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West Midlands / Chinese massage Tamworth
« by gagglez on Today at 05:00:43 am »
Used the site to browse for a while so I thought it was time to post a review.
Enjoyed a recent visit to the Chinese herbal massage shop in Lower Gungate, Tamworth.
Advert for the shop is on viva street. £40 for one hour massage.
Saw girl who called herself Mimi. Not the prettiest girl but very pleasant. Probably about 30. Requested a firm massage and that is exactly what I got. After about 40 minutes she started with the tickling on my back, thighs, bum and balls.
Once she knew I was in the mood she asked if I wanted a HE (£20) or B2B (£40). She was a bit too chunky for me so I declined the latter.
HE was very good. Un-rushed and she enjoyed her work. Managed a fondle of her boobs and she has huge nipples. Extra charge to suck.
10 minutes left so she finished with a good head massage.

Spa Diamond - The Art of Massage


I initially booked via their website, and got an email confirmation around 5 minutes later. I didn't recall any reviews on this site, so i thought why not?

The place closes at 10, and I had booked a Full Body Scrub and Massage (1hr 30min) at 9.30, the system allowed me, so I thought maybe the last appointment was at 10.

I got a text to advise that it does indeed close at 10 and whether I wanted to come in at 9 for 1 hr or 8.30 for 1.30 hour, so I replied back advising to change the time to 8.30.

A few minutes later, I received another confirmation email of the new time slot.


This is on a main road, they do have a car park at back, and there are plenty of bus services around.

There was no issue with finding the location, the information on the site is accurate.


I entered the premises which was very nice and modern, and confirmed my booking.

I had opted for Full Body Scrub and Massage inc Hot Oil and Spa Bath for £85 for 1hr 30mins, but was charged £75 instead. This was reduced due moving my time slot, it was no fault of their own other than whoever designed their booking system online. The lady mentioned that there has been quite a few cancellations due to being double booked.

Paid the money and was offered a drink, which they had a selection. Was delivered in a nice wine glass.

Overall the reception area was rather professional.

This is a new business that has been opened for a few months, so the deco is up to standard. The pics on the site is accurate.

The Event

The masseuse came and told me to follow her, we went upstairs and entered the room, and asked me to take my clothes off, during this time she leaves the room to give me some privacy.

When she returned, I jumped on the massage table. I would guess she is a size 10, and defo attractive (won’t mention her name)

She does a good massage spent an easy 40 mins on the back, whilst on the back, i had an itch so I had to comply and she asked if he needed a good massage too, which I said why not.

It was going to be £30, but that was too much, just for HR, so we agreed on £20, which was paid at the end of the massage and bath.

Turned over and she done a good job on him and continued with the front of my body.

Body Scrub time. This seemed like another massage with Body Scrub, they used minty exfoliate scrub, but covered my little one with the towel. Scrub then massage with towel and wipe off with a flannel.

Turned over and same with the back, but then I realised why the little one was covered. I knew it smelt minty but whilst she was massage and scrubbing my ass, she rubbed her hand on my balls too and that reminded me of the Mint Tree shower gel. That sensation was almost the same as what I felt.

Spa bath was in the same room, jumped in, scrubbed myself and relaxed.

When I came out, she helped to dry my back.

Thought I had finished and it was time to pack up, but no, she asked me to come back and then she rubbed oil throughout my body

All in all, this lasted just under 1 hr 30mins.

On the way back home, i received a thank you for visiting email

Would I Return?

Yes I would, the ladies were very polite and very professional.

I can see this place getting better. I did ask if they done a loyalty scheme, but that is plans for the future, however, they will give you discounts if you "block book"

West Midlands / Holly Ryder
« by Stu666 on Yesterday at 08:54:45 pm »
I visited Holly today at the hotel she uses near jct 2 of the M5. I had arranged to see  Holly at short notice but this  had been no problem for her and she had been really chatty on the phone while arranging the appointment.
There is no reception to get past on arrival at the hotel, and although there is a public gym, no one bothers you on the way to Holly 's room. On arrival at the room I was greeted by Holly who welcomed me with a lovely smile a warm hug and a lovely kiss. Holly is a very attractive young woman with an exquisitely curvy figure and legs that go all the way up to a beautifully rounded arse. I couldn't believe my luck. Paperwork sorted we chatted as I made myself comfortable and then got on the bed next to Holly.
What happened next began with some passionate deep French kissing as we explored each others bodies, moved on to some truly magnificent oral and climaxed in some of the most orgasmic sex, in a number of positions.
This was  an hour of pure erotic bliss with a young woman who was interested in making sure I enjoyed every minute of my time with her. She was immaculately presented and fresh as could be. I could have spent the whole  hour giving her oral. I will be  returning to enjoy the pleasure of Holly 's company again and would, unfortunately, recommended her to anyone  looking for a quality service in the Oldbury area.

West Midlands / Girlfriend Sandra
« by Proteus on Yesterday at 03:06:49 pm » or

A solid if unspectacular punt. Paid £60 for 30 mins.

Comms: 9/10. Excellent. In fact I was suspicious she was able to accommodate me considering I firat tried to book her at a certain time only to get all the way into town to find I had left my wallet at home. All the way home I go but luckily Sandra was free at the later time too and was not arsey or funny at me for being such a moron. All done via text and call and definitely her on the phone.

Venue: 6/10: appartment block in the jewellery quarter, perfectly passable and standard to almost every other hooker block I've been to. Sometimes I wonder if it'd be better if there was a pelican in the bathroom or something, just to spice up this part of the review. Actually, thinking about it: no to pelicans.

The girl: 6/10: rescued by a njce face and personality as she does have a gut bless her, and not even massive norks to bail her out. Nice pleasant face without being stunning and the pics are about right, albeit the gut is hidden in the pics. The rest of her body is slim enough, well, curvy. Nice skin and black hair. As I say though, she is no stunner but she is a very friendly nice lass. Hungarian, if that matters to you.

The Sexy Time: 7/10: Services taken were DFK, OWO and sex. Massage offered after pop but no time for pop 2. I think she would offer if time permitted.
 Sandra greeted me with a peck and offered the usual freshening up and drink. I declined shower as just had one but took the drink. She then said she would look after me as she moved in for some excellent DFK, hands everywhere. We then moved onto the bed where she politely asked me to lie back and relax as she tended to my steadily hardening mini-me. Owo offered but i went for OW as I hadn't had sex for a while and didn't wanna cum too speedily. A fair bit of sucking, technique ok, no deep throating. I started to get close so asked her to come back up for more DFK as I stiffened up even more. I then mounted and banged away in mish as she made all the expected noises. A bit of cowgirl followed and I filled the condom. Decent shag. No other services requested so can't comment on RO, anal, fingers etc.

Overall: 7/10: as I say, solid if unspectacular. Nice girl, decent VFM but not that fit.  :thumbsup:

West Midlands / Sherry2011 Car Meet, Tamworth
« by Sherlock_Ohms on Yesterday at 09:55:44 am »
A few days ago someone on here asked for any info on cheap BJ options and I posted details of Sherry2011 who is based in Tamworth. I had viewed her brief profile on AW several times but at the time of posting on here I hadn't seen her. After looking at her profile again I decided to see for myself so I made an appointment.

I contacted her by text and she replied quite quickly. She asked what I wanted and I just asked for a hand job for the first meeting. £20 was agreed and arrangements were made to meet in a car park in Tamworth.

Just before the appointment time I received a text saying she was there and giving me details of what car she was in. I found her car easily and got into the front passenger seat. She confirmed that I just wanted a HJ and I handed over the £20.

Looks wise, Mid 40's very ordinary woman next door. She is friendly and very much to the point with no flowery messing about or small talk.

She set straight to work with a very direct approach. She didn't try to make it arousing at all. It was obvious that she just wanted me to cum as quickly as possible and leave. And that's pretty much what happened. A quick clean up with a wet wipe and I was out of the car. The whole meeting was less than 10 minutes.

To summarise, This meeting was exactly what I expected it to be for £20. Certainly nothing to rave about but equally for what I paid I was happy with the service I received.

It's as basic a service as you can get. A good option if you're short on time and just need a quick release. Easily fitted into one of those "I'll just nip out for some milk" moments.
I would see her again and might try the BJ option next time for an extra fiver. or

West Midlands / Exotic Anisha, Birmingham
« by Denholm on January 15, 2017, 10:23:49 pm » or

Saw Anisha just before xmas. She's not local but tours here pretty regularly I think. Comms were easy enough - a couple to AW messages to arrange the booking then a text to confirm on the day, all answered promptly.

The venue was a hotel in the city centre. Not the most salubrious but fit for purpose and very convenient.

Anisha is a decent looking woman I'd estimate to be in her early 40s. Face is okay but perhaps not quite up to the standard some of her reviews on AW and even here (on of the other UKP reviewers compared her to Alisha Keys which I don't agree with at all personally). Nice figure if you're into curvier wonan, which I am. Personality wise she was pleasant enough.

This was just a 30min booking and all I wanted was a good BJ ending with a facial. The service was best described as . . . adequate. Her technique was good but somewhat restrained and her profile had given me the impression that something a bit wilder was on offer. Similarly, she took the facial finish without complaint but clearly found it unpleasant.

All in all I'll give Anisha a neutral. She did everything I asked for but I expected more from her profile. An alright punt but I wouldn't go back

West Midlands / DEMIXXX.. - Coventry
« by aanimator on January 15, 2017, 07:24:46 pm » or

My second punt this weekend in Coventry.

30mins £60.

Very pretty, petite asian, very small but firm boobs. Nice body

Texted for anal before hand, said was find, when I got there very restricted service nothing like her list says, she was very clear what she did and didn't do. Wouldn't do owo, but could covered blowjob. not deep at all.  but it was good. Sex was good because she had a tight pussy. Wanted me to cum after 15 mins and I said no, saying I had 15 mins left. Wouldn't stop fucking complaining, and was very snappy. I didn't say a word, she seems to have a temper, obviously doesn't enjoy what she's doing. Came in doggy, once it was over she reverts back to a plesant thai girl.

She is very pretty, right up my street, the only reason this is a positive and not a neutral is because the price is good for a thai pump and dump (hate that expression). Don't go for longer than 30 mins, not worth it.

West Midlands / Sexy-Lien - Coventry
« by aanimator on January 15, 2017, 07:10:02 pm » or

Thanks to Terenas for TOFTT

Saw her for an hour. £100 (A-levels extra £30, wasn't allowed.)

Firstly I find women asian women hot, Mongolian is an added bonus, she live in Prague. When I arrived she was hotter than I thought, very pretty face with big cheekbones and beautiful freckles (which I like a lot). She is fairly tall while still being petite. She was wearing some lingerie and I always enjoy following a wg from a behind when you walk to the room.

I went to see her because she fulfils my holy trinity, pretty / slim, anal and deepthroat.

Told her I wanted anal but she said no,wasn't sure if she couldn't understand me, but confirmed that she wouldn't do it after fingering her arse. Wasn't too disappointed because I saved £30 and unless the girl lets me go at her arse I don't enjoy it that much if its just dipping in and out. Fuck that.

Very enjoyable french kissing, nice full lips, think she uses sometype of fruity flavoured lip balm which added to the experience. Lots of writhing and groping to start. Now for the blowjob which I was looking forward too. Not quite a full deepthroat but nearly all of it, best was when I got her on her back and pushed it down her throat, got quite deep but she didn't really want it so we changed. It could be because of my size.

Sex was good fairly tight but again wanted to fuck her arse but couldn't. She told me I couldn't do CIM which was a disappointment because her blowjob is good.

I definitely recommend because she is affordable because her blowjob is good and she is very pretty IMO.

(The pic is the best representation of her)

West Midlands / MissOlivia19 - Birmingham
« by Rust84 on January 15, 2017, 12:22:26 pm »
Olivia was top of my West Midlands hotlist this year and I decided not to wait and treat myself to our first meet in January, what a girl  :D

1 hour meeting, £100. or

Good, booked in advance by SMS with the maid, short to the point responses. Was asked to call when at the postcode and guided into the building same as last week when I met Ashley. I had enquired previously about Olivia via AW email and that email is sat in my sent items still unread so I think phone contact is definitely best as the maid doesn't really manage AW.

Nice apartment in Chinatown 5 minutes from New St Station if you take the Southside or Hill St exit, different to the apartment I saw Ashley in last week. Immaculate bathroom, plenty of mens toiletries in stock.

Opened the door in an oversized blouse and panties (not oversized thankfully!), bare legs, no shoes. She definitely has her own style, i.e. the 'I'll do things my way as I've just got out of bed but i'm that fucking gorgeous i'll get away with it every time' style  :dance: and yes, she is fucking gorgeous! extremely tight size 6 body, not an ounce of fat with a perfectly flat stomach. cute and sexy face with slightly longer hair than her pictures. Then there's that cute but naughty smile, bloody hell. Extemely friendly and very good English. Anyway before this becomes pure fluff i'll stop.

DFK (Fantastic)
Foot Worship
Mutual Masturbation
Protected sex in Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl (Wow  :wacko:) and Doggy

The Meet
Olivia opened the door and instantly a big grin appeared on my face as she has a gorgeous smile, was very welcoming and basically looks even better than her pictures  :thumbsup: she offered me a drink, I had water with me so declined but she then offered to make me a cup of tea. Being a Northerner any bird who offers me a brew is halfway to getting a positive review so I accepted and went for a shower after sorting the paperwork and she went to the kitchen

I returned to the room in a towel and we started kissing. Proper DFK and soon she'd gone to her knees to give me OWO after kissing all the way down my body. Great OWO, deep and sloppy at times with very good depth and a small amount of ball licking.

She came back up for more DFK then turned round and wiggled her sexy ass into me while inviting me to play with her body. Her nipples are amazing, perfect size and perfect to the touch and after turning her around to give them some attention Olivia was soon moaning and laid me down for a bit more OWO before reaching for a condom. To early for me so I said not yet which she smiled at and I kissed and licked all the way down her body to below her thighs.

She then lifted her feet up inviting me to play and there was no way I was turning that down so I indulged in some foot worship which she seemed to love, the look on her face while I was sucking her toes is something i'll remember for a long time. I started to rub her clit with my thumb while she teased my cock with her other foot. When then played with each other for a minute or so with more DFK. Eventually I went in for some RO. Her pussy is really tidy, clean shaven and tastes devine. Olivia was getting really vocal and a few minutes later she was clamping her legs so hard on my head I thought she was trying to kill me like a bond villain! When she'd climaxed I came back up to see a very smiley Olivia who snogged my face off once again and then started putting the rubber on me. She started with slow and sensual CG and then upped the pace to the point where she was riding me like a woman possessed, grinding down really hard and it felt fucking amazing! She really seemed to be enjoying it and this led me to pop one.

She flopped down on me like she was a spent force and just smiled and started talking while we cuddled and drank some of my brew, she's a very intelligent girl who wants to continue studying in England. Very natural to talk to, happy and positive.

She'd started rubbing her leg on me which meant after a while i'd had enough of talking so went back to kissing and her gently wanking me to the point where I asked for a rubber. She got on in reverse cowgirl and rode me gradually faster and started some mild dirty talk which was a massive turn on, (the view was amazing! plus Marvin Gaye started playing on her phone at this point  :music:) eventually I took hold of her hips and got up to start pounding her in doggy, She was very vocal and inevitably after thinking it might not happen I reached boiling point and popped for a second time.

She collapsed on the bed hair all over the place with a beaming smile which I laughed at, we did more chatting and I had a shower. We had a nice long kiss at the door and I went on my way.

I chuckled to myself on the way out as I had almost considered cancelling and booking Ashley.Darling instead after last week's meeting was so good but this topped it.

I would list positives and negatives but it feels pointless in this review as everything was a resounding positive. This was up there with the best meets I've ever had and Olivia is a top girl. Thanks in particular to JuanKerr, Azrael and Ming for your reviews as they sealed the deal on me booking Olivia for the first time, I will be going back as soon as my budget allows

Rust  :drinks:

West Midlands / English Katie - Birmingham
« by bearcat69 on January 15, 2017, 08:40:42 am »
This is a review of the two punts I had with this ridiculously attractive young woman about 4-5 months ago. As the punts happened a fair while ago some of the details might not be entirely accurate, so take that into consideration. Also, I'm not entirely sure if she is still active, the AW profile she was using about a month ago seems to be being used by another girl now, but I have noticed that some of her adverts have had some activity lately. So maybe she's come back. :unknown:

AW Profile from a few months ago (being used by a different WG now):
AW Profile from when she went by the name 'Bigass English Gemma':

Services & Price
1 hour incall @ £120 on both occasions.
DFK, Striptease/Lapdance, OW with DT, Protected Sex (In Missionary, Doggy, Spoons, Cowgirl with Squats, Reverse Cowgirl with Squats).
1st Meet: I was there for about 1 hour and 10 minutes, with two pops. No shower offered.
2nd Meet: I was there for about 1 hour and 20 minutes, with one pop. No shower offered.

Preamble, Communication & Location
I had a simple objective; find a hot as possible English brunette in her early twenties. Back then I was still quite new to punting (this was probably about my 7th punt) and I wasn’t very familiar with Adultwork or UKP, but I came across an certain escort website, used the search function and noticed Katie’s profile. It looked more genuine than most other profiles, so I sent her a nervous and polite text enquiring about availability. I got a text back and eventually after a few more texts got the building name and postcode, and the time was agreed.

She was based in a modern block of apartments in the B4 area of central Birmingham. Slightly sketchy part of Birmingham to visit, but relatively private and didn’t really see many people hanging about, so went ahead. I had to get through an initial front entrance, which she gave me the access code for, and then another one which the keypad was broken on, but luckily somebody was leaving the building and held the door open for me. Short walk up some stairs and she opened her door to me and standing in front of me was a vision of hotness.

Second time I contacted her via a phone call, she was very friendly and easy to talk to. She told me she needed to go to the gym and the meet was arranged for a few hours afterwards. Same as before but she had to come down in a revealing dress (that I could see right up) to let me through the second door. Bit indiscreet, but I’m not complaining, that was a nice view.

Her flat was a small studio flat with a small bedroom that was only just big enough for the bed, wardrobe, and TV. There was also a living room and a bathroom. It was slightly messy, not what I’d call unclean, but looked like it could use a bit of a tidy up.

English Katie
Body damn near a 10/10, face about a 9/10. She’s about 5’7” and she was wearing hooker heels, so looked closer to 5’10”at first. First time she was wearing a lacy see-through body suit type thing with a plunging neck line, second time she was wearing a flowery dress with matching lacy see-through white bra and thong underneath. :dancegirl:

She has piercing green eyes, a small delicate nose, and very nice full lips. Only thing I wasn’t too keen on is that she does have quite a hard jaw line. But I still found her very attractive. She also has sumptuous long flowing dark brown hair and a soft girly slight Northern accent, with a slight lisp. Age of 21 I believe, she could easily pass for 19.

Her body was something else to be honest. She told me she’s a qualified personal trainer, and it shows. A firm and toned body with a big plump juicy ass and a neat little tight pussy with a slight bit of neatly trimmed hair. Curves in all the right places. Nice natural perky firm boobs, about a C cup. She looked just like she looks in her pictures, although she had quite a few tattoos and piercings on the nipples and clit. I’m not awfully keen on that type of thing, but I would say hers are quite nicely done, lots of girly flowers and such, gave me a good excuse to touch and lick various parts of her body. :D

The Action
She looked happy upon opening the door to me, doing a few little jumps and smiling at me. She gave me a little kiss and led me into her bedroom. She sat on the end of her bed, services were confirmed (she told all her services are covered, which I told her I was fine with) and money was exchanged.

I leaned in to kiss her. This was some of the best kissing I’ve got out of a WG. Slow and sensual, full of gentle caressing and soft licking of each other’s tongues. I sat down and she stood up slowly peeling of her undergarment. I held her turning her around, gently licking, stroking, and kissing her on her hips, her thighs, her bum cheeks, her boobs and lastly on her clit.  :kissgirl:

We retired back on to the bed and I lay back as she put the raincoat on me. She started a very impressive bit of slow sloppy deepthroat on me. Easily taking my full length in her mouth, occasionally gagging on it. She also gently licked my balls and she made long lingering eye contact with me. This went on for maybe about twenty minutes, she brought me close to the edge several times, and my dick felt like it was going to explode.

She worked her way up my body, kissing as she went and got on top of me so that she could slowly sink down on my member. Very turned on I grabbed her and pulled her towards me to kiss her and pounded upwards into her. She made all the appropriate noises and very intense eye contact. The look of surprise on her face is an image that will be burned into my mind for a long time. There was also some very nice titty squeezing/sucking during this. Eventually she got off me and offered me her ass for a bout of doggy. I flipped her over into missionary and pounded into her holding her legs back. I swear my dick had not felt that hard inside a tight young pussy in years, and I came very, very hard.  :yahoo:

I got off her covered in her nice smelling cum, and we laid on the bed together, chatting, kissing, and touching each other up. A bit of a prolonged conversation probably for about 15-20 minutes. We talked about various things and she was very easy to talk to and rarely have I got along so well with a prossie. Although I must say she probably could use being a bit less chatty in some ways. She also messed about with her phones quite a bit, which I didn’t mind all that much, but would rather she didn’t. Anyway, I initiated things again. Started with reverse cowgirl and then another enthusiastic bout of missionary, ended in cowgirl with squats as she squeezed me into another strong orgasm.

After this we wondered around her living room, she posed lots staring at herself in her huge mirror and she gave me a bit of a lapdance as I touched her up and complimented her and I eventually left well over time, with no sense of rushing and my dick still hard and wanting more.

She didn’t offer me a shower at any point. I did ask, but she told me her washing machine was broken so there were no clean towels. A bit annoying as I was covered in her pussy juices and had to be somewhere, so I just wiped myself down with wet wipes. My second meet with her was very similar, although she had her dog in a cage in the living room. Cute dog, but wouldn’t stop yapping the entire time. The second meet has nice though and felt more relaxed, and including some very pleasing spooning and pussy rubbing. Although she had a bit of a cold so was obviously not quite as energetic and I only came once. No towels second time either.

Katie came across as a very nice sensual and pleasant girl, who knows how to fuck a guy properly. Would I recommend her though? Well I’m not sure. It’s a shame that the oral was covered and she might be a bit too vanilla for some. I honestly think of her though, that she could easily be one of the top girls in Brum if she took her job a bit more professionally and had a slightly nicer incall location. Your mileage might very well vary with her, and £120 is a bit on the pricey side when there are girls who offer more services for less. That ass though. :wacko:

West Midlands / Bhawani
« by Samjos on January 14, 2017, 10:25:50 pm »
Similar to other reviews

Based in between Weoley Castle and Selly Oak - if approaching from the M5 head up the Wolverhampton Rd and keep going straight for a few miles and before you get to Selly Oak where the Birminghamm  royal orthopaedic hospital is her road is on the left right on an island you cannot miss it

Communications excellent - parked on her drive and up to her salon in an upstairs room

Agree with other posters in that she has an unusual technique which I found subsequently very effective  - she had me on the floor walking all over my back and legs....

Continual touches of the under carriage

Then turn over and head and body massage plus continual touches of the under carriage

Allowed touching but not of her under carriage

She is a seriously good at the massage and her HE was also top notch

Would I go back - yes is the answer

West Midlands / Isla Brooks - Dudley incall
« by thecmen322 on January 14, 2017, 10:14:05 pm »

£120 for an hour (in call booking)

Was in Birmingham for a few days earlier this month and decided to plan a few punts whilst in the area. Had a quick browse through the West Midlands section and Isla's name kept popping up. I was a bit hesitant as Dudley requires a bit of travelling from where I was but the reviews here were enough to convince me, and I'm certainly glad I did, so cheers to you lot for that.  :hi:

No problems with comms - exchanged a few emails inquiring about availability, all read and replied to within a few hours. Initially she was booked up on the dates I was in the area but there was a cancellation when she got back to me with her full schedule and I promptly made a booking for that. Got an email within a few hours with directions to her place etc.

As been mentioned in previous reviews, her current in call location is situated above the Valhalla swingers club which is a few minutes walk from the town centre, with parking available around the premise as well as across the road. Exchange a few texts when I'm about to arrive to confirm and Isla asked whether I have any dress requests. I'm not very particular about that so just told her to surprise me. Gave her a call when I arrived and was told to climb up the stairs and she will meet me at the door. She greeted me with the outfit she has on her profile which looked great and I was pleasantly surprised at how petite she is in person. We shared a quick kiss and said our hellos as we proceeded to the room.

Her current place is still a work in progress and there was no shower, which I was aware of from the reviews here and the email she sent me, so I had one before heading out. Started to undress once we got the paperwork out of the way and that was when the great hour of fun started. We jumped straight into DFK and Isla was really good at snogging your face off while throwing in some playful nibble on your lips as our hands explore each others bodies. After that we proceeded onto the bed where she gave me some great OWO with DT. It was a great sight watching her make my whole cock disappear in her mouth and I then suggested to get a condom on for some cowgirl. Again, Isla is amazing at this and I had to slow her down so that I didn't cum too quickly.

She then suggested to tie me up with some leather cuffs. I didn't need much convincing even though I have never been tied up before this. She then got her massive dildo out and (thankfully) started using it on herself. After a while we resumed with the kissing and she asked whether it was okay to leave marks on my body.  :wacko: I thought, fuck it why not and agreed to it. Isla then explored my body expertly with her nails and mouth which felt great and got me all worked up again. Wasn't long before I asked to be let out of the cuffs and got the condom on again. Sex in various positions ensued and I came into the johnny while in missionary.

After cleaning up with some wipes we got under the covers for a cuddle and had a bit of chat. Isla is very well spoken and could definitely carry a conversation. Round 2 then started with more DFK before proceeding to some doggy. This time I asked for CIM and she gave me more OWO and said 'I might not swallow but if I do it'll be a nice surprise'. I then came in her mouth with her swallowing the lot and said 'oops I swallowed' which I thought was hot as well. Asked for the time after that and had a few mins left, decided to get dressed and be on my way. Had a bit of chat about her plans for the renovation of her apartment (shower, lounge etc) as she walked me out. Said our goodbyes and had a last snog before I head off.

To sum it up, the hype around here is certainly justified and I had a great time with Isla who delivered an intimate GFE with a bit of kink. Downside is that her location might not be ideal for some but I would definitely return when I am in the area. Might sound a bit fluffy but Isla has a great attitude and seems to enjoy doing this. It's only January but I feel like it'll be hard to top this punt.  :thumbsup:

West Midlands / Chinese Massage - Tamworth
« by jtalbain1 on January 14, 2017, 07:24:26 pm »

I just cannot catch a break today.
So after a failed attempt in Nuneaton, I figured I'd just revert to my usual haunt in Tamworth. Called up, made booking (after speaking to two different women with varying degrees of English between them), all set.
I arrive.... and it's not Mimi. Okay, no probs, let's give this new girl a pop.

First stumbling block, she barely speaks a lick of English. Okay, no problem, I mean the procedure is basically the same where ever you go, there just wont be much chatting.

Second stumbling block, she's weak as a kitten. Right, decent massage is off the table then, glad I only booked half an hour.

After a pretty shocking attempt at massage, she signals for me to turn over. She glances my dick with her hand and makes a wanking motion, asking me if I want anything more. Okay, she's not bad looking I guess, so I ask for B2B. £40? (She has no problem saying that, unsuprisingly) Yea sure.

After a bit of a sigh, she turns around and disrobes herself, which leads us to....

The third stumbling block, she's left her pants on (she also had a bit of a belly on her and pretty small tits, the dress disguised her figure annoyingly).
Okay, this is a little odd for B2B but I'll go with it. A bit of shuffling up and down and I get a mouth onto one of her tits, right, time to see what's up with these pants, I move a hand down to her arse and..... that's a sanitary towel. She's on the rag. The builders are in and she's offering body to body. What the actual fuck?

One emotionless handjob later, and she basically lifts me off the table and watches me get dressed before ushering me out the door.

I asked where Mimi was whilst getting dressed and all I got was an awkward smile, a "yes" and some nodding.

Every time I've been here before, I've left happy just to clarify.

Just.... eugh...... £65 well spent.

West Midlands / Walsall / Viktoriax
« by escortman on January 14, 2017, 06:01:19 pm »

Decided to go and visit Victoria a few days ago looking for a cheap and cheerful ending thanks ( temptation )

£20 for 15 minutes

Comms were good; calls and messages answered almost instantly and clear directions . Yes she is Hungarian but in her own words she does speak English

Location: A quiet rd in Walsall WS2 near to police station, . You can park outside the house , however i always park around the corner and walked to my destination.

The girl: Very accurate to her AW page, age and size all accurate.  possibly size 14 - 16 with  big boobs, Bit of a MILF / lady next door look.  Her personality is ok  6/10

Venue: There was a double bed, wardrobe and table with wipes & various condoms in the room.  6/10

The deed: Had to wait a few seconds at the front door , Victoria was behind the door waiting for me to enter the hall way. She said sorry she was just drying herself after coming out the bath.

No shower offered - no worries had one before i left my house.

Victoria told me to get my clothes off and onto the bed.  She Started with kissing my neck and nipples which got my baby maker ready for attention. unzipped her bra she has big natural boobs which i was all over mmmm. whilst pinching her nipples with one hand other found my way to her pussy . She allows fingers  but not deep  she was enjoying this.  She was fresh getting moist . Condom was put on and gave me oral which was nice.

Changed into doggy again no complaints from Victoria. We went into missionary. This was when the punt became a lot better she started to bite my nipples i was in heaven . We both worked up quite a sweat. Finished in the condom.

Wipes and bin offered to myself .

Would i return £20 for 15 minutes or £30 for 30 minutes good vfm...

No Kissing or RO just wanted a happy ending..

Sorry review done on my phone.

Guys please be gentle £20 for 15 minutes...

West Midlands / Green Spa Thai Massage - Nuneaton
« by jtalbain1 on January 14, 2017, 02:04:47 pm »

Called in the morning, arranged a time for a half hour appointment. Was told the address in Dugdale Street. Time arrives, I get there 5 minutes early and approach a completely non-descript building with the blinds drawn.
I ring the bell, no answer.
Try the door, no answer.
Try calling, no answer.
I wait until my appointment time 5 mins later and call again, no answer.
Wait until 5 minutes after my appointment time and call again, this time the phone is switched off so I give up.
All in all, I walked away after a 30 min drive with blue balls and £100 in my pocket. Absolute waste of time.

West Midlands / Hot Kate 27
« by P.O.G on January 14, 2017, 03:51:11 am » or

It was 10pm, girlfriend not stopping over tonight and I was horny. It was pretty late so was having little to no success with other escorts, so decided to TOFTT with this lady who popped up.

Standard procedure, called her up, decent English, arranged a time, and she sent me the address, and I was off. It's an apartment located near the bowlplex and five ways, and it was in a standard serviced apartment, not as discreet for me being a local to the area, but no praying eyes.

Katie let me in, and was wearing a tight red dress, where her large breasts were immediately on show. However facially, she's not my type at all. In fact, I find Massage Natalie from Oldbury more attractive honestly. It was a bit weird because she was playing loud music in the apartment, and she introduced me to her friend, and said I could have either one. The friend had a prettier face, but a not so nice body (wire thin, no tits, no ass), so I stuck with Katie.

Paperwork sorted out and we both undressed. Katie has some huge tits, very nice and quite perky. Before I even got to play with them, she layed me down and started giving me owo. It was far from the best, and was more like a frantically fast handjob with a little bit of licking and sucking the tip. She was clearly trying to make me come quick with this technique, but little did see know I'm in full control of my load, so after about 10 mins of this alleged owo (handjob), she put the condom on me and asked me to get on top. But not before I played with her tits a bit, an they are all natural and do feel very nice. When I got on top, her pussy had a slight unpleasant whiff coming from it which wasn't pleasant. She also positioned her legs so that I couldn't get in as deep as I'd have liked to. Her pussy is not tight as either, so it was a chore or me to keep pounding until I came. She helped clean me up, no shower offered, and I left.

Pros; big nice natural tits, and perky nipples, and seemed a nice person.

Cons; face, pussy smell, pussy looseness, awkward sex trying to minimise penetration, has a bit of a belly on her, no ass, poor owo with attempt to make me come quick.

I wouldn't return.

West Midlands / Squirting Rochelle - half hour incall
« by MrRaunchy on January 14, 2017, 03:23:00 am »
Had arranged to see her for 3:30 pm, confirmed and got address on the day. Decent comms via text. Rang to say I'd arrived only to be told that she had misread my message and thought I was coming at 5:30 pm. She told me to give her ten minutes but kept me waiting for about 20 minutes.

I didn't find her that attractive facially and she's a bit too curvy for my liking. Having said that she does have nice big tits. Pretty good FK, good BJ with excellent deepthroat, came on her tits. Then wanted to experience the squirting so went for some RO. This is when I got to find out that her pussy had a fishy smell and taste so just got her to play with herself and squirt. Gave the squirt a quick lick and found it to taste very salty, almost like a bitter sour kind of salty; hard to describe really.

Rochelle is a friendly lady and gives a good BJ but the smelly fanny and not so tasty squirt along with her not being that attractive made this a neutral. Perhaps if she had got the time right and had more time to get ready, she may have smelled and tasted better and fresher down there but I'm not going to be back.

West Midlands / Poison ivy
« by Willb09 on January 13, 2017, 10:15:40 pm »
Met poison ivy before Christmas, sorry for lateness of this review.

1 hour outcall at my apartment
Outside Birmingham.

As I believe has been previously stated, communication is not her strong point, however if you show patience (a lot of patience), she will get back to you.

Ivy text to let me know she was on route, sending some pictures to let me see what I was getting (some from her profile, some different).
Arrived on time, brief chat before into the bedroom.
Started with a nice massage, before she keenly suggested moving things along.
To which she gave some great owo, not deep throat, but quite deep, and with a good technique, had to stop her or I would have popped.
Turned her onto her back and returned the favour, tasted good, may have been a flavoured lube?
All clean and tidy.

Followed up by sex in couple of positions, finish in condom.
Did not ask for anal, however have no doubt it was available (very nice ass).

I didn't feel like a second pop was happening so went back to all over massage and a long chat.

very easy to get along with and chatty, stayed well over the hour, and didn't rush off when she discovered time had run over.

Lovely girl, will see again.

If there's any specifics you want to know just ask, I'll try to remember as best I can

West Midlands / TOFTT - English Rose Becky X
« by Oralbgood on January 13, 2017, 08:27:55 pm »
The girl: or

The Location: Large Hotel chain J 10 M6

Comms: No phone number on AW so sent booking request on A/W. Couple of hours later, no response but noted that her number was now showing. Sent her a text and had one back within 15 mins confirming A/W booking and post code of said Hotel.

The Meeting: I don't normally do hotel meets but I have fancied a punt with Becky for a while and thought, what the hell. I sent her a text when parked and what followed was a comedy of errors. Normal I will be 5 mins txt, after 10 minutes another one saying she had got herself locked out of her room. I was getting close to going but after another 5 mins her room number came through.

I was meet by Becky wearing a body stocking from Ann Summers, with tactically placed love hearts. My initial thought was, and I am always honest with my reviews, she was closer to a size 12. She did look like her picture but more of a 'before' than an after photo. Minimum makeup and she had quite a pale complexion, with 2 tattoos on her lower back.Her hair was bleached blonder and was a little unkept she said that she hadn't had time to style it, a little disappointing. She did look like her pictures but more like a 'girl next door' than a slim demure girl as I was lead to believe from her profile pictures. She has a little bit of a tummy, but that added to her appeal. She has lovely breasts with the smallest nipples I have ever seen.
She is a very natural talker, with a lovely 'girly' voice, with an accent I couldn't place.

The deed: I confirmed what I wanted, kissing, owo, sex different positions and Cim. Although Cim is on her likes list she said she would 'rather not'. OK I thought, paid for 45 minutes, a favourite time of mine, at £80, stripped and joined her on a very large bed. No drink or shower was offered.

Started with some 'shallow' French Kissing and within minutes she was working on mini me in a very pleasing way. I parted my legs and let her sit between them and work her magic. Plenty of eye contact and a very pleasing movement of her shoulders assisting her oral technique. I held it together. On with the cover and she did a very energetic CG, with nice rotations of her hips. After about 5 mins I was done. She offered me some tissues/baby wipes, I was a little put out as I like it best when they clean me down.

We chatted and she said she normally does hotels in Coventry, Gloucester, Walsall and Cannock.

After 10 mins she started to go to work on mini me and soon he was jumping to attention. I asked if we could do mutual masturbation and she readily agreed. This was joined by more kissing, me trying to snog her face off and I did manage to get a tongue in. I think I just wore her down. She made all the right noises. This continued for 5 mins or so. Then, on with the cover and into Mish, she held her legs back to allow a lovely deep penetration for quite a while, but to no avail. Mini me decided to let me down, hence my 45 mins rather than 60 mins choice.

In summary I can say Becky is a lovely, natural lady. She never looked at the time and even said we could keep going  as she didn't like to disappoint. She didn't.

Would I go back? Yes, her number is saved on my phone.



West Midlands / Summer 66 Wolverhampton
« by Jumping Jack Flash on January 13, 2017, 06:16:21 pm »

I haven't been visiting many FS providers recently. I think I've seen three in the last 18 months. I've been using Seeking Arrangement and when that was dry, I've been using TCM places.

Today I felt the urge to see a mature, British FS provider and a quick scan of AW and here led me to Summer 66.

The comms were good, I rang and made the arrangements and she texted the postcode. Summer asked me to call when I was in the area so she could talk me through finding her place.

Summer works from an apartment not far from the railway station. It was warm, clean and very discreet. It was also easy to find using her directions.

Summer opened the door to me in a bra and thong,  For her age she looks fantastic. Facially she is quite attractive, she would certainly have turned a few heads when she was younger. She really has beautiful tits with good, responsive nipples. She has a few tattoos which are a work in progress, she's got the beginnings of a sleeve so if that's not your thing  be aware.

We started with a massage, which was more of a rub and my god Summer likes to chat! If you want a peaceful and relaxing massage then Summer is not for you. She used baby oil and thankfully didn't apply too much. She sat astride me during the massage and the heat coming from her pussy was a real turn on. She asked me to turn over and she began to play with the old man. OWO followed, before it was on with the condom for some vigorous fucking, both her and top and doggy. She's surprisingly tight for a woman of her age.

£120 for an hour is a bit on the high side, but I wanted a British MILF and they're a bit thin on the ground in Wolverhampton.

All in all it was a pleasant hour spent with an attractive woman who turned out to be a good fuck. I'd visit her again.

West Midlands / Joy - Thai Oriental Spa, Northfield, Birmingham
« by rob75 on January 13, 2017, 09:59:59 am »

Superb experience with Joy earlier in the week. She's 41, slim, and quite pretty - I think she would have looked great when she was younger.

Premises as described elsewhere. Looks to all have been done up recently. Had to leave shoes in reception due to new carpet. Space-age-looking shower in the room - wish I had one of those.

Very pleasant massage for around 40 minutes with an enjoyable chat - she speaks excellent English.

Turned over with around 20 minutes to go and she asked if I wanted anything else. Was quoted £20-30 for a handjob and £40 for topless - went with the latter. She did suggest more might be on offer, but that this would be "very expensive" as she prefers not to. I think she suggested she'd be more willing to do more on subsequent visits.

Anyway, having had many of these massages over the years, I was quite taken aback by how erotic the handjob was. She did it nice and gently, really seemed to enjoy me sucking on her small tits (which I loved, even though they were maybe a little droopy), was really staring into my eyes and was whispering things like how horny she felt, and how she loved my hard cock and wanted to sit on me and fuck me hard. No doubt an act but certainly felt good at the time. Good working of the balls and rubbing fingers through my arse crack and around my arsehole. She kept her trousers on but didn't mind me feeling her pussy for a little while and even inserting a couple of fingers, although not for long. She was absolutely dripping wet, so was clearly turned on. Felt like she had a trimmed bush. Exploded into her hands and she really giggled.

So my best ever massage by some distance. Other than the girls at Myumi Massage in the old days, but they were all full service providers - think I only ever actually had one massage there.

A word of warning - she said she hated it when people started touching her too early on during the massage. I'd been highly tempted to do this so glad I didn't, as it might have made her less receptive later on.

Now - there was (to me) a highly attractive, much younger, slightly nerdish looking girl on reception. And it looked like she had massive tits. Had a quick chat to her when I went in - again, excellent English - and had been planning to ask her name when I left but she was on the phone. Hope to be able to see her some time soon.

West Midlands / Ania.beautiful - Birmingham
« by Littlefoot on January 12, 2017, 05:06:21 pm »
I sort of stumbled across this young lady, whilst attempting to book miss Olivia from the same group. The profile was down. This is the new profile link:


Texted to see if Olivia was available. Received a prompt response saying no, but Ania was. Well.... I remember her getting a few positives on here not so long back.  So thought why not give her a go. So booked up via texting. No problems. Let's just say location was in china town, in Brum. 10 mins walk from new street.   :P

Arrived slightly early. So fired a text off to say I'd arrived. Received a reply after 5 mins saying to ring. So rang, and the maid guided me in, and to the actual apartment. I'd visited this apartment only 2 days ago, when punting Ashley. So I was familiar where I was going this time. But if you haven't been before if you follow the maids directions you'll be fine.

Ania is a 22 year old polish lady. Her English is ok ish. She's a very pleasant, softly spoken young lady. Her face is very pretty. She has long, jet black hair. Is around 5ft 5"? Hard to say for sure when in heels. Great tight size 6 body. Very trim. With what looks like a nice boob job. But they are still relatively small, and in proportion with her tiny frame. Her cunt is nicely shaven, and has smallish lips. A real delight, and tasted lovely and fresh.

She was wearing a tight short black dress, which complimented her tidy figure perfectly. Barely covering her arse.     :wacko: 

I was more than happy when she closed the front door, and turned around to face me. Quick handshake, then through to the room, where she asks how long I want. I go for 30 mins and pay my  £60 fee.

I request a shower, and she hands me a nice clean towel. The showers a bit tricky, however I remembered from my previous visit how it works.

Back to join Ania in the room, and we start some very pleasant FK, whilst standing. I just wished this was more prolonged DFK. But hey ho I roll with the punches. She then kisses her way down my body, making some cute noises. Until she arrives at my now throbbing cock, and starts teasing the whole shaft and balls at first with her tongue. Eventually she gobbles it all up in her mouth, and does a decent OWO. Plenty of her looking up at me, and making nice noises.

Next she stands up and very firmly pushes me on the bed. I was about to lick her cunt, but thought I'd let her continue see where it went. She removes that dress, and underwear, and continues to blow me off. I tell her to get into position for 69. Lovely gripping her cute little arse with both hands whilst gorging on her beautiful cunt. I have a long tongue, but unfortunately her arse hole was still slightly out of range.

She asks if I want the Jonny on. I'm ready, so she rubbers me up. I tell her to get on top. Excellent CG. Then really really good mish with her legs wrapped around my back really pulling me in hard. A very enthusiastic, noisy lover. With a bit of dirty talk thrown in also for good measure.  We shag away like this for some time till I can't take no more, and empty a load into the cock sock. But I still continue to slowly pump, before pulling out. She then says "doggy?" Before she sees the full load in the rubber. Then says "oh!" And laughs. I think the loud noises she was making drowned out my feeble squeals. So she was unaware I'd popped.

With 10 mins left I ask for a massage. She fetches me a well earned glass of water first. Then with a bit of oil applied I get a nice rub down. Not great but I did enjoy the tickling with her nails. Had a bit of chit chat at this stage. Said she only came back to this country yesterday, and was stopping two weeks before returning home briefly.

I take another shower, say my goodbyes and off I trot.

A nice 30 mins punt, the only fault I could find was I like more kissing than that. So if your into really heavy DFK like me you might want to think twice. But I did enjoy very much. I've had bigger positives. Nevertheless this was definitely a positive.

West Midlands / Hannah Tie and Tease Massage
« by Willy_regal on January 12, 2017, 03:37:05 pm »
So, Hannah is already highly reviewed on here for her escorting service but I experienced something a little different. First time I have ever been with Hannah, first time for some other things too! Ive been trying to book Hannah for a little while now, and finally managed to get booked in for a tie and tease massage, I was so excited!

Location: A housing estate in Wolverhampton, very easy access on quiet. The house was a terraced house, half way down the street. Had a drive way that I was able to park on. 7.5/10

The girl: Very accurate to her AW page, age and size all accurate. Very lovely looking young lady with a great smile and big boobs, a winning combination! Her personality is absolutely fantastic, very friendly and due to a lot of common interests, we chatted a lot and got on very well! 9.5/10

Venue: A very clean and tidy room at the front of the house, with curtains blocking view of the street. Incense burning in the room and spa type relaxing music playing also. There was a double bed and a massage table in the room. The temperature was very good in there, I was very warm and comfortable. 9/10

The deed: Walked threw the front door as her cat was running out, and Hannah was behind the door waiting for me to enter the hall way. I was greeted by her fantastic smile and a light kiss on the lips. She then lead me to the room as described above and asked if I wold like my coat hanging up, I accepted and also presented the paper work.

She asked me to strip and lay face down on the massage table and she left the room to (I presume) count the paperwork. On return she started to massage my back and I heard her take off her bra. This was confirmed as she moved pat my head and I felt those great milk-duds pass over the back of my head. We chatted and quickly found at we had all the same interests and I really enjoyed the conversation we had. After my back she moved onto the legs, with some cheeky ball swipes leading to some reach around. This is when the conversation fell silent as I was really enjoying the attention to my family jewels. I then felt her tongue on my balls and she ran her tongue form my balls all the way to my neck and then whispered do you want to turn over. With my raging hard-on, I had no objections! Now laying on my back, she started massaging my arms and traps before tying my wrists above my head and then blind folding me! She starting kissing my face, and running her tongue down my neck, and the length of my body. When she got to my feet, she bit them very very gently, licked my toes and sucking on them. This is a first for me... I never had my toes sucked before, AND I LIKED IT! The same happened to the other side of my body and then she centred herself between my legs and starting licking, kissing and sucking my balls! This girl has some seriously good skills! They She licked my shaft from the bottom up and played with he tip of my cock. My cock was twitching at this point and then i felt her lips wrap around the head of my cock and she slip down. BEST OWO I have ever had. Combination of slurpy owo and wanking made me cum (I think on or in her mouth, I was blind folded.) After she cleaned me up and we chatted some more, got on to some of her experiences in the game. She is so easy to get on with and she made the whole thing feel very natural and not seedy. I think with the chatting, I went over my time by 20 mins! She didn't even care, she was enjoying the conversations we were having I guess. 10/10

Would I see Hannah again? I think we all know the answer to the question, especially the gents that have already reviewed her!

West Midlands / Massage - Rainbow Nature Coventry
« by Barney31 on January 12, 2017, 02:25:48 pm »

Was feeling a bit sore from post Christmas increased gym usage so rang up this morning to book an appointment. It's on the Holyhead Road which is a busy stretch into Coventry city centre so not the most discrete of places but I parked on a side road and walked in a conspicuously as possible. I was greeted by three oriental ladies and was asked if I wanted an 'all over body massage' in an oriental Kenneth Williams innuendo kind of way. I said yes please and for the hour I paid £60. I was then led out the back door into a warm and cosy conservatory type room and asked to get ready. In walked a quite pretty Thai lady who's name I think is Tania who was wearing a red cardigan and black trousers and looked quite plain. She asked if I want strong or soft massage and I replied hard and what followed was one of the best massages I have had in a long time. Sadly there was no cheeky reach understand or credit card swipes but this was ok because of the good quality massage. It was only when I turned over that I noticed that Tania had the biggest tits I have seen on an oriental lady and I had to see them out of the holsters. She started to play with the little man and I immediately tried to get a better look at her amazing tits. She said £20 extra for topless which I happily paid and began to play, lick and suck on them. Before the long inevitable happened and was cleaned up with baby wipes and towels and was on my way.

So £60 for the hour with HR and £20 extra for topless was ok value though I'm not sure if I would return as I like to try different places but would definitely recommend.   :yahoo:

West Midlands / Louise2604 - Tunstall - Stoke
« by Dreamweaver1 on January 12, 2017, 09:28:27 am » or

Fee - £100 per hour
Venue:- Tunstall, Stoke on Trent
Comms:- 8/10
Venue:- 8/10
Action 9/10
Overall 8/10

As part of my New Years resolution to myself to post reviews I've done this retrospectively. Took place at the end of October 2016.
Had noticed Louise on UKE. As an older punter (63), and fairly new to the game 07/2016 made initial contact by phone to make sure Louise would see an old fart like me. Having had a pleasant chat on the phone confirmed she would and was requested to put my booking through AW. Had never booked this way before and wasn't keen but wanted to see her so agreed. Having made the booking for 14:00 in a couple of days and had it confirmed, bit of a drawn out procedure much prefer call/text, got a text saying she would text at 12:00 on the day just to make sure all was okay. This was where a hiccup almost occurred.
Was on UKE on the day of the punt and noticed a thread from Louise stating she had mailed a client on AW and PM'd them on UKE and hadn't had a reply. From the content this was obviously me. Text her and replied to E-mail on AW. I had been on UKE earlier that morning and hadn't noticed her PM and hadn't been on AW. As I was expecting a text at 12:00 hadn't really been looking. Anyway was all sorted out when I spoke to her on the phone. She had done this to see if I wanted to move my booking forward to 12:00. and didn't want to send an unexpected text. As this suited me I agreed and was given post code and road name. Travelling to an unknown area, to me, I decided to set of more or less straight away to allow plenty of time. Turned out to be a good decision as spent a long time in 12 miles of road works prior to Crewe.
Arrived at the road and announced my arrival some 10 minutes early, given directions where to park on street for free, which was actually outside next door to her terraced house. Knocked, door opened and met by an attractive tall girl dressed in sexy lingerie. Her height on AW was almost same as mine but as has been said before wears killer heels making her what I would say about 3 - 4 inches taller. Sorted paperwork and took her up on an offered downstairs shower, knowing from previous reports I was going to get to walk upstairs behind a fantastic arse. You don't have to believe me look at her media on UKE.
Once in the bedroom she took off her heels and we lay on the bed to commence some DFK and cuddles. Was somewhat surprised, but happy, at her enthusiasm for DFK with an oldie like me. Continued with this for a while, as I like GFE, then slowly mad my way down to her pussy, via her nipples. RO is for me the best part of a booking I absolutely love it, spent a while down there taking in the pleasure and also gave her a bit of rimming. After a good while I started to become a bit concerned as there was no stirrings from the old todger. Never mind I thought once she starts I'll be away.
Wrong, WTF. She moved round and started OWO on what could at best be described as a semi. Despite 10 minutes of excellent and enjoyable effort, even in that state, it was obvious nothing was happening. I'd taken the little blue pill 90 minutes earlier so I was nonplussed. She was brilliant about it and offered me a massage to relax me, which I accepted. Unfortunately that didn't work either nor did a further 10 minute effort at OWO. Ever a trier she offered to finger my arse, which I hadn't had done before but was happy to try anything/ On with a surgical type glove and away she went. Enjoyable but brought nothing more than a bit of precum. Told her to give up as it obviously wasn't happening. Now I know the todger dislikes the old condom and I very rarely go to penetration, but not this. Any way stayed on the bed, me being pretty embarrassed and had a pleasant chat with Louise before leaving. Put the action as a 9/10 due to all her efforts. Can only put his down to either stress of motorway journey or the fact that Louise was the youngest girl I had seen by almost 10 years. Absolutely nothing that reflects on her, she is very attractive with a fit body and as can be seen from the above was very willing.
If nothing else hope this gives encouragement to any of the older novices. I am sure the stallions on here would have an absolute field day.

Would I recommend ; -Definitely
Would I return - Yes.

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