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Wales / Bettyboob nr Blackwood
« by Bonkers76 on January 20, 2017, 07:09:29 pm »
Hope this works doing it off phone lol
Well Betty has been on a break and I have been waiting for her return and I'm glad I did.
Comms were great and after a few mails via AW we were exchanging texts, and I was on my way.
So about the lovely lady well she's got a very nice figure and right up my street, very short and a lovely arse.
So money sorted we got undressed onto the bed for a play with dfk.
Oral without, RO, then into some hardcore shagging , many positions later and I blew my load, a bit more dfk wich got more intense the wetter she got and into round 2 . Very nice hour spent with a lady who knows how to please.
Will I return ? You bet your arse I will
£90 for the hour bargain


Age: 25
Height:  5'6"
Dress: 10
Breasts: 32 (A) with nice responsive nipples
Hair: Dark Blonde
Face: Very natural and pretty
Nationality: English
Ethnicity: White


45 min


10/10 which is always very professional and 1st class

The booking:

There was no feedback on UKP and my experience had been great at this agency and as I have visited quite regular I thought would be good to visit one of the new girls.

Arrived for booking for late afternoon and was met at the door and welcomed in by Alexandra my first impression was another very natural and pretty girl with the most gorgeous 'come to bed' eyes she clearly has quality in her bloodlines with natural beauty and when she spoke she has the most fantastic very posh voice and was clearly something a bit special.

Into the room and paperwork sorted and I quickly removed my clothes while having friendly chit chat while Alexandra was also removing her tight fitted dress to reveal a matching bra showing and thong and natural colour holdups which is unusual but her sex apparel was incredible.

Straight into lots of Dfk which was lovely and she has the most gorgeous come to bed eyes. The Dfk continued whilst standing and I soon removed her bra and panties to reveal her breasts with nice prominent nipples and a fresh shaven pussy.

I nearly allways look for the same thing in a booking and like the tease of licking a girls pussy to make sure she enjoys and that's exactly what I did with Alexandra and it worked perfect and she got very wet, she is very submissive, we had more reverse oral, owo, then condom on and sex in missionary while Dfk throughout and was an excellent GFE for the duration of the booking.

I had an excellent booking with Alexandra, it is very unusual to have a booking with such a posh, pretty sexy girl and she does have a huge presence of quality when you meet her.  I'm not normally into Dom but Alexandra said it's one of her likes and she is very submissive so I have booked to see her again for an hour next time to try out.


A very top quality lady with a fantastic presence and great to spend time with and it's rare to book such a lady like Alexandra, her service was excellent GFE and she is very submissive and a pleasure to have fun with.  I am looking forward to my next meeting, I could easily keep her to myself but I not greedy hence why I have written this review.  She looked at me throughout the booking with a look of pure pleasure from her gorgeous eyes.

(I think to get it spot on, it would be like taking her home for the first time to meet your family and your family would immediately think WOW our boy has got a good one there  :yahoo:)

I'm sure you can gather I really liked Alexandra and she is very easy going and friendly, with the sex appeal and service to match.  :yahoo:

Wales / Miss Welsh Kandice
« by king072016 on January 20, 2017, 10:17:33 am »
Booking: 45mins £125

Saw Kandice last night after last weeks bookings were cancelled, but she did give me a full explanation of all the issues she's had. Which I was cool with

I'll keep this short and sweet

Kandice was dressed in sexy tight red dress which complemented her sexy body and she wore her glasses again.

Wow she looked stunning (open the link below, which will give you an idea of my reaction)

Had a quick shower, on to the bed and those kiss me lips where locking with lips.

Lots of tongue and DFK, laid her on the bed, played with her beautiful breasts and made my way down for some RO, she tasted great too.

Changed positions for some owo, wow it was better than the last time, this lasted for a while.
Had to take her glasses off as they were steaming up.
Then she was on sat on my face, then onto 69

On the with raincoat and Kandice was on top for some cowgirl action. Finished off at that position
Had a nice chat with her and then left.

10/10 can't fault her. This is my 3rd visit and each time it gets better. Worth the wait  :yahoo:

Going back on Tuesday or

Wales / Nadine - Cardiff (nr Roath Park)
« by snaitram99 on January 20, 2017, 10:17:01 am »
OK this is the location of the (former?) Retreat which seems to still operate off and on, although doesn't seem to advertise much. Phone no. is 029 2049 3311. Normally only one girl there at a time now I think.

Saw Nadine, guess 30's, dark hair, slightly Asian (not Chinese) look, not slim but not fat (maybe size 12?). Quite attractive, natural boobs, guess probably B maybe C.

Friendly and willing to talk but ensuring the necessary done within the time allotted. £80 for half hour, £100 for hour. I assume the pricing is to make you think you might as well go for the hour (Extra £20 for OWO, which was good)

Wales / Miss Layla Grace / Selina Ray of Wales - Cardiff
« by Gatchaman on January 19, 2017, 09:23:55 pm »
I've had a couple of let downs from Layla / Selina / Porsha / whatever-she's-called-today recently and subsequent discussions suggested that these are not isolated incidents, so I thought it'd be worth recording this in an easily-found review for the benefit of future punters.  Text below is copied from my original posts on the discussions forum.

Booking #1

We agreed a time (the day before) via SMS then a bit later on I sent an AW booking request and went to bed.  Next morning, the booking request had not been confirmed, and no logon since the previous day.  Mid morning, I sent another text asking if the meet was still OK - no response.  She's not actually that far away, so I headed over to her place on the off chance (by now I was pretty sure that it was not going to happen).  Sent a text announcing my proximity and hung around a bit, but no response.  Gave up and left.

The following morning I sent an AW e-mail asking what had gone wrong and had the family emergency explanation and an apology.  We've exchanged a few texts since and she's shared a few more details (which I didn't ask for) and I'm inclined to believe the explanation.

The wasted trip was my choice, and if she was further away, I wouldn't have bothered.  It won't stop me booking her again, and in fact I have already booked for next week.

Booking #2

Following the first let down, I gave her the benefit of the doubt and booked again for the following week.  This one had a confirmed AW booking.

Texted her about 3 hours ahead to check all still OK - no response which didn't fill me with confidence.  40 mins before the booking time I had an AW e-mail (because that's obviously the best way to contact me at short notice, FFS) asking if we can reschedule as she has transport issues and can't get [to her incall place] for the booked time.  There's no indication of whether she means 10 minutes or 10 days later, but neither is much use anyway, so I tell her we'll have to cancel.

To add insult to injury just before the time of the booking as I'm checking AW for a possible plan B, I notice her Available Today "green light" is on.

Not best pleased.

I will add that I have seen her before, and had no problems with reliability that time.  She is a very good looking girl, and gave a good service, but she needs to improve her reliability.  I have limited opportunities for punting so this sort of pissing about is very frustrating.

6 or

Age: 29
Height:  5'6"
Dress: 8 slim and very good shape
Breasts: 34 G Enhanced and done very well
Hair: Brown natural, long
Face: attractive
Nationality: Welsh
Ethnicity: White
Misc: pierced clit, couple of tasteful tattoos which looked good


30 min


Via AW to start with then postcode was provided by txt couple of hours before booking and when I arrived phone call confirmed final details.

The booking:

I didn't really know why I hadn't met Georgia before now, perhaps because I'm not normally into enhanced breasts maybe that was the reason, but WOW.... I wish I had visited her a long time ago..

Arrived for booking for mid morning with easy parking and as I walked towards the door of her house it opened as magic and as I entered and the door closed behind there stood Georgia and my first thought was 'Oh Yes' then thought I should have visited her a long time ago.  She was looking naturally very sexy dressed in high heels and a crutch less black body stocking, toned and looked great, she is slim with an excellent shape and I couldn't wait to get to the bedroom.

Georgia welcomed me with a kiss and nice welcoming smile and it was my time to do the 3 floor stair walk, Georgia led the way and I followed up the stairs to the 3rd floor while this perfect ass in crutch less stocking body was just in front of me, I was wishing it was a few more stairs to climb :lol: but also wanted to get to the bedroom to start the fun.

Into the bedroom and it is a very well decorated bedroom, infact the house is quite a new town house and spotlessly clean and well finished.  In the bedroom the bed is apparently new and is a Rolls Royce of beds, very welcoming and as Georgia lay down on the bed I thought, I need to get my clothes off very quickly and join her which I did after I sorted paperwork.

We were straight into lots of DFK which I really enjoy and it was very nice, I soon went down to give her clit and pussy some pleasure from my tongue and she was really enjoying and got very, very wet.
Back for more DFK then back for some more teasing her pussy with reverse oral, then I had a excellent owo which was very good, then some alternating between DFK, reverse oral and owo.  It was soon time for me to put the condom on for some sex in missionary which was fab with legs over my shoulders and lots more DFK which was fantastic and I soon filled the condom and became weak in the legs..  OMG, excellent.. :yahoo:


An excellent booking with Georgia, she is just as her pictures and description, naturally attractive and is a lovely friendly girl who puts the effort into make a great booking.   The comms were easy, accommodation was modern, clean and safe and she was just a fantastic girl to visit.

I will return soon for another excellent booking! :thumbsup:

7 or

Age: 24
Height:  5'5"
Dress: 6/8 slim and perfectly proportioned
Breasts: 32 D Natural
Hair: Black natural, long
Face: attractive
Nationality: English
Ethnicity: White


30 min


Via AW to start with then, address was provided by txt couple of hours before booking and when arrived phone call confirmed final details.

The booking:

I had arranged a booking when Ria was touring in December but the booking didn't happen as her tour was shortened so when I seen she was back in Cardiff this week I quickly confirmed booking.

Arrived for booking for mid afternoon and was buzzed in via a communal door then was met at the door to the apartment and welcomed in by Ria my first impression was WOW...she is just as her photos, slim with nice good size natural breasts, tanned, long black hair and pretty face.  She did remind me of a girl I had met previously at First Choice but the same girl then was showing in a parlour at Swansea but Ria said she had not worked for an agency before.  Anyway..

The apartment was modern, clean and safe and the bed is quite low to the floor, paperwork sorted and friendly chat whilst I was undressing and Ria is a lovelly girl.  Ria was wearing a matching bra and panties, which showed her lovely tanned shape.

She asked if I liked a massage but before we knew it we were standing having lots of DFK which was lovely, but couldnt resist removing her bra to reveal her lovely natural breasts and removed her panties to reveal her fresh shaven pussy while we continued with lots more Dfk, by now I was solid.

I lowered Ria to the bed and went straight into licking her fresh shaven pussy to make sure she enjoyed and it worked perfect and she got very very wet.  Lots of reverse oral, owo, then more reverse oral, then owo and time to put condom on and sex in cowgirl with lots more Dfk before completion and cum in the condom. 

Ria gave me a really nice compliment when I was licking her pussy, she said I was very good with my tongue and she should be paying me.. :lol:  I have heard this a few times but it's still great to hear it again but it was obvious she was enjoying which is perfect for a great booking.


An excellent booking with Ria, she is just as her pictures and description and is a lovely friendly person, the Comms were easy, accommodation was modern, clean and safe and she was just a fantastic girl to visit and I think she had as much fun as me and am looking forward to another booking with her later this week and great VFM.

The excellent start to punting in 2017 continues! :yahoo:

Wales / Luscious Kimberly - Cardiff
« by bcg12 on January 17, 2017, 07:33:22 pm » or

Length: 1 hour
Cost: £120
Location: Cardiff Bay, near Morrisons

I emailed Kim a few days ago on AW, replies were prompt and set up the meet with ease. Was told to call when by Morrisons which I did and guided to the apartment. The lady I spoke to on the phone was not Kim but her friend. Her friend speaks with an American accent which I like but Kim told me her friend doesn't do this line of work which is a shame as by the sound of her, I would've liked to have seen her.

Easy access to apartment and when Kim opened the door I was like WOW. I couldn't believe the girl in the AW pics is the one standing in front of me. I've seen the likes of Kandice, Mollie, Annabelle and Sienna all of whom I've complimented on their looks when I first seen them but Kim was different, I couldn't stop thinking and telling her how sexy she is throughout the hour.

I was offered a shower which I took up as I was freezing due to the cold outside. Before I entered the shower, I asked Kim to close the window in the room. I had to ask several times as Kim's English is poor, Kim closed the window but I had a feeling she re-opened it when I went for a shower.

We started with me rubbing Kim's body, when I touched Kim's breasts, she told me to be soft although I don't think I was being hard or aggressive, at this point I had an erection and Kim took her top off to show her bra and panties and told me to lie down while she got a condom. I told her not to get the condom yet, I think I had to tell her 2 or 3 times after which she offered a dance which I agreed to.

As I lay down and Kim standing above me, dancing and griding on my cock (with her panties on), I still couldn't believe how sexy this girl in front of me was. Eye contact was maintained throughout the dance, stopped for a split second as she took her bra off and stopped for about 30 seconds once she took her panties off for me to stare at what I'm gonna get myself in to.

I then told Kim to come to me as I tried to initiate DFK but Kim kept giving me short pecks which was a shame as DFK is one of my favourite parts of a meet. I then told Kim to rub and lick my nipples, I also told her to speak dirty to me in Portugese, she did say a few things, no idea what it meant but sounded sexy and that's all I cared about. The way Kim was licking my nipples was unlike any other WG and I really enjoyed it. Once it came to stroking my cock, Kim did a poor job here, seemed like she was only using 2 fingers instead of her hand.

Onto the main action, finally got the condom on and told Kim to get on her back and whilst fucking, I asked her again to rub my nipples and speak to me in Portugese and she did both as well as eye contact being made and kept throughout, it wasn't long before I cum.

During the break, Kim gave me a massage which is the best I've had from a WG, I did tell her to go hard on my thighs but she didn't understand this. We also had a chat during the break.

Onto Round 2, tried to initiate DFK and even asked her if she didn't like to kiss to which she replied with a few more pecks. Round 2 went the way of Round 1 for the most part with the nipple rubbing/licking and poor handjob. At this point I should've asked about OWO but I didn't. It does state on her profile that OWO is an extra and at disrection. Condom on for Round 2 and Kim got on top, with her legs on mine but I moved her legs to the bed as I found this a more comfortable position. Again, eye contact remained and talked in Portugese, the only word I managed to catch was "Fuerte". Went in hard here with the headboard banging against the wall, had to stop for a few second so Kim could put a pillow there. My erection wasn't 100% solid during Round 2 and it never is during sex with any WG but unlike with all the other WGs before, I managed to cum in round 2 through sex and it was such a great feeling. After this, Kim was grinding on me and it felt so good. At this point was when I realised this review would be a Positive and not Neutral.

Offered a shower after we finished, when I came out, Kim was lying on her back at the corner with her head down, when I went to give her a kiss she gave me some tongue to my surprise so I tried again and got the same, shame it was too late though.

As I was getting dressed, Kim was teaching me some words in Portugese which I've already forgotten.

Positives: Great looking girl, eye contact maintained at all times, no fake moaning, whatever she was saying sounded sexy in her language

Negatives: No DFK, No OWO, Poor Handjob

I didn't put down her lack of English as a negative as I don't think it made a significant impact. When I was walking outside, I did something I hardly do; Smile!
Usually no matter how much of a good mood I'm in, you won't see me smile but I couldn't help but show it this time.

I had a very good time with Kim, I think if she spoke English more clearly, it would've been a better time.

I'd give 10/10 on looks but overall I'd give 7/10.

Also good news for those interested, Kim has stated she'll be going to London for 2 days next week and will be returning to Cardiff, hoping to get an apartment in the Centre.

I think I'll be returning, if she does DFK with me, I can ignore the rest.

I can't believe how much I've written here, going over it again makes me want to go see her right now.

Wales / jennalush - Caerphilly
« by fenderstrat31 on January 17, 2017, 03:35:07 pm » or

Comms - Very Good
Location - Nice quiet area just outside Caerphilly
Duration - 30 Minutes
Price - £ 80

Had a bit of tome a few weeks ago, so thought I would TOFTT Jenna as there were no reviews on here I could find.
Was met by Jenna at her door in a very sexy basque and stockings, who led me to the boudoir where events would take place. I would say Jenna is in her mid thirties, and is a nice looking lady. Not stunning but by no means rough. Body is nice and her ass is amazing.
Ok, so the bedroom is very small, but had a nice double bed and was plenty big enough for what I wanted to do.
Got the paper work out of the way and got on the bed with Jenna for some proper DFK. This led my wandering hands all over her body then eventually down for a play with her pussy, which to my surprise was already very wet. After a few minutes of playing with her pussy, Jenna made her way doen and gave me a great uncovered blow job. This was so good that I had to ask her to stop after 5 minutes as I could feel myself getting ready to blow.
So, on with the raincoat and on top I got with her legs over my shoulders. Jenna seemed to enjoy this and made all the right noises (not over the top noises), I then asked for doggy which she happily agreed to. I have to say the sight of her bent over with everything on show was a very nice sight and I couldn't wait to get back in there. After what felt like ages of my relentless pounding I could feel myself getting ready to blow, so off with the rubber and finished in her mouth.
Overall a very enjoyable 30 miniutes.
Would I return - Yes
Will I return -  Most probably

Wales / Crystal peters - Bridgend
« by Gregg on January 16, 2017, 09:47:54 pm » or

Was a bit sketchy about this one as there was no mention of her on here, but pics seemed genuine and had good reviews on AW so decided to go for it... glad I did.

Hotel in Bridgend

£120hr. OWO, RO, DFK included.

Great. Messaged on AW to arrange times and services available. Made AW booking. Received a text to confirm. Arrived at the hotel around 15mins early and as I pulled up, had a text saying she was ready whenever I was which was great. Got room number and made my way.

Door opened to find a very pretty girl in some sexy lingerie. Nice tattoos, and planning to have more. Describes herself as 12 on her profile but Id say 10 at most! Possibly even 8. Lovely pert tits and arse. Safe to say I was very happy with what I saw.

Probably the best I've connected with a WG. We had a great chat before and after. Had a good laugh too. Really nice girl.

Sorted the money out straight away (like to get it out of the way) and told to make myself comfy and offered a drink. Stripped off and joined her on the bed. She asked what I liked but I just like to go with the flow.

Within a second, she pulled me on top of her and started some amazing DFK, the most passionate I've had. This continued and become more sensual as we kissed each others necks and bodies. She then grabbed my hand and put it on her pussy where I began to rub her. At this point she was really wet and seemed just as turned on as me. I worked my way down and began RO on her. She seemed to enjoy this and ended up holding my head while she thrust her pussy over my tongue. Very sexy! Then It was my turn, great OWO and ball licking. Not usually a fan of having my balls played with but enjoyed this.

Then condom on for some missionary. Great eye contact throughout with a sexy dirty look in her eyes. She started rubbing her clit while I fucked her and made some great sounds which sounded genuine. Then on to cowgirl... wow. This girl can fuck. She rod me so hard and fast. I couldn't take much more and I came.

Quick clean up, and a nice 10 min chat before I got ready to leave. Offered another drink and shower which I declined. Not sure a second round was on offer but I wouldn't have taken it up anyway as I'm a one pop man unfortunately. 

Would I return:
Definitely. My best punt to date I think.

Wales / MissWelshKandice
« by bcg12 on January 15, 2017, 07:01:49 pm »
I've lurked on here a long time and haven't contributed so hopefully this is the start of many. I was previously on UKP under a different username but lost my login and email info so made this username (hope I don't get banned for this).

I've seen Kandice probably about 4 times in just over a year, all of them have been 1 hour meetings with the exception of one 2 hour meeting. I'm not sure if I can do a review for a meeting such a long time ago but they've always been pretty much the same (meant in a good way) so I'll just summarise them all in one:

Location: Cardiff Bay or

The first time I seen Kandice, I was a 27 year old virgin so she was my first and although I didn't like the idea of losing my virginity to an escort at first, I'm glad it was her as I told her in advance, she made things easy for me, took the lead and took it a comfortable pace.

Comms have been my AW mail most of the time, SMS now and again, probably had to wait a day the longest for a reply so comms have never been an issue.

In all the meetings, Kandice has never mentioned the paperwork but I've always sorted it out as soon as I got through the door to get it out the way.

Always offered and shower with fresh towels, always accepted.

My favourite feature of Kandice is her lips especially as I love DFK which I get the best experience from Kandice. The first couple times Kandice gave me OWO, she didn't tie her hair back and I loved the feeling of her on me as she gave a great blowjob.

I always thought I was a big lover of boobs and although Kandice's are brilliant and I believe enhanced I never give more than a few seconds of attention to them.

I've done missionary, doggy and cowgirl with Kandice and cowgirl is definetly the best with Kandice with her leaning in for DFK during it.

I must say the only negative I can think of is her moaning which I don't believe is real but it's not a big deal for me

Kandice has never clockwatched and always offered a shower at the end.

It's always a great experience with Kandice, I shall be definetly seeing her again soon.


Wales / Torri Ryder
« by iverthickone on January 15, 2017, 06:32:20 pm » or

Have to thank Hugh for this.

I had actually seen Torri about 3 years ago, and she was shit.  Rushed me through the appointment, allowing only one pop, not the agreed two, and clearly had somewhere else to be.

However, Hugh said she was good, and I tend to have the same opinions as him so far, and as Amy, my usual was away, I thought, everyone deserves a second chance...and what a difference.

Easy to find estate, with loads of parking. I question if the neighbours know what's going on, but you'll soon find out that Torri is very much a one off in opinions, and wouldn't give a monkeys if they did.

Dressed in knickers and a tied round the middle blouse I followed her up the stairs, commenting on the rather nice view there was on the way.  Torri must be 40 I guess, but has an arse most 20 year olds would kill for!

Paperwork sorted, I undressed and laid on the bed.  She joined me and then started a lovely slurpy deep blowjob.  Be aware though that she doesn't do owo, but tbh it didn't matter as she is so good.  After about 10 mins, told her I wanted to fuck her brains out, and she duly got on top, and rode me like a cowgirl on steroids for a few mins, before doggy and then me fucking her like crazy from behind with her laid flat.  She loves dirty talk, and so do I, so after a bit, I gushed up her pussy and she cleaned up.

Had a bit of a chat about music, and I initiated round two.  Nice 69 for 10 mins; she was lovely and juicy, before I decided it was time to screw again.

Mish this time, but hard, including hair pulling, light slaps on her nice and small (my favourite) tits and telling her what a fucking slag she is.  She absolutely loved it, and so was I hence the enevitable conclusion, deep up her again.

Got dressed and left a very happy man!  I will be back!

Wales / Cariad - Illicit Liaisons Cardiff
« by Bishopbailey on January 14, 2017, 10:54:53 pm »

Venue - Nice clean and modern flat in Cardiff Bay with nearby parking. Small ensuite was available in the bedroom if needed.

Meeting - One hour incall

I have used Illicit a view times now with only good experiences and Cariad's pictures looked great. I arrived at the flat and she met me at the door in a tiny set of naughty undies and my jaw hit the floor. If you like your girls small cute and young then she is for you. She is about 20-23 years old and a curvy size 10 with beautiful and real big breasts.

She led me into the room and after exchanging money she got straight down to it and took me straight in her mouth. She gave really soft but amazing head and I struggled to stop myself from finishing right there in her throat. We put on the raincoat and I fucked her from behind until I finished all over her face and breasts. She really gets into it and is so soft and beautiful. She really is a special find.

Will I be returning....omg yes!!

Wales / Cardiff - Ayesha - Portfolio
« by Montywales on January 14, 2017, 10:53:48 pm »

Age: 21
Breasts: Natural - petite
Ass - to die for
Hair: Black natural, long
Face: Very natural and attractive
Ethnicity: Indian


45 min


10/10 by phone and text with the agency

The booking:

she is new so no feedback on here yet but based on the recent posts regarding other recent additions to the agency I thought I would give it a go as I've not been with an Indian girl before and the photos looked good.

Arrived for booking early evening  and was met at the door and welcomed in by Ayesha, my first impression was Very natural and attractive, great figure in a tight red dress

Into the room and paperwork sorted and quick chat while removing clothes to break the Ice. Started with some light FK which developed to very passionate DFK as the meeting progressed

She gave me owo as she was on the bed on all fours. Really sexy eye contact and I started exploring that ass. Got her led on the bed to start exploring more of her body. Breasts are a nice handful (that's my preference) with great puffy nipples that react well to being sucked.

I explored her ass a bit more and think it's great, she was already wet so i started playing with her clit while going to work on that ass. She has an hourglass figure with nice narrow hips and great thighs. As an ass man I was really enjoying this.

Time to go down on her and she really enjoyed this. All through out she was enthusiastic and responded well and genuinely to my efforts.

Time for the main action, started with her on all fours on the bed for a bit of standing doggy, moved to her on her stomach and ass in the air and then finished with missionary as I emptied my load in the condom. Whipped the condom off and then she sucked me off again which was great as I was so sensitive :wacko:

Finished with some more body exploration, DFK, cuddling and chatting. She is a lovely girl and easy to get along with.


If you are looking for an Indian girl who is very enthusiastic and passionate and provides GFE then Ayesha is for you. She said she wants to improve her ass so I'll be going back in a couple of months to check it out! I hope she sticks around as I'd like to do the full hour next time and try and get a second pop in  :yahoo:

Wales / Luscious Kimberly
« by HughJardon on January 13, 2017, 11:31:33 pm »
After the Christmas break and our region not being the best with very few options in Cardiff lately, this week has seen the return of a lot more tourers and green availability lights back on.
Saw this profile and rang the digits. or

I was 99% sure that this girl wasn't affiliated with the Newport road Brazilians as the price differed. After a quick conversation I was directed to an apartment not far from the old HNDF site down the bay area of Cardiff.

The Girl

It's the girl in the pictures,  even the air brushed glamour pics on her free gallery. As hot as the (hopefully)  returning Ria. A size 6 dress size 34 D round tits with fairly big dark brown areolas (probably the size of an Oreo biscuit) They felt firm and she admitted they were fake but they were excellently done and not a scar in sight.
Pert as you like Ass great legs and very striking facial features actually so hot I don't think I stopped looking at her,  she would be right at home on an episode of Home and Away or even as a Spanish actress very hot maybe a bit Jordanna Brewster meets Havana Ginger. Says she's 20 on profile and I don't doubt that

The Meet

Entered the apartment block with ease and got into the room,  she came straight over to me and warmed my hands up,  offered me a cup of tea which was a first for me was also offered a shower but I politely declined. Kimberly was wearing a tight clingy dress and looked smoking. We lay on the bed and I knew this was going to be a full on Girlfriend experience, plenty of proper French kissing nibbling of neck and ears.She was complimentary towards me and even joked we looked good together,  I don't believe half of what I hear on punt but it did make my head swell, both heads. She wasn't shy and grabbed at my wonka as I squeezed her Tits and Ass. She then gave me a strip tease with that sultry look in a woman's eyes telling you you're gonna be balls deep soon son. She stripped off there was more DFK’ing as I got naked. She then gave me a blow job well it turned out more me fucking her face but it was thoroughly enjoyable, the BJ actually fell in line with what you'd get off your girlfriend not intense pornstar stuff or her trying to shove a pinky up your ass but well you know what I mean. I lay her back down and gave her pussy the once over licking and flicking at her beef curtains,  she was drenched so I got on her and shoved my swollen knob into her beaver (well shaved brown lips a lovely looking cunt)
Kissing and eye contact were maintained throughout,  I then spun her round so she could ride me,  she elevated her legs so I could get extra purchase she told me “Fóllame fuerte” fuck me hard which she loved and made her moan,  I was worried about the neighbouring apartments and the moaning banging and slapping noises were reaching serious decibels.
Bent her over and fucked her doggy,  lots of grabbing her neck and reaching round for her tits as she spoke Spanish to me. I filled the dunky up and cleaned up,  she offered me a drink and we had a breather. Then into round 2 which started with another suck job (covered at my request-dont know if she does owo though)
Then into some spooning sex and more heavy pounding in missionary,  she lay by the side of me tits in my face and tossed me off to finish off round 2. We cleaned up and I hope to make a return visit but with Ria maybe back next week I'm torn,  it's a nice problem to have.. Choices


A very complimentary GFE visit with the best looking Brazilian girl I've had the pleasure of.
Shes here for a month. On a personal note this is why I signed up for punting duties for girls like this,  which only in my wildest dreams would I be able to smash. I know it's only the 14the but best meet of the year  :angelgirl:

Wales / Kinky Riahana20 Cardiff Tour
« by bonzo2016 on January 12, 2017, 11:44:57 pm »
OK just went to look for the link, but this girl has already disappeared.  Found out her name because she was still on my phone.  Following a bit of a letdown with an arranged punt, I searched for any girls touring Cardiff on AW.  Came across Kinky Riahana.

Comms - very good.  within a couple of minutes of trying to find another punt, she responded.  Great comms, asking my name etc a personal touch.  So I went for 30 mins.

Location - Cardiff bay - very difficult to find as satnav takes you to the area and there are hundreds of flats.  I rang when in area and was told to look for the blue building.  Finally found it, then she couldn't buzz in, some workers closeby did it.  Took lift to floor and knocked door.  Waited a while awkwardly before she opened and let me in.

Looks - First things first, this was not the girl in the profile pics.  Different nationality even as she said she was from Brazil and the profile said Roma.  But in fairness, she was stunning.  Quite short with long black hair, the Brazilian skin tone, great enhanced tits (not too big) and a lovely body.  I decided to stay.  Soon found out, this wasn't the person I had been texting as she spoke hardly any English.  Notes handed over £80 for 30 mins.

The meet - She stripped off and looked amazing.  Started feeling my way around without any real response from her.  Cupping her breasts, squeezing her ass - the usual stuff.  She then quickly got a condom, put it on and OW - OK at best but nothing special.  She then stood up and played with herself while I watched.  I started on the great tits, then it was time to go in.  She struggled at first and I don't think I'm the biggest which suggested to me she just wasn't into it.  She got some lube and eventually we started in doggy over the bedside cupboard.  Some awkwardness so she went on all fours on bed.  Got better there and went for a while before I wanted to change.  Went to mish and it just felt awkward.  So I opted for RO and wanked myself, getting her to go on fours to go from that angle.  Eventually cum on tits.  Nice ending fair play.

Summary - great looking girl (sorry can't post link, but that probably says it all), but very mechanical and I sensed she just wanted it over with.  The looks elevate her above negative, but not one I will be returning to.  If you saw her in a club you would think - absolute stunner.  So gets a neutral for that alone.

Wales / ANANYA Thai massage Cardiff
« by Nice-dr on January 12, 2017, 06:46:20 pm »

There was a review on ANANYA and was negative by cool-dude39 - poor massage and no extras. Since Thai glow is now doing training for a new starter, I thought I will try my luck at ANANYA.

I made a call and booked the time, no problem.  I turned up on time and met be Mimi (or maybe it is Beebee). Whatever the name, she was the one who did the massage in my previous. I knew I can get the extras.

I found that Mimi was away since Christmas, back to Newcastle where her sister lives.  Probably that was why cool-dude did not get the service he expected.

The massage was within expectation with lots of teasing and followed by the a HJ, amazing hj - what I needed. It was not a tug and quick get it done thing. It was slow and enjoyable. You must try it for yourself.  The total damage was £45+20.

Mimi did mentioned about Thai glow across the street. Obviously she asked why I have not visited ANANYA for some time.

I will definitely visit again.

« by MikeFlavours on January 12, 2017, 03:22:58 pm »

Very Long time lurker first time reviewer.

I've punted only twice before, with mixed results.   The last was about 18 months ago in London.   I've been thinking about having another go but to break myself back in and opted for a massage, B2B and happy ending earlier this week.

Viviens profile caught my eye so I went for a half hour at £50 plus £10 to get her fully naked.

Not the easiest flat to find near Newport road but once in all tmy wandering around was forgotten.

She's very cute, small with a great figure. Very pretty, nice array of tattoos, nothing over the top. Handed over the cash and we both stripped off.  She's easily more attractive than her photos suggest. I was straight from outside and it was cold out.  This made us both laugh every time she touched me she told me I was freezing. After a good massage with oil she moved on the B2B for a couple of minutes before asking me to lay on my back.  Kneeling along side me she applied oil to my old boy and double handed started to wank me to attention.  It felt pretty good, she definitely knows what's she's doing. 

This is where it went a bit wrong for me.  I was trying to cop a feel, had a good feel of her great tits and ass but she complained I was too cold, even after I rubbed them to get them warm for her. 

After a couple of attempts I just lay back and let her crack on until I came, cleaned up and left.  I was offered a shower but didn't bother. A bit disappointed at not being able to be more intimate but happy that a hot young thing wanked me off and I'd had a good rub down. 

We didn't chat, we didn't really connect but it was what it was. This might read more like a neutral review but it did what I wanted.

Hopefully my first review makes sense.....

Wales / Xena x (formerly Eva of Cardiff Companions) - Cardiff
« by Gatchaman on January 12, 2017, 06:55:22 am »
(I've delayed posting this one a while trying to decide between neutral and positive.  It's borderline, but I've settled on neutral as I most likely won't return)

Former agency girl apparently turned independent, though I see she is on the Cardiff Companions site as "Eva - Returns".

Links or

Duration / Cost
1 hour / £150.

An initial e-mail was unread for 2 days then never replied to.  Decided to give her another go and a second e-mail 10 days later was answered promptly and a booking was made.  One the day she asked if we could delay the start by 30 mins.  That wasn't convenient for me so she agreed to go ahead with the original time.  Postcode was given and when I texted to announce my arrival she replied by text to come straight in, the door is unlocked.  Unfortunately, she had neglected to tell me which house number, so had to make a quick call while wandering down the street!

Incall at house in a residential street off Newport Road.  A temporary location according to Eva.  Bedroom itself was pleasant enough, but it appeared to be a shared house.  Eva's duo partner lives in one of the other rooms, but I later got the impression that others (presumably civvies) also live there.  Bathroom (presumably shared) was functional but thinking about it afterwards, it would have been a little odd if I'd encountered any of the other housemates on the way there or back.

Her AW photos don't give much away, but she is facially very attractive, and has a great toned, but still curvy, tanned body.  Long straight brunette hair, I'd guess size 8-10 and around 5'7". Nice big boobs (probably fake, but not obviously so) and responsive nipples.  The smoothest pussy I'd encountered in a while.

She was wearing a thin dressing gown.  I've often seen folk complain about this as showing a lack of effort, but it wasn't your granny's gown and looked pretty sexy revealing ample cleavage and her erect nipples poking through the fabric.

Paperwork and shower sorted we sat on the bed and started with some decent FK.  Not the deepest ever, but a fair bit of tongue.  Soon lost the gown and dropped to her knees to provide some very nice OWO.  Returned the favour with some RO which she was responsive to and appeared to come a couple of times.  More OWO.  I asked about CIM, but that is apparently a £40 extra.  Sod that, so on with the condom, and cowgirl with more FK until I finished. 

There was maybe 10-15 mins left at this point, but after passing me the bin and the wetwipes, she moved to the sofa and put the gown back on so that was that.  There was no realistic chance of me achieving a round 2, but it was a more abrupt ending than I'm accustomed to.

Showered and left, out the door in just under the hour.

Value / Will I return?
Probably not.  There was nothing particularly wrong with the service provided.  I did enjoy it, and she's undoubtedly hot, but the venue was a bit awkward and the overall experience wasn't quite up there with other SPs in the same price range. 

At this price the only extra I'd expect to be charged for is anal (which is not on her list anyway) so the £40 extra for CIM seemed like a bit of a piss take since it was on her likes list with no mention of extras on the profile.  My fault really though - should have checked when booking.

Just noticed she is currently listing duos at £180/hr which does sound like cracking value.

Wales / Evelyn
« by ledley on January 12, 2017, 12:43:18 am »

its been a while. late shift so went to this trusted site. without too much detail it is between newport rd and the magic roundabout.

she is italian and really friendly and polite. she wore a matching pink bra and thong. great body, slim with pert ass and nice round natural tits. photos are her but with a bit of photoshop i think. but she is nice.

i asked for dfk and owo pre visit but it is £30 for both or £20 each. I decided to pass and just have normal service. great deep covered oral and use of tongue. she maintains eye contact and licks her lips and has no problems getting slammed hard. Only downside is that the bet is very uncomfortable. started on my back but quickly changed to doggy and missionary to finish

at the end we stayed and chatted for a few minutes. today was her first day and she is here at least a week. she is from rome and has a great italian accent. i asked her how old she as and she said 28, i think it is true, though she looked younger. she works until 4am

this is her as well

Wales / Welsh Brunette
« by Sancerre on January 11, 2017, 08:36:35 pm »

Meet Date:   Tuesday 10 January
Meet Location:   Porthcawl ish
Type:   In-call

Time Spent:   1 hour(s)
Fee:   £140

Would visit again:   Yes
Would recommend:   Yes
Value for money:   Excellent
Overall Rating:   8.8 out of 10

Met at WB home. Place was spotlessly clean and freshly decorated.
Very easy to find. was given postcode to get close then phoned instructions for final approach on foot.
Entrance a bit open but was let in without delay. Felt safe at all times.

WB is a slim leggy girl with a cracking rack. I'd asked for thigh boots and leather, and WB didn;t dissappoint on either score.
Long dark hair and very kissable lips.
WB is very easy on the eye.

WB was very welcoming. Didn't really ask for anything but got a fantastic GFE.

Woke up in the middle of the night and felt the urge. Fired off an e mail and WB responded by 7.30 am.

Comms excellent throughout.

On approach the door swung open. I peaked behind it as it closed and presented to me was a sight to behold. WB was dressed in a soft leather basque, stockings, crotchless knickers and a pair of thigh boots with buckles that will never see the outside of a bedroom.

The bed room is on the top floor of a 3 storey town house and following WB up those stairs gets the blood pumping in more ways than one.

WB didn't ask for money but invited me to join her on the bed. I initiated getting the paperwork sorted and put it on the side. She didn't even pick it up while I was there let alone count it!

WB likes kissing. She likes kissing a lot.

It's taken me a few years to get around to see her. She's a gem.

Wales / Torri Ryder
« by HughJardon on January 10, 2017, 08:28:22 pm »
I didn't think I would review this girl but I think as Newport is pretty desolate I thought I’d throw in with a review of or

It was quiet and no one was really working but Torri’s availability light was on so sent a cheeky message her way. The response was under 10 minutes and we cordially agreed the time and off I popped.

The Girl

A proper Newport girl with a thick accent to boot, very slim size 6 but looked tall in her high heels. Tits well I think my moobs were bigger but that didn't matter as she has a superb Ass,  proper small but well cushioned. Her facial features are what's on show on her gallery(and below)

The Meet

Started within minutes of me entering her bedroom,  she started to nuzzle at my boxer shorts getting Hugh Junior awake for the melee. We did kiss a little but it wasn't the type of locked horns passionate kissing you’d expect on a proper GFE meet. She licked all up my chest and down to my belly button,  then on with the condom. She started by licking up and down the shaft wanking it and playing with my nuts,  then without warning she went into full chicken head sucking,  using her hand to pull at my foreskin while sucking on my bellend,  graphic stuff,  I think on any other given day I would have just blown my load there and then but persevered through it and even fucked back at her face which she liked.
She got up and bent over and after the raucous blowy she just gave me forgot about her Ass which I just went in hard pummeling style.
I knew this wasn't going to be a hard fuck so tried to pace myself and at least get through 3 positions. She turned over and rubbed her gash I then gave her a good Jack hammering on the bed with plenty of leverage. I was all about done so asked her to jump on top the good train Hughey,  her Riding technique was some of the best I've had and she soon finished me off with time to spare. Just to add that between every position she sucked me off. I don't know if she was extra horny that day but if she delivers that service I will be back again and again


Ryder by name Ryder by nature

If anyone asks for Newport recommendations she's going on that sparse list along with ummm????

Wales / Ananya Thai Massage
« by cool_dude39 on January 10, 2017, 05:50:28 pm »

Have been thinking of getting a massage for the last few days and decided to pop into Ananya's. There have been quite a few reviews some good others not so good, my visit was not good!
The receptionist was a middle aged stocky (not fat) lady but far from a looker. I asked for a 30 minute massage and then asked if there was a choice of ladies. Got a sharp reply asking why I would want to choose a lady for a thai massage. This was a warning sign and I should have walked. Anyway followed her into the cubicle which was behind the reception desk, the wall has a large window to the front with closed blinds. She asked me to undress and lay down and left leaving the door open. I closed the door it but as there was no lock it opened half way. Not a major problem as there didn't seem to be anyone else at the place but still it was not very private.
The lady returned and started the massage on my back, legs, thighs, buttocks. The massage was very ordinary, not relaxing at all. Fifteen minutes in she asked me to turn over but I declined and asked her to continue on my back. I was not enjoying the massage and didn't want to see her face or let her touch my old boy so didn't want to turnover. She was surprised but continued.
Half hour up and she brought in a hot towel and wiped my back and then left the room. Got dressed and left quickly.
I really just wanted a decent massage and HE but the experience was so poor I just wanted to get out.
So if anyone wants a decent massage this place is to be avoided as I certainly will.


Age: 23
Height:  5'6"
Dress: 10/12 toned
Breasts: 34 D Natural
Hair: Black natural, long
Face: Very natural and attractive
Nationality: English
Ethnicity: White


30 min


10/10 which is always very professional and 1st class

The booking:

There was no feedback on UKP and my experience had been great at this agency so decided to bite the bullet and arrange booking with this new girl.

Arrived for booking for late afternoon and was met at the door and welcomed in by Kendra, my first impression was another 'OH YES'... Very natural and attractive, and was very much looking forward to getting down to some fun.

Into the room and paperwork sorted and quickly removed my clothes and Kendra removed her silk short dressing gown to reveal her lovely all woman body, with a bra showing a nice cleavage and matching thong which just looked very sexy.

She has the looks that are beautiful without any make up and she is naturally pretty.

Straight into lots of dfk, but couldnt resist removing her bra to reveal her lovely natural big breasts and removed her thong to reveal her fresh shaven pussy.

I normally look for the same thing in a booking and like the tease of licking a girls pussy to make sure she enjoys and that's exactly what I did with Kendra and it worked perfect.. :lol: Lots of reverse oral, owo, then condom on and sex in missionary and finished off with 69.

I had an excellent booking with Kendra and although I was not my normal self after recent travelling, Kendra made sure I had an excellent time and she got very wet and enjoyed the fun aswell.


Although I think Kendra is new to this she was very relaxed and her enthusiasm was excellent,  friendly chat at the end whilst getting dressed, she is a really lovely girl,  I will definitely return for another booking with Kendra very soon but am planning a booking with one of the other new girls starting there Alexandra who also looks very good.

Great punting start to 2017!

25 or

Age: 25 ish but hard to tell
Height:  5'3" ish
Dress: 6
Breasts: 32C good size for a slim girl with big 'bullet type nipples' :lol:
Hair: Jet black
Face: attractive
Nationality: Thai

Language: English is quite good




Easy all by text which was prompt with postcode provided, I had visited another girl there so new where I was going.

The booking:

The excellent review from HughJardon prompted me to enquire about booking, I think his description of her nipples won me over.

Arrived for booking and was met at the door and welcomed in with Leeya who was standing being the door as it opened as I walked in she closed the door and my first impression was HughJardon had summarised her looks spot on and does facially look a bit like Lucy Lui,  as we headed to the room she took off her dressing gown whilst walking to reveal a tight lacy dress which complemented her good shape ass petite body and breasts.

Into the room and paperwork sorted and quickly removed my clothes, I walked around the bed and straight off with the clingy dress to reveal no bra or knickers and a nice body with good size nipples that would shortly become massive.

I'm not into kissing the Thai girls or don't do OWO, so as Leeya still standing I leaned down and caressed her nipples which she really enjoyed and got very wet.  I put my hand under her ass and lifted her up while she wrap her legs around me, more nipple play then I lowered her to the bed.  I was solid by know and put the condom on for some nice OW which was good and she tried her best to DT but no chance was she going to take it all.

I only went for cowgirl so I could caress her nipples more and soon it was all over as I lay on the bed, legs weak and was being massaged by Leeya for the last few minutes.

I will return again when she is back in Cardiff and if you like long 'bullet type' nipples then this will be one of the best you will ever meet.   :drinks: :thumbsup:

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