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Northern Ireland / Plus.Goddess Limavady
« by rebelscum on March 08, 2017, 11:07:38 PM »
Longtime lurker, first time reviewer here.  Got a lot of good info from this site, so only thought it fair I start giving back to the community.  Thought I'd do a review of a girl I saw a few weeks ago, Plus.Goddess. 

https://www.adultwork.com/3747881 or https://www.adultwork.com/Plus%2EGoddess

I had messaged her on AW several days before I wanted to meet, asking was she available for a one hour incall, she was, and true to her word on her profile, she replied, provided a number, and told me to contact her the night before we were to meet to make sure I was coming.  I had to email her a couple of times after that, and like the original email, they were answered promptly.  Her messages were a bit concise for my liking, not even a 'looking forward to seeing you', etc, just business like.  No real problem-was glad to get someone who can read and email and reply to my emails, and promptly.  Seems like a skill not many have on Adultwork! 

The night before, I phoned her, no answer, so left a voicemail.  She texted me her street.  Said there was parking nearby. 

Day of the punt, I park in a nearby carpark and text to say I've arrived.  She texts me the number of her house.  There's cars going up and down the street, as well as a few people, so I'm sure someone clocked me, but if they did, I didn't notice.  I knock on the house to be let in.  She opens the door, and I do find her attractive-never had a redhead before, so I think a box ticked.  She greets me wearing the shirt (just bra and pants apart from the shirt) she wore in her gallery pictures, so either clients find that appealing, or she hasn't got much sexy stuff to wear. 

There it kinda starts to go downhill.  She leads me upstairs.  Other doors have locks on them, reminds me of places I would have stayed and partied in when I was a student.  Leads me into a fairly small room, and the bed is a sofa bed.  Money handed over, we start to kiss.  She says she enjoys french kissing on her profile, but she doesn't open her lips.  She lies down on the sofa, sorry, bed(!) and try to kiss some more.  Still just pecks basically.  I've cleaned my teeth and freshened my breath less than an hour before this, so it's definitely not hygiene related.  I decide to remove her bra and suck on her tits.  She's obviously washed recently, but not quite as fresh as me.  I'm not expecting a WG to shower after every client (pretty sure she didn't have one before me though) but when you seem to have made more of an effort pre punt, it's a bit disconcerting.  Decide to remove her knickers.  Can see there's a stain up them (not shit, thankfully) obviously from her pussy though.  Go ahead and have a lick anyway.  Again, like the body, it's not awful, but again, it's not the freshest.  Let her make a bit of an effort now, and make her wank me a bit.  She is fairly decent with her hands-came close to blowing my beans a few times.  Move on to her sucking me off.  She says she's good with her hands and mouth, but she's definitely better with her hands.  She makes me squirm a bit with my cock in her mouth, but I've had better blowjobs.  Feel ready for sex.  She applies the condom, and we do mish.  I had stopped wanking deliberately for a few days, so I came easier than usual.  Hands me toilet paper to clean myself up with and throws the condom and the used paper in a bin.  Go back to her wanking me after this, but as I'm a one pop one hour guy, I didn't rise for a second time.  After 50mins, ask to use the bathroom to wash my face and hands.  Leave with 55mins gone on the clock.  She didn't clockwatch but she did set her phone down beside the bed (maybe set an alarm in case I ran over?) and didn't display any passion during the shag itself.  Just a bit emotionless, few gasps, but nothing that lead me to believe she was enjoying it.  I turned up on time, was clean, and polite, I paid up front, so I expected her to at least pretend she was enjoying things for an hour.  The other stuff should have put me off, the shoddy bed, etc, but I stayed.  Still had the taste of her pussy in my mouth until I got food half an hour after the punt.   

Oh well, lesson learnt and hopefully I've helped someone dodge a bullet.     


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