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Yorkshire & the Humber / Eveline - x Sheffield
« by sheffielder on Today at 08:59:28 AM »
£40 15 mins just a basic blow & go.

Based in firth park on one of the side roads from the main road with all the shops.

Pictures are acurate. Good attitude.

Only a basic punt so not much to right home about. Great blow job deep and sucked Very hard. Was very eager to make sure I enjoyed my self and was very accommodating.  Finished in dogy with her pushing back hard.


Yorkshire & the Humber / Kira (Ebony) - York
« by Kendrig on Today at 12:04:51 AM »
Fancied meeting a new ebony for a while, Kira has been on my HL for a while. Had a plan a cancel with plenty of notice,  so checked HL for availability.  Apologies upfront thinking about this review travelling back, this may be a bit fluffy, and a tad long.

https://www.adultwork.com/2632898 or https://www.adultwork.com/kira%5F299

Location & Comms Nice 2 storey appt, York , near York Brewery. Multi-storey car park a couple of minutes walk away. Rang in morning answered straight away, arranged for later in day, confirmed with aw booking. Txt 1 hour before booking, asked if could bring forward, I was in area so agreed.

Tha Lass Aw profile correct - age 21 reckon thats close, slim size 6, nice responsive nipples size b boobs, gorgeous firm ass, great legs about 5'8". Seen her face picture before, so knew what was expecting. Looks would give her a 6-7, but found her more attractive throughout the punt. Has a tongue piercing, tattoos on left shoulder, left side of belly and few across her chest. Belly not gym fit, slight pot but no fat. Wearing white fishnets and basque.

Summary So you don't have to read rest of this dribble. FK very sensual throughout, owo good technique, not total Deepthroat, mild Facefuck, great eye contact. RO, sex cowgirl, reverse cg - excellent, mish, with a bit of spanking thrown in. Never had a lass cum so many times. Booking started 10mins early and finished 10mins after finish time. Anal and rimming not available, didn't ask for cim.

The Action Rang as approached door, hides behind door, opens , gives FK on entering then follow fantastic arse up the stairs. Kissing continues at the bed lots of groping, hand cash then shower. Chatting as having shower, come out straight into more FK not deep but sensual. Hands groping get me hard, and drops down to give owo, lots of head action, soft slow good technique, quite wet. Move to the bed, owo continues getting deeper not DT, plenty of attention to balls. She turns to side and give a few gentle slaps of her ass, she likes it.

My turn flip her over onto her back for some RO, she's shaven freshly showered. There's no kidding when this lass cums f**k you know it. Few licks around lips, tease her clit, moans feel a bit fake. Well finger hunting her g spot, flicking her button, she's grinding her face, hips rising , get her to the edge a couple of times and stop. Great her eyes are like 'moons' she wanted to come. Haha. We get into 69 she gives some more excellent head. Now playing with g spot, finger in her ass and flicking her button with my tongue. The attention to my cock has gone, God she's vocal, pushing hard against me, f*k my face is lathered. She lays back for a couple of mins to regather. Now I reckon this bit of pleasure on her,  made the rest of the punt go so well.

Now throughout the sex, constant kissing, sensual, her nipples are really responsive loves them flicked and slight nibbles, and finger thumb action. Nipples become bullets. Into cowgirl slow sensual constant leaning in for kiss, great rotation technique pussy is quite tight, squatting is great deeper and both get in a good rhythm, she's soaking, get her to lean back and her play with her pussy, grab her hips and slam her down hard, grabs my hands and starts fucking harder, f**k me she comes again, biting her bottom lip and really moaning, there's no faking at all. Ask her if she has a submissive nature, "yes, but only when I can trust the person, and met before".

Swap to reverse cg, now this was excellent.  Slow rotational technique to squatting to a fast tempo. She has a cracking ass. Tell her to grab my feet and take it slowly full length, great view. I'd have paid the rate just for this view. Occasional my thumb strays up her ass, she likes it, but doesn't like anything deep in her ass. Bit of control now, tell her to leave just the head inside her, then give her a few gentle slaps on that fine ass, now tell her to thrust back hard. This goes on for a full 10mins, slapping her ass harder till hit her threshold. Now grab her arms behind her back and get into a fast rhythm, she now screaming and shouting at me , she fking exploded. She done most of the work, I've just given direction. :dance: :dance:

Get into mish, her feet pushing against my chest, legs spread wide, her fishnets are ripped, half side spooning, she's biting that bottom lip again, f**k she comes again. Now want to fuck that pussy, and  admire that fantastic ass from behind in doggy, wanted to leave this for my cumshot, get her on the edge of bed. Oh fk fk, the position I wanted more than any, and the woods gone, gutted.  :wacko: :wacko:

She tells me to lie down and another bout of owo, hold her head down a lot, tell her to get sloppy, lots of cock and ball action. Finished me off with a hj, and cleans me up. Fuck that was a good punt.

Talk a bit about submissiveness, definitely will see her again for that, and practice a few of my knots. Finished with a shower together, and walked out of appt her dressed in her civvies. Her off to catch train back to Leeds. Imho looks a lot hotter in her civvies. Not a stunner, buts looks sexy, full enthusiasm throughout - excellent punt. She's stopped working from Leeds in general,  too much competition, will be working in York a couple of days a week.

https://www.adultwork.com/3767842 or https://www.adultwork.com/Midori%2Dchan

Noticed a post on uke from Kayley on uke saying she'd never tried giving a tie and tease, seen as I'd never received one, and having the possibility of exploring something with an escort she's never tried before I decided to send her a message and offer my services  :lol:

 Comms  Comms were through UKE again so we're very good. A few backwards and forwards and we decided what we wanted to do. A nice sensual tie and tease, No bdsm or any pain involved.

Location Leeds suburban hotel, easy to get to and plenty of parking on site. I'd been here in my private life before so knew exactly where to go when inside.

Meeting The door was answered with Kayley hiding behind the door in a nice lingerie set Straight into some nice sensual kissing, with hands wandering over each either for a bit. Broke off and got the money bit out of the way. 
Kayley then mentioned that she's not going to be able to do much with me fully dressed and starts striping me, tshirt off then she unbuckled my jeans and pulls them down, kneeling as they went down. Teasing starts straight away as she points out that I'm clearly excited already but I'm going to have to wait a bit yet.
Onto the bed and a blindfold is secured round my head, kayley checking I'm okay and can breathe and, also leaving my mouth clear so she can get too it. Hands are placed together and my arms raised above and behind me head where she used satin ties to bind my hands together.

Then the full teasing talk began! " I can do anything I want with you now, enjoy every inch of you however I want , or just leave you, and you'd have no idea"

She starts ( I think, it's a bit of a blur ) with gently kissing my neck, stroking my nipples, trailing her fingers gently down my sides towards my cock "I could be nice" - stroke of my cock. Or I could be mean - pulls away completeyl. She had at one point I now realise move away from the bed to get some items to use on me, I felt a feather being used, it was stroked all oven my body, face and of course cock. Silk gloves were applied by her at some point and I got some more cock stroking. Kayley was leaning in for kissing all the time, keeping up the teasing words too. Kayley slowly worked her way down to my cock, teasing me by Just lightly brushing the tip with her tongue, placing just the head inside her mouth, before taking me all the way in one motion, fuck that felt good! Plenty of gentle but really deep oral, slow and sensual followed by fast and deep.

Kayley then got up, moved around a bit then came back. Climbs on top and asked if I wanted to fuck her, which of course I did! She said not yet and I'd just have to listen to her play with herself instead, to lay there while she's sat on top of me using her vibrator to make herself cum. She really got into this, not sure if she came but she clearly was enjoying herself.

She then said that she was really turned on and wet, did I want to see? Hell yes I did, bit of shuffling around and I suddenly had a pussy above my face ( didn't even know she'd removed her knickers lol)
Nice and clean and fresh so I dove in, we were in 69 so a bit of mutual oral for a bit, which she really seemed to enjoy.

Not long after I felt the telltale feelings of a comdom being applied  with her saying "you know what's coming now I guess"  on she gets in cg but, she's still teasing, just placing my tip at her entrance and slowly gyratimg aroud, then placing just my head inside and doing the same before finally, and without warning, thrusting down and taking me all the way, my god I'd been waiting for that!

She rode me blindfolded for a bit before she removed the blindfold and I was finally able to see, watching her bounce up and down was great and after a bit of that we switched to missionary. Start of nice and slow, almost teasing her in return, plenty of Kissing and heavy breathing from us both, then bent her knees back towards her chest and started to speed up, going deeper at the same time which she loved. A few minutes of this and Fucking laid on our sides and I could feel myself getting  close, she seemed to be almost there too so I slowed down for a bit before continuing and finishing in the comdom. Think she came at the same time but I'm not certain.

A quick clean up and we lay on the bed chatting kissing and exploring each other's bodies, asked if I can go again which I replied i had no idea. A bit of mutual playing soon got me hard again and she really enjoyed my finger work ( she's nice and vocal and doesn't hide or fake what she's feeling )
Despite Her best efforts a 2nd pop just wasnt going to happen, but that's  not an issue for me at all.
We laid and had a chat about various stuff until it was time to head out, I got dressed and left about an hour and 10 after getting in.

Summary: An hour of teasing and great oral followed by a (for me at least)  frantic fuck. I stayed hard throughout (very rare for me) and came during sex.

I paid £110 for an hour, services were owo, cowgirl and missionary. ( covered naturally)

As a side note. I'd love to get Midoris version of events to see how close I am to what happened while I was blindfolded. If I got that would I be allowed to add it to this thread? Would people be interested in reading that? I'm guessing she's better with words than I am lol.

If I'm not allowe or people aren't interested that's fine, I'll be asking for my own benefit anyway, just thought I'd ask.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Leeds - Kendall & Angelwings Duo
« by Park on March 23, 2017, 09:32:13 PM »


As I pushed ever closer to 40 I resigned myself to the fact that the chance of being involved in a civi threesome was becoming increasingly unlikely.

With it being my first ever threesome I was nervous about the whole thing so turned to two ladies that I have met before and knew I could trust. Considering the amount of favourable reviews for Kendall and Angel in a single capacity I'm sure it comes as no surprise to anyone who has had the pleasure of being with either or both of them that they make a great team.

Was met by Kendall at the door and Angel soon followed and after the customary conversational pleasantries I jumped in the shower. After that we met up in the bedroom for the paperwork; 140 in total for the half hour. I was worried that half an hour wouldn't be enough to fully enjoy a threesome but didn't have the budget for the hour; although very reasonably priced at £200 it is beyond my means so close to pay day :). Anyhow, my fears were unfounded as they ensured I got my half hours worth and left a very happy man.

Started with some kissing and fondling. With it being my first time all the new experiences were thrilling, such as, kissing and fondling whilst receiving oral. Some light spanking of Kendall with Angel then Angel wanted a turn so me and Kendall obliged. Then onto the bed, all sorts of stuff going on and all still a bit of a whirl in my head but can tell you it was amazing.

Gave both ladies oral and then gave Angel oral from behind whilst she gave Kendall oral then on with the condom and doggy with Angel whilst she continued to give Kendall oral. The visual of Angel's bottom and Kendall's breasts led to a very satisfying view and climax.

Amazing stuff and a tick off the list of things to do before I  die list (not that I plan on doing so anytime soon). If you are looking for a threesome Angel & Kendall will make you feel like a king!

Yorkshire & the Humber / Victoria Watson in halifax
« by cueball on March 23, 2017, 06:31:37 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3922764 or https://www.adultwork.com/Victoria+Watson

Milfily springing out of my yorkshire teapotlist comes this particular filly. I've had her on my radar since she first started on AW. There's very little chatter on here about her but I thought maybe no news is good news at this lark. So, I decided it were time to get my finger out and do a milfy cross border raid once again into the yorkshire pudding team's territory.

Comms.... initial email exchange sees me armed with a phone number and a natter. I call and make my arrangements of the day, the time and the attire I prefer her to wear. She's an English lass that's down to earth and easy to speak to on the phone. Any emails/texts sent on the lead up are replied to efficiently. Address details passed on well before the day, handy as I've a bit of a drive to her.

Venue.... clean, tidy, terraced house in Halifax. Quite a discrete entrance and plenty of free on street parking. Bedroom upstairs was clean, tidy and more than up to the job. Quite a decent little set up.

Looks.... yes, I'd say that were her in the pics. She's a tidy petite milf with a slim waste, a perky pair of tits, bullet nipples and smiley face. My guess at her age is mid to late 40's, not exactly her stated age. That might be an issue to some but I've a wide range in age likes.

The action.... I knock on the door and she greets me on time and dressed exactly as requested in her short dress, bare legs, heels and a big smile.

As soon as the door closes behind me I'm greeted by a full on snog, my coat is still on and the money is still in my pocket. I like this kind of greeting :D

Away we go, up her stairs, she leads and I follow letching on her wiggling arse. Into the bedroom, money handed over and we're snogging each other's face off. We're both working at stripping each other until we're both stood there in our birthday suits. I'm liking the look of today's milfy podging choice.

On the bed, rolling around feeling each other up until she starts a nice, steady delivery of the owo. She's not a deep throat pse lass, think more keen gfe. I'm enjoying the sensation and this keeps my pecker firmly up and interested.

I'm in the mood for some licky licky though. On her back she goes and I work my way down her body stopping off to have a good old suckle on her bullet nipples, they both stand up loud and proud like a couple of little traffic cones.

I slobber my way down her body until I reach her bald pussy. She tastes clean and fresh, free of lube and naturally getting moist with the attention, she seems very keen on my fingers and tongue oral gig, maybe a little over the top if I'm honest. I've been practising for donkies years but even I need to actually get my tongue in there before the moans start.

After I've quenched my thirst, it's 69 time, on she plonks and away we go. I like the look of this pert little arse a couple of inches from my nose, I'm lapping, she's sucking..... before you ask, her wrong un isn't on the menu in any way :D

I'm ready to go podging though, on with the rubber and on she climbs in cg. Her cg is the hard grind variety, whilst this seldom gets me to the popping stage, it's still enjoyable and a pleasant view watching this lass squirm on me.

Mish next, in I go and away I pump, it's all snogging, pumping, grunting, blowing, puffing, panting and sweating.

Doggy is next on my schedule, I give her a good old pump and push, she's grunting away whilst I'm firmly on the plateau thinking there's plenty more in me yet love.

On we go to another move, she asks to have a suck on me, ok, rubber wizzed and she's latched on, sucking merrily away but, I've not done podging her yet....

New rubber, back to mish then a move to cg, back to doggy, back to cg... I'm thinking bloody hell, I'm nowhere near the vinegar stroke yet, she's gonna earn her brass today :D she never complained or lost her original enthusiastic attitude though.

I'm thinking it's time to unload, I'm not fussed for cim today, I'm liking the doggy and I'm liking knocking the arse off this lass....

Another extended bout of hard pumping doggy  sees me approaching the vinegar stroke.... with a moan, a groan and one last taities deep thrust I pop in my bag hanging out of the back of this lass in doggy.

I've done 50 minutes of my hour locked onto this lass and I'm thinking that'll do for me. Clean up and a bit of a natter about this and that sees my hour done.

I walk back into the Victorian terraced area of halifax a drained and giddy lancastrian border raider.

To sum up.... I enjoyed this milfy lass, she gave me a keen podge in a good gaff at reasonable money. She seemed as keen to get stuck in as I were. She's maybe a little over the top with the orgasm proclamations but I'd rather her be over keen than underwhelming.

She were clean, well presented and paid attention to detail in the comms.

Now, there's a caveat to this summary.... pretty sure I've seen her before. Her face rang a bell as soon as she opened the door.  I'm talking pre ukp and not aw neither. I can't remember how, where or what name but I'm sure I've podged this one before... on my patch and not in the pudding teams territory though. So, whilst she might be relatively new to AW, she's not new to the game.

Would I recommend.... yes, she's a good, safe, cheerful punt for any milf riders amongst us.

Would I return.... yes, maybe not on a regular rota but I'd have no issue swinging  round her way again. I think a 45 minute podge would be just right, she's got some tough competition at the 120 on the hour rate.


30 minute incall

We exchanged a few texts & arranged a time to meet at her apartment in Bradford city centre. She was dressed casually, wearing jeans & a T-shirt. The pictures are 100% her & recent. She is late 20's, tanned with a toned body, I would say a size 10. I gave her £60 as she said it would be an extra tenner to cum twice. Her profile is accurate, she offers everything that she says she does. I asked about OWO but as expected she said she doesn't offer that.
While I was taking my jacket & trainers off she got naked really quickly. I was disappointed as I like to undress a girl slowly. She was sucking my dick pretty much staight away so no time for much kissing or exploring her body. Her oral technique was decent enough considering I had a condom on. She mounted me in cowgirl without any lube which is always good, however she was too tight so apologized & stopped to apply a bit. I wasn't going to last long & came in the condom after a few minutes. After a quick cleanup I asked for a massage. It was nothing special. Another blowjob to get me hard again & I was fucking her in missionary, she was making noises & groaning, I don't know if she was actually enjoying it or just pretending. I was getting tired & no sign of cumming again so we tried a handjob & some mutual masterbation but I didn't manage a second pop.

I didn't know whether to rate this a neutral or positive as she didn't do anything wrong but just seemed like she was going through the motions & the punt seemed kind of mechanical. I would maybe go back but would make sure I let her know I want more foreplay & a slower buildup.

Nice body

Charges extra to cum twice

Yorkshire & the Humber / daniella lush escorts
« by am1r69 on March 22, 2017, 07:19:57 PM »

Was hoping to see Alexa at Lush but apparently she had a bad time with previous client……hope she is ok

Daniella was a wiling a replacement.Tall slim and wearing sexy micro dress as requested.

Scottish and great fun personality.

Gave excellent OWO and dfk  was willing to to facial but i got excited too quickly…….lol

Good time and would say yes if anyone else

best wishes

Yorkshire & the Humber / Amazing Victoria No1. - Leeds
« by Kendrig on March 22, 2017, 01:35:47 PM »
AV has been in my HL forever, so eventually had to see what all the hype was about. Well reviewed so shortish report

https://www.adultwork.com/1821916 or https://www.adultwork.com/Amazing%5FVictoria%5Fno1

Summary Attractive, bubbly lass, intelligent, full of enthusiasm, just fun and offers an excellent GFE at VFM.
Services: DFK, RO, OWO, Deepthroat, gentle facefucking, sex protected, great cowgirl, mish, Cim and swallow.

Action Asked for gfe and did she deliver. Passionate DFK as soon as entered and throughout the whole hour, just what I wanted. Quick shower, back to DFK having a good old feel of each other, push AV onto bed I kiss down her body, nipple sucking, then down for RO, sweet pussy, teasing her, flicking her button, her thrusting up, finger in pussy and ass. We jumped into 69, her grinding on my face, then her between my legs. Great owo technique, sucking , flicking the head, then deep, holding her own head down. Plenty of ball play, then gently facefucking herself. Very wet BJ , just love the eye contact and sexy winks. :P :P

Into cowgirl, slow sensual, uses her pussy lips on the head of your cock, milking you, then she thrusts down hard. She keeps this going for a while edging me, AV has full control here. Then hard cg, she can ride you hard, get a good rhythm going, she came a couple of times. Have a few gentle slaps of her ass, grabbing her hips pulling her harder onto me. Great cowgirl technique, fucking loved it. Had to stop for a drink. Get into mish, her feet pushed against my chest, legs wide, my energy levels are sapping. Look at clock on the side, fuk me where's the time gone.

Time to finish, bj in front of mirror, I hold her head gentle facefucking. She can keep that mouth full of cock for a while. Her owo is really sloppy, bit more ball play, let her know I'm coming, she clamps her mouth round the head then takes the lot deep in her mouth. Just loved the next bit where she lets my cum out of her mouth and back in a few times, then swallows the lot. Good girl.

There's no end to the kissing throughout the punt, even when your leaving. Quality lass offers great gfe at vfm. I now know what the hype as been about.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Squirting Louise - Wakefield
« by One Eyed Snake on March 22, 2017, 12:45:03 PM »
Squirting Louise in Wakefield, In 30 yrs of punting this was the pits. In fact was that bad I've decided to call it a day. Total waste of time and money and can't believe what she did, fuck it I'll take up stamp collecting it's safer.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Cher - Orchid Thai Leeds
« by catweazle on March 22, 2017, 09:49:24 AM »
Website domain currently "available for  purchase" 99 Vicar Lane, above Nong Fa  supermarket. Telephone 0113 243 9040.

I used to be quite a regular at this place, but then my favourite girl (Ana) left and I didn't really take to those still working there.

One girl, Cher, used to give an excellent B2B and had a good tight body. She went back to  Thailand, had a boob job, and when she returned was so cash greedy I avoided the place altogether.

After an absence of maybe 8 months I ventured in again, hoping for a change of staff.  Only Cher was there, so I silently praised myself for not carrying too much cash.

Anyway, £39 on the door for an hour. In  we went, not a massage as such, all sexual touching and she stripped off like a club stripper. Tits looked good, not looking fake at all, and felt pretty natural too.

Then onto the haggle. She asked if I wanted to fuck her (she had never previously offered FS). When I said "yes" she asked for £200!. I declined, and showed her that I only had £70 in my wallet. I expected some kind of counter offer (like a HJ) but to my surprise she agreed. She was a damn fine shag, too, enthusiastic and vigorous.

About a month later, feeling horny and flush, I thought I'd repeat it so in I went. Sure enough, only Cher there. As before, not a proper massage but a sexual tease throughout. When she was naked , and rubbing my cock against her pussy, she asked what I would like to do. I said I wanted to fuck her. "OK" she said, "with the £130 you owe me from last time it"ll be £330".

I was staggered! I believed I'd haggled her down last time, and certainly had not agreed to that deal.

We talked some more, she wouldn't budge, and eventually I left unrelieved.

One to avoid. There are plenty of equally attractive Thai girls out there who won't bankrupt you for a shag.

Yorkshire & the Humber / JamieJJ - Barnsley
« by Brunettelover on March 21, 2017, 07:07:01 PM »

A lacklustre punt which quite frankly I don't intend to repeat again but as we all know in this line of fun nothing is quite ever guaranteed.

Booking Process
Communication with Jamie is nice and easy. She is pretty easy going. It was a same day booking so we bounced off several emails via AW. I was enticed by her pics and feedback and her review left on here by OneEyedSnake. So I decided on the time and Jamie informed me that she required 1 hours notice. All pretty straight forward. Then I got a message saying that she had to cancel cos her friend who she shares the apartment with needed it. I then got a message a few mins later suggesting that we could book a hotel but it'd then have to be a 45 mins booking for £100. I readily agreed simply because I wasn't thinking with my brain but with the man downstairs. Anyway, 15 or so mins elapsed and Jamie emailed me back saying that she could see me at her house at a later time. I thought result... so I make my way down to Barnsley and arrive 15 mins early. The location felt very safe and secure with plenty of free parking. I open on AW to see emails from Jamie saying that she was running late and if the booking could be pushed back. I again thought no problem. I must say that had this been a EE girl my sixth sense would've been tingling and I probably would have driven off. Jamie being a British and namely a Yorkshire girl was what kept me waiting. I then finally got a message on my phone to come to the door...

Jamie's home. A nice big shower. The room was an absolute mess though. Clothes and shoes everywhere.

Jamie is around 5'7. Just a little shorter than me. She has blonde hair which reaches her shoulders. My first impressions were that she didn't make much of an effort to get ready. There I was wearing my best shirt with my fav cologne on with my hair all done and here's the lady I'm about to pay for sex with clothes on similar to those people who attend the Jeremy Kyle show (I don't mean to be offensive). It looked like she hadn't brushed her hair either. I know I'm being overtly critical but when you've had the pleasure of Candii, Sienna and Angel to name but a few the bare minimum is that a lady should make some effort. Jamie has nice size tits which are all natural but her teeth sadly aren't the best. In her pics her arse looks more peachy and smackable but it didn't look half as impressive in the flesh.

Even though I had showered I decided to shower again.  A nice big shower with hot water and I dried myself with the biggest towel I'd ever seen. All showered and I knocked on the bedroom. Jamie was getting ready and usually at this point I have a raging hard on and thoughts of fucking this girl I'm with consume. I simply did not fancy Jamie. Her pics are not really very accurate I'm afraid to say. I still wanted to make the most of the booking so I handed over the money and was about to lean in for a kiss when Jamie popped off to the toilet. I was like OK no big deal.. 5 mins later she came back and started to engage in conversation. She's a very friendly girl and I don't mind a bit of a chat but I'm there for a shag so I wanted to make a move. Jamie then asked me that am I Asian and I replied in the affirmative. I mention this cos it saved me at the end of the booking. She told me that she was going to attend her Asian friends wedding and she wanted advice as to what to wear and what gifts to give. I engaged in wedding talk FFS for a few mins but again didn't mind so much. Then the action began. Kissing which led to DFK and me sucking and playing with her tits. Jamie then proceeded to blow me and this is where she excels. A great bout of OWO with even some DT. Nice attention paid to my balls and plenty of spit applied. It was time for the rubber and I wanted Jamie to ride me whilst also choking me. This is where it all went downhill. Jamie wasn't showing much enthusiasm. I then thought I'd dictate the booking and took her in missionary. I wasn't allowed to pump with any vigour and Jamie was holding my cock so I couldn't really fully insert. I punt for this reason mainly. I wanna be balls deep inside a lady. I'm not even very big so I can't have been hurting her. I then wanted her in doggie and this is where my mood was completely killed. I took her from behind and literally 10 secs later Jamie very nonchalantly said she needed the toilet again. In my 7 years of punting I've never had a lady go twice to the bathroom that too in a 30 min booking. She again took almost 5 mins and I tried to keep an erection by gently wanking myself. No apology no nothing and Jamie laid on her back whilst I pumped away (which again wasn't really possible as she was holding my cock). I was fed up at this point and enquired if I could cum on her face and Jamie said that was fine. It was off with the rubber and Jamie was sucking me off whilst gently wanking me until I exploded in her mouth. Jamie let most of it dribble onto her hands and deposited it in the bathroom. I intended before the booking for 2 pops but I wasn't in any mood to even consider going again and hopped into the shower. Now I was in the shower and was rather miffed at how poor the booking was. I was intending on reviewing it and giving it a neutral..... BUT THEN....

I am putting on my clothes and Jamie tells me her father is outside and I need to get out. I start to panic (note this was a 30 min punt and it had only been 25 mins at this point) I was seething inside but quickly proceeded to fuck off out of there. As I was going downstairs Jamie told me to tell her father that I only came to drop of a wedding invitation and that I'm a friend of the person who's wedding she's attending. Thankfully, I kept my nerve and her father bless him bought it. Seemed like a really nice man. I left the house and quickly drove off.

I paid Jamie £75 for 30 mins. The booking took place today. (Note on AW her rate is £70 for 30 mins but she clarified that it's actually £75)

Nice body
Nice shower
Good OWO
Took a huge load in the mouth

Penetrative sex was awful
Her disruption x2
Poor planning
Not the best teeth I'm afraid to say. Sorry for sounding harsh but I can't lie.
Her father at the end

Would I return - NO.

I was sooooo looking forward to seeing this lady. However, I felt rather cheated by it all. It was effectively £75 for oral in 10 mins and that was it really.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Sawdee - Hillsborough Sheffield
« by danno2 on March 21, 2017, 05:53:05 PM »
Called yesterday on the off chance , fancied a good massage. Heard it had gone legit, so wasn't expecting extras.
£30 for a hour with a nice looking Thai woman approx 30, I think she was called Jan.
It tuned out to be a good massage, not a lot of teasing but getting very close.
She asked if I would like a hand job for a extra £20, yes I would.
 All in all not too bad. Good massage and half decent hand job.

My never ending search for new (blonde) pussy to fuck led me yet again down the EE route as I was in the mood to take a walk on the wild side. I had spotted Kristina on her previous AWank profile and was ready to take the plunge when she disappeared. She then reappeared on a new profile middle of last week and that was that I just had to.

https://www.adultwork.com/4036626  or https://www.adultwork.com/++Hot+Kristina

The short version.

A full on fuck with a really enthusiastic Czech lass who seemed to genuinely want to please me.

The booking process.

I fired off a text enquiring if Kristina was free at the time I wanted and got a very rapid yes. A couple more texts to ensure the services I required were available, which they were, so I requested an hour with the usual services and a CIM finish. I got a “that’s £20 extra” which I expected.

I let Kristina know I would let her know when I set off and could she let me know the flat number when I arrived. Postcode and building were then supplied by return text so all was looking good.

Simples and just how I like it. GAME ON !!!

The waiting game.

What waiting game. This was a same day punt as that’s how I like to punt with EE’s. To finalise everything Kristina texted me 2 hours before fuck time to ask if we were still on.
The Venue.

A modern block of flats in the centre of Sheffield.

First I am going to describe her.

Kristina is exactly like her AWank profile pictures. She is an absolutely gorgeous, least I thought so, dress size 6/8 blonde haired blue/grey eyed Czech lass.

I reckon she is about 5’4” tall and that her hair is dyed, not bleached. She’s gym fit, though surprisingly she is more hour glass than athletic, and when I looked I couldn’t find an ounce of excess fat on her. I reckon her stats are 30-24-32 and that her small natural tits are a B cup. If she’s 20 I’m…..well add 5 possibly even 10 years to her age and I think that’s more like it. She told me she’s actually 27 in the room but TBH I didn’t care. Looks wise I reckon she’s a 7.5/10 for her face, she's petite so won’t be for those that like their ladies curvy.

Have to say I was very pleased with the lass that was about to suck and then sit on my cock.

The meeting.
I sent Kristina a quick text as I was setting off and got the reply “I’m busy till ….pm” and that stopped me dead in my tracks. Here we fucking go again I’m thinking to myself, the twats stacking bookings, so I kept a level head and responded “Thought we have a booking at ….pm” to which she responded “Oh yeah sorry we have.....I didn’t realise it was you.”

I arrived with 10 minutes to spare and got parked up in one of the many pay and display car parks in Sheffield City centre. I let Kristina know I was there and she rang me and then guided me in. Bang on the agreed time I was knocking on her door. The door opened and Kristina did the usual hiding behind it thing. I entered the flat to find a very smiley Kristina wearing a pink silk dressing gown, no shoes, and not a lot else. She took my hand and led me into her room. We exchanged kisses on each other’s cheeks and I handed over the required paperwork. I also informed her that I would pay the agreed extra for CIM if it happened.

Time to freshen up as I ran in and out of the shower. I returned to the room stark naked having heard the sound of another girls voice coming from the lounge. My experience of many EE’s is that they work in “packs” so this other lass I presumed was her flatmate/duo partner.

Kristina entered the room, took her dressing gown off, and stood infront of me. She was wearing a tiny little thong with matching bra. We now kissed, it was closed mouthed on her part, so not exactly what I would describe as full on. TBH I didn’t give a shit as my hands were by now all over her lithe gym fit body. I removed her bra and started to rub her pussy both inside and outside her pants as I then slipped my finger into her. I asked her to lie on the bed as I knelt at the side of it on the floor. I removed her thong and then licked and kissed my way down her body. Nice nipples which hardened to my touch. No complaints from me as I now “waded in” to her neutral tasting bald pussy. I had a good lick and a slurp on her before I again went for a cheeky finger.  This time she asked me not to, which didn’t bother me, as I tongue fucked her instead before she had a shuddering orgasm all over my face. Let me put it another way…..I was now soaked in her lady juices and if she is a faker then she fooled me.

I then stood up to take stock of the situation and that was it for my cock as Kristina sat on the edge of the bed and swallowed it. There was no issue with her asking about how I wanted sucking she just got on with it. My cock seemed to like her technique so I was cock hard in no time. Kristina now worked the end of my cock and went about ¾’s of the way up my shaft, so not full on DT, before coming up for air and suggesting that we fuck. On with the condom and then she mounted me in cowgirl and just let rip. Oh my as she rode me like a champion jockey. I have to say I was really surprised how hard she went for it. Maybe she appreciated the fact that I had made the effort to get her off and was now returning my efforts with hers. Well cowgirl was switched to reverse cowgirl and the pounding continued as Kristina upped the pace. What a sight as she leant forwards, towards my feet, and rode the full length of my cock. Just superb is all I can say for that as she then leant back towards me so that I could feel her tits and lick her back and neck before again bouncing away on me like a woman possessed.

There wasn’t going to be much more of this that I could take as the sap was now starting to rise so I asked for doggie. Kristina assumed the position and then it was now my turn to give her a smashing, well how wrong was I ?? Kristina matched my pace so that she thrust as I did and we found the rhythm straight away. After pounding away at each other for what seemed like ages, more like 5 or 10 minutes, I could again feel the sap rising so I asked if she was still OK for me to cum in her mouth, which she replied yes, so I withdrew and removed the condom. I’d normally expect to have to apply a few strokes of the hand but she was round and clamped on so fast I didn’t need to. Kristina now finished me off using just her mouth and I exploded. What a good girl as she didn’t flinch once and took every last drop of my baby batter before licking the end of my cock clean. My baby batter now got deposited into a tissue before being thrown into the toilet.

Kristina then returned, she tasted minty as she kissed me, and that was that.

Well that was good timing as the clock said we were 55 minutes in. Time for another quick shower and then she introduced me to her flat mate “Nicole” a 5’6” 36 year old size 8/10 MILF who didn’t look bad at all.

I got dressed whilst chatting with both of them, handed over the extra £20 for CIM, and left with a final kiss and a hug at the door.
I got back to my car 1 hour and 10 minutes after I left it.

The money bit.

I paid £100 for 1 hour of Kristina’s time and an extra £20 to cum in her mouth.

In conclusion.

A full on fuck with a really enthusiastic Czech lass who seemed to genuinely want to please me.

The kissing was closed mouth, which normally would really annoy me, but her full on enthusiasm made up for this so it didn’t detract anything from what was a right good ball emptying.

So I've been clearly seeking out a top notch massage and hand job in between bouts of winding and whittling down my SA list.


40 quid for an hour
20 given for HR (but not asked for - should I have just dropped a tenner?) you tell me????!!

The short verdict Overall 6/10

Facilities - 5/10 - not discreet on the street, and you are faced with it being a hair place as you enter. Then in spite of the pleasant rooms, this cruddy towel (which maybe was chucked in a bucket of bleach to wash wasn't pleasant, so huge marks knocked off for that )

The girl - 6/10 not too attractive, but tries her best. And has some cheeky, quirky charm about her as she aims to please.

The massage - 6/10 although not as firm as I suggested Id like  the hand relief was pretty good but then no touching of her etc which is something that would push the rating up where I think it could be.

The Story
Nanoi practically leapt up,out of her seat to take me up the flights of stairs.

Pleasant room, bottle of water offered and taken. I showered but the towel left for me could have done with a few more cycles....not impressed with that but I've slept on building sites in my time and roughed it camping many times so WTF...cake myself in germs why not??!

I should have said something but feck it.

nanoi is quite sweet but a little mumsy looking - 40's. Her teeth are like one of those Jamie Hewlett Gorillaz character cartoons and she seemingly has to grind them about a bit in a way people with false teeth sometimes have a bit of a rummage. It's a little unfair of me tbf as she's not grotesque, her eyes are quite nice too.

Her massage is decent (on a heated table too which is quite nice) especially when applying her feet to groin area and when she goes bit firmer. She tells me the place isn't so busy right now and suggests I try all girls - there are 5 and hopefully come back to her. It's nice to hear in a way because you think ok she's going to try to earn her money here.

So pleasant massage and as I turn on front plenty of swipes in and around the old man to get some blood flowing in him. She was very coy about the offer of hand relief trying to put the ball in my court as much as she could but we got there in the end.

Her hand job technqiue was good and she introduced some foot action too which was new for me and appreciated.

Limited touching, barely let me touch at all - she claimed so she she didn't get turned on  :rolleyes:

Hmmm.....not heard that one before.

She was also shushing me for suggesting I should be touching her all over...

Anyway the hand relief was good...nicely cleaned up and showered. Seeemed we must have gone over for more than 20 mins. She apolOgised for this - said due to her talking...

Ok so why the neutral then, Del ?

Well I can't really say I am a punting newbie any more and am more observant and discerning and have more to compare my experiences with. I want to keep my standards higher and pass that on in a review as that's what I'd like from this site too.

Am I becoming a harder punter to please - certainly, but then I want to filter out the mediocre or ok from the very good service for my own mind and for the forum.

I wouldn't go back to this girl but I would consider some of the others there and certainly make sure the towel I received was more hygienic. And advise any punter be on the ball with that that.

Had a day off work. Was bored of the Sheffield scene so arranged to see one of AW's finest.

Comms: All done via text on the evening before and asked for an appointment early(ish)for the next day. Confirmed on the day before I set off on Richard Bransons finest pauper chariot. To be honest I was expecting her to be busy or t have to book via AW but the was free and comms were simple and easy.

Venue: 5-10mins walk from the station. Was only sent the post code but had guessed which apartment block it was and text to let her know I was outside. There was a concierge at the front desk but was asked to go to another entrance but only after I had to fiddle with the buzzer and intercom system without success. Concierge man didn't move a muscle but it could have been an awkward moment.

Meet: To sum up it was bloody great. Was greeted with full on snogging as soon as I entered which I've read on other reports as a common occurrence. Candi really throws herself into the meet which is great. She looked and smelled fantastic, very pretty but not as slutty as I expected and certainly younger looking. She is full of tattoos with a huge one on her back and an athletic, taught and gym-toned body that was smooth, warm and ready to sin.

As DFK continued in the doorway, my hands all over, squeezing her ass and tits, she unbuttoned my shirt and stroked my now semi-erect cock. Unfortunately I needed to freshen up so jumped into a really nice hot shower for a quick scrub before meeting Candi on the bed. I usually wrap a towel around me when leaving the shower but there really was no point here as I knew we would be straight at it when I joined her on the bed. Guess what??...

Walked over to the bed and my cock was straight into her mouth as she sucked and stroked me until I was fully erect. Got her bra off and started to fondle her tits and reach around for her pussy. I hadn't blown my load for a few days so I knew the first pop would be quickish so after a few mins of sucking I pushed her onto her back and started to repay the favour. More DFK as I worked myself down to her tits first where I took my time to give her soft nipples a good suck then further down to her lovely shaved pussy. Her legs spread wide I was able to dive in and tast that sweet thing, darting my tongue into her hole and over her ass before coming back to her clit. She was making all the right noises but I just had the feeling that my oral display wasn't going to cut it. As I knelt back up my cock was back in her mouth for some DT, nothing too deep at this angle and as I would find out later she could go further. After 5-10mins of this she suggested the condom and we were into doggy where she began to get more aroused as I fucked away for what was only a couple of mins before I emptied into the condom as Candi pushed back further on to me until I was balls deep. There was no need to be disappointed as I knew I could give her a better seeing to in round 2 and although she was aroused I knew there was still more work for me to do to get her over the edge.

We had a break and a chat about sport and working out. Jobs etc which was nice...but not as nice as lying there just stroking her body and tits. Which was great.

Anyway. Onto more DFK and she started working my cock again to get it to perform. Slowly at first then she started sucking my ball and taking them in her mouth which go me hard again. At this point I was lying flat on the bed and she had positioned herself to the side of me then started performing the most amazingly slow deep throat. Nice and wet and all the way down to the belly she went with her mouth before she lifted off and then allowed me to partake in a little gentle face fucking. Using the same slow rhythm she used I went slow and deep until she swallowed be whole and I was into the back of her mouth and in her throat. She could hold me there as I pumped away for a which before coming up for air. It was really quite something an I commented on how impressive it was considering my size. She wanted to fuck again and she suggested her on top and I knew I was about to get a pasting.

Condom on and she lowered herself onto me before moving into a squat position as she began to pound away. At one point I had visions of my cock being snapped in two and although the position was good we couldn't quite hit it perfectly. I got her on her side with her legs over me and went deep which is when she really started to pick up and get vocal, I now had access to her asshole which was wet with pussy juices and lube so was able to give her a little anal play before switching to missionary with her legs over my shoulders. I controlled the tempo from fast to deep long strokes as her chest and neck started to redden and she became more flustered. Candi then started performing some abdominal crunches bringing her hips up off the bed to meet my forward thrusts. Interesting  :crazy:

I flipped her into an L-shape (not sure what it's called) and continued to fuck her slow and deep, then onto spoons for some classic romance and the same again, slow and deep mixed with a faster tempo before onto doggy. It was the full repertoire. Well, it was everything I had!! In doggy I upped the anal play which was met with positive squeals and moans of delight before I took her prone bone and she pulled her ass cheeks apart giving me the go ahead to get my thumb fully inserted in that little ass hole (shout out to mrfishyfoo for that after reading his review). What a naughty girl I had on my hands. This was truly delightful, her head buried in the pillows of the bed, her body was red hot and I had the incredible sight of my thumb in her ass and my cock stretching her now wet pussy as she cried out encouragement in the form of "fuck me, yeah fuck me hard like that"  :wacko:

I could feel I was coming close so pulled out and whipped of the rubber as she started to suck me again this time she repaid the anal pleasure and started rubbing and lightly fingering my ass before I shouted that I was close to coming. At this point she shoved that finger right up there and started massaging my special love pad lol which sent me right over the edge and I shot what was left into her mouth. I was totally violated lol. She giggled then ran to spit it out in the bathroom where she commented on how flushed and red she now was around her neck and chest. She certainly looked very aroused.

So what can you say about her that hasn't already been said? Well nothing really. I didn't really need to write the review and instead I should have just added my name to the long list of punters who have visited her and come away well and truly fucked. For me though, the review is part of the whole experience good or bad and allows me to relive the whole sordid affair and in this case count down the days until I can bunk off work and head up to Leeds again.


Face: 8.9/10
Service: 9/10

£150 for 1hr
£17.70 or something for train fare.  :drinks:


Yorkshire & the Humber / Loveleah2 Kingston upon Hull
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https://www.adultwork.com/3945490 or https://www.adultwork.com/Loveleah2

I have had her on my radar a long time for a return visit as I had seen her a couple of years ago and was well worth the wait. A little on the top end of what I usually pay @ £130 for an hour, but I thought she would worth it and she was. Arranging was simple, quick and easy if only every one was as easy as Leah.

She operates in a large village close to Hull, its in a very quiet area with stacks of free parking and very safe and secure.

She met me at the the door in a dressing gown that just about covered the black underwear set she had on and invited me upstairs after welcoming kiss. The paperwork completed we moved to the bed and I got myself undressed and comfy. Leah has a very very attractive face, a trim bronzed body and I would say about right for her given age of thirty one. Not many stunners around in this game but she is around the closest I have had the pleasure with.

We commenced with a kissing session with lots of tongues and touching. I opted for a massage and the clothes all came off, nice and relaxing with a good hard pressing action. On my back and she gripped the problem with both hands, wow she can handle a knob well. She was soon licking and kissing the whole length as well as ball attention. Her owo was up there with the best lots of deep swallows and I never felt teeth. I was very keen on returning the favour and she was certainly very damp. She was all nice and shaved, a good shave with no seven o clock stubble. I love RO but only if all the conditions are right, clean, no odour and a responsive lady. She was very responsive and judging by the amount of thrashing,screaming and wetness it was well received. We had a rest and a little chat abd she told me she worked at Mackenkies in Leeds for a long time. She told me she likes what she does and enjoys meeting different men, a few hit the spot and they kbow when they do. We chatted for a while and she certainly knows how to hold an intelliegent  conversation.

She resumed on her own accord with more owo and lots more attention with hands and tongue. She put the condom on with her mouth, always liked that little trick; then climbed on top. Slowly girating her hips and fondling her breasts and moaning, I was really enjoying this a bit too much. We progressed through 69, to doggy, missionary and stood up bent over the be bed end.

I needed to finish and it was back to her on top. In no time at all one very full condom and two people very happy. Leah cleaned me up and laid with me in a very pleasant post shagging wind down; which was nice.

In reflection, it was always going to be good as Leah is good at what she does and I will return again hopefully a bit quicker lol

I am planning to revisit a few notable punts again this year as my contribution to the City of Culture. I will also be getting a few new ones in like

Teacola Rose

 https://www.adultwork.com/2695304 or https://www.adultwork.com/teacola%2Drose


 https://www.adultwork.com/1901508 or https://www.adultwork.com/hotslimjess

Both been on my list for years time they came off...

Link as follows

 https://www.adultwork.com/2575728 or https://www.adultwork.com/nicoleblondie96

So had my urge to see a girl for some fun.checked AW for availability and saw Nicole's profile, checked on here and she had 1 positive review. So sent a text, comms were brilliant and services confirmed.

So set off to her place which is an apartment block in LS7 area, access really easy. Area had plenty of off road parking, being a Saturday it was quite easy to park, could imagine issues on a weekday.

Got to her door and heard the noise of heels on a wooden floor, the door opened and I was greeted by the girl in her profile pictures. Sheet stood around 5'8 long blond hair, very curvaceous body and young looking. Her profile states 20 yrs old and she is around that age. Big enhanced books, very plastic, great tight bum.

Followed her into the bedroom, she was very chatty and looked hot as f*ck. Paperwork done I undressed and went for a quick refresh shower. Once back in the room the fun began.

We started to kiss lots of tongue action but not dfk more gfe. I pulled her close to me and started to remove her dress. She was naked underneath which was nice. Next she got on her knees and proceeded to give a gentle owo. This was OK but I prefer the mouth tighter closed. I said I wanted her pussy to which she got on the bed onto her hands and knees and presented her lovely shaven pussy to me. My tongue dived straight in as did my fingers as she got wetter. Face down in the duvet she was moaning and asking for more tongue. I buried it into her pussy, mum it tasted good. Then onto her but and I rimmed her tight little but. She was really enjoying this.
After a few minutes we went back to her sucking me and then on with the condom I got her to ride me cowgirl. As she sat on my cock I pulled her closer and we continued kissing. Nice session and as I was getting close I asked where she wanted it. Over my Tits she said so I fully obliged.

Note she does not do cim.

We had a clean up chatted and kissed, she started to play with my cock again then down for some more owo. I got hard again as I fingered her pussy then started round 2 with me getting behind her and doing it doggy. After a while I pulled out and some mutual masturbating as again I came over her tits.

Nice relaxing chat then a second shower before I left.

I paid £130 for the hour, this lasted around 70 minutes so no real clock watching.

As a summary a good gfe.


Great comms
She is the girl on profile and has a great body and cute face
No clock watching


Boobs are a bit to over enhanced for me
Bj was a bit gentle

Would I see again - yes but there's plenty more fit girls to get through

Yorkshire & the Humber / Pro massage - nuru
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So after praising this milf/gilfs wanking services i went back to try a nuru massage.


Was a bit of a let down. She yabbered away about her dogs as I applied the gel. And that's about as erotic as it got.

Very similar maneuvers to previous but felt a bit laboured . Didn't massively feel like cumming but did in the end.

Found her bit frumpy really.

Not really worth having done more than her usual oily wank.

100 quid.

My opinion has changed a fair bit.

Edging on the neg with this one really.

Was I just having a bad day or was a being over glowing the first time or does familiarity just breed wanking contempt?

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/937054 or https://www.adultwork.com/sarahjayneleeds

 Met up with Sarah after a PM on here, asked if she would prefer me to book through A W - not necessary and a phone call to finalise details.
 Asked what sort of dress/outfit etc. A long way for me to go for a punt but after the reports on good ole UKP just knew I had to have a piece of this slim Milfy blonde.    Very attractive by the way .

 And what a meeting it was, one hour, new profile shows £110, arrived and instructed which steps doorway etc,  all very easy to find, a smart flat good area.

   Sarah open the door dressed just as I had requested, she had even brought a short set of pearls from home to  complete the outfit. She looked sensational,  and in for the De Rigeur big snog on arrival .
   She made us a hot drink and we started on the sofa with tongue tennis and fumbling and gropeing- just what I had wanted.  She's not  shy this one, straddling my knees to undo me to play with little Joe.  Then into the bedroom and clothes were soon dispensed with leaving Sarah in just tan stockings and black Sussie belt , I had peeled her French knickers off to reveal a  really nice pussy with just a little tuft on top, don't know if it was for my benefit but it was much appreciated, I hope she keeps it .Nice pussy lips and the tightest I have felt for a long time -  I was a little concerned if I would fit. LOL.

 And down to business, on her back with me holding her bum up in the air whilst I gave her a good lapping  and she soon started to show signs that she was enjoying herself so dropped her bum onto a cushion to continue and she soon wrapped one of her legs across my shoulder and gripped my arm with her hand and came-  absolutely no doubt about it her leg had my head locked in place as she came and I gently let her relax down with a light flick. Again? Says I " Yes please " so  back to work but lighter this time, soon this little nymphomaniac was squirming and I moved my finger from out of her pussy and gently pushed against her bum hole  and come again she did.

 Lots of snogging and cuddles later and she fastened her mouth around my cock, Dyson  should investigate as I have never felt anything like it, it's not really my thing and was almost verging on painful (no doubt just what You BJ fanatics really want).
 So time for the main course, on with the rubber and had Sarah lay on her back on the edge of the bed ankles on my shoulder- tight or not in I went, what a sight!  What followed was the best sex I have had in years .
   Mish  with Sarah is novell  in that she clings on and snogs you as you are pounding away and the way she almost stares at you you know she is feeling really intense, legs on your back and she looked on the verge of coming again , it  was how she appeared to be during doggy and CG with her grinding away, then back to mish for the finale. 
  She was getting quite flushed and excited by this point and saying "fuck" so I asked her what other rude words she knew, and that was it (fitted the moment perfectly) Her swearing and ordering me to "fuck me hard with that big cock" as she locked her eyes onto mine and tensed her body, sent me over the edge to a very intense orgasm.  Not sure if she did come again or if she was on a non-stop run of them, but altogether it was a rocking good shag for both of us.

God what a passionate woman!  And so nice with it,  she cleaned me up and we lay nattering till it was time to get dressed and wend my way home again.
 This is one very hot lady who I shall definitely be seeing next month when she returns from Her Hols.   I think white lingerie against her tanned skin next time. Yummy Yum Yum can't wait.   Joe

]https://www.adultwork.com/2153236] or https://www.adultwork.com/xKendallx

I was in Leeds for the weekend celebrating an old friends 50th birthday. Unfortunately my friend had a heavy drinking weekend full of energy nights and an obscene amount of hill walking. By the time I got to see Kendall I was worn out and still recovering from too much alcohol and very little sleep. My state will affect this review. I probably should not have booked an escort but I did and I had a great time all the same, just not the way I had hoped. My fault.

Comms: xKendallx responded to the last minute classified advert I placed on UKE. Comms quickly moved to text messages. Information was clear.

Location: a nice, clean and warm sparsely furnished flat near the city centre of Leeds (short drive or a reasonable walk).

The lady: fucking sexy! Heavily tattooed, very curvey but firm figure that just needs to be touched, kissed and caressed. Kendall was wearing a school uniform outfit that wouldn't be out of place on a fancy dress hen night. Knowing my like for geeky girls Kendall was wearing glasses and pigtails. It's possible that kendalls curves and curves

The event: after a little confusion caused by my tiredness I finally get in to Kendalls flat. I'm greated with a kiss and offered to drink. I choose water, ask for a shower and hand over the fee. To try and wake up I have the shower cold.

Shower over and body dried with a clean towel I return to the bedroom and instanly bend Kendall over the bed so I can lift up her skirt. Kendalls bum is perfect so I kiss it before sliding her tiny knickers down so that I can touch her pussy. Kendalls pussy is very soft and insanely tight, I find that out by gently sliding a finger deep inside her as we kiss. After a little more fingering I get Kendall to lie on the bed and spread her legs so I can eat her. Kendall's pussy is unshaved but hair is very thin and sparse. I kiss Kendall on her inner thighs and on her vagina before sliding my tongue between her lips to lap at her clit. I slip a finger in her and finger fuck her as I lick her clit. After a while I start to lap at Kendall so my tongue starts at the opening of her pussy and ends at her clit. I'm not one of these guys that has to have an escort orgasm/fake an orgasm from oral so I move up to free her tits from her bra, they're big, soft and in need of some nipple sucking before we indulge in some very hot deep French kissing. The school uniform is rapidly removed leaving Kendall in just stocking and heels, she then pours oil on my cock and her tits to give me a sort of B2B/oily tit wank hybrid. At this point I realise I'm in trouble as my cock isn't responding at all and I'm just feeling physically tired. Kendall just tells me to relax and not worry about it before spitting on my cock and then taking it in to her pretty mouth. At first she sucks me without pulling my foreskin back which is a tease, her blowjobs are a little toothy but in a nice way. My balls get some attention from Kendalls mouth before she finally sucks the exposed head of my cock. The slightly toothy blowjob is now pushing me towards an orgasm, I did say it was nice. Kendall does not do CIM so I ask for a condom and we try to have sex. Unfortunately my tiredness combined with new sexual partner anxiety means sex is just not happening :( and we eventually return to foreplay. Despite my issues Kendall was cool with me, even going as far as to tell me it's more common than I would think. We go back to oral and indulge in a delightful 69. Kendall's pussy is really nice to lick and finger, it's even better when my cock is in her mouth. Eventually I come to the conclusion that it's better to not try have vaginal sex, instead I let her suck me until I'm close to cumming. Kendall realises that I'm getting close so she takes my cock out of her mouth and delivers and handjob that has me spunking on her gorgeous breasts whilst I noisily moan from the pleasure.

Kendall then cleaned us both up before joining me on the bed for a chat. I'm aware that I'm probably not in any state to try again, I could really do with a sleep than sex but that's not appropriate so after some fun chat I was offered another shower to get rid of the oil. Cold shower two didn't help that much but I tried to wake myself up for the trip back to Birmingham. At no point did Kendall rush me out of her flat and by the time I left, having a lingering hug and kisses first, the hour was more than up (about 10-15 minutes over).

Kendall is a very attractive 20something who also appeals to my mind. I'm disappointed in myself for not being smarter and pacing myself better over the weekend so that I could have slid my cock in her tight pussy and fucked her. Kendall tried, even using a small vibrator on me but I knew I wasn't going to be able to have penatrative sex. Sadly Kendall is in Leeds whilst I'm in Birmingham so I have no idea when I'll be able to see her next but I'm already gagging to book her again and enjoy the heat and tightness of her when I'm finally able to penetrate her (covered of course). Leeds Service Seekers, you're so bloody lucky to have this really cool and sexy alt woman on your doorstep. Book her now.

P.S. I reckon Kendall should do a tour in Birmingham. April sounds like a good month, after Easter. Hint, hint, wink, nudge, know what I mean.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Ao Thai Massage Sheffield
« by mart802 on March 19, 2017, 07:44:40 PM »
I know there has been a couple of reviews already, with differing feedback. So heres mine.

Text Ao to see if there was any space. Said available at 2pm. By the time i replied she had already filled the 2pm slot. I dropped another text to say if your 2pm doesnt show, im not far away so i can take the slot.
2pm didnt show. So i was there at 2.10.
Door was open, so straight in.
Nice reception area. Greeted by Ao and another lady.
Shown straight into a room. Very pleasant rooms. Warm, clean, cosy.
Stayed for 1hr with Ao. Her massage technique was good. Very relaxing. Very thorough. She kept it all very legit.
We were talking and she is very friendly. Kept amusing her somehow. But basically she was saying how fat she felt. (There isnt an ounce on her). So i commented. To which she replied you would see if i was naked.. so then a bit of banter and basically said remind me next time and i will do massage naked.
So to end of massage.. the old chap is awake.. and she makes me ask for a bit of a hand.. so she gladly obliges.  And has me spanking her ass.. tits lifted out of bra.. and asked if i wanted to suck her nipples.

So this is a case of YMMV. But at 50 quid i wasnt complaining.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Alexa-UK - Leeds
« by Tallboy2 on March 19, 2017, 02:23:04 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3892413 or https://www.adultwork.com/Alexa%2DUK

130 pounds for 1 hour
Incall at Alexa's home.

I wont say exactly where she lives  but about a 15 min walk from train station but free parking is there also.

Communications were fast plentiful and sexy. Really got me going.

Requested passionate GFE and WS

A pleasent surprise when I saw her, she is dead pretty.
Softly spoken with a posh accent.
Some light initial sensual kissing then I was lead into a room and offered a drink. She was in a silk dressing gown.
Some ice breaking chit chat and then more kissing that gradually became more passionate.
Our hands were exploring at the same time.
She then asked if she could kiss my neck.
So at this point we are kissing each others faces and necks my hands are in her hair pulling her into me. We are at each other like two long lost lovers!
Eventually she suggests we head to the bedroom where she says she wants to explore my body.
After more fondling and kissing I request a shower.
I return and she is on all fours in stockings suspenders etc.etc. all black.
Then she shows her true dirty colours. Straight into spitting all over my cock and then Deepthroating as though her life depended on it. Getting a little excited I grabbed her head and pushed down a number of times. This carried on for a while then I asked her for her knickers, they were really wet and I gave them a good licking as she talked really dirty to me inbetween OWO.
Off with the rest of her clothes and I am into her pussy with my tongue. Then fingering her whilst licking her Clit till she came.
She suggested a move to the shower where she peed all over me. Loads of cuddling and kissing followed whilst still covered in pee!!
Another shower for us together this time.
Back to the bedroom where she lay with legs wide open. Realising I did not have much time left I went in with my tongue again and finished myself off coming all over her pert tits. More cuddling rubbing my cum in then a clean up. Loads more kissing from her as though she didn't want to let me go.
I felt I had to force myself out as I had other plans. So definitely not a clock watcher.

Conclusion: The most sensual experience I have had in recent years with a beautiful posh passionate young lady.

I have to go back as my condoms didn't get used (no penetrative sex)
A real life Jessica Rabbit

My new favourite!
(Sorry Kendall)

Adultwork Profile: https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3767842

Fee: £265 for a mix of social time and private time. 1.5 hours of each. (Social time £70 per hour, private time £160 for 1.5 hours).

However I did not meet her via AdultWork but via UKEscorting.

I'm not as well known in this part of the forums, so I need to introduce the fact that this was a BDSM-related punt.
I know not everybody is into BDSM which means what happened with myself and Midori-Chan would probably not appeal to you, and you might not understand.

I came across Midori-Chan on UK Escorting in a topic based on BDSM which is how she caught my attention with her interests in participating in the strange activities that I like, namely kicking-based fetish and she appealed to me even more when she posted in a media photo her shiny metallic converse.

I'm called "Mr Shins" for a reason - I was given that name by another woman I used to see regularly because I get turned-on being kicked in the shins. That is quite unusual - kicking to the balls is far more common but the shins appears to be rare.

She also uses the name "Kayley" which is a nicer name by which to address her, and we met at a hotel that I had booked, although I didn't plan to stay the night there. (I won't name the hotel).

Once she arrived we took a taxi to a restaurant for dinner, and chatted a lot and had a good dinner. She was wearing her metallic converse and did touch me a bit with them at the restaurant.

We then went back to the hotel where we got into more "fun playful" stuff. She is quite large, which also means she's heavy if she stands on you. In addition to her kicking me, I also gave her some light spanking as she enjoys that. There was a bit of sexual playful activity too and she finished off the session by "massaging" me with her converse with some light kicking and rubbing.

Her kicks to my shins were the things that left the most lasting memory as they were cut and scarred, and have only just recovered about 3 weeks later.

I am hoping to see her again when she tours London.

Yorkshire & the Humber / Pakistani Fuckslut - Bradford
« by xkquk on March 19, 2017, 10:14:07 AM »

Hello All

I have only just found this site, and naturally I started looking up people I had met from AW so wanted to contribute my experience.

I have met Sara (PFS) on two occasions, the latest being this last weekend.

The first meet before Christmas was £175 for the hour and this weekend it was £150. Now this is right at the top of what I am prepared to pay, if not beyond, but frankly it's worth it.

Sara ticks all my particular boxes. I didn't go in the for the religious fetish thing. Sara is definitely the cute girl next door with a naughty side. Her body is slim, without looking like she has an eating disorder. Her tits are more than a handful and nipples you could suck on all day, her arse looks great and shakes gratefully as you fuck her, and most refreshing of all, she doubts her own attractiveness. If you're tired of girls who fuck you like they're doing you a favour, then Sara is about as far in the opposite direction as you can find.

My meets have been in Little Germany in Bradford. Not a place I know well, but I was well directed. The flat itself is modern. The shower facilities more than adequate and when I got there, we took care of the paperwork and Sara quickly took that to another room, then rejoined me in her heels, hold ups and basque.

This second meeting, I'll focus on. What I really enjoyed was the GFE. There was lots of DFK and foreplay which was great. To echo an original review on here, it really is like fucking a girl friend. Sara is very loving and fantastic with her mouth. By the time she had her mouth round my cock, I was in heaven. She really seemed to enjoy sucking my cock as well as having her mouth fucked. Sara let me go as fast or as slow as I liked and when it comes to cumming, she really seemed to enjoy getting me off as I chose, down the back of her throat. This was of course after a long bout of fucking in lots of positions, most notably from behind where she really presented her arse for me to help myself.

After cumming the first time and a genuinely loving cuddle it wasn't long before she'd stopped playing with herself for me and had climbed aboard for a second go. Naturally she was down to just her hold ups at this point, and after I'd done her bent over in front of a mirror, she took off the condom and swallowed me once more.

If you fancy a really good fuck with a nice girl she's well worth it.

Hope that helps

https://www.adultwork.com/3030425 or https://www.adultwork.com/%2DSweet+Kate%2D

So after having won a small amount on the last day of Cheltenham - nothing to retire on, but enough to pay for a punt - I decided to see who might be available to satisfy that familiar urge. Took a chance on a girl I'd not seen and ended up booking with Kate and having a surprisingly good time  :)

I'd had to work late in the office again and it had been a long week so I knew I was in need of a punt to lead me into the weekend. I was in town anyway to pick up some winnings from the Gold Cup (thank you Sizing John) and it was just enough to cover my usual thirty minute booking. I decided to see who was showing as available on AW who was at a reasonable 30 minute rate. I found I had a choice between Sweet Kate and Cherry Royal, who was on tour in Leeds again. I checked on UKP again as I'd remembered reading up on Kate when I'd tried to book her unsuccessfully previously (first time we couldn't find a mutually agreeable time, second time she never responded to my texts). Kate had 3 reviews at the time and one was a Negative, which is always a red-flag, and it mentioned she didn't do kissing - which is a bigger red-flag for me. But, her second review on here is was from the guy who had left her the Negative; 'lateluxury', and he'd reported that he'd booked her again not realising it was the same girl (assume she had a different name) and that her service was greatly improved and, more importantly for me, there was kissing involved. That had swayed it for me, so I decided to try her again. I sent her a text and crossed my fingers.

It was starting to rain in Leeds and it was getting cold. I was contemplating sacking it off and heading for my train, but about five minutes after I'd fired off an enquiry I got a response that Kate was available at short notice and asking what time did I want. "Yahoo" was my first reaction, but I composed myself and replied to ask that I was free now but it depended on where she was located for what time I wanted to book. She replied back with the (surprise surprise) response that she was at Clarence Dock. I said I could be there in about 10 minutes and started to make my way over. She replied agreeing to the booking but asked if I could wait 15 minutes so she could get showered. Well, to be 100% accurate, her comms carried more of a non-English "Okay. You wait 15 minutes. I shower", which almost demands to be read with an Eastern European accent. Sometimes these can be a worry and it did make me doubt whether this would a good punt or not, but just pointing it out as I guess it would make a difference to anyone wanting to ask specific queries to her via text that may require a more in depth reply?

The communication/language thing was also extenuated when I got to Clarence Dock. Took me about 12 minutes to get there and was then just mulling around for only about 3-4 more when she text me the building name. Now, for those not familiar with Clarence Dock, there's probably 5 or 6 different apartment blocks there. Not knowing which one hers was I text her back asking which side it was on. I then got a direct call from her and when I answered her thick Polish accent came through. She was pleasant enough on the phone, patient and clear - although a slight concern was that I used reference to a landmark at the Dock area and she didn't seem to know what I was saying, but then when she gave me further instructions she used the exact same landmark as a reference. Don't know if it's just that she didn't here me.

I headed over to her building and when I got there I rang her back (as she'd instructed me to) and she gave me the flat number. She buzzed me through and in I went. Now, another misunderstanding on the communication front. Her flat consisted of a 3 digit number, so quite high. I got in the lift and headed to what floor i assumed that apartment would be on. But when i got there it wasn't the case. I was a little lost and when i got back in the lift and tried to text her to confirm the floor there was no signal. Finally when it did come through she gave me the floor - but it was much lower down near the bottom (almost didn't make sense the way they've done it!). I finally got my bearings and wasn't long before i was approaching her door. She opened it as i approached and was doing the 'hidey-behind' thing that they like to do, and in i stepped.

I was still a little wary, but as soon as i saw her my doubts eroded. She looked sexy as hell. She was standing in a red, one-piece basque (the one she's wearing in her main profile pic where she's laid on the bed). She was FAF! Her legs were strong and seemed to go on forever, her stomach was flat and inviting, she does have very small breasts, but they were pert and her tanned skin was all aglow, i got a look at her arse as she closed the door and it was taking all my will power to stop from just grabbing it and giving it a squeeze, and then facially she was very pretty indeed. In fact, facially she immediately reminded me of a young Shawna Lennee, one of my favourite Pornstars; a wide smile, lovely eyes and cheeks that kind of puff out but not in a 'fat' way, so i was immediately glad with my choice. I handed over the cash and she seemed a little surprised that i was doing it so early, then she guided me into the kitchen/bedroom area. I thanked her for seeing me at short notice and apologised for getting lost in her building. She did say "i told you it was on floor xx", but not in a whiny, complaining way. This i guess is another instance of the communication with her not being perfect, as i certainly hadn't heard her tell me this. In fact, when i tried to initiate small talk it wasn't really forthcoming. It wasn't that she wasn't understanding, just that her answers were brief and to the point. She was responding with a smile on her face so i think it was just her demeanor to respond in such ways. Perhaps with someone who is more comfortable steering a conversation (which I'm not really) might have better luck getting her to talk more. But - i wasn't there for a chin-wag anyway, so i asked if i could grab a quick shower and was shown the bathroom.

Kate showed me the way and said that i could use any of the towels in there, of which there were plenty. The Bathroom was just one of the typical Clarence Dock ones. Clean, spacious enough for it's purpose and was well kept. The radiator in there was on so i undressed and put my boxers right on there to toast them up for the venture out back into the cold afterwards  :D. There were plenty of towels in there, but was a little disappointed to learn that they were all the same size and none of them were the full size ones you can wrap around your waist. Still, everything provided in there (plenty of shower gel) so i got washed and dried my self off with my small towel. I did actually pause for a second after as usually i wrap the towel around me and step out. I actually had to think about what to do; head out just completely naked and leave the towel or try to walk out with it semi-wrapped around me. I elected to just walk out kind of carrying it in front of me/patting myself down.

Out i stepped back into kitchen/bedroom (technically the kitchen/living room, but in this case Kate had just stuck the bed in here rather than a sofa) to find Kate stood leaning over the counter, her back to me. Her arse looked gorgeous and again i seriously had to resit the urge to just go over and grab it. But it was a little puzzling to me. She was facing away from me and her arms were in front of her on the counter. It looked like she was on her phone. I stood there for a second not knowing what to do and just dropped the towel onto the floor. I was about to just head over to the bed but after my first step and my angle of view changed i realised that she wasn't on her phone at all. She was just waiting there for me. She finally turned around and i immediately regretted not having sauntered over to her at first and seductively started to hold and feel her in an erotic way, which in hindsight i think was what she was intending and i realised after that her gorgeous arse had been wiggling invitingly at me when i entered the room  :dash:

She came over and closed the door and walked me to the bed. This was the moment of truth - the moment to find out if kissing was on the table and i got my answer immediately. Kate leaned in and kissed me straight away without hesitation and continued to do so throughout. Now, it wasn't a full on snog-fest and her tongue never once left her mouth, but it was sensual and tender kissing and she reciprocated my affectionate kisses constantly. I started to kiss her neck and shoulders and her breathing increased. My hands began to wander; her skin was smooth and soft, she smelled divine and hearing her breath and moan softly in my ear was fantastic. Her hair was tied up but there were a few whisps free at the front that were starting to fall down over her face and i got to playfully brush them aside to go in to kiss her again. It was all very sensual and erotic. I kissed her chest for a while and then she started to rub my cock. She then whispered in my ear 'Lay down'. Hearing any woman say that is always a turn on, but hearing a young, accented voice whisper that to you really gets you going!

I laid down and Kate seductively rubbed her body against me, the silky lingerie feeling great sliding against my body, and she laid on top of me and we kissed some more. She worked her way down and then started to tease me; licking my balls gently, planting soft kisses along my cock before she finally ran her tongue up my shaft and started to blow me. She has a great oral technique with lots of variety. She varies the speed and flow of her movements constantly and mixes hand combinations to great effect (not just sticking the tip while jerking vigorously as some girls do). Kate also swivels her head to great effect as she does it, and mixes in seductive glances which is great when you make eye contact with her. She didn't take the full shaft deepthroat, but on a few occasions i could feel her teeth further down the shaft when she tried to take it as deep as she could. At one point she pulled her mouth off me and then pursed her lips together and blew air over the tip gently which felt great. All in all one of the better blowjobs I've had recently.

Eventually she knelt up and off came the basque. She has a wonderful body - perhaps not one for those that are purely a 'boob-man' as she has very tiny but pert breasts, but overall a fit young lady. We kissed some more then she got the rubber out, slid it on and after applying some lube she climbed on to me in cowgirl. She eased herself on and gently started riding me. She moved in closer and we kissed again - always with the same sensuality and tenderness, but never turning away when i wanted to kiss. We got into a joint rhythm and her breathing got more intense and she seemed to be enjoying it as much as i was. After a while she climbed off me, without a word, and lay next to me indicating we should switch positions. She lay flat on her back and positioned myself between her legs. She allowed me to guide myself in and i slowly slipped into her, going a little deeper this time and she felt great. She was very tight and hot and soon i was sliding away in and out of her and then moved in close to kiss. I teased her my going to kiss then pulling away, which she responded to with a lovely little giggle then we kissed seductively again. I kissed her neck and nibbled her ear and i could hear her breathing intensify. I started pounding away deeper and more intently. After a while i heard her just say 'Doggie?' so we switched up again and i got behind her. I let go and then I got into a good rhythm and was pounding away when her hand came between her legs and she started to stroke my balls, which i always take as my queue to start finishing things up so i increased the thrusting for a bit and then pulled out and asked if she could finished me off.

I swivelled around and lay down but it seemed she hadn't understood what i was asking as she looked like she was unsure what i was trying to do. I took the rubber off and decided to start jacking myself off. I asked her to lick my balls as i did. She immediately leant in and ran her tongue softly over my sack and it felt amazing. I was jacking off some more and as i intensified she started licking my cock again and then took me in her mouth. I was still jacking away and i asked if she did Cum In Mouth. She shook her head and her eyes remained closed and i thought 'fair enough, at least i asked'. But then i noticed her eyes were still closed and her head was still shaking. After 2 more seconds it was still shaking and i realised that she wasn't saying 'No', but this was her BJ technique of that moment. I brushed the hair from the side of her head and asked her again if she did CIM. My cock came out of her mouth and in a sweet, girlish voice she said "yes, but is extra" (with that sexy accent again!). I was almost at the end so didn't want to stop to find out how much then check my wallet to see if i had it so i just quickened the pace and shot my load. Kate grabbed some wipes and helped me clean up.

I tried to initiate small talk, but again it was just brief but pleasant responses. I don't think she was purposefully not wanting to talk i think it was just because English wasn't obviously her first language. Sensing that it could get a bit awkward in the silences i said I'd just grab another quick shower and picked up the towel. She took it off me and said i could just use one of the others in the bathroom, which was a relief as that one was pretty much all wet. I had a quick cleanup shower and got dressed (noting that my boxers had indeed got nice and toasty on the radiator) and came back out to find Kate still completely naked mulling around the kitchen. Her hair was tied up again but she still looked very sexy. I said my thanks and Kate got one of the towels and managed to wrap one around her small frame in a way that i wasn't able to and led me to the door. A brief kiss goodbye and off i went into the cold night.

So, overall Kate is a girl I'd happily see again and it was a very pleasant booking indeed. She is a very pretty, slim and attractive young Polish girl with a great smile and lovely face. She keeps herself clean and well kept and her choice of lingerie (from her pics at least) look to be very high class. She does have a great oral technique, although perhaps doesn't take it as deep as can be more pleasurable, but she makes up for that by varying her motions frequently. Comms wise; prompt and concise in terms of arranging the booking and getting directions, but overall she may not be the most communicative of girls if with someone like me who doesn't tend to instigate and lead conversations.

She also doesn't do DFK but when i saw her she was more than willing to engage in tender and sensuous kissing. You're probably not going to get a full on fuck-fest PSE type encounter with her, but for a fit young Polish girl she great to shag  :D

Overall a definite positive from me.

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