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West Midlands / Max / Jane massage chelmsley wood b37
« by Punter1971 on Yesterday at 06:02:32 PM »
Link www.adultwork.com/3016666 or https://www.adultwork.com/maxyl3

Booked in for a 1 hour massage £80 earlier this week coms was easy email throw aw was answered quick and phone number give to confirm appointment on day . Text on day and was given postcode and and when arrived on rd meassge and was given address .

Location is max / Jane  home and massage is carried out in a converted garage in her garden . Parking is on road out side her house  . Entrance left me feeling a little uneasy as it is throw a gate at the side off the house and was left waiting for her . Be aware there is also a security camera on gate not sure if it is for her safety or just house security . But when in room she goes lock door so no one can enter and be disturbed.


Max put me at ease and is a chatty person . Was asked it undress and get on massage table . This is were the service started going down hill . Max removed her clothing but kept her under wear on . Her profile say size14 but would say more like size16 and she has a tummy . I would say back in her prime she was a real good looker but age has now taken over and starting to look a little old and random tattoos on her arm and upper body do nothing for her at all . The massage it's self max oil up my legs to start and started to massage was very light no pressure just felt like some one rubbing my legs then she moved onto my back and very much the same but thought I would wait for the turn over at that is what I was really here for . So after about 35 mins was asked to turn over and asked it I wanted hand relief well off course that is what  I come for . Hand relief was the worse I have had just oil up my cock no eye contact she just looking at wall as throw she really wanted to be some were else and she had no real technique touching is allowed but she stands far enough away that is hard to do so . So after about 10 min I final cum and was a good job as I was about to ask her to stop as was staring to get sore as by now oil was now dry . There is no shower on offer so just a wet wipe offered and then just a very light rub on front to finish off time but again no eye contact just looking at wall . On getting dressed I spotted a certificate for massage on wall with what I suspect was her real name so poor security on her part . I think may be massage is what she really wanted to do but with no customer due to very poor  massage  ability decide to try aw but think it is not really some think she enjoy just about the money for her I think .

Note when I got home notest my skin was very sticky and had a smell to it so a shower is deffently needed before missus thinks you have stated up some new beauty treatment lol

Good point
Easy coms
Room clean

Bad point
Entrance and left at side gate
Larger than was expecting

Poor massage
Poor hand relief
Seam like it was just about the money did not even try and hide the fact she did not  want to be there
£80 expensive compared to EE lady and what they offer at same price point

This is the girl https://www.adultwork.com/3704489

Location- Birmingham china town ingre street
Fee-£100 includes owo and dfk.

If you have seen my last post I was in Manchester today had a day out shopping etc and I was looking for a punt in Manchester however there is a lack of wg who work in the city centre most I've found are a good few miles out and the 2 that were in the city centre I couldn't get through to them so on my way home at about 4pm horny as fuck on the train started to look at who I could see available in good old Birmingham the ones on my HL not available the 2 that were most obviously busy as phone kept going to voicemail.
So the girl above was available I gave a text and coms were good however when I spoke on the phone to confirm booking suprise suprise it's that maid who sounds all innocent like a teenager softly spoken I knew who she was straight away she booked me for a incall for a 1 hour about 2 months ago at the same place got there and the wg said she's only got 30 min booking so I walked out.
Obviously my mistake to chance it again from past experience however  I doubled checked with her the services that are listed on this particular girls peofile etc and she assured me they were correct.
Booking confirmed for 6 got off the train at 5.35 walked to ingre street got there like quarter too 6 rang and she's not ready thought I'd chance it as she may be free but no the maid said she was getting ready for 6 and she would text me when she's ready however 2-3 mins later she's ready.
Got to the apartments southside was a fucking nightmare getting to open the door had to try like 5 times eventually in.
Got to the room and suprise suprise it's not Abby but some other tall tanned blonde ee wg however I didn't mind as she was fit as fuck. Followed her in got to the bedroom first thing she asked how long I said 1 hour she replied £100. I started to undo my shirt she tells me wait we go to the other room obviously some other punter is getting Ready to leave as there was another wg in the apartment.
So waited like 5 mins no drink offered or shower.
Other punter left we go to the other room I get unchanged and she sits on the bed so I go lie next to her we start to fondle each other she starts getting my dick nice and hard I like a gfe experience so after some fondling for a few mins I tell her to get up so I can see her body and she had a hot body all tanned, clean nice rack slim waist  she couldn't have been older than 25 I start to kiss her body and bum lick her neck obviously gfe start to suck her big tits and she abruptly stops it and lies on the bed I was like wtf  :(
She starts oral and says without I replied obviously she does a mechanical bj not taking it deep few sucks and then stops few sucks and stops no sloppy etc I said take it deep she says she can't without condom again I was like wtf that's not what it says on you're profile!!
This commenced for about 10 mins then I said ok let me fuck you she puts the raincoat on me and then I said before you sit on it suck it deep as I have a condom on now and it was pathetic same as owo just sucking the tip of the cock no licking it or sucking my balls.

We go to missionary and she was lying awkwardly so couldn't ram it in her properly moved to doggy and again she kept backing her self into me so that I don't pound her properly common escort trick.
Eventually popped and she gets up and just puts the wet wipes and tissues on the bed and leaves the room and I have to dispose of the condom. Fucking taking the piss or what!!!
Comes in few mins later asking if I'm ok, I say to her let's just do 30 mins as I knew she wasn't into it and I couldn't be asked to spend another 35 mins with a miserable cow like her. Her reply was no we 1 hour!

Round 2 commenced with owo which was like a insult to unprotected bj she didn't dfk through the time we spent even though says on her profile.
Got her into doggy again but she just wouldn't let me rag her I gave up after 10 mins got her to wank me wouldn't let me dfk her so eventually I wanked off whilst we was lying together I didn't enjoy it as she wasn't into it at all.
Once I popped again she quickly goes out the room I clean up use the toilet and leave.
I ring the maid to tell her the girl wasn't the one in the aw profile and services listed were not fully offered she says I'm sorry I only book the girls it's not my fault!!!

By far this has put me off punting the girl was a hottie but she shouldn't be allowed to do this job if she isn't into it 100% at the end of the day we are paying money for a service and if that service or services aren't offered we have a right to our money back.
Please anyone reading this if you make a booking with a EE wg and her voice is
all softly like a teenager it's the maid who is doing the booking and will most deffo lie to you ams the the postcode you get is for ingre street south side apartments please avoid unless  you like being taken for a mug.

West Midlands / Anna @ Erotic Studios - Birmingham B19
« by bearcat69 on April 29, 2017, 09:57:00 AM »
Tired and a bit stressed after a long week at work, I felt in need of some female attention after a few weeks without any, so after my last highly enjoyable visit here earlier this month, I decided I'd pop around to Erotic Studios yesterday in hope of finding another good punting experience.


You can find location details etc in my previous review here.

I found the place to have the same nice pleasant friendly greeting and atmosphere as it had last time. I visited late in the afternoon/early evening, just before their closing time.

The Line Up
I saw two girls. Leanne and Anna. First to appear at the door was Anna, she looked fit as fuck to be frank about it. She smiled and laughed a bit, walked up to me making good eye contact and offered me her hand which I held and kissed. She told me her name and gave me a kiss on the lips then slowly turned around and slowly walked out, giving me a great view of her cracking ass :wacko:. So the other girl would have had to have been something special to match that. To be honest Leanne just wasn't. She just kinda opened the door stood there, told me her name with a not very enthusiastic shrug and then walked out. Personal preference is always a thing, of course, and she's not a terrible looking girl at all, just very average to my eyes. Maybe about 30, size 12/14, and a bit frumpy looking. So when the maid came back in picking Anna was an obvious and easy choice for me to make.

Interestingly, different to last time when I gave the money directly to the girl, the maid asked me for the fee this time. I confirmed that DFK and OWO was on offer before handing over the cash. She confirmed they were on offer, so I paid £60 for half an hour (as opposed to the £50 it costs for OW).

Anna, Appearance and Personality
I found her very attractive. Just bang on what I find attractive. She told me (in the middle of the sex) that's she's Hungarian. Her English is very good though, almost fluent, with a barely detectable accent. You can hear the slight EE twang in her voice though. She has a very good sense of humour and she made me laugh quite a few times. Some aspects of her personality maybe weren't perfect, I'll go in to that in more detail later though, but mostly I got along with her really well.

I'd say she's in her late twenties. About 5'5". Size 10, maybe bordering on 12. Probably C cup titties, natural, a good firm sizable pair, with responsive pink little nips. A crack juicy plump ass, her juicy wet pussy peaks out from in between her ass cheeks, shaved and smooth with no stubble and a neat little landing strip. Her collar and cuffs matched :P. Nice long legs, reasonably toned, maybe a bit of extra weigh around her upper thighs, but a nice gap in between legs. She had a bit of a muffin top going on, but not in a way that was off putting to me.

Very pretty face. She had dark eye-liner and eye shadow on, which accentuated her smouldering sexy deep blue eyes nicely. Maybe a bit of a pointy nose, but still a nice nose. Strong, typically Eastern European angular cheek bones and sharp(ish) jawline, but in a feminine and very attractive way with her IMO. Really nice soft and full enough (for my liking) lips. What looked like natural and very well maintained golden dirty blonde hair, cut into a nice angular bob. She had a eye stud on, and I think about three medium sized tattoos, on the ankle, lower back and shoulder IIRC. Your own mileage might vary on this but I really liked her tattoos, especially the cute one on her ankle.

There is some pictures of her on the website. I actually think they are not very flattering on her, making her look a bit more flabby than she is. Maybe just badly taken photos, maybe they are a year or two old and she has toned up a bit since, maybe it's just me. I've posted them below, so judge for yourself I guess.

The Sex Bit
So, after the maid left, Anna came in, she asked me if I was OK, asking if I was cold and if wanted the fire put on. I was fine so just told her not to worry about it. She asked me if I wanted a drink, I asked for a glass of water, so she went off to get that and quickly came back with a clean glass.

She was wearing a kinda lacy, two piece fish-net body stocking type thing. She had black panties on over the top of them. They quickly came off, as did the the top half of the body stocking. I found out later in the punt that the bottom half of the outfit was crotch-less, much to my joy. :P She looked an absolute treat. :wacko:

She offered me a massage to start things of. Maybe a bit of time-wasting tactic, it was a shit massage to tell the truth, but I went along with it and let her lather cream into my back for a few minutes whilst I peaked at her tits and ass. It was nice being touched up by her, but I quickly got bored and turned over so that I could get to grips with her. Started by sucking her tits, which she reacted excitedly to, so I grabbed her and snogged her. There was persistent almost constant DFK throughout the whole punt. She allowed me full access and kissed me back with enthusiasm, putting her tongue right down my throat. There was some proper hot and sensual tongue tennis going on :kissgirl: really sexy enjoyable stuff.

If I was to really knit pick here, I could maybe say the kissing wasn't totally uninhibited. Her tongue could maybe have been a bit less tense at times. But, I mean, I don't care, it was very good enthusiastic DFK, I enjoyed the hell out of it.

I still had my boxers on and she was reaching for my dick whilst snogging me. She looked at them and told me I won't be needing them. I whipped them off and she slowing and lightly wanked me off whilst sensually kissing me. Next thing I know her mouth is wrapped onto my cock. If started slowly, but it quickly turned into really rather hard sloppy face-fucking. Even though I was a bit tired and not even sure if I would have been able to come, she brought me close to cumming maybe about 4-5 times during this, but expertly slowed down the pace just as I was getting close. She made good eye contact and the oral was really up there with some of the best I've had. :thumbsup: After a few minutes her ass was getting close to my face, so I rubbed her pussy, which she seemed excited about and, we ended up in 69 for maybe 5-10 minutes, the face-fucking got even more intense here and her ass/pussy was a great view and a pleasure to eat out. No inhibiting access, nothing like that.

She got off me and we snogged more. She looked me in the eyes and asked me if I wanted to fuck her. There's only one answer to that! :lol: She put the condom on me, no lube, none of that. She was soaking wet so no need. I gave a bit more RO before easing inside her in missionary position. She did slightly disappoint me maybe a little bit, my favourite position is generally cowgirl and she basically looked a bit knackered and asked me (nicely) to go on top. I could tell it had been a long day for her so didn't want to spoil things and argue with her about it, so just went with the missionary. I really can't complain though, she was very energetic, fucking back into me with a lot of enthusiasm, lifting her hips up and grinding her crotch into me. There was absolutely no penetration limiting and lots of kissing and enjoyable dirty talk between us. She offered me doggy, and again just a really good enthusiastic fuck. She pushed her ass back into me and fucked me properly, letting me reach under to squeeze her tits, and rub her pussy, as well as allowing me to spank and grab her ass cheeks. Frankly, she out fucked me, and after about 10 minutes of this I was knackered, so I pulled out to lay down and catch my breath.

After taking the condom off me, she go straight back onto my cock. More highly enjoyable face-fucking interspersed with DFK combined with HJ. I was thinking I wouldn't be able to cum and almost gave up on it, but finally just as I was running out of time she managed to lightly wank me to completion. My cum dripped out and pooled onto her hand, dripping over her legs and making a right mess of her stocking. We both burst out laughing in relief. It was a hugely satisfying release. :yahoo:

She got up, we both cleaned upped ourselves. We had a bit of laugh and chat about this and that. She took off her messed up stocking :D, just putting on her bra a panties. I got dress then slowly followed that ass to the front door. I ran my hand down her back and ass, kissed her and then left feeling rather happy.

Positives: Constant high quality DFK, very enthusistic OWO and face-fucking, enthusiastic sex, no penetration limiting, no RO limiting, no lube, wet and tasty pussy, fit girl, high VFM, nice venue, easy and convenient punt.
Neutrals: Giving the money to the maid and not the girl, maybe a bit stiff tongued sometimes when kissing.
Negatives: No cowgirl, she at times seemed a bit tired, no shower offered at the end, maybe a bit of clock-watching (but i got my full 30 minutes with the girl to be fair).

So, this is another easy positive for me to make after visiting this parlour. I could maybe see some things about Anna annoying some punters, but for me they weren't a big deal and I enjoyed the fuck out of this punt to put it simply. I will definitely be returning, either to see this girl, Caprise or another girl at this establishment.

Sorry, I know I do waffle on, but thanks for reading and happy punting chaps. :hi:

West Midlands / Lucy in Tysley massage
« by Barney31 on April 29, 2017, 09:01:25 AM »

Visited Lucy in the week with arrangements made via text. Not sure if any of you get the same spidey sense just from a text message but I had a really good feeling before I even arrived. Lucy's house is on a busy road but parked up outside, knocked on the door and was welcomed by Lucy and led into a warm living room with massage table and massage chair. Lucy was wearing a short black dress and looked great, crazy blonde hair, sun tanned and looking like a proper full figured milf! She asked if I would like a sensual massage and then asked me to undress and lay on the bed. As I lay down I realised that we hadn't yet spoken about how much she was going to charge but my mind was taken off that by the weird sensation of lying on a heated massage table which I have to say I didn't really like. The massage itself was really good and Lucy used just the right amount of oil with lots of cheeky swipes around my arse, balls and cock. After half hour Lucy moved up close enough to my head so that I could have a sneaky feel between her legs and found that she was very responsive and wet. She then asked me to turn over and removed her dress but left her knickers on and started probably the most sensual body to body massage I have ever had. There was lots of dfk and towards the end I had pulled her knickers down around her knees and was playing with her clit while she slowly wanked me. I normally take quite a while to cum but I was caught off guard and a bit disappointed by how quickly I came as I was enjoying myself so much.

Lucy cleaned me up with tissues and then sorted the shower out for me which was clean and hot. Then whilst I got dressed we chatted and I finally asked her how much; £50 for the hour which was amazing value compared to some of the rip off oriental places I have visited.

I would definitely recommend a visit and I will be going again but maybe ask her to turn of the heated table first next time :D

West Midlands / Jessica-RabbitXXX - Bromsgrove
« by Bigron91 on April 28, 2017, 08:53:52 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1631451 or https://www.adultwork.com/Jessica%2DRabbitXXX

A plan B punt after being let down earlier in the day. All comms via text, very responsive and friendly. 'Advised' to go for the PSE service, 30 mins for £100 - ouch! But thought it would be worthwhile.

Decent hotel, just off the M5, but £3 for parking!!

The door opened to a very tall and well built Jessica, probably 6ft in heels and a good size 16, although well built, certainly not fat. Not quite what I had imagined from the photos. She is facially attractive, with hair in tight pigtails and glasses. She's also mixed race....

Quick chat about what I wanted and then straight into some decent snogging, not quite as deep as expected, but good nonetheless. There was a lack of attention to the little fella, so on to the bed for some more snogging and playing with her. Again, no attention to my fella. Moved position so to initiate attention and she went into action, with some nice oral moving into proper DT, lots of noise, gagging, spitting. Fancied a fuck, so her on to her back, legs over my shoulders and went at it...

Once finished she cleaned me up and had a decent chat about random stuff. Very chatty, friendly and professional and that was me on my way.

Deliberating about it after, I did enjoy it but could help thinking it wasn't the PSE I had in mind, albeit you can only have some much of a PSE in 30 mins.....plus bloody expensive for what it is.

Would I recommend, probably.  Would I return, nope.

Onwards and upwards.... :hi:

West Midlands / Jaelyn - Warwick - not blown away!
« by Bigron91 on April 28, 2017, 08:33:25 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3603051 or https://www.adultwork.com/xx+Jaelyn+xx

Long time no review! Had Jaelyn on my HL for some time and as she appeared on tour locally I thought great, now my chance..... contact was via AW and was promised everything I asked for. Really good comms and set the scene up well.....

Booked an hour for 140.

Location was a nondescript motorway corridor hotel, no problems there.

Jaelyn is IMO very attractive, tall, dark, slim - very attractive face and great body. When I walked in and although not dressed as requested, I thought wow!

No shower offered or taken, so straight into a bit of light kissing, open mouth but none of the DFK promised. Took my clothes off and she went straight to my little friend, with a very Luke warm hand job. She kept at this for a while, but wasn't really doing do much TBH. Down she goes and takes it deep into her mouth. She does go balls deep, but it's was almost like she wasn't touching the sides, so therefore not the best I've had by any standard, although the view was very nice. No eye contact made at all.

Climbed on the bed for some more light kissing and thought I'd go downstairs. All nicely trimmed tasted really good. Not much of a response from her, she was reasonably quiet, so after spendinh some considerable time, thought I'd move on and work down her legs to her stockinged feet. She started flinching, said she was ticklish and so I had to move back up - not a happy bunny.

Bit more light closed mouth kissing and crap attempt at HR and she suggested we fuck, her on top. Climbed on board and rode me for a little while - again no eye contact or real interaction. She did look good on top and the sight of this very fit girl riding me made me blow.

She popped off to get me a roll of cheap toilet paper and I cleaned myself up. Tried to make conversation, but again no real effort to interact. A couple of questions from her, but responses were actually quite judgmental when chatting about 'this thing of ours'....

Cut my losses and out the door in 30-mins.

Overall a negative as I'm judging the quality of the service, the complete lack of any real interaction and the bullshit on her profile/comms.

It may just be me? Maybe she took an instant dislike, I'm not sure. But it's a real shame as I thought she was a bit of a stunner...  :dash: :dash:

Onwards and upwards.... :hi:

West Midlands / Splatbukkake 25th in Aston
« by jeanvaljean2000 on April 28, 2017, 09:30:40 AM »
Saw earlier that Alexxa Vice was appearing along with Phoenix Madina. https://www.adultwork.com/3120773 or https://www.adultwork.com/bukkakeandgangbang. I quickly fired an email on AW and was booked in. The organiser Rob informed me that Lara I and Cherry both from the private club will also be attending because when Alexxa appeared last time, the place was packed so 4 girls, it should be ok. But 2 days before the date, i was informed that Alexxa will not be coming but will be replaced by Adreena Winters, see her in action here https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5582b3067cbc4.
Now these are filmed parties but no face shown and masks provided. I came just after 20.00, paid £60 plus £5 for the locker key but this is refundable. The place was fairly full already with Adreena and phoenix taking pictures for the website. Both looked stunning. The two house girls also were in full gear and i can say that Lara's booty is a sight to behold. I took a shower grabbed a drink and sat and wait for the fun to commence. At 20:30 there were announcements on dos and don'ts bla bla then it started finally. First part was the 4 girls sucking every one then shoot on pheonix's face/mouth then repeate on Adreena then break with complementary pizza and drinks before the gangband. I started with pheonix, boy the girl can suck. She kept me on the edge, and i moved to Cherry for a while before seeing that there was a room near Lara, i took position there. By the time the signal was given to cum, i happened to be near Adreena and shot a weeks worth of cum on her nose/mouth. I went for a quick shower and chatted to other guys. I grabbed a pizza and a beer then went for the sauna.
After a while the girls were changed and few more pictures and the gangbang started. Adreena was always surrounded by guys so a fair bit of queuing. She was handling few cocks while being done in doggy. When the guy taking her doggy came, i took his place and oh boy!. I was banging away when i saw rooms around pheonix i moved there. Changed the condom and before i get there another guy was already positioning himself, damned :( and by that time Adreena was already occupied. I wandered around saw Lara's booty in the air while she was sucking few guys i gave her a good licking before banging her doggy till i shot my second load of the night.  A bit of rest and patience, I shagged Adreena again  in mish and phoenix doggy. There was also a swinger couple with a tall female who was also gangbanged by number of guys.  I didn't get the chance to play with her being busy with the porn people :yahoo:

Overall it was a fantastic night, well organised, great atmosphere with super horny girls.  I am with the understanding that if Alexxa did appear it would be way too busy than this.   

West Midlands / sexy.bomb - Coventry
« by smithy_132 on April 27, 2017, 04:49:12 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3248802 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexy%2Ebomb%2Exxx

Felt like taking a risk with an EE in Cov and saw this profile at £50 for 30 minutes, decided to give it a go. Quick bit of text ping pong and meet was arranged for 20 minutes later. Now I'm not a local or regular in Coventry, but on arrival I realized it was the same location as one of my worst punts. Considered walking, but decided to go ahead anyway.

Into the flat and it is the same girl as the pictures, just a little heavier ( best guess would be size 12/14 ). Disappointingly, she was just in PJ's no effort had been made. Bedroom is small and basic, not a dump, but clearly not cared for. Paperwork exchanged and she clears off to stash while I start to strip.

She returns and is out of the PJs in a flash and looks much better now. For me, her face is quite pretty and she has a great pair of tits. Pity about the belly, if she could lose a few pounds she would be quite a looker.

Onto the bed and a quick HJ, then she is onto OWO ( bonus from an EE at that price ). OWO didn't last long, but I'm not so fussed about that, she may have continued if I'd asked. CG, mish, doggy all performed without any restriction on penetration. Mixed in with a bit of lip kissing and plenty of sucking/playing with those great tits. Finished with oiled up HJ. Didn't notice any clock watching, but I was done around the 25-30 minute mark anyway.

Her English is good and her attitude was friendly and chatty throughout. Borderline positive meet, just the lack of effort in appearance, run down flat, brevity of the oral and no DFK. I'd go back for those tits though !!!

There are 2 other girls working from the same place, but didn't ask her for their profile names.

West Midlands / Maya Leigh - Birmingham
« by Littlefoot on April 27, 2017, 03:33:39 PM »
THE GIRL & LINK: Maya Leigh https://www.adultwork.com/2858302 or https://www.adultwork.com/Maya+Leigh

COMMUNICTION: 10/10 rang the maid in the morning, for an afternoon slot. She texted me address details!

LOCATION & VENUE: 9/10 The usual apartments, on a side street off Broad street. I must say it was spotless inside!

FEE & DURATION: £70 for 30 mins.

BODY: 7/10 not too bad, decent sized tits, arse was not as rounded and as firm as I was expecting! Could do with doing some squats to tone it a little! She's small in the height department. (I prefer that though!) has nice curves, but I think her tummies a tad flabby! She kept a black catsuit on! But I did catch a little glimpse of it!

FACE: 7/10 not too bad! Not a stunner though IMHO!

PERSONALITY: 3/10 not the most friendly! I understand her English was limited but she made no effort to converse with me! So I gave up on that after a while!

SERVCES: 5/10 very brief, light kissing at the start of the punt! (More closed mouthed pecks!), OW (I was given the option of either with or without, I went with, with! Just playing a bit safe, these days when I can!), protected sex in CG, doggy, and massage

ATTITUDE, ENTHUSIASM & ATTENTIVENESS: 2/10 started ok, but her attitude got worse as the punt progressed! Not really attentive, lacked any enthusiasm!


DETAILS OF PUNT: Arrived at the venue on time! Rang the maid for apartment number. Had a right game getting in, you have to push the door really hard!   :unknown:

Apartment door opened! She hides behind, and in I go! Was reasonably happy when I saw her. Apart from not wearing what I'd requested! (School uniform). She had a little black dress on!

I'm shown through to the bedroom, very clean and tidy!  :thumbsup:

I ask about kissing, got an unconvincing nod! Pay my fee, then I'm requested to take a shower.

Now the bathroom was spotless, but there was no shower curtain on the bath, and I had to hold the shower head in my hand, (no fixings on the tiles).  :angry: So as you would imagine, very awkward to keep the floor dry! But I did do a good job, or so I thought!  :unknown:

Back to the room, where Maya's now wearing a tight, black catsuit!

We approach each other, and I go in for the kiss! Which was disappointing to tell the truth! So gave up on that, and lifted her tits out the top of her suit thingy to kiss and suck on them!  :kissgirl:

I'm getting hard, so on with the jacket for a bit of OW! And it was a bit, before she whacked a load of lube on me knob,  :dash: then stacks more lube up her cunt, then she jumped on CG, then doggy, where I fucked her as hard as I could for ages! I was having trouble popping, because she kept fidgeting. Then she lifted her head really high, making it difficult for me, so I pushed her shoulders back down, and got a little tut!  :manhater: Then she moved my hands off her arse,  :unknown: most strange. So I just grabbed her hips and blasted her till I came!

She has to leave the room to fetch tissues, to clean me, and herself. I request a massage, weren't the best, very light, and mainly tickling with her nails!

After a while I get fed up and ask for another shower. She informs me there's not time I've had my 30 mins! I'd had 25 mins and I let her know!  :P My clothes were in the bathroom, so I take another shower to get the cream off my back!

When I'm fully dressed and about to leave, she has a look in the bathroom, and starts having a hissy fit! Pointing at the floor, with a face like thunder saying "what the fuck you do?" Etc etc!  :dash: :dash: :angry: :angry: It really wasn't that bad!  :unknown: I pointed out there's no shower curtain!! Wtf do you expect!!  :dash: :dash: :dash: Floor maybe slightly wet, but what do they expect with shite shower facilities! I did my best! I swear it wasn't that bad!  :unknown: She was in a right old mood though! Two minutes mopping would have sorted it, Moody cow!  :unknown: :mad:

The last two punts I've had, have put me off punting a bit, if I'm honest! But I suppose I'll get back in the saddle in a week or two!  :thumbsup: :drinks:

West Midlands / Diamond Spa Birmingham
« by Willy_regal on April 27, 2017, 02:30:35 PM »
Use to love this place. Been going since last year but the last to experience has made me not want to go again.

The first  bad experience is I think a man dressed up as a woman was assigned to me.

The second one I was told that no one does extras at the spa anymore.

Too bad.

West Midlands / Yummy yummy Sutton Coldfield Birmingham
« by Sandman2017 on April 27, 2017, 06:53:32 AM »
Visited yummy + sweet yesterday good comms, , £60 half hour , body not to bad for her age, nice big tits, face well no  black bags were available lol quick rub on my back with talc , turn over OWO nothing special , plenty of kissing , fingering her pussy , made a change to see a hairy pussy, missionary shagging didn't take me long to fill the bag, nice friendly woman, would I return , NO, nothing personal, a bit rushed I felt as she cudnt wait to get back to her farm, in and out in 20 min, I just don't return wen I've seen em, to many out there .

[Link added by admin]

West Midlands / It's_Sophie Birmingham city centre
« by Pablo02 on April 26, 2017, 09:13:56 PM »
This is the girl https://www.adultwork.com/3617524
Met her today. 26.04.17.

Location- Hotel ibis Irving street
Fee- £100 inc owo and dfk.
No extras needed or enquired about.

I really need to stop or calm down on the amount of punts I'm having it's currently 1 a week although beginning of April I had 2 in a week Tuesday and Thursday.
I can't help it there are a fair few still on my HL and I've only been visiting WG since end of February this year.

So i missed Sophie when she was in Birmingham in March so couldn't miss her this time.
She's mostly in Manchester with a nice northern Yorkshire or Mancunian accent.
Text her lastnight and comms were really good made the booking in the morning for 2pm.
I was quite early so called her at 1.30 and she said I could come now as she was free al made my way to the hotel. The hotel itself is discreet it's a self service thing with no reception and it was great as didn't have to walk past reception and I don't like doing hotel meets.
Knocked on the door and the old hide behind the door tactic ha, once inside I was asked if I liked the way she looked and if I was happy to which I said offcourse. Thought it was nice of her to ask that although maybe it's because she doesn't show face pics on her AW profile but still nice touch.
She was very friendly and chatty money wasn't discussed until about 5 mins of conversation and I was practically getting naked at that point so again nice touch.

Sophie is pretty she's short at 5'2 she's a curvy girl with enhanced big lips deffo cock sucking lips, she says on her profile she has a Kim K bum and that's deffo true,  she has a belly though but I didn't mind that although she quoted she hates it and is having surgery soon to make it smaller and flat so belly was covered in the time we spent together she didn't like me touching it either.

Started with me fondling her body and kissing it whilst standing up, her bum is to be admired and I deffo had a nice time slapping it and kissing it she liked that a lot.
Her boobs aren't very big but nipples are responsive after about 10 mins of that I lied down on the bed and the best oral followed very sloppy lots of tongue action ball licking, ball sucking and squeezing was so good she was bent over and I had a good view of her massive bum just grabbing it and slapping her bum cheeks, lots of dfk whilst she was sucking my cock and I was sucking her boobs aswell by this point she was telling me she was so wet and I put my finger inside her and it was dripping.

Got the rubber on although I was given it instead of her putting it on for me got her into doggy and again the bum got a good dick spanking by me. I had to insert it inside her as her hands wouldn't reach  : :P :P gave her a pounding then into missionary for about 15 mins different angles legs on shoulders finally exploded inside her took it out and cleaned up.
Had a breather and then I was hard again again dfk and owo continued for another 15 mins I couldn't get enough of her lips and mouth on my cock my fingers were deep inside her soaking pussy she was dripping.
I wanted to wank it for her so I asked for lube and she didn't have any, asked for oil she didn't have any and told me she had to get some so asked for cream and luckily she had that, wanking commenced whilst I was lying on the bed she was kissing my chest and sucking, licking my nipples her big juicy lips and pretty face were a sight to see this lasted about 15 mins and I came again with about 8 mins left she did mention I had 10 mins left whilst I was wanking wouldn't say that was clock watching.
Got cleaned up with wet wipes we had a brief little chat and parted with a kiss.

Overall positive although I would say her pics need to be updated on her profile.
She's a curvy girl prob not everyone's cup of tea but there are guys out there who like the curves.
I would deffo book again she's in Birmingham until Friday evening and she's at the Crowne Plaza from tomorrow so will deffo see her again on Friday.

West Midlands / Crissie wolverhampton
« by H_p_5 on April 26, 2017, 05:31:21 PM »
Venue near new cross hospital
£60 for 45mins

Massage and fs available

Mature lady about size 14 busty and tattooed
Short hair

Very friendly and relaxed attitude

Comms by txt

URL on viva street

No no we're discussed before meet

West Midlands / Colour and Beauty fbsm Birmingham
« by CovPunter on April 26, 2017, 02:00:18 PM »
Travelling from one place to the next, I had to change trains at New Street. Given the wait for the second time and the fact I was due to head into a bit of a lions den of a meeting, I decided to expel some stress by trying out Colour and Beauty for a massage.

The walk through the nail bit was a bit daunting, I got evil eyes by a middle aged customer but tried to pay no mind. This is a legit masseuse after all. I was greeted by Wei-Wei and asked for half an hour. £30 for the service. She offered an hour at £40 but I explained about trains she didn't push it. Immediately, another, slightly curvy girl who was probably more attractive facially than Wei-Wei, came and offered 4 hands. I was tempted as both are girls are attractive however Wei-Wei whispered in her ear, there was an "Oh" and the other girl disappeared. Kim guessing this was due to the time I'd paid for.

The massage was great. Although I see the potential pitfalls of the low walls, I'm pretty sure I was the only person there. I couldn't hear anyone else. The mood music was just loud enough so I couldn't hear the hubbub upstairs too. She concentrated a lot on my neck back and shoulders, to a point where I'd assumed that the extras were off the table for a half hour massage however as she moved down to my leg there was some not too intrusive teasing. I like the play of that but never mind. Eventually the whisper came for full body. I agreed, she got undressed and climbed on.

From there she worked her boobs into my mouth which was a real turn on. She bit my nipple which ain't my thing. I flinched and she never ventured there again.

As she eventually got to my fella, she began to kiss him. I couldn't believe it. I then built myself up thinking I was going to get a crafty owo. No such luck unfortunately although I appreciated the preheating of the oven. The hj began a bit weak. I remember thinking it felt a bit weird coming from her left hand but that's a small detail. The technique picked up and eventually turned into a tit wank. I've never had one of these before and assumed it was all for show. My God it was amazing. She stuck with it for a good amount of time too. Eventually I explode all over her chest, another first for me too. Awesome stuff.

What happened next was strange. Now, before I go into it, I'm not trying to highlight myself up, I reckon I'm a fairly good looking guy, nothing special but I do alright. She launched into this tirade of compliments. I've had the sell of "good looking boy" etc before and know it's all to do with earning a regular but this got to a point where I didn't know how to respond. "You need a girlfriend, I can be your girlfriend." "Big strong penis" (it's definitely average) "Your clothes show you are classy man" and frequent requests to be my girlfriend in an extremely giggly fashion. I enjoyed it but it was full on.

Anyway, as weird things happening during punts that's definitely not the worst and even though I know her financial motives, it's given me an ego boost.

Overall, an awesome service, good value as the fbsm was just a further £30. A young pretty happy girl. Bonus tit wank and finish on the boobs. That's got to be a positive hasn't it?

I'll go back to see her and her mate... Maybe even both!

West Midlands / Amber AYS Stirchley
« by pbrown355 on April 25, 2017, 09:58:45 PM »
Many reviews on here about AYS so I'll be brief.
£35 for what was about 15mins.
Arrived, introduced to three girls, can't remember who the other two were but chose Amber as I thought I remembered good things about her on here.
Stripped, laid back for a bit of wanking followed by OW. Very good, quite deep and sexily done, lovely pair of large, if rather vertically challenged boobs to play with. After a bit of this,  some vigorous doggy then turned over for orgasm in mish.
Very pleasant interlude with cheerful young lady. In, bang, out which was what I wanted. Great.

West Midlands / Nicky and Anya Birmingham Duo
« by pbrown355 on April 25, 2017, 09:50:28 PM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/3069541 or https://www.adultwork.com/Nicky%27s+angel%2Eeyes
https://www.adultwork.com/4048714 or https://www.adultwork.com/ANYA%2ESENSUAL
I have seen both of these ladies before and reviewed both of them, Nicky as part of a duo a while ago and Anya by herself. Having asked Anya who her duo partner was I felt confident I would be looked after well.
The block of flats is as described in my review of Anya, is well located for the CC, feels safe, easy street parking.
Comms. I was lucky. I texted to ask if they were both free, received a text back saying yes so along I went. Arrived in minutes, buzzed straight in, straight to door, let in immediately. Anya behind the door, ushered straight to the room where Vicky was waiting.
Brief chat with Nicky as Anya has no English.
Paid £120 for 30mins.
Got naked and onto the bed. There followed covered oral by Nicky which was very nicely done and quite deep without being DT. All this time being stroked and played with by Anya. Next was doggy with Nicky. When I wanted Anya to play with my balls I had to ask Nicky to tell her. To me this was actually a good thing, quite sexy. I was getting overexcited so stopped this and gave some RO to Anya, then change of condom and sex in mish with Anya. Got over excited again and this time couldn't stop. Came with a breast in my mouth, someone holding my balls and a non matching breast in each hand.Absolute fun, very pleasant and willing ladies, some minor interplay between them (playing with breasts and asses, ass slapping).
Will definitely go again either individually or as a duo.

West Midlands / SaucyBeth, Stoke-on-Trent
« by NervousJimmy on April 25, 2017, 07:00:40 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3939094 or https://www.adultwork.com/Saucybeth -

Thought I'd do a spot of cross county punting and being a large boob man I though Beth might tick my boxes.

Booked a couple of weeks ago, £50 for 30 mins and coms were brilliant tbh. Emailed the week of the punt and the day before to check we were still on and give me the postcode and her number.

Made my way across on the day of the punt, found no problems and parked on one of the side streets close by. The house is a new build surrounded by loads of terrace houses. Felt pretty safe.

Phone call made and knocked on the house and was let in by Beth. First impressions were OK. She's extremely tall, and was wearing some kinky type boots and a figure hugging dress, I think it was the same in her profile pics. Her tits are fecking huge, just what I like. But sadly she has quite a large tummy. Her pics are fairly accurate but the tummy is slightly bigger than I was expecting...

She is a scouser and I found her extremely easy to get on with and the conversation  flowed nicely...I had a quick shower, bathroom was ok, nothing more and went into the bedroom where Beth was laying on the bed with some porn playing on the tv....

I joined her where we started some proper snogging... She is a fabulous kisser, dunno if she has had her lips done, but she can kiss with the best of um.., next was the huge tits time to be released, Christ they are huge, proper heavy and we'll just big... Ha ha ha...She quickly removed my towel and went down to suck the old boy... Again I couldn't complain she was first class at this...time I returned the favour. Dunno if she is a bit self conscious about her tummy but she kept this dress thing on the whole time, obviously her tits were out but the dress stayed. I didn't ask her to remove it, Im sure she would have.

I then returned the favour and went to work on her. A sweet fresh tasting pussy, a bit stubbly, but seemed to enjoy a good licking and a finger inside.....back up for a snog and more cock sucking before I was chucked a condom to put on myself..... Ha ha wtf....

Started with Beth on top, felt good and those huge titties swinging in my face. Bit from behind and then over into mish to fill the bag. Didn't take long looking down at those monsters....

Overall I enjoyed my 30 mins, and Beth was eager to please and happy to do all I wanted. If you like the older woman and massive tits, then she would be worth a visit. Dead easy to get on with and came across as a nice lass I thought.

The only neg was her tummy was slightly bigger than I was expecting, not flabby just bigger. Her pics I would say are fairly accurate though....but with a bit more belly.

Would I recommend yes, but I probably wouldn't revisit if I'm being honest. I still enjoyed it though, just not enough to return...

Anyway, I made it safely back to the east mids.... Thanks again for the punt...

West Midlands / Mindy is hot Walsall
« by johnny56 on April 25, 2017, 06:36:47 PM »
Saw this lady for 30 minutes, at the Holiday Inn Express, which is located just off Junction 10 of the M6.

Comms were good, and there wasn't any hanging around when I got to the Hotel. Got given the room number and floor Immediately. The hotel is fairly discreet, as there was no reception staff to get past at the time.

When I got to the room, it was the usual hide behind the door, and was greeted by Mindy in her bra, knickers and heels. However she wasn't wearing any makeup so did not look exactly like her pictures, but still very sexy.

She is a middle aged atteactive blonde who has taken a lot of pride in herself, so if Milfs are your thing, I would recommend.

Gave her a kiss and sorted out the paperwork, before we got down to business.

She started by giving me oral which was pretty decent and lasted for 3-4 minutes, before I lay down on the bed where the oral continued.

After a few minutes on came the Johnny, and Mindy jumped on top in cow girl. She felt quite tight and can take a pounding. We then switched to missionary, where I pounced her with some pretty deep thrusts. Plenty of dirty talk, not sure if this was a tactic to make Cum sooner, but it certainly didn't work 😆😆😆😆

After a while she asked to Cum on her tits, so I took the Johnny off and straddled her chest and wanked myself off over Tits.

Got dressed, had a kiss and left.


West Midlands / escort nadia cradley heath
« by vision2014 on April 25, 2017, 05:25:27 PM »
www.adultwork.com/2527506 or https://www.adultwork.com/Escort+Nadia

Wanted to go see Nadia has it was her last day today before going home for a month  texted her 10am this morning to book her for 12  comms good straight back to let me know  she was not availble then and said after 12  so we agreed a time

I asked her to dress in secretary uniform which was all good

arrived parked  text saying iam here this when it goes down hill texts back straight away busy can you wait 15 mins or see my friend carla ( sexy milf )

I wanted to see Nadia so waited in the end i waited nearly hour before i got it

She was not dressed in what i asked just normal top and bottoms  i could not be arsed to ask because i was running short on time now and only had 30 mins max myself

she stripped off to revel her sexy body black lace top and g strings  she was not wearing any make up today so did not look has good she seemed very quiet too and i had to push all the kisses she seemed to basically try sucking me off has quick has possible so i had to keep pushing her head away  we then got on to dogging by this time someone had just entered the flat to see carla which i could hear them in the room next door anyway thought i give Nadia a good hard fuck making the bed bang against the wall then i asked to swap for a bit of CG which she did but not to impressed has she is leaning over i took chance to have a play with her pussy which was not great she was covered in lube which must had been from the last punt which was now all over my fingers so though fuck it and wiped it over her top  she sat on me and she did not feel very tight to be honest must been all the lube justt was not doing it for me she leaned right back so i could not grab her to kiss me i was looking at the clock on the wall by the door thinking ive only been at it 10 mins and decided fuck it shoot and go  so tole her to get off and suck it  she tried couple times to get me to wank it in her mouth but kept pushing her back then final shoot my load half on her chin the rest on my belly  she soon flew off the bed to wipe her chin 

She seemed very miserable and could not be arsed attitude not sure if was because she had a punter before hand or what but she knew to dress up and she knew what time i was coming and to keep me waiting this long and not giving any good service is a no no for me

Carla her friend is total different 

Safe to say i will not be seeing Nadia when she returns

West Midlands / Escort Nadia - Cradley Heath - Brum
« by Littlefoot on April 25, 2017, 04:18:03 PM »
LINK: https://www.adultwork.com/2527506 or https://www.adultwork.com/Escort+Nadia

Were very good and I was promptly answered via the maid, with every text I sent! It seems they prefer text communication!

Was in Cradley Heath, I punted Carla (Sexy and wild milf) at the same address, only last week. So it was a mere 5 mins walk from the train station, because I knew where I was going. No issues with the property inside.

£50 for 30 mins

Not bad looking facially, a tad plain looking. I'd say she's a size 8 rather than a 6! I'd put her age at around the 30 mark! Quite a few body tattoos!

Arrived 15 mins early, so texted to announce my arrival. Hoping maybe get in a bit earlier! Received a prompt text back, saying let you know when I'm ready! Finally get a text back 15 mins after my booking time!

As I get outside the front door, a middle aged man came out. That was awkward. Think he was from the flat upstairs, and obviously knew what I was there for, by the scowl on his face!

Nadia eventually opens the door, and it's the old hide behind it! Not dressed in school uniform as I was promised by the maid. No, she was dressed in frumpy, casuals (meant for dossing around the house) and slippers, When she closes the door, she's talking on her phone. No acknowledgement of me whatsoever!  :dash:  I followed her into the flat! Where she was still on the phone going on in her native tongue!  :angry:

She eventually ends the call, and orders me to remove my shoes! No smile!  And no attempt to engage with me. No offer of shower or a drink! She then walks to one of the bedrooms, and holds the door open for me to enter!

So in I go, and starts getting my kit off. She does the same. I jump on the bed, and she joins me, she kept a black basque thingy on her lower tummy! Don't know if she was trying to hide something?  :unknown:

She starts kissing my chest, then gives me OWO! But only until she'd got it hard with her mouth! I ask her to kiss me, completely blanked me!  :mad:  And made a grab for the jacket! I say "can I lick your pussy?" And again got the cold shoulder treatment,  :dash: :dash: She hooded me up, and jumped on CG! It was ok, and she was making all the appropriate noises, but I got the feeling she was trying to make me cum as soon as possible!  :diablo: So I raise my voice this time and shout "DOGGY!!!" She gets off and allows me to bang her from behind, where again she's making convincing noises, until I fill the sack!

She hands me some tissue and wet wipes to clean myself. Then she disappears for a while. Well there's only 10 mins gone, so I'm thinking that can't be it! So just lay there for a while.  :unknown:

She comes back in, and it's as if I'm not even there! She's texting with her back to me!  :angry: So I shout "MASSAGE!!!??" She blanks me!  :angry: I thought fuck this, and jump up to get my gear back on! Then she turns to face me and says "massage" so I jump back on the bed. She rubs my back for all of 3 mins,  :dash: :dash: then grabs loads of tissues and proceeds to dry the oil/cream from my back!

I was glad to get out of there to tell the truth! I'd only had 15 mins, by the time I left!

I'm telling you that's the worst punt I've had for a very long time! She just seemed totally disconnected from the brief experience! I know this was her last day before she's on holiday, so perhaps her head was elsewhere! But that's no excuse! I felt cheated and robbed! A world apart from my experience with sexy and wild milf there last week!

The only time her face cracked to reveal a tiny smile, was when she opened the front door, to get rid of me!

West Midlands / Indian milf nikki
« by Adultworkuser on April 25, 2017, 12:49:04 AM »

Ok first before anybody questions my choice the only reason why i chose her was because i was really struggling to find working girs at the time and seriously needed a release and didnt really want to wank.
So this is a punt from maybe one or two months back. Was looking for a punt but for some reason was struggling to find any that were working and decent in the end just decided to go for her at this point i wouldve fucked anything. Phoned her and agreed to a 30mins booking at 60quid. The location was her home in walsall on a quite road with plenty of on street parking near a pub. Once i found her house she saw me through the window and unlocked the door then.walked off. A bit strange. So i walked into her house and she said "over here"  as she walked out of her kitchen. Her house btw is a complete mess rubbish everywhere absolutely filthy. She is however very chatty and friendly. So into her bedroom which is also a complete mess. Hand over the cash and the lack of enthusiasm on her is amazing. She sort of just stands there and lets you just do whatever like a robot. Now onto the bed and she begins owo nothing special but as she sucks my cock she askes how old am i as i look a bit young for my age i tell her and she says that i look about 16-17 "but dont worry i wont ID you not that it would matter if you were anyway" :D :D on with the condom and she gets on top. And again she sort of just lies there and takes it. Dosent much at all extremely boring.  As she gets off a strong whiff came out from her vagina and the smell made me lose my hard on. By this point i just wanted to leave so workes myself for about 5mins then was ready to pop she gave me the ok to come anywhere on her. I made sure she was ok with me cumming anywhere and asked again to which she replied "ANYWHERE" very clearly so aimed right for her face as im cumming she points my dick down towards her tits. After cumming brief chat and off i went.

Overall the only good thing is how friendly she is. Other than that bad hygiene, house is filthy,  and extreme lack of anthusiam

After this punt i took a long break from punting which im still currently on due to a lot of disappointments lol

West Midlands / 28megan on tour
« by Punterperson1971 on April 24, 2017, 11:11:29 PM »
ink to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/2754810 or https://www.adultwork.com/28megan - Get QR Code
Saw this lady last month pictures very cute.
Texted day before as she was on tour in the Walsall are junc  10 hotel,confirmed next day went early morning comma were good before the meet very friendly and chatty via text,got to hotel was given number made way up to room knocked the door and door opened went in and there she stood very pretty for a lady around maybe late 30's early 40's dressed in open crotch body stocking and an absolutely cracking body on her lovely tits to she had just showered as her hair was damp we both introduced each other and I gave her the money for an hour.
I got undressed and she gave me a little lap dance and grinder herself up against me till I was rock hard she led me to the bed and pushed me down and knelt above my head to push her pussy on to
my face she was clean and smelt fresh,she moaned and writhed around a little till she then got off then took my cock into her mouth and gave me some amazing owo while looking me in the eyes I motioned to her for condom and she popped one on and swung round on my cock reverse cowboy,she rode me slowly while looking back and smiling I couldn't hold on much more and shot my load into the confom.we cleaned up chatted for a while then asked if I wanted to go for round 2 so she carried on sucking again which was once again really good then popped another jacket on and this time decided to jump on top for some cow girl she rode the fuck out of me good eye contact and great feeling of her tits and hands on her waist while she fucked me,I soon shot my load again  and
Had another clean up and a chat.she offers anal and cim do I think I might go and see her again if she comes back touting this way.
Overall great punt attractive lady for her age and a cracking body and great attitude.

West Midlands / Angel'sElis Coventry
« by slimjim82 on April 24, 2017, 09:23:37 PM »
Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/3550895 or https://www.adultwork.com/Angel%27sElis+

After being left blueballed by a dodgy punt a couple of hours previous i still had urges that needed satisfying. I had been contemplating this girl for a while, slightly put off my covered oral and no kissing, but by looks alone i thought i'd go for it. Here's a little review.

Comms: Brilliant, text's exhanged and booking confirmed within 10 mins

Accom: Clean and tidy flat in the CV6 area, safe parking a minutes walk away.

The Girl: HOLY FUCK  :scare: Stunning, tight body with a sexy flat stomach, pert little tits and a gorgeous round ass. Looks her age at 21. Beautiful looking, smelt amazing, very welcoming!

The Meet : £60 for 30 mins Standard meet and greet, appeared from behind the door in a figure hugging short dress and high heels. Money exchanged and pleasantries gotten out of the way, down to business.
5 Mins of sensual groping(haha), neck kissing and sexy whispers. Onto the bed to play with her gorgeous pussy, lots of licking and teasing her clit with my fingers, she really seemed into it! Stripped me off to give me a nice 5 mins of CO while i played with her wet pussy and ran my hands all over her AMAZING body! Cant stress enough how hot she is! Onto the sex, began with mish, doggy (bit of rimming to delay the inevitable), cowgirl, finished off in reverse cowgirl-watching that round arse ride my cock was just too much! She is extremely responsive and thoroughly seemed to enjoy getting fucked! 2 minutes of cuddling and i'm off with a smile on my face!

Again......fuck yes! :wacko:

West Midlands / Cornelia27 Coventry
« by slimjim82 on April 24, 2017, 07:17:50 PM »
Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/2955495 or https://www.adultwork.com/cornelia27

New Polish girl popped up in Cov, decent reviews, thought i'd give her a visit.


Unanswered phone calls, muddled text messages, finally got PC and confirmed time!


Terraced house in CV1 area, not the best, don't leave valuables in car! Decent enough street parking.


Agreed on multiple pops, GFE with OWO and sex

The Girl

Looks decent in her pics, but they must be old!

Face 7/10 Typical polish cat face!

Body 3/10 Big tits, small but quite a bit of weight around the gut

Ass 5/10 A bit of shape but nothing special

Tits 7/10 Nice sized, but nipple starting to point in different directions
Attitude. 7/10 Nice enough, nothing special or memorable

The Meet

30 mins for £60

Round 1. Nice DFK, bit of OWO, popped a load over her big tits.
Round 2 OWO, aggressive HJ, sex in ONE position as "doggy wasnt on offer today" Getting very close to pop number 2 but then she started looking at her watch, instant turn off! Left Blueballed....

Overall i shouldnt have bothered!

First proper review, so I hope I get down everything needed.

Booking - My booking for the day with Natali of Oldbury fell through (dreadful communication from her, totally wasted journey, if she's as good as you all say I will try again) so I with the little head wanting it's way I headed to Brum for a parlour punt. No booking per se, but I called ahead to check opening times (only til 7 on a Sunday, despite what the site http://www.blueicebabes.co.uk says.) and was also given a run down of the four girls working that day.

Location - Map and postcode give you a fairly indication of finding this, but again the website says no. 1, however the gate outside says no. 11. Its a blue door that is ajar with a framed picture of a lady just inside it, so if you can spot that its fairly visible from the street. Two pay and display car parks nearby but as it happened I had parked in the Bull Ring, got a coffee and took a 15 min stroll the parlour, including a lap around the block, just to suss the place out.

The Parlour - A buzzer is clearly labelled, maid asked if I was booked with a particular girl or not, I said not and was asked to call the lift. As I was visible in the doorway, that lift took an eternity to arrive, but I'm sure its just 30 seconds in reality. If you're panicking it isn't coming, it is, and its visible when it arrives too.  Maid welcomed me in, showed me to a small room and asked if I had been before. As I was a first timer she explained what would happen next.

The girls - I had a choice of Ruby (more later), Suki an oriental girl, short very friendly and a tiny tight bum, Leah a mixed race girl, and another who I was told by the maid would be free in 15 mins if I wanted to wait and see before deciding. I went for Ruby, and was shown to one room which was clean and smelt so, bit small with some drab decor in places but certainly comfortable. The money was explained (£60 for 30 mins) and taken by the maid, who asked what I wanted to drink (a water) which was brought for me. Just as I had got my shoes and socks off the mind explained a much nicer room was free, and I was led to this barefoot. This room was much nicer indeed. Mirrors everywhere including the ceiling. Clean also, it was a big room so I was happy for the upgrade. Not sure if me being smiley and polite to the maid got me this or just good fortune ;)

Ruby - Ruby purports to be Spanish and in looks could definitely be so, but I suspect may be EE. She is medium height, mid to late 30s max. Dark hair, slim to slightly curvy. Good size tits that once the bra was off had sagged a fair bit but were still large and are actually to my taste in tits, so no problem for me. Shaved pussy. 5 or 6 small tattoos, dotted about hand, foot, back and tit.

She walked in said hi, started to undress, and asked if I wanted extras. When I asked what extras, she said £10 for "open kissing" I knew I wanted that and wasn't going to do the whole thing without, so got her an extra tenner. Undress and on the bed and I kind of wanted her to take the lead but wasn't very vocal so perhaps thats my fault? I went in for the DFK and she didn't really get the tongues going, I opted for a suck on her tits which soon stirred the old chap into action, her kissing was a bit reluctant the whole punt so fuck knows what would have happened had I not paid the extra tenner. She tasted very faintly of cigs which was great for me as I have a smoking fetish, but this might bother some of you. She gave a lazy hand job before offering the condom quite soon, advising it was another £10 for OWO. I had already spent more than I wanted to went for for OW. This was delivered well with hand and ball work as well as eye contact. After 5 mins of this I was invited to play with her body more, I sucked those big tits again and went for RO. Clean tasting pussy, but she did a weird thing with pushing her legs tight to my head, not sure if this was poor acting, but I didn't like it so sacked that off.  Fucked in mish , doggy, cowgirl, then doggy to finish. She was a bit mechanical at times, but again not in doggy. Nice tight pussy, she was clearly trying to avoid deep penetration in mish and cowgirl but I still got all the way up in her. Got to mash all her big sagging tits into one hand while I fucked her doggy which was tremendous. I proper went for it in doggy the last time and emptied myself nicely.

Tissues and wet wipes to clean up with and she skiddadled quickly. Maid came to check on me and was keen to know how I'd found the place (google) and that I'd enjoyed myself.

So a classic parlour punt in that I tried to get grifted for extras and some of the fucking was mechanical, but the maid was so helpful and welcoming, the place nice and safe, and Ruby my type physically that I gave it a positive. There are better punts I'm sure but for convenience it worked well for me.

In summary, if you're gonna fuck Ruby, fuck her doggy!  :cool:

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