time:30 min delay in starting for a fair reason - gave me a bonus 30 min nap + chill in the room and then full 45 mins booked + given - none of the usual rush / overlap. Contrary to what others report - luck of the draw? Paid for 45 min only.
Location: Usual Annabella's central location near the shops

Action: Little Mr Woody suffers from age and BP meds - so: vLFK, RO, 69, DT, HJ and a quick go at penetration but Mr Wiggly was in the room! Massage at the end to relax. Must get some blue pills!

Overall : Attitude looks and clearly able to perform to more than my capabilities. Minuses were no fingers and the piercings got in the way during RO.

Would return to see her? Would be a yes but I know others on here may look for a more PSE experience which would be difficult for me to test.


catching up on reviews, saw her a month ago. Paid £170 for the hour.  Steep I know, but going rate seems to be creeping up by about £20.

Comms:  Via text, on the day, when her availability was showing. Pleasant quick responses (she hadn’t checked in so was free to communicate).  Arrange time early evening.

venue: hotel near train station, Nottingham, room had large double bed, fit for

kylie:  Basically I thought she was FAF, AW profile pictures, although filtered, a good representation.  Body amazing, face fairly natural although she had lip fillers.  These were well done so no excessive pout, one of the few where I think the fillers actually enhanced.

the meet paid 170 for the hour, steep I know but finding it harder to get what would be a likely good hour for much less, so took the risk.   texted room number, straight up and greeted at the door- no hiding.  She was waiting and so assume she was checking through the spy hole.  After handing over the cash, just put on the table. Bit of small talk, then into action, GFE, kissing, exchanged massages, more FK then oral on her, after examination of body on the way down. Nice stop ate the breasts.  I don’t think the noises she made were fake, nothing too over the top, just quiet sighs and moans.  Fingers and an orgasm from her, after a good 20 minutes.  Quick break for a chat, then onto to oral, OWO, which was superb.  Really varied, different positions, me on my knees, her on her side, readily taking in all in with a couple of gags, on my back, and 69.  Back to RO, with her on her front, got some rimming in, which surprised her but in a good way! Condom on,  penetration and doggy, finished in missionary, bloody knackered.

Chat as I was getting dressed and a little after that, no rush.  Got a bit about her life story, think this was genuine, then on my way.

veridct strong positive, because she is FAF, responsive and I think she is into the escorting. She’s well sorted, one of the few AW profiles that has an updated calendar, so planning ahead much easier, but my punts tend to be on the day.  Would return, but she’s upped to £200 H means it’s not going to happen too often.  45 mins might be better VFM

North West / Queen of Nuru - Salford
« by ISTS2005 on Yesterday at 09:42:10 pm »
Catching up on a few reviews from the last few months so bare with me. or

Cost, half hour - £50.

Comms, were easy enough, managed to arrange at relatively short notice, directions and postcode given and no ambiguity about what to expect on arrival ie services etc.

Location, was a flat in Salford, just off Liverpool St not far from the hospital. Outside was a bit grim looking but once I got into the flat it was clean and tidy enough albeit not luxurious by any measure.

Lady, she is probably around the right age as AW suggests (48). Quite tall, great set of tits, friendly and enthusiastic. Quite strong scouse accent.

Service, I was laid on the massage bed for a few minutes before being taken to the air bed that the main event is carried out on. Did seem a bit pointless using the massage bed to begin as it was literally two minutes but hey ho. Once on the air bed, it was as other have said, an unapologetic slippy 20 minutes or so of writhing around and some really interesting positions. Eventually came all over her tits to her pleasure.

Conclusion, good fun and felt safe, even though the area is a bit rough including the main block of flats. Also felt safe in performing the really slippy grinds and no risk of 'popping in' so to speak.

Revisit, yes I would and I have done since more than once (can only review Salford though, she does move about but only seen her there).

ISTS Verdict, Good VFM, seemed like she was equally into it, edged me for a while and was very pleasant throughout. POSITIVE.

(I found that negative - neutral - positive can be a bit limited, so if I make an additional reference to this like above then I'm going for, in order the following - Mega-Nega, Negative, Slight Negative, Poor Neutral, Neutral, High Neutral, Slight Positive, Positive, Super Positive).

Scotland / Anun xx (Thai) - TOFTT - Aberdeen
« by Bluenose247 on Yesterday at 09:22:04 pm »

TOFTT Met this Thai lady last week and paid £120 for an hour incall. She was located off the Hardgate, near the location of a well known Thai lady who use to work there.


Sent a text to see if was available and answered straight away. Arranged a meeting within the hour so off I went to the location.


Definitely the girl in the pictures, but slightly tanner. Answered behind the door in a robe. Money out of the way, disrobed and was wearing a lovely see through blue lingerie set. Face was pretty enough, I would say 8/10 and boobs are enhanced but nicely done. Very nice ass also. English very fluent.


Started off with a oily massage, it was actually really good. I think she is a trained traditional thai masseuse as it felt like I was getting one in Thailand. Turn over and she removed her bra and started playing with my cock. She then proceeded with OW and it was actually really good. Then we went on to 69 where her pussy tasted very clean and with my tongue I could feel that she was really tight. She was really wet by this point.

She then proceeded to get on top for CG where there was deep french kissing, and as the more she was on top her nipples got much more harder. She was so tight that i had to stop her. I got her to lie down and started giving RO. She seemed to enjoy this. There was no fake moaning but quite sensual like she meant it.

I then went on top for missionary and again there was a lot of DFK. Went like this for a while and we then went into doggie. The view of her arse was amazing in this position. I could see that she loved this and she was cumming as she was gripping her sheets and shaking a lot. I couldn't hold on any more and I came inside the bag straight after whilst she was still shaking.

Chilled and talked for a bit. She mentioned that she was leaving Aberdeen soon and going down to England. Left and looked at the time, i was just over an hour.


If I had the funds I would see her again but sadly until next time she is back in the Deen. I would recommend especially since there has been short of great ones in the Deen recently.

West Midlands / Annie - Acurelax - Shirley
« by Stevo212 on Yesterday at 09:14:58 pm »

2 punts last weekend and the weekend before.

Acurelax on Stratford road. I’d seen Annie say hello on a previous visit and said I’d come back to see her - she proved difficult to pin down for a booking I think she more of a manager that does a few massages through the day.

Comms - don’t bother texting just call either mobile or landline and they’ll answer - open from 10am until 11pm apparently. Called spoke to Annie and booked my time one hour ( no sauna this time ) . Easily. Parking is cheap and close by.

Annie - she’s probably mid 40’s maybe older , skinny , reddish hair , pretty , she’s quite loud speaks good English and chatty.

The session - arrived , shown to room paid 40£ for one hour stripped and lay down - Annie came in and slapped my bare ass and said nice bum bum which was totally funny - she went straight into applying oil and did a very nice relaxing massage on my back , neck , legs - I asked her skip my arms there’s no point it just wastes time. At around 20-25 mins turned over and she asked what I wanted body or HJ - So body /B2B for £40 agreed - she asked me to unzip her dress which I did and unclipped her bra - she slid off her panties and I lay down as she climbed on and gently let her boobs rub around my old man. She has a tight slim body nice b cups with medium responsive nipples. Little bit of trimmed bush.
I sucked her nipples and she did some grinding on my old man all very nice - not mechanical - asked her to lie down did a test wiff she smelled fresh and so I ate her out - then fingered her which she genuinely enjoyed. She got quite Juicy and noisy and she said she came ( but who knows ). She asked me lie down she got in 69 position and gave me an excellent hand job as I fingered her pussy.
After I came she helped me clean up and gave me a bit of a head massage until time was up.

Cleaned up - dressed and left said I’d definitely be back to see her. 80£ all in and decent punt that hit the spot for me. I don’t mind the older Chinese types who have experience and still have thier looks. 

2nd punt -

Went almost clock work identical - this time though  I arrived and she asked me to sit and have a chat around the back which we did - she gave me a drink and we sat and chatted had a couple of cigarettes and passed the time - I think if I hadn’t urged her we’d have been talking for ages , she’s a funny lady that likes to talk.

In the room I stripped and again a nice Massage for 20mins or so B2B with pussy eating and nipple sucking - I did ask if there was more than B2B on offer which she declined and called me naughty.
All in 80£ and good experience.

London / Sonia - HOD - Victoria
« by rKinase on Yesterday at 09:12:38 pm »
Been a while since I gave HOD a visit but after I saw Sonia advertised, I thought I'd give her a shot. I initially called ahead and booked her for 6pm but when it came time for me to call and verify I was held up.
When I finally managed to call no one picked up the phone so tried 30mins later only to be told I hadn't verified in time and lost my slot! Really annoying but luckily got to rebook for lunchtime that day which in my book is a lot better.
With the way the swinging door system works at HOD, booking these girls earlier in the day definitely gives you a better experience.

Paid £120 for 45 mins. The girl is definitely her in the pics. though her skin tone is a tad darker than what you can see there. No matter, definitely better in the flesh than what is represented in the pictures. Attractive, slim body but not so much that there's nothing to grab onto. perky tits and an excellent bum (probably her best feature imo). I consider her one of the better girls that HOD have ever had in my experience, and there was a time pre COVID (and before HOD went shit) where I was HOD exclusive. I personally like my girls with little to no makeup and none of that fake eyelash shit. Thankfully she ticked that box.

I won't bore you with intricate details but we got down to it after a bit of small talk. She speaks English well and can hold a conversation. One negative is that she doesn't use tongues when kissing and whenever she does kiss it's with a closed mouth. This broke the sensation of a GFE for me. her OWO is okay, could do with more work.....she kinda sucked the shaft a bit the licks then sucked again, I would've have liked her to do more consistent sucking but was rushing because I was on my lunch break. We quickly moved into missionary where she made a funny comment about me 'not breaking her', Thinking back I realise now she's not the kind to be 'rammed hard' and actively tries to prevent it after that comment and the fact that for the first few thrusts she had her hand on my dick so I couldn't enter fully. She released her hand once she become comfortable however.

I came way to quickly for my fist pop then took to giving her RO. She has a no fingers policy and I noticed once again that she positioned her body so there was no hope of me even accidently getting a finger in there which I feel also prevented a GFE. Nice pussy to munch on though.

Then went for reverse cowgirl, missionary again and finished in prone bone. This is where I really got to enjoy her and left feeling satisfied overall. Great body, awesome arse and a nice personality. I do wish she would FK or at least kiss a lot more passionately but she's a great fuck so can't complain.

Will I return - Yes!

The location:
Nice clean apartment in the middle of Barnsley, parking nearby.

I think the photos on the website are a bit generous. Cindy is maybe size 10 and he age is about right. Apart from that she is hot, pretty, nice sized boobs and firm.

Loads of DFK to start, OWO, sex and CIM. Cindy is pretty happy to go along with whatever, great attitude and nice personality.

Overall really happy with Cindy. It's been a struggle to find anybody I'd pay a return visit to since covid hit and Cindy really delivered, Cindy ticks all the boxes for appearance, service, attitude, personality.



I booked Scarlett based on a  ouple of reviews here, although with the caveat that she's older than stated.

The flat is in the south of Barnsley. It's a bit off the beaten track. It's a bit basic but newish, looks a bit like they started to decorate and lost interest half way. Plenty of clean towels in the bathroom, definitely up for purpose in that respect.

Scarlett was hidden behind the door and when I saw her, jeez. I have never seen a girl take the piss so much on their age. If I were to put a number on it I'd say 55. She's slim, but not in a way I found attractive. She had these fake lashes that just looked scary. I always find it hard to walk when it's an agency cos you think you will use them again, I definitely learned my lesson. Tits were fake and pretty soft from the top, not so soft on the undersode.

On to the action and she gave a very good BJ. Lots of hand there but mostly hand + mouth not hands instead of. Deep at times, round my balls at times. Many years of practise I guess. I ended up finishing that way. After that I just really didn't feel like a second round, I just wasn't interested.

I'm going to go with Negative but really it could have gone any way. I didn't find her the least bit attractive and saying she is 30 is a huge pisstake and for that I will never use this agency again, and so for me it really didn't work. On the other hand she provided a good service as far as it went so I can see how this would have been green for others.

North West / Harlow - Roses Retreat - Prestwich
« by Dickled on Yesterday at 08:02:42 pm »

Before posting this, I had a look at other reviews, and honestly, it's difficult to add anything about Harlow that hasn't already been said.
She's a classy, statuesque looking lady, tall and upright, with, initially, what appears a very genteel manner, complemented by a well-bred sounding and mellifluous way of speaking.
If that implies a certain reserve and detachment,  nothing could be further from the truth. I found her very friendly, and very much concerned, it appears, with establishing a nice and harmonious atmosphere for me as a punter.
It was only a half hours booking and I wasn't really bothered about having sex, I just wanted an attractive lass to use her skills to arouse and pleasure my eager todger, and she did this wonderfully well, and with apparent great enthusiasm, which included lovely tactile petting and expert use of her mouth and tongue around my nether regions.
Top girl.
Cost was £45 half hour + £10 OWO.

South East / Oriental Massage - Guildford, Surrey
« by misterg on Yesterday at 07:37:47 pm »
AS I was on my travels and with an itch that needed scratching I turned to the alternative to the local tourist guides, Gum Tree and found this offering which doesn't appear to be reviewed so a bit of a TOFTT here
You will note the very firm warning at the bottom of the ad that "ABSOLUTELY NO SEXUAL SERVICES are offered , so please don't ask and thank you for your understanding."  Excellent.  Zero expectation other than £30 for half an hour should sort my back out or at least be an amusing diversion.
Texted, got the postcode, under the gaze of the cathedral in a less salubrious estate of houses under 10 minutes walk to the station.
Got there, texted for house number, replied in seconds, outside there are signs warning of CCTV and when I got in the room there was the CCTV monitor showing 2 cameras one outside and one in the hall.  :scare:
Anyway, the lady of the house showed me to what would have been the sitting room but it had a massage table, wardrobe and almost nothing else.  I was invited to disrobe whilst she disappeared.  No towel proffered for covering. Anyway I am busy watching the CCTV as another gentleman caller is taking his leave.
Another lady comes down the stairs and stands outside the door where I am, it's quite cute, she makes sure one last time that she is looking presentable.
Anyway Mai-li introduces herself and makes sure I am comfortable before hitching her barely there frock up so she can do her stuff.
All looking terribly promising but I assume nothing and hand over £30 for half an hour. 
Honestly the massage was excellent.  My back feels better for it.
You want more though don't you.
The turn comes after about 10 minutes and extras are offered, HE or naked HE
Agreed naked HE for £40
Anyway the clothes comes off.  By the way Mai-li tells me she is 30 but she doesn't look it. She looks about 23, fab body firm (real) boobs, pert ass and trimmed pussy.
I approve and so does the chap.
Anyway she clambers on top and lies with my cock between her legs wanking it whilst giving me full access to her (32b?) boobs.  A couple of moves later I've got access to the outside of her pussy.  No fingers inside but she's playing a great act with how much she's enjoying it, though you could hang your bowler hat on her nipples.  Excellent
She moved off to give me a superb oily two hand cock massage and before long it's game over, and she cleans me up very nicely.
A really excellent punt £30 +£40 for extras, highly recommended. Booked 30 minutes and left on 45.  No complaints!


15 min

She is a bait and switch, was expecting the bait and switch but only decided to see her after Hotdogboy’s had this to say about her:

Went for a quick 15 mins with her and she is hot. I’ll right a review up later but very pretty young fit and speaks good English.

Fired off a text and was surprised to see that she shares the same house as the infamous Nina, Elly & Ashley Rom/Russian group, although sadly now the great Ashley has sadly departed Leicester.

Girl - Opened the girl to an absolute gem wearing a  stunning little black dress, felt like i was picking her up to hit Leicester’s nightlife, the dress really showed off her figure and walking up the steps and peaking under the skirt already had me going. She said she was 24 which was about right, had a little bit of tan to glow her incredible body more. Blonde hair and was really chatty but in a nice way.

Meet - Onto the bed for some good decent OW, moved onto doggy and finished her in mish. Throughout she was really enthusiastic, she likes to take the lead and also keeps eye contact and great smile throughout.

Only slight neg, she offers more which I really would’ve liked but are quite pricey and if stacking everything up could turn out to be a very expensive punt. Even a 15 min punt with OWO & Kissing would equate to £90!  :unknown:

Overall:- One who I would recommend especially to newer or nervous punters, she’s got a great aura about her and does like to build a small rapport first which i can imagine will put even the least confident punter at ease

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