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North West / MissJessicaExSs - Manchester
« by Mac72 on Today at 06:28:57 am »

Following a recent visit outwith my normal patch I visited this young woman early in the New Year for an incall, to be honest she was my back up as I wanted to meet pureleyjasmine but couldn't get a reply via AW so will save that for my next visit now.  However as review below my time was not wasted.


Prestwich, 2 mins from the M&S, easy to find, good parking and flat was clean, tidy and well presented and reasonably discreet.

I am sure she said they are let out by the day, with a few WG's using them (only one girls in a flat though),  don't know if that makes them safer or riskier but I did not note any 'curtain twitchers' on entry/exit. Locals will know better than me though.

Said she also works for a flat in Salford Quays a couple of days a week as well

Rate £140/ hr

What can I say about this, in the middle of my budget, others may commit more or less to their hobby


As AW list, Dressed as requested and 'dirty gfe' meet requested which was delivered.

Owo offered without hesitation with a messy facial and cob completing round 1. Little breather and more owo to get me ready for round 2 with various positions before finishing in doggy.


first class, by phone & text to arrange and fine tune meet, to be honest probably the best to date, quick replies etc


 AW profile states 26, sounds about right, very friendly and chatty but not to the detriment of what I was there for. Great tits, in fact fantastic tits, I don't like them huge but these were spot on unsure on size but a bit bigger than  handful and pert - if fake which they probably are they are very well done, if not she is a lucky girl. Chassis all in proportion and in pretty good nick with a cracking firm arse, not to much jiggle. All in better nick than mine .........

Would I return

yes without a doubt, I think she would get better still after a few visits and you built up a bit of rapport, she is a little submissive/quiet to start  but that suits me.

Shame I am only in the NW every 4/5 months or so.

Hope this helps the cause in the NW.



Sometimes don't mind taking a risk on what is most likely a B and S.
Sometimes they work out.
This was an obvious one, instead of the lovely girl in the picture was a middle aged lady with a bit of a belly.
Probably a lovely person, but not for me.

Melissa ex Sandys or

Melissa has restored by faith!
Great communication, booking as requested. On time and everything on her likes list on offer.

I have only punted twice in the last two years, both times a little disappointing.
Melissa has made the wait for a great punt all the more worthwhile.

Clean tidy apartment
She is a lovely person. Dressed in red PVC and black knee length boots.
Wonderful figure and recently enlarged boobs, with sensitive nipples!

Great from start to finish.
DFK throughout, OWO, prolonged reverse oral, rimming, sex in a couple of positions and anal on her.
What more could a man ask for?!

I didn't get to try everything out on my 'wish ' list, so may need to return for round 2 !

I had a really great time with Melissa.
Highly recommended.

North West / Roxie Ex SS
« by Chad on Yesterday at 04:07:02 pm »

Seen this awesome minx a number of times at Sandys and always left fully satisfied with the time spent with this wonderful person. When Sandys closed was really worried I would not see her again but a few weeks on and she is back doing what she does best as an indie.

Made contact with Roxie via text and arranged a booking for an hour in her Salford apartment. Was very easy to find and had great free parking right outside. Booking Roxie's time and her communication was A1 and prompt.

On arrival was guided in to her apartment which was modern and clean. Spent a few minutes catching up with each other since our last meeting at Sandys and then got onto some real catching up in regards to jumping on each other!!

I'm not going to go into much detail but I can assure you the hour we spent together was everything I would expect from this pocket rocket. She is full of energy and treats you like a king and will satisfy your every need with a passion. A sensational, beautiful and intelligent lady who will make you tingle all over.

Would I recommend her....hell yeah!!!
Would I see her bears shit in woods!!!

North West / Kay's massage - outcall
« by aud6jag on Yesterday at 11:45:03 am »
She's not been on AW long, not really on my radar, but a fine looking girl she is.
Only a change in my life style, that I made a booking.  As we do, hitting the gym after the new year.  :crazy: 
I haven't been to the gym for a few years, but a change in work now allows me a bit of free time,
probably, could have spent it better on punting them working out  :lol:
So anyway, needed a massage, and there she is.
Comms were good.
£120, hour and a half, and £20 travelling expense.
Sunday morning 10 o'clock
I went the gym as normal, 8 o'clock, a light session, couple of lengths in the pool, sauna, shower and home.
Waited, gets a call at 10.20, I'm here. a bit late, nothing serious.
As she is a professional masseuse, she does have a table, with the hole, on one end, for your face, please gents  :D
She can do it on your bed, if you haven't got the space, she even said its more intimate, might try that next time, but for my first ever, thought I'll try the table.
And its easier for her too for massaging.
She sets up the table, which was easy.
She brought some relaxing music as they do in massages, pan pipey type, which was on her phone, but we manage to feed it thru my TV sound bar via bluetooth, does sound good tho.
She got changed, but she only does the Happy Ending/Hand Relief (not really my thing), dressed in white lace, bra, knickers, stocking and suspenders.
SUCH a tease, instant boner, just like the gallery pictures on her profile, but only HE. BUT you knew that anyway, as it says on her profile.
Face down, she started on your legs, slowly working up to your back and neck.
Must admit, I can't remember my back being done, but I keep drifting off. 
So sensual, her hands firm, but ever so slowly moving up the back of your legs. So relaxing.  and don't forget the music  : :lol:
Flip over, onto your arms, chest, back to the front of your legs, thigh, and them the little chap. HE.
Cleaned up, table away, dressed. Time 12.15. She wasn't particularly bothered, so not a clock watcher.
I was a little, as I booked for 10 o'clock, hour and a half, could be in work for 12. But I'm toooooo relax to care now, and, oh yeah, I'm the boss, so I can't be late  :drinks:
All in all, a good massage, my first, so will be trying others, or even Kay again, as I pound the gym in the coming year, or is the gym pounding me  :sarcastic:
Its a shame she only does HE, could have really stuck it to her, dressed in white as she did. And i did ask politely, and its something she doesn't do.
BUT I will book her again, soon, just for the massages.

North West / Busty Nadia in Manchester City Centre
« by Pebble738 on January 17, 2017, 08:12:50 pm » or

Woke up one morning with a raging horn and all I could think of ............... you guessed it TITS! Not just ordinary tits but huge TITTIES! Listened to Rachel Burden on 5 live whilst having breakfast, TITS. Set off to work and ran into a young lass jogging, bouncing TITS. Sat next to another fittie on the tram into work, cute TITS. Got into work and said hello to the MILF secretary, juicy TITS. That's it I thought to myself. There's no way I will have a constructive day without a tit wank. So I whip out my punting phone and fire a text off Nadia and got a reply sharpish. Next I ask my gaffer (reckon he's also a punter) for an early lunch break, sorted.

Comms Really straightforward affair. Agreed a time and duration really quick (£60 for 30mins) without any hassle. Must have been a slow day for Nadia.

Gaff She's not far from Victoria station in a serviced flat. It's not the the flat I initially thought but has clean necessary amenities; bed and shower. Contrary to other reviews, getting into the building is really easy once you have the flat no. There's a huge mirror in the bedroom attached to the wardrobe I think, for the narcissists.

Girl Definitely the girl in the pictures with really huge and natural looking tits. Facially I would say average, not a head turner but acceptable. Body-wise she's slim and slightly curvy with a little belly. Overall an OK package. English isn't fluent but you can workout what she's saying.

Action As it was a 30 minutes booking and during my lunch hour, I didn't really have time to waste. She ushered me in wearing a tight black skimpy outfit from her AW pics. Popped the cash on the table and went to use the toilet (inspected the bathroom for my shower later on). Got back and started with light FK and at the same time squeezing her money makers. They really are nice and soft to touch. Next we quickly got naked and OWO ensued. A bit toothy TBH but never mind. Next tit wank. So on her back she went and applied some lube on her tits. I stick my cock inbetween and the rest was bliss. I enquired if CIM was on the cards, yes came the reply. Next podging time and on with the condom. Started off in CG and I had her nipple in my mouth whilst cupping the other my in hand. It really is a great sight watching her tits bounce up and down whilst slamming in and out of her. Moved to doggy which she struggled with at first in terms of positioning but once I instructed her to move a bit, we were ready for the rodeo. Her bum initially looked curvy and meaty but once I was drilling her from behind it felt bony. Start to feel the sap rise so come out in time and carry one wanking myself with her mouth positioned to take my essence. Hand on my cock wanking away other hand grabs her hair and BOOOYAH! The money shot. She grabs some tissue and spits out my CUM and then cleans me up. I then quickly had a shower before we said our goodbyes.

Summation This was a classic spur of the moment type punt. Nadia is a lovely girl with a nice attitude. I didn't get the wow factor but got what I needed. I wouldn't book her for any longer than 30 minutes. Get the feeling she might be a bit boring after a while. Overall a pleasant experience.

North West / DIAMOND KATIE Southport?
« by nightmare on January 17, 2017, 11:59:30 am »
Long time lurker, first time poster.
Fancied a bit of fun one Saturday morning while OH was out shopping. Looked through AW and found this stunning looking girl. It was a verified photos so was happy with that! Sent a text to find availability and location. She was free and was at a centrally located hotel in Southport.
So the girl was Hot sexy girl Suzy. Good communication. Very prompt replies to my texts. Text when I got to the hotel. Went up to room. Usual cloak and dagger stuff. Knocked on the door and waited for what seemed an age! Door opened, and there she stood! Five foot of gorgeousness!! Long black hair, fantastic figure, wearing small black skimpy knickers and a grey zipped hoodie!! Only 1 problem. It wasn't hot sexy Suzy!! She said her name was Ruby and she was from Italy. I decided as she wasn't a moose that I would stay instead of walking! But decided to cut my time to half an hour! Room was tiny. Bed looked like she had just jumped out of it to open the door! Pillows on the chair by the dressing table. No room to put my coat and clothes. Had quick shower. Had to look around for clean towel! She complained that she was cold when I asked to take her hoodie off!! So she left it on but unzipped it. Lay on my back on the bed. No small talk, no affection! Small tug on the cock to get it stiff then on with the rain coat for a less than average bj that lasted no more than a minute! What position did I want she asked! Just stayed where I was and asked her to get on top. Knickers pulled off her right leg but didn't quite manage to come all the way off her left leg!
Rode me for a few minutes then asked if I want doggie now! Made her carry on for a bit longer but she didn't look happy! Eventually got into doggie. She was still wearing her hoodie. I had to push it up so I could see her gorgeous body! She uttered cum for me baby a few times. Then I stopped so she could put some more lube on me. Then she checked her phone! I don't just mean the time, she actually checked for messages!! You have 5 minutes left she told me. No way I was going to cum whilst shagging that robot so I just got up removed the nodder and got dressed and left!!
Did some research when I got home. Actual girl I saw is also on AW, also with verified photos. She goes by the name of DIAMOND KATIE. Take no notice of her likes. She does not do anything apart from OW and protected sex (wouldn't do unprotected even if it was offered). Oh and I forgot to mention she holds a wet wipe to her vag during intercourse!! Brilliant. Look out for my next review for what happened next!! P.s Looks like they have both moved on to Telford now! (sorry for no links. Struggling to do that on a phone!)

North West / Kim of Honeyz Middleton, Manchester
« by The Bandit 5342 on January 16, 2017, 09:27:58 pm »

Honeyz is situated on a side street close to Middleton Arena about twenty minutes out of Manchester City Centre. Like many another parlour you would not describe it's surroundings as scenic but it is discreet and if you want a cab or a pizza you will never have far to go.

The parlour is clean and smart and looks as though it was re-decorated and refitted before the current management took over.

They do need to keep any eye on their website and rota as there are far more girls listed than actually appear but I knew who I was going to see so I wasn't really interested in that - but others may differ.

Kim - as she is currently known - is a pocket sized, well toned, mid thirties, sexy little blonde who would light up anyone's life. She is the proud owner of a splendid pair that would grace any centrefold and the best part is that they are 100% homegrown - no silicon here guys!

She will satisfy most calls on her skills list, is no clock watcher and clearly enjoys every minute of what she does. Most times you will find her working alongside younger often Eastern European girls and I know these often catch  a guy's eye as he walks in - but you won't get the personal service, or the benefits of Kim's experience if you book in with them - anywhere!

From entering the room you are guaranteed a good time whatever your pleasure - within reason - and if you don't leave without a smile on your face - it's your own fault for not trying hard enough!

Her current most regular shift is the graveyard shift on a Sunday night - but she does occasionally do other shits too!

Ring and check!

North West / Monica-Hungarian girl in Bolton
« by sir wanksalot on January 16, 2017, 09:03:01 pm »
Venue: Incall in Bolton.
Price: £ 40 for 30 mins but negotiated £ 50 for 1 hour (more on this later)

I don't know what's wrong with me the last couple of years but I tend to be drawn to WG's on the fringes of the Manchester/Bolton circuit.

My first visit was December 2016.

I found Monica's advert on Vivastreet and after some more research where I was able to find other photos of her on other sites I found that the idea of visiting her was starting to germinate in my mind.

Comms were very good albeit purely by text messaging and address was an obscure place just off Blackburn Road in Bolton.

The venue was a bitch of a place to find. Even with postcode a Google maps guiding me I still walked past the place about 5 times. I even ended up asking local businesses if they knew the address and no one had heard of it.

Any other day and I would have given up but when I'm in the full throes of punting fever then not much can stop me.

Monica eventually offered to meet me outside and walked me to her place. There was actually no number on the gate to her place which is why I couldn't find it and the entrance to her front door looked a little squalid.

Once inside I was able to get a better look at Monica and wasn't happy with what I saw. Very slim but not dangerously slim, she had an all over tan, fully shaven, and all round a great little figure with nice legs and perky tits.

I also discovered that she didn't speak a word of English.

I had paid for a 30 min visit @ £ 40 but the experience was a bit of a whirlwind.

My hands were freezing when I tried to touch her naked body and she moved my arms over my head almost in a dominatrix style but could also have been to warm my hands as there was a radiator behind my head on the bed.

She had a weird way of kissing where she would swoop down to my lips for a French kiss and then move away again which I found annoyingly good.

She administered the condom to me with her mouth and gave me a BJ but when I tried to slow things down she quickly jumped on top of me and starting riding me before I came in buckets.

Lack of English was a problem as she babbled away in her own language at times.

I was probably in and out after about 15 mins + 30 mins walking around the bloody neighbourhood.

Fast forward to today and I woke up with the urge to punt again. I couldn't find any ladies from my hot list available and so found that Monica had returned to the country and was working at the same address.

I made a point when I texted her (in reality her English speaking "friend") that I wanted the full 30 mins and not only 15 mins last time. After a bit of text tennis she offered an hour for £ 50 although I was still expecting to get shafted on the time !

Found her straight away and although her hair is no longer blonde I realised that I really fancied this woman. Walking behind her going upto the bedroom she has a lovely trim figure and great legs.

This time we ended up in a pokey little room. She really does babble on in Hungarian quite a bit regardless of the fact that she knew I didn't know what she was saying.

This time she lay beside me and I able to enjoy her tanned limbs before giving her oral which she really enjoyed-hoisting her legs above my shoulders and wriggling around beneath me. She was extremely clean. She then seemed to demand that I fuck her which I obliged and it felt good when she grabbed my arse a few times and really seemed to get into it.

I didn't last long and the service was done and dusted after about 20 mins. I didn't enquire about staying for the remaining 40 mins and I probably couldn't manage a second pop anyway. Note: Don't book an hour with her-30 mins is  enough

Shagging her is like riding a wild stallion as you're never sure what she's going to do next but she has some nice touches like putting the scarf around my neck as I was getting dressed.

If you're after something a little different than the norm then I think I would recommend her.

North West / Aubry of Olivia's Ladies - Bolton
« by redandbar on January 16, 2017, 08:37:31 pm » or

First review so go gentle on me. Been lurking for a bit but thought I'd better join the party.

For background I've been punting for 10 years - every 6 weeks or so - so I know my way around...

Incall at an apartment in Bolton used by the Aubry is something a bit different from me

Cost: £160

Aubry is something a little different for me. Normally go for the petite girl but there was something about her profile that caught my eye and gave me the urge. £160 is more than I would normally pay too but thought 'stuff it' I wanted to see what she was like.

Good comms via text with 'Olivia' arrived and given the apartment number to buzz in. Couple of people lingering around the door but fairly discrete.

Made my way to the apartment to be greeted by Aubry. First impressions, stunning redhead if a little larger than her pictures. 23 seems an accurate age. I grabbed a quick shower and then made my way to the bedroom. Apartment is nice and facilities well managed.

On to the fun stuff. I wanted a GFE and got it in abundance. Aubry is really pretty and perhaps is the best kisser of any WG I've ever experienced. Very passionate, lots of tongues and very deep. Really blew me away. Her enthusiasm for kissing did not waiver at all during the one hour booking.

Her oral technique was really good. Nice and deep and enthusiastic. I managed to hold off for a few minutes because I wanted to fuck her. On with the rubber and sex in a variety of positions. Again 'enthusiasm' is a word that springs to mind. I finished with her on top in cowgirl fucking me really slowly while deep french kissing. Felt a real connection that I don't normally get with an escort.

Chatted like old friends for ten mins before on to round two. A long blowjob, very deep, mixed with a slow handjob while coming up for more kissing. This lasted about 15 minutes and resulted in a fantastic and long orgasm with me coming partly in her mouth and over her chin. I think a full CIM would be available - it just didn't quite happen that way for me but not overly bothered.

I left really happy and will return to see her.

In terms of recommendation it comes down to taste. She's probably a size 14/16 now with big natural tits and a really pretty face. Not the look I normally go for but I've no complaints in the service. If you like them really thin then maybe she's not for you but if you want a passionate encounter with a friendly girl then pay her a visit. Just a shame the price is £160 - I feel it should be around £130 but as an occasional punt it's worth the little extra.

Let me know if there's anything else I should have included...

North West / Massage - Chananan, Ashton (Wigan)
« by Tecova on January 16, 2017, 08:02:00 pm »
Location: Ashton - in - Makerfield
Price: £35/hour
Service: Normal massage, no extras
Lady: Late 30s but not good judge of age, reasonable looking.

Went in just to scope it out.  First day it's been open.  I think the lady is rare in only offering massage but there is also a lady in Swinton who does the same (Kannika?)

The massage was great with occassional accidental CC.  That's as much as it goes with a towel put on you at some parts of the massage.

Overall experience is a neutral as I was hoping it could be a fairly local go-to with extras on offer.  Don't let it put you off if you just want a straight massage.  The search continues however...

North West / Karolinamanch - Manchester
« by NigelF on January 16, 2017, 05:18:45 pm »

Price: £70 for 30 mins.

Location: Near Market Street Metrolink station. Previous reviews suggest she gives a vague location and I would pretty much agree with this. It doesn't help that she doesn't seem to know the correct name of the place she's staying, she has it slightly wrong but it's still pretty obvious where she means. The flat itself is fine.

Looks: She is thinner than her pics suggest but this mainly manifests on her face which isn't a particularly good thing. She looks a little gaunt nonetheless she is still rather cute, I would definitely say she's pretty just not amazing and slightly worse than her photos. Age according to the text of her AW profile is 24, the details at the bottom say 27. Naturally the latter number/late 20s seems most accurate. Her arse is very nice but it isn't very firm at all, her pics make it look gravity-defying when in reality that's not the case.

Service: Sustained and pretty enthusiastic kissing but pretty light/lip based, only when right into the sex does she get into DFK. This was the case both times I saw her.  Good OWO, doesn't deepthroat although I didn't ask her too. Fairly enthusiastic sex, multiple positions enjoyed with no issues. Her arse makes doggy particularly enjoyable and you can push the cheeks together which I find always provides a nice sensation.

Overall, it's pricey and not amazing but I still liked her looks and I liked her service, so it's a positive for me. It is fairly close to a neutral though, especially since nothing particularly improved on my 2nd visit (not that I was expecting much to but I did for some reason think the kissing might although as I said she has no problem doing it, just seemingly not with loads of tongues, at least at the start of the session).

13 She has been reviewed on here several times and this is the third visit by me.
Easy coms by spoken word. Know the location, quiet road off a main road. Usual hiding behind door. Was greeted by her like a long lost boyfriend, embraced and kissed on the lips, even asked how I was, first time any EE girl has bothered. Led into well lit, warm and tidy room. Naked under a dressing gown but quite happy to wear the plaid skirt and tight jumper that I had. Paid for an Hour and half plus OWO which is extra but worth it to me. Quite happy to have all the usual sex positions and a no rush service with plenty off passionate kissing unlike a lot of theses EE girls also happy for me to use the condoms I had on me. This girl really is one of the few I have seen who has a really good attitude with regards to escorting, I guess it helps that she speaks very good English. Says she might be here till the summer. Could well see her on a monthly basis for that GFE experience ( not EAS!) . Would say that she has what I would say is a chunky type of body (has had kids) , a visit to the gym might help to tone up a bit but still quite acceptable as she is. :thumbsup:

North West / Lauren Bond Girls - Manchester
« by jimbobb on January 16, 2017, 02:02:35 pm »

Had a booking with Lauren from this agency and she was fantastic one of the best experiences I've ever had.

Young 26 looked about 5 years younger. refreshingly very fresh approach from her, she is a student and done this on and off for a few years.

Very slender nice long legs cheeky arse b cup tits small but nice pretty face elfish

Superb attitude from the off, owo was outstanding, very responsive to attention great DFK, every position we did it was great, it was a pleasure to fuck her.

Would have happily kept her longer £240 outcall for 1.5 hours Highly recommended.

North West / Vixen Violet Manchester outcall
« by satnav on January 15, 2017, 11:28:24 pm »

160 1hr Outcall My hotel Manc city centre

Coms via adultwork in the few days before the meet a phonecall and a few text messages all good
Comes across as a nice girl easy enough to arrange

Soo having not had a tom since last November I found myself in mancland for a few nights and well it had to be done
Am sitting there waiting for her to arrive playing with me betty's thinking scatty thoughts
I wish this hotel room had a wooden floor if only timpson's had a pair of high heels in my size I wish I was telepathic vat ze fuck

What are you going on about you beaut?

Well this when you knock at their door and you hear them heels claterring towards the door the anticipation of whats about to come
I just thought it would be funny and what would be going through her head if the tables were turned she might have legged it though good job I never got no stilettos
A knock on the door and another trick of theirs I tried to do the hide behind the door but am too fat and there wasn't enough room so that went out the bastard window

She arrived at the stated time and walked in the door aww she looked like a bad nerd with her bobble hat on and her backpack now I'm not being nasty it's just the way she looked
Some balls spoken and away she went to get into the outfit I requested lovely girl easy to talk to great attitude and we hadn't even started yet
Now she comes out the bog and fuck me it was like something out of transformers she went from an Austin Allegro to a fucking Ferrari
She had this latex thing on with all the gear she has a decent figure on her slim but not shapeless good arse and the glasses did it for me they transformed her from chappie to I dunno the tart from ex machina

Seriously this girl when wearing glasses looks so fucking hot I mean really so off we go told her to get on her knees and suck me dick which she willingly obliges with enthusiasm
She then pulls me towards the wall as she is giving me a gobble so I can watch her in the mirror on the wall nice plenty of eye contact and to be honest she is very good at smoking ze bone
Spitting all over me cock taking ze length going for the DT now and then making all the right noises saying all the right things when she never had a bullhead in her gob all good up to now

After a bit of that get her on the bed and time for a bit of muff diving responsive enough not over the top loves a few fingers up her while her bean is being bashed decent snatch on her no battered box here
Onto a 69 and a bit of messing about all good then on with the dreaded welly and she squats on me sausage again saying the right things all the time
Now not a full blown but a bit of a negative while she was great bouncing on me dick she never stayed on it for to long me own fault should have told her to stay on it longer no major drama really
A bit of doggy,mish on her side me on the edge of the bed and her bouncing on it she is vocal but not OTT it all fits in well with the punt this is going swimmingly up to now

She then had to go and take the outfit off because the poor girl was probably sweating like fuck in that tight arse bin bag
Time to dump me muck I get her on the bed as I am pulling the head off it with her face positioned in front of me dick sucking it licking it having a good go at me balls
Again saying all the right things that certainly helped in me getting to the point of producing some calcium told her I would tell her when i was about to jism as she said she wanted it in her mouth
Now I did squeal I was about to spunk but she reckoned I took her by surprise? Either way i dumped it all over her cheek/chin not really in her mouth but fuck it I was done and I was happy

Then its my usual burst into laughter after the deed because well it's fucking funny and I love it she gets up off the bed and the sight if my jism dangling off her chin was fucking great outstanding even
Oh the one negative about the punt maybe I'm being picky a big blob of blancmange was festering on the bed and I said if your that dirty lick that spunk off the sheets am not that dirty was the reply hmmm
She then gets her shit together with bubbles being blown before she shuffles off out the door

A very,very good punt with a horny little minx that knows what she is doing and provides a great service and delivers it with enthusiasm and what seems like a genuine love for cock

Wouldn't have known about her if it wasn't for the folks on here so thank y'all for the reviews

Would deffo see her again and if you haven't already I would highly recommend going to see her

North West / Cody sexy Milf. Newton Le Willows
« by McSwell on January 15, 2017, 06:16:05 pm »
Cody sexy Milf.

£120  for 60min    Jan 5th   2017

Her apartment  Newton Le Willows
10 mins from East Lancs Road (A580)

Quiet cul de sac off main road.

Parking area at front.

Managed to catch up with another ex Sandys girls.
In amongst others I guess I'd  seen Cody 8 or 10 times during her time at Sandys, one of the regular girls could always be relied upon for a good shag.

Communication was easy, her phone number is on her Adultwork profile, dropped her a text and made a booking for next day. The next morning  I sent her a confirmation message as requested  and it was all systems go.
She had given me the address and post code, I was to text when parked up for flat number.
Every thing went smoothly, I arrived about 5mins early, sent her a text and within minutes I was greeted by her at her door, she was wearing a black lacey undies thing ( maybe called a teddy I think ) and stockings and sussies.. She offered me a drink but I was dying for a piss after motorway drive so I was shown to the bathroom to use the loo and a quick shower.

When  I came out of the bathroom I  was offered a choice of lounge or bedroom, I opted for the lounge cos I wanted a lap dance.
I sat on a chair in the middle of room while Cody got her moves on.
I've never  been to a lap-dance club so I've nothing to compare it with but this was horny as fuck,   arse grinding in my crotch, then  one leg over my shoulder and pussy pushed in my face and the best is that with this type of lap dancing you're allowed to touch.

Eventually she was on her knees blowing me, I was booked in for the hour ( two pops) I was gagging for it so I asked her to bring me off sucking and wanking.
I shot into her mouth and to my surprise she swallowed it .
We had a chat and a drink while we waited for round two and decided to move to the bedroom.
We started  with some kissing and mutual fondling to get my cock interested it was having the desired effect  so after a bit of oral  she slipped the condom on me, she went to get on top but I told her I wanted her bent over, it was time for some serious shagging.
For my height  Cody is just the right fit when  she kneeled on the bed and I stood at the side, I got a good  footing and started banging away at full pelt, she's  got a cracking arse pity she doesn't do anal, her little  bum hole was crying out to me on every stroke saying "fuck me, fuck me" but I knew from past meetings it was  a no go area.
Anyway I banged  away  and shot my load in the condom.

It was a good shag, and a good work out and I gave her arse a bit of slapping along the way  ( her profile says she receives spanking  but I don't know hard you can go)

Good fun and I will  return but I've found so many of my old  faves on Adultwork I'll have to work my way around.  ;-)


North West / Massage in Manchester
« by Newradlad on January 15, 2017, 04:06:13 pm »
Ok here goes 1st review and please ignore spelling or grammer mistakes lol

Made a vist on the 2nd of Jan to

The lady is called Prissca and have seen her a couple of times now but this is the 1st time since she moved to this location.
Comms can be a bit slow sometimes ( I usually just txt) but she does answer and then its quite fast.

Locationis now in an industrial estate in heaton park with a buzzer on the gate!  :scare:( some 1 just leaving when i got there so that was ok  :dance:

Once had found where she was its just a small room with a sofa and a massage table not fancy at all.

Service, As ive seen her before didnt ask price ( was £40 for an hour topless  with HR last time)

Appearance,  Prissca is a black lady probably late 40s/early 50s and a size 16+ about 5` 2" tall and is very busty  :thumbsup:

This time let her start the massage and she allows you free roam as she works ended up with RO and lots of playing with each other then asked about a condom  ;) slipped it on and off we went, still had a little time left so prissca finished the time off with a head massage no clock watching at any time so didnt feel rushed at all.

Asked her what the price was when getting dressed and she said just pay what i thought! so gave her £60 and she seemed very happy with that :cool: 
To finish would i go again deff great vfm and deff 1 off my bucket list and woild keep as a backup.

Hope this helps any1 thats been thinking of going a great lady true massage wast the best in the world but that isnt everything  ;)

North West / Macy Thai Southport
« by JRWK on January 15, 2017, 03:57:23 pm »

Decided on this one last minute while in Southport - the photo's on Vivastreet change regularly so I believe the girls do too..

Anyway, comms was great, got close to address then given number, was met at the door - looked very sexy in skimpy lingerie, looked possible early 30's but great body.  Spoke great English and made me feel welcome and comfortable.

 #100.00 for full hour, started with good massage even oral was good.  Would I go back?  Definitely   

North West / ImogenxSx (Manchester)
« by jikthesik on January 15, 2017, 03:16:16 pm »

30 mins for £70 in Salford.

I've never been to Sandy's but now I understand why it was so popular!

I noticed Imogen's profile the other day and liked her photos and profile so thought I would pay her a visit on Friday.

Comms were good, she replied to my emails very quickly and replied promptly to my confirmation text with directions.

Arrived and was very happy with what lay behind the door. She has a really nice curvy body, probably around 5'6", long dark hair, big lips and a tongue piercing. The meet itself was also great, loads of DFK, deep OWO (which was amazing with the tongue piercing) and sex in various positions. All services on her profile were on offer and I never felt rushed. Also did a bit of domination on me which she was pretty good at.

All in all, would definitely recommend!

North West / ImogenxSx (ex-Sandy's) at Manchester
« by Jetster on January 15, 2017, 12:57:20 am »
Time: 11am on 14/01/2017
Venue: Incall at Imogen's apartment
Duration and rate: 0.5hr @ £70

Booked a meeting with Imogen the night before through AW and comm was good.

Imogen send me a text with her address and parking information on the day with plenty of time to plan my journey.

Arrived at the car park as directed and texted Imogen and got a reply straight away with instruction on how to get to her apartment.

I read a lot of good reports for Imogen and when I met her, I realised why so many parised her beauty. She looks beautiful without too much make up. She has a gorgeous womanly figure with the most beautiful eyes and very very kissable lips.

I took a shower before proceeding into her bedroom. She is a very passionate kisser like a new found lover. Without going into too much detail, her oral skill was brilliant. She is very responsive and know how to please you as she can read what you like very well.

Imogen is not a clock watcher at all. I can understand why she is so popular as she is a complete package!

Would definitely recommend and I will definitely return for more!

Link: or

North West / Faith - Suzanne's Leigh
« by Tecova on January 15, 2017, 12:15:05 am »
No website so dial 01942 602987

Location - A side street off Chapel St, Leigh.
Room - clean, tidy, mirrored walls which I don't see very often.
Lady - Faith was on today, normally does Fridays though.  Mixed race, late 30s, 5'9", assumed MILF but very nice body and warm personality.
Service - massage, OW, kissing, sex in different positions.
Price £45/h but fully spent after 30 mins.  My fault for not taking my time.

Recommended - Yes however not got the time to see all the girls of the week to see if Faith can be bettered but a good local option in a borough that doesn't offer much.

North West / Eloise - secrets escorts Manchester
« by Slomojomo on January 14, 2017, 10:28:47 pm »
Location: mine
Fee: £100
Time: 1hr,com_qcontacts/catid,34/id,446/view,contact/

have used secrets a few times recently and found them to be fairly spot on, will post other Reviews soon.

Rang to see if Elouise was available as pics looked great, big tits fairly petite etc... ticked all the boxes . Was told she was a a few mins later got a call from her for directions, all sorted and she was at mine in less than 30mins. Pics are accurate maybe a little older then stated 28 age but fit and smoking body. We relax on the sofa and have a cheeky line and then it's all go. A full 45mins of filth, lots of OWO which she takes nice and deep with some lovely face fucking to boot, sex in many positions, she was a really fun girl and finished on those lovely tits while she talked dirty for me,

All in all great VFM

North West / Sky Winters - Sale
« by Aarrddvvaarrkk on January 14, 2017, 04:16:57 pm » or

Decided to go for something curvy and take the plunge on a 30 Min punt

Initially read the little feedback she has on here with a grain of salt, text times to arrange with her, good comms here

Revived postcode to a house in Sale, arrived a few minutes prior to the appointment & called to confirm everything was okay.
Then nothing...Phone turned off, gave her 5,10 then 15 minutes, still off, prior to this everything was going smoothly, wouldn't have minded so badly but I paid 50p for a parking ticket  :cry:
Going with a neg here as she doesn't have much actual feedback on this site & her comms are undependable at best.

All in all avoid, the feedback only reviews on AW seems most accurate

North West / crap day - liverpool city centre
« by Werewolfofliverpool on January 14, 2017, 04:09:46 pm »
so i went to that thai place in birkenhead, klops, or something.... and they said they were FULLY booked up lol... yah sure you were... so i left and decided to hop on the bus to sakura... worst looking woman ive ever seen in there, so i only paid for an hour... the massage was standard, nothing exciting and then she asked if she could do happy ending, i just said no.. no way was i interested in this girl, i just kept my hands to myself... so i exit for the first time ever refusing a handjob... so i decided to venture to Mayuri on berry street.. havent been there since april... i got a decent girl but her face was nothing great... her massage was very soft and erotic and she kept smacking my arse... then she asks if i want a handjob, i say no.. and shes shocked and asks why, and that she wouldnt charge too much.. i just said "sex or nothing" and shes like " we only do handjob here"   so she finishes the massage and off i go... 2 down , whos next...  then remember that the forum mentions them Chinese girls in mannhatten place on duke street, so by this point i need to cum so i text one of the random numbers from vistastreet, and lucky for me it was the duke street.  so i run up there and enter...

a sexy chinese girl opens the door... amazing body, zero personality, i ask for half an hour... zero chemistry, and she starts with a covered blowjob...  then straight to sex... it lasts about 15 mins and im out the door, with still 15 minutes left on the clock... she may have been fit, but god, id have better chemistry with a sex robot.  she wouldnt kiss, wouldnt let me lick her pussy, touch her pussy, nothing...

i could go on about other stuff she did , but id rather just forget it happened...  ill just go with jowita from now on...

North West / Chinese massage Hyde
« by tartansword on January 14, 2017, 01:15:45 pm »

Interesting one this, went for a 1 hour full body massage expecting nothing more. The massage takes place on a double bed in a fairly nice house near Hyde town centre. Wenlan is a pleasant girl but not a stunner, she is size 8-10 and her English not bad. I stripped off for the massage and it was very good, towards the end I asked if there would be a happy ending and she said no problem, which surprised me. In for a penny I asked if she would take her top off and she did so. She has tiny little tits with enormous nipples and let me tweak them whilst she wanked me off. The massage was £30 for the hour and there was no charge for the HE, so all in all outstanding VFM

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