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Fancied a quick Blow and go meet as I've been on a bit of a break. So I arranged a 15 min meet with Bella. She then texted me to see if I fancied making it a 2 girl Blow and go and I thought what the hell. Might be a nice change

Price - 80 pounds for both girls, so 40 each

Comms - excellent all sorted instantly on the same day. Immediate replies including the upsale

Venue - Large building on Sunderland Rd Gateshead with lots of smaller appartments inside. Easy to find and plenty of on road parking nearby. Quite discreet and totally fit for purpose

WGs - Facially both girls are attractive but as they are both larger with a fuller figure, That might put a few people off, I was only there to try something a bit different and unload as soon as possible.. They really couldn't be more friendly and probably one of the most easy going relaxed meets I've ever had. Considering it was a 3some with 2 ladies I've never met before they made it feel like we'd known each other for years. Eve is younger and Bella looks as though she has lost a lot of weight which has resulted in the loose fitting skin that results with this

The Punt - Arrived at the venue and welcomed straight in. Very relaxed and both girls were just in their under wear which was nice and good quality. We were straight down to business. At first they were taking turns. Soon they were both in there together alternating between cock and balls and this was a fantastic experience. Then Eve decided to take over and started giving proper deep throat full on gagging while Bella came further up and started kissing me. There I was Kissing Bella whilst Eve was gagging away giving an excellent BJ. Then Bella moved again and sat on my face for RO. This was a really great experience and I was soon getting near to the big ending.
I mentioned I was getting close and Eve said ok cum in my mouth so I stood up and finished in her mouth whilst watching Bella playing with her clit. I didn't see her spit it out so I presume she swallowed it

Casual chat and got dressed and left. almost forgetting to pay it was that laid back. Money was never mentioned and I stayed well over the 15 minutes. Which was never an issue, In fact I had make the effort to leave as they would have probably let me stay all night.

I had spent all morning wading through AW and some of the prices the WGs are asking at the moment are outrageous so I think this was really good value for money and If want a quick release I wouldn't hesitate to give either of these future business

Happy Punting

East Midlands / Izabella Jones - Nottingham
« by Fly Ryder on Today at 03:31:07 pm »

So this was my first punt in a year. Was looking for a massage and a BJ but I can't find any SP's that provide just these services, so if anyone know anyone decent please let me know!

I visited Izabella about a month ago in a flat in West Bridgford near the cricket ground. Meeting arranged via text messages, fee agreed at £90 for the hour including B2B and HE.

When I arrived I was told she is over running so had to wait 15-20 minutes. First impressions when I saw her was that she has an amazing body and looks incredibly like one of my ex's which was odd at first.

The massage itself started poorly. Just stroking my back lightly so I thought this was going to be a bad experience. Then she went top the lower part of my body and it was so much better. Plenty of CC swipes which I love and much better effort on my legs. She has a slim body with a beautiful pair of tits and a wonderful arse which I could see in the mirror as she was massaging me.

The B2B wasn't the best I have experienced and certainly not on the level of Jasmine but pleasant enough. Around half way I flipped over, she let me play with her pussy just no fingers inside and let me suck of those beautiful tits of hers. Her HE technique was good, she was putting her mouth so close to my little fella at point point I thought she was going to stick it inside! But that was wishful thinking. I had to finish myself off with her playing with my balls and got cleaned up in the shower afterwards.

Overall 7/10. She has an amazing body, very polite and pleasant manner. Massage technique isn't the best but the rest makes up for that for me. Will hopefully see her again.


Fee : £ 25 1/2 hour + £ 20 HE

This will be the last time visiting Naree . Massage is luckluster without any sensual touch . Flip after 10 mins and straight to HE .

Told her to slow down but wank it as fast as she can with this ridicolous " HHmmm , Haa .... " . Ejeculate and wipe down .
Did not even resume massage . Just been there 15 mins !

Honestly , i gave up on all Thai massage place now . All the same old shit. :diablo:

that's me ranting .... Sorry guys ..

Scotland / Maya_40_ - on tour Auchtermuchty, Fife
« by FifeMac on Today at 02:46:06 pm »

It's a rarity to get touring Ladies in this area, and despite her lack of reviews, decided to take the chance.

I arrived at the postcode given 2 mins prior to my booked time and text for the exact address.

Was asked to wait 2 mins. 20 mins past and still nothing. Messaged again and told her 'friend had taken one and she would do quick. Please wait'

Clearly wasting my time by double booking.

Left it wat that as I didn't want to be 'done quick' with the next one waiting!

Time waster

South East / Jenny Egham - Rusham Road Egham
« by johnyboyo on Today at 02:17:27 pm »
Price paid: £130 for 1 hour
£45 Massage
£35 B2B
£50 Full Service

Contact Info:

Location: House near the station (2-3mins walk if that).

Girl: I find her quite attractive, great body with nice perky tits.

Services: Massage, B2B, RO, Sex (Protected)

Action: After sorting out the paperwork for the hour + b2b (£80), I undressed and layed on the table. She then massaged me initially without oil, as previously mentioned before her massaging skills are rubbish. Then came the oil and started doing b2b on my back and she properly applies great pressure where you can feel tits and body glidding on your back, she also breathes and moans on your and neck for some nice ASMR. A few reach around and a couple CC swipe. After a while I got asked to turn around and oil my front followed by more b2b then starting grinding on my dick alternating that with a handjob whilst on top, asked to eat her our which he was fine with, ate her out for a solid 10-15mins she tasted great and fresh (no fingers was allowed) and she gets very wet. Went back to on her on top of me grinding and wanking me off untill I asked if she offers full service which she asked how much would I pay and replied with £130 in total which she agreed and pulled out a condom. She started rode me for like 5mins (probably less), felt great she was wet and starting moaning a min or two after it started then popped. Cleaned up and showered together.

Would I return? Absolutely


When: May 2022

Comms:  OK

Services: HJ, Massage, Prostate
Price & Time: £80 I think for an hour

Summary.  Bad overly long massage, short vicious ending.

Why go? Cheap.

Lady:  Wasn’t expecting much in the way of looks and wasn’t disappointed.  Hair severely tied back, 60s, short, not in any way attractive.  Dumpy
Location:  Off Hanger lane in new estate, sparsely furnished Airbnb type place on Lakeside drive.  No parking.  Moves around.

Arrive in flat after some complicated directions.  Not furnished, just carpets and a massage table.
Exchange money and lie down
Bad massage for about 55 minutes, she then asks if I want prostate massage.  Erm yes was the answer.
Jams her finger in hard and furiously wanks me for a couple of minutes and that’s it.
I leave walking like John Wayne.

Of the hour.  90%.  Fun time about 1% and it was not all that much fun.

Return? God No.
Recommend.  I went so you don’t have to.


Saw this one at multiple locations countless times from Jan to Aug 2022

Most recent meet happened at Honeypot in Sheffield.  Pre-booked by phone call a couple of days in advance as the gets booked up very quickly.

Plenty of free street parking outside. Entrance is discreet enough, however passers by and businesses next door know what’s going on, so be ready for looks of disgust and nods of approval. Once in, offered a drink and a shower which I declined and was told to chill in the waiting room, which is clean and tidy with a telly and some dirty mags for a couple of minutes, while Robyn was getting ready. Before I could finish flicking through the latest edition of Mayfair, the receptionist showed me to one of the clean and fit for purpose bedrooms told me to get comfortable and that Robyn will be over shortly. Stripped off and left the £60 for 30 minutes of Robyn’s time on the bedside table.

A few minutes later Robyn wearing a black lingerie set entered the room; dirty blonde with hair just below her shoulders, about 5ft3ish tall without heels, size 8(if that) top and 8/10 bottom, natural C cup breasts, slim waist, perfect IMO hips to waist ratio and a soft jiggly arse. Smooth soft skin with plenty of tattoos and piercings. Facially I found her very pretty. Age stated on HP about right, photo also accurate. She's very articulate and easy to talk to.

After a brief catch up, off came her knickers and bra and after some sensual open mouth kissing she ended up on her back and me between her legs. Nice shaved neutral tasting pussy with a very easy to find clit. No resistance in spreading her legs or access restrictions. Very responsive this girl, didn’t take long to get her to orgasm. I went back up for a bit more kissing and we swapped places.

She positioned herself between my legs on all fours, arse up in the air, and started gently kissing around my cock and balls before taking me in her mouth. Slow and soft mouth only, deep enough to hit the right spots technique to get me going. It takes me a while and Robyn didn’t try and rush things just patiently kept going. A few minutes later I was fully up, enjoying the views of my cock being sucked with her arse up, and reached for the condom after I felt the sap rising.

Doggy is my position of choice, so on all fours she went. Nice grabbable hips to hold on to, whilst watching myself going in and out of her warm pink pussy. No complaints about the depth or angle, with Robyn thrusting back at me encouraging me to fuck her harder. I don’t really do fast, so had to slow things down, cause I didn’t want to cum just yet, before flipping her over for some mish. Tried to last as long as I could as I could tell she was enjoying herself, but I came in the bag deep inside her whilst kissing, couldn’t hold it any longer.
There was a bit of time left, so I went back down on her again to finish the job I started.

Clean up chat and I was away at half hour mark.

To sum up. Great girl and a fantastic SP, well worth seeing. Beautiful woman inside and out. Broke all the rules of responsible punting with this one; from going to see someone who explicitly told me she doesn’t want to be seen to falling for them, to then monumentally fucking everything up... But I realised who I was becoming in the process and I don’t really want that. So yeah, it’s over and out.  :hi:

South East / Sarah Taylor - Weybridge
« by signy on Today at 01:55:07 pm »
Sarah Taylor seen in Weybridge. £180 for 1 hour incall.  or

Another well-reviewed escort, about whom I have little to contribute except to add to the list of mostly positive UKP reviews.

Booking and comms. A few emails to set things up, all of which got prompt replies and then texts and a call on the day. No problems. Sarah’s profile gives the impression that you must park where she says, but in practice this didn’t seem to apply and I just parked roughly in the postcode, but a couple of minutes from the actual house number once obtained, so not a number plate monitoring or check you out in advance sort of situation. Final directions to the house were good and clear. It is a residential area, so I do understand her not wanting punters hanging around.

Location. The now well-described shed in the garden. A main room with just enough space for a double bed and a bit of standing room, plus an en suite shower (I showered before and after) which again was a little tight. All was clean and tidy and fit for purpose, although not much space if you want to move around a lot; a larger person could struggle.

Appearance. Sarah’s profile is honest about her appearance, although the photos are not terribly helpful they give a good general idea. She was a little chunkier than I expected, but nothing serious, and fit and attractive for her age. Does the slutty MILF look to perfection. 

Services. A good roleplay, in which Sarah drove the action forward and seemed to naturally take a forward role. Very talkative throughout. Lots of DFK, OWO and rimming both ways; she seemed particular keen to give rimming. A little sex and then anal in doggy, before ATM and CIM. Sarah was very enthusiastic in all aspects, and told me exactly what she wanted or intended to do to me. Filthy, but believable, talk all the way through. A good short chat afterwards, which was very friendly and there was no indication that I was being rushed out.

Overall. As widely reported, if you want a friendly, welcoming, and filthy MILF you can do no better. Maybe not someone who would become a regular, but I am very pleased that I experienced Sarah this once.

Second visit to Roses...its well reviewed on here
Although not the most luxurious of parlours
I quite enjoy the laid back atmosphere and it's great VFM these days..

Last minute decision and just turned up.. it was about 3weeks ago on a weekday afternoon.
The 3 ladies available were all definitely of the more mature age bracket... not sure any of them really took my eye.. but while Morgan definately looks her age facially (somewhere in her 50's) she still has a really fit body and something about her seemed to promise filth.. She is definitely a bit full on... (mad as a box of frogs)... The main reason for a neutral is the lack of dfk... in fact went out of her way to avoid it.. and she definitely has a pre set routine and was all a bit mechanical... although gave great head owo with loads of attention to the balls.. she like to use a toy on herself ..squirted loads,, which doesnt do it for me... enthusiastic fucking in the usual positions.. doesn't like a finger anywhere near her ass... overall a bit disappointing but at £45 +£10 owo cant complain too much.. will visit Rose's again, maybe I will plan in advance a bit better.. and check the rota next time..

North West / Layla Fox - Crosby
« by sevenstealth on Today at 01:45:11 pm »

£60 for 30mins + £20 extra for oral

Layla has been on my list for a while, and she recently added oral and cim to her likes list which really spiked my interest. Sent a message requesting time and she was available, it was her receptionist who messaged back and gave me clear instructions as to where apartment was

Place was easy to find, on a busy street but no one batted an eyelid. Knocked at door and friendly receptionist answered and led me through to room, Layla was sitting dressed outside and gave me a nice smile. She looks exactly as in pics. Busty blonde milf. Really attractive

Once in room confirmed with receptionist £60 fee. I kept an extra £20 to one side as I had messaged through AW a few weeks prior to find out fee for oral. Which was £20

Was asked to lie down on massage table and a few mins later Layla walked in. Had some nice friendly small talk and she said to me that I would be lying on my front not my back!so I lay down and she stripped off and put some relaxing music on. Massage was actually really nice and relaxing, never really had many of them, she started slowly, applying some oil and rubbing away all over my body, then she climbed up and sat on my back, her lovely heavy soft breasts rubbing against me and every now and then feeling my balls and brushing against my cock with her hands

After about 20mins she asked me to turn over and she applied more oil to me and teased me, eventually working her hands onto my cock, I had a little feel of her gorgeous tits and after not long I was standing to attention. She really knows what she’s doing with those hands and she could tell at this point I was horny AF, she said something like “it’s unbearable isn’t it?waiting for the pleasure”

At this point when she took a brief pause after starting to rub her hands up and down the shaft, wanking me off I asked if I could pay extra for oral. Which she agreed to. I offered to pass the money straight away but she said it’s ok and that I could give it to her at the end

She then started the most amazing sensual blowjob. Felt like absolute heaven, really soft licks with her tongue around my bell end as she had the head in her mouth and gently tugged away at the same time. I looked down to see her massive cannons swinging as she sucked and jerked. She had me on the edge super quickly but I battled on trying with all my might not to cum, and marvelling at this stunning big titted pretty milf sucking my cock

At this point I think she was suprised I hadn’t bolted my load yet, the intensity increased, faster strokes, nice suction noises and I knew the end game was in sight. I let out a groan of pleasure when I was cumming and I could see a cheeky little grin on her face, she swallowed my load to my surprise and then told me to relax, she then got some paper towels out and cleaned me up and patted me down. There was no rush on her part as she kept telling me to relax and then we had a nice chat

She is a really intelligent woman, very sweet and just an all round class act. Personally I think she is stunning looking, makes you feel at ease and services were great. Will definitely go back and probably book for longer. The Bj really was special

North East / Fernanda aguiar
« by Jonnybravo12333 on Today at 01:08:26 pm »

First punt in a long time so thought I’d write a review, apologies for it being my first as I’m not an active punter!

Comms were excellent throughout, even with flirty chat! Agreed on a time and given the place to go to then told to message when there, was on the Gateshead side of the river in a nice apartment.

The girl was stunning, would never know otherwise if it wasn’t for the obvious!!

The meet was mind blowing , lots of amazing dfk and touching very gfe and natural. Oral was amazing just stunning watching this beauty go to work!!
Then on with the rubber for cowgirl and then missionary, so sensual throughout

I’m summary an amazing meet which left me with a big smile on my face, looked at my watch and went over by 15 mins with no sign of being wanted to leave, should have just over stayed my welcome lol!

£120 for 30 mins and I would definitely return!!


This place has been on my radar for a very long time especially Luna, but the prices she charges have put me off.
Anyway with some cash and time on my hands thought I would give it try. Made a booking and within 30 mins I was through the door. Entrance is not that discrete although you can walk straight in the main entrance to the small reception where you pay. No hanging round outside.

I was met by Jayne who took the £25 for 30 mins. Jayne is early 30's I would guess, decent looking girl, led upstairs to a small room with massage table and asked to undress. I was a bit disappointed it wasn't Luna but went with the flow.

Jayne come back to the room and started a good massage both with and without oil to my back and legs, some good inner thigh massage with some brushes of the balls. At this point I enquired about extras, she wanted 30 for HE 40 top or bottemless and 50 naked b2b. Negotiated topless HE for 30.

Jayne whipped her top off, she has decent natural tits, about a c cup and a nice arse. Size 10 I would say, nice figure.
He was very good, happy for me to cop a feel of her tits and arse and good technique HE.

I will add you can have a bit of good banter with her, I enjoyed the 30mins. She's only been in the UK 2 months, if she stays I can only see her getting better.

30mins £25 +£30 Topless HE

Definitely return, think a 1hr booking would be even better but I can imagine it being pricy.


North West / Praowpan Thai Massage - Gorton
« by spartanwizard on Today at 12:38:57 pm »

Spotted this place when I was driving past. Had a quick search and could not find any reviews so thought I'd give it a try.

Comms all good and a 30min booking was made. No reply to my text regarding if extras where available.
The massage room is located on a small office space with other people using rooms within the building. Entrance is discrete off the main road, there is an intercom for access but the lady had left the door open for me.

Met at the top of the stairs by a late 30's Thai lady, forgot her name, average looking (face pic on Facebook page). Led into a room with massage table.

Asked to remove clothes and lay on the table, at this point I enquired about extras, with a whisper HE was offered for an extra £20, I got the impression with the Whisper that due to the location she's trying to keep it as discrete as possible.

Onto the massage, she was having issues with the music so 90% of the massage was carried out in silence!

OK massage while on my front, some stretching, dry massage then oil massage to back and legs, no cc swipes or even getting close to the meat and 2 veg.

Asked to turn over, very quick massage of the legs then onto HE. Bit mechanical and didn't really do much for me but I managed to finish, quick clean up and I was out just gone 30mins.

Shes worked in Leeds in the past and has been set up in Manc from early 2022 so I'm surprised there's no reviews unless I've missed them.

Dont think I would be.back in a rush.

30mins £30 +20 HE


Hot Sexy Natalie.

Text to see if she was free in an hour, and she said yes. Parked up near the Lidl which left me with a two-minute walk. Paid at reception and was taken upstairs expecting to meet the stunning 30-year-old Natalie. In the room and to my horror Natalie was the woman that led me upstairs.

She was 30 about 20 years ago, I should have walked, but I had already paid reception downstairs. I thought fuck live and learn. She asked me to undress and get on the bed. Normally I don't accept girls wasting time you want a massage? But I said yes to a massage; It was now me wasting time.

She started massaging my back which was terrible. Asked to turn over, she played with my nipples for a minute before touching my knob which still didn't want to play. I closed my eyes and thought of a young Thai girl I had seen the week before just around the corner from where I now was.

As soon as I was hard enough it was on with the rubber, I thought let's see what her oral is like, but she had other ideas and sat on me. After a minute she said why are you not coming, baby? I looked at my watch, I had only been in there 10 minutes (yes guys, she rushed everything). I showed her my watch and said I've only been here 10 minutes, and I have paid for 30 minutes, she came out with some bollocks like I thought you were horny baby. I ignored her but told her to get the fuck off me and use your hands.

This guys, is where it gets interesting and why I have given her a Neutral instead of a Negative...I lay back, closed my eyes and let her get on with it. After about two minutes she started with the dirty talk and said why you not come, baby? I ignored her and tuned her out, her hand technique was rather good though, and I hate saying it, but I was actually enjoying it.

The inevitable happened. I must be honest that it is the best orgasm I have had for a very long time (years). Her technique squeezed every last drop out of me. My nuts were aching in a good way for about 30 minutes after.

Would I go back? Definitely not. I expect adverts and photos to have some resemblance to the truth in them, sadly in this case the advert and photos were pure fiction. She is totally the opposite of what I find attractive in a woman.

Paid £70 for 30 minutes.

Location Dan Siam Parlour on Duke Street St Helens

Advert was in VivaStreet

I've added some photos below, these might be her from about 20 years ago.

[Image hidden]

[Image hidden]

[Image hidden]

[Image hidden]

This place is just down the hill from New Barnet station. No website, sometimes on gumtree. Contact details: 07448 046210 and 020 8275 0338

Popped in a few times after work and one day I met Joey, quite a pretty late-20s-early-30s slim tattooed Malaysian woman with tiny breasts, great nipples, petite shapely bum, and great feet if you’re into that. Some stretch marks from having been pregnant, which doesn't bother me at all but I thought I should just mention it. She only works Wednesdays I think. I've been to this place a number of times now (will provide more information in the mini reviews thread when I get a chance), and in my opinion Joey is the most attractive and probably the youngest woman there. I've had some really great experiences with her since this one - the only negative that I can think of is that she does have piles, which was a little off putting for me the first time I saw, but her service is great VFM, she looks good otherwise, and nice demeanour/attitude imo.

First time I booked in an hour for 45, a little bit of chit chat and then into one of the two rooms to get ready, both have showers iirc. Place is clean and warm. I think only one woman works at a time because after they lead you to the room they go off to lock the front door. I had been a few times before this so I leave a 20 on the table and get undressed, she walks back in just about as I'm taking the last of my clothes off, have a little more chit chat whilst I'm starkers and then onto my front.

She did about 10 minutes or so of what was actually quite a therapeutic massage with good amounts of pressure and location of sore points. I would arch my back and slightly lift my hips up whenever she went over my gluteus maxima, and she would gently tease during the therapeutic part but after those 10 minutes the massage became very concentrated on upper legs, bum, (the outside of my) arsehole, perineum, balls, with a few grabs of my penis from behind and CC swipes. This seems to be common in the routines of most of the women that work here, but hers was on a different level. I was thoroughly aroused.

Onto the flip about halfway through, she slowed it down touching the nether regions less and paying more attention to the body as a whole with soft sensual touches; after a few minutes of this she ramps it back up, delivering great teasing and handiwork, one hand on my cock, the other going from my balls, to my legs, to my stomach, to my chest. Still no mention of money or any negotiation. In any case I only had the 20 on me though at this stage I was wishing I bought more. Her teasing and edging continued for what felt like forever. I saw the time was coming to a close so I asked if she could use her feet. She seemed amused and climbed up onto the table and gave me some more teasing with her feet at first, then found her rhythm with a footjob. I exploded not long after that. Fantastic. She cleaned me up, we had a bit more chit chat and giggles, and I left, about an hour later.

I've seen her regularly since this, and have paid 40 extra for her b2b, which involved proper slides and good variation. She also sometimes grinds her vagina on the base of your penis and gets quite wet. I've only ever had 20/40/60 offers from this place, with 60 for FS, but she says she doesn't like having sex for money, of course YMMV. I think she might offer blowjobs though but haven't sampled this myself. Overall great service for me and my foot fetish.

East England / ASHTON_ENGLISH_BABE - Knebworth
« by Mr__V__ on Today at 12:11:20 pm »
Spoken to this girl a few times on cam, decided to take the plunge and go for a meet.  Very new to meets but I enjoyed this one a lot.  Decent pace, beautiful lady and good fun.  The meet was back in August, I've been crazy busy and away so couldn't get on but with mixed reviews I felt only fair to offer my latest feedback. 


Very easy, test the day before which meant she asked for a small deposit to secure time.  As I had spoken on cam and had exchanged emails a few times this didn't concern me but I can imagine it would for others.  Had I made contact for same day meet there wouldn't be a deposit needed.  Booked an hour for £170 at her hotel location in Knebworth.


Smart hotel, not busy but no issues with access to 2nd floor.  Quick knock on the door and into a smart clean hotel room.


I find Ashton attractive, lovely long blonde hair, tanned all over, reckon a size 10 but with great FF fake boobs.  Slim waist and a great bum, not small or too big, in proportion for a size 10.  I've seen she has been hitting the gym which we spoke about and changing her eating habits.  Seems she is getting into health and fitness in a big way and from older pics on her profile you can tell. 

I had showered at home and drove straight the meet but shower was on offer before and after.  We spoke for a bit like we do on cam which for me was a good ice breaker, didn't appear to be any delay tactic was just natural but I didn't push it to be quicker but easily could have.  Her gorgeous blue outfit now too inviting we moved to the bed, I undressed then undressed her.  Playing with her boobs, then nice bj, 3/4's of the way down, lovely tongue action on the tip, was a decent effort.  I went down on her shaven clean pussy, no issues down there.  She then asked for me to be in her, so she jumped on top riding me hard, she had the perfect rhythm to fully slide up and down the full length and was doing something with her pussy to grip on to my man each slide up.  Never experienced anything quite like it.  Held on for as long as possible and then asked her to go reverse cowgirl so I could see what was happening.  Amazing view of her ass bouncing up and down, too much for me and finished in the bag.

Wipes offered and quick clean up myself and disposed of in the bin, dressed and chatted for a few minutes and then I made my excuses and left bang on an hour.

Great punt 8/10. Paid £170 60mins.  I'll score a positive 8 as well it's my first punt since being on here and I need room to score higher. 

London / Hayley_Hazard - Royal Oak - Incall
« by jamesma2088 on Today at 11:57:53 am »
Date: Early September

Location: A flat in Royal Oak, 5 minute walk from the station. The flat itself is very clean and spacious and has shower facilities which I used.

Link: or

Review: Great body and personality, aims to please and enjoys what she does. She provides a GFE and PSE which is really good. She can hold a conversation and doesn't clock watch (I went over the time by 7 minutes)


Really good OWO, easy communications, nice body (tits and arse are perfect), great personality, nice and clean apartment, she was fresh and clean



Booked: £400 for 2 hours

Activities: Round 1 - Striptease (requested), RO, OWO, Deepthroat, Missionary, Doggy, CG. Round 2  - 69, Missionary, Doggy, CG

Would I see again? Yes when she is back in London

[Image hidden]

West Midlands / Rosie Deluxe / Bromsgrove
« by Joball87 on Today at 11:03:52 am » or

£250 for 1.5hrs incall around a month ago.

Wanted to meet Rosie to see how she compared to other Deluxe girls, who so far always seem to hit the right spots for me.

Booking process was painless, as a "regular" via text a few days in advance.

Rosies AW pics don't give much away but in person was not disappointed and aligned to the physical stats, age stated.

Always like a few mins at start for brief chat, and again was nice with Rosie who seemed a bit shy but also I thought quietly confident. Progressed quickly into FK, DFK whilst we undressed each other.

Started off giving RO for a while, all good and we both enjoyed with her making the right noises and seemed quite flushed before she returned the OWO favour for me. My first Bj with  pierced tongue for a while and I had forgotten how nice it was!

Into a number of positions, I had to lead a bit but went through mix of miss/doggy/prone/cg then Rcg which finished me off in the bag.

Mid session interval and then into R2. Tried out my new found strength with "standing citizen" position which was hot but a bit tiring after a bit. Into doggy again then I asked her to kneel in front of me to finish with OWO and facial.

I liked the meeting and think Olivia has found another good one. For those who miss Emily I found Rosie a bit similar,  ie GND looks, initially slightly demure although Rosie didn't seem to explode into the PSE that Emily sometimes did. I will certainly plan to see Rosie again when available.

19 This was last Friday (30.9.22) couldn't have picked a worse day for a punt, pissing down and cold in Liverpool. Sent her a text asking if she was working today, got a reply eventually, yes. This was at about 11.30 but the meet would be at 16.00. I agreed to that time and spent the time shopping in town till 4. I've seen her a few times so usual business of phone text when at door, she's behind door in a dressing gown. Straight off "no sex no blow job to painful we can do something else". The last visit I had with earlier this year was good with no problems, well I'd obviously I come with the express purpose of OWO and full sex. So with that not on the cards I made my exit. I thought it about it afterwards that maybe it was a medical problem but on my very first visit when we had sex she did say that if I did visit her again that there would be no sex but on visits after that one it was all good, so it was either a size issue or she didn't want sex with some one whose age was probably older than her father. A shame because she has a great body and is cheap, the venue is tidy and she's clean and these decent CE girls are few and far these days.

London / Carla - Deluxe Massage - Outcall
« by alfiebest on Today at 10:44:47 am »
After reading so many reviews about deluxe, I found myself back in London and after a long day decided I’d try and get a visit to the hotel. Deluxe is setup well for this, WhatsApp messages with the receptionist confirmed a list of options willing to travel to my central London hotel. I really liked the look of Carla and she was available. I also asked the receptionist if they would ‘recommend’ them for sensual which they replied yes we would recommend. Whether they knew what I meant??

Once booked, I received a message direct from Carla making me aware of her arrival time etc, followed by a couple more when she was making her way through the hotel lobby etc. Excellent comma and arrangement, can’t fault it.

The girl: she is the girl from the pics but she was very dressed down, gym tracksuit, no makeup and hair tied up. Naturally attractive and a very nice body. Would say a good C up breast which I think were enhanced. Nice girl, little bit of chat and accepted a soft drink from the mini bar. All very at ease.

Costs: £70 + £20 travel free. She asked me what type of massage I wanted, I’d just got out the shower on her arrival and was in a towel. Options were £50 for HR or £90 for B2B/HR. No oral, nothing more. The only way to see her naked was the £90 option so thinking with my dick I handed it over.

Massage: One the bed in my hotel room. I imagine she can accommodate different styles, I asked for something medium and to concentrate on my legs mostly which she did. The massage was just OK, I wasn’t dissatisfied but equally I’ve had several better ones. Also I was face down for the majority which made seeing her naked a bit of a waste, I was also disappointed there were zero CC swipes or reach unders, nothing to get me excited. I turned over and she did b2b on my front, again this was ok, just ok. I was allowed to touch her but not inside.

After a short time, she oiled up my cock and began a massage of that. This was nice initially and turned into a full on HJ rather but lacked any teasing and edging. Again I’ve had better.

Conclusion: A nice, fit girl but the overall experience was a bit lacking for me hence I’ve gone with a neutral overall. Also, I feel I paid over the odds but hey ho. Perhaps she was tired, the appt was 21:30. I would recommend Deluxe but I will try another girl next time

I couldn’t find any information about Carla on UKP so I hope others find this review useful.

Gumtree ad, which comes and goes a bit:

(Just in case the ad is down when you try, the details are: 114 Mansfield Rd, S12 2AP. Tel: 07426888857)

Having seen some varying reviews I decided the only way was to try for myself, so booked a midweek afternoon hour.  Comms were good.

Parking was easy in the estate behind the premises, and access to the shop was straightforward, with the door already unlocked. (Not sure how busy the pub across the road gets when it's open, and there's sometimes queueing traffic outside, so if the door's locked for very long it could be indiscreet at times).

Was greeted by Yaya.   Yaya is Chinese, about 30, short at 4’11’’, size 8, 32B natural boobs with small nips, quite pretty.   After undressing and getting laid on the table, with a proper face hole, Yaya commenced a proper massage with some teasing early on.  After 25 mins or so was offered B2B which I of course accepted.  I had to get up to get the money straight away, which usually spoils the mood, but in this case she was getting naked beside me as I rummaged through my jacket, and so there followed a bit of standing fondling and she allowed full fingering etc. but no kissing. (It was also made clear, following enquiry, that owo was not on the cards).

Yaya's sensual massaging was very nice, allowing some pussy access, then onto the decent HE to finish. Bit more massage to fill the time then shower and off. (The shower cubicle was in the room and worked well, but I was given a towel which smelled as it had been dried several times without seeing the inside of a washing machine, which was the only downside of this experience).

So altogether it was a no rush, pleasant experience and I will return, maybe also to see Lili who I met afterwards in the corridor while leaving and who gave the impression of being fun. 

I paid £45 + £35 = £80 for the full hour, so pretty much all good.

London / Zelenia - Paddington
« by Complete Novice on Today at 10:25:08 am »

1 hour / Incall / £450 (Full Pornstar Experience)

All by WhatsApp. Simple and straightforward.

Private apartment located not too far away from Paddington station. A fresh towel was provided.

****THE ESCORT****
As per the photos on her AW profile.

English, Northern accent
The 27 stated on her profile seemed in the right ballpark
Around 5'4"
Size 8
Loads of ink all over the show
Huge bolt ons
Down to earth and easy to get on with

Tit fucking
Protected penetration, only A-levels
CIM / Swallow

Perhaps I went into this with the wrong mindset as I was hoping for the sort of experience I'd normally get from the likes of LolaWild XXX or Alexxa Vice, albeit Zelenia's a bit 'lite' on services such as rimming giving etc. However in reality, this just felt like a glorified pump and dump, punctuated with over the top moans and groans and overblown dirty talk.

Whilst agreeing services, Zelenia was very up front about what's not on offer, so kissing/FK, fingering, rimming (giving) are all off the table and this approach is fine with me, as at least everyone knows where they stand, plus this is all clearly stated on her profile. 

Agreed services, paid and showered.  No time wasting, Zelenia moved straight into OWO, but her blowie I felt was too hands on, sparse in terms of attempting to DT me, there was however quite a lot of spit and saliva, but overall too much wanking with her hands and was mainly focused on sucking my bell end and licking my shaft, with very little attention being paid to my balls.  I wasn't allowed to really face fuck her at all which was disappointing.

We moved onto some tit fucking, as I think she's recently had her bolt ons increased in size, I found it okay if that's your thing. 

On with the condom, here we only engaged in a-levels in multiple positions. Her CG and RCG techniques are alright, but I just felt like the whole experience was designed to get me off and out the door asap, and sadly her dirty talk is just a bit too much for my liking, and detracted from the experience.

CIM finish which Zelenia gargled and proceeded to swallow. 


West Midlands / Emily xxx - Brazilian - AW and VS
« by bops909 on Today at 10:08:42 am »
Saw Emily a few days ago. 1 hour incall £150 .

No point saying much about the venue as she's moving on but good to see some agencies coming out to towns and not always sticking to the big cities.

Comms - OK, via text. Has a WhatsApp but could see her booker wasn't using it so went old-school. Pretty standard comms. Very detailed reply to first text. Clear mention that there are extras for "fetish" but whatever that is I didn't go for it. When I arrived at the post code and asked for them I got detailed entry instructions .

Location - After a slight mix-up over which of two black gates I was meant to go through I got into a modern apartment block and into a pretty decent apartment with small but decent bathroom. A bit cheap of the rental company to remove the TV from the room but hey ho.

The WG - Emily is the woman in the pictures. There are profiles on AW and VS and on Brazilian agency websites. Big bonus that she is genuine !

She's probably 5ft 5 in or so tall, and slim - probably a size 8 . In person I felt she was very pretty.

Less plastic and less uberglam than some of the profile pics. The cliché of "looks better in person" definitely applies here, in my opinion. YMMV. Not especially toned, but no saggy bits either. Might actually be as young as per profiles say she is. Boobs enhanced but felt very soft and bum all natural. Tatts as per profile pictures, nothing on her back.

Another bonus is that she speaks reasonable English, with an accent and not perfect, but made things easier than using a Translator App.

Another bonus was her personality, she was  confident, chatty and funny, she made a few jokes and understood my jokes, which all helped break the ice at the beginning.

Also quite direct in her style and fairly business-like. Had to ask for a glass of water, one wasn't offered.

I'm a bit of a softy when it comes to letting girls take the lead.  She did and was down to business without much preamble. In retrospect I should have been a bit firmer in asking for more foreplay, and more relaxed approach.

She was keener to get on with oral on me than foreplay - which, to be fair, plenty of clients will like, especially on shorter bookings. Decent enough covered oral with deep throat and tickling the balls.

So then got rubbered up for sex in a few positions before the sight of her riding me and grinding down took me over the edge.

Time to spare so we chilled out and had a chat and tried for round 2. It wasn't happening, which Emily was disappointed about and said as much. In the time we had left she offered me a pretty decent massage to finish off.

Finished with a last laugh and a joke and a good night hug and off I went.

Her personality and her level of English lifted her above some of the Brazilian WGs that tour, very easy to talk to. She says she likes the UK so I hope she'll be back in my area sometime, ideally for a 45 minute booking next time.

London / Ella 4U xx Paddington. Low positive.
« by Sugarspike on Today at 10:07:02 am »

Short walk from Paddington Station.

15min for £40

Short stocky with rugby shoulders, yes she's the one from the pictures but them pictures are photoshopped beyond realisem.

blow only as I didn't fancy her.

Her English is bad and I don't think she understands much, as each time I asked her to slow down a little she just hummed something to herself.

Deep and fast, I had to slow her down few times but she is like a machine trying to fuck her own throat. Her blow technic is not sensual if that's what you're after. No usage of tongue or any eye contact, just up and down she goes.

Cim and she kept on going until I had to pull her back. I would have loved her to carry on as I love service providers who knows how to let your spike breath a little but she's like a machine so there was none of that.

Its a low positive from me and I wouldn't return as the realisation hit me that deep is not always a win.


London / Alexa Alperton
« by Bikingpunter on Today at 09:45:55 am »

Hello Gents, it’s been a while since I’ve had the time to leave some reviews.

Price: 70 + 10 for facial OWO included 30mins

Location: Flats in Alperton. Plenty of free parking around estate. Have to wait to get buzzed into building.

Comms: fairly quick comms done by text and called when I arrived.

Meet: So I’m looking to release about 3 weeks worth and I’m in the area so I hop on AW and decide on Alexa after seeing the reviews on here. She is a rather tall woman not necessarily facially pretty but definitely a cock sucking whore. She went straight into OWO while maintaining eye contact and pays attention to the balls aswell. So no complaints with oral. I take her in missionary, rcg and her on top missionary, her squatting on me but she didn’t have the stamina/energy. When I took her in doggy she took it well but complained a little, her phone kept ringing which was kind of annoying but I told her to pick it up and answer all while I was banging her wonder if the other punter even realised. I was really pounding her to make sure I empty out completely. On finish I whip the dom off and she kneels down and takes it all over her face bit in her mouth and nose she applauded how much I had haha. Filthy bitch. she wiped herself down and then gave me a massage until my time was up. Definitely not a clock watcher. Wiped up and off I went while bumping into the next guy  :thumbsup:. She definitely does take her clients back to back but she is keen to please.

I have returned at least 3 times just because her service is very consistent but she definitely is starting to become jaded and away with the fairies.

Outcall to my home, £320 for two hours this included £30 travel,

Letty, 26, tall and slim, small boobs, fully shaven and clean.

Dfk, Owo, Ro, Facesitting and Full sex all available and very good too!

Lively and bubbly, had a good laugh, great sex, best punt this year!

South East / Isabella Kim - Northfleet
« by Steve Wright on Today at 08:26:19 am »

My usual go to WG was fully booked and another option didn't respond, so taking a chance I decided to ring this SP. She's new to the Gravesend area, down from London.
I rang and got a booking for an hours time. She texted me the post code, which was a busy road in Northfleet. I know the area so didn't bother trying to park nearby, it's almost imposssible. I had a 10 minute walk to the post code on Dover Rd. I texted when close, slow response from her so had to slowly walk up and down the road, not good. She sent house number and I walked back to it.
Scruffy house possibly had students in it or tennants that had been evicted. Part of the front bay window was boarded up.
Isabella met me at the door and showed me into the dim front room. At that time there was no electricity working. Another girl disappeared up the stairs before I was shown up to the back bedroom.
I could have done with a shower but it wasn't offered and judging by the state of the place it didn't seem worth it, probably no hot water anyway.
I opted for the half hour £100 punt. I certainly suspected I was wasting my cash.
Isabella is part Korean and raised in Holland. So she has the Dutch accent which I like. As in the photo's, she is tall and reasonably slim. She has the trout lips and large bolt on boobs. A great lightly tanned body, no tattoo's
After she stashed the cash and came back another punter was climbing up the stairs to see the other girl.
She strips off her dress and bra and as I lay on a towel (clean?) without asking me what I like etc its straight to a covered BJ. She fully strips off after 5 minutes and suggests mish, I wanted cowgirl she can't do that? so mish it is for a few minutes followed by doggy and I finished over her hard bolts ons.
I spent longer chatting to her as she dressed back in the same clothes, didn't look like she was gonna be showering either.
I then carefully crept back down the darked steep stairs and left. Probably 25 minutes there in total.
She is a nice friendly girl with an interesting back story, in a better cleaner neater venue she could be a great find and probably worth, at a push the £180 per hour.
This should have been a negative but her friendly nature and good body just scrapes a Neutral.

Miss moist  Walsall

Link to this Profile Page using or

Prices & services
£60 for 15minutes gfe

Xxxangelsxxx flat in Walsall not far from train station

Lady in question
Size 8 is about right long black hair okish face age on AW is 37 I’d say maybe 37-40

And sex

The details
Seen her before years ago forgot to review her if I remember she had a lot of weight to her then,now she’s lost a lot of it.
Even though I knew where to go she was very insistent on directing me from being in lift to the flat and unlocking the door as I arrive very mechanical (not like angel where it’s sent via text and door isn’t locked just walk in ), got in and saw her Behind the  door she recognised me from before(at least 5/6 years since I saw her)paid her the money and left me to undress,she came back in to see me lying on bed she asked if I wanted owo which I agreed and delivered a fairly decent bj she asked if I wanted her tits out now they are not angels size but they are  ok I sucked and licked her nipples for a while and she took her knickers off while keeping her top half on so I presume she’s self conscious.
Anyway the owo was storing something up as I was fingering her pussy and rubbing as well there were no smells or anything so all was good,I then said I wouldn’t last much longer(mainly because this happens if it’s not one I’ve seen regular)so asked where I wanted her and I said doggy and she said oh good my favourite and got in position in front of the large mirror and I proceeded to pound her untill I shot my load in the condom,finished up she cleaned me up and got dressed but of chat she’s actually quite friendly but didn’t really fancy her said by and left

Would I return
Neutral because of all the faff getting to flat even though I told her I knew where to go
Not unattractive but didn’t make me say wow but saw her after but reviewing her before and now I’ve done it.
Also no cim but does facials
And I believe this is angels sister

North East / Jen - Amour escorts
« by Stevens88 on Today at 07:12:16 am »
Booked Jen at very short notice a few weeks back.
Agent very good for comms (they always are) and I headed to a flat I’ve visited a few times near central station. As my punts are always reliant on girls not being pre-booked as they’re always very short notice they tend to be at the end of a shift for a girl. This was no different as I had to dash through traffic in town and hope there was parking nearby. I have to say Amour are a great agency for understanding this and communication is first class.  :hi:

Jen is probably closer to 46 than the 36 advertised but I didn’t ask. She opened the door and I was pleasantly surprised to find she’s attractive and has a great body. She said she goes to the gym a lot and has a tight figure with a nice chest.

She was chatty and friendly and delivered enthusiastically OWO as well as sex in a variety of positions. I finished by asking her to talk dirty as I came on her chest. We then chatted a lot more and she is a very open, pleasant person.

Unfortunately for me she mostly does outcalls and this was a rare Incall afternoon for her.

I’d definitely go back. My last visit to a WG was with amour and it was terrible (the profile soon disappeared from the site so I couldn’t review) so this was a good punt to restore some faith.

Trying to think of any negatives: there was no DFK (not this bothers me but I know it’s a deal breaker for some), Jen is a smoker (which again doesn’t bother me)

Positives: sexy woman with a lovely body who didn’t mind lots of body contact and groping from
Me. A really good GFE enthusiastically delivered. I also think she’s a really nice person and we got on really well. I’ll return!

London / laylasinclair - Soho
« by plataforma1 on Today at 04:29:15 am »

Not sure if this is allowed, so please delete if so.

Had a very disappointing mixup with an otherwise well-reviewed provider. Looking back I see she has a few recent neutrals with poor feedback so may have dodged a bullet in the end.

Comms were okay, I booked over WhatsApp the week before and settled on a Monday (happened to be the same day of the Queens Funeral which will be important later). She texted the morning of and I confirmed for 2pm. She asked me to text when I'm on my way, no problem.

Planned out the journey and jumped on the tube , should be arriving with about 10-15 minutes to spare. There were some issues on the lines that day but nothing directly affecting me so no problem. On the tube however, very slow because of "congestion up ahead". Uh oh. Still thinking I should be fine. Got off the tube finally at 2pm on the nose, and saw a few missed texts which I promptly replied to and apologised, said I would be there in 5 minutes max and was walking over. No response. Got to the location about 2:06, still no response so I texted and tried to call, no answer. She finally replies at 2:15 saying she thought I was not coming I had to reschedule.

I would usually say fair enough when I am late, but due to the circumstances and the fact I texted her at 2pm and was 5 minutes away I thought this would not be too much of a problem. She proceeded to text me a screenshot of her saying to "text her when I'm on my way" as the reasoning for her cancellation. Really annoying. If there was service underground I would have certainly done so with more warning but these things happen, especially on days where there is a massive event in London etc.

Left a bad taste in my mouth so obviously won't contact her again, but on second look she seems too expensive with a shitty attitude to boot.


After a disappointing mix up / cancellation earlier in the day I decided to TOFTT with Sandala, who seemed to be on many different agency sites with reviews...mostly good, but as I have said in an earlier post you know how that goes...
Overall I will rate this a positive, she was very nice and sweet, and she was tired from what seemed like a long day, but made it happen.

£350, no extras but did not inquire about any either.

Quick as usual from Diva, booked in the afternoon but was told her next availability was 9:30pm. That time worked for me but should have realized it would have been a busy day for her.

Small flat on a busy road a few minutes walk from Earls Court. Room was small with blacklights, and didn't have any noticeable stains on the sheets  :D

The Girl
Hot Ukrainian blonde girl with natural B cups and soft body. Has a few tattoos which I'm not into but didn't take away from her looks. As to be expected the pictures are photoshopped and look much better than the actual girl, but overall I was satisfied with her looks. She was a very nice girl that warmed up pretty quickly, and actually got quite chatty and I enjoyed the convo.

OWO and Covered, sex in various positions, 1 pop
Arrived on time, to the flat and was buzzed inside and quickly led to the back bedroom. She was sharing the flat with another girl I am not sure who it was. Was offered a shower but since I had just had one, I declined. Exchanged the paper work and chatted for a bit, but off came the clothes and she was sucking my cock which was enjoyable. She wanted to get right down to FS - but I told her I wanted a long BJ and she obliged but there was a bit of reluctance which I chalked up to a long day of punts. At some point, and I don't remember why, the condom went on and she continued to suck. The BJ got much better, deeper, and more intense with the condom on so I wasn't upset.

Then onto FS - started riding me, then into doggy for a while which was great, also had her sit on my lap for a bit but I know how tiring that can be for her. Exploded in the bag, had a little more conversation where I found out she was actually Ukrainian and from Odessa. Her English was so-so but she was not shy at all and it made for an enjoyable chat in an otherwise vanilla world with these Russian escorts.

Overall it was a good experience, but notes to self - the girls are never going to be as hot as the photos and try and avoid the late nights after a busy day where the girl is tired from what seemed like a lot of sessions all day. Would I repeat? Probably not as there is more out there to explore.


Had a visit to the big smoke last week, was excited to try some new hotties as its been 6 months and my usual travel there is few and far between these days. Decided to see Marika on a Sunday afternoon to kick off the week. I am giving it  a neutral because I did get off twice and she is hot, but overall was a mediocre experience.

£300 (member's rate – 1 hour - reg rate is £350). This is important because she seemed confused when I did not pay her for the regular rate, makes me think there is a middle man between her and Diva. English is terrible but after a few texts with someone she realized that it was member's rate and all was good. Was kind of awkward for a minute there.

Quick as usual from Diva, booked the day before to ensue availability. I asked to come an hour earlier due to good timing on my part, but Diva got back to me and said she was not available so I kept the original time.
Her communication and English is pretty bad. I asked for either swallow or facial, and she told me swallow was an extra £100 but facial was an extra £500. How is that possible? After a minute, I figured out she actually meant £50 so opted for the facial.

Tiny flat near West Brompton but walkable from Earls Court. Was kind of messy.

The Girl
She is a hottie but pictures are photoshopped. Tight skinny body, firm ass, grabbable enhanced tits. She is a "party girl" and it was quite obvious she had been partying all night - extremely hungover. To be fair, if I was out all night doing tons of blow the last thing I'd want is to perform sexually but hey that's the job. She told me she could not accommodate earlier because she was sleeping in, so yeah she pulled herself out of bed for our meet.

OWO w/ facial, sex in various positions, 2 pops
I arrived on time and was happy when she answered the door. Even though I had showered right before I arrived she wanted me to go again - no problem. I am very tall and shower was tiny. Came out and met her in the bedroom where we sorted out the paperwork...she was confused at the members rate but quickly figured it out. Like I mentioned above she was visibly hungover and tired, and when I asked for a swallow or facial I could tell she was not in the mood for it, but we settled on a facial as long as "I didn't get it in her eyes". Tried to tell her I didn't have a lot of aim control and to cover her eyes, but poor English she just did not get it so I guess we were going to hope for the best. Off came her clothes, let me roam her body a bit with my hands and got right down to sucking. Blow job was okay, she didn't get too deep but I was horny and was rather quick for round 1. Blew a massive load all over her face and by some miracle it was close but no direct shots in her eyes. There was a humorous moment where she had to go to the bathroom and clean up and I had to lead her there like a blind person who lost their walking stick. She cleaned up for a few minutes then came back.

She came back and after some more roaming her body I made her go down on me again to get me hard. At this point we were prob 20 minutes in. To be fair, she seemed to get a little more into it for round 2 (as others have mentioned) so on with the condom for some cowgirl. She asked me if I could take the lead for a bit with some missionary and doggy which were all good. Told her to finish me off with a bj after some time, and she obliged, but no more facial or mouth which I guess is fair. 2nd pop done, had a quick rinse off in the shower again and I was on my way.

I'm giving it a solid neutral because despite some of the shortcomings, she was able to get me off twice and she is a looker. Let's just say I have not had a fantasy wank thinking about the experience since... I would not repeat.


This meet happened last week. I was fortunate to be going to Old Trafford and had a small time window which luckily Zoe was available for.

Quick and easy. Really easy to find the place she works from which is a very respectable business type of building near Trafford bar tram stop.
Price was 130 for hour.

I asked Zoe for a roleplay. Nothing massively imaginative. She was the boss and I was a new recruit trying to better my career. She greeted me in slutty office outfit I’d asked for, complete with glasses. A good start. Zoe is a very presentable lady about my age. She has a fit body. I wasn’t disappointed as she fit with what I expected.

I would describe the whole hour as an experience I’m not likely to forget. I think she must genuinely enjoy her work as she properly got into the roleplay and put me through my paces as a pussy slave expertly. She does loads of good DFK and filthy talk which I massively get off on. After about 45 mins of filth, DFK, face sitting, rimming etc. etc. she spit and sucked and wanked my cock until I exploded.

I’ll definitely come back whenever opportunity comes around.  For me, this sort of meet is what punting should be about. Doing stuff a bit leftfield in a fantasy world with someone who knows what they’re doing.

10/10. Apologies if this sounds at all fluffy.

North West / Alana - Sheridans - Salford
« by T13 on Yesterday at 11:56:08 pm »
£45 plus £10 owo.
Walked in and was told only one was available so I go into room and in walks Alana. Big frame huge tits, and I’d say mid 40s long black hair. I prefer smaller more petite frames but she was ok.
She starts talking for ages and I’m just wanting to crack on. She gave good owo and this went in for about 15 mins. Reverse oral and sex in few positions. Knock on the door so I pull of condom and ask for more owo. Few mins later knock again I Cum on tits and off I went. Upon checking I’d only been there 25 mins and at least 5 of that was waiting.
Tbh I was looking at booking annamae blue but the inconvenience of Liverpool city centre and the hotel being a bit awkward from reviews I opted for here.
I was also going with intention for two girl but only one available.

South East / Louise - Milton Keynes Escorts
« by Marvelous on Yesterday at 11:48:30 pm »

- Nice friendly girl dress size bigger then pic's but still in good nick.

- Nice sensual girl gives the impression off enjoying proceedings. Oral skill is good lots off attention paid to the old balls really knows how to move the tounge around them regions.  Kissing is mainly light French kissing, sex is good she does move her hands around your body when you are banging away.

- In conclusion i found British stable mates Sarah and especially Eva a bit more full on overall especially when it came to the Dfk front but still a solid punt.

- Recommended

[Image hidden]


Given all the positives on here I appreciate I am going against the tide here. This punt did take place a couple of months ago.

Very good up to the point where she sent me directions which were confusing as all the buildings are similar in Salford Quays. I later realised they must have been written for people arriving by car and I was arriving by tram which I had explained. She was also late by about 15mins which was annoying and then had to direct me over the phone which got the whole thing off to a bad start.

Price agreed was £90 for half hour I think. It was the going rate at the time.

A bit larger than expected but didn’t mind that. Not as hot as I imagined she’d be so I was a bit disappointed. If the service was good then that could have easily been overcome. 7/10.

This is where it unravelled for me. She didn’t seem at all interested. I thought GFE meant girlfriend experience. Mmmmm, well she was a pretty shit girlfriend who clearly couldn’t be arsed, was very stand offish and just not up for it. I should have walked really but I’d already paid so decided I hadn’t much choice but to persevere. I felt like she was taking the piss and basically taking advantage of my good nature. I’m not the kind of guy to start an argument in these sort of situations but I was pretty close. When she finally did decide she could be bothered to give my cock some attention, the tactic was clearly just to get me to shoot my bolt asap. In the end I decided to let her rubber me up and I shagged her in mish for about a minute before deciding to cum in the bag just to get it over with.

I left with 10mins to spare and couldn’t wait to get out of there. I felt really awkward being there.

I totally get there’s a lot of happy punters out there for this girl. But I don’t get it. Each to their own. I finally had a meet with Manchester Zoe last week which I’ll do a review for. The difference in service level between these two is massive.

West Midlands / __Kate__xx - Coventry - decent enough
« by Imp8 on Yesterday at 11:17:51 pm »

30 minutes   @ £60

Hi Gents,
I've been on a bit of a break for a while ,got an itch that needs scratching,let's see what happens.

1st option was Erotic studio. Didn't really like what I was offered,didn't fancy Lush.....yet,so thought about going further afield,but not too far,Diesels £8 a gallon FFS ,a lot more expensive than a gallon of my sperm.

Not many options were that attractive to me,especially at my bargain basement prices. Kate in Coventry looked reasonably tasty,her reviews read fairly well....Game on.
Comms were all good,short,precise and prompt,all done via text,I knew why when I got there,bitch can't speak a word of English.

Just on the outskirts of the city centre,but still close enough to have permit holders only  Mon  - Fri   8-6 pm,same with the surrounding streets,did clock a pay and display car park about 100mtrs away.

Flat was fit for purpose,clean and tidy,standard bed with 2 pillows,you know the scenario. Climbing three flights of stairs Because there's no lift was a different story. Knock on the door,magic door trick.

Katie's in her early to mid 40s,not a stunner,but not Fuck ugly either,a middling  5. Body's not great either,but for her age it'll do. Bottom half and top half would be a size 10,Midriff  12 -14,got a bit of a gut on her with a massive  C Section  scar,must have had Quads. Tits weren't too saggy,a B,or pushing it,C cup. Height would be about  5'6,dark hair past her shoulders.

Services agreed and money handed over. Into LFK,whilst still standing up,which soon developed into Tonsil tennis,I was impressed. Had a grope of her arse,which was very firm. There was a bit of a funny feel to her lips,maybe she had some surgery on them as a kid,they just never felt as soft as a woman's lips should be.
Had Kate on her knees next,giving the old Todge a quick once over. She was decent,not deep,about half way,and I've had better suction,but decent enough for someone getting back into the saddle. Maybe it was the way she cupped,stroked and fondled my balls that did the trick. This OWO was interspersed with DFK,lovely.
Had her on her back next,let's see what her snatch tasted like. Again,no complaints,no funny odours,nice clean,shaved Snatch. I was giving it a bit of welly and she seemed to respond in kind,tightening her thighs around my face and making the right noises.
69 was next. The OWO seemed to get better,obviously she'd become more accustomed to me by now,that,or the fact that I was nibbling her lettuce at a faintly decent pace.She rocked her hips from side to side,which is Always a good sign.
On with the hat and into CG. Kate wasn't too keen on going into CG,she wanted Mish,but I gently nudged her in the right direction. She did use a fair amount of Lube,which does desensitise the penetrative element of the Punt,I did tell her to use a minimal amount,but they don't normally listen.
Her hips were grinding on me and I did get a few upthrusts in,kissing was also on the menu as was sucking her tits.
Onto Missionary. More lube applied and more enthusiasm shown. I pumped away,and as she pulled me in by locking her legs around my back,I blew my load.
A very good clean up by Kate ensued.
It was only then that I realised how limited her English is. She hops between Birmingham,Oxford and Poland,with the occasional stay in Slough,she's there for 5 days from tomorrow. From what I can gather,she works / shares a flat with Busty Amy,who is also going with her to slough tomorrow. I did want a butchers of Amy,to get some Intel for myself and other members on here,unfortunately,she didn't want to meet me,she was  ' Busy  ' .

I realised that the actual sex element of the Punt was about 16 minutes. This wasn't Kates fault,at no point did I feel rushed or given any indication that she wanted me out.
She takes direction very well and is enthusiastic. Looks aren't the best and she can't recite Shakespeare,but other than that a decent punt. Not a strong positive,but definitely a positive.

Scotland / Crystal_Pure - Bellshill
« by jj70 on Yesterday at 10:09:25 pm »

 bellshill  incall 130 for the hour.  hotel between hamilton and coatbridge 

 the girl  good looking woman was plesantly suprised age about accurate tall and slim and friendly

 services . kissing  carresing  reverse oral clean fresh  condom on for cowgirl thou wee man wasnt playing sometimes happens so back to oral crystal placed her self so could finger her then to a very prolonged 69 which was very enjoyable deep slow and fealt like forever didnt finish in mouth.

 had a good time with crystal tried to get her last time she was here but couldnt manage a time  then another couple of tries but she was fully booked so was 3rd time
 lucky positive experience would probably see again. never fealt rushed out couple minutes after the hour. lots of parking if u drive.


Got no reply from a couple that looked interesting and time was running out.  I should have known better.  I know these type of ads don’t show the real girl but thought what the hell.  She was no looker and the room was grim.  Crappy mattress on the floor of a spree room.
So so massage…tried to have a feel but she was very dry…wet the finger…no no that’s not nice don’t do that!  OK try to pull her round for some oral….horrified face…no none of that.  Well she’s offering just about anything on the ad, green ticks for just about anything but obviously not up for it or this applies to someone else.
  Sod this, let’s just get it over with and release the frustration.  She pulled the right faces but obviously an act.  Let’s go from behind so I don’t have to look at her face…..starts checking her phone.  :sarcastic:  I might be crap but blimey.
When will I learn to aim higher.  Go for a rub and tug or pay more an at least get a looker even if they do see me as an old fart.
Keep clear.

East Midlands / Ruby Brazilian - Leicester
« by coconut101 on Yesterday at 09:59:43 pm »

Fees - £80/15mins stayed 20. Some ridiculous extras FK £20. OWO £50 that I said hell nah!
Location 9/10 - central, near the prison. A terraced house converted into flat. Modern, clean and very discreet. Surprised at this location. Looked clean and quite.
Appearance - 9/10 as the pics. Short, smiley. Typical Brazilian.
Body - 9/10 - well done enhanced tits. Bit of soft baby fat belly, no tyres. Amazing ass. Amazonian thighs. Just a pure thoroughbred Latina - my favourite.
Service - 8/10 guess services delivered

She was fresh, hair a bit wet - straight out of shower. Apparently up from London - good command of english. There was 1 positive UKP review so made me have a go. Covered exceptional blowjob - does some strange in and out, up and down fast and hard routine - yet soft - no teeth with some tongue massaging, a new for me - uncovered and I would have exploded. Thought to hell with it and asked her to keep going till I CIM covered. After 10 mins this wasnt happening so she started riding CG - hard and fast - again real banging with the bed banging.Squeezed and sucked those titties. At 15 mins I still didnt pop so she said try doggy - no mention of time - fucked the living daylight out of her and eventually popped. Site of that Brazilian booty bouncing and taking it hard was amazing.

Only negatives - ridiculous price for a P&D. But id rather pay £80 for a decent P&D with a hot brazilian than a miserable Rom.

I have a feeling 1 hour with extras she may deliver. But its too expensive for me to find out  :hi:
Only here for another day or two so enjoy chaps

Scotland / charming greta - Glasgow
« by jj70 on Yesterday at 09:44:07 pm »
glasgow incall  charing cross  120 for the hour  thou i see she has reduced her rates now to 100  for the hour      .

 the girl . size 14 very enthusiastic age 60 anyway i would guess very  slight smell of smoke of hair apart from that clean and fresh.

 services . kissing light tounge  fingering reverse oral 69 mish to finish

im usually a one pop guy thou managed a rare round 2 .consisting of more kissing oral and me sitting on her chest while fingering her and finished over her lips and chin.

always fancied a crack at a gilf and  have to say had a good booking with a dirty old girl . can definetly see the age in her face and body thou but i did expect that
had a good time none the less.

East England / Eliza superstar - Cambridge
« by Shanekelly1987 on Yesterday at 09:30:42 pm »

Excellent punt as usual with Eliza, have seen her a handful of times now and never been disappointed.


Very easy. Called and asked for a 30min incall, have been before so drive up and parked in the street opposite her flat.


Ground floor flat with plenty of parking in the opposite streets. Nice clean flat, offered a shower and took one, very nice and relaxed me for the punt.


Eliza is attractive. Fake tits and lip filler but not overdone. Great ass and tight firm body. Lonely personality and puts you at ease. Genius not friendly girl.

Had shower and then in to the room. Eliza grabbed my cock under the towel and started to kiss me before pushing me on to the bed and starting some nice owo. She gave good head but this really improved when we went in to 69. Ate her pussy and ass for a good ten mins while she deepthroated me and spat plenty on my cock. Felt great. Had to stop her at points to gather myself.

Had laid for anal so on with the rubber and straight up her ass I went. I'm girthy and she had to ease me in but once I was locked in she took a fair hammering.

Off with the rubber for more owo before second rubber went on for some cowgirl before I unloaded on her face.

She cleaned up and gave me a nice massage to finish.

Good punt 9/10. Paid £100 for all of the above 30mins

Scotland / CurvySavannah - Glasgow
« by jj70 on Yesterday at 09:26:14 pm »
glasgow incall 80 for 30 minutes  merchant city.

could only manage to arrange a 30 minute booking as was very short notice as she was due to finish for the day.

the girl  very attractive i thought good banter before and after the service size 16 at a guess' profile age accurate.

 service was mainly kissing fondling fingering reverse oral  69 and hand finish  no rush .

usually preffer the hour thou would go back for a longer booking next time rather than 30 minutes .

So after all the positive reviews of Bowie over the last 2 months or so i thought I’d venture down there and see what all the fuss was about.

                All by text and the meeting was arranged in a matter of minutes for later the same day. Couldn’t be sure if she handles her own comms or not but the messages were friendly and in good English.

Fee/Services £120 + £20 for CIM £140 total. OWO/RO/SEX/LFK

              Large complex of flats right by the river. Discreet enough unless someone was looking out of their window all day seeing countless men arriving. I parked around 5 minutes away easily enough. The parking was pay by phone and cost a tenner i think.

The Meet
                  I texted Bowie bang on time that i had arrived and that message was met with complete silence. I sat by the river for 5 minutes and then text again. In this time a lone chap came out of the main entrance and looked suspiciously like a punter, however this may not have been the case. Still i had no reply to either text. At 8 minutes past our time she replied with the door number and i was buzzed in and took the lift to her floor. Usual hiding behind the door and once i was in it was the girl from the pictures so all was well, although no apology for the late start. I was ushered into a small bedroom which was dark as the curtains were closed, and very warm! I paid the money and she asked me to strip off. Still no greeting had taken place and the atmosphere was cold as ice! Stripped as she typed away on her phone and went to the shower, she followed and watched me wash before giving me mouthwash. She then got in after me and showered herself, all of this took place in complete silence and I’m convinced it’s just a time wasting tactic. She sent me back to the bedroom whilst she dried off, i was already regretting this. Back in the room and she grabbed her phone again whilst i stood there. Tried to initiate FK but this was a few pecks and nothing more. She’d already given me mouthwash and I’m clean as a whistle anyway. I laid on the bed and she licked all down my body before reaching the cock and balls. Attention was paid to the balls and she sucked them well before moving to my cock. I must say here that her BJ was exceptionally good, one of the best I’ve had. It was so good I decided to tell her I’d like to CIM and would pay after. She sucked every last drop and held it well. She went to spit and returned and offered me a massage. I accepted but it was awful, she was basically punching me in the back and using her elbows which felt odd. After a few minutes i turned over which seemed to suprise her, and the reason she was shocked and the reason the massage was shit was because she was on that fucking phone AGAIN! She said “Oh” when i turned over and noticed and then she put it back on the table. So the massage was with one hand while she texted with the other  :dash. At this point i’d given up! I went for some RO and that was a positive. She has a beautiful pussy, and not shaved bald but neatly trimmed. She got very wet and seemed to enjoy, a few fingers were slipped in with no complaints. On with the dom for some brief sex and i couldn’t stay hard as I’d lost interest so this didn’t last long. During sex an alarm went off which i assumed meant i was nearing time. I gave up and got dressed then noticed a clock on the wall showing i had 15 minutes left, after the late start! The goodbye was as cold as the welcome and i was out the door thinking WTF was that :dash:

                  BJ was very good and enthusiastic.
                  Great hygiene during RO
                   Late start
                   Constantly texting the phone
                   Time wasting shower routine
                   Short changed on time
                   Did I mention that FUCKING PHONE??

Would i return
                         Absolutely NOT! As always YMMV but for me it was awful from start to finish.

Scotland / MissLusciousLorna - Glasgow
« by jj70 on Yesterday at 09:10:59 pm »
incall coatbridge  120 for the hour .

got some reviews to put on all within the last 2 months start with lorna.

 meet top floor flat coatbridge area lift only goes to 14th floor then walk up last couple of flights killer if u hate lifts.

 the girl . friendly enthusiastic  age 50s i thought size 14 at least;

 services.  kissing reverse oral  fingering cowgirl finished with cim .

had a good time with lorna would probably see again in the future. or https:


East Midlands / natashablack - Derby
« by dron16 on Yesterday at 08:36:27 pm »
30 mins incall - £50 (no extras)

Girl 8/10 - Slim MILF, she looks great for 45! Clean and fresh. Very friendly and talkative.

Location 8/10 - Near Derby city centre. No issues finding the house and getting in was quick, but I'd prefer a more discreet location and seeing her in an apartment instead.

Comms 10/10 - Booked via AW 2 days in advance and she texted me to confirm. Natasha offered to register my car for free parking on the street but I declined and opted to park elsewhere.

Action 8/10 - I had a quick wash on arrival then Natasha started to smother the Nuru on both of us and we got into it with me initially on my front for the first 5 minutes then on my back for the rest of the massage. Touching all over is allowed including fingering. Happy Ending to finish.

Easily the best Nuru massage I've had. It was pretty thorough and unrushed. Natasha clearly has a good Nuru routine for each session. I would be happy to return although I don't think I'd want anything more than 30 mins. I think it would get repetitive after a while due to the limited service she offers.


After a bit of planning I managed to get the the two best girls in Swansea for a duo meet at Cindy’s.
Omg gents!  Every boys wettest dream come true!  These girls are absolutely stunning and have the bodies of angles and the dirtiest minds you could wish for!
No clock watching, and I’m yet to find any limits with these girls!
You gets what you pay for!
I had them both in their sexy school girl outfits…. I’m going for the sexy maid of secretary next time lol!

South West / hot new escort girl - Bristol
« by DDMC30 on Yesterday at 08:27:58 pm »
Took a gamble on a VS rom. Easily arranged via text and phone, decent English, off main road near Stapleton train station, very discreet although had to stand outside for 5 minutes. Once in she was warm and friendly, which continued after the paperwork was complete. Made a slight error here, didn't really clarify what was on offer. Nice cosy room, she stripped down to her knickers, top off to reveal large tense bolt ons, quick "lap dance" of sorts together, and seemed really keen to give me a massage so I let her go ahead. She has a nice feminine manner and is very sexy with a nice petite frame, long dark hair, pretty face and slim figure with nice behind (although definite mum-tum/paunch - not off-putting tho). Defo the girl in the pics, Romanian, probably around 30, seems to be new-ish to the business. After the massage she went to go down on me with a rubber in her mouth I resisted this saying I wanted OWO, and she point blank refused. This dispute continued for a while until we agreed that I get a small refund and leave "politely"  :D so I got some cash back and got dressed and left, trying to be as reasonable as possible. Even during this spat she was relatively pleasant, as much as one can expect in these circumstances. Possibly pleased with her easy payday  :dash: So left having paid £80 for a 15 minutes of massage, light petting, and a brief argument over a Johnny  :lol: my fault for not clarifying the terms and conditions I suppose. Part of me expected things to go this way, as these Rom meets are usually flops, even though the girls are often really hot. Don't think it qualifies as anything other than a neutral. Now we know what to expect at least. Reckon I'll stick to my regulars and the Brazilians with decent reviews for while.

London / Petite Viki - South Quay
« by NLG_49 on Yesterday at 07:57:11 pm »

Met Viki in September for 1 hour @ £150

Logistics - contacted Viki via WhatsApp, she's quick to respond. She sends over a little vid to show how to navigate past the concierge and get to the lifts. She did ask my nationality as she states she doesn't see black gents on her profile. Viki is based 5 mins from South Quay DLR in a small apartment. Standard shower and bathroom which I used before and after, all clean enough. Only one small mirror in the bedroom off to the side of the bed, so not of much use. A very dozey cat was also present.

Girl - Viki is indeed quite petite, true to the size 4 she claims. One of the best pair of breasts I've had the pleasure of handling, perfect size for her frame and completely natural (I'd guess C cups but I'm no expert). Long blonde hair, green eyes and buttery smooth skin. She has a couple of tattoos but they weren't distracting at all. She kept her high heels on throughout the punt :rose:

Service - started with LFK which was available throughout. At times it did infringe on DFK territory, but not often. RO was nice and fresh, although didn't seem to do much for her. OWO was great, nice and sloppy and she went deep a few times as well. First into CG then doggy to pop. Some chit chat between rounds - her English is good and she's a bubbly girl. Into round 2 with more LFK and OWO before diving in in mish, doggy and prone bone. However couldn't get the second pop, not for a lack of trying on Viki's part though.

Conclusion - Viki's wonderfully proportioned body and friendly personality made for a very enjoyable punt. I would definitely revisit, though South Quay is a bit out of the way for me so would have to be in that part of town already to make it worth it.

London / Charlie Hothaigirl - Earls Court
« by Smithy on Yesterday at 07:36:20 pm »

Paid £120 - 1 hour (OWO, LFK, RO, Missionary & Cowgirl), August 2022

Comms by text in the morning, booking arranged for afternoon.

Serviced apartment block very close to Cromwell Hospital, 5 mins from Earls Court tube.

Thai, fairly short with enhanced C cup tits, quite pretty, early to mid-30's.

Positives : Very friendly & engaging SP. Smelt & tasted very fresh. Paperwork sorted out & session started off with LFK whilst we explored each other’s bodies. Enjoyed sucking her tits before moving down to feast on her pussy. She returned the favour by giving me OWO which was okay but not very deep. Had sex in cowgirl & missionary with Charlie making all the right noises to add to the experience. She felt quite tight so came fairly quickly in the bag. Still had plenty of time so she offered me a massage which was quite relaxing. Round 2 was Charlie giving me OW in the 69 position as I had asked her to finish me off in the bag. Went for a shower which was clean & had plenty of toiletries.

Slight negatives : Charlie did not like me nibbling her ears or fingering her.

Visit again? Yes - overall good value for money.

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