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Scotland / Hayely Lss Edinburgh.
« by Jabba the Slut on Yesterday at 11:30:37 PM »
Was in Lss a few weeks ago.Had to wait a few minutes for a girl to appear, as all 6 on duty were busy.
Was given a list of which girls were on and Hayely was the first back up stairs.
Couldn't be bothered to see the rest , so I picked her .
£20 for 30 mins at the door.
£55 to girl.
Looks 8_10 dark hair , nice pretty face, big natural tits.
service, covered oral, on top, doggy, average to be honest.6-10
Attitude 6-10  felt she was going through the motions. Maybe got her on a bad day.
Ok girl to chat with says she is from Russia,  but without the Love.

Scotland / Bella Glasgow gumtree relaxing massage
« by cigano8 on Yesterday at 05:13:45 PM »
Have seen Bella a couple of times now and while it's not full service I thought I would update with my recent experience:


https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=101940.msg1206955#msg1206955 (other reviews)

So Bella is an EE lass, the actual massage was in a studio appartment not far from centre, massage was nude b2b with some back and front (limited) slides. Overall an enjoyable experience for me. She also offers prostate massage for free but declined last time so at least for me no "rubber glove" for HE, but  I can't make that a plus point  :lol:
Cleaned up and decent shower offered afterwards.

Good comms
She's attractive and young
Great body- fantastic tits and she looks tremendous naked   :rolleyes:
Very friendly for me can hold a good conversation
plenty reach-unders and while not proper tit wank she gets her boobs all over your front-  feels great


Actual massage not the best, done on a paper-covered double bed and not a massage table so you're not going to get any knots out but she did do a decent firm massage on my request
Have noticied she tends to start appointments late but wasn't shortchanged on time
For me she's hot but I don't think anything more than HR on the cards

£50 for half hour gets the job done nicely but reading other reviews I think YMMV with her - I found her very chatty, allowed gentle touching etc. so positive for me and will go back again.

Scotland / Mel craigslist Cumbernauld Timewaster
« by cigano8 on Yesterday at 05:03:55 PM »
Arranged to meet "Mel" aka sensual massage on craigslist:

Normally wouldn't go there but the previous reviews on here sounded decent. 
This meeting was a non-event in the end but I think negative is justified.

Comms are a nightmare as it's craigslist email only and the first time we couldn't agree a date (after several back and forth emails)  fair enough, tried again the next month and agreed time, I confirmed in the morning as requested and still hadn't received address an hour before meet so emailed to check and she says she needs to cancel something's come up. This should have been the red flag but with the real lack of young Scottish masseuses in the Glasgow scene I persevered, so I rescheduled to the next week. This time confirmation email sent and address returned, I turn up on time, knock on the door and would you believe no answer, wait couple minutes try again...nothing. So at this point tried sending email and was conscious I was hanging about outside a house, so tried one final time must have waited about 7 minutes outside and further 10 in car nearby then left.

She emailed an hour later saying she fell asleep and she's just up...not much of an apology to be honest  :angry: :mad: She's also stupid enough to leave her real name in the email chain  :dash:

Told her that's plenty won't be going back. My advice- avoid this massive time waster simply can't trust her.

Scotland / ELSAcountrygirlcc - Glasgow
« by noodle on March 27, 2017, 08:32:07 PM »

COMMS 6/10

Contacted initially via adult work and then give phone number for when i arrived.


Sketchy housing association tower block. There is a "concierge" on duty who you have to pass. flat is also on like the 10 floor although there is a lift. Lot's of people about so not really that discrete.

LOOKS 6/10

Definitely there girl in the photos and she has a cute look about here. Downsides were she has smokers teeth and tit's a bit saggy. Looks a bit more of a wee schemie in the flesh ;-)


Light kissing at the beginning of the meet which tailed off tailed off during the meet. Wouldn't allow fingering but would allow you to penetrate her with one of here selection of toys (all broken  :wackogirl:).

Meet started off with some light half arsed oral. Very shallow definely not DFK. She got fed up fairly quickly so on with the bag. Sex in a few positions not bad but a little robotic.

Round two more crap oral, gets fed up again so starts hand relief. Then starts complaining her hand is getting tired after a few mins. Sex again to complete.


£150 per hour, sketchy venue, limited services delivered badly. Superstar pricing with conveyer belt service at best.

Scotland / Emanuellx - Kilmarnock (yes really)
« by rowdee1 on March 27, 2017, 06:54:23 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3377731 or https://www.adultwork.com/Emanuellx

I have seen this girl a couple of times now and would give her a positive on both occasions. Prices were as the AW profile.

She's located about a half mile from the centre of Kilmarnock in a nice private house, easy parking and feels very discreet. Comms were by text.

She has a nice smiley face, in a girl next door kind of way, she's tiny, about 5' 2" and a little bit on the chubby side but her body is firm with it.

Gave all services requested, dfk, owo, reverse oral, covered sex in a few positions.

Her English is good and she's very pleasant.

All in all a very decent punt without having to trail up the A77.


Scotland / Tina BSS Edinburgh
« by RogerXed on March 27, 2017, 04:04:28 PM »
So after spending 30 mins with Heidi downstairs I sat in the room with the other girls to have a bit of rest and chat. At some point I felt quite horny again and this time I decided to go for Tina, a brunette from Romania in her late 20s / early 30s I think.

Another 20 pounds to the reception and 50 for the girl. Downstairs she went straight on her knees and gave me an amazing OWO blowjob. Perfect eye contact and great skills. On with the condom and I gave her some really hard fucking in doggy. She has nice ass and legs so watching her from behind is a pleasant view :)

After around 15-20 mins of fucking I came really hard inside her and then sat for a few mins and had a wee chat. She is apparently relatively new - said to me that she started only 3 weeks ago.

So all in all a great punt with Tina. She is very pretty facially and has big eyes. Her English is also very good and she has 0 attitude - wonderful girl.

The only small negative is that her tits are not great (going south a bit too much) but this didn't ruin my experience with her at all.

Will be glad to see her again :)

Scotland / Heidi BSS Edinburgh
« by RogerXed on March 27, 2017, 03:44:48 PM »
Decided to go to Blair Street a few days ago and since I haven't been there for years decided to go for 30 mins just to check out how's things :)

The usual 20 quid at the door and 50 for the girl, very friendly guy at the reception, no problems at all.

There were 3 available girls when I got it - Heidi, Denise (who used to be at NTS and I've reviewed her some time ago) and another girl but I forgot her name (very skinny and likes to talk a lot).

So decided to go for Heidi who is not bad looking Scottish girl - I think she is well reviewed here. Not sure what is her age but probably around 35,blonde,  nice legs, not bad boobs and good bum.

Down to the room with her she started with OWO, some deepthroat involved which was good. I fucked her in missionary for quite some time but for some reason I couldn't cum with her. I was very close a few times but I think I was a bit tired and she looked somehow too innocent for me to make me cum.

She does put effort at what she does and she is a good looking girl hence the positive feedback from me :)

Scotland / Scottish Sexy Karen (Edinburgh)
« by alyian on March 26, 2017, 10:05:58 PM »
I visited Scottish Sexy  Karen recently for 30 minutes and totally regretted it :dash: :dash:. Totally waste of time and money
Fees: £50 for 30 minutes
Located in Granton area.

Phoned her and she texted the address and went there to find she is bigger size than 14, may be 16 or more.
She showed me the room next to the main  door of the flat and she spent a minute pressing on a little door security machine on the wall with a timer which keeps peeping for couple of minutes. Then she entered the room and I handed her the paper work and she disappeared for a minute and came back to the room. we sit on the bed and she asked me to lie down and wanted to give some oral. I asked her to stretch on the bed first and to take off what she is wearing but she just took her bra off and never stretched. She said that she did not do kissing, tried to suck her tits and she was complaining they are sensitive and only touch with your lips. Then, she kept saying do not touch here and there. This put me off at all and she started giving me owo and I cum in her mouth and she went to spit and came back saying you have 5 minutes what do you want to do. At this stage I did not want to stay any longer as she is terrible with rude behaviour.   

I think she only wants to give a blow job no touching or anything else. Very unpleasant experience even to chat with.

When I reviewed her feedback on AW website I found this review and I am coping it here:
"This escort does not look like her pictures please do not be fooled. Waste of £50. She is not a freak! She would not let me touch her! Do not book! She is fat too"

Although she replied to this feedback denying she met that guy. But after my experience with her, I %100 sure this review is genuine.
Just avoid, totally very bad experience even if it is for free.

Scotland / Lucy Longlegs/Glasgow
« by roller coaster on March 26, 2017, 09:37:24 PM »
Recently visited Lucy longlegs.
www.adultwork.com/1589904 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lucy+Longlegs - Get QR Code
Half hour £45.00
Seen her positive reviews on here so at 45 quid thought nothing to loose, and when you can't even get finished off by hand i wouldn't recommend.
Comms were okay and arranged a time.
When i got there phoned from outside and she comes to the buzzer door in a unusual block of flats to meet you.
Not a stunner not a dog just nothing special.
Then in to the flat that smelled of animals.
Was offered the the use of the bathroom with one small towel with a hole in it i didn't shower just a quick freshen up.
Went in to a very small room with a single bed with as she had said her name was Fiona in underwear in heels.
She is very skinny and with other members saying she is a junkie the way she spoke it wouldn't surprise me.
I had given her the fee.
There was a small chair there where i had taken my coat off then she come up to me kissed me not d.f.k and just as well as i wasn't that impressed then took my clothes of me i didn't find her that attractive as usually by now i would be fully erected but just about half way there.
Fiona/ Lucy started giving me oral not the best i have sampled although she did put some effort in to it as eventually i was fully erected.
She offered me the chance to go down on her and seeing that bush i declined.
Then sex in a few positions which was okay i then saw her teeth and this put me right off her and i started going soft.
Lucy/ Fiona offered to finish me off with oral which i did manage to get hard again but i wasn't enjoying this so she tried to wank me off.
This was hard and rough and my balls felt soar which ended in me going soft again.
She then asked if i wanted to finish myself off and as i was a bit soar i just said it doesn't look like It's gonna happen today maybe another time.
We both got dressed with a bit of chat seemed okay but really my cup of anything.
Overall punting at the lower end of the market is a lesson to be learnt.

This is just to let you know guys these two profiles to avoid. I went to see Lolytta4you.69  for 30 minutes yesterday


Phoned her and asked if she does all what in  her like list, she said yes and if her pictures are real, answered also yes, I went there and discovered that the girl who opened the door for me is the one in this profile


Both Romanians. I asked her you are not the one in the profile , do you work with someone else here, she said no it is my profile and I bought it from the girl in the picture, big lie of course. Anyway, I did not want to hand her the paperwork until I make sure she will do what I want. I asked her do you do owo  and cim ?, she said no only  OW. I felt uncomfortable at all and the girl does not look nice, so I told her no sorry I want to go.
Totally waste of time and i think the reviews they have are fake, so avoid.

Scotland / Eve01 - Aberdeen
« by Clitlicker1 on March 25, 2017, 06:10:25 PM »
www.adultwork.com/3018046 or https://www.adultwork.com/Eve01
Just had a punt (25/01/2017 ) with this lass

Comms great-spoke on phone no problem,answered all my questions I texted.
Said she would wear schoolgirl uniform thought that'll do....(funny how all EE girls think girls going to school wear tartan mini skirts)-anyhoo got paperwork out the way (£60) told to undress she came back 2 mins later...most of services agreed by phone/text were met with "oh I can't do that "switched on music on her phone probably as a timer,-I kinda find Ed Sheehan, one direction  hollering in the back ground a bit off putting..kisses were what you'd get off a drunk auntie,just pecks on lips, so went on to reverse oral ... I may as well have been licking the bedcovers as she lay there motionless, she then says "BJ?"
Ok , gives the old boy a good rub down with a wet wipe ..and asks if I wanted covered or Owo .. went without --BJ skills are quite good but no deepthroat and has a tendency to stop and every now and again stop and use hand and tongue...was only in there for about 20mins but was just wanting to finish and get out , blew load in mouth, then off she went to spit, was dressed by time she dame back , little chit chat as her English ok but not great
Overall,  decent BJ CIM...But wouldn't see her again

Scotland / Sexy Claudia - Aberdeen
« by wm5856 on March 25, 2017, 12:45:29 AM »

Its not often that I get to Aberdeen but today I ended up there for the second time this week. I finished work for the day and decided to surprise Hot Olivia with a second visit in as many days. However she wasnt feeling well and suggested I see her friend instead. Im not usually a fan of meeting 'friends' but I had seen Claudia's profile before and thought, why not? I knew my way there from before and was soon outside waiting to be buzzed in. When Claudia opened the door I was pleasantly surprised. She looked lovely in her photos but in real life - even better! She welcomed me with a hug and a kiss and took me to her room. Shower and drinks offered and accepted. Back to the room where Claudia was waiting for me on the bed. We got together and straight away she removed my towel and paid great attention to my cock and balls, kissing and caressing them gently. She slipped the condom on with her tongue and before i knew it she was bouncing up and down,a beautiful sight. Her ample breasts were mesmerisimg and it felt great. I could feel myself getting ready to explode and was enjoying it so much i didnt try to stop. Wow. it was good. A quick clean up and it was Claudia's turn to lie back and enjoy my tongue in her sweet pussy. I think she enjoyed it very much. We managed to manouevre ourselves round to 69 and when I let her know I was about to cum she didnt stop and allowed me to finish in her mouth. We chatted for a few minutes and then got cleaned up and dressed. Now I have a dilemma when going to Aberdeen - two beautiful ladies who are expert in what they do and great company to be with. That dilemma will be solved on another day! Thanks for a wonderful time Claudia

Scotland / Aberdeen (west end) May Thai Massage
« by mr mischief on March 24, 2017, 06:25:43 PM »

I can't rate this little cracker highly enough.

Called to book appointment and was given a price of £70, I thought at the time this was a little expensive but I hadn't realised at the time that  it was for all - inclusive

Arrived at the address which was in a nice leafy street in the west end and shown to the massage room where i was left to undress.

When she returned to the room she also stripped down to her knickers. She then began to give a really strong massage of the back and legs, after a while it became very obvious that HE was to be expected. She paid loads of attention to my asshole and when she realised I had no objection to this kind of thing she then started to press on my arseshole quite firmly but at the same time highly sensual and  sometimes pushing her finger a little deeper in my ass to the point of this being almost like prostrate massage. This kind of treatment really works for me.

After a while I was asked to turn over which I did, she then began on the HE which after all that ass attention didn't take too long and by fuck was it good, ended up spurting  a big wad  all over the place.

She then cleaned me up and we had a quick chat as I got myself dressed.

She really does put in the effort to give an excellent strong massage and top notch HE with some very good ass play as well

If getting your arse massaged is your thing I would highly recommend this one.

Would i Return    -  I already have - for me this is the only place to go in Aberdeen

Scotland / Jessi New Girl (Edinburgh) Lothian road
« by pianop1978 on March 23, 2017, 04:14:17 PM »
Had a punt today.  I base my punts on distance from my work, and she was close by.  I really cant be arsed travelling for ages to see a WG, so doesnt matter who is close by.   I met this girl today      https://www.adultwork.com/3587843            https://www.adultwork.com/jessi+new+girl+

Based on lothian road, busy part so easy to nip into a tenament door and up the stairs.     Stair and flat was resonable, a tad student quality slithly run down, nothing special.

Paid £70 for 30 mins, but ended up there almost 50 mins.  included owo and lots of kissing and touching.   banged her few positions and she took it with enthsaism and had a laugh.

Age would say mid 20's,   claims Italian, probably right.  facialy fairly plain, body wise quite big.  Massive chebs and arse.   Tasty fanny, not that tall,     but still found her attractive.

At the end of the day had fun and enjoyed it, even if she doesnt look like your average pornstar.  Would go back and think she mentioned here for a few months.

Scotland / EliteScottishEva Dundee
« by MrSteven on March 22, 2017, 03:44:26 PM »

I`ve seen this profile appear on/off for ages and always thought she looked really good...so when she popped up in Dundee I raided the emergency funds and arranged a visit yesterday for earlier today.

She didn`t reply to my text confirming the time this morning, a few reminders sent and she claimed to have slept in and we agreed to meet at 1210. Was then left waiting for her address in the street and gave up at 1240. Another few texts, including promise of a free hour, saw me at the flat door by 1310.  Her texts were so long and slightly strange that I was having serious doubts. 

Finally I get in the flat and was so late by then I had to reduce to half an hour.   Must say she has awesome legs and nice top half, all very neat.  Facially ok but looking a bit worn ou for 29.... 

Anyway she starts chatting again, 10 minutes on the potential for doing good business in Dundee (huge).....after some prompting to get started she rushes off to the toilet, another 10 minutes go by. I`m certain there`s more going on and am getting ready to jump out the window. Eventually she comes back, prefunctory rub, quick fuck and am gone.

She could be great but all in all it was all very weird and not at all relaxing. Either she`s a bit mental or on something.

Afraid I can`t recommend.
Another Dundee fail.

Scotland / Shia at nts
« by aslan1962 on March 22, 2017, 03:01:25 PM »
Went to Newtown on Sunday 26 Feb
Not been for some.all the girls were new
Shia was with client. Decided wait for Shia.
In the room straight to owo as I have been with her before
Good deep oral than finished cowgirl.shia said she is into spanking and lather aswell.
Paid 25 at door and 65 to Shia
I asked have asked about anal every time she not today
Has any one had anal with her because she said you need to book a day in advance
Other than this very good service all time

Scotland / Hot Olivia - Aberdeen
« by wm5856 on March 22, 2017, 12:21:29 PM »

This is my first time on here so please excuse any mistakes.
I was in Aberdeen on business and at a loose end so decided to call Olivia. I had met her twice before so I knew what to expect. We arranged to meet by text within the hour. I got there ten minutes early but that was not a problem. Nice modern apartment block with door entry and parking outside. When she opened the door I was greeted with a long lingering kiss. She was dressed in a short top and short shorts. She looked even better than I remembered from before. We had a quick chat and sorted out the paperwork side and I was offered a shower which i accepted. When I got back to her room she was waiting for me with a cold drink. We stood kissing for a while and then it was on to the bed and off with the towel and everything else. She quickly got me hard and went down for the best oral I've had. We swapped places and I enjoyed her sweet pussy for a while until I felt her orgasm.  She then got the condom on we had a little bit of doggy before I couldnt hold back any longer. A quick clean up and a drink, then it was on to round two. Olivia went back down for more owo and this time we didnt stop until i came again. It was heaven.
I have to give Olivia 10/10 for looks and her body is perfect as well. She has a wonderfully sexy smile. Her profile phots are 100% accurate. If you go to meet her you will not be disappointed


There's shit loads already about her on here, due to her fake pics (not sure about all of them, perhaps someone can shed some light) and various previous incarnations of differing calibre. But if these are true, together with the possibility I may have seen her for a decent threesome a few years ago, I decided there were enough possible positives to take a gamble on a 50 quid quickie and satisfy a ranging hungover horn, when there was nothing else appealing. Had tried to contact her several times before this in similar plan Z circumstances, but always had the comms skills of an autistic recruitment drive by the Iraqi navy.

Initially called to no reply, but managed to get her talking after she quickly text back, seemingly keen to make some coin for a change. Sounded enthusiastic enough on the phone as we discussed the details, then text en-route to confirm a service I forgot to ask about and duly got a reply to confirm all was good.

Despite this, got to her place in Cathcart on time, but called and text umpteen times, (including one where her phone was engaged, so no issue there) to no reply. Eventually called it a day five minutes after our arranged time was supposed to end. Could be wrong, but think that's actually the first time I've been stood up on a punt (or any date for that matter). :dance: Utterly incompetent time-waster, who literally can't organise a shag in a brothel (works with at least one other), and ain't even worth the phone call, in the unlikely event you ever get through. Could even see a red-lit room from the pavement of her very short street, so presumably had to be hers. Subtle.

Went home 50 quid up, still with the horn, but nothing a couple of enjoyable bouts of Pornhub couldn't take care of. All the while, she's 50 quid and at least 10-20 punts down thanks to this review. She can do the sums as to her actual losses. :D

Scotland / Amberdeen Aberdeen
« by bushman on March 21, 2017, 06:42:44 PM »
Seen this pocket rocket a few months ago.
https://www.adultwork.com/3990088 or https://www.adultwork.com/XXXAMBERDEENXXX
Rates are a wee bit steep at £90 h/h and £180 h.
Face 7/10 lovely next door kind of girl.
Body 7/10
Bum 7/10
Attitude and eagerness to please 8-9/10.
She can suck like the best if not the best.
Nice meaty lips that taste nice and clean.
Went for a meet. She sucked me dry. Allowed me to rest and told me now I want you to ride me like pornstar (hope her pornstardom doesn't go to her head) - tried but failed, didn't last long.
She has a flatmate in Abz and those two must have their own supply of grass as the flat reaked of it.
Would love to see her again but not at those prices.
She is the best I've had in Aberdeen since the oil crash.

Scotland / Lucia Slut Horny - Aberdeen
« by bushman on March 21, 2017, 05:59:15 PM »
WTF. Seen a few glowing reviews of this one. And turned out to be B&S.
 https://www.adultwork.com/3356661 or https://www.adultwork.com/LUCIA+SLUT+HORNY
  https://www.adultwork.com/3281088 or https://www.adultwork.com/LORENA+SLUT+LATINA
Booked Lucia and got Lorena.
Prevouis reviews on both are positive. Sorry gents I can't disagree more. The one opening the door- Lorena is much older than stated on AW, I would give her at least +15 years.
Was planning to get properly drained so during my pre meet agreement I asked whether I could come more than once if I let it go quick first time around.Further more everything except Anal was agreed to be included in price.
Surprise surprise it wasn't. Not that I mind ow.
Cash exchanged hands and everything went south.
Sorry come once only she said.I should have walked there and then but no. I had a horn.
Looks 4/10 ( The face in pictures +15 years).
Body 4/10 ( Massive fake tits that was badly done.)
Attitude and eagerness to please 3/10 ( After the B&S disagreement and come once chat it didn't surprise me).

During our session there was a knock on front door with Lucia arriving.
Another girl work in same flat of George street.
 https://www.adultwork.com/3373186 or https://www.adultwork.com/Anal+Sex+Specialist
She atleast was smiling. But not as glam as pictures suggest.

Scotland / sallysulivan - Aberdeen
« by chico on March 20, 2017, 04:17:18 PM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/2348852 or https://www.adultwork.com/sallysulivan

1 hour £120

Czech girl blonde curvy not quite BBW. Bit more wieght than photos show. Quite tall just about 6ft in heels. Friendly but english is a bit limited. Quite good OWO good fingering but did not like anal play. Wanted £20 extra for CIM.
Ok but just not my type. Willing to do what was on her list but I quite like the finger in the ass so was a bit disappointed.
But good oral technique and did it like I wanted after getting through to her. Would use as plan 2 next time but only 30 mins.

Scotland / Demi_Mx Edinburgh
« by well_ung on March 20, 2017, 11:25:02 AM »
surprised there has not been a review on this girl so far

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/3319045 or https://www.adultwork.com/Demi%5FMx+

Always a bit cautious when I see an adultwork profile and the girl looks smoking hot but no face picture.
yes granted a lot its just due to security and personal reasons, but recently getting sick of the sauna scene to many foreign girls.

thought id give demi a go and see for myself, and boy i'm glad I did. this girl is stunning , I mean drop dead gorgeous  ;)
she is the type of girl you would see in a bar and cant stop looking at. :)


upmarket new serviced / student flat
secure entry system - lift
very nice décor - modern

Cost and Service

£80 - 30 mins
owo - dfk - massage - shower


Age 25 accurate
Blonde lap dancer look (stunning)
slim size 8 32dd
Picture's accurate - better in the flesh

anyway I arrived at a serviced flat in the fountainbridge area of Edinburgh, very secure with easy parking on a nearby street.
top floor flat but with lift access.

was greeted by demi, wearing just stockings , bra and pants and high heels.
got paperwork out the way and she disappeared for a few mins. returned and asked what I was after ?

"do you want a massage" no lets just get right into it, she laughed.
I was naked on the bed, and she got on top of me to dfk, very sensual,
I flipped her over and started kissing her and removed underwear, went down on her and tasted good,
making the right noises but not fake as some do.

She then returned the favour  :P very good owo gave me head for about 10 mins, lots of spit, then on with the condom for sex in
mish. finished by coming over her stomach and tits, cleaned up and left a happy chap.

would def return, but for an hour .

if she had a face pic, she would be a very popular girl. Don't be put off by the low reviews she is the real deal.  :yahoo:

Scotland / JASMINE A LEVEL - Kircaldy
« by jkrieg on March 19, 2017, 08:46:15 PM »

This is only a positive because I still came away with a smile on my face however there was a couple of points id mention that may make or break it for some people looking to book.

First of all the person I booked was ANNA CIM (https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3994403) however I only realised after leaving that I actually got Jasmine, in saying that she was probably prettier so i'm not fussed. It is however a bit dodgy booking one person and getting their friend etc...

The next sticking point is that her English isnt the greatest, however it wasnt much of an issue. Just don't go in looking to have a lengthy conversation!

She had a fantastic little body on her, especially if you like skinny girls and facially she looked nicer than in her pictures which don't really do her justice.

So started off with a OWO which was actually pretty good but not long enough. Id imagine she would have gone on longer if I had asked though. Then onto some doggy and the first thing I noticed is how tight she is! That is one thing that I do like about Romanians is they tend to be much tighter than our girls.

I then flipped her over for some missionary and finished in her quicker than I had expected due to how tight she was!, she wasnt overly enthusiastic but wasnt a complete sack of potatoes either which you quite often get from a romanian.

I did leave 10 minutes early on the 30 minute booking however she didn't rush me out the door and offered for me to lie back down, im not one to stick around long after if they don't speak the greatest english.

So overall this one scraped a positive. If you are just looking for a cheap in and out punt with not much conversation and are in the area then id give her a visit.

Scotland / katarina xxx Aberdeen
« by DrGFreeman on March 19, 2017, 11:53:17 AM »
£70 for 30 min

The other week I had the serious horn. All the available girls in Aberdeen had negative reviews or were not my type. Katarina has been in Aberdeen for some years and has +ve reviews. Thought I’d give her a try.

She answered phone straight away and set up an appointment within the hour. Her flat is in the ‘merchant quarter’ – a tenement but clean and warm enough.

So, normally I don’t book girls who don’t have clear full body shots on their profile. The only girls who do this are hiding something. Katarinas profile only shows her tits. She is variously described as : ‘curvy’ ‘big girl’ ‘’larger lady’ but also having ‘great rack’ and ‘amazing ass’. I was expecting the lady on the left, but she is more the lady on the right. I would describe her as ‘morbidly obese’.

But I was there, I was horny and she had positive reviews so I stayed.
Tits are certainly big, but have no shape. I would say the same about her arse. I’m fine with big, but she is flabby.
She was well presented in lingerie and spotlessly clean. She certainly works hard to provide a good service – good OWO, fairly deep kissing, allowed fingering, didn’t rush me at all during sex, changing positions are requested. No clock watching at all, it was me who brought things to a close with her suggestion of a CIM finish.

So to conclude if you’re into BBWs she probably a good choice. If your preference is under size 16 I would not recommend.

edit : neither pic is Katarina, purely for illustration

Scotland / Lovely destiny glasgow
« by Kornam68 on March 19, 2017, 11:10:43 AM »
I had lovely destiny on my to do list for sometime but she is difficult sometimes to get a hold of and when she did answer it was difficult to agree a time that suited me ( my fault because I was looking to visit within the hour ). Anyway I had seen that she was available on AW and called and managed to arrange a 1/2 hour at 5.30 on that day. She is based in a ground floor flat in shawlands. I arrived on time and was greeted by destiny in short skirt, bra and pink stockings, heels. Was shown into the rear bedroom and got the paperwork out the way, she left the room for a minute and returned with a nice smile asking what I was looking for. I wanted to savour the moment and was already getting hard so had a nice snog against the wall squeezing her small but perk tits, and groping her fantastic small bottom under her skirt. I asked her to bend over which she did in order to remove her thong to have a nice look and lick of her smooth pussy. Onto the bed for some 69 before popping on a bag and banging her doggy style whilst playing with her small erected nipples. The sight of her perfect tanned ass and arched back made me cum too quick. After a small clean up and some more oral it was on with another bag for a second ride, this time I was able to enjoy a longer screw in several positions. I know there has been different reviews on this girl but I would definitely go back. Good Scottish lass with nice tight body.  :hi:

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