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West Midlands / Sweety Amanda x
« by twister on Yesterday at 10:48:24 PM »
Here's the link to the lady herself       https://www.adultwork.com/3989628  or https://www.adultwork.com/Sweety+Amanda+x

Been away from punting for a long while and fancied a Minger......a skinny bird Ming would like....lol.
comms all sorted by txt and phone. town centre based near the mailbox Birmingham.

arranged a half hour booking , arrived half an hour early, but it wasn't a problem.

The Venue,   
   the invisible opening door welcomed me  and as I stepped in Amanda appeared in just her skimpy bra and knickers....very sexy looking girl indeed, says she's 27 but looks a lot younger.
warm clean but small apartment, wasn't offered a shower....didn't need one as I had one before I left home.

Amanda is a very good looking and skinny size 6 Polish girl with nice b cups breasts, nice nipples, long black hair, beautiful big eyes, shaven mound with a cute small pussy.
 No messing, straight to the action, practically no kissing, its not on her likes, neither is 69....so started sucking her very perky nipples and she starts grinding that sexy pussy against me, reaches down and has a fondle....I do the same.....lol.
I kiss her all over her stomach and start licking her clit and very tasty pussy lips, she pushes herself upto me and grinds herself on my face.... I found this really sexy and mini twist gets going, I asked for 69 but I'm politely refused, she then starts oral with condom, asks me if OW is ok? fine by me, she has a very gentle technique, but I'm really after her tail today,  I assume she senses this and says "shall we fuck now".....im so gagging to get get stuck into this skinny filly I only manage a few minutes in missionary, fill the condom and she cleans me up, sad I couldn't another round in from behind in doggy, as her little ass is superb.
I'm only giving Amanda a neutral as I do like a bit of kissing and really enjoy 69 and ro....but she doesn't have these on her likes, so a negative would be very wrong.
back in the saddle at last with a very beautiful slim and friendly Polish lady


West Midlands / White Angel - Halesowen
« by Simpsod1 on Yesterday at 08:53:50 PM »

Price £170 for 90 mins

Location - flat near the bottom of Mucklows Hill, nice metal bed, god does it rattle!!

Laura had been on my hotlist for several years but the M5 J4 location was always an issue, saw the new location and game on.

Laura is  v pretty, size 8/10, cracking arse and nice long (dyed) blonde hair, very good English.

I'm a vary vanilla sort of guy, so this meeting was pretty much split into 40 mins, 10 mins and 40 mins

First 40 mins was a snogging and oral session, very nice French kissing, fantastic owo with fantastic tongue on bell end action, finished with a hand job.

10 mins was then a quick massage,  shower then back for seconds.....

Second 40 mins started with more fk, owo and then on to sex in many positions my favourite being spooning....sadly a second pop wasn't going to happen but I left very happy

« by Omcore on Yesterday at 05:44:03 PM »
Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/3761770 or https://www.adultwork.com/filthylilme+xx - Get QR Code

The worst experience i have had to date. I have tried reporting her profile on adultwork but there is no way i can see to do so. This is the only site i have come across to alert others.

Called the number on profile aswered straight away was told to write down postcode and call when 5 mins away.
Got to the location wellington road dudley, dy1 1re was a run down house has been converted into rooms. She was waiting outside i could not see her face cleary due to it being dark outside i followed up to her room at this point of should of walked she looked like a heavy drug user junkie and room was a mess where she lives had all furniture, clothes,fridge, photos and male clothes all over. I thought i would just get a quick blow and go i paid £40 for 15mins and she went out the room shut the door and left me waiting. I felt real scared at this point due to not knowing who would come back in aftwr waiting for at least 5-7
Mins. I opened the room door to say i need a refund and need to go but could not see her anywhere, there was a shared bathroom opposite i could here someone in there a guy appeared and said have you just moved into the room i said i was waiting for someone he said what happened last night there was trouble here and it kicked off i said i dont know. At this point i walked back down the stairs she was nowhere to be seen and exited quickly and got into the car which i had parked further away.

To me i am certain that she got into the car that was parked right outside and gone due to the car not being there when i got back out. Someone was waiting in the car due to when i got upstairs i heard a car start outside and it was revving which i think was signalling to her and after a few seconds of he leaving the room i heard the car drive off. Also when i got there and parked near the top of the road i waited around for her call which she did not make i had to call her twice to say im outside and was directed to say walk down the road and im waiting outside the houses, prior to this has i was waiting that same car kept driving up the road.

Her feedbacks are hidden which shows that she must do this trick and the guy told me that there was trouble the day before. She must just take the money and go and return later on.

If there is anyway i can report her profile please let me know.

West Midlands / Miss Lou 34GG and Sarah - Harborne
« by AndyJay on Yesterday at 05:00:42 PM »
Duo profile https://www.adultwork.com/3844751

£220 for the hour in a council/housing association flat in Harborne. Free parking on the surrounding roads or you can always pay on the High St.

Louise and Sarah are both in their mid 30s and are both size 14/18 I'd say. They both have lovely big tits and work together really well. The flat is lived in and I think is Louise's. The action takes place in the bedroom which is a little cluttered and I could've done with a bit more room but it worked okay.
Both girls dress in basque and heels and are good friends. Comms were good with Louise revealing her number once confirmed and checking again on the day.
This is the 3some you are more likely to get in life after a good night out!! not an Eastern European model one.........!!!.

The action was fun - quick massage to start with then individual sucking then them both sucking me OWO. I fucked them both side by side and then Louise played with her vibrator as I fucked Sarah.
Both accepted RO and all three of us played with each other before I came over their faces in the end.

No anal and no CIM.
I took my own condoms and the girls didn't seem to mind if I didn't swap them girl to girl which was unusual. They both kissed while we played but nothing more.

Overall this was good fun with two down to earth girls........with lovely huge knockers!. I appreciate its almost £100 more expensive than a Masshouse special but I cant keep going there!!.

Sandy Hot (Lovely Czech girl) https://www.adultwork.com/3869963
Dark Alex   https://www.adultwork.com/2428592

The usual Masshouse routine! Comms were good and the girls are always ready beforehand if I am early. The buzzer is a bit of a problem but as always someone tends to come out and you can grab the door.

I'd last seen Sandy with Jenny so its been a while and I noticed she had changed her profile on AW which seemed a bit strange. I've never met Alex before so I thought I'd give it a go as I enjoy an hour with Amanda and Lia every now and then and fancied a change.

Sandy has lost her braces now and also her tattoo is being removed. (Excuse me if I've got this wrong as this review is two months old but I'm sure I am right).
Alex is tanned and yeah, I'll agree - pinchy faced but attractive none the less - more attractive that Teri was!!.

I usually tend to go with the flow and for £120 or £130 an hour (depending on which duo) I accept the half hearted massage then get sucked by both, fuck them both in different positions for a while, get sucked again and then finish off.

The problem was Alex just took a real back seat.........She probably sucked me for five minutes, rode me for five minutes and then I fucked her for five.........then swapped and she just kissed me...albeit very passionately with her tongue down my throat for the rest.......
Sandy was great and I've found her to be from before - good sucking, good fucking and in the end I came in her mouth (for no extra). Alex on the other hand was just a spare part.........she just wanted to kiss and that's not why I booked the 3some!.

For the price its still a bargain but I much prefer the Amanda and Lia duo as they both get involved and put the effort it. In this scenario I would've been better off just seeing Sandy for an hour.

I remember there was a couple of occasions where Amanda worked with Sandy so I think i'll keep an eye out for that and maybe visit if it happens again. As for Dark Alex - I'd avoid hence the neutral which isn't a negative due to the price and Sandy's part.

West Midlands / Englishmelx - Smethwick
« by Dheath on Yesterday at 03:42:50 PM »
Was planning to see White Angel who cancelled with 2 hours notice so reverted to plan B.

AW: https://www.adultwork.com/2030938 or https://www.adultwork.com/ENGLISHMELX

Paperwork: £90 for 45 mins

Comms: No issues, first contact through AW, then text and given house number when parked up.

Venue: Easy on street parking. Wasn't offered shower but had one before setting out. Room was clean and most importantly so was the bed.

Physical: I'd say her pictures are pretty accurate. No model but she's good looking in a dolled up way which is fine with me. Tattoos again which are clear in pics. I'd say she's a size 14 with huge tits although they look better in a bra than when let loose IMO.

The business end: Upstairs and into her room and straight down to business with kissing, grabbing her ass before she pulls off my top. I then take off the rest and she sits on side of the bed for OWO which was best part of the meeting. Very good technique taking me deep but also licking the shaft and around the tip. This then continued with me lying on the bed and her at the side of me again with DT and plenty of licking.

She then asked if I want sex with which I said of course and went at her in doggie which was only position I was interested in and she took a good pounding without any funny tricks. She got really into it, extending her arms and thrusting into me until I unloaded in the bag.

Few minutes natter and she asks if I want to go again which I say yes knowing it will probably be unlikely to work but she gives it a good effort sucking & licking again. Eventually got hard again during DFK but lost it during DT. Noticed time was running out so left it there being happy enough.

Summary: Not much negative about the meet, I don't punt often and even less likely to see same girl twice and this hasn't changed my mind despite being good. So a positive but not a resounding one.


https://www.adultwork.com/2038306 or https://www.adultwork.com/tia%5Ftitty%5F

30 Mins for £45

Saw Tia last week

I have read previous reviews but i thought i would give her a go. No alcohol on her breathe.

Comms were easy and good, and I was given an address and postcode.

B23 near the main  Post Office in Erdington

Arrived wearing some nice lingerie. Nice figure with massive tits. Honestly here pictures don't do her justice.

OWO was brilliant, lots of eye contact and nice and sloppy. On with the johnny and into a few positions. She has a great ass brilliant view in doggie. CIM to finish and swallowed the lot. She never left my cock alone between rounds was very attentive.

I was offered a shower before and after, so that was good.

All in all, Tia was polite, keen and would definitely recommend Tia.

West Midlands / ~ Cleo ~ in Warwick
« by taleofwoe on Yesterday at 09:33:23 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2861510 or https://www.adultwork.com/%7E+Cleo+%7E

I don't like to give a negative, she is probably a nice girl and clearly found me very unattractive in some way or was having a shit day. But end of the day I came away from the punt feeling worse and poorer, and not all advertised services were available, so as a customer it's got to be negative.

Warwick hotel of the standard anonymous type

£130 for 1 hour incall

AW email arranging the hotel to go to. Call on the day to confirm followed by room number by text

Not stunning but a cute but slutty girl next door type look. Good tits. Not super skinny but nice young body overall

Sex, OWO and CIM. But not enthusiastic. Her whole vibe was that she wasn't into it, and would rather watch the MTV that was playing or tell me various sob stories about her life. It was very offputting. She did give a deep oral, but tried to speed up my cumming with hands. She only allowed pecks and said no tongues. She also said she doesn't like to be fingered, when her profile clearly states it as one of her top likes. Between rounds she plopped down and started toying with the TV, showing no interest in getting me going again, I had to say after a while to start stroking my cock. I found a second pop difficult because the fact she was so unenthusiastic was putting me off. Had to get her in doggy and tap into annoyance and pound her fast to get the second one in. After I came I thought fuck it and left early.

I feel some sympathy in that it must be a tough job when you aren't into it, but then do another job or don't take appointments, really.

West Midlands / EmilyBlonde20 in Birmingham
« by taleofwoe on Yesterday at 09:27:09 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3368859 or https://www.adultwork.com/EmilyBlonde20

I'll add my experience with Emily, even though it might as well just say +1, she is as good as they say.

Central Birmingham flat. Nice. Clean.

£120 for one hour incall (did not pay the £20 extra for CIM)

AW email a few weeks in advance since Emily was advertising dates well in the future at the point I decided to see her. Then texts to confirm. Postcode texted a few days before. Block and flat number texted once I had arrived at the area.

A genuine little blonde 5' beauty. In great shape with lovely tits and a tight pussy.

DFK, OWO, sex in many positions. Fantastic attitude. Greeted with passionate kissing. Took the lead in switching us between more positions than I normally try in a meet. Takes it deep and enthusiastically and for a long time in oral and sex. Banging against the back of her throat and her cervix felt great. Lovely friendly attitude and good conversation once I was spent. No clock watching - careful timekeeping with an alarm, but that's alright. Shower offered and accepted.

So yeah, feels the board hardly needs another recommendation for her, but... recommended!

West Midlands / DARK ALEX - Birmingham
« by YoungBrum on February 22, 2017, 03:30:02 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2428592 or https://www.adultwork.com/DARK+ALEX

Episode 2 of my Masshouse visits. I previously saw Blonde Lia in December. If you've read that review, you'll know I had a great experience with her. Having seen Alex today, I can tell you Lia has competition.


I texted her this morning to see if she was available later. She responded a few minutes later. Everything was sorted within a few minutes, including address.



Masshouse block of flats on Moor St. The keypad is a real bastard to use, but like last time somebody was going in at the same time as me. The flat itself is clean and tidy. You'll only see the hallway, the room you'll be in and the bathroom. Some have said that the towels in the bathroom are damp and stink of it, but I always bring my own. I couldn't smell damp in the bathroom.


The girl

Alex did the usual thing of standing behind the door while you enter. Scoobydoo888 said she resembles Missy Peregrym and I can sort of see what he meant. I'd say she's a 6 pushing a 7 facially, but her body is a 9. Fit and toned. She said the gym is her drug, and she had been earlier that morning. It really shows, she's got firm thighs and barely any fat on her. Her profile says size 6-8 and 5'3, I'd say that's right. I'd guess early 30s if I had to guess her age.


The experience

So I paid, then had a shower. Came back to her and we got down to business. Loads of kissing to start. Deep, tongue touching your tonsils type of kissing if you like that type of thing. She got undressed and started OWO. Pretty good technique, then we moved to 69. She's clean down there and quite responsive. Went back to kissing and she put the condom on and got on top. She's quite tight to begin with too.

Of her own accord, she planted her feet and carried on. Google tells me this is called Asian cowgirl. Whatever, it felt good. I felt adventurous so I picked her up and fucked her standing up. I've tried that before with other girls and they flatly tell me don't, but she went along with it. We ran through standing doggy (she doesn't arch her back though which is a shame), missionary, spoons and the prone position. She participates too, rather than just lying there like a plank. By the time I was done, it was 2 minutes past the hour. She had a watch on but she didn't look at it at all. There's a clock on the wall but that's stopped.



Quick and easy communication
Clean and tidy flat which is easy to find
She's so fit, seriously.
Her English is fine
Very friendly too


I personally don't like so much tongue when kissing

I'd definitely recommend and once I've gone through my HL and seen the other 2 Masshouse women, I'll be back. Overall 9.5/10

West Midlands / Kitty's & co - Stirchley- Alina
« by Littlefoot on February 21, 2017, 03:18:31 PM »
Kitty's & co is a parlour/brothel, in the Stirchley district of Birmingham. As has previously been mentioned entrance is on a busy road, so not the most discreet.
1572 pershore road Stirchley, Birmingham. B30 2NH
Phone: 0121 4594248

I paid £10 entrance, and a further £30 when inside. So total of £40 for 30 mins. 

Alina (not sure if that's spelt correctly). She's Italian, English is very good. She's round about late 20s early 30s. Longish, dyed red hair. A curvy size 10. Nice ample tits on her. Her pussy hair was trimmed very short, rather than shaved. IMHO I'd say her face was reasonably attractive. Personality wise, she's extremely friendly, likes to please, and has a GSOH. She can talk for Italy though. Not that I minded.

I picked Alina out of a dodgy line up of 4. She was the best, the other 3 weren't up to much. She headed the line, with no make up on, and wrapped in a towel. (She'd just showered). So off we trot upstairs. When in the room, I undress, while she's waffling on about something. When we are both starkers, she goes in for a lingering hug, and a little peck on my lips, but she directed most of her kisses on my face, neck, and chest. The old boy was starting to wake up, as I'm getting a good grope. 

We move to the bed, where more mutual groping takes place. I suck on her titties, and rub her clit and cunt. I enquire about fk. She very politely (almost apologetically) informs me she doesn't do that, too personal, she says. She doesn't mind me rubbing her clit, and pussy, but no fingers inside. 

On with the jacket for some ow. That was good, going right to the end of my shaft. After 5 mins of this I ask to fuck her in doggy. I must of fucked her hard like this for a good 10-12 mins. I was flagging towards the end, it was quite energetic, also hard work for an old codger, and I did start to get hot and bothered towards the end. Eventually I fill the cock sock with a hefty 10 day load. 

Quick clean up, and a bit of a natter. Where She tells me she likes getting returning clients, and from what I can gather she has a few regulars.

She did tell me at the start she doesn't like to rush things, likes to take her time, and she was true to her word. I was offered a shower at the end, but declined. By the time I left, I'd been in 35 mins. 
I don't expect too much for £40. And this was a positive based on that. One word of warning though, she does talk a lot, but I would see again. I think she said the only days she doesn't work there are Thursday's and Friday's.

West Midlands / Sladunka (Bloxwich)
« by Rangers54 on February 21, 2017, 01:52:59 AM »

Heard a few reviews not too positive about sladunka, however wolves area needs a boost. Against better judgement thought I would toftt


Text her asking if she's available and cost,  replied with availability, cost and also hr in price 25 half hour, 35 hour. I chose half hour !!

Text me address, she said walsall. more like Bloxwich, decent area terrace Street also semi detached houses.plenty of Street parking.


Got there 15 mins early text her, replied not ready come in 10 mins. I text her saying text me when she's ready.sat in car thinking about her negative reviews thinking I made mistake, however just after said she was dressed and ready.


Knocked door she opened it with smile said hello squeezed my bum as I passed her.  pointed me in right direction. Nice house clean and well kept. Went into front room. Nice room with massage table in front of window with blinds pulled, told me to undress on chair and pointed me towards table.

I looked at sladunka and thought very nice, short hair highlighted and about 5.5, tight leggings and light blue baggy top thought she was very sexy without been trashy

Got on table had paid 25 for half hour and she asked did I want soft or hard I said soft to medium. Thinking it would be just get to the hr type massage. However she started and I thought mmmm this is good, said to her I want hour will pay extra 10.

She massaged me and it was really nice long strokes, teasing my mind going onto my bum but not quite getting between legs, then massaging back and then my arms and pulling my arm back and resting it between her thighs and slowly massaging, pressing my fingers against her thighs like she wanted me to move hand towards top of her thighs. Then my legs she got my foot between her legs and stroked right up and got me to lift my bum, was feeling my cock and reaching under for my balls totally teasing me and holding my cock in her hand. Told me to turn over I was rock hard. She said to me. your happy, stroked my cock. I laughed and put arm round her. She seem to go into a trance and directed me to her neck and back. She was smiling as I stroked her neck and I put my hand up her top. She was enjoying my attention,  I let her boobs out her bra, she took her top off said she was hot and pushed her tits into my mouth. I sucked her nipples while she stroked my cock,  was stroking her back, reached down to her bum, feeling between her legs she was in mood and put her foot on massage bed, felt her bum and was about to put hand in her leggings but I had gone blew my load like a 12 year old out of control with excitement. I blew my load wishing i had had a tactical wank b4 hand. Totally gutted when I Cum cause I think their was more on offer, she wanted me to touch her more intimately. Blowing my load ended the moment, or at least it did l for me lol  She stroked me made sure I unloaded every bit then cleaned me off and then hugged me.

Got off bed dressed we chatted she said she's from Bulgaria speaks Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, English but not too well. Asked my age 48 good for my age she said lol, am I married, no I told her separated,  she said she is 45 separated, also ssid she is qualified nurse,also fully qualified masseuse. I found her attractive. Very much my type of girl

We kissed and hugged said I will see her again for sure and she felt my bum and pushed me out of door
Got back in car noticed I hadn't had the hour I paid for probably 10 mins short, whose to blame for this maybe you could blame sladunka, give her neutral, not sure really I blame myself for not been tactility aware . I think she's a positive with potential 

Probably get a fluffy response, but hey  that's how it went. Hope review helps

West Midlands / Cheeky-Lena
« by The Owl on February 19, 2017, 07:28:13 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3150894 or https://www.adultwork.com/Cheeky%2DLena

Comms: very straightforward. English is her second language but there were no problems arranging an appointment. Her texts after making the apointment were helpful and friendly.

Location: near Fiveways, quiet area. Flat is clean, comfortable and warm. The bath was good but the shower felt a bit small. Lena made me tea which was really appreciated an helped me to relax.

The lady: much better looking than her Adultwork profile. She does have a bit of a tummy but she's sexy in a curvy cute package kind of way. The differing boobs are a little odd but nothing that put me off.

The event: tea and a chat before the bath. I'm already feeling pampered as she gives an assisted bath.

On to the bed for a reasonable massage (maybe medium firmness) which was an excuse for more chatting. At one point Lena said she was a bit mad but tongue in cheek. Bra came off for some light body to body before turning over for the same on my front. She has a hot mouth that was divine for oral and deepthroat. I asked her to get her knickers off and let me eat her pussy. Very clean and fresh. She then rode me (covered) before the came in her gorgeous mouth.

More massage, at this point I figured to finish, but this led to more oral and taking her from behind.

Finished with a shower and a hug goodbye.

Conclusion: cute, sexy, fun and an excellent service provider. I'll be happy to see her again. Just typing this report is reminding me of how hot tight and wet she was when I mounted her.

 https://www.adultwork.com/2440349 or https://www.adultwork.com/Your+Hidden+Secret

After my last decidedly cold punt with Pretty DeeDee,  thought I'd go for the polar opposite,  with Lily,  who from reviews seemed to offer a much warmer, GFE time.

Venue: Terrace in Newcastle under Lyme (near Stoke).

Girl:Lily is a curvy girl with really great boobs and long blonde curls. About 5.3 as stated and the age seems right too. She's trimmed down below rather than shaved.
Service: shower is offered before and after,  fresh towels,  easy to use shower and toiletries. 
As is a common (with appointments with her)  but nice touch with her,  when you come back from the bathroom,  she is waiting for you under the covers.
I then got into bed with her (under the covers) and kiss,  cuddled and stroked for  a pretty long time, we also chatted a lot in between.
Then condom on and OW (expected) then I went down on her.  She says very responsive to this and got very wet.
Then cowgirl.  She has a really good rhythm during sex.  Not just the under and down bounce,  a proper hip grind.
Then missionary, then HR to finish. We also chatted afterwards and she seems very genuine and has good banter.
Think I was there for about an hour and ten minutes and didn't feel rushed.
In conclusion,  a very warm GFE rather than a machine gun bang or GFE,  would recommend if that's what you're after.

West Midlands / Isla_Brooks - Solihull
« by bearcat69 on February 19, 2017, 08:31:40 AM »
Adultwork Profile
https://www.adultwork.com/3847372 or https://www.adultwork.com/Isla%5FBrooks

The Short Story
A slightly awkward meeting with a very eager to please girl, which ended up being an experience I did enjoy in the end, but then left me with an unfortunately after taste.

Services & Price
• £120 paid for a 1 hour incall.
• DFK, RO, Rimming (her), OWO, (almost) DT, Face Fucking, Protected Sex (Doggy, RCG, CG, Mish, Squats), Spanking her.
• I managed one pop after about 55 minutes. One shower (5 minutes) in the middle of the punt (although a shower was offered before and after). I was in her house for about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Lead-in, Communication & Location
I’d read more than a bit about this WG on UKP since she came onto the scene a few months ago, and from pretty much the first review I wanted to see her. Not least because she ticks almost all the boxes on what I find attractive, but because of the sound of that oral, kissing and enthusiastic sex.

After waiting about a month for the fuss to calm down, it didn’t and just thought, fuck it, I’ll contact her. Her Dudley location was an inconvenience for me and would have meant a long journey, as I don’t have personal transport right now, but was prepared to go to the effort and arrange something. Four or five messages exchanged and I’d almost got to the point of thinking it was more effort to arrange than was worth it. Sixth message she just gave me her number and told me to phone her. Talking to her on the phone was a pleasure and to my surprise she told me she was now taking incalls in her home in Solihull (this was just before she updated her profile). She was very accommodating and opened up a booking slot so that I could see her at a time that best suited us both. Booking made and she confirmed it the next day.

I shit you not, one of the texts she sent me during this gave me an instant erection. This girl certainly knows how to talk in a way that appeals to the dirty part of a man’s mind. Part of her presenting herself in a certain way for her job, or a genuine lust for sex? More on that later..

Well, as she now states on her profile “I am in Solihull B91 about 5 minutes from the town centre.” I think she means 5 minutes by car though. Would be about a 20 minute walk. It took me 40 minutes on 2 busses to get there and a 10 minute walk. Nice and discrete location in a calm neighbourhood. Nicely furnished inside her home too. Nicely clean, tidy, warm and comfy. The style you see in the way she dresses in reflected on the way she’s furnished the place. A good bathroom is there right next to the bedroom, with a modern shower. A metal framed double bed with lovely bedsheets. A conveniently located fluffy rug next to the bed and full length mirrors up against the wall next to the rug and at the end of the bed.

Isla_Brooks: Appearance & Personality

She looked pretty much exactly how she looks it that above photo. The only request I made of her was to wear stockings and the rest is up to her. She phoned me as I was on my way and confirmed this and suggested suspender belt as well, which obviously, I agreed with. She opened the door just wearing black stockings, the suspender belt, black thong, black bra, knee length boots, and nothing else. She wasn’t wearing glasses though and the stockings were slightly different, but you get the picture.

Previous descriptions of her are accurate, as are her pictures. I was particularly taken back by how slim she is. I would say she looks a size 8 bordering on 6 to me. She looks very good, but she is almost too thin for my preferences, there’s not an ounce of fat on her torso. But don’t get me wrong, although I do prefer a bit more meat on the bone, I’m not complaining and I wasn’t put off, her figure is very impressive. Her ass is fantastic and incredibly sexy, nicely plump and juicy with a sexy meaty pussy that peaks out at you, and she has nice long (for her height) legs and lovely little hands and feet. Stated age of 29 and height of 5’2”, I believe are accurate. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she’s actually a few years older, but I doubt it. I enjoyed her firm little titties, especially her nicely responsive nipples.

Her eyes are a little smaller than I expected, they are nice though, and she even joked about how she might have some Asian heritage. Her lips are nice and full enough, but there is a bit of acne on her chin and some piercing holes around her mouth. I don’t mind a bit of acne, but I was maybe slightly put off, particularly by the piercing holes. Well enough maintained, slightly wavy black shoulder length hair. She’s attractive facially, not supermodel looks, but her face has a lot of personality and she’s good at pulling cute and/or dirty faces. She wasn’t wearing much makeup at all, which is what I prefer, but a little bit more wouldn’t have done her any harm.

Her personality is hard to explain. She’s a feisty one, frank and very chatty, full of banter and sex puns. Her voice drips with sex appeal. She’s an attentive lady, eager to please with a slightly awkward nervous and sensitive sensual side. As I say, it’s hard to explain.

The Action
She directed me to her door on the phone, I was slightly confused and could see her standing behind the door. I told her I could see her. She told told me, no that’s someone else. I lightly knocked the door, she pulls me inside. Next thing I know I’m up against the wall and she’s eating my face off. I’m trying to say hello as she snogs me, gripping my jacket and occasionally biting my lip whilst sneaking her tongue inside me. She’s smiling and giggling looking up at me.

“Shall we go to the bedroom,” I nod in agreement. She starts to walk up the stairs, I follow. I notice her ass. I stop and admire the view. “Shall I crawl” she purrs, “yes please.” She crawls on all fours up the stairs, I can see her pussy lips peeking out from her thong, she turns her head around putting her finger up to her lips to make a naughty face. Fucking hell, that was one head rush inducing way to great a client.

Into the bedroom, she shows herself off more, spreading her legs and twirling them around, she fiddles with putting on some music and after more kissing and groping she suggests we get the paperwork sorted. She asks if I need a shower, I declined because I just kind of thought, well we’re already into things, no need for a shower. We kissed more and she lays on the bed showing off her ass. I get in there and eat her pussy and ass, she tasted nice and was responsive, grinding back in to me and making the right noises. The RO was nice (and she tastes very fresh) but brief, she pulled away after maybe a minute and sat in front of me, making a teasing face at me as she showed of her pussy.

We ended up sat on the bed together and she asked me what I like. She suggested GFE, I agreed, but asked for a bit of a PSE side to things. Emphasise on the word ‘bit’ there. I know she’s more of a dirty GFE kind of girl, not a PSE girl. I just wanted an enthusiastic dirty GFE. I should have said that, so my fault really. What can I say? A hot girl in front of you acting how she does, the brain doesn’t necessarily work so well at that point. She started getting all “oh so you want me to be your dirty little porn star?!” Well yeah. But not so blunt about it.

She sucked me off with a lot of enthusiasm as I was laying down on the bed, then we moved onto the rug besides the bed (as she suggested). She kind of disappointed me a slight bit. The immediate thing she said to me was “warn me when you are going to cum.” Now look, an understandable thing to ask, but I mean, she could let me get into it without breaking the illusion so bluntly. She’s a hot girl, who gives a very skilful BJ, but I don’t cum instantly the moment I get my knob inside a pretty girl’s mouth. At a certain point during the punt we ended having to have a bit of a conversation about this. She basically really wanted to make me cum from oral (and I certainly would have liked for her to have been able to bring me there) but I had to tell her it’s unlikely to happen easily and could take a long time. She was encouraging me to cum all over her face, asking me to specifically specify where I wanted to cum, and then encouraging me to do it, playing up to the idea of being a porn star. Well I didn’t cum on her face, I just couldn’t relax into it. To put it simply, there’s such a thing as too much talking.

Another thing I’ve got to say is that it wasn’t quite DT she gave me. She put her hand at the base of my cock and sucked me up to that length. So, a shame, I was a bit disappointed by that. Don’t get me wrong though, she is very good at sucking cock, she definitely knows what she is doing and even let me face fuck her a bit. But I have had better blowjobs in my life, still though I enjoyed it for what is was.

Anyway, after the initial BJ on the rug, raincoat on and we had some doggy on the edge of the bed. This was good and got quite hard and I was into it. But she was awkward. She moaned in a bit of an incongruous way at first, telling me to “calm down, you’ve got a big dick.” I had barely got myself inside her and I was calm. But, I slowly built up the pace and she seemed to get into it. Also, I’d consider myself maybe slightly above average on a good day, so I don’t really understand what she was on about. It was a bit weird fucking her, it was like at times she was overly fake in her noises and reactions, but at other times she seemed genuinely into it, like she couldn’t get enough of having me inside her, and at other times she didn’t make much noise at all. Her pussy does feel nice, but not the tightest pussy ever. But like I say, I got into it and gave her a hard fuck in the end, with her fucking back into me, encouraging me to spank her ass and making very genuine sounding noises of excitement.

After the doggy I asked for missionary, but she suddenly suggested I have a shower, saying that I look too warm. I went along with this and had a shower. Weird experience, fun though and she popped in with me and sucked me off in the shower and then went off to let me shower on my own. I was trying to dry myself and she came and grabbed me, pulling me back into the bedroom. More BJ on the rug and on the bed, this was the bit with her encouraging me to cum on her face and it not happening. Then a bit more RO and we ended up on the bed. She gave me an impressive RCG squat, positioning herself in a variety different sexy ways. After that we had a bit of mish, then more OWO, then more mish. This is when the sex did start to build up and I fucked her pretty hard, her taking it well. We kissed quite passionately and I reached under to hold her ass cheeks, really going at it. I was getting breathless and still hadn’t cum. She offered to go on top, standard CG and then CG with squats. I encouraged her to fuck me hard, which she tried her best to do. I took matters into my own hands and held her hips and then her ass, pushing her up and down on me and I finally managed to cum. She gave my dick a hard squeeze with her pussy muscles before carefully getting off me and helping me with the condom and clean up.

Then we laid down together, snogging and snuggling, and had an interesting conversation. She talked about her photos on UKE a bit and her appearance, and we talked about the meeting. She told me she wasn’t sure about how to act with me as I didn’t talk much, telling me I’m shy and then quickly apologising for saying that. Well I’m there to have sex really, not for a natter. I liked her personality, she comes across as honest and fun, but I just didn’t really click with her in that way. It was like she wanted to review the punt at the end before I left, which was slightly awkward. She also went on about not minding being called a hooker, wanting to take the word back or something, not exactly what I want to talk about with her. But I mean, good for her. Anyway, she fed me, giving me two cream eggs and we talked about chocolate, which was more fun. I wiped myself down and got dressed, with a brief BJ, kiss and grope in the middle. She helped me with directions to where I needed to go next and led me to her door. A long hug and snog by the door, with her grabbing my package and me grabbing her ass. She whispered in my ear to look in my pocket and then I left. I looked in my pocket, there was another cream egg.

Overall it was a good meet. It lacked a fantasy escapism feeling to things, which is how I feel a very good GFE should go, and it was all a bit too real. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying it, and it is maybe unintentionally partially my fault. I think she is just one of those sorts of WGs that tries hard to understand her client and wants to be sure she’s giving them what they want. I’m more the sort the of guy who just likes sex to flow naturally. She needn’t have fussed so much and just done what she was doing without questioning and directing me so much. I think it shows a good honest, service focused attitude from her, which is a good thing in my book, but perhaps shows a bit of inexperience and uncertainty from her. She’s a hot girl how is skilled in the bedroom, I’m happy to come and visit her and pay for the pleasure of having sex with her. It’s not rocket science.

Would I go back?
I would like to try her again, once I’m as sure as can be that we are both clean and healthy, that’s if she’ll have me. She might not want to after reading this review. But that’s up to her, I mean no ill intentions to her by posting this, and I’m likely doing myself no favours by posting with review. But I do so in the interest of posting my honest opinion on things.

I’m well aware of the recent review from another individual and the furore that followed that. It’s a risk of seeing a prostitute which is always there. I don’t know what the girl does or doesn’t do when I’m not there, or what other punters she’s seen get up to. I can only make as sure as possible that I see girls that don’t advertise bareback and have a healthy attitude to their job. She came across as a very clean and intelligent girl to me, and we had as clean as possible safe sex together. I will be getting myself tested as I do every few months anyway. I was planning to make this my last punt for a month or two anyway, so I guess that coincides with that and I won’t be doing any punts or having any sex until I’m sure I’m all clear. I don’t blame Isla, but it’s not exactly given me the nicest of post punt feelings. So, that leaves the question; is this a positive, negative, or neutral experience. Well it’s not neutral, it’s both positive and negative. But I’m afraid on balance, the slight awkwardness of the punt plus the unpleasant post punt feeling, I’m afraid Isla_Brooks gets her first negative review on UKP.

West Midlands / Busy Anita Coventry
« by Man up on February 19, 2017, 08:05:57 AM »
I saw the fairly well reviewed Busty Anita two weeks ago.

Location not the best area near where the old Coventry football stadium was.

Communication Al done by text the day before and confirmed on day.

Services £90 one hour including owo cim DFK Rimming on me sex various positions.

Meeting Arrived slightly late but all good paid cash money put away I was offered a drink which I accepted. Anita was straight at me with frenzied kissing which soon turned into DFK. Then she started to strip my clothes off and released my hard cock for a prolonged session of owo which was very good and quite deep on occasion after a while she pushed me onto the bed and lost her clothes in the process. Owo continued and was really good and after a few more minutes I felt the sap rising and decided to let go for cim great orgasm round one complete.

A very short break then onto more DFK lots of groping then she was on my cock again for more owo really good again so I decided to spread my legs to see if she'd take the hint,and boy did she, started rimming me for a while then more cock sucking until I say I want to fuck. Then We did RCG, CG Doggie and finally in missionary where I got her ankles around hear ears and gave her a good hard pounding until I fiiled the bag.

Overall a good punt apart from her kissing technique which is very weird. I would return as I would like to try anal with her. She can be very chatty if you let her, and I think she'd suck cock for the whole meet If you let her.

www.adultwork.com/1889298 or https://www.adultwork.com/+Busty+Anita

West Midlands / Diamond Serena - Coventry Dessert
« by saf1976 on February 18, 2017, 05:05:41 PM »
Link: www.adultwork.com/3768087

Seen her twice so in effect a double positive from me.

Comms - messaged via text and was given directions. I called from outside her flat as it has a code to get in.

Location - nice-ish flat on a big road a stoney throw from the town centre.

Fees - £60 for half hour. She does do £80 for an hour but having read a review on here I decided to not opt for the massage.

Looks - As per the pictures. It is clearly her and she has very beautiful eyes with a slightly quirky nose. She's not Barbara Streissland, but she is very focussed on eye contact during the deed itself so you can pick up on it, but for me a quirky nose adds character, so it's a positive.

Body - She is built. Very firm, especially her tits. Her tits are like vintage Sandy Hot in 2010 when she was by the Tesco's. Her tits look a tad droopy in her pics, but they are very firm.

Services - For the 2 half hour meets I have had she was consistently great.

She is very confident sexually and I think maybe she gets a bit of a buzz that you have chosen to be with her than other girls. Like she has taken it as a compliment. She is very happy and full of eye contact as mentioned above.

She does kiss, but lips only. She likes to bite lips and also nipples. I'm not really into that but I let it go as I don't want to dampen her enthusiasm.

She did a full body kiss. Oral was with, not sure if it is as an extra without but it was good and I had no complaints with it being with. Sometimes oral with is better than oral without depending on the technique, well it is for me anyhow.

Sex itself is where she excels. She's one hell of a mover and has confidence to go with it. She knows how to tease before you go in. As a result I let out quite a moan when I was in her and she loved that, feed her ego.

She fucks like a stripper. There is a full movement to try and bring you off and she switches it around.

She knows when you are nearly ready to come and reaches down behind to give the balls a slight tickle, then when she thinks thats going to make you come to soon, she stops and slows down. Then she starts up again and when you are ready to pop she goes full in on the bals with her fingers and hand.

The last time I planned to go and see EvaHot95 about an hour after Serena, but my balls were drained, which doesn't always happen on a punt.

Both times I have spent the full half hour and was even offered a chat after on my 2nd trip, but once i'm done i'm done so to speak.

She is my banker punt in the punting dessert that is Coventry. I'd love to see Alexea Hot back, in rotation with this girl. I may try and have a massage with her next time.

West Midlands / Viktoriaxx - Walsall
« by Ashtaros on February 18, 2017, 05:03:12 PM »
Location: Quiet road in Walsall WS2, near to the police station and a building of flats

The Girl/Woman: 38 year old Hungarian woman who to my surprise was the girl in the pictures, size 14 - 16 I think, big boobs, MILF type.
https://www.adultwork.com/3225982 or https://www.adultwork.com/Viktoriaxx

Prices: £30 (30 minutes)

Services: OW, Sex

Originally I wanted to go to Retro in Walsall on Wednesday afternoon but I didn't have enough money so I decided to forget about it and see Viktoria instead, but she wasn't available either so I waited till Friday.

By the time it was Friday (Yesterday when the punt took place) I phoned to arrange the booking, then txt to let her know what time I wanted. I later arrived at her location and had to wait for 5 minutes due to her being in the shower, once she was done she phoned and told me to come to the door. Viktoria let me in as she was behind the door and greeted me and remembered me from the time I saw another Hungarian girl that worked there.

As mentioned earlier it was her in the pictures even though they change constantly. The room was the entrance/front room with a double bed, dresser drawer at the side and a table next to the bed with various condoms. We sorted out the paperwork and I then got undressed, she then removed her robe to reveal a black bra and panties.

We rubbed each other and I had my hands round her waist and she noticed that they were cold due to me being outside. She then pulled out her tits from her bra, told me to lie down, then got in-between my legs and gave my cock some light b2b with her tits although it was only for a little while and it got me going a bit until she put the condom on and gave me a covered oral with some teeth felt but it didn't hurt as much or maybe its just me.

She then lay on her back and I then proceeded to slowly lick and suck her nipples which she quietly enjoyed and she pulled her panties to the side and played with herself which did get her going a bit more as I continued to lick her nipples some more, then took my cock and went straight to missionary.

I went slow to medium pace and she was gently rubbing my body with her nails from my chest to my back and to my arse and I responded by kissing her lightly and then onto her neck. She then pulled me in some more by clasping my thighs with her legs and started to up the pace for a bit. I pulled out and the buried my face in-between her tits and sucked on them some more, then I continued to fuck her until she offered to give me a tit-wank as time was almost up, I asked for doggy but she told me I was too big for that so we went with the tit-wank.

She gave me a good tit-wank as I thrusted at the same time, I then wanked over them as she played with them. Time was almost up so we went back to the tit-wank and in the process I finally popped.

She cleaned the cum off her tits with a wipe and handed me some to clean my cock. I got dressed and she asked me If I had everything I needed and I replied yes. We then said our goodbyes with a hug and kiss and she saw me out the door and I left.

Good sex
Decent personality

No doggy due to being big down there
Waiting for 5 or so minutes outside until she was ready

It was a good time had, also I would definitely return, but that depends on if the profile pics are still there and not changed every so often, but as mentioned the price is a good VFM.

West Midlands / Saucybeth, Stoke
« by Redhead Lover on February 18, 2017, 03:51:08 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3939094 or https://www.adultwork.com/Saucybeth

£80 for 1hr seemed like a bargain, and it was.

Location: New house, easy enough to find, plenty of parking either in that street, or nearby.

Comms: Emailed via AW. She got back to me pretty quickly and agreed the date/time I'd requested, giving me her phone number and postcode in the process.  Txt her on the day to confirm I was still on, and that she was too.

The meet: Arrived at her place, she opened the door and let me in.  She's blonde, in her mid-40s and looked really sexy in stockings, heels and a dress with her big tits falling out.  Went upstairs, made me feel nice and welcome before getting to action.  Sex in multiple positions (protected), light spanking (both ways) and OWO (again, both ways).  Amazing blowjob, she really enjoys sucking cock and also sucking on my balls.  After a good hour of filth, I get ready to finish on her face.  She took it like a champ - no cum dodging from this one.  Good girl.

Positives: All of the above. Seems to really enjoy it and doesn't go through the motions.

Negatives: Only one thing - she's a Scouser, and that accent is the least sexy on the planet. Now, if only I had something to put in her mouth...  :D  Def. not a deal-breaker, for me at least, but it could be for others.

Overall: If you like MILFs with big tits, and can't get enough cock, then give her a try!

Any questions, please ask.

West Midlands / New Sweet Ann - FBSM Birmimgham
« by timhorton on February 18, 2017, 01:19:06 PM »
Decided to take the plunge to meet Ann this time given her mostly positive reviews here.  Accept though what some have said. 

https://www.adultwork.com/998995 or https://www.adultwork.com/NEW+SWEET+ANN

Arranged by phone and text - original time not available, but offered alternative easily and quickly arranged.  No issues.

Location: Granville Street, by Tesco express.  Good directions given, easy to find.  Walked to location, but with roadworks there on the day could see parking could be an issue.

Very tidy and clean apartment - reasonably sized room with massage bed and mattress on floor.

Services: Hot oil, body to body massage

Duration: one hour.

Fee: £80.

The girl:  I would say older than profile states, but decent looking, and nice tits.  Friendly and chatty through meet and put at ease.


Entered and met Ann for first time, exchanged hellos etc and confirmed the meet, and sorted the paperwork.  Asked for shower which was in a separate bathroom as en-suite out of action. Clean towel provided, and my coat and jeans put on heater to dry off as heavy rain shower caught me before meet.

Finished shower and came back to room. Ann checked ok with temperature and room and all comfortable, and stripped off. 

The massage then started on my back and then legs - the hot oil was nice, and Ann used a medium massage on back and legs, while proceeding to reach under and gently tease mini-me.

After about 25 minutes she started the body to body.  Unlike other reports here, it didn't feel mechanical, but I accept being only my 5th such massage, others being with Nancy here in Birmingham and one in Nottingham, I cannot comment with the authority of Stapler and others, who are more experienced here. (with thanks though to all those who post and give their experience).

I was then asked to turn over and Ann massaged the front of my legs, and then started to add oil to my cock bring him to full attention.  Ann spent time slowly building to the end - which was expertly done and explosive.  Ann then cleaned me up, before offering a further shower, which I accepted.

On leaving she was changing the bed-sheet as others noted.

One point which did note was the music, and yes it was definitely cheesy pop, but it wasn't so much of a distraction. Verdict - an enjoyable hour, overall.

Would return - had a pleasant hour's massage and h/e,so rating as positive.

West Midlands / Jadie Baby - Northfield
« by Crank on February 18, 2017, 09:05:47 AM »
Found myself on the South side of Birmingham, searched Adultwork and found this girl.  Not my usual type with those lip fillers etc. but she looks filthy as fuck which was just what I needed!

www.adultwork.com/3093644 or https://www.adultwork.com/Jadie%2DBabie

Comms:  Initially good, gave me her postcode via text and told to call when I arrived which I did - no answer.  Got a text saying give me 5 minutes... this is normally a warning sign for me but I thought I had come this far so why not.  Anyway I was just starting up the car after 12 minutes of waiting when I got the text with the house number saying the door is open - come on up.

Location:  Apartment above some shops directly on the Bristol Road, discreet enough at the time of day I entered.  Parking on road was plentiful.  As I entered the house there was no magic door as I'd been told to come up - so I opened the door myself and proceeded to venture up the stairs to her flat.  This felt a little odd on my own and I was a bit apprehensive heading up alone... 

Jadie; at the top of the stairs stood a butt naked Jadie - she's certainly not shy.  She has just my type of body, probably a size 12, nice and curvy with a big bum and boobs which I'm certain are fake but she told me they were real...I couldn't feel any obvious implants so maybe she's right but they were very firm!  Her face is a bit of a mess if I'm honest, those lips look crazy - I think if she hadnt messed about with all that she would be quite pretty in a chavy kind of way!  The whole place was very, very dark and she led me through to the bedroom where she asked what I wanted.

Payment; paid £40 for a 15 minute blowjob, which she assured me by text she is very good at.  When I'm dubious about a girl this is my default position so thought I would just go with it.  After I paid she ran off to put it away but was back within seconds...

The deed;  I finished undressing and she told me to lay on the edge of the bed, I obliged and she knelt on the floor and proceeded to give me one of the most fantastic deepthroat experiences ever.  She started by licking the shaft from bottom to top, then just devoured my whole cock down her throat in one movement.  I told her I wanted it as wer as she could possibly get, she does a combination of throating, gagging, spitting and slobbering that got my cock absolutely soaking.  There was spit everywhere, running down into my ass - it felt so good!  She mixes the deep throaty with an excellent handjob technique and she soon had me ready to explode.  I didn't want to cum so asked her to play with my ass (I was guessing she was filthy so was seeing how far I could push it). She got excited by that and asked if I wanted to try her butt plug - why not I thought, so she put a condom on it and gently inserted it up my ass which felt good.  More excellent deepthroat with the butt plug in and I was ready to go iagain. I asked her to take it out which she did then thought I'd try my luck again - "rimming?" I asked.  Without question she just lifted my legs up and ran her tongue around and into my ass, she is good at this but it wasn't too deep if I'm honest but it still felt good.  Time was nearly up and she throated me to completion, CIM felt good and she slowly wanked me off after I had come.  Didn't seem in a rush to kick me out but I got dressed and let a happy man.

Summary;  she lacks in the communication department, and her looks are not for everyone but her oral service is first class. Up there with the best in my opinion.  Her attitude is great too, I get the feeling she's up for anything, she told m she sometimes does 2 girl for the same price.  Since I've met her I re-read her profile and noticed she states "only do bareback if you're a regular".  I've been tested since and know I'm safe, but I probably won't go back because of this which is a damn shame as just thinking about her technique gets me going again!  That comment is in the questions section of her profile which I didn't read before booking - Just goes to show the importance of reading a profile fully before you book!

West Midlands / Acurelax Shirley
« by Mrreese2013 on February 18, 2017, 01:05:27 AM »
Date monday 13/2/17
I used to frequent this place last year but stopped going because quality is really poor.
So I thought lets give it a chance maybe theyve improved. I was wrong.

I had massage from a thai girl (they usually Chinese) but she wouldn't do happy ending. Instead she called another lady who did the happy ending. The lady who finished me was old and unattractive. And she tried to  make me cum asap and I had to tell her slow down because she was hurting me. In the end I took shower and left. Poor service and in total cost me £60.

I remember when Birmingham was spoilt for choice and had so many good girls. My favourite is Nok but shes not in UK no more.

West Midlands / Evahot95 - Coventry
« by Crank on February 17, 2017, 11:02:48 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3960899 or https://www.adultwork.com/EvaHot95
[Link added by admin]

Hi guys - went to see this lady yesterday.  I was aware of previous neutral review and have had experience with Romanian ladies before so know the score, but I found myself with an hour to spare in Coventry and she was the only girl I could find.  I debated this mentally for a good 30 minutes before committing and decided that her hotness and my horniness outweighed the potential shit service.  I decided to go for a cheap, quick 15 minutes service just to experience how hot she actually was.

Comms - texted to see if she was available, quick response with postcode and had to call for house number when arrived.  Usual score, all very efficient and quick.

Location - quiet street in Coventry, easy to find with relatively easy on street parking.  Looks like a private house that she shares with her sister (apparently).  The room itself was comfortable enough but nothing special.

The girl - wasn't sure what to expect as I know picures can be misleading, but was greeted with the usual magic door treatment and when closed I have to say this girl is an absolute stunner.  She's short- about 5ft 3 - with a gorgeous, natural pretty face and fantastic figure.  Followed her up the stairs and did my usual pause for 2 seconds so her ass was directly in my eye-line!  I was hard by the time I got to the top of the stars - very nice.  She is quite pleasant and reasonably chatty throughout.

Payment - paid £50 for 15 minutes.  Was offered 2 girl (her sister apparently) for £100 for 15 minutes but declined as I was expecting a pretty crap service and didn't want to waste more money than necessary.  She wandered off downstairs as I stripped, was only gone one minute so wasn't standing around for ages - I hate having to do that so was quite happy at this stage.

The deed - as I said, gorgeous girl but limited likes on her AW profile, previous neutral review and Romanian.  My expectations were low but her hotness offset that a little.  She came back in the room and stripped naked - her body is gorgeous and I just couldn't help cupping this fantastic tits.  They weren't quite as big as I expected but loveless shape with beautiful erect nipples that I couldn't wait to suck - only she wouldn't let me as "its not safe"!!  So I grabbed a handful, I knew DFK wouldn't be on offer but tried my luck and asked for RO only to be told no, "its not safe".  So I lay on the bed and was allowed to touch and stroke her as much as I liked - this was great, she really feels good and I was very hard at this stage despite the lack of sexual engagement so far.  She pulled out a jacket and put it on me, then lay at 90 degrees to me and started with some above average (but not great) OW.  I have to say I really enjoyed this as she sucks quite well and my hands were all over her body which felt great!  After 5 minutes she stopped and pulled out the lube and started smearing it on my cock - I told her I didn't want sex just oral only to be told she doesn't do just oral for 15 minutes as she doesn't like sucking cock that much.  She asked which position, being happy where I was I opted for CG and on she got.  I have to say she rides pretty well and it felt good fucking her with my hands all over that great body but again, she lost interest after a few minutes.  Didn't really matter as I knew I only had 15 minutes and time was getting close so I just grabbed her ass and fucked the shit out of her for another couple of minutes which she actually genuinely seemed to enjoy as she got s little flushed and let her guard down slightly with some genuine groans of pleasure.  That didn't last long though as she soon caught herself on and reverted to type telling me I needed to come - I was already there anyway so finished inside her.  In typical Romanian style she was off me before I had propoerly finished and cleaning me up (unusual for a Romanian in my experience).  Got dressed and fucked off - overall I was in there 17 minutes!

Summary - beautiful girl with a great body, let down by her attitude to sex which often makes me wonder why these Romanians really bother.  If she opened up a little and enjoyed herself (she clearly has the potential to) then with her looks us guys would be flocking to her!!  My expectations were low and in all honesty they were surpassed as all services did feel good, being able to explore her great body being a massive positive and overall I did enjoy myself.  I left satisfied but would I return - I doubt it.  Next on my list in Coventry is MissyKink... I just cant seem to get her!

« by JB1963 on February 17, 2017, 09:38:50 PM »
1 hour outcall for £130
Booking went smooth and quick, and Sunny showed up right on time

British-Indian girl, late 20s. QUite cute, slim but very, very soft body. Smallish tits (B?) with one nipple nicely pierced, further piercings in lip, tattoo on the upper back. Pretty big eyes.

Sunny is totally casual about being a WG, puts you at ease in that sense. She is easy to chat with, and not shy in any way. She smelled really nicely (I was her first client for the night). Provided OWO, FK, RO and protected vag. Said no in a friendly way to CoB, CiM or CiF - and categorically rules out A-levels.

Enjoyed my time with her - though her BJ was a bit more 'timid' and 'soft' than I prefer.
Overall a really ok punt, though not close to my favorite WGs - but that is a matter of personal taste, certainly.

West Midlands / Bianca Forever and ever - Birmingham (Digbeth)
« by Oralbgood on February 17, 2017, 06:30:18 PM »
My week started awfully in the East Midlands with Roxy,www.adultwork.com/893505  :scare: but finished delightfully with Bianka Forever www.adultwork.com/2860421  :yahoo: :thumbsup: :D

My neutral review for Roxy is in the East Midlands section.

Now let me be honest, I have always been put off seeing Bianka because of her main profile picture, all that hair & out of focus stuff. It was only after reading a recent review on here, God bless UKP, that I decided to venture 'down digbeth way'. Glad I did.

Comms and Location fine, the road has free parking but hard to find a spot.

The apartment looked old from outside but was well kept, modern and clean inside, where it counts.

Bianka. Stands about 5'3", long blonde hair (Russian in origin, the hair not her), nice black one piece and a lovely smile. Her English is very good and she is very friendly. Her figure, well, she has put a few pounds on since photographs and is probably size 12/14 bottom half and size 10 top half, lovely pert, smallish breast.

The meet.
Offered shower and drink both accepted. Great powerful shower that didn't burn my balls off, you know the ones :scare:
I paid her for 30 minutes, VFM at £50 and lay down on a very comfortable, memory foam mattress.
She has been reviewed before so in brief it was: DFK, OWO ( was given choice of OW), DFK, breast nibbling/sucking, hers not mine and then CG at my request to completion. She certainly used those, slightly large thighs, to great affect and made pleasurable noises along the way.
I was offered a further shower, which I declined. We chatted, she has a lovely laugh, and I made my way home. No clock watching.

Would I venture back.....hell yes. :yahoo:

NB I thought she was Polish, she isn't, she is Czech. I mentioned the Masshouse girls in passing as she needs to find a new work place but she wants to remain independent.


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