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To my disappointment and despite being informed that Ci Ci was available I ended up with the receptionist.  Nevertheless the "receptionist" is a good looking lass, probably in her mid 40s. 

A very intense massage - IMHO much better than CI CI. 
On noticing my bulging erection, she asked in a coy way (which only Orientals could do) whether "it need seeing to".  Needless to say, I said YES! (the cost was £10 more than on my previous visit!).  The build up was extremely satisfying - she fondled my shaft and gently caressed my balls.  The stroking increased and began to climax.  Unfortunately, she stopped stroking the moment I started to cum, hence the whole HJ became a bit of a damp squib.  Ci Ci in contrast (and most of girls I've been with), carry on stroking until I can cum no more. 

She cleaned me up but then disappeared (she had a habit of disappearing throughout the massage, dealing with what could only be described as a domestic).

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: £40 (of massage)
Extras £20

I'm scoring this as a 'neutral' as the actual massage was fantastic.  If it weren't for this then it would have to be negative.

2 or

Bit of a tough one to rate this one, as I'll explain later


£150 for the hour


Excellent. Message sent the day before on AW, quickly responded and arranged meet for a mutually agreeable time the following day.

Build up

I messaged her again on AW the morning of meet, to confirm we were still on and to receive directions to her incall location. Now Sophie told me she prefers to not use mobile phones to communicate, instead using AW. I understand her guarding her privacy, especially living in a small close knit community as many places in the area are. This arrangement won't suit everyone but she is up front about it and all AW mail is responded to in a reasonable time frame.
Directions received and put in the sat nav, I was ready to get on my way.

On arrival

Sophie lives in a mid terrace off the beaten track in a very small village/hamlet. Her front door is overlooked by other properties but she insists that she doesn't see many clients per week, and assures me there will be no suspicious curtain twitchers watching. Hidden behind the door on entry, first impressions are that the place is definitely a work in progress, needing quite a bit of general DIY and finishing touches to make the place more homely. Despite this it is clean and I was welcomed with a bit of a cuddle and a peck on the lips.


Sophie was dressed in a LBD, nice and tightly fitted. Now, the photo on her profile is by her own admission 5 years or so old. She is much larger than the photo implies, a definite 12, perhaps edging towards a 14 I'd say. She has large breasts which I'm pretty sure are enhanced although I can't be sure as only really got to play with the nipples and didn't get a good hold of them (more on this later) She is facially attractive, around a 7 and a half/8 out of 10 IMO, and has very nice smooth soft skin and is fully shaved.

First contact

Upon the door being closed, Sophie and I had a quick chat downstairs, a couple of minutes or so. She admitted she'd not had a great nights sleep as her cat had been playing up all night. In fact my AW message saying I'd arrived had allegedly roused her from slumber just seconds before I knocked on the door. OK I think, this is not the start I'd hoped for but she looks made up and actually clean and fresh and ready for the meet so let's go.

The action

Upstairs we go, she gets on the bed and invites me to strip as she peels off the tight fitting dress to reveal a nice bra and panties set. Although Sophie is larger than her out of date picture, and larger than I would normally go for, she is in fact well proportioned for her height, about 5'10" is correct. A little bit of FK ensued, not deep and very faint hint of tongue. Still I was incredibly horny so it was working for me. Sophie then breaks off and tells me she likes to give a massage first. OK, maybe a bit of time wasting but I'm always happy to give someone the benefit of the doubt in these situations. You never know when a girl might have a trick up her sleeve! Not so this time, a pleasant but not overly deep or sensual massage followed then was asked to roll over. Straight down to OWO which was actually very well performed. Looks of varying techniques employed, playing equal attention to balls, shaft and head. Sophie does go deep occasionally and likes to give eye contact, particularly when letting her saliva drip onto your cock. As I said before I was incredibly horny that day, so it didn't take long for me to to let Sophie know I was close to the edge. She sped up her technique and I filled her mouth which she instantly let seep out of her mouth all over my cock and stomach. Then she grabs a wipe, gets the bulk of it off and leaves a fresh wipe hanging off my bell end. Different I suppose, but I was happy to have got that one out of the way and started to recharge instantly. So this is about 20-25 minutes in. We chat for a bit, she is a nice enough lass just very very very paranoid about being exposed and therefore her criteria for meeting punters is quiterrible stringent. No under 40s nobody from scarborough, nobody this, nobody that.
Anyway, about 10 minutes have gone by and I'm itching to get on with things and explore her a bit. Another quick bit of kissing, again not deep not very tongue based, and she's off down on me again. She gets me very hard again, as I say she does do oral very well. I start to get up to try an initiate some reverse fun, even saying I felt guilty for taking all the attention. Managed to get a quick play with very responsive nipples, tried to get down there and have a little feel and play at which point she gets up amd says it's time for her to give me the foolproof cum quick hand job or something (I'm paraphrasing)
Out with the baby oil, wanked it like there's no tomorrow and the obvious happened!
Finished! Yep, that was it. Done and dusted.
Cleaned up again ande shown out, a goodbye peck and I was on my way.


This is the difficult bit. There's some good here, but some which I was disappointed with.
The oral was very nice,uncovered and with CIM so no complaints there.

Good looking lass who was clean and well groomed

Intelligent and nice to talk to


Larger than advertised (IMO).

Not much passion, felt like I was almost being rushed at the end (my fault I didn't check time when I arrived so not sure how long I actually got, felt short by about 10 minutes but not 100% sure).

Didn't get to do much with her other than get blown. Possibly I should have been more forceful (not in an aggressive way) so perhaps I'm partly to blame for letting her lead me.

Expensive for 2 blow jobs

So there you have it. I've decided to give a neutral as I did receive some satisfaction from the meeting and the oral was very good. I'm prepared to give the benefit of the doubt to Sophie and accept i may be partly responsible for not getting to actually have penetrative sex. I should have been clearer during round two that I would have liked more from her,  hence the neutral score

Yorkshire & the Humber / Littlekinkylou
« by Cas Man 40s on Today at 10:47:56 am »
No link available as AW removed

Saw this account pop up last Monday and as I was unavailable last week I made a booking for today

Emailed her and was quickly given number to WhatsApp her as phone coverage supposedly poor when she lives, plenty of contact for a couple of days and we agreed to 1 hour incall today

Anyway I was suspicious to start with as pervylicker asked about this girl in one thread then his first review was TOFTT which all sounded top notch, then read that piece about juanixto asking for her number which had been available on vivastreet previously?

I'd already asked her for sat nav details as a bit of a drive but she changed the subject a few times, so thought I'd google her WhatsApp number to see if anything came up as I was unsure of prices etc

An ad came up for top adult U.K which said she was £100 an hour, pervylicker said £130 so I questioned her about the advert and she said it was a fake, I was suspicious about this as it actually had her WhatsApp number on the ad as well as a pic I'd not seen before, she was all concerned so I told her to report it to them and they'd probably take it down, which miraculously it did 2 mins later which was another red flag

Anyway I contacted her today to check if we were still on and she replied that the place she rents is unavailable so can we change to later or tomorrow , which I declined.

Conclusion : time waster?


30 minute incall

I was met at the door with a kiss by Jada who was wearing a lace robe. Her profile pictures are accurate, she has small tits & a big bum. Her face is very pretty. I was offered a shower but I'd had one before setting off so I declined.
There was lots of kissing and groping as we undressed. She gave me OWO...her technique was good enough. I gave her oral & she got quite wet. While I was down there I noticed her skin is so smooth & she doesn't seem to have any fat on her stomach. I could feel my dick throbbing like I was going to cum so carried on giving her oral instead of fucking her. After I while she asked if I wanted to be fucked by her or if I wanted to fuck her, I said I'll fuck you. I was fucking her in missonary and didn't last very long (This only usually happens when I am really attracted to the girl).
She had run out of wet wipes & tissues so we chatted for a bit then I cleaned myself up in the sink. Jada is a really friendly, down to earth girl & easy to talk to.
I intend to see her for longer next time but I don't think I can see her too often as I can see myself developing EAS.

Lovely figure
Great GFE

No wet wipes or tissues
Expensive for a vanilla service


Called in to make an appointment for that afternoon with Jess, time arrived and I was at the Leeds Dock and I rang the agency to get exact details to enter the building but was told to hang on for 5 or 10 mins because Jess wasn't ready.

10 mins passed by I received the OK to get in to the flat and away I went up to the flat. Jess greeted me behind the door - she's an attractive petite blonde with enhanced tits and a lovely round arse, although she is older than her advertised age of 35.

I got in to the shower and Jess chatted to me in the bathroom until I was done. In to the bedroom and Jess asked me to lay on my back to give me a BJ, I wanted to kiss her first but she went ahead with the BJ until I gently pulled her in for some kissing. We then play wrestled a little whilst a gave her body a good grope and sucked and kissed away at her. I went down on her pussy and everything tasted fine, I then fingered her away and gave this some effort but I couldn't tell if Jess was enjoying it or not. I asked if she was getting off on it and she said it was going to be hard for her to cum considering how many times she'd already got off that day and I was the last punter for that shift.

I was having fun but she kept interrupting the play with pointless talk like 'oh I hope you've had a wank today', 'do you usually cum lots?' and 'does it bend forwards or backwards?'. I couldn't tell if this was an attempt at dirty talk or if she was saying these things to avoid having sex, either way I felt it disrupted the flow of the session.

On with a condom and we first had sex in doggy, I had to go slow because I felt the urge to cum pretty quick and the changed to mish where she then said 'let me find my phone and check we've not over run'. I picked my phone from the floor and confirmed that we were still within 30 mins and she said 'OK but let's not run over because I've got a family appointment to get to after here'. We finished off with Jess on top of me in cowgirl and I came hard in to the condom.

I cleaned up and got changed and Jess chatted to me about her natural healing skills and how she could cure people of ailments and illnesses, I couldn't tell if she was being serious or not considering how extraordinary the statement was but it filled the time until I could get my clothes on. Jess saw me out of the door with a kiss and away I went.

Overall this wasn't a bad session but I've had much better and I'm not sure if I'd return to see her considering I've clicked with other WGs much better. I definitely prefer the GFE with lots of kissing and Jess wanted to get started straight away with a BJ and the talking during the sex disrupted the flow. She's a very attractive women for her age but this wasn't a session that I felt we had the best sexual chemistry together.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Dee Dee
« by Trebormint on Yesterday at 07:05:10 am »
Saw Dee Dee just before Christmas, very cute Thai lady. Room was a bit cold but stripped off and onto the floor for my massage. Dee Dee commented on my body, and said she was enjoying massaging me, and I was clearly enjoying it to. Her fingers brushing my cock and balls as she massaged. Pre cum got on her hands and she giggled. Groping of tits over clothes seemed fine, and she gave me an amazing HJ. She helped me dress and continued to touch my cock as he did so. Cant wait for next visit, really want to have her out of that uniform.

Yorkshire & the Humber / havanna Johnsons - Huddersfield
« by YorkshireLad on January 21, 2017, 08:24:06 pm »

30 minute incall

We exchanged a few texts & I was given the postcode & told to let her know when I was setting off. After a quick shower I text her to let her know I'm setting off & give her my ETA. I arrive at an old converted mill near Huddersfield & text her to let her know I have reply so I call & she says "I told you to tell me when you were setting off". I told her I text you & she says sorry can you wait 10 minutes while I get ready. I'm waiting in the carpark thinking this isn't a good start. 15 minutes later I get a text with the apartment number. I make my way up not knowing what to expect...

The door is opened by a tall, attractive slim black girl wearing makeup & red lipstick, dressed in a corset, knickers, stockings & heels. She has her nose pierced & also has a one of those bull type noserings. The photos on her profile give a good indication of what her body is like. She is originally from Africa has has a french sounding exotic accent. She has a few small tattoos on her body. She leads me to the bedroom & tells me to get naked while she takes the money into another room.

She returns and we start kissing. It's not full on DFK with tongues but it's good enough for me. I'm feeling her bum & rubbing her pussy through her knickers while she is slowly wanking my dick. We move onto the bed & I help her take off her corset which reveals a lovely pair of pert tits with suckable nipples, I'm guessing they were a B cup. I get her to lay on her back & work my way down her with her knickers & into some reverse oral. Her pussy is shaven with a little landing strip. She seemed to be really enjoying it & ended up grinding really hard against my face..she was very wet. She returned the favour by giving me a good enough blowjob. It was covered but I was expecting this as I didn't see OWO listed on her likes list. We starting fucking with her on top, she has a good technique..a mix of grinding & bouncing. Next up was doggy with me standing & her bent over the bed. I finished in missonary with her legs spread wide so I could get really deep. A little bit more kissing & she cleaned me up with a wet wipe. We had a chat for 5 minutes or so & I got dressed & was on my way. I had been in the apartment nearly 45 minutes.

Pretty face
Sexy accent
Nice pert tits
Nice bum
Long legs
Not a clockwatcher

Kept waiting for 15 minutes outside the apartment
Vanilla service

Yorkshire & the Humber / Cathy the Famous One
« by gallowgate on January 20, 2017, 11:43:32 pm » or

1hour outcall £120
Venue: Hotel South of Leeds

Initial Contact: Initially by AW message. Answered within an hour and further messages by text which was more convenient for me.

Cathy arrived promptly which was impressive given it was a fairly short notice booking.

First impressions: We agreed to meet in the hotel bar and she was dressed conservatively enough to fit in with the evening crowd but with a hint of something nice underneath her coat and outer clothes. 4” Heels and mid length coat which was appropriate for the chilly conditions. Pretty in a girl next door kind of way with lovely eyes and a good pair of pins. If asked I would say definitely mid thirties and only lightly made up so not hiding anything.
Full of smiles and very bouncy without being too loud so as to draw attention. The original plan was to have a quick drink and then take our glasses to the room but she explained that she had nothing else arranged for the night and so was happy to extend the first part of our meeting before heading up.
Fun and friendly chat, we had met before quite a while ago so did a bit of refreshing and catching up.

After finishing our drinks we headed up to the room and once in the lift alone she approached for a kiss and a squeeze and was very tactile with a playful smile and attitude.
Into the room and again she was not slow in coming forward and we soon had each other's clothes on the floor. A shame as her lacey red outfit looked very sexy.
She was happy to let me push her back onto the bed and spread her legs. Guiding my tongue onto her and enjoyed a good session of reverse oral. Encouraging in her words and sounds and very wet continually bucking and squeezing me as her heels dug into my back and shoulders. Very erotic and able to keep going for a good session of this. Some girls get so far and then push you away as they are sensitive, Cathy couldn't get enough!
Then it was my turn and she went down on me with nibbles and kisses down my body before licking and sucking all around the old fella, then into her mouth and some long deep sucks followed by some more frantic ones. A great technique and I was soon on the verge. I went to push her away but she was having none of it and took a heavy first load in her mouth. Smiling as she wiped the last drops into her mouth and swallowed before coming back up for a kiss and a moment of recovery.
Was interested to know what I would like for the rest of my hour and so a bit of a massage while I recovered which was very good compared to some I have received.
Once I was back in the game she nipped to the toilet with her bag of tricks and came back dressed in something a little less comfortable but a lot more fetishy giving a good display for my pleasure and then got on the bed giving a bit of a toy show and encouraging me to play with myself and then with her in turn.
She said she found this horny that I was turned on by her and before long I was grabbing for her and she was soon slipping on a condom and getting on top of me, riding me deep and hard, in fact it was like being Kangoed to the bed. Cowgirl with occasional kisses and a great grinding technique into reverse cowgirl then doggy. At my mature age she was performing miracles to keep me so hard. Her pussy is nice and tight and has great muscle control. I was getting close so we stopped and went into 69 where she encouraged me to a second finish and let me cum over her tits while she was fingering herself.
Once again she was more than happy for me to take my time to recover and lay there chatting, stroking me and tweaking my nipples. She asked if I was finished, the time was just about up but she seemed happy to go again. Sadly I was done for but she gave it a go. Getting into a 69 again, which I love but sadly I couldn't oblige.
Eventually Cathy admitted defeat and with a smile a few deep kisses and a promise of an even better time next time she let herself out.

Would I see her again? Without a doubt. She is fun, friendly and up for anything. She smelt lovely, I would guess Chanel but whatever it was it was very nice and she tasted lovely. She is happy to work hard to get you there and gives a great service, everything I asked for was covered.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Miss Ava-Rai
« by Cas Man 40s on January 20, 2017, 05:33:06 pm »

Date : Early November

Location : Apartments near Leeds Direct Arena

Cost : 1hr £150

Communication : via text - ok arranged for Sunday in Bradford having arranged on Saturday but texted me Sunday morning cancelling as apartment problem so only available later that day which was no good. So arranged for Monday morning instead.

What happened : she talked me into the complex via phone.
She was a southerner! very attractive looking exactly what I was expecting from the pictures on AW
Into the bedroom and it was about 100 degrees!
Money out of the way which she took into the next room whilst I proceeded to get naked.
Out come the wipes, hate this when they nearly rip your foreskin off cleaning you!
Anyway no problems she's happy to slurp away on the old man OWO which is very nice indeed.
5 minutes of this and I'm rock hard and ready to fuck her.
Hour punt so sometimes it's one pop or maybe two.
We start off doggy and it's very good! She's making all the right noises and I'm on top form, I bang away for maybe 15 minutes and she has one maybe two orgasms and the punt is going the way dreams are made of.
It's getting hard work so we switch to missionary and this is where the punt goes tits up.
I'm still rock hard as this girl is definitely doing it for me, but it's sweaty business in 100 degrees of bedroom heat, trying to be considerate but obviously we are going to get sweaty.
Anyway she's not happy as she moans she doesn't like sweat so ok I think you can ride me for a bit, she does this Half heartedly before saying she's tired.
So we decide on more oral without, I'm still rock hard and feeling close to the edge, anyways she can tell i'm close to popping and then tells me it's £20 etc for CIM , I only had money on me for the punt so she goes and looks at phone and then says if we'd have had a bit longer I'd have knocked it off your time which was a massive passion killer.
So I suggest doggystyle to finish which she reluctantly agrees with, at this point I'd lost the wood and she's not really helping so I think fuck it I'm done.
I ask for a shower and throw the empty condom in the bin, get changed get my phone out and see we still had 5 mins left which left a sour taste in my mouth.
Anyway she's all smiles and says see u again darling... so I bullshit say yeah thanks and I'm out of there pissed off!

Conclusion : very fit girl , very poor service imo. Age / Pics accurate

Yorkshire & the Humber / Little winter warmer
« by Cas Man 40s on January 20, 2017, 04:46:25 pm »

Date : Early December

Location : Wakefield hotel near M1

Cost : 30 mins £60

Communication : email replied to pretty quickly and arranged for the next day via text msg, room number given via text on the day of the punt

What happened : knocked on door met by the lady in question wearing her festive nickers and bra.
Quickly into room , she was quite talkative but tbh facially she wasn't my cup of tea.
As with what seems to be the norm the pictures never seem to tally.
It is definitely her however just don't think she looks as good in person.
However her attitude was spot on, really nice girl , she knew I'd showered so she helped get me out of my winter attire and proceeded to give me a very nice sloppy blowjob with plenty of eye contact.
I managed to de-knicker her and had a play with her which she seemed to enjoy.
After 10 minutes or so it was condom time , we'd already discussed doggy was both our favourite but I decided to start off with missionary .
Plenty of French kissing as we both got into it, she felt pretty tight and I was enjoying it too much as shot my load in this position.
A quick giggle from her and a satifisfied grin on my face.
She removed the condom and I quickly jumped into the shower to freshen up.
Still had 5 mins left so got dresssed and jumped onto the bed for a chat.
Really interesting women who said she was into swinging and basically told me her life story lol.
40 mins I stayed due to the chatter so definitely not a clock watcher.

Conclusion : enjoyable time, friendly girl, obviously likes sex but just not my type

As you will know if you've seen the thread in regional punting, this is my first TOFTT.
There has been some speculation as to the legitimacy of Lou's profile, which appeared earlier this week on AW only to disappear a couple of days later. Well I am happy to confirm that not only does she exist, she is exactly as per her pics and above all provides a top notch service.
I have included the picture she uses as her profile pic on WhatsApp for now, as Lou assured me she is doing everything she can to get her AW profile back up and running. Some issues with photo id which apparently will be sorted some time next week. We shall see I suppose!

Anyway, enough with the admin, on to the experience


£130 for the hour


Excellent. Initial contact made via her AW page, rapid response and a phone number included with a request to contact through WhatsApp. After 5 or 6 messages a date and time were arranged, as well as a vague idea as to where to find her.

Build up

Message received on Thursday confirming we were still on, then another one on Friday morning providing full address and postcode.

On arrival

Lou's workplace is on a farm in middle of nowhere, so very discreet. Easy to find, Google maps took me straight to it. Pulled up at end of driveway to let her know I had arrived, albeit 10 minutes early. "No problem, I'm ready for you" was the immediate response,  so off I pop.
Pulled up and was greeted by Lou stood in doorway wearing a kind of boho-chic white floaty see through number with black bra and panties underneath and high heels. Fuck me! She looked good and definitely the girl in photos (the neck tattoo was a total giveaway!)


I would say Lou is around 5'6" without heels as she was my height in some pretty mean looking heels (and I'm just shy of 6ft)
Nice enhanced breasts, about a D cup I'd say. They look good and as though they were done a while ago as any scars from surgery are quite faded in my opinion.
She's about a size 8-10. I'm not 100% sure only because she has a slim waist combined with a more full ass, and those nice large boobs. Not gym fit, but not fat by any means. Lovely nice soft skin, smoothly shaved all over and covered in lots of tattoos, which to my untrained eye seem particularly well done.

First contact

Having been ushered through the door I was greeted with a slightly tentative kiss. Soft, open mouthed with a hint of tongue. Then Lou led me upstairs.
Now the farmhouse won't be everyone's idea of a perfect setting for a punt. It's very much a working farmhouse in that it doesn't have designer this and that everywhere, but I like the cottage look and she looked amazing so no worries on my part. The bedroom itself was warm, if decorated a little chintzy but hey, this isn't interior design challenge! There was a clean, warm comfortable bed and a fuck me gorgeous tattooed sexpot standing in front of me so who cares right?

The action

Was asked by Lou if she could kiss me properly now! Erm, yeah! Hell yeah, fill your boots! Passionate, full on DFK ensued as well as much mutual fondling. Suddenly we were both naked (how'd that happen!) She's on her knees giving me very nice head indeed, not mega deep but skilled nonetheless and the occasional dribble of saliva just to lubricate the old boy. Over to the bed and I'm now on my back whilst she's very expertly and sensually going to work on me. She's very much someone who has that dirty look in her eyes when she's doing this, keeping regular eye contact but not freaking you out by just constantly staring at you!
Was starting to enjoy too much, and she sensed it as we say almost in unison it's time for me to have a closer look at her.
Spent quite a while going down on her, as you can probably guess from my username it's kind of my thing! No problem accepting fingers while I was there, in fact seemed to fucking love it. Gave her arse hole a little attention too before surfacing (leaving that for next time!)
So up for air, no worries snogging my face off even though I was covered in her juices. She covered me up, then proceeded to get herself off using tip of my cocktail stick on her clit. Fuck me! She's a right goer!
She came, after much rubbing, nibbling, sacking and kicking then I just had to have her. Switched round so she was on top, then back to me on top, her legs hitched right up and nice and wide. It was all too much as I filled the bag, rolled off and we got cleaned up.
What followed was some really nice easy flowing chat, about 10 minutes or so. Then we had an attempt at round 2.
She got me instantly hard with that sensual blow job style of hers, as well as this time a bit of hands free face fucking which was nice!
Had a go at fucking her in a few different positions but couldn't quite muster a 2nd load in the time we had left, so decided to call it a day and finish up. Time was bang on half past, added to the 10 minutes early I arrived I think it's safe to assume she ain't no clock watcher. She was actually a little upset, and apologised more than once for letting me leave without finishing me off! Sweet girl (no actually, filthy as fuck!)


Awesome. Simply awesome. This was my first TOFTT, and I feel like I really did get lucky. Gorgeous looking girl, fit, sexy, funny. She was a little nervous maybe at first, being new to the scene, but she soon was in her element and I had a huge grin on my face all the way home. I reckon she'll get filthier and filthier the more you see her!

Yorkshire & the Humber / Sweet.Alice25
« by Cas Man 40s on January 20, 2017, 04:20:30 pm » or
[Link added by admin]

Date : Early Jan

Location : Huddersfield, scruffy townhouse although area looked safe enough at 11:30am

Cash : 30 mins for £70

Communication : I'd emailed previously when I spotted her in Huddersfield but she then went to Sunderland for a week before returning so text sent off at 9am on the day , quick reply and time sorted . I had preciously emailed though AW but it's never been read.
She gave me postcode and actually rang me to give me the door number just as I arrived

What happened : quick knock on the door and instantly let in by the girl in question.
First impressions were that she was definitely older, maybe 30 but she was very smiley and friendly and gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me to follow her up the stairs.
Nice view as I followed her arse up the stairs into a room that could only be described as bare!
She asked how long I'd like and although I had the hours money I quickly decided on 30 mins mainly due to the fact she looked older and the state of the house.
She encouraged me to get naked as she disappeared for 10 seconds to hide the cash.
She returned as I lay naked on the bed and duly produced a condom for OW.
I don't usually bother with OWO with Romanians as a lot bareback imo!
Anyway it was pretty good and she encouraged me to play with her massive cans which were hiding behind a tiny bikini top, her nipples were massive and she was quite enjoying me playing with them.
This lasted for about 5 minutes before she asked how I'd like her.
Doggystyle was my choice as she had a great arse, so eased myself in as she was quite tight and off I went, she seemed to be enjoying herself and arched around so she could look at me whilst I'm banging away.
She then grabs my hand and guides it to her massive erect nipples.
After a bit of vocal encouragement to fuck her I duly exploded into the bag.
Out comes the wet wipes , off with the condom and she cleans the old man before disappearing again to deposit the baby batter.
She comes back and watches me get dressed, bit of small talk, she said only there a night until Stockport the next day but looking at her profile she didn't go, so maybe this house was just a one off?
Anyway she walks me downstairs and this is where I see an old women (50s) at a table, the house madam?.. anyway no real problem as I hadn't heard here previously, got to the door a quick hug and kiss on the cheek and I was off out into the cold winters day.

Conclusion : Think maybe harsh with a neutral as I thought she seemed a very happy natured women, who made me feel welcome and put on a good 'show' imo but she was a little older than the pictures and the house looked like something off the young ones! .. would probably see her again for 30 mins but would need to be in a better house

I've got a few more reviews to do & am also booked in with little kinky Lou so looking forward to see how that review pans out from Pervy licker as I too had a lot of WhatsApp interaction but nothing for last 2 days, cheers lads


Cost: £120/hr
Stated age: 35 y/o (pretty accurate - maybe a couple of years older)
Services: dfk, owo, ro (69), rimming (her giving), protected penetration

note: this took place last week, Fri 13th Jan.

Off to a not so great start as I made an initial call to Lush on Monday night enquiring about Jess's availability for the next day. The receptionist said she didn't know - the rota was meant to have been sorted earlier that day but hadn't been (this was at 9pm btw). She said that they'd know for sure by opening time the next day, so I said no problem and that I'd call back in the morning.

I didn't ask at the time but I assume that meant they didn't know the working times for any girl all week? Strange. Whoever does the rota left the receptionist(s) in a pretty shit position if so.

So Tuesday morning I made another call at opening time - 11am. On hold for nearly 15 mins, caller number 5... Finally get through and she's not available at a time I can work with so I asked to make a provisional booking for Friday. The receptionist (not the same one as the night before) again said that 'the rota hasn't been done' and that I'd have to look on the site calendar for her to see if Jess was available on Friday, as she couldn't (wtf??) Anyway she was, so I made a provisional booking for Friday. The receptionist was pleasant enough, so I'm not having a go at her, but it gives the impression that things are majorly disorganised at Lush.

At this point I'm having doubts about actually going through with it, envisioning myself stood outside the apartment block on hold for an age just to say I'm there. Or of Jess being double booked. I decided to go for it though, remembering just how well reviewed Jess is here, and those photos!

On the day I sent a text confirming the booking, all okay. I made my way to the dock area outside of town, arriving about 5 minutes early and tried ringing the agency a few times. Every time I rang I was put on hold (in a queue) but then it went through to the answer phone, forcing me to hang up and try again. I got through eventually, the guy said he'd check if Jess was ready and that he'd call back in a minute... 10 minutes later and by now I'm fucking freezing, getting impatient and nearly ready to go home. I was about to call them again to see what was going on when he called back saying she was ready and apologised for the wait, giving me the apartment number. Up I went, trouble free, and knocked on the door. The usual click of heels, Jess hiding behind the door and I was in.

Jess greeted me and led me into a nice, modern apartment, apologising for the delay and admitting it was her fault - she'd missed the text about the booking. She'd clearly been rushing and still wasn't quite ready, but asked if I wanted a shower before things got started. She seemed relieved when I said yes, giving her a couple more minutes to collect herself. As I was getting into the shower she said she'd start counting the hour from after I was done in there, rather than from actual start time of the meeting, to make up for me having to wait in the cold. I thought this was nice and I was satisfied with how she handled her mistake. (I'd booked for 13:00, she started counting the session from 13:17 just to give an indication of the time). She also asked if I'd done 'this' before - yes, and if I'd used Lush before - no. She joked that she was supposed to be the professional, organised girl at Lush.

Shower done, Jess offered me a glass of cava as I dried myself off. We each had a small glass and a quick chat before getting into it.

I'll say here that Jess is very attractive imo. I'd specifically gone for a milf/older woman (older than me at least) and she's in great shape for a woman in her mid-late thirties. She's pretty, somewhere between cute and stunning, and she has long blonde hair as shown in her pictures. The site puts her at size 8, which is is accurate, as is her height of 5'2". There's not much more to say about her appearance - she's attractive and was well presented.

So on to the action, she put my glass to one side and pulled me towards her as she lowered to her knees in front of the bed. She removed my underwear which I'd put back on as I quite like the girl to take them off for me and shuffled us over in view of the mirror. Her oral technique is good, varying between deep and shallow, with some attention to the balls as well. Eventually she moved us onto the bed and continued with the oral, sometimes moving up to kiss my body and my lips. Her kissing was great, passionate and deep with plenty of tongue action. I got the feeling she really likes using her mouth to pleasure as she kissed and licked my chest, nipples (something I love), ran her lips and tongue across my face, nibbled my ears...

After a while she stopped and asked if I liked being rimmed, I confessed that I'd never had it done but I was definitely up for trying it. I'd seen in other reviews that this was something she liked to do, so I'd made sure I was extra clean just in case. Turns out it paid off as she began kissing, licking and gently biting (the biting was amazing) my cheeks, before moving onto full on rimming. Guys, it feels fucking great. If you've never had it done, forget your hesitations and do it. It's such a strange, yet amazing feeling that I can't really describe it. The sight of her down there going to town on my arse while stroking my cock will definitely stay with me. She came up eventually and asked how I'd like it. I think my face told her all she needed to know!

At this point she asked if I wanted the condom, but I asked to 69 for a bit first. Obviously this was no problem and she hopped on top of me for a while, gagging away at my cock as I ate her gorgeous pussy. After a while I decided it was time to fuck, so she popped the condom on and rode me cowgirl. Playing with her glorious enhanced tits while she rode up and down was spectacular. This was my first encounter with enhanced tits, but her boob job seems really well done, they're perfectly round, symmetrical, and not so big that they look bolted on. Plenty of kissing, ear nibbling, nipple sucking went on as she continued to ride me, and I ended up finishing inside her (in the condom) after a few minutes.

It was time for a little break and we had a nice chat about all sorts of things, as you do. Jess had previously mentioned that anal was on offer, so I was hopeful of trying that out for the second round. When I was ready again, we started off with some more dfk, during which Jess laid me down and 'fed' me cava directly from her mouth. Another new experience which was pretty nice! I had trouble getting fully hard again (no fault of hers, it's happened before :dash:) but I did eventually as she went back down to rim me again. I ended up finishing myself off over my stomach while Jess was down tonguing my arse.

So that was almost time up and I had a little bit of time for another quick shower and a bit more of a chat (she really loves to talk - not in an annoying way though, she's just proper friendly). I got dry, dressed, paid (we'd both forgot about that little detail at the start!) and Jess led me to the door with a hug and kiss. I checked the time as I walked to the lift and saw that we'd gone over by about 10 minutes.

I would return to see Jess because I think she more than made up for her mistake/lateness. She gave me an enjoyable session full of enthusiasm plus a couple of naughty new experiences to boot. The agency itself is the biggest disappointment imo as they're far too difficult to get hold of and the booking procedure was pretty disorganised in my experience. The prospect of anal and more rimming are the biggest draws to return, though there were many positives.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Honeylo - Conisborough
« by BOBBY on January 20, 2017, 02:51:13 pm »
Like a number of other board members I've been looking for an opportunity to visit Honeylo for the last couple of weeks and today I finally managed to get to see her and wow!! or

Date: 20 January 2017
Length of visit: 1 hour
Price Paid: £140.00

Comms leading upto the meeting were good, I'd made the booking on Tuesday so that I could get in nice and early before she was booked up. I explained that I can't log onto AW when at work, so I'd need her contact details before I left for work in the morning, within a few minutes I'd received her postcode and mobile number.

Having looked at her address on google maps, I decided the safest option was to park in the free car park for Conisborough Castle, its about 2-3 minutes from Honeylo's place. Parked up, sent Honey a text and received a prompt reply telling me to give her 5 mins and then knock on her door. 5 minutes later I duly knocked on her door and was let in straight away. First impressions, WOW, long dark hair, slim figure, but with all the required curves, all covered up in a very clingy, figure hugging velvet dress. Other people may disagree, but I think if you look at the pornstar Stella Cox, you get a fairly good impression of what Honeys face and figure is like.

We spent 5 minutes chatting downstairs, as other reviewers have mentioned, Honey has a dog and cat, but they were placid and calm.

Then up the stairs, Honey leading the way, what view, she was definitely wearing the stockings and suspenders I'd asked for. The room was really good, tidy and seductively lit, no piles of clothes in the corner. Once the finances were sorted out, it was onto the bed for some good old fashioned GFE kissing and fondling. This gradually moved to Honey stripping me naked and then 10 minutes of fantastic sloppy oral followed. Once I couldn't take anymore it was time to get Honey naked, wow those tits are fantastic. After her great oral skills, it was time for me to repay the favour and she really liked that judging by the noises she was making, not that I claim to be an expert.

Finally onto the main event, which consisted of missionary, doggy, Honey on top, cowgirl and missionary again. Frankly I was amazed that I was still going, normally I don't last too long and hence usually only book 30 minute appointments. Once I couldn't bear it any longer I stood up as Honey knelt on the floor in front of me and wanked me off onto those fantastic tits, christ the cramp that I got in my legs as I popped was worth the effort!!!

A few minutes of chatting and then I was off, no clock watching, I think she would have been happy to carry on if I could have.

All in all, a fantastic visit, one of the best I've ever had and I will definitely be back.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Alicia - Mckenzies Leeds
« by Rory B Bellows on January 20, 2017, 10:58:21 am »

Paid: 160

Place: incall Leeds

comms: Was through agency, all ok

Place: Flat was fine, but buzzer didn't work, always a pain in the arse to wait in the cold for a min or two

Girl: Glamour/Pornstar look, noticed a good review for Lara @ Mckenzies, Alicia VERY similar  ;)

Services: CIM/OWO very good, bit of DFK too, defo no "A" levels

Basically if you like Pornstar/Glamour/Fake look really good, quite a nice lass to

Yorkshire & the Humber / Brook Gfe Sheffield
« by weeklypunter on January 20, 2017, 10:44:13 am »

30 mins paid £80

This lady is a lot better looking than the pictures on the website. Stunningly beautiful with black silky hair now and gorgeous lips and lovely soft skin. I have seen brooke a few times now but stumbled across her by accident when i once called into gfe to see someone else and caught a look at her.

Just 30 mins cos i was in a rush! Brooke lay on the bed whilst i showered after drying off Brooke kissed me for a few minutes before taking my cock into her mouth. Brooke knows this is my favourite and is all i like to do. She kept me on edge for 15 mins till i cum in her mouth and all over her face. i can't wait till next time when i'm having an hour and brooke as promised me a slowjob which is keeping me on edge for the complete hour.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Pakistani Fuckslut
« by kaks1234 on January 20, 2017, 01:36:03 am »

I've been asked by a couple of members to write a review.


I Emailed her a few days earlier after having a long look at the reviews on here and Awank. I thought a slightly inexperienced teen might be worth a punt. She replied a couple of days later with a phone number.
Sunday morning I got the horn so shot off a few texts. She replied first so, a few texts later put a booking through AW. She then sent me a postcode to Little Germany. Got there and text her i'd arrived. Got a reply to go to the building. Then made me wait in the cold for 10mins. Would've been better to wait in the car I thought as I started walking back, I got a text asking if I was still outside. Quickly followed by a phone call telling me she was ready and the door number.


Ground floor flat. Glass on the door was covered in paper, to stop people peaking. The lights on the ceiling weren't working including the bedroom and bathroom. She had lamps instead.


The door opened with her behind the door. As the door opened I heard someone run upstairs. Sounded like a girl (light feet).
As I stepped in I had a look at cutish nervous teenager. She was around 5'2", round face, size 10/12. She was wearing glasses that made her eyes look magnified. She looked as though she had just woken up and got her makeup on.
She showed me where the bedroom was so I walked towards the bedroom and she asked how long I wanted I told her an hour, but I had £180, she said she might have change. I wasn't expecting any change back to be honest.
 I asked her to use the shower, which was already discussed by text, she told me the light wasn't working, and pulled up a lamp from the corridor, which didn't reach the bathroom.
As I walked back I saw her come out of another room looking a bit shocked. I started regretting seeing her instead of some of the other girls available. She walked into the bedroom and sat on the bed. As I walked in she pointed out to my surprise a £5 note on the bedside cupboard.
We sat on the bed and talked for a bit. She told me she'd been on the piss with some friends all night and some in the morning, was a shy person and had a girlfriend with her in the apartment. I asked her to take the glasses off, the googly eyes were putting me off, she looked much better without them.
I initiated some kissing which started off slow and then moved onto proper DFK, I then removed her red one piece and started fingering her, she started moaning and grinding so I fingered her harder and faster, she was unbelievably wet.... dripping wet. I had to get my mouth on that.
As I fingered and licked her clit I'm sure she came. When I stopped she grabbed my cock and put it in her mouth, shallow at first and then deeper. I mean balls deep. So I grabbed her head and held it down on my cock with no resistance, as she started choking I let go, did that a few times, before I grabbed her head and pushed her mouth down  to preform some rimming on me. I was rock hard now and asked for a condom. She asked me if I could put it on myself. No problem, on with the johnny and she climbed on top without hesitation, her technique was slow, but she still looked a bit shy as though she was checking if it was Ok. So I sped up the pace. We changed positions this time I bent her over and pumped away. She came again, this was too much for me and I filled the sack.  As I pulled out she just laid down with a shaking orgasm, so I cleaned myself with some baby wipes. Which seemed to wake her, she got up and disposed of the condom.
She came back and laid next to me, we started talking which went on for longer than I hoped. As I felt the clock creep closer to the hour I suggested another round. She said there wasn't enough time left. I checked and had another 10mins, enough for a speed fuck I thought. She then said she only had the one condom. Not to worry, I carry one in my wallet all the time.
She moved to oral but I asked her to come up for a bit of DFK as soon as I was hard I rolled the condom on and went straight to missionary. I pumped as hard and as fast as I could. This was the best position by far when I moved my arm up to adjust myself her head moved towards my hand, I instinctively put it on her mouth and the other on her neck chocking her. She was loving this as was I. Pounding away as hard and as fast I could choking her with my left and gagging her with my right we both came at the same time. Again she just lay there with a quivering orgasm.
I then cleaned myself again with a wipe and asked for a towel too use in the shower. She only had the one i'd just used. So I had quick wash and said my goodbyes an hour and 15mins after entering the apartment.


After a slow start she warmed up. She did say she was shy, and clearly is. You have to take the lead with her.

Will I return?
No. Probably not £175 is way too much for any prossie anywhere. I just had to scratch an itch with a young inexperienced asian girl. Only way I would return is if the price was lower. Around £100/ £120

Yorkshire & the Humber / Shakira
« by Filthycoluk on January 20, 2017, 12:07:41 am »
Visited shakira today in northallerton, called her at short notice which was no problem,
Brilliant discreet location that all the visiting escorts use in town, let straight in on time great comes throughout.
Shakira let me into ground floor flat wearing a nice silky dressing gown , great Spanish accent ,straight into bedroom to discuss rate and length of stay , opted for 30 min at £70 and £20 extra for cim. She took gown off to show gorgeous figure in red underwear and stockings then she finished undressing me and immediately started sucking me w/o to get me to attention, I then went down on her and she tasted good and clean then she put a condom on me and I fucked her missionary then she turned to doggy before taking condom off and sucked me until I came in her mouth and didn't spill a drop.
Great punt and will revisit when she in town again

Yorkshire & the Humber / Little roxy -leeds tour
« by BLINDBOB25 on January 19, 2017, 12:16:51 pm »
 using or
So i saw her profile and was intrigued. She looked hot and 1 positive feedback on here and AW was ok so I decided to scratch the itch.
Cooms were ok not the best sent her a booking request and text. She called back to confirm but asked if it could be put back half an hour. No problem.
Got the postcode text for the ls8 area.
Upon arrival i text to say i eas there. No reply then 5 mins after booking time got a text saying she was doing her hair. Another 5 minutes and i got the call to go to her room.
Accommodation was a dingy flat but hey i am not house veiwing.
On seeing Roxy she was stood atound 5.10 in heels size 10/12 curvaceousbody. Short dark hair lots of make and looked like Gemma Atkinson ex holyoaks with brown hair.
A quick hug and kiss then into the bedroom. Now i must say it was one sexy lady stood in front of me in stockings suspenders and matching underwear.
Money out of the way i asked for a shower. After the shower i returned to find her sat on thr bed. I initiated kissing which did not involves tongues and was not very deep. I had requested gfe going to pse. Roxy then got out a condom and proceeded with covered oral. Techique was good. After that i lay down and she got on me cowgirl. All the time i am thinking wow she is faf but something wasnt quite doing it for me.
She rode my cock cowgirl until i came.
After a clean up and chat it was my turn so inbetween her legs i got and licked her tight little pussy as i finger fucked her. Boy she tasted nice. Then with a near by rabbit i got her to fuck herself with it whilst i licked her clit. Again i did not feel any sort of enjoyment from her more mechanical. She never came.
Trying to up the ante i sucked on her nipples and kissed her lips neck and face as i wanked off. Aftet a second shot we cleaned up again.

This girl is young stunning with a great body bit far to mechanical i wish she had had more enthusiasm as it would definately been a positive.
Will i see again.... no her service is nowhere near candii or starnatalie.
I paid £140 for the hour but the session lasted about 45 mins

Paradise Club / Studios
Working in the area had arrived late on Sunday and hadn't booked anyone so decided to try a punt on a brothel (sorry, massage parlour   :dash:) rather than try and track down someone close by
Staying in Victoria Quays as a few hotels there.  The Paradise Club is hidden away slightly behind the railway arch but clear signed posted
Walk up and rang bell , left waiting for a while and another punter came up to wait to which was a little uneasy for us both stood waiting.
Eventually got answered and other fella walked
I grabbed a cold drink and sat next to a Romanian girl (not totally sure as had accent) but she wasn't doing it for me but nice chat
Then came Annabella downstairs. Fit body, really firm and toned and made that my target as the other 4 or 5 working were all otherwise engaged

Chatted to Annabella for a while, great English with a northern twang which made me giggle inside as she was from Estonia and it didn’t fit what you expect
Discussed terms and then disappeared upstairs to the VIP suite.
Room was very clean and tidy, fresh towels and a large two man Jacuzzi.  I used the shower rather than Jacuzzi as only booked 30 mins. Whilst quick shower she dealt with the paperwork and came back to watch.
I was desperate, not had anything for over a week so made first moves.  She then laid down the do's and don'ts.  I thought oh no here we go can’t go too deep etc, but no, all she said was Oral is with, leave me ears alone and to lick my pussy is another £10.
Not too onerous so laid down and told her to go to work on me. She opened a condom and looked like she swallowed it.  Played with my balls and cock and kissed all over before sliding down and put the condom on without any use of hands straight from her mouth.  Very impressive and her blowjob was just as good too.  Full shaft, deep and did as she was told and got me to cum in about 15 mins.  Plenty of time left and we chatted a while I was waiting for the right times up but No nice surprise..... She started to play with me again and said are you going to shag me this time.  No problem.  She started to have a wank and I love watching a woman play with herself so cut a long story short pop 2 and he been there about 40 mins.  She jumped in the shower whilst I dressed

Venue: 7/10 Clean , tidy and very relaxed.  Can just sit around with the girls until you see th e right one for you. Big place too! Think £10 entry fee after 9pm but I arrived about 8, no fee
Anabella : 8/10 Good Body, she uses weights and keeps toned, solid great shaped legs, toned stomach, tattoos which are very obvious on legs and arms but atsteful, lovely ass not the worst face. Great blowjob, tight pussy
Cost.  15 mins £20.  £0 mins £40.  Extra if had wanted to use Jacuzzi.  Extra £10 to lick her pussy

Go back - Yes certainly would.  Didnt see other girls but the 2 I saw were not the worst

Yorkshire & the Humber / HoneyLo - Conisbrough
« by cassini on January 19, 2017, 01:49:29 am »
I had my eye on HoneyLo from the day her profile appeared on AW. or


I was at a conference at Donny racecourse and during lunch I emailed her to see if she had availability later in the day. I got an email back pretty quickly and she couldn't fit me in at my preferred time but offered me a time which wasn't showing on her availability.

She asked that as this was my first time with her, that I put through an AW booking - this was done while paying no attention to the conference!
She texted me the postcode and instructions straight back.

Got to her street and rang as instructed - house number given.


She claims to be 36yrs old, this must be true as she would easily pass for around the 30 mark. She is of slim build with great legs and an amazing pair of natural breasts (30GG according to her profile) She has dark hair and this is shoulder length. 

Honey opened the door wearing a figure hugging LBD, matching stockings and killer heels. Had the desired effect straight away a quick welcome peck on the cheek and in to the living room.

The venue

 Once in the living room was asked if I wanted a drink - I declined, there was a dog sat there but was very docile and looked at me then went back to sleep.  Her house is a terraced house and parking is on the street - didn’t notice any nosey neighbours when entering or leaving. Up the stairs to bedroom a large well-appointed room, double bed at one end. The room was nicely lit, well decorated, clean and at a suitable temperature (not too hot or cold), no clocks or music playing in the room. 

The Meet

I had asked for an hour of good old GFE. Which she said she was happy to provide and provide she did!

We started on the bed fully clothed with lots of sensual FK which progressed to DFK and mutual groping. We shed the top layers leaving us both in our underwear. The DFK and groping continued until I just had to unleash the huge breasts which felt so good in my hands. Her bra had an industrial style clasp, which despite my experience I couldn't undo, so she did the honours and then leant forward and dangled them in my face for me to greedily devour. She then turned her attention to my boxers and frantically pulled them off to get at my tackle - she immediately started a prolonged session of OWO on me with lots of eye contact, cheeky winks and long slurping licks of my shaft and balls.

This continued for some time, before I told her it was time for me to return the favour. Her pussy is shaved with just a little tuft of hair above her clit remaining. She was sweet smelling and tasting and kept forcing my head back down whenever she thought i was going to pull out. She orgasmed twice and I don't think these were fake, at one point grabbing both my ears quite roughly to force me down again! 

After this we lay together with more DFK and groping, both sensual and forceful at the same time. She then suggested we put the rubber hat on and fuck. She got on top of me and rode me like it was the final furlong, we swapped into doggy and she was playing with her clit all the time i was pounding her from behind. My bad knee started to seize, so asked if I could come over her great boobs. Quick as a flash she got up whipped off the rubber and proceeded to wank me over her boobs. A great end to a great session.

She proceeded to clean herself and me upwith wet wipes, before laying next to me for some more tender kisses and a little light hearted chat.

I got dressed and left the house - back in the car it was 1hr 15 minutes since I entered the house.


Well there has to be some negatives - don't want to be called fluffy!

Firstly - the toilet roll holder was broken in the bathroom.
Secondly - everytime I think, type or say Honey, all I can see in my mind is the talntless bint off X-Factor trying to rap her name  :dash:

This was my first punt in nearly 12 months and at £140 above my usual limit of £100 - But it was the best punt I have had in ages and was a great start to 2017.

I'm sure that Honey will be a great success and if the service I received is anything to go by then there should be difficulty in booking a repeat visit in the future.  Honey is a great shag and will appeal to many on here - if she isn't on your punting hot list - Why not??

Yorkshire & the Humber / Miss Bond - Leeds Outcall
« by banshee121 on January 18, 2017, 11:56:04 pm »
This has been on my list to do, i met Miss Bond in November last year in Leeds one evening whilst bored at my hotel. Communication was really easy she was responding to all my emails with a couple of minutes that evening.

She was available on the evening agreed to meet for 90 minutes and the fee was £150. She arrived bang on time, no issues getting to my room as there was no key card required whilst using the lift.

She wanted to use the bathroom to freshen up so spent 5 minutes in there then walked out looking absolutely stunning in a black mini dress. Quickly got the paperwork out of the way. After which she gave me a cheeky dance for a few minutes. She then leant over and began kissing like we were long lost lovers. The kissing was deep and passionate and must have continued for a good few minutes whilst i also at this point had her puppies out of the dress. So i switched her over to the bed and began to suck on her now erect nipples. She isn't known for her bangers but she's got a wonderful natural set on her. This must have continued for 10 minutes now and as my hands were sliding around her body i could feel the warmth down below. She was ready for some action so i slipped her thong to a side and gave her oral this continued for 3-4 minutes and then she insisted on 69 which was amazing. The 69 was quality soon she jumped up and said i want to ride you, who was i to refuse the offer?

On with the rubber and she was on like a champion jockey riding me for 5 minutes, i think she was tired so wanted to switch so i picked her up moved her flat on to the bed carried on for a little bit in missionary before she asked to be bent over. I carried on at this point absolutely  knackered so filled up the the rubber whilst inside her. She quickly cleaned me up and went to the bathroom. I check the time and we've still go 45 minutes to go. Nice i thought i should be good in another 10 minutes for round 2. We chatted a little about life and if either of us had any things planned in the new year. Soon she was sensing the old fella was ready so she wrapped her hand around me got me hard again and then started sucking on my balls. I was ready for another go on her so asked her to come towards the end of the bed got on top and pounded away for a good few minutes. I was close to coming she new so off came the rubber and she swallowed the entire load. Off to the bathroom to tidy up she got cleaned up and dressed walked out. Just a couple of minutes left on the clock so i knew time was up a quick peck on the cheek and she left.

She provides a high quality service and is very committed. Mentioned how she was unhappy with AW and their verification methods but said she will remain contactable on her own site. Overall a great woman and one who is no clock watcher. 

Will be meeting again in April if she is around. Always a reliable service

Yorkshire & the Humber / Lilly @ Playmates Leeds
« by TBONE16 on January 18, 2017, 10:55:41 pm »
I had been looking for a decent punt the past couple of weeks and its been quite dead in terms of my choices. So I decided to look at what the usual sites had to offer.
A couple of the options I was looking for were booked so I decided to give Lilly a try as she looked like she was new on the block.

Comms - Called the agency and booked an hour's worth and all went through fine. Arrived at the place in the Docks about 10 minutes before and rang the agency and it goes straight through to voicemail. A couple of more tries and the line seems engaged this time. Gave it a couple of minutes and then tried again but same result to voicemail. Left a voicemail and got a call back in about 5 minutes just as I was about to drive off confirming Lilly was ready and got given the apartment number. So the agency gets a 4/10 for the big mess up

Punt -
So I trudged back up to the address and then got intercommed through to the flat. The door opened and behind it was a slightly plump looking girl. Her photos are quite a good representation of her so are accurate. She is very silent and as I entered I was introduced to the bedroom which I did offer my greetings to but never heard anything back. I was then immediately asked to sort the paperwork out (bearing in mind I had literallly just entered and not even taken my jacket off) which I dont really mind but may be off putting for some others. Money handed over, she moved to the bedroom while I went in to use the facilities. I was asked if I would like a drink which I declined.

So we spoke for a few minutes trying to break the ice and she confirmed she was originally from Vietnam  but has been living here for a few years now as described. She has been on and off with the agency and only works ever so rarely when she needs the extra push. I am guessing she had her nerves. So trying to speak and communicate and things werent hitting off so we went to get the business end of the booking. Some DFK and fondling her pert breasts, I moved on to some sucking them.

I proceeded to Oral which she quite enjoyed and she did climax then as she said she needed me to stop as she was very sensitive after a few minutes which was hint enough.

She then tried giving me an oral for about a couple of minutes which was quite light and barely felt. Was asked if I would like to put the jonny on and I thought well, might as well do that then. On with the bag and she says I do like it from behind, its my favourite position which I was quite open to and keen as well. So off we went and the noises were timed perfectly so she must be definitely enjoying it. A bit of bum slapping and she went right wild and into it. A few minutes later I felt a couple of drops on my legs and paused and lo and behold, noticed some blood.

She initally said she should'nt be until the end of the month as shes on the pill. When I said there is some amount of blood on here and she moved on to say it may just be spotting. All that said and done, it was quite off putting so I moved on to wash it off and realised she had dressed up. I was put off already with the sight of the blood so decided to leave.

She did ask if the whole punt was enjoyable for me but I was too off to respond. Left out and realised I was out in about 25 minutes. Called the agency to report this and mention I was off put only to be told off quite rudely that it can happen any time. Its natural. Well, it may be but then I don think I should be paying for it. I am guessing this may be because she came in after a long break and she may have her nerves. So I would give her service a 5/10 though YMMV so will leave it to the next punter to add to this.

Looks - Overall she is as described on the website and her photos are quite accurate. she may be possibly a size 12 instead of a 10 but then I am again not a great judge of that. There is a lot of cushion in the body so not a gym bunny so perhaps a 6/10

24 or

Well that was a turn for the better after a recent poor run  :yahoo:

I'd finished work at the office and was trudging to the train station when I thought I'd have a peek and see who was available in case any decent ones were free to satisfy a sudden urge. I saw Skyler's profile was on and showing as 'available today'. I'd seen her profile come up in the Leeds searches for about a week or so now as she'd already set Leeds up as her location but her profile had been listing her as on holiday and was due to go on tour with one of the Party Groups. Clicked into her profile and it said that she had been fully booked up for the 17th but next available 19th-21st. But today was the 18th and she was showing as available. So I quickly checked on UKP, found some good reviews and decided to chance my arm. Thank fuck I did!

I wasn't really expecting a response, but was courteous and sent a standard 'hello, are you free, sorry if it's short notice...' type of message and pretty much straight away I got a message back from her saying she could see me straight away for a 30 minute incall and she gave me the postcode of where she was staying. A couple of texts back and forth, all very promptly responded and always engaging in what I'd asked of her, and we'd arranged a meet and I booked it in on AW.

Went and withdrew the cash and headed through the centre of Leeds towards her location. She had sent me the building and street number in her last message so after a quick check on Google maps I knew exactly where I was going. She was staying at an apartment just on the rim of the city centre - literally a couple of minutes walk from the main shopping street and somewhere I was familiar with. I got there in about 10 minutes but the exact location on the map threw me a little as the side of the street I was on contained only shops and such and I couldn't locate the building number she had said. Beginning to panic a very tiny bit (what with one of my previous attempted punts ending up with me wandering around almost lost and giving up in the end) but I saw there was an apartment complex on the other side and when I text Skyler to ask if this was the place she confirmed it was and asked me to call her when there so she could guide me in. When I crossed over I rang her number and she answered straight away with a very cheery 'Hiiiii' and sounding very chipper indeed. She guided me through and directed me very well and in no time I was in the lift heading for her floor.

Made my way to her door and as I approached it already started to open. I saw a slim, dark-haired girl's face peek out from behind the door to make sure I was there and then she opened up and let me in. As soon as I stepped into the door I knew I was onto a winner. Not just because of her appearance; nice height, slim and slender, lovely body with enhanced but still quite small tits, great long-flowing hair, a slender and pretty (if not outright stunning) face with a lovely smile showing some braces, dressed in some sexy bra and thong undies underneath an open nightie, But she was also very very welcoming and engaging and as she welcomed me in very warmly it immediately put me at ease. She walked me through the apartment towards the back bedroom (it was quite a cosy little place too - separate bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and living room - a bit more roomy than some I've been to in Leeds) and I thanked her for seeing me at short notice and handed over the cash. We had a little chat about her arrival in Leeds and she said that she had been scheduled to do a couple of parties that day but had only ended up doing the one, hence her availability that day. She was very easy to talk to and seemed up for talking and engaging with me and was just all around a pleasant girl to be in the company of. I asked if I could grab a quick shower and Skyler showed me the way and provided me a clean towel. The Bathroom was quite spacious and was clean - the radiator was full of a load of Bras and Panties of varying levels of 'normal-ness' that I assume were hers and there was plenty of shower gel on offer - only slight problem was it was one of those Star Trek type showers that needs a guided tour of how to operate! There was an overhead showerhead and one on a nozzle that could be picked up and moved, but when set down it sprayed straight forward as this was the way it faced. I could only get this one to work so I had to get washed stood at the back of the bathtub and having the water sprayed horizontally towards me - was only as I was turning it off that I realised I just had to turn the tap/handle the other way to get the overhead one to come on  :dash:

Anyway, got out and dried and headed back out towards the bedroom. Came in to find Skyler sat on the bed but on her phone. I thought this might be a sign of things to come, but nope - she said she'd just be a sec as she turned it off and finished a reply to someone she was messaging (all the while having a little chat about how close to the centre I worked as I'd gotten to her in about 10 minutes of the initial contact) and then she switched the phone to silent and never looked at it again during the booking. Great attitude.

Skyler moved closer and we started a little kissing. It was open mouthed with a bit of light tongue action. Wasn't too full on and the tongue didn't venture too far out, but it was still nice and sensual and kind of what I like. She asked what I liked to get up to and I said that as I was usually quite shy around women I preferred a GFE type encounter but just willing to go with the flow. We kissed some more and then she stood up and lost the robe. Fuck me, she looked very good in her little thong and bra. Her pics pretty much give an accurate representation of how she is; she had a lovely tan after being on holiday recently and her tits looked good - they are enhanced and maybe a little too rigid in terms of there not being much buoyancy there, but they looked firm and tempting all the same and she also has a slender but not too skinny frame. I ran my hands over her body and her soft, smooth skin felt amazing. She really looks after her body complexion and was fantastic to run my hands over. She has a few tattoos which I'm not really a fan of, but nothing off putting. Off came the bra and the small but firm tits were presented for my own pleasure  :D

She responded well to me sucking on her nipples and I could feel them becoming more erect in my mouth. We kissed some more and I caressed and kissed her neck and up her body. She has lovely long-flowing hair as well that felt great to run my hands over. Eventually she slipped the towel away from my waste, gave me the standard compliments on my Sgt Major (although a great ego boost I always question myself as to whether it's just a part of the service for them to say it) and asked me to lay down. I wasn't going to need asking twice so I lay on the bed and got comfy and Skyler moved on in and started teasing me. She kissed my inner thighs at first then slowly moved closer to my balls. She started running her tongue over my sack and kissing my balls gently before she slowly started kissing me gently up and down my shaft. She seemed to be enjoying teasing me and carried on like this for a couple of minutes. I actually thought she was going to only give me this kind of teasing service, but it must have just been because I'd said I like a GFE encounter as she then ran her tongue up my shaft and then took me in her mouth. She then pushed her head down and started to DT me. Now, I say DT, which from her POV I guess it was. She was forcing my cock into the back of her mouth, but she must have a small mouth as there was still one or two inches of my shaft still to go, but I could hear her gagging, feel her body juddering as she struggled for breath and when she came up she was drooling saliva and her eyes were watering a bit. It was Awesome!! She went back in for more and continued like this for a bit. Eventually she came back up and we kissed then she leaned over to the dresser but said she was just going to tie her hair back as it was getting in the way. As she tied her hair up, I had a good gobble of her tits and sucked away at her nipples. When she was ready, she laid sideways on to me, putting her arse within reach of my hand, and started to DT me again.

I reached over and gave her arse a good old feel. It was very tight and had a nice, sharp curve to it and was great to run my hand over. I reached under to massage her through her panties which was when I realised they were crotch less. I started rubbing her pussy while she continued to DT me and this went on for a while. Eventually I asked if she wanted to 69, to which she eagerly agreed. She asked if I wanted her to take off her thong or leave it on. I said I don't mind but she said it was completely up to me so off they came and I moved further down the bed. She got on top and presented her pussy and I returned her earlier style and started by teasing her with gentle kisses on her inner legs and around her pussy for a bit. The I clasped onto her great arse and started licking away. She has a very silky smooth pussy and my tongue was gliding all over it. She was really responding well to it as well, in fact it was one of the best responses I'd had on going down on a girl. Skyler does have a large clit which made it easy to wrap my lips around and suck on gently at first, then harder. She really responded to this and was moaning and shuddering. After a short time, she started to lift her pelvis to climb off, but I followed her up and gently (but with a little firmness) pulled her in closer, sucked hard on her clit and massaged her arse cheeks vigorously. She seemed to go wild and had to climb off whilst masturbating herself. She said she could get quite sensitive sometimes down there and that I'd just made her cum. She then slid up beside me again and started to DT me again. It was incredible. I had to eventually ask her if she wanted to climb on top.

Again, she was very eager and got a rubber out - she asked me to put it on as she had long, fake nails on and so I slipped it on and up she clambered. She rode me in cowgirl and she felt tight, very moist and incredibly warm to be inside of. She rode me quite vigorously and was making a lot of moans and groans; very pornstar like shagging  :D   She then started to climb off a bit. I thought she was going to ask us to switch, but as I was saying 'shall I get behind you' I realised she was actually just about to reposition her legs so she could have carried on riding me. She's a real goer! I got up behind her though and kneeling behind I guided myself back in and started pounding away. More intense moaning and the bed really started rocking. I was slamming into her and the headboard was racking on the bottom of the blind and was making a bit of noise, but I couldn't stop. I just hammered away at her and she just took the pounding. I carried on, feeling great as I went and then pulled out. She asked if I wanted her on her back so I said yes and she flipped over and on I got. More vigorous pounding - this time with added kissing and tit sucking. Again; we were at it a while. She eventually asked if I wanted her to switch over. I didn't get a chance to find out what position she wanted now though as wary of the time (this was me btw, not her thinking this - I could have happily carried on banging her for five more minutes!) I asked if she did CIM. She said she did and so I whipped off the condom and lay back. She came and put her head over my cock and stuck her tongue out like a pornstar. I jacked away and eventually unloaded and she let it fire onto her tongue and mouth. I was spent and very satisfied. Skyler helped me cleanup and even pointed out a glob of cum that I'd missed from my stomach and as I cleaned it up she said 'You can get another shower if you want'. I had been planning on asking if it was okay if I had one so got my towel and headed back for a quick shower (managing to turn on the overhead shower nozzle this time).

I got dressed in the bathroom and headed back out. Skyler was back in the bedroom and as I walked in she said 'Oh right, I forgot you had your clothes in there. I was expecting you to walk back in with your towel around you'. We chatted a bit more about her upcoming plans and she said she'd enjoyed it in Leeds and expected to be back in the future. I again had to initiate the next move and started heading for the door. We said our goodbyes and so I left 35 minutes from when I arrived, completely thrilled that I'd decided to take a chance and message her before.

So to sum up; her comms are very prompt, clear and concise, she is a solid high 7/low 8 in terms of looks, is very warm, chatty and welcoming, is an absolute goer (I assume it's due to all the parties she does she's used to being at it for a while and has great stamina) and although it may not feel like it on your cock, she does try her best to do DT as deep as she can and her kissing isn't too deep, but was on the right side of sensual for me. She's no clock-watcher either and seems eager to carry on shagging throughout.

All in all I'm glad I did this punt and will be definitely looking out for when she's back in Leeds.  :thumbsup:

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