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Yorkshire & the Humber / Electra Flair massage
« by Chex41 on Today at 01:08:44 am »

Went to see Electra at Fairs in Dewsbury after reading a recent review .

Never been to Dewsbury probably won’t ever again , except for another round with Electra.

Not been to a parlour in years, but found easy enough even if the parking is shit .

Phoned to book her but as not been before wasn’t allowed,which is fair enough .
Anyway arrived mid afternoon and she was free straight away .

Quick shower and as I’m drying off Electra returns and straight into the best DFK I’ve had in years, my tongue Was down her throat in seconds , mouths eating each other ... great start .

Off came her lingerie ... good body, nice tits and good fleshy arse to grab and slap.... she is no gym bunny but that didn’t bother me ... as got the feeling she was going to be dirty as hell .... my god she was.

Onto the bed and my cock was in her mouth being sucked good and proper , saliva everywhere, sloppiest bj ever had . Informed her she can play with my arse hole and the next thing she is sticking her tongue up there and sucking my hole .... happy days .
Gave her arse a good fingering then her pussy and back to her arse .
All the time she is moaning and seemed to enjoy, unfortunately the old fella wasn’t obliging so settled for my arse being played with while I came in her mouth.
She took the lot and then had a great DFK session with my cum ... bloody amazing that .
Called me a saucy Fxxker for that so guessed she enjoyed it to .

Shower and paid up £60 for 1/2 hour with an insatiable sp
Happy days

Will I see her again ... very probably but might take a bluey as really want to shag get arse .

West Midlands / msparklane - Stourbridge
« by musername2827 on Today at 12:24:23 am »

£150 for 1 hour


This is probably the one area that wouldn’t be rated positive, can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days to get a response but MPL travels a lot so can be forgiven. Be prepared for no signal upon arrival although nearby pub has free WiFi if needed.


Absolutely massive house with a garden that would make some country homes blush. Parked in the aforementioned pub car park


Facially MPL is attractive, not model good looks but certainly good looking, however you don’t visit MPL for her face, it’s the 38G tits. She’s very similar to the pornstar Samantha 38G but a little bit slimmer. Fantastic arse too.

The Meeting

Meet happened just before lockdown on a very chilly Friday evening. Arrived around 10 minutes early but had no signal to tell MPL I was here, luckily my car was just in range of the free WiFi from the pub so alerted MPL that I was here who said she was ready and to pop up to the gate.

Entrance via the garden where MPL has a lot of dogs present. All very friendly but worth a note, made our way in from the dark and cold in to the kitchen where I got my first glimpse of what MPL was (or rather wasn’t) wearing. In a one piece body stocking and a fur robe which was swiftly despatched of. Have seen her a few times prior to this but you can never appreciate how huge her tits really are until you see her in the flesh. Was offered a drink and chose a tea to warm up ready for the action, whilst kettle was boiling she noticed me gawping at her humongous melons and put on a little show which had the old chap standing to attention instantly.

 Tea made she led me in to a living room set up with a log fire and a bed set up on the floor next to it. This isn’t just your usual mattress on the floor setup though the bed is bloody massive and incredibly comfy. She soon had me stripped and on to the bed with her where the fun could start. DFK is one of MPL’s specialties along with teasing you to an inch of your life, if you’re after someone to blow multiples loads over in short time she isn’t the one for you as she likes to edge you for the full time (as a one pop guy this works fine for me). Superb hand and mouth skills followed and was reciprocated with her tasting very nice and very vocal, if she likes something she will tell you to keep going. On with the bag and we fucked in missionary, cowgirl, doggy & spoons. MPL also has a party trick where she will use her pussy muscles to grab hold of your cock and it’s an incredible feeling, other girls have done this but I’ve never known a grip so strong as she had. Sensing I was close I took the bag off and she finished me over her tits in what can only be described as bliss. Checked the time after and we’d gone around 15 minutes over which she said was no problem so certainly not a clock watcher either.

Would certainly recommend visiting if you can get hold of her. If the weather is good she will take you out in the garden to fuck outside which is certainly an experience as you can see the passing traffic (you’re perfectly obscured though, although did once have a helicopter hover over which was good fun). First review so hope it’s okay.

West Midlands / Sports therapy Old Lode Lane (Laura)
« by seandana on Yesterday at 11:48:52 pm »
Location; Old Lode Lane in Sheldon quite enough street with plenty places to park next door to a hairdressers and a bus stop out side the door to the premises .

Fee; £40 for 30 minute massage and HE

Comms; fired off a text and was booked in for 20 minutes later.

Lady; Chinese Milf type, looking good in tight black top and tight black jeans.

Covid Precautions; Given hand gel and a temperature check before i strip off and pay and Laura wore a mask .

Action; I strip off and jump on the massage table and Laura starts the massage with some light strokes and then gets on with a good medium to strong massage (my choice) for about 20 minutes interspersed with some of her trade mark CC swipes and reach unders which got everything moving in the right direction . The next 15 minutes was me with my arse in the air and eventually up on all fours while Laura administered my HE ,she certainly hasn't lost her touch over lock down and not a rubber glove in sight (as reported in a previous review)

Conclusion; It looks like normal service has resumed with Laura , she did tell me she has a new girl starting next week . She was working on her own the day i went and i was her first customer of the day @1.30 in the afternoon .


£45 30mins Inc he

Easy booking to make, asked for Zara thanks to Wakefield's review. Found it easy enough but the roads are a bit stressful to negotiate round there. It's all a bit public with washy car men across the road and a takeaway next door attracting all sorts. You have to wait outside while they come down to open the door. Not for the more nervous types perhaps

Zara is pretty , small and possibly the most Thai looking person I've ever met. Closer to Indian than chinese. Nice and friendly, I liked her straight away. Only one other woman seemed present, much older, couldn't tell if she was working or not.

Went for the sensual massage, but it was still strong. £25. The room was very clean, though quite hot and lots of noise from outside. After a while some nice ball cupping told me more was on offer. I think we all knew that anyway.

Nice sensual he, with me grabbing her big bum (big, not fat) in her black leggings. Top was covered too . Good variety of stroking. Good follow through and sensual clean up. None of the extras that Wakefield seems to get, though I haven't got his season ticket.

She never asked for more cash which I found odd. Gave her another £20 else I'd have felt bad tbh. She accepted as if it was expected. Shower which was very welcome as I was hot and oily.

So, return ? Probably not tbh, I didn't like the venue.  Get me somewhere quieter and more relaxing. But to rate Zara as anything but a pos would be unfair.

As I left she let Wakefield out of the cupboard for his next go

Scotland / Naughty Sue 24 Edinburgh Tour
« by windowlicker on Yesterday at 10:54:07 pm »

Went to see her as part of her Edinburgh tour.

Booking made on the day by text. No problem at all.

I always arrive early to an appointment to ensure no issues with traffic or parking. As she was based just off Royal Mile there was not a huge amount of options. Got parked on Chambers Street and wandered down. She called me 10 minutes before the meeting to check I was still coming. I was already there and she asked for a few more minutes. Just after the appointed time I got some directions to a well hidden flat. When at the door I had to text again for the flat number. Se we are now a bit behind time.

Got up to 3rd floor flat and was let in with her doing the usual hiding behind the door trick. Let in and was pleased with what I saw. Fairly petite but very pretty lady probably a few years older than profile age. I was offered a shower and took one but probably didn't need to. Checked it would not come out of my time. Was conscious of other voices in flat and soon after heard someone leaving. A bit later there was another arrival and chatting right outside the door. Sue confirmed she was sharing the flat with gorgeous Vicky and they toured together for safety reasons.

Started with a massage which was okay while I lay on my front. Went on a bit long and not too inspiring. Improved when she got me to turn over and reversed to do extremely pleasant body slides. Her arse coming right up to my face.

I then enjoyed reverse oral which she seemed to enjoy too. She soon was using her fingers while I licked and made all the right noises.

Next was oral and was offered with or without. Went for without. It was good until she started to use her hands too much and i was at risk of popping too soon. She can suck though. There was some kissing but no tongues were involved.

She then got on board for some cowgirl which was good. Followed by doggy and I came in the bag. She is a very good looking girl and has a cracking arse so could not hold off any longer.

Paid £130 for the hour and will return if I can when they return. Would like to see Vicky too.

Probably a bit short on time too but was done and would not be able to go again.

North East / Elise of Amour (Newcastle)
« by Shitehawk on Yesterday at 10:52:32 pm »

Elise often works from a location in Jarrow I believe but this meeting took place in Newcastle city centre.
This was a one hour incall booking costing £110.
This is the first time I have seen Elise....spoiler won’t be the last!
I was taken by the pics on the Amour site and had wanted to see her before lockdown so I was seriously looking forward to this and I wasn’t disappointed.
As usual, excellent comms with Amour, clear instructions to find the flat and how to proceed on arrival regarding covid precautions.....nothing is foolproof in that regard but I was happy with the process....temp check, shower offered and accepted.
As I say, I’d been very impressed with Elise pics on the website and was even more impressed with her in the flesh.....she is equally as attractive and has a truly fantastic body.
She is also very down to earth and genuinely fun to spend time with.
The hour absolutely flew by and felt very no time did anything feel forced.....a true gfe in my view. Some lovely kissing (not quite DFK but really nice)....amazing OWO, RO which I think she enjoyed, then on with the condom for the amazing sight of her on top (my choice) then more oral (it was swelteringly hot on the day so energy was limited!) till I could hold back no longer and she took it all with gusto!
All in all I had a fabulous hour with a very sexy and very beautiful lady.
I hope that I get to visit her again very soon.

[Image hidden]

East Midlands / Meloy_Cox: Nottingham Outcall - TOFTT
« by papak on Yesterday at 10:34:51 pm »

I was a bit wary of making a booking with an SP without any reviews on UKP and little escorting feedback. But I've ventured more into the world of camming recently and have started to pick up an idea of how genuine a profile is based on their feedback. Melody has far more ratings for, phone chat than anything else, but also some camming and escort ratings. Still more escort ratings than a lot of the SPs who've been reviewed on UKP lately. So I thought it would be worth the risk.


This was great. I sent her an email on a day her green light was on for phone chat. Almost instant replies, which was a shock from the norm of waiting days for an email that will just say "No babe" or "Yes babe". I asked if she could do an outcall to my area for the next day and to my surprise she could. A few back and forth emails, numbers exchanged and the rest arranged through text.

Agreed to £150 for the hour. Confirmed FK, but no OWO. (I'm no longer too bothered about OWO, as I prefer giving my attention to women and by that point I'm sufficiently aroused that the rubber doesn't kill my wood before being given attention). RO but no fingers inside, she's happy to have her clit played with. More than happy even.

The Meet

The meet took place about a month ago. I felt sufficient easing had come into play, that while this is technically against the rules, I come into contact with so few people that this should be safe. Melody only sees one person per day as well, so much less contamination than other SPs who've been working for months. I've seen my neighbours have had friends round, so I figured I won't get any bother if they see.

Melody arrived at my place, a rare weekend free, wearing a nice figure hugging summer dress. She was on time and discrete, although I'd prefer her not to have said "nice to meet you", in case any neighbours could have potentially heard.

Looks wise, Melody is cute and pretty. She has more auburn hair colour than her pics, but her description in her bio matches this (old photos). 26 on profile, maybe a bit older but who's to say. She has something of a baby face, not ugly but not FAF. I guess this is what people describe as girl next door? Her body is nice and soft, slim but not toned. A cute bum and medium to small boobs. 5'5" on profile, I'd say that's bang on, maybe an inch taller? Size 10 is about right, but I'm no whizz on dress sizes.

The Action

On to the services paid for. I'm pretty vanilla, so no bother for me that A Levels, CIM, OWO are not provided. I would have liked fingering and maybe rimming on me, but I can always do that with someone else. This was a first punt since lockdown, so just an hour of intimacy is good for me. Melody doesn't have FK listed, but I asked before and she said yes provided good hygiene (who wouldn't). To my surprise it was much deeper. Melody initiated kissing and got quite into it. Plenty of tongue, not wet and sloppy, just the right amount. Like a first date kind of kiss.

Pulled off her dress and worked my mouth around her body, down her neck and onto her nipples. Nice, sensitive and responsive. Her hair is quite long and got a bit in the way at times. She straddled me and then I picked her up and laid her on the bed. I was quite surprised how easy this was, so she must be quite light or the gym has paid off despite not being able to go for months.

I navigated her body some more before peeling away her panties to reveal the tidiest pussy I'd seen in person. Pink, tight lips with an obvious clit. Heavenly. And a bit of well trimmed fur up top. Back to kissing, I like to tease the idea of pleasing a woman's pussy before actually giving it the attention it deserves.

Then a thought, FK wasn't listed but she provides it and then some. Maybe fingering is possible. I worked my fingers over to her clit and started to rub a little, "just on the outside, not on the inside". Understood.

More foreplay and she cums. Then onto oral. She clearly likes this, but it's also clear my tongue skills aren't enough, so back to fingers for another cum.

At this point I'm truly ready and on with the rubber and into missionary. Nice and tight and we fuck away. Then onto her side for a bit, then we're both on our sides and we're spoon fucking. This was really nice, really got to feel deep in her. I take a break and eat her ass and play with her clit. Then into doggy, prone and back to eating pussy.

Take a little break and she gives me head (covered of course) and then into cowgirl. Couldn't really get into a rhythm, she wanted to go fast but it just wasn't working. She mentioned I only had 5 mins left, so tried to take control a bit, but it's just not my position. Decided just to lie next to each other and wank into the condom. Not the greatest end, but still felt satisfying with everything else that happened.

Onto clean up and we chat more about politics, I walk her to the door and we say goodbye. Total time about an hour and 10/20 mins I think. So despite clock checking near the end, not too tight on time.


If you're OK with outcalls and a vanilla GFE, she's well worth the time.


£150 ph, vanilla(ish) GFE, easy to talk to.

Services: OW, RO, FK (deepish), Rimming, sex in multiple positions, light fingering.

North East / darcyday2587 - Middlesbrough
« by Lamnguin on Yesterday at 10:32:23 pm » or

£130 for (rather less than) 60 mins

Should have dodged this one but thinking with the lower brain and carrying a heavy load post-lockdown...


Made the booking for a morning a few days in advance via AW messaging. All OK, confirmed the day before as requested, but no details of the venue given. Next morning still nothing. Messaged her asking for details, got the reply "Do you still want the booking?" Apparently she'd been on the piss the night before so had to put it back. Still no details. Checked an hour or so before the new booking time to be put back again. This happened twice more, and this is where I should have bailed. Mid-afternoon was finally confirmed and she eventually sent me the details with 10 minutes to spare at which point I found that it would be a 20 minute journey. Informed her of this, said I would be a bit late. Apparently OK. Basically she messed me around for half the day.


A dismal tower block in East Middlesbrough. There was no carpet on the floor or wallpaper on the walls of the flat, it smelled of smoke and it later become clear that there was at least one other person in there.


She is definitely the girl in her photos, and I think her age is accurate. However I don't think the photos are recent- 5-10 years old I would estimate. She is a tall slim blonde, medium natural breasts as she says but I didn't get an especially good look at them. Facially OK though I didn't really fancy her. I had had a look at her PG and requested that she dressed as she was in one of the photos- no, she was in grey joggers, most unsexy.

The meet

Gave her the cash, which she disappeared to stash, she returned and stripped off the joggers to reveal lingerie. There was a plaster poking out from under her left bra cup- apparently she had an infection in a piercing there, so I couldn't touch her left boob. She spent the rest of the meet with her bra on, eventually with the right one poking over the top. Oh, and she had a tooth abcess so kissing was off the menu as well, and she moaned and winced when she went to suck my cock.

So, she played with my cock until I got hard, while I fondled those bits of her which I could, then she went down for the aforementioned oral which was quite brief. Then she disappeared out of the room for a bit. Then back and played with me again for a while, before I decided to go down for a bit of RO. She was clean and fresh in that region, and I progressed to fingering. After a while she said she had come, and I was the only person who had ever made her do that. Okay. Then sex in a couple of positions, but now 40 minutes in I had to hurry up because she had to be somewhere else and I'd been late, never mind the fact that the reason I was late was entirely down to her. Couldn't be arsed to argue as I didn't really want to be there anyway. Came into the condom, quick cleanup with baby wipes and back to the car which I was thankful to find was still there.


I should have bailed when I was being messed around about the times- that was enough warning about how the rest was going to go. It turned out there was a mix-up about her incall premises and she ended up using her mate's flat; I suspect the mate was still in there when I was there. I don't think she should have been taking bookings anyway given the fact that she had problems with her mouth and one boob- it hardly makes for a sexy time. If it hadn't been for this and the awful venue, and if she had made an effort, she could have been quite sexy- her photos look great even though I don't think they are recent. Definitely won't return to this one.

Scotland / Sonnya Petite - Glasgow
« by Neverthere on Yesterday at 09:57:50 pm »
Meeting took place in beginning of March with Sonnya. 1.5hrs@£220 or

Coms: initial email via AW then onto txt, booking made through AW. Very easy coms and quick replies, booking made.

Location: incall at Sonnya's place, don't know Glasgow area at all just given postcode, paid parking close by no issues, however I believe she has now moved location according to profile.

Physical: as per her gallery very accurate, gorgeous, petite IMHO.

Meeting: day of meeting quick txt to confirm, txt on arrival for door number. Door opens to be greeted with Sonnya in stunning yellow lingerie (same as gallery pic). So I know not for everyone, and my first time meeting a Romanian which I took a gamble on as reviews appeared to be good, not disappointed with appearance that's for sure.
Offered shower and took, returned to Sonnya and straight into FK, wee bit of fumbling and stripped onto bed. Next some owo, ro, on with bag and nice slow cowgirl with just enough of a grind , filled bag, Sonnya cleans up we have a wee chat (English not bad certainly held conversation) before she sparks interest for round 2. More owo,ro,69 on with the bag and sex in a few positions before finishing in bag in doggy. Quick wipe down, jumped in shower and on my way, bang on time(time never seemed an issue).

Summary: so I know not for everyone's taste, probably to vanilla for most but suits me just fine, probably more to do with my age though. So I know she posts shit loads of media and again given reviews on here for most roms(gamble) I was certainly surprised and ticked a few boxes for me.  Again not the cheapest but again I was a bit flush and she was definitely a itch I had to scratch.

Would probably meet again when I eventually return to punting, but as I'm seeing a lot more punting taking place I may return sooner than I thought I would so maybe try someone else first.

East England / Alysha Bunny2Squirt Peterborough
« by Barry chuckle on Yesterday at 09:56:17 pm »
Alysha bunny 2 squirt

1hr incall £100

service owo sex

Comms good, speaks good english over the phone & text

Time keeping
poor good 10 min wait before getting flat number

good clean air bnb apartment on road parking nearby

the girl
as per the photos but what you dont see is the life has long been drained out of her tits, very saggy

I was offered ow or owo took the without and was the subjected to a very thorough cock cleaning and she even gave it a sniff test before taking the plunge. luckily I passed as this was the best part of the meet, she was quite good to be fair but lasted only very briefly. moved onto the sex where she told me i had to do all the work as she shagged out from all the other punters that had been through her that day. she was totally disinterested and had sulky attitude & face like a slapped arse. Couldnt be fucked hard or barely at all for that matter so she moved onto wanking me off, thought I was doing well by keeping a hard on as she pulled at my cock with her miserable face, then she starts to moan she cant keep up the effort of wanking me off and was pissed off i hadnt cum yet. ended up finishing the job myself, got dressed & left

sum up
total shit. get the feeling she has a cheap hourly rate ( her half hour was £70) so you go for the hour then she rushes you through in 30 mins
see again NO

Scotland / Chaba Thai - Edinburgh
« by asdf1q2 on Yesterday at 09:31:03 pm »

Phone: +447934150708   

The profile looked very promising, and asked via SMS whether it really is the girl, which she confirmed. It is however not Chaba, but some operator as I was informed that I should discuss with Chaba whether CIM is extra...

Price: 70/30min for full service.
Location: close to Grassmarket, not too visible, but also not well hidden (in a side street which can be seen from the main street). There was a second person (I think I've heard a guy) in the living room watching TV quite loudly which also destroyed the mood.
Looks: the girl in the picture (with the usual photoshop etc). Facially she was looking a bit disproportional (maybe just a personal opinion). She wore braces which turned me quite off as well. But her body is banging. She was in Edinburgh before (met her maybe a year ago off some vivastreet massage advertisment). Size etc seem accurate, she has fake boobs which are nice. She's quite short, and has a tattoo on the top half of her back across the shoulders. Very soft and nice skin. She wears braces which if you don't already guess it, makes oral very awkward...

Service: this is where it gets negative. After I entered the door, I saw a very good looking thai lady with a great figure, however the service was horrible. After the money was handed over, she left the room, told me to undress, and came back after a bit. She then turned on some mainstream music, completely destroying the mood. Was quite horny and didn't want to make any fuss as it would've the service, but it wouldn't had mattered as the service was shit anyway.

Started with a massage which was pure shit. She clearly seemed to try to pass the 30min with just massage. The massage was light, not erotic at all, and just a waste of time. I got quite annoyed after around 5-10min and said I'm ready to turn. When I was starting to hug her, she reluctantly came closer, but would turn her head away all the time. No kissing at all, let alone DFK as advertised.

Then asked for some 69 which she agreed to. Oral was without, but she spent at least 2min cleaning my dick with wet wipes. Could barely feel a thing though (I suspect she was careful because of her braces), and she'd stop every few seconds and continue with a hand job while I was licking her. She wanked me quite hard clearly trying to make me cum asap... At some point her wanking annoyed me more than it was pleasurable, and I suggested sex in missionary. Fucked her a bit with her being almost emotionless to even mildly disgusted/uncomfortable with weird facial mimics and turning her head away all the time. Needless to say it was a super turn off. Suggested to fuck her from behind that I don't have to see it, which was nice. She had to lube up as she was not wet at all. Had troubles finishing as there was no initiative or sensual in the service at all. Suggested cow girl which she agreed. Felt like shit too, and she rode me hard (not in a good way) in the hopes I'd come. She'd even sigh and sound annoyed that I wouldn't come. Suggested to finish from behind, which I did.

All in all an absolute shit service with girl of horrible attitude. After exiting, I was wondering if she'd be force to do this which made me feel quite bad. Not the same shitty attitude I'm used from EE's, but just the attitude of a girl who clearly doesn't enjoy the job.

Definitely avoid!

East England / JuicyBritishPeach1 Peterborough
« by Barry chuckle on Yesterday at 09:17:26 pm »
juicy british peach

1hr incall £120

Service, owo , sex , massage, filming

good, contact made by phone final details sent by text

time keeping,
ok short wait before getting flat number

modern apartment on Oundle road, clean & tidy. I got away with parking within the apartment grounds but is residents only. also there are several buildings in the complex & finding the right one took a minute as not clearly numbered

definitely her in the photos but looks more 44 than 34, still good though

Clothes off, im already hard and shes straight onto her knees giving me a sloppy blowie. This is kind of her party piece and she is very good at it, using loads of spit, dribble and tongue over my cock. Was sucked off in a variety of positions and this made up quite a bit of the session so if you're big into your oral she's worth a look, also she's more than happy for you to take short video clips of it on your phone. bag on and into the shagging,
cowgirl and dooggy able to take a good pounding. Finished off pulling out & whipping the jonny off as she spun around and cum in her mouth. Had a bit time left and she was happy to give a massage to see it out. Nothing bad about any of her service but I like a fair bit of fk, reverse oral, fingering ect and to be fair they're not on her likes list, which I missed but the profile mentions foreplay which I thought would include some of that.

Sum up
Good at what she did but just did'nt set my pants on fire
Recommend if you like lots oral
see again probably not so the Neutral

[Image hidden]


There are no pictures of Lisa on the site. The description stating she had HH tits got my attention. I called & was able to make a booking for a few hours later.

She is tanned, blonde & a size 14/16. Very big boobs & ok facially. I'd put her at early forties.

She gave me a quick rub down & then started OW. No OWO offered. She told me at the end of the punt that she doesn't specialize. The OW was ok & quite deep but it doesn't do much for me covered. I then fucked her Mish & Doggy. Highlight was watching Doggy in the big mirror with her encouraging me to make her tits bounce. It was a hot day & was tiring so she finished me with a HJ over her boobs.

A decent enough punt for the price with an enthusiastic girl. I wouldn't see her again due to the lack of services .

She told me she works at Barons Preston night shift at Weekends.

I paid £45

London / Amancia, Earls Court - Diva Escort
« by James on Yesterday at 08:30:09 pm »
Wanted to see a russian honey since lockdown ended, Few weeks ago didn't want to get on a tube in the heat, Today was cooler so decided last minute to call. No talent on AW that took my fancy, IE hot stunning girls. Also fed up of walking in and seeing an average girl. So Choose Diva due to being able to see their faces. Standard Comms really, Quite good,

The Place - By some shops the flat is, not as discreet as ones further down the road, right outside earls court station. People were around in cars and
pavement as i pressed button, she buzzed me in straight away. A few stairs up and she opened door before i got in to knock.

The girl is like her pics, Slim, attractive, wearing nice lingerie. Makeup on and smelt fresh. I gave her my gift and shower was offered, Shower was hot as in the room, was sweating, but that was cured due to a nice cold one.

Went to the room and started our fun, Now kissing but wasnt DFK style that i was expecting. And was brief, then she kissed my neck, and we moved to the bed. A bit more brief kissing and body fondling. Neck kissing and then she pulls a condom out. Gives oral with condom and then sex. Went for  missionary first and cumed.

Shower time, lay around, Hard to chat to her limited english. Then went for it again, Oral with again, brief kissing and prone bone. Finished 40 mins in. She gave a massage after to make up the left over time. I decided to leave and shower 10 mins before, wasnt feeling any passion and i had a suggar baby to attend to.   

Neutral because there was a lack of passion in kissing, oral and sex. Usually im used to these russian girls proper giving passion. Compared to my last weeks passion with another punt this was lacking.

This may be my last review, met a potential sugar baby, had the chemistry, we were actually snogging and a meet arranged for next week possibly.

I will be back to DIVA if travolgla comes back. the sex with her was amazing.
Im finding post covid escort sex isnt as enjoyable to. Need something more.
Or a break again

North West / Chok Dee Manchester
« by sandy2000 on Yesterday at 08:04:28 pm »

£60 for 30 mins FS

I've debated how to rate this punt but have gone with the neutral as it could have been better but some of that was down to me so feel it's unfair to go with a negative.


Just on outskirts of Cheetham Hill round corner from Manchester arena. It's big house on a dead end street with offices and other business in the same row.


Not 100 % sure of the ladies name but may have been Annie. Rang bell, shown in after agreeing 30 mins straight upstairs to room with shower and bed so it's obvious it's not a spa, it's a brothel.
Agree £60 without confirming what that's for exactly but having read reviews on here, I knew FS was on offer.
Started out with a massage and the lady just kept telling me to keep my head down. I did as I was told but could hear her stripping off, she then climbed on my back for a decent B2B
After just few mins, she asked me to turn over then I saw what was on offer. Decent body with coat peg nipples a decent handful which started with more B2B then she took my cock between her tits for a really decent Titwank.
This was my first punt since January and I've no civvie so the kettle was boiling for the want of a better word. Wanting to shag her I asked her to stop the teasing to which she got a rubber, bagged me up and climbed on for Some enthusiastic  CG.
I knew I was gonna pop soon and I wanted Doggy so we swopped into which I filled the bag after a few pumps
Then for clean up and I expected at least a bit more of a massage as it had been about only 10 mins but the clothes started going on and I knew my time was up prematurely.


I've gone with neutral due to the fact I felt pushed out after I'd popped. I would expect that at say, Selecta where it's £35 for 30 mins not £60 for the same here.
Ok, it's my fault for popping too soon and the lady was a really nice and experienced SP but feeling pushed out after 12 mins leads to the negative.

East Midlands / EnglishEmilyEvans ~ Leicester (I walked)
« by sanjman on Yesterday at 07:52:10 pm » or

I should know better that any ‘english’ wg available to see you after midnight and sounds a bit spaced out over the phone is a clear red flag.

On entering the flat, the place reeked of weed and Emily was carry a lot more timeber than her slim toned pictures suggested.  Also not as facially attractive as I would have hoped in order to pay £80 for 30 min for (what I consider) limited services.

So I made my excuses and walked.  I doubt she would even remember I was there...

North East / Brooklyn, Premium - Gateshead
« by CaptBeef on Yesterday at 07:35:04 pm »

Nearly forgot about this one......was my last punt before lockdown in March but it should still be within 6 months.

Booking - no bother as usual through Premium. Agreed 30 mins for £60. Text on the day to confirm directions.

Venue - terraced house on a long bank in East part of Gateshead. Can park on street but I preferred a side street a short walk away. On the day there were a few neighbours hanging about a couple of doors up but I’m not from there so I wasn’t bothered. Quite exposed though on a main-ish road and looks like a bus route too.

Meet - knocked on the door spot on time and was answered quickly. First impressions of Brooklyn was she was fairly attractive, but just not my type really - quite a lot of make up and just not as ‘fit’ as she looked in pics. Paid my vouchers and jumped quickly in the shower. Service was ok - had OWO,69, mish and doggy but my mind wasn’t switched on and it was all a bit perfunctory. The little fella lost interest a bit and wasn’t helped by Brooklyn reminding me ‘you’ve only got a few min if you want to cum’ ! So I took things in hand and made the most of my remaining time, as I got close she took me in her mouth and swallowed the lot.

I’ve given a neutral as she was a canny lass, a decent punt but just a bit run of the mill and I think we were both having an off day, my fault as much as hers. Probably won’t return......

East Midlands / Tolly (???) Leicester
« by sanjman on Yesterday at 07:30:23 pm »

I am 99% sure I have seen Tolly before (within the last year) but the girl I visited recently was 99% not the same person.  While pictures are photoshoped, there wasn’t little resemblance between the two.  I asked if she recognised me and she didn’t but confirmed she was tolly.

Anyway £30 for 15mins, standard quicklie. English and chat was okay, girl herself was average looking and straight down to business of covered bj and cowgirl.

Neutral because I’m sure this was b&s

North West / Guilia off Vivastreet Liverpool
« by leo_26 on Yesterday at 05:32:07 pm »

Paid £40 for 15 minutes to see this beauty

Called her to arrange she lived very close to me which was convenient, she doesn't live too far from the Sainsburys near Walton Vale.

Its 100% the girl in the photos she is absolutely gorgeous even better in person.

Service was very vanilla, it was basically a quick pump and dump with a beautiful young girl Ow, no kissing or eye contact during sex felt abit mechanical but the sex was good she let me get my dick reasonably deep in her with a few genuine moans throughout the sex. She speaks good english for a romanian and was never rude or a clock watcher and laughed abit at my jokes and giggled when i bumped my head slightly on the ceiling on the way out (didnt hit it hard at all)  :lol:

My first vivastreet punt too! So if your after a quick pump and dump with a stunner and not too bothered about lots of services  id highly recommend

Scotland / Gorgeous Vicky Edinburgh tour
« by Dukey on Yesterday at 05:19:56 pm »

Really needed to break the lockdown lull.
I had seen this profile on AW and cross checked on here. She really looked like she would tick a lot of the boxes I was looking for so decided to go for it.
Meeting arranged initially through AW email to set day and time in advance and then by text nearer the time and on the day of the meet. Great directions from Vicky to both find and access building

Property is an Air B&B in a Street (or Close) between High Street (Royal Mile) and Canongate. 3rd floor via lift.
Decent enough bathroom but fun room was tiny and could fit a double bed and not much else. Vicky shared the flat with another SP.

Vicky is a very attractive girl. Height and body as per profile with a fantastic little pair of tits. Maybe nearer 30 than 25 but a good looking girl.
I was really happy with what stood in front of me in classic black underwear with stockings and suspenders. She looked fantastic.
Then proceeded the most intense hour I have had in a long time. This girl really is insatiable. DFK (loads of it)
OWO, deep throat, gagging, fingering, sex in CG and mish.
 I seen a review saying she doesnt stop and I have ro agree. She is on a par with Bonnie Scotland (for anyone who has seen her).
No clock watching, shower before and after and she really looks after you from first minute to last.
I had to sit on a bollard in the High Street to get some breath back after I left. I was totaly fucked.
Probably the best £140 I've spent in a while.

North East / Sasha geordie lass
« by Davey677 on Yesterday at 05:11:11 pm »
So after leaving oliviaR without popping my load I found myself still horny as hell so had a look on AW to see if any green lights were on near the city centre and found Sasha. Quick text fired off and I was on my way to her apartment, 30 mins for £60.

Arrived and parked up and was given apartment number. Buzzed and let straight in. Now this is where I really considered walking as she’s definitely not the 34 years old stated, closer to 50 I’d say, however pleasant enough looking wise for her age and after not popping my lot with Olivia, was determined to sow my seed somewhere!

Into the bedroom and she’s not massively keen on kissing I would say so she started off with some owo. Decent technique albeit a little toothy for me. Returned the favour and she was clean and fresh before on with the Mac and into mish. This is where it was all ruined for me really, the second my cock was in the moans and screams of how good I am and how much she’s cumming was just way over the top, and very off putting in my opinion, so much so the little fella started to lose it a second time on me! It was just too much, no one on the planet could be as good as she makes out! So after losing wood again I asked if we could go back to oral which she obliged no problem however I was never gonna cum in a million year with those teeth scraping down my shaft so asked if she would just wank me off into her mouth, only to be told she doesn’t do cim! Why the fuck put it on your profile then! Anyway finished with a hand job and off I went. Not great at all really

TS REVIEW - Look away now if this isn’t for you.

She advertises on AW Using this profile -

It’s not her, but this is -

Location - Apartments near Station

Price - £90 for 30 mins (got a £30 refund) So £60 all in.

The Girl - Nice enough, friendly but not the person in the AW photos and the BP pics have been touched up heavily too.

The meet - Did my day at work and had a little look online for something to do afterwards. If I’m honest I was seduced by the price and thought based on the pics I could TOFTT.

Comms were easy enough, all sorted over text, got to the apartment and things went a bit off the rail from there. She’s not massively into being fucked but unfortunately neither am I so she went down on me for 5 mins and then started to wank me quite vigorously.

I asked if we could slow things down which she did, alternating between very light OWO and jerking me off before saying was I ready for a condom. I asked again what the top/bottom situation would be and she asked me to wait a moment and then left the room for 5 mins.

As I was wondering what was happening  she said her friend in the next room liked being fucked and did I want to meet her instead?

I figured why not? The horn had taken control at that point.

In comes another girl, I don’t have an AW link for her but defo more TV than TS still pretty though. She asked me what I liked, confirmed she liked being fucked and went about sucking me off, I had about 10 mins left on my time at this point so she had let’s get a condom on.

Turns out they had totally ran out of condoms so we couldn’t fuck. I was offered to come back for free later but I said why not do a 70/30 split and give me some money back.

The second girl went and checked with the first girl if that was ok? The first girl came back in, apologised and said I could have some of my money back.

I agreed, got dressed and wished them both well.

Ultimately it’s a negative because it was a bait and switch and I didn’t get any sex but to be fair to them, they gave me some money back.

Hope this helps anyone else.

« by CrazyforCIM on Yesterday at 04:55:02 pm »
Comms: through text, her english is bad.

Punctuality: When I was next to the post code I texted and she gave me the house number. I found the house straight away. Was let in by  Jenifer in person.

Cost: £50pound/30mins . Would be a really good  VFM if she provides  a good service. Anyway  reasonable good looking girl, 5.2 tall, gipsy face  with average body and nice  tits .

: 10 minutes walk from Leyton station.

The girl: Facially I would say she is average, dark skin and nice smile  The profile say that she is 23 but she told she is 30. I would rate her face 6/10. Body wise she is 6/10.

Services: OW, sex in different position.

Personality: not  friendly, smiles sometimes but not a lot , lazy, very very lazy person.

The meet: I soon as I was in the room I've asked her to confirm services, OWO and CIM but she said bleah I don' t do OWO, forget about CIM. To be honest I should have walked but I don't know why I didn't.  After that she  started  with a reasonable  nice  OW  lasted for  10 min until I did stop her . Then we move to sex, only two position because the lazy cunt said that she doesn't like to be on top, she said is only half and hour so mish and doggy are enough. Sex was rubbish, she doesn't even know the meaning of sex lazy cunt, she was completely uninterested. After that I've lost interest and I've decide to leave. When I said I'm leaving she started to say why you  are leaving, you still got time left and after this I've started to laugh. Guys I'm young and in good shape so If she has done this to me If you are old and fat expect an horrendous service.

So this girl is absolutely rubbish, she doesn't provide any service but still advertise OWO and Cim extra 10 pound and FRENCH KISSING AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. She is just rubbish, a stupid cunt.
Don't go to see her, she doesn't deserve a single penny.
I had so many good and super good punt , but this is the second time after many punt that I've found a completely idiot.


Catching up on some reviews. This was pre Covid lockdown. Memory is a little sketchy so it’s a short review.

Pre-amble: I looked on Siam site and a lady was there I had not seen before so I called. The pictures were of a fairly young Julie so I opted to go and chance it. (No reviews here I don’t think)

Comms: Phoned and immediate reply. Arranged for a 30 minute session within 1 hours notice. £60 for 30 min. (Slight price rise but still GVFM)

Location: Nice area, very safe and secure. Plenty of parking right outside or in local residential roads.

The Girl: deffo the girl in the photos however the photos were very old and Julie looked much older. Age was really difficult to tell, I would guess 40 + ish. I notice the pictures are now updated with recent pictures so you now know what to expect. I must admit I was a little surprised at the difference but hey ho. Julie had a nice personality and was heavily made up and still attractive in a milf way so I thought WTF and went for it.

Service: Offered a massage but I declined preferring to start straight away.

I don’t remember much about the rest except to say Julie was a fantastic shag. She literally took control and fucked my brains out. I am not sure if I was the first client or it had been quiet due to Covid concerns but it was as if she was horny as hell and had not had sex for months. I can’t complain. I came away fucked senseless.

Summary: I prefer ladies under 35yo. With the updated pictures now available I probably would not have booked Julie. In the end I enjoyed the session. As the pictures were so far out I would have given a neutral. Now they have been updated I have shifted to a positive.

I would return to Siam but not to Julie only because I prefer to shag around and with slightly younger ladies. Personal preference.

25 or

Now for you avid readers, my previously set meeting with her was one that didn't go ahead as contact was non existant on the day, hence the rating.

However, she messaged me day after to apologise stating she had a migraine, fair enough, and she was free all the following week if i still wanted to visit. Usually i don't do second chances, but it seemed reasonable excuse so i agreed a day, today, to call by.
Cheekily, i asked if i got a discount for the missed appointment, not expecting it, but she said she would knock £10 off, i didn't take her up on it though.
Had previously enquired about anal, she confirmed that she's not offering it at the moment.


150 for the hour incall


Terraced house not far from Malin Bridge tramstop.
Was clean, although she is potentially moving soon, so some furniture was sparce, bedroom very nice
Parked on the street felt ok leaving the car


So arrived at the location and she was sat in front room so opened the door as i got there, and what a sight. Short black dress, blonde hair blue eyes, red lipsstick. Definately her you see in the pics and are accurate.
Up to the bedroom and right away it was dfk with tounge, probably one of the best i've had, then off with my top and then she worked her way down taking my bottoms with her and my already hard cock in her mouth for a very nice bj, good technique, just what i like. After couple of minutes she stood back up and off came the dress to reveal her great tits in her 1 peice underwear, more dfk then onto the bed.
Knelt beside her so i  could play with her pussy, clean shaven, tight. After a couple of minutes was her first orgasm of the hour, carried on playing with her and got her totally naked. After several more times of her cumming and more bj it was on with the mac.
On her back legs in the air at 10 and 2 with me knealt, more orgasms, she takes a pounding too. Onto cg where she rode me to another few orgasms, loved playing with those tits of hers too, then tried to get doggy but due to our height difference, i'm 6'3 shes 5'4 i think, it wasn't working so back to her back with legs up and yet more orgasms from her as i pounded away.
Then off with the mac for more bj and play with her pussy, to yet another orgasm, and finally have her finish me off by hand
Would say not clockwatcher, although i was back in the car with bout 10 minutes to spare, that was by choice and she did offer a shower if i wanted


Would i go back???..... i'm glad i decided to give her benefit of the doubt as i really enjoyed it and already trying to fund going again.

She has thourghly redeemed herself

 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Scotland / Carmen NTS Edinburgh -- Back in Business
« by longjohn63 on Yesterday at 04:21:37 pm »
I read here that some saunas were opening today, so tried NTS and BSS this morning. Only NTS picked up the phone, so I booked Carmen for half an hour in the afternoon.

Everything is fairly similar. They took my temperature at the door with one of those handheld gun things. Everyone was wearing masks inside (but we didn't in the room). Apparently they now leave 15 minutes between each booking in the same room so that it can be cleaned. It's also now £25 on the door for 30 mins, £30 for 45 and £35 for 60. But when I handed over £20, having not seen the sign, the boss woman said she'd just charge me £20 this time.

Carmen is same as before: curvy but not fat, smiley and friendly, not a lot of English but it's a nice relaxed atmosphere. No extras, but enthusiastic shagging in various positions and a handjob to finish. £50 for half an hour. (I handed over £60 by mistake and she told me rather than just pocketing the extra, which I thought was impressively honest.) She's Romanian, I'm pretty sure.

Despite the precautions, it all still feels quite risky from a Covid point of view, but I reckon that if you avoid other risky things as far as possible and only go once a week then it's not too bad. Just my opinion, obviously -- fair enough if others disagree.

I'd happily see Carmen again. And I'm looking forward to going back to BSS when it opens.

Wales / Lisa's Massage - Cardiff
« by Achillesheel on Yesterday at 04:17:11 pm »

I saw Lisa a couple of weeks ago around mid July, I was a little sceptical about how accurate her photos were but I was pleasantly surprised to see that she is absolutely stunning, with a wonderful figure. Her profile says she is 21, not quite sure about this but she can’t be much more than late to mid 20s and suited me perfectly in any event.

The location is a set of flats on Newport Road, which I haven’t visited before but I understand is a regularly used by various girls. I was instructed which flat to buzz and was let in and knocked on the flat door. Lisa opened the door in a little towel and showed me up to the room, which was nice enough – just a room really.

I decided to go for the massage option, as I had a few aches and pains – joy of starting Rugby again… This was £80 for the hour. With the paperwork out the way, I got undressed whilst Lisa left to stash the cash. She came back in and removed to the towel to show an amazing set of matching green lingerie – although at this point I did wish I had chosen a FS meet, I managed to control my wallet.

Lisa then removed her underwear and showed her fantastic body off even more… another urge kicked in to upgrade to FS but I stayed strong (which admittedly I now regret a little).

I proceeded to lay on my front whilst Lisa covered me in oil. The first part of the massage was mostly using Lisa’s hands, I asked for the massage to be firm and it was OK with lots of CCs , not outstanding but good. Lisa then proceeded to rub up and down me, covering herself in oil – this was ok, but she felt a little awkward doing it to start with.

After about half an hour she turned me over and started to massage the little man… he had been solid like a rock from the first moment I met Lisa, so he was very grateful for the attention. Lisa then proceeded to writh up and down me, doing a funny thing with her legs where she would trap my cock between her calf and her hamstring and wank me, whilst she slided – it felt good to be fair.  After a few minutes of this, she started to give me a great titwank, suffice as to say I didn’t last long here and shot all over her boobs.

At this point, I was a little annoyed at myself as we weren’t much more than halfway through and i don’t usually pop more than once in a hour. Lisa simply told me, she was going to make me cum again – so not a problem.

I shouldn’t have worried I turned back over for more of a massage and turned back over after about fifteen minutes to find myself rock hard again when looking at that amazing body. This time Lisa made me finish with a handjob, she really had to pump it out in fairness and when I did finish, it was a real leg shattering orgasm.

A shower was offered, but I declined as I thought I could shower once I’d driven home.

There was no mention of time and when I left, I noticed we had run over by about ten minutes.

Pros: beautiful girl,  quite enthusiastic, not a clock watcher.

Cons: should have gone for FS (my fault), massage was OK but average in hindsight and no kissing.

Would I return?
Probably yes, she is stunning and scratched and itch and them some. Lisa mentioned she was off on holiday back to Hungary for a few weeks soon (so she is probably away now) but would be returning to Cardiff after.

West Midlands / Sex Doll Brianna - west brom (FUNNY!)
« by antony8821 on Yesterday at 04:02:54 pm »
when my plan A let me down last minute, i had a scan of the local area and Sex Doll Brianna popped up. clear handful sized fake breasts i thought hey why not, cant be a bag head with fake breasts?

so i gave her a call, she was free and gave me the postcode. then text me for my name, i replied graham or gray for short ( first random name i could come up with)

parked up down a side street, phoned her and she said it wasnt good enough as she couldnt see me, i thought well this is strange! so i asked her to explan it better, she asked me to go and stand in a certain position opposite a busy carwash. at this point i thought this is it, im being nabbed by un marked police and its a complete set up, so i start walking away and she phones me and asks why im walking away, I explained it was too dodgey and im going. she said please dont go, its just so i can make sure youre not family! turn around and walk back, so thinking with my dick I did. got to the end of the road, she said can you take your hood down, so I did ( pissing it down) she said thats great, i dont know you come on up in the building opposite.

the building was bloody awful, punch marks in the wall, smell of weed, loud music and lights werent working it was pitch black in the stairways.

got let in to what i can only describe as mr beans flat. everything in one room. handed the paperwork over and get to business.

shes attractive, looks cute, has a little goth look about her which i found rather sexy. dressed in a black dress.

asks me to sit on the bed now it gets weird again... she pulls a little foot stool and i put my feet on it, she slaps my feet and says no thats for me to kneel on. i want you to lay back ( single bed, lying on it width ways against a wall) now im 6ft 4 and my neck is creeked up the wall. she said " i want your legs right up high, as if you have labour stirrups holding your legs up.... :unknown:

so i did as she asked, she then went down on me with owo and i thought hey ho i may get a little bit of rimming here, so i say are you going to rim me? she said absolutely not i dont do that. i laughed and said i wondered why i was in this position, can i turn around? NO this is how i like it  :unknown:

so im lay there with my neck bent up the wall, my legs being held up by my hands while she gives me quiet a nice blowjob, plenty of licking, spitting, kissing etc. she then stops... do you mind rabbits? she asks. i thought oh shit shes going to fuck me!  :scare: :scare: :dash:

i replied with ermmm not on me no? she said no he wont jump on you hes just running about the flat, i said relieved oh right thats fine.. thinking well the flat is in darkness and id never of noticed it, she then stops to talk to me about her bloody rabbit! so i let my legs down and she instantly puts them back up and tucks my hands under my legs to support them like i do to stop my son from fidgeting and jokingly make him sit on his hands.

so enough of this now, i ask for sex. On with the condom and asks what position, i ask for her on top because quiet frankly i cant be fucked at this point and i dont want to tread on her rabbit!

it gets slightly weirder, i lay straight on the bed instead of widthways and she starts making me paralel with the wall?   :unknown::unknown: so i smirk and say what are you doing?? she said she has OCD and needs straight lines, well at this  point little me has lost all interest so i ask her to suck me again while im straight on the bed so she does. i slide my hands down and start playing with her to which she stops and says ohh will you put some of this on, so i squirt the lube on my hand and she screams and starts jumping around the flat! at this point i feel like im on camera, its a sketch hidden camera show surely to god!

it turns out it wasnt lube, it was alcohol gel  :sarcastic: :sarcastic: :lol: :lol: :lol: it was burning her lips right off! inbetween trying to hide my laughing saying i thought it was lube and shes washing her bits in the sink explaining it was alcohol gel because of covid. i laughed to myself even more because it was a little late for all that at this point!

so once cooled down enough, she jumped ontop... after re straightening me on the bed, she jumped on top and i postioned to help her, she huffed and straightened my legs again  :dash: :lol: so once straight she sat on me and had a good ole quick ride, by which i mean she climbed on, i held her hips i fucked as hard as i could until i filled the bag. got up kicked the rabbit and got dressed.

she said ill save your number and let you know where im next working, i smiled and said yes that would be great...Blocked.

ive put it as a neutral because i had such a good laugh, she tried her hardest even though her ways were a little strange but her owo was good and her manner was friendly.

£70 30 mins including owo.

 :lol: :lol: ive been laughing writing this, definitely goes down in one of my best punts but for all the wrong reasons  :lol:

North East / OliviaR
« by Davey677 on Yesterday at 03:58:12 pm »
Had my eye on Olivia for quite some time now to be fair so when my diary matched up with hers I took full advantage and booked up for an hour in call at £120. Coms all done by text and pretty good, location was city centre apartment.

Found somewhere to park no problem and called to get apartment number, no issues there. Buzzed to be let in and when door downstairs was opened up for me another fella appeared behind me and followed me in, he the got in the lift with me to the level of olivias apartment so when we got out the lift I decided to try keep things discreet I’d hit the stairs to wait for said fella to go where he was going. After a couple mins got back onto the apartment floor only to see said fella still there but also knocking on olivias door, so decided to wait a little longer. After a few more minutes went back to find he had gone, so all good. Knocked on the door and Olivia answered looking sensational! She is absolutely stunning, and phwoar what a body too! Once in apologised for the delay but explained why only to be told that he was her friends punter and she didn’t realise her friend had a booking at the same time as I did, not great if your trying to stay discreet playing this game that’s for sure.

So anyway off into the bedroom and I really can’t describe how pretty this girl is, nice and friendly too. Started off with some nice FK, not DFK but very nice all the same and I could feel the little fella starting to rise so onto owo, and she has a good technique, very nice indeed so decided to return the favour and she has a lovely twat, little stubbly but that didn’t bother me. Next was on with the Mac and iher straight on top, lovely sight watching those tits bouncing as she rides your cock, then moved into doggie so I could have a good view of her arse, couldn’t get her in a good enough position really though and along with the heat in the room I started to lose it. I’d say this was about 30 mins into my hour at this point and I must stress I never once felt rushed out at any point and lay there having a nice chat, however it felt pretty clear that that was it and we wouldn’t be trying again so after 15 mins or so chatting decided to leave.

I sort of feel like I’m being pretty harsh giving a negative as she really is a nice lass and seriously beautiful, however I feel like not being the only punter in the apartment isn’t great really and then no second attempt to get me going when there was plenty time left makes it hard to rate anything else really.

North East / Prittii Thai delight
« by Davidbond758 on Yesterday at 03:46:47 pm »
Hi guys been meaning to post this a few days ago but been unable to get logged in, here goes.
Comms ok no issues, location is benton way block of flats, easy to find and park so no issues.
The girl is pretty nice body and young, now it goes south. I asked for the 30 mins body to body massage it was £50, i gave her the cash and she starts asking for a extra £20 i stated she told me it was £50 for massage and had text of her as proof. She then took the £50 and seemed pissed of. Waits in room for me to get undressed, i lie on bed and massage was shit, no music, no oil she was just pressing down on my back. Did this for 10 mins, to be fair i should have just got up and left then. Then asks me to turn over, starts giving a hj dead quick which was shit, once i cum makes me clean myself up, and thats it wer done. I get dressed and realise just been there for 15 mins, i then pull her on this and she just makes a face. I could see myself gona gona get more annoyed so i just left.
Total shit service and disgrace, one to avoid lads.
P.s sorry if spelling ect is bad and punctuation.

Yorkshire & the Humber / SweetJen2 - No show : Leeds
« by Doc_lurv77 on Yesterday at 03:38:42 pm » or
Outcall - Leeds City
Fee £150ph
To cut a long story short.  Contacted her a few weeks back via AW then on txt.  Been keeping in touch with her to get a booking made.
Finally managed to book a hotel for this Tuesday, confirmed it with her Friday before, kept in touch with her throughout the weekend.
Provided her with the hotel details on Monday evening. 
I set off for the hotel, text her again to confirm.  Driving down the motorway, gets a text "cant find her car keys".  I ring her no answer.  Got outside hotel, texts her and she says try to get someone else if possible as she cant find her keys.  By this time it was already time for the meet.  She says she can get someone to bring her over but that wont be till later on in the day.  I thought of waiting but then how would I know that would have happened as well.  The suspicious thing for me is when I tried to call her to speak to her about it over the phone she wouldnt answer but would only text back and that would be after 5 mins of me sending the text.  The day before, she took her site down.  Thought then something not right.  Should have gone with my instinct rather than letting my dik do the talking.
Was so annoyed, wasted hotel room fee, and took the blue pill too.  Rang a few other ladies on my HL but no one was available at short notice.
Why do ladies do this?  Imagine if a punter cancelled at the last minute, we'd get crucified. 

London / sweet nanaa - Soho
« by sgc on Yesterday at 03:33:32 pm »
First of all, I am copying Tantraman's format:

Links: or


She texted me 2 hours after I texted her to confirm the time I said I was available. Texted her when near and communication was good. I requested £60 for 30 mins.


Good location in Soho, Block of modern flats so quite discreet.


(from tantraman's post)

Nanaa is the WG in the photos below (and thanks to Hour_man for some of these) …

[Image hidden]  [Image hidden]  [Image hidden]  [Image hidden]  [Image hidden]

[Image hidden]  [Image hidden]  [Image hidden]  [Image hidden]  [Image hidden]

[Image hidden]  [Image hidden]  [Image hidden]  [Image hidden]

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For me she is not that old as others have said- I would say early 40s but she is not a looker however her personality is lovely. She also has a lovely body- petite but proportionally a good pair of titts and arse for an oriental girl.


Asked me what I wanted and I told her rimming and OWO with CIM to finish. She requested I showered and after I did got me to spread wide. She pulled apart my ass cheeks and stuck her tounge in nice and deep. She rimmed me for a good 5 mins and then I asked her for OWO. I do not shave my pubes or balls as I always get a rash when I have tried but this did not stop her- good deep OWO and licked my balls. Came in her mouth and I think she was suprised by load so as she moved her mouth the rest of my load shot on her face and hair.

Off she went to clean up and after she came back I went for a quick shower and off I went.


Not the best looking girl but lovely personality and easy going nature. Nice body with lovely skin. Great rimming and CIM for £60 for 30 mins in the heart of Soho so really good price.  I will most likely return at those prices for that service.

South East / Thai Suzie, Hersham
« by Joe112 on Yesterday at 03:26:55 pm »

Saw her for half hour 70

As I arrived in the street she kept me waiting for about 20-minutes as an apology she let me have oral without for free
Usually I would have left but to be honest are thinking with my penis

When I saw her I admit she was pretty, also I think it's because she reminds me of my old colleague of mine he was also really stunning so it was a little bit of like a fantasy as well you know

Anyway upon arrival it was a usual ring the doorbell had to wait a little bit for sometime the door and then want I opened it I went through had to take my shoes off and upstairs washing my hands and then we got into the action as I said above I have booked a half an hour session she was really good really nice however I feel like her attitude was not the greatest we started with a blowjob and then after that we then went to sex which was missionary at first and then after that cowgirl and then after that it was doggy style with me coming on her tits

The reason I actually as a neutral not a positive report is because flat the whole sex session her attitude was a little bit poor she was a little bit standoffish she was quiet solve quite numb and didn't really sort of got long of it much I do admit a blow job was good but it was does not stick in my mind it was just a standard before we move onto the next part and then when you went on to the next sex position it would just quite standard in a little bit avoidance as I went in for a kiss she will sort of her neck head away and was a little bit quiet in the way as if she wanted me to get out as quick as possible it wasn't very good and the worst thing is is that after we have sex she just sort of wife down of a tissue and then put her dress back on and it's all made me think about when I had actually licked her breasts did I just like the bread like the come off another man's on her tits?

Overall probably give her about 6 at 10 I do admit I breasts look amazing she looks stunning but the attitude was just not there it was a little bit numb as if she just wanted me to get as quick as possible to be honest and I feel will that it's a little bit like a turntable where your sort of just coming into the door doing what you need to do and then you leave straight away and I feel like I'm not being rude or anything about hygiene but I feel like because I don't really have shower or sort of cleanse themselves very well afterwards as I was getting dressed it's sort of does make you think that did the last customer I do the same and you'll sort of going around the turntable as well

Will I see you again I probably wouldn't see her again at the moment as I may have already mentioned money is a little bit tight because I don't have a job at the moment and I'm just living off my redundancy money which is a bit risky to myself to be honest but like I said I was just thinking on my penis would I see her again I'll probably wouldn't but even if I did have the money I really I probably would if I was really really desperate but I regret seeing her I don't regret seeing her for me it was a long time I was really dying to see to see her because I can't look at her profile and was really attracted to her so I'm glad I take that off the box

London / x Sweet CHANTELLE, Bermondsey
« by sgc on Yesterday at 03:22:31 pm » or

I saw her last week. Sorry I have used someone's format as she is so well reviewed I do not have much to add.

Communication: Excellent comms. Spoke to book and then through text. £110 for the hour.

WG: Mid 30s I would say with a lovely body. She has quite a full figure- not fat but a lovely arse and a big pair of titts. Her profile pictures in my opinion are a little misleading and seem to imply she is more petite than she is. Lovely full figure but not fat at all.

Location: as others have said - two entrances so use the one with the keypad. Discrete location. Nice sunny day with a mix of old and young people out and about- clear signs of gentrification going on- some shiny new builds being built close by.

Service: Fantastic, really happy friendly girl. French kissing, oral without, doggy. She is quite receptive and seems to be really enjoying what she is doing.  I told her I would like to pop twice - once with finishing in the bag and the other CIM but alas the old boy did not comply. One thing is found her quite loose ( I am of average size) so could not really cum during sex so asked finished with a CIM which she took well. Had about 20 mins left but I could not do it again so off for a shower I went and left with a big smile on my face.

Conclusion: She is a really happy , positive person who really put me at ease. The only negative  I would say is she is not really tight at all but for £110 an hour I would say I had an absolutely delightful time.

South East / London Lucy - good time.
« by Chekychapy on Yesterday at 03:17:45 pm »

Been trying to see Lucy for quite a long time. She moves around a bit so it was always a tad difficult to firm up an appointment. She has been around in this business for quite a while now....Luckily enough we have finally met.

Comms- were ok, you need to call as she doesn’t reply to messages. Had a chat on times and then she sent the location.

The Place- lovely apartment in Bracknell area. Good parking available. Shower facilities available.

Price - £100 1 hour. Was there just over 65mins.

The lady- she’s definitely my type of girl. She is thick shape and attractive. Good personality and easy to talk too.

The massage - on a table, me laying face down. Done a nice massage which she did mention that she plans to do massage only with out any extras eventually. She will also do more beautician work on ladies. Anyway she was good and started the to get to the playful areas. Nice edging and teasing. Turned over and she took her panties off and I was allowed to touch but respectfully. Loads more edging which i like....You won’t get oral or any FS here. Once finished and clean up, had a shower and a bit of chat. She will be doing more touring in the south east area soon.

Conclusion- Overalll good service, what I expected. GVFM in my opinion. Prefer to see someone like her than a Chinese shop. Will see her again. :thumbsup:

East Midlands / glamour69 mansfield
« by thehoodman1 on Yesterday at 03:11:17 pm »

Just prior to me going into lockdown.
Initially was booked in to visit Sash Cummings but she had to cancel and cheerfully had recommended her duo partner Glamour69 who was free.
Good comms, parked at postcode given then phone directed in to house, greeted by a very petite blonde of a certain age (50+?).
Taken upstairs £120 for the hour handed over.
DFK, owo, deep throat, full GFE service asked for and got it. A very pleasant hour of 69ing and protected sex in all sorts of sometimes very weird positions, one of which I researched later and couldn't even find a name for it, :unknown: 
(I had been told that she likes to take control, so in the interest of diversity I let her abuse me for an hour.)
After I had cum she gave me a massage, weirdly massaged my thighs, very strange :unknown:
A really nice session which has had to be locked into my wank bank since. :cool:
A nice one to go too if you like the older athletic tiny blonde with bolt ons......

East England / PoshGirlGoneBad94 - Peterborough
« by Williams56 on Yesterday at 03:10:05 pm »

Pre lockdown punt, early 2020.  Held off doing this review as I hoped to visit her again post lockdown but not looking likely as work is now taking me elsewhere

Kloe is a younger, more expensive wg than I usually go for, but was in the Peterborough area and wanted to tick off shagging a girl I'd seen perform on the internet, it was as shallow as that.

£90 for 30 minutes

Comms - initially by AW then given phone number, everything answered promptly
Location - small house near city centre, close to A1139. Went freshly showered so didn't see bathroom, bedroom was spacious and clean if a little cluttered, felt very safe.
Kloe - no need to describe, just google Kloe White and you'll quickly see all you need to.
Meeting - Very good, started with OWO which was one of the best I've ever received, had to stop her as I could feel I wasn't going to last long (unusual for me). Then onto the bed for cowgirl allowing me access to her memorable rack, some DFK then finished with doggy. I like to talk dirty and found that Kloe not only reciprocated this but took the lead at times throwing in some choice flithy comments of her own. 

Overall came across as a friendly, chatty girl who gave me her full attention whilst we were together.

London / Amy Amazon - Colindale August 2020
« by spiritualsoul on Yesterday at 03:06:18 pm »
 £80 + £20 for CIM for the hour.
Second time visiting Amy - my hope for an equally sensational time as the first was lived up to. 
Meeting took place early August 2020 (just before she was off on her hols) and arranged with her maid who is based in Hungary.  Generally communications are OK but phone connection in the area is pretty poor.

She is in a modern flat in Colindale - but now changed room to one with en-suite. The parking is plentiful but a little costly.  Room is immaculate as is the shower room with plenty of toiletries. As the day was hot I did take a shower.

I would say that Amy is a very pretty lady and definitely looks after her body - very slim and toned.  Great butt (she she does love to be squeezed and teased around the rim) and perfectly sized (fake) boobs. 
On entering I received the French kiss at door (after it was closed) and then , when she remembered me from before, received an extra deep kiss.  With the hot weather she was dressed just in a very tight tee shirt which barely covered her butt cheeks and gave no reason to doubt she was up for it with her nipples attempting to burst through.
Offered a shower which I accepted and she helped me dry while starting her kissing and licking of my body.  While mixing her normal kisses with french kisses on my face she led me to the bed and gave a very good sensual massage which included lots of reach unders, CC swipes, kissing and licking of back and ear.  I said I wanted to experience her oral pleasure again and she took to task on my tool and nuts while I was still on my front.
Oral continued in various positions for I would say at least 40 mins including 69 and rimming.
On with the condom and we had sex in few positions - with cowgirl and doggy being my favourite before she took off the jacked to finish me off with oral making sure I shot in her mouth and she did not let one drop spill!!!
I would definitely return if I am in the area.  Guaranteed good session

East England / Sweet Jane 999 - Cambridge Tour
« by Cambridgy on Yesterday at 03:04:24 pm »
Name: Sweet Jane


Paid: £130/60 minutes

Comms: Easy and responsive via text. Clear instructions for meet and expectations.

Location: Near to Cambridge Leisure Park - Parking in multi-story (if you are brave enough - the turns scare the shit out of me) or behind the Travel Lodge.

Date: Aug 2020

Physical: British Chinese - Early 30’s, petite about 5'7”, big tits.

Smiley, not-unattractive. Chatty and fun sense of humour.

Slim not skinny with D-Cup tits that are big but in proportion, pink nipples, size 8, totally shaved, pink butt hole and pink pussy. Great figure.

Session: Pretty vanilla - good GFE lots of FK and cuddles if wanted. (I’m passing on FK at the moment.)

So, lots of hugs and light kisses - into good sloppy OWO and tit fucking (no CIM as per expectations). Time went quickly - RO - then FS CG, RCG, Doggie, CG to finish in bag.

Cold drinks, fan on - into round two - 69. Intense RO with face sitting/grinding - interspersed with sloppy OWO and HR to finish.

Overall: Positive, enthusiastic GFE experience if that’s what you are looking for, you will enjoy. She’s based in Bristol so it might take a bit of persuading for her to tour In Cambridge regularly.

London / Sensual-Adriana69 - Chancery Lane (now moved)
« by dan123 on Yesterday at 02:55:03 pm »

Despite the negative's on here, I was still interested in seeing Adriana as in addition to the obvious, I found her pics to be facially very attractive. Saw her earlier this week - £70 30mins.

Comms were prompt by text, although are not handled by the girl herself so the services stated arent whats actually on offer. I requested fk, owo, facial and filming and was told £20 extra for filming and given the address. She was in a flat near Chancey Lane when I saw her but now seems to have moved.

I text on arrival and was given the flat number straight away. I was let in by another girl and told that Adriana was busy but I could see her instead or try coming back in a few hours maybe as she wasnt sure when Adriana would be free. From my conversation with her, I assumed that Adriana wasnt even in this flat as the profile was also showing as accessing from Spain at the time. She seemed pleasant enough but I didnt really have any interest in seeing her (the girl that let me in) so I left.

As soon as I left, I received a text saying Adriana would be free in 10mins. I was assured that it would be the same girl as the pics so I agreed to return a short while later thinking surely they wouldnt pull a b&s twice within the space of 30mins!

On arrival the second time, I was let in by Adriana and I wasnt disappointed. Her pics on the profile are touched up but in person, natural and with no/maybe minimal make up, I still found her to be very attractive in a cute but sexy milf next door kind of way. She has some sort of scars on her chest just above her boobs, this wasnt an issue for me at all but just flagging as it looks to have been edited out of her pics.

In to the room and I confirmed services to which she stated she doesnt do facial or filming. I showed her the texts confirming that these were agreed but she refused and offered her friend who she said may do them.

Despite the current heatwave, I wasnt asked to take a shower. I asked to use the bathroom and freshened up. Back in the room, I pushed for a facial again, offering extra but she was adamant about no facial. Started with fk, which she seemed happy to do throughout, but she just pokes her tongue in and thats about it. Dont really see the point of this, given that she's prepared to stick her tongue in my mouth, may as well do it properly! Her tits are incredible however as mentioned in previous reviews she does try to restrict access. She holds on to her boob and only let me lick her nipples. Now I really enjoy going down on a girl if shes clean which Adriana seemed to be and she has a lovely pussy (not shaved, as can be seen in some of her pics, but is nicely kept) but again, she restricted access. I understand she doesnt want to be fingered but she wouldnt even let me spread her lips. I even asked her to do it herself but she said no and to only lick. On to owo and it was nothing special. After about a min or so she tried to put the condom on, I asked her to carry on which she did for about another 30secs and then on with the condom. Had her on top so I could have her tits in my face and to be fair this wasnt too bad. She rode well (fake moaning) and some light kissing and I finished in the condom.

Adriana seems like a nice girl, physically and facially very attractive imo and seemed to be clean with no hygiene issues but the b&s at the beginning, refusal of agreed services and poor service make this a clear negative for me.

East Midlands / Mimi The Nymphomaniac - Mansfield
« by MikeTheBike on Yesterday at 02:34:01 pm »

£160 for 1 hour

This year has seen some very significant changes in my life; some excellent and some not so good. What with Covid restrictions and one of these changes, I have been without a shag in almost 6 months. Combine this with the hot weather which always makes me horny, I needed to break my duck and I wanted to do this with a new girl and my searching led me to Mimi.  Yes, I know we should not be punting yet but instances of Covid infections in the area are low and I decided on balance to take the risk.

Communications and Location
I fired off a message from AW and got a response about 12hrs later. Her likes list was rather short at the time so my enquiry was about kissing and OWO, Mimi confirmed that indeed she does both and I note that her Preferences list now includes them.  Telephone numbers were exchanged and we moved to text and a call for communication.  This is when I noticed I had gone wrong, she only does out calls at the moment (though she is looking for an in-call arrangement in Mansfield).  Lots of to’ing and fro’ing before I found a suitable location (a nice apartment) for us to meet and we agreed time, location and services.

Now Mimi currently has no AW feedback and there’s nothing on here to go on. But this was part of the what drew me to her profile. The communication and her sensible approach during communication persuaded me to take the leap of faith and make the booking.

The Girl
The photos on AW are definitely of Mimi and her profile description is short but accurate and I would say that her age is too.  She’s tall and slender (but not a gym bunny type) with what I would describe as attractive-but-innocent-girl-next-door looks. Long legs with a nice peachy ass and small/medium firm tits with rosebud nipples; medium length blonde hair, pretty blue/green eyes and she wore her specs pretty much throughout (which was part of the appeal). When she arrived she was wearing short shorts, a boob tube, flat shoes and glasses - an effect which was to make her look even younger than the 24 stated.  She is friendly, intelligent and her attitude was spot on.

This was a GFE type meeting which included:

Kissing - she is a good enthusiastic kisser and uses her tongue to good effect.
Fingering - responded well to this
OWO - fairly deep and quite gentle
RO - nice, clean, moist (very moist!)
Protected sex - cowgirl, doggie and missionary

The Meeting
Mimi arrived about 5 minutes early and I opened the door for her and was greeted with a lovely smile. Offered her water and leaned in to give her a welcoming kiss which was reciprocated warmly; she’s almost as tall as me so it’s a good job she was wearing flat shoes. We move into the bedroom and the kissing become more passionate until she drags me onto the bed and we are deep kissing and starting to explore each other’s bodies. It is a warm day though the fan is offering some cooling so we start to undress and I allow my hand to run up the inside of her thigh and I caress her pussy - damn she is very wet already (apparently this is a “thing” with her) to which I tell her “naught girl” and receive a rather dirty smile.  She reaches for my cock and we start to play with each other.  It’s time to sample the wares so down I go and do my best Mr Slurpy. TBH, I’m not sure RO is her thing and it wasn’t until I inserted a finger to massage her G-spot that she started to moan and breathe harder.  Up I come for a kiss while I continue to massage her G-spot and she is now wanking my cock against her (nice flat) tummy. I suspect there maybe a submissive streak in Mimi; I gently put my hand to her throat while finger fucking her and her head went back into the pillow as she offered it to me (maybe something to explore if there is a next time and if she will consent).

Time to flip positions and Mimi starts to suck my cock. It’s good and she’s getting pretty deep but maybe not quite firm enough for me.  After a while it’s Mimi’s turn to come up for a kiss and then she straddles me, leans back and rubs her pussy against the base of my cock while teasing the end with her fingers.  She wants to fuck she says, so passes me a condom then climbs on board.  Cowgirl was a slow grinding ride (perfect in such hot conditions) and Mimi is getting into it.  I think she was using me by now especially as her breath became shorter and deeper then she moans loudly, smiles and collapses forward to give me a long and very passionate kiss. After a short time to get our breath Mimi ask me to fuck her in doggy so I get her to kneel at the end of the bed so I can get a good grip of her hips and can really go for it.  Mimi responds well and goes face first into the sheet and as the intensity rises she’s pulling at the sheets and thrusting back towards me.  Change of position and we are in missionary; lots of kissing and eye contact but I start to run out of steam (did I mention how hot and sticky it was that day!!), so we take a break and let the fan cool us.

We have some conversation and Mimi reveals that she only does this part-time for a bit of extra cash.  I doubt she’s really a nymphomaniac but she does seem to have a high sex drive and she was encouraging little Mike to come and play again.  This time it’s straight into missionary and a fairly hard pounding (at least as hard as I can manage) to which Mimi again seems to respond very well. I pop, and collapse at the side of her to let the fan blow a very welcome breeze onto my sticky body.

Mimi accepts my offer of a shower and she’s on her way 65 minutes after she arrived through the door.

A good GFE type punt with an engaging young woman.  Would I see her again? - yes, but with a caveat.  £160ph is expensive for Mansfield.  I appreciate it is an out-call which attracts higher prices so I hope Mimi finds a suitable in-call location and prices herself at what I see as the Mansfield benchmark.  If this happens then I can see myself booking her again.

East Midlands / DirtyAva51 - Newstead
« by thehoodman1 on Yesterday at 02:28:29 pm »

Review from early March. Had £50 notes to hand for a 30 mins F/S and was up near Newstead so gave her a call. parked safe in next street, Met at front door by Ava in a red dressing gown.
DFK straight away, (only problem was she is obviously a heavy smoker so got nicotine taste which spoils it somewhat) anyway upstairs, front bedroom, mirrored wardrobes, clothes off, OWO, went down on her for a good 10 minutes, nice and clean, fingering, gentle fisting, rimming and 69ing, had her bucking and cumming all over the place, very vocal. Then condom on and sex in numerous positions until I glanced at watch and saw 2 mins left so condom off and cum over her tiny breasts.
A very enthusiastic vocal older lady who's only fault is her smoking! quick wash down and dressed then realised I hadn't yet paid. Doh. Gave her the cash and after some more DFK left on my merry way back to the shires,
Shes obviously not too everyone's taste but I'm not one to look at the mantle-place when poking the fire
Took probably an hour or more before the taste of nicotine left my pallet, next time I'm in the area with her I'll take my mouthwash.

South West / Leggy Lacey in Plymouth
« by Fliehr on Yesterday at 02:05:33 pm »
I took a much needed break down to the South West and decided that I felt confident in seeing a WG now lockdown is easing.

Lacey’s profile stood out on a search on AW and the reviews here helped convince me to arrange a visit.

Initially all contact was done via email and then I got Lacey’s mobile number.
Meeting arranged a few days in advance with confirmation text in morning of appointment.
1hour incall at £120.

The weather has been glorious and with all the hot women walking around Plymouth in
shorts/summer dresses and their cleavage on show, I was feeling super horny for a woman.

Venue was a flat close to city centre, about 10mins walk from multi-storey car parking.
Quiet street and nobody around. Felt very safe.

Walked straight in and Lacey was at top of stairs in requested outfit.
She is really sexy. Stated age is accurate and could pass for younger. Very pretty, with long blonde hair, blue eyes and tanned skin.
Great legs and cracking figure which she keeps slim at the gym.
She is the type of girl you would see out and about in a bar, restaurant or club and all your mates would agree she is über hot.

The shower was a god send due to the heat!

Once back in bedroom some light kissing developed into some soft and really sensual oral without on me.
I was enjoying this so much (along with some kissing) I decided to just sit and enjoy the show.
Finished with a handjob over her tits.

Half time chat was fun. Lacey is a giggly girl who likes you to keep holding and touching her slim body while chatting.

With about 20minutes to go, she asked if I would like a small vibrator on my cock along with a blowjob. This got me going and she then rubbered me up. Sex was in a few different positions. Great sight in doggy giving her hair a gentle pull and she seemed to enjoy it all.
Moved onto my back, Lacey encouraged me with sexy whisperings and we both watched my hard cock as she jerked me off with an amazing ejaculate eruption.

With the heat I was spent and had a quick, refreshing shower before giving Lacey a kiss goodbye and I was on my way to enjoy the sun and sights of Plymouth.

Lacey was a great girl to visit. I would definitely return as she is great value for money, looks incredible and delivers with enthusiasm.

London / Léla-Mixed race-West Drayton
« by Muff licker on Yesterday at 01:48:49 pm »

Saw a few reviews on UKP so did not go in completely blind but I thought I would ask if 15 minute session was available and got a response for £60 so i booked.
She works from a clean flat in Station Road with metered parking right outside (first 30  minutes free), was buzzed through 2 sets of doors and knocked on her door she opened it without hiding and i was pleasantly surprised she is the girl in the pictures. She was tall in her heels wearing  Basque that showed off her large tits. I paid my money and she stashed whilst i stripped. When she returned she took her ample D tits out and i sucked her nipples hard. Was only a 15 minute session so i moved quickly lay her on the bed and eat her cleanly shaved pussy to some moans. She then gave me a covered blow job and then i fucked her in Cowgirl and finished in doggy.
I left a happy punter and may return at some time she is here for a few days before moving onto Hove. She speaks perfect English/French and Arabic.

London / Vivien Love x - Baker Street
« by givajozio on Yesterday at 01:46:08 pm »

Hi all,

I saw this lady couple of month ago.
Just wanted to share my experience with her.
This my first review so please go easy on me :)

1 hr incall at £100
Comms: Very good. I texted her then also called her when I was on my way. She seemd very polite and responsive.
Location: Central London, basement flat near baker street station. Flat was alright and clean.

Looks and attitude:

Body: She is very tall. Her pictures are accurate. She is stunning! Great boobs, amazing ass, nice lips and delicious pussy. Her skin is nice and smooth.

Personality: She has a very nice attitude. We had good chats about what she used to do, where she worked before... she could hold a good conversation. Pretty smart girl.

Services: I am into normal stuff, that she was happy to assist to. She doesn't do dfk, but we had some light kisses. We did owo, 69, sex in missionary and doggy.
1st round: She started giving me owo which was amazing. Nice slow and wet. We continued with 69, her pussy is smoot and tasty. Then on with the dom. I like missionary so I can see her reaction and I could kiss those amazinbg boobs. Few minutes into this and I couldn't hold longer and came in the some while doing missionary.
2nd round: Was pretty much as the 1st but I managed to do her in doggy too. Her ass looked so great it really had an amazing shape. I came during doggy.
We then chatted more a bit I took a quick shower and I was on my way.
She is not a clock watcher, there was no rush!
I left very happy knowing that I found a girl who I'd be happy to return to later on.

I enjoyed my time!
Great girl, nice attitude, good chat, good sex, great owo, fantastic body!
I think she is back now, I saw her on vivastreet so I'll give her a visit hopefully this weekend.
I can only recommend her!

I hope it helped.

Enjoy! :)

Scotland / Polina Massage- Edinburgh
« by windowlicker on Yesterday at 01:42:09 pm »

Went to see Polina a few weeks ago as fancied a massage with more. She was not my 1st choice but responded well to texts for a same day appointment.

She now lives with Manuela in a flat near tollcross. Plenty parking and central so no issues with the location. She is in a flat and was given number on arrival. Was buzzed in and was discreet.

I had read the mixed reviews prior to the meeting so expectations were not high which is probably a good thing.

She was dressed in sweats on arrival so nothing too sexy. Took me to the room in the flat, handed over the paperwork and she soon returned naked and looking good. I found her attractive with a good body. Probably a few years older than her profile as I have come to expect.

The massage was actually good and spent most of the time on the legs, inner thighs and backside. Quite a few reach unders and not too boring as is sometimes the case. She had a clock on bedside table so was able to track time left. About 25 minutes of this and then 5 minutes of body to body. Never really get tits rubbed on your back although she has a decent pair.

She charges extra for reverse oral which is disappointing. Prefer everything to be included but I knew this at the outset so not a surprise. She said she normally only offers this to regulars but agreed to oblige. She was clean and fresh and I enjoyed it. She seemed to cum quite quickly which signalled the end of the RO. She stated it was better than she expected so must have thought I was going to be rubbish. I guess that may have been the case and she just wanted to pocket the cash and end it early.

The finale was pretty good and I enjoyed her technique. Nice pace for the hand relief and the inevitable did not take too long.

I paid £100 + £20 for the experience which is probably about £20 over priced.

I would return as a plan c and overall enjoyed it. Just about a positive.

West Midlands / Glory Hole Slut - Birmingham City Centre
« by adwh93 on Yesterday at 01:41:45 pm »

The punt happened last week. She was visiting Birmingham at the same time that I was in the city centre so thought I would give her a go. I knew her reviews on here were a mixed bag but I wanted a gloryhole experience.

15 mins for £50.

They were fine, just a bit weird. It was all done via text and I had to check in with her when I was 5 minutes away and when I arrived at the hotel. She made me tell her what room numbers were on the signposts to prove I was there before she gave the exact room number. She also sent me a text with very specific instructions for during the meet, e.g. no talking except whispering to tell me you're going to cum, no thrusting, stand still etc. A bit odd...

Crowne Plaza Hotel in Birmingham City Centre near Broad Street. Easy to find and nice enough.

No idea, as it the idea of a gloryhole. The only part of her I saw were her manicured finger nails and, briefly, her lipstick cladded lips.

Once I was finally given the exact room number I quietly walked in to the unlocked room and closed the door behind me as instructed. The room was pitch black except for the light in the bathroom. In front of me was a tent with a hole cut at crotch height. Her hand was outstretched waiting for the money which I gave to her. I then washed in the bathroom, pants down and put my cock into the hole. She gave me an ok blowjob. It was fairly sloppy and a decent pace, but not that deep and a reasonable amount of hand used too. After about 10 minutes of wet sucking I shifted slightly to get more comfortable and she immediately stopped sucking and put her hands on my waist through the tent to get me to stand still like a statue. Very bizarre and off putting. 5 minutes more sucking and wanking later I blew my load and left.


6/10 - Very indifferent. If you want to try the gloryhole thing then go for it the next time she's in town. You'll get an acceptable sloppy blowjob. But it all felt a bit strange and I get the impression she hates what she does.

If you’re looking to have fun, best to avoid this one.

The girl: Mixed-Race Birmingham girl who looks weathered to say the least. Out of shape, has a lot of attitude “because you guys (punters”) take the piss and is a self-confessed coke head. Her toe nails were a mess too.

Damage: £100 for 30 mins. I had my doubts about her considering she hid her reviews but I really wanted to try out her head techniques. I usually go for the hour but thankfully I didn’t.

Location: A dingy tiny room near Aldgate East station at the very top. The way she gives directions came across as a bit snappy and rude. Found her door and had to climb a number of stairs to the very top to a disgusting looking room. It genuinely looked like a pigsty. Asked about taking a quick shower and was given a “clean towel” and has to go downstairs again. It’s a shared accommodation.

The meet: I came back to her room after climbing those stairs again and asked her if she could turn
down the AC as my body was wet from the shower and she protested that she’s asthmatic and has been sucking dick all day. I thought this girl is the complaining type let me just do what I came to do quickly.

She sucks dick hard and had to tell her to slow down, her teeth kept making contact with my dick which was annoying. She really isn’t looking to give you an experience and just wants to make you cum ASAP. In her words “I only worship my man’s dick, I suck everyone else’s.”

Turned her around for doggy and she really is a shit fuck. No idea what she’s doing whatsoever, I kept telling her to stay still while I pound her but she insists on her trying to fuck you back while you’re in the motion so it messes up the rhythm. Did some mish and then predictably she said I’ve only got a couple of minutes left. I got her to suck me off with cim and she went to a hanging Sainsbury’s bag to spit it out along with used condoms and lord knows what else 🤢.

I thought let me get the hell out of here. I was genuinely turned off by her attitude and lack of hygiene. She was sniffing throughout the meet and at first said she has hayfever but as I was dressing up she said she’d been partying these past few nights and snorts coke and that’s why she had a runny nose.

Will I ever see her again?HELL to the NO! One of the worst escorts out there fellas so avoid.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Dee orathai Scarborough
« by Bmwlover on Yesterday at 01:21:21 pm »
Was in the area recently so thought id make a visit as ive read good things about this place on here

Didn't pre book just turned up, rang the doorbell and was let in after a few seconds waiting.

Lady on reception was called dee i think, she was the only one available so opted for an hours massage with her, id say late 30s early 40s.

Massage was of a good standard, some pleasant small talk, asked to roll over after about 30 to 40 minutes, then the offer of a handjob came, 30 for handjob or 60 for topless, opted for the 30 only, used plenty of oil and i soon emptied my load, had some time remaining so carried on with massage.

Will visit again soon, hopefully see a different lady

Temperature took on entry, name and number took

40 for an hours massage 30 for hand job so 70 all in

East England / London /
« by Marlo_Stanfield on Yesterday at 01:18:18 pm »
Sorry can you please delete this review? I chose east England so read of London by accident.

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