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South East / ALEXANDRA-BROWN of Canterbury
« by MisterMunday on Today at 02:23:43 PM »
Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/2328961 or https://www.adultwork.com/ALEXANDRA%2DBROWN

* Logistics: Booked the day before, comms was good. Initially phoned and spoke to her.Then followed up with text. Agreed to wear school uniform and would allow OWA,kissing,fingering.

* Location (for In-call): Fairly easy to find and discrete.Located in a cul-de-sac off main road. Reasonable amount of parking.

* Looks: She's Bulgarian, very pretty with dark hair and a absolutely stunningly fit body. 5ft tall and about 110-120lbs.I'd say she's about 30-35 years old so older than the 26 she claims However her body belies this. Her arse in particular is impressive. Agreed on wearing school uniform during our meet although what she wore didn't really qualify. House was Ok in terms of hygiene although I only saw the downstairs hallway,toilet and bedroom..Speaks good English which I was surprised by because usually EE can't string more than a few words together.

I booked her for 1 hour incall which was £100.  Attitude was a bit standoffish in my opinion and quite surprised given her previous positive on here. She's currently got about 40 reviews on AW but seems to have stagnated for a while.Took her into my arms for a cuddle which she reciprocated and attempted to kiss her on the lips but she pulled away saying she doesn't do that. Then tried kissing and sucking on her tits but she refused that too saying they were sensitive. I was allowed to gently touch her big tits but nothing too copious. Didn't allow fingers inside her arse or pussy. Did question her over this and she mutterred something about hygiene. I explained to her i'd washed my hands and sanitized using anti bacterial cleaner immediately prior using her bathroom.
I then said sarcastically to her "bet you'd be OK if I licked your arsehole and pussy though right, like a good cotton picking slave from the deep south servicing their plantation mistress?". My comments were wasted on her as she did not understand my quip. She was happy to have oral performed on her and seemed to be enjoying it. After a few minutes of RO, she did covered oral on me (At this point I was not surprised it was covered and owa despite her grandiose claims on her profile). To finish off she rode me for a few minutes. I don't think she was enjoying it and a lot of the moans she engendered were fake.

I asked for her used underwear and was surprised to learn she'd sell them to me at £50 each. So I tried bargaining with her and offerred to leave now (i.e. 20 minutes into my appointment time) with the exchange of receiving her undies FOC. It was a no-go. She still wanted £50.

Spent another 5 minutes without her trying to make small talk and then finally  thanked her for a time and left anyway citing my dick had run out of steam. Kissed me on the cheak on way out and then a few minutes later received a text from her stating "good nite baby, sweetdreams.xxx". End result very disappointed and quite startled at how she picks and chooses the service she offers other clients. If this is her modus operandi then perhaps her profile should come with a disclaimer advising non caucasion customers they won't receive certain services. Yet she still charges them her normal fees.Reminds me of how hardware stores used to operate during the 19th century where they would illegally charge people who looked like plumbers, carpenters less based upon the way they looked and then in contrast marked up their prices when dealing with obvious white collar workers.

This was the last EE i've visited and I remain steadfast in sticking to that unequivocally.

Pros - Nice to look at, clean, great little body and speaks reasonable amount of English.
Cons - Dishonest regarding services, no fingering,kissing,tit sucking. Quite the little money grabber. Didn't wear proper school uniform.

South East / Hands 4 Health Reading - Sabeeta
« by linkburn on Today at 11:23:18 AM »
Sometimes called hands4health http://www.hands4healthmassage.co.uk/ or amethyst massage http://www.amethyst-massage-agency.co.uk/gallery/ they run in Reading, Camberley and Leeds (weirdly). Its a high end massage with a happy ending.

Conveniently they accept prepayment by card up front *cough* expense account *cough* and it will show up as "clover" on the card.

I plumbed for a man break with Sabeeta. Location is relatively easy to find, access is fine and parking is catered for. The decor and ambience inside is pretty decent. Its clear from the website and the experience that this is a massage place 1st and a sexual service second. To my knowledge sex isnt on the menu.

I have to say, i really liked Sabeeta as a person. She was pretty forthright but quite sweet.

I arrive, get stripped and ready, and she explains to me the running order. Naturst/Tantric massage to start (lasts about 1 hour) then a choice of a happy ending on the bed or in the shower. Because she took the time to explain what was going to happen, there was no anxiety about whether any extras were offered, so it helped to relax a bit more. The massage itself was outstanding, and definitely something that would not have been out of place in a normal high end massage parlour. The tantric build up starts about 30 minutes in to the massage. She is quite open to reasonable requests and definitely knows what she is doing.

There was an assisted shower afterwards, which is always a nice touch (especially since she was not stingy with the hot oils).

Very good massage, good comms and planning, nice girl and atmosphere

Expensive and not the kind of service if you are looking for sex.

Ill return and id be very happy to see Sabeeta again but its not something id want to do all the time. If you genuinely want a good massage with a bit of stress relief then this is your thing.   

South East / Coco20151314 - Reading
« by Gustav Klimt on Yesterday at 06:49:18 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2941632 or https://www.adultwork.com/Coco20151314

Fancied a midweek Chinese, but didn't happen.

COMMS: Sent her a text mid morning requesting a meet early evening & services I was looking for. No reply by 2 o'clock, so I phoned & she answered immediately. Agreed time & services. An hour later she still hadn't texted the postcode, so it took another two calls until she finally sent it to me.

LOCATION: New build apartment block close to Reading Station.

PRICE: £60 for 30 minutes.

I arrived outside the apartments on time & called her. She answered straight away, but then tells me she won't be free for another 45 minutes. I walked. Didn't have a plan B so went home.

Last minute switch as girl i texted was busy and so searched Farnborough and this lady popped up. Extensive profile so from what i read felt fairly confident. Texted back straight away said call, which i did, sounded exotic on the phone and sent address for later meet.

Texted her to request outfit about half hour later and she said she was touring and did not have everything.

Modern flats - you know the ones!

Walked in - holy shit - just like her photo where you see her reflection in the mirror - yes she is five foot eight so with heels on meets me at six foot.
Black fishnets, wet look dress, heels and light makeup - she looked stunning and FAF! Tiny waist, wide butt, small, natural tits for a change - but quite small, with small nipples, very long legs, great smile with nice teeth (sound like i am judging a racehorse!)

Straight into light sensual kissing and this was how it progressed really - real GFE with a sexy, softly spoken sensual woman. So not the rampant nymph of her profile but she had let me take the lead and i made sure i spent lots of time pleasuring her before she gave me a fantastic stroking in my pants, ll over, which was great, then sucked me off gently pulling out every so often - gentle but great. Played with her, got her off on RO and fingered, although she was trying to limit fingering, but after a certain point let me bring her off on her G spot.
Had sex doggie, then her riding me and i was set to explode when she opened the door,m so did not last long - at least i had satisfied her, which is something i like - i know i am paying her to satisfy me, but she did anyway!

Shame she works in Baker St London - i was lucky, but i would say look out for future tours

https://www.adultwork.com/689453 or https://www.adultwork.com/Tanya+Espana

South East / JennyXJenny visiting milton keynes
« by oldskool on April 26, 2017, 10:51:42 PM »

saw here pop up on AW so did a search on here, only negative I found was one review where the meet never happened, whereas all that had met her had had a good punt... so interested in pursuing I checked out her private gallery, but though I though she looked nice I was'nt 100% sure I fancied her, but the though of a good enthusiastic punt made me go through with getting in contact with her..


been to this address before and seen other quite good punts, central MK near xcape, not on the most attractive estate but everything was clean and acceptable in the house, I was'nt there to do a homes under the hammer review, it did smell of smoke though which may put off some...


I was actually taken back when she answered the door as she it stunning, looked a lot like one of my exes, who was also EE, nice fit body , pretty face and sexy long hair. good english too so we could have a chat.

The punt:

very natural, if she fancied me or not it felt like I was meeting up with a girl I'd been chatting to for a while and we'd wound eachother up about sex and then met, meaning we got straight on with the business.
stood for a while kissing and touching, then on to her knees for some good owo, licking the length occasionally with a little eye contact which was very sexy.
then onto 69, which was very good, she tastes clean and sucked and wanked away like an enthusiastic GF.
missonary, doggy, her laying flat on her front and make to missionary with me cumming inside her bagged of course, nice touch at the end of her telling me that was great, if she ment it or not I don't know but made me feel good regardless and felt genuine, she stayed wet throughout.

so venue 5/10, served a purpose but no way the ritz
service 9/10 personally I don't ask for anything much and it was perfect for me, a good fuck that felt genuine
looks 9/10 I'll think about her for a while, exactly my type
would I return... I told her to come back to MK put it that way 

South East / Sexy Maya 25- Oxford
« by Yellospires on April 26, 2017, 04:28:22 PM »
I'm stuck in the UK for a bit and thought I'd give the local punting scene a whirl. I found myself with the horn and some spare cash/time and debated between Sexy Maya 25 (https://www.adultwork.com/2890778) and Blonde_Bombshell (https://www.adultwork.com/3855388). Bombshell never replied to texts (5 hours) and AW Mail (1 day), so I settled on Maya. Being pretty familiar with the EE stereotype on these boards, and having experienced EE service myself abroad, I was pretty leery of this trip but took the plunge in after reading her reviews. I would say it's a GREAT trip overall- Maya does what she does extremely well. After reading though the early bits, you'll see why.

I took an hour's incall at £100...ran into 1h20mins. (https://www.adultwork.com/2890778) (https://www.adultwork.com/+Sexy+Maya+25)

Comms:3/5. Maya was just above EE average here. She missed the first phone call and opted for texts with the usual "Hun xx", but answered her own phone later. She wasn't able to understand much of what I was saying, but it might have just been my accent. In any case, the phone call was just to make sure it wasn't Sergei in a tracksuit roleplaying a prossie. Straightforward blunt texts, which were fine, but considerable lag time between the messages, which might affect impatient punters. She probably has memorised key words like "any problem with *race*", "postcode", "incall" etc. Don't stray.

Venue:4/5 discreet but accessible by public transport and foot from the City Centre. I didn't drive but the parking didn't look very accessible. That said, parking is pretty crap citywide anyway. I found more issue with the security at the apartment complex entrance (although I only noticed them on the way out, they were that unobstructive) and the fact that people(dog walkers, trash collectors, kids) were milling about the communal areas. Maya mentioned that the area is prime spot for WG work though, so I guess that's how the cookie crumbles here. Personally, I'm lucky enough to be less concerned than a married, local punter so I wasn't bothered. She gives you a the apartment code, so brazenly walking up and entering it makes you look like you belong. Facilities are adequate, regular service apartment standard.

Looks:3.5/5 Polish girl. Everyone has different tastes,however, and earlier punters found her attractive. Objectively, she is about 5'4-5'5 and dress size 8-10 (not 8), by her own admission. She has that EE milkmaid looking face, so if you're looking for a sharp featured devushka you'd be sorely disappointed. She was dressed in lingerie and high heels as per normal. Tits a little worse for wear and her cooch seems a little...droopy. Clean shaven and fresh breathed, hygiene is up to scratch. Found her pics quite accurate in that there is minimal photoshop. As I mention later her posing is as good in real life. Major downer for me is the face. Closest image is attached.

Service: 5/5 blown out of the water, I'd give higher if it was logical. Shit, after the mediocre scores in the other areas this is the reason why it's a positive review or even why I'd write one anyway. I went for the usual GFE, DFK schtick given it's my first visit and also, as mentioned, she tends to stay within the box. For those in a hurry, she surprised me here. Offered CIM, gave enthusiastic OWO for 20 mins straight, a Boob-wank, oily wanks and straight to OWO again. Ran the gamut of positions, although I quickly stopped Cowgirl as it didn't allow her to pose herself more flatteringly for my benefit. To wax more eloquent:  I went in and nearly left because she wasn't a size 6 devushka,skin as smooth as a durex latex condom and a face that would grace Playboy. Stayed after a quick peek to make sure Tracksuit Sergei wasn't there and reminded myself of the good reviews. Was interrupted by Maya seguing into proper DFK and making sure everything was as optimal for me as possible (including turning the temperature up), while groping yours truly throughout. She also knows how to pose her body perfectly; which is most of a WG's looks anyway, since sex is a performance art in this arena. The way she arches her back and stares into your eyes while OWO, with her thighs slightly visible beyond the straining tiny muscles of her shoulders as you devour the image. Size 8-10 be damned she looked as good as an 6-8 in that angle. I opted not to RO. Fingering was on offer while she kept her stockings on and OWO-ed me. I popped first in missionary, with her stockinged feet over my shoulders after a mere 25 mins (that's what I get for following bullshit wanking/porn abstinence advice online) and thought "i can't even talk to her; time to leave".

I was so wrong, boys. She came back with music, a good oily massage- and attempted small talk about her work. Shit, she even advised me on how to pick better WG given my body size for 'more feel'. I began my meet adamant that I was a one-pop guy. 10 minutes into the massage-talk, Maya leans into my ear and whispers that it's round 2. She started dirty talk (which I stopped- not my thing) and manfully OWO/DP-ed (tbf I'm not big in any way)/wanked me to a semi while giving a balanced auditory experience. She does your whole front end while OWO-ing, including your perineum and I would hazard a guess that she would rim if one asked nicely. No juice, I don't get hard. I'm an honest (and fucked up) man and tell her to position herself so she was sideways with her golden cross necklace dangling between her chest and my member, bobbing to the tune (I was trying to imagine some polish chick from an MV and mixing in all kinds of fantasies that will cost me in Confession later on).  Throughout this, she was open to ANY suggestion that could get me off, throwing CIM, CIB on the table. Quick look at the watch: we've overrun by 5 minutes. At this point, I excused myself to use the loo and came back expecting to throw in the towel. Instead, she wipes me off and gets straight back to it. I eventually told her to ease off and had recourse to my failsafe: the sad, lonely dude method. She kissed me furiously while jerking me off, and we achieved a spectacular ending. I don't even get off twice in one hour with my right hand, porn and 2 weeks of abstinence. Quick check: 15-20 minutes overrun. I'm so impressed I offered her tips, which she refused. A reminder to check my belongings, a quick chase through the house with giggles, an offer of water, patting down my jacket and a last FK at the door with her in a bathtowel.

I've punted EE WGs across 2 continents and felt that the EE stereotype is generally true. It's a set service and they want out as soon as possible, rotating through the 3 positions and reverting to wet wipes in between everything. It is also my experience that people who speak the same language/ are comfortable with their partner's background get the most bang for their buck (sensitive issue but that's why SPs/WGs worldwide have these requirements). Yes, they're professionals, but it's such an intimate service that all these matter. I visited Maya for the first time. She understood me as well as the average Briton with an O level in French understands the Bretonnite accent, and our talk after the whole thing was over shows that she basically thought I wouldn't make a great shag. Yet, the service level I experienced was on the same level as that of an escort I visited in Asia, after 4 return visits, speaking her language and being of the similar background- and paying more to boot. Maya gave me as close to that as she could, given her english, on the first day. My other EE punt fell waaaay behind my British experience.

VFM/ Return: Yeah, VFM for sure. Would I return? If I have £100 spare and wanted service > pretty starfishes, I'd go to Maya in a heartbeat. And given that pretty starfishes are pretty common, it's the service that sets a good WG apart.


I'd like to start off with an apology to ilb2b - I promised a review of Nina's a few week ago, but ill health and numerous hospital visits got in the way

I've been to Nina's numerous times in the past 7 - 8 months, so this is a review of my combined experiences there
Communications are straight forward, call the number on the gumtree ad, there's usually 2 - 3 ladies working so my calls have always been answered straight away. They all speak good English and give clear instructions how to get there, and to discuss your requirements
Location on the map is pretty accurate, it'll certainly get you to the right street, though not necessarily to the right bit of it. It's residential and on-street parking is plentiful and free. Entrance is via the back door, accessed from the alleyway behind the houses which is perfectly safe and more discreet than most other places I've been to
Costs are £30 for 1hr regular massage + £20 extra for HE - usually paid up front to avoid confusion

Service - all of the ladies first and foremost give an excellent Thai massage, which is my number 1 requirement
They've got a massage routine which works very well; feet, legs, thighs and bum (avoiding the little fella), back, arms, neck, then turnover followed by feet, lower legs, thighs & groin (still carefully avoiding the now not so little fella), chest and arms. Attention to the nipples and finally down below for a good HE. We're not talking in the Palm of 5 Palms (Northampton) league but still very nice
A quick head and neck massage finishes things nicely

The ladies
Nina - Typical Thai 40's/early 50's (sorry I'm rubbish at ages), no offence to the other ladies but Nina gives by far the best regular massage. Over a handful of visits she's sorted out my back, neck & shoulders. Also she doesn't stop as soon as you shoot on the HE, instead she carries on when things are still super sensitive sending pleasurable shivers right through you
Poy - Younger 20's/30's with a fit body. Poy gives the hard massage though I've not been brave enough to try it yet. Her softer massages are great and she really knows how to work you up to a great finish at the end
Sammy - Aged somewhere between the 2, so 30's. I've only had 1 massage from Sammy, but she gives a great service. Our conversation led to the revelation that she likes handling cocks, and is not averse to a bit of reverse through her clothes. I suggested that it wasn't fair that she was stroking my cock and I couldn't get to her pussy, so she parted her thighs to give access outside her leggings. She was certainly breathing more heavily as we enjoyed a bit of mutual fondling at the end of the massage which makes me suspect that if you catch her in a sexy mood then she might enjoy some gentle attention earlier in the massage too
Mem - New girl. Again aged in her 30's. Her massage was not quite as good as the others, but that could have been because we were in a smaller curtained off area where she didn't have enough space to work properly. Like Sammy I was able to have a gentle explore of her body over her clothes towards the end of the massage

Anything else
They use baby oil for the massage, and a strong eucalyptus smelling balm to heat the muscles if requested, but don't worry there's a shower to use at the end but it means walking through from the front room to the back of the house wrapped in a small towel, though what the heck they've all seen and played with everything I have to offer so there's no problems for me. One word of caution - there's something weird with the shower taps; I think they turn the wrong way so when you turn the hot tap down to reduce the heat, you're actually turning it hotter - you've been warned!!

South East / delicious Megan - Maidenhead (touring down here)
« by Fact on April 25, 2017, 03:56:36 PM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/3482434 or https://www.adultwork.com/SexyMeganxxx26

Lucky me as I read several other positive reports on Megan and made a booking.
Apartment in Maidenhead near the station. Buzzer not working, so you will need to call her on arrival.

Got what you see in the pics. I had such a good time, so excuse the OTT comments if any.
Very pretty, blue eyes, blonde hair and gorgeous smile.
Very playful GFE as requested..
Asked if i'd like shower and given hand cleaning gel.
As I unwrapped the 'goodies', she was happy to enjoy DFK and for some time, not the crappy flick of tongue and into sex. This girl enjoys sex!!

After playing around with her very nice tits and nipples, onto OWO.
OWO was sloppy and happy to proceed with a gentle face fuck.
Sex in lots of positions and good eye contact, as well as close embraces when fucking.
I was out of breath due to an extra effort she encouraged - she was clearly very wet and had cum easily, did take long for me to follow. She does have great sound effects too LOL.

Go see her today and tomorrow before she goes back to Midlands ;)
Straight in

South East / Jessy Sexy Bum
« by always_horny on April 25, 2017, 12:23:41 PM »

Saw her in a hotel in Winchester and she does travel around the country.

Booked half hour incall (£60) + OWO (£10) + CIM (£10)

Normally I go for the dirty slutty milfs/gilfs and from time to time I fancy cute petite little girls hence booking Jessy.  Booking was all done by text with no difficulty and hotel was easy to find.  Jessy is a really short girl around 5ft and has a little more padding than in her photos.  Not chubby but she does have quite wide hips for a little girl.  However, she does have nice little puffy teen titties which I enjoyed sucking very much.  Age was stated as 19 but I think she was early twenties.  Once payment was out of the way, we got down to business.  OWO was pleasant enough and I got to taste her delicious pussy and asshole in a 69 position.  We fucked in a few different positions and after 15 mins she was trying to finish me off.  She removed my condom and happily sucked me off until I blew my load in her mouth.  She gave me a thumbs up before rinsing out her mouth in the bathroom.

A neutral review is a little harsh as I think it should be somewhere in between neutral and positive.  If she hadn't rushed me come or if the punt costed £60 then certainly it would have been positive At £80 for half hour, I was expecting her to be a little prettier but she was not bad (7/10).   

South East / Lovely Julia – Slough, SL3. I walked.
« by Tony_Red on April 24, 2017, 11:00:28 PM »
or https://www.adultwork.com/+Lovely+Julia

Latest round of reviews. Ratings/scores based on personal preferences.
Not much to say…

Comms and Planning/Venue 3/5
All by text. Basic but decent-sized room in a 1st floor flat. Her English is okay. Did not like her whiny/sulky voice.
Face 1.5/5, Body 3/5 Late 20’s at least. In person, her face is much darker and covered in marks and skin is not as it should be for someone claiming to be in their early 20’s. One helluva make-up job in the pictures. She also just didn’t look well/healthy overall.

Asked her to confirm if FK, OWO and RO were available as per profile. No FK or RO because her skin is “sensitive” and she doesn’t do OWO. Major passive-aggressive feel about her and it’s clear she hates the job.

I thanked her for wasting my time and walked. I didn’t have my smartphone on me but later I realised she already has another negative on here.

Got a feeling this may be her partner in crime:
https://www.adultwork.com/3596941 or https://www.adultwork.com/Naughty+denisse

Final word: Don't waste your time

South East / Sexy Caroline - Maidenhead
« by Tony_Red on April 24, 2017, 10:56:48 PM »
or https://www.adultwork.com/SexyCarolinexxxx

Ratings/scores based on personal preferences. £60/30mins.
On a majorly shit run of punts so I am going to make this quick...

Comms and Planning 3/5 All by text. No help with directions or parking. Her English is just okay.
Venue 3.5/5 Decent serviced apartment. Free, limited parking opposite at the park. Shower facilities available and I get the feeling she would prefer you showered at hers.
Face 4/5 Body 4/5 Very Pretty MILF. The pics on AW are shit and photoshopped, but it is her. Early – mid 30’s.
Tall, slim, brunette with hair extensions. Big natural boobs with a fair bit of hang, but nice nonetheless. Responsive nips and lovely skin. Toned but not gym toned. Peachy ass.
Services taken part in: OWO, some FK and Sex.
Services enjoyed: OWO and sex was ok I guess.

She was friendly in a professional way, but ultimately the services provided did not match her looks. She’s a newbie and not your typical WG. She obviously would prefer not to do this job. Would be a positive if she had thrown herself more into the punt.
£60 for 30mins is vfm as far as looks go, as you wouldn’t find a WG this hot for that price. Glad I did not pay the £110/hr though.

Final word: Worth a quickie for those who put looks over service.

This is the second visit with Mon such was the great service that I received when I visited here a few weeks ago.

Mons flat is situated on a main road but it is still fairly discreet as the road is not that busy.  There is lots of parking at the rear in the streets or across the road at the shops. On arrival I pressed the intercom and the main door just buzzed open and on getting to the flat the door was open and as I walked in I met Mon (she is mid to late 20s, nice figure, pert tits and fairly pretty).  The first thing you are asked to do when you enter is to remove your shoes which I dont have a problem with and was then taken to a small room which was fairly dark but warm and with soft music playing.

I told Mon I wanted 30 minutes and she said it would be £30, she then asked me to get undressed and lie face down on the massage mat on the floor.  No money exchanged hands. Mon stays in the room whilst you got naked but is busy getting the oils ready so she is not there staring at you butt naked lol but I dont mind that.  I then had a thirty minute massage using unscented oils, the massage was good and Mon sits astride you for some it it although no touching was allowed. It was a hard massage and at times Mon gets very close to your 'member' without actually touching it.  After 30 minutes Mon stated that the massage was finished but I knew from my first visit that she did extras but these are never offered and you have to ask.  However, as on my first visit the only thing on offer was HE, I asked if she would do b2b, blowjob or even topless but was stated she would not. I agreed to HE and agreed at £15.00. Mon has a firm grip even with lots of oil on her hand and if you dont pop quite quickly then I would think that this could be quite painful on your member.  Mon doesnt help to you to clean up but gives you lots of tissues.  A shower was offered but declined.  I then got dressed and paid what was due.

Although I only book a 30 minute appointment I have gone over by 15 minutes each time, this is because Mon give you a full 30 minute massage and if you want HE this is done once the 30 minutes are up and appears to be only if YOU ask for it so she is certainly not a clock watcher.  The massage was again excellent and HE was ok, I did come away feeling relaxed and content.  I would go again for 30 minutes if I just want a good massage and HE but nothing else is on offer here.


South East / Sweet Amelia - Maidstone
« by uncle jessie on April 24, 2017, 02:02:39 PM »

Time waster

I booked an agreed appointment for 12 o'clock today,and the address was text to me. On my way to the punt she sends another text asking if I could change the booking to 1pm, I should have bailed out there and then, but seeing as I had to visit a client in the area it wasn't any hardship to do that first and then go to the 1pm punt. Anyway I arrive at the given postcode and send her a text at 12:50 that I was there, 5 minutes later a text comes back that she will let me know when she is ready. 15 minutes later I thought you no what I'm totally fed up of getting fucked around by these girls, so sent her a text saying she was a time waster and a bad review was going on here. Drove off and about 10 minutes later she tried phoning a couple of times, which I didn't answer as I just couldn't be arsed driving back, most probably to get fucked about even more. So be warned Lads if yo are tempted to book her . I'm almost at the point now of hanging up my condom and retiring from punting, its just far to much hassle these days  :dash:.

South East / First Paradise Massage - Fareham
« by Chooser on April 24, 2017, 11:41:05 AM »
Tel No: 07500 654299

Decided on return visit to see Lulu - texted and booked easily enough with who I thought was Lulu. . On arrival, was told Lulu was out until later so I guess I fell for a sort of bait and switch.

Japanese girl called Yoyo/Jojo was keen for me to stay and as time was not on my side and I had a need, I decided to stay. Yoyo was on the sullen side and didn't warm at all. Perfunctory massage then OW. No kissing or OWO and no lightening of the mood! Just about managed to pop, cleaned up and left. As far as I can tell, the girls change each week so I had a poor one.

Premises OK, parking no problem. £60 for 30 minutes not good value. That will teach me to be more careful next time.  :thumbsdown:

South East / kinkykellz Outcall Isle of Wight
« by Sweettunes on April 24, 2017, 11:35:39 AM »
Got an itch a week ago and noticed someone new on my search and thought fuck it and took the plunge.



Looks 6.5 / 10

Service 10 / 10

Attitude 10 / 10

Half an hour booking outcall £70

Owo, cim and swallow a few positions. No messing about with this girl.

Ok I enjoyed this one, comms were easy by email and text message. Put in booking request and she arrived 5mins before selected time, straight in paper work sorted quick introductions and she was on her knees in like 2 minutes sucking my cock.then on to bed rubber on, reverse cowgirl and then missionary and back on her knees for cim and swallow.

Good service, no dfk, but to be honest I didn't really try, she does do anal but I never tried to slot in there so don't know if it's extra.

She has tiny tits but nice long legs and she is English...her pussy was nice and tight and she was dressed nice with hardly no make up.... But she she still looked decent.

I would see again as was well worth the £70 and liked her style of no messing about and just getting on it.

South East / Curvey busty Ashley Reading
« by mongerer22 on April 23, 2017, 06:20:39 PM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/3988152 or https://www.adultwork.com/curvy%2Ebusty%2Eashley

Fake pic. Is heavier with sagging tits, ass and tummy.
Well shaved pussy and with some cream, finger slid into the ass really nice!

Went to meet her today. Very responsive on text. Location is good and close to town centre.

I was interested in anal and she was ok to do it within her standard charges so no extra.

Once in we undressed and started. Fingered her well, screwed in all positions I knew and in the ass.

Very enthusiastic
Let me finger and play with her ass to my heart's content
Very responsive on mobile

Fake pic
Although ok with anal, had no lubricant handy!

South East / Linda, ‘Oriental Well Being Salon’ Fratton
« by phillipo on April 22, 2017, 10:56:50 PM »
Classic Far east Asian ‘rub and tug’ joint. On the Fratton Road, heading north from the station.

I now understand the language of these places.  If they look a bit tatty, are open all hours, have a flashing sign on the front saying ‘Massage’, then however much they might deny it (with signs inside the booths etc) sexual services are inevitably on offer.

This is a tiny place – looked as if it just has two booths and a separate shower. I was met by Linda – smiley, plump, Thai? Boss man sitting out the back watching the TV. I showered, came out and went into the wrong booth. In there was a taller Asian woman – general shoo-ing of me out into the right booth ensued. I could swear this woman was dressed for more blatant sex work – super short skirt etc.

I paid £25 for 30 mins, extras were quickly offered.  I paid another £20 for a HE. ‘Don’t tell my boss’. This is too expensive.  My girls at Bunnies in the Elephant and Castle will do this for £30, and spend 30 mins concentrating on my erogenous zones. This girl did a firm massage, with a decent HE at the end, but nothing special.  I got to squeeze her boobs.  I probably won’t be back at that price. Shame. £80 for an hour of fully naked body to body, which might be interesting, and is better value. She really wanted me to go for that.

Fratton – what a dump. Jeez.

South East / innocent hannah - brighton
« by Graphicski on April 22, 2017, 08:27:18 PM »
Links for profile; https://www.adultwork.com/4046697 or https://www.adultwork.com/InnocentHannah

AGE 22
PAID £130 for a 1 hour incall

PRE-PUNT - Contact was by email and text. Good communication.

LOCATION - Be aware not based in Brighton but in Peacehaven - caught me out when I received the postcode as extended my planned travel time by 20mins. Easy free parking in respectful looking residential are. Apparently only just moved in so furnishing was sparse but clean and tidy.

LOOKS - 7/10 - as the full review will detail that this is a little hard to judge. Petite girl appears early to mid twenties, tight, cute, small body, some tattoos, didn't notice the mark on her stomach from her profile pics. Small firm boobs, soft skin great peachy butt. I prefer taller leggy girls but fancied smaller stature for a change so add a 1 if you like shorter women.

SERVICE  5/10 -

Comms were good through adult work then via text closer to the time. Now what follows I'd say is partly my fault due to this being a short notice booking anyway when I booked in the late evening hours for the next morning. Due to personal circumstances I then asked for this to be brought forward to earlier for 9am - I probably should have cancelled and moved it for another week but I wasn't thinking with my brain at that point.

So I've turned up, parked up nearby in a respectful looking residential area and found the house easily. Hannah answered the door and to my disappointment she looked like she had only just woken up - in her baggy PJ's, sleepy eyes, no make up. So I wasn't that excited at this point but I'd driven a fair distance so sod it. Anyway I was invited in to a clean but sparse home - apparently only just moved in. She was chatty and came across as new(ish) to the job, as felt very much like someone who didn't come across as this was 'natural' to her yet. She seemed eager to come across as a friend (offered drink, fair amount of small talk) but also lot of 'customer service' type talk about how she likes the experience to be tailored to the customer, likes to break the ice and develop a rapport with the customer to create a more personal experience. It was an odd mix of salesman/GFE. She actually came across as nervous - verbal diarrhea in a way. Like she was trying to normalize and make friendly the act of paying for sex.  In a way this endeared her a bit as she came across as, well, more innocent than normal. In contrast to feeling like someone who hasbeen around years and offers a professional but 'numb' experience.

The talk lasted a while (as mentioned briefly before too long for some. created friendly atmosphere but sometimes just want to turn up and start screwing). I was led up to the bedroom - wanted sex and lots of oral. She stripped off and the baggy PJ's revealed a very nice little body - if she had answered the door naked or in sexy clothes and make up I would have been up for it straight away. Petite - very shapely, not fat but curvy just how I like it. Very well proportioned with nice legs leading to bubble bum and small firm boobs. Nice tattoos too which always makes a girl look sluttier and dirtier to me. She definitely had a hot slutty girl next door chav kind of look and feel. I was ready to go now, money was handed over but when she went put it away and go to her drawers though she found she had no condoms - said she had run out and not checked yet and not been able to go out for more. (Again probably part my fault as to give her credit this was early and she probably would have realised and been out for some if I'd booked for a normal time!) There was an awkward silence - I left it empty in case she suggested bareback in which case I would have bolted. Luckily she didn't and she seemed very apologetic and said if I would be happy just with blowjobs.

I'm normally more inclined to this service anyway (I've made bookings before with just this in mind) so I was ok with this - particularly as she would do it OWO and offered deepthroat and CIM. I was laid back on the bed and she went to it, and for the most part was good. She tried deepthroat but wasn't the first to fail (I'ma bit above average in length but also with girth). She did say shes better at deepthroat if shes on her knees. I prefer the girl to take the lead usually so I should have changed the position then but I didn't and as she didn't move I stayed laying down. She went at it for a while, really nice technique and looked great with her head bobbing up and down and because of her small height i could lean up and forward and reach her cute arse to play with (would have looked great from behind). I was getting close when she said I could cum on her tits - no mention of OWO or CIM which was very disappointing - something I should have challenged but I didn't. Anyway I finished, was offered the use of facilities and after a wind down chat got dressed. She was apologetic for limited service and I asked for some money back and she gave back £20.

VERDICT - I left disappointing BUT give a neutral for potential and my own idiot fault for the booking time/lack of notice. She had a cracking body - and when all made up I think she would look as good as her photos suggest. She was very friendly - probably great for someone seeking a GFE. I'm tempted by a return as wouldn't need the pre-amble small talk, she seemed genuine, and she would look great bent over or straddling on top while I fucked her and £130 an hour for a young attractive English girl seems a great price if able/willing to provide the services offered.

Also not helped by a recent visit to another girl who was fantastic - best oral, genuine attempt to take a face fucking and one of the best, most eager CIM receivers ever. I would write a review but TBH don't know if I want to share her lol

South East / Oriental Massage - Yoyo - Woking
« by WestArt on April 22, 2017, 04:35:27 PM »

Website appears to be down today but the link is: http://www.orientalmassages.co.uk/

I'll pretext quickly with me being long term reader and I certainly owe back a few posts (Been a little off put by some absolutely savage responses on some early posters).

Comms - Called to arrange a massage, English of the receptionist wasn't great and neither were the phone manners but all arranged to get a massage for 30 minutes within an hour.

Yoyo - Went into the massage shop a bit tentative but out comes Yoyo, She couldn't have been much more than 5 foot but man she was pretty. Her legs looked great in her dress, great smile and complimentary glasses.

Massage - I pay the £30 for the 30 minute massage up front and Yoyo walks me to the room, kit off and I wait for her. She comes in, talks about what massage I wanted to which I opted for firm (Usually I find other girls just do a light rubbing).

Usually I'm shy and it takes me a bit to drop this but Yoyo was making conversation straight off the bat and I was yammering away, I liked her, her English was great and she was really interesting.

She really gives a firm massage so be careful if you opt for this, jumps on top of you and works her knee's and elbows on you.

Yoyo uses a towel on you when doing this, I joked that I'm not shy but she told me it's because she slipped off somebody once when doing this.

There was one part where she was giving me a one handed neck massage, I reckon she was checking her phone but still felt good.

After a bit I wondered if I had come across too normal as she hadn't offered any extras or asked any seedy questions but then I'm asked to turn over and asked "Any extras?" with a cheeky smile (Guess me being butt naked gave it away).

Honestly I would've been happy without the extras but was certainly happier to have them.

I thought I saw post about getting a B2B for £30 but Yoyo said She could only do it for £50, when I said I had £35 extra she offered me HE for £20 or topless (She refers to a strict pricing guide they have on a paid massage website).

I asked if the Topless was £35 but she said "No no it's £30", she could have tried to mislead but she didn't.

So I went for the HE and it was amazing, she 'holds you' with one hand while using the other to tease you and gauge what you respond well too.

She took her time with this, no fast hand movements, and she built up the pressure very well so when I did go I shot up enough to catch her off guard and make her squeal. 

Got cleaned up & paid up (All the while still yammering) and left very happy.

Will I return - YES, if Yoyo can do that with her hands I need to see what she can do with her body!

TLDR: £50 for a good massage with HE, very nice girl

South East / HornyAnna BBW amazing session!
« by longshanks101 on April 22, 2017, 04:24:33 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1859266  https://www.adultwork.com/hornyAnnaBBW

Saw Anna for a 1 hour appointment at the charge of £120. No 'extras' were added and she was extremely polite and attentive.

I arrived on her road and was given clear and concise direction to her flat. When I arrived she was dressed in a bra and a thong and greeted me with a kiss. We went into the bedroom and sorted the paperwork and was asked if I would like a glass a water which I kindly accepted. Once she returned with the glass of water she was grinding me and talking dirty to me demanding I take my clothes off. This is where the fun starts.

Anna almost instantly sunk to her knees and started to take my cock all the way down her throat gagging and slobbering as she did so. The sight of her trying to force more of me down her throat as she looked up into my eyes is an image I hope I never forget! After a few minutes of intense deepthroat she got on all fours on the bed looked back at me and said "are you gunna stand there or come over here and fuck me in the arse?"

On with the rubber and she eased me into her arse. She stated I needed to go slow at first but that lasted all of 20 seconds before she demanded I ram my cock harder into her arse. She was moaning and grabbing the sheets and begging for me as I fucked her arse as hard as I could. This must have lasted a good 15/20 minutes until she said her arse was giving out, therefore, I should 'feed her my cum' off with the rubber and she again throated me until I exploaded down her throat. I never saw a single drop she took it all and didn't stop sucking until I had emptied myself down her throat.

A bit of a rest and a chat before she softly asked if she could suck my cock again. Who am I to refuse? She was eagerly sucking my cock again with ALOT of eye contact and a lot of dirty talk.
This continued until the time was all but gone and I again erupted into her mouth and she eagerly swallowed it all again. We said our goodbyes and I left quietly.

Anna is amazing! She genuinely loves what she does and will go to any lengths to make you feel as good as possible. I urge everyone to visit Anna if they get the opportunity. I could not praise her enough. She needs to be seen to be believed.

South East / Cumslutkate40gg Southampton
« by bigmanbigman on April 22, 2017, 12:25:03 PM »
Saw kate £140 1 hour near rosebowl m27 outskirts Southampton
A really nice girl happy to play
Yes a bbw with much more thrown in  .bfk loves it .nipple play on her and you. Boob sucking to die for
She really can squirt bring yoir towel . Dirty talking and she enjoys this job
Age about 30 correct .no clock watching and puts you at ease quickly.
A great different girl to see if you normally see a size 6 as a true bbw   she gives great bj
Uncovered  and loves to be fucked no photo shop on here photos and a nice face.ass.tits .pussy
Fingering is fine too
I had a great time

South East / BlondeHeidii - Southampton
« by hank82 on April 21, 2017, 10:23:35 PM »

Well it's been a while since my last post, mainly because of some really shit punts that made think it's not worth the time or money.

Here's a quick review of someone who isn't mentioned on here so I thought I'd leave a review. I'll make it brief because it was a cheeky 15 min speed punt.

Location. Hotel near the airport - very nice one too.
Coms. Very good.

Heidii is a sexy and voluptuous women. If you like big round arses on a tiny waist then she's worth cheeking out.  She has a nice voice and accent too.  On my arrival she was wearing a crotchless all in one body suit with heels, as I requested.  I must say,  when she went on all fours and asked if I'd like to fuck her cunt hole I nearly jizzed there and then.

On with the hood.  After a few minutes she then asked if I wanted to indulge in some watersports. I duly obliged, as this was the main reason for the punt.  As I sat on the cold but clean shower tray floor, she expertly aimed her piss hole over my cock and preceded to squirt her golden juices all over me... Bonus points too for having Clear and none odourless fluids.  She then begged me to fuck over the bathroom sink.

Within seconds I was pumping my man juice into the dark chocolate flavoured comdom she had given seconds before.

Quick clean up and chat and I was on my way.

10 out of 10.  Great effort and hassle free punt.  Not a fluffy rating, just a good old fashioned punt. Like the ones you see in western movie, where the lady makes a big effort on appearance, smelling good and giving maximum pleasure.


South East / Emma English GFE - Milton Keynes
« by doughboy on April 21, 2017, 01:21:36 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2330356 or https://www.adultwork.com/Emma+English+GFE

A bit of a weird experience and I'm still feeling bemused by it all now but bear with me...

Reading up on YLF's punting exploits in London had me wanting some action but I couldn't get to London, so had a look at what was close to me. Had a few errands to run in MK this morning and so decided to see if Emma was available. She's been on HL ever since she started working in MK again (partly because she looks decent and partly because of the lack of choice in the area).
Comms - can't be faulted, didn't pick up my initial call but then replied promptly to my text and even returned my call. Agreed time of meet and duration and gave me clear instructions on where the flat was and how to enter. Followed this up with a text, clear instructions again.

Location - flat in the Hub part of MK, free parking in Sainsburys and busy enough place for people not to notice comings and goings. Flat itself was fit for purpose.

Girl - describes herself as having a stunningly beautiful face, which is a bit of a stretch. She's a pretty girl and if she started chatting to you at the bar, you'd have a flirt back but not someone I would turn around for if I passed in the street. Facially, I'd say she's a 6/10. Bodywise, she's in good shape with some nicely done bolt ons, responsive nipples, and a size 8 figure. Nice shaped arse too. Clean shaven and clean smelling. She is easy to talk to and does make an effort with conversation. Lovely voice. First reactions, she seemed like a nice girl.

Services - as mentioned by other reviewers, she is very vanilla. Offers anal but no CIM or other PSE services. I did enjoy FK into DFK, sucking on her nipples, fingering her pussy and ass, OWO, RO, rimming and multiple positions.

Paid £70 for 30 minutes.

The meet - I arrived on time, well coiffured and smelling good. Followed the instructions up to her room and was let in by Emma. She was dressed in nice black lingerie and looked good, so I didn't think about walking. Led me into the room where we made small talk and I undressed. Left the money on the side and popped into the bathroom to freshen up, by which time she'd stashed the cash, stripped naked and was laying on the bed. Ok, I usually like to undress the WG but no probs, went and joined her on the bed.

What followed was mutual caressing and FK. She enjoys having her boobs/nipples played with and doesn't object to fingering. A few minutes of this and I decide to take control. Roll her onto her back and work my way from her face to her pussy. Fairly responsive to my attempts, a few fake moans and groans. Getting bored of this, I ask Emma to return the favour. She lubes my cock up and starts giving me OWO. Not memorable but not as bad as a previous reviewer had reported. 15 mins into the punt, I ask her to rubber me up and we go into mish. She's got a tight pussy and doesn't use lube, so it was a struggle getting the girth in but once I did, it felt good. I didn't want to build up too much pace because if I did, I'd pop my load like a 14 year old looking at his first porn mag. Other positions enjoyed were doggy and CG. There were a few times in mish and doggy, where I had to stop because I was going to pop but managed to gain control of the situation. The importance of me telling you this will come to light further on. Anyway, in CG and I'm banging away and she's moaning and writhing away and I stop for second, to which she says 'got you, didn't I?'. I reply, 'no, not quite' to which she replies, 'for fucks sake' and starts grinding again. Call me weird, but this put me off and I knew then that I wouldn't be able to come in the rubber. I ask politely if she would give me a blow job to completion, knowing she doesn't do CIM. She grudgingly climbs off, whips the rubber off and starts moaning about how she doesn't like the taste of rubber etc. I tell her, 'look, don't worry about the oral, just wank me off please'. What ensued was a pretty rough handjob but it did the job and I came.

So, up to this point it's been a positive encounter. She looks like her profile pics, she delivers her likes list and she was accommodating with the position changes. She wasn't the most engaging person and was too mechanical for my liking but this is down to the lack of chemistry between us. You can't win them all, right?! Her attitude changing towards the end pissed me off but I was still prepared to give her a positive because a neutral would have been unfair. It was a very weak positive but still.

The reason for the negative? Read on.

So, I've popped my seed all over myself and the bed. She climbs off the bed to get some wipes and has to move the rubber from on top of the pack. She notices some pre-cum in the rubber and then launches into a proper tirade.

In a mocking tone of voice, she says 'oh, I didn't think I'd cum but I'm a greed wanker who wants to cum twice'.

'Huh', I say, 'I haven't come twice, it's pretty obvious'.

'Oh fuck off you wanker, you have cum twice, the rubber is full of your cum, do you know how dangerous that is. You just wanted to cum twice in the half hour, that's why you stopped so many times. And the funny thing is, you can afford to pay me for cumming twice but you're a sneaky wanker, who came twice and doesn't want to pay for it', is her reply.

I'm a little bit shocked at this point. Never had this happen with a WG. Had some shit punts but nothing like this. And as much as I like to think my skills in the sack are legendary, there is no fucking way in hell that I'm going to: a) keep an erection after I've cum; and b) get another erection with 15 minutes at least.

So, I explain this to her and she's having absolutely none of it. She's storming around between the fuck room and another room, telling me to get dressed and fuck off. She then tells me that I'm over-time and hurry up and fuck off because she has another client coming. I look at my watch, I've not even been there 30 minutes and tell her this. She says, 'yeh but you came a couple of minutes early so you've had your time. Can't believe you're such a wanker, you knew you came twice. And after I changed positions like you asked. People like you are scum. Keep your fucking £70, it's not worth it. Fucking hell, the things I have to do to pay my rent' etc etc. And no, she didn't give me the £70 back so I can only assume she wanted a further £70 from me for allegedly cumming twice. 

As you can probably gather, I couldn't wait to get the fuck out of there. Walking back to the car, all I could think about was being treated like a complete cunt without even stopping to listen to what I had to say. She does state that you can only cum once in a 30 minute appointment, and even if I could shoot 2 loads in 30 minutes, I'd still respect that.

Anyway, if you do see her then beware, she seems a little bit bi-polar.

South East / ElouiseLustxxx - Brighton outcall
« by EssexBlue78 on April 21, 2017, 12:18:07 AM »

Very long time voyeur, first time poster.

Escort: ElouiseLustxxx
Price : 150
Time: 1 hour
Location: Outcall My Hotel - Brighton
Rating: Positive

I ended up in Brighton for a 2 day meeting, and found that the people involved are boring barstewards. So in my hotel, nothing to do so what better to go through local escorts on Adultwork.

Came across a few profiles but ElouiseLustxxx tickled the fancy. Available now was a plus, and so we're her pictures I have a massive thing for a girl with tattoos.

Met her in reception, lift to my floor and room. Straight in the door, into amazing French kissing. Elouise can use that tongue.

Onto the bed, she quickly removes her clothes showing off her many amazing tattoos. She's a (roughly) size 14, with size c tits which are very sensitive. Fully shave pussy which I spend at least 30 minutes with my head buried in. Her clit is very sensitive and she gets really wet. Slightly disappointing that she doesn't squirt.

She loves OW. She receives oral and loves a protected cock in her. She ruins her clit when fucking her doggy.

Money well spent? Yes
My type of escort? Yes
Visit again? Yes - once she moves to Essex.

Thank you for reading.

South East / Elisa of Milton Keynes
« by derbyladsouth on April 20, 2017, 07:30:47 PM »

I should of wrote this a couple of weeks ago but circumstances meant this was first chance to do so, sorry Elisa.

Elisa is a gorgeous busty and very likeable lady. Started with kissing and then owo which I had to ask her to stop as was too good. Then RO and rimming on her with both tasting amazing. Didn't want sex so then went back to oral on me which she then took all I had and politely spat out in a tissue which was fine with me. Will def see her again and hopefully sooner rather than later although as I don't live around MK it isn't always easy. All the girls I have seen at Annabelles have been great and a very competitive price.

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