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North West / Sexy Babe Jess in Whitefield
« by Mark_bm on Today at 05:21:34 PM »

1hr booking 27/3/17 12:30pm
£100 all in

I was trawling adult work looking for someone new to see as the girls I see regular have all been busy or unavailable for a while.

Jess is a sexy babe, she is as her pictures suggest and her age also seems accurate, late 20's early 30's
Shes a curvy woman, but in a sexy way, not in a chunky way. Nice big natural rack that was fun to play with.

The meet was at her place in her bedroom, there was noise from downstairs, i'm a bit concerned her family were actually home, maybe kids / friends ? a bit off putting. She did say her friend was watching her dogs for her, hmmmm.

She was polite enough and welcoming enough.  I started off with a massage which was really good, good technique, lots of pressure.
I was tempted to let her carry on longer as I was enjoying this, but rolled over for a nosh which was ok, quite gentle though and never really built up.
I was groping her and went for her pussy but she clamped her legs on my hand at this point, she seemed to be overly sensitive down there.  A bit later I got a look and she looked like she'd very recently been ruined by someone, no wonder she was super sensitive. She was red raw.

I got her on her knees and instructed her a bit on sucking me telling her firmer and deeper etc. which she mostly obliged with, she resisted a little though at times and the BJ turned into a bit of a half arsed HJ, so I finished myself off into her mouth.

I was probably done in not much over half an hour.

Wouldn't return or recommend, but maybe i got her on a bad day ?

North West / Smile NQ Manchester
« by Yanusmc on Today at 04:46:49 PM »

So on a course in Manchester at the moment and wanted a massage as well as a little extra, did a little research on here and Smile seemed the best option.

I text the number a couple of hours before to confirm the price if the massage (£25 for 30 minutes) and that I could choose the girl when I entered, they confirmed that I could and asked what time. I replied that I wanted to just walk in which was fine.

I headed over at about 5pm, slight issue as there's a constant flow of pedestrians at that time as well as a busy cafe across the road, did a couple of maps and then just went for it and walked in.

There was a couple of girls and the receptionist sat waiting and an oldish guy. I was asked if I had booked, I hadn't quickly handed over payment and then the better looking of the 3 asked me to follow which I did.

Standard procedure for the massage (I won't ramble indulgently as others do) the massage was firm as requested and English reasonable to have a conversation. She eventually asked me to remove the boxers and it gradually got more intimate, asked to turn over and then if I wanted anything more  I asked how much and was told £80 for B2B down to £30 for HE. I stated I've just got £20 which she accepted for HE. I asked to touch which she said ok, felt her bum over her trousers however when I moved to the boobs she moved away.  HE was really really good, she then carried on with the massage and when we finished I had been in there about 45 minutes

The girl was called Lily, slender with small boobs which suited her frame and a great bum. I'd be interested if she was willing to offer more at a reasonable price.

North West / Harriet at La Maison in Bury
« by Mark_bm on Today at 04:17:40 PM »
Price - £70 (£50 Basic £10 OWO and £10 CIM) - 30 Minutes

26/3/17 12:30pm


Harriet is a very pretty early to mid 20's Yorkshire Lass.
Unlike her pictures on the site, she now has a lot of tattoos, they are good tattoos though and they suit her.
Shes also died her hair much lighter than on the pictures.

Shes got a great attitude, seemed really happy to spend time with me, I guess this is the GFE done properly.  She is a  really good kisser, so we started with lots of naked groping and DFK.
Then I got her on her knees for a while she sucked really good, nice technique, plenty of deepthroat, she seems to have almost no gag reflex.

Ended with CIM, she even thanked me for it, she was full of energy and kept saying the right things to turn me on.

Not much else to write about really.  It was only a 30 minute punt and i mostly wanted a decent blowie which I got.

North West / Sexy Lyna Thai
« by Bronn on Today at 03:12:09 PM »
Afternoon All,

https://www.adultwork.com/3881525 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy+Lyna+Thai+

Firstly thanks to Frank & ItalianJoey for their feedback on this girl, she is one I have been looking forward to seeing as I love the Asian girls and her profile fits the bill for me  :thumbsup:

I've tried to see her before and although she missed my call again, she was quick to message me back as she did the first time I contacted her, to confirm her address and when she was available. I called her back and was impressed with her English and we arranged an appointment easily. Her apartment is easy enough to find and there's free parking on street as has been pointed out. She's on the 4th floor, and even if you insist on taking the stairs like I do, it's a relatively small block of stairs to venture up on each floor, so no need for the oxygen mask when you get there. She text me specific instructions to arrive at her flat and you do need to follow carefully, so you go through the right door and then across the balcony to hers.

She's a good looking a girl, and has a good body. Not great- 'I wouldn't describe her body type exactly as 'athletic' as she reports, but she's in decent shape. She has a fair sized pair of tits and a round rump on her. She is a size 10. She does have some stretch marks on her tummy, but she doesn't try to hide this and is confident in her own skin. She's complimentary and because her English is good, you can have a chat with her, which I like.

Her service was good- Quick rub down as requested, then on to the erotic massage with some ball sucking followed by OW. She then jumped on in reverse cow girl, followed by doggy and then her back on top and agreed to a COB finish. She showed enthusiasm and gets in to it, and encouraged me to go 'harder' and 'I want you to come inside me'. 'Have you been on the energy drinks' was a nice line from her I thought, and made me smile   :D

Would I go back and see her again? Maybe. I say this mainly because there's a lack of girls around at the minute, so this may send me back at some stage, because I know what I'm going to get from her. But I know I can get similar a little close to home at Warrington Thai for example. I'm still looking for a size 6-8 one though, and may give Sindee another chance first. Are they back living together? Lyna said Sindee was in the flat when I was there and I could hear somebody waking around. During the massage Lyna offered me the two of them for another £60 (I paid £60 for 30 mins) 'two pussies, more boobs', but I'm tight with my cash as you know  :lol:



North West / Sweet__Cindy__ In-Call Carlisle
« by Scotpunter on Yesterday at 08:52:23 PM »
Sweet__Cindy__ Carlisle

One hour in-call.

https://www.adultwork.com/2886654 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sweet%5F%5FCindy%5F%5F

Was thinking with the little head when I made this booking. Dont normally bother with EE girls but there used to be another Polish girl worked from the same flat who was a fantastic punt. So I thought lets give it a go.

Anyway in her defence comms were good and she was available on time. Got into the flat & she is reasonably fit. Average looks but no minger.

We make it through to the bedroom and sort out the paperwork after agreeing on GFE with watersports. Things start off ok, but as soon as I try to touch her pussy its no fingers. Have a bit lick and get the fake moans. She sucks me for a bit and then I mention the watersports. This is where it turns very strange. We're still in bed and she positions her pussy directly above my head. No suggestion of moving to the bathroom. I try and suggest moving when she says no pee it is not normal. Anyway realisng the punt is going nowhere I suggest some doggy to finish. I position myself behind her and im just guiding the wee fella in and she says no anal. Wasnt even aiming for there!  :lol:

All in all a typical EE punt where she seemed uninterested and only there for the money.

North West / misschelseabrook - MMMF Manchester
« by LYL on Yesterday at 05:01:22 PM »


age: early 30s I’d say, she stated 29 I guess it’s psychological for them
nationality: mixed british
paid: 160£ (1 hour)
services: RO, rimming both ways, OWO, protected sex in various positions, anal, DP, facial


I didn’t handle it, it was Tony who orchestrate this. Anyways, I’ve sent her an AW email a couple days before he came with this wonderful idea which she didn’t reply. Once I sent her one mentioning Tony she then replied. I felt her comms are shit! Maybe she’s been very busy lately.


City Stop in front of Printworks. She told me the flat no. when I rang her. I used the stairs, I doubt there is any lift.. Reception is very discreet you won’t notice it.


I had the impression she is a younger Asia Carrera. Very tanned and curvy minx. She’d be perfect for an AssWorship or MonsterCurves series. She has some serious booty and meat but she keeps it well.. I like them slim, but she is one hell of a sexy woman. Wonderful, not too big enhanced tits, lovely pink pussy and again one to remember ass! I can’t quite remember what she was wearing though, maybe my partners in crime have better memory. I can only remember the black high heels and maybe black suspenders?!


Not the most chatty girl, she looked she’s all business.. don’t know how she handles 1on1 meetings it’s worth to check though.

The action:

Got there last, around 12:30. A very hot minx opened the door and I knew it was about to start one to remember. The guys were already there. Tony, self proclaimed, the old pervert, had already taken the shower and wearing a towel, the other guy, I guess Chris was in the shower. I was offered a drink and a nice hotel towel, took the tap water, meanwhile sorted out the paper, then hit the shower when available. The guys got immediately to action like proper gentlemen they are didn’t wait for me. Wasn’t bothered at all, when I hit the room she was on all four sucking Chris cock and Tony was fingering her from behind. They invited me politely to join the action, laid back on the bed and started eating that hot ass and pussy, I think I was the only one who got that treat. She sat her perfect picture ass on my face for a while, trying to immobilize me with her high heels and suffocating me with that huge ass. Survived this and she had no problem getting myself hard fast. Meanwhile she was sucking their cocks in fashion. She then suggested it’s time get fucked. I reckon Chris was the first fucking her pussy while she gave some attention to my cock, then she put a condom on my dick and I was fucking her pussy while sucking her lovely nipples and Chris was ramming her ass. It felt nice and tight, then we switched and I had a piece of that tight ass myself and Chris or Tony was pounding that pink pussy, but if I were to guess I’d say Tony spend the vast majority of time with his cock down her throat. Then, I don’t quite remember, the third I guy I think had to leave and shoot his load on her face while I was fucking her doggy with my thumb up her ass. She then cleaned herself while he was showering his way back home and we went to the living room. I fucked her on the couch, she sucked my cock while sitting there and Tony fucked her doggy, he or she then suggested to go back to the bedroom as the couch only looks good, it wasn’t made for DP. Back to the bedroom, it was fucking hot (understandable with such a hot lady in there getting all her holes filled..) I asked her to DT my cock, but she wasn’t that good at, then Tony fucked her ass in mish which is a damn good feel and I sat on her, she rimmed me and sucked my balls, was trying to slide all my cock up her throat but yet again she couldn’t. Then she sucked him while I pounded her from side lifting her leg up for some deep penetration, then experienced fucking that fine ass from mish or legs over shoulders, went to her pussy after.. I’m in pretty good shape nowadays and I was feeling I could do this for hours. The old pervert was enjoying himself just as much, I reckon once he slapped her ass so hard it hurt me, I think she was sucking somebody’s cock, luckily she didn’t bite :) She even slapped me while I was sitting on her trying to brutalize that throat, guess she wanted revenge, the bitch got the wrung one hehe.. Well, everything is a bit blurry, I might forget things.. she then asked so nice for a facial from both of us man standing. We, like true sworn brother, complied, but not before she sucked our cocks simultaneously. Never thought she could fit two cocks in her mouth at the same time but she did. Tony shoot his load on her face, then was my turn.. Like an amateur I am I hit her eyes with my decent load, but apologized ;) It’s not like I’m rude or smg and I imagine it really burns, but meh for 400 quid an hour.. shit happens doll! Tony was cleaning himself and didn’t watch it, didn’t really believe I ‘accidentally’ hit her eye and we had a laugh when he saw her like this. Like a truly gentleman he is, he offered her some wipes and helped her cleaning her face. She kept some of the spunk that dripped on her tits though.. nice view! We then chatted a bit and happily left!


Good times! Good times! Nice way to lose my threesome/moresome virginity. The lady is very sexy and pretty filthy.. I’m pissed off I didn’t ask for DV but I doubt it would’ve worked as she seemed quite tight when we DPed her. I gave her a Peter North facial to end it in style and bullseyed her eyes. I can’t lie and say I’m sorry.. I fucking enjoyed it! The lady is definitely a pro, she has done it before, but she wasn’t as vocal as I would like it I’d say, neither were we. A bit expensive for 160£/hour each, she should make a discount, it’s not like 1on1, but meh.. it compensates the anal and DP. She asked me nicely not to pull her hair, which made me think she wasn’t as filthy as I would have liked… I think choking and hair pulling are mandatory in a gangbang… She took like a champ that hard slap Tony gave her and also my spunk in her eye which may compensate the minuses. Overall a good punt to very good, I enjoyed myself as the old pervert did, and would definitely recommend her for a MMMF to everyone.. Actually, I might go back for a solo though, gotta test her limits even more!

North West / Rebecca at Diamond Dollz
« by bigboy on Yesterday at 02:26:03 AM »
Link:Link: http://www.diamonddollz.co.uk/content/rebecca/

Price: £40

So am back to Diamond Dollz because they have a lot of new girls i have not seen before and i did go through a phase of trying them all and am back at it again.

The night time girls has so many more to choose from. During the day its normally about 3 but at night you get more than that specially when a big football match is on. I notice Rebecca she looked quite new and she is english with all the right curves.

You can pay £40 for downstairs or £50 for upstairs but really there is not much difference as i have been upstairs before when downstairs is used up. This time i was downstairs with Rebecca, in the room we go and she greets me with a big smile and asks if i want a shower. Rebecca leaves the room so i could shower and leaves fresh towels on the bed for me.

Am laying on the bed naked as i wait for Rebecca and few minutes later she walks back in. Sits on the bed commenting how hard i am while wanking my cock and asks me do i want OW or OWO which is extra £10 and i was not to refuse. Gave her there extra and she laid in between my legs ready to suck my cock. Wow is all i can say she was really going for it fast and slow licking and playing with my balls at one point she was sucking my balls then back to my cock, i stayed for quite some time while she kept going. She asked if i was ok, and i didn't reply just got her head to continue suck me more but I had to stop her and she is laughing asking if i was enjoying it. On with the condom and Rebecca asked where i want her, i did say on top but she replied she not great on top but was still willing to climb on for cow girl. Ass shaking on my cock as am sucking her tits which are a nice handful. Rebecca got easily tired and asks for doggy which i did and she has a nice ass to hold on to while in this position. We switch positions again for missionary, nicely shaven pussy as i slide my cock in for more pounding action. As am in this position she was quite vocal with her legs and arms wrapped around me and her hands on my ass telling me to keep going. This point i had to slow it down by going deep and switch position so one leg is over my should and the other is down, i had a great view of feeling her tits and watching her face as she enjoys then i cum while in this position.

We both lay there for few minutes and we both get dressed

North West / Layla at Diamond Dollz
« by bigboy on Yesterday at 01:12:48 AM »
Link: http://www.diamonddollz.co.uk/content/layla/

Price: £40

I have seen Layla a number of times since she has come back and for myself too which i had a rest from punting.

As i walk in three girls i recognise from previous Amber, Maylaka and Layla which i have seen all before but because i have seen Layla a few times i wanted to see her again.

As i walk in the room, we have a little chat and tells me to get naked while she gets some towels. In the shower i go and Layla comes prepared with fresh towels for me to dry myself. Laid on the bed as i watched layla undress and if you like big tits she has a great pair, on the condom to receive a nice blow job.Layla laid in a position for me to have easy access to her pussy and tits while she sucks my cock so i can take full advantage of feeling her body. Layla ask for me to go on top for missionary so as i was fucking away and admiring her tits, hold them, watching them shake as i pound away in a few positions. Next was doggy and i gave it my all but abit to excited and wanted to finish with Layla on top. As she riding me cow girl very hard i had to sit up to view her ass grind on my cock in the mirror . i was going to change position again and she climbed off me and i pulled out abit too quick and felt myself cuming but i felt i could keep going as it wasn't to full climax if that makes sense. Layla laid back and told to fuck her as she was tired then legs open and guided my cock in but as i was about put my cock back in her pussy we both notice the condom tip had a abit of cum. She asks if i have cumed and said yes, then She tells me to "shhhh"as she pushes my cock in back in her pussy telling me to fuck her. No idea how i did it but i fucked her so hard in missionary i could literately feel myself about to cum again but to full climax. I think Layla could too because the head of my cock was swelling then exploded even more.

Recomention:Yes.... i have seen Layla a lot of times and each time gets better as she is energic and bubbly if you have the right attitude.

North West / Xxsmall teen in stockport
« by Hk on March 26, 2017, 10:58:07 PM »
Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/3758034 or https://www.adultwork.com/xxsmall+teen

Paid £130 an hour
Date: Sunday the 26th

Arrange a meeting with xxsmall teen
Emailed her ask to see she available for Sunday, a quick reply 'Yes'
Couple more emails asking me how old I was ? and my location. .. location!!
I want in-call not out-call, so ask what with the location, she replied.. said where I am from? As she don't want to bump in to her neighbors.

Stockport, budget hotel in middle of no where, the place need upgrade,

State 19yrs on profile she look younger
She very small under 5ft, with a very pretty face nice blue.
She had a new implant about a month ago, size 32d..
So no touching on them.. still swollen

First time meet.. no OWO and no kissing. It did say on her profile
So oral was covered is was good.
Go down on her, what site!! she had the most beautiful pussy I have every seen, small and taste nice
Sex on top..  pussy nice and tight.

Over all it was a good punt
Recommend If you want to fuck a 19 year old girl with a very face

North West / Emily - Cheshire Companions.
« by stockdale on March 26, 2017, 12:42:32 PM »
Cheshire Companions, booked Emily on the 21st January for an hour, arrived on time, had a chat, did the business, she spent at least 8 minutes in the bathroom running the shower not using it, her towel was not wet, came out dressed and left, total 35 minutes.
Complained to Cheshire and was banned after using them on a regular basis, when I protested was told that one of the girls said I had spoken ill of the owner, untrue.

North West / XXX-Angela - Middleton, North Manchester
« by Dreamweaver1 on March 26, 2017, 10:11:11 AM »
Link:-  https://www.adultwork.com/3055399 or https://www.adultwork.com/XXX%2DAngela

Fee:- 1 hour, £120

Location:- Middleton - North Manchester

Date:- 23/03/2017.

Had tried to see Angela having seen a few good reviews. Contacted her to make sure my age was no issue but couldn't tie up date/times. Got an unexpected midweek opportunity last Thursday so tried again. Arranged a few days in advance, all comms until day done via AW promptly and without issue. Given postcode as soon as confirmed. Quick call on arrival and apartment number given.

Block of flats on main road, with plenty of free on road parking. No problems with entry, given number pressed button on front door and buzzed up. Top floor flat (4 floors) stairs only. Experienced the blind by the living room but not an issue for me, never really looked to see if anyone else was present. Greeted with a kiss. I would say the AW pictures are pretty accurate. The only facial photo is in her PG.I found her attractive both facially and body wise, I know this is subjective. Drink and shower offered. Shower taken as I'd had a gruesome time on the motorway.

Back into the bedroom naked and started with a quick massage. DFK with cuddles followed and a quick grab of that arse. Progressed down to OWO with plenty of ball liking. Reciprocated with a bout of RO and gave her a bit of rimming. She then said onto your front and let's see what my tongue can do. Straight into the rimming, got told to get on all fours so she could get deeper. Bloody hell it already felt like she was at my tonsils. Arms round my waist to pull in deeper. Seemed to last forever, although probably around 10 minutes worth. Also indulged in playing the rusty trombone. Back onto my back and a good spell of 69 with oral and rimming.

That's when my problem started and the old todger decided that was enough. Never mind she said there's plenty more to enjoy. Both of us had a bit of a wank and I was entranced watching her fingers plunge in and out with one up the back door as well. Back to giving me OWO with spitting, surprised then with a finger up my bum, started to stir a little so DT and a bit of gagging. Tried her hardest, but still not enough reaction from me to progress further.

I realised there was 10 minutes left (no time watching by her) so asked for a repeat performance on the rimming front, certainly her speciality, felt absolutely great. No pop for me, but wasn't really bothered, I'd enjoyed what I'd had. Didn't bother with a post punt shower. Whilst getting dressed realised I hadn't dealt with the paperwork. No problem she said and it was quickly handed over.

Note to self, get the bag on and get the sex at the beginning next time.

Would I recommend - Yes
Would I return - Yes

07515457499 or 0161 928 2851

Parking is available at Tesco or around the corner opposite a titties bar!.
On main road so plain for everyone to see when you go in!

Walking in and was greeting by a massive floral display and 4 Chinese ladies stood around (25ish to 55ish).
Told them im here fro massage and younger women asked where, front i said.
Lead downstairs to private room. Asked shall I remove, all but Tshirt she says.

Wax machine warming up she puts on latex gloves and gets on massage table (with head cut out on opposite side).
says what you want . all front and crack for £22. she say front and crack but for £28. I say no gumtree is £22. she says ok
Starts rubbing baby powder in my bits. said it will help wax not stick. all OK until get near base of rod, where it starts to hurt when she pulls, even when i say slowly she carries on rather rushed. I wasn't impressed as needed to get breath back.
Every few mins asks you you come for massage, £40 for one hour.
in between i say when are you doing sack, she says not for £22 as not included. She says for £28 yes. I agree in haste.
finishes and rubs 'lotion' all over. I started rubbing off thinking need to clean residue of wax, she say no leave on.
By this time its burning everywhere she waxed, so i reapplied the 'lotion'.
noticed before putting clothes on she missed bits on either side of balls, says it only small as really hard to do on sac, would be painful. I agree and carry on putting on clothes.

Walked out, lady on counter was on phone (whats app?) and pointed phone in my direction when i started to walk out. Im not impressed!
got home and had to wash bits with water as its was burning. In morning showered to remove wax residue, not burning now but hurts like its been punched.
Also noticed area missed was quite large on either side of balls so not impressed.
Is it always like this?
Overall could be better, I may go elsewhere but at £28 i think VFM if she didnt miss any area.

North West / Chinese Massage - Warrington
« by valleyfloydroad on March 26, 2017, 12:42:07 AM »

Was in Warrington today, so I thought I'd give this place a try after some encouraging comments here https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=89533.msg1092341#msg1092341

Last time I was in Warrington I went to Baan Bussabaa which was fine, but not quite what I was after.

Anyway, prices at this place are still the same as listed in the other thread. 100 for an hour. 60 for 30 minutes or 40 for 15 minutes.

As it was a first time visit, I booked in for 30 minutes.
When I arrived, street parking was available, but there is a car park (under the archway to the property).

When I arrived I was met by the 'maid', who was very welcoming, and told to wait in the living room. She put some Steven Seagal film on about terrorism in the Middle East which didn't especially get me in the mood  :D

A short while later I was shown through to the bedroom where I was met by Bobo. She was busty, attractive, 40s.

I lay on my front and was massaged for 5-10 minutes, before turning over.

Then is was straight to it! 'Covered blowjob now?' she asked?

Now, what I am after when I go for a massage is really some decent OWO. That's where Rinda at Baan Bussabaa didn't really deliver. Which was a shame, as I liked her playful side.

I asked for OWO and she said '£10 extra' which I agreed to.

The OWO was very good and deep. There was ball-licking.

After about 5 minutes she said 'OK, time for sex'.
This is not something I'm after, so I politely decline and say just the OWO is fine.

She looks a little surprised but nods and says 'If you cum in my mouth, that's extra'.
I reassure her that I'll warn her when that time arrives, which doesn't take too much longer.

So, that was it. Exactly what I was after.

As has been mentioned in the other thread though, the girls/women are switched around on a weekly basis so it's possible that some won't offer certain things. Who knows?!

I'll certainly give it another go though  :thumbsup:

North West / jess-leigh - Manchester
« by spanktank on March 25, 2017, 08:45:02 PM »

£90 / 1 hour

I had a crap experience with this one the other day and decided I should pop my review cherry to warn others.


The only good bit. I texted to ask if she was available and got a reply straight away. Was all organised pretty quickly and she gave good directions on the phone.


Hotel in Manchester city centre, a bit grotty but well located.


Here's where the first lie revealed itself - her profile says size 8, however she's at least a size 14.

I'd say what the photos reveal is accurate, but they're obviously angle shots which conceal her full size.

On the plus side she has a pretty face with big natural tits, and didn't seem far off the stated age of 20.


- Covered Oral
- Protected sex in various positions: Doggy, Missionary, CG

Her enjoys list is a fat lie. She refused OWO, despite this being on her profile, which obviously means CIM and Swallow are off the menu as well.

She also refused kissing, which to be fair isn't listed nor does she claim to do GFE, however I still think this is pretty poor and worth mentioning. Not even talking about FK or DFK - you can't so much as kiss her on the lips.

While I didn't directly ask about submission, I think it was also obvious she isn't really a submissive (at least not with punters) considering she won't even kiss you on the lips and will disrespect you by answering her phone mid-punt (more on that later).

No doubt other items on her enjoys list are bullshit too - after she refused kissing and OWO I didn't bother to enquire further.

The Meet:

I followed her directions to the hotel and met her in the room. She opened the door and as mentioned, was significantly bigger than advertised. I wasn't completely put off though, considering the positives mentioned about her appearance and her extensive likes list, so I handed over the money. This was a mistake.

She then immediately instructs me to remove my clothes and lie down. Minor point here and probably debatable: something I've noticed in my (limited) experience is a good WG won't directly ask you to take off your clothes and lie down, or tell you what to do in any way, but lets you take things at your own pace. Which I think is the right approach because I'll take off my clothes when I'm good and ready and I'll start in whatever position I like, thank you very much. In any case as the paying customer I like to take the lead and get pissed off when a girl tries to get me to follow a procedure. So, for me this was red flag #2. YMMV.

As I'm moving toward the bed I lean in to kiss her - she immediately recoils and says "I don't do kissing". In retrospect I realise her profile doesn't mention FK or GFE, so this one is partly on me, but for me no kissing is an instant mood killer. No DFK is one thing but she wouldn't even kiss on the lips, as if I'm a leper or something. Things got awkward here and only continued to go downhill. Red flag #3.

I was then expecting her to start blowing me, but what actually happened is she immediately started yanking my cock like she was trying to start an engine. WTF? Red flag #4.

After a minute of this I suggested she use her mouth instead. "Ok I'll get a condom" - WTF? OWO is in her likes list. Which now tells me that the whole thing is bullshit. She puts the condom on and spends a few minutes lamely sucking the tip, but this isn't very successful as I'm starting to go limp from disappointment. Red flag #5.

She suggests we move on to sex and I agree. We try a few positions (Doggy, Missionary, CG) but this isn't very successful either, as I'm pissed off and disappointed so my erection is wilting. In the midst of this she grabs her phone several times to answer text messages. Red flag #6.

At this point I know it's a waste of time and just want to leave. She agrees to let me cum on her tits while she plays with herself so that's what I do, although it takes a herculean effort to recover my erection and complete the deed (while imagining myself with someone prettier and far more willing) as I'm so completely turned off by the whole situation.

I clean myself up with some baby wipes and take a quick shower, then emerge to find her on the phone chatting away with her mate. It was only 20 minutes into the meet but despite this it was obvious she considered things finished and expected me to leave. I was happy to do so. Red flag #7.


I had a feeling this might be too good to be true and it was. £90 ph for a young submissive with big natural tits who swallows sounds like a great deal, unfortunately in reality she won't do OWO let alone swallow and turfs you out as soon you cum, which in my case was 20 minutes in as I couldn't wait to leave. The part about her being a submissive must have been added to her profile as a practical joke considering you can't even kiss her on the lips.

So the reality is £90 for 20 minutes pump and dump with a liar who won't do OWO or even kiss. Save your money and steer clear.

Lesson learned for me to be more direct about confirming services before handing over money.

North West / Sexdoll-Kendra - Radcliffe
« by LYL on March 25, 2017, 12:06:57 PM »


age: early 30s, she stated 29 though
nationality: british
paid: 150£ (1 hour)
services: kissing but not FK, OWO, RO, rimming, protected sex in various positions, CIM


Decent, I’ve had better sincerely.. all went through AW system, then I texted her in the morning and when I got to her place.


Her place in Radcliffe. It was a decent enough flat, nothing spectacular. No mirror in the bedroom yet, but a nice comfy bed you can work this lass.  You can park in the courtyard after you pass the black gate then you have to buzz to the red door, she’ll tell you the flat no. Be aware she will have to see you before she lets you in... she’s a bit paranoid, but all them hookers are, aren’t them?


Quite tall girl, I’d say the height on the profile is about right. She was wearing a black basque and heels, can’t remember if she was taller than me in heels but was about there. Nice tan, and the curves in the right places, a couple of tattoos, don’t quite remember the piercing, definitely no naval or clit one. Facially, I’d say she looks better in real life than in her pornos under Teagan Lee, she’s aging well hehe. She has some meat on her you can tell she works out in the gym, by the legs and a bum, but if I were picky I’d ask for a better abdominal area.. But I’m a picky bastard, actually she told me various times the famous “you dirty bastard” line.


Easy going chick. Definitely a lot of experience in this business, you can talk to her, she not a genius neither a thick one. I’d say she’s on the submissive side but if you were to ask her to take the lead I’d bet she would handle it in style. Just another day at the office for her.

The action:

She sent me the details in the morning of the booking on AW. Then I texted her a couple hrs before the allocated time, got a text back she’ll be late 10 mins. Said ok, I don’t mind, I was having a busy day, she was my lunch break, I didn’t have any problems into stretching that. It’s a 30 min drive for me to get there so 10 mins delay was even better. Got there, told her I’m parked she told me to pass the black gate (she was thinking I’ll park inside) she told me the flat no, I buzzed several times, the bitch didn’t answer.. I texted her and she asked me to step into the rain in order to see me.. maybe she thought I’m a stalker or whatever. My only purpose was to fuck a fit whore though, no strings attached. She sees me from wherever she’s hiding then she finally let’s me in. So, a delay of 15 mins my booking is about to start.

I’m greeted by a tall curvy brunette fit hooker. Facially she’s alright, standard mancunian bitch and I’m not really into that. I’m pleased with the body. I’m there for the body, to use and abuse it, pump that pussy and throat then leave. Simple as that. We don’t kiss, she’s probably studying me, I take the shower, no drink offered though, maybe she was stunned to see such a hot male, it happens I forgive her, she’s not the first. The towel is good quality. I’m out of the shower and throw it away. I’m naked in front of her and I’m offered a massage. I usually decline but stupid me I ask her if she’s any good at it. She then, very confident tells me “I’ll let you decide”.. I’m intrigued and take it.. it was shit obv.. these bitches only good at fucking and sucking, we shouldn’t marry them! Well, she puts some cream on me, but I ain’t there for that and start feeling that nice worked ass and ask her nice to take my cock as deep as she can (she was already jerking it and sucking it). She has a sloppy technique, more wanking than sucking though, she didn’t take it balls deep, I’m not impressed. I’ve had way better blowjobs and DT before, feeling their heart beating through their throat. I’m told she won’t allow me pounding her bum because I’m too big… seriously?? I didn’t even ask for that. I ask her to kiss me she complies but only after I told her I’m no smoker so she’s alright with that. I feel like I’m kissing a little girl in kindergarden.. I’m disappointed I wanna stick my tongue deep inside her throat but I barely feel hers. Then I decide to use my tongue elsewhere, good idea, flip her around and work my skills downtown. She’s ticklish but enjoys it.. she takes some time to cum, pulls my head, wraps her legs around my neck (not again, why all these bitches try to submit me?).. I get told she loves it and I should stay an hour down there then leave and comeback later.. She cums, she smiles, she laughs stupid, a bit embarrassed and tells me she never fakes orgasm.. I told her to do that, is good for punters morale, she disagrees.. then she feels she owes me, I’m being told is my time to cum. She starts sucking my cock again, same stuff, not impressed, I ask for a rim, she cleans my already clean ass and stick her tongue up my ass, she does it pretty well (stupid me didn’t bent over, got an uncomfortable position so stopped her before I started getting cramps)… It was nice! Then I told her to bring a condom and fuck.. With all her experience she’s not capable of putting a condom on, I almost forgot that (they usually do it, it’s their fucking job!), I finally figure out how this shit works and start pounding this bitch… CG, mish, legs over shoulders, doggy, standing doggy, reverse CG.. She’s tall perfectly built for me fucking her standing! She’s not a tight cunt so I could fuck that pussy for hours.. She tells me I have another ten mins and I should come, I ask for a facial and she declines bringing a stupid excuse that she has no make-up over and she’s going out for lunch after.. damn, I ask if she swallows she tells me is extra (this and anal) and go for CIM. I ask her to suck it and take it deep, she does her best then I shoot a big load in her mouth.. she rans to the bathroom to spit it out but and I ask her with a cheeky smile “was it that much baby?” she nods lol.. She’s back, happy she’s done with me, we chat a bit, she fails the “what do you do for a living?” test like all the others.. Asks me if I want a shower, I tell her I wanna smell like sex for the rest of the day, she laughs, I get dressed and leave.. Check my time after I shut the door.. Effectively 45 mins. I don’t clockwatch.. but meh, for 150£ I’m expecting more.


Sexy bitch, I liked her body.. smoking hot ass and legs. Nice enhanced tits, small nipples. She’s a bombshell.. dirty and filthy.. if you become a reg you probably would get everything. I felt I received a parlourish service (even though I never been to one) a bit mechanical and felt like was rubbed of ¼ of my booking time. Everything she provided was good, not mind blowing but I feel in a good mode and give her a slight positive review. I got told a few times “you dirty bastard!” and she has a way of saying it… would I return? Don’t know.. maybe!

North West / Taliah Bonds of Newcastle, Chester-le-Street
« by scotty1956 on March 24, 2017, 11:40:38 PM »
https://bonds-newcastle-escorts.co.uk/Chester+Le+Street+Incall+Escort.html My first and probably last review. Where do I start? Meeting today. 30 minutes, £60. Comms okay tho' entrance to flat was in back street. Flat also okay. Paperwork done was told to get ready. She came back into the room naked, skinny, average looking with plenty tatts and a fair bit older than I expected. Half a minute french kissing. Not bad. Then asked if I wanted oral with or without condom. haha. About a minute or two. Nowt special. Then condom on and 5 minutes of her riding me. Some fakery from her as tho' she was enjoying it but in reality just going through the motions. No sign of me cumming so she said I'll finish off with a handjob. This was a piston like motion from her. Not sure what was worse her trying to rip my penis off or getting thumped in the testicles on the downward stroke. My visit ended with me unsatisfied and her saying my time was up she had someone else on their way. A wholly unsatisfactory experience. My advice.....avoid.

North West / Robyn - Angel Companions
« by CallumTT on March 24, 2017, 11:23:40 PM »

Cost £130 for 1 hour incall. 

I liked the sound of the girl from the description (no photos posted yet) and encouraged by the Hk review here, I called the agency.  I enquired a little and it all sounded good but they did say she wasn't that busty which was, I thought, encouragingly honest.  But in fact, small boobs are my preference. I  took the punt.

Comms were good with the agency, and after a little tardiness, I headed up to the flat near Deansgate.  Are punting flats always on the top floor?!  The flat was modern, totally fine.   

With only a description, no photos, I had less expectation of what she'd looked like, but I was pleasantly surprised. Reading the profile description again, I think physically it is accurate. 

I had a little apprehensive at the start - it took me a little time to tune into her local accent (I am not from the North West) and between the three flights of stairs and general excitement, I was a little out of sorts.  I think my tension spread to her a little at the start, and whilst I wouldn't say it was awkward, it could have been smoother.   

Her figure was great - slender, belly was totally flat, bony pelvis (we all have our things!), and those small 32B breasts.  Facially she was also really hot.  I would concur with the description of her being 'Next door girl type', with soft freckles on her upper cheeks.  Most strikingly, her eyes are amazing. 

She wore a sexy bra and knickers.  Maybe next time I punt I will request the girl has more clothes on when I meet them.  I like undressing them :-)

We started with a little FK but it never progressed to DFK.  I'd booked her for an hour so planned to take my time with it all.  After a while I took her bra and knickers off and tounged her pink bud.  After more kissing, and tounging her swelling nipples, we progressed to a OWO.  This was good.  She's told me earlier not to come in her mouth.  Fair enough.  I prefer during sex though.

After a while we progressed to mish.  I banged away.  She gave great eye contact through the deed, with those piercing perfect eyes.  It wasn't long before I filled the johnny. 

We lay down and chatted for 15 mins.  Nothing like a shag to break the tension!  She was an entirely nice girl to chat to, and I always enjoy the connection after sex, so many WGs don't do that. 
It wasn't the best punt I've ever had, but it was still good and she's still special if you like a slender next door honey.


North West / Melissa Milf X
« by indiekid72 on March 24, 2017, 08:44:44 PM »

£70 for 30 minutes, worth every penny and more.

I'd met Melissa once before and having established that she is as good as her pictures and as willing as a playful pussy cat decided to see her again.
A quick browse through her photos and the idea of a naughty school girl role play grabbed my attention.  Quick couple of text messages to establish availability and I was set to go.  Luckily I can leave work without problem so straight home to shower and then a quick text to confirm my desired scenario.  Melissa responded quickly saying no problem so I was off like a shot.
Upon arrival in an easy to find location with ample parking available another text to let her know I was ready and asked to come straight round.  The door was left ajar ready and Melissa was straight behind to greet me with a big smile and as requested a short plaid skirt and tight white blouse, knotted at the bottom.  Fantastic and just as I wanted.

We moved through to the bedroom which was very clean and tidy to complete the paperwork and exchange pleasantries then asked how I'd like to proceed.  My idea was to have her knock on the door to see the headmaster after having been caught sexting her boyfriend - she was only to happy to oblige and from here the experience became better and played superbly by Melissa.  After a verbal dressing down she stayed in character and played along with every command and instruction.  I'm not into spanking or domination of any sort but she was more than willing to fulfill her part and take directions along with ad libbing when required.

Having her go down on me after having her top removed to reveal her superb breasts was sublime.  Seeing her head bob up and down with my trousers still on and standing in the middle of my 'office' was a moment to remember for a long time.  Over to the bed and with legs in the air, knickers off just leaving the little skirt on I gave her oral and fingered her tight pussy.  Looks, taste and felt incredible.  Finally ready, whipped on the condom and doggy followed by missionary.  Final tease was to imitate one of the photos that Mr. Smith had seen and exploded over her ample breasts.

To sum up, Melissa is a stunner - great conversation and a true great.  Can't wait to see her again


Well, I haven't seen Rio for two, possibly three years from when I last saw her at Sandy's...  If you were blown away by her body then, you had better be warned - she's been training hard since, chaps.

For someone quite so wondrously built, Rio has a very unassuming nature about her and is lovely, welcoming and funny.  I was instantly very much at ease in the presence of such a woman.

Today's meeting had been warming up for a few weeks and I had asked her well ahead if she minded me buying an article of clothing for her to wear during our meet.  She was more than happy and my did her ridiculous curves lend themselves to said article.  Rio herself was even knocked out by how fine she looked, and pictures may soon be featuring in her AW profile ;)

It was an hour long meet for £120 during which there was some teasing that I had very much asked for, OWO which really got me to the edge very quickly, and eventually once I thought I could take it some doggy.

Needless to say, I am but human and a pathetic example at that, and so I could not handle that view for long.  While it lasted though, it was spectacular.

If a body like Rio's is your thing, you're probably deeply unlikely to witness another of such astounding proportions and muscularity - not to mention the way she moves those cheeks...  She provides a brilliant service and aims to please and is the perfect hostess.  I thoroughly enjoyed my hour and will be returning.

There was no clockwatching, but there wasn't by me either so I don't really know when I arrived and when I left I was hanging in tatters and couldn't focus on my watch anyway...  But I never felt rushed or got the impression it was an issue.

Cheers Rio

North West / Melani the Best, not
« by Blue1878 on March 24, 2017, 08:22:54 AM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/4043661 or https://www.adultwork.com/Melani+THE+BEST
Had a few decent punts with Hungarian girls in the past and certainly more reliable than majority of Romanian girls. Any way think number of girls working in Kirkdale I would avoid. Comma were good £50 hh seemed fair price. Anyway knocked on door girl I met facially was girl in pic but figure wasn't as described. Service was shut no dfk,  half hearted BJ couldn't be arsed with full sec opted to wank myself over her tots and got of. Note to self listen to gut instint EE girls in the main are shit and not worth the discounted prices

North West / Ellen (Liverpool tour)
« by Golovkin on March 23, 2017, 09:13:16 PM »
Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/1928613 or https://www.adultwork.com/Ellen123 - Get QR Code
Meet arranged by text messages time agreed sent address of city centre hotel. Large hotel near Liverpool lime street station cheap and in need of renovation but it does the job. Park up in pay and display car park I'm early, but decide to ring her and see if she is available early. I'm in luck given room no. I go straight up to her room, she lets me in she's dressed in heels,stockings,suspenders and lingerie. Money handed over £60 for 30 min. Start with dfk, handjob, owo, sex in cowgirl, missionary and doggy. Finish with cum on tits, service wise she was enthusiastic and did everything I wanted. Quick shower at the end spent about 40 mins with her didn't seem in a rush to get rid of me.

North West / Poppy at La Maison In Bury.
« by standardpostage on March 23, 2017, 05:53:02 PM »
www.lamaisonbury.co.uk.  Poppy. As per website description, except she now has a sort of ginger coloured hair which suits her. £40 to receptionist, £60 to Poppy. She is stunningly beautiful. Lovely small breasts. Cute small pussy. Great neat bum. Nice legs. I was happy just to have a hand job with lots of baby oil. I had lots of ball and cock play afterwards. Gave Poppy a bit of a massage. Loved sucking her breasts. Loved licking her pussy. Friendly girl, easy to talk to. Highly recommended B4 she moves to London in about 1 months time - she said. I would see her again. Great body and all real, no enhancements. Finger in pussy not allowed. Closed lip kissing only. Lovely flat stomach. I had a shower first. Establishment is OK. Easy free parking locally. I would see her again. I do realise that their are girls who do more. But Poppy gets away with doing less because of her youth and beauty. I had 1 hr with her.

North West / Hottyholly - Whitefied
« by Jonnybl6 on March 23, 2017, 02:55:27 PM »

Last minute booking due to some unexpected free time. Liked the look of her profile, had been in my hotlist a while, lost of positive feedback on AW, so texted. Quick reply, yes she was available. Put AW booking in as requested and received a text to confirm with her postcode.

Arrived at the agreed time, texted for the actual address. No reply. Gave it 5 mins then called. Straight to voicemail. Tried again 5 minutes later, still voicemail.

Two hours on, still no text or call apologising or explanation.

North West / Diana - Manchester Incalls
« by BradJockstrap on March 23, 2017, 02:07:54 PM »

comms- as usual all fine w/agency

venue- standard incall apartment, all clean maybe a bit small

looks- actually not too bad, really nice body, big natural boobs, ok face. I have to say was initially glad to see her

serivces- this is where the problem began, the website describes her as spanish, and I suppose romany gypsies do get all over so it's entirely possible she has been to spain in the past but my suspicion given her strong EE accent would be Romanian. Nothing against this per se, but quickly became apparent she had no interest in doing anything except brief HJ, followed by making phone calls and smoking. Anytime I asked for anything (including even a drink of water) I was told "five pounds", I think she thought she was being funny, but it got really annoying after a while, so I just left and really terrible experience.

I am surpised really because I have used this agency a few times and all the girls have been great, particularly Jamie & Jasmine, but unfor Diana well below thier usual standard, really have to say AVOID AT ALL COSTS 

North West / Leona of La Maison Bury
« by licky on March 23, 2017, 12:04:19 AM »

I saw Leona last Sunday, both my regulars were absent - one not turned in, one late -its never happened before at LM !!!!

I was just going to have a coffee and sod off, when Leona emerged, saying goodbye to another punter. Stunning she is too. She went back into the room, and the departing punter sung her praises to the receptionist, so with that recommendation I booked her on the spot for a quick half hour.

Now she is absolutely stunning, her description on the website is 34C, but OMG they are the biggest 34C's you will ever come over, natural and firm too. At least a DD. Its not often a website undersizes these things.
She is Portugese, (sod Brexit if we can have stunners like this) has excellent English, and good conversation skills and up for a laugh. Kisses and fucks for Portugal, and took a good load all over her perfect tits, as willy was having one of his "im not coming in a rubber" days.  :(

I will be back for an hour next time-I think she goes home this weekend, and says she will be back in about 3 weeks.

Highly recommended. Get in the queue.

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