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West Midlands / Englishphoebex - Kingswinford
« by dsr on Today at 04:01:59 pm » or

£130 1 hour incall

Emailled vis AW, good comms all the way through.  Arranged a time, got sent a postcode then when arrived got talked to the place (which is a little out the way without knowing where to go first).  It is a residential estate, so might be a problem for some.  I didn't have any issues.

Looks like she has just updated pics on profile.  They are accurate.  Had a quick shower, quick chat, got to business.  I decided to pop on a blowjob (was offered a rubber but decided to do that afterwards), and despite best efforts wasn't happening again.  Not her fault on this one.  Up to then it was great, nice to talk to, and the actual service was good.  Kissing, a little teasing but it's been a while and I fucked up.  So yes, I paid that money for a blowjob.  Wasn't covered, spat it out in the sink.

I would go back, only this time wouldn't overestimate my powers of recovery.

I would go again, only this time I'd

West Midlands / Super Thai model Kim - Worcester
« by Chief_smasher on Yesterday at 09:22:29 pm »

Price: £150
1 hour £120+owo£20+kissing£10.

Location: small house in Worcester

Girl: disappointed tbh. She’s okay not the worst to be fair but I was expecting better. Size 10-12. Natural 32D breasts. Curvy body with a round bum. Body is her best feature.
Age I would say anywhere between 28-35. C secretion scar from childbirth.

Comms: Good until I got there. Then it went tits up.

So booked an hour with this one based on another punters review, I don’t normally use viva but thought I’d go for it. Great communication and hour booked.
Got there and told to wait 10 mins. Kept being told to wait every 10
Mins and suddenly told come now. Kept saying how long do I want to stay. I think she squeezed a customer in for a quick 15-30 mins.
Anyway once I’m in she’s pleasant. Cash given stripped off.
Thought I would try her massage skills. Love visiting the best looking Thais with the best massage skills.
Started off horrendous. Hard absolutely no idea what she’s doing, this carried on for around 10 mins. Moaned it’s too hard. Suddenly she gets out baby oil and the massage actually turns decent. Nowhere near brilliant but it was good enough. She does know what she’s doing after all…
Anyway turned over good massage again. She then starts owo. Halfway pretty decent attention to the balls. This was okay and quite good. Carried on for abit and shot over her chest.
Quick change and I’m ready to go with her next customer ready to come in as she mentioned.
She’s definitely nowhere near the worst and she will be quite popular I’m sure.
She’s busy as phone was going off.
Doubt I will return as there better ones out there.

West Midlands / Zonya Sexy Thai - Coventry
« by EmotionalAnxiety1646 on Yesterday at 05:11:50 pm »

Zonya Sexy Thai

Location: Coventry city centre
When: August 2023
Comms: phone call to arrange meeting, text messages to confirm place and access into building
Price: £130 for 1hr (extras on offer, cannot remember as deleted text)
Services: OWO, CIM, massage, CG, RCG, doggie

SP - As her pics in AW, face is pretty, although her tits are bolt-ons and on the firmer side, great nipples to play with and suck.

Meet - This was my first ever punt and wanted it to be with someone who had plenty of good reviews and boy did i pick a good one! On arrival at the flat door, Zonya was hiding behind the door. When I first saw her, she was wearing heels, a thong and a bra. She looked great petite, tall and a great looking ass. She led me to the bedroom where the paperwork was sorted and accepted with a bow and confirmed that OWO was included in the £130. She then disappeared, to stash the cash somewhere and when she came back she helped me undress. She was thoughtful enough to advise me to take off my white tee before we started anything as she didnt want to get any makeup marks on it. Used baby wipes to clean and began with OWO, on her knees, my god she took it all in. did this for about 5mins and told her i was going to blow, she continued and took it all in her mouth and continued till every last drop was taken from me! WOW!!  :wacko: Quick tip to the bathroom to spit out and she was back, cleaned me up with baby wipes and told me to get on the bed for a massage.

The massage was great, firm with good pressure. started on my back, arms and legs then flipped over to do my shoulders arms and legs again. Then out onto some more OWO. I began to get a bit more confident and started to lightly thrust in her mouth, she took it deep without any hesitation and this continued for another 10mins. during the BJ she somehow managed to get a johnny on me and was then riding me!! Had to double check it was protected but great skills to do so.  :D  CG allowed me to play with her tits and her nipples, which were solid. She then returned the favour by giving my nipples a play with, licking them and sucking them which honestly felt pretty good! Did this for a while and switched to RCG, great view of her ass and i could feel myself getting closer. she stated to squat on my dick which allowed me to plow her from below and I couldn't hold it. Came in the bag with me pushed as deep as I could get in her, felt soo good, I just melted in her pussy!

With maybe 15mins left she asked if I could go for another round! Me knowing that i probably couldn't cum again said sure why not! She managed to get me hard just by presenting herself in doggie to me. Oh my, what a sight, tight little button asshole and a tight little snatch of a pussy and her looking back at me! I plowed her hard and fast, grabbing onto her ass until she turned and looked at me and said "no cum". I wasn't upset, I had a fantastic time with Zonya. Dressed and was offered the bathroom before I left.

Overall great first ever punt, was looking to book with her again but seems she's moved up north to Preston according to AW, hopefully she comes back to the midlands soon! will definitely be booking with her again.  :thumbsup:

West Midlands / Lorena Hot Brasil - Birmingham Incall
« by thebastard on Yesterday at 03:35:07 pm »
Date - August 2023
Comms - Booked via SMS
Price - £200 for 60 mins (£150 plus £25 OWO and £25 rimming on me)
Location - Apartment in Mailbox area

SP - Looked just like her recent AW pics (not the professional photoshoot ones as they're obviously edited/filtered).  Was impressed by her arse, taunt tummy and natural tits.  I'd say 7.5/10.  She had a very smiley look about her and a great personality.  First impressions were this was going to be a lot of fun.

Services - DFK, OWO, RO, Rimming giving and receiving, 69, CG and doggy to finish.

The meet - Lots of DFK from the get go.  She enjoyed getting her tits sucked and her big butt slapped, which I had no issue with doing!  She started off sucking my balls and licking my bellend, beckoned her to move lower down and she delivered some fantastic rimming on me whilst slowly wanking my dick - absolute bliss.  I got on all fours and she continued to devour my arsehole, this was so enjoyable.  Came back around and continued with DFK then rubbered up and she jumped on.  Nice tight pussy, no lube used.  She bounced up and down on my dick while we continued to kiss, I grabbed hold of her hips, slapped her arse and sucked her tits.  She dismounts and we continued to kiss/embrace.  I move over to her pussy and start to eat it out - tasted good.  We then started to 69, again enjoyable and a lovely view with her wide hips in my face.  Finished off with an enthusiastic doggy/prone bone combination and emptied in the bag.  Continued to chat after - she's got reasonable conversational English then washed up and headed off with a spring my step.

Conclusion - Would recommend if you like strong GFE bordering on moderate PSE with an attractive and enthusiastic SP.

West Midlands / Averi Lust - Solihull Incall
« by thebastard on September 30, 2023, 06:21:14 pm »
Date - August 2023
Comms - Booked via SMS
Price - £250 for 60 mins
Location - Standard hotel in Solihull

SP - Opened the door and was wearing black.  Looked as per her AW pictures - has a very pretty face and striking blue eyes.  I'll be completely honest, I was slightly taken aback by her looks and figure.  Literally couldn't wait to indulge.  First impressions were very positive, friendly demeanour.  Strong smell of perfume which I liked but just FYI for you guys.

Services - DFK throughout, OWO, RO, Rimming giving, 69, doggy and prone bone to finish.

The meet - Started off with a bit of small talk, explained that I found her really attractive and that I was looking for a GFE.  We started off with some sensual kissing.  I removed her bra and panties and was extremely excited to have a play.  She was responsive to having her tits sucked.  Started to feel/spank her arse then put her on her back for RO.  She tasted absolutely divine and her pussy looked great.  I worked two fingers in there slowly and started to tickle her little arsehole with my tongue.  Flipped her over onto all fours and went to town on her arsehole and pussy, absolute heaven.  We then enjoyed some 69 and she was slow and sensual working my dick and sucking my balls upon request.  More DFK then time for doggy - her tiny little waist and cute butt looked immense.  Tight pussy, started rubbing her clit with one hand, fingers in the gob with the other, some spanking then a finger in her butt.  Moved down to prone bone and cummed in the bag, absolutely delightful.

Unfortunately, I'm a one pop guy unless it's at least a 90 minute booking so we just chilled for about 10 mins after.  I left around one hour and ten minutes from seeing her in the end.

Conclusion - Would love to see her again - sorry if the review is fluffy but I had a great time with her.  She said she does this infrequently but I do hope to catch her again.

West Midlands / Amorous Sexy Thai - Stoke on Trent (Norton)
« by ilovitbig on September 30, 2023, 06:17:55 pm »

£120.00 for the hour.

Comms Good phoned and on my way 30 mins later.

Location Appartment on new build used by other Thai's.

The girl claims to be 33 but i'd put another 10 years on top, good set of tits shaved pussy.

Started off with 20 minute massage which was ok, kept her pants on while doing so.
On the turn over started with OWO which was good, removed her pants and possitioned herself for 69, lasted all of 30 seconds before she said she's sensitive down there and moved away.
Laid her by my side and did a little light kissing, nothing great. Started to play with her pussy but again too sensitive down there. Went down on her and again it's tickling her and was moved away.
So by now i'm getting pissed off popped the nodder on and finished off in the bag.

In my opinion she's in the wrong game if she can't stand being touched.
This boardered on negitive the only thing that saved it was the good OWO.

Won't be returning and wouldn.t reccomend.

West Midlands / NATALYA_ - Walsall Incall
« by thebastard on September 30, 2023, 05:56:40 pm »
Date - August 2023
Comms - Booked via SMS
Price - £200 for 60 mins
Location - Standard hotel in Walsall just off Jct 10 M6

SP - Opened the door and was wearing beautiful purple lingerie.  Looked as per her AW pictures, flawless skin, no tattoos, natural tits and great looking arse.  Petite and had a classy look about her - aided by her French accent I'm sure.  First impressions were very positive.

Services - DFK throughout, OWO, RO, 69, CG, and doggy to finish.

The meet - Asked if I'd had a shower which I had - she's very conscious about hygiene which I completely understand.  Lots of DFK to start off with and got a really good vibe from her.  Lovely tasting pussy, enjoyed 69 with her a lot.  Round one went for CG, loved seeing and feeling her bounce up and down my cock.  She dismounted and I unloaded her mouth.  She popped to the loo to dispose of it then we had a chat about Uni/London life and her escorting around there.  She said she was enjoying the touring and seeing different parts of the UK.

Round two was doggy, her arse looks magnificent here and really enjoyed, highlight of the meet for me.

Conclusion - Will definitely see her again when she's back in the area, great GFE service with an attractive WG.

West Midlands / Maya Blonde Real - Birmingham Incall
« by thebastard on September 30, 2023, 05:38:44 pm »
Date - Aug 2023
Comms - Enquired via SMS - responsive
Price - £80 for 30 mins (1 cum)
Location - Standard WG apartment in JQ where I'd met another WG the week before

SP - Pictures on her AW profile are accurate - GND face but pretty little skinny body, which I really liked.  Pink lingerie.  I'd say around 5 foot 3.   6/10 for her face and 8/10 for her body (personal preference).

Services - DFK - this was quite enthusiasticn, RO (slightly restricted and some hair/not a particularly groomed pussy), doggy and prone to pop.

The meet - Already knew how to get in as had visited another WG previously.  Let straight in.  She opened the door and was relatively impressed with what I saw.  She spoke some basic English and made an attempt to communicate.  Had a friendly demeanour.

Started off with DFK and undressed her.  She had a tiny waist and tight looking pussy and arsehole.  Her natural small tits were a delight to suck.  Moved on to OWC, nothing particularly special but she did look at me when I requested her to and she licked my balls a bit too.  Spotted some hairs around her pussy and didn't look particularly appealing for RO so I didn't spend too long down here.  Rubbed the outside of it and her clit - could tell it was tight.  Turned her over onto all fours and she stuck her cute little butt out.  This was the main attraction and did not disappoint.  Spent a good ten minutes smashing her from behind, lovely and tight.  Had some fingers on her clit then in her mouth.  Got her to turn around and snogged her then spanked her arse.  Moved to prone bone then cummed in the bag.  In and out in around 25 minutes but served her purpose, I went there for the little pussy and her skinny figure, which was great fun.  Shame her pussy wasn't more appealing to look at as it would've been a strong positive otherwise.  I also got the impression she didn't really like RO.

Hope some of you lads check out that lovely little pussy sometime - perfect P&D tbf.

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West Midlands / Super Thai model Kim - Worcester
« by Fourleaf17 on September 30, 2023, 04:38:28 pm »

£120 for 45 minutes (£100 basic + £20 OWO) - All arranged via text.

Upon arrival she hid behind the white door (if you know, you know) and I was presented with a very pretty, lightly tanned, size 6-8 Thai lady aged around 25 years old with natural large breasts and a great backside. Immediately given a hello kiss (peck on the lips), followed by another and another, quick embrace and another lingering open mouth kiss. Shoes off then led up the magical stairs.

More passionate kissing in the bedroom whilst she undressed me, only stopping to confirm how long I wanted to stay for. What followed was very enjoyable 45 minutes of French kissing, OWO (deep), 69, cowgirl and finishing in doggie (almost broke the bed). At one stage in 69 she was deep throating me whilst putting a finger up my ar$e, she also loves to be rimmed and rode my tongue as deep as it would go. While fingering me, she also guided my thumb into the ar$e.

When finished, she cleaned me up and helped me get dressed only stopping for another kiss. More kissing when putting on my shoes and one final kiss even when the door was open.

Full on GFE, which will definitely see me saving up for her return - she's off on Monday but returning later in October.

Don't wear her out for me gents!!

West Midlands / AnalQueen - Leamington Spa Scammer Alert!!!
« by Ilikemuff on September 30, 2023, 03:32:29 pm »

Arranged to see this couple in Leamington
Messaged to say 10 mins away
Then received a message when I arrived at the post code saying
"Up front payment by bank transfer - no cash as had been given fake cash before"   :dash:

I messaged back to say no - would not pay by bank transfer as this would appear on my bank statement
Offered to drive one of them to the cashpoint to watch me withdraw cash

They said- "no only up front transfers, as this is our home"

Utter bollox, they have not advertised in the midlands before to my knowledge and their profile says "outcalls within 60 miles of Warrington"

Do yourselves a favour and give these scammers a wide berth!!

West Midlands / Nadia Thai - Telford - TOFTT
« by WestMids74 on September 30, 2023, 03:18:20 pm »

Weak neutral teetering on a negative here but decided on neutral in the end.

Meet took place this week. Had some time spare in Telford, wasn't much on offer so opted for Nadia.

Comms - All through text, responsive and sent me a menu after my first message. When I arrived she text me the flat number. No complaints with the comms.

Location - Fit for-purpose flat in a busy residential area, had to buzz the door and was let in pretty sharpish. Just as well due to the amount of civvies out and about.

The girl - 5ft thing if that, facially she's fairly attractive, middle aged, probably 40 if I had to guess. Greeted me in a red lingerie piece and those knockers were gasping to be let out. Fantastic set on her tbf, and definitely the highlight for me. I'd say it's her in the profile, just the pics have been heavily airbrushed, as is always the case with these Thai birds. Little bit of a mum tum on her but not overweight by any means. She barely speaks English so communicating was challenging.

The meet - mechanical P&D basically. Started with a half decent massage for about 10/15 minutes which I requested. No CC swipes or teasing, she stripped off and did the massage whilst basically squatting on me in the nude. On the flip she started with some toothy OWO and barely got halfway down the shaft, pretty poor tbh. I reckon she did this for about 2 minutes before grabbing a johnny and wrapping the ole boy up and asking what position I wanted. At this point I knew things weren't going to get any better so I just wanted to finish up, opted for cowgirl and pounded away until the bag was filled up.

She disposed of the baby batter and wrapped herself in a towel before guiding me out whilst on the phone to I presume her next customer. Definitely a conveyor belt feel to it.

Price - £70

Summary - if you're after a mechanical P&D with a busty thai bird then she's perfect. Due to a lack of options on the day I can't complain too much for a TOFFT, hence the neutral rating. I however personally wouldn't return, defo much better Thai SP's out there.

West Midlands / Lovely Massage Maya - Solihull
« by Mufcdan88 on September 29, 2023, 08:06:12 pm »

Made the hour long trip to see this lady today. Apartment close to the town centre it seems.

Fired a text off, just wanted 15 minutes after being mucked around on the last thai jaunt.

Got to the room, pleasantly suprised, as she doesn't seem to have been reviewed before.

It is the girl in the photos, she's not skinny, little bit of a tummy but shapely in a good way.

Very pretty, she has braces. Is very talkative & seems to have a high sex drive.

She took the money, - £50 for 15 mins, came back & dove straight into FK whilst undoing my belt buckle and making a b-line for mini me.

The usual thai compliments, she has a firm grip at the base and gets to her knees, mirror directly in front of me, so i can see the whole thing,  :diablo: Sucks my balls like they've never been sucked before whilst jacking me off with her saliva. The loser i am, i let her carry on doing this until i popped as it felt amazing. Spaffed everywhere, all over her hands & she kept sucking as i exploded. Damn it was good.

Cleaned up by her, and on my merry way. Could hear another fella in the room next door talking to 'naughty thai helen', wether it was the real one or not, who knows  :dash: but they seem to be working together by the looks of it.

West Midlands / Naughty Thai Helen - Coventry
« by Mufcdan88 on September 29, 2023, 07:59:00 pm »

Coventry 2 weeks ago, mid week.

Usual block right in the town centre.

Text an hour before hand, time agreed, text 15 minutes before hand just confirm, all ok.

Got to the building, no answer, stood there like a lemon for 20 minutes in the hope i would get a response.

Headed back to the car to go back to work, started driving & a text 'are you here baby'.. For frick sake. Yes, i was there.

Mini me took charge, turned around & headed back. The reason being, i had seen this girl before & she was decent.

Got to the building, got in, got to the room.

The girl looks different, when i saw her before she had dyed blonde hair, now it's jet black, but her face looks different too. I ask if she is Helen & she plays dumb & claims to have no idea who i am referencing...  :dash: :dash: :dash:

Anyway, i'm in so lets move forward.

Paid 80 for half hour.

She was very, let's say, cold. Didn't want to engage in talk much, she was quick to get the little fella out, rubber me up & suck me off. Which was executed greatly & it felt great, but she was doing everything in her power to get it all out as quickly as possible.

The inevitable happened, i didn't wanna try anything else with her, because i just feel uncomfortable when they don't seem bothered.

She took the jonny off & started saying 'but i wanted you to fuck me'...  :unknown: make your mind up love. She didn't want to kiss or talk or cuddle but she wanted me to see to her, didnt make sense.

The girl i seen was cute & does resemble the girls in the photos a little bit, but she didnt seem like the girl i seen before, who was definitely the girl in the photos & i feel like she'd have recognised me too because the first time we chatted a lot and had a good time.

West Midlands / Bunny Blacked - Coventry
« by basquebrumie on September 29, 2023, 06:16:13 pm »

Meet took place this week

Comms: Quick text and arranged to meet her about an hour later. Easy.

Location: Hotel in south Coventry, exact postcode is on her AW. Motel set up and I would suggest she is not the only working girl there. Parked up and text her, she quickly text back with room number

Price: £20 for 10 minute handjob

The Girl: Pics are accurate reflection although I think they actually do her a disservice. She looks hotter in real life. Girl next door if your neighbour looked filth. Age is accurate at my guess. She was very much up my street.

Session: Door is ajar so I just walk in. She is sitting on bed in some very nice lingerie. Quick chat and my trousers are down before I sit on bed and she kneels in front of me. Excellent hand job technique as she alternates how she goes. As handjobs go I thought this was an excellent one. Actually ended up having just a pretty normal chat as she does her work and I thought she was nice lass. I came, quick clean up and on my way.

Final thoughts: At that price it is hard to go wrong but I thought she was both fit and good at her job. That combined with the fact she is sound and English, I find it a bit strange in terms of the end of the market she has priced herself at. Her pricing structure is all over the shop too. I will go for a blowjob next time though.


Decided to see this lady on a whim as I was out for a walk and not far really for me to go and see her,so arranged a 15 minute booking £50 and was given address,turned up and tapped door discreetly and an Asian woman answered aborted the punt straight away and text her to say you gave me wrong house number,still waiting and as I left the lady of the house was still looking around.
I don’t live around the area of palfrey so I was ok with not being seen

West Midlands / N.N.N Birmingham
« by 801 on September 27, 2023, 01:31:54 am »

So i finally got round to seeing her a few nights ago

£40 15 mins P&D

Contacted her and i was up there in the lifts quite high up all within 15 mins of initial text . Good comms and instructions

Into a nice large clean room and welcomed by a very nice lady although facially i thought she would be prettier but she has a great fit body, nice arse and little tittles and slim long legs 

She was waiting on the bed whilst i got my kit off and i joined her , i could tell she had it all worked . She brushed over my chest and lower half of my body with her breasts and got me all ready to go and then she strips and covers me up for OW for a few mins and then its her on top while i play with her tits , change to missionary for a bit and the doggy which was good , She has strong muscles in her pussy and i could feel her really tensing up as i pound away and then pop my load

Few wipes given and i clean up , had a quick chat which was nice and i get dressed and leave all within the 15 mins or maybe 1 min earlier  :rolleyes:

Overall she provided a good service without any hassle or rushing, may just pop over again for P&D as i don't think she offers any DFK or OWO ? so just a quickie it would be

West Midlands / Luiza_Sexy_Girl Birmingham Chinatown.
« by Jockey on September 26, 2023, 05:13:36 pm »
had literally 45 minutes to kill.  went on a bit of a spree and sent off 4 messages.

Luiza immediately replys and was around the corner in china town. A little out of budget but works well as I really had a itch! I asked if there was extras and dfk was 20. owo was 30. ouch  :dash:

Message sent and entered a building. 2 doors to enter. (with intercoms)

The usual behind the door trick and there she was. A little different to the photos but her and looking good. Straight into the bedroom, sorted out the money and she goes to put it away. The damage £130 including owo.

we started off with oral on the bed whilst I stare into a mirror positioned on the opposite side of the bed trying to get a view of the site (its a bit high up) shes going for it deep and sloppy. She gets to work and I start to feel her enchanced breast. Im getting into it, she moves over positioned for me to start fingering her. shes getting wet and into it at this point, she lays on her back at my request im kissing her body and neck. I tried to go for the kissing in the mood however a few light pecks is all I got and didnt try to be push too much and ruin it for myself.

pounded away on top and asked her to get on top. she went for it! this girl can move and has stamina, her ample ass in my hands as she rides me I feel myself ready so ask to swap to doggy. Faced her towards the mirror (side ways) so I could get a view of her as I stood behind her whilst shes on the bed on all 4's. Pounded away and filled the bag.  laid down had a quick chat, shes only here for a few more weeks and then is moving abroad with her kids. Told me she trains a lot and use to be quiet muscular back home which explains the larger clit!

Had a shower, handed a fresh towel and was on my way.

I left after 40 minutes being there so ran over a drop.

was I happy - yes
would I return - yes but as I said I do not usually pay this amount

West Midlands / Donna X - Walsall
« by bj_bob on September 26, 2023, 02:37:48 pm » or

It’s a short review. Decided to see if she was working as she does a £40 Blow and Go.

The Lady

As pictured online. Mature with a good set of boobs, quite pretty too.

The Location

An Edwardian House along a main road but hidden away at the same time


Gave her a call and was surprised she answered. She gets quite busy I’m guessing.

The Act

Was just a Blow and Go. £40 for 15 minutes (I barely lasted that) OWO and CIM, exactly what the Dr ordered  :thumbsup:

Would go again……Was having a bit of chit chat and then may have offended her unintentionally so hopefully she’ll see me again. Was a good time overall, would maybe see her for Longer next time.

West Midlands / LittleMissHorny1234 - Stafford
« by Roadster on September 25, 2023, 05:39:39 pm » or

I had seen LittleMissHorny1234 a long time ago when she first started seeing clients. At that time I had a 15 minute blowjob which was really quite good. I had forgotten that she existed until I saw the review from escortman  (

I was in Stafford so I decided that I would pop round for another go. I arranged the event by text and half an hour later found myself outside her house. She lives in one of the sh*t estates on the outskirts of Stafford.

I got inside she was physically pretty much as I remember her. She is late 20s, not terribly attractive, with a large belly. On this occasion I thought I'd go for FS. I booked half an hour (£50).

As soon as I got through the door she was talking... mostly moaning about the staff at her kid's school. We got our kit off and on the bed, the moaning continued. Eventually, in order to shut up I told her to fill her mouth. Which she did. Her oral skills are still pretty good.

I rolled onto her back and went down to check out the goods. This is when everything turned horrific.

Her pussy was very stinky and covered with a thick white fungal infection. Fook did it stink!  There was zero chance I was putting my face anywhere near that, but in any event something needed to be done. I grabed some wet wipes and cleaned her up as best I could in the hope that the stench would dissipate. It sort of worked.

Back up to the head end and asked for more oral. She duly obliged and I have a good, (actually really good), blowjob with CIM.

I would see her again but only ever for a 15 minute BJ.

Not quite 30 minutes, but for a blowjob and CIM for 50 quid it still wasn't bad. 15 minute sessions are £40, which is obviously better.

Negative for the obvious reasons.

British temptingtash-Walsall
Link to this Profile Page using or

£60 including ow for 30 minutes
Kissing & RO

The location
Towards Cannock great warley,housing estate fairly open in daylight.

The wg
Height and age about right,dressed in pyjamas which I understand as the door is on a road on the estate with flats opposite,very pretty mixed race girl.

The action
She let me in and I was very surprised at how pretty she is she had glasses on and her hair tied up,she let me in and into living room,now before anyone moans if they see her she has kids it’s very lived in I’ve no issue with it as I’m more interested in the action and what she looked like naked and also if she gives a positive who cares what place looks like?
So she went off to get changed and I stripped off not once did she ask for money but I got it out and left it on side,she came in with this pink out fit in showing her body and her tits are big and juicy not massive but incredible shape very impressive and a very nice tidy body on her.
She stood infront of me and I pulled the top down and got to work on those tits,also had some light kissing to no tongues but it was nice,so I turned her around and she could feel my cock against her ass and I had her tits in my hands kissing her kneck which she seemed to enjoy,she then got on settee for me to give her some RO and she was shaved (little bit of stubble)but clean so no issues I carried on licking her and she was clearly into it 5 mins down the line I could her her saying”oh shit and mmmmm” and I put a finger in them 2 no issues and she was away she really got into the flow of things and I think she came as she had to sit up and she was very flushed in her face.
So onto the oral and she got a condom out and popped it on and started to give me a blow job so I asked to lie down on the settee and she was in between my legs and started the oral with,really good and no teeth even had a tit wank these tits have to be best I’ve seen on a new girl (even better than the shitty shag I had on viva street few weeks back and they were good to look and touch but she was shit).
Anyway she was well away sucking me and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I blew so I asked for sex and I wanted it in cowgirl,so I spun round and sat back and she climbed aboard and sank onto me and started to ride me I upped pace after a little slow pace and I shot my load into the condom,she got off and went and got some toilet roll and we had a chat as I was getting changed I left around the 25 minute mark but that was my fault as I’m normally a little nervous when meeting a new wg.

I don’t know why I never saw her before as she’s really nice,clean and friendly I suppose a single mother wanting to please and make some cash.

Will I return?
Yes most definitely to me she’s attractive and I think I’ll relax more if I make a return visit plus I think doggy will look good as she not only has a fantastic pair of tits on her(natural too) her ass is really good no far on it and No cellulite either which I’m not keen on,oh and no stretch marks either.

West Midlands / Meena Hot XXX - Birmingham City centre
« by Everhard115 on September 25, 2023, 10:48:29 am »

Meet happened a few days ago. Plan A although booked well in advance cancelled the last hour so was left with a horn. Always intrigued by Meena but not too much into Thais my end. Given the price and services on offer decided to break my thai cherry as all other service providers were very dear or offerig limited services. I dont punt if owo, cim is not on offer within reasonable rates.

Communication all through text all professional and prompt. Location share and booked for 30 mins at 70 as per the advertised rates.
Location in city centre and parking is tricky. Paid parking where you have to use the ring app so not so discrete if you paying by card.

Block of flats she buzzed me in. Room is fit for purpose with an ensuite shower room , bed and two strategically placed mirrors with relaxing music playing.
Meena herself is good for her age. Pretty face, hair that hair cut when some hair on the sides are very short and then rest long, dont fancy that hair style but not too off putting. Body is okayish has a bit of flabby belly but at her age its okay and not too off putting. Tits small with rocket nipples. She looks more like Korean than Thai in my opinion.

Was wearing a nice gown with heels in the corner just lying there so if you want she could wear them.

Services taken, rimming recieving, oral on me, anal, cim. All enthuisiatically deleivered.  I dont go down on working ladies and I dont kiss them too much either so cant comment on that side of things. However oral deleivered was slow and deep, she did not mind when I held her head a bit. Rimming was slow and deep too and she went to town with it. Felt amazing! 

Straight to anal and then just pounded away in doggy, missionary and prone bone. She can take a pounding. Lubed a bit in the middle again no issues there though.

To finish off just came her in mouth which she spat.

Helped me dress up which was a lovely touch. Over all a resounding positing, for 70 you get to ALOT (OWO, CIM, ANAL, RIMMING) and this is where she shines.  Onto my list and I would visit again just to experience that rimming! Again this punt should be judged on the value it is offering. Similar services in Birmingham are being priced at redicolous rates specially with the brazilians who charge extra for everything.

Happy punting fellows.


West Midlands / Godess_lilith rural Herefordshire incall
« by c1der79 on September 24, 2023, 09:48:04 pm »

£85 for half hour incall.

The meet took place July 2023
I had limited time and opportunity so opted for a quickie with Lilith.

All done by WhatsApp at short notice. Meeting arranged within 1 hour of first message. Efficient and very good. No complaints.

A semi detached house in a cul de sac in a very rural village just outside Hereford. A few houses around but seemed quiet and didn't see anyone when I arrived or left. Parking on drive. Accurate and simple directions given.
The Lady
Obviously the photos on her profile a a good few years old. She is actually quite good looking but she may be a bit older than her stated age and her body shows it. Perhaps I am being harsh but her photos are quite flattering.

The meet
Showered before and after the meet. Money sorted and down to business. She wore a very nice summery yellow flowery dress and flat shoes - nothing else. Light kissing with a bit of tongue but wasn't expecting much in a short meet. Got her tits out - not big but nice and suckable. Lay down together on the bed. Kissing and mutual groping. I go down to try my best to get her juices flowing. Her pussy smelled fresh, was nicely shaved and responsive. Think I did ok. Changed over - her oral was ok but not the best I have had. She may be overselling herself on her profile. Got close so got her on her back and unloaded in missionary. Job done so cleaned up, washed and dressed bang on 30 mins.

All in all it was a decent punt - nothing more nothing less. The meet satisfied my needs so it is a positive but I probably won't return as there was nothing there to draw me in again.

One more thing
I am pretty sure she had a previous profile which is linked below as there are a few reviews that can be linked together.


ive seen Jess as a regular since 2017 so i know her fairly well, the last meet we had was a few weeks ago and it was an unusual one compare to the previous ones as we drank alcohol in the meet.
i bought some vodka for her and she had some red-bull already there as a mixer so the stage was set. I arrive at her brum apartment to find her wearing blue lingerie. i always have an hour with Jess so paid 200 the usual way.

we always share some decent banter as well, but we always know when to get to business, so light kissing to start with and she gives me a lovely nibble on my neck to get me going. sometimes i often give her a good pussy licking via 69 which goes on for a bit, but her blowjobs are decent as she goes pretty deep without touching the end of her throat. and she never forgets the balls always gives them a good sucking. to add to this she does excellent face sitting as she squats very well and so this position is such a deep turn on and delight.

the best position for me is doggy and she does this pretty well as she has a fabulous backside and this always leads me to finishing in the condom of course. we had a drink afterwards along with a bit of chitchat and then i went for a shower to freshen up again.

being a regular we do talk about a range of topics and throw banter in there as well so she is always worth the time and money ive spent with her over the years, guess that and the shagging is probably the reason why i keep coming back lol.

First off let me apologize to all my brethren who had stood firm and resisted paying the price increase Lush have instituted. When she first popped on I knew I was in trouble as she looks like my type from the waist up. I was holding firm until a recent review intimated she may not stick around. In a moment of weakness I succumbed to the chebs. Please forgive me, but was it worth it? Kind of! 

Location City Center apartment block. You will be loitering around by the metal gates to be collected by the girl. Not so bad late at night. In the day. Sore thumb!

Comms Usual phone up to book then once again when at location for instruction how to get in.

Price £80 for half an hour.

The Girl/Session So gets picked up by Juliana and I'm hating the small talk as we make our way up but I try be as charming as possible. First impressions, those tits may just be like they are in the pictures but let me not judge till she is naked. She appears to be a quarter mixed race around 20 with a fairly cute face and big false lashes. Money out the way she was complaining of being tired, I hope she wasn't going to turn out to be a lazy one. I ask what she did? and she said, "everything"  but she does not like too much tongues when kissing, It had been so long since I punted Lush I wasn't feeling my normal self. Felt like a novice.

She removed her lower garments and the bottom half did most definitely not match the top which was a good thing really or that would have been it for me. Ass a bit narrow not that shapely although acceptable bent over. She lays me on the bed and takes my boxers off. She climbs on top and starts playing with her tits and takes her bra off. Well I nearly shot my load right there and then. She's got a massive great pair of tits just the way I like em. She slowly works her way down to my cock for some owo but she's faffing about not really attacking the cock and I'm thinking of her tits to keep me hard. She eventually bags me up and starts with cow girl. Takes her time to insert. She's tight. It's a slow build up but eventually gets in the swing of things. Same in doggy. Up and down slow build up but then eventually takes a good pounding. Finished off shooting my load nowhere other than those wonderful tits of course. More GFE than PSE and felt like she wanted me to lead her more and which I planned to do in a future visit.

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West Midlands / X Sweet Lilly x - Birmingham city centre
« by pingo on September 24, 2023, 12:00:33 am »
SP AW link:

Date: Sep 2023
Duration: 15 mins
Paid: £80

Comms: quick call and arranged for a time. I initially asked for blow and go but was told that it was not offered so settled for a 15 mins GFE session

Girl: I found Lilly facially good looking and the age advertised on AW seems to be accurate.

Action: After paper work was exchanged, I was asked to get comfortable while the SP dashed off to another room briefly. Came back and we started with FK, then some OWO - which was good and then into action with missionary where I came, whilst FK (most of the time).

Overall a positive.

West Midlands / BeBe Thai Girl Birmingham
« by Metzoid on September 23, 2023, 08:08:10 pm »
When:  last week
Price paid: £80 for half an hour
Where: central birmingham near arcadian where i have seen a few girls.

Communications: very good and i was in bang on time. Clear instructions.

The girl: she is very smiley at times and other times she was not. She is pretty, soft skin, no fat on her. Great arse and enhanced tits. Her pictures are photoshopped but definitely her.

The meet: once in and paper work taken care of she took her gown off to reveal her tight body in lingerie.

I am going to echo previous reviews that parts of the punt felt mechnical and no real connection and at points rushed. I think nropnrop review sums it up at parts accurately.

No reall intro or start she just invited me to lay down and then began playing with my cock for about 10 seconds. She then put the condom on (id asked for ow) and began sucking my cock which was nowhere near erect. This didnt last very long and finished as soon as i was fully erect. To be honest it wasnt very good and wasnt doing much for me so i was happy to move.on to the main event. She lay down and we kissed and i sucked her tits. Then into missionary and i fucked her while kissing her and sucking her tits.

I asked for cowgirl and she said no! So into doggy and this i enjoyed because she took a pounding. Back into missionary and i finished up. Clean up (i didnt stick around for the massage) she gave me a chocolate and huge smile and i left.

I have been left wondering how to rate this punt.

On one hand she is as her pictures, communication was great by text and the sex overall was good.

On the other.hand she was quiet , didnt really engage, oral was rubbish and she refused cowgirl for no apparent reason although of course its her choice.

A weak neutral for me  and more a p&d

I wouldnt see her again especially with aome.of the other options. She is a million miles away from lorena who i just reviewed.
The link for bebe is below

West Midlands / Lorena Hot Brasil Birmingham
« by Metzoid on September 23, 2023, 07:40:15 pm »

When: 2 weeks ago

Price paid: £100 for half an hour

Where: central birmingham near mailbox where ive seen a couple of other girls.  new flat clean.

Communications: very good and friendly. From messaging her in the morning to being in the room that afternoon. No waiting and very efficient. 

The girl: Lorena is extremely pretty with a beautiful and playful smile. She is very sweet and friendly but at the same time extremely sexy.

Her body is very nice... small natural tits with lovely nipples. Soft skin, flat stomach and a  great arse which was a sight to behold throughout. She has great curly hair and tatoos which suit her. Definitely her in the pictures.

Great english and we got along very well in english and  portugese. We had shared music taste and fucked to some great songs.

The meet: hide behind the door trick. Once in i was very pleased with what i saw in pink lingerie.

She came over and we kissed each other. DFK and she really knows how to kiss. Kissing necks bodies, hands all over each other and undressing each other. It was an excellent start and i knew this was going to be a great punt.

She then backed up on me and ground her gorgeous arse on me. She can really move and did it to the beat of the music. More kissing and sucking of her tits and we shuffled to bed. Condom on (my request) and she began sucking. My word she is good. She managed to DT me and was very good varying in pace, lots of spit, playing with my balls.

More kissing and touching she then gave me some more oral as she could tell.i was enjoying it. Positioning herself so.i could see her arse in the mirror and looking at me in the mirror. Plenty of eye contact directly too.

She then jumped on top starting off slow, getting more vigorous. Plenty of eye contact both in the mirror and directly. She arched her back and that arse looked incredible. Plenty of kissing. We fucked for a long this position. Im surprised i lasted that long as i was very horny for her. I considered asking for a change in position but we were both enjoying it too much. She seemed to be loving it and i came hard. She knows how to work her body and made all the right noises.

She left me in and we kissed and touched which was a nice ending.

Clean up a little chat, kiss and hug and on my way.

This girl is an absolute diamond and no clock watching. I was over my time but she didnt even care. Definitely recommend and i will be seeing her again and again im sure. She is going on my regular list with maddison and stassi. One of my all time best punts.

West Midlands / Melanie H - Birmingham
« by dboy74 on September 23, 2023, 06:55:39 pm »
Meet - 2-hour incall
Location - Hotel suite in the city centre
Price - £300

Meeting arranged by AW, and then by text on the day.

Mel was dressed how I had asked, with black underwear, stockings and heals. After a brief catch up we started kissing and fondling standing up before Mel started to undress me. She crouched down to give me a HJ getting me hard before we moved onto the bed.

We mixed the kissing between passionate and sensual. DFK is an important aspect of a meet for me and Mel doesn't disappoint. Mel slowly moved down my body kissing my chest and nipples before applying the mac with her mouth for OW. Appreciate OW is not for everyone but Mel has a great technique and maintained a good rhythm with plenty of attention to the balls with kisses and hand action.

She climbed on top for CG and eased me inside her. I soon remembered from previous punts that she is great in this position thrusting her hips energetically. However, I wanted to get a look at her cute bum, so she switched around for reverse CG allowing me to grab her ass cheeks while she continued to ride me hard. It wasn't long before I was cumming.

She is petite with, now, enhanced tits, which suit her figure and are not out of proportion for her body. They are soft to the touch and not hard bolt ons. She likes her nipples to be kissed and licked gently but does not like biting or sucking hard on them.

Before round 2 commenced Mel suggested a massage which I gratefully accepted. Applying oil across my back, body to body, and it was not long before her hands moved across my bum and reach unders, I was soon ready to go again.

We started round 2 with RO and no issues with Mel's hygiene. She does not like fingering but allowed gentle stimulation of her clit which she was responsive to. At this point we were both covered in oil and she preceeded to give me an oily HJ until I came over her tits.

It had been a couple of years since I last punted, so wanted a meet with a WG I had met previously to ease me back into it. Although it had been even longer since I had last seen Mel from our initial messaging I knew I had made the right choice. I will definitely be returning.

just a placing a review on here after paying a deposit to secure a booking and she changed the time slots around twice over and once i told her i couldn't make that time she offered to refund me but only half as apparently it was my fault that she changed our times. what a world.

still waiting for the other half of the money, but given up hope now. complete timewaster.

West Midlands / Hot bebe massage -Solihull
« by Khanmr566 on September 22, 2023, 11:00:26 am »

Duration: 1 hour
Meet: Solihull
Communication: Very good
Cost: £120

So i had a itch to scratch on a hot summer’s evening and decided for a Thai suprise, but i was left quite disappointed. She is definitely the girl in the pics +10-15 years. She looks atleast 45 years old. Tits were really small, also there was no kissing whatsoever even though i was fresh. She did provide a decent service but alot of the effort was made by me and she went along. She never initiated anything.
Overall she did give a decent enough performance so i gave her a neutral

Would i go back? No

West Midlands / CandyXXX - Birmingham
« by onaleash on September 22, 2023, 10:03:42 am »

Meeting took place a couple of weeks back, city centre, near peace gardens.

paid £80 for 30 mins - thought i'd give her a go after the other reviews.

Pretty much as the other reviews said - great comms, easy to find appartment, no messing around. She was really hot - I wouldn't say a 6, more an 8 ish but great body, got a bit of a fake face but I wasn't there for that. Got into most services - oral, mish, I didn't go down on her, just wanted to enjoy her body. Gym fit - got into it.  No real GF experience- didn't kiss (I didn't push for it though) - so a bit of a P&D with an absolute hottie.
 Said she would be back in Birmingham shortly so pretty sure she will be.

I give it a positive as she was very hot and my expectations were a P&D. If i'd wanted a GF experience it would be a neutral!

Erm - think that's most of it!

West Midlands / Luiza (now Jenny) . Birmingham
« by Man of steel on September 21, 2023, 07:11:21 pm »

It was the weekend. Attempted to book Candy (no response). Noted Luiza profile. 19 years old Brazilian FAF..

Comms - by text. Services informed to me - kissing included. When I arrived delayed by 1h (water not working - repair man in apartment).

Apartment - near Novotel.(Broad street) The tall buildings mainly occupied by students.

Pictures accurate.slim teenager (age 19 correct) Size 6 Hottie with great boobs and well formed pussy. My cock immediately erect. Fuckingo. :yahoo:

Service good. Light kissing, all positions. She seemed to enjoy hammer time - could feel her wetness and moaned at every thrust. Cowgirl - enjoyed sucking those tits and holding her arse.(not bubble butt but acceptable). Submissive during mish. Doggy great kissing her back and looking down at her nice shape. Exploded in wheelbarrow looking at her pretty face and kissing it as I deep dive to completion.

Positive - my cock wants her again.

Tried to book her today - text me and said in Peterborough this week. Name change to Jenny.

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West Midlands / GeeGee Thai Escort - Newcastle under Lyme
« by ilovitbig on September 21, 2023, 03:39:09 pm »

Location Just north of town centre off A34

Paid £70.00 for 30 mins Plus £20.00 OWO

The girl as in picture but nicer looking in the flesh.
I'd noticed she'd racked up l ott of positive reviews on here so thanks to all whove reviewed.

Started off with a short massage, before quickly moving on to the action.
Plenty of kissing, OWO, 69 tasted lovely , before she climbed on board and ride me to completion.

Strong positive, would highly reccomend. But be quick as she's leaving on Saturday.

West Midlands / Christie - Lush escorts - Birmingham
« by chadpitt on September 21, 2023, 12:12:24 pm »
She Czechs out.


Tall maybe 5ft 8,
Brown hair in a pony tail
Facially about a 6-7. Blue eyes
Mid 20s
Size 14-16. Huge ass
Boobs were stretched Ds. Small nipples
No tattoos


Started with LFK. Not a lot of conversation. Then onto OWO which she does well, uses tongue and goes for it. Then to missionary which is challenging with her big thighs. She was rubbing her clit during this. Finished with cowgirl. Total time was about 25 mins


She's a bit demure and on the large side but a solid B rating. But that was before when she was £60. Wouldn't pay £80.

West Midlands / Meena Hot - Birmingham
« by mudsucker on September 20, 2023, 06:53:15 pm »

A controversial neutral? Maybe! I have reviewed Meena previously as a positive. My usual provider has not been around for a while so checked to see if Sonya or Meena were free. Sonya in Nottingham so Meena it was. Comms on the day fine and appointment booked no probs. Anal agreed beforehand and delivered on a previous visit.

Anyhow, turn up and she asked if I’ve been before. I said yes but she didn’t remember me. Once I was undressed she then recognised my tattoos and said that she usually remembered clients from their tattoos or their dick (her words). Anyway, she clearly didn’t remember my dick because after a few minutes of slightly toothy and uncomfortable OWO she then refused me anal even though it was agreed previously and delivered previously. I had a bit of a moan and pointed this out and after a few moments of her in CG she did agree to it and it was delivered.

Finished with OWO and CIM but had to ask her to slow down as she was going hell for leather and it was quite toothy.

All in all, not as good as the first visit to her and I don’t think I’d return. Sonya has been my fave of the Thai crew despite being a bit on the mad side. Meena was just a bit… meh! Overall a disappointment although she did eventually deliver what was requested.

West Midlands / Sara - VS Hotel outcall Telford
« by Arfnice73 on September 19, 2023, 09:36:51 am »
To be honest this may not count for a review as the VS link has since been deleted and for the life of me I can’t locate it. All I have is a mobile phone number which comes up with nothing on a google search.

Cost: £120 60 mins

Girl: Young approx early 20s. Latino of some description brunette. Very low grasp of English. She called herself Sara. Very short approx 5ft. Enormous natural chebs. Body sculpture of Blunder Woman. Waddled to my hotel room.

Texted her from my hotel. Immediate response saying she could visit. Asked me to video call her which I did. I can’t only assume she had a filter on her phone because what I saw versus what turned up was very very different.
Arrived at the hotel about 10 mins after and phoned me “Baby come. I here”. So off I trundled to find her and my heart (and nutsack) shrank when I saw her.

I should have just turned around and ran but I didn’t want to cause a scene.

We got to the room and immediately I noticed her eyes darting all round the room checking everything out. Instantly my alert was up. She gave me her bank details to which I transferred her the cash from a preloaded card. I offered her a shower. She stayed in there for ages. When she came out I literally couldn’t believe how massive she was. Her clothes had been holding everything in and now everything was released it was quite the transformation - for the worse. In the foyer she was a sold 4/10 and post shower sank to a generous 1/10.

Then things went south. She explained her water was out at home so she hadn’t washed for days. “Lovely. What a treat I’m in for”. Then her phone started buzzing with texts so she obviously took the considerable time to answer each one with great focus. Slowly. Each and every one of them. I asked her to stop but to no avail.

Then she finally turned her attention to me and my flaccid shrunken depressed shlong.
With a mild degree of effort she raised a little life and then she let out a massive fart. “Hmm. I think she just farted” I thought to myself. Surely not. I just have misheard. “Need poop” she shouts and walks off to the bathroom. Sits on the karzy (obviously leaving the door ajar for my pure entertainment) and proceeds to have a loud strained shit. In between her straining I was delighted to hear the rather enormous plopping as each turd bombed in to the bottom of the pan.

She finishes. And, credit where due, she takes the time to shower again at least. When she returns to the bedroom she realises the cold frozen look of pure shock on my face and says “what?!”
So I slowly hopped off the bed, grabbed her clothes and asked her to leave.
“Why?”  “Well. I’m not quite in the mood anymore after having just listened to you taking a shit. Please kindly leave”.

This is where things took a rather sinister turn. She started to dress again but extremely slowly like she was waiting for something or someone. She phoned a guy on her phone which I noted was under “my love” in her contacts and spoke some foreign language to him. So I asked her to hurry please and leave. She kept telling me to chill and I was fairly uncomfortable. Luckily I ushered her out and once I realised I was safe and sound I started pissing myself laughing.

So - in short - any fat dumpy brunette calling herself Sara. Avoid like the plague unless you like listening to young girls taking a dump.

Apologies for not having a link.

West Midlands / Jessica_Syms - TOFTT - Birmingham
« by theaccountant on September 18, 2023, 07:51:13 pm »
Jessica has been on my HL for a while and had the opportunity to finally meet her.

Link: or

When: Sept 2023

Rate: 1hr @ £190.00

Venue: Airbnb in the City with Permited parking around the area.

The girl: Jessica looks exactly as pictured with fake boobs, lips and what I assume is a BBL. It is isn’t a BBL, then she has a rounded ass in a nice way. Personally wise, she was nice and pleasant to be around, coming off a bit shy.


Got the money out of the way one in the room and I asked and took a shower while she when to put the money away.

Back in the room, I asked for a massage (seeing as I had booked an hour and hadn’t fucked in a while) to ease into things returning the massage with my own. Chatted during this time.

After we were oiled up, I was on the receiving end of a pretty good OWO. It wasn’t a PSE spit on you cock kind, more of a GFE and she would intermittently come back for air breaking the rhythm. No DTing of the sort though.

I returned the OWO with RO. She pulled her panty to the side while I went down on her. She would mostly move her clit away from my tongue making it cumbersome as I would lose my wood on the fact that I couldn’t get into rhythm, the odd moan here and there and the panty just pulled to one side instead of being taken off. She grabbed the condom once she was finished with RO and started to give me OWO to bring me back to life.

The OWO wasn’t doing much for me anymore, so I gave myself a quick wank while she positioned herself on her back for Mish, pulling her panties to the side. Once I was hard, condom on and I slowly entered her. I felt a bit of resistance as there was no lube (I was thinking of only my tip was in there) but she slowly started to get wet and I started to fuck her.

I didn’t last long as I came in the bag. Took another shower then asked to be let out.

I think she had forgetten I was there as I was waiting the room by myself for about 5 mins.

They was someone else in the Airbnb. She said she is with another girl sharing the AirBnb, so I didn’t want to just randomly walk out and bump into another punter or someone else.

Was in and out in 45 mins.

Summary: She gives an amazing blow job, looks exactly like her pictures. But, a fairly vanilla punt with nothing that makes her stand out in my mind. Making this a weak positive high neutral for me (basically a neutral for me). The small fact that her underwear was on the whole time made me think that she isn’t really making the effort her. At least she is off my HL (HitList) now.

Would I Recommend: Sure

West Midlands / Sexy Thai Sarah28 -:Wolverhampton
« by Billybudd on September 17, 2023, 04:31:23 pm »
Ok ,sent a text  early morning, got a reply couple of hrs latter , in fact I had to cancel my plan B ,

Flat Near to Sainsbury's just off the ring road , in fact fSainsbury's is the ideal place to park , then 5min walk or there is a car park nearby

The girl , well it's not the girl in the pics , but still decent looks 8/10
Body 8/10
Soft skin ,decent pair of fake boobs only negs bit of a saggy bum ,and a gappy smile , but that's just nit picking.

The deed
Started with a massage , which was average at best , then onto Owo which was very good ,deep and got her to spit on my hard cock😁then it was onto the fuckinf started with cow girl then reverse cowboy, and standing doggy , which was great , I was really into ,I spied a butt plug on the side so got her to put a rubber on then give me a bit of ass play 😮then I was back on to some more doggy ,and finally more Owo, before wanking myself over her face wow she really is a game girl and  well worth the £70

Couple of points ....1.I'm not sure this chic has always been a chic 🤔... if you catch my drift ......and 2 the next punter was waiting at the door as I'm going out , not great , even so I'd still see her again as she does all I want in a meet.

West Midlands / HotMassageBeBe - Solihull
« by Pdiddy2017 on September 17, 2023, 03:49:48 pm »

Comms: sent text day before fir a morning booking, quick response, must be a maid who deals with the comms as WG's english was pretty shite

Price: £70 for 30mins plus £10 for OWO. Total 80 smackeroons

Looks: very petite looks as in the pictures but they are airbrushed.

The Punt: place is Solihull town centre parking is crap, I parked in a play a display car park in the centre of Solihull town centre and its a 5 min walk from there. Once on her street text her and she sends a picture of the building with an arrow pointing to the entrance. Get to entrance had to ask for door number to ring, had to wait like a lemon outside for 4 or 5 mins before she sent that through.

Once inside, greeted by petite thai bird, not 28 as advertised more like mid 30's bolt ons which were squishy facially ok, but did not smile at all. Paid up she went to stash the cash and came back pretty quick and in the mean time I had stripped, both lay on the bed some mutual groping no kissing as I am not a big fan of it. She played with my nipples gave the old todger few wipes and then started OWO, which for me was honestly piss poor, one pace no DT and she kept spitting into a tissue. Got a semi suggested missionary, condom on and a few pumps but no interest on moans from her just lay there like a dead fish. Switch to doggy she arched her back fine but very very dis-interested.
Cock went soft back to same pace OWO and then switched to hand job to finish me off. Was out of there in 20mins max

Services:  OWO, missionary and doggy

Overall: Now prior to this site I saw Thai katie, maya and anya, out all of them Maya was great, lots of DT, anal and a lot of energy maybe saw her a handful of times but great every time. This Thai WG............probably me have good expectations of Thais, but she let me down big time and no way will there be a return visit. I have still to sample meena and kylie tried to contact recently but got no replies back. Will try again soon I reckon, but this WG has dis-heartened by views of Thais currently


Meet took place in August when she was in Birmingham. She seems to move around quite a bit.

Location Apartment block in the Five Ways area of central Birmingham.

Price £70 for half an hour.

Comms All by text pretty straight forward. Appointment made in the afternoon. Confirmed still free an hour before then made my way. Got a bit a scared when I arrived she tells me she's not ready could I wait 15 minutes. Eventually given number to buzz in. The double doors open for me and I'm into a foyer. A security guard sitting in the corner asks if I'm alright, in a manner and intent subliminally he means who the hell are you and what are you doing here? I  answer back, Yeah and walked straight ahead in a way subliminally meaning, mind your bloody business.

The Girl/Session Dara lets me in and it's the girl in the pics but I would say she appeared less glamorous in real life. Nice and smiley though, she took the money after showing me into the bedroom. After she stashed the cash she came back in and started kissing my face off and our hands were all over each other. She gave a great owo and her handling skills were second to none. After about 10 minutes of this she bags me up and climbs on top. She likes to fuck and rides the shit out of me then tells me to take over in missionary. She's fairly petite and I end up banging the little arse off her in doggy. I wanted to finish all over her bolt ons which were a nice handful and felt quite natural with nice long nipples but she elected for cum in mouth which was a bit of a con as when I started spurting my juice while she was kneeling before me she moved my cock away from her mouth and it went all on the floor. Still give it a positive though as the session was electric. I have been back once again since and she did not disappoint giving a consistently good performance.

West Midlands / Miss_Lilith - Jewellery Quarter Birmingham
« by Man of steel on September 17, 2023, 08:58:44 am »

Miss Lilith had always been on the Hotlist but due one reason or another never decided to punt her. Some recent reviews early this year and one particular in July made me want to meet her. Her prices previously were in imo High  - but now at an acceptable rate to punt regularly.

Communication - very professional (similiar to Stassi in the early days).

Apartment - nice near Sandpitts. Well done bedroom and flat - image of high class.

Girl. Pictures accurate. Age late twenties c30 (correct). Beautiful red hair. Nice personality, easy demeanour and fun to be with. Good body - shaped by surgery to near perfection. Smaller nipples on big boobs. Bubble butt contender. Sex good - FK, nice OWO and happy to oblige to all my preferences ..CG, doggy super holding the bubble butt..and mish, wrap, wheelbarrow..Full throttle all session in a fun way.

Conclusion. Another Positive, consistent service each time i have seen her and so on the regular hottie rota.😊

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West Midlands / Worst VS Romanian b&s ever! - Birmingham
« by MrBT on September 17, 2023, 01:54:47 am »

First off, do not waste your time. I've been eyeing this one up for a few weeks, having been burnt by the old Rom B&S before I was wary. Unfortunately, little man took over and I arranged a meet. I knew there was a decent chance that this wasn't going to be the hottie in the pics but JESUS CHRIST ON A MOTORBIKE! The thing that opened the magic door....not even a millions away from the pics. Pics show a 20 something slim blonde. What opened the door was none of those things, a very aged 40ish woman, straggly brunette hair and she'd never been last in the dinner queue, initially hope she was the maid, so I followed her upstairs. It soon became apparent that there was no hottie. Not even close. When I asked about the girl in the pic, she mumbled something about 'can provide the same service '. Too late, I was 2/3 of the way to the door. I still can't believe the audacity of the woman!

She's got quite a few profiles, all with the same name and pics, so be careful!

West Midlands / Sexy Thai Emma23 - Wolverhampton
« by justjohn on September 17, 2023, 01:50:40 am »

First review here, and quite new to the 'hobby' (third girl I've seen overall)

Great looking girl, take the pics from AW, minus the filters. Older than the stated age of 23, probably around 30. Fit, with fake tits and a great ass, nice looking face.
Messaged her late in the day, set the meet up, quick responses. Nice flat in the Chinese Quarter. Paid £70 for half hour.
She was quite enthusiastic, though her English is a bit limited. OW, DFK, reverse oral, protected sex provided. Mind that though she advertises OWO and was happy to do it for a bit, she doesn't like the taste of precum and backed out.

Bit of a shame, but overall, it was a good meet, and OW was okay. She's really small (not good with sizes but probably around 5ft 2) and had trouble with taking a full 7.5'' at first, but got quite into it after a while and took a good pounding for 20 minutes in various positions, finished in doggy, cumming on her back (CIM is advertised, but I didn't' ask, I'd imagine she's not into that either).

Overall, great girl, good value for money. Bit hard to communicate at times due to her English, but manageable. Will see her again at some point if she's around and would recommend if you're into Asians like myself.

West Midlands / xChelsea2019x Birmingham
« by somethingrandom on September 16, 2023, 10:38:05 pm » or

Arranged in a whim without checking on here, stupid of me... Good, polite and prompt Comms by text. 

I think it was Mosley area but I don't tend to save addresses, somewhere 10-20 minutes S/SE of the city. Seemed to be her own home. Downstairs a bit untidy but upstairs was fine.

15 minutes 65£

Way older than her profile, I would say 45+ or she has had a hard life... Very slim, slightly crack addict type of look, definitely not what I was expecting. Nosey neighbours noticed me arriving. Not ugly, but she definitely didn't do it for me. Seemed a bit nervy.

FK tastes of smoke/vapes. Owo(toothy), sex.
Oral was ok but a bit toothy, sex quite good, but overall a negative and I would not return. Wish she would just be honest on profile about her age.

West Midlands / Wild mild Carla - Birmingham centre
« by somethingrandom on September 16, 2023, 10:06:02 pm »

In Birmingham a few months ago and I had a total of 4 quickies with Carla,

Good location not far from jewelry quarter/a34 (as far as I recall anyway, I can't find her postcode as I deleted the messages and I'm not local)

New-ish apartment block, fairly discreet, on street paid parking. Clean and tidy inside, comfy bed etc.

I think some of her photos actually make her look older, the ones in red undies particularly. The pic in black undies is a better representation.

40 for 15 minutes I think is a bargain

Good looking friendly woman, good conversation though we didn't have time for much of it.
Nice milfy body, nice tits (enhanced but a good job)

Good passionate Dfk, great owo, sex. Happy with different positions each time but I generally loved her being on top or missionary.

I will definitely return when I am next in town. She seems happy to discuss anything more PSE you may like but I am really more into gfe and I went away very happy every time.

West Midlands / Wild milf Carla - Birmingham City Centre
« by London on September 15, 2023, 07:43:47 pm »

September 2023

Comms: Booked through SMS. Booked a couple hours before for a late evening punt. Responds within a few minutes.

Location: Block of flats near University College Birmingham. Easy to find and discreet, away from any noise (during the night at least). Room is really hot, asked to turn on the fan but she switched it off after 10-15min because she felt it was "too much".

Price: £100 for 1 hour

Services: Massage, OW, RO, Sex in different positions

Looks: Facially a lot different from her pictures. Fake tits which felt nice to touch and her body bigger than expected but in a nice, curvy way. Her ass was probably the highlight. Shaven pussy, nice and clean.

The Punt: Texted her if I could come about 15min earlier and she said yes, so I showered then went. Didn't have trouble finding her building. Buzzed in after a couple minutes waiting for her to text her room number. Ushered into her bedroom, got told to take my shoes and clothes off then wash my hands. She then spent about 5-10 minutes wandering around while I sat naked on her bed before taking my cash.

Suddenly she grabbed a bottle of massage oil and told me to massage her for about 5-10 minutesl. So spent about 5 minutes rubbing her back and neck which she enjoyed before she flipped over and told me to get on my back.

Started kissing my chest (didn't try to initiate kissing me which was disappointing as I like DFK) and moving down to my cock. I reckon it may have been because the age gap (me being quite a lot younger than her) but still annoyed she didn't ask if I wanted to.

Then without asking, she put on a rubber and went for covered OW. Started sucking me for about 5 minutes, got me hard then asked if I wanted to fuck. Told her to start on top so she lubed herself a little and got on, grinded for about 5 minutes. Tried sucking her tits but told me to be careful and not to squeeze them. Then asked to switch to doggy. Pounded away while she made the right noises until she wanted to switch position again, this time standing up bent over her bed then finished in missionary. Kept fucking her until she told me to cum on her tits. Told her I wanted to cum on her arse instead so she bent over and I tasted her in RO (including rimming) which was all nice and clean, before finishing all over her back.

Was sweating quite a bit at this point so she told me to get in the shower before getting a massage myself. Got on the bed and massage lasted about 15 minutes before we just chatted the rest of the time (couldn't get it back up), telling me a few stories of other clients and how I was her last guy of the day. At this point, felt awkward and I could tell she wanted me to leave so got up and left. Was in there for about 50 minutes.

Result: Overall, I honestly could have given this a light negative given the mild timewasting and lack of DFK, OWO, and CIM but since I didn't ask for them in the moment, I feel it's partially on me. The whole session felt more like a FSBM if I'm being honest. She also does like to take control over most things in the session like when to change positions, but I still enjoyed pounding her and playing with her body. She's also closer to a GILF than a MILF but still felt like a sexy older neighbour next door.

I do think it's still good VFM and reckon my second visit will be more enjoyable as I'll ask and push for those other services so hopefully I can upgrade to a positive review next I see her. Will start coming up to Birmingham more ofter for business trips so need to find reliable SPs and I think she can do the job (unless my second try goes horribly wrong, but will provide an update whenever that happens).

West Midlands / Candy Birmingham
« by whats that noise on September 14, 2023, 03:45:49 pm »

Was in Birmingham so decided to see what was about. Saw Candy was available and after reading the review on here gave her a message.

Coms: messaged and got instant reply. 30mins £80. Confirmed fk was available
Location: modern flats off granville st

Got there and was told to wait 5 mins. Eventually got the number and buzzed in. Security guard is at the reception area but doesn’t pay attention to you.

Appearance: Definitely the girl as previously stated. Petite size 6/8 with nice tits. Very very well done. That’s as good as it gets. She made zero effort with appearance. Hair was wet so she’s must have just had a shower. No make up on except for false lashes. Wearing pyjamas.

Action: Grabbed a quick shower and was given a hand towel to dry with. Got back into room and I put the towel with the other 3 or 4 towels that was on the chair. Was told to lie down on the bed. She gets a condom out and puts it on my soft flaccid dick and starts to suck. No effort to try and get him hard to start with. A bit of ow which was average at best.
I grabbed her tits which felt very soft but was told not to as they were new. After 2 mins of ow she asks to fuck with me on top as she said she was lazy. Her words.
I get on top and lift her legs up. Only one legs she replies. So I pump away and get a few pecks on her lips. Even though I confirmed fk. I go to suck her tits which is also a no no as they’re sensitive.
So as I’m fucking her she has the usual oh baby. Come for me baby. Obviously wanting me to finish quickly. All the time her hand is in the way. I lost interest so I told her I don’t think I’m gonna cum. So she gives me a handjob to finish. After I cum she passes me some wipes and is straight into her phone.
So I just get up and dress. When I’m dressed she says you got ready quick.
Well why the fuck would I want to stay any longer?
Say goodbye and I’m back in the street 20 mins later.
Another shit pt this week.
As fit as she could be. There’s was no effort in her appearance or actions. Also she those incredibly stupidly long nails.

West Midlands / Thai Julie xxx - Wolverhampton
« by slsfcs16 on September 14, 2023, 01:15:28 pm »

Saw Julie a few weeks back when she was on tour in Wolverhampton. Met her at block of apartments near train station. No response from plan A so I needed someone I could see last minute. Comms were good, messaged her and within 20 mins I was handing over the cash and getting undressed. Paid £70 for 30 mins. OWO was an extra £10.

I'm not that attracted to Thais girls and this was actually my first time seeing one. I thought she looked good and was happy with what I saw. I don't think she's the girl in the pics but she looked better imo. She said she doesn't kiss and so started with a massage which was a bit shit and didn't do much for me. Eventually condom on and started with OW which was also shit. Poor technique, very toothy so decided to go down on her. She tasted fresh but I was getting a bit bored so just decided to fuck her in missionary until I came.

Overall negative - she was better looking then I thought she'd be but the service was lacking. Walking out I was thinking I'd have been better off just going home and having a wank.

West Midlands / Helen Thai Girl Coventry, brilliant GFE
« by Coventry1983 on September 13, 2023, 05:01:17 pm »

What a cracking meet this was!

Comms very straight forward and easy to understand

Location was near pool meadow, well known for the Thai contingent

The girl was superb, shorter than I imagined and nice and curvy, not overweight by any stretch but not stick thin

Paperwork stashed and away we went.

Very sensual girl, lots of touching and stroking, kissing was light but plentiful.

Lay down and more of the same, she used a wipe for delicate areas which wasn’t over the top, added baby oil to herself and my member, lots of teasing and stroking and then into a very good tit wank. Small clean up and some OWO, very very good, a proper sensual BJ no fake deep throat’s, really good licking and sucking with attention to balls and close to rimming, one of the best I’ve had from an SP.

Rubber on and she’s on top, very good effort and really solid shift, flipped into a few positions and she can really take a pounding, lovely smooth pussy. Fucked her in front of the wall mirror as well and really enjoyed fucking her, some noises but nothing OTT.

Asked to finish on tits so on her knees with some nipple play on me until I finished all over her.
Fantastic GFE, had some great Thai girls do the rounds lately.
Zero clock watching and I was in for full 30 minutes for £80
Would definitely go back, she’s here for another week and a half.
Meet was today 13/09

West Midlands / Sexy Mina - Leamington Spa
« by whats that noise on September 13, 2023, 03:41:31 pm » or
30mins booking £70

Comms: straight forward texts. Good directions
Location: Modern flats top of town Leamington Spa

Got to address and was told to wait 5 mins. Just as I was given the number a guy was leaving which I didn’t think much about.
Shown to the room, and as others have mentioned it was her mate Sandy. Even though I specifically asked for Mina. I told her I was there for Mina to which she said she’d go get her.
Mina then appeared and was exactly as her photos. Not bad looking, slim and around 5ft 3 or so. Small breasts. As I was getting undressed she puts her hand down my boxers. I was thinking this will be good.
Started to fk and was told pushed into the bed. She proceeds to get some wipes and wipes my dick.
Gives me owo which was pretty average and lasted a whole minute. Asks me if I wanna fuck. I want more owo I replied. Got another 30 secs of it.
She repeats. Let’s fuck. I figured I’m not gonna get any more owo so agreed.
She lies down for mish. I tried to push he legs up but she said she wasn’t flexible enough. So I pumping away and getting some fk. She’s there saying faster harder, I decide to go at my own speed. This is where she begins to tell me to hurry. You not cum? Handjob? I’m thinking wtf. It’s been like 10 mins!!
I carry on pumping away and now she starts to turn her head from fk. I tell her fk will help me cum. So she turns it back and I get some dfk.
Now usually I can fuck for a good half hour but I decided to just fill the bag. As soon as I did she gets out the wipes and wipes me down then leaves the room. I said is that it you’re leaving. She says no no. But her English is pretty poor.
Her mate returns and asks if I want a massage. I figured yeah why not. Got a 2 min massage and said we were done. I couldn’t be arsed to argue so got dressed and left.
I was there for 20 mins max.
As I left there was another guy waiting outside on his phone. So it’s a proper conveyor belt service. Which is why she wanted me to cum asap to give her a few minutes to get ready for the next unfortunate punter.
Would  not return. If she actually gave me the full 30 mins with dfk and owo then possibly. But with the service I got, no chance.

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