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West Midlands / FBSM Chacha Ree Selly Oak
« by niterider2014 on Today at 01:26:24 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3488969 or https://www.adultwork.com/Chacha+ree

Saw Chacha last week


OK but be warned that postcode takes you to the wrong street so I was late which ended up in a few stroppy text's saying your late despite me explaining why


terraced house in middle of student ville, Selly Oak-difficult to park so leave plenty of time to find a space-  nice enough room with massage taking place on a double bed.


I'd say in her mid 40's nice slim body, fully shaved, OK looking but was constantly moaning about me being late and mentioned throughout service - bit of a kooky personality which put me off a bit tbh.


basically body to body from the start with plenty of oil, turned over and lost of rubbing of her pussy over my cock which was felt good with touching allowed all over. Finished with a hand job which was well executed.

shower offered downstairs following event.


Good massage / body to body with plenty of touching but she was a little too crazy for my liking and simply didn't click probably because of my lateness so I wouldn't return.

For me a positive for massage hence rating

West Midlands / Eve.Midland, Stoke on Trent
« by tesla on Today at 10:51:14 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3762522 or https://www.adultwork.com/Eve%2EMidland

£90 for 1 hour incall no extras

Saw this girl for an hour a few weeks ago, comms were poor. she took age to respond to mu initial email enquiry and then when I had her number she was not available, however after a few tries at finding a time to suit us both I went to see her at her house.
It is not near the station as her profile states but over three miles away in a rough area of Stoke. Parking was ok on the street.
The house was a mess and rundown and needed a good clean.

She was wearing a night dress which never cam off during the one hour meet, she was very talkative, too much.
she seem reluctant to kiss despite saying on her profile she like to do it.
Her body is very nice and I would say she is the age she states or very close.

The service was very much like a poor massage parlour service than a GFE, I did have sex but her BJ was lacklustre and did nothing for me at all.

I would not go back but she may suit others if they can manage to contact her.

West Midlands / Birmingham - Spa Diamond Massage
« by Barney31 on Today at 10:39:28 AM »

Have fancied going to this place for a while after reading about the Jacuzzi bath as part of the massage, which sounded a bit different. I didn't bother booking and after parking in the car park around the back, rang the doorbell and was warmly welcomed into reception. After asking what I would like and sorting out payment, (£55 for one hour hot oil massage and Jacuzzi) I was asked to take a seat and wait for the room to be prepared. The whole place has a very professional feel and I did think I had made a mistake but at the worst I would get a decent massage at the very least.

I was taken up to the room by the receptionist who was very curvy and sexy, but unfortunately she was not the person who carried out massages. I got myself ready on the massage table and in walked a young thai lady who's name I didn't quite catch but looked quite attractive. What then followed was quite a rough but functional covered massage which though was very nice, was not in the slightest sensual. Once she finished she asked me to stand and get in the Jacuzzi and she spent a minute washing my back before leaving me on my own for a few minutes to get a glass of water. When she returned I thought fuck it, I'm here so I will ask if she does anything more to which she put her fingers on her lips and said no one knows but will give a hand job for £40. Obviously way too much, but could only get her down to £30 so out of the tub and back onto the massage table where she oiled me up and started wanking me off. I was allowed to touch her but on the outside of clothes only and after a few minutes came, was cleaned up by her and got dressed. I was then taken downstairs and shown out the back door to the car park and was on my way.

So with £55 for massage and Jacuzzi and £30 for HR I have to say I left feeling very disappointed and probably wont go back again, that is unless the fit reception changes her mind as she looked like great fun!  :cool:

At your service   Pershore road stirchley

£35 30mins

Went to see the girls on wednesday morning i know they have got a few new girls  now i usually go 11ish  plenty of parking and always get to pick a girl  yesterday was totally different took me 10 mins to park event the coop was full  when i did final park i had a  5 min walk in the pissing down rain  when i got to the door i could see  someone had just gone in anyway was let in and had to wait at the front door while the other client was taken to the bottom room for some reason he was left on the bottom of the staires  has they was moving another client at the room there was alot of shuffling going on and 1 client did walk past me im not bothered but  i think he was alittle put off   anyway by now all girls were busy so i had to go and wait in the attic room  which was fine for me it meant i could dry off abit
I asked the maid i would see which ever girl come free first and after about 10 mins i was greeted by Amber

Looks very cute nice bit of make up  good handful of boobs i say size 6/8   she was wearing a black g string a black bra top and black over the knee boots looked very sexy she was about 5ft 5 with out the boots on but i told her to keep them on

Amber lay on the bed next to me we had a  little chat while feeling each others body and a few kisses while she rub her hands around my head   she was also moving her foot of the boots over my cock at the same time which got it very hard  she then did some fantastic sucking while she was doing it she kept looking at me and smiling while bending her legs so her boots where rubbing my chest i had  a good play of her pussy ( no inserting )  she then told me she wanted to fuck me and she jumped on top in the frog position flopped hher tits out over her top and started to pump me very fast and she seemed to really enjoy and get off on it the sight was amazing her boobs going up and down her vocal sounds and those boots where making me cum i asked her if she would finish me off by hand which she jumped off and sorted squatted at the side of me while she played with her pussy with one hand and wanked me with another her pussy was really wet so i know she was ennjoying the fuck then i cum it flew over my chest and her boots which she seemed to laugh at and carried on for a little longer wit another spurt over the boots
 she then cleaned me  and eventually cleaned her boots while laughing and pointed out how much id cum

nice kiss and hug just before i went out the bedroom and another at the front door

Lovely girl and seemed to really enjoy it   

could not comment on the other girls has it was still busy when i left so did not see anyyone

Wasn't intending on punting today, but an opportunity presented itself when in town so I went for a TOFTT, which went quite well.

The young woman: www.adultwork.com/4046527 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sweet%5FKate69

Comms: AW email, Phone call, AW confirmation, text on arrival. All dealt with quickly and efficiently, her spoken English is quite good.  :thumbsup:

Venue: What looks like a studio apartment a few minutes walk from Broad Street, nice and clean, well stocked bathroom, though the games took place in the living room / kitchen, in which she also has a professional massage table and a makeshift bed with a mirror at one end, bit strange but fit for purpose. Nice scented candles burning and some light music.

The young woman: I am not convinced the pictures on the profile are of her, nevertheless she is similar in frame if not quite so leggy. I would say a size 6/8, nice perky B/C cup boobs, short trimmed as opposed to shaved pussy with a pleasant pretty girl next door facial appearance, not stunning, but certainly the sort who would get a 2nd look from most guys. She had her hair up but I would hazard a guess that it was mid length and black.

The meet: Gave me the apartment number and buzzed up, usual magic door on arrival. She was wearing a very nice short black dress, with black hold ups clearly visible and some nice black heels. Initial impressions were good, she greeted me warmly with a hug, asked me if I wanted a drink which she got while I took off my coat.

Little bit of chit chat, handed over the money and offered a shower, which I accepted as I wanted to guarantee OWO and kissing.

Back from the bathroom and we move in for a kiss, the kissing is with tongues but not quite DFK, she is new to FS being mainly a FBSM provider, she told me I was her first FS customer, which I believe was sincere.

Bit of groping each other, I have my hand up her dress fondling her quite peachy ass, she reaches down, removes the towel and starts fondling mini Ming who responds accordingly. Off comes the dress and she is only wearing small black pants and stockings, very perky B/ C cup boobs and a pleasant if not rocking body shape.

She continues to kiss sensually down my neck, with little breaths in my ear, little ticklish but quite sensual. I am gently fondling her boobs.
Eventually I remove her pants and she is trimmed down below, I am not one for a full bush, my preference is for partly shaved, but she has an attractive little pussy with a little labia sticking out.

We move to the bed and she commences OWO, she has a nice technique with a good use of hands on occasion, the depth is medium, over all quite pleasing though I do prefer DT.

Into 69 and she is very responsive, her OWO improves in this position with a little more depth and again good use of hands as needed, she allows some gentle fingering and becomes wet and vocal, which seemed genuine? Her pussy is very tight with just one finger but after some masterful oral ( :D) she is becoming quite moist and a second goes in, she appears to have a little orgasm as I can feel her contracting.... This is all turning me on a little too much, so I request the condom and she asks what position, into doggy while standing on the bed thingy, penetration is deep and she is tight, so coupled with the view in the mirror at the foot of the bed the sap starts rising too quickly so I slow down, eventually into doggy with her knees up by her shoulders (my favourite), starts to suck my nipples while I am watching the action in the mirror, this is too much and I fill the sack a little sooner than I normally would :blush:

Summary: I believe she is new to FS as a service provider, she has the potential to improve in some areas such as kissing and a little more depth in oral.

Positives: Nice friendly girl, seems keen to provide a good service.

Negatives: Trimmed pussy, would prefer if she was partly shaved. The kissing was ok, but could be better, the bed thingy, fit for purpose but a little strange.

Will I return?: You know what, I may well do so.


Ming  :hi:

West Midlands / Linda Luv, Birmingham. TOFTT
« by Juankerr on March 21, 2017, 06:32:34 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3967282 or https://www.adultwork.com/Linda+Luv

Half-hour @ £70 + £10 for CIM.

Linda is another recent addition to the Hungarian Diva's of Birmingham group, Liked what I saw from the pics so went and had a decent but not perfect half-hour.

All comms were straightforward via call and text, was sent the details for the location which is well known near five ways just off Broad Street. Parking here on the day was a nightmare so ended up parking on Tennant Street just a 5 minute walk away.

Once at the location I called as asked to be given the flat number and was buzzed in.

Linda met me from behind the door wearing a pink dressing gown and heels. The gown later came off to reveal a black bra and no knickers  :cool:

Her profile pictures are accurate, very pretty girl with a really stunning figure, nicely toned and tanned with impressive fake boobs that both looked and felt very good. No tattoo's that I noticed along with a belly piercing.

Linda offered me a shower which I took, after I was done she soon rejoined me in the room and began by giving me a massage which in truth wasn't great at first but was more enjoyable when she was using her nails lightly all over my body.

I turned over and had some light and brief kissing on the closed lips  :( I could tell she wasn't into it so I instead concentrated on removing her bra to get my hands on her excellent boobs, fakes but very well done and feeling as good as they looked so had a good suck on her nipples as she pulled my head in closer  :)

I lay back down on the bed as she then gave my cock a thorough clean with some wet wipes before she began her OWO. Linda ran her lips along the length of my shaft and around my bellend to begin with, then giving some nice, if a little soft oral which was lacking in depth and not much more than a tip-job  :(

I got her onto her back and had some more fun with her boobs before going for a very good session of RO which she seemed to enjoy. Linda has a very pretty, neat and tidy pussy, not completely shaven which made a change and actually looked very sexy with a little bit of hair growth.
I started slowly at her request, teasing her clit with my tongue and she soon became quite wet. I upped the pressure on her clit along with a bit of paintbrushing of her pussy as she began grinding herself back against me now with her legs wide open, grabbing onto my head and arms pulling me closer. Very enjoyable session for an RO addict like me  :thumbsup:

Time for a condom and started in standing doggy with her on the edge of the bed as I gave her bum a few slaps and went at a good pace with a little vocal encouragement from her. Leant down close to have a feel of her boobs whilst slowly continuing until I got hold of her hair and upped the pace as best I could.

I had asked about CIM earlier so as I felt I was getting close I took off the condom and Linda then sat on the bed in front of me as I stood watching her in the mirror next to the bed as she sucked and wanked my cock while I held onto her hair until I came hard in her mouth  :yahoo:
Linda waited until I was fully drained before spitting into some wetwipes and then commenting "that was a lot"  :D

I had another shower and then chatted as I got dressed, her English is good enough to have a decent conversation with.

In conclusion I did enjoy meeting Linda, she has a fantastic body and is pretty with it. She was friendly and pleasant throughout and didn't rush me as I had the full half-hour.

I would go back in a shot to get my hands on her body BUT with the lack of kissing and the lack of depth on the blowjob its unlikely that I will go back hence the neutral rating, shame as she's very fit and the rest of the meet was good.

Happy punting, Juan  :hi:

West Midlands / FBSM - Bearwood, Natural Therapy
« by HotdogGuy on March 21, 2017, 03:46:42 PM »
Well I have watched this group from afar and at long last decided to register as I have something to say!!!!

I had never been to a massage parlour until today and after much deliberation and trepidation I chose the Chinese parlour in Bearwood (07466 479641), 117 Poplar Road, Bearwood, B66 4AP; as it seemed pretty good value and had recommendations!

I turned up on spec, rang the bell and the door was promptly opened by an older Chinese lady, at least I had no wait, so not outside too long for prying eyes to catch me! The older lady also staffed the desk and took my £25 for my half hour and ushered me into a small room towards the back of the premises with a sliding door!  I was introduced to Sashimi (excuse me if it's spelt wrong as her English was not the best) who had a nice warm smile and told me to get undressed and lie on the couch.  Sashimi I reckon was in her mid t40's but looked great with it, nice figure, not over buxom and not over weight!  On the smallish side (5' 2"?) but nicely presented and looked clean!  The room was clean and warm if not a little worn, could do with a little bit of a makeover! I did as I was told and lay on the bed awaiting Sashimi's return!

She was not long and was wearing a shortish black dress, showing a fair amount of leg, no massage tunic in sight!  No words were spoken and she proceeded to give a firm push massage only asking if I wanted her to use oil or not! Being as I have no other half to conceal things from I took up the offer and she frequently oiled her hands and gave a not unpleasant massage for 15 minutes before the silence was broken by her asking me to turn over! She was not adverse and did not pull back from a brush or a stroke of her leg and over the first 15 minutes her hands wandered higher up my leg brushing my ball sack a couple of times!

Having turned over she repeated the massage on my front deliberately avoiding and circling the old man!  After about ten minutes I was asked if I wanted anything else! I enquired as to what was on offer, was informed hand job (accompanied by a wanking motion) or a body to body massage where she would be naked and rubbing herself on me (so much for the notice on the wall saying no improper goings on are allowed and that the staff would be sacked if they did!!!).  Taking some of Stapler's tips I bargained, saying I'd only got £20 and she said no problem, I could touch her and she would give a hand job!  We agreed and I told her to get the £20 I had concealed in my shoe when I got undressed!

Paperwork done she oiled up and proceeded to brush the old man while my hand was allowed to slip into her knickers and squeeze her firm bum!  Don't get me wrong it was pretty hot, but for some reason, be it old age, nerves or whatever he wasn't performing!  Despite this setback Sashimi wasn't giving up!  More oil, more sensuality, more speed, my nipples were sucked, the odd peck of a kiss on my lips, she even came close to putting me in her mouth at one point.  Her body was also rubbing against mine and she was half on the couch with me as she did, making false gasping noises!  It was at this point I was told to touch her and out came her tits, the most enormous of nipples or what! I got and was actively encourage to suck her nipples (well got no choice they were thrust in my face-not complaining though) I also got to stroke her bush, but was told off when I tried to slip in deeper! She was constantly giggling and making girly noises! Eventually the old man hardened up and with more oil and a bit of spit from Sashimi I shot my load over my stomach accompanied by dirty talk from dear old Sashimi!  She was sweet and worked hard for her £20 and perhaps went beyond £20 worth of service! I was cleaned up and rubbed down with a warm towel as I lay there with post-cum lethargy!

Pleasantries were exchanged, I said thank you and kissed her cheek.  She was lovely and it wasn't 'run off now my jobs done' attitude, whether it was genuine or not I felt good, relaxed and relieved!

On the way out I asked about the loyalty scheme which I had read about in other posts, she said that had long finished, but next time to call before I came to book an appointment and she would look after me!

All in all a very pleasant 2.15-2.55 punt on a sunny Tuesday afternoon! 

I actually don't have any regrets or guilt about this and feel relaxed and looking forward to a return visit!  At least I shouldn't go bankrupt with these prices, £45 all in!

Anyway I shan't write chapter and verse so much next time, but feel it needed documenting for posterity, my first visit to a massage parlour!

West Midlands / Brooke34dd - Birmingham NEC
« by SalmonJunkie on March 21, 2017, 12:57:28 PM »

1 hour, £160.

Saw Brooke yesterday afternoon. She's been on my HL for years but as I'm not really a frequent punter, I've always gone for cheaper half hour options. I'd decided I needed some release this week and was going to 'treat myself' to one of the more expensive girls.

As if by magic, Brooke appeared at the top of my "available now" list and was working near the NEC! So I jumped on it before she went back to the far side of the M6...

Appearance: fuck me she is stunning. Absolutely amazing body, enhanced breasts but they feel expensive if you know what I mean. She was wearing thigh high black boots as requested, and black lingerie.

Location: chain hotel near the NEC.

Comms: AW message, text and phone. All quick replies and very clear.

I arrived, received room number. Was greeted with a wonderful kiss as I entered the room, and couldn't keep my hands off her.

I place the paperwork down and take a quick shower.

A fantastic GFE followed, the highlight of which is definitely her messy deep throat. Lots of spitting on it and gagging, attention to the balls and licking. If you've ever watched an "mhbhj" video on pornhub, think that sort of thing.

On with the cover- her riding you is a sight to behold. Moved around the bed a fair bit, taking her from behind standing over the bed, to her lying flat face down while I squatted over her and gave her a good pounding.

I could feel myself getting close, so asked for more OWO, this time next to a mirror. I finally blew all over her face, which was glorious.

I needed a drink! Glass of water time, and I check my phone to notice we're about 40 minutes in. 5 minute rest and a chat, and I can't see myself doing much more damage in the time we have left together, but Brooke wanted to give little me one last suck to make sure. A few minutes and I'm semi hard, but I know I'm running on empty, so we reluctantly stop and I take a quick shower before leaving.

Overall: gutted I didn't do this years ago! I will be back. Oh yes, I will be back.

West Midlands / Chocolate barbie - Birmingham
« by Punterperson1971 on March 21, 2017, 12:38:45 AM »
Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/3100853 or https://www.adultwork.com/Chocolatebarbie69 - Get QR Code
Saw this lovely lady 2 weeks ago
Comms really good booked 45 min booking no clock watching either.
Location nice apartment clean and easy to find,got to apartment and she let me in she was dressed in black stockings and suspenders she was a very attractive ebony lady.
She gif naked as I undressed and she had a cracking pair of tits nice clean shaven Pussy no clock watching and friendly relaxed atmosphere easy to talk to.
Owo was good plenty of deep French kissing and carresing I came over her boobs first time,we chatted for a while as we cleaned ourselves up and she then started to kiss again and suck me hard again then she asked if she minded her playing with her vibrator do she carried on playing g as I sucked on her toys and played with her clit.
I asked for a condom and she put one on then suggested her to go on top and she rode me cow girl style I eventually came and after we got ourselves together we got cleaned up and I left with a big smile on me.
Overall very attractive black girl
Great kissing and owo skills good value and she does facials so I'll be back later to try that out it's extra £20 but I think it will be worth it overall 10/10

West Midlands / Birmingham / West Midlands - EmilyBlonde20
« by G-Raw on March 20, 2017, 09:55:08 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3368859 or https://www.adultwork.com/EmilyBlonde20

Location: Flat in Birmingham City center

Girl: 5'ft polish blonde, has a Chloe Moretz vibe to her looks.

Fee: £80 - 30 minutes


Greeted by some kissing straight off the bat, no DFK for some reason but wasn't bothered so I didn't request. Quick shower and received OWO, put a condom on and finished. Felt a little rushed but to be fair I was late so the original 1 hour meeting turned into 30 minutes.

West Midlands / West Midlands / White Angel.
« by G-Raw on March 20, 2017, 09:40:46 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/807384 or https://www.adultwork.com/White+Angel%2E

Planned the meeting 4-5 days in advance but Laura messaged me saying that she was still on her period so meeting didn't happen, neutral and gave me enough notice. Do hope to see her some other time though.

West Midlands / Sensualize
« by johnty on March 20, 2017, 09:45:27 AM »

My second foray into my punting comeback. Again was just before xmas, apologies, just getting to grips.

Was in Stourbridge and had a free afternoon, came across Julie and her AW page, really wanted to experience a more horny massage.

Very good. Txted and received a reply within a minute, unfortunately her black female assistant was not available (I believe that fact to be permanent now)

I decided to go ahead anyway.


Very well appointed flat, 2 mins from shopping centre, good shower with all the gels etc, nice warm room with good table in a large room with a settee also.


As per photos, dressed xmassy as it was close. Size 14 accurate, nice tits.

The Meet

£120 for an hour massage. A bit steep I suppose, but Julie did a nice job.
Met with a kiss at the door, shown to main room and offered a Shower which I took.

Ok the massage was sensual rather than practical, and Julie does like to talk and get you to tell her your fantasies. There was lots of touching, CC swipes etc and I had full access to everywhere. It was a turn on.

Eventually turned over and Julie proceeded to deliver a first rate oily wank with a CIM, pretty satisfied, but maybe I'm easily pleased and as time goes on I will think this was too expensive, who knows?


Nice woman maybe late 40's early 50's,
knows what she is doing and will satisfy,
more probably on offer,
price maybe a bit steep.
Nice gaff.


I feel compelled to review her as some others have given her a positive.
So I decided to make a last minute punt. Saw kia's profile and thought hmm curvy brunette who does anal great.
Called her up she said no extra charges for any of her services.
Arrive at her place a shit hole flat in a terraced house in Wolverhampton.
Into the bedroom, mountains of dirty clothes all over and empty cans. Looks like a room from trainspotting.
Hand over my money, she leaves the bedroom then I hear someone leave the flat apparently her flatmate being sent to the shop.
She comes back in makes it pretty clear she does nothing but vanilla service and says she's from an irish travelling family fuck knows why.
Turns off the light and leaves on a tiny portable TV, could see fuck all. She popped her tits out had a bit of a squeeze, clearly no kissing. She asks me to get undressed, my brain is working overtime here so I asked to use the toilet. Bathrooms a shit hole, whilst in there decide to set my mind at ease and have a quiet rumage. Sure enough syringes and needles in packs. OK so you could argue diabetic but combined with her flatmate (probably boyfriend more like) leaving once my money had changed hands sounds like a trip to the dealer.
As bathroom was by the front door I just let myself out and legged it. Thought she won't care anyway now.
She is the girl in the pics but seriously best avoided. Have a wank if you're desperate instead!

West Midlands / Benja Thai in Leamington
« by JollyTimes on March 18, 2017, 10:14:28 PM »
This is the second time I have visited Benja Thai. It's been a while and I thought it was worth an update. Entrance at the rear which takes you underneath the barber' shop.


Visited on Saturday afternoon at around 5pm after confirming by phone earlier in the day. I saw the same girl, Emma. The massage was a quick rub for about 10 minutes to be honest. We agreed prices £40 plus £60. I don't get involved with FS as it's HE and oral both ways that does it for me. All clothes off after 20 minutes; Emma is very skilled orally but this is pretty much a GFE for me, hence I am happy to pay that price.

It is quite evident that a four hander is on the agenda, with a doubling of the price of course. That's a definite for me as both girls are attractive and have size 8-12 bodies (not great at sizing).

It was a good hour as it closes at 6pm. I will return when in the area again for sure.

West Midlands / TS Camila Mattoli - Birmingham Tour
« by naughty boy 13 on March 17, 2017, 06:58:34 PM »
***warning....review about a TS lady....if not your bag....I would advise pressing back!***

Camila is a touring TS lady who travels the length and breadth of the U.K.... I have visited her before and was delighted to see she was back in town last week


Texted her to see if she was available after work....she was and asked me to call when I was 30 mins from location


Apartment just off Broad Street...


Once arrived Camila texted me the number and away I went...buzzed straight in with no problems
The flat itself was adequate for punting purposes....shower had all the condiments required


Having been quite bored with normal lady escorts...I decided to subcumb to my naughty side and book Camila....having booked her before, I knew exactly how she looks and to me....she is stunning

The door opened and she towered over me in her 6 inch heels....lovely bra and thong set.... Mini me was getting hard already!

She led me to the bedroom where she offered me a shower...I obliged

Once back in the room...we engaged in some light FK action whilst exploring each other's bodies....she then directed me to her ever growing cock and boy it puts my average cock to shame!!

She then pushed me down to start sucking which I do gladly...she starts off slowly but once she starts growing in your mouth...she becomes quite dominate and face fucks you....loved it

After about 5 mins we move to the bed to start kissing a little more deeply and the she asks to fuck me

I lube up and bend over for her where she enters me gently...the initial pain is hard to take...but pleasure soon takes over! Once fully in she starts to penetrate you moving slowly at first but builds up... She was grabbing my neck and slapping my bum and pounding my ass very deep...

I lean back and she slows down and kisses me slowly....the feeling was amazing

After about ten mins... I lie back and she enters me missionary....here she gets really deep and if your not well trained in anal...it can hurt...luckily I can take it and she loves the fact she can go hard and deep in me....all whilst snogging me with more intent...

After another ten mins she withdraws and asks me to suck her which I do...she then mentions she hasn't cum for a few days and is so horny she wants to....she then shoots a huge load over my face and mouth

She then asks how I would like to cum....still horny.... I tried something for the first time....I fucked a TS lady!!
She luned up and guided me in doggy...fuck me...so tight!!!

I went slowly but built up the pace pulling her and she was loving it...I finally came in her doggy style...amazing!!

We cleaned up and said our goodbyes.....she is so down to earth and easy to talk to as well

I booked for 30 mins at 100... But was easily there for over 45 mins...

As mentioned...not everything's thing...but she is for me!!

https://www.adultwork.com/1930343 or https://www.adultwork.com/Ts+Camila+Mattoli - Get QR Code

West Midlands / xChristina Aston
« by Ali369 on March 17, 2017, 02:52:50 PM »
My 1st reveiw so dont bite my head off if its not fully loaded with everything you need to know.

The girl: https://www.adultwork.com/2857075

Seen this girl a few weeks ago. Located in the aston area of Birmingham. Nice house and very clean.
As im new to punting i didnt really know what to ask when i phoned her. So just asked what services she provides and rates. She didnt mention OWO or DFK but i still went along and booked her.

Got to the property knocked on the door and the girl in the pic opened it. Very attractive i must say. Abit too skinny but thats not a problem for me as im under weight myself lol.
Walked up the stairs to the bedroom no shower offered.
So i ask again what services u provide. She asks what u intrested in. I tell her 69 OWO DFK and WS. She said no kissing and no OWO. At this point i could feel the blood rushing to my dick so sorted the paperwork out and she told me to get undressed whilst she went to stash the money.
She comes back and ask if i want WS first. I said yes so we went in the 69 position and i was munching on her pussy and she says are you ready? I replied yes and she lets out a nice warm steady stream of her golden nectar into my mouth. I told her to stop so i could swallow what was in my mouth to get a taste. As it was my 1st time doing WS i didnt know what to expect. Tastes really salty and didnt want no more tbh so carried on in 69 and she says you want more? I said no and she lets more out lol. I wasnt expecting it so i kind of raised my voice to say Stop! She stops. Went over to put jhonny on and she sits on top in CG. And a few mins later popped my load. She cleaned me up. Again no shower offered. Got a kiss on the cheek goodbye and a handshake and off i went with the taste off piss in my mouth.
All in all she is very nice and polite and i will go back again.
 And almost forgot the price was £100 for the hour and i was there for about 25 mins because i cant go twice so i just left..
Again i apologise for this reveiw not being as good as the ones i normally read on this forum but i tired..

West Midlands / Candice.chic (Birmingham)
« by Borat on March 17, 2017, 12:11:10 PM »
Girl - https://www.adultwork.com/3978657 or https://www.adultwork.com/Candice%2EChic

Having a quick scan over AW, found a French nationality that seemed an opportunity to explore. Not had many French encounters so was looking forward to arranging this meet.
Had a bit of time last week so texted to arrange. Straight forward. Ingle st nr Essex st.
Was getting flashbacks of all the massages that I had enjoyed around there from some decent girls 7/8 years ago. Sadly that market is saturated by mafia controlled Thais.

So once there texted to inform I'm here. Got a text asking to call. Made the call and surprise surprise it was our friend from the largely Polish dominated group. Did think for a second how the fuck did she manage to get someone French into the group?

Anyway carried on.
Once inside apartment next to William hill, was greeted by a lovely looking girl who was pretty decent on the eye. Having had a few Poles, decided to ask her nationality. Polish mum French dad. Hmmm. Pleasant enough to carry on so after paperwork jumped in the shower. On my return the usual routine of getting a feel of her and a bit of fondling and massage. She had the most gorgeous looking pussy I'd seen for a while.
Smooth sailing until I beckoned for oral. Started to reach for the hood. Asked for OWO to which age replied next time. I inform end her that I agreed with the lady on the phone. She replied that the maid says these things but she only does it on second visit. Found it very bizarre and tried to see logic but then decide that I'd leave. Informed her that I want my money back. She looked quite shocked at this request but started on about the crap that. 10 mins had elapsed and I've seen her naked etc. I firmly told her to get the money back so that I can leave. Within a minute walked out.

Normally the maid is spot on with her dealings but what the fuck was second visit owo all about?

West Midlands / Sarah Lou- Lush Escorts Coventry.
« by slimjim82 on March 17, 2017, 10:53:16 AM »
Late night booking after an unsuccessful night on the town!

£130 outcall to Cov. Arrived within the hour, for a 60 minute booking. Very attractive girl, with porn star looks, big fake tits and nice round arse. DFK OWO, reverse rimming and sex in multiple positions, finished with a messy facial/CIM.

Good service, slightly ruined by the pimp beeping his car horn bang on the 60 min mark!

West Midlands / Erdington Swedish Massage
« by r1chard on March 17, 2017, 08:50:53 AM »
Pretty sure this lady got a mention on the FBSM Challenge or Best of Brum  FBSM thread.


Professional Unhurried Swedish Massage
Erdington, West Midlands
Posting for 1+ years
Contact details


16 hours ago
Professional massage service in a private, clean and unhurried environment, with parking, plenty of fresh towels as well as shower facilities.
Full body Swedish massage £45
Please read the full details on my web page link (under the telephone number on the right) before calling.
I don’t answer withheld/private or unknown numbers and no appointments booked by text for new customers.

I met this woman a week ago.  She's not that easy to contact as she has a real job as well.  Very large black lady (picture on her website gives an indication of her chest).  Friendly and chatty.  I had a competent massage and wax with a happy ending.  She happily got her tits out for a play.  Treatment room on ground floor of a modern detached house on the Chester Road.  You can park off-road outside her door.  If you like large black ladies she is worth a visit.  Didn't really do it for me.  Not erotic enough and not great value either.

West Midlands / susan x x Cannock
« by tilly66 on March 16, 2017, 09:23:45 PM »
Phoned the lady for an appointment and she was very responsive and polite,all set up for a visit at a well known hotel chain.
Called her when i parked up for the room number and immediately told me the number and that she was ready.
Knock on door and she let me in whilst she stood behind the door....first impresions were not great , she had an impressive body but she is definitely not the lady in the photographs,facially she looks like Nadia Almada who is a former winner of Big Brother,Nadia is Portuguese , thats as close to being Portuguese as Susan is despite her description , she is infact from Latvia,why do women lie about Nationality i will never fathom.
I decided to stay and give her a go despite not really fancying her i was in the mood to give her a chance.
we stripped down and started to hug each other but it was definitely no kissing , she asked me to lie down and asked how i wanted my oral,she was happy to give owo ,and to be fair she was not bad , plenty of ball action and spitting,onto 69 for a while which she seemed to enjoy....on with the condom and she got on top for cowgirl...quickly into doggy....i then asked to take off the condom and asked for oral to completion,but not cim which she obliged.A shower was also offered and accepted.
The lady was very obliging and i've had a lot worse but the fact that the photos are deceiving so is the nationality and that she has two profiles on here  https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3946192 Kinky Lilly being the other one,i can only give her a neutral despite her politeness and obliging qualities.

West Midlands / Rose - Coventry outcall
« by JB1963 on March 16, 2017, 07:23:47 PM »
I can already see the comments, but I do it anyway - post another review for a WG I booked through Lushescorts in Birmingham. And to answer the inevitable question: I do not get paid by this agency, but I do appreciate their convenient and reliable service.

So here we go:

I had a one hour long visit at my place in Coventry for £130. Booking was quick and easy - Rose arrived 45 minutes after my call.

She is a 26 year old stunner, Caribbean ethnicity, pretty face, gorgeous slim body with wonderful firm titties and a super bum, long toned legs, about 5'3"

Despite her way above average looks she is a wonderfully normal girl who does this for a reason and with a perfect attitude. She readily gave me what I wanted and love (DFK, lots of cuddles, OWO, a bit of fucking, a lot of playing with her assets, and an OWO finale with CIM). At no moment did it feel awkward nor did it feel like a paid service. Would like her to be my dinner date any day. Had one of my best hours with her and would see her every day if I could afford it - so I do hope her reasons keep her in the business for a while.

Highly recommended if you love ebony girls. If there were a Double Positive rating I would award it to her.


So no go ahead and complain, my fellow punters.

West Midlands / Juicy Lucy Birmingham B4
« by Oralbgood on March 16, 2017, 06:41:18 PM »
Juicy Lucy

 https://www.adultwork.com/956618 or https://www.adultwork.com/juicey%2Dlucy -

Ok, having communications problems with my favourite WG and fancied a punt. So hit Aw to see what was available.

Fee: £100 for 1hr, I reduced this to 30 mins, after first pop and Lucy gave me £40 back :thumbsup:

Comms: Tried to phone but no answer. Got a text saying she was 'down the shop' please text. So I did and arranged a meeting for later that day.

Location: Inge St, parking available on road, £1.60 for 2 hours

Accomodation: Decent apartment, clean and tidy, with clean ensuite.

I was offered shower, but declined. The room was very hot, prossie tactic.

Good so far..............

Juicy Lucy: She describes herself as 40, with the body of a 30 yr old. I would describe her as about 50ish, with the body of a 40 year :scare:. She has  small false tits and is very tanned all over. Her face, even with make up, definitely had had a hard life and her voice, very husky very BRUMMIE was why she probably uses Text to make bookings. It would have put me off hearing that voice over the phone. She did ask me why, out of all of AW beauties, I chose her. I struggled to answer :dash:

The action: Limited kissing, she just stuck her tongue out and wiggled it a bit. OWO was very odd,too gentle, not really deep, but OK. After 5 mins I asked to do reverse CG, she looked OK from the back, carried on for a while and then I asked adopt doggy. Again not a bad view from behind. I finished with Cim, but needed to offer a hand, as her owo wasn't really doing it for me.

In summary I think that she was just 'too rough'and old for me. I like a more 'girly girl, if you know what I mean  :dancegirl:.
She was accommodating but wasn't particularly good at any aspect of our meet and I wouldn't go back. As she said there is plenty of choice out there :thumbsup:

Footnote: I didn't do too much research on Lucy and therefore paid the price. Worst punt of the year so far.


Following on from Bearcats recent favourable review and the prior positive from Juankerr when she was part of the Divas group I went to see:

www.adultwork.com/3992861 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sabine+Sweety

Comms: Phone call, she is nice and chatty, very friendly with good spoken English, meeting arranged, AW confirmation, text on arrival and guided in via phone call, all good.

Venue: This is the same large apartment complex that one of my old favourites used to use, Horny Blonde 92 (wish she'd come back....). Nice and clean apartment with a tiny shower room attached to the bedroom.

The meet: Greeted at the door with Sabine wearing just bra, pants and killer heels. Initial impressions were that she seemed slightly bigger than her pictures, certainly her legs and ass are..... she was nice and friendly though so felt comfortable proceeding.

Once into the bedroom I looked at her again and definitely thicker thighed and chunkier in the ass, also her tits are much bigger than the pictures indicated. I have since looked again at the main profile picture (attached) and, you can see it has been photo-shopped as the curtains in the background are bulging unnaturally in line with her ass and thighs, her boobs have also been tweaked IMO.
She also has a number of, IMO, tasteless tattoos, a very large one on her thigh, some wings on her back and right across her pubic area there are two handguns with some floral toot, plus a number of tattoos on her fingers, some may like this kind of chavvy inking, but does little for me..... but then I am old and decrepit  :D

She is very chatty, confirms how long I want (30 mins £70) and offers me a shower while she goes to stash. I have a quick clean up then back into the room she comes.

Asks if I want kissing and have I used the mouthwash? Confirm that I have then we start to kiss, it is not good, basically a bit of tongue tennis, no passion and no where near DFK.

I have a little fondle and remove her bra, the breasts have been enhanced, they are quite soft and her nipples sort of protrude like a scud missile, looks like the implant is not attached properly to the nipple area, bit strange but not ugly?

She lowers herself down and removes the towel and starts to administer some quite poor OWO, after a few mins she sticks her fingers in her mouth and fishes out some chewing gum...... REALLY!  :dash: the OWO never does improve so we move to the bed where I remove her pants, she clearly has not shaved for a couple of days, it is quite bristly and with the awful tattoo I mention above  :thumbsdown:. Move to 69 and she keeps her pussy just far away enough so that I can barely reach her pussy, I do like my 69's so this is not rocking my boat.

After a few minutes I request the condom, she asks what position and we go for doggy to start, like Bearcat mentioned she blocks deep penetration by keeping two fingers over her pussy, feigning pleasuring herself, so I ask for missionary in the hope that this will allow better penetration, nope, she does the same  :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash:

This is doing little for me, and if it had not been for the fact that I had not had sex for a few days I would definitely have struggled to come, however, I requested I come over her tits, she was careful to stipulate not her face, so I pulled out and she directed my cock at her tits, using her hands to block any possibility of splashback on her face.

Not a good one chaps: Much chunkier than the pics depict, awful tats (subjective), piss poor BJ with chewing gum (dear lord....), penetration blocking.

She is nice and friendly, but I am there to have a good fuck....

Will I return?  :scare: no thanks

Ming  :hi:

Thought I'd try this place:


Didn't book just turned up, early afternoon. Parking looks ok. It's in Digbeth, a mere 15 mins walk from central Brum.

Thai girl on the desk was friendly, smiley, and polite.
Arranged, and paid for 1 hour (£40). Was led to a room by a surly looking petite Thai, where there was a mattress on the floor. It was covered by a Thai patterned sheet. Everything in there clean & tidy!

I asked her name, and she thought about it, and said Enna. So I doubt that was her name. Took way too long to answer me. Anyhow she was late 30s early 40s. Your typical petite Thai. Attractive enough.

I ask for a water. While she's busy fetching it I undress. The massage was pretty decent. Really working on my bad lower back, and stretching my legs, giving them a good workout. Causing me a bit of pain.

After a while I'm asked about HE, I ask how much. She says how much you usually pay. I told her £20. So she was happy with that. But she did stipulate NO touching her, and she did remain fully clothed. Anyway the front massage continued a while longer. Then she asks how long I take to cum. I say "I don't know, maybe 10 min." She eventually oils my flaccid knob up, and starts trying to wank it while still soft!  :dash: :dash: Nothing sensual about it at all!!   :thumbsdown:   So I was having trouble gaining an erection. She starts wanking really hard, while still soft. It was hurting a bit. Eventually I get a semi, when she says "you nearly cum yet?" I say "no it's not hard yet!" Finally it goes hard and I cum!

But all through the session she would hardly smile, don't know if she was having a bad day or what, (miserable). Hardly any talking at all! (Even though her English seemed OK, from what little I heard).  And she had a bad habit of keep telling me to relax in a very unfriendly manner. I kept saying "I am relaxed!" Ffs!    :dash: :dash:

I had a shower, then left.

To sum up, nice clean premises, not bad looking, (that includes the other 2 Thais that were there), decent massage, not sensual at all, miserable, bossy bitch, no sensual touches down under, crap HE. Generally I find the Thais welcoming and friendly, always doing their utmost to be attentive and please. Not on this occasion though!

I did consider giving this a neutral, because the massage weren't bad. But felt it merited a negative! You may get lucky with a different girl, but I won't take the risk!

I wouldn't go back!    :thumbsdown:

There's a lot better out there!!      :hi:

West Midlands / White Angel
« by Dheath on March 16, 2017, 01:26:32 PM »

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/807384 or https://www.adultwork.com/White+Angel%2E - Get QR Code

Meeting didn't happen due to her cancelling with 2 hours notice.
Anything over an hour doesn't bother me in this instance.

So neutral as it didn't bother me.

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