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Wales / Aimee Portfolio.... stunning gfe Cardiff
« by sephiroth316 on Yesterday at 09:50:44 PM »

Long time lurker first review

1 hour outcall £160  (no extras)

called the agency who have been very polite and helpful when I've called

aimee arrived on time(stunning girl) and could see I was a bit nervous about the whole thing and she immediately put me at ease with some very soft kisses and some nice small talk,sorted the money and went upstairs

we started with some great gfe followed by amazing owo at which point her tongue wandered southwards and I was in heaven, the some r/o  that was followed by some A levels (which she really seemed to enjoy) for a bit followed by me collapsing on the bed for more owo/rimming followed by doggy/ missionary with me popping in her mouth

it has to be said how friendly she is and well spoken and everything was done with amazing enthusiasm,a constant smile on her face , no clock watching/rushing.  I feel like I could have talked to her for days,a genuine gfe with some more pse if you prefer

recommended  :yahoo: 100% yes

would i return  :yahoo: 100% yes

Wales / Derbyshire Princess - Cardiff Tour
« by crfc on Yesterday at 09:01:18 PM »

Thanks to a few of the lads convincing Rosie to return to Cardiff and the excellent reports
I arranged to book an hour this afternoon
Venue major hotel south of town centre

The girl is as her profile slim, young and pretty

I found Rosie straightforward and easy to talk with
We began with a nice relaxing massage Then after a few minutes of this I started to wake up so Rosie got on top and rubbed her body up and down mine (dry humping?) some light FK no tongue Olympics but just as I like it I played with her and went down south for some rimming and fingering Rosie is very reponsive and got a towel under my neck just intime Now this is a first for me and I was amazed not to mention fascinated by this and I was covered in the flow WOW warm, wet, sticky and quite sweet tasting I was drier when I swam with dolphins!
My turn to receive via a 69 after a while I started to use my fingers again not just tongue and wow yet again I got soaked, bloody great stuff
More oral for me from Rosie, she asked where I'd like to finish, was going to go for CIM but as we carried on I changed my mind! and got a HJ whilst we kissed, tgat did the job, cleaned up and we went right over time as Rosie had no other booking due to a cancellation we chatted I played with her lovely little tits, covered a fair few subjects including me work on family trees!!!

For me a meeting is all about the time spent having an intimate time not so much the ride 'em cowboy stuff, if I were 40 years younger that might well be fine but for an old gripper other things float my boat
Would I revisit? Too dam right I will
Rosie says she has enjoyed coming to Cardiff and hopes to visit every couple of months, which at least will give my pension a chance to recover...
She is busy tomorrow but will be here until 12 on Thursday So if you fancy a young women gushing over you get in quick...
I'm off for a lay down oh and some family tree research for some pepes who have asked fir help with theirs later on I may have a fireverhung monent over this afternoon as well  :rolleyes:

Wales / Annabelle_Babygirl - Cardiff (Tour)
« by Gatchaman on Yesterday at 04:32:01 PM »
Annabelle announced on UKE that she was coming to Cardiff, so it seemed rude not to welcome her.

https://www.adultwork.com/3233884 or https://www.adultwork.com/Annabelle%5FBabygirl

Duration / Cost
90 minutes / £200.

Decent price for 90 mins, but depending on what you want out of the meet, watch out for her extras list

Great.  Initially via UKE PMs, confirmed by an AW booking then WhatsApp.  Friendly and mildly flirty.

Incall at 4 star hotel in Cardiff city centre.  No access issues.

Age listed as 27, which seems about right.  Very pretty girl with long blonde hair, Slim but curvy in the right places (I'm crap at sizes, maybe 8-10?) and toned with large (enhanced but well very done) boobs and responsive nipples, shaved pussy with just a little patch of hair above it.  Pierced navel and a few tattoos.  Dressed as requested.

If she hadn't told me her boobs were enhanced I wouldn't have been able to be sure that they were.  I jokingly told her that we use Kandice's as a measure of quality for boob jobs around here and Annabelle's are definitely in that league.

Friendly and very welcoming.  Easy to chat to.

Welcomed in with a kiss and offered a drink, I declined and jumped into the shower instead.

FK - Light, but pleasant and plentiful, though my last booking was with Welsh Brunette so anything is going to be light after that!

RO - Very responsive, happy with fingering and appeared to come a few times.  Nice view of her boobs from down there.

OWO - Very nice.  Not particularly deep, but varied, with a bit of ball licking.  Fantastic eye contact, and long hair brushing my belly is a another fave of mine.  turned her round towards the end for a 69.

Sex (protected of course) - Cowgirl for round one, with a great view of those boobs until I finished in the condom.

Bit of a chat during recovery, then Annabelle tried hard to revive me with more OWO.  The little bastard was not co-operating, so we swapped over for more RO, which eventually did the trick, so with 10 minutes to go, on with the second jacket, and a bit of frantic doggy until I managed a second pop.

Another shower and took my leave.

Will I return?
Definitely, assuming she comes to Cardiff again.

Wales / Welsh Brunette - Cardiff (Tour)
« by Gatchaman on Yesterday at 03:55:50 PM »
Georgia is well known (and well rated) on this forum, but her normal working location has ruled out a visit for me up to now.  I spotted a few weeks ago that she was coming to Cardiff so jumped at the chance.

https://www.adultwork.com/2213030 or https://www.adultwork.com/Welsh%5FBrunette

Duration / Cost
90 minutes / £220.

Outstanding.  Prompt replies, polite but friendly, to the point.  Gave the distinct impression that she had read and paid attention to all my messages.  If only comms with all SPs were this good this hobby would be much less frustrating.

All via AW initially (I don't think Georgia ever shows her number on AW?) then a text from her on the day to confirm the meeting (agreed beforehand that this was OK, but still very discreetly worded), once confirmed, hotel details provided and room number given on arrival in the vicinity.

Incall at suite in 4 star hotel in Cardiff Bay.  No problems passing reception.  Bed was massive (Super Kingsize, I think)

Age listed as 30, which I'd say is accurate.  Only one free photo on AW which doesn't give much away.  Long dark hair as you'd expect from the name, facially attractive, but somehow not what I'd imagined.  That's not a criticism, just that I'd formed an image in my mind (based on nothing in particular) and she looked nothing like that!  Body slim and toned with large (enhanced but nice) boobs and responsive nipples, shaved pussy and pierced clit.  A few discreet tats.  Dressed exactly as I'd requested.

Friendly enough, but not as chatty as some.  I'm always a bit shy meeting someone new, so can also be a bit quiet and I wasn't sure initially if we'd "clicked" but there felt like a real connection when we got into it.  The "feel" of the meet reminded me a lot of the one solo booking I had with Scarlett Jo before she retired.

A kiss on arrival and offered a drink, I opted for water (bottled - nice touch).  Quick shower and onto business.

DFK - Awesome.  If you're into DFK, this is worth the price of admission by itself.  Slow, soft, deep, fast, passionate and every variation in between.  Barely stopped for the whole session.  I get the impression Georgia loves kissing.  While she was snogging she was also running her hands all over me and teasing my nipples.  Very sensual.

RO - Very responsive, also happily accepted a couple of fingers and ended up grinding her pussy into my face quite vigorously

OWO - Great.  Not particularly deep, but varied, and kept me on the edge for ages.  She's very intuitive.

Sex - One position was all I managed, cowgirl, with a great view of those boobs and more DFK.  Didn't last long and when I indicated I was ready to cum, she really went for it.  Very energetic!

Toys - Georgia had one of those heavy duty wand style vibrators on the bedside table, so it seemed rude not to have a go with it.  It soon became clear that she loves that thing, and she'd probably left it out in the hope that it would get used!  It got to the point where it was impossible to tell where one orgasm finished and the next one started.  Incredibly sexy to watch

Only managed the one pop, which was down to my poor management of the time.  I was having such a good time during round 1, I left it too late to recover for a second, but I still enjoyed playing with Georgia in the remaining time.

Another shower, a kiss goodbye, and off home.

Will I return?
If she comes to Cardiff again (and she suggested she is hoping to come more regularly), then I'm there.

Wales / VIVIEN-MASSEUSE - Cardiff
« by Becks01 on March 27, 2017, 08:04:54 PM »

Sorry for the late posting, I met Vivien last Friday afternoon.

I first met Vivien around a year ago and as the experience was so poor on the day I swore I would never return (I guess she had argued with someone at the time as she was in the most horrendous mood). But as fickle as I am though after reading on here that BJ’s were now on offer I decided to give her another chance

Quick response to my text and time agreed with extras taken of her being naked and OWO costing an extra £20. On my last visit I had been left hanging around when I got to her apartment however this time around I was text a few minutes before arriving asking if I was close.

Upon entering the room I was greeted by the same beautiful young girl I met a year prior, however this time there was a very happy smiling face and her English has clearly improved over the months as well which certainly helped. Within seconds of entering the bedroom the joggers, top and knickers she was wearing were thrown to the floor showing her awesome body…..I must admit her tits and ass are truly exquisite. I slowly undressed so I could get a good perv in on the hot body and then offered to jump in the shower quickly…..mainly as I wanted to ensure there were no excuses with the BJ and Vivien did really seem to appreciate the offer so in I jumped for 2-3 mins.

Back to the room and the massage was ok, nothing to really write home about but that’s not why I went there. 20 Minutes in I was ask to turn over and Vivien sat in between my legs and went straight down on my cock. BJ was lovely as she slowly sucked my hard and then mixed a little wanking in with her sucking...it felt pretty special seeing this hot chick bobbing her head over my shaft. I eventually started to enjoy myself a little too much and it was at this point I realised that we hadn’t discussed if she was taking my junk in her mouth?? Quick think...ah bugger it if she complains she complains so I blow my load in her mouth there and then. Thankfully she keeps going for a little before leaving my cock to spit my cum into a tissue. It was at this point I noticed the surprise on her face and I start thinking "oh shit maybe this wasn’t part of the plan". After asking though Vivien did laugh and said everything was fine, she hopes I enjoyed it and explained that she was surprised how hard I had cum (around 5 days worth)….lol  :thumbsup:

All in all a very positive meet, certainly in comparison to my last visit. If there was something I would have liked though was for Vivien not to have placed herself where I couldn’t get my hands on her, she has such a hot body it would have been nice to have a touch and feel  :D

Wales / Mollie Matthews (Cardiff Bay)
« by Dead_Pool on March 26, 2017, 11:57:33 PM »
Incall, paid £200ph

Comms were good. Inital AW email replied too after 1 day for booking later that week. All rest comms and confirming booking all done via text. Place is out of main centre of Cardiff. Free parking at a bar/restaurant about 500 yards away. Modern gated appartment block which needed to be buzzed through. Large flat, massive bedroom complete with massage table. Clean and made effort to feel very welcoming, candles, insense burning, little ornaments, kinda felt like an east asia vibe going on in the room.

Mollie is a glamour girl with a harder edge due to the many tattoos. The tattoos suit her, they would not with everyone. Her body is stunning though so she pulls the look off very well.

She has done quite a bit of modelling, she is facially quite stunning tbh. She was a bit more petite than expected, with the very large enhanced boobs. Its a striking look she has, but it really works. Really friendly throughout time with her, very easy to talk with, valley girl with a nice accent. She was neither vanilla gfe or hardcore pse, but a good inbetween. Wanted to know what I liked and didn't and was enthusiastic throughout.

Good DFK throughout, oral skills were excellent, lots of DT with those angelina jolie style lips. Loves RO and ok with fingering as long as not too hard and fucked in any position. CIM to finish was a great sight.

I saw Mollie at the beginning of year and she was brunette then and £200ph, which is quite high. But not many girls have her distinctive look and could be from the pages of FHM or Maxim, she really is fit as fuck. She has since changed her hair to blonde and her rate gone up to £300 ph. Quite a price hike.

Her choice, but I think she looks better as a brunette and the rate change puts her in porn star price bracket. She must feel she will still get the bookings, or just wants to work less, but IMO its a bit much. I can't fault anything about the meet though and would like to see her again, just a bit crap she felt the need to bump up the cost so much as wasn't excactly cheap in first place. Bettng tips anyone?  :hi:

https://www.adultwork.com/2349986 or https://www.adultwork.com/Mollie+Matthews

Wales / xsexyxtiax26x Cardiff
« by HughJardon on March 26, 2017, 07:35:34 PM »
Saw this girl recently. Not my usual type of girl with the piercings and tattoos but went at it with the promise of a hard shafting off her

https://www.adultwork.com/3519489 or https://www.adultwork.com/xsexyxtiax26x

Comms done via the AW email system,  but she was quick to respond and also postcode and phone number was given pretty swiftly.

The girl

Size 8 Petite brunette bi-sexual Welsh girl who had a fair bit of inking over her body and a proclivity for piercings. She wore stockings and a Basque and heels that made her as tall as myself. Fake breasts but a very well done set of jubblies,  good ass and a pierced clit.
Photos below are accurate

The Meet

Straight down to the Canton area of Cardiff,  easy to find but on road parking was busy,  I managed to find a space but consider this when booking and give yourself 5-10 minutes head start on the meeting.
Was let into an abode by this cutie and led into a very stylish bedroom,  kiss fm playing in the background. Paperwork done we then started to kiss it up. Plenty of tongues and slobbering and grabbing for semi sized Hugh. She was eager to get her kit off as was I.
Onto the bed we continued to kiss, I asked about the tattoos and piercings which she had 2 in her tongue. My cock sprung out of my boxers and slipped conveniently into her mouth.
Her technique was vigorous and hard with plenty of spitting,  I was well aware that she had 2 tongue piercings especially in and around my japseye,  some of it was an ouch moment but enjoyable without hitting the realms of pain.

She put the condom on without me realising and then jumped on board.. Yeeee haw her technique was and she told me prior to the punt that she liked it rough,  very intense,  and we just pounded seven bells out of each other occasionally kissing in between breathes.
Bent her over and the theme stayed with hard and fast,  the sounds of slapping and fuck me hard filled the air (and that was just off me haha)  Over to the missionary position with her legs up around my back pumping me into her harder. She then threw me on the bed and dragged the condom off and gave me an Almighty blowing,  the doors opened when she uttered “I can't wait to taste your spunk” I blew in her mouth and that's where my load stayed.


A weird hybrid of Tattooed Soph & Tori Ryder. If I'm feeling particularly horny I would defo return as she's an all or nutting kind of girl. An intense punt had

Thanks to Batteries not Included for the heads up on this minx

Wales / VIVIEN-MASSEUSE (Cardiff)
« by Asian Hunter on March 25, 2017, 01:18:50 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3416676 or https://www.adultwork.com/VIVIEN%2DMASSEUSE

This is a double review because I had seen her once previously.

Previous meeting (Neutral)

Made comms the day before to arrange time, partial location, the price and any extras etc... All agreed and to text an hour before the meet. On the day, texted to make sure it was still on. Received the full address and to text when I arrived. On arrival, text to say I was here. No reply. After 5 minutes text again to say was here. No reply. So rang the number instead. After a few rings, went to voicemail but received a text straightaway to say she'll open the door. Think I had woken her up because she had bags under her eyes and the "just woken up face look" (this was a late morning meeting). Anyway, the massage wasn't the best compared to ban sakunee, it was just a back rub. And didn't pay the extra £10 for her to be fully naked. The HJ was nice and slow and got a feel of her boobs. Juicy and natural and enough boob to fill both hands. 30 minutes had come and gone. Satisfied and I left. Overall this was a neutral meeting, nothing special. Just a good HJ from a hot looking girl.

Today's meeting (Negative)

So heard she was offering BJ with condom. So like previously made comms the day before, arranged time for a late morning meeting, and asked her if she'd take £20 for BJ without condom. Yep no problem, all agreed. Texted her an hour before, but she asked if we could do half hour later than agreed time, that was no problem and was given the full address and to text when arrived to receive the flat number. I was 10 minutes early to check out where this flat was, and it was on a busy high street next to local shops. But luckily there was a bus stop shelter 5 metres away, so I waited there to blend in as a bus passenger. Text her to say I was here and for the flat number. No reply. Bang on the meeting time, text her again for the flat number. No reply. Couldn't ring her because there was other people waiting at the bus stop. 15 minutes later, text her again to say I was here and for the flat number. Again no reply. So left and by this time was too late to arrange a plan B punt. A negative today for a no show.

Her loss is someones else is gain. That's extra money in the pocket to save for someone else who deserves it  :sarcastic:

Wales / Overnight with MissWelshKandice - Cardiff Bay
« by king072016 on March 24, 2017, 07:12:04 PM »
This is was 1st overnight with Kandice back with February as I've always seen her for either 2 or 3 hours

Checked AW and noticed Kandices green light wasn't on, but still clicked on her profile and saw she had logged on that day. So sent her a text to she if she was free. Got a text back saying she was free in the evening.


All comms done via text and WhatsApp for the booking.

Price: £800

Got to Kandices apartment for about 9.30pm, I took food (one of her favourites) and couple of bottles of presseco and dessert with me. I even wore my favourite aftershave (Creed)

Asked Kandices to wear something relaxing which she did, she wore her gym outfit and wow did she look stunning in her outfit. Those tight legging and gym bra really complimented her body, her bum looked great and very peachy, my eyes nearly popped out (felt like Homer Simpson drooling) https://media3.giphy.com/media/Zk9mW5OmXTz9e/giphy.gif
and she had her glasses on which made her look even hotter.

We chatted while we had food together and a bottle of presseco.

After we ate we went sat on the sofa and continued to chat while eating ice cream, then cuddle on started kissing. Then into DFK.

We quickly moved to the bedroom where Kandice took off her clothes. I told her to lye down on her belly and gave her a nice massage for about 20mins which she seemed to enjoy. While give her the massage I started kissing her neck gently.

Kandice got up and told me to lie down on my back we continued kissing and then she started to take of my shirt, then trousers. She kissed her way down and removed by boxers and gave an amazing owo. Then it was my turn to return the favour and wow was she wet (really wet) she tasted great (won't go into too much detail) on with the raincoat and had the most amazing sex. We did a couple of positions until I came. I was already knackered  :lol:

We chatted a bit in the bedroom and made our why back to living room where we finished of the food, had another bottle of presseco.

Chatted for at least another hour or so and we did yoga together (yes yoga) which was fun, I was tired after that. We continued to chat till the early hours of the morning and went for round 2 that was just as good as the 1st round (morning sex are great)  :yahoo:
We cuddle for a bit and then I left, it was just gone after 7.30 in the morning.

What an experience

Will I do it again: already have  :D  :lol:
Definitely worth the money  :dance:

Wales / Sophia - Pontprennau
« by aps on March 24, 2017, 07:07:53 PM »
Been a silent lurker here. Haven't punted since 2012 due to various reasons. Finally changed that today.
Saw a profile that was mentioned here.
https://www.adultwork.com/3226029 or https://www.adultwork.com/LOVE+SOPHIE+XXX
Sent email but had no reply. Took a gamble and booked via Adultwork. Got reply soon. She called me (as per my request in booking). Reasonable english. Asked for a recent picture to confirm, but she declined. She said "when you come if you are not happy, you can leave, no problem". Agreed to meet. She texted me address including house number.

Location--residential area in Pontprennau--walkable from ASDA. As someone mentioned here, you can excuse yourself from your partner during ASDA shopping saying you are going to B&Q and do the deed without raising doubt.

Meet-Door opened and she was behind door in nice red lingerie. The pictures are definitely few years old, she has put on a few pounds but that was ok with me. Nice full soft natural tits, big ass, fleshy all over. Hug and a nice kiss with DFK to start off. Went upstairs and sorted paper work. She offered a drink, asked if i need to freshen, which I didn't and then she left room for a few minutes.
When she comeback, the kissing continued with both of us checking each others anatomy. She is very keen to please and asked what I would like. DFK--which she was very enthusiastic, OWO--great service, she even licked my hairy balls but said maybe if I had shaved she will do better. The raincoat was put on, first she on top, then missionary. Spent earlier that I would have liked.
She did a bit of body to body massage and OWO again.
Overall I felt it was good service. She is probably going back next week but she was thinking of staying for longer.

Wales / BustyNiki - Cardiff
« by Bluebird187 on March 23, 2017, 07:00:37 PM »

Well it's another good review for Niki, I felt like writing this review was pointless because of the great feedback she's already had but oh well one more positive couldn't hurt.

I saw Niki earlier today at her place down the bay (near Morrisons) just like everyone else I struggled to find her apartment but I predicted this would happen so I wasn't late. Anyway she looked stunning, I think she actually looked better in person than her photos on AW and She also seemed really chatty and friendly which is a bonus.

We started off with a light massage, never been offered this before so I went for it. Then she told me to turn over and started playing, after a little bit of DFK and OWO we ended up in the 69 position as it's one of my personal favourites. Once I was ready she turned over and got into the missionary position, I have to be honest she turned me on so much with her great looks I didn't end up getting into any other position and shot my load.

Overall I thought she was a really good punt and great value for money. I would definitely return.

Wales / HotBlondyEscort - Cardiff
« by iverthickone on March 23, 2017, 06:26:38 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3801223 or https://www.adultwork.com/HotBlondyEscort  or   http://adult.vivastreet.co.uk/escort+cardiff-cf1/new-100--genuine-passional-escort-in-cardiff/145052325

Saw this girl (Rebekah) this week.  I was actually aiming to see: https://www.adultwork.com/3855250 or https://www.adultwork.com/CrystalEscort   I think they work together as there was another girl in the flat who was otherwise engaged in the next bedroom, hence I assume they share/I got the wrong number.

Tbf, there is already one (negative) review of Rebekah on UKP: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=123693.msg1403913#msg1403913

This is a really hard one for me to rate properly. This girl is soooo much prettier in the flesh (literally) than her pics on A/W or Viva.  I have been punting for about 20 years, and she is one of the best looking girls I have ever screwed in my life.  For that reason I have plumped for neutral, though the rest would probably have to be negative.

Got there with the help of a text (it is not "on" the road of the address, but down an alley).  I nearly spunked my pants when I saw her and followed her up the steps, cleaning off my drool as I went. Got to the bedroom, and as I tried to put my tongue back in my mouth I handed over the £80 (for an hour, and two pops as agreed on text earlier).  She was wrapped in the towel as per Ray Alvis' previous review, (though I cannot confirm it was the same towel!  :lol:).  When I asked how old she was she told me that she was 20, which is entirely believable).

As is the want of WG, she disappeared for a few mins (what do they actually do in that 5 min period!?!) whilst I got naked.  She came back in and let the towel drop.  Fuck me!!! :crazy:

Told me to get on the bed, and this is the point it all went downhill.  She gave the old boy a quick feel.  Tbh, it was already half there (and had been back at the door)!  :)  It was at this stage she shoved on the overcoat, before giving it a lick or two, and just the tip in to her mouth.  This lasted a full 15 seconds or so, before she asked what position.  Part of me was hoping for (a lot) more oral, but part of me just wanted to fuck her!  Told her to jump on top, and she did, grimacing as she took me inside her. 

It had become very clear earlier that she did not want to be touched or kissed (I tried, and was met with the response of "What do you think you are doing?"), but I am fine with that.  It was something else to see a 20 year beauty on top of you with your cock between their legs.  I was allowed to grope her small (but perfect) tits too.  I then suggested turning over for a sesh in mish.  She was ok with that, again though she grimaced as I found the target.  She was taking no other part in this session other than being there though in truth.  It was very clear that she would rather have not been there at all!  Still fuck that - as I started to go at it, she winced more and asked me to come.  I sort of could tell what would be coming later (and I wasn't wrong), so I actually didn't rush that much, and continued to pound away.  Then I went in nice and deep and hard to finish off down her fuck-hole.  Lovely!  :D

She then got up, and I think was hoping that would be it.  However with only 20 mins gone and one pop down, she had another thing coming.  She asked if I wanted a massage, and I said that would be good, before round two!
She replied, "You have to be joking?"
I said, "No, it's what we agreed on text, wasn't it?"
She said, "Yes, but you didn't tell me you were so big!"  :hi:
I said, "Did it hurt then?"
She said, "Yes!"

Now, can I just point out that whilst I am ok down there, and thicker than most (as most are aware), I am genuinely no porn star!  I nearly laughed when she said that - bear in mind she is likely at some stage to push another human out of that hole! But did say I wanted my two pops and hour as agreed.

She asked if I wanted a massage, I said yes, and we'll go for a HE to finish.  So that is what we did.  Nice enough back rub, followed by me turning over and her reaching for my Richard.  Even then the lack of enthusiasm made me give way to me telling her to open her legs so I could have a butcher's at that fine gash of hers whilst having a tommy.  I did get her to rub my balls whilst I was going for it though.  Anyway, reached the inevitable conclusion, which I think relieved her, and I left.

All in all I was there for less than 40 mins.  As I say service was shyte, but Rebekah was drop dead gorgeous  What other "hobby" would you get to screw a 20 year old beauty?.  How do you rate that.  All in all £80 for a 40 min session with astunner, one screw, 2 pops??  About right??

Wales / Ban Sakunee
« by DevilD on March 22, 2017, 07:59:06 PM »
In the Metropolis today, and had an hour or so to spare, so I thought I'd pop in to the above and see if Sasha was available, it being a Wednesday and was working from there according to reports. When I enquired about the lady, was met with a blank stare - as in never heard of her??? I might have misunderstood. However - in for a penny, in for a pound and booked 30 min for the usual £25, + £20 for the HE. Being a soft touch, I was persuaded to let a lovely young lady called Gan join us for an extra £20.
Can't for the life of me remember the name of the lady who took the lead massaging, but she was laughing and giggling the whole time. By th end it was quite off-putting. Asked for a medium massage, and it was really excellent. She worked the bottom half, Gan the top.
When asked to turn over, they both set about mini-me in quite a sensual way. Gan has the lighter touch, and when she took over, it was much better. Didn't last long after. Offered, and tok a shower.
All in all, a pleasant experience, without being exilarating.
To finish, anyone know any more about the elusive Sasha?
DD :hi:

Wales / Sexy Sinderella - Cardiff tour
« by Melfort212 on March 22, 2017, 02:26:38 PM »

I've not met Sinderella. This is not personal but just my experience.

Was working on Cathedral Road on day one of tour, which is near the city centre in CF11.

Rang day before to book as wanted an evening meet, said it was fine and text me full postcode.

Next day, day of punt (today as I'm writing this), she asks me to confirm to which I say yes, she then goes on to text back asking me to ring for address which I do. However now she's moved 9 miles away to CF5 at a motorway junction, no good to me.

She seemed very friendly on the phone and I'd really liked to have met. Shame.

Wales / Lush Leah 19
« by Cheeseman on March 22, 2017, 12:17:14 PM »
I saw this girl and had a very disappointing experience.
Initially, her communication was excellent.  I booked via aw email and then by text. I asked her to confirm whether the services in was hoping for were available and included in the price. She confirmed that the services were all OK.
When I  arrived in was greeted by a nice looking lady who is probably in her very early 20s. She didn't seem very keen on getting on with the action. She lay on her front and chatted for about 10 min, which wasn't the best start. So I tried to encourage her in a nice way that time was getting on and maybe we should get on with things.
I think that she is in the wrong profession as she obviously didn't really enjoy doing anything and made no effort to pretend that she was enjoying herself . Several of the services i asked about (and she agreed to  ) were unavailable including dfk and facial. So all in all a very lacklustre and uninspiring punt. I certainly wouldn't recommend and I definitely would not revisit.
Maybe she should look to do something that she finds more agreeable. I just felt that I had been ripped off for £120

Wales / Ravishing Rosa - North Cardiff
« by Grumpy Pumpy on March 21, 2017, 08:22:42 PM »
Like a number of you on here, I'm turned on by ladies who squirt. So, despite no UKP reviews (but some good AW feedback for what it's worth) I decided to TOFTT Rosa

https://www.adultwork.com/3928274 or https://www.adultwork.com/Ravishing+Rosa

She won't be for everyone. But I enjoyed myself and she really does squirt readily and often  :P

Initial comms were via AW email and then, once I had her number, via text and phone. Rosa appears to be a bright, well organized lady and the arrangements (despite her having some other work commitments out side of escorting) were excellent.

We met in a room she seems to rent from another SP. It's in North Cardiff. Easy to get to, good safe parking and discreet. Sadly, whilst the room was clean, the bathroom was a bit grubby. So a pre or post punt shower is a bit of a gamble.

I though Rosa was attractive, though not stunning. Her stated age is 37, but she's probably comfortably into her 40s. But she keeps herself in good nick and has full, natural tits and good skin.

Paperwork sorted (£100/hour) we began with some very passionate, DFK. Rosa will "snog your face off". She also allows herself to enjoy the meet. Always a big turn on for me. She moved up a gear when I went down on her clean, already wet, pussy. She seems to love receiving oral as much as I like performing it. I teased her gently until the first of several (3, 4, 5?) gushes onto my tongue.

She's no shrinking violet and when I took a breather she kissed me even more passionately, tasting her own juices.

Condom on for some vigorous sex in a few positions. Punctuated with lots of dirty talk. Until we finished - as I always like to - with her returning the oral favours. She's an expert cock sucker and I came, forcefully, in her mouth.

I had a really good time. She's not a glamorous, young, hottie. Nor an elegant MILF. But what she is is genuine, enthusiastic and horny. Which goes a long way in my book  :thumbsup:

Wales / Adeline - Breathless! - Cardiff
« by ferret1970 on March 19, 2017, 08:32:46 PM »

Outcall 2 hours £270

Adeline is a lady in a mid-30s. Her figure is exactly as shown in the pictures. She's in her mid-30s and 100% Welsh. As usual the booking was simplicity itself and the call-taker couldn't be more helpful or friendly. Adeline duly arrived and was dressed smartly rather than sexily. She has a pretty face and after freshening up we retired to my bedroom. Underneath her seemingly normal everyday wear were very sexy stockings and underwear. Adeline doesn't mess about and quickly set about giving me a blow-job that pretty much cleared the wax out of my ears. She is a great snogger and is either an Oscar-winning actress or really enjoys her work. Either way the next two hours melted away. At the end of it she seemed genuinely disappointed that I was unable to cum one last time. Adeline is at the more mature end of the market but because of that she really knows her stuff and will give you full value. She's also very chatty and easy company. If you want a great GFE I would heartily recommend her.

Wales / Tashyboo1984
« by slimboyo on March 19, 2017, 03:15:09 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3942367 or https://www.adultwork.com/tashyboo1984

Date: 14/03/17
Location: Her place (really easy to find the car park she meets you in). Not far from Bridgend.
Cost: £100 for 1 hour, no extras as everything included.

Finally got to see Tasha after booking and having to cancel, she was very accommodating to allow me to change days.  Arranged the date and time and the pickup as per her security measures and all comms were clear and she responded promptly. She picked me up as agreed and I have to say I was really pleasantly surprised, she looked pretty hot (not pornstar hot, but definitely attractive)

Get to her place and in we go, shoes off and immediately in with some kissing.  Offer of drink politely declined so we head upstairs and into the main event. Off with the clothes and she reveals a pair of great tits and a hairy (but not overgrown) pussy which immediately gets me going.  Getting a bit tired of the shaven ravers and the natural, girl next door look is really hot for me.  Some more kissing and some light chat and then she heads south to say hello, and proceeds to give a cracking blowjob, lots of slurping, deep and tongue.  Not one to be selfish I then offered to respond in kind, so on my face she sits.  Tasha then told me she can't cum, which was a real shame for me as I love the sight of a female orgasm, but this didn't deter from some really great oral.  Then she decides it's time to fuck and on she climbs and proceeds to bounce up and down on me, tits bouncing and providing me with a great sight.  A couple of other positions followed and then I wanted her to lay back and play with herself while I finished off, so I could watch her.  Big explosion (into the condom, she doesn't offer COB) and a clean up, followed by some relaxing chill out and conversation, which was interesting. 

She's very eager to please and kept asking if everything was OK, which is nice but she doesn't need to ask!   Would definitely recommend and will (hopefully) see her again, depending on availability which is her only drawback, but real work trumps playtime everytime I suppose.

Not been punting for a while because of a change of circumstances, but recently have been feeling the need for some variety.

Didn't want/need a full service so tried the number on Thai massage xx profile.


Call rang out but a little time later I got a call and hang up, so I called back.

Comms very good, clear English and when I requested a Postcode to be sent by text it arrived soon after the call ended.

Made arrangements for meeting this morning, called at 9.15am to be told it was an 11am start, so I booked that slot.  The girl explained it was £50 and services as detailed on the profile.

Arrived at the gate and buzzed in smoothly and quickly.

The 'secret' door opened and behind it was a petite Thai girl.  Those who have visited before will know what I mean when I say, after walking through the dimly lit corridors and into the dark hallway it took some time for my eyes to adjust and see the girl.

She told me her name was Nikki, she was probably five foot nothing tall and size 8.  In a black dress with 'see through' panels, heels and a beaming smile she looked a treat.

I'd failed to check my wallet and only has £20 notes, so I handed over £60 and asked if she had change, Nikki was out and back in no time with my tenner.

Told to undress and lay on the bed, asked if I wanted oil, Yes and there was a quiet moment and then a rustling of clothes, when I looked around Nikki was down to bra and panties.

Starting at my neck she massaged me gently, working down my back, on and around my spine.  It was a gentle approach and very enjoyable, all the way down to my arse cheeks.  This was repeated two or three times, each time moving about a fingers width closer to my cock, but not touching.

Next a change of location and Nikki relocated to my ankles and started moving upwards.  Again a gentle massage and with each round moving a little higher.

Now back up to my back and the massage changed to a gentle tickling, again each rotation getting lower.  Back to my legs for an upward tickling that ended with my cock being tickled. :D  By this time I was well aroused.

Nikki instructed me to turn over, and I got my first opportunity to give her a good look over.  Nice smiley face, pretty and profile photos could well be accurate.  Slim body and she now removed her bra, probably B cup and small nipples.

No messing or hesitation now, she started playing with my cock, followed by a body to body session.  A short pause and she removed her knickers, more body to body and I was allowed to touch her tits and nipples.

The massage came to the inevitable conclusion.

Clean up time followed with Nikki still being quite intimate.

At £50 it is £5 more than Ban Sukanee but for the intimacy and tease factor worth much more.

I enjoyed myself so much I gave her the tenner back as a tip, graciously recieved and I was revarded with a hug and a kiss.

Yes I will return.

Wales / xmanchesterfun - Cardiff Incall
« by SeekingtheTruth on March 17, 2017, 09:03:19 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2994695 or https://www.adultwork.com/xmanchesterfun

£130 for 1 hour.

Scrolling through AW yesterday and this profile caught my eye, not sure what it was, maybe that she was a redhead and fancied something a little bit different. Dunno.

Dropped a quick text to ask if she was available that evening and got a prompt reply with yes of course, postcode sent and asked to call when I get there for final directions. All par for the course so far.

Got the the venue in Splott and Bex opened the door, none of this hiding behind the door crap, just opened why and a big "hi, come on in"

Very cute girl, not stunnigly attractive but definitely someone I would have noticed if I was out on the town. Offered a shower but had already had one so just handed over the cash. Before I could even start to undress she was all over me with lots of DFK. after a couple of minutes she stepped back and removed her clothes before moving back in again for more DFK, her hands are all over me at this point and before I know it my trousers are round my kness and she is wanking me off. Good start to the punt.

Moved to the bed which she sat on and I stood by for some awesome OWO. This is where she really started to shine. This girl can deep throat and has absolutely zero gag reflex! Plus she can take and seems to enjoy a bit of throat fucking. Pushed her back onto the bed so I could play with her pussy while she continued the DT and this girl gets very wet. She isn't a loud cummer but any stretch of the imagination but you can tell when whe has as she gets very sensitive and twitchy  :D

No idea how long this carried on for as there was no clock and no music so no frame of reference and I had forgotten my watch! Rookie mistake.

Eventually I had to get inside her so on with the condom and started with a vigorous bout of CG and considering she has small tits it was still a lovely sight to see. Swapped to doggy and really went to town, she likes it hard. Not sure if the room was hot (didn't strike me that it was when I arrived) but by the time we finished we were both dripping with sweat.

Had a quick chat after the deed was done and she was only going to be in Cardiff for 1 night due to an unfortunate series of events, she is moving onto Swansea today and I believe she is there until Monday. Profile says 28 and in idle chitchat she did mention her age as 28 but could easily pass for younger. Got back to the car and realised I had been there for pretty much the hour, couple of minute overrun.

If you get a chance to pop down to Swansea this weekend I would definitely recommend spending an hour with Bex, very enjoyable punt.

No plans as yet to come back to Cardiff as there are alot of places she wants to visit apparently but I will be keeping a look out for her profile to see if it pops up again, if it does I will be there in a flash.

Wales / Aimee - Portfolios Cardiff - Amazing !
« by Devon Maverick on March 16, 2017, 02:36:25 PM »
Hi hope this may be of help ..


Saw Aimee today at the Portfolio Incall place north of city centre

Looks.. 10/10 absolutely stunning ..long dark hair, beautiful face and great smile

Had an incall with Aimee and all I can say is she is a totally beautiful and stunning looking
Girl who smelt lovely and was so clean and fresh in her appeal.
She gave me a totally amazing GFE experience and made me feel like a million dollars ..I had
A smile on the whole of the meeting and could not believe how well I was being looked after by this total beauty who also has a really great character and personality. She actually enjoys what she does and certainly shows this without any falseness or fake moans that some do.

Aimee is very open minded and really goes out of her way to make the meeting very special, she completely made me feel like her lover the whole of the meeting ..aaaaah if only !
She is very well spoken and looks gorgeous when she greets you. She is a class individual .

Would I return
OMG no question about it .

Wales / Welsh bunny blues eyes
« by king072016 on March 16, 2017, 11:53:47 AM »
Meet Savvie a while back but been busy with writing review


Meet: 30 mins
Cost: £100
Location: Cardiff Bay

Originally called to make a booking to see a different girl but she wasn't available so ended up booking Savvie instead

Got her apartment knocked on the door and Savvie opened the door and greeted me with a kiss. She was wear a purple one piece (pic of her in her 1 piece on her profile, middle pic) and dressing gown.

She's a pretty girl but she is slightly bigger than what her profile states but she had HUGE tits tho you can't tell they have been enhanced

I'm not a fan of massive tits

Into the bedroom with mirrors, paper work sorted and a quick shower, onto the bed and started of kissing, then into DFK. Savvie worked her way down and started giving owo.

She was lying next to me while she was giving owo and started playing with her pussy, started fingering her with one finger, then 2 fingers, she got really wet, so I thought I'd return the favour by giving her RO

On with raincoat and started off in cowgirl, then doggy and finished off in mish

After that had a quick shower and little chat and left

Overall 7/10

Would I return: not sure if I would, great girl and did enjoy my time but I just didn't click with her like I have with other girls

https://www.adultwork.com/4013461 or https://www.adultwork.com/Candy+Chanel


Bottom end of City with easy parking, easy to access, very safe, clean and comfortable.

The girl:

Age: 28
Height:  5'4" ish
Dress: 8 (body perfect with caramel unblemished soft skin :kissgirl:)
Breasts: 32 D (natural with sensitive nipples)
Hair: Black
Face: Very very naturally pretty


Well guys this had taken time but I'm so, so glad that this booking has finally happened.

I had been persevering for a while to make this booking happen and it did today, I had a message from this gorgeous girl saying when she was available from and booking was quickly arranged and postcode sent through.

With excitement I arrived at the postcode area and messaged to say I had arrived, 2 mins later I had a message back with final details of property.  I was quickly at the door and as soon as I buzzed the door opened and behind the door was the gorgeous, very very pretty Candy and she is petite and it was a WOW moment that I had met this gorgeous girl, OMG, I was very horny as soon as I had seen her for real.  She welcomed me in and was very friendly straight off which is just natural for her, I followed her up the stairs to the front bedroom and was trying to keep the excitement all together. :yahoo:

Into the bedroom and was offered a drink, I sorted paperwork straight way without any prompt or even a glance, I started to undress and we had general chit chat and it was so natural , easy going and friendly.

Just as I was undoing my shirt which was the final item of clothing still on, Candy quickly helped with the final stages while we instantly had real engaging deep French kissing which was perfect which continued..

Candy was looking very sexy in black holdups, black matching sexy panties and bra and my erection was instant when we started kissing...

With my clothes removed we continuing to DFK standing I lifted Candy up and she wrapped her legs around me and we continued with DFK while I played with her clit.

I lowered her down and removed her panties and bra to revel perfect natural breasts with lovely brown nipples and a gorgeous fresh shaved pussy.  We continued to DFK while still standing and I lifted Candy again and she wrapped her legs around my waist while we continued to kiss.

Within no time Candy was on her knees giving me lovely owo with eye contact the whole time, I couldn't take the excitement much longer and I lifted Candy back up while she wrapped hep a legs around me again and I lowered her gently to the bed while still DFK.  It was my time to give her some pleasure and I licked her perfect pussy and followed the motion that she was clearly enjoying and getting very wet, I teased her in between licking her pussy, nipples and DFK which was a perfect mixture of intense pleasure.

I was in need to put my cock in her gorgeous pussy and Candy was aroused for the sexual pleasure, condom on and my choice was to fuck in cowgirl which was just so sexy with this gorgeous very sexy pretty girl and we continued with DfK throughout.

I soon cum in the condom while fucking and I was totally drained with sexual pleasure just.. OMG brilliant!  :yahoo: :kissgirl: :rose:

While getting dressed we had a general chit chat and it felt the same from the start of the booking like we had known each other for a long time with it being so natural.

Where do it start.....!   :yahoo: :yahoo: :rose: :kissgirl: This girl is very very pretty and naturally friendly with it, just a perfect booking and bookings like this are rare with a gorgeous girl that felt so comfortable, it's taken a while to make this booking happen but I am so, so glad that it has because this is firm in my memory as one of the best bookings I've had and Candy is so naturally friendly with it..

Overall Candy is the complete booking.. Very very pretty, perfect body and such a natural friendly personality that is just a huge exciting pleasure to meet and I cant wait to revisit this beautiful petite babe... :rose: :yahoo: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Wales / GeorgiieG96 - Swansea
« by poly on March 15, 2017, 02:58:23 PM »
Hello guys, first review, I rarely see the same girl more than once-twice, I found her profile, she's not my type but decided to have a look.

Profile: https://www.adultescapes.com/GeorgiieG96?county_url=swansea&county=Swansea&page=1

Booking: Via text, easy and simple

Location: Swansea, High Street, easy to find, parking P&D in front of the building or free in Park Tawe 5 mins walk away

Flat: Not luxury but clean

Looks: Genuine photos, she's big but have nice face

Attitude: She's chatty, really friendly and smiley

Service: Huge surprise. It's that week of the month so deepthroat and facefuck was on menu. She's really submissive, you can pull her hair, slap her. She's even asking you to slap harder, no gag reflex, nice sloppy DT with eycontact all the way and smiling while doing it. 25£ thank you :cool:

Would I recomend? If you like submissive girls she's for you.

Will I return? Yes

Wales / Busty ameera69 & Scarlet-Red - Cardiff
« by HughJardon on March 14, 2017, 11:47:37 PM »
Decided to pop out for a punt with a Brazilian located down the bay,  let's say near Morrison's.
The walk to the apartment wore me out but I was energized by the thought of having g a massive set of tits shoved in my face.
Anyway let's just say the girl wasn't as sexier as her profile pics and when I enquired about kissing owo etc all that we're supposed to be built into the price she told me 10 pounds extra for these. I wasn't rude but I told her I'd leave it.
Felt a bit like a Lamb.. Fleeced

Got onto AW
Welsh Barbie was fully booked
Thought about driving to the Polish place in Ponty and also tried another Polish girl. Understandably none were available to blow,  so tried one more long shot.

https://www.adultwork.com/2062122 or https://www.adultwork.com/Busty+ameera69

Got straight through to a rather forward sounding Mancunian who in her own words told me to get my ass up to her hotel and she would sort me out. I liked the sound of her and she reminded me of a phone sex operator who works on babe station.
So I get the postcode,  she texts me to tell me the room number and the way to walk,  basically just bolt for the lifts and avios eye color tact with staff members,  this worked and I was in there like something off of ghost recon.
(Andy McKnob or Tom Wanksy ✊✊✊)


City centre Hotel access was as easy as 123

The Meeting

Got to the room and the door opened by a bit of a looker,  well she looked a bit like Priya off Babe station,  she told me she was half Indian etc but she had a very sexy British look going on,  tanned I'd say size 10 but great set of Tits. She was dominant , “get in here and get your cock out” was her opening gambit. I gave her a hug and kiss and gave her 80 notes for half hour,  as this was going on I could hear another brass next door on the phone. I asked ameera who's that,  she tried my friend do you want to fuck her,  I refused as I just wanted to get stuck into Ameera.

Was dragged onto the bed and we had a good old fondle of each other,  I know some of the reviews say no French missing but we were at it,  tongue twisting the works. I was rock hard now and she reached for a Johnny,  probably should of asked for OWO but it was in the moment.
Her grip was tight and her stucking was deep and intense,  I grabbed her neck and fucked her face which she enjoyed,  there was quite a lot of “fuck my face you dirty cunt” and other expletives which to me was great.
She had a lovely shaved cooch which was wet and as she is licked and sucked me off she played with her pussy lips,  I'd occasionally spank her juicy Arse.
Anyway she lay on her back legs a limbo,  I got straight in there arms round my neck and just pounded her,  good eye contact and some kissing whilst fucking. Bent her over and doggies her on the edge of the bed,  I am as feeling a bit out of breathe so asked would she ride me to completion her answer “course babe”
She got on top I fucked her snatch and sucked her tits listening to her moan and groan.
Next thing I hears is “I wanna fuck you so bad babe”I peered around Ammera’s juicy bangers and this girl was stood naked with 2 fingers up her cunt

https://www.adultwork.com/3829577 or https://www.adultwork.com/Scarlet%2DRed

Ameera says give her 40 notes and you can fuck her too. My birthday was a few days ago so I thought let's crack on.
Now Scarlet was no where near as sexy as Ameera and I doubt I'd book her solo,  but what she was saying and her dirty blue eyes made me want to fuck her. Ameera nipped into the toilet and Scarlet started sucking me off,  technique was not as good as Ameera’s but she too allowed face fucking but she gagged a lot and with that there was a lot of spit and lubrication.
Amerra walked back in the room lay on the bed and got licked out by Scarlett,  I then stuck my dick into Scarlett doggy style and went at it hammer and tongs. So much moaning in that hotel room
Turned Scarlett over and Jack hammered her whilst kissing the other girl,  my time was nearly over and I then filled the durex up,  with both the girls still calling me a dirty cunt… Guilty


A last minute punt that turned into a 3some , and a jolly good one at that. I fancied the Indian girl more but 4 tits are better than 2..mmmm tits

I've got to go with a positive on this,  good punt  :drinks:

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