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Yorkshire & the Humber / EscortScarlett in batley
« by redbillygibson on Yesterday at 03:38:49 PM »

£110-1hr incall

Well after a long time in work and no chance of getting anywhere near reasonable WG's at reasonable prices. I get back to gods own country. I had messaged a couple of my preferred service providers and luckily for Scarlett she was the first one to get back to me.

I have seen Scarlett on a number of occasions but not for a while as she had to cancel our previous meeting because of a cold. Now when a WG cancels on you you're always going to think, double booked, can't be arsed, or simply too lazy, but I'm a glass half full type of bloke so thought last thing I want is somebody elses cold, I'm inclined to think that if Scarlett could have made it then she would have.

Anyway down to business.
Comms good as I have always experienced from Scarlett, Text when around the corner and immediate text saying I'm ready. Went round and little knock on the door of this very nice property betwixt the Leeds/Batley border area. The venue is a little exposed but if she doesn't care neither do I. Scarlett opened immediately, and knowing me didn't need to be standing in a particular pose with a particular look on her face, however the small tweek to her normal attire that I'd asked for was adhered to. Now Scarlett is a proper looking MILF, about 5'3 without heels trim if not skinny body with really nice boobs which belie her reported age of 42, smooth skin and nice full lips (enhanced by her own admittance). A kind of woman you would walk over to in a bar but make sure you have a decent bottle of Prosecco with you not some crap from Tesco's.
Up the stairs and into the bedroom which as with all the house(that I've seen of it) is immaculate, and with Scarlett sitting on the bed waiting for me to get my kit off (cold day lot of kit). When it was off I dove straight into a bit of kitty tasting. and as I remembered very nice too, how a girl can keep a pussy so smooth without lazering is beyond me. A good old munch was had and a claimed orgasm within 10 minutes from Scarlett, I do take a WG's utterings of orgasms the same way as I do VW's claims of emissions, but I don't give a toss either way. (Oh shit car analogies bestter get off the quick we know what happened last time).
Up to meet Scarletts mouth for some snogging and her telling me she loved the taste of her own pussy ...horny that and off she went to give little Billy some well deserved attention. Scarletts technique is rather a sensual and sof one so if you like fast and furious, then I don't think she would give you her best, but hey I've been wrong before (1987 I think it was) plenty of ball licking and teasing with soft wanking while tickling my bobbies helmet, I do enjoy this technique a lot.....a good while later it was over to the johnnie and we started in mish knees up over her head very flexible for an old lass  :lol: :lol:. and then reverse CG, CG and abit of doggy, with a finish in Mish with a mere 3 minutes left on the clock. I always find Scarlett very attentive when fucking and making all the right noises at the right time and kissing with the right amount of passion not full on DFK but little flicks of tongue when the time is required. Anyway, off with the bag an d BJ to completion with Scarlett swallowing the lot just like a good glass of the aforementioned good Prosecco.

Will I return....Yep 

Yorkshire & the Humber / +Julia24 - Sheffield
« by sheffielder on Yesterday at 11:23:13 AM »

£40 - 15 mins

Nice flat near leopold square.

Attractive and slim very big on personal hygiene asked me if I was fresh  (just showered) and still asked me to was my hands before we started.

Very chatty and friendly all though her English isnt great.

Onto the action. Very passionate kissing, great blow job with ball sucking and plenty of eye contact. Had to ask for Ow as she was going to go straight to Owo. Sex in several positions didnt last long and she was happy with a facial finish.

Yorkshire & the Humber / English Ebony Teen, Leeds - TOFTT
« by Cunning Punt on February 21, 2017, 11:33:54 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3709594 or https://www.adultwork.com/ENGLISH%2DEBONYTEEN

Although her profile has been active for six months, this seems to be the first actual review of English Ebony Teen (Naomi).

And it's probably timely, given the ongoing thread about her and the fact she's just got banned.  :rolleyes:

For those who have been wondering what she's like, you've not been missing a lot. This a neutral bordering on negative.

Because she's didn't pick up, meeting was arranged by text - 30mins @ £100. This was well above my usual half-hour budget and I can't see myself ever paying £180ph for one escort.

I had a nightmare getting to the flat from the start. I am hardly ever in the North and am totally unfamiliar with Leeds, which seems to be full of one-way systems and far too many traffic lights. It wouldn't have been so bad if the road by her flat hadn't been shut for roadworks.  :dash:
There is parking by the road if you can work out a way to go round.

There was a long queue to get into Neville St where car parks are but you can park on the double yellow lines in Sovereign St/Swinegate if you pay at a meter. But of course both meters I found were out of action.  :dash:  Given it was Sunday, I was already late for the punt and I had a good argument, I decided to risk it for half an hour.

I called Naomi on arrival and had to speak to her twice because I initially had difficulty finding her accommodation. Fortunately, she's English because it might have been a struggle getting directions from a EEWG.

By the time I got into her flat, I was almost 15mins late, but in fairness, she was fine with that and very understanding.

There is a buzzer entry and someone on reception of the block of flats, but that doesn't bother me any more. Naomi works from a bedsit with small but functional shower room.

Naomi is a petite ebony girl, fairly attractive (6.5/10 IMO) but well short of stunning. Her tits are a reasonable size but a bit droopy.
She is very friendly and from the Leeds area, with a local accent. She says she's a student in Leeds. I've noticed from keeping tabs on her profile, that she has apparently been on the odd tour to London.

I would guess she's not 18 as stated but she is young looking and is probably 19 (I noted she carefully replied she was a 'teenager' in a post replying to a thread on here) - 20 at most.

Extremely vanilla - Kissing, OW, RO, protected sex (mish),
Naomi claims to do DFK on the top line of her profile is laughable. It didn't even really constitute FK because, while she opened her mouth, she kept her tongue retracted and only very occasionally touched the tip of it. Maybe she only does FK with guys she fancies or that is her idea of FK - my guess is she tries to offer the most basic service for the highest price.

When it came to oral, she automatically put a condom on me without even offering OWO.  :thumbsdown:
I am not fussed with OWO in a 30mins booking and didn't inquire, so, if it's a dealbreaker for you, my advice is check when you make the booking and again before handing over the cash. I only wanted soft oral because I pop fairly quickly, so can't comment on her BJ skills. I got the impression she is quite tentative, though, which is perhaps expected given her age.

Naomi was quietly responsive to RO/69/face sitting. However, before I went down on her, she did say "no fingering". I would add that when she looks downwards you while you going down on her, her wide eyes can be rather off-putting!  :scare:

If I'd managed to speak to her on the phone to book, I would have inquired about services, specifically FK, but prefer to do this over the phone rather than text.
I could also have checked on arrival and really do know better than to trust a prossie that what they write on their profiles is accurate, but if I'm honest, I wanted to fuck an ebony teenager and - perhaps in denial - hoped the service would be okay.

Her rates of £100/£180 are extremely high, particularly for such a vanilla service with no FK, OWO or fingering. I should probably rate this a negative, given the price, but she is attractive, friendly and was fine with me being late. Plus it was nice fucking a genuine British ebony teenager - one of only a handful of those working as escorts in the UK.

British escorts can charge a premium, as can ebony escorts, as can teenagers - and she is the fortunate position of being all three.
And, as she has bluntly said on UKP, she knows this very well and can therefore demand those fees. But I can't see how offering such a limited service at such a high price will generate that many repeat bookings.

Even if I lived in Leeds, I wouldn't be rushing to return.

Yorkshire & the Humber / HoneyLo Doncaster
« by Jamie50 on February 21, 2017, 11:51:06 AM »

Morning guys.

Been browsing the forum for a while. First time reviewer, mainly because I've been seeing a girl who is no longer 'working' as such so no point reviewing.

Anyway, stresses of the job led me to place a booking with HoneyLo

Comms were good. In fact, so good the whole first message to being stood at her door took around half an hour.

So i had requested a bj to relieve the days stress. Half hour £70.

Honey sent me her postcode and asked me to call her when outside. She is on a row of terraced houses but seemed really quiet and didn't see anybody around.

Got the house number and the door was answered very quickly,

Honey didn't dissapoint, her pictures are reasonably accurate although she is slightly bigger than the photo's suggest but nothing worth worrying about and still a very attractive lady. Paperwork etc out of the way and we sat on the bed chatting A couple of minutes later and we are on our way.

Wow, it turned into quite an intense half hour. Very nice deep blowjob, allowing me to facefuck her and take control finishing off all over her quite large breasts. I sense she is naturally submissive so i may return to see how far i can push that.

All in all exactly what i needed.

My apologies if the review isn't quite up to the standard of some. First time I've ever actually spoke about what i do to anyone. Honey is a bright spark in an otherwise very dull Doncaster. Hope she sticks around.

Thank you


Yorkshire & the Humber / Cathy the Famous One - Leeds
« by tester101 on February 21, 2017, 08:51:08 AM »
1hr outcall £120

Unlike the majority of the posters, my experience with Cathy was not as fluffy or as memorable as some.  To begin with, the women I met was enthusiastic, eager and friendly.  However, she bore little to no resemblance to the pictures posted on her AW profile, as she had lost all her curves and was far to thin for me.  Further, she was not a the best looking women I have met either - but then thats a subjective view.  On previous reviews, I was drawn to her as she liked to kiss, and so do I, well she wasn't in the mood for that.  She was enthusiastic but all felt forced and insincere. 

So, in summary, she's a game women and I do not doubt that for some she will give an exceptional service.  For myself, she was too thin, didn't kiss, not too pretty on the eye and seemed to be performing an act as opposed to enjoying herself. 

Yorkshire & the Humber / Amazing Victoria no 1 (Leeds)
« by Essex3 on February 21, 2017, 01:47:26 AM »
I am still undecided if it should be a neutral or a negative. However arranged a booking a day in adavance and it was confirmed by Victoria for the following day. I had to rearrange a few things at work to fit it in.

On the booking day. No message or reply. Sent a few aw messages yet still nothing. For me that's unprofessional especially for a girl so highly rated.

https://www.adultwork.com/1821916 or https://www.adultwork.com/Amazing%5FVictoria%5Fno1
[Link added by admin]

Yorkshire & the Humber / Xx.Horny.Hannah.xX - Sheffield
« by jimmy778 on February 20, 2017, 11:31:36 PM »

Great profile and initially good comms. I booked several days in advance as had wanted to sort an evening out in advance. Agreed dates and times, then she asks me to reply the day later to confirm again and then again, followed by let me know on the day to get her number while I did then it went silent and not heard what's going on and missed the time we agreed. So waste of an evening when I could have arranged someone else.

Shame as looks like once you meet her she's a real good session but like so many others doesn't want to at the last minute as doesn't tell you :-(

Yorkshire & the Humber / Cathy the famous one-Leeds-Feb 17
« by Stretfordender on February 20, 2017, 10:18:00 PM »
30 mins-£45

Not sure what I can say that hasnt already been said about this amazing lady but here goes!

Comms excellent. Planned meet a few days in advance.  Had to change from Friday to Saturday and Cathy was fine with that. 

Got to Cathys place and parked up in a street nearby. Was 15 mins early, txt Cathy and she said 5 mins and then gave me final directions to her place. 

Got to Cathys door and was greeted by a bubbly cheery lady dressed in just bra and knickers. I would say she is mid 30s. Body is in great shape. Closed the door and she started kissing with light tongue action. Cathy then made her way upstairs and I followed all the while staring at her lovely arse. Once in the bedroom I put the money down and then it was game on! Cathy attacked me kissing me and rubbing her hands all over me while I did the same to her. She was grabbing my cock through my trousers and giggling away. I started to take off my top and then Cathy dropped to her knees, undid my belt and pulled my trousers down and started sucking on my cock. Amazing bj. At this point I noticed the two giant mirrors so I could watch her sucking away. This went on for a couple of mins then Cathy jumped on the bed. I was about to join her when she crawled to the edge of the bed and started sucking on my cock again. After a short while I laid on the bed and cathy carried on giving me the most amazing blowjob. I was having trouble controlling my urge to blow my load. We then went into 69 with Cathy rubbing her pussy and arsehole all over my face. She was making all the right noises. She stopped sucking and sat up and grinded away on my face. Tasted lovely! Then she said"can I sit on your cock?" Crack on love. On went the condom and she jumped on in RC. Really bouncing up and down on me enthusiasticly. I started to rub her arsehole with my thumb which she responded well too.She told me to stick a finger up her arse. All the while still bouncing away on my cock.We then went into the spoon position. At this point I couldnt hold on any longer after the way she had been sucking and bouncing on my cock. Asked if I could CIM. Cathy giggled and said of course! She started sucking again, licking my bellend which she had worked out was the way to get me going! I exploded all over her tongue and she swallowed most of it down. Cleaned me up and then started sucking me off again! I needed a bit more recovery time so Cathy gave me a massage which was really good. Got me hard again and she asked if I could come again. If I had another 15-20 mins then I would have but it wasnt going to happen.  Thanked Cathy for her time and she offered me a shower which I took. Got dressed and Cathy gave me a kiss again with tongues and said I was welcome back anytime.

My only regret was not booking an hour. She knows how to suck cock and got me ready to cum in record time! So I will be going back in the near future but this time for an hour as I have only scratched the surface with this cracker!

Yorkshire & the Humber / Sweet.Candice - Leeds
« by YorkshireLad on February 19, 2017, 03:57:09 PM »

1 hour incall

What is there to say that hasn't already been said? She is definatly the most attractive WG I've met. Her massage was excellent, I loved licking her pussy & she made me cum 3 times  :D



Yorkshire & the Humber / Horny Hannah Sheffield
« by Peter unter on February 19, 2017, 12:14:45 PM »

She looks a cracking lass and tried to arrange several meetings and she either cancels or just starts ignoring all text messages. She cost me money on a hotel cancelling last minute (only booked to see her)

Comms were good and services discussed looked interesting and pictures look good but being cancelled on twice and costing me money means I wouldn't give her another chance


Made arrangements via txt to meet Vicky at short notice and an incall booking was made.
Into the flat and Vicky greeted me behind the door looking lovely in a little black dress, we got down to passionate kissing right their in the hallway. In to the bedroom and I hand over the cash and we continue kissing frantically and stripping each other's clothes off.

Victoria has slimmed down and dropped a dress size since the last time I last her and unfortunately she's lost some curves and her tits and arse are a tad flat in comparison. Off with my underwear and she gave me an awesome BJ, I returned the favour and gave her pussy a good licking.

On with the condom and we had a go in mish, doggy and spoons until I came in the condom. Quick clean up and we had a chat before I got my energy back. Vicky gave me a quick BJ and got another condom on me. We gave it a good go in cowgirl where I really pounded away and then back to mish and then off with the condom and finished with a HJ.

Cleaned up and got a shower where Vicky got in too, on with my clothes and she saw me out of the door with a big kiss. Overall this was a very enjoyable punt, Vicky is a very consistent service provider.

Yorkshire & the Humber / sexylegsbabe Wakefield
« by Shovelhead on February 18, 2017, 07:59:04 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2311557 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexylegsbabe
[Link fixed by admin]

I'm putting this as positive although for me I didn't really fancy her. Otherwise I couldn't fault her, her communication is good her own home were I saw her is nice and clean, she's very enthusiastic and her tits truly are wonderful, and she's a pleasant girl, there just wasn't that spark, whatever it is. That's just me, absolutely nothing to complain about and as previously mentioned those tits! 

Yorkshire & the Humber / Greendream Leeds - what a punt
« by BLINDBOB25 on February 18, 2017, 03:42:15 PM »
Ok here goes.

Location terraced house near Kirkstall Road, easy parking and discreet in Leeds

Comms - sent a email through AW and she replied in quick time, under 20 minutes so excellent for AW with her telephone number. Phoned and texted got through after about ten minutes

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/3776862 or https://www.adultwork.com/greendream101

Looks- well it's definitely her in the profile, size 8/10 natural girl. Boobs natural, she does have a few big tattoos, obviously hair extensions hence the colour. Around 5'8 ish in height. Really juice little arse. She was dressed in black g-string and a see through mesh lace top. Just to point out she uses botox in her lips not excessive just yet but hopefully she does not destroy them. Age stated at 29 and seems right, if anything looks slightly younger

The meet - so I booked an appointment and got the address by text. When the door opened I was greeted by a series clad green haired goddess. Unfortunately no kiss to greet me, was this an alarm bell. I was ushered up two flights of stairs following a juicy little but. Once in the bedroom I confirmed an hour appointment. I handed over the cash which she quickly checked, and immediately let me know I had over paid,she handed back the extra tenner, which to be truthful I would not have noticed, but it was a nice touch. We then got introduced by dfk full on as I felt her arse.
I requested a shower before we got heated, as I was being shown in the bathroom she asked if she could check her phone. I said yes, as normally a girl just goes straight onto her phone.
Out of the shower I sat on the bed after some more kissing when she went all out assault on my cock, for expert owo. Lots of eye contact and ball fondling. This proceeded onto ball sucking and near on close rimming.
Off with her clothes and I had a good look at her great slim body as she bent over in front of me. I couldn't resist and pushed my tongue into her arse, clean as a whistle and she responded to me rimming her by writhing her but into my tongue. 2 fingers crept round and inserted into her wet pussy. She was responding well. So into 69 position where I licked away as she deep throated me. We were doing this a while when I could feel the juices rising, as I fingered her hard I came in her mouth. We had a quick clean up when without being given chance to get my breath back she clamped her mouth over my nipples and sucked them. More kissing and then I wanted to play with her, so she laid down and as we kissed I finger fucked her pussy and arse. She then got me to lay down as she went in for some more owo whilst bent over me, so I thought hey have a cheeky spank, well this went down really well as she asked for more and harder, who was I not to oblige. So there I was laying down getting oral as I spanked a hot girl,heaven. I wanted to feel her on me so I instructed her to fucked me.
On with a condom and she climbed on top of me cowgirl, then proceeded the fucked the brains out of me as we kissed, pulled her hair and spanked her arse. Her fucking intensed as she came all over my cock, but I continued banging away as she cum making it more intense. She collapsed on top of me and as she rested kissed me. I then laud her down again started to finger fuck her when I asked if she had ever squirted. To which she replied yes, and she could make herself squirt, I had to experience this,so she fingered herself whilst squatted over me, then all over me it came.
Quick clean up again and she was back on my cock. We then did some mutual wanking as we both came  again together.
Boy was I feeling well and truly fucked. As we relaxed she also mentioned she loves cof, Anal, at extra cost, so please let her know prior to meet so she can prepare and 2 girl.
We chatted about her port, she has done some as we know fake taxi and some for hustler. She said she has only been an SP for a few weeks hence lack of reports. She also said her AW profile needs amending as she would like to get a good clientele and regulars.

Personally for me this was as good if not better than the top Leeds girls, (candii,AV and Natalia) and I can see her becoming a very girl.

A clean up shower and and escorted to the door with a great last kiss and grope.
I looked at the clock and in total we had been together an hour and twenty minutes and at no point did she look at the clock. I never felt under pressure to leave and had it gone on longer I don't think she would have minded. £120 paid

Will I go back, hell yes I am actually thinking of booking a 2 girl with her.

Guys fill your boots she is cracking and a real good shag

Yorkshire & the Humber / Sweet Kate - Leeds
« by thebobbyjay on February 17, 2017, 11:25:50 PM »
Had seen Kate on AW and fancied a go, saw another review from lateluxury https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?msg=1473618 which convinced me to give her a try


Great comms - replied within 5 mins, confirmed our booking within 10, I text when outside, she immediately called with last min flat nr etc

Good value -100 for 1 hour, I did not run through everything on likes list, but nothing on there felt like it was not available

The meet - 10 min walk from Leeds train station, phoned when outside, simple to get into the place without feeling like a dodgy lurker :)

She kind of hid behind the door a bit as it opened, I thought 'Oh shit, I am about to get mugged' but then she was there, all beautiful in a short nightie type thing. 

Showed me into the room, I asked to use the bathroom 1st which was super clean, then back into the main room which was also very clean, she had the radio on for obvious reasons, but it was not too loud... I was offered a shower but declined.

I think she could see I was nervous, so whispered in my ear to relax, then started playfully rubbing her hands all over me, blowing on my ear, light kisses,  getting me all wound up, then her hands were under my shirt and lifting it off, before I knew it she had woken up the little man downstairs and I was naked  :D

Her body is very slim and sexy, well toned with good makeup, a couple of small tattoos but nothing off putting. Tits are really perky and small but pert.

She put her hair up and directed me onto the bed, off with her nightie and she was rubbing herself all over me. damn she is good!

As she reached for a condom, I asked instead if she would do OWO, a quick baby wipe then she obliged and fuck me this was good, lots of eye contact, rubbing and sucking, playfully pretending to nibble my balls etc

The nerves were still there a bit (totally me, nothing to do with her and she was doing everything to worship me and never brought anything up) but I was worried about staying hard, however these silly nerves went away when she jumped on top and rode me hard, she really put in the effort. we switched between her riding and me pumping, eventually I asked to change to doggy where I fucker her as hard as I could and spanked her ass a few times as I came.... oh fuck, that felt good!

She cleaned me up and we lay there lauging and chatting for a couple of mins, I asked to use the bathtroom and she asked if I minded he looking at her phone while I went (I thought this was actually really polite and I did not give a shit since I was leaving the room with a wide grin)

So then we lay back on the bed, cuddled and started gently stroking each other, after just the right amount of time she started playing with my cock and getting me hard, she asked if I wanted to fuck her, but I just wanted lots of OWO instead.

She was licking and sucking with loads of eye contact, she took me all the way several times, man that felt so good. It was not sloppy and gaggy, it was controlled and sensual but still taking me all the way down and licking me cock all over felt amazing.

We did the oral in several positions, my fave to stand over her, I was totally spend and despite her valiant efforts I had to admit defeat and not come a 2nd time, but this was totally me and nothing to do with her.

I would see her again for sure.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Amazing_Victoria_no1 in Leeds
« by cueball on February 17, 2017, 09:27:08 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1821916 or https://www.adultwork.com/Amazing%5FVictoria%5Fno1

Enthusiastically leaping with a new found sveltiness in her step comes this yorkshire favourite. I tend not to write second reviews but it's been over a year since I last saw this lass, well over a year since I reviewed her and she's changed quite a bit. So, it were high time she had some high quality lancashire inside her once again.

Comms.... dead easy, I've seen her before, same phone number and profile. Quick sort out to arrange my day and time sees me sorted.

Venue.... nice, modern clean apartment in Leeds centre. There's decent paid parking only a cock stride away but make sure you take a good few bob for the meter, it's not cheap and you could end up in a pickle if you've not enough on you for the parking.

Looks..... now, this is where she's changed. She's been hitting the gym hard has this lass. I'll be honest, I liked the old curvy girl look but hell fire, she's now fit, slim, slender and very sexy. Her current AW pics are well out of date and very much due an upgrade.

The action.... I knock on the door to be met by her dressed as requested in her lbd, heels and bugger all else. She asked about requests on the build up and all I requested was her tongue down my throat as soon as the door went click.

She didn't disappoint, I'd just stepped in and she's on me. I've still got my coat on, the money is still in my pocket and her tongue is right down my throat, with a bare thigh sliding up my hip. I'm liking this greeting :D

We manage to move into the bedroom, she gets paid and attacks me with more snogs, I'm trying to get my coat off through this. My job is to strip her down to her birthday suit. A job I'm relishing. I manage to get stripped but I'm never lonely during this little lot.

Right, both of us naked, we're having a right old roll around the bed snogging and feeling each other up. She pushes me onto my back to deliver the owo.

It's not owo... it's a cock sucking attack, she's sucking the life out of me, my aging pecker doesn't know what's hit it. I'm fighting the pop already.

I need to get some kind of control on this. I put her on her back so I can have a good lap on her. I slobber my way down her body until I reach her bald pussy. I get on with delivering my oral gig of gentle fingers and licking her clit. She's puffing, panting, blowing and moaning and I'm enjoying the sensation too.

I move back up her body to enjoy more tongue tennis. She roles me onto my back and sits on my face, I've got my nose on her clit and my tongue stuck up her pussy as far as I can, she's reaching back wanking my cock during this little episode of grinding her pussy into my face.

Round she spins and its 69 time. Away we go, her head turns into a bobbing blur as I gorge myself on all things pussy related.

I'm ready to go podging though, on with the rubber and on she clambers to deliver her hard grinding cg, it's fast, furious and frantic. Interspersed with deep deep snogs and her sat upright with me holding both her tits for additional security.

Mish next, this lass gets a proper grip on you, it's a grand pumping snog filled session that continues until I'm ready to move.

Doggy next, with her new found slimline buttocks pointing at me, I pop in and pump away. I introduce a friendly wet thumb into her wrong un to accompany me pumping her pussy. She's enjoying that. Nothing too savage, just a gentle wiggling thumb and a good hard pumping rhythm. It's pleasent feeling my covered pecker through the wall :D

We roll back over into mish, I do like the full body contact of mish. Back to the sweating, enthusiastic, snog filled mish but I'm thinking about that doggy and those new buttocks.

Back to doggy, my thumb is still wet, still friendly and still welcome in her wrong un. I get a little carried away here though. I end up popping in my bag during this second bout of doggy.

She cleans me up and I'm in recovery (flopped on the bed). There's little respite though, you've got to have your weetabix with this lass. She's demanding another load out of me.

She's given my little pecker no mercy, she's sucked and battered it so much that it's stood back up to attention to take a look at what all the fuss is about.

She bloody well devours it, I'm laid there watching this young blonde head go bananas sucking me. She makes no bones about it, I've got to deliver another load :D Not to disappoint, I pop a second load on her tongue which she shows me in her mouth before gulping it down the hatch.

I'm bloody spent now though. She cleans me up and I try to arrange myself back into some semblance of mr average, not easy with jelly legs and a beetroot face.

I stagger back out into the Leeds metropolis a drained and happy lancastrian visitor.

To sum up.... I've not seen this lass for over a year. For no other reason than leeds city centre is a rare visit for me, my regular time windows just don't allow an hour in Leeds with the drive. Her service has not changed one little bit. She's as full on as the first time I saw. Her looks have changed quite a bit, she's now very svelte and slender. If you've not seen her and are unsure through her AW pics then you're in for a real treat if you book her. For 110 quid I got an hours full podging combat with a very fit young blonde that's sole aim is to leave you smiling, drained and spent. What's not to like eh. She's well reviewed on here and that's no coincidence.

Would I recommend.... yes, hell fire yes, if you want young, fit and bloody enthusiastic then I can't think of anybody else better. She's even at the right money too. Especially if you put some effort in, you'll get ten fold back then.

Would I return.... yes, I will certainly return. It takes a little setting up for me but she's worth the effort.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Sabai Sabai Thai Massage Bradford
« by mm86 on February 17, 2017, 06:50:46 PM »

£35 for the hour massage
£20 extra - HJ

After a disappointing end to a date with a non-WG last night left me with blueballs, decided to find somewhere to solve this for me this morning. Did a bit of research and decided to check this place out. There's something about a massage, not knowing whether you'll get anything, and how far it will go that's a massive turn on for me, and more exciting than a regular punt with an escort. plus it's cheaper. and you get a massage if nothing else!

Phoned, booked with natalie, and showed up - all pretty straight forward.

by thai masseuse standards, natalie is pretty attractive. late thirties as standard. had a good attitude, seemed friendly and relaxed and seems to enjoy your company and talking to you while you're there.

massage was very good to be fair, really enjoyed it. not the thai torture levels of pressure that you get from siriporn, but could feel the benefits whilst also being very relaxing but firm.

as she massaged my legs and inner thighs there was a lot of ball contact which whilst being a real turn on also makes it pretty clear that extras are available.

At the end of the massage i had to ask if extras were available. she quite plainly said that only hand jobs are available, which is all you really expect from a first visit. as she started working away at that, I questioned about any other extras available either now or after multiple visits, and she said that they're not. I probed a little more, and finally said "I have a lot of money on me" to which she laughed and said "I don't care". She did have a way of being firm but without being rude or cold which is quite rare, so as far as I'm concerned there genuinely is nothing more than a handjob available, which is a little disappointing but at least you know where you stand.

Did let me have a feel of her body, inside her shirt and down the back of her pants (not front) while she was giving me the handjob which is always nice!

Overall actually enjoyed it and would say it was value for money. £35 for the hour and £20 extra, for a great massage and a decent happy ending.

I will return if i ever need a decent massage and some friendly conversation, but if you're thinking of seeing how far you can push things I wouldnt bother, I'd be very impressed if anyone gets more than a handjob out of her.

Venue - Campanile Hotel, Doncaster,
Price - £80 for 30 minutes
Date - Thursday 16th Feb 2017

Girls details:
Laceylust  https://www.adultwork.com/3646276 or https://www.adultwork.com/Laceylust
Xx Lucy Lovesit Xx- https://www.adultwork.com/3448013 or https://www.adultwork.com/Xx+Lucy+Lovesit+Xx

I'd fancied a punt in the afternoon and as I was on my way to Sheffield I was thinking of either Jodie at Honeypot or Candice at GFE, but always with the concern that when I got there these girls may be busy and so a wasted trip and I'm a bit particular as quite often just going with however is available in a parlour has usually ended in a poor punt!

Browsing AW that morning I came across the page for Laceylust offering a 2 girl session for £80 in Doncaster, so I sent her a text to see if this was still available. One hour later, I got a reply with an offer of a time, so booking made. Apparently they just tour the whole time and were in Doncaster for that day.

The meet was at the Campanile in Doncaster, I can't imagine that any actual normal people stay there, it always seems to be packed with working girls. Anyway sent a text to let them know I was here and a couple of minutes later got the come on up message.

Laceylust I thought was an attractive woman, blond hair, fairly slim, massive natural boobs, 34ff apparently, although perhaps not as perky as they may have been.
Lucy was a dark haired girl, again big boobs, I would say body wise certainly bigger than her photos on AW. I'm not an expert, but I would say Lacey is more likely a dress size 12 and Lucy a 16, but I could be wrong.

Both were wearing black lingerie and stockings, which looked good on them and they are both attractive, friendly women, I certainly wasn't thinking of walking, I was happy, who couldn't be for 30 minutes for £80.

Paperwork out of the way, I stripped off and got on the bed. Both girls popped their boobs and took their knickers off, both leaving something covering their stomachs perhaps to hide something, but hey, I am hardly slimmer of the year and am definitely bigger than they are.

Things started with Lacey getting between my legs and giving me OWO and Lucy giving me hers tits and pussy to play with. Lucy then moved into 69 position so both girls were sucking my cock, this got to be too much after a few minutes and I got them to stop so we could move onto the main event.

I started off on top of Lucy which was ok, she was a bit rigid in terms moving her legs, I think perhaps trying to limit how hard I could go. What was a bit strange was Lacey was behind me providing a running commentary of what I was doing and what I should be doing, rather like a porn film, however when I glanced backwards she wasn't actually looking at the bed, so it was a bit like a script was being read out.

After a couple of minutes, off I jumped, swapped condoms and got on top of Laecy. Again not too much freedom of movement and she kept her hands on her boobs all the way through, perhaps stopping me getting at them? Again a running commentary throughout. Then Lacey got on top and pumped away for a few minutes whilst I sucked on Lucy's tits.

By now time was running out, so Lacey whipped the condom off and wanked me off onto her big tits just as I had requested.

A quick wipe up, got dressed whilst chatting about the weather, etc and then I was off. Total time probably about 25 minutes.

I was very nearly tempted to rate this as neutral as there was a definite "professional" feeling to the meet, a bit get him in and milk him asap, but on the other hand, £80 for 30 minutes (nearly) with 2 quite attractive women and 4 big boobs is hardly something to complain about.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Leeds holbeck
« by Mista69 on February 16, 2017, 11:07:29 PM »
Well I can't really give it a negative nor could I give it a positive. I'm a novice at this and tonight was my first time ever. I've always toyed with the idea but never really got the chance to action it.
Tonight was my chance... by pure chance...

Anyway, after a business meeting in leeds where I had only 1 pint I set off for home which took me through the beloved Holbeck area. My mind began to race as I drove through and found myself taking turns against my sat navs wishes. My mind still racing at the thoughts of what lays in the deep dark corners of Leeds own RLD I found myself at a cash point near a round about (I'm sure a few of you will know the exact spot). With £20 in my wallet I figured that would never be enough, even for a tickle, so I pulled over to top up the savings.
As I pulled up, not even 20 seconds there was a tap on my window. I couldn't believe it! What I thought to be a myth was actually tapping on my damn window. Sheepishly I opened and said "hi". Jessica her name was greeted me pleasantly. And asked if I was looking for "business". In my nivice voice I asked "what sort of business?" To which I got a response of "blow job or sex".
Still in disbelief I asked back " well how much is said business?" (You could see the novice in me dripping down my damn forehead) her response was "£20 blow job  £40 sex."
Bearing in mind I only had £20 on me and with no chance to get to said cash machine I confidently signalled for her to jump in. Directed to a deserted car park not too far away I knew that all I would be getting is a shitty blow job.the thought alone got my blood racing anyway, her name was Jessica and she was from Romania apparently. Gap In  her teeth that I noticed only after some small talk on the way to our destination.
My naughty mind imagining what I would do with that gap knowing I only had enough for a BJ. (Did I mention I was a novice?)
Reach our secluded spot and straight to it. I pulled out my only £20 note and unzipped. She pulled out some baby wipes and a condom. Not what I expected to be honest. Felt like I was being examined at the dick doctor! My erection rapidly fading, I asked if I could rub her tits just to get me back In the game. The biatch only asks me for a tenner more!!! Like WTF!! Worst night of my life! Couldn't get the fella up again because I was so disappointed In  myself and here I was with some gap toothed biatch noshing away and fanning my hands if I got too giddy!

Upon reflection I gathered that she sensed the novice In me and played it as if I was asking for too much for the money. all in all it cost me only £20 for a quick wipe down and shake but hey I learnt something! I shall return very soon  but this time I will be prepared.... and be a bit more confident! Don't let them hoes out do you!

Anyone else had a similar experience? Or am I just a God damn unicorn?


First time review so apologies if it's not brilliant!!
I had the pleasure of meeting the amazing Lilly this afternoon. Amazing communication, originally arranged for this evening but then decided on a whim to bite the bullet and go for an earlier meet. Definitely not disappointed. She knew just what I liked, wore clothes she knew would turn me on, greeted me at the door with an amazing snog and we went indoors.
She was so friendly and made me feel at ease as she knew it was my first punt. Shes curvy, not fat but not skin and bones. I had an hour there and it was pretty much non stop! She certainly knows how to make a guy feel special! Amazing BJ without a condom, the girl knows how to use her tongue! As we were finishing she asked me where I'd like to put it, so it went all over her face, which she loved!

Safe to say it wont be the last time I see her!!

Yorkshire & the Humber / RACHAEL IN ROTHERHAM
« by prizeguy69 on February 16, 2017, 12:31:00 PM »

Got in contact after about 10 phone calls gave me postcode and time and nothing else.
arrived at said postcode 1 minute to agreed time...try phoning and texting several times for house number but didnt answer. Wish i had read the reviews here first(will make sure i will in future) but it seems i've had a lucky escape reading previous reviews about her. All i lost was time and maybe £3 in diesel so i shouldnt complain.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Rainbow spa wakefield
« by Knight Templar on February 16, 2017, 09:52:21 AM »

£40 for 1 hour massage + £20 HE

Normal punting ground is north -east , however was working in yorkshire area when I had a few hours to kill, decided to do a quick check on UKP to see what was around and decent in the wakefield area , most of the good reviews for a massage with HE were about the rainbow spa , so decided to take  the plunge.

Comms : very good , lady who answered phone had very good english , asked how long I wanted and what time , asked me if I knew the location ( google maps very good for this )  . so everything done in a efficient manner.

Location : , when I pulled up I thought  they were closed as the shop from had the shutters pulled sown , then I realised that you had to go through the side door in to the yard area to get to the upstairs , but overall a easy location to find.

On entering a chinese lady came to top of stairs , ushered up the stairs but asked me to leave shoes on the stairs , not a problem.
ushered into the first room at the top of the stairs , confirmed 1 hour , asked to pay for there and then , she left to let me get undressed and came back a couple of minutes later .

It turns out the lady in question was JoJO , although I didn't find this out until near the end of the massage .
Asked id I want firm or soft , probably should have went for firm, but in the past sometimes when you ask for firm they nearly snap you in half so aired on the side of caution and went for soft .

Massage itself was fine lots of stroking muscle rubs etc, nicely oiled hands , anyway about 10 minutes in JoJO is lying  over ,me kissing my neck asking if I want to leave happy??- obvious answer , YES , extra £20 -   from that point things got very intimate, , rubbing herself all over , loads of cc , ball touching  stroking of the trouser snake ,  by this time I had my hand her skirt grabbing her arse and rubbing between her legs ( she still had her tights on and no way was I getting into them ) however  a very nice arse,
She was making all sorts of weird nosies when I was rubbing her gusset, to be honest I didn't know if she was having a asthma attack or just had some sort of weird affliction, anyway  she asked me to  over and she starts  rubbing my chest and groin area, not to much oil but just enough , really gets into teasing the old man, eventually I pop my lot.

She cleans me up , and starts with the massage again, then starts on the old fella again; I am a one pop person, so unfortunately no round 2 , but to be fair she give it a damn good go.

Anyway , hot towels to wash me down and dry me off and then nice hug at the end.

Great value for money , would certainly go again
downside, the premises are a little seedy and small, but clean , and the rooms are close together so you can her the person next door albeit muffled. but all in all  very good .
Thanks to the previous reviewers of this place , I am glad I checked you out .

Yorkshire & the Humber / Little Roxy - Doncaster
« by Thechaser on February 15, 2017, 11:32:35 PM »

Booking / Comms

Text in the afternoon and booking arranged for later that day within a few messages. 

I’ve noticed others have reported issues with slow comms and Roxy being late but everything was spot on for me.  I was standing in front of Roxy at exactly the agreed time!


French sounding hotel in Doncaster.


£80 for 30 mins.

The Girl

I’m a sucker for a petite blondey with a big rack.  Roxy is a teeny bit bigger in person than her pics suggest but nonetheless, her tits are big and she has a very peachy derrière. 

She is FAF body wise and a very good looking IMHO!   I also like the scouse accent (female only) so for me, Roxy is pretty much an all rounder! :yahoo:

I would add here that Roxy wasn’t actually a blondey or certainly wasn’t at the time of my booking about 4 weeks ago.  She had browny/blonde hair and whilst that didn’t detract from her looks, I would have preferred to have known this beforehand.  All her pics show blonde hair. 


Usual hiding behind the door process and when I got into the room, I thought fuck me sideways, she is just as fit as I was expecting.  I was slightly concerned her face wouldn’t match up to her body but that was certainly not the case. 

Roxy was wearing matching black lacey underwear and heels.  If I recall rightly, it was the black underwear as seen on her gallery picture where she has an arrow imposed on the picture.    To be honest, I would have been quite happy just standing there with my tongue hanging out for 30 minutes but at over £2 per minute it wouldn’t have been my wisest financial decision. :D

Once the paperwork was out of the way, I got undressed and we had a bit of small talk on the bed whilst I had a good feel of Roxy from top to bottom.  She has a nice tight body and an arse that you could nibble on all day. 

Started off with a bit of light FK (I’m not usually interested in the kissing but I wasn’t going to pass on kissing a fitty) and before I knew it, I was firmly clamped onto her rack and spent a good 5 minutes or so working my way round them.  As my profile picture confirms, I love boobs so it is fair to say that I was like a pig in muck at the time!

Whilst I played with her pussy (no fingers), Roxy proceeded to administer OW which hit the spot.  I could have blown my load there and then but managed to hold back. 

Note: I’ve seen from an earlier review that Roxy provided OWO after a fellow punter pulled her up on it (as she was about to give him OW) so I assume OWO is on the cards if needed.  I usually just go with the flow as far as oral is concerned. 

I planned in my head that after cowgirl, I wanted to fuck her doggy but once Roxy moved into cowgirl and I could see her boobs bouncing up and down in front of me coupled with the fact that she really knows how to ride the 'horse', I knew there was no chance I would be making it into doggy.  Probably the best cowgirl I’ve had to be honest.  As I hadn’t released a load for a couple of days before the punt, it wasn’t long before I filled the bag!  I didn’t ask about her cum policy but I suspect it’s one pop in 30 minutes.

After a quick clean up and a bit more small talk, I knew my time was up so with reluctance, I politely exited (after getting dressed of course).  I was in the room for bang on 30 minutes.


If you like little attractive FAF females, Roxy is the one.

I will definitely be back for more and for longer.  Most importantly of all, I’ll be looking to drill deep into that arse! :dance:

Yorkshire & the Humber / Lexiharper in Doncaster
« by Thechaser on February 15, 2017, 10:36:54 PM »

Booking / Comms

Text in the morning and booking arranged for later that day within a few messages.  No problems in this department.  :yahoo:


French sounding hotel in Doncaster.


£50 for 30 mins – TOFTT booking.

The Girl

The current profile picture of her face is accurate.  I have to admit I was lured in from her previous profile picture in which she looked much hotter.  Lexi – I see you have an account on here and I would kindly recommend updating your pictures (especially the body pics) as in fairness, you are better looking and fitter in person than your pictures suggest.


I was pleased to note it was definitely the girl in the pics when I got to the room having been a bit apprehensive in the absence of any reviews on here at the time.  Lexi was wearing nothing but a black top and lacey underwear. No heels though! :dash:   Whilst I'm quite happy seeing a half naked lass stood in front of me, I wasn't thinking fucking hell I cannot wait to get balls deep in her which set the tone for what followed.  Partly my own fault as she isn't really my usual type.

Once the paperwork was out of the way, it was quite mechanical in that I was on the bed butt naked within a few minutes receiving oral with.  I notice her profile lists FK and OWO at discretion however I didn’t request this or indeed have any desire for it.  I do prefer OWO as there’s nothing like a girl working her mouth on your dick but equally, having an OH at home, I’m quite happy playing safe!

After 5-10 minutes of better than average but not amazing oral, I had a little nibble on her rack and suggested moving onto the main course.   This was when things went downhill for me personally as when she removed her underwear, I was greeted with quite a hairy pussy! :scare:  I know some of you like the idea of that but for me, it has to be shaven haven.   Although I tried to stay positive and get into the punt, coupled with the fact that I wasn’t really attracted to Lexi, I knew full well that my interest in the punt was dwindling. I didn't bother attempting any fingers and I certainly wasn't going to be getting my tongue in there as I don't really enjoy pussy licking at the best of times (I'm aware I'm in the minority  :crazy:)

We began with missionary and after a short while I suggested she went on top and Lexi claimed she could not go on top as her back was hurting.  Sadly, this pretty much put the nail in the coffin as although we moved into doggy (not sure how that would help the back pain), the blood concentration levels in my member rapidly dropped as I was thinking more about not really wanting to be there than the task in hand.

As both Lexi and I realised it just wasn’t going to happen, I pulled out and called it a day without having blown my load!! :dash:  I guess Lexi would have been happy to wank me off until I finished but in all honesty, I didn’t really want to be there any longer.   I was in and out in under 20 minutes.


I’ve given this punt a neutral as other than the alleged back pain for which I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, Lexi was friendly and didn’t actually do anything which warrants a negative in my view.  Put simply, there just wasn’t any attraction there for me (the hairy pussy was a killer for me) so I didn’t put a great deal of effort into the action which probably didn’t help matters.  As always, YMMV.

P.S. I’m a vanilla punt kind of guy so I’m fairly certain that if you had a punt like mine with Lexi (excluding the attraction point), the hardened punters among us would probably walk away disappointed.  That said, at £50 for 30 minutes...can’t grumble too much!!!!

Yorkshire & the Humber / Ruby_95 Hull
« by PervyLicker on February 15, 2017, 05:13:26 PM »
Saw this girl today and still have a huge smile on my face!


This will mainly be a summary type review as time is short for me right now.

Great Comms from the start, which usually bodes well and I wasn't disappointed.

Ruby's description on her AW profile is, in my opinion 100% accurate. She is incredibly slim with very nice natural C-cup breast and gorgeous big nipples. She is not scary thin, she is proportioned very nicely indeed. Ruby has several tattoos, upper thighs, stomach, wrists and back but none are too in your face. Facially she is stunning IMO, long dark brown hair (extensions) and looks bang on her stated age of 21.

I met Ruby for a 2 hour meet, during which we thoroughly enjoyed one another's bodies. One slight down side is Ruby performed oral WITH, which although I usually prefer without, was done expertly. She is shaven completely  (I long for a girl with a bit of hair down there!) and has a delicious tasting pussy, and very sexy prominent lips!

Various positions, all with lots of passionate dfk, very dfk in fact.

Great chat in between sessions, Ruby is a University student so is able to hold her own in conversation amd seems genuine in all we talked about. She comes across as someone who realises the importance of delivering good Comms and a friendly unrushed and highly sexual experience.

I paid Ruby £180 for 2 hours of her time.

I will definitely be returning as for me she delivered everything I want in a punt (OWO excepted) and is great vfm.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Real Sophie James Harrogate
« by anonyorks on February 15, 2017, 03:36:18 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2962214 or https://www.adultwork.com/TheRealSophieJames

Cost £60 for 30 minute in call.

Had a couple of months off after my regular had retired and lost my mojo a bit. The appearance of https://www.adultwork.com/3776862 or https://www.adultwork.com/greendream101 reignited my mojo a bit and Sophie had been on my to see list after a couple of quick 15 minutes here and there last year and her ''breakfast rates'' made me more amenable to the idea. Harrogate does seem to be £20-£30 per hour above Leeds rates but I suppose it is supply vs demand.

Communication was all via AW and although wasn't instant it was all arranged pretty straight forwardly. I requested a role play and made an outfit request which she was able to fulfil.


Top floor flat just outside town centre. Not the most discreet entrance if you are from the area otherwise not a problem.


Pictures are accurate, I'd say she has lost some weight since I last saw her and she looked good. Nice and curvy great boobs and bum. Naturally cute.


Role play was me being Sophie's boss and coming around to fire her and her using her charms (as she has noticed me eyeing her up at work) to keep her job. Sophie filled the role perfectly teasing me with her bum in her gym gear and telling me she would do anything to keep her job. She got on all fours to show me her bum (if you like Bums it is great). Then started with lots of OWO (hands free), RO/Rimming on her till she came. more rimming on her/RO. FK  (a little DFK). I then said if she would CIM and Swallow she could keep her job which she did with aplomb. Would've gone for sex if I had booked a hour but was in the mood for a good BJ. Nice clean up and cuddle after and I left. Didn't request a shower before or after as I was going to the gym anyway and arrived having one before leaving work.



Would I see again?. Yes I would but after seeing my reg retire and it knocking me off my stride I will see a few more girls before going back.

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