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South East / Lexi Lust, Oxford on tour
« by Cunning Punt on Yesterday at 09:39:40 pm » or

Lexi's profile is down at the moment and she said she was going to quit at some point, so I'm not sure if a booking with me pushed her into retirement. :unknown:

I guess she thought she had reached the pinnacle of her career as an escort, having shagged me, so might as well give up now!  :sarcastic:

These girls usually come back when they realise they miss the money, so I'll press on and review anyway.
Thanks to those who reviewed her before.

Lexi is Polish but her English is good. I phoned and checked FK was available in 30mins, which she confirmed, so booked.
She asked me to confirm 30mins before the booking, which I did by text.
I called on arrival for flat no, which she gave me but she did then texted me a code to get in - but it was too late; I had already buzzed. This made a loud noise, which I guess why she had wanted me to key a code in.

This is possibly worth noting if you're seeing an escort at these flats. While I'm not going to give the precise location, suffice to say it's a new development off Abingdon Road, Oxford, near Redbridge park-and-ride.
Parking is limited to residents-only, but there is plenty of unrestricted parking in nearby side streets.

There were not many residents around. The room had an ensuite and Lexi offered me a shower but I had had one not long beforehand.

I paid £70 for 30mins. 1hr would have been £110.
She had two extras listed as available: CIM at +20 (NT) and another, which was possibly filming, though I can't recall.

As previous reviewers have said, Lexi is absolutely stunning - 9/10 IMO.
She has very attractive face, nice blonde hair and a large pair of breasts.
While she has a sizeable arse, she probably stops slightly short of being a PAWG.

The obvious downside of a curvy girl like this is that she is slightly tubby (a comfortable size 12) and there are some stretch marks around her stomach, which are barely noticeable. This may indeed be due to childbirth, as previously suggested, though her pussy still felt fairly tight.
I can't remember any tattoos so if they were there, they weren't noticeable.

Lexi was friendly and you could have a conversation with her, though I didn't really need to know that a client gets high on cocaine and wants to shag her all night, paying three grand for the privilege.  :unknown:
She said she is looking to give up escorting (don't they all?) but she was enthusiastic and showed no signs of being jaded.

OW (my choice)
Fingering (pussy)
Sex in CG

Lexi went down automatically for OWO, so that is available if you want it and I hadn't asked about it, because I didn't want it on this occasion. She also asked me at the beginning if I wanted CIM as extra, so that is also available for those that want it.

Her BJ technique in OW was good, with plenty of movement of her mouth, though she turned to the side with no eye contact.

The massage at the end of the punt was also fairly decent - I would say she has had some limited training.

I had to initiate the kissing at first, but she got more into it as the punt progressed. It started as a bit of reluctant FK that gradually increased to some passionate snogging during sex.

There were some fake moans during RO and fingering. Although her pussy got tighter and slightly wet while fingering her, I would say she didn't quite have an orgasm.

Going on her full bin (no punter likes to see that :thumbsdown:), it had obviously been a busy couple of days, so as I didn't have half an hour to spend on RO, I moved on to sex.

While sex in cowgirl was enjoyable with DFK and some eye contact, plus a lot of enthusiasm, it seemed to be rather a porn star-esque routine. The combination of a rather thick condom and her sitting upright, restricting sensation, meant I had a fairly weak orgasm, unfortunately.

I will opt for mish and take my own condoms next time. But, despite this slightly subdued climax, the fact that I want to see her again proves to me the experience was worth a positive rating.

South East / Aranya Thai Massage - Oxford Road, Reading
« by latecomer on January 17, 2017, 08:53:53 pm »
There have been a number of adverts for this place and this seems to be one of the latest:

Although it claims to be open daily, it's seems to be closed or locked up in a random fashion.  Anyway, I decided to go there late in the afternoon.  I saw a Thai woman inside who wasn't young (she later admitted she is a grandmother) but was quite reasonable looking.  I paid her £25 for 30 minutes massage.

The place is pretty basic and I was shown into a small room with a hook for my clothes on the wall and just about enough space for the woman to get around the massage table.  She gave me a good massage, working effectively (if painfully) to get rid of a number of "knots" in the muscles of my back and shoulders.  She was also pleasant to talk to and spoke good English.  However, I don't know quite what the setup is or how many people work (just her?) in that place but a number of times the phone or doorbell rang and she went to answer it.  I also heard voices and various comings and goings outside the room.

I had expected to be offered "extras" at the end of the massage but at exactly 30 minutes (including all the interruptions) she said "finish" and went out of the room!  I got dressed noticing that, though the room looked clean, the towels she'd used to wipe the oil off me were left on the bed so were presumably used for multiple clients.  When I left there was a man sitting in the reception area with a child.  As soon as I was out the door she came out and slammed down the steel shutters so presumably that was the end of business for the day.

So I suppose my session could be summarised as follows:

Positive - pleasant woman, good massage and vfm, generally clean
Negatives - doubts about towels, interruptions eating into session time

I've agonised a bit about the rating (please let me know what you think) as I should not be influenced by the lack of H/E as, to be fair, I had not asked about this.  However, the disjointed session and lack of attention to giving me an uninterrupted massage were a major negative.  I wonder if her heart is really into providing clients with a decent service.

Would I go back?  No.  Would I recommend it to you?  No.

South East / EnglishGemma - Milton Keynes - TOFTT
« by DipsyDoodle on January 16, 2017, 10:37:29 pm »
Young lady's profile

She goes by EnglishGemma on Adult Work and works as Imogen at Milton Keynes Escorts on the weekends.  Limited pictures on AW but very recent pictures on MK Escorts web site.  She is also on Twitter as @imogrnescort

Booked for 90 minutes as I like to take my time and allow the encounter to open up a bit.  Paid £170.  No extra's offered and none requested.

Initial contact through AW to secure a booking slot.  Once confirmed, she provided mobile number and all subsequent communications done via text.  Always responsive in both cases.

Gemma is only offering outcalls at the moment, and given that I had an overnight stay in Milton Keynes, it seemed like a good idea to make a booking with her.  Once checked in, I provided her with my room number.

Gemma is very attractive and exactly like her pictures.  She is 5' 7" with a slim figure, and probably B cup breasts that were nice and firm.  Stated age is 23 and low and behold, she is actually 23.

I asked her at the start if there was anything she didn't want me to do, to which she said no anal, water sports, or CIM.  Anything else was fine.

The services that were provided included
Oral on her
Protected Sex in cowgirl, missionary, legs up by my ears, etc.

The Meeting
Gemma arrived several minutes early, which is always a great start.  She has a driver and left her mobile switched on for security reasons, but it never beeped nor did she ever go near it during the punt.  Paperwork sorted and we did some snogging with light FK that developed into full DFK as the punt progressed.  She had me help her out of her dress and she looked stunning in stockings, garter belt, and matching bra (current picture on Twitter is what she was wearing).  Onto the bed where I really took my time to allow her to get comfortable, sucking on her nipples, then moving down to find that she was freshly shaved.  Got the appropriate moans and made her cum.  Up for some DFK where she could taste herself on my mouth, whilst we both fondled each other.  Inserted a finger and over time, got her to cum again.  She then said I think it is your turn and proceed to provide excellent OWO.  I rarely cum from oral so I had her put on the jacket and she climbed aboard for protected sex in cow girl position, then onto missionary, and finally with her legs up by my ears until I filled the balloon.

Had a nice chat during the recovery, then I started again with fingers between her legs.  Grabbed a bottle of water and took a swig, then with some water still in mouth, I went down on her.  The temperature play was intense and she had another orgasm in 60 seconds.  Gave her a brief recovery and had her lick my fingers to get them nice and wet, and inserted one and she was wiggling all over the place.  Inserted a second figure and she became very vocal.  I lost track of how many times she orgasmed.  She was so wet, so I asked her if she ever squirted.  She said that she did when conditions were right and normally from a toy, but didn't want to ruin the bed.  I told her fuck that, let's go for it and gave her a serious fingering concentrating on her g-spot.  Within about 90 seconds she was squirting like a fountain and body in all kinds of contortions.  Grabbed another condom and pounded away until the conclusion.  Had a very quick chat as we were pretty much out of time.  Helped her back into her dress when her driver phoned.  Gemma never once looked at the clock and said wow, that time went really fast.  One last kiss and she was out the door 5 minutes after the scheduled finish time.

Final Commentary
She is a really nice English girl that loves sex.  A little shy at first but then things really opened up as we both became more comfortable.  After she left, I received a thank you text about 15 minutes later, which is always a nice touch.

She only plans to work through the end of 2017, so if you like the looks, you'd better book her this year before she retires.  She told me why she will retire, and it sounds genuine as she definitely has a plan.

Would I book again?  Yes.

South East / South East / larajaneboop - Egham
« by martinmars on January 16, 2017, 10:11:26 pm » or

Incall in Egham, the area felt totally safe with no parking issues

Lara is a good looking girl, around size 12 with a fair few tattoos which are not shown on her profile pictures, but in general they add to her appeal.

The reason for the neutral is that she charges top dollar but does not want to give the full hour. She does the typical time wasting tactic of saying do you want a shower (on my own) as soon as we were in the bedroom, I had a shower less than an hour before the meet and it did not cost me a penny and politely declined.

After some oral (pretty lame to be honest), reverse oral and French kissing I done her doggy which was most enjoyable. After I had come, she said did I want a shower before I leave, were only 35 minutes into the hour. There was no second round offered, I didn't need a shower so got dressed and left, it was all quite amicable but just felt awkward to stay any longer.

She was probably more than happy to get her hourly rate for just over 30 minutes, but I won't be going back.

South East / Curvy Ana Basingstoke
« by ness4 on January 16, 2017, 02:02:06 pm » or

Met with Ana just before Xmas...had a 30 minute visit at her place (one of the standard locations near the station in Basingstoke). Comms were ok and quick and she didn't;t keep me waiting at all.
She was the girl in the pictures and the services were performed but it felt like a dialled in performance (so characteristic of any punt in Basingstoke these days). FK, not deep and not prolonged, oral without (was OK..."don't cum in my mouth though"...ok), reverse oral (clean and tasted OK...and she seemed to enjoy) and sex in doggy.

Nothing outstanding though....all in all, a neutral punt

South East / Gaby34EE Woking
« by kevinspoken on January 16, 2017, 01:16:29 pm »

I was in Woking for the day on business and a lady I had booked cancelled about 30 minutes before the appointment (back problem so I won’t name). I then went into a local Starbucks in panic mode to find a short notice replacement, sent loads of texts and Nicole (not Gaby) got back to me first. £210 for 90 minutes (£130 1h), all sorted by text. I perhaps wouldn’t have booked given the very varied UK Punting reviews but glad I did.


Flat near Woking Station. Clean, easy to get to, quite happy.


Right, some may say this is a “bait and switch” but it seems like an individual uses this profile for a while and then moves onto someone else. The lady I met doesn’t seem to meet the description of any of these reviews (no Tattoos). She is around 35 Brazilian, great body, firm but thick, real bum fake books but well done. I thought she was good looking but not a stunner.

She is called Nicole.


Very good English, she is very friendly and easy to talk to which is good for me as I can be a little nervous. I think she is new to this so is still enthusiastic.

Services used:

Definitely DFK
She said she likes anal, but I have never done it so didn’t take it up and not sure if it costs more.

The meeting:

I was greeted with a kiss and a warm smile. Chatted a bit, gave money, showered (my choice) and back in the room. I always open with “you look beautiful” which normally gets a smile and a thank you or a grunt depending on the girl. On this occasion she pounced on me like I was a Guzzle being trapped by a Lioness. Very passionate DFK (like Tayla Brazil), took her clothes of and she opened my towel for OWO. One of the best OWO I have had, plenty of variation DT (average size) no teeth and enthusiastic. I learned later (by words and evidence) that she really enjoys oral sex.

She spent 5 minutes on her knees and then put a towel on the bed. While she was doing this I wiped her knickers of for OR while she was bent over the bed…. which was nice! She then laid me down for some more OWO. This went on until I came in her mouth, which wasn’t discussed, but she was happy to do it.

After she cleaned up we lay down for some more DFK, a few jokes before she went down on me again. Bare in mind this was the second time down there I had to call time on it (first time), as I really wanted to lick her pussy. I worked my way down and found a very wet pussy, licked for a while, 2 fingers and although I chuckle slightly when others right this I do believe she came or did a very good impression, which is enough for my ego.

This is about an hour into the punt and we are having sex. Started with her on top, rolled over, pounding from the side of the bed and on her side. I tried to slip a finger up her arse but she said she would prefer a cock (not used to this so didn’t act on it!). Then moved to doggy and finished in Prone and Bone. Passionate and enthusiastic throughout. I really felt she enjoyed it as much as I did and there was no issue with trying to limit me in anyway, which has happened and is very off putting.

She did ask several times what I wanted which is vague for me. She will take control if need be and I think she likes that although I didn’t try to control her.

Given the opportunity I would see her again. or

South East / KacyJ outcall in Portsmouth
« by Zimbaman on January 16, 2017, 11:54:06 am »
I met with KacyJ a week or so ago for an outcall in Portsmouth to a local hotel.

Communication prior to the meet: This was very good. Conducted entirely on AW via email. Answered emails promptly and seemed to be looking forward to the meet. She did not give out her phone number.

Looks: Kacy turned up a few minutes late, but not too unreasonable. She was dressed smartly in a dress. Looks wise I would say she is a 5 or 6 out of 10. Not off putting but certainly no stunner. She does however have a fantastic body. My only real negative here would be a slight smell of cigarettes that as a non smoker I could pick up on kissing. I would say that her age on AW is approximately accurate.

The meet: Kacy offers all services as far as I could tell on her profile. As far as kissing goes this was DFK and seemed very natural. One bonus was that she got extremely wet. No lube or anything, just very natural and ridiculously wet to the point where the tops of her legs were wet. She really enjoyed receiving oral, and gave a good uncovered BJ. CIM is not listed on her services and I did not ask. Sex was in a doggy followed by missionary, which she seemed to enjoy as much as I did. We finished with a facial.

Positives: Kacy is keen, definitely gets into it and really enjoys sex. Her BJ was good and she tasted good. Her body I would say is one of the best I've seen on here.

Negatives: Not particularly attractive, and a slight smell of cigarettes when kissing. As a non smoker I will always pick up on this though so may be being overly picky.

All in all a good value for money punt that I would repeat. If there weren't so many others I want to try  :yahoo: ok... maybe I have a problem  :lol:

South East / Isabellita from Basingstoke
« by philb on January 15, 2017, 08:23:27 pm »
This is a few quick lines about my punt today - Isabellita. or

I will not go into any flowery details, I am not an author.  What I will say is that I booked this lady at the last minute after 5 other girls had not replied to my emails or texts.  Isabellita handled the comms both quickly and clearly, while she is Polish, she had no language difficulty - perhaps more importantly, neither did I.    :)  What I wanted was to cheer myself up with a quick punt and spend some time experiencing a lovely ladie's body.  I certainly got what I wanted at a very good price in my opinion.

I found the flat easily, having parked at the local rail station.  I felt safe enough, and entry to the flats was anonymous and had no overtones at all.  Entry, with Isabellita behind the door was easy, and when the door was closed I was more than pleasantly surprised at the sight of a tall and very beautiful lady.  I  am about 5'6 and with her heels on I looked up at her and was more than pleased with what I saw.

It was pouring with rain outside, and once in, with my jacket off, I showered and went in to the bedroom.  I am not a demanding person, and while I did not go through the card of what was showing on her profile - I felt that what fun we had was done with comfort, taste and feeling.  At 60 years of age my days of swinging from the light fittings are over - what I wanted to do was have a quiet intimate time with a really good looking lady.  I got what I wanted and more besides.  Isabellita was kind, fun, very sexy, and let me play with her lovely body as I wished.   :dance:

Her legs are the thing that really get me going, they are a delight, and basically I wanted to spend most of my time between them, which I did.

I will go back, and I will enjoy it again.  What a cracking good visit it was.

9 or
[Link added by admin]

I normally wait a few days before reviewing but this one simply could not wait. Not only does she provide NONE of the services advertised but she also cut off 45 MINUTES of the two hour booking with no refund and to top it all off she also ATTEMPTED TO ROB ME. This has been without a doubt the worst punt of my entire 5 year career.

And I'm fucking livid with myself for breaking my normal rules which are in place to stop this shit from happening.

Details: 2 hours £180.

Comms: The best part of the punt. Had been messed around by another girl so had to organise something for ASAP. In her credit she answered her phone and was able to meet for a two hour with 30 mins getting ready/travelling to her time. Perhaps this should have been a warning - she's not busy for a reason.

Services requested: Hand relief, OWO, kissing/fk, R/O, fingering, B2B massage, domination, spanking, ballbusting.

Services granted: Hand relief

Services refused: Literally everything else. Kissing of any capacity, OWO, R/O fingering, B2B massage, domination, spanking, ballbusting.

Location: Dingy basement flat near ocean village. Seemed okay in the day but leaving once it had gone dark felt sketchy.

Had been cancelled on last minute by "passionate_kisser_4u" (after the time the meeting was due to take place ffs) so looked to book "Monica". I'd had her on my mind since the recommendations you guys had given on here. Oh how different my experience was. Confirmed services on the phone and she agreed to all that was on her profile and so I headed over.

Arrived on time and she opened the door in a dressing gown and nothing else. She's a slightly chunky girl, size 10/12, approaching 40, small natural tits if that's your thing and all in all not unpleasing to the eye. Gave her the money, she hung up my jacket and I took a shower. It wasn't particularly clean, scum marks in the bath and mould on the walls, and her bottle of shower gel was empty so had to wash my cock with shampoo. However her toilet paper was, in fairness, velvet triple quilted which was a pleasant surprise.

Went to the bedroom and asked for a b2b massage to begin as that is the thing she puts first on her profile but was met with "sorry baby don't want to do that". Ok.

Overall her English was like 20-30%, can say the odd word and phrase but struggles with anything more than basic vocabulary and she can't form whole sentences. However the phrase "sorry baby I don't do that" is something she's absolutely mastered.

Skip the massage and go for some kissing,  she turns her cheek. Go for it again, kisses me on the fucking forehead. "What are doing, do you do not do kissing?" "Sorry baby don't do that." K. Why the fuck I didn't ask for a refund and walk at this point I shall never fucking know.

Suggest some reverse oral and fingering to get me in the mood - "sorry baby don't do that". It's like she's a fucking parody of herself.

Ask for some OWO and hand relief, she pulls out a condom. Query again without condom, and surprise surprise don't do that baby. I say forget it, just wank me off. Now in her credit she did give hand relief a real go, I forewarned her that I struggle to cum and if I do it would take a while and she did give it her all. It was nice and I was hard the whole time which rarely happens. She's a fun giggly girl and we had a bit of a laugh.

However after roughly 45 mins of this, including me having a go, I knew it just wasn't going to happen so called it there and wanted to move on to the domination side of the booking.

Asked for a cigarette, she said no. She smokes but "didn't feel like one". I ask again for one because I did but "bing bing bing alarm go off". I ask how she does smoking fetish appointments (on her profile) if the smoke alarm goes off. "Oh I don't do this".  What was I expecting lol.  :dash:

Fine, at least I can have some domination and ball busting to salvage this punt. "Sorry baby I don't do that". What the fuck do you mean you don't do that, you clearly state on your  profile that you give spanking and domination services and you confirmed this and ballbusting on the phone before hand?! The other stuff I'm personally not too bothered by, it's a shitty thing to do but it's not the important part of the punt for me. But domination is and I emphasised this on the phone how crucial to the experience this was for me. "No baby I don't do". "Then why on earth do you say you do on your profile and then confirmed this with me before I booked?!?" "*Garbled gypsy speak* don't do it baby".

I'm lying there with her and then she starts asking a bunch of personal questions "why can't you cum, it's not normal you know, why you can't do that, why don't you want sex, what you scars for". At this point I'm fucked off so say it's not important and suggest she actually give a massage now. She agrees but it's not body to body but "slap some moisturiser on your back and I'll lightly rub it onto your skin". Only lasts 5 mins and then she stops.

It's now an hour and 15 into the punt now (including 10 mins money exchange and initial shower). Then she says, "time for a shower then eh?" I'm like what? There's 45 mins left (more like an hour if she isn't a scumbag who includes a shower and money on punters time). "Oh no baby time gone now - go fast when we have fun!" "No, clock doesn't lie, I booked for 3 and it's now just shy of 4:20." Whatever I'm fucking done at this point so just head in the shower, can't be dealing with her any longer, just want to go to the pub and knock back a few Guinness and forget this horrific day.

I have a shower, get changed and book a taxi. She asks if I go now, indicating the door, I say like fuck I'm waiting in the cold, the taxi is here in 10 mins I'll stay here. She begins again the personal questions, what's my name, what do I do, how old am I, do I live with family?? does my girlfriend know I'm here?!?! Who the fuck does she think she is. These are somewhat acceptable with a regular who you know and like but some random hooker who you are no longer hiding your displeasure with - fuck right off.

And now the crowning achievement on her guide of how to be your stereotypical Romanian whore - I realised she'd stolen from me.

Taxi had texted to say on my way so I put my jacket on and was about to head out. Now, if experience has taught me something, I keep emergency cash on hand other than my wallet, in this case I kept a 20 in my zipped jacket pocket which I use for cab money. Just before I walk out the door I quickly think to check it's still there - lo and behold it's no where to be seen. My other stuff is in my jacket as before but my money is mysteriously missing. Thank fuck I thought to check.

I say to her, give me my money back now. She says no refund - I say I'm not talking about a refund (which by the way I'm rightly entitled to because you scammed me out of 70 quid of time but that's beside the point) but the 20 you stole from my jacket. It's the only possession I let out of my sight - again angry at myself because I never let any of my stuff out of my sight at any point normally. She denies it and I insist I'm not moving one step until she gives it or I'm phoning the police. There's a Mexican (Romanian?) stand off for a minute before she relents and goes to get my money (still folded small as I had it - thieving bitch) all the while shouting profanity at me and calling me fat, small cocked, limp dicked, ugly prick etc.

That may be true, but I can lose weight yet she'll always be an old rom prostitute sucking cock to fund her drug habit. Fucking thieving skank. Should have insisted on getting 90 back but didn't want to risk Sergei showing up with a baseball bat and me getting nothing but a black eye.

Admin I don't know if you feel this is blacklist worthy but I sincerely hope you do. And guys, don't waste your time, effort and money like I did. I cannot stress enough NEVER to see this girl if you want anything more than a handjob and not to get robbed. Disgraceful. Sucks even more when there are actually great EE girls out there. Last time I ever go with someone without top reviews.

What an unbelievably shit day  :(

South East / 36EEblonde - Aldershot
« by thekman100 on January 14, 2017, 06:25:03 pm » or

Pictures are genuine, comms were pretty decent. House I've been to once before to see another girl with big tits...coincidence! She has amazing natural boobs and is pretty enough to get my motor running. She was friendly and made me welcome. Decent enough shower, nice hot water but shower head had no place to hold it in place.

The reason for the neutral was the punt. I paid £100 for 30 mins with A levels.

OWO was okay, very average which is not to say poor but it was far too short lived for my liking. On with the mac and got ridden cowgirl for a bit. Lovely to have those huge bazongas in my face. Boy are they heavy!

Was told, yes told to, switch to Missionary. At this point I felt she kept her legs from hitting mine so I couldn't really get in deep thrusts. I am not massive and I am pretty sure she'd enjoy it! Everything else was fine. Some FK (not too deep) holding me close, noises but not overly acting. My issue was purely with the 'resistance'

Onto Doggy, which I thought there was no way to prevent me going for it but the issue here was the bed and posture. I am not tall, she isn't short, saggy bed and the fact she didn't squat down enough prevented the most satisfying angle to her pussy, which is a pity as it felt pretty good!

I like to hold onto hips as I thrust but due to the issues above I guess I was pressing down a bit and she kept moving my hands. I did grab her tits for a bit which was great but that was difficult with the angle I was screwing her.

Now...that was pussy, so add a few angle issues with Anal and I bet you can guess this was even more 'awkward'. She did lie on her side for a bit but again I couldn't really get penetration. Back to doggy at my request and I knew Anal wasn't going to be prolonged enough to get me off, so back to pussy, felt much better and got myself off to an extended orgasm. Only really extended due to the lack of being able to grab her waist and thrust it in! Hope this makes sense?

Had I been able to shag her the way I wanted in doggy or missionary I would have definitely put her in the positive column and returned! But sadly didn't happen.

So, by far not the worst punt I've had, far from it. She is as advertised but I just think there were too many minus points to give Crystal a positive. It is most definitely a neutral and YMMV.


South East / Randi Mandi xx - Basingstoke
« by Mightier Than on January 14, 2017, 12:28:43 pm »
As with ax4's review, I'm catching up on a December  meeting.

£60 for 30 min incall in an apartment opposite the station.

Overt he holiday period there appeared to be a shortage iof girls, so I chanced on Mandi.  Initial phone call confirmed FK and OWO, so made an appointment for 15 minutes later.I called around.  When outside, was texted the flat number.

The door was opened my a Czech lady, looking in her 40s, and I would guess size 16.  Profile says 36 and size 14.  Did the paperwork and got down to action.  There didn't appear to be a spark of enthusiasm, but we started with a brief FK and then on to OWO.  She lay across my body with my back to her, so was a little heavy on me and I couldn't see the action.  The BJ was OK.  I tried more FK but wasn't greeted with any enthusiasm.

On with the mac and got going in missionary.  The lack of FK and any real enthusiasm started to put the little fella to sleep after a while, so I took it out as I knew it wouldn't rise again quickly.

Mandi proceeded to give me a decent hand job.  She didn't think it would rise again, but slowly and surely it woke up and then to spurt it's load.

It cannot be a positive due to the lack of enthusiasm and the FK was brief.  Also I didn't fancy her.  I've been with older/worse looking girls with plenty of enthusiasm and had a far better time.

It cannot be a negative as the services were provided, and OWO was half-decent.  Also she put a decent effort into the HJ.

Also bearing in mind the cost I rate it as a Neutral.

South East / Maya Sensual Blonde - Maidenhead
« by Oralone on January 13, 2017, 03:04:23 pm »
I visited Maya this week, having managed to miss her profile previously on AW for the past 18 months.
She often works in Bristol, but occasionally in Maidenhead.
Good communication by text, and very accurate directions of how to find her.
She works in an apartment in an oft used (by escorts) block above a large supermarket in the town centre.  Parking is plentiful, but allow a few extra minutes getting around the car park, buying a ticket etc.
It was refreshing to meet a lady who is accurately represented by her profile (her age and description on her profile page matched the lady I saw), and Maya opened the door, discretely dressed in a sheer neglige, revealing expensive looking underwear, hold ups, and the usual impossibly high shoes.
My first impression was that she is has a beautiful face (IMO), which she doesn't show on her profile, and a very shapely figure, with large natural breasts and a trim waist.
I paid for an hour (£120) and Maya went off to get me a glass of water.  On returning to the room she began to kiss - DFK included - with her soft bright red lips, and it wasn't long before we were on the bed.  There was a lot of soft caressing before we engaged in reverse oral, during which she made a few groans - I never know if these are faked, but it suited me to believe that she had cum.  The oral on me was soft, deep, and sloppy, but not from spitting (I hate girls spitting on my dick) but she has unusual technique as she didn't use her hands at all, apart from playing with my balls.
We then went on to sex in three different positions including doggy and cowgirl (one of my favourites).  There is a (small) convenient mirror to watch some of the activities, especially good watching her pendulous breasts moving.
I finally popped during doggy and with five minutes left Maya pulled me onto the bed for a warm down cuddle.
Before I left I was offered a shower (she clearly wasn't counting that time in my hour), which I declined, and dressed and left.
In all this was a punt that exceeded my expectations especially in Maya's physical appearance.  She is a good GFE, but no PSE side to her.
Maya does't speak much English, although a bit more than some of the Polish ladies I have seen.  The limited English detracted a bit from what would have otherwise have been a first class punt, as I like to make a verbal connection.
She also told me that she accepts rimming but doesn't give it, although it is stated on her profile that she does.  This wasn't a big drawback for me as it isn't something I specifically choose.

South East / SurreyKat - Woking
« by tucco68 on January 12, 2017, 07:41:19 pm »
First review here but a seasoned punter, so apologies if it is a bit clunky.

Looking around for a true GFE for a while and stumbled across SurreyKat just after Christmas. Booked via AW and received very good coms from the start. Always a bit wary of girls offering true GFE but got a really good vibe early on. Booked two hour out call (£220) and Katie arrived on time and was very discreet. Immediate FK in the hall way and cuddling as soon as door was closed, very friendly and very attractive. Katie sat on the couch and proceeded to pull her legs apart giving me a full you view of her stockings and panties, she is very naughty. Went straight into OWO and DT for an eternity and then 69 with face fuck, more OWO, mutual masturbation and finally covered sex. This continued in no particular order with refreshments and comfort breaks for nearly three hours. At no point during the evening did Katie check the time, we were having far too much fun. She is amazing and very good at what she does and more importantly, she loves this job. Oral is a specialty of Katie`s, she loves it! Katie is very sweet and petite and cannot do enough for her customers. All sounds a bit fluffy but she really is a rare find these days

Katie only sees one or two customers a day and is starting to pick up a regular following so although i have booked again (an overnight) I must wait ten days. I will post details of this soon.

 I can confirm that Katie does indeed offer a true GFE including DFK, cuddles, DT, fingering, RO, OWO and covered sex (no anal). Profile is accurate as far as services offered and pictures.

South East / Sensual_Melody TOURS --seen SOUTHAMPTON
« by MrKeen on January 12, 2017, 03:22:16 pm » or

Comms,venue parking spot on.
£120 for one hour, no faffing with cash
Shower etc offered but not used as I always arrive squeeky clean.

Girl is girl on Profile, has put on some weight since photos taken.very freindly and able to chat more than superficially
Full on GFE with anything you can imagine on offer

is heavy smoker and for me very full on FK left me gagging (not sure why the taste of mouthwash and nicotine is quite so vile)  so not for me.

If you don;t mind smokers or area smoker I am sure melody would be a VFM visit. 

I have given her a positive as she is genuine, prepared to follow through on all services very enthusiatically, the smoking is the reason I would not rebook.

South East / Naughty Kelly xyx Bracknell
« by Elmer.fudd on January 12, 2017, 02:59:09 pm » or

Her profile pictures may not be her - she looks really pretty and glamourous but i have now shagged my first EE girl - Hungarian. Gentle girl about 5'6" - allowed me in 5 mins early but was still putting on stockings -0 had not replied to my emails - realised i was getting a standard auto reply and did not respond to my text, with outfit requirements, but i had called her on the saturday after emailing on the Friday, for meeting on Monday morning. Don't think her English is that great.

Venue is ground floor bedroom in 3 storey townhouse in close suburb to town/college. Typical EE i think with cheap creaky bed and towel put down. Shower after was minging and she apologised she had showered her two dogs earlier after their morning venture into the rear garden! She is either lazy or a lover of lie ins as she was not ready and the shower was dirty.

Had to take the lead but she blew me uncovered which was fairly good and CIM. Kissed and cuddled before onto sex covered in mish, CG and Doggy. Came mish.

Would not go back - did not match profile or pictures - definitely better out there. £100 paid for 1 hour - finished in 35 mins - record for me for two pops!

South East / Hot Sissy - Surbiton
« by Elmer.fudd on January 12, 2017, 02:51:31 pm » or

Couple of weeks ago now - saw her evening, but A3 was borked so running late and meeting friends afterwards, otherwise i could have spent more time wit this lady as she definately does not clockwatch, and offered to shower with me afterwards, which was beyond the hour anyway and i had to be going.

Flat is in residential road, tight for parking so allow time for that as it is flats area nr Berrylands so loads of cars around.
Paid £100 for hour - pretty cheap considering South East  etc.

Wore stockings and suspenders as requested - skinny  Chinese lady probably mid thirties. Skinny and tall ish around 5'6" i would guess. Chats a lot, bit too much for some but started with sit down on sofa and general touching, stroking. Moved it on as i was late and got her down to her lingerie and she went down on me while i was standing - OWO was slow, delicate and well done with shaft and balls catered for. Held off and went onto bed for 69 and came, with me so sensitive i could not tell it was not OWO CIM, as she does not do CIM or Facials, as per her profile. Huge load from me - could not see as her bum was in my face but must have been skillful to dodge it! Then after some snogging etc had sex mish, CG and Doggy, ending up with second orgasm in condom in Doggy.

She was talking a lot, parts about how her fantasy of daddy coming home and catching her masturbating - could have been to turn me on or a real fantasy she wanted to share - not sure. Don't normally do roleplay, but if that turns her on i will remember for next time. For £100 she is good - would go back. She definitely likes it slow and gentle as that is how she treats you so bear that in mind.

Nipples are like brown bullets as noted and tits are small, but a legs man myself - hence suspenders. Shower after was a bit shit - rented flat? Oh and it has been mentioned about her teeth - didn't really notice but they are not pearly white, but nor are mine! Overall, she seems to like pleasuring men and treats you well. Her kissing is shallow however and she sticks her tongue tip in your mouth and doesn't really open hers so not the best kisser but i wasn't going to moan at the time as there was so much else going on - will suggest something to her next time to see if we can try something more normal.

So a good punt, good VFM and would see her again - not everyones cup of tea but there are penty of reviews for her so read them to get a full picture, as i did pre-punt.

South East / Shirley - Reading | Avoid like PLAGUE
« by Gent123 on January 12, 2017, 08:34:51 am »
Hi guys, hope you had a good start for this year. I had many punts lately and even though I have not made any reviews, this particular punt I had to write a review.

Link is not available because she removed her AD this morning, but I have managed to get a screenshot of her AD in my email ( see attached ).

So where to begin, it`s been a while since I not went to any WG on vivastreet, but this one got my attention, she looked young, fit, pretty sexy.


Via text only, and even in texts I barely could decipher what she was saying, at one point she confused me like shit saying that the "booking" can take place only at 3 AM ( and I was in Reading around 18:00 ).

Anyway got the postcode, grabbed a cab and went to the place, when I got there she kept me in the freaking cold for a good couple of minutes until she called me. I answered, she told me the house number and it was easy to find.


A skinny little girl, ugly, and her hair was in 3 colors I beleive; some pink, green, and grey !? fucking dissapointed when she was NOT the girl in pictures ( like it`s the first time that this happens with bitches from vivastreet  :dash: )
Anyway, went with it because I was not planning to stay more than 30 minutes.

The meeting:

She led me to the bedroom upstairs, the house was nice though. Got the paper sorted ( 60 for 30 minutes ), and she went down stairs which straight away told me that she has a PIMP and the house is shared, anyway I did not care.

When she came back, she straight away undressed, sitting on the bed ( what the fuck  :timeout: ), so I tried to make a little conversation while I was undressing because it was too akward... but no chance, her english sucked as shit, and everything I said she replied with "yes".  :(

On we go, went next to her in the bed and I asked about kissing ( to turn me on, because my dick would not get hard seeing her body ), and she said kissing is 10 Pounds extra. LOL, I never, ever got charged for kissing a WG, so I opted out and said not thanks.

She grabbed my dick in a weird way and started wanking it to get it hard ( and all the time she was looking at me in a really ugly way, like she was upset/angry that she has to do this ), once the fella got a little hard, just a little, she went for the condoms. She gave me the condom to put it on ( lol ), which I did, and after that she gave me another one ( WHAT THE SHIT ), so yes it`s the first time in my freaking like that a WG made me put 2 condoms on my cock.

She then asked me "what position you would like?", and I said anything....... just to get on with this crap, so she choose mish ( when I started penetrating her, I though she is going to break in pieces because she was so skinny and small, like she was a little cat, LOL ).

Anyway I "forced" myself into finish really quickly to end this horrible shit, and after I ended she threw me 2 wet tissues to clean myself  :thumbsdown:

The end:

Whilst I was somehow putting on my clothes with a sour dissapointment in my head, dick and everything, I started again a little chat ( she dressed up in new clothes in like 30 seconds ).

She then told me she is Romanian, which made everything clear, bitches from that country are the worst bitches on the fucking planet. They just want money and nothing in exchange. ( I really don`t care if she is going to read this and know it was me )

I then went to exit the house, when the interesting thing happens, she saw someone outside the door and made a funny noise like she was amused. Outside was a tall guy waiting to get back into the house, I don`t know who that was, her pimp, her brother, her boyfriend, I really don`t give a FUCK, because it was akward as SHIT and I paid for a fucking service that was neither delivered as advertised neither the advertiser was the real person, so FUCK THAT.

End of story, wasted 60 quid on nothing, saw a skinny ugly bitch.

Overall Experience:

- Not the girl in the pictures ( I don`t know how she got many selfies from that girl, but she is fucking FIT )
- Services not as described
- Time waster and "extra" payment scammer
- She made me use 2 condoms

Please guys, avoid VivaStreet and avoid Romanian girls, I know there are very pretty and everything, but I think from 20 Romanian girls, only 1 was a proper service provider which I could find.


Great season and keeping it short
FK, a bit of DFK
OWO and developed into deep throating as much as possible.
Balls licking and no hands blow job.
lots of 69 and her cumming strongly a few times and then onto various positions of sex.
Both of us cumming and onto some seriously hot and fast sex to get a second round for me.
Nice figure - full heavy tits in hands with pointy nipples when given the attention.
Figure as in pics but is a hot milf.
A bit quiet intially but sex was so good and chit chat warmed up too.
a definite revisit required!!

South East / Randi Mandi - Basingstoke
« by ax4 on January 11, 2017, 12:54:52 pm »
Review #6, meeting took place in December

Cost: £60 for 30 min incall

Communications: straightforward; phoned in morning for afternoon appt, and 5 mins before for flat number

Location: central Basingstoke, opposite rail station, clean studio apartment

Age: profile states 36, but looked a few years older maybe early 40s

Nationality : Czech

Physical / accuracy of photos & profile stats : add a few extra pounds, and hair dyed blond. Bra size stated as DD, seems fair enough, they're more than ample ; dress size stated as 14, mmm, that might be pushing it, maybe add a size or two.

Personality/attitude : so so, a bit of chat, but gave neither the impression of being overly enthusuastic or wanting me out of the door asap (if that makes sense). Neutral.

Services provided:
Massage (profile states that she does a b2b nuru, but it was mediocre at best)
Oral protected
Protected intercourse

I can't really call it either a positive or negative, so neutral it is.

South East / Monica36 - Southampton
« by ax4 on January 11, 2017, 12:52:53 pm »

Review #5, meeting took place in December

Cost: £50 for 30 min incall

Communications: straightforward, a text the day before to reponded by a postcode, then a phone call 5 mins before booking for flat no.

Location: near Ocean Village, 1 bed flat, area maybe a bit dodgy at night, but flat was clean / no issues

Age: profile states 36, i'd have said mid/late 30s so fair enough

Nationality : Romanian

Physical / accuracy of photos & profile stats : as per photos 

Personality/attitude : bubbly, enthusiastic

Services provided:
Massage (a bit on the firm side but ok)
Oral protected
Protected intercourse

Would see again. Positive.

South East / Daisy Flowers South Mimms
« by monkey nuts on January 10, 2017, 06:52:27 pm » or
Recently had the itch for a BJ and swallow and had missed this girl in the past. Saw when her recent tour passed by South Mimms. Physically pretty face, nice but not over firm handful breasts. Downstraits carrying a little junk in the truck, so please I opted for a BJ. Good BJ effort, not that deep but nice rhythm and a light face fuck. Dumped a few days worth and it was (as promised) swelled without question. £100 including the swallow for 30 minutes might not be value (your call) but scratched the itch and left me a load lighter. 7/10 might repeat but only for a BJS as preference is for more trim chassis.

South East / a little feather/ Reading
« by Bijoux on January 10, 2017, 09:25:59 am » or

30mins @ £70

Mia speaks excellent English. Called her and arranged time, and she then sent postcode.

Plenty of parking but restricted to 2hrs during 8am-8pm. Mia's flat is slightly small, cosy but sufficent space for fucking.

I would give Mia 6/10. She is very petite with fairly small tits, if you are into that. I liked that about her because she is very light.

Protected sex (cowgirl, doggy)

Mia gives very good DFK. OWO is definitely not on offer, I don't like receiving OWO from WGs. Mia gave me a great BJ, as I nearly popped I asked her to stop and get on top for cowgirl action. She then rode me like a wild mustang until I popped in her. Most WGs jump straight of after I cum but Mia made sure she squeezed every drop before she jumped off.

After cleaning up she offered me a massage, which I accepted. This was mediocre, as I only booked for 30 mins I asked if we could go again doggy. She got another condom on, bent over and guided me in. I pumped her for about 10 mins then ran out of steam and decided to leave it there.

Great DFK, eye contact and wasn't paranoid about cum leaking in her. The experience was generally positive, especially for the price. I would probably see Mia again, but I would like to use her light weight to my advantage by picking her up and fucking her brains out.

South East / Hayley-x-x Portsmouth
« by madmania on January 10, 2017, 02:44:40 am » or

Details 2hr incall, mixed GFE and domination, £260

Comms Very popular girl so was hard to find a time she was available during my very limited punting opportunities. Emails were always responded to within a day. Pre punt confirmation details prompt

Location Nice place 5 mins from the station by cab. Maybe a 20 min walk? Safe and discreet with parking available

Honestly don't know why I'm bothering to review - everyone knows Hayley is great. But whatever, punt should equal review so here goes haha.

Hayley's a gorgeous young red head who is friendly and easy to talk to. Arrived, drink offered, money exchanged, shower had. Nice bathroom, quality toilet roll, big fresh towel.

Started with kissing and cuddling, not DFK but sensual and pleasing nonetheless. RO which was nice but she didn't cum, apparently that's common - appropriate noises and compliments given though. Had a massage and then handjob and OWO. Slow and very wet as requested - no complaints at all, she gives great head. I couldn't cum but what's new with me. Haven't cum in months, Doctor said its low sex drive but I don't know. Sorry off topic haha. Hayley gave it her best though which was much appreciated.

After a chat went for part 2 of the punt, domination. Didn't go for a roleplay this time, just doing a few D/S things. She had a commanding domme persona as requested which she pulled off well. Did light spanking with hand and paddle, nipple clamps, strap on sucking and my favourite ballbusting! Good solid hitter, not afraid to go at it (but never too far, is good at picking up body language of when to slow down and when I could handle more).

- Attractive
- Red hair (always liked red heads after a run in with my best mates sister back in the day. That's a story for another time though  :lol: )
- Friendly funny girl
- Nice place in a good location
- Intimate GFE, varied and exciting domination

- None really. Would have been nice to have her orgasm but for me her not cumming and not pretending otherwise is 1000 times better than faking it. So really this should be in the pros section!

Conclusion Overall amazing time, not the greatest punt I've ever had but certainly in my top 5. Will definitely aim to go again if I ever get an opportunity. Highly recommended  :hi:


Tina is now in Westcliff on Sea. Previously in Leigh on Sea. She stopped working and is now back. I have not seen her in the new place but can confirm she is taking bookings.

Standard rub and tug. She strips off and has a decent body for a mature lady. She allowed me to touch but no fingers. Talks a lot - I mean a lot and there's always some kind of drama going on. Her Leigh place was nice but I have no idea what the new pad is like.

Paid £60 for the hour and hand relief - nothing else is offered. Worth a punt if you're into older ladies and can't be bothered to knock one out. Average hot stone massage. I've been a few times but not again. Don't pay more - she'll take £60 but wants more.

South East / Sensual Carmen (Gatwick)
« by Plan R on January 09, 2017, 01:56:19 am »

This punt took place on Sat 7th Jan in the Hilton at Gatwick - but as I write this review (late Sun night), I notice Carmen's listed location has changed to Kent.

Comms:  Good. Phone was answered first call (11am), and I arranged the 1hr punt for that eve, Sat 8pm.
She told me she was staying at the Hilton Gatwick South Terminal and left location details at that.
Not a problem for me to look up the postcode.

Location: Gatwick Hilton. Nice hotel. Felt completely safe obviously.  Only thing worth noting is that absolutely the only parking round there (short stay drop off car park) is 12 pounds for two hours!

Appearance: Tiny tanned little thing.  If the 'pocket rocket' is your thing then you'll like Carmen. Gorgeous in her own way. Obvious fake tits. Lingerie'd up, tiny hands, a delicate woman.

Punt:  Friendly (if slightly 'detached') young lady who provides the services on her likes list without a flinch. Takes instruction well, FK was mediocre, BJ was superb.
She lingered over my cock and seemed to genuinely relish the pre-cum, poking her tongue in the Jap's eye again and again to get more and swallow it while making contented noises.
Given that I hadn't banged one out in a week - I knew there was plenty.

Fingers in pussy and bum no probs.
One funny incident was when I asked if she had a toy and she got one out.
I stuck it up her bum for a good 30 seconds - before she said it wasn't for there... Woops !   :rolleyes:

A positive review as she did exactly what she said on the tin.
I didn't try anal, and was in the wrong position for swallowing - but I've no doubt both would have been no problem.

Personally the punt didn't make my head spin so I won't wax lyrical like I normally do.
I don't expect marriage proposals from WGs - or exclamations of undying love
but she just seemed a little zoned out.  Maybe she has to be sometimes.

I'm asking myself what the hell did I want, but as I've read here before 'your-punt-your-review'
so I'm just trying to be completely honest about it
I can't stress enough - YMMV   :hi: 

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