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Scotland / Young hot thai Aberdeen
« by chico on Today at 06:28:31 PM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/3958886 or https://www.adultwork.com/YoungHotThai
Aberdeen. No feedback but missing Honey Thai looked good so I thought I would TOFTT. Big mistake. Confirmed all services and prices. Arrived to find nice young thai and confirmed all services and prices. However I went to the toilet and returned and I think I got B&S not 100% sure but thinking about it afterwards I think it was a different girl from the one that opened the door. No owo refused only covered. No FK no CIM objected to anal play. All are on her likes. Only cum once then then tided up at the 35 min mark and refused any more sex contact.
Older than photo looked late 30's.
Will not return.
Avoid Avoid come back sweet Honey.
Aberdeen is dire at present. Will stick to my normal girls unless approved on Uk punting.

Scotland / Izabela (Edinburg)
« by Anndyy on Today at 05:15:43 PM »

Knew that chances were slim looking at the profile, but no one else answered the phone. So I went to confirm.
3 girls in the flat and none of them look anything like the one on the profile.
Walked out on 3 pissed off WGs.

Scotland / Lana Escort - Glasgow
« by Lesser_of_2_weevils on Today at 04:37:12 PM »

Spent an hour and a bit with Lana on Valentine's Day at her place in Shawlands. Parking can be challenging but I found a space nearby and walked the short distance to her close. Lana was generous with her time and rate owing to an earlier call-off, albeit for good reasons on her part. The entrance to her flat is immaculate and you never feel uncomfortable walking to or from her place. The flat itself is lovely, and the mood she conjures up with her candles and lingerie simultaneously puts you at ease and gets the blood pumping to all the right places.

Lana is a lot of fun to spend time with. I enjoyed her company and would recommend that anybody reading this gets in touch with her to find out how much fun she is to be around. She's whip-smart, a raven-haired beauty with pretty eyes, got a playful sense of humour, owns cracking lingerie and has a nice figure (peachy tush, nice thighs and lovely dark nipples). Tight in all the right places too.

Sex was fun. Great, slurpy OWO to begin. Then my turn on her. She seemed to be enjoying it and at one point thought I was in that James Bond film with Xenia Onatopp as Lana gave my head a good squeeze with those lovely thighs of hers just as she was coming. In between a moan or two she panted at me to get on top of her, which I did of course. Came too quickly but was fucking enjoying myself. Some pillow talk followed and she gave me a good few belly laughs, put some interesting imagery in my head with some role playing, and then she generously offered to go again. I thought we were finished at this point but she was charitable with her time and encouraged me to get behind her on the bed. Gave her a pounding from behind in doggy, then she lowered herself towards the bed with me still inside her. Pounding recommenced and the sound of skin slapping skin accompanied all of her groaning and moaning. Condom was slick to the touch after I pulled out. Came into the bag on both occasions while I was inside her. Had another chat as we reclothed and was sent on my way with an affectionate kiss. Vendi, weenie, vici. That's it. That's what happened.

I made an arse of things by forgetting my wallet due to a bout of post-sex stupefaction. Lana immediately let me know and we eventually sorted it out despite my bumbling and stumbling attempts to get it back. Water under the bridge as far as I'm concerned. Lana is fine and that's the main thing. Anyway, apparently I'm not the first punter to forget something immediately after seeing Lana ;-)

Will I see her again? Of course.The thrills she gave me are the reason I wanted to dip my big toe into the world of punting. The cherry on top was the laughs and chat. Thanks, Lana. To sum it up, she's great. Find out for yourself.

If I've missed something important out that can help other punters make their minds up then let me know. I think it's clear what my impressions of Lana are, but as I'm new to punting as well as sharing an account of the rough and tumble to a forum afterwards I may have missed something out or overlooked an important detail.


Scotland / Kate NTS Edinburgh
« by RogerXed on Today at 12:32:12 AM »
So after my kind of disappointing punt with Denise I went back to the lounge and sat down to have a glass of water and a chat with the girls. I was still very horny so after a few minutes I decided to take Kate to the room.

She is another new girl from Brazil - she is a bit chubby but her face is very cute and her personality is amazing. Kind of brown / redish hair, not very big tits - probs B cup the most and quite a big ass.

So originally took her to the room for 30 mins and I fucked her from behind against the mirror until I came really hard. Then lied down for a few minutes and decided that I want to extend my time with another 30 mins so I can have enough time to fuck her again. The second time I fucked her in missionary and doggy on the bed. She is happy to take it really hard and seems like genuinely enjoys it. She came while I fucked her in missionary. Finished inside the bag in doggy with her and we were both so sweaty and tired at the end. She asked me if I was trying to fuck her until she dies  :D

So 2 cums in 1 hour is a great effort in my opinion  :dance: The only negative thing about her is that she does oral only with condom but even with the rubber it felt really good. Her English is a bit limited but when you repeat slower she understands everything and she is willing to do whatever you ask her to do. 

She gets a positive from me :)

Scotland / Denise NTS Edinburgh
« by RogerXed on Today at 12:15:30 AM »
Saw a new girl at NTS today. Her name is Denise and I think she's been there for a week or so now. The usual £20 at the door and £50 to the girl for 30 mins.

Nice figure - fake tits, relatively beautiful face, nice legs and ass. Romanian who has worked all over Europe for the last 9 years. Says that she is 28 years old and I think this is abut right - actually looks a bit younger in my opinion.

Started with a lot of time wasting chat then when I told her that it is probably about time to get down to business she said that she has to take a quick shower... This was the first time a girl at NTS took a shower in my time before we have started. Anyway, the shower was not really very quick and I had to kind of remind her that we have some more important things to do.

Eventually I ended up on the bed with her and she started giving me an OWO which I should admin was pretty good. Then put the condom expertly on my cock and I started fucking her missionary which was nice but this is the point when I made a very bad decision. I decided to ask her to switch to doggy so I can cum in this position (always makes me fell good when I cum while fucking a girl from behind). Well... BIG MISTAKE. When she turned around I noticed that her asshole looks super strange and there is some weird thing coming out of it - like a big skin tag or something. I asked her if she has been doing a lot of anal or something recently but she told me that she doesn't do anal and this is hemorrhoids.

Now, before you start judging me - I know that this is not her fault and it can happen but it just really put me off. I started fucking her from behind but just every time I looked down this was so off putting that I couldn't cum for the rest of my time with her.

So yea, not a bad girl but her time wasting and the fact that I couldn't cum with her makes this review Neutral for me.



Had some spare time this evening and a horn that needed attention

Comms by text with Raquel excellent. A few text messages back and forth and hey presto meeting arranged with both ladies.

Located on a popular street not too far from John Lewis.

Meeting arranged for half hour threesome with Raquel and Alexa for £100

Initially concerned with them being Romanian but pleased to report that they are the girls in the pictures, crackin bodies, lovely and slim, nice small breasts and nice tight tasty pussies.

Meeting consisted of OWO, Reverse Oral, Intercourse, all of which was delivered very enthusiastically by both girls. a bit of girl on girl also for good measure

At no point did it feel like they were trying to waste time, no clock watching, I actually over run by about 10 minutes.

Based on my experience I'd happily see again and recommend to others.

If I was being pushed as to which one I'd see on her own I'd opt for Raquel but happily see either.

Scotland / luscious emily - Falkirk
« by Fabtime on Yesterday at 07:59:25 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3118289 or https://www.adultwork.com/luscious+emily

After the disastrous attempt to see Radka (it's on another thread), had a search and saw luscious Emily.
Texted the number in the profile as I had previously been in contact with her.  Enquired as to her location as the previous time she was actually travelling between places.  Happy to be told she was in Falkirk (arrived day before I think) and available for a meet.

So a short notice meet was arranged and I was given the street name, texting when I arrived to be given the number and the OK to come to the door.
It is a, probably, well known area for the ladies to rent a flat, not far away from the main retail park. 

Main door "round the back" so got the door knocked and answered within about 20 seconds, if the door was in plain view of the street it would have seemed longer though.
Flat was in a tidy condition, if a little warm, and was told she had a flat mate (another working girl) staying.  Didn't see her and really wasn't interested in her joining us so didn't pursue it.  Flatmate was no where to be seen, but did hear her at the end of the session just as I was leaving, running away to hide as had to go through living room to exit flat.

Girl as in pictures, although these show many different "looks" she has had.  Reasonably accurate physical description given in aw.
Got the money out of the way, and I have to say for the half hour, 80 is a bit on the expensive side for me.

Had a good cuddle, kissing and grope around but found myself being a bit boring.  Didn't partake in oral and was just happy with missionary position.
No rush during the session but things got close a couple of times as she was grinding her hips around in a most pleasant manner with me on top.  Perhaps this was to get things over with quickly, not really sure as there was no rush to user me out of the door at the end of the session, actually had a wee "natter" mostly about her sister and sisters bf/hubby (?), oh well strange.

I will add that this is not the first time I have seen this girl, just didn't review it before.
I would go back when I'm feeling really flush and when she is in the central belt, she does "tour" and have seen her profile location she has been to a few places.

So all, in all, a good punt (for me) and I would recommend her especially if your liking the profile pictures.

Scotland / Luxury Blonde Racquel / Aberdeen
« by Davey Dykes on Yesterday at 06:12:41 PM »
Had a sneaky hour to kill today so booked this one at an hour and a halves notice.


Good comms via text and a decent enough flat located near the topend of one of the main shopping streets.

Now the shock horror bit.................a decent Romainian. Yes, it does actually happen on the odd occasion.

Girl in the photos with a very nice smiley manner, very slim and very attractive. Started off with OWO and RO, then fucked her doggy with a finish in the bag through mish. I'd say she's size 6/8 with very nice little titties and arse. Says she's in town until Sunday.

Scotland / Ravishingria Glasgow - On tour
« by Topkat on Yesterday at 01:08:15 PM »

Cost £80 for 30 minutes
Age Mid 20’s
Looks Attractive girl with beautiful eyes, lovely rack, slim waist, perfect arse, great legs, overall a very nice package. More or less what you see in photos with a pretty face on top.
Services FK, OWO, RO, 69, Fingering, Excellent shag

Looks like Clattypats beat me to it with an excellent take on Ria https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=132344.0
Going by what he says and my experience it looks like this girl delivers a consistantly good time.

Same day booking, Ria got back to me quickly with what times she could do.
Address given a couple of hours pre appointment, call on arrival for apartment number, really nice modern rented place just off Argyle Street.

Welcomed with a kiss, very friendly, chatty, bubbly personality.

Once back from stashing the cash Ria was well up for it, lots of DFK and mutual groping/fingering before I went for RO that turned into a 69 then great OWO as I lay back & enjoyed her technique, to be honest I would have been happy to shoot there and then as her BJ is top notch.

On with the cover where she mounted me for a great ride in cowgirl.
Next I gave her a great ride in doggy admiring the view of that spectacular arse.
Ended with an excellent mish session were I shot my load with great FK.
Great half hour with an enthusiastic young lady.

Positives Great attitude, fantastic oral skills

Negatives None

Scotland / First pint with kristina
« by P323 on Yesterday at 11:10:46 AM »
First punt and got to say it wasn't the most disappointing time of my life, read a review which kind of gave me second thoughts but I went ahead regardless and have to say it was pretty harsh to say the least, lovely woman very easing I was extremely nervous and was looking for an older woman, to start things off she is indeed a good looking woman she's in no way dolly or absolutely smoking hot but an attractive woman and a very nice woman too! This is the thing though what mouth she has on her lawrd all mighty I have to say the only negative was the location of the apartment which I think could be temporary the flat itself was nicely decorated but the close was a bit off putting as a first timer was in bawrrowlands but I enjoyed the meet itself payed £40 for 15 Minuit quickie, received owo and sex w/ protection.
Happy days !

Scotland / Kylie Flirt In call Glasgow (on tour)
« by randydandy2013 on Yesterday at 09:55:29 AM »

Met Kylie in city centre hotel, comms were good before hand by text and phone call. Kylie had been a plan B after plan A had to cancel, nice hotel and no problems getting to room. Kylie is a nice enough girl but she's never a size 10 as stated in her profile more like a 14/16 and chunky looking hence the negative feedback. She did give a great blowjob with CIM and swallow but was disappointed with her size as was expecting at least a size 10/12. I'd say she was around 5 years older than the stated 28 on her AW profile but that would have been expected. I've no problem with bigger girls but felt let down with her not being more honest about her size. She also had brown long hair with blond highlights so she really does need to update her profile.

Scotland / Thai Milf Tina - Aberdeen
« by godwulf7 on Yesterday at 01:18:32 AM »

https://www.adultwork.com/3205979 or https://www.adultwork.com/Thai+Milf+Tina

I generally like Thai ladies, but they don't always work out terribly well.  In the case of 'Thai Milf Tina', I had hoped for the sort of experience I have enjoyed with many other mature, often Oriental, women.  I opted for an hour at £100.

Comms were easy and good, and I was given an address and postcode.  I recognized it as a flat I had been to once before.  It is a third floor tenement in Torry - tired, yet fairly clean.  Tina peeked from behind the door wearing a very skimpy chemise, with all assets visible and readily accessible.  She is very clean , with curves in the right places and a few extra pounds here and there.  Age-wise, she lists herself as 39, and I would say she might be a few years older than that.  She has big, lovely boobs, a narrowed waist and a nice little round butt.  Tina has the usual stretch marks and lines associated with long distant childbirth, but also has a very small, easily moistened pussy. 

The first thing that seems obvious is that although she is sexually experienced, she is new at escorting.  She seems to have ONE blowjob technique and a fairly bored, yet smiley face all the time.  After the initial RO took five minutes or so to get a result, the BJ was OWO and fairly pedestrian, but keenly delivered.  Straight on into sex, so bag on and into a couple of positions before conclusion.  Her pussy is snug and small, and she loves to squeeze your cock and play with your nipples, so it did not take half the day.  She cleaned me up and lined me up for an oily massage, which again was pretty good, though not long enough because she ran out of steam and flopped down next to me with ten minutes left.  I suggested a round 2 might be a good idea, but she seemed to disagree, pointing to my half-hearted cock and saying I was not hard enough.  Well, duh, not YET....  I had had a nice enough time, so was not really bothered and decided to chat before moving off.

All in all, Tina was polite, keen and reasonably experienced, but nervous at being new-ish at escorting, so this takes a toll on the fun.  I was offered a shower before and after, so that was good.  The shower looked a bit small for a large man, so I passed.  She needs to focus more closely on her client and let go a bit more, which will happen in time, I'm sure. Would I go back?  Maybe, but not for a good while.

Scotland / Ravishingria/Glasgow tour
« by Clattypats on February 21, 2017, 10:29:04 PM »
30 mins - £80  https://www.adultwork.com/3860309
Contacted Ria via Aw email followed by booking request..comms were all good..once booking request was sent was given details back of where to go.

Arrived at lovely serviced apartments in the City Centre,phoned Ria for the flat Number and proceeded to said floor . .

Usual behind the door answer..and behind it a nice looking girl,long black hair..size 6-8 like profile suggests with a nice set of tits..

Paperwork out the way and off to the shower for me,as I was soaked..as it was pissing a rain outside..Out shower..Boxers off and lying on the bed for some good DFK while fingering her and also sucking her lovely tits ,which was all good ..and she seemed to be getting quite turned on..she went down on me for oral next,followed by 69..Missionary with still plenty of DFK. .Doggy after that with some light spanking then cowgirl ,with her grinding away till I finally came in the bag..Never rushed..Done the full 30 mins..Then chatted for a bit..Very nice chatty girl with a cracking personality,that put me at ease right from the get go..

If she does another tour of Glasgow..I would defo see again.

Scotland / elise kennedy glasgow
« by jimbob11 on February 21, 2017, 10:13:19 AM »

I know the price is steep but i thought i would give her a go.

Comms were good. Arranged via text.

Arrived wearing some nice lingerie. Amazing figure, nice and slim with a great shape. Some tattoos which i quite like on a girl.

OWO was brilliant, lots of eye contact and nice and sloppy. On with the johnny and into a few positions. She has a great ass brilliant view in doggie. CIM to finish and swallowed the lot. She never left my cock alone between rounds was very attentive.

Would defo see again if she was a bit cheaper but price is a bit much for me.

Scotland / Karina (Edinburgh) on Viva Street
« by Puma lad on February 21, 2017, 12:53:12 AM »
Avoid this lady as you will only be wasting your time.
Tried to arrange booking via text message one evening. She said she would be avaliable in 30 minutes and gave me a post code in Gorgie Rd. Asked her about her service to which she replied. I told her I was on my way. She then told me she would be available in 40 minutes before proceeding to ask me several questions including my age and where I was from. Upon completion of the questions she told me she would phone when she was free. As you have probably guessed an hour after having sent my first message I still had not heard back from her.

Scotland / monica sexy latina (Inverness)
« by 2chunky2 on February 20, 2017, 11:45:47 PM »
first review for a while after a few punts so hopefully this review will be more useful than previous

monica sexy latina

https://www.adultwork.com/3266858 or https://www.adultwork.com/monica+sexy+latina

Location: Inverness
1 hr 140

TOFFT (liked her tits). Then went for another go 2 or 3 months later.

Comms good.  Booked via Adultwork. Phone call on time to confirm location.

Accommodation: Punt was in a flat in Hilton (it’s been used by a few WGs in Inverness).  No one else in the flat I think.
Shower offered before and after.

Appearance & Body:  Pics are accurate, curvy figure that is fairly solid. Yumm. Not the best looking woman facially but not too bad.

Services: LFK, OWO, RO, protected penetration, COB. No facial, CIM (not on likes so not expected).

The meet: Brief massage (not worth bothering with tbh) with small talk. LFK turning into OWO, RO and 69, she was clean down there.  She was quite happy to be banged hard in mish.  Finished over her tits. 
More small talk, yada yada until I was hard again fucking her hard doggy style whilst admiring the view in the mirrored wardrobe, cowgirl with those torpedos in my face was rather good. Had pop number 2 over her firm, copious arse.
Had shower, she washed and dried me. Didn't clock watch. I think I was about 10 minutes over.  Goodbye snog, and off I went! :)

Comms were good.  Firm curvy bod (if that’s your thing). Friendly, smiley girl.  Takes a robust fucking.  After-service - washes and dries you after.

All-in-all a bit vanilla.  Some services not offered (but not advertised on likes so fair enough in the end).
First time I met her she was Spanish, the second time (a few months later) Brazilian … I shall leave that one with you!

Advertises anal but not something I go for so don’t know if she’s good to her word on that one.

Summary - Neutral
Nothing strongly negative or positive about the punts for me.  A lack of some services may mean some would view this as negative but that wouldn't reflect the punt IMO.  Is she really a latina??? Again possibly a negative for some.
In the desert that is Inverness it’s not a bad option if you need to empty your balls but can’t get out of town.
Possibly a re-visit if I was needy.

Scotland / KeiraFalkirk
« by Newtothis69 on February 20, 2017, 10:32:58 PM »
I met with Keira a few weeks ago. I can't post a link as her profile if away. Which is a pity as she was one of the few people I had met and thought she was friendly and a really good meet. Hope she comes back soon.

Anyway I met her for 30 minutes and it was great value.

I met Keira at her flat close to the retail park in Falkirk. Met with a nice kiss and offered a coffee. I had a quick shower which was nice. Keira was wearing some nice underwear and looked hot. Onto the bed and she got me to remove the towel, she moved in close and had me hard in no time stroking my leg and teasing me. She said how horny she was while playing with my balls and working me with her hands. I offered some oral which she really seemed to enjoy. After she said she came she wanted to return the favour so I lay on the bed and let her get to work. Some great oral with good attention to my balls taking me deep in her mouth and changing from fast to slow. I was ready to cum and she wanted me to cum on her face so I exploded all over her. We cleaned up then had a chat.

A nice wee massage and i flipped over ready for round two. She went to work on my cock again with some great hand work and amazing oral. She said I want on that which was really horny, put on the condom and she lowered herself onto my solid cock. She has a lovely tight pussy and rode me for a while. We flipped over and I went on top and had both her legs over my shoulders while I fucked her hard. I was ready to cum and Keira wanted me to cum on her again. She pulled out a toy and played with herself while sucking me off which was a real turn on and before long I came loads all over her face.

 Chatted for a bit and had a shower and it was time to go. No clock watching and I wa there for more than 30 minutes. I hope she has not finished as if love to meet her again.

All in all another great meet with a horny  lass

Scotland / Liv Provocateur90(+447922755039) -Edinburgh
« by Clashers on February 19, 2017, 10:50:36 PM »

Hi All, I do not write long reviews in here.  I feel you should be warned.
Rude Polish girl.  Tells she is a Uni student: total lies.  I tried some Polish girls before and the majority tend to be rude.  The initial impression on this one seemed sincere. 
To be avoid and she sees one client after another, unsafe and not clean.
Photos are not accurate and I did not want to spend £3 on private gallery.
Left her empty handed.  Well that's my bit for the forum. Bye

Scotland / Alinne-Love - Edinburgh
« by Marcus0101 on February 19, 2017, 08:22:30 PM »
After few disappointments and saying i would take a break i noticed Alinne was back in Edinburgh. Given previous good reports on here i thought fuck it might as well give it a bash.

Good comms and checked as per profile all services were available which they were and booked for 1 hour at £120.

Thought i would be sent to other end of town but no was told to go to a now regular building off Leith Walk a bit. Got the flat number via text,  arrived and Alinne opened the door hiding behind it with a nice welcoming smile. I can only describe her as stunning! Certainly the girl in the pics and not photo shopped or old which was a welcome change, about a size six but perfect figure and gorgeous looking breasts from what i could tell in the little pink baby doll outfit she was wearing.

Paid the money, offered a shower which i declined as had just had one. Away she went with the money and came back a few minutes later. Started with lots of touching and as i was sat on the edge of the bed she started a nice little lap dance whilst i explored her with my hands. She grind away on my lap getting me hard before undoing her bra to expose perfectly sized breasts in relation to her figure.

 Off with the rest of her clothes and mine she jumped onto the bed lying there legs wide open beckoning me to her before starting some amazing OWO on me. This went on for a while before we went into a 69, lots of DFK before the 69 and after it before on with the rubber.

Started in mish, then her legs over my shoulders before she insisted i lay down and she rode me deep and hard before i cum. The sight of her amazing body bobbing up and down is something else!! Her titts are simply amazing and nipples very responsive to light touching, kissing and sucking.

Short break where she took out some lotion and gave me a nice massage then on to round two with lots of kissing, teasing, me fingering her pussy whilst she wanked me and we kissed. She seriously loves sucking cock and swaps her technique throughout, probably one of the best blow jobs i have had in ages to be honest. On to more oral on her then i was ready to fuck her. 

Fucked her doggy then her belly down on the bed. I was fucked by this point so she whipped off the condom and wanked me furiously until i cum again all over her tits.

Offered and accepted a shower as i was sweating and covered in oil! Her English isn't the best so conversation was difficult but you can tell by her body language and how she holds herself she is an outgoing and friendly person who makes you feel at ease.

Have to say this is one of the best punts i have had in a very long time, i seriously can't think of a single negative! Managed to work out she is here for another 20 days, safe to say i will be going back to see her before she leaves!  :thumbsup:



Scotland / alexandra 2.0 glasgow
« by jimbob11 on February 19, 2017, 05:48:35 PM »

Hope I've done the link right.
Long time lurker and occasional punter.

Saw alexandra a while back photos and age are accurate. Nice tall and curvy student. Was a bit hesitant with the no kissing but thought i would give it a go. Comms were good. Everything arranged by aw then text me to say she was on her way.

Turned up in some nice lingerie. Great owo plenty of eye contact and does CIM. Johnny on and couple of positions. She has a great set of tits nice to see bouncing about.

I missed the kissing more than i expected tho. If she did that i would be back all the time.

Dont think i would see again for that reason.

Scotland / Rude Lass (Edinburgh)
« by Anndyy on February 18, 2017, 02:46:31 PM »
Saw her a couple of weeks back for half an hour.

Arranged over the phone, no problems there.
Inside the flat is very messy and does smell of smoke. But she looked good so I stayed. Skinny but not too skinny for me, nice tits. Mid 20s I'd say. Face as in pics.
Services all good. Great bj,  DFK no problem at all, sex in mish and doggy. Dont think she would have a problem with more creative positions.
Dont think I left too early. Didnt check the time, wasnt rushed at any point.
Pros: Great bj, enthusiastic service without unnecessary fake noises.
Cons: The flat, bad teeth (smokers teeth?).

Overall positive.

Scotland / Bonnie Scotland - Glasgow (tours)
« by seeker on February 18, 2017, 08:48:48 AM »
Saw Bonnie a few weeks ago when she was in Glasgow .
Nice safe area near bbc studios .
Flat lovely and clean all mod cons  :P
Bonnie her self is GORGEOUS imo  :dancegirl:
Beautiful curvy slim body ,  small natural tits and a peachy
wee butt . :thumbsup:
Sexy ,sassy,seductive,Edible  :crazy:
Her profile is Accurate,age ,size ,services.
She provided all services with enthusiasm and a smile
Fk,owo,ro,light spanking ,some my favourite positions .
9/10 for Bonnie from me ..(as 10/10 would be perfection )
Bonnie  was that Enjoyable and Fun that  i returned two days later
to Bang her a good farewell before she
went back to Edinburgh..
We could do with a few more like her in Glasgow  :angelgirl:
I look forward to her return  :cool:

Scotland / Ava Summers
« by seeker on February 18, 2017, 07:59:53 AM »
Her profile pictures are Definitely 100% NOT her   :angry:
i would say about 27 size 12 to 14 imo, and not toned
Once the bishop had been baptised ,I just wanted
to get out of there  :( attractions is a very big thing for me
fk  owo and sex .
She does supply the services but the pictures are not her .
Thats what lures the punters in,well me anyway  a nice slim toned body ...
ok she doesn't show her face but the pictures are a lie
so in my eyes a Negative. B band S
I would definitely NOT return.
Money wasted .as ive stated many times before
i like a 20 to 30 year old
size 6 to a 10 or toned 12 on a tall girl . max ...
Shes attractive enough,I hadn't had a punt for  weeks
so the wee brain got the best of me  :crazy:
but as i walked out after the deed , i wasn't thinking Wow id love to return
more a case of buyers remorse for wasting my dosh ..
But when your looking for new ground to cover
this sometimes happens  :hi:
even a seasoned punter makes mistakes  :wacko:
Just goes to show what a pile of horse shit A.W
feedback is  :thumbsdown:https://www.adultwork.com/2163790

Scotland / Innocent Dolly - Glasgow
« by JS1988 on February 17, 2017, 11:35:43 PM »
Duration: 1/2 hour
Cost: £90

After being royally let down by my Plan A, I was forced to make a quick decision and book someone as I already heading to Glasgow that evening. Seeing Dolly's profile was up on AW, I decided to take the plunge.


As mentioned previously, I was let down by the girl that I originally planned to see. I phoned Dolly and she didn't answer, she text promptly afterwards asking me what time I would like and for how long. After agreeing the time and duration she sent me her address and off I went. I also text her my dress request which she accepted. So far, so good.


Apartment block close to the Daily Record building, plenty of parking nearby, discrete buzzer entrance. The apartment itself was nice on the inside, I did not use the facilities as I was already showered.


Dolly is a very attractive woman and her pictures are accurate. She is quite short, has a fantastic body, very pretty face, lovely brown eyes, and one of the most beautiful pussies that I have ever seen.

Dolly was dressed as requested; a nice white basque, stockings, and was really well made up. She does have some bodywork on her, which I think suits her. If I was to make a complaint it would have to be that she did taste a bit like smoke, and her teeth are perhaps not the nicest (not that they are awful in any way).


After arriving at the door, Dolly greeted me with a nice kiss on the lips. She lead me into the bedroom, where we got the paperwork out of the way. Dolly was undressed in seconds but for some reason I seemed to take an age getting my kit off. I would say at this point it would have been nice if Dolly perhaps engaged in a bit of conversation, or perhaps assisted me to make it a bit more intimate.

After getting undressed, and laying on the bed next to her we kissed for what felt like an age, she is a fantastic kisser, and touched each others body. At my insistence, Dolly gave me some spectacular OWO. Fantastic licking of my balls and shaft, taking my cock nice and deep. I decided to reciprocate the favor and performed RO on her, she tasted really good and allowed me to slip in some fingers.

Then on with the condom and we worked through a few positions, me on top (I especially loved it when she wrapped her legs around my waist and thrusted her hips into me), a bit of spooning followed shortly after. She then went on top, and rode me for a while before I eventually came in the bag.

After the action we lay next to each other and had a decent wee conversation for about 15 minutes or so. I found her quite endearing and she is genuinely a polite girl. I do however wish she initiated a round 2.

I probably left about 10 minutes over my allotted time, so she is no clock watcher       


Stunningly attractive
Very sensual
Not a clock watcher
Great service
Easy going personality


Should take the lead a bit more during bookings
Maybe be a bit more intimate at the beginning


I really enjoyed my time with Dolly and I would say she is one of the best looking girls in Glasgow at the moment. Her service is excellent and you can have a good laugh with her too. Given that she was not even a Plan B for me, I could not have been happier by the turn of events

I would say she is good VFM at £90, you get what you pay for in this case   

Scotland / Busty Pam x - Edinburgh
« by Jarvis on February 17, 2017, 11:35:01 PM »
Right lads this is my first review,been punting a short time.
The punt was tonight in Edinburgh short notice,and my 3 choice,first one was booked full,the second didn't answer,but Busty Pam answered right away.

Pam answered phone right away quick chat about what I was looking for,and gave me a couple of options for times,text me promptly with post code  10/10

Easy to find over at Holyrood first floor flat with buzzer,plenty parkin.     10/10

Pam opened the door asked me in,boy was I pleasantly surprised high heels hold ups bra and thong
Kiss on the cheek and led through to the bedroom Pam is about 5.5/5.6 size 10 and good looking girl age she says 26 I would say is correct.
Paper work done £100 for the hour no anal or cim was ok with that,wasn't offered a shower but I had just come out one,she game me a bottle of water.
On to the bed started of with a bit fk then onto owo one of the best bj I have had 69 lovely pussy all fresh,on wi the bag rc,doggy,missionary new I wouldn't cum in the bag,so back to bj poped over face and tits.
Lay back on the bed Pam cleaned up,she cracks away about life in general good english can hold a conversation no problem past the time quick.
Round two she gets me going again with bj so I kept going with that got her to kneel on the floor in front of the big mirror,stunning site and blow second load on face and tits.
All in all a great punt I was about 1hr 15 mins in the flat no clock watching and I would definitely see her again top wg     9/10

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