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Busty GILF with massive natural tits, always on tour, operates a conveyor belt service 👎

Service Provider: or

Comms: 👍
Very good, initial contact via phone call, rest sorted via text, clear instructions until... there was some confusion on my part, as to which block of flats she referred to when I got the call to come up, she wanted to guide me instead of saying the block number 🤷‍♂️

Incall Premises:
Rented apartment, in a block of flats. It was spartan, clean and fit for purpose, although there was no hot water due to some balls up by the landlord 🤷‍♂️

Price Paid:
£50 - 15mins

Services Expected: 🙃
DFK, OWO, 69, Cowgirl

Services Delivered: 😒
OWO, HJ Finish

Nicky: 👍
I've had her on my hotlist for a long time, but as she tours constantly and I am only in the UK occassionally, it has been difficult to tick her off my list. I was however extremely pleased with her appearance. Busty MILFs are my bread and butter, and she fits the bill nicely. Her face and body match her pictures and her tits are a boob man's delight. She was dressed in a cheap nurse costume, with her tits popping out. No hygiene problems that I noticed.

[Image hidden]

Punt A-Z:
I freshened up and there was no DFK to start with, she kept away, and started with OWO. Her technique was unusual to say the least, using a round motion with her tongue as if licking the raspberry sauce from a seaside ice cream cone. Plenty of hand, and no deep throat. I found it pleasant due to the novelty factor.

I then asked for her to move into 69. She declined as "I don't do that in 15mins luv" 🙄 This was annoying, and honestly should be on the AW profile. Normally I like 69 followed by cowgirl to finish in a short meet. But as I was put off the 69 I let her continue the OWO instead. As a finish I asked her to shove her tits in my face whilst I wanked myself off. This she could do. Her nipples are quite sensitive and she complained that I was sucking them a bit too hard 🙄 I've been doing this a long time, and I'm pretty gentle while doing this, maybe been rebuked, twice in all my years 🤷‍♂️

After the inevitable, I cleaned myself off, we shared som post jerk jabber and then I fucked off 👍

In Summary: 👎
Simply put, not good. She limits her services in the 15min option without detailing this on her profile, also her service is very much a rush job, as she's trying to get as many punters in as possible. You can feel the stress, and I was back in the car after pretty much bang on 15mins. So from the leaving the car, getting into the flat, changing clothes, punting, cleaning up, getting dressed and back into the car, all this took just over 15mins exactly. So you can understand that you're getting short changed on time. I'm glad I got her crossed off the list, but I won't be back.

There's a reason why they call this game punting 🙃

Busty barbie type woman, looks after herself, not a GFE style, good attitiude, gives a ronseal type of service 👍

Service Provider: or

Comms: 👍👍👍
Professional! Initial contact via call, then everything else via text. Clear instructions, no messing about, exemplary.

Incall Premises: 👍
Rented room in an upmarket hotel. Room was clean and tidy.

Price Paid:
£60 - 15mins

Services Expected: 🙃
OWO, 69, Cowgirl

Services Delivered: 😊
OWO, 69, Cowgirl

Angel: 💯👍
Bang on time, I got the final nod to come to the room at the exact agreed time 👍 Got in to the room, no hassles, although I was rather nervous as this was a Hotel meet, and they tend to have "COVID-watch". Angel was exactly as her pictures suggest, busty with no sign of silicone 😁 slim, with longe blonde hair and long fake lashes. Make up was generously and glamourously applied. No hygiene issues, she was clean and smelled good 👍

[Image hidden]

Punt A-Z:
She started on her knees and rubbed my cock on to her tits, then started sucking. OWO technique was good, no teeth, enough hand to keep it interesting but mainly mouth action.

We moved on to the bed and she gave me some more oral and a tit wank.

I asked for 69, and she moved over to oblige. This is where the punt turns into a neutral, she was clean and fresh, no hygiene problems, however whilst I was working on her she kept pausing the OWO on her side. I'm under no illusions that I'm a sexual genius, so I find it hard to believe that I was doing such an amazing job that she needed to take a pause and get her bearings. In addition, this is a 15min meet @ £60 no less, so the top end of the 15min market pricing. If it was a longer meet, I wouldn't judge the pausing, however in a 15min meet I expect the action to be pretty much non stop.

After a while she asked how I would like to finish and I suggested Cowgirl, on with the johnny, and then she rode me to finish. It was a great sight and some lovely enthusiasm from her side.

Once I was done, here was some post punt prattle, and then I fucked off 👍

In Summary:
Pretty much a ronseal punt. You pay top whack and get a slim barbie with big tits, and a good attitude. There is no kissing and therefore GFE atmosphere is noticably lacking. If she had given OWO continuously during 69, this would have been a positive for sure, as she delivered on everything I asked, no if or buts. I will however recommend her, as she is professional to a tee, from her comms, to her choice of venue, hygiene and services actually delivered. However for me personally this meet was nothing special and I can only give it a neutral. There's a reason why they call this game punting 🙃

Scotland / VanessaHope - 1hr incall - Glasgow
« by irishdick on Today at 05:11:03 pm » or


Good comms, AW e-mail to ask about availability was answered pretty quick with phone number to text.
Agreed date and time, she followed up with texted address.
Asked to text when I arrived and when I did, I got the flat number.

City centre flat.
Was very nice and clean.

Scottish Hottie, short maybe 5'4"
Great big soft boobs and really nice ass, thick  :D
She is young says 19 and I believe it.

The Meeting
Vanessa is :-
Pretty, feminine, sexy and ready to fuck.
She was wearing blue lacy panties, bra, fishnet stockings and garter belt.
Plenty of DFK before some sloppy OWO.
I then had her sit on my face for a while before getting down to fucking
We changed position a couple of times and she wore me out.
Hard to keep up with these young uns.
I then had her give me a tit wank which was amazing.

Had a nice chat after and was not rushed out.

Good visit, obviously young and new to the game but well worth a punt.
I will be back.

I make no bones about attaching a felloe punters review which mirrors my own experience

I visited back in August. Comms were OK, but messed me about with timings, making me wait & then wait again. Her property is a yellow brick 'new build' on a large Council Estate. Clearly overlooked by neighbours.

I'd been thinking about loosing my TS cherry for sometime & was finally persuaded by her Twitter account.

She was dressed as requested which helped my nerves. Shoes off & up the stairs to her bedroom. I shared I was a first timer but was not going to suck her off. Cash left on the side & off I went for a shower. When I returned we started off with DFK, groping before she went down on me for some ok OWO. I say ok as for me her pumped up lips take away the sense of connection, but she puts in a good shift nevertheless.

After a few changes in position she undressed. Why do whores do this without asking the client first. Anyway I ayed with her fun bags making sure I paid particular attention to her sensitive nipple. Condom on & she lay lay on her back & invited me. Pumped away still lots of DFK, played with her fun bags then into doggy before I got bored withdrew flipped her on her side, stood side on to the bed & funked her throat until I CIM.

Offered a shower which I declined. So I'm thinking ok a short breather, but then she starts ranting about Covid & how its all a conspiracy. I make a few attempts to focus her attention on me & remind her its my first time but to no avail. So that was it, 50mins in she tells time is nearly up & to take a shower whilst she jumps on her phone. What a waste of my punting tokens.

If you don't like cats avoid, she has two.

London / X Platinum x Cindy X, Hammersmith
« by RameshJJ on Today at 04:47:42 pm »

Arranged the booking on Sunday for today at 4.30, she replied to me today morning and confirmed the booking, gave me the address. I live near startford so travel to hammersmith and at 4.30, I got the silent treatment, phone switched off.

She probably ditched me for another booking with a regular, but only a low class person would treat someone like this. Why could she not just send one simple text to say that she got other plans and had to cancel the booking? Had to share incase anybody who has not seen her before try and make a booking.


Took place before the latest covid restrictions when things were looking up.
I was in the mood for oral and CIM. I'd read the profile a few times and seen reviews on UKP so the arrangements were made - 1 hour for £100. All very straightforward. The address in Radford was easy to find with plentiful parking. I had mentioned on the phone that some heels, a dress and nothing else would be very much to my liking.The door opened and Lauren welcomed me in wearing a housewife top and loose, sloppy housewife jeans. Hmm - unimpressed. Apart from that she was friendly, chatty and probably a few years older than her stated age (34 at the time or writing).

The house was clean and tidy as was the bedroom. Handed over the money and she suggested I strip off and get on the bed - a very average start. She took off her top and jeans to reveal some housewife pants over which hung a lockdown spare tyre and a housewife bra. No effort whatsoever had been made in the dress department despite this being a full hour booking. She was clean and fresh.
She laid on the bed and looked a lot better. Belly more or less disappeared, decent tits and a very neat pussy. She is good company and certainly not shy. We started with some french kissing and mutual intimate caressing.  She knows how to handle a cock. She then worked her way down my body and started OWO which was on point. Slow, sensual, varied and plenty of shaft licking. I didn't want to bring things to a premature conclusion so switched to RO which she seemed to appreciate.

On with the condom and we fucked in a few positions. Lauren is a good fuck and I was tempted to finish in mish with her legs over my shoulders. If I had done that and this was a 30 minute booking then this would probably have been a positive review.

The oral to completion was poor, basically vigorous cock wanking with the end of my cock in her mouth. She had demonstrated good oral technique 15 minutes earlier so I've no idea why she decided this was a good approach. I suggested some variation but she just ploughed on and swallowed the lot. It is not as though we were short of time. We chatted as I got dressed and I left with around 10 minutes left on the clock.

I would say that she enjoyed fucking a lot more than she enjoyed having my cock in her mouth (I was as clean as a whistle) but YMMV.

Return? I possibly would have considered a 30 min for £50 as she is a good sort and a good fuck but I note she now charges 70 for 30 and that puts her in exalted company.

CumFuckMyArse (aka Gina):
Sussybustynatural (aka Susie):

Incall: Camden Town
Price: £300 for 1 hour, no extras.

Short review:
A no-holds barred, full-on lesbian squirtfest and fuckfest from two girls who seemingly love their job, love cock, and love each other. Top 5 punt of all time for me.

Long review

After a long spell away from punting due to a great long-term thing through Seeking Arrangement, I wanted to get back into it with a sure-fire guaranteed awesome punt. I'd seen Gina twice before and had a great time both times - I reviewed our first meet on here. I'd never seen Susie, but reading many great reviews on here, as well as spotting that she was offering genuine lesbian duo bookings with Gina, I thought "what better way to get back in the saddle?" This was a couple of weeks ago.

Turned up to Gina's new incall address 5 mins walk from Camden Town tube, a discreet back street just behind the market. Gina let me in, and was greeted by a big kiss, proving immediately she'd lost none of her enthusiasm in the few years since I last saw her. Led me upstairs into the bedroom, where the finest ass I've seen in a long time was facing me - Susie was lying almost naked, face down on the bed with her bare ass in the air. Well, it would have been rude not to say hi... so before doing anything I knelt down and stuck my tongue deep in her ass for a while, maing her moan and finger herself, after which she turned round and started DFKing me, joined quickly by Gina for intense 3-way DFK.

I wanted to take meet this slowly because I don't often do 1 hour bookings, being a 1-pop guy. I let them undress me, which they did while DFKing each other, and me... this was already a super-intense experience and nothing had really happened yet. A quick breather where they offered me some wine and Gina and I chatted a little (she remembered me from both our previous meets) while Susie bent down and started with awesome OWO while fingering Gina. 

We were all naked by this point - Susie had taken off her bra to reveal those incredible tits - I'm not really a boob man but holy fuck, it's impossible not to love hers. more fondlng, fingering, everyone doing oral on everyone else... And then came round 1 of the squirting experience: Gina covered the bed with 4 or 5 towels, got her vibrator, lay me on my back, straddled me and started using her vibrator while kissing Susie. Within not too long, she squirted all over me. And again, and again. I wanted to taste it, so Giina moved so her pussy was directly above my open mouth (I was aware of Susie giving me more OWO by now) and squirted three more times straight into my mouth.

(A quick word to the squirt deniers: one of my Seeking Arrangement girls was completely obsessed with watersports. I've drunk pee so many times over the past two years I've lost count. Squirt liquid tastes COMPLETELY different to pee. Take it from one who knows.)

Anyway, from this point on it frankly became a blur of cock, pussy, mouths, hands. My cock was everwhere, both mouths, condoms on for some fucking in one pussy or the other, then off again for more OWO, DFK almost non-stop except when I was giving one or both of them reverse oral (during which they never stopped kissing each other), rimming on me and on both of them... I eventually couldn't hold back any more and shot a huge load into Susie's pussy in doggie. As soon as I'd cum she took the condom off, turned round, sucked the remaining cum from my cock and DFK'd me and Gina again, while fingering herself.

We weren't quite finished yet though - Gina is apparently teaching Susie how to squirt more regularly. So I was back on my back with Susie using the vibrator on herself until, eventually, she squirted all over my face too. Again, this was not pee - Susie's squirt tasted different to Gina's but still equally delicious, and of course I swallowed as much as I could.

We all lay on the bed cuddling and kissing, everything (including the three of us) absolutely soaking wet by this point. Eventually I staggered my way to the shower, got dressed and was shown to the door by Susie (who DFK'd me goodbye for good measure). And then followed the sweetest post-punt pint I've ever had.

What can I say? Top 5 punt of all time, in fact probably top 3. In fact, dare I say it? Top 1. Fucking unbeleivable time with two enthusiastic, friendly, hot girls who either absolutely love what they do or are extremely convincing actresses. Needless to say, I'll be back for more, as regularly as possible.


North West / hot curvy Megan - avoid
« by Oldishgit on Today at 03:43:42 pm »
I took one for the team lads, with sad results.
She’s a negative mainly due to the dishonesty on her AW profile.

Cost - £120 on hour incall
Venue - nice touring Chester flat, discreet, easy to find, good parking
Comms - good, all by texts with quick replies.

Appearance - facially not bad, white (not blonde) hair with black roots. Body - not far short of sensational, slim hourglass figure. The photos are genuine. Tits are fake, but...

Service - AW says she’s British. Says she comes from France, yeh right. She’s almost certainly a Rom, and how do I know that? Well, her nipples are terribly sensitive so I musn’t touch them. She doesn’t kiss. Oral on her is “not her thing” and neither is rimming. Oral on me is covered only. This is depite claiming to ‘like’ most of these things on AW.

The difference between expectations and the actual encounter was really disappointing. I know where to find a Rom if I want a great looking girl providing a shit service! I wasn’t expecting this though. Another one off the hot list.

London / Darcy at HoD / Victoria
« by bedhedred on Today at 03:28:31 pm »

Darcy's photos don't really do her justice. Based on them, I thought she was hiding something, but actually when she got her kit off in the room, everything looked fine.

She's slim and cute with bushy brown hair. Regional accent. I got her one piece underwear on to the floor quickly and lay on the bed. She lay back, turned to me and we started snogging; properly full on. I was fingering her and she got wet. She reacted well and would have allowed me to spend the rest of the session wanking her, but I wanted some service too!

I got plenty of owo and 69. All of which was nicely delivered.

My watch told me it was time to shag. She was a good snogger, so I didn't bother with doggy.

I must have been screwing her in mish for at least 10 minutes. I pulled out because I was nearly at full time. She must have used too much lube because I could not get enough traction to spunk.

In spite of this, it was a great punt with a young friendly Brit who gave it up with a great attitude.

[Image hidden]

[Image hidden]

London / Darcy HoD SW1 (TOFT?)
« by Reluctant on Today at 02:46:24 pm »
So this may have been my first toft. I had been let down by another SP at a couple of hours notice so was looking around for options. Haven't been to HoD for a while and was aware that they had some new personnel. Saw Darcy' s details and thought why not?

She had  a good list of services, was allegedly young and slim and, most importantly, available at short notice. Booked for approx 90 minutes later. Was running a bit late so let friendly/helpful receptionist know as didn't want to be rushed. Was told it would all be fine.

So I get to the basement flat and just as I'm about to turn down the stairs the door opens and another punter walks out. So quick swerve from me to avoid embarrassment for us both. And second approach got in. Shown to bedroom and asked for shower. Bathroom is quite a walk from the bedroom, past the girls, which is a bit awkward. Anyway back to room and Darcy joins me. Pleased with what I saw. She looks very much like her photos. Pretty too. And she gives a good blowjob. Plenty of variation, licking and sucking, quite deep, bit of hand action - but not too much. Also lots of FK throughout. Gave her a bit of RO and fingering though didn't try to deep. Ended with CIM - this was fine, but she didn't seem to enjoy it very much. Generally though I thought she was very keen to please and did so. Certainly she was focussed on my pleasure. And I'm sure her technique will get even better with practice.

 She has a bit of a regional accent but just couldn't place it. I actually felt like a real dirty old bastard during this punt (and not in a good way). No problem with timing - was there slighty longer than 30 mins once shower taken into account. I guess she isn't known enough yet to have many bookings.

London / Petite Anna / nearly a positive
« by bedhedred on Today at 02:44:48 pm »
It was a b&s and the profile is already gone. If you hadn't known the girl, then you would have accepted the blurred pictures as indicative of the girl.

I include the standard AW profile for linking.

I was surprised when she opened the door. I recognised her and she started smiling, looking cute and being generally friendly. I knew I had negged her before, but standing there in her underwear, she was charming and I didn't feel like storming out over something that happened months ago.

I got a little LFK to begin with.
She gave me some reasonable owo, not very deep. I kept her on task. I really enjoyed 69; gave her a real tongue lashing. Her pussy looks and  tastes great.

And finally, as she squeezed me in to that gash with no lube, she was really tight. It was a nice snug grippy and enjoyable shag. She reverted to closed lips kissing but in spite of that, I was throbbing inside her until I blew my load.

20 minutes worth. At £70 and proper kissing, I might have raved about her.
I'm rating as neutral coz of the £80 price tag combined with the continued reluctance to snog. It was on again, off again.

She said the reluctance is something in her brain like a mental block. Well likewise, I could develop a mental block about seeing her again!

Scotland / Yasmin Nymphet edinburgh
« by Matrix on Today at 02:33:15 pm »

1 hour @ £150

This was a quickly arranged plan b after this one wanted an extra £30 for owo!!!  :lol:

Easy set up via text. 

The first downside was being made to wait in the street for 5 minutes, simply because nobody could be arsed answering the fucking door.  Nice, main door flat just of Broughton street.

Finally let inside and it's the girl in the pictures/videos.  Tindy, tidy wee thing with a big birth mark of reddened skin on her back.  Only knows a few words of English.

Showered and came through.  Was fucking about on her phone then attacked me.  Full on dfk, pushed me onto the bed and started blowing me.  Went for some 69 and she was getting into it.  On with the rubber and she pinned (tried to anyway  :D) me to the bed and grabbed my throat, whilst dfking and grinding away.  Good first;


Inbetween, she wouldn't stop playing with that fucking phone and no massage was offered.  :thumbsdown:

However, as soon as I was good to go again, she blew me well and i nearly popped in her mouth. We had another good, hard, dare i say, passionate fuck afterwards, which finished off with a good £££POUNDING£££ in doggy.

Gets a positive for being hot and a great fuck.  Could improve in other areas.

London / Melty & Pantera - Hmmm Yum And Yum!
« by shant999 on Today at 02:26:56 pm »
Two hours £600 no extras, no clock watching, left just slight over the 2 hours.

Paddington, room was too hot but functional shower and bedroom above shops, bit exposed as neibouring shop owner watched as he waited outside. Hide behide door by Melty to let me in., limited but functional English.

Descriptions well reviewed on here, and in real life both much slimmer, both with ample breast, and attractive.


I Really should at my age not be involved with two hot 19 year olds, I swear one day I will be in the papers,

"Old man dies with a stupid smile on his face trying to satisfy young women".

double OWO  :P :P
RO on both with other helping  :P :P
no swap condom between, we are freinds
three way kissing  :P :P :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :P
gentle fingering
Three way oily massage, melty came, then me on my back with them both wrapped either side of me orgistic legs arms hands wrapped around, just needed a ceiling mirror and it would have been perfect.

I cant remember all the positions we did, both tight, but they did not question or decline any.
I am a One pop old man but I lasted till the end of my time, but boy was it a pipe cleaning, sweaty, earth shuddering finish.

Really very good experince that is highly recomeneded, as they are very good together. But one thing did win the day. When Melty is looking into your soul before during and after her climax. Did anyone else experince this? It was I must admit haunting and extremely sexy at the same time.


Thanks to some trusted reviews from trusted Ops Dubhcarr / Diggler fights back! & Greydave I though what can go wrong.

She has left the Funhouse and now works from a 3 storey shitty house in Hayes once in the bedroom the services appear the same, all said already by others.

I Strip naked and lay on the bed she sits besides me and I remove her bra revealing her enhanced boobs we kiss then I remove her knickers and she gives me a lovely OWO deep blow job as very nice but I had to slow her down plenty of helmet licking and wanking, I then lay her down and eat her very clean pussy until she had a mind blowing Orgasm no pretence she practically lifted off the bed and went very sensitive all over lol.

Then I lay back and she gave me another BJ before shoe popped the Dom on with her mouth and rode me cowgirl, after a while she suggested doggy so I swapped and banged her hard until I shot into the bag. All in all a good punt from a friendly girl that I quiet liked may well return.

Only negative is her tits are bad when she leans forward, think she needs another boob job apart from that all services provided by a seasoned professional.
Other reviews and accurate pictures:

She is working with 3 other girls in the house but they were all asleep not sure who they are yet

West Midlands / Sweet kitty Nicole - birmingham
« by grouper on Today at 02:03:50 pm »

Met this lady recently - £150 including £20 for CIM.


Decent body, nice small boobs, facially ok. Quite a few tattoos.


Asked to lie on bed after a shower, always a bad sign. Absolutely no kissing or touching from her. Straight to OWO which was good and then in to 69. Smelt fine, again owo was really nice.

Continued and on with the bag. Fucked in a few position for a while, relatively enthusiastic. And then switched to more owo from which I eventually came.

Was expecting a round 2 but nothing offered.

Was out of there in about half an hour. Probably shouldve stayed my ground but didn't, thought fuck it.

If it was an half an hour pump and dump for 70 I would've been fine. But as she says GFE and it was not offered I was very disappointed and not worth it.

At 150 and no GFE, its a negative. Won't be seeing her again.


Had an itch to scratch on the way home from London...
Pictures representative on profile
Discreet hotel in old Harlow.

15m, BNG booked  - was in the room 25 mins or so - no clockwatching.
£35 paid

Oral - wonderful tooth free OWO, DFK, fingering(she admitted to coming) CIM and swallow.
Excellent value from a mature lady who likes sucking cock.
Would revisit



Duration: 1 Hour

Fee: £180

Usual efficient comms, booked a couple of days ahead and confirmed on the morning.   Directed to the walk in location near Next in the Centre MK.

On arrival I was greeted by Charlotte who was wearing a lacy dressing gown and shown a large bedroom.  She returned within a couple of minutes wearing some nice black lingerie, stockings, and heels.   Charlotte is a pretty girl and slimmer than her pics on the website.  Confirmed that she was happy to play with butt plugs and strap-on etc.

Started with some light FK and feeling each other up, she then started to spank my ass so I bent over on the bed to reveal my already inserted furry tail butt plug.   Charlotte's interest perked up, she said that she really liked playing with a guys ass as one of her ex BF's loved it.   

After a playing with a couple of more butt plugs, moved into a 69 which was good, but I wish she sat more directly on my face  :P   

At this point, we could hear Ella refusing a booking as the punter looked too young and had no ID.  I asked if Charlotte did 3 way punts and she went off to ask Ella to join us for the last 30 mins.   I have seen Ella loads and previously enjoyed MFF punts with her. 

Once Ella joined us and stripped off, Charlotte put on the strap on whilst me and Ella got reacquainted.  Once she was all strapped in, i went down on Ella as Charlotte started to slowly bugger my ass.  After a sniff of poppers from a bag and more licking of Ella's bald pussy, Charlotte stepped up a gear and fucked me into next week with Ella encouraging her all the time.

My ass needed a break, so both ladies took turns to get my cock in their mouth before Ella instructed Charlotte to don a glove and play with my ass.   With Charlotte nearly fist deep in my ass, I blew my load.

After a clean up and shower, Charlotte moved on to her next booking as we were slightly over time.  Had a chat with Ella about this and that before going on my way.

Good punt, the addition of Ella helped to move it up a gear.   


Incall 1 hour
Flat in Brentwood just off high street
Dfk,  owo,  69, reverse oral, protected sex

Thanks to davidgood and others for their reviews, i came across her profile and figured Brentwood might actually be logistically viable.

Comms done by text, messaged her for a morning punt got the reply back confirming an hour was fine and the services i wanted were on offer.
Had a brief chat on the phone to discuss time and availability, she text me the address and off i went.
Along with the above services i was tempted to try anal play and possible double penetration on her with my cock and one of her toys.
We never got round to that unfortunatley.

Drove there and parked in a pay and display £2 pound for 2 hours there could be free parking if you know where to look however this was early and didnt want to take a chance.
The car park was very close to her place so called her when i was there and she directed me to her flat.
She did sound a little blunt on the phone and i must admit i was having reservations as i made my way to her door.

However the girl who greeted me was very friendly and personally i thought she was quite pretty facially.
Another reviewer described her as a girl next door look which i would say is the best way to picture her.

I had already bathed before leaving so no need for a shower started with some really good dfk and although im not normally into it i was well into it and she does it with good enthusiasm.
There was some nice dirty talk between us both, i gind some sp are not really into it or are too false but this flowed naturally and i enjoyed it.
Some fake moans and groans as i had a play with her huge boobs (i think 36 e ) it wasnt long before my trousers were round my ankles and my cock was in her mouth for some good owo, good technique and it wasnt long before i was having to distract myself from cumming to quick.
She obliged and lay down so i could go down on her and she seems to really enjoy this and i would like to think her sudden thrusts and what appears to be involuntary movements may be genuine if not it had me fooled.

Went for 69 and i teased her arse with a finger while continued to gobble my cock.
Then it was on with the rubber and she rode me cowgirl as she increased the pace i fucķ her back from.underneath and came hard.

Had a little chat while getting dressed there is another girl in the flat with her didnt confirm if she works as well or not and i wasnt too bothered.

Ovèrall for me she was a really good service provider, clean enthusiastic and i left feeling like King Fellatio.
I had already stated i shall return and she actually replied " you better i want to feel.that tongue again".
Clever girl clearly knows how to get repeat business at least with me anyway.
I left with my ego nicely inflated and my balls empty.

I will be returning for sure as i think she could be very kinky and im.quite eager to explore and try some different things with her.

Potter out

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South East / Sexy Zara Hot - Reading
« by epafdxcrl on Today at 11:51:02 am »

1hr £130

Location: Tidy and neat flat right next to Decathlon in Reading, a bit confusing to get in as there are various entrance points but got there in the end.

Comms: Fine, no issues, all done by text and called once I had parked to get the instructions to the flat, her English was fine.

The girl: Usual hidden behind the door trick. Was a bit surprised when I saw her, read previously she was around 5ft8, but she (imo) is taller than that, probably close to 6ft. I am 6ft and with the heals she was wearing it felt like she was towering over me. Not slim either (I would say she is chubby bordering on fat) which in conjunction with the height makes her quite a bit of a unit - looks way better in her photos. Fake lips and decent natural boobs, her profile says her age is 24, but she told me she was 19.

The meet: Guided into the room, where she asked for the money and went to stash it somewhere. Came back and rushed to kiss me straight away and then dropped to her knees to unleash my cock and start OWO which was very good. Finish getting undressed, more OWO and then on with the condom and some standard miss, cowgirl, and doggy until I came. Then chatted for a little and she went down on me again to get ready for round 2. However, I didn’t find her attractive at all - prefer smaller girls - so this wasn’t happening, not for her lack of trying. Round 1 I usually find is easy to get hard/cum so not much of an issue.

Would I go back?: No. She is a decent enough girl and had a good attitude but looks-wise it just wasn’t there for me, hence the neutral.

East England / Nicole A Angel, Beccles.
« by itk on Today at 11:28:56 am » or

I’ve seen Nicole a few times now, each time with her being under a different guise, Nicolette and Angelina amongst other names she’s had the last few years. Last week I saw her twice, both times within 24 hours. First being a 30 mins punt at £100, the second one 15 mins at £70. This review will combine both punts; as they were very similar. I will add I’d tried to meet her the week previously and had been given the green light, only to get to Beccles and receive zero communication from her so no punt.

Communication again was again frustrating to say the least, was arranged through call eventually but it took about 6 or 7 calls as she kept saying as she didn’t know me she wasn’t prepared to meet. Eventually got the instructions to her place which I already knew so was easy to find.
Her place is very smart, clean house and well appointed, reasonably quiet part of Beccles so no worries at the door. Nicole met me in high heels and tight dress clinging to her body. Her body is true porn star figure, slim but not skinny with a great pair of legs and arse. Tits are fake but still look good and lovely smal,  hard nipples. Her face has had work, and to be honest not my cup of tea. It’s the kind of face that doesn’t show emotion, too much work gone on.

Onto the punt and again it was absolute filth, sloppy blow job with loads of spit and gagging, plenty of DFK and not once did she stop my hands wandering anywhere. I’m not one to really enjoy doing reverse oral on a WG, but with Nicole I loved it. She really does get off on it, and that was  followed plenty of fingering from me and her on herself, sex was doggy, stand up doggy, missionary and cowgirl while sitting on the sofa. In doggy she also allowed my to finger her arse. Finished up cumming in her mouth first time where she swallowed the lot and the second punt ended prematurely for me, I came while switching positions so managed to cover my own stomach. She did then lick the lot up though. This booking which was suppose to be 15 mins at £70 ended up me being there 40/45 minutes. Ten mins her chatting and doing random shit like walking off to kitchen to come back with nothing,  only to turn around and then get more drink. 25 minutes fucking, and another five minutes at the end where she genuinely wanted to come with me when i left. Told her it was best we left the house separately, and I’d wait at the Tesco car park. I didn’t, legged it to my car and fucked off in a hurry.

What I will add though, is genuinely I’m worried for her well being, both times she was wasted especially the second punt where I considered leaving as she was struggling to walk straight. Seems she needs to get hammered on alcohol or possibly something stronger, to get her through the day. This obviously does away with her inhibitions and every time I’ve seen her the fucking is superb, absolutely filthy in everything she does.  The worry is not only for her health, which can’t be good with that much drink and possibly drugs, but it’s what happens if mid punt she flips out.  I probably come across as a bit of a cunt for going through with the second punt, but to be honest I’m thinking with my cock at that stage and not my head, but on the drive home I genuinely felt for Nicole. Wouldn’t be surprised what happens to her, as she needs to wasted to get through the days when she punts.


Wanted to try prostate massage and also fancied having a black masseuse, found Chocolate Breanna’s profile and it seemed to have decent reviews so went ahead and booked 1hr at £100 (HE, B2B etc are all included in this price.

Located right next to jacob’s yard car park in Basingstoke Town centre, which has 1hr free parking.

Knock on the door and asked if I wanted a shower, I was coming straight from work so said yes. After a quick shower and I am ready for the massage and she is no where to be seen.. had to walk through the house to try and find her...

Anyway, back to the massage room which has a lot of velvet, red and purple. And she strips down and says she will start with a relaxing massage. Chocolate Breanna is a big woman, way bigger/fatter than her pictures suggest.

Lay on my front and this relaxing massage goes on for ages, with me telling her that I am relaxed several times to try and get her to move to the more interesting parts of the booking, which is what I was interested in. So after a while she then climbs on to the bed and starts giving B2B, however, I wasn’t sure what was touching my back.. was It her huge boobs, or her huge belly?  :lol:  then she starts touching my cock to which I lift my back to give her better access and go sort of into an all 4’s position and she starts playing with my ass, eventually putting a finger in which after a while leads to me cumming.

Straight after that she tells me to go have a quick shower to clean the copious amounts of oil she used. Was expecting a bit more of massage after but no, that was it. Was probably in and out within 45 mins and that includes 2 showers..

Pretty bad vfm - £100 for basically a few strokes on your back and a hand job from a fat woman...

South East / Oriental Massage Basingstoke
« by epafdxcrl on Today at 11:11:50 am »

I’ve been here a few times in the past year, they used to have a schedule with the name of the girls on their website and I used to only go when Selena was working - probably around 35 hrs old but super stunning with a great body and great massage skills. Recently they have removed this feature from the website, so it is kind of luck of the draw. But the 2 times I have gone they have both been in the 30-40 range and always quite attractive. I do notice that they seem to be a bit older here than in other places in the area.

Parking is easy, with plenty of spaces behind the building and there is also a rear door if more discretion is necessary.

Every time I have been here the massage has been great as has the HE/B2B - have only had B2B with Selena, the other 2 more recent times have just been HE.

From the places I have been to in Basingstoke this seems to be the best one with consistently good massages.

South East / Asian Haven Massage - Reading
« by epafdxcrl on Today at 11:05:16 am »

Due to the great feedback on here, decided to try Asian Haven in Reading, its about 5 mins walk from the train station.

This happened a few weeks ago. Not sure what the masseuse’s name was, but she was probably in her 30’s (she wore a mask throughout so hard to tell) but not that attractive, slightly chubby, wearing jeans and a top.

1hr £45

Got lead into the room and asked to strip. She then comes in and asks what kind of massage I want, to which I reply I want a hard one. She then gives me probably the best massage I have ever had, getting rid of all the knots and stiffness I had. A few cc swipes and then asked to turn around when she started to play with my cock a bit and then asked if I wanted HE. Agreed on £20 and she then edged me for about 15/20 mins. After the big explosion she continued with the massage until the 1hr was up.

In summary, not the most attractive, but an amazing massage and really good HE. Hopefully next time I go I will get a fitty that gives the same level of massage  :thumbsup:

South East / WAWA massage - Basingstoke
« by epafdxcrl on Today at 10:58:10 am »

Decided to try wawa massage in Basingstoke again to see if it had gotten better and it was pretty awful... this was around Feb/March 2020

1hr £45

Free 1 hr parking in jacobs yard car park in the town centre

The masseuse was in her 40’s, slightly chubby with poorly died blonde hair - not attractive at all, but I tend to go to these places more for the massage with the bonus of the HE. Asked for a hard massage, and what followed was just basically strokes throughout my body, a few cc swipes and several pauses to text on her phone...

Turn over and the inevitable extras question comes up and agreed HE for £20. Which was fine, after cuming, get dressed and out the door with 10mins to go...

East England / Jessica Bombshell Chelmsford
« by leblancwaya on Today at 10:42:29 am »

Called up the number, answered by the usual operator. After some mix up, I was let in. This lady was dressed in a short silk night robe...her walking up the stairs made her ample ass gyrate even more. Nice.

Unfortunately, that's where the niceness ended.

We got into this really brightly lit room. She immediately undresses, showing nothing underneath. Body is as advertised, a few very slight folds...normal considering what she's carrying behind her.

I must add, no English. Literally none. The little communication we had was through Translate.

Anyway, motions me to the bed, immediately tries to wrap my cold weather induced limp member in a rubber.... i'm trying to hold, rub, caress something for a bit more warmth. Nope. Don't touch.

Irritated, I motioned for her to stop. Got up, got dressed, and bounced.

My worst encounter ever. £80 quid for 30 minutes. I was out in 5.


Most of the girls in this Brazilian outfit aren't really good. They're all uniformly pretty, but their services are meagre to say the least. Don't be tempted by the asses, and the thoughts of latin love. You aren't getting any.

Photos genuine. Not photoshopped.
Very attractive pretty face, great body - DS 10? Very toned.

Added this girl to my hot list upon two recent positive reviews.

Had to go to Chelmsford to pick up some last minute materials I had been waiting weeks for. Texted her earlier in the afternoon on WhatsApp with no reply for a couple of hours. Called her when I had finished and no answer. She literally texted as I was leaving. I was five minutes away and she was free.
Comms good after that.

Location. Smart flat with modern ensuite shower. Plenty of clean towels.
£100 for half an hour. (All I had left as I forgot to take extra as booking was not made earlier in the afternoon).
Price increase due to switching to London, market rates price of accommodation, popularity idk?

So once she returned and I had showered she took of her commode to reveal a pert set of boobs (c cup), lace knickers and thigh high tights. I sat on the bed and she lent over me. We began deep passionate dfk with nibbling of lips, neck and ears. She loved firm fondling and kissing of  her boobs. She turned around and sat on me and twerked her ass to make me hard and then gave me head.

She removed her knickers and we moved on to the bed and I said I wanted to taste her. She was smooth and fresh and I began to lick her and inserted a finger. She was tight. I could tell by her movements and moans she was enjoying it a d she was getting really wet. We changed to 69. She then said she really wanted me to fuck her. On with the condom.

First position doggie.
Amazing ass and thighs toned not an ounce of cellulite. She guided me in and we began at quite a pace alternating her then me. We did this for a while and were beginning to builds up a sweat. We naturally just switched to missionary with her legs held up and we dfk'd while I was pumping away and she was begging me to fuck her harder. It was so good I could feel the sap rising. She could sense it too and was pulling me in to her. I came inside.
We were both quite breathless.

Everything felt very natural which is so refreshing. No clock watching, checking phone etc.
She is also nice to chat to while getting ready to go and there was some nice caressing and a big kiss on exit.

Little details all polar opposites of an EE orr entitled British wg.

Would I see again. Going to take a break. But taking Covid out of the equation I would see her again.

North East / Big nipple babe - Durham
« by Larkins cupboard on Today at 09:44:16 am »

Now called Lao relaxing massage, but used previous name to avoid confusion
£60 30mins

A very friendly and attractive older Thai lady, nice face and body in great condition.  Nice house (one of 2 she uses apparently)

Very strong massage before the flip, certainly a professional if that's what you need.  More entertainments on offer than the average after the roll over.

Offered owo, happy to do ow which I prefer. Ample tits in face, knickers to one side for a gentle fingering, nice and wet. Good finish, no running away at the first sign of cum. Very enthusiastic.

I'd compare the service most to sue in CLS, more expensive but I preferred it. 

Downsides would be a slightly indiscreet house, seems surrounded by others, lots of opportunities for twitchy curtains. Not really any covid precautions while I was there.  Also it's all very smelly of jos sticks, incense etc. Was very paranoid about going home, could smell it on my clothes. So be aware

Really enjoyed her company, worth getting to know

I've had Nicole on my hot list for a while and despite a few failed previous attempts to see her, I finally managed to. For those not aware, she's porn star Nikki Jayne who's done many amazing scenes even including one with Jenna Haze ( or

All done via text and was a be tedious to be honest which I'd experienced this previously. Lots of stop start texts, chasing for confirmation and despite the meet being pushed back a couple of times before her confirming, we agreed on a half hour booking - although this was shorter than I'd wanted due to it being delayed.

Hotel in Shirley, on the outskirts of Solihull. Many will know which one... easy to get in without anybody stopping you, modern, clean. Ideal!

Once given the room number, Nikki was hiding behind the door (she joked because she didn't want to draw attention to what she was wearing) but she looked absolutely amazing when I saw her. Tall... I'm 6ft and she wasn't much shorter than me. Sexy outfit (I can't remember what to be honest!) and just naturally beautiful. Just like the photos and the videos.

The Meet - Half an hour for £150
Handed over the cash (more than I usually pay but she's a porn star and these prices are naturally high) and then I had a quick shower. Towel ready for me and when I came back into the room, Nikki wasted no time in making light-hearted fun comments that eased any nerves and before I knew it, her hands were on my dick while kissing me. Kissing was good, use of tongues and done quite 'teasingly' at times which was a huge turn on.

Next on to the bed for an amazing uncovered blowjob. Lots of spit, nice and deep and encouraged me to thrust back into her mouth. But just seeing a gorgeous former porn star sucking your dick is certainly one for the wank bank. I soon encouraged her to turn round and we were 69ing. Her pussy and also very nice - clean, tasty and completely hair free.

After a while of this, she told me she wanted me to fuck her. Music to my ears, so on with the condom and fucking in a few positions - her on top, doggy and missionary. I had to hold back a few times as I was right on the edge. Understandably, she certainly knows how to fuck! Lots of moans - fake but realistic enough - and she said came a couple of times. Whether she did or not, it was still a massive turn on.

Finally, off with the condom and her sucking/wanking me to completion. No CIM, which she says she doesn't like (fair enough and not on her likes list) but a great view of my cock near her face as I cum was pretty amazing. Cleaned up, quick shower and friendly chat as I was getting dressed. Out pretty much bang on the half hour mark, but no apparent clock watching and all very natural.

Slightly difficult to get a booking with her and an expensive punt but worth every penny in my opinion. She's fun, sexy and gives a very good and willing service. Fucking a porn star is ticked off the list and maybe a return visit if and when I can afford it.

North West / Harley_GFE Cheshire TOFTT
« by charlatan44 on Today at 09:20:08 am »

Was on business in Cheshire in early October so thought I would try out the scenery. Was a bit last minute so didn't have much time to research and ended up getting a response back from Harley.

Services: £140/hour. Outcall. FK, OWO, 69, Mish & Doggy

Comms: Pretty good comms and friendly on text. She called a couple of hours before the meet to make sure it was happening

WG: Facially not attractive, a 5/10 at best and body is more pear. Not fat but not thin either. Breasts are much smaller than stated and would class them as small. Said she was 23 which I can believe and is the girl in the photos, though they do not give away much. Has a big tattoo on her left thigh (roses and a compass I think). She was fresh and had a nice clean shaved pussy.

Meet: Arrived and went straight to the bathroom for what seemed like 5 mins. Both stripped down to underwear and got in to bed. Started stroking her body etc but got absolutely nothing. Her hands just down by her side all the time. Tried some kissing but lips only. After a few minutes of that she just went 'Want a blowjob then?'. The OWO was ok but more vigorous hand action than mouth action. After a bit of RO and 69 (no fingering allowed and way too much fake moaning) I got the 'want sex then?'. She got a condom out of her bag and threw it at me. Only been in the game 2-3 years but that is a first.

Then she states that she doesn't do CG. So mish it was to start. Again lots of fake moaning. After a while I swapped to doggy, pumped away and finished in the bag. After a clean up we had got to the half hour mark. Got back in to bed and guess what? Hands down by the side and just started talking about her day. After 5 mins I made an excuse that I had to be up early so she could go. Never seen a girl put on clothes so quick and disappear.

I never see Roms as a rule because I think they would probably act like this but I think that is giving Roms a dis-service.

Friendly enough girl and if you like to chat about your day then great but service is terrible. Definitely won't be seeing again

West Midlands / Louise8282
« by hairymonster on Today at 08:15:40 am » or

Was a couple of weeks ago, figured we are about to re lockdown and hadnt broken the seal from the last one. So last minute decided for half hour owo to swallow was in order to keep me sane.

Comms, decent, did the job

Location, again fit for purpose, terraced house, not a home. Wasnt a show home, but I wasnt there for that.

Girl, TBH the photo's are a good guide. She is pretty, looked good done up. Would have preferred she stayed mostly dressed as it held her in shape, but once naked it might have blown the ambience asking her to get dressed again :) As it was, she spent most of the meet between my legs, so all was good.

The meet, She had a good DFK on her, then went straight to work on the old chap. Discussed anal for a second meet, she was happy to confirm size wouldnt be a problem. Having gone months without, I realised my half hour cock worship might be optimistic, so when the sap started to rise I swapped to RO. Was fresh, got wet very quick and took fingers in both holes with enthusiasm. After a few climaxes we swapped back and I let her return to the cock in hand. I'm sure we ran over, I did hold out as long as I could before letting go. She swallowed the lot and it was a lot, she did comment, but took it well.

Would I return? sure, I'm sure her service is equally enthusiastic for full service inc anal. Bit of a ronseal punt, reminded me of a less polished  Donnax.

« by Imp8 on Today at 03:45:21 am »

Saw Eva today,Monday 19th October  2020.,30 minutes @£60.

I know I'm going to get a bit of stick for this review,but here goes.

I always tell myself I've got to organise my Punt day better,obviously that doesn't work.
Phoned around a few SPs,either didn't pick up or weren't available for a convenient time.
Rang Lush at 10.30pm to see who was available in 20 minutes. They gave me a choice of Five,Two I'd already seen and two I didn't like the look of.

Eva seemed decent plus it was the first time I'd been with a Greek bird.
Apartment was in the B12 area of Birmingham,cheapside digbeth,to be exact. The apartment was nice,clean and fit for purpose. No parking issues at that time of night. There's construction going on around there,so the Sat Nav will tell you to go down the street which is blocked,just beware.
The directions were good from the Polska receptionist once I got ourside the complex,otherwise there may have been issues.
Usual behind the door trick,but I was pleasantly surprised when I turned around.
Looks were good  7.5 ,Height was nice as well , 5'5. She had a robe on so couldn't really suss the body,but I was pleased with what I saw. Good English as well,that does help.

Before I gave her the money I clarified what I expected. FK,OWO,CIM and SWOLLOW. She agreed with everything apart from the swollow. I did chance my arm with the swollow,you don't ask,you don't get. Folding handed over,no offer of water or a shower,doesn't bother me,I was fresh.

Now here's where the Punt started to go down hill   !!!
No FK,it was just pecks on the lips.I tried to shove my tongue in her mouth,although she didn't object,you could tell she wasn't into that.  She told me to lay down on the bed,apparently OWO was her speciality,and to be fair she was right. Squirted some sanitiser onto my cock and away she went. Beautiful technique and no teeth. Nice ball sucking and squeezing as well. Plenty of spit,not much DT but she knew what she was doing and she seemed to enjoy it. Onto RO.  She took her robe off to reveal a one piece.Now this is the first time I had a look at her body. She was a big unit,no way was she a size 10. Now this fat cunt,had a fat cunt,there was plenty of meat on that snatch. Smelt fresh and clean,did the damage on her. She even put her strawberry flavoured sanitiser on her snatch,that's the first time I've seen that.She did seem to enjoy it,no vocal over the top shenanigans either. Dipped a digit in as well,no problems. After a while I did get a very slight whiff,fingers didn't smell too fresh either afterwards.  I wanted 69 next,sorry babe....I don't do 69.....WTF. That totally threw me,I definitely wasn't expecting that. So onto more of her lovely helmet polishing,beautiful eye contact and she was a proper tease with it as well.

Asked for CG next. This is when her massive floppy tits came out. They were massive,probably EEs,and they were lovely and soft.  I told her to remove her one piece,she said  ' Sorry babe,I've had an operation,the scars are there  '.Bullshit,she was just a fat bitch who didn't want me to see her Michelins. She got on top and to my surprise,gave a good ride for a fat bird. She was even squatting. Tits were in my mouth,one advantage of having them saggy I suppose,but still no FK,only pecks. Gave her snatch a decent pasting  ( Well,I tried  ) she took it well and you could tell she could handle a lot more.
Next was missionary,this again was very nice,heels to heaven and pumping away for all I was worth. Again,she could have handled a lot more.

I wanted CIM next. She sat on the bed whilst I stood over her.The slight snatch whiff did rear it's ugly head again
Nice sucking and wanking action,but I couldn't get over the line,not her fault. So she started to Wank me over her tits. By this time the fat cunt was getting tired   (  Her,not me  ). She even suggested I Wank myself over her tits.  What the Fuck am I paying you for then you stupid Cow. Eventually the wanking worked and I left a decent deposit on her tits. Ballbags were drained nicely,job done.

Literally 10 seconds later,her alarm went,25 minutes up,5 minutes to get out the door.
Now I begin to think that if I hadn't got over the line,would this bitch have terminated the Punt....uuhhmmm   !!! 
She did seem to have a mild passive  aggressive  feel to her,mind you,she is a splitarse.

There was a bit of small talk while she was wiping her undercarriage with a wet wipe. She wanted me out,he next punter was due in  5.
Was she going to have a shower after I left....uuhhmmm

This is the first time I had a good look at her body,she was off her guard and you could see why the one piece was required. It was there to hold her massive overhanging gut in. Easily a 14,maybe even a 16 on a good day.

She's been with Lush for 18 months and she can see herself with them for the foreseeable future. She said she's 28,and I don't doubt that.  Overall,a bit of a mixed bag really.

This just about scraped a Neutral. There's a lot of negatives,but her positives are quite strong.
Negatives - No FK,No 69,No taking off the one piece,dubious hygiene,passive aggressive undertones
Positives  - You can smash her silly,if you've got the energy. Excellent oral,Nice apartment,very good looking IMO,
Left the car at 10.50,back in the car at 11.25.

Would I see her again...No


Few weeks ago this. Was out for a wander in east London, purely out of boredom, and suddenly felt a bit randy. Looked but no one around that was available or something I liked that was anyway, then thought fuck it, go for a b2b

Price: 100

Comms: She replied an hour before the meet and was clear that there was no extra purely just for tantra. Of course I was going to abide, she texted the postcode, I made my way and shortly got the full address.

Location: few mins from south quays or crossharbour DLR stations depending which diro you’re coming from. Flat is in a kinda quiet area, some kids running about with a local Asian store.

Apartment: clean one bed flat, table was laid out in the open kitchen living room space. Had a little chat, she offered me whisky which I just downied out of thirst lol.

The girl was lovely and had an amazing body. Paper work done and we just stripped in front of each other then face down on the massage table

Plenty of cc wipes and reaching under, heavy breathing and what not. Was a nice massage too. Particularly enjoyed her rubbing my arms between her legs. Flipped over and she got on top and grinding over my chest. Then rubbed her tits and stomach on my hardened shaft with her lovely cunt hovering and teasing over my face. I can touch everything except pussy, great set of tits. As she turned around on top of me and started wanking with arse cheeks. More or less of the same stuff and until she wanted me off and came quite hard.

After, she wiped me down and continued small massages up and down my body to finish off.

Showered and then I was off.

Was a great punt and was a relieved man. Would defo visit when I next can. Looks like she’s in Watford now.

A firm Russian lady called Tasha

Comms: Diva, the usual, speedy (keep on getting those recommendations right!)

Cost: £200/ 60 mins

Location: High Street Kensington 5 mins walks from the station. If you are driving be careful if you park in the hotel in front. The spiral drive down is hell.
Her place is 2 stairwells up. Studio flat, consists of kitchen, sitting area and bed towards the end. Pretty clean, nothing to complain about.

The SP: Tasha is FAF, about 5’6, about 27-30 yrs (a good age where women fuck well) dark black hair, speaks good English but does not say much though. She just gets on with it. Welcomed me with a light testing kiss, asked which agency I booked with (she must be busy or what), she was wearing a silvery glittery very short dress (I am sure Narcissa met me in similar gear first time I met her) heels to match. There was something very sexy about her. Like she was roaring to go. Very little make up. Selfie and the photos where is she is in the pink nightwear area true representsation of her. She had her hair doen throughoutthis session.

Action: Exchanged the dosh, took a shower. Shower was clean with all required. She left the room for about 3 mins, I did get the usual flirty welcome I am used to but didn’t mind. I thing that was done to the room layout. There was no hallway to walk you up and display the goods up front. The shower was not ensue either.

On arrival back to the room, she waltzes up to me, we kiss slowly, I we hold and feel each other up and down. She had nothing underneath - nice. Flawless body. 5% fat, very toned. her tits sculpted carefully with bullet sized nipples - whch she allowed me to suck to my heats content throughout. She ran her nails downwards from my chest to my torso. She knows how to get around. She had a mask on her side draw which I asked her to put on…. A bit of kink. As she reaches for my glock and whisper “Hmmm” in turn I cupped her firm arse, kissing her neck, we fondled for a while. I took her the bed. Ate her out for a good deep dive fingers everywhere… like everywhere, 2, 3 fingers gently prodding her, then she slow arse fucked my finger as I teased her. As both holes got wetter and wetter, she got really wet and trembling using her hands on my head as her gear stick.  Yes, she felt it and agreed, demanded more I idelivered (I think) She asked to return the favour. She kind of gave me a good polish. Sucking me like her favourite lollipop squeezing my balls in the process.  Not too deep but smooth and slow, then a gentle to fast face-fuck. Looking with slutty eye contact. We drifted into a sideways 69 and proceeded into one with me on top, then her on top. Then the main meal, lots of kissing she was just non-stop full on damn. She was hungry. We kept at it. Non-stop.

With mask still on… We started with miss which I found was her fav position (she told me she doesn’t like doggy) the maybe for a reason :) I dug deep quite deep, but slowly until we got a good rhythm. She kept say “that is really deep” I must agree. I had to be gentle but then she opened the gate to the freeway and my balls were banging against her arse.. then we just went for it. DFK was passionate hell. Both sweating and messing about. Mish went on for awhile and we went a bit crazy at this point where I lifted her butt up in the air and really when for it, Oh yes she can take a good pounding (as much as Mikel, Freya, Sunni, Mimosa) then she got on top. What a view her tits are enhance but really perfect. I thrusted upwards, she fucked me we took turns. She fucked me pound for pound. I demanded a break she said “why” with her hands on my chest she pounded me away like no tomorrow (in a crazy way like Sunni). This was good. I had to prove myself. It felt like she was revenging something. I tossed her off asked to her sit on my face. I can’t remember when the mask came off. Again eating her out as  leaned against the bed headboard. Went in to spoons with her turning her head t kiss me. I can’t remember the last punt where kissing was as full on as this (maybe Freya). GC again hold her neck light and slamming her upwards and beyond. She demanded “her favourite position) again wish.. saying “come on” holding my glock and slapping and smudging her clit then helping herself. She winks I as follow her lead. Fucked like a doughnut… non-stop. Both legs hooked in my arms. I sit on the bedside and invited her for a ride, she is light no too lit slim and fit. I lift her and fuck her standing as she holds my neck.. she knows the drill. We go for it hard. She is a dirty fucker and I loved it. flipping lovely cute bum.

This punt seemed to got on forever, so much packed fun with a girl who wanted to impress and she did. I have to say it was one intense session, no point was dull, keep me busy every minute. When I wasn’t in the pussy I was in her mouth. To finish she laid her self out fingering herself, sucking me off to oblivion. I was about to explode in her mouth.. she ejected me and guided me to spray her tits… still fingering herself of which I joined her in doing with the other hand  rubbing my spunk all over her perfect tits.

This was one unexpected punt at the price I did not expect (sessions like this make my punt with “pretty Lianna” look like a waste of time and money) especially at the same price.

I had an extremely good time. Thanks the Diva staff for making it happen -  I’m sure they “made sure” I had a good time :) I wonder how she has been off my radar.

On exit Tasha asked me a few times “did you haver a good time” “are you happy” damn right I’m happy.  Left with a spring in my steps. Driving up that park park was easier out.

Sincerely recommend this lady. Very likely I return in the future but for now Gulliver’s travels continues.

North West / Lucy361 pocket rocket
« by chrishornx on Yesterday at 10:03:35 pm »
deciding to finally break out of lockdown I figured I would do both a home and away punt to see how things went or

not sure if a visit to me is an outcall or an incall as for me it would certainly be an incall so for the purpose of this review it counts as the home half of my double punt

seen Lucy a few times before and she never fails to produce the goods and I went for her as I felt her a reasonably safe bet

She arrived slightly late, as she always seems to do, but is certainly no clockwatcher and I wasn't doing anything else so it wasn't  problem she had good communications throughout. Glass of wine with lots of touching and snogging and a catch up before we headed up to the boudoir and she disappeared into the bathroom to return in the little white number in her pics which was really nice against her bottle tanned body  and she said she had some new latex gear coming as well

she's a Petite little red head I would say around 45 years old with a firm natural figure good to get a grip of and she knows how to use it. Full of energy and adventure. Very tight tasty pussy which is always a bonus and after a very good Bj, which almost had me popping after months of not touching a bird, we moved on to  the usual missionary and cowgirl positions plus along session of spoons and then a break to rest my old man and some 69 to get him standing fully to attention again for her finishing act which is a position I have read described as the Rodeo position which was bloody marvellous and she really put some effort into it.

Just as the milking stroke was upon me she dismounted and enthuisisatically took me deep in the mouth right down her throat as I climaxed with a load that would have drowned an amateur - months of pent up frustration released inside her

she is a little pocket dynamo well worth the punt and great value at £130 an hour and I believe she is doing tontober for her incall service She does all the services offered on AW

reliable solid punt not an Aimy or Zoe as they are very rare but definitely a very good punt to start things off again after such a long break 

West Midlands / Worcester Thai Spa
« by Paris69 on Yesterday at 09:01:42 pm »

Not gonna go into much detail.
Massage was like getting sanded down by someones hands. Awful. So bad i started planning next days work schedule.
Asked before the massage started if i wanted 'happy'

Paid 40 or 50 quid.
For me, it wasn't even worth a fiver.
Will i go back? No!

Did get reasonably well cleaned up at the end though....... 

Overall analysis.
Save your cash.

Not gonna give my review any more time - I wasted enough trying this place out.

East England / Nicolle_HOT.sexYXXX - Watford (touring)
« by droplet on Yesterday at 08:53:23 pm »

Saw this girl recently. She's always based in Croydon area which is always bloody far from me. Last week she was based in Watford. Still a trek but manageable from city centre.

Finally managed to tick this girl off after being 2+ yrs on my hot list.

Stayed for 30min. £60. Reasonably priced given the time it takes to travel to her. Communication is very good.

She looks exactly like her pictures. Even better in real life as one of reports earlier said also. Quite tall. She is 23 but her pictures makes her look older. She talks like that age so it was believable. Just like a porn star, super whore. Quite chatty, good english. Body is clean, smooth and soft. Pussy is surprisingly small and delicate. Thin pussy lips very clean. Boobs are fake $4000 apparently. But very well done. Soft and very lickable.

CBJ was average. Loved licking her pussy. two fingers inside. She guided my fingers onto her pussy asked me to rub her clit. After a while she was about to burst so stuck two fingers inside and pushed her G spot. She came quite violently, shaking with orgasm  :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

Pussy is super tight, I didn't last long. I think that's the disappointing part. Usually I can keep on going for ages and bang the shit out of a girl. With her, the pussy was too tight it felt even a little uncomfortable. Overall very nice punt. She's not shy. Asked me to take off her shoes, and after she came she wanted me to "enjoy her body", splayed her arms over her head and it was very inviting.

She's gone up north apparently this week. Maybe she will come back in a few months. Shame she's always located very far, I'd like to cum again. But you know, there are many other girls to sample  :hi:

South West / Sukjai Thai Cheltenham
« by Paris69 on Yesterday at 08:53:14 pm »

Excellent; quick and all by text.

Portland Street, in what i assume is the town centre in Cheltenham. (For those who are shy, there is a pub over the road and smokers stand outside occasionally - Plus the venue is also at a crossroads/lights so there are times when cars are sat at the junction idling)
Plenty of parking in the car park on the same road 50 metres away.
I think it was £2.60 for an hour/90mins.

See website link.
£30-£75 advertised.

Bee (centre of the photo advert)
More pretty in person and an amazing, slight and tight body.
Size 8. No fat whatsoever.
Huge 'HUGE' dark purple nipples.
Great ass.
Totally shaved muff.

Good massage. Maybes a 7. Not the best Thai i've ever had but still very nice.
Maybes a little too much oil.
The odd CC swipe.
1hr for this was £40

Bee got naked and spent 20 minutes massaging my important part.
I was able to suck and play with those stunning purple buttons; and also use my fingers on her pussy (in & outside).
She told me she was gonna cum; but as we all know that's bullshit.
Very enjoyable though. Very.
For this she wanted an extra £80; and i paid it (please lads - it's my money, it's an hours pay.... If u think it's too much, don't pay it)

Bee cleaned me up at the end and i told her i'd be back next week, work permitting. I will.
I also told her that i want her to do an outcall to me at my hotel: She hasn't committed to this yet; but i did say to her 'give me a price, cos i 'AM' gonna fuck you. She didn't say no, so we will see. Though i am expecting her to ask for a daft amount.

Scotland / Hayley Hazard - Edinburgh Tour
« by ElbowGrease on Yesterday at 07:04:34 pm »

30 min @ £100
Central location
Comms were good - booking agreed in advance.  I was punctual and no unneccesary waiting about.

£100 for HH is top end for me however this was my first punt in a while and her reviews were good.  I'm also a tit man and her tits look spectacular in her photos and I quite like the alternative look she has.  I get the feeling she takes her job seriously and really aims to please

The meeting was great from start to finish.  Felt like a real GFE with a twist.  She gives amazing head (OWO) with plenty attention to the balls, gagging and spitting etc.
Fucked her in a couple of positions before I lay down for CIM. 

Had a good wee chat with her at the end and she seems really interesting and intelligent. 

All in all, it was a great meet and would happily see her again next time she tours up here

South West / Elena - Swindon
« by Coriniumstud on Yesterday at 06:54:35 pm »

Seen Elena a few times now and she offers a fantastic service

Comms - quick text and she replied within 5 minutes
Arranged 30 minutes incall £60
Location - housing estate with plenty of parking
Arrived at location sent text, replied with house number
Met at the door then went upstairs too her bedroom nice and tidy, handed over the paperwork
Elena left the room so got undressed when she returned started with hand relief which is always great, light kissing after a while she stripped off and if anyone has seen her will know she has a fantastic pair of boobies she got on her knees for some ow then onto the bed so I could taste her pussy, then sex in miss until I came in the bag, quick clean up and a kiss goodbye  :thumbsup:

No doubt I will return


Comms - Great. Meet was quickly arranged by AW email a few days in advance. Directions etc were done by text on the morning of the meet.

Location - Apartment building just off Fulwood Road. Pretty easy to get to and no parking issues. River's flat was pretty spacious, clean, and tidy. No-one else around and didn't notice any curtain twitching.

Appearance - Pretty much exactly how she looks in her pictures. Blonde, fantastic tattoos, fantastic figure. She does have some scarring on her boobs which I think look like the result of a reduction, but they're quite faded and, unless you have an aversion to scars, not an issue. She said she's put on some weight over lockdown (haven't we all?!) but I'd have not noticed if she hadn't mentioned it. Facially she's very pretty. River wore a tight black dress, with matching lingerie and stockings underneath. Her outfit was her choice.

Personality - River's really friendly. She's chatty, welcoming, and intelligent. Good company.

The Meet - Made it in to River's flat without any issues. Offered a drink and a shower.

Exchanged the usual pleasantries and small talk before moving to the bed. I'm told I'm wearing too many clothes and while I'm undressing River gets out of her dress. We then engage in a bit off a kiss and cuddle session while River removed her bra. My memory's a little fuzzy regarding the kissing, I don't think tongues were involved but they were still good full on kisses, definitely not the light pecks you sometimes get. Shortly afterwards she wants my boxers off and starts some great OWO.

My memory's a little fuzzy about the OWO too (probably because my memory's crystal clear regarding the end of the bedroom stuff). I can't remember any particular quirks or tricks she did but it still felt great and there were a few moments where I began to worry about my ability to last but she always eased off without me having to say anything.

Off came River's knickers leaving her in just her suspender belt and stockings, on went the rubber, and she got on top of me in cowgirl. Plenty more kissing and groping of her arse and boobs while she rode me before she asked if I wanted to move to anal.

Now, I had my first successful anal experience with a SP earlier this year and while it was enjoyable enough, it did leave me wondering why some people rave about it so much. I get it now! The two experiences were totally different. River lubed us both up and after trying a couple of positions where the angles weren't quite working we settled on missionary with her legs on my shoulders. I entered her arse with ease and it felt amazing!

River looked a little hunched up with me leant forwards while her legs were still on my shoulders so I checked she was comfortable. Her response was "Oh, I am VERY comfortable". So I went at it with River encouraging me saying "Fuck my arse!" until I fired my load balls deep in her bum, protected of course.

Finally got to experience it!

Cleaned up, had more of a chat, and got to play with her cat (actual cat, not a metaphor) before I left feeling very happy and fulfilled.

Money - £80 for 30 mins. Bit more than I'd usually pay but everything on her likes list is included so, for me, it's still decent vfm when compared to visiting her at a parlour and paying extras. When I'd tried booking River in the past her minimum booking was 1 hour so I was happy to see the option for a shorter meet.

Positives - Great looking. Enthusiastic partner. Fantastic anal!

Negatives - None. Even if I was being really picky I couldn't think of anything negative.

Verdict - Overwhelming positive. Can't think of anything negative and I'd happily see her again. I'm sorely tempted to book a threesome with River and Scarlet.

Link: or -

Date – October 2020

Comms:  Texts – great – prompt reply.  Booked about a few days in advance.

Location:  Maidenhead, near the Sainsbury’s.  Free on-street parking.  Felt safe.
The apartment, most likely shared with other WGs, as when I entered, all the doors were closed, and was led very intentionally into “our room”.
£80 incall.
Had a shower – good adequate shower.

Peck on the cheek.
MILF – I reckon between 36-45, tall-ish, nice full “voluminous” hair – smells great.  Shorter hair than in the photos.
Very quiet, and business-like – no warmth really.
Nice accent.
Wore a very sexy dress.
I note the verification picture in other threads.
Put in this punt, she certainly polishes up very well indeed.

She takes control of the punt.
FK wanted, and FK given.
Great set of tits, with wide areola.  They LOOK like they are enhanced – some visible scars, around the nipples etc., but they still felt great.
I loved nuzzling in between them.
She smells great & clean.
Didn’t manage to engage in a tit-wank with them, but I would assume that it would be fantastic.
She pushed me straight into OWO – but a LOT of wet-wipes used on the solider (despite me having a good ol’ shower literally before we got into action).
But it’s good OWO - drooly, DT, ball-licking action, a bit toothy at times but not painful.  Intersperses it with some gentle hand action.
Then I went into RO – Fully shaved, tastes great, does get wet, no fingers allowed.
Seemed to enjoy it.  Plays with her breasts whilst being licked out.
Eyes closed a lot of the time.  May seem distant at times, or “going with the flow”, who knows.
Then, just before she gives me more OWO, she wet-wipes herself, and then wet-wipes me again  :unknown:
And then she puts the condom on giving OW, as she feels she wants some penetrative action.
But before that, applies some lube to her pussy.
Then into Cowgirl, and the tits are amazing – right in my face.
Flip her over for RCG – Size 10 at least bottom half, but it is very nice ass.
Then into Missionary, and very impressed that she is pretty tight in any position that I placed her.

[Question to any punters:  I don’t really go for bigger girls so I have very little experience, but I assume big girls/small girls – the tightness of the WG's pussy is totally random, regardless of size/height/age/ethnicity?]

Anyway, she closes her eyes a lot, and I did feel, hmmm, she seems to be a bit distant here, but took advantage of the situation and I was happy to pound her silly like a fuckbunny.
Came into the bag, and whilst doing, THEN she is happy to look into my eyes.

Had a shower.

Strangely, after all the act is done, she actually becomes quite chatty, and also smiley for the first time, and reveals that she does have a nice smile.
Had to leave pronto, so no cuddles as such, but certainly had a pleasant conversation with her.
So weird that she was entirely transactional pre-punt, but afterwards, was rather quite GFE.

Anyway, would I return?:  Well, the photo gallery lured me in, and I ticked off the "MILF-done" on my hotlist.
An okay punt, and some will enjoy, but some will think "meh".
... But, if this girl was walking around in my office wokrplace, I would DEFINITELY chatting about her to the rest of the boys, be lusting over her, probably have her in my "wank-bank", and fantasising about wanting to bend her over the desk and fucking her silly.

However, in this wide, fun punting world, I will move on & continue sampling the menu.

Link to this Profile Page using or

I recently seem to have successfully found two excellent French girls, one of whom I just reviewed.
The other I felt only fair that she should be too as there is little here on UKP and she is a very worthwhile candidate.

Nancy is in her mid twenties and certainly knows her way around the bedroom.
This particular bedroom is located in a particularly posh and safe part of Hammersmith by the river and not far from Fulham FCs stadium.

I guess it’s a ten or fifteen minute walk or so from Putney Bridge station and a short walk from Fulham Palace Rd but I have always driven as there is ample  pay and display parking which unusually ceases early at 5:00 pm. There is a nice riverside park nearby so always people coming and going.

The flat is her home. It’s small and basic but does the job. I always shower at home before and after so can’t say I’ve tested the small wet rooms efficiency.

Nancy likes both wine and beer and being typically French is a bit of a foodie too. Be aware she is a light smoker and also 420 friendly if you are so inclined.
I am a non-smoker and although this used to bother me in the past for some strange reason it doesn’t whilst I am in her company.
I suspect she can whip up a decent bite given the opportunity and she has even offered to cook for me should the opportunity arise!
She’s a healthy size 8/10 and I would say a wholly natural 34b with perky responsive nipples.
For some she may be a Marmite girl. She can talk for France but I found that being a polite well brought up girl, she never talks with her mouth full so that potential problem is easily solved. ;)

I am actually not a great lover of receiving oral as I am rather girthy and it can often be toothy.
Her owo technique however is excellent with attention to the balls too and can follow instructions well.
She can also switch from being dominant in cowgirl and RCG in both of which she is an excellent mover and knows how to use her hips well, to being passive in mish although she a also gives good pushback in doggy and veritably purrs during prone... What’s not to like?

She doesn’t work full time as I know she has interests outside of town so seems to be often unavailable Fri and Sats.

She is a full on lover though and loves to Dfk and receive oral too. Fingering is not a problem either and she can get really wet and turned on when the right buttons are pressed.

At first glance she may seem perhaps a little expensive but she is no clock watcher and all our meets have run well over.
She is intelligent and speaks and understands English idioms well.
Compared with say a 150-200 ph Brasilian who more often than not won’t even offer cim, she is very well priced IMO for the experience, the quality of the sex and the services all included.

I have now probably seen her 5 times and have never left feeling anything other than happy and fully satisfied.

If you are under 30 I would avoid. She prefers mature men and I can understand why. She doesn’t suffer fools gladly but will speak her mind and having travelled the world extensively can converse about many things if you like a bit of post coital banter.

She also seems happy and patient chatting beforehand on WhatsApp which is my preferred way of communicating pre meets.

I’m sure I’ve left a few details out but happy as always to field any further questions about her.
Safe punting chaps.  :hi:

West Midlands / Hannah Deluxe - Birmingham Incall
« by AL88 on Yesterday at 04:20:40 pm »

Date – a few months ago.

Comms:  Texts - Handled by Olivia – sounds fit, and looks fit.  Pity she is only the maid!
Booked around a few days in advance.
Sometimes great prompt replies, sometimes takes a day to reply  :unknown:

Location:  Major hotel chain near Broad Street.  Nearby car-park - cheap.  Felt safe.
No problems entering hotel.  Clear directions

Age around 23-25 seems very accurate.
Definitely a size 10/12 at least, and maybe a fuller 12 bottom half.
I usually go for Size 6 and Size 8 girls, and sometimes make exceptions for beautiful Size 10s, and Hannah is definitely a girl that is normally outside of my ounting preferences.
I do admit though that some will find her body perfect for a bit of "holding on to", and getting that "ripple effect" when banging them good.
Didn’t fancy her, but a pleasant girl, and not ugly.
Looks like a young Karen Brady.
I’d give her a 6.1/10, although I totally understand giving personal quantitative values for subjective matters such as “preference of looks” is ridiculous!
Paid £180/hr.

Wore what I requested.
FK wanted, and FK given – soft lips.
Smells great.
Great OWO – lots of drool & DT, and ball-licking action :thumbsup:, lovely dark/mousey-brown hair – takes care of her hair.
Smells great. Soft skin.
Soft natural tits. Allowed me to play with her tits and pussy whilst giving me DT.
RO started  :P– noticed a bit of a “shave-rash” but no "open wounds" as such.  Tasted great. Gets really wet. Allows fingers. Juices all over my hands – felt great.
Time for missionary – tight & wet – felt great.  Sometimes legs open to the side, sometimes wrapped around.  All good.
Natural moans – no “over-acting”.
I believe she genuinely enjoys her job.
Flipped her over for doggy and a bit of prone-bone – she’s obedient, giggly, smiley, and seemed to like this.
Came in the bag.
I believe she is open to facials & CIM.

Chatted about life, cuddled & caressed, very easy conversation, and how she has finished University, and earning money in this job, whilst trying to set up a separate business of her own in the future.
Went for a shower, goodbye kisses, and left.

Would I return? I didn’t fancy her, and certainly bigger than her photos suggested, and as mentioned, a bigger size than I would normally punt with.
Pleasant experience, pleasant girl, tight & wet, but for me, ticked off the hotlist, and moving on.

South East / Red GOLDYXXX - Camberley - TOFTT
« by advent2016 on Yesterday at 03:53:03 pm »

tl;dr version: Average BJ, mostly lies on her profile

When: October 2020

Comms: Phone and txt. Good English

Location: Modern apartment in Camberley.

Services: Her profile says facefucking and this was what drew me to her.

Price: 15 mins £50

The SP: 30s, Russian,

Nationality: Profile says British, but she spoke Russian

The Essay: 15 minute service.
I arrived, agreed on service, and paid
I was freshly showered already. I wanted to drop my trousers, sit on bed and face fuck a pretty redhead come in her mouth and she swallow.

Lina knelt, played with my dick, and started talking about other services and their cost. I put her straight and said BJ/face fuck and showed her the advert.
Eventually she started sucking my cock and balls, but stopped to answer her phone!!!

I politely asked her to turn it off and continue.

She got back to her job, and I held her head and she took it nicely, and I played with her tits,  but as I was coming, she pulled away and some went on her face and body and she spat into the bin.

She went to wash her face. When she came back tried to chat and said she was better for long time and then told me about other girls etc.

Would I return: No, a pretty girl does not make up for lies.

[Image hidden]

[Image hidden]

London / girlfriend Zara- warren street
« by afernandes on Yesterday at 02:54:50 pm »

After a positive review here, i booked her for half hour today. Comms were quick and good.
booked for half hour for £ 90, confirmed beforehand that it includes OWO.

Block of flats next to Warren st station. convenient to get to...was buzzed in. no issues so far.

She opened the door and from there it went downhill. All pleasant and kiss on the cheek but she seemed a fair bit older than 20s...i would say 30s
didn't find her attractive at all at first instance.

went inside the room- confirmed time and paid.

off came her dressing gown- thin but small and really sagging breasts...awful.
she is thin but I didnt find her body attractive at all.

removed my clothes and she straight away put on a condom and started OW. i tried to explain that we agreed OWO but she pretended to not understand what i am saying.
3 mins of very sloppy OW and then straight away- 'baby you have only half hour, lets get on with it..

asked me to lie down and came on top..
after 5 mins- 'why are you not coming quickly- i hate it'

another 2-3 mins and then she just lied down in the bed...I packed and left - out in 10 mins..

North East / Cheryl - Allure Newcastle
« by Lewwy on Yesterday at 01:35:29 pm »

End of terrace flat above a shop in Byker. Flat was nice enough.

Allure is a great agency, I've used them a lot (although not recently). Booking was dead easy by text. However, on this particular occasion it's part of the reason for the neutral.

£80-45 mins.

The meeting was pretty much spot-on, to be honest. One of the reasons I chose Cheryl is that she has several solid reviews as being happy with CIM which I always like to know is available even if I don't take advantage of it. She's slim and tanned with nice small/medium titties which I like. Well groomed and smelling fresh with the standard shaved snatch.

It was pretty much straight down to business starting with kissing and groping. We got onto the bed where she started to give me a well delivered BJ - she knows what she's doing here. I stopped her and returned the favour which she seemed to enjoy. Then back onto my back on the bed where I again asked her to suck me while she straddled my legs. She's very good at carrying out what you ask for and was happy to stop when I told her to several times whereupon she licked and sucked my ball-sack. I find that a lot of lasses do this too enthusiastically to the point that it hurts but she was great at it. She brought me right to the edge four or five times. On the final go I asked her to go really slowly and pay attention to that special place under the end of my cock which she gladly did. I told her that it had been a few days and I was horny AF so there'd be a good load for her! I absolutely exploded in her mouth with an orgasm that lasted a good 20+ seconds!!! Fucking incredible. A well delivered BJ followed by an excellently handled CIM is better than anything in the world!! She spat my cum onto a towel which was followed with the words "You were right, that was a lot!"

Ok, why have I given this a neutral? Cheryl has quite a few tattoos which have been completely photoshopped from her pics and aren't mentioned on her bio at all. I'm not a huge fan of them on women, other than small discrete ones, although I don't mind the odd one. She's not by any means covered in them but there are quite a few which may put people off. To be totally honest the amount she has is right up almost to the point where it would be a turnoff for me.

I entirely understand that tattoos are unique to the individual and that it's a big red flag in identifying a girl to people who might know her but I think it's a big "no-no" to remove literally all of them and make no mention of the fact in the bio. It will seriously put some guys off. I just don't understand why you'd do that, especially as many guys won't mind and for many it will be a definite turn-on!

Would I return?
Probably, yes.

London / Michelle Sampio Bayswater fake sexuality
« by mike11 on Yesterday at 11:19:29 am »

The summary of it is that I booked her assuming she was an organic girl and when I arrived it became quickly clear that she was a post op TS

The Girl - Absolutely gorgeous, top to toe and same as in picture. 

The Flat - Great flat and not the average run down accommodation

The Service - We exchanged few messages before the visit and all good and I was looking forward to a fun time with a beautiful girl.  I arrive and she look just as good as her pics but her frame, the size of her hands and finally the voice (which was soft but I could tell she was mindful of it) tell me that all may not be well.  Unfortunately, I have come across the same in London with few oriental post op trans girls that claim to be organic girls and can spot them from a mile.  Most people would not have guessed at all that Michelle was anything but woman.  I reluctantly follow her to the bedroom as it is an awkward situation.   I am thinking what if I am wrong.  In the bedroom she quickly turns the lights really low and as she undresses and I see her body in the dim light, it is clear she is a trans.  Breasts are normally slightly further apart than a real woman and nipples point sometime in different direction.  The pussy was of course a dead give away.  Her approach to sex was also quite active and masculine and she has strong arms.  The short of it is I lost total interest and she was very disappointed that I could not get hard.  She gave me some oral and I stayed away from giving her one.  I brought the session to an end as it was just not working for me.

After I left, I sen her a message to say it was nice to see her and that she should have let me know she was a trans woman.

She replied saying  "you must be on drugs". 

The moral of the story is, don't take it for granted that you will meet a girl when you book.  Always check when you get there but I cant really advise you on exactly what to check :) I guess unless it is glaringly obvious, it is a matter of experience.  I am glad I only booked half hour.

I recall trying to book this beautiful oriental girl a while back and she said that she could not meet me as she had problems with her "ovaries" and had to see a doctor.  When I finally met her and she turned out to be a post op trans, she was gob smacked and said no one has ever been able to tell from all the British men she had seen.

Comms all by txt and the usual “call me” on arrival for the house number. I saw this one crop up yesterday and took a chance and it was defiantly worth it in my opinion, young 23 slim size 8 blonde girl from Romania on tour of the country and not sure how long she’s staying. I paid £60 for the one hour massage which was too expensive I know but what the hell !.
The house is on an estate, easy to find and parked up no problem, quiet no one around as it was 15.00 and the occupants of the estate all still sleeping no doubt. The room upstairs was clean and showers available which I used. The massage was good and after 20 mins the seductive teasing began ! Oh boy it was good, I was then offered “extras” £20 she allowed me to play with her arse, and outside of her pussy which was enough to finish the job. I will be returning.



Ended up wasting my time.

Arranging the meeting.

I message Tilly on AW, received a reply asking to text a mobile number. From there things start to go wrong.

They list very different post codes on their profiles. They also share the same mobile, not that it helps as it can take a few days to get a reply from them.

Over a 2 week-long text exchange with very little consistency on their end I was initially told sex was not on offer (only a massage with happy ending for £350), then it was (£300)  but with no services confirmed.

The venue and availability kept on changing. In the end I decided not to pursue their final offer given their track records.

Photos from their profiles are below.

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