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Yorkshire & the Humber / Sonia @ Lush
« by TBONE16 on Yesterday at 10:47:56 PM »
Lush seem to have a fresh batch of girls and it had been a while since I was hunting for a new one. Decided to book Sonia.

Booking and Location - Standard process, ring the agency , they book you in and the location was in the Docks area

The actual WG - Rang the number from the intercom and was let in through the door. Up the lift and a few minutes later, I knocked on the door and was greeted with a smile. I will admit the photos do not feel very similar to the actual girl that greeted behind the door.
Paperwork quickly exchanged, I was asked to move to the bedroom. Before I could come back from the bath, she was on the bed with everything off. No chit chat and she dived straight into giving me oral so I was already getting the feeling that this was going to be a hush hush job. She does not do any anal, bareback, fingering or FK. Any approaches to kissing elsewhere or giving her oral were discouraged via different means. I cant do oral as its too sensitive down there and so on and so forth (not sure why she even chose escorting). Started with her on top and the standard fake noises without the feel and when we switched positions, a few of the age old techniques of speeding the process were seen on display.
The switches were quite quick and random and she wasnt really bothered as to how mechanical it felt.

Overall, quite a dampening experience. I was hoping Lush would have had better replacements but so far the hunt is still on.


Yorkshire & the Humber / Isabelle unit 8 sheffield
« by youngrob97 on Yesterday at 10:34:13 PM »
My first visit to unit 8 and my last, was greeted by the receptionist and shown into the premises which are very dimly lite There was just one lady free that was Isabelle she looked ok so chose her I was then shown to a room by the receptionist and asked what service I wanted I chose the £45 one and the receptionist asked for payment and was told to make myself comfortable, about 5 mins later Isabelle advertised as 30 years old  arrived I would think closer to 40 but still looked ok. Kit of and onto the bed I was then informed that my £45 only got me ONE of the following, hand relief ,covered oral or sex one position only. I know at this point I should have walked but they had my money and I am not the type to complaine. Anyway opted for sex was then informed it would be £10 extra to touch her tits how one is supposed to  have sex  and not touch her tits I cannot work out but like a muppet I paid the extra. Now at this point I would like to say that I am well past my first flush of youth and sometimes need help rising to the occasion. Well the only help I got was by wanking myself until stiff followed by  covered sex. Then to top it all I was given a box of tissues to clean myself and came out with a used condom All in all a rubbish experience   

Oh dear…….someone woke up with a hard-on.

My first choice fuck for the day had decided she wasn’t working and plan B wasn’t feeling very well so it looked like my cock would be staying in my trousers.

Really !! I didn’t fucking think so. I was left with one option……..so I pinged off a couple of AWank messages to see what gives and also contacted a couple of agencies as well.

The game to find a nice place to park my cock was now well and truly afoot.

Time to be dick driven as I also asked Playmates if Arabella was available and she was. I’d spotted her as soon as she appeared on their website and I’d filed her on my “need to see pictures” TGTBT holist.
The short version.

This was a proper walk on the wild side. What a result as I got the living daylights fucked out of me by a highly skilled full on feisty lass that just wanted to please me.

The booking process.

Highly efficient and just what I would expect from an agency. I texted the number I have for the agency goalkeeper to ask about availability and services. Services, time, price and venue confirmed. Simples, just how I like it.

Game on !!!

The waiting game.

What waiting game. This was a same day punt arranged at short notice.

The Venue.

None descript flat at La Dock. Enough said.

First I am going to describe her.

Arabella is new to Playmates so her profile is really sparse. No pictures no fuck all other than the briefest of descriptions. Playmates describe her as being "a tiny and petite mixed race beauty". Thing is that what’s there is actually highly accurate as the lass that opened the door to me fitted this description exactly.

My word she’s petite, I reckon size 6 and 5’6” tall is correct and that she weighs 8 stone max. I’d say her stats are 32-22-30 and that she is very athletic whilst retaining a nice curvy hour glass figure. Her hair is long and very curly and is a mix of dark brown/black and bleached blonde. Her tits are small and perky with battleship rivets for nipples, one is pierced, and I reckon they are the B cup that is claimed. Arabella’s stated age is 26 which is a little generous, try a couple of years older and that’s more like it. She’s got “incredible” piercing dark brown/hazel eyes that just sucked me in.

For comparison purposes the best I can come up with is Fleur East out of X-factor.

She’s got a couple of tattoos, nothing too in your face, pierced ears and her navel is done as well.

I was well pleased with this lass when I first set eyes on her.

The meeting.

I set off with time to spare and arrived at the usual place with 10 minutes to go and let the agency goalkeeper know I was there. The flat number was provided and in I went. I was out of that lift like a man possessed and before you can say “I’m ready for you honey” I was knocking on the door.

There was none of the usual hiding behind the door bollocks, it opened and there was Arabella. I nearly died and went to punting heaven as this stunning IMHO half caste lass, with a beaming smile, grabbed me and stuffed her tongue in my mouth and snogged my face off. Ooooh she’s got a pierced tongue. My kind of greeting.

Arabella was wearing a long green “tube” dress, that really accentuated her figure, and under it I could feel her rather skimpy underwear. I told Arabella to stick her hand into my coat pocket and she found the chilled bottle of Prosecco I had with me. Well it’s been a while since the words “Fuck me senseless is that all for me ??” exited my mouth as I looked her up and down before we again ate each other’s faces off. This was proper passionate DFK the likes of which told me I was in for a really good time. Into the lounge/kitchen we now went.

Wine open, likes discussed – no pain or anal – Arabella set the shower running.

I undressed in front of her while I told her what I was going to do to her. Think she liked it as she was again snogging my face off while playing with my cock. “Oooh shaved, just how I like them” she says to me. I was in and out of the shower in a flash. As I dried myself I could see Arabella in the bedroom “stripping” for me as she danced her way out of her dress. Damn she looked good, so good all I wanted to do was eat her. Into the room I went wearing nothing but my birthday suit and stood at the side of the bed.

I do love it when a lass plays her part and Arabella excelled at this as she oh so sexily crawled across the bed, wiggling her ass in the air, towards my now fully erect cock. Arabella teased and “tongue slapped” the end of my cock as she stalked it with her tongue and lips like a cat would a mouse before “pouncing” on it. She took her time teasing me while she also played with my arsehole with her finger. Her cock sucking at this point wasn’t overly deep, which wasn’t an issue, as she used her tongue piercing to play with the end and shaft before licking her way to my balls and giving them a good lick and a suck. The banter as she told me what she was going to do to me was spot-on as she “instructed me” to get on the bed and make myself comfortable. What followed was a really sloppy blow job, not full on deep throat though, as she spat on me and took as much as she could, while holding really good eye contact, before I could feel my cock hitting the back of her mouth.

Well I wanted in on the show as I told her to kneel, her head was at the foot of the bed, WHAT AN ARSE, then I gave her a full on rimming. I played with the outside of her holes with my thumb and fingers before I tongue fucked both holes and slipped 2 fingers into her ever moistening pussy. She isn’t shaved this one, she’s hairy and instead trims her pubes, I’d say they were about 6mm in length. No hygiene issues whatsoever. Arabella now pushed back at me and asked me to lay back, good girl as she sat on my face, and continued to “toy” with my cock as she used her hand and mouth. So there we are 69ing with me licking and slurping away at her arse and pussy as she’s playing with my cock, balls and bum hole and it was now a race to see who was going to cum first. Think I won as the cock sucking decreased in intensity as Arabella sat up and had a shuddering orgasm all over my face. She aren’t no faker, least I didn’t think so, as I was by now covered in her lady juices. Arabella then repositioned herself at my side and continued the cock sucking whilst trembling and shaking with the aftershocks of her orgasm.

Only one way this was going now as I told her I wanted to see her squat on my cock in reverse. On with the condom and she mounted me in reverse squat and proper gave me a fucking. “You like it” she says to me “Watching your cock slide in and out of my pussy ??” well of course I did as she varied the pace, depth and speed. It takes a lass that does a lot of squats in the gym to do what she did to me as I slapped her arse which just encouraged her. Arabella then held her arms behind her so that I could take hold as she took hold of mine, settled onto me in reverse cowgirl, and the bouncing began. We found the rhythm immediately, as I thrust she dropped. This went on for quite some time until she turned her head, looked me straight in the eyes, and said to me “Your turn now, I want fucking from behind” well how could I refuse.

Arabella assumed the position, I knelt behind her, she placed her ankles inside my calves for a “better hold” as I slid in balls deep on the first stroke and fucked her as hard and as fast as I could. Damn that arse of hers, what a sight, which of course I had to give some more slaps. She’s no passive fuck this one so as I thrust she thrust back so we were proper slamming into each other. By now we were both starting to build up a sweat and I was thinking about popping BUT Arabella had other ideas as she said to me “I want you on top of me so that I can kiss you while you fuck me.” Time to change to missionary as she pulled her legs open so that I could get my elbows into her knees as we fucked while snogging each other’s faces off. Not sure how it happened as her legs ended up tightly wrapped round my back as we both furiously thrust at each other. I reckon she likes being “dominant” in the room as she grabbed hold of my throat and said to me “Fuck me harder !!” so I did. I could now feel the sap rising, we had discussed CIM, and I told her I was going to cum. Cock out, condom off and I just had to as I sprayed my full load of baby batter all over her belly and her torso. Cum looks so fucking good all over a coloured lass.

Well I wasn’t finished yet as I had a suspicion about this one. So I says to her “How filthy are you ??” to which she responded “Very” as I now licked up my cum and we snowballed. Cum went everywhere as both our faces got covered before we both swallowed what we had in our mouths. Yep I’ve no problem swallowing my own cum and what I didn’t get Arabella did.

FUCK ME SILLY that’s the way to do it !!!!

Clean up time as both our faces and her belly and tits were covered in my cum. Filthy messy twats aren’t we. We both went to the bathroom washed our faces, swilled our mouths with mouthwash and then went back to the room.

Time to chill out, drink wine, kiss and cuddle and then it began again.

It didn’t take long before Arabella had my cock back in her mouth. Back to 69 as we both slurped and licked away at each other. Well I wanted a proper look at that body of hers so I asked her to get off and lie on her back. I now positioned myself above her, we snogged each other’s faces off with even more passionate DFK than before and then I licked my way down. Fuck me her nipples were like battleship rivets, really hard and erect, so I just had to play with them before I settled on her pussy. Damn I do so like licking pussy and this pussy got a right licking. In with one then two fingers as I licked, slurped and sucked away at her clit till she came again.

Onto my back for more cock and ball worship and then it was condom time again. Arabella mounted me in reverse cowgirl and held her arms out for me to take hold of. It’s been a while since I’ve been used like this by a lass, Arabella proper rode me, as she “furiously” bounced on me we repeated round 1 but with even more intensity than before. FFS my cock wasn’t having it, I usually find a second pop in a 2 hour punt to be a struggle, so out it came and the condom got discarded.

Arabella now got off the bed and got onto all fours on the floor as I knelt in front of her on the edge of the bed. I bunched her hair into a ponytail as she took my cock into her mouth and then I gave her a right face fucking as I pulled her down my shaft. No complaints whatsoever as my cock hit the back of her mouth and went down her throat. That made her gag. She then came off my cock, pushed me onto the bed and knelt between my legs. The discarded condom now ended up on 2 of her fingers which she pushed up my arse, with a bit of lube, as she played hunt the “cum now button”. Arabella now sucked and wanked me off as she massaged my prostate. Damn that felt good.

Alas and through no fault of hers my cock waved the white flag as it surrendered and melted.

Time check said that there was 15 minutes left of the 2 hours so I called cease as there was no way I was going to cum again in the time that was left to us. Arabella now offered me a massage but I had other ideas and suggested that instead we share a shower. Well she was well up for that idea so for the remainder of our time we showered together. I do like sharing a shower as we washed each other down kissed passionately and then got dried and dressed.

Have to say she looks rather good in her civvies, well I thought so anyway.

The business now got sorted and that was that.

I left the flat 2 hours and 15 minutes after I got there with one final passionate snogging session at the door and the parting words “Hope to see you again soon.”

The money bit.

I paid £250 for 2 hours of Arabella’s time. Should have been £270 but I got a small discount by mentioning another forum when I booked.

In conclusion.

I went to this meeting with no expectations whatsoever. Being the chancer I am I took a walk on the wild side with a girl that was new to the agency. This lass is so new to them that she didn’t even have any pictures. Oh boy what an inspired decision as I got the living daylights fucked out of me by a highly skilled lass that just wanted to please me.

Damn that was good.


So, inspired by TB2's review of the these lovely ladies and my desire to see Tia again I thought I would go for a duo, never tried before so why not.
I have reviewed Tia previously so won't again. I haven't seen Alexa before and most certainly would again. Alexa is tall, in her killer heels was as tall as me at around 6'. Very attractive girl with curves in all the right places.

Booking process was simple through AW and communicated with Tia throughout, texting her on the day of the meet. Location was the well known waterfront location in Leeds although I always struggle with the blocks there and this was no exception. I eventually found the right one and texted Tia to let her know I was there and was buzzed up.

I was let in the flat by Tia who launched herself at me, behind her stood a vision that is Alexa. They are both totally different but compliment one another extremely well.
What followed was a frenzy that still is a blur. Highlights were definitely both girls giving me a BJ at the same time, doggy with Alexa while she lapped away at Tia. Tia riding me CG while Alexa licked my balls. The same position but Alexa rubbing a wand on my balls.
Just lying between two attentive girls and chatting was pretty sexy too.

After the action I cleaned up and grabbed quick shower.
Now the slightly confusing bit; I thought I had booked an hour, I was a good 10 minutes or so late having faffed around looking for the place. After round 1 and chat Tia very diplomatically suggested it was time to move on. So, by the time I had showered and was leaving it was around the hour mark from the time I booked but more like 30 minutes of action. Me, being ever so British and having had a bloody fantastic time, left the cash for an hour.
I wandered back to my car and got a text, then a call from Tia saying I had left too much. She though I had booked for 30 minutes so had time the meet for that. She insisted I went back to the flat and gave me back £80. Not only did a have a really good romp with two sexy and hugely enthusiastic girls, it cost me less than anticipated because of a mix up!
So, well chuffed. These girls are honest and bloody great at what they do. Next time I am definitely going to book an hour as my half hour was superb.
I may have to meet Alexa on her own too.
Apologies if there is fluff creeping in to this, I am not only impressed with their top class service but their attitude is exemplary.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Starlight Sugar - Sheffield
« by Widescreen on Yesterday at 11:41:07 AM »
Well, I have had this young lady on my Hit List for a while now;

https://www.adultwork.com/3390452 or https://www.adultwork.com/starlightsugar22


I sent an e-mail through AW asking about availability for the following week, I do like to plan ahead and I was planning a drive to Sheffield this week anyway, so hence the time scale.  Got a very prompt reply, saying yes no problem and it continued to say that the same time slot was available on 3 other days as well.  A nice touch I thought, as it now gave me some flexibility.  After some rescheduling on my part I booked for last Thursday, why wait eh?  Replied via text that had been supplied, confirmed and that was that.  Very good comms.


I bit of a Rabbit Warren, is how the place has been described and yes, I must agree but I parked at the given Post Code, I arrived early, very early, 45 mins as there was no traffic on the M1.  Texted to say I was there, reply came within a minute or two, to say she was not quite ready but would text back as soon as she was.  Perfect.

The waiting game

Sat in the car waiting, for what seamed like forever but in reality was only 20 minutes.  Got phone call, explaining which door to head for and that she would be down to meet me and let me in.

The Meeting

She appeared at the Door, let me in and I followed her up the stairs and into the flat.  Shown the Bedroom and offered a Coffee and use of the bathroom.  Very relaxed atmosphere and great chat, while drinking the Coffee.

I will not go into details but suffice to say that when she was naked I was very happy with what I saw, lovely breasts and very clean tasty pussy.  OWO and CIM, were my main wants and these were given with gusto.

After the deed, lots of relaxed chat and absolutely no rush, clock watching at all.  To the extent that when I left I discovered I had been in with her for almost 90 minutes.

Brief Synopsis

At £60, this young lady was by far the best Value For money I have found and her attitude was just fantastic.  It really was a GFE without a doubt.

The funniest thing was that when I left, after the obligatory peck on the cheek, I went back down the stairs and took a wrong turn at the bottom.  I popped out, expecting to see my Car parked about 50' from where I went in but oh no, I popped out from a door on the other side of the Rabbit Warren......  It is NOT the best place to be wandering round looking lost, so head down and just walk.  Turn round, walk back and around a few corners, starting to get a bit flustered but then, turn a corner and there was my Car.....  Oh Joy..... 

Don't let this put you off, just take better note going in than I did.  Not looking at her arse might be a good idea.....lol


Hell YES.

All in all a great visit and although it is an 80 mile round trip I will be going back.

Incredibly sexy and satisfying evening with one of the friendliest and sexiest girls I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

A few years ago, probably 7, I saw this sexy girl for a few outcalls and some sexy outdoor adventures. We had a highly sexy time. I saw her a few times sporadically over the years, last occasion being a sleepover around two years ago. We had almost met this last Christmas then she went off the radar.


So I was pleased to see her pop up again past few days and, still having her old number, fired off a 'hello, how are you' text. No reply. Ah well. Last night I was settling down to watch el clasico, bottle of chilled white at the ready, when her text arrived. Long story short, even though I'm flying out to Barcelona today, we agreed for her to pop over for an hour's meet. I've been researching my Barcelona 'meetings' for the past week, as readers of the Europe threads will know, and have been feeling increasingly horny. She explained she had been feeling very horny too and 'she remembered my oral very well'! We agreed a meeting from 10 pm for an hour, but I know she's not a clockwatcher if she's having fun.

Price was discussed between us as we are old acquaintances. She actually arrived just after Leo Messi had popped in the dramatic late winner! Atmosphere should be cracking at Camp Nou this week I hope. Sophie is late 20s, she was wearing a beautiful blue coat and a short, vintage style dress which made it pretty much impossible to avoid looking at her gorgeous legs. She has the smoothest skin! We sat and chatted on the sofa, over the cold white wine. A lovely catch up. She's really friendly and interested, she might come across as a little shy or quiet, but when she relaxes she is brilliant company, and as I say we go back 7 years. Anyone who has met Kinky Caitlin will know what I mean when I say her company and chat is very similar, perhaps Caitlin is slightly more gregarious, although last night was by far the most self-confident I've seen Sophie G.

She is a size 10? She's lost a little weight since we last met. Perfect legs, tiny landing strip, piercing. Lovely tattoos, small but delightfully formed breasts and gorgeous nipples. We chatted for a few minutes, watched the rerun of the goals. (she likes Barca too!) but I couldn't take my eyes off her legs.

I pulled her onto my lap and we kissed, the appreciative groan/moan she let out was more than enough indication she was in the mood. She ground down onto my cock, which soon was very hard. Kissing her is bloody sexy, under her dress was a thong and under that a delightful haven which was warm and already extremely wet! She certainly was in the mood.

Bed time.

We took the wine through and swiftly undressed after lots more erotic dfk and groping, feeling. I was bloody turned on, she too! She sat on the bed and took me in her mouth for some very deep OWO. I always shower in the final 5 minutes before a lady arrives, and this time I'd had time to shave below so I was all the smoother and therefore more sensitive. I soon had to pull away.

I lay on the bed and she sat on my face with her hands pressed against the wall. She tastes and smells divine. I love love love this part of the meet, giving deep oral, teasing the hood, a little rimming and finger play. She was moaning and writhing. I lay her on her back and continued, but today I really needed to be inside her.

Lately, for some unknown reason, I've been getting harder and more satisfying erections. I have no idea why, but wow it's great! She sat on me and we went at it. I tried and tried to last, but a few minutes in I had to come. She was absolutely soaking and suitably noisy, but not in that hideous fake actress way. Big orgasms enjoyed!

We sat and chatted and stuff, over more wine. It was 1050. She asked if she could delay her taxi, which was lovely. So I gave her a clean towel, we dressed and returned to the sofa for more chat and the rest of the wine. Her legs still looked stunning!

Around 1125 pm, off she went. Texted me a few times to say that she had got home, she had had fun, etc etc. Texted again this morning to wish me a good flight!

What a cracking girl. If you hit it off with her, she is genuine and fun. And incredibly sexy. As I said before, if you like Caitlin, you'll be similarly enthralled by Sophie. I think they'd hit it off really well together!

So, what with Sophie, Caitlin, Darcy, Annabelle, York is on the up. Very much so!
I'm delighted to see Sophie back on the scene. That was one of the best orgasms I've had for a long time.
I shall certainly be seeing her again upon my return; we already have the evening planned and I'm genuinely excited at what we've agreed upon.

Sorry if this is a long write-up. I like to read plenty of background and stuff myself, so that's how it is!

Right, I'm off to Barcelona!

 :drinks: :hi:


Yorkshire & the Humber / deniise.09 - Bradford
« by YorkshireLad on April 23, 2017, 03:42:21 PM »

30 minute incall £60

She is based at an apartment off sunbridge road near the city centre. Once in the bedroom I handed over the money & told her I wanted to cum twice. She was telling me that having more than 1 pop is bad for me as I will lose too much protein  :lol: eventually she agreed as long as I came quick the first time. She was wearing a t-shirt & shorts but quickly got naked, she has a lovely little body, tiny size 6, about 5 foot with pert little tits & big labia.
The whole thing was mechanical. There was no OWO or kissing & she was wanking my dick really fast while giving me a blowjob. I had to tell her to stop doing that & just suck...after a while I came in the condom. I asked for a massage while I recovered, it was average at best. Time for sex & I wanted her in missonary so I could grab onto her tiny waist while I fucked her. With her being so young & small I was expecting her to be tight but that was not the case & I slid in easily. She just lay there with a disinterested face while I pumped away. I came a second time, cleaned up & was on my way.
If you are wanting a GFE with an enthusiastic girl then I wouldn't recommend her. If you are just wanting a pump & dump with a slim girl & not bothered about a GFE she might be worth it.

Pretty face
Slim body

Typical Romanian service

Yorkshire & the Humber / Leena Sweet - Doncaster
« by Cm738 on April 23, 2017, 02:23:22 PM »

Met this indian delight in January.

Comms, very good booked Leena via the AW system, then txt details on the day of the meet.

Arrived at the Campanille, Doncaster, let Leena know and got a txt with her room number.

Met by Leena at the door, and she is extremely attractive, fit toned body with enhanced boobs, must explain that I have a weakness for Indian ladies!!

Bit of small talk, then jumped in shower, only a hand towell to dry though!!

Back into room and started off with a light massage, rolled over amd Leena removed her bra and went to work OWO, lots of eye contact and she went quite deep. Kissing was on the lips only, which was a bit of a shame. I then moved down her body, lingering on her boobs then down to a very sweet pussy, lots of reverse oral, which i think she enjoyed, especially when she pulled my head in deeper.

Some more OWO action, then on with the rubber, sex in cowgirl/doggy and missionary.
Leema then removed rubber and finished me off by hand.

Cleaned up, lay together for a bit chatting, then off to work it was!!

All in all maybe a wee bit robotic, but as i said Indian ladies really do it for me!!

Popped over for a visit to Vanessa (B2D4) yesterday in Market Weighton. Unfortunately some skanky bitch down south has hacked her AW profile so at the moment she is flying unaided, although she is hoping to have a new profile up and running by the end of the month.

I had arranged an hours visit at 1.30pm last weekend and confirmed on Friday night. Vanessa texted me on saturday morning asking if i could put it back until 2pm as she didnt realise she had another booking at 12 and didnt want to be rushed if it ran over, i agreed to this as it wasnt a problem for me. 12.30 text message from her saying her 12pm hadnt arrived so we can do 1.30 as originaly planned, as i was ready i set off to see her. Her house is very discreet and easy to find, parking is secure and it is a very safe area. Vanessa asks that you park away from the house and enter through the side gate into the rear of the premises.

Vanessa was waiting for me dressed in a black see through top, stocking, suspenders and the skimpiest thong you could ever imagine. After sorting the paperwrok out we sat down in her living room with a glass of wine and had a nice chat, mainly about her troubles with AW, who are not playing ball with her at the moment, luckily she has a large client base so her regulars have been a steady stream of income. She also showed me some new photos she had done this week in prepertion for her new AW profile and i must say she looked the dogs bollocks in them. Vanessa has herself down as mid forties which is true, but when you see her in the flesh she looks very much younger and has a body that defies her age. Seeing her ass in a thong is a wonderful site and something all men should experience. For those that have not had the pleasure before Vanessa is definitley a quirky sort of girl with a very laid back attitude to life, 5 minutes in her company and you instantly warm to her.

After chatting we went upstairs to the bedroom and proceeded to get naked and comfier. After lots of sensual kissing and foreplay had arroused both parties we got down to the buisness in hand, im noy going to go into too much detail but what followed was truly memorable and fun. Nothing better than someone staring longinly ionto your eyes, holding your cock and asking, " you gonna fuck me then ?".

Vanessa is by no means a clock watcher, i arrived at 1.15pm for a supposedly hour punt at £120 but left her house at 3.15pm without it being an issue to her so 2 hours for the price of one, as i said previously Vanessa is not your avaerage run of the mill WG. In fact i have never known any other Escort see you out through the back garden gate whilst standing outside stark bollock naked, she is defo unique.

As stated previously she is currently trying to sort her new AW profile so her contact details are not on the site yet so i have put her mobile number at the bottom of the thread, i would highly reccomend Vanessa to anyone who likes a nice quirky, posh totty milf, lots of fun and very liberable attitude.

Mobile Number: 07799471334.       

Yorkshire & the Humber / Mellissa Doncaster.
« by Cm738 on April 22, 2017, 05:03:19 PM »
Firstly working off mobile phone so if Admin could post a link please?

Thought i would post my review of Mellissa, as there are some negative reviews on here.

Comms were very good, as this was my second visit, booked via AW details confirmed by txt.

Located just outside Doncaster, quiet street, felt very safe with plenty of parking. Txt my arrival and given house number.

Greeted at the door by Melissa, wearing  a vest top (no bra) and panties as requested, straight up to room which was comfortable and tidy, exchanged paperwork and received a nice FK, undressed and enjoyed a soapy shared shower(had a laugh over the loose shower head!!)
A bit of OWO in shower, then dried off and onto the bed, more FK then followed, some more lovely OWO followed, with me playing with her pussy and ass.
Moved on with me giving oral for a bit, then sat back and watched her play with herself.

On with rubber, Mellissa on top ( she is very energetic!!), then into missionary, which was nice and deep as Mellissa really pulls her legs back.

Took a bit of a rest, some more OWO followed, and then moved onto doggy, with me fingering her ass.

Finally off with the rubber and had OWO to completion!!

Paid extra for the CIM.

Personally i have found Mellissa to be very engaging and chatty, maybe she has off days??

All in all very enjoyable.

Yorkshire & the Humber / GFE kiera- Sheffield
« by Wolfy123 on April 20, 2017, 01:20:26 PM »

Saw kiera yesterday around 12, was a very good punt  :thumbsup:

Price: £130 for an hour, fk, owo

Location: GFE parlour on attercliffe road, nice room with overhead mirrors  ;) and shower included

The Punt: walked into GFE and was greeted by quite a good looking blonde who asked if I had a booking (no) and then preceded to get the girls from the back, at first a buxom blonde with a nice rear-end came out who wasn't really my taste, and then kiera. Was then greeted by a very nice looking mixed race bird who asked what girl I wanted, asked for kiera and we went upstairs.

Got the shower done and paperwork sorted and then onto the bed. Its definitely the girl in the photos although she's had a few tattoos done since they were taken, nice face and green eyes and very leggy with a great arse.

Lied down and she started off with a massage before moving onto fk, she commented i was a good kisser (Thanks to Mrs Wolfy  :lol:) and went onto perform owo. Very good blowjob and it was great watching her in that mirror, carried on for 10-15 minutes before she got ontop and rode Mr Escobar  :cool: we then switched positions and it was great fucking her in missionary licked her nipples which were responsive and she seemed to enjoy a bit of neck kissing also. Another one who commented how thick I was and carried on in missionary for another 30 minutes, lots of encouraging sounds, fk etc and the occasional re-lube. At this point I felt bad as she seemed a little sore and remembered she had a full days work ahead of her  :(  :dash: so I asked her if shed rather just finish with abit of handwork and oral, she is a real champ and didn't complain once that she was sore etc. Unlike Pippa from McKenzie's  :mad: she carried on with a nice hj and this is what drove me nuts. She sucked my balls and wanked me off till I Spunked everywhere  :yahoo: amazing punt and had habit of a giggle after about how long I lasted and how Ms wolfy handles it  :D, there was no clockwatching and showered etc after, gave me a kiss goodbye and that was that. Only downside is the re-lubing but that's hardly her fault is it  :hi:

Still trying to get the hang of these reviews but any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Regards- wolfy  :hi:

Can't find her on the paradise website so apologies for not including a link. Anyway, it was 2am the other night and I had the itch bad  :dash: never been to a parlour before so I thought I'd try paradise.

Price: £60 + £10 entry for a surprisingly good punt

Location: Paradise as I'm sure you know is located near Hilton hotel, you're greeted by one bouncer at the door when you walk in and then you have to wait for another door inside to open, was £10 entry fee as stated above. Was full off Asian lads inside giving me a good stare down but im a big lad and can hanfle myself so nothing intimidating (may be different during the day?), was taken to two girls, one EE who was nothing special and another with black hair and quite a funny Manchester twang with her EE accent called Leah. So I went for Leah and was led upstairs to the punt  :cool:

The Punt: Leah's a nice looking girl with wavy, medium length black hair and nice features. She has a nice slim body (not petite) with quite a nice arse, began with her explaining the two 'services' I get, which included cumming once, massage, then cumming again. Exchanged money and then she began with  surprisingly good oral, protected but there was a good mix of depth and handwork to get me hard. She then asked if I was ready to fuck and I told her climb ontop, carried on like this for a little bit and then she asked to switch over (missionary). This annoyed me a little as it always does but I didn't complain, climbed ontop and pushed into her and she then commented how thick Mr Escobar is which turned me into a very happy bunny. Proceeded to fuck her at a good pace for a good 30 minutes she then commented how much stamina I had and went into doggy. Lots of encouraging sounds etc nothing too over the top just how I like it, popped after about 5 minutes and she high fived me mentioning how she hasn't had anyone last that long in a while and I was the one fucking her! Just got a massage for the remaining 10 minutes and had a nice chat with her before going home.

Conclusion: All in all a very good punt and VFM, would return but maybe not so late, Leah's a great girl if you just need to shoot a few out and I recommend!

-Wolfy  :hi:

Yorkshire & the Humber / Starnatlia - Morley
« by Robbo111166 on April 19, 2017, 08:13:49 PM »
Here's my first review so forgive me if my reporting is not great. It's with the now famous Starnatalia.

Profile name; Starnatalia[/b]
Service ; OWO, GFE. Covered penetration CIM.

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/1613163 or https://www.adultwork.com/starnatalia - Get QR Code

Price £100 for 1 hr

Comms; text for number on profile on AW.

Appearance; size 12 , age 33, 10 put of 10. Russian girl.

Venue; upstairs flat in Morley, No.51 bus from Leeds stops around corner

Visit; booked earlier in the week for early morning visit. Arrived on time and buzzed bottom on door which was answered straight away. On entering the sight that met me at the top of the stairs was stunning. Starnatalia is very comfortable with her body and who could blame her. On into the bedroom and was greeted with a full blowing kiss, no holding back. She soon had us both stripped down and ready for action. OWO for starters for about 15/20 mins, doing all I could to stop myself coming, this girl knows how to give oral. On with cover and she climbed on board cowgirl. What a lovely sight to see her on top with a full length mirror at bottom of the bed for a great add view. Needless to say it wasn't long till I filled the condom. Only half an hour gone of the hour booking.
        We then lay on the bed talking about everything and anything . She loves to talk but in a good way, not ranting. After a couple of minutes offered a massage, sure why not as I'm usually only a one shot man. 5 mins or so of this she says time for round 2. OWO for about 20 mins where she wouldn't give in until I coulding hold back any longer I exploded. She drained the last drop from me with CIM. For me that's some achievement, twice in the one hour.
       Showered after with lots more chat. She promised to get three pops next time and I believe she would work hard in getting it. Never rushed at all, even stayed over the hour.

Will definitely be seeing her again, one of the best in Leeds. IF CARLSBERG DID WORKING GIRLS, STARNATALIA WOULD BE THERE BEST.


https://www.adultwork.com/3529829 or https://www.adultwork.com/xx+%7E+Amber+%7E+xx

Not sure whether this actually qualifies as a review as we didn't actually meet. It can be moved if necessary.

Amber's profile had been floating around my HL for a while solely based on the fact she looks FAF in her gallery and she is local. I could only find one reference to her on UKP so decided I would take the chance.

Phoned her on the number published and had a pleasant chat with her. She was available that afternoon and I agreed for a 1 hr meet. She was working from a well known hotel near Nether Edge.

I called her again as I arrived in the car park. It was at this stage that the great advice frequently shared on this forum and the experience of previous meets kicked in. Rather than go into the meet hoping what I was expecting was going to happen, I decided to clarify before hand.

"Amber, I have read your profile and you make it clear that you do not do oral without, I assume that is still the case?"

"Yeah, I only do covered oral"

"Do you kiss?"

"No ....."

"Do you do reverse oral?"

"No ..... I'm not saying you have anything however STI's can live at the back of the mouth"

"Arh, ok .... that is a game changer for me as I do enjoy that. I will not be seeing you....."

And at that point I decided to bail. Meet would have been £130 ...

That is it .... Not the most comprehensive review however if someone is planning to meet her, gives a little bit of background.

 :unknown: :unknown:

Yorkshire & the Humber / Hornyessexbabe - Rotherham
« by wilson1962 on April 19, 2017, 08:42:26 AM »
Profile Name: Hornyessexbabe

Location: Her house. Terraced house in Rotherham, not far from Meadowhall. the house was untidy and needs 'looking; after. Bedroom was big enough and bed big and clean. Parking is best done on the approach road as her street is a dead end and difficult to turn around at the end

AW profile link: www.adultwork.com/2260422 or https://www.adultwork.com/hornyessexbabe

Services:  OWO, Penetration (Protected),   CIM Fingers inside, anal play on me, rimming both ways.

Price: £50 – 30 Mins 

Communication: One AW message and a phone call to arrange.

Physical Appearance: Attractive, nice face, slim body, A Cups, size 10, dark  hair, nice ass, small boobs but very and responsive nipples.

Age: 27ish, could be 34ish

Height: 5’9

Dress Size: Size 10

Nationality: English
Hygiene: Good
Service:  Arrived near her house at the arranged  time I was sent a text saying she was ready for me. I had asked her to be wearing as little as she dare when she let me in. The front door was open and I got a "come in" shout, she was fully dressed and doing the cats litter tray. Not a good start! she soon came over gave my a big sloppy kiss and said sorry, Lets go up. by the time we got to the stairs her top was off and her small boobs were on show. I used the bathroom, Again clean enough but wouldn't do for me at home! By the time I got to the bedroom she was naked and laying on the bed and exposing her nice full pussy lips. I lay next to her on the bed and she snogged my face off with deep FK. Soon she dived down to my now very hard cock and started to give deep wet DT . She then moved on to pay attention to my balls licking and sucking them, She then moved further down and started to lick my bum hole, This was expertly done and very welcome. Back with her lips to my cock with fer fingers playing with my bum hole and them very gently she pushed a finger into my bum and continued to suck for England!! I had to stop her as I wanted to give her pussy a licking too. So between her legs and up close with her meaty lips, she loved it and it was not long before I had her clit very hard, my fingers playing with her cervix and she came like a train! She produced the condom but I asked to wait a while so we could go into 69. Another great few mins before she shuddered  again. She lay next to me and we kissed, asked her if she wanted a rest but no, on to the main event. She put the cover on and jumped on my cock. her head went back and she said " oh God i'm going to cum". then suddenly she said fuck me doggy, I love that. So doggy it was. and she was determined to cum and she did. Finished? No. into mish and off I went again, her head back again and she shuddered under me again. I asked if we could do CIM and so off with the cover and she went between my legs again. Sloppy wet, deep BJ. I exploded in her mouth with my hips raising from the bed, she got a full load! Next thing I know she is deep french kissing me again and giving me back my salty juice. Loved this. A quick clean up and chat, Paid my £50 and off I go .

Timekeeping: Good
Positives: Good service provider ,Experienced 

Negatives: The state of the house
Would I visit again: Not sure, good sex but would be better in a hotel or par lour.
Summary: She is a good service provider but the location and house not tidy is a negative. Would probably return in a few months but not rush back. Does that say it all?


Over a period of weeks this young lady kept coming to my attention when browsing adultwork/vivastreet . Pictures looked good, blonde, big boobs, slims figure ticked all the right boxes.

A quick call and arranged a meeting for the evening, £50 for 30 minutes confirmed, allows kissing but no DFK. Was told to head towards top of Leeds Road BD3.

On arrival I was given instructions to come to a flat above a shop on the main road, access via back of the shop. The back yard was a bit scruffy and the front door needed a lick of paint.
The flat was a bit grotty but there was little I could do as I needed my balls emptying.


Candy opened the door and I thought I was in for a treat, the pictures are very accurate, nice ass, big boobs. She wasn’t wearing anything special but she looked hot.

The meet
Paperwork sorted and she disappeared into the bathroom, could hear her speaking to someone else (another girl). She came back to the bedroom undressed, I was looking forward to helping her out of her clothes but it was a bit late for that.

As I sat on the bed she knelt in front of me and started to tug on the old soldier, I informed her I needed warming up with kisses and cuddles rather than strangling the old fella. She ignored me and continued, at this point I was semi hard, she got the bag on and was giving me a blow job (not particularly well it has to be said).

We move on to mish but I'm not enjoying it so suggest she get on top, she replies " no, I don’t like, have you finished?" I'm thinking WTF, we are only 10 min into the meet, the old soldier is also losing interest so ask her to give me hand job to revive the old fella, takes  5 minutes but I'm ready. At this point she notifies me that my 30 minutes is nearly up, I tell her it’s been 15 minutes and suggest doggy.  A quick bash from behind and I empty my balls into the bag. She helps me clean up and starts spraying herself with deodorant and the room with air freshener, maybe she had another punter lined up.

Would I return
Fuck no!

Pictures accurate
Really fit
Big boobs

Scruffy flat
Crap service
Very robotic, no enthusiasm

She could make a fortune if she provided a good service, I was rushed out of there in less than 20 minutes, Avoid like the plaque is my advice.


Yorkshire & the Humber / CATHY THE FAMOUS ONE. Leeds
« by Home Alone on April 18, 2017, 01:29:16 PM »


INTRO:  Well, after my recent spontaneous punt, I was back to old habits; checking my Hotlists of ‘Reasonably-Priced MILFs along the M62’ before booking a punt. As my last visit had been to Lancashire Minx, I was due to take my cash across the Pennines and what better idea than see the most reasonably-priced of the White Rose lasses still on my Yorkshire HL, namely Cathy the Famous One?

COMMS:  Impressive.  I left a voicemail message on Cathy’s phone number, which I’d got from a Regional Board on which she advertises.  She got back to me within minutes and we’d agreed a time and the duration of my visit on a date a few days’ hence.  She gave me the full postcode so that I could sort out my route to her.

LOCATION:  I actually knew from other sources that her premises were above a parade of shops so once I’d got to the area, I knew pretty well where I was.  I rang to confirm which was the shop in question and how to get to the flat above.
Once I was in the flat, however, the first disappointment of the punt occurred.  I’ve visited various Escorts’ flats over the years  but I honestly can’t remember punting in an untidier one than this.

The bedroom was fairly small and most of it was taken by a large flat-screen TV showing Porn - why DO some Escorts do that? :unknown: I surely can’t be the only punter with absolutely zero interest in Porn when I’ve turned up ready to do the deed; the bed; and, on the far side of the bed where I was trying to get undressed, a row of pairs of high-heeled shoes.

LOOKS:  Cathy’s face is obscured in her AW Gallery [no Private Gallery] but the photos in that Gallery were an accurate representation of her petite physique so I’ve no doubt that they are of her.  She's a little doll and fit as fook!

ACTION:  However, I was a further disappointed when Cathy offered to get me a glass of water while I was getting my kit off. :(  Now, perhaps I’m getting picky in my old age; but even in a Parlour, you can surely expect a cup of tea or coffee while you’re getting ready for action, can't you?  And when she returned with a smaller wine glass than I’ve held for a lo-o-ong time!, well, that just compounded my disappointment.

Which was further increased when she asked if I wanted to start with a massage.  No, I did not! :thumbsdown:

To me, that’s the sign of a Parlour Girl; and, with two or three exceptions over the last 10 years - usually when I needed a shag, had been let down and hadn’t a ‘Plan B’ to put in place, I’ve “graduated” from using Parlours to visiting Escorts.  With whom I want to get down and dirty at the earliest opportunity in the time I’ve paid for.

So we got down to business.  I’d made a point of saying to her when I went to the bathroom that I was going “to freshen up and clean my teeth.”  I said the latter for two reasons: it’s an essential introduction to a session for me; and I’m sure I’d heard recently on one of the grapevines that she no longer offers DFK, despite both French Kissing and French Kissing (discretion) featuring on her AW “Enjoys” list.  Sure enough, there was no contact between her tongue muscle and mine. :(

To be fair, once we were past the preremptory kissing, I had a good service, comprising what’s usually on my shopping list: a BJ - pretty good, although not as dirty as some girls offer; energetic reverse oral, which was on a really clean pussy which felt fresh, and 69, which led to Cathy climbing aboard for a strenuous session - longer than I can often manage - of penetration in CG.

RETURN?  As I say, perhaps I’m getting picky in my old age, but there were so many things about this punt that I wouldn’t expect from a visit to an Escort: the state of the flat; the minuscule refreshments; the offer of a massage to take up some of my time; and the total absence of DFK that more than counteracted the enjoyment of “doing the deed”.  This is the FR I mentioned in this post: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=139600.msg1548290#msg1548290

RECOMMEND?  Perhaps my expectations as an older punter used to be less exacting than some members of this Board, but the more FRs I post, the higher those expectations are becoming.

So despite the fact that Cathy has a lot of positive FRs on here, I feel that, based on my recent experience, I could only recommend her to anyone in the area who’d been let down and needed a ‘Plan B’ at short notice.

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/4040638 or https://www.adultwork.com/selina+english - Get QR Code

£70 for 30 mins  Nr on profile 075216 52969
  Comms a bit slow to start but  once she realises you're not a time waster she's okay
  Own property which is nice enough clean and tidy
  It's her in the photos age 36 but really 42 or43

  Face 6/7. Body  slight mixed race so a nice colour with dark pussy lips ( trimmed which was a bonus)    All starting to go south a little bit, slightly saggy boobs and arse. But not too bad.
A Pleasant woman

   Into the room and immediately got the sense that this wasn't going to go right, she straightaway took all her underwear off, everything was too rushed by half.

Kissing  very perfunctory definitely not DFK.   Slight smell of pussy, not a  fishyfoo but just strong so  didn't go down. So touching her up, but before I had even started she is doing all the ooh aah noises a real turn off.
  I had hardly got started doing this when she decides its owo time ,not too bad but not enough of a vacuum to do much good, no DT  and before I know it she has grabbed a condom and jumped on or tried to but she wasn't ready so I suggest some lube - too much and it's everywhere,
 ( what a catalogue of disasters) back into cg and lifted her bum up so that I could thrust up and she did respond to this, into mish which we both enjoyed to completion.
 I could have  slowed down a bit to make it last a bit longer but just couldn't be arsed .  I was more than a bit disappointed with how it turned out and just wanted to be out of there.

Cleaned up a bit of a chat and back in the car in 25 minutes.That says it all she really she just wants you in, come ,and out again as fast as possible.  Never been to a  parlour but I got the impression she had learnt all her tricks there.

 She says she loves touring and has a shared place in Huddersfield, expect to see her in York and Canary Wharf soon, I notice she is in Manchester at the moment.

 She might be okay if she could get rid of her bad habits let's hope she reads  this .  Joe





Not been punting long, I have used this site so wanted to give something back,  1st review so feedback welcome!

Had a look on adultwork and this young lady took my fancy. I like em slim & young, she fit the criteria perfectly.

Coms were good and quickly arranged to see here later that day, no issues. £40 for 30 min, asked her if she will allow kissing, got told will be £10 extra (no DFK)

Working from a flat on Otley road BD2, not the best looking flat but certainly not the worst.

The Meet

Got there and called the number, A young lady answered the phone (not Franchesca) and gave me some directions to the flat.
Got inside and sorted the paperwork out (£50), Francesca English is not the best but she understands key words like "blow job", "Doggy"   :)   :).
Got undressed and kissed her all over, nice small boobs and very soft ass. 5 minutes later and the soldier is ready for the mission!

A quick blow job (covered), not particularly good, used her hands too much for my liking, so asked her to get on top. Then on to mish, by now shes making all the right noises. I was about to blow my load so a bit more kissing and we're onto doggy. It was a very nice sight, Me pounding her from behind and before I know it I filled the bag up.

Cleaned up and a bit of chat whilst we dress.

Overall I enjoyed the punt, so much that I returned the following week for another go.

Pictures are accurate
No rush, not a clock watcher

Blow job involved too much hands
Bedroom was red hot


Yorkshire & the Humber / Barbara_Goldilocks touring Leeds
« by BLINDBOB25 on April 16, 2017, 04:52:55 PM »
So the urge got me again whilst at work so onto AW to see who was available, was it a HL girl or a random search. Well up came Barbara who was touring and it was her first day in Leeds.
So back onto here for some research and all seemed good with a couple of green reports.

 https://www.adultwork.com/2265066 or https://www.adultwork.com/Barbara%5FGoldilocks

Comms were by text and all very good. I requested an hour booking a little later that today. She was staying in a popular easy to access hotel near the station. Knowing the hotel is knew parking would not be a problem.
Once parked up I fired a text to say I was ready when she was, just a note this was 10 minutes before the booked time, not a problem I am just finishing off getting ready so give me a minute was the reply.
Into the hotel is went, I was contemplating getting a drink at the bar thinking it may be a wait, but how wrong was I am couple of minutes later the shout for come to room xxx.
Off I went knocked on the door and it opened with no one there as normal drill.
Dorset shut and behind it was Barbara.
Appearance was a tall lady not much off 6ft. Exactly as her profile picture. Age I would say as statEd late twenties. Size 10 and lovely flowing ginger has. Facial features are surprisingly unique in that she looks odd in a quirky sort of way, but very FAF. She was dressed in heels and a skin tight green dress
Greeted with a kiss and plenty of tongue action. So informal chat with kisses then I proceeded to the shower.
On return I found her sat on the bed waiting for me, I also noted  as I looked up her skirt she was knickerless.great site
I joined her on the bed more full on kissing as my hand went up her skirt. Next she kissed her way down my body and then started to give me full on OWO, slow down girl, I was ready to pop straight away.
My turn for some action with her, off with the dress and her books were out, I am having some of them as I devoured on her nipped. I moved down further to find a clean fresh shaven pussy that tasted delicious. As I gave her some tongue action and fingered her arsenal she played with her pussy, she started to moan and I sensed her getting wetter and wetter then the moans began as she came whilst I liked her pussy. Now she was wet she guided my fingers into her and slowly took more fingers until it was full on fisting boy was she loving this as she continued to rub her Clit. More juices flowed over my hand. Now it was my turn so on with the hood and into doggy I began to thrust into her and as she pushed back I pushed my thumb up her arse. We then moved into mish so I could kiss her and again thrust away as we passionately kissed . I then felt the urge coming so withdrew off with the condom and shot all over her boobs as she rubbed it in.
A quick clean up and chat then we started to kiss again, however I thought I was spent, but Barbara had other ideas, back down my body she went and sucked the old man back to life, then question is could she make me Cumbria for a second time. As she sacked she was doing something with her nails on my balls that I have never experienced before, it was like a scratching sensation but very erotic. My turn to moan as I slipped my fingers into her. Then she unwrapped a condom put her fingers in it and proceeded to slide them in my arsenal in a nice sensational way as she wanked me. She then massaged my prostrate as she tugged me off this did the trick and for a surprisingly second time I came. What a good feeling that was.
A clean up and shower we chatted and kissed then it was time to leave.
On leaving it checked the time and I had been there nearly 15mins overtime, and to be fair never felt rushed.
I paid £150 for the hour.

Overall a really good punt, well worth the money and a couple of new sensations had by me. This girl is experienced and knows what to do. Would I see again, a definite yes, just hope Leeds was good for her and she does a return.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Angelwings84 - Leeds £70/30 mins
« by Babu on April 16, 2017, 01:46:00 PM »

Made arrangements to see Angelwings on the day with a phone call and booked in for 30 mins. Up to Clarence Dock and she gave instructions to get up to the flat which were slightly convoluted but I made it up without a problem.

In to the front room and Angel offered me a drink and asked me to get comfortable in the bedroom whilst she brushed her teeth in the kitchen sink. She came in to the bedroom and quickly left to wash her hands, this signaled that we wasn't shower fresh and ready to go.

Back in the bedroom we started to kiss passionately whilst stood up with lots of tongues and Angel dropped on her knees to give me a BJ. This was decent, she was going deep and I fucked her mouth a little. On to the bed and I got a lick of her pussy that thankfully tasted fine. We got a condom on and she rode me in cowboy, then we swapped to spoons then to doggy and finished off in mish where I filled the condom with a really satisfying ending.

She helped clean me up and I got my clothes on and left with a final kiss. Overall this was punt was good but the fact that she wasn't fresh out of the shower annoyed me a little and I probably won't see her again.

www.adultwork.com/HennessyhornI took a bit of a gamble seeing this girl as she didn't really seem my type, preferring slightly slimmer/taller girls, but as she'd been in my Hot List for a while I thought I'd give her a try. She works in a parlour near the town centre about 3 mins walk from the station. Easy to find with discrete entrance. Hennessy met me at the door wearing a sort of short tight dress with see thru top part.showing her pierced nipples.no underwear. I booked her for the half hour/ £60 service. She is a very chatty and friendly girl with gorgeous seductive come to bed eyes and lovely white skin which I find a real turn on.She gives fantastic OWO, is full of energy and eager to please and seems to enjoy what she does. Her pussy is very tight and I actually managed to finish off inside her, covered of course, which I'm finding increasingly difficult to do lately even with my favourite regular. Perhaps it's an age thing but this girl restored the faith in myself. I recommend this girl and will hopefully see her again.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Sexi Millie - Doncaster
« by mrfishyfoo on April 15, 2017, 06:34:19 PM »
Why am I so fucking weak ?? I promised myself a break from fanny as my habit is becoming somewhat “continuous” at the moment.

Oh yeah that’s right coz there’s fanny like this to fuck.

https://www.adultwork.com/4048220  or https://www.adultwork.com/sexi+millie+

The short version.

A full scale attack form a cock hungry nymphomaniac who knows exactly what she’s doing and how to do it. This really was one of the best punts I’ve had for quite some time.

The booking process.

Piece of piss. A flurry of texts and a 30 minute phone call while she was driving back to the hotel after an outcall.

The waiting game.

What waiting game. This was a spur of the moment I’m going to fuck your arse type of punt. I was fucking Millie 4 hours after the idea entered my head.

The Venue.

French Place in Doncaster.

First I am going to describe her.

I spotted Millie as soon as she appeared on AWank and filed her in my one to watch list. She then picked up a bit of AWank feedback and that got my attention. Millie’s AWank profile really gives nothing away, it does her no favours at all. If it wasn’t for a very favourable review on this site I would have passed her by.

Millie claims to be 5’6” tall size 8 with 34DD’s and she says her hair is dark coloured.

Well the lass that opened the door to me fits this description. I do though reckon her age is generous and that early 30’s is more like it.

Millie is IMHO a superb example of what a size 8 lass should look and feel like body wise. She’s a horsy girl so even though she isn’t gym bunny toned she’s lithe and totally fat free. I do believe that she’s got one of the best bodies it’s been my pleasure to lick in quite some time. Oh and her face isn’t far behind, it’s rounded with “suck me in” dark brown eyes. I’d say she’s top end girl next door bordering on model pretty, she really is IMHO that good to look at. I reckon her stats are 34-24-32 and that her tits are the DD’s she claims albeit they are enhanced.

She’s had kids, the stretch marks are there if you know what to look for, and a tummy tuck at some stage. Her midriff has a very well done inking that hides the evidence very nicely. She’s also got a small tramp stamp at the base of her back.

Have to say I was well pleased that this gorgeous woman was soon to be sucking then sitting on my cock. Actually that’s bollocks I was absolutely delighted with the lass that was in front of me.
The meeting.

I arrived on time and let Millie know I was there. By return I got an “I’m running behind and still haven’t got ready yet” text and I thought to myself FFS here we go. Well I’ll give her credit here as Millie suggested I go to the bar and get a drink, which she would pay for, and that she’d come and get me. I responded “No thanks, how’s about letting me in and we can chat as you get ready”. Millie let me know what room number it was and that she would leave the door open and make it up to me for keeping me waiting. Can’t ask for more than can I, so up I went. The room door was open and as I knocked on it Millie called “come on in hunni I’m in the shower.”

In I went and stuck my head room the corner of the bathroom door. All I could think was OMFG !!! WOW !!! She’s fit !!! Millie said hello and asked me “What you waiting for ??” Not a lot actually as I ripped my clothes off and joined Millie in the shower. Now it’s been a while since I’ve started a punt like this and I have to say it really is the best way a punt can begin IMHO other than a shared bath. Well we washed each other down and then the attack began as the tongue war started as we snogged each other’s faces off. This for me was “utter bliss” as we tweaked each other’s nipples, licked necks and ears and explored each other’s bodies with our fingers. Oooh she’s got a pierced clit.

I was cock hard in no time and raring to go.

Time to get dried, Millie went into the room first where I found her lying on the bed playing with herself. Well I just pounced on her and the assault continued, think there was a competition to see who could get their tongue in the furthest, as we snogged each other’s face off. Fucking intense is all I can describe it as. Not sure how she did it as Millie ended up laying on me as she licked and sucked her way down my body before she just “consumed” my cock. FUCK ME she can suck cock.

All the time this was going on the banter between us was really full on. The filth, as we put into words what we were going to do to each other in our time together, was just superb. Time to up the ante as I told Millie to sit on my face. What a sight as she placed her delightful bald neutral tasting pussy on my face and just writhed and ground herself into me whilst taking my full length into her mouth and down her throat. Well I licked and slurped away at her fanny and arse as I rimmed her and then slipped my index finger all the way into her bumhole. Time for a quick sniff, no issues there, then I tongue fucked her arse and fanny. I reckon she was liking this as her cock sucking was becoming erratic until she finally stopped, sat up, and had a shuddering orgasm all over my face. Let’s put it another way if she’s a faker then she damned good at it as I was now soaked in her lady juices.

Millie then lay on the bed and started playing with herself as she said to me “You gonna fuck me now then”. Well actually I had a slightly different plan as I produced a butt plug and suggested she needed it up her arse. No objections from Millie as she oiled herself up and then I inserted the butt plug up her arse.

Fuck time as we continued the tirade of filth while Millie applied the condom. Millie then pulled her legs wide open and gave me that “come on then big boy do your best” look as I mounted her intending to take it nice and steady. Millie had other ideas as she grabbed my hips, pulled me in deep and thrust back hard as she talked utter filth and demanded I fuck her even harder. How could I refuse as I bent her double so that her ankles were by her ears and really went for it. FFS the cheeky cow says to me “That the best you can manage ??” as she again grabbed my hips, pulled me in as deep as I could go and started to thrust back at me whilst “screaming” “fuck me harder big boy fuck me harder fuck me faster”. Damn she’s enthusiastic as she uttered the magic words “I’m gonna fucking cum” and had another shuddering orgasm beneath me. This was getting to be all too much for me as I could feel the sap rising and I was on the point of blowing my load.

Cock out, condom off, Millie sat up and into her mouth my cock went. Millie then snogged my face off, I could taste cum so even though it wasn’t what I would call proper snowballing I can only presume she swallowed as I saw no evidence of her spitting or anything else.

Millie then lay at my side and caressed and kissed my body and in no time whatsoever mini me was back in the game. No that’s unfair she was absolutely all over me like a rash. Time for another condom and then she mounted me in cowgirl and proper pummelled me as she ground and bounced on me. Millie now really made me smile as she said to me “About that drink….I fancy one now do you mind if I go to the bar and get a bottle of wine ??” Well of course I didn’t mind and actually I needed a rest as I felt fucked and we still had an hour to go. Millie hopped off but instead of letting her go to the bar I shoved her back onto to the bed and gave her another licking, slipped one then two fingers up her as I played hunt the g-spot until she came again. That piercing makes it easy.

Millie now got dressed into some outrageously tight skinny jeans and a tiny top. I hadn’t seen her with any clothes on till now and I must state she did look rather good. She said to me words along the lines of “Clocks stopped now till I get back”. Good girl as she still had the butt plug up her arse.

Millie returned about 5, maybe at most 10, minutes later with a decent red and 2 glasses. The wine got opened, we both had a quick slurp and then I got to unwarp my present as we faced each other and the attack resumed as Millie stuck her tongue in my mouth and snogged my face off as I undressed her.

Back to the action as Millie dropped to her knees and just devoured my cock as she took my full length into her mouth and down her throat. Did I say she’s a good cock sucker ?? Well it would be rude not to so I face fucked her for good measure. I then indicated for her to stand, before pushing her onto the bed so that I could give her another licking and fingering, then the fucking continued.

On with another condom before Millie mounted me in cowgirl and rode me like a “woman possessed” before “rolling” over as she pulled me ontop of her with my cock still in her for even more furious missionary. Again I could feel the sap rising so I asked for a change of position. Reverse cowgirl time as Millie now used me as she continued to give me a right fucking before demanding that I again fuck her from behind. So fucking enthusiastic so fucking full on OMFG this lass really does put on a show, either that or she’s a sex crazy nymphomaniac that just loves cock.

Time for the butt plug to exit the party as I lubed up the end of the condom that was still on my cock, applied some to her arse and slid into her. Fuck me she thrust back as I entered her so on the first stroke I was balls deep up her arse. That made her wince and I reckon she regretted that immediately. Well I’ll give her credit as there are lasses that I’ve fucked up the bum that have let me keep on going when it was hurting them but not this lass. The torrent of filth continued as she told me what a dirty bastard I was for fucking her arse. This went on for a couple of minutes and then Millie asked if we could go back to fanny, good girl that was well handled, which I didn’t have a problem with. Being honest her arse was that tight it was starting to get uncomfortable for me as well.

Condom change and then back to furious missionary then more doggie as I asked her to hold her hands behind her back took a firm hold and just “smashed her” to the sound of the filth that was exiting both our mouths.

Damn I’m getting old as I had to wave the white flag and ask for another rest.

We lay together on the bed, cuddled and kissed, drank wine and chilled for all of not very long at all.

Back to cock sucking, well actually more like cock worship, as my cock went down Millie’s throat. Superb deep throat skills as there was no sign of gagging whatsoever. My balls got licked and sucked, good girl as she got both my balls in her mouth and just toyed with them, the eye contact was spot on and then it was time for another condom.

On to the home straight as we fucked furiously in doggie, then missionary. Millie came again which did the trick for me as she clamped onto my cock and I exploded in the condom while buried balls inside her.

Time check and the clock said we were now into this fuckfest for just over 2½ hours plus “wine stop” so I can’t be complaining about clock watching whatsoever.

Time to get dressed and leave. Another shower was offered which I declined as it was getting on.

I sorted the business and Millie again ate my face off at the door and said to me “Thanks for coming to see me. I really enjoyed that and would love to do it again.” That buttered my ego nicely.

I eventually got back to my car 2¾ hours after I left it a very happy and well fucked chappy.

The money bit.

I paid £280 all in for 2 hours of Millie’s time.

In conclusion.

A full scale attack form a cock hungry nymphomaniac who knows exactly what she’s doing and how to do it. This really was one of the best punts I’ve had for quite some time.

It really has been a while since I clicked with a lass like I did with this one. She gave me a right fucking the likes of which even my favourite ladies only manage once in a while.

Last but not least.

If ever I have had a YMMV punt this was it. Millie was really full on and just a little lot bonkers whilst being really good fun. I wonder how much of Millie’s “ferocity” can be attributed to the wine ??

Regardless of this I came twice on a 2 hour punt, well 2 ½ hours actually, which is just about fucking unheard of for me.

For me this really was a top punt.

I can’t wait to do that again !!!

Yorkshire & the Humber / 28Megan - Leeds
« by Herman1000 on April 15, 2017, 01:15:15 PM »

Recently saw this lass at her place in Leeds (Idk Leeds that well but it's heading towards Horsforth area). Comms were good throughout and I called as discussed to get actual location once I was in the area. House is located on a quiet but not completely discreet street. The house itself was pretty tidy and Megan immediately welcomed me with a kiss and offered me a drink. She then led me upstairs and we sorted out the paperwork. Then onto some more kissing. She was wearing a very nice slip on green dress and started gyrating against me and I could feel my dick twitching. Wanting more I lifted her dress up slightly and my oh my, what a view... no panties! I gave her arse a few light smacks and then soon slipped her out of the dress and had her lie on the bed as I went South to taste possibly the sweetest pussy I've encountered yet. Her vocal noises increased and after a while we flipped over and had her sitting on my face while I was really going for it as she grabbed the headboard. Eventually she came and collapsed on top of me for a few seconds. But it wasn't too long before she was taking off my boxers and giving some light head. Not deep throat or anything but nice enough. I could soon feel myself heading toward the point of no return and asked her to lie down. I then knelt beside her and finished all over her lovely boobs. She seemed to enjoy it and said she loved pearl necklaces  :D

She then offered me a light massage which I accepted and we talked for a while about anything and everything. She tried to get me going for round 2 and I was eager to go with it but unfortunately the old chap wasn't having it that day  :cry:

Not the best meet I've ever had and probably not in my top 5 but all in all I thought it was a very good meet apart from no round 2 but that wasn't her fault - she did try! Her arse is to die for and her perky tits was lovely to play with too.

I had the pleasure of Carmel last year and although I've planned to go back a few times, work and other stuff has got in the way. I can't honestly rate Carmel high enough but I am just getting round to entering a full review..

If you look at her profile its very simple and her images are excellent as it gives you the idea shes stunning but you still want to go see the rest of her body. She was very accommodating in arranging a date and her comms were excellent. Finding the spot and parking is easy and safe and she arrived at the door in a dress and appeared very sexy. She took me upstairs and we started with a kiss which lead on to me undressing her slowly. I couldn't stop kissing her stunning body as I took off her sexy underwear.....I took it off very slowly and enjoyed each second of it.

We moved on to oral both ways and she is very very very very very very very good at oral and almost makes you cum early. I could have just spent time licking her pussy and it got very wet and she was very responsive. On moving on to sex we did it in a few positions with a condom on and shes gets you very excited. I eventually shot all over her perfect breasts and then helped her clean up....

Overall - I can't recommend Carmel enough as shes a charming lady with a stunning stunning stunning body who actually enjoys sex and being with you during the hour, it made a real change. She also let me pay at the end which considering it was my first time with her she was very trusting.

Do not miss out on her!

https://www.adultwork.com/3202366 or https://www.adultwork.com/Carmel%2Dx%2Dsnow

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