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Wales / Sexybecca21_
« by MrTom2030 on Yesterday at 12:01:29 PM »
Guys stay away from this one. Decided to go with my more trusting side and gave a £25 deposit through bank transfer to show up at mine. Never showed. Looked into her more closely using her mobile number. She popped up on snap chat which gave me her real name and it's not the same person to whos in the pictures on adultwork.

Wales / Ashlee - Portfolio
« by Livingthedream874 on Yesterday at 11:57:37 AM »
Long time lurker but first time poster and thought I'd share my experience with Ashlee from Portfolio


Age: 22
Height: 5'7
Dress: Listed 8 but closer to 12 being honest
Breasts: 36E
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Face: Very pretty, worth a second glance
Nationality: Welsh
Ethnicity: White
Duration: 1 Hour


5* only issue was finding a time when Ashlee was available - girl must be popular


Having used agencies sparingly (I find indies usually provide the same service without the premium on price p/h) I wasn't particularly interested until I saw Ashlee's profile pop up and I decided there and then that I wanted her. Booked everything without any problems and rocked up to the house in the middle of the day. Was met at the door by another girl (no idea who but she was stunning, almost made me disappointed that she wasn't Ashlee) who said that Ash was just touching up and would be a minute or 2.

In literally a minute Ashlee breezed in and immediately put me at ease with her enthusiasm, paperwork was taken care of promptly and while undressing had a good look at her. She had on a great set of panties and matching hold ups and cotton vest that she almost tore off to reveal her amazing breasts. She also has several tattoos that haven't made it into her profile pics but I'm a sucker for a girl with tats so if anything was a bonus.

Straight in DFK (her tongue piercing produces an amazing sensation) whilst teasing her gentle through her underwear. To be a bit cheeky I licked her fingers and slipped them between her legs and in response she began to grind her arse back against my groin - outstanding.

After a few minutes of this I lay her on the bed and stripped off both her panties and hold ups and went to work on licking her - she tastes fantastic and is very responsive, at one point when she came her legs had a crazy sort of spasm but I was feeling naughty and kept on fingering her and sucking hard on her clit through her orgasm which made her squirt a little. After this she couldn't stop smiling and even said she felt all floaty. Mission accomplished there!

She then gave me some amazing owo to the point where I had to get her to stop after a couple of minutes because I was ready to blow. On with the condom and a really deep hard doggy fuck. Sadly after the brilliant build up she gave me I last virtually no time at all before popping.

We had 5 minutes or so of chat and then she was keen for more so after stroking my old boy back to life, and after fingering her to orgasm again, on with another condom and back at it in doggy, missionary, cowgirl and even tried having her face down but couldn't make it work. To finish Ashlee gave me more owo and wanked me to a climax over her tits.

10/10 all around with this girl.

The only minor quibble I had was with the condoms - they were incredibly tight, even for me who isn't blessed with outstanding girth or length which could have potentially put the brakes on but a very minor blip in an otherwise fantastic booking

I am just providing her profile number as she tends to change her name quite frequently:-


Cost : £250 for 1 hour Incall (£50 extra for anal).

As this was to be my first meet with her I gave her a very clear and simple brief ie. "GFE with standing DFK to start, and A'levels".  She agreed, and did the A'levels OK but failed totally on the DFK.
I requested "standing DFK" as I like to do that with girls who are tall - she is 6' tall in heels.  When we started to kiss she gave me an enthusiastic "lip service" but no tongue.  I waited a while to let her warm up and then tried to probe her mouth with my tongue - but all I got was a wall of teeth - not a hint of tongue.  I gave her more time and then tried again but got the the same result.  I couldn't believe it!  I felt she really misled me.  Hopeless as a GFE.   :angry:

Her incall venue was also one of the worst I have EVER experienced.  The bedroom had no floorspace, was very dark, untidy, and no drink or shower was offered.  The toilet seat in the bathroom was not even attached to the bowl - when I lifted it it fell on the floor!  :dash:

There were other lesser negatives : the implants in her fake tits were very hard and noticeable, pierced nipples, subtle clock watching, checking her phone on several occasions, hair extensions, only one outfit available, fake moaning, dodged CIM.

There were a few positives: she is the girl in her profile photos, long legs, nice arse, easy to book at short notice (not busy).  She can take anal well but only for about 10 mins.

There are also some very arrogant claims on her profile:-
1. "The Best of the South Wales escorts".  I'm not sure the other escorts would agree? I have seen much better in South Wales.
2. "In my early 20's".  Well her profile says she is 25, and we all know WG's understate their age.  I'd say late 20's.
3. "I am worth every penny and will give you the best experience you have ever had".  She is well overpriced IMO, and I have had many better experiences at half the cost!  :(

Cheers!  :drinks:


Age: 24
Height:  5'5"
Dress: 10
Breasts: 34b natural (pierced nipples that are sensitive to pleasure)
Hair: Auburn
Face: very very pretty looks very innocent and is so naturally pretty
Nationality: English
Ethnicity: White


45 min


10/10 which is always very professional and 1st class and very easy to book

The booking:

As most would know reading my reviews I have met most of the girls at Portfolios and some I had repeat bookings with and have consistently had a great time.  Aimee had only recently started but I had no hesitation in booking without feedback as my experience with the girls at this agency had consistently been excellent so booking arranged.

I arrived early for the booking and excited and horny to meet Aimee and while waiting a car arrived in the same street adjacent to where the agency is location and I looked across at the girl who walked down the footpath on leaving the car and thought OMG I hope that is Aimee as I had seen some pictures before the booking.

Close to the booking time I did the normal text to say i had arrived and text straight back saying she's ready, oh was I excited.  I was met at the door by Aimee and it was her who I had just seen walk down the street.  She is naturally very very pretty and is a girl that I definately find hugely attractive.  :rose:

She was dressed very smart and welcomed me in with the a sweet kiss, OMG I was excited, Aimee offered me a drink which I accepted and in no time she was back in the room.  She has a perfect English accent and has a very soft look of innocence.

I had to pinch myself when in the room with her because a booking with such a pretty girl is just unreal,  but I was there  :yahoo:  :kissgirl:

Paperwork sorted, Aimee walked to me with the look of innocence but passion on her face and we both went straight into dfk which was lovely very intimate and I was enjoying with our bodies close together..we stopped for a second and Aimee asked what my likes were and I said everything and Aimee said good because her likes are the same :yahoo:  we continued with lovelly DfK.

Aimee started to undress me while I was undressing her and soon were still standing but naked and she has fantastic body and sensitive pierced nipples which is a soft spot of mine.

We lay on the bed with Aimee on her back and I gave her some tongue play on her clit while gentle fingering and she was loving it with a look of pleasure that just made me keep it going for longer and she was shortly very wet, I also slipped a finger in her ass while licking her clit that was also getting her excited with pleasure.

Aimee wanted to return the pleasure on me and have me mind blowing owo, licking my balls sucking my cock and deep throat and while doing this she stopped to say she loves sucking cock and that was obvious because the look of pleasure on her face said it.. I couldn't take it any longer and put condom on for some slapping Aimee's clit while licking her nipples and more DFK the intimacy was fantastic..

I asked Aimee to lay on her front and I had to give her ass some rimming and she was loving it, I lay on Aimee's back and was kissing her back then neck and while sliding my penis in between her bum cheeks and with some body movements rubbing together my penis had entered Aimee's ass and I fucked her gently but deep while still kissing her neck and shoulders and she was loving it and her pussy was soaking.  In the heat in the intimacy I asked Aimee where I should come and she said to cum on her ass, so I pulled off the condom and Aimee lay on her side and while still DFK I cum on Aimee's ass and we continued with DFk for another 5 minutes and could have quite easily have stayed there for the day and Aimee gave me the impression that she would have been happy for me to stay there for the ready of the day.

We cleaned up and then got dressed and had a friendly chit chat and Aimee is such a lovely friendly girl to spend time with.  While dressed we continued with DFk right up until I was leaving the building and the look of pleasure from start through to me leaving the building was unreal from such a pretty girl.

When I got back in the car I messaged Portfolio with feedback which summed it up and said: 'WOW!  Aimee has it all, very pretty, sexy, pure pleasure to be with and I would like to keep her to myself 'WOW'


An excellent booking with a very very pretty innocent looking girl who is a pleasure to spend time with and clearly loves sex and is very open minded.  The amount of intimacy I had from this booking with Aimee was just unbelievable and she is easily in my top 3 of best punts ever.

I will be back very soon for another booking and will definately be a regular, regular with Aimee. :kissgirl: :rose: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I'm sure you can tell I like Aimee and she is my perfect type of girl  :yahoo: :yahoo:


Wales / Cherrycougar76 - Newport/Cardiff
« by Husqvarna360 on Yesterday at 07:15:00 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3610990 or https://www.adultwork.com/cherrycougar76

Age: 40
Height:  5'4"
Dress: 10 top but probably 12 bottom
Breasts: 34b (nice prominent nipples)
Hair: blonde dyed, shoulder length
Face: girl next door, ok
Nationality: Welsh


30 min


All be AW email with instant responses.

The booking:

Photos and feedback looked good on AW but couldn't find any feedback on UKP so decided to bite the bullet anyway and visit, comms were easy all by AW email and I have had a greedy week of bookings so it just continued.

Arrived at the address and it's a modern housing estate between Newport and Cardiff, property was quite small but was all clean and tidy.

Parking is easy and knocked on the door and is it opened there stood cherry cougar, dressed smart in a nice tight top, tight skirt, heels, I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of looks but she was a girl next door type of girl.

She is very friendly and into the lounge we went and there was a sheet covering the settee so thought it looks like fun in the lounge rather than bedroom and that's what it was.  Paperwork sorted and I'm not a shy guy so as Cherrycougar was chatting away I wasted no time taking my clothes off, and just as I was naked she asked did I want to undress her or did I want her to take her clothes off.  Easy one so I said it's cool you take your clothes off.  So in no time she was standing in her heels, black holdups, thong and matching bra and I'm naked.  Hygiene is all good so still standing we went in for some kissing that wasn't really dfk.  In no time she was lying on her back with nickers and bra removed getting some attention from my tongue which she seemed to enjoy and she does have a prominent pussy with plump lips.

She returned the pleasure on me and gave me owo, my cum was rising so decided best continue and when I asked where I should cum she said on her toys so not sure of CIM is an option.  So in note time I cum on her tits and she rubbed my penis an her nipples.

Cleaned up and while getting dressed she is a friendly to talk to aswell and it was just general chit chat about booking experience.


It was a booking where my penis made the call to visit and it's was at a nice clean property, with a girl next door who has good hygiene and was happy with Kissing but not really into dfk, reverse oral, owo and cob.  :hi:


Wales / Ban Sakunee - Cardiff
« by Newbieasian on February 24, 2017, 08:18:34 AM »
Hi guys,

First time review so forgive any mistakes.

I've been wanting a massage for a while and got booked in Ban Sakunee for an hour booking. Due to work delays, I cancelled as it looking like I wasn't going to make it. I managed to get out at 20.15 and called to see if they could squeeze me and thankfully they did.

Turned up and they gave me a 30 min booking for £25. Was led to a curtained off soon with 2 massage tables but there was no one else there, just me. Was asked to undress and lie down with  towel over my arse.

A lady came in and got started on me. Lovely massage and she asked how I wanted it. Told her to go hard and mentioned a couple of problem areas and she paid extra care to them.
She jumped onto the table whilst I was on my front and did a great job. Turned me over and kept the towel on me. This is when I got to see her. She was good looking and had a decent rack on her. As she was massaging my arms, she touched my hands and noticed they were freezing so she held them for a while to warm them up. She then said to use her bum to keep them warm  :D I obviously obliged. I'm on the heavier side and she gave me some advice about going to the gym and kept grabbing and playing with my moobs. Comparing them to her own boobs. She was getting quite friendly and playful so thought the He would be next. She started oiling my balls up and the  asked the question if I wanted more for £20. I agreed and that's when she said it would be someone else doing it. I did ask her to do it but she said the other girl was good and she has even bigger tits that her.
The other girl turned up in a thick jumper but would see the massive tits through it. She asked if I wanted the HE and got started. She offered to suck me off for an extra £10 but u refused that. I did ask her to get the tits out and she wanted £10 extra which I said I would pay if she took her whole top off. She just whipped a tit out for me and it was lovely but she would only let me have a quick touch and I told her that I aint giving her £10 for that. She was trying to get me off and it wasn't happening so asked her to speed up which made me explode all over. She cleaned me up and I gave her £20. She did say that I should ask for her next time for the massage (Mae or Mia) and she also said that she would do a topless massage for £60 on top of the massage fee  :lol:

Over all, im glad I got to go and would deffo go again. It was my first time going to a massage parlour in the UK and was great.

Wales / Paul and Jade Swansea Gangbang Party
« by PonyZ on February 24, 2017, 12:06:06 AM »
Last night I was bored and checked out AW, seeing the couple (Paul and Jade) were holding a hotel gangbang party. Never done that before, but always dreaming of one. Texted them and got response this morning. After finishing the trading this morning (another boring day), drove right to Swansea from Cardiff in the fucking strong Welsh wind, hoping not having an accident.

It was in G***d Hotel, and Paul guided me in like we are trying to kill Kim Jong-un. But the moment I saw the lady in a sexy suit lying on the bed, I knew it was worth the trip! Jade, 31 (but looking like 21), is really sexy, horny and nice. We bang into each other after like 3 seconds. She is really into sex and know how to DFK and suck. She didn't even care if I had showered (I asked for it but she thought my dick was clean enough to put directly into mouth). She smelt good too and her pussy was tasty. I used two fingers to fuck her out of brain, then into sex. Three position switched and Paul joined in for a while to fuck her mouth while I was fucking her. When she was on top, she twisted herself so hard that I couldn't hold any more, but we later on found that the condom was also broken due to her strong twist!!! No wonder why I couldn't hold, for fuck's sake. I was doing bareback and shoot in her virgina...

Anyway, two more mates coming in a bit later, and we successfully shocked the new comers by the new comers. The third guy was speechless when he bumped into a blonde lady cowgirling a guy while sucking my cock. It was such a classic porn scene, but now it was just 2 metres away from his face.

Dislikes: Paul had to come and go frequently, a little distracting. Also, the hotel was checking the fire alarm and we had to leave after I arrived 1 hour or so. The promise of 1.5 hours for £100 was not kept therefore.

Link: https://www.adultwork.com/2816060

Wales / Petite&Passionate - Julia, Cardiff
« by crfc on February 23, 2017, 09:01:59 PM »

Age: late thirties
Height:  5'2" (but she seems much smaller than Little Fairy!)
Dress: 6
Breasts: 32a (nice nipples)
Hair: Blonde medium length
Face: attractive in a pixie kinda way (which I love!)
Nationality: Polish

2 Hours

All by text with instant responses, Gave post code (riverside, near Cowbridge Road East) Then upon parking* gave flat number and bell to push!)
                                   (* parking can be a pain but there are 2 hour max bays about)

The booking:
Parked up in a 2 hour bay sent text got flat number back straight away
Entrance is on the street, just look casual...
Julia was hidden behind the door and when it closed there she was looking very cute in a nice jumper dress, greeted me with a kiss and ushered my into the bedroom, offered me a drink and a shower
I'd showered before leaving home so we got immediately into a bout of tongue wrestling, Julia smokes, doesn't bother me as I have no sense of taste or smell thanks to a small explosion in the 70's whilst in sunny Ulster
She is very bubbly and friendly
Soon onto the bed where lots more kissing and a large degree of exploration took place, lots of reverse oral, very tasty and very wet, then my turn, no deep throat but lots of tongue tickling, then much to my surprise a good amount of rimming which helped me arrive much quicker than i had anticipated, in fact only just managed to pull her up to take my surprise into her mouth
She disappeared into bathroom to dispose of my gift, then we started the kissing and then I went down for more RO
Julia enjoyed being fingered in  both holes and almost squashed my head when she came, not  a squirter but very very wet
Then after a rest she encouraged the old boy into standing up and on with the raincoat and she jump on for some reverse cowboy before i spun her round for some missionary, now considering she is tiny and I'm 6' 3" and about 18 stone she took everything whilst indulging in a few nibbles of my body and nipple sucking (why has it taken me so long to find out my nipples are erogenous zones!!!!)
Soon climaxed again... So snuggled up for a mutual massage and yet more kissing
any how I had much fun with this girl who was up for it big time, She didn't mind my age (she was my birthday gift to myself :) (68 in a weeks time)) or the fact I'm a bit overweight nowadays, she just responds in kind I think

Clean and well presented. Enthusiastic performer, if you like small ladies then she will not disappoint, we discussed anal after I had gone down on her and fingered he butt but as to date I've never done it, she said it can be fun, so obviously enjoys it, so I said if I go again I will try....

Anyway I don't contribute much (as I don't get the chance to actually punt often!) so thought I should as this girl deserves attention and I'm glad she turned up just as I decided to look for a birthday treat

Wales / Welsh Bunny Blue Eyes
« by cool_dude39 on February 23, 2017, 10:04:21 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2535028 or https://www.adultwork.com/WelshBunny%2DBlueEyes

Met Savvie the other day, there have been quite a few positive reviews for her and she was available on the day so took the punt.

Savvie is a nice looking lady but she is a big girl. He AW states she is a size 12, I would say size 14/16. She has big tits but a big belly to go with it. If you like BBW's she is definitely the one for you. Personally I prefer slimmer ladies. Anyway the session was ok, nice bit of DFK, OWO and 69. There were no "A" levels on the menu nor any rimming although these services are on likes. Also she does not give any eye contact during oral which was a bit of a shame as I would have liked to have seen those "blue eyes" going down. I lasted about 15 minutes and as the session was for half an hour round two was not on te menu either. We chatted for the next 15mins which was ok. Savvie has a nice personality and I enjoyed the chat but as soon as the half hour was up I was politely told that she had other stuff to do and the session was over.

Overall I would say this was mainly a vanilla experience,  I don't punt very often so I won't be revisiting. Others may have better experiences with Savvie but mine was mediocre.

Wales / Samattha - Cardiff
« by Grumpy Pumpy on February 23, 2017, 09:54:08 AM »
I did think about adding to the other excellent reviews that already exist on Sam.


But this punt was so good, she deserves another review. In fact, I would say that it's as good as my meets with SJ and Kandice. And of my all time best ever punts.

Initial comms were by AW email and text. Prompt and efficient. We met in a nice hotel on the outskirts of Cardiff. Sam seems to book one night a week, so there is a pretty limited window. As she inevitably gets more popular I suspect getting a booking might prove difficult.

Sam is in her twenties, seriously good looking and with a slim, toned, killer body. Flawless skin, a peachy arse, medium sized tits with - as previously documented - spectacular, responsive, nipples.

After a quick shower we began with some gentle kissing. She loves to give pleasure. But - and this is a big turn on for me - loves to receive it as well. We alternated between kissing each other all over. Her kisses on me exciting me as much as the appreciative groans and squirms from her. As an overweight fifty something guy, knowing you can turn on a young hottie like this is a big ego boost.

She has a beautiful, responsive, pussy. And I spent a long - and seemingly welcome - time going down on Sam. Condom on, we fucked in multiple positions. My favourite probably her on top so I could much away on those wonderful nipples.

Finally, we returned to oral. As before, without. And expertly delivered. Until I came explosively.

By now, we must have been v close to the hour mark. But Sam insisted on giving me a quick massage.

My apologies for the hideously fluffy nature of this review.  :dancegirl: But I'm sure those who've seen Sam will agree it's an accurate discription of a new star in South Wales  :dance:

Wales / Swansea - Josiejones123
« by badger369 on February 23, 2017, 12:47:36 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3718101 or https://www.adultwork.com/Josiejones123

Age - 23
Height - 5ft 1"
Dress size - 10
Breast size - 34E
Hair - Long Blonde
Nationality - British (welsh)

Duration - 2hrs

Communication - Messaged though adult work then by text quick reply's to all messages sent

Booking -

Picked up Josie in Swansea centre then headed back to my place

Poured Josie a glass of wine on arrival then we both sat on sofa for some excellent French kissing , she then stripped down to reveal a sexy outfit which her massive tits were almost bursting out of we then carried on with some more French kissing which was staring to make me hard so we moved upstairs onto the bed.

We lay on the bed for some more kissing and she started playing with my cock making it rock hard , Josie then moved down to start giving me OWO which she did for an age  :D.

I then proceeded to give Josie some attention licking her massive tits and down her body to give here some oral which she was clearly enjoying as she was getting very wet  :)

We then had some amazing sex in several positions (protected) until I was ready to explode which I did all over her massive tits  :yahoo:

Once we had cleaned up there was still some time left so Josie gave me a back massage which I must say was very nice.

We then had a shower together got dressed and it was time to drop her off.


Josie is a lovely friendly girl she has amazing tits and a great bum , she's also great at kissing and gives excellent OWO

Treat her well guys!

Wales / Isla - Aphrodite/Cardiff Escorts Agency
« by ferret1970 on February 22, 2017, 06:50:22 PM »


Time: Two hours, £270

I've used Aphrodite/Cardiff Escorts agency a few times and have always enjoyed a professional, friendly and reliable service. They dealt with my request efficiently and told me when I rang that Isla was available for an outcall. This was my first time with Isla and I always get a buzz of excitement when waiting for a new girl to turn up. I wasn't disappointed. My first thought on seeing her at my door was "wow!" She has a small, slim frame with gorgeous legs. She should easily pass for a model. She does has some very artful tattoos on her thighs featuring animals (I won't be specific as the website deliberately airbrushes these out  to avoid identification). As said in my previous review I am not a tattoo fan but these seem to be de rigueur for the younger generation (by which I mean under 30). She has a pleasing rather than beautiful face although with her gorgeous long blond hair and sexy body the overall first impression is very appealing and certainly were it not for the financial inducement she'd be way out of my league.

An unashamed native of Swansea I found Isla engaging and a good conversationalist. First impressions count, though, so there was only one thing on my mind.

And so to bed........

Disappointingly Isla's breasts are augmented. You won't be surprised to learn that I am a traditionalist and prefer natural rather than enhanced. That said I think she'd gone to a good plastic surgeon as the job was pretty good and the feel was firm rather then mounds of granite (which I've held joylessly in my hands on many occasions). Other than that Isla disrobed more than lived up to the initial promise from that first meeting (and the instant stirring in my loins).

Isla clearly enjoys her job (or at least gives a good impression of enjoying it) and does a great line in GFE. It was a bit unfortunate that I wanted to get full money's worth by attempting to snog her face off. Whilst not every one's priority I want to believe that the girl enjoys the session as much as I do and I certainly felt that with Isla.

All in all an enjoyable punt and certainly would ask Isla to swing by my place again.


Wales / SexyEnglishSacha - Cardiff Tour
« by dumbo25 on February 22, 2017, 07:58:15 AM »
After a few weeks doing the asian scene, i fancied a nice "English" girl. I came across this profile.


Communication: All via text, really quick responses.

Booking: 1hr - £120

Looks: She is about 5"2, big tits, big ass and lots of tattoos. I am guessing a size 14! Scottish accent.

The booking occurred on Monday at a Cardiff Centre Budget hotel. As soon as she opened the door i recognised her and she me.  When she was in Cardiff her previous names were SultrySeduction1997 and TheGirlNextDoor1983, I had previously seen her a few times about 2yrs ago and boy she has changed alot since then! I should have walked but because of the familiarity of previous meetings i stayed.

Service: It didnt start off great, paid, had a shower but then she mentioned that she needed to take a piss cos she had been drinking a lot of fluids. So being a hotel, could hear her pissing and thankfully use the shower to hopefully clean herself, but i decided then not to go down on her! Her services were like previous meetings..down right dirty! OWO with her spitting on my cock, deep throating, hard wanking and DFK. Fucked her with condom on in several positions before CIM. This was in the space of 30 mins. The offer of round 2 was there but her physical appearance isnt as good as it was, so left with 30 mins to spare.

I gave her a neutral mainly due to the familiarity and goodish service, but her appearance has changed alot. I dont think i would return.

Wales / Maria 28
« by ledley on February 22, 2017, 01:12:49 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3796240 or https://www.adultwork.com/Maria+28

didn't do a review last time i saw her, but this time i will as she is so nice.

maria is arguably the best looking wg to visit this site (and that is saying something) though there are some tight calls on the best lookers. she came into the room in high heels, thong and matching bra. she has an almost perfect body, she has long legs, big round ass, D cup real tits, nice brown skin and an amazing face.

she is very friendly, enthusiastic and love eye contact and kissing you up and down the body. she didnt really go for french kissing but lots of nice kissing on the lips. great body massage and she went for prostate massage and i didnt stop her as she was in the zone. turned over to covered oral which was very deep and wild at times with eye contact throughout. has sex in 3 positions and then lay together to talk at the end.

I can't believe a woman as good looking as her is working at that price.

the other wg working is tanya and she is not as much of a looker as maria.

lots of photos of maria on this link (yes it really is her) - she has darker skin in the flesh.


I will go back and next time I'll enquire about owo as she was so good at it.

Wales / Sexy South Asian / Sexy Siren - Swansea
« by def456 on February 22, 2017, 12:06:25 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3012281. She signs herself 'Siren'.

This lady's pictures on AW give very little idea of what she looks like. She is slightly dark skinned; her profile statistics are about right: 12, 5'2", 34B, 11.5 st. Age 26 is not far out.

Pre-meet communications were fine. Location was a flat in a purpose built block in Swansea. Location and parking were safe, I felt no concerns.

On entering the flat I was shown into the bedroom. I was not invited to use the bathroom (fortunately I had tidied up beforehand); I had to ask for a glass of water. But these were small points. Siren embraced me warmly and enthusiastically, with much close cuddling and kissing. Uncovered oral, reverse oral and covered (of course) penetration followed. Several positions, finishing with my favourite of doggie. I have often found that once the deed is done the meeting is wrapped up pretty quickly. Not this time. No rush, more close cuddling.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and would like to return. Given the paucity of talent in Swansea at present, Siren is close to the top of a very short list.

Wales / x Candy Chanel x - Cardiff
« by Randolph69 on February 21, 2017, 11:09:00 AM »

I was pleased to find that Amerie is back on AW, with yet another new name: Candy Chanel.
Unfortunately she has increased her rates again, to a steep £200ph, and she can no longer be booked for less than an hour.
At that rate, I'm not likely to become her regular once again, but I did make an exception to my self-imposed price limit and I booked her last weekend for a 1 hour outcall. I don't regret it..

I reviewed her 12 months ago (when she was Sasha xxx} so I won't be doing another full review, but some further comments are merited by eway of an update.

 First, her body is fantastic, especially her wonderfully firm breasts (which are natural, not enhanced) and her deliciously round, spankable arse.
Second, her enthusiasm during this latest session was greater than ever: sexy foreplay and touching, passionate dfk, expert owo, deep throat too, r/o which made her cum, more owo, spanking (which she really does enjoy), more dfk, condom on, energetic reverse cowgirl until she came again, dfk again, then forward cowgirl, even more energetically this time, bouncing like a bunny until I could hold out no longer and climaxed, just as she came for the third time. Perfect timing - love it when that happens.

After a cwtch, we chatted in bed over a glass or two of wine. Candy Chanel is great company, intelligent and engaging. In total, over 90 minutes had elapsed before her taxi arrived. I'm glad she's back.

Wales / welsh kels / kelsey baby - llanelli
« by wantfun on February 19, 2017, 11:39:26 PM »
Beware of this girl she takes bookings by phone and then when you meet she asks for the money and then legs it,when you try phoning her bf or hubby answers the phone and tells you never heard of her so keep away lads.    adultwork   2932056.

Wales / sexy and hot rose (brazilian) - Cardiff
« by ledley on February 19, 2017, 08:29:17 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3712190 or https://www.adultwork.com/SEXY+AND+HOT+ROSE

at the usual brazilian site. this was a really good punt. Only negative is she is a bit larger than the photo (though it is her) but her ass, hips and tits were amazing. her face is really nice and she maintains eye contact throughout. She charges extra if you want dfk or owo, i chose not to.

nice massage, gfe, body on body oil massage. oral was ok and lots of tongue movement and we did about 5 positions and i am now exhausted.

she leaves tomorrow but ill be bacl

Wales / Derbyshireprincess - Cardiff (Tour)
« by Gatchaman on February 18, 2017, 07:08:25 PM »
(Tip of the hat to Red for contacting Rosie and arranging this tour to Cardiff  :hi:)

https://www.adultwork.com/3646443 or https://www.adultwork.com/Derbyshireprincess

Duration / Cost
90 mins / £200.

All good, initially by AW e-mail (months ago), then text the day before and on the day.

Incall at 4 star hotel just outside city centre.  I've visited this hotel before, so knew the layout, and it's big enough that there are people in and out enough for discreet access.  Rosie had booked a premium room which was nice and big, and clean and tidy as you'd expect.

Facially pretty girl with a cracking body.  Loads of piercings (tongue x2, nipple, genitals, and more) and quite a few tattoos.  Lovely smallish natural boobs and a great ass.  Great personality, very easy to chat to and put me at ease straight away.

Welcomed into the room with a hug and a kiss.  Paperwork sorted, offered a variety of drinks (declined), shower not needed as I was fresh from home, we sat on the bed and started with a massage.  Bit of gentle teasing and some body to body before I turned over for some very nice OWO.  That was getting a bit much for me, and didn't want to pop too soon with no chance of a second, so switched to RO, which seemed very well received and combined with a bit of fingering resulted in a very impressive shuddering orgasm. 

No squirting at this point, which I'd already mentioned was something I really wanted to experience (this would be a first for me).  Rosie had warned me that she didn't always squirt, but suggested that a 69 position often did the trick. 

We duly switched into 69 and I went to town with my tongue and fingers again until Rosie sat up, pulled my fingers out and gushed all over me!  Fuck me, never experienced anything like it, there was loads of it, and it just kept coming.  Awesome!  The towel she had put on the bed was soaked.  Had a bit of clean up and went for more RO, joking that I'd see if I could make her come without making a mess this time.  Sure enough, another shuddering orgasm with no waterworks.

More OWO, until I couldn't take any more then on with the condom, and Rosie hopped on top for for some cowgirl.  Very nice, she was bouncing up and down like a good 'un, properly lifting herself up and down, not just sitting on me and grinding.  I was a little surprised when she lifted right off and squirted all over me, she did that a couple of times, and this time the bedding got the brunt of it, as we'd discarded the wet towel from earlier. 

Switched to standing doggy, which she took well, though if I'm honest she didn't look all that comfortable due to a slight height mismatch, but she didn't complain.  I think there may have been a bit of a squirt on the floor, but thankfully not a massive gush.  We had discussed a CIM finish earlier which Rosie was happy to accommodate (though she doesn't swallow) but I was having so much fun I finished in doggy.

Cleaned up, into the shower.  Accepted the offer of a diet coke, and had a chat as I got dressed before heading off.

Value / Will I return?
Depends if Rosie comes back to Cardiff or not.  She's suggested that she will, and if she does, I'll be there. 

A previous reviewer said Rosie made him feel like a porn star, and that's a pretty good description.  It's a different experience than my normal punt, but definitely one I'd like to repeat.

Wales / Greedy Girl Ava - Swansea
« by def456 on February 18, 2017, 05:15:29 PM »

If you like petite ladies, Ava fits the bill. Small but perfectly formed and proportioned.

Pre-meeting communication was good. Meeting was in a private house in a quiet residential road in a town north of Swansea. This is not Ava's normal work location. Parking was fine on the road outside.

Her AW profile suggests several, shall we say, more eclectic offerings. We had discussed A beforehand and it seemed that it would be on offer. On the day, it wasn't - we tried but Ava clearly wasn't relaxed enough.

I felt the whole meeting was rushed. An hour was booked. I'm only going to manage it once in an hour: I was done in 25 minutes and out of the house in 40.

Wales / Jolene J - Llanharan
« by Gastroboy on February 18, 2017, 03:49:25 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1158679 or https://www.adultwork.com/Jolene+J

I've seen Jolene a few times now but hadn't seen her for a while. I thought she had retired then noticed she had logged on to AW so got in touch. Previous meets have been a bit vanilla but pleasant. This was going to be a different meet since I discovered Sildenafil!

Comms Jolene used to sometimes take a while to respond to emails. This time however, she got back straight away via email. Then we talked via text up to the meet. She even asked me what I wanted her to wear.

Venue Lovely kept terraced house. Bedroom light and airy even with blinds closed. Arrived in the street 5 minutes early. Went to text to announce my arrival but noticed J had already texted a few minutes earlier to say she was ready.

Meeting J answered the door virtually as I knocked and let me in wearing a dressing gown so couldn't see what was underneath. A few pleasantries before she led me upstairs to the bedroom. Off with the dressing gown to reveal the (very) mini tartan skirt I had requested, tight top (no bra) and panties. Straight on the bed and immediate DFK. J really likes to kiss, as do I. Started to explore her curves. She is no stick insect but then again not fat. Lovely natural breasts and good solid legs.
The top comes down and I suck on her nipples while stroking her pussy. Then I go down on her. She really has got a lovely pussy and she loves receiving oral. A cheeky lick of her arse before I play with it with my finger while still licking her pussy. By now she is wet and I let her undress me before she goes down on my ever increasingly hard cock. I have never shagged Jolene before - just owo to finish me. But I wasn't going to waste this opportunity. I reached over for the condom beside the bed and gave it to her to cover my throbbing prick. She then gets on top and slides it in. At last! Jolene now comes to life and continues to pound up and down I suggest doggy which she willingly changed position for. Unfortunately this wasn't very successful - I kept slipping out so she asked to be fucked missionary style. Making sure I wasn't too heavy for her, I fucked her as hard as I could. She went up another gear by thrusting back at me and telling me to fuck her pussy hard. This just gets me even more aroused and it wasn't long before I shot my load.
Knackered now, we laid down together and chatted while I stroked her tits. No clock watching. After recovering, I get dressed and she escorts me to the door. I had forgotten to pay. We had a laugh while I have over the cash. I'm sure she would have reminded me.

Wales / Welsh Minx -- Bridgend/Cardiff
« by wonky on February 17, 2017, 11:31:49 PM »
Ok. So I've debated what I should give this girl but I have to go with my feeling on the punt itself (does anyone else think mid punt "this girl deserves a positive/negative"??).


Firstly she only deals in phone calls which she makes clear. Not my preference and I'd of probably of gone to see her a long time before if she allows texts. Her pictures have always enticed me. One day I plucked up the courage to call her and she answered fairly quickly and we arranged I'd drive to her hotel and call her when I got there ( an hour time was given).

When I got there I called , she answered and spoke like she had forgotten and said she was with someone and told me to wait... I suppose I should of gone then but being stuck in Bridgend with no where else and horny as fuck I stuck around.

I saw the punter leave (probably) 20 min later and got txt saying which room. She answered door promptly and in I went. The positives for me are this girl is pretty. She's tiny with a great shape. No boobs but you expect that on someone a little over 5ft. She did look good in her red underwear.

She told me she was unable to do an hour (which I asked for over the phone) so I paid the 30min higher price.

On to bed she sucked me off pretty well but was not accepting anything back. Didn't like touching her here.. didn't like licking this.. didn't like anything really. So I got on top for the fun bit.. here's when she decided to look over my shoulder to see what was on the tv behind!! Wtf I've paid £80 to fuck and she's watching homes  under the hammer.

Anyway I finished off and we had a little chat.. she seems to think all she has to do is open her legs to make money (her words) and she charges the correct money.

Don't get me wrong. She's a good looking welsh girl but I think the gf experience she gave was too real!!! I'd of expected the same quality girl and same service for a £45 punt in a brothel. And I don't like spending that.. I've not clicked with girls before but at least they've earned their money. This girl I won't see again which is a shame cos she's my type (and she's planning on breast enlargements!!)

She also answered a call and kept looking at the phone mid punt

Wales / Torri Ryder - Newport
« by wonky on February 17, 2017, 11:11:25 PM »

Not a usual review but I met Torri a few years ago and had a great punt in the Newport area. I can't remember much of the details but remember she was as the pictures then and her current ones seem to match.

I was hoping to do an updated review but due to unforeseen motorway circumstances I had to cancel last minute on her. The M4 on Fridays is terrible and I was crawling from Bristol to Newport. I contacted her and arranged a time and she did demand a booking request. I was unable to do this but confirmed time and location. Her communication was very good and I'm gutted I was unable to make the booking.

I would hate it if it had happened to me and I'm the one spending the money!! I'd of compensated but I'm afraid I've spoiled any chance there. Oh well.. she still deserves a positive from the previous punt and her communications

Wales / Bann Sakunee - Cardiff / Caerdydd
« by webpunter on February 17, 2017, 08:53:36 PM »
Evening all

My 1st review on the Welsh board.  Please be gentle with me
As everything in Wales has dual names i thought i'd better include this in the subject line.  Just to keep things politically correct
Had the occasion to be in the druid capital city for a rugby match.  What was the score ?  :sarcastic:

Moving on:

Decided some pre match fun was in order
Rocked up & was greeted by a few thai burds.  Had started on the pop early so can't remember fine detail like names
Mamasan [i think] was a fit looking milf with a big firm rack.  Picked her.  45 for the hour.  Face a bit weathered - maybe she was previously in Vietnam fighting the yanks.  But she ticked the boxes for me.  Had a certain sumfink about her

Led down the hall with two cubicle type rooms.  Curtain as a door.  Gap at the top between wall & ceiling.  Maybe this is the way that buildings in wales are constructed ?

Started on front with a firm massage.  A couple of reach-unders & cc swipes.  Nothing to write home about but not bad either.  Felt her climbing up on the table & she got into some interesting positions.  Rolled over & she ramped things up.  Playing around the ball bag, base of shaft & tops of my thighs.  Gave her some encouragement which she seemed to like.  And had seen probably 5,000 times before.  Quite dark in the room & some relaxing music.  A nice ambience

Heard the other punter making a few noises [as quiet as he could keep it] & then he was off down the corridor.  I'd left a twenty poking out of my jeans pocket.  And the subject of extras amazingly came up for discussion, with mamasan upping her game.  But still not touching my helmet or shaft.  In pops a younger thai burd.  She gets the oil out, annoints littleWP & starts wanking me off.  Discussed the subject of 4hands but mamasan wouldn't budge in connecting her hand with my bell-end.  The answer was no.  I said 20 & this was accepted, 'pay after'.  Well it was on show.  After a good few beers there was no chance of me popping too early.  Despite mamasan scratching my thighs, playing with my balls & scratching the base of my shaft with her nails.  The younger one upped the pace with some deft touches [the players on the pitch would have been impressed with her ball handling skills  :lol:].  They were beginning to look bored.  I had a mental flick through of my HL & fave hungarian masseuse.  Bobs your uncle.  She didn't stop & slowly eased the pace down.  Getting every last drop out.  Had a quick shower as coated in oil, peck on the cheek & fucked off

Summary:      good result [same at the match  :lol:]

Recommend:  yes

Revisit:          yes - maybe not lots of times

Other:            after the two 'cubicles' there is a bigger room with a double futon.  Should have gone for this.  Probably easy ish to negotiate if not on match-day.  And being a beered up english wanker didn't help

Signing off - arrogant english twat  :lol:

https://www.adultwork.com/3920776 or https://www.adultwork.com/Samattha

Age: late twenties,
Height:  5'6"
Dress: 8 with lovely soft unblemished skin
Breasts: 32b (and very nice bullet type nipples  :lol:)
Hair: black, wavy long hair
Face: naturally attractive with lovely white teeth
Nationality: Thai


30 min


All be text with instant responses, so had directions and room number when arrived.

The booking:

I met Samattha in North area of Cardiff with easy access, parking and easy route to room.  Knocked on the door and the traditional door opens so in I step and as the door closes it was a pleasure to see Samattha just as description on her AW profile and as the feedback on UKP.  She was wearing slim fit jeans, no shoes and a tight vest type top and she looked very sexy.  And instantly Samattha was very friendly and started some dirty flirt with me.

She lay on the bed with her hands rubbing her body all over and  playing with here hair and she knew exactly what she was doing the tease!    Sorted paperwork without her even looking at it and I started to undress while having flirty chit chat, I was soon naked and took control and straight on top of Samattha on the bed and she was immaculately clean so went for DfK which we both really enjoyed and she was playing with my solid penis, my balls and rubbing my arse, her hands definitely know how to stimulate the body.

I soon removed her jeans and thong to reveal her fresh shaven pussy and it was perfectly clean so I gave her pussy some attention with my tongue that she was loving and was very complementary and she got very very wet, her nipples are good shape large bullet type and she likes them played with and caressed which I did and I am a bullet nipple fan so was in my element of fun.

She wanted to return the pleasure to me and gave very good owo, playing with my balls and ass same time, with the excitement of it was time to cum and I  cum in her mouth and she continued sucking until every drop of sperm was put of my penis.

She offered a shower and she had lots of soaps, oils and everything for 1st class hygiene which is the most important part for me.

She also offered me a massage even though time was up but there was no clock watching from her in any way.  I had to leave to go to a business committement so didn't take her offer but next time I will.


Slim very sexy Thai girl with very soft skin, big nipples and fresh shaved pussy with 1st class hygiene, she is naturally attractive and without make up and she knows how to sexually stimulate your body with her flirty movements, hands and tongue.  She is a nice friendly girl and I will definitely revisit soon.   If she didn't have her mouth on my penis at the time, I think my cum would have hit the ceiling. :lol:


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