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North West / Massage - Great Harwood, Blackburn
« by Edwin D on Yesterday at 11:53:52 pm »

Appointment was made a few hours prior, comms very easy, clear and responsive. Location is on what I’d consider a main road, some parking just outside but did seem to be amongst a row of shops on both side. Slight issue, she wasn’t ready for the time agreed and it was another ten minutes before I saw her arrive and open up.

Having got the nod, went inside and it’s straight upstairs to meet as described an Afro-Caribbean lady. I found her attractive, I’d say early 40’s but I'm not great with ages, curvy, decent conversation if you want it. Massage room had a good-sized table and there was music playing. £40 for an hour.

Her massage technique was a one I’d not had before. Essentially long strokes one way up your body, then running of her fingernails across your skin on the way back. Massage was good and I had no complaints about that, the only thing that sticks in my mind was that it might have hinted extras (at least a happy ending) were available as it was quite a suggestive technique.

Should say, a towel had been placed around my waist but her movements would go underneath to occasionally touch ball at the top of my legs every now again.

At the end of the massage, nothing was offered, so I enquired about HE and was told I could finish myself off for an additional £5. I took the option because I was turned on. She was happy to stroke around the top of my legs and stomach, didn’t remove any clothes but it was fine to touch her backside outside of her clothes and I can’t remember whether I was able to cop a feel of her boobs over her top. Definitely nothing inside or skin contact.

Cleaned up and on my way an hour and ten minutes after I’d been let in so about right.

Positive because no complaints from me, technique was unusual but enjoyable, having read a previous review on here I got the exact same and expected service a couple of years later so consistent to say the least.

London / Patsy - (Olina) - Queensway/Bayswater 
« by Luvmassage on Yesterday at 11:47:40 pm »
After reading some positive reviews regarding the WGs for Olina I thought I give it a go. Text the number on website to ask who was available and was texted back to say Lola, Patsy and Mimi.

Comms (10/10) - Sent text requesting Patsy for 30 mins, got a text back immediately confirming her availability and instructions where to go

Location (2/10) - 4th flat, 5 min walk from Queensway Station. very small flat, with small shower cubicle - impossible to have assisted shower and was not well kept.

Girl (8/10) - Patsy is attractive, has a slim body, slimmer than I expected. Breasts were on the small side but felt natural. Completely shaven. Very pleasant lady to talk to, although she does struggles with English and just kept saying 'you are so cute'

Service (5/10) - Once arrived I was met by Patsy in lingerie, she took me to the bedroom where there was a double sized bed, I was offered a bottle of water and she asked me to undress, so far there has been no intimate contact. Paid £100 for 30mins, and as usual I explained I am not interested in penetrative sex. Patsy asked what I would like, and I answered 'everything, but sex',  however what followed was disappointing. After taking the shower I returned to the bedroom, Patsy asked me to lay on the bed, after cleaning the old fella with untold wipes and yet to be stimulated, Patsy started her first intimate move, she started playing with my balls and kissing my nipples. I started to get a stiffy which she acknowledged and started giving OWO and ball-licking which was good. She took off her bra & panties and allowed me to play with her tits. But that was all she offered, the reason I gave so low marks for service. When I was ready to explode my load she finished me off with a HJ.

Overall (6/10) - Disappointing for my first Olina experience, maybe I am being too critical, I felt it was a mediocre session, but patsy is a attractive, genuine nice girl, good OWO.

Probably my last one for 2021, will be more frequent next year.

North West / Posh Victoria - Chorley
« by cideruk on Yesterday at 11:42:46 pm » or

On a decent roll at the moment finding decent punts for not daft money, long may in continue. Vive la North West

Very easy straightforward coms as it should be.
Arrive on street Victoria guides you in to her flat.

Great looking lass, you'd be proud to walk into the pub with her with you, someone mentioned Samantha Janus in the past and yep totally get that, but with frizzy shaggy hair. Good bod too, she is a MILF so wee bit of a tum but still well tidy.

Service was good - kissing, boob play/sucking, , fingering, RO, OWO, rimming her receiving, protected sex cowgirl then wanked and came over her body - shame she doesn't do facial as would have loved to have covered that pretty face.

Yes more of a GFE punt than a full on PSE, although did do a bit of slightly lame sexy chat which really isn't needed.

1 hour £130 which is decent money when you see someone of the SPs asking for 150+

Probably wouldn't go back as although good, been there done that, time for something new...
Ideally a Maria Whittaker lookalike that squirts lives nearby and charges 50 quid per 2 hrs 

North East / Bella Brunette - Vivastreet - Newcastle
« by Joe Cocker on Yesterday at 11:12:41 pm »

I was in town today with an hour to kill so I texted this girl, went through the 'are those genuine pictures' etc and it was yes 100% come and see for yourself.

Normally if I had been at home a reverse image search would have showed up that these pictures were fake but since I was in town I couldn't do that. I went down to one of the usual blocks near the Central Station for sniff, I wasnt expecting much but thought it would kill the hour and I might touch lucky.

I had to laugh when the girl let me in to a very well used apartment, she was a boiler, nothing like the pictures and quite an ugly fucker to be honest. I just smiled at her and said your not the girl in the pictures, she looked a bit puzzled so I showed her the picture on my phone which clearly wasnt her. She then said with some certainty it was her friend and gestured me to wait while she went to get her. For a second I got a bit of a twinge thinking my luck might be in until she brought out the second ugly sister, fuck the second one made the first one look a whole lot nicer.

I had a good laugh at them and asked why the fuck they waste peoples time, the really ugly one grabbed my hand and with puppy dog eyes said come baby we have good time, aye fuck that for a laugh I said and left with her cursing me in what sounded more Romanian than Portuguese.

Now I know VS is a lottery, if Im not arsed I take my chances after doing a reverse image search and Im fully prepared to walk, some you win (now and again, not so much lately) and some you walk. Just thought this info might save others a wasted journey, seriously I would rather bite my own arm off that shag either of them.

London / Petite Viki - Canary Wharf
« by xyfek on Yesterday at 10:59:11 pm »

Price: £100 for 30 minutes.

Comms: All done by text, clear and prompt replies. No problems getting a booking for the slot I wanted.

Venue: Nice flat in a modern building not far from the tube station. A few people coming and going, plus manned reception in the lobby so maybe not the most discreet of places. Very slow lift.

Services: Kissing, OWO, 69, and sex in multiple positions.

Girl: Difficult to say if she's the girl in the pictures, but maybe so. Pretty girl, maybe late 20s or early 30s. Very petite. Decent sized tits, a proper handful, but not so firm.

The punt: After my plan A fell through, I scrolled my AW hotlist looking for a replacement. Hadn't fucked a blonde in a while, so decided to have a go with Viki who I seemed to remember had decent reviews on here. Booking sorted and off I went to Canary Wharf to be met by a cute Romanian. Very warm and friendly, good English too. But very petite and skinny, too petite for me I must say. If I'd had time to actually read the reviews properly, I might have given her a miss because of it.

But I was there and found her attractive, so there was no backing down. Payment sorted and we started kissing while undressing. Not much tongue in there, but still felt nice, she's a good kisser. She moved on to OWO, performed with good technique, which eventually turned into 69. After a while I wanted sex and asked for a condom. This is where it started going downhill. I'm only average sized, but it seems I was just too big for her and we couldn't really settle in a position in which she looked comfortable. Or I'm even worse at it than I thought, which is also a strong possibility!... I was starting to lose wood with the constant change of positions, so eventually the condom was off and she was back to OWO until I came. Quick shower and some friendly chat, and we said our goodbyes.

In short, this could have been a great punt, but the mediocre sex kind of ruined it for me. I'm giving her a neutral because she's a friendly girl who did her best to please me. However, I won't be returning and wouldn't really recommend her unless you're below average or don't care too much about penetration.

Scotland / subsarah - Glasgow
« by scotland19something on Yesterday at 10:43:36 pm »
Not much to this one a no show. Comms done via usual site messaged back and forth on a day and time she was happy with.

I previously met this SP before and was a good decent punt, here's the previous review which she came under  a different profile

1 hour outcall last week

Then on the day of the booking around lunchtime out the blue SP sends me a message saying she might not make it and she's coming from quite a distance way up north of the border probably 100 miles away :unknown:
Now I didn't know any of this her profile has Glasgow  :unknown: so anyways I reply back and nothing for the rest of the day and then a message well over the time of the booking itself a good hour over the agreed time...  like 9:15pm she replies and she says she's a busy person and might not make it (she did say sorry)

but for her rubbish comms which I said to her about she never said no she won't make it just she might not then nothing else for over 8 hours not even yeah I'm not able to come.

So far that a negative review she agreed to the booking date and time then went off the grid then replies after the time of the booking not good and frankly rubbish comms also over 100 miles away come on  :dash: :unknown:

(doing this from my mobile so excuse any typos etc)

North West / Raquel, La Maison, Bury
« by Cliff Booth on Yesterday at 10:40:27 pm »

I’d mentioned this girl in a previous LMB review of another WG and how I was looking forward to her returning, which was initially supposed to be in October, but was delayed for one reason or another. So, I was pleased when I noticed she was on the rota and made a booking.

£70 for 30 minutes (Inc £10 for OWO).

Got to LMB and waited for Raquel to collect me from reception. She was wearing a matching bra and thong set with strappy heels and looked as good as I remembered her doing on our previous meets, which seem like an age ago now. I followed her down the corridor and my eyes were locked onto her firm, shapely arse. I was definitely looking forward to this.

The website pictures are accurate – particularly the second and ninth photos, which are a good indication of what a cracking figure she has, no fat on her at all. Slim hips that taper out to that gorgeous arse. Facially she’s very pretty, with big dark eyes and long black hair. She’s got a sexy grin that reminds me of a horny ex-girlfriend of mine. Her skin is soft and lightly tanned, she has no tattoos, but does have a navel piercing.

Her breasts are sensational and, although the website says they’re natural, there’s an underlying firmness to them that may suggest otherwise. However, having seen them at close quarters on a few occasions I can’t see any scarring whatsoever. So, who knows?

Exchanged pleasantries in the room (her English is very basic but just about functional) and I took a shower whilst Raquel warmed herself on the radiator. I got myself dried off and joined her by the bed for some kissing and groping. The kissing is light, not quite FK, but open mouthed with lots of lip nibbling. I recall that last time I saw her it was a bit more full-on, but my mind might be playing tricks here. Either way, it was pleasant, erotic, and got me standing to attention.

We spent a couple of minutes of this, and I was enjoying exploring her body and feeling that arse. Raquel then slipped off her undies and we got on the bed. There was more kissing and groping before she went down for some OWO. This was very good too, with her taking me to a good depth and doing a little bit of slapping it against her tongue. There was also lots of licking of the head, which I really enjoyed. Not much in the way of eye contact though. I’d say her technique has improved since last time as well – she didn’t dwell too long on the OWO for that long, as I recall.

She was positioned in a way that allowed me to manoeuvre her into a bit of 69, and I really enjoyed this. We then changed things up and I gave her some RO for a little while. Very neat little pussy with a Brazilian landing strip. Clean as a whistle. No fingers though. She was making lots of low moans but nothing too OTT, and none of that "Yes baby" crap you so often get from South Americans WGs.

She gave me a bit more OWO and then bagged me up. Started in doggy, which was a treat, and the view was sensational. I was also reaching round to play with her tits and bullet nipples. Then a switch to missionary which was even better, although the sight of a FAF girl under me often has me blowing my beans quicker than I’d like, but the orgasm was fabulous.

Raquel removed the bag and cleaned me off with a wet wipe, then we had the usual post-shag natter before we both took showers and got dressed. I handed over the dosh and I was on my way out into the shit winter weather, but with a glow in my cheeks, a spring in my step, and well chuffed with a great punt.

Good to see this one again. I think she’s around until Friday and then coming back again probably in February. If you like hot Brazilian lasses with killer curves, then I can recommend this girl.   

West Midlands / ANNA SEXY MINX - Jewellery Quarter
« by pbrown355 on Yesterday at 10:36:15 pm »
I had this young lady on my list for a long time. I won't pretend it was anything except the tits. I wasn't expecting the girl in the pictures, as long as it was close. or

Phoned at short notice. Told she was available so over I went. Got slightly confused by the address but probably my fault. Not much of a problem, soon in the fairly modern block of flats no different to many others used for punting.

Straightforward punting flat.

The lady
Obviously not the girl in the photos. I assume generic so that the girl is interchangeable. She did, however have large and decent tits and that's what I was there for.

The action
Fairly straightforward vanilla experience. Undressed, onto the bed, lots of mutual fondling, her fondling my cock, me fondling her tits. Went on for a while, then some minor oral with, neither good nor bad, then sex in mish. After a few minutes I thought "why am I doing this when I'm here for the tits".
So off I got, climbed on across her chest, stuck it between her tits and pumped away.
A few minutes later and the desired result was wonderful.
She took all of this in a happy, chatty, friendly manner, including being covered in the sticky stuff.

Much enjoyed. Would I go back? Possibly but since it took so long to get there in the first place that probably means I won't.
Should you go? Well it is technically B & S so make your own mind up. If you want a decent titwank from a girl who is very pleasant and happy then maybe.

Just noticed her terrible record of reviews. Either a different girl or I am incredibly easily pleased!

North East / Jenny at Jasminmassage4u Darlington
« by Darlobloke on Yesterday at 10:35:04 pm »
Right lads, first venture out since before the crapdemic hit. Thought I'd ease back in with a massage and HE.

Checked availability and a choice of masseuers offered. Opted for Jenny.

Arrived and wore face mask. Sanitised hands on arrival. Jenny had a mask on but had a cracking chassis and she would be a bit of a looked I would imagine.

1 hr massage started. Stripped off and she started a medium massage which was really good. Occasional rubs of the arse cheeks so was obvious more to come. Offered HE with naked massage for an additional 50 but offered 40 which was accepted, this was on top of the basic 40 for the massage. What proceed was fantastic, jerked me off and edged me  until I came 2 yrs worth. Simply the best hand job ever. She teased me throughout and proceeded to tease even more afterwards. Think she is there this week and I would defo go back. Got to play with her norks and pussy. Could possibly be more on offer but didn't have enough cash to see whether there were other options on the menu.

80 quid well spent, great massage and very empty gonads.

London / Natalya_
« by p1970 on Yesterday at 10:33:00 pm »

I have been a lurker for some time and it is my time to share.  Just had an amazing experience with Natalya who I found thanks to this website and the other positive reviews.  They were all spot-on, she is a gem.  I know that 250GBP for the hour is more expensive than other options out there but she is definitely worth it. I have paid more for a lot less.  Natalya is super sexy and friendly.  Our initial phone call was interesting. I was on my way to the airport in a taxi and she wanted to know what were my sexual interests and what I expected of our meeting.  I tried to be discreet but clearly noticed that the driver was keen to listen in on my conversation.  Anyway, once I finally made it to London and her incall hotel after a long day of meetings I was not disappointed. Natalya received me with a deep french kiss and pleasant roaming before inviting me to shower.  More DFK as soon as I stepped out of the shower until she guided me to face the mirror where she kneeled for some amazing owo with plenty of eye contact.  Moved to the bed where I let her guide me as I went down for some well appreciated RO until I had to get inside her.  Began with her favorite: doggy which she requested outright and followed in mish with plenty of DFK and breast play until I was getting too close and she finished me with her amazing mouth.  Please treat her well

London / Passionate Wikii - WC2
« by Malvolio on Yesterday at 10:10:45 pm »
Link: or

Cost: £150 for one hour

Comms: One of those WGs where you phone, get no answer but then receive a text 30 seconds later.  Sorted out a meeting for a bit later on the same day with no trouble.

Venue: Flat above a shop less than five minutes away from Holborn tube station.  My issue with it was the bed - instead of a double bed there were two single beds pushed together, but they didn't stay together for too long once the shagging started.  Other than that all OK for punting purposes.

Looks: Reasonable (but unspectacular looking) - I'd put her in her late twenties.

Body: Decent figure around 5' 5" - her arse is definitely the best feature - great fun to grab and squeeze.  Tits enhanced but to a sensible size; plenty of tattoos on her body.

Services:  First round was very good - DFK, plenty of groping her body (no fingering, though), very good OWO with ballsucking.  Given she charges extra for CIM or facial I chose to finish the first round with sex (this is where the bed issue became apparent).  The second round saw a distinct drop-off in her attitude; the impression I got is that she was hoping I'd be a 'one cum and done' punter, and didn't appreciate having to put in the extra work, and that's why I've rated the punt a neutral.

Would I visit again: I want the WG to have a good attitude throughout the whole punt, not just the first half, so I won't be back.

South East / Sweet little Jessica Reading
« by Bonker on Yesterday at 09:40:23 pm » or

There's not much to go on in the profile, no interview, rubbish pics, no movies but a lot of reviews. Decided to take a punt.

Booked very easily, directed to a hotel, breezed in and was satisfied with the door reveal.

Looks are bonkable, fake tits botox lips spray tan. Not my type normally but dickbrain overruled my preferences. To be fair, the enhancements were good quality.

Very professional service, well practised, no quibble, no mucking about. Sword swallow, Utah and anti-wrinkle cream were all deployed.

Friendly and chatty.
Happy with result.

Negative: a bit too practised, like a chain coffee shop.

I would return, if in the mood.

London / AnayssX - Liverpool Street
« by Buenos2006 on Yesterday at 09:20:11 pm »
Just notching up another green for the well reviewed Anayss: or

£80 for 30 mins. Reasonable flat near Liverpool St. Decent en suite shower.

She is gorgeous and very petite. Only basic conversation but she was friendly and chirpy throughout the punt.

Came out the shower to find her waiting seductively on the bed in her underwear. Off came her bra and I was straight into kissing and sucking on her perky breasts whilst she wanked me hard. Then she started OW which was fucking hot with eye contact and spit. Her face is stunning and enjoyed watching her consume my dick.

I then licked her and we tried 69 but I was keen to get to the fucking.

Missionary felt amazing. She is tight (she had applied lube). But she didn’t want to put her legs over my shoulders (one of my faves) as said it would be painful. She also said she couldn’t do doggy as would be painful. I asked if she would bend over and play with herself whilst I watched and she gladly obliged. She then was happy for me to take her in doggy very slowly for a bit. We then switched to cow girl for a bit but I wanted to go back to mish to finish. I pounded her hard till I came in the bag. She took it really well and started some dirty talk by asking me to cum in her pussy.

Despite some limitations on positions, it’s a firm positive and I’d def return.

London / mel_sexy24 - Earl's Court
« by bsmoove67 on Yesterday at 09:12:00 pm »

Lovely punt, stayed for 15mins cots £50 great vfm.

Very close to Earls Court Station. Was incredibly friendly great gfe experience. Kissing was great, OW was good. Quite large had some struggles getting in but she took it very well.

Would definitely return

North West / Anna: Lucy Massage, Ashton-under-Lyne
« by RogerHealey on Yesterday at 09:06:13 pm »

This place opened in the Summer and initially from some feedback on here that looked like it was one to avoid however since then thing seem to have improved. Thanks to Torhandle vouching for it on several occasions so  I thought it was worth a try (thanks Tor). This visit is from around a month ago.

Comms : Nice and clear, text a few hours before to find out who was in, prompt response with directions.

Location : On a side quiet side street in the middle of town. Door always left open and into a stairwell. Reception on first floor leading on to a very spacious landing, clean and nicely decorated with a table, some seats... and a washing machine.

Visit : No sooner had I arrived at the top of the stairs than a smiley Anna appeared to greet me. I explained I'd booked and she took me into a clean and comfortable massage room with proper table. Paid my £35 for the hour.

Anna looks about 35 and very attractive. If I was a Benny Hill fan I would have thought I'd died and gone to Heaven - she was dressed in a green baby doll mini nightie with fluffy mules. Sadly I am not a Benny Hill fan. Anna is about 5' 6" with long dark hair loosely tied and just below shoulder length. Dress size? Tricky, probably a 12 though her build is thick set but she is NOT fat. She has small breasts and a nice bum. Best of all she is friendly and fun but her English is a bit limited.

I am happy to say she did not give me a token massage. I asked for medium and she delivered plenty of firm smooth strokes spending a lot of time on my upper and lower back and neck too. From time to time she gets on the table to do some more work and each time jammed my legs further apart using her knees with an occasional brush of the tackle for my hors d'oeuvres I guess. She then got to work on my legs, good technique again plenty of pressure but not too much for wimps like me. A brief foot massage which I wouldn't have complained about had it gone on a bit longer, no this was all good stuff.

Now Anna is working her way back up to my upper thighs and bum for some proper CC swipes. Extras had not been discussed so far and she was reaching and pulling my sack properly from underneath and was what I can only describe as caressing and gently tugging on it. Up until this point in my life I guess I've must never have had a proper reach under. Anyway this felt amazing and I just had to raise my hips (never before done that wuss that I am) so she goes in with both hands even more now starting to milk me. After a few moments she finally asks about extras (thank God, just in time before I drenched the table). As always Roger goes for a good ol' B2B. For the princely sum of £40.

Anna strips off and rubs her fit little body against mine. Yes her tits were small but I still loved every bit of them. There was a little light kissing and she was playfully biting my nipples. She then sat between my legs gently rubbing my upper thighs, balls and arse in one motion and a bit of light wanking with the other hand. After a few sensational minutes of this she moves up the table, turns round and lowers her pussy onto my face. Being a gentleman I felt it was my duty to try and please the lady and lick the fuck out of her fanny whilst she was building up a nice oily hand job at the other end. I was got so aroused with all this and her now very moist slit that I did what I've never ever done before and rimmed her lovely pert arse right into her starfish. She let out a moan as I too did the business and almost Artexed the ceiling. Wow.

Finished with a very competent head massage to the end of the hour. A nice little chat, paid up and off back to the car grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Summary : As you can see, a good time had but what makes such visits great is when the lady is friendly, fun and seems to be having as good a time as you. Definitely going back, I think there's more to be had here. Thanks again to Torhandle and his persistent marketing - I owe you one buddy!

London / Suzy Massage - Bayswater - Avoid
« by bsmoove67 on Yesterday at 09:04:19 pm »

Had a bunch of shit punts recently this is the pick of the bunch. £50 pounds for half an hour.

Was in possible the most rundown apartment I've ever been in. Smelt like the windows had never been opened and the carpets looked like they've never been hoovered. Feel disgusting even thinking that I spent half an hour in there.

She had a mask on the entire time and didn't allow any touching. Massage was shit, she was trying to pull my limbs off my torso. No reach unders. wanked to completion. Didn't even shower, left all oily and showered at home. £50s I'll never get back. Learn from my mistakes lads.

17  (she takes down and re-ups the ad sporadically. So dependent on when you're reading this, the link may not work)

I had been trying to book Coral for a while but communications left a bit to be desired and sometimes when we were both available she wasn't at her city centre location.

Rates are reasonable, but oral is an additional 20 quid. Thats for *covered oral by the way, so I didn't bother.

Finally booked in on a sunday evening a little while back.

Location is on a reasonably quiet street dependent on time in the city centre a couple roads behind the cathedral.

It was in a, what I can gather, short stay apartment building. There is a front desk but it seems to not be attended, at least at the time I was there.

Was given the door entry code, floor number and apartment number from Coral via text

Got up to the door and she did the hide behind the door thing

She's a reasonably attractive girl, dark hair, filled lips, nice body and was wearing a slightly skimpy number but a bit too unrevealing for the scenario we both knew we were in.

She has a massage table set up right next to a double bed.

I initially booked the 30 min option, but later opted to extend to an hour. This was £80 in total.

Massage started lying on my front and the massage itself was quite lackluster. Lots of going over the same area, mostly my legs, and it got really boring after a while. This part seemed to go on forever.

Finally she said to move to the bed for the flipside and B2B.

She got undressed, but only to the point of pulling her lingerie down to her waist and keeping her underwear on. She had her tits out but was noticeably apprehensive about letting me really get a good feel in.

I lied on the bed as she glided over me with her mostly bare body. This was nice and then she began to oil up my cock.

She began slowly stroking me as she bent over to let me feel her arse. She then got comfortable, facing mostly away from me whilst jerking me off.

This again made getting a good look and feel of her tits difficult and seemed intentional. Keep in mind I hadn't been forceful, or weird about anything so I guess she just isn't comfortable doing that with punters in general.

She asked if I liked it slow or fast, I responded that I like it a bit faster and she maintained a steady speed.

I then let off a pretty big shot which she remarked about. I guess I needed it  :D

I cleaned up and we chatted for quite a while actually as she gave me a normal frontal massage back on the table. We spoke about tv shows, movies etc.

It felt like I went over the time, and I forgot to check at the time if I did.

Its a good value massage, but Id probably stick with the 30 min (£40) next time as to get to the main event a bit quicker and shorten the more dull massage part.


Another shit punt. Terrible attitude, shares the house with a bunch of guys/girls who knock on the door after hearing moans perhaps mocking her for being an escort??. Rushed service, no gfe despite claiming it. Terrible comms, seemed surprised that I actually showed up on time and made me wait outside for ages before letting me in.

Massive L avoid at all costs - prices seem to have gone up, don't know why, went for 15 mins for £60 and 30 mins was quoted at £80


Claims to be 31 - at least 50 something, wrinkled arms and face. Should have just turned back there and then. Claimed to offer dfk/gfe even in 15 mins via text and phone, wasn't the case. Got told to shower and when I came out got told I have less than 10 mins left.

Started with owo and was going superfast, told her to slow down and then she looked up angrily saying its a quickie. Wasn't having it and gave her some back pointing out how shit the experience was etc. Finished me off and then threw a tissue on me asking me to clean myself up.

Overall, shit experience. Avoid - Facially and physically unattractive with a horrible attitude and a serious clock-watcher/rusher.

South East / English_Demi_100ph- Brighton
« by FrenchDan on Yesterday at 07:24:45 pm »
First review, more to come.

I saw Demi in September and for her price (£100 ph) I was impressed, good 1 hour meet.

Comms- good
Accommodation- Hove, nice clean flat
Looks- 9/10 I found her very attractive. Photos are accurate. Slim with nice fake tits and pretty face.
Service- 8/10 shy girl but pleasant. She wore black lingerie and greeted me with a lovely kiss, using plenty of tongue. I had to take the lead from here but was happy to do so. Asked for a blowjob: good technique and enthusiastic. Then onto some 69 nice clean pussy, she seemed to enjoy it. Condom on and fucked in a couple of positions, finishing in doggy. I came and we had some spare time, so she offered me a massage, which was nice end to the meet. She is quite submissive, so you do have to take the lead but I am okay with that, may not be for some people though.

For the price, I recommend. Most of the english girls in East sussex area are much more expensive!

West Midlands / naughty_hotwife - Walsall
« by Imp8 on Yesterday at 07:08:54 pm »

Village Hotel  Walsall   30 minutes  @ £60

Been meaning to see Hotwife for a while now,just didn't quite get the chance to,until I saw a review of her and looked on her Adultwork profile,she was in Walsall on Sunday.....Bingo. Rang on Saturday,her phone was off,so I left a text message. Got a response on Sunday morning,everything sorted.Comms after that were excellent.
I'm a bit apprehensive about punting in hotels,just too many eyes on you,The Village Hotel was a refreshing change. People were around,but I just calmly walked up to the lift which was right in front of you,and went upstairs.Easy.

First impressions were good,Hotwife is pretty chatty and puts you at ease straight away,no awkward silences or any signs of nerves,from either side.
Looks were a solid  7,nice long brunette hair,nicely Applied make up,which wasn't plastered on. She's got a gap between her two front teeth which may be a bit off putting for some,or a turn on for others.  Body was very thickly set,top half a 12,bottom could possibly be 14,no fat on her though. Her pictures on Adultwork are pretty accurate. Breasts are natural which were a pleasant surprise,I automatically thought for some reason that they'd be bolt ons. They were a tad small for her frame,Ds,I'd say....would have looked fantastic with a nice set of DDs. Legs were nice and chunky with a lovely shape to them. Height was good,5'6 ish and age would be reasonablely accurate,mid 30s.

Money handed over,Hotwife told me to put it on the dresser,where it stayed for the duration of the Punt,infact she never picked it up,even as I left 45 minutes later,nice touch.

Didn't really get off to a good start,kissing was with closed mouths,we did progress to very light French kissing eventually,but you could tell that she wasn't too keen on that,something about saving something for her husband. Both got undressed and she was soon sucking helmet,nice too.
Good Technique,could have had a bit more suction,but her tongue made up for it. She had a nice way of twirling her tongue,deepthroating and squeezing the knackers,all done between bouts of LFK.
Had to have a taste of her snatch...Beautiful. Completely shaved with a nice shape,even inserted a digit,no issues.
Onto 69,again no issues. Mac on and into CG. This was delivered with gusto,she rode me like a good un. I did get that sneaking suspicion that she was try to get an early pop out of me. She is a big ol bird and she got tired so we changed into Mish. No problems with access or any restricting on her part. Pumped away for a few minutes and I knew that if I carried on I'd pop. Back into 69 for my favourite finale....Swollow.
I just lay there catching my breath,she gave me a wipe to clean myself up with,but I did ask her if she'd clean me up,just love that part of a punt,she duly obliged.
I got slowly dressed and whilst doing so we had a decent chat.
I'm sure that there were no other punters after me because she was in no rush.

Overall decent punt,some parts were really good,OWO,RO,SWOLLOW,whilst some were just good,CG MISH. I would revisit because of the VFM and the reasonably close proximity to me.

Hotwife works out of the village Hotel in Walsall every other Sunday til about 8pm. This is the only way you'll be able to see her in the evening because whilst she's based in Nottingham,she only works during the day. The hotel is of a decent standard and I was impressed with the hotel room Hotwife was staying in,especially the bed,soo comfortable.
Just a bit of a heads up,She's off for the whole of January.


South West / Sweat Lisa XXX - Bristol
« by princerico on Yesterday at 07:02:34 pm »

Location: close to the bus centre in a bog standard comfortable flat

Girl: Clearly the one on AW but not as attractive. Her hair was blonde and physically she was ok. Not massively sexy but friendly and straight forward. Good English.

Easy coms, sent text in morning and arranged for an early afternoon tug and rub. £70 for 30 mins.

I'm giving this a positive though it wasn't anywhere near as good as the massages I've had recently. Probably didn't help that I wasn't massively attracted to her. Sh's not bad to look at but compared to previous punts she wasn't overly sexy. Rub was ok and lots of tits on back. Turn over for a fun tits on chest and I enjoyed seeing my cock rub all over them, then a handjob and orgasm.

I'm sure some will love her, she has plenty of fans on here, but didn't quite hit the mark for me.

London / redhotsof, Waltham Forest
« by peterpiper on Yesterday at 06:49:21 pm »
All I can say is wow , She seems to love sex , better looking than the pics .
Dfk as soon as she walks in the door and didn't stop for the whole HR.
All her likes were on offer although I had to stop after 2nd pop in the mouth both swallowed. Very chatty friendly girl ,was £130 for the hour which was a bargain for what she does.


Location Harrow ha9 (hella far smh)
Time mid afternoon
Comms decent replied quick enough her English is not great

So had my friend drive me he was punting with
She on my hit list she looks good

got to Harrow long drive
She was waiting downstairs in a gown and leggings she walked me upstairs to her room she got undressed
1. Facially she about mid 30s face rough could have been one of the green street hooligans with that face smh and hair cut is meh
2.body wise she got a nice firm bum abit droppy not to much off a cuff at the bottom but is decent  still has shape but you can see old age has made it lose abit of the youthful shape. Bum wise I wood give it a 6/10 for someone her age it was firm. Stomach been through abit can see stretch marks. boobs were decent soft not to droppy 6/10

She got undressed came to me and sat me on the bed she took off my top and vest then my trousers and socks and shoes I was thinking this lil bih (this lady trynna make me wife her no Gyal ain’t undress me like that smh)
 She push’s me down to lie on the bed and she starts kissing my neck and down to my balls and starts giving me head. Technique not bad didn’t feel no teeth she took it deep allowed me to face fuck her abit  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
I get her to do reverse cowgirl so I can see that ass view was not bad she was a lil tight but wet enough to slide in she takes time riding me had to ask if she ok she was like am abit big I laughed I said if she can’t handle me she defo ain’t gonna handle bigger dicks.

Doggy was nice view was nice she got a nice arch but she can’t maintain the arch due to pounding moans are real and makes you want to slam more but I could tell she couldn’t handle all of it so I took my time till I bust job done

Ticked her off my box so she’s got a nice ass yes. I personally don’t think is a ass that will make me come back to Harrow but her service was nice won’t front she ain’t complain always smiled good service. I think she a kisser she want to kiss me but I ain’t into all of that stuff. . Had me thinking if my girl don’t take off my clothes after a hard days work like she did I ain’t wifing.

I tried the launch lady before now a butch lesbian/green street hooligan in the face
I need a dime/beauty with a moderate price any recommendations

[Image hidden]

Scotland / Carla. Massage - Glasgow
« by bellamy1403 on Yesterday at 06:48:41 pm »

£80 for 60 minute massage

Comms: Her number was showing as her green light was on and, after a few easy texts, I had arranged a meet with Carla.

Location: A flat in the south of Glasgow, right next to a shop so people will see you walking in and out, place is a bit of a dive walking in but the flat itself is nice enough.

Appearance: Very pretty girl, slim body with a great arse. Her tits and belly gave me the impression she is recent mum, but it wasnt by any means unnattractive.

Meet: Carla is rather quiet and little more serious than my usual girla, at least at first. Not the warmest welcome but she did try to maintain small talk while i got undressed, wasnt perfect english but she was pleasant enough.

Onto the bed (doesnt have a massage table) and she removes her top and is now wearing just a bra and panties. Gets me oiled up and gives me a pretty decent massage, either i was really tired or the massage was excellent because i almost fell asleep a couple times. It was quite professional for the most part, nothing got sexual until she removed her bra and gave me B2B. It was nice but she doesnt have massive tits, if that is a dealbreaker for anyone.

She flipped me over onto my back and this is where she truly shined. A very slow and sensual massage across my chest, stomach, inner leg literally drove me to the horniest point i think ive ever been at, she knows how to tease. When she finally starts touching my dick, its still nice and slow and pays good attention to the head. She allows you to touch her boobs and ass but her panties stay on.

She slowly starts to get faster and honestly, Carla's oiley handjob is better than a lot of girls' blowjobs. I didnt last long at all, Carla wanked me until i had one of the most intense orgasms of my life. My whole body was shaking and i felt dizzy as hell afterwards, it was crazy good.

Anyways, i got myself wiped down, dressed again and i was out of the door bang on 1 hour. Would i return? Definately.

Im not really that well versed in the massage community in glasgow but i really loved Carla so ill be sure to see her again.

Scotland / Oriental Thai Nina - Glasgow
« by Jimbob212 on Yesterday at 06:35:47 pm »
Links or

Location: Glasgow about 20 - 30 minutes walk from Central Station

Comms: Nice and simple all done via text and Whatsapp. Postcode, street number then door code all received separately closer to the time of booking. Looks like she handles the comms alone.

Time: £80 for 30mins + £20 for OWO

Girl: Most likely girl in photos but heavily photoshopped and taken years ago probably. Profile states 27 years old but she looks 47, even factoring Asian genes into the equation. Slim, petite frame and short - around 5"2 and nice bolt ons that are roughly D cup. Can probably fit into a size 8 dress.

Services Provided: OWO, FS

Meet: Happened recently and this one has put me off punting for a good while I think, I always knew my streak of good punts had to end somewhere. Saw her profile pop up and thought she was stunning in all the photos. Checked this forum and saw 4 positives and 8 negatives, 33% chance at being a good punt, I've had worse odds. Took the plunge and fired a text. Agreed a time and off I went.

Arrived at location and through the magic door, and was immediately disappointed with who I saw, however, little guy downstairs did the thinking for me and I went through with it. Paperwork sorted (I already didn't like that she was charging £10 on top of going rates and £20 for OWO), stashed away, clothes off and on to the bed. Gave me OWO for less than 2 minutes and then brought out the bag to which I asked for more and she said "that's it, no more" while ripping the packet and bagging my half mast cock in one swift motion. I was already getting annoyed and thought fuck it, I can't be arsed arguing and just went for a pump and dump.

She said she was too tired for CG (fuck sakes) and wanted me to do her missionary, whatever, made myself hard and in I went. Loosest. Vagina. Ever. Couldn't feel a thing, flipped her over in hopes of the different position would add a bit more friction, nope, nothing. I remember smelling the slight twinge of shit and thought to myself, what am I doing here. Pumped away hoping for some miracle that my already flagging cock would pull through for me, but the smell was putting me right off. Switched her back to missionary on the side of the bed and then the "cum for me baby" chorus came out her mouth. Pumped away trying to ignore her but it wasn't happening.

Got even more pissed off and got her to wank me off instead. Finished, clothes on, no chit chat and out I went unsatisfied.


Honestly can't think of any

Loose Vagina
More expensive than going rates
£20 extra OWO that lasted less than 2 minutes
Smelly arsehole
Not as pretty as her photos

Huge negative - give this one a miss gents, not worth your time or money. Avoid avoid avoid!

North East / Lai's Massage, Pink Lane, Newcastle
« by Clito on Yesterday at 06:27:16 pm »
Have spoken with this establishment when it first popped up. They confirmed they are linked with Lisa's further up Pink Lane.
That should have kept me away but it was a while ago and l was looking for a quick massage and HE while l was in that part of town.
I walked in with no prior booking for a half hour session.
From that point they haggled to upsell..would you like to girls..only £10 more.. declined..into a room and again trying to upsell..
After an ok massage the best bit being the use of hot stones
... whispering through a mask..about extras..B2B £40...would l like two girls... NO did not seem to be in her (May?) vocabulary..!!!
Stuck out for a simple HE at £20 she then gets my trousers... pay now..Should have walked then!!
Even doing an ok HE she drops her trousers to reveal a hairy Bush and was still trying to upsell...
Finished up and out never to return...

North West / SEXY MAYA@ - Warrington
« by Shanks on Yesterday at 06:17:21 pm »
 Petite Romanian girl I’ve seen a few times over the years

Last saw her a week ago

Price. £60 30 mins

Pretty face , late 20s but can pass for much younger , small Tits , great round plump little arse . Flat stomach , petite.

Medium sized room in a private tidy apartment
Private access

Nice blow job covered , she doesn’t do without unfortunately .
She gets on top and does several variations of cowgirl . Sort of squatting with one leg and really controlling the thrusts and making me squirm . Then sort of laying on me and breathing in my ear which I go crazy for ( like I say seen her a few times so she knows what I like )
Then sort of lying prostrate on top of me whilst managing to fuck me in a very rhythmic manner.
This can really fuck on top

On this occasion this got me over the line which has gotten harder for me as I’ve got older but not seen her for a while and the combination of the excitement and her perfect riding style did for me

Very nice

She is very petite but with a great arse , however she can take a real pounding too

In the past I have picked her up and fucked her , bent against the wall and just good old fashioned missionary which I enjoy

Overall a good rating and I would recommend her
On other occasions I have picked her up and fucked her

Yorkshire & the Humber / MissLaylaDivineXXX - Leeds
« by Tinytim on Yesterday at 06:13:33 pm »
Not my usual type, fake it, fake lips  covered in tattoos and piercings, ..
Fired off an email, with my number and had a pretty quick response with available times.
Managed to agree an evening hour after a meeting in Leeds, so off I went.
Apartment near to north street Leeds.
Little unsure of what I'd end up with when I arrived, but shouldn't have worried.
Lovely young lady, early thirties, nice features, makeup a little heavier than I'd like, and bright eye shadow??!!

Anyways, nice kissing on arrival and a good grope of her tits, nice handful, firm, soft. She was wearing a sexy little number, stockings etc, not at my request, but she likes dress up, lots of outfits around the apartment, which is small, but very fit for purpose.

Soon had little man out, as I sucked her hard nipples, she was straight to work, decent technique, hands and mouth, ball playing. And took balls in her mouth.

Stopped and ushered over to the bed, literally pushed her down and went straight in for a taste, made all the right noises, before I needed that pierced tongue to work it's magic, laid back on the bed (lots of squeaks as I moved about) then on with a rubber and on she climbed, rode me pretty fast and deep, had to slow down, and change position as I recover for a change lol. Bent her over and went doggy like a man possessed, and she took it well, lots of encouragement, until I became conscious of the bed squeaking!!! Put me right of having to change pace, so over to missionary, but then same again with the noise. Back to bit of Owo on my back until I let go in her mouth.
All on all very enjoyable, even a nice chat about her punters, and offer of round 2, but not this time,
Lovely woman, friendly and down to earth.
Would like to see a likes list, then maybe try something different.
I would deffo call again, even though the £150 is top end for me

West Midlands / Anew Beauty - Warwick
« by noactualbody87 on Yesterday at 06:12:14 pm »
I saw Marie a few weeks ago, was really debating whether to give it a shot as I couldn’t find anything else on her. Thought I’d take my chances.

Booked for an hour, turned up and grated by the lady in the pictures. Ample chest, but completely covered. She asked a few health questions up front, which made me think maybe legit.

Was left in the room (she works from what I assume is her home) undressed completely and lay on the bed. She entered and covered me with a towel, no comment on me being completely naked. Really quite excellent massage, so much so that I’d have been quite ok with that being all I got if nothing else was offered. No real CC swipe did but definitely a bit of lingering.

After 45ish minutes, turn over, she held the towel up why I turned and placed the towel back, with my member creating a tent, after another ten minutes with my boner still tenting, she asked if I wanted hand relief, said yes to £20 extra. Good technique, and kept pumping as I came which is always a bonus. Took her a good ten minutes to finish me off (always takes me a while). When I left I’d been there about and hour and 10 minutes.

I didn’t ask for anything additional, so I’d be interested to know if she’s offered / gone further with anyone else?

West Midlands / Milliemae - Aston - TOFTT
« by theaccountant on Yesterday at 06:03:29 pm »
This one is going to be short. I don't know if this qualifies as a TOFTT. But here we go.

The Girl: or

Comms: All by text and quite unreliable.

Location: Aston

Time: 30 Mins @ £80

The Girl: Didn't meet, so cannot comment.

Service: Didn't get anything, so cannot comment.

What actually happened?

I thought, I would take a gamble and see a girl who hasn't been reviewed on here or has any feedback. She joined AW not long ago. I arrange the meet by text and confirmed a time. Tried calling her just as I was leaving to let her know I'm on my way, didn't get an answer. So just messaged her to let her know how long I was going to be, no reply.

Arrived at the location, texted to let her know I was here. No answer. Called to find out what her door number is. No answer.

Stuck out in the rain for 5 mins, texted her I'm leaving. Ordered my Uber, back at my place. No Answer.

Why the Negative: No Answer.

London / SexyBeverly, Chelsea - GFE excellence
« by yesbby on Yesterday at 06:03:00 pm »

answers the phone and speaks good English.. seems solid and reliable all round

very nice flat on the river which is quite hard to get into but quite discrete. loads of gates and gardens
I pressed her for number on the wrong house and has an intercom interrogation with a neighbour who probably wonders why Beverly is so popular.
give yourself 10 mins extra for parking / walking

the girl
I was initially a little disappointed as she a little bigger than I imagined. Her photos have a petite vibe about them. This is usually a bit af a let down for me if they're over 5 7". She's more shapely than the photos suggest.
As I got out of the shower she was waiting naked with her fantastic bazookas firing right at me. Her lovely lips, gentle eyes and silky smooth skin soon disabused me of my pickiness. She is so smooth, slipping a hand between her cheeks reveal not a stubble in sight. I stroked her all over for most of the session
She is actually womanly in stature and attitude. No silly girl stuff. no bitchiness

the action
Here I was surprised to find myself in the GFE zone - gentle smooching on the bed, stroking each other, chatting, laughing, soft kissing. I actually didn't want to speed things up as I was taken back to holidays with a new love, all the time in the world. No tongues (from her) but very warm kissing - as long as they seem to be into it I'm happy and she was really convincing.
I wet down on her for quite a while, juggling her pierced clit in my mouth. Lovely wet guava and she was enjoying it discretely. Not quite orgasms
She initiated owo and it was really good. Slow, no special gymnastics, plenty of effort, concentration, like your best girlfriend. She carried on for ages. I was wishing I'd contracted a CIM finish as I wanted more of this at the end. Think its off the menu. Stroking the balls affectionately, I had to talk myself around from cumming a few times
Good cowgirl, moaning, kissing, squeezing, lovely nipples. Missionary - I stopped half way through to ask her to marry me and we laughed and then started getting it on again. Doggy, not my favourite of her offerings but she was happy to do anything asked
Had a rest, stroking, then missionary to finish.
Good vibes afterwards. She seems a nice person

showered, goodbyed with nude arse slap. Big wobbly delicious arse

I left feeling punting was worth it after all

£120 per hour, £30 for owo = good value

West Midlands / Thai punt - Vivastreet - Birmingham
« by Mufcdan88 on Yesterday at 05:43:01 pm »

Took place Saturday, only had chance to post.

Avoid at all costs, there’s a few ads using the same postcode and address. It’s an address full of blokes, including a big ugly looking fucker. I think they’re there to do you in.

Rang, girl answered and sent over the address. Got there, rang her and she said ok, I’ll come down and let you in to the flats. Down came a middle aged Asian bloke. Followed him upstairs thought I’d take a chance, as I was about to walk in, I saw a huge Asian guy quickly hide around the corner, I walked.

Be careful out there!!

Flats on the pershore road near the big island. Phone number ends 380!

Yorkshire & the Humber / Mimi Thai - GFE - Sheffield
« by Dubai boy on Yesterday at 05:42:35 pm »
Last weekend was passing GFE in Sheffield. Checked the website and liked the look of MIMI their Thai lady . As from previous visits knew that the pictures are not the real ladies. I called ahead and found that she was free so told the gentleman that I’d be there in 10 minutes. Arrived and parked up and the area was fairly quiet. I noticed a Thai massage shop has opened up next door . Buzzed into the property and sat alone in the lounge and awaited for mimi who was sat with all the other ladies in the room behind the counter. As I sat there I matched all the photos to the ladies and as I presumed they are mega photo shot or someone totally different. I’ve seen Dolly in the past but was surprised that she’s had so much work done on her that she looks really terrible now . Anyway mimi walked into the lounge and introduced herself. She had a nice figure but was disappointed with her face . We went into the room and took a shower , whilst she sat on the bed chatting away .
She then asked what service I require and asked for £50 GFE . I know the price should be £45 (£20 paid to guy at reception) but just handed the money over .
Started with me standing up and she feel to her knees to do owo . Disappointing but she looked nice down there sucking away . Then onto the bed where she carried on but struggled to get hard as her oral was not deep enough for my liking . Ended up just asking her to  finish me off  with oil and hand as I was getting a little bored and time was passing by. Came with 5 minutes left and said my goodbyes.
In conclusion she’s a nice friendly lady but we didn’t click and oral skills where very poor .

South East / AMP Grt. Bookham
« by lancelot1633 on Yesterday at 05:17:50 pm »
First time at this parlour today. Rang at 12.30 and they fitted me in at 1pm. Reasonably quiet and discreet entrance. Met in reception by a pretty, youngish brunette with wavy hair and a big smile. Subsequently told me she was called Emmy. Paid £45 for an hour and despite asking for soft I received a really good and therapeutic , by my standards, massage of my back, legs and glutes.

A switch to a lovely light touch and a bit of teasing around the target area and then asked to turn over. I was asked what extras I wanted and I suggested B2B with a HE. The lovely Emmy asked how much I wanted to pay and we agreed on £50.

Stripped for action she had a lovely figure, not skinny but certainly not fat. Pert smallish boobs with nipples to die for.

She had magic fingers and was quite relaxed in being touched. She is also quite verbal and turned me on even more with her comments. I asked for RO as I couldn’t resist and it went £10 more, but so glad I did. My youngest between Emmy lovely thighs as she teased my very happy cock was heaven.

Enjoyed every bit and such a lovely girl IMHO. I will be back.

North West / playmate laura - Incall Leigh Area
« by welshpanther on Yesterday at 05:00:22 pm »
AW Link

£160 for 1hr incall.

She's just recovered from covid, so took a gamble. She'd isolated for 2 weeks and I think she was a bit lonely as she talked my ear off!  :scare:

As previously mentioned, tells you a post code and then you find the back gate when she texts she ready. My first time seeing her so whilst I knew what to expect from previous reviews - there's always the dread of 'Is this the right house I'm letting myself into?'. Thankfully it was. She met me inside the back door. Quick peak on the cheek and upstairs we went. She was wearing a lacy red top and blue skirt, no bra or knickers.

The photos and descriptions are accurate but I think she looks better in person. Completely unself-conscious when naked and she looks excellent in her skin. A few tattoos but nothing too big or garish.

After a brief chat we stripped and got down to business. FK, OWO, RO and 69 are my favs. She tried a cowgirl ride but it doesn't do it for me so switched back to 69 and then OWO to CIM and swallow.

I then realised I hadn't been upfront with the money so had to sort that out. Oops. :dash:

Long naked cuddle & chat afterwards until after my time was up. then a chat as I dressed and left. As I said my goodbyes she held me and said my name as if committing it to memory (just a little odd). She was still wandering round in her panties looking for her clothers when I left 15 minutes over time.

I may return if opportunity arises.

Scotland / Wan Thai Massage, Camelon Falkirk
« by boozer on Yesterday at 04:58:27 pm »
Hi all,

As a stranger in these parts I checked the reviews for massage places ahead of time so thanks to those who have posted reviews.

My visit was a few months back when there was some glorious Scottish weather to be enjoyed. I hadn't called to book, just turned up on spec and knocked on the door. I was asked to come back in about an hour so presumably they were expecting a customer.

After killing some time I returned and was let in. They asked for my name and number for track & trace. Temp scanned with a little gun thing then paperwork sorted at the reception, (£40 for the hour iirc) before the lady (Wan I believe) who with a cheeky grin gave me a gentle ass grab as she led me to the room. No shower offered but I had had one before setting off so fair enough.

As I usually do in places like this, I stripped off completely and lay on the bed. Wan returned and commenced with the massage which was average to be honest. I seem to recall she answered the phone and kept doing a one hand massage a couple of times. That said, she did crack my spine (witgh both hands) which always feels good and there were some cc swipes.

Wan is a talker, sometimes I'm in the mood for that but other times, like this, I was hoping for some peaceful pampering. Anyway, the usual topics came up, have I been before, have I been anywhere else and so on. After about 20 or 30 mins I was flipped over and she gave a little flick of the old man and asked if I wanted him massaging. Of course. I think we started off at £40 but I offered £20 which seemed consistent with other reviews. She was a bit put out and grumbled something I didn't wquite catch but none the less oiled up mini me and got to work. Technique was nothing special, not especially sensual but had the desired outcome. I would have preferred more teasing but hey-ho.

On completing the task in hand she wiped me down and that was pretty much it. I realised what she'd grumbled was along the lines of if you pay less for HE you get shorter time. I was putting my pants back on after about 45min.


£60 (£40+£20)
Positives: The massage (but I'm being very generous there)
Neutral: Average HE
Negative: Answering the phone mid session

Would I return? Probably not.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Annabelclark - Huddersfield
« by Numberone on Yesterday at 04:54:46 pm »
Location : typical terraced house on the outskirts of huddersfield
Price £160 for an hour
Lady: Fit, early 40s, great body, pretty, enhanced breasts, dressed in sexy lingerie, blouse and skirt, the archetypal hot MILF. Keeps herself in great shape

Meeting: so we now live in a parallel universe where a meeting with no OWO, or A Levels for £160 gets a positive. You really have to take money out of the equation with this hobby now. There seem a stream of EEs charging £120+ for a lucky dip as to what you get and hot young ones trying to blag £200!
Started with some nice intense kissing, not DFK, but quite sensuous and sexy, then she stripper to reveal her fantastic body, she is top notch. A nice back massage, then very good OW, deep, lots of eye contact, then sex in many positions, the highlight of which was doggy with her nice firm bum pushing back.
So, in isolation, if you take the price out of the equation this was a great punt. She really is sex on legs. But I know it's a lot for limited services

After a mid morning average Thai massage still had an urge Si followed up of some recommendations from a fellow punter.
Rand number in first ad Yaya but profile states name Is Tanya, so anticipated it wasn’t going to be girl in pics.
Phoned ahead and 10 minutes later was in what I believe is a well known premises which you enter via the back up some metal stairs. Fairly sure the locals know where your going as soon as you head down the alley way
As I approached door opened with usual girl hiding behind door and to my surprise she was very pretty and looked like girl in 2nd profile name as Sahara.
Followed her upstairs lovely little arse to follow
Into the room and paid £70 for 30 mins,
Got undressed as she left room to stash money
Lay on front as she started with massage and b2b, well rubbing tits on my back to be more accurate
Switch over and she looks decent naked probably a size 10 nice boobs bit of a belly.
This is we’re it’s neutral nodder straight on for OW  no option of owo. This was mechanical literally just lips around cock and up and down. She then goes CG, nice and tight but again no option of RO or kissing
She was on top for a good 10 mins but couldn’t feel the sap riding so got her into giggly and pounded away for a good 5 mins before I finally came in bag
Got dressed no shower offered and was on my Merry way
In summary it was ok girl fairly pretty service very average but for £70

North West / Boonma Thai Massage - Wallasey
« by Blue1878 on Yesterday at 04:27:57 pm »
Following a review and a recommendation from a fellow poster on here, gave this place a visit to pass away the time whilst I was in the area.
Comms quick call to see if any availability and 2 minutes later was inside the shop, wouldn’t fancy it on a busy day as located in a small parade of shops in a fairly busy road with a bit of residential housing but wasn’t to bothered as I was wearing a face covering and Not on my stomping ground
Girl tall skinny with a decent set of boobs, fake by the feel of them probably in her 40s and very surly looking. Asked for 1 hour told I could have 30 mins. Paid £25 as did want it to be a wasted trip
Premises taken to a fairly decent room in the back,

Service, stripped off and waited for her to come back. Agreed medium and just waited to see what happened, masssge was alright not therapeutic or sensual, had better. Half hour feels quite rushed before I knew was on the turnover, had a bit of a semi in and no prompt asked if I wanted it massaged, agreed £20 and enjoyed an ok HJ, but literally just striking my cock no arse or ball play.
Inevitable finish then a wet hot towel rub down

Conclusion it was ok but had much better unlikely to return anytime soon

London / habiba-aamer, West London car meet
« by Johnsmith12456 on Yesterday at 04:27:47 pm »
This punt was a couple of months ago. Wanted some arab hijabi action and her pics enticed me badly

Comms: terrible - contacted her on a green light on AW, she didn't reply back to me until the next day smh. Luckily, I was free that night for a car meet so met her around 930ish in her area near regents Park.

Location: because this was a car meet, I picked her up from her road and she directed me to an estate car park two minutes drive away, it wasn't busy, but not the most discreet of areas 😂

The girl: she sayys she is saudi and she could pass for one but I highly suspect she's actually Turkish. She was wearing a hijab and loose trousers when I picked her up. She says she only does outcalls and car meets because her mum is living at home with her, whether thats true or not I dont know. The girl herself is much more bigger than the pictures on AW. Similar skin tone but has a bigger gut and thighs. Her arse and chebs are absolutely massive tho, those are realistic from the pictures

The meet: we got into the backseat of my car, she started some light maturation on herself then allowed me to finger her for a bit. I got the little fellow out, on with the jonny and away she started bouncing in cowgirl. I buried my face in those tits and mauled them like an animal. One minute later, I finish inside the jonny and off  she gets. While she was riding she was dirty talking and moaning softly, it sounded realistic to me but who knows. After she got off, a bit more light fingerings and kissing and then I dropped her back to her street.

Price: 100 for half an hour, you only get one pop. Given at the beginning of the meeting
Review: this was a slight positive, she got the job done, she's a hijabi and arab looking so she fulfilled that fetish but her pics on AW are misleading, she's much more bigger than she makes out to be. Also, ethnicity wise I don't know if she was arab or not but that didn't matter much to me.

Overall, if she started incalls I would probably go because a car meet in an estate car park with the car bouncing up and down isn't very discreet.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Thai Amy LS15
« by Torchman on Yesterday at 03:35:25 pm »
She was also on AW but can’t find her there anymore. Paid gbp 80 for 1 hour massage, 30 mins of which was b2b. She has a cracking pair, massive and very very nice, a large handful and she knows how to use them in the b2b part. Sliding them around my crack gets me going every time! First half was fairly medium decent massage, nothing spectacular but ok. No teasing just straight forward massage.  Then she stripped off and started rubbing herself with more oil and sliding on my back. Wandering hands along her legs and I ended with a couple of fingers inside her. Ooops. She didn’t mind. Played with her tits as well and I didn’t last long when my dick was sliding between her tits…. Wipe clean bit more massage. Shower offered and taken to take the oil off. Very nice and friendly. Will most probably return

Yorkshire & the Humber / Honey Lowe - Doncaster
« by viper13 on Yesterday at 03:33:11 pm »
Honey Lowe – Doncaster

One Hour In Call - £150 or

This took some booking!  :(

Previously reviewed Honey when I had an In Call at her home address but she no longer accommodates from home, In Calls are from rented Apartments so thought I would be a valid reason to review this meet.

First made contact towards the end of October to arrange a meet but never managed to get our times together.

Then in the first week of November made contact and fired a text off at the beginning of the week asking if she has any plans to work.  Received a prompt reply giving her next availability for the following week.  Had a couple of text to each other then suddenly my next text didn’t show delivered?  :unknown:

Gave it until late in the day and fired a further text which also didn’t show delivered, after about 3 minutes I thought there must be something wrong, either phone not working or switched off, which I thought was strange so I sent an email on AW but she doesn’t log into AW that often so I wasn’t going to hold my breath for a reply anytime soon.  Anyway, she never read that email so I thought there must be something wrong.  :(

Nothing all week and then at the weekend I received an email.  Honey never said what the problem was but said she hoped to arrange an Appt for the following week and will let me know details when confirmed.

I made contact with her the following week and we arranged a day and time for later in the week at 10am.  As this was booked several days in advance, I text Honey the day before just to confirm all is still well for the following day at 10am.  She replied asking if I could make it 1030am as she had a second viewing of the sale of her house, I agreed it wouldn’t be a problem.

Morning of the meet I sent the usual text confirming all is well for our now 1030am meet, and asked Honey to confirm the same.  About 20 mins later I get a text saying she’s had a problem with the booking agency and can’t book into the Appt until 3pm and was very apologetic, I didn’t think I could make that time but sent a reply saying give me a few minutes and I’ll see what I can do.  About 30 mins later I sent her a text saying I can make it so all was good.  :yahoo:

Earlier that morning I looked at Google maps just to refresh my memory of the area from the post code Honey had sent me.  I noticed there was a load of red area at the Junc of the M62 and the A1M and remembered thinking it looks like there are road works of some kind and I need to leave in plenty of time than normal.  I’ve been to that area of Doncaster before and it’s normally about 55min drive.

This turned out to be a journey from fucking hell!!!!  :mad:  :dash:

Checked my Satnav before I left and it said ETA 1hr 25mins.  Our meet was for 3pm so I set off at 1.15pm giving me 1hr 45 min for the journey (20 mins spare).  Arrived at the turnoff from M62 to the A1M and traffic was tailed back as far as the eye could see.  I was still on the slip road an hour later and still not on the A1M.  :angry:

Sent a message to Honey giving her an update as my journey slowly progressed.  First message I sent said I’m going to be late; my ETA says 3.20pm, Honey replied saying no problem at all, and she will have a beer ready, she also gave me a change of post code, same street but different Appt so no change really to my journey.

So, 3.20 came and went and I’m still in this fucking traffic jam.  I can’t turn round or turn off all exits were cordoned off with traffic cones, so I can’t even cancel and turn round.  Eventually we start moving at a reasonable pace 40mph as the jam began to clear, just before I could pick up speed, I fire a text saying clear of jam my ETA is now 4.10pm. Then after about 10 mins I’m at the turn off and my ETA is in 5 mins, so as I’m sat at traffic lights sent a quick text saying with you in 5 mins and I arrived at 3.55pm.  What is normally a 55 min journey took me 2 hrs and 45 mins.  :crazy:

Arrived saying here and she rang me giving me the house number.  The road has two rows of terraced houses facing each other, plenty of on street parking when I arrived and felt safe and no nosey neighbours that I could see.

The location is a short drive from Junc 36 of the A1M.  A terraced house converted into two Appts, ground floor Appt and an upstairs Appt which have been done to a high standard and very modern throughout.  The only downside is that when they converted them into separate appts the downstairs appt has still got control of heating and hot water for both Appts as though it was still one house.  :unknown:

I was told the door was open and just walk in and lock the door.  As I stepped into the hallway Honey walked towards me from the bottom of the stairs, OMFG what a sight, she looked absolutely stunning, a little makeup and bright red lipstick, Red Tartan cropped top, Red Tartan miniskirt, Black stockings and suspenders and some killer heels with platforms.  She went from 5’4 to around 6’ which accentuated her slim body and long legs.  The outfit was good quality material and not cheap, she looked amazing and I was thinking as I followed her up the stairs, fucking hell that journey from hell was worth every fucking minute   :P  ;)

As you go in the main door there is a door to my left which is the down stairs appt and at the end of the corridor there are the original stairs to the house but now has a door to it making it a separate apartment.  Honey took me into the kitchen, I think it was and asked if I wanted a beer and then told me the occupants/landlord hadn’t arrived yet to turn the heating on and hot water.  It wasn’t cold in the Appt but my shower was a cold one which she apologised for.  Into the living room where I left my coat, watch and phone on the table, then shown to the bathroom where I had a quick freshen up by way of a cold shower (having just followed Honey up the stairs it was need I can tell you)  :lol:

Honey stayed on the landing chatting whilst I had a quick shower, Honey thanked me for coming and driving all that time and said she would make it up to me.   Shower done and into the bedroom, Honey laid on the bed as I dried myself and then left the towel on the floor at the end of the bed and climbed on and laid next to Honey.  Couple of words to each other, and then into some very sensual kissing, after a minute or so I pulled away and Honey and I were covered in red lipstick, a quick wipe and back to more sensual kissing and plenty of groping.

After a few minutes Honey sat up and took her top off and I took the opportunity to unclasped her bra, I think the small skirt came off at the same time, leaving her stockings, suspenders, thong and those fuck off high heels.  Back to sensual kissing and more fondling and groping running our hands over each other, I enjoy this part as it builds the tension and excitement, for me it’s erotic and sensual and makes my orgasm more intense at the end, well it does for me. 

After a while a quick fondle of her breasts and a suck then made my way down to her clean tasting pussy.  I’m not sure how long I was there for but it was quite a while, I think she appreciated my efforts, her legs quivered several times and some appreciative noised from time to time, but I don’t think she orgasmed, who knows.

Then she said it’s my turn and she sat up and gave me an amazing OWO BJ, again this went on for a while and then I asked her for a cover and for her to climb on which she did.  I was really enjoying this as she altered the pace from time to time and technique and from time to time leaning forward and we sensually kissed wrapping my arms round her.

Then we rolled over into mish where I continued to run my hands all over Honey and sensual kissing continued.  I’m totally lost what the time is and never gave it a thought until this point.  I usually have my watch on as I hate it when the SP says you have 5 minutes left, Honey has never said this in the past or at this point indicated that time was running out, but I had a feeling my hour must be up by now, I had a feeling I'd been there a while now.  :unknown:

After being in the mish position for quite some time I rolled off and took the rubber of and Honey began to give me another OWO BJ.  I pulled her up and she laid next to me whilst she gave me a hand job at just the right pace and we continued to lock lips until I shot my load over Honey.

We cleaned up and Honey offered me another shower saying there was now hot water, I knew this as the lady from down stairs shouted up the stairs “hello, I've put the heating on and hot water”, earlier into out meet  :rolleyes: 

I got dressed and we went into the living room where I had left my coat, watch and phone.  We stood and had a chat for about 15 minutes and then Honey pointed to the clock on the wall, it said 7pm and my initial reaction was to look at my watch and said it’s 6pm, someone hasn’t put the clock back.
It wasn’t until I got to my car, I realised I had been there 2 hours.  1hour 40mins sex time and the other 20 mins was getting dressed and chatting in the living room.   

That was Honeys “I’ll make it up to you”, she said on arrival, an extra Hour for the price of one.   :dance:

I mentioned it to Honey afterwards and she said we had a mare of a time getting together and she thanked me for not cancelling and persevering with the journey from hell, that was really thoughtful and amazing of her.  It would have been a real killer to have driven all that way for a 1 hour meet then to endure the same journey back, which by the way took 2 hours, a little quicker going back.  It was really thoughtful of her extending our time to a further hour, so arrive at 3.55 and walked out the door at 6pm.   

Honey works from Appts now and not from home address as she has done in the past.  The Appts are not that far from her home address and like I said a short drive from Junc 36 of the A1M, about 5 mins drive.

I had an amazing time just as I had on our previous meet.  Honey is amazing young lady who is attentive, enthusiastic, very passionate and sensual, she has always been dressed to impress, I absolutely love our meets.  If she lived nearer, I’m not sure I would bother with anyone else, having said that I do like variety.  I would definitely see her more often than I would anyone else normally though.

Honey has, I think an extensive likes list, BDSM, Kink, face fucking etc but she gives an amazing erotic and sensual GFE which is just my thing, with enthusiasm, eager to please from the point you walk in to the point walk out, Honey exceeds all expectations, Honey is a real gem.

Honey would probably make me bankrupt if she lived nearer LOL 

Do I recommend, absolutely

Will I see her again, absolutely without any hesitation, only next time I’m going down the fucking M1 route  :dash:



South East / Oriental Massage - Woking
« by MrMakers on Yesterday at 03:00:23 pm »

50/HR + 40 B2B.  Place is down at the end of one of the main central streets, so at certain times of day probably not discrete.  As I was randomly in Woking and not likely to return any time soon, didn't matter to me.

Normal, clean entrance.  Was taken to a room and told I was getting the "new girl" "Lisa?" who is "very good at massage".  Asked for the 50 and told to take some clothes off.  While undressing saw a sign that said "NON SEXUAL SERVICES FOR BOTH MALE AND FEMALES".  Uh oh.  Stopped at my boxers and the "new" girl came in, new meaning first day there but not any indication of her age or experience, as she was an absolute stereotype/mash-up of most reviews I read on here.  However, I am extraordinarily perceptive and intelligent and can give you the following precise information - the masseuse was 1)Female; 2)of Asian/oriental decent and 3) between the ages of 30 and 70.  Nothing stood out at all above the neck, b cup boobs, smooth body with flat stomach, no ass, no tattoos or piercings.  She immediately told me to remove my boxers and get on the bed with no towel offered - apparently she was so new they haven't trained her how to read the sign.  A very basic and slightly relaxing massage followed, flip at about 35 minutes.  as asked for extras and as informed that B2B was when she gets all the way naked and was asked how much I normally pay - wasn't really interested in extras, but I said 40 and it looked like she might try for more but thought better.  Got naked and slid up and down for about 3 minutes, which was fine as she wasn't any good at it.  Her oily handiwork was quite nice, but you could tell she as surprised that I was not coming.  Plan B was to keep at it while sticking a titty in my mouth - I liked the gumption, but that wasn't enough.  Plan C was both of the above, plus spreading her legs to allow full on fingering(!) which while nice wasn't quite enough.  So her trump card was to stick a finger up my ass (!!!) and I'll be god damned if that didn't get the volcano to erupt, to both of our surprises.  Shower was broken of course but had one at hotel so no big deal.

Would I recommend and repeat?  Dear lord no, stay far, far away.  Only reason this gets a Neutral is the "new" gal having "beginners luck" and defying all odds to make me cum, that deserves a small show of appreciation and mercy.  You might not be so lucky.

Scotland / Hannah Rouge - touring - Edinburgh
« by Philbert on Yesterday at 02:46:28 pm »
Visit in November 2021

£200 for one hour incall

Comms:  same day booking by phone with follow up confirmation text.  Pleasant phone manner, excellent English

Location:  smart apartment in old town, no issues.  Guided in by phone.

Appearance:  as pictures.  Very attractive Brazilian, late 20s, great boobs and bum, some well executed tattoos.  Smiley and friendly.

Services:  after shower, OW (my request) followed by various positions to completion; great fun playing with her boobs.  Cuddle, massage then round 2 which is unusual for me.  Shower, out the door 5 mins after time.

Lovely girl at pricier end of spectrum but I would return when she is back.

South East / Sweet_emma96 - Canterbury
« by Badgerboy on Yesterday at 02:40:00 pm » or

When: December 2021

Comms: Initial comms were made via phonecall.  She speaks very good English.  No problems discussing the meet.  Further comms after initial call were via text

Venue: House about a mile out of the City Centre.  Area wasn't too bad but the house is in a bad state of repair.  Plenty of free parking.  Entrance not over looked. 

Fee: £60 for 30 min.

Appearance: Emma is the girl in the pictures, the tattoo gives it away.  Fit body, lovely boobs.  Emma was wearing exactly what I had requested.  So many times do I request a specific outfit, they agree and then they open the door in their usual punting gear, but not today.  She looked amazing

The Meet:  Upstairs into the bedroom.  Clearly a punting room, big TV in corner and a bed covered with a bedspread.  a peck on the cheek to say hello and then I stripped down while she bent forward over the bed and pulled me in, grinding her bum into me.  On to the bed.  I had requested RO and after a bit of playtime with her boobs (they responded well) went in for some RO.  Beautiful tasting pussy.  She responded well, reaching down to grab my arm, could feel her grip tighten at times.  Think she came, she wriggled about and pushed my head away as she did..... she let me go back for another go though :-)

She offered oral with but I declined, I was very turned on and didn't want to pop in her mouth.  Put the wellie on and got her to climb on, she ground on my cock while I sucked her nipples.  We stayed in that position, felt tight and it was good being inside her.

We cleaned up together.  I was hoping for a lie down and a chat but she remained standing away from the bed.  25 mins into the half hour.  I got us and got dressed.

Conclusion - The house is proper grotty, I didn't see Sergei.  there was another bedroom that appeared used, door was ajar.  Could have been her bedroom, could have been another girl's not sure.  Shame she didn't kiss, but she made that clear at the start.  10/10 for wearing what I asked.  Lovely body.  A little robotic at times but not the worst.  I'd go back again if I was out of other options on the day.

London / JeSsIcxxx - Wimbledon
« by MrMakers on Yesterday at 02:39:09 pm »

130/HR +20 anal = 150, meet was within the last 6 weeks.  Booked in the morning for an afternoon appt, comms good.  Short walk from South Wimbledon tube, couple spots for cash machines in the area.  Flat is up a couple flights of stairs, rough looking stairs and entrance, flat is clean and tidy though

Appearance:  I thought she was pretty hot in a tight white see through top and tartan skirt with no underwear.  I've seen the gymnast comparisons and theres a vague resemblance but Jessica looks a lot sexier and dirtier.  Tits were great though one is harder than the other, felt the soft one first and wavered thinking they might be real but the feeling the other ended that thought.  Nice tan and smooth body, ass was a little small than expecting but gets great shape in doggy

Meet:  Very nice and friendly girl.  Good kisser but felt robotic at times.  Helped me get undressed and immediately dropped to her knees in front of the mirror.  I found the technique to be average, but what she was EXCEPTIONAL at is providing the show in the mirror - it was alternate eye contact with me then watching herself.  She raised higher on her knees to pull up her skirt and touch herself while sucking me and made sure I could see everything in the mirror.  Same with sticking her ass out from under her skirt - extremely high marks for this.

Tossed her on the bed for some RO and...she took it?  Not much genuine response at all.  Started the sex in CG and she can ride like an absolute champ and those tits have great bounce.  Flipped her over to mish and it was good, but one oddity was she would just say random phrases like "Oooo yeah sexy" like I was with a Thai girl or something, don't understand.  I was able to go as hard and fast as I wanted which is rare.  Went to my go to move of legs on shoulders and got very little reaction in comparison to other girls, straight poker face from Jessica.  She then moved her legs farther apart on my shoulders so she could go to town on her clit in rhythm, and the pussy temperature and fluid levels increased sharply indicating an orgasm that I may or may not had anything to do with, and no vocals to match.

Was time for anal - more often than not I get declined for size reasons (both civvy and pro)and those that do attempt usually stop pretty quick for comfort reasons.  Jessica got on all fours with a minor amount of lube and guided the tip in, then threw her ass back full speed to the hilt.  I spent the next 10 minutes absolutely pounding her asshole as hard and fast as I could (first time ever a girl has been up for this) with loud encouragement, it felt fantastic and surprised I held out as long as I did, but eventually deposited probably a 2 litre of spunk in the bag.  Herr ass was bright red just from my thrusting, no spanking required.

Looked at the clock and it was 40 minutes in, and got a nice normal massage with nice normal chat like I just didn't have one of the filthier fucks in my life to date.  Its a nice one for the bank.  Got dressed and left on time, a little light headed but a smile on my face.

Would I recommend and repeat?  Certainly recommend for anal - good lord.  Believe it or not she's not on the top of the repeat list because I prefer a more responsive GFE style.  But would be the #1 option for a plan B because her ability to take a dick is legendary

48  or

30min/£50 (no optional extras as I have a beard)

Tried to book Jessica but she could not fit me in so took a chance with Rebecca. She only has two reports I could find on here Neutral & Positive.

Met with the usual behind the door and asked to remove shoes. Could only make out she was slim as was wearing a gown, past Jessica in the lounge, said hello and got a glance of her face, she is not aging well, saw her years ago and I’m sure she was a lot prettier then.

In the room, completed the paperwork and undressed, she returned and took off her gown, black thigh high stocking, black panties, no bra. She has got lovely boobs, just a handful but her nipples, they stand out to attention. She did not mind me playing and sucking them for a while, then I opted for a front massage, was a little disappointed she didn’t take the opportunity to tease my cock who was now paying attention.

On with the bag and some OW, must say it was good, good pressure and slowish moving, not head bobbing at 100mph.
She limits it to the normal positions, which was unfortunate as there is a chair in the room which I would have loved to fuck her sitting in it leg spread. So we went through her on top, plenty of opportunity to play with her breast, then mish, doggy and back to mish to full the bag.

As generally normal show ends after you pop. She is quiet spoken, not sure how good her English is but can understand you and respond, just not at a conversational level.

On the whole was pleased with the punt and was back in the car just under 30 minutes.

Oh she does have a cracking body and arse, did I mention nipples as well!!

I will be going back just to get at those nipples again and see if I can push any boundaries.

Would possibly be interested in a duo with her and Jessica, their profiles do not state that, but both have told me they would, but they are both straight so not sure how much of a show they would put on, but might be worth a punt after Christmas to see.

I think they are both going back for Christmas.

South West / Lucy361 Exeter Tour
« by Instability on Yesterday at 02:31:33 pm »

I've had a lengthy break from this game but recently got back on it, with mixed results so far.  Lucy though is definitely one of the positives.

Met in a central Exeter hotel whilst she was on tour. £130 for an hour.
Comms were initially be email then straight to text, responsive and coherent.

She can easily pass for younger than the advertised 44 years, I found her physically and facially attractive - she's in pocket rocket territory at around 5ft tall and I thought she had a great figure - she suggests curvy, which can mean many things but in this case I would say not skinny, certainly not fat.

She is extremely easy going in person and was great company, no hint of drama or attitude, I was at my ease through the booking.  She was clean and tasty all over.
Her sexual repertoire is much greater than mine, but we explored a good bit of it, including full kissing, owo, RO, various positions without any reference to time. After final completion there was no rush to get out of the door.
I'd definitely go back.

East Midlands / Fifi xx - Newark(ish) way
« by secretjones on Yesterday at 02:30:36 pm »

after possibly the shittest punt i had a few weeks ago ( review will follow)  fifi has been on the HL for a while .

Initial comms were met with being read and not replied to so i persisted carefully and the comms were spot on after that and a date  arranged via AW

venue ,Directions given and arrived a couple of minutes early and ushered up  this is as mentioned currently out in the sticks and actually fine and discrete and fit for purpose with a shower offered before and after

The girl is the one in the pictures and FAF in person and a lovely normal personality and about the age as described . Cracking figure and cracking arse with a nice tan

No dramas with the service but no anal etc but thats not my thing , clothed off after getting her out of her one piece ( the black one in the pictures ) got BJ , RO missionary , all the usual basics with uncovered O and CIM . She was very receptive to O and it showed as she was wetter than most i have seen so happy all round . She was fresh tasting , clean and without sounding too fluffy spot on ( no fag breath although i reckon she smokes )
All in all a cracking punt with a genuine , normal SP that looked like her photos on AW .
I would go back i think     

paid £150 for the hour

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