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North West / Paula, Thai Paradise Blackpool
« by scutty brown on Yesterday at 10:15:50 PM »
This dates from a couple of weeks ago
Paula is an attractive girl in her early 40's who looks about 30. Nice tits (not too big), smooth unblemished skin.
Comes to Blackpool for a couple of weeks at a time.

I arrived, as usual Maya took me to the room, took the money (£40 to the house, £80 to the girl) and started running the bath as I stripped off. Paula appeared while the jacuzzi was still filling (seemed slower than normal) and her skimpy clothes were too much to resist. So I got her naked and gave her a good clit licking as the water level rose. Found myself in a race to bring her off before it flooded, just about managed it. Hopped into the bath and cuddled. She's more of a GFE type than most thai girls, seemingly liking cuddling caressing and holding in the bath rather than the usual energetic bollock-washing the other girls go in for. After 15 mins or so the high temperature plus little blue pill was making the blood pressure drop, so we got out and indulged in passionate shagging. Well.........I was passionate about it, she's probably just a good actor. Fairly tight pussy - so tight in fact she managed to pull the condom right off me as her pelvic muscles flexed. Multiple positions, all fun but as usual I needed the double knuckle shuffle to finish me off.

Overall, nice pretty skilled mature girl who doesn't look her age and has none of the immaturity of young girls. One of the better girls I've seen recently at Thai Paradise

First, I'd like to point out there is come confusion over this girls name. She's told me its Nana, though she seems to have told others its Nani........only time will tell I guess.

Anyway, I texted and made an appointment on spec, not knowing who was working. I arrived and Nana answered the door and took me up to the large upstairs room. Luxury - I prefer the large room, it has an electric blanket on the massage mattress (its the little things that count....)
I stripped off, lay face down and let her massage me and tickle my bollocks for 20 minutes or so. Eventually I got bored and grabbed her, to which she responded by stripping off and lying down on her back, receptive. I gave her a good nipple and clit licking which seemed to make her orgasm (or she's a good faker). She then rubbered me up and the shagging commenced miss/doggie/spoons/her on top (she seemed to cum again). Till I got knackered and she tossed me off to completion.
Thoroughly shagged out and satisfied (at least I was - I hope she was).
Total cost £100

North West / Layton Thai Therapy, Blackpool
« by scutty brown on Yesterday at 09:35:03 PM »
Warning: this review contains no sexual content whatsoever


One hour visit, £30

My back was stiff, I needed a real massage. Shenjon was closed (Lisa has gone back to China for a while - her father is ill) so I thought I'd try something different. I'd seen the advert in Gumtree, there's been speculation in the past, so I phoned Anna and made an appointment for 30 minutes hence (I was nearby in Bispham).
Drove to the site, its a terraced house in a side road in Layton. The small cramped front living room is the makeshift massage room, screened from the rest of the house by a full length curtain. Anna herself is an attractive friendly motherly Thai girl in her late 40's, other family members were in the house. It was immediately apparent that nothing sexual was on the cards, but I needed a massage so hey ho, lets try.

I stripped off, lay on the table and my buttocks and back were immediately covered by a towel. Then followed a ten minute discovery procedure in which every joint and vertebrae was squeezed probed and prodded, seemingly in an attempt to find what was wrong. With no prompting from me she quickly found the previously dislocated shoulder and damaged wrist (shattered scaphoid) and spent some time loosening both. She then proceeded to free my back with strong elbow blows to each vertebra, both sides, followed by hard forearm rolling motion on back and buttocks. She then climbed on my back, bouncing around with all her weight and knees. As can be expected, there were quite a few cracks from the spine.
The towel was then removed, and replaced with a thin white cloth tucked under my parts and fifteen minutes of strong swedish-style flowing massage followed (oil assisted). First on back, then on front. Very relaxing. Next was leg/hip stretching, followed by vigorous spine stretching. This wasn't massage, this was more like a full-blown manipulation session from an osteopath.
Session ended with gentle head massage and more work on my shoulder.
Net result? Bloody excellent. Shoulder and spine move more freely than they have in years, and the wrist didn't hurt on my 70-mile drive this morning (first time in ages).
No extras available, but what is on offer is well delivered from someone who is obviously way better trained than the average thai girl. I'll go back again just for the therapeutic aspects. If you need real massage / manipulation, this woman hits the mark.
She says she has a shop in preparation at present, and this will be open in around two weeks (its also in Layton)

North West / Hot sexy lory - Warrington
« by Richthescouser on Yesterday at 08:26:22 PM »

30 mins / £60
Central location, through a quite seedy looking arch and waiting in a car park.
OW, sex (protected)

After getting my hopes up about Lory I organised a meeting.  Comms were good but I was slightly wary after the verification pic posted in another thread about her.  A few people who had seen her said that the picture was a long way from reality - I disagree unfortunately.  I made my way to her following the instructions through a seedy looking walkway that made me feel very exposed and was let in by Lory.  She had made an effort to have something nice on and looked OK at first glance.  Unfortunately she has a bit of a belly that wasn't really obvious from her pictures, and her boobs seemed to have had a reduction.  Her nipples were entirely unresponsive and there were quite a few stretch marks on them, which was a shame.

She gave a decent enough covered blowjob and then climbed on top, but I found it quite difficult to cum as she didn't seem at all tight, although she did get me off in the end.

No kissing - I just didn't fancy her enough.  The verification picture that's been shared is in my opinion a fair representation of Lory.

She spoke god English, hers comms were great and she did try her best, but I left with a real feeling of "Well, that was a waste of money".  From my reviews I think it's clear I have a particular type of girl I enjoy, and Lory pictures are clearly of her, but taken from particular angles to hide the belly etc.  I think I'll stick to my regulars for a while now :-)

Nothing to quite justify a negative - no unpleasant smells, nothing bad about the meeting, but really nothing particularly good about it.  Meh.

North West / KSG Roxy, Late 20s????
« by mrbelite on Yesterday at 05:15:46 PM »

Saw her on Thursday. She was a bit older than 45, but her profile on KSG says she is late 20s.
Very unenjoyable session for me! Poor BJ with a lot of teeth. Moreover, there were too many don'ts.

I spent the 30 mins fumbling around waiting for the next complaint, here are a list of complaints i heard from her:

"Dont touch my nipples they're too sensitive"
"Dont touch my clit"
"i can't get into this position my back hurts"
"I have to stop wanking you now as my hand hurts"

Would be interesting to hear from someone else whos seen her

To summarize: Do I recommend her? NO!

1 hr incall - £100

Ellie had been on radar for a while, she normally works on the Wirral but saw she was in Warrington WA1 area. Emailed via AW, and told hotel (just outside town centre, think its commonly used for bookings). Called when I arrived and told room number and directions on how to get past reception - its busy enough so felt anonymous.

Went to room. Ellie was dressed as requested in lingerie, stockings and heels. Pictures are accurate, in that she's curvy, and facially attractive. Paperwork and shower sorted. She started off with a quick massage and discussed do's and don'ts - I only checked about facial/CIM - she doesn't do them (in fairness they're not on the likes list but I thought I'd check). Massage continued onto my knob, from which I was rock hard. Ellie is a decent kisser, bit of tongue but not too much, makes a change from pecks only. I went down on her for a while, then went into 69. She does OW, and continued with that for a bit. She asked what position I wanted, so I manoeuvred her round into doggy while I could watch in the mirror. The moved her round to a mish type position with her legs spread apart in the air, and fucked her until completion.

Cleaned up. Had about 15/20 minutes left (less than normal as the initial massage and RO/69 lasted longer than normal), so asked for an received a further massage as didn't think there'd be enough recovery time for round 2. Showered and left.

In summary, decent enough booking. I know that OW and lack of facial are dealbreakers for some, however that's balanced against a good price point.


North West / Jennyrose71 , Congleton (Cheshire)
« by thelizard on February 22, 2017, 05:00:28 PM »

Location. Congleton
Price £140
Duration 1hr.

Stunning petite blonde with curves in all the right places, her place, a flat in Congleton Town centre, easy parking and easy to find once you have her post code.
Comms were good, arranged to meet by phone and she texted me her address, parked up and made my way to her apartment, nice place albeit in a scuzzy part of town, she buzzed me up and met me at the door, Jenny had dressed as requested, she looks about half of her stated age and is incredibly warm and inviting, paperwork done and off to the office, some DFK and it's on the bed, Jenny was sat on top of me and turned round so I had her delicious bottom in front of my mouth, what a sweet pussy, just divine, more 69 and a finger inserted and it's on with the rubber and in like flynne from behind just wonderful, some more groping and activity then its off with the mac and a lovely BJ without to completion, she's a lovely punt and well worth the money, I would definitely go back, had a great time with a lady who really makes you feel relaxed and gives a true GFE.

North West / Taylah - Cheshire Elite
« by Charlie144 on February 22, 2017, 04:18:28 PM »

First day today, revived my faith in high quality working girls, lovely looking, great body, super friendly blonde, mid 20's British girl.  £50

Great GFE, kissing, good oral wo , cow girl, doggy, more blow job, kissing, missionary - super pile driver in sycronicity to finish! Fantastic girl.

Proper satisfied, still smiling, 10/10 from Len!  I will be back, plus great shower, full 30 mins, stayed with me to the end and showed me out!  :drinks:


North West / Miss Sophie massage
« by thelizard on February 22, 2017, 11:37:06 AM »
saw this lady about a week ago.
time spent 45 mins
cost £65 incall.
Her place. a house on an estate in apart of wilmslow. plenty of parking although she prefers you park round the corner. Good comms and good directions.arrived on time and followed instructions, i was met at the rear of the property by Sophie wearing a see through dress and thong, my initial reaction was that she was not quite as attractive as her description suggests and too business like for me, anyway sort out the paperwork undress onto a massage couch, wierd new age music playing and the massage begins, naturally after 20 mins of on my back we get to the exciting part except that it wasnt for me it was a bit underwhelming as she doesnt talk much. for the same money you could get a hj off a WG and a shag.
i personally found her a bit cold and businesslike, it seemed like a production line. the massage itself was good and she knows what she's doing, but I wouldn't go back.

North West / Royal Orchid Thai Massage Crewe
« by Secondrow4 on February 22, 2017, 10:27:17 AM »
My first review, so apologies if I miss anything off.

Venue: Crewe shop. 01270 255658. http://www.royalorchidthaimassage.com/ Is there website but only lists the Newcastle-Under-Lyme address.

Parking: Plenty of parking round the rear of the shop, pay and display car park at the rear too. £1.20 for 2 hrs.

Phoned up in the morning on Monday 20/02 for a 2 hr massage in the afternoon at 16:30. Nice phone manner when speaking and booked in easily enough.
I arrived 10 min early for my appointment so I had time for a shower in there clean facilities.
I'd booked in with a girl called Rose, tiny size 6-8 just on 5ft I think, pretty enough face but a sexy ass. She was quite chatty through the massage so maybe not for the chaps who just like it quiet.
I'd had a tough rugby match at the weekend so had booked the 2hr session rather than a regular hour that many do. The massage was good, firm enough for my liking and not too much oil used. A few CC swipes while doing my legs and a few cheeky slaps of my ass. Plenty of flirting going back and forth throughout.
Flipped over onto my back and the same continued, more cc swipes and plenty of time spent on my legs as requested.
10 min or so remained of my time and the question of extras was asked by her, agreed on fee for h/e and she got too it. Did a nice job, lots of oil used with plenty of attention to my balls. Was happy for me to touch but only on outside of clothing. Think more could be got from her but this was my first massage from Rose so happy with what I got. Finished off and cleaned up, wiped down with warm towels and had another shower before leaving. Got a hug on the way out and told to make sure I see her again next time.

All in all a good experience there with the lovely Rose, she works Mondays and Wednesdays and I'll definitely pay her another visit.
£75 for the 2hr massage and £20 for H/E.

If I've missed anything off do let me know and I'll add it to the comments below.



North West / Xx sweetness xX Carlisle Tour
« by 2chunky2 on February 21, 2017, 11:32:35 PM »
Xx sweetness xX

https://www.adultwork.com/2921876 or https://www.adultwork.com/Xx+sweetness+xX

Location: Carlisle (Tour) a few weeks ago
1 hr - £130

Comms good.  Booked & confirmed via Adultwork.

Accommodation: Punt was in the usual hotel in Carlisle
Shower offered before and after.
Appearance & Body:  Pics on the profile now are fairly vague but her, her profile previously had what I presume were older pics that were now not accurate.  Podgy with tattoos.  Not my type face-wise, certainly not ugly.

Services: LFK, OWO, RO, protected penetration, COB.  No anal as advertised.

The meet: No hellos etc. just that will be £x please FFS. Part 1: LFK, decent OWO, RO and 69, sex in doggy and mish.  Finished over her tummy & tits. 
Usual small talk between sessions but she wouldn’t leave her fucking phones alone.   :angry:  A real peev of mine.  She’s there to make money, yeah I get that but shouldn’t be arranging bookings on my time.
Round 2 was sex in various positions.  Apparently she wasn’t doing anal today after all.  I wasn’t going to pop a second time so made my excuses and left.

The oral and fucking were actually rather good when she bothered herself.

No anal.
Pics (at the time, not now) were probably old and were not accurate.
Messing round with phones on my time.

Summary – Neutral /  Negative   :thumbsdown:
A few reasons for this to be a negative.  To be fair the action was fairly good which just about made this a neutral.

Would I see again? No.

« by Bronn on February 21, 2017, 03:36:40 PM »
Afternoon All,

This girl has been somebody I've wanted to try, because she is one of the very few girls that I can find on AW who meet my search criteria- https://www.adultwork.com/1897419 I'd read a fair bit of negative feedback on here about her, but noted this related to her offering a full service, which appears to be some time a go, because it's clear from her profile now, that it's massage only these days. And the recent review by pvcleatherrm- https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=131698.msg1476745#msg1476745 tempted me to try her. Thanks for the feedback  :thumbsup:

This said, the plan for today was to go and see Sexy Lyna Thai in Manchester, but sadly she was not available at the time I wanted and neither was Oriental Chinese Massage in Warrington :cry: I do prefer to see Thai and Asian girls in general, because I feel for this type of service, they do it better- they tend to do better massages and are in better shape which helps with the B2B.

In terms of my time with Jenna today, I would agree with most of what pvcleatherrm reports, but I will rate neutral. I say this because whilst she is an attractive girl, she's certainly not a size 8, she's a size 12 at least for mine. This is disappointing given what she has put on her profile. To be fair to her, she is conscious of her weight gain and referenced this a few times whilst I was with her, but she should update her profile to reflect this. New pics too. Equally, her massage technique isn't the best. Yes, I know I've had many Thai massages and so I can be a difficult man to please, but again, if you are going to promote yourself as a masseuse as she does, then you should be able to do a decent job. She basically just rubbed up and down my body, no skills to speak of. The HR was decent and I too was offered the spitting on my cock (no oral) with some good dirty talk. Allowed touching, though knickers remained on. She did let me finish with COB too and had a good attitude throughout I felt- bubbly, asked me what I wanted and so on. I could have given her a positive on the basis of this and that she was available when I wanted, easy parking and convenient location, but I don't think I will go and see Jenna again and think for the massage scene, I will stick to the Asian girls. I think this level of service is easy money for her, and not the best VFM.



North West / Sweetcheeks75 - Ellesmere Port
« by xxlmuscles on February 21, 2017, 01:11:28 PM »
www.adultwork.com/3465036 or https://www.adultwork.com/sweetcheeks75

30 mins £70 no extras

This is negative because its definitely not the lady on the profile pictures. If it is she's been on a forced diet for the last couple of years and lost 5 stone. This WG is skinny, I mean really skinny, so skinny her tits have turned into Labrador's  ears. Her skin as not returned to fit her frame, there's loose skin everywhere. Not sure about her age (looks like she as a young child, from the cot in the room), but she looks old because of the weight loss.

The service was actually quite good, with DFK, OWO (but certainly not DT), sex in various positions and anal in CG, RCG, and doggie. She's quite submissive (I told her to do ATM), and very willing to please. But unfortunately I just was not turned on enough by her looks/body, and could not reach the ultimate goal :mad: :mad: :mad:

Would I return?  No way. Plenty better options out there.

North West / thaiorchidtherapy.co.uk
« by Master1961 on February 21, 2017, 03:32:00 AM »
Venue : Thai orchard http://www.thaiorchidtherapy.co.uk/
Yesterday (plan b , as staining thai massage was ill)
Easy parking , shower available ,
Service ; 1 hr massage £35 plus £20 he, the massage started with sensitive back a few cc swipes and then teasing up my inner thighs , great I thought ,but then after a nice build up went a bit south , massaging hands etc too much , after 20 mins of what I would say a poor massage was asked to turn over again a nice touch to my balls then let the moment go by then massaging my feet and ankles ,this was at this point a negative but then made up with it by 15 mins off a nice slow sensual handjob with plenty of ball stroking , until I came , told pia on way out she really needs to teach Nani how to do a proper build up, her reply was as she looked at Nani "she's lazy"Nani is there for a month so hopefully she will improve
Girl ; Nani , slim attractive 5ft 3

North West / Chanya Thai Massage - Weaste
« by Tecova on February 21, 2017, 12:39:32 AM »

Cost - £35 massage only (1hr)
Lady - I had Anna (sounded like Anna anyway) - She isn't the busty one as seen in ad on Vivastreet.  Anna is small, thin, early 30s I think.
Location - easy to find, at the end of the M602
Service - It was a good massage with a thorough flannel rub down at the end.  The neutral comes from the fact that there was no CC swipes at all.  55 minutes in she asked about extras.  I'm beginning to be like Cueball et al and be less fluffy.  If there's no CC swipes, then I'm not going to hand over any more cash*.  I see it as if they want the extra, they should give a little bit of a preview with how they are regarding CC swipes.  Plus, it gets one in the mood to say yes for extras too.

*You could argue that she should only touch there only after you pay which is a moot point.  I can only give you my review.  It could be a good idea for a thread if anyone is interested.

North West / Diana Hart - Salford
« by threechilliman on February 20, 2017, 09:54:04 PM »
Fee: £90 for a 45min incall via UKE SS classified ad
Note: Aware of my forum memberships
Summary in red at the bottom
Diana had been recommended to me by a fellow UKP member some time ago, but her prices were beyond what I’ll pay to punt – I have my limits in this area. Nice looking girl from her pics and I was assured she was a good looking girl in the flesh but with a mismatch on costs I’d crossed her off the list – doesn’t stop you wanting to fuck a girl of course! Following a booking that had seen me left stood outside an apartment, I decided to try again for the following week and drew up a little short-list of potential candidates. First one contacted via AW message, which was read but went unanswered until it was too late, so I decided to move on to the next one. Then a little thought occurred to me to place an ad on UKE and see what happened as I hadn’t tried one for a bit and a few more NW girls had joined since my last attempt. So up went the ad, priced at £90 for 45mins with an extra tenner for anyone prepared to let me empty my nuts on their face or in their mouth.
In the past I hadn’t had many responses to these ad’s but a few hours later a message pops up in my inbox. Who’s this then? None other than Diana Hart, basically saying if she tickled my fancy, I was all hers for the time/duration/price I wanted – she doesn’t do CIM but that had been listed as an extra, so 90 quid for 45mins it was. My fancy had indeed been tickled. I got back to her to accept her offer and mentioned that she’d been reccy’d to me by a mutual friend – didn’t take her long to work out who it was as it seems I’d been mentioned as a possibility for the other M in an MMF (no issues there for me as we’ve punted together before). Diana likes a call before a booking, presumably for screening purposes – I’m not keen because of the difficulty I have making calls privately which I mentioned to her, but said I’d try and sort out a time we could have a chat. Diana came back to me to say if it was difficult she wouldn’t insist as I’d seen a good friend of hers recently who’d be able to reassure her if she had any doubts about me. The only other thing to do was outfit requests – I opted for black lingerie, suspenders, stockings and heels – she’d pop her Louboutins on for me. We left it there as the booking was a few days off – so far, so good. Her comm’s are excellent I have to say, other girls should take note.
I texted her the day before to swap numbers, then a final text confirmation on the morning and off I go. I manage to get parked up and then call her for final guidance. She’s quite well-spoken and came across very well – reassuring when you’re heading in and think ‘I like the sound of her’. I make my way in and find her door, knock gently and it opens up to reveal Diana. Very nice I have to say, blonde hair, pale skin and a nice figure – just the right amount of curviness to her ass I quickly notice. I also can’t help noticing the black dress she’s wearing and the zip all the way down the front – I’ll come back to why my eye’s lit up when I saw that later. We have a quick snog and chat, payment made and she sorts the drinks whilst I bob through the shower. I pop a robe on and head back into the lounge where she joins me on the sofa, cuddling up to me and kissing me, and commenting that my little friend downstairs seems pleased to see her and with that she’s undoing the robe and quickly shakes hands with him. So there I am kissing a gorgeous young blonde whilst she plays with my cock not 5mins after I’ve met her. Life ain’t too bad......
Back to that dress she’s wearing. One of my biggest turn-on’s is watching a girl undress and of late I’ve found a couple of porno’s which feature the lead actress undoing a front-opening dress to reveal herself to her male co-star (google Jan Burton and find the one of her taking the purple dress off for the window cleaner – better than Viagra, believe me). I think you can guess what’s coming here. I get Diana to stand in front of me and slowly unzip the dress before slipping it off – she’s got some right nice undies on underneath and my cock is now rock-hard as I watch. Then she kneels between my legs and my cock disappears into her mouth – nice sensual technique taking it quite deep as well as licking my shaft and balls, right down to the bit that tingles. Then up for another snog before she unclips her bra and sets her boobs free and I quickly suck her hardening nips into my mouth.
Then she takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom, popping her drink down on the bedroom table and bending over for my benefit – holding the position for me as I bend over to kiss her butt cheeks. Then on to the bed for another roll around and more FK, before she slides south to get her laughing gear around little tcm again. After a little while I decide it’s high time I explored what’s in her knickers so we whip them off and I slide my fingers on to her pussy. Now I like a girl who whispers little bits of encouragement in my ear and we had a beauty here. As I’m gently probing her with my fingers she whispers in my ear ‘I want you to push your fingers in so you can stretch my cunt.....’ One of those moments where I just didn’t expect her to say something like that but boy, oh boy, did it get my mind racing. My usual apprehensiveness about fingering a girl deeply were dispelled immediately - I took her at her word and pushed two fingers all the way into into her juicy cunt. She’s tight down there as well.....
After a minute or two I decide I need to eat her pussy so I head south and spread her legs. For those guys that like a neat and tidy pussy you’re in for a treat here. Small, slim lips, nice and pink – a feast for me and I waste no time in tucking in, probing her hole with my tongue. Clean, fresh pussy juices to lap away at before I turn my attention to her clit and she responds with gentle moans and groans – she seems to be enjoying my amateurish tonguing, but I’m doing my best. To complete my work I push her legs up giving me access to her arsehole and spend some time working my tongue into her arse – delicious! I head north again with my face covered in her juices and she isn’t coy about kissing with her own juices smeared around, she just gets stuck in. Whilst we were about it I rub her arsehole with my finger just probing with my finger tip and she doesn’t mind at all – indeed I suspect she would have allowed a bit more finger but I’m the shy one with that.
Time to fuck. On with the hat and we start with CG. I let her know not to slide me in too fast as I enjoy the moment of penetration. She just pops the head in and pauses before slowly and gently lowering herself on to me – perfect! Then we’re underway, bumping and grinding and my finger is rubbing her arsehole again. Then a spin round into RCG and this is where you have to picture the scene. I’m lay back, she’s on top facing away, tumbling blonde hair down her back and she looks over her shoulder to give me the dirtiest look before inserting her middle finger into her arsehole and saying ‘Fuck my cunt!’ I could have popped right then and had to be a wee bit careful about not going to quick. Then on to doggy and I grip her hips and give her a decent pounding, leaning forward as she cocks her head back so that we can kiss as we fuck. This merges into prone bone – only ever done this once before and it served as a reminder about how enjoyable it is. On to mish and we kiss as we fuck before I put her legs over my shoulders and fuck her hard. Then a new position for me – don’t know what it’s called but I’d say reverse prone bone. Basically mish but she has her legs together and I was straddling her. At this point I can feel the sap rising and as she doesn’t do CIM, I up the tempo a fraction and within a minute I fill the condom. She makes me smile as I catch my breath still inside her as she said she could feel my cock pulsating – that’s exactly how it felt for me.
A tidy up and then she joins me on the bed for a cuddle and post-podge chat about punting generally and a potential MMF in particular – she seems keen to try it and both I and my punting colleague have punted together before, so that’s certainly a possibility. Then I toddle off for a shower before a final kiss and cuddle and I’m away.
Overall? Yep, I enjoyed her, no argument. She’s a good-looking girl, dressed to please, decent gaff and is a bit naughtier than her profile suggests. My ad asked for GFE or PSE and she provided exactly what I was after – classy GFE but with a few nice PSE touches. Would I revisit? Indeed I would. As I’m driving back into Manchester afterwards, all I can think about is the moment she said ‘I want you to push your fingers in so you can stretch my cunt.....’
To summarise, I’d say the following:-
Venue – well kept apartment in Salford Quays. Clean and tidy and perfect for shagging – as good as any apt I’ve been in. Parking very close by and easy to find.
Comm’s – very good indeed. All by UKE PM and her written English suggests she’s an intelligent girl. On the day, via text. She likes a phone call beforehand which will suit those that like a natter with a girl. I find making them hard work due to privacy issue so I was excused as I’d seen a friend of hers recently.
WG – AW stats are about right size/height wise, stated age is 29 and strangely she came across to me as younger on initial appearance. Her personality suggests the age is about right as she’s confident, well spoken and quite outgoing. Pretty girl who describes herself as an English rose – think pale skin. Proper, womanly hips and a decent arse. Not much to moan about if I’m honest.
Services –GFE, FK, OWO, RO, Rimming on her, Anal play, CG, RCG, Doggy, Prone Bone, Mish and reverse PB before I duffed my load. All delivered in a sensual yet enthusiastic way – with some nice dirty talk thrown in (irresistible when said in a posh girlie voice). A little naughtier than her vanilla-ish profile might suggest – think raspberry ripple. Tight pussy as well and she got me to cum from penetrative, which is rare for me.
Verdict – I enjoyed myself and I’m pleased she responded to my ad. One of those punts that felt right from the off. Great comm’s, nice gaff, good looking girl who delivers as promised. Headed into Manchester afterwards with a smile on my face and a posh girlie voice saying ‘Stretch my cunt!’ ringing in my ears.


North West / The amazing Melinda's Melons in liverpool
« by jaydee15 on February 20, 2017, 09:47:59 PM »
Seen numerous times over the years, now working independently from apartments at Prince's Docks in Liverpool Weds/Thurs; although she is a regular at parlours Mon Tues and Fri.
£30 for 15 mins, although we often overrun. £50 for half hour.
Very sexy gilf with genuine enormous natural 36H boobs. Offers owo, cim, facials and of course an amazing titwank.
Mainly positive experiences every time with her, she's a decent, attractive lady and looks as though she could be on daytime TV. She is almost certainly 60 but keeps herself in good shape, with a great full figure. She's a genuine size 12, in fact she squeezes into sz10 jeans but her tits are sooo big they render dress sizes useless. She has a tiny amount of fat on her tummy but very little elsewhere.
Only negatives for me are: she doesn't offer anal; if one's fussy, one may say her breasts are starting their inevitable journey south; and the fact that, as she is a mature lady, a gentle approach is required. Bear this in mind though, so be honest, polite and considerate and she should ensure you enjoy a dirty milfy time with no clock watching.
If I've been too fluffy, then sorry! I appreciate she won't be to everybody's taste, but I'd recommend her to either huge natural boobs or milf/gilf fans...I happen to like both!

North West / Burnley massage
« by hornydog on February 19, 2017, 11:39:02 AM »

Met this girl yesterday afternoon in burnley.  Decent tidy house. Cosy room with fragrant candles and dim lights. This was my second meeting. Service was 1 hour sweedish massage at £40. Additional services were £10 for hand relief & £10 for topless.  Massage was excellent knows the right techniques. Hand job was euphoric with attention to balls too. Was allowed to touch her boobs and feel ass. Best orgasm I've had in several months. Drink and shower were offered.
Money well spent for an hour of quality service in my opinion.  Czech girl name lola if I remember correctly. Slim and pretty. Would go back.

North West / Fern@jasmines Thai spa bury
« by Goldfinch on February 19, 2017, 11:18:01 AM »

Date:       17/1/17
Time:       11.15am
Duration:  1 hour
Cost:        £30 + £20 for HE
Comms     Not applicable,turned up on spec
Location:   Shop fronted premises in bury town centre. Kay gardens,5a market street bury.
Lady:        Fern,late 20's slim

I've been a few times to this place which opened about 5 months ago,and thought I would share my most recent experience instead of writing separate reviews for all of them as they have all been very much the same.

On all my visits I had to dodge the footfall going past and only enter the shop when the coast is clear-I don't want all the dirty looks which can sometimes happen.

Was greeted at reception by fern who I had seen previously,very pretty IMO and probably no more than a size 10 and about 5 ft 5.

they have a couple of special offers on:special Saturday super saver £25 for 1 hour massage but it's more convenient for me on a tues or Thu when it's £30 for the hour.

Handed over the money and was shown to my room and told to undress and she would be back in a few minutes.
I take everything off now just to set my stall out early.

Fern entered the room and I said I didn't need a towel covering me ( it's important to get these things sorted quickly!)she didn't mind this and what followed was a great 30 minutes of my chosen medium massage with oil which was very thorough,getting in all the nooks and crannies if you know what I mean!-with particular attention to my arse-I guided her a few times to swipe the crack of my arse which she did expertly-bliss!!

Then the turn over-again about 20 mins of really good attention paid to my chest,arms and undercarriage.

On my previous visits I was never asked at the end would I like anything extra-I always had to instigate it,and this time was no different I didn't want to go home and have a wank,so i asked could I have a happy ending?-she smiled and said £20 which I had to get right away!-I found this the practice basically everywhere.

What followed was a great slow oily hand job which was a great relief to my balls when I eventually erupted.

The usual wet wipe to clean me and her hands up and then a shower.

Good value for money from a very friendly lady,a nice clean environment with plenty of clean towels.

If you have vanilla tastes like me and want a good massage with HE at a decent price-you can't go wrong.

Highly recommended.

North West / GIRLFRIEND SANDRA - Eccles, Manchester
« by NigelF on February 18, 2017, 09:50:07 PM »
Link: https://www.adultwork.com/3340807

Price: £60 for 30 mins

Location: Near Ladywell Metrolink station. There's a retail park nearby as well which is good for parking. I should point out that if you just use her postcode then Google Maps will try to make you go an impossible route so be careful. The flat itself was fine. She just uses a fairly small towel to cover the bedsheets though, so apologies to anyone who'll be languishing in a bit of my arse sweat!

Looks: Her pictures are her and I don't think they're photoshopped (don't really know how to tell though) but they are misleading. She has a much larger belly. Personally I believe she's just sucking it in to the max in all her photos, however in some of them her tits look quite a bit bigger than they actually are too, which can't just be put down to bra magic or clever angles but could be down to their size in proportion to her stomach but nonetheless perhaps I'm wrong about the photoshopping. It is definitely her face though and in my opinion she looks a little better in real life too. Her body fat is distributed almost entirely to her belly, her tits are small (she claims c cups and if correct, they seem on the small side but that may be due to relativity as mentioned above), her thighs aren't skinny but they're not fat, her legs and arms are fine, her face has very little double chin and her arse is round, somewhat plump and rather pleasant. Basically she's small and round with a cute face. Her profile states an age of 23 and this seems believable although I'd probably peg her at 25 mainly due to her maturity and to be on the safe side (even though she could pass for a 23 year old).

Service: Really good DFK - very enthusiastic - her tongue reached places even my hygienist hasn't been to! A small negative - you will end up covered in lipstick so either ask her to remove it beforehand or make sure to clean your face with a wet wipe before you leave (as I did). Good OWO, goes fairly deep and uses her tongue very well. I decided to return the favour and went down on her and unfortunately she wasn't quite the freshest although this was mainly down to what I presume was the fact that she'd recently had a piss and hadn't even wiped her fanny. Still, it was mostly fine even though I did cut it short. Onto the sex and it was very good, started in mish with plenty more DFK, followed by doggy (nice arse) and then finished in CG which is unusual for me as it's rare I end with the girl on top but I think it was top notch DFK that did the trick.

Overall her attitude was great and she was very friendly. She provided a top service but is let down by misleading pictures although I was expecting the belly due to previous reviews although perhaps unlike previous reviews I probably would just about call her "fat" (as opposed to just being poorly proportioned). Nonetheless I would recommend her, particularly if you like DFK.

North West / Emma_porn_teacher (Manchester)
« by Donnaldtrump on February 18, 2017, 09:00:51 PM »

After getting some help on this from you guys (nenio & sibbly92) and the fact i had a great time and it's been along time in the making I thought I would share. Hopefully I can avert cueballs disapproval now  :D

Bit of background: late 20's First time with an independent, 4 parlour visits under belt but still nervous.

Comms: initial contact via adult work then sorted the details via watsap and eventually phone call. Quick responses, good directions all sorted the day before and then quick contact again an hour before on the day.

Venue: nice apartment near the centre of Manchester, it's nice inside feels homely not just somewhere she works from. I get the feeling the room you do the deed in is for that purpose only and she lives in the rest of the flat. plenty of nearby parking, gate code requires a passcode to get in but Emma will give you that when you arrive. Felt safe and secure , slightly studenty vibe from the people I saw on the way in and out.

Looks: I guess this part is abit subjective but from my point of view she is very good looking facially but I do like that Eastern European look. She is small hight wise maybe around 5ft 1 to 5 ft 3. Slim but with incredible breasts, large natural, great nipples. Her age is honest approx  30 years, but a very attractive 30 year old.

Personality: only a 30min visit so I dnt know her very well but in that time  she was nice, smiling, talkative and got things going smoothly. Offered me a drink and a shower , took a drink but had showered earlier so was fresh.

Action: So I'm not into any weird shit, I dnt dissapprove of it whatever get your rocks off but I just wanted a strong gf'e performance. Started off with a strip tease and a little music and chat to break the ice, got a great view of her body as she slowly took off her underwater and she asked what I thought. Once I had picked my jaw up off the floor she asked me to strip for her. I obliged , we where chatting away the whole time and it didn't feel uncomfortable. Once I had striped off we started kissing and have a good feel of each other and things just progressed from there nothing seemed to be off limits, I dint try anything unusual so I dnt know what her limits are but it didn't feel like sex with a working gal more just two people getting into it no problem. There wasn't any oh I cnt do this or that it just felt natural, lots of kissing, sucking you name it . I finished with her cowgirl on top and what a view to end on. Quick talk at the end I was offered another shower at the end, but I was aware that I had already stayed after my time so I didn't linger.

Summary: very good time , ideal looking woman for my tastes, good venue no complaints .

Will I be back: 100% yes but now I have popped my independent cherry I might have to do some more exploring aswell. This could be an expensive hoppy.

Would I recommend: reluctantly yes , I would like to keep her to myself if I'm completely honest but realistically that isn't going to happen( unless I build a wall  :lol: ) just dnt take up all her time  :D

Until next time enjoy and happy hunting.

North West / BritishLillyRose - Chester
« by bryson.tiller21 on February 18, 2017, 05:08:28 PM »

Haven't punted in quite some time and was in need to release a load as the stress of 3rd year university along with relationship drama was catching up to me. This was my first time seeing Lilly and definitely won't be my last. Comms was easy enough, made a booking through text the night before and got given the address just 2 hours before the booking. Apartment was located close to the racecourse, nothing to complain about. Plenty of parking and discreet enough. Called once I was outside and was given her room number.

Knocked on her door and was greeted by a gorgeous blonde babe in sexy lingerie. Personally I don't think her photos do her justice. Facially she is very pretty and her body is just wow. Nice big tits and a sexy ass. Gave me a kiss once we were in the room followed by me handing over the cash. Started off with some kissing (profile states she doesn't do DFK) so no tongues involved but good lip locking action. Stimulating enough for me anyway. Then went on to eating her pussy, clean shaven and fresh. Very responsive with hot light moaning. At this point my cock was ready for her mouth so we went on to 69. Profile does not include OWO but i was offered it so I guess its more to do with how she feels about your hygiene and the sight of your cock :D I did question her as I was a little surprised (in a good way of course) and she said that she hasn't included it in her profile but will sometimes offer it so OWO is not guaranteed. Speaking of OWO, she was pretty damn good at it. Started off slow and gradually went faster. No deepthroat but I'm not complaining. Then it was time for some fucking. She grabbed a condom and wrapped him up. Started off with reverse cowgirl and oh my what a view. As my cock entered I knew I made the right decision going for a 15 minute booking as I was not gonna last long feeling that very wet and warm pussy. Lots of moaning and I could see my dick getting creamy so it wasn't just me enjoying myself. Was almost ready to bust so quickly switched to doggy and finished there shooting my load in the bag. Had a lil chat after, offered a drink and off I went.

No rush at all and a very enthusiastic service. Overall a great punt 10/10.
£50 for 15 minutes

North West / Chaba Thai Massage Westhoughton
« by Carpy on February 18, 2017, 04:11:18 AM »

1 hour massage - £50 inc HE

Really short notice punt and this place was literally on my door step so thought I'd give it a blast.

Located next to a school and opposite a church, I went a few weeks back and got caught behind a funeral procession which went to the church opposite, decided to lay my respect from the car and wait till everyone had moved into the church, before walking down to the shop. So as you can imagine it's not too discreet.

Into the room with a girl who I think was called pi or something like that, as to get onto bed and how long I wanted. Massage was good and it was quite clear between us what was on cards, I asked for b2b but she said it was her rag week so settlers for a nice HE, massage went on after this and was cleaned up and washed down.

All in all a nice little last minute massage, would reccomend but not the same level of massage as you get from nod etc.

North West / HOTTHAIANGEL - Chester
« by malu999 on February 17, 2017, 11:46:42 PM »

Working in Chester for a few days and felt the URGE :crazy: Quick scoot around this site to get some options and decided to take my first Thai adventure.

Quick phone call to arrange the time later that day. She did text me once asking to nudge back our meeting by 30 mins which wasn't a problem. Quick phone call when I get to the street trying to look my casual best and she lets me know where she's hiding.

Modern set of apartments with classic keypad system to challenge muppets like me. Minor sweats worrying 'did I hear her room number right', :dash: but on mashing the pad the door buzzes and I glide in. She probably heard me running on all fours out the lift, so her apartment door opens before I get there. :thumbsup:


Wearing a tight fitting red skirt and pretty much matches her pics. I'd say she is a reasonably attractive girl so well worth a go - especially if Thai ladies rock your boat. Out of her clothes her tits are great, but she has a little bit of a belly on the go - didn't bother me but one to be aware of for the discerning gentlemen out there.

And Action!
Notes get passed over first and after a speedy shower I join her in the bedroom - she probably noticed the red glow in my eyes at this point so comes over to grab me and lets me know she's not wearing underwear. Up comes her skirt and she goes over to her bed on all fours - she's barely crawled on to it before my face is jammed in to her ass.  :D

This goes on for a bit while I keep myself busy and she's moaning away that I'm a dirty man - yup! After awhile she pulls away - out comes the rubber and the pork sword is dressed for action. She drops to her knees before me and starts sucking away while running her hand up my body - she's got deep throat on her profile and bloody hell she is doing her best  :yahoo:

So I decided to try a bit of face humping - not too hard but she is game and lets me have my way.

From there on to the bed and she climbs aboard bouncing up and down like I'm a trampolene - I'm loving it! This goes on for awhile before she starts to tire - being a gentlemen (ha!) I then flip her over and start hammering away with her legs over my shoulders. On to doggy style, spooning, more mish - I then suggest we try some standing doggy, she selects an appropriate wall as the neighbours don't wish to participate. This goes to shit as we just can't get the rhythm right but we both have a good laugh about it.

Back to the bed for a bit more doggy before I'm starting to completely wear out myself. Off comes the rubber and it's a lubed up hand job to choke the chicken.

Jasmine's profile of likes is accurate. I'm grateful for frankc's review as it set my expectations on how she may be. She did let me get away with anal play but I didn't try for any kissing or standard oral sex on her - on this occasion i wasn't too bothered about that.

I had great fun with this girl, she absolutely tired me out and we did have a laugh along the way. I was in and out close to the hour mark - didn't notice any clock watching from her.

Would I recommend?
Yes I would - but I didn't really go off script from her likes list and played it reasonably safe. Oral was covered and she uses wet wipes repeatedly - e.g. on her own ass just after i'd polished it and then on my face - pretty sure I didn't have a choco tash but she rubbed it off quickly if there was one :-D

She even used wet wipes on the door handles so hygiene is very much her thing.

Would I return?
Probably, but it will be some time before I go back. My hot list is getting packed and i tend to only punt every couple of months or so.

North West / Lisa Thai massage
« by charliejack on February 17, 2017, 09:48:13 PM »
On gumtree 07934 618106
I can't understand why fInding a Thai massage that is "goldilocks" is so difficult
These people run the sex capital of the world but as soon as they hit Manchester its amateur night
It's quite simple we want a relaxing massage by a pretty girl (preferably b2b) resulting in an ejaculation into an orifice at a reasonable price
not easy
Saw Lisa this week.Nlce flat in Harpurhey.One hour £100 all in.Pretty girl
Began with B2B.Reasonable but for some reason she get stopping and starting.
OWO followed but it was rather short
Shagging then followed .She was very compliant And was happy to keep changing positions..Also loved to talk dirty .Really went for it,for some reason she thought that calling me a twat was the height of eroticism.
Spoiled the session somewhat when with 15mins to go kept asking me to cum.
All in all not bad but still not the El Dorado that I seek
Anybody know where it is ?

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