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South East / Rachael of Ego Masssge Milton Keynes
« by derbyladsouth on Yesterday at 07:09:45 PM »

After seeing Rachaels photos I had to see this lady for myself and I am so glad that I did. I have had a few visits for massages recently and none have left me completely satisfied until today.
Rachael is stunning and also a lovely person to have a conversation with as well.
I had phoned to book for 1 but was told Rachael wasn't free until 145 so gladly waited. The place is very smart inside with a clean waiting area downstairs, the rooms have mirrors in which means you can see all the action and watch it at the same time. Was took upstairs by the receptionist and soon after Rachael came in and I advised her I wanted the deluxe massage for a hour for £85. I was then explained what will happen and was told to strip and get comfy.  Rachael then returned a min later and removed her clothes and started to give me a great massage with loads of ball and cock stroking while still on my front which I love. I nearly couldn't hold it in then so was glad I was then asked to turn over and could see her tremendous body and her amazing smile. There then followed loads of teasing with loads of eye contact which was so sexy. After several minutes I couldn't hang on any longer so Rachael finished me off while looking me straight in the eye. I then had a shower which is included in your time but this was only a small negative. There was loads of mutual touching but nothing penatatrive. Overall I felt this was an amazing massage with HR with an amazing looking lady who is polite and sexy. Will definitely return as soon as can and glad I don't live too close or would be broke next week.

South East / Charlie, Annabellas Milton Keynes
« by mrx007 on Yesterday at 04:53:11 PM »
This Girl: http://annabellasescorts.com/escort-girl.php?girlid=761

The venue: A nice modern apartment in MK, probably one of the newer blocks. Entrance is fairly discrete as it backs onto a car park.

Inside nice and modern, room had its' own ensuite.

One thing though: fuck me could I find the place, drove around endlessly as the postcode I was sent led to the next road and that was just enough to cause me to drive around frustratedly and be a few minutes late. Can't do handsfree on the cheapo punting phone, ha ha. Fairly cheap parking. Loads of spaces on a Saturday.

The Girl: Described my me before as Hot as Hell but I'll try again: Pretty girl with striking features, slightly reminded me a bit of  Jess Ennis. Porn Star body is built for sex: slim, even tan, big pair of enhanced tits sit nicely on her small frame. Basically she looks like she's built for sex. Once she was brunette, then had blonde highlights and now her hair is lighter, honey blonde sort of colour. English Girl (!!!) Northern-ish accent. To my eyes she's Hot as Fuck. If I saw her in the street I'd probably keep looking at her until I walked into a lamp post.

Service: Well, Charlie has a rather good memory and she remembers what I like, which is: a pretty girl dropping to her knees, preferably in front of a mirror, and giving me OWO until I give her a mouth and face full of man-milk.

Quick note: Charlie has become a bit more liberal to say the least: the first couple of times I saw her she did OWO and CIM but wouldn't take a facial. Now she lists swallowing, facials, even anal (may be size limited, she did say I may be too big if I wanted to do it).

So, she said "get your clothes off" and " do you want these out?" referring to her awesome breasts. My clothes were off and her tits were out pretty as much as those words were spoken. "You want to cum on my face don't you?" happen to be words that increase the blood supply to the old penis rather rapidly...

I asked her to kneel down and she obligingly did and what followed was some oral that hit the spot: Charlie sucked and licked my cock and balls, smacked her face with my cock and let me smack her mouth and face with it. In fact she seemed to like it and was pretty responsive to my dirty talk. One nice detail was She asked me to step back as she said she likes to look in the mirror too. Nice to know she likes seeing herself with a mouth full of cock.

So it went on, Charlie kneeling, me standing, feeding her the cock, slapping her face, offering it to her for more licking and sucking and presenting the bulging pair of full balls to her. Asked her if she's ready for the spunk?

"Yeah" she said "Give me your spunk!" Asked her to stick her wicked little tongue out, which she flicks from side to side like a sex mad snake. The sight of her on her knees, sitting back on her heels, mouth open, tongue flicking, all was to much: a few wank strokes and fuck, I started to shoot. I don't know how many spurts but I was draining my nuts like a man possessed.

She had said not to get it in her eyes or hair and I do shoot a lot so did try and keep it low. With the result that I coated her chin, cheeks, lips and mouth with quite a few impressively large globs of muck dripping onto her tits and thighs. In a perfect world I'd shoot streaks fully across her face without any inhibitions but still...

Wish I could have looked at her for ages with my white mess decorating her tanned face and body. She offers filming and photos for extra money and said she will "pose with a mouth full of cock" and with a "face full of cum" so that is in a future visit to her. Only thing that's stopped me is I'm not convinced I'll be able to focus the camera...

Great time had by me with atop enthusiastic horny dirty Girl: she seems more obliging and definitely dirtier than she was which are all plus points.

Fucking great if you ask me. Don't know what she fucks like as I only go to be blown. Considering what a cock lover she is I don't think you could go too far wrong.

South East / Slutty Natasha (Milton Keynes)
« by JoeyRamone on Yesterday at 03:27:29 PM »
Decided on a meet with Natasha after reading several good reviews of her here, and wanting to tick two items off my bucket list; fisting an anal, neither of which I'd done before.

Link - www.adultwork.com/3071220

Date of meeting -27/2/2017

Location - Milton Keynes (private house, her own)

Type of meeting - Incall

Price paid / time spent - £120 / 60 mins

Summary As per the opener, I've wanted to tick both fisting and anal off my list for some time, and after reading good reviews and comments about Natasha I decided to brave the fairly long journey up the M1 to see her. Initial contact was made through AW email, with very quick replies. Checked with her what services I wanted - OWO, RO, rimming (me), fisting and anal sex (both her) - and she confirmed all ok with no extra, but stipulated a 1hr appointment. Originally made booking for Thursday, but then work commitments changed so I emailed again asking if we could change to Monday - again very quick reply and no problem changing days, so another mark in her favour there too. Told to text on the morning of the appointment, she gave me the address and postcode and asked me to text again when I arrived for door number, which I duly did. Parking right outside her house, which is a clean, tidy, actual home in a housing estate, which all felt very safe. Door opened before I rang the bell, typical standing out of view but to be fair it was the front door looking right out to the estate, so that's understandable. With it closed she's wearing a PVC zip up "dress", stockings, lacy panties and push up bra, and that bright red hair! Very welcoming, polite, bubbly girl, late thirties / early 40's perhaps, bit of weight to her, but not fat.

Upstairs to the bedroom, offered shower (already had one) and again confirmed services, as mentioned above, all of which partook with no problem. She actually seems to be genuinely enjoying herself and definitely came twice while fisting (she also used her wand), because I could feel it. No squirting because she hadn't drank enough (I never thought to ask before, but no big deal). Plenty of fisting, and she almost begged me to fuck her, which I did anally.

Finished with 15 mins to go of the hour, so she offered a massage which was actually pretty decent and not just a time-killer. Also offered a shower again, which I had (massage oils). Quick chat as I got dressed, and then she checked outside before I walked out to the car.

Conclusion - Natasha is a genuinely nice, bubbly milf that you can spend an enjoyable hour with. She did everything asked and was happy about it too, which makes a nice change from so many Romanians that don't. Happy to have ticked off fisting an anal, both of which she seemed to enjoy herself.

Return? - Incredibly likely.

Rating - Positive

 https://www.adultwork.com/3376554 or https://www.adultwork.com/ANGE%2DLICA

Comms - All done via texts, prompt response.

Location - Modern apartment complex,  10-15 minutes walk from Reading town centre.

Girl -  She must be in her late 20s, with blonde streaked hair, her gallery pics are photoshopped, however she possesses a  cracking rack and arse.

Experience - Greeted me in sexy black lingerie and heels with some FK, she smelt fresh.  Paid her £150/hour. She went away to stash the cash while I undressed. She returned and straight onto DFK, lotsa tongue while I unhooked her bra to reveal a great pair of tits. I spent quite some time sucking those mangoes, as she moaned and caressed me. She then  got down to her knees and started OWO. Wet, sloppy, not much eye contact, licked my balls and shaft. I then positioned her in 69, beautifully shaped sweet tasty pussy, allows fingering in both holes, gets quite wet as she kept sucking my bell-end. Spent quite a while eating her as she rubbed her pussy on my face and eventually came. She then turned around and sucked my tongue passionately saying she loved her taste. Wow, that turned me on, on with the rubber, humped her in doggy to begin with, lovely tight pussy, spanked that latina booty of hers as she moaned loudly, then she rode me hard in CG and  thrust those gorgeous  tits into my mouth. Next pumped her in mish, then her legs on my shoulders, boy that felt damn good. Cheekily asked if I could fuck her arse, she said £50 extra! Anyway, I kept plugging her in mish, after a while pulled off the rubber and shot my entire load inside her mouth as she looked at me sweetly. She then rushed to the bathroom to clean herself up. She returned, some more DFK ensued. Comes from the capital Brasilia and will be here for a few months before heading back.
Her English is not the best, so Round 2 followed shortly with lots of OWO and RO. This time however, unloaded inside her in CG as she worked up a sweat.

Summary - Terrific girl, submissive and very willing to please, okay face but a  fantastic body and service, can't wait to see her again!

South East / Alice sexy back Southampton
« by asseater34 on February 26, 2017, 09:16:23 PM »
£100 for 1hr

I saw Alice about a month ago, I originally saw her a year and a half ago. To me she has improved in a couple of ways, one in that her English has improved and could hold more of a conversation, more importantly her BJ skills have improved.

For the BJ she was down the full length and using plenty of spit to keep it nice and sloppy. I ended shooting over her face (some getting in her mouth) and over her body. She didn't run off straight away but sucked my cock a bit more ensuring she had got all my cum.

It was a good vanilla punt, probably  good plan b. my only issue is that she is too skinny so when fucking her in doggy I thought I could probably wrap my hands around her waist.

South East / Young Lexi - Reading
« by asseater34 on February 26, 2017, 08:50:28 PM »
Young Lexi
Price: £120/1Hr incall extra £20 for OWO

I was going to be in Reading and was thinking of who I could see, I read King Tarzans review of Lexi on here and made my mind up.

Booking made for 1hr, when I arrived Lexi let me in and was wearing some denim hotpants and red top. I had seen the face pic on the previous thread so knew what to expect.

I think she is a natural looking girl next door type of girl. Very little make up on and looking great. Paid and she disappeared to stash the cash.

Once back in the room she came up to me and seemed a bit timid, we started kissing, this wasn't full on dfk but was good. I started stripping her as we kissed. When naked I could she just what a nice body she has.

Lexi undid my jeans and dropped to her knees, her BJ was good, this is by no means DT. Onto the bed and into a 69 position, she tasted good. After a while it was on with the rubber and into missionary, we kept fucking like this for some time kissing whilst we did. She does have a great looking pussy.

Finished with a BJ in 69 as I gave her a good rimming. I did pay the extra for CIM so as I was close she moved out the way.

Conclusion - Good looking girl, great ass and good service (no over the top fake moaning which was good). Im putting it as a positive but think with the extras she charges to much. I know its her body her choice etc, but if she was £120 inc OWO and CIM I would have been back already, maybe a couple of times.

South East / Victoria - Woking
« by personofinterest on February 26, 2017, 08:18:31 AM »
Victoria is a pretty bubbly brunette. Victoria must have been having an off day. Paid for an hour (£200) expecting OWO as experienced before but this time it was OW (recovering from an illness was the reason). But good attention to my balls. Victoria was reluctant to FK due to said recovery from an illness. Short changed on time. I was shown the door after around 45 minutes. Given the prices here, I may think about a repeat booking but at 30 mins.

Victoria also works as Vicky in Slough (Independent Babes) where it is less expensive.

Enjoy with caution.


South East / Alice Milf xox - Gosport (Outcall)
« by kamu on February 26, 2017, 12:02:39 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3938968 or https://www.adultwork.com/Alice+Milf+xox

Noticed this wg when she was working for the CandyKiss group and had toyed with the idea of seeing her several times but never got around to it. When I saw she was now an indie and £80 cheaper I jumped at the chance.

Not sure what is going on with the CandyKiss group at the moment. I noticed a few days ago the contact numbers had been removed from all the profiles and Indigo was/is working in London but still with CandyKiss. And now 2 of their wgs have gone indie...

NAME Alice (Seem to remember it as something else when with CK).
AGE 40
PAID £120 for a 1 hour outcall
SERVICES DELIVERED FK | OWO | CIM | RO | Protected Intercourse
POSITIVES Pretty | Very friendly | Nice body | Responsive to RO | Good GFE | Clean

PRE-PUNT Contact was via text. Comms were good and easy to arrange.


LOOKS 10/10 Pretty blonde short ass. Arrived in discreet civvy attire which was soon gone to reveal some sexy undies. Cracking body and awesome pair of fakies (although didnt feel fake) with responsive nipples. I would guess around 30G. Pussy was shaved.

SERVICE 9/10 All services were delivered as requested. After she arrived paperwork was sorted and had a quick chat before stripping off and onto the bed for some FK before going in for some RO. She was very responsive and seemed to enjoy it. She also has a clit piercing the same as my previous meet but no problem finding the spot this time. Went to slide a finger in which she was ok with initially but as time went on it was obvious that she doesnt like it particularly deep. Then we swapped over for some OWO. Very good techique. So then on with the hat for sex in CG, and Doggie before more OWO to finish. Lots of dirty talk and eye contact throughout.

VERDICT A pretty and friendly blonde shorty with a cracking set of tits who provides a good service.


South East / Alexandra - Exclusive Girlfriends, Woking
« by Steve_jones14 on February 25, 2017, 12:34:18 PM »

I'm going to keep this brief. It's just to warn others that she doesn't resemble the pictures one little bit, and I'm annoyed with myself for not walking or changing to see Georgie who was also working that day  :dash:.

Venue was their detached house between Woking and Ottershaw, nice and clean, discrete and safe. Usually 2 or 3 girls working. Booked an appointment with the maid over the phone earlier in the day.

On arriving was offered a drink from the maid and shown to a bedroom. Alexandra came in and I was very disappointed. She was friendly enough, average looking, big tits but saggy with stretch marks, slim around the hips but had a belly on her. Sounded Brazilian or similar to me but I didn't ask. The worst thing is the pictures bear no resemblance to her, I mean she was dark skinned for a start  :angry: We've proved before Exclusive Girlfriends sometimes use model pictures from the internet for new girls and they have here.

Started with a massage which was OK, some bog standard OWO, then I usually want sex in a few positions but went straight to doggy to get it over with! There was also a bit of blood on the condom. Dressed and left. Out in 20 minutes including a shower. Not good enough for £100. £60 she might have got a neutral.

South East / Lara - Woking
« by personofinterest on February 25, 2017, 08:34:35 AM »
Lara is an enthusiastic woman. Brunette, very thin. Age at a guess, late 30s to mid 40s. Booked 30 mins. Good OWO, FK, and attention to my balls. Repeat? Yes for an hour, but it's expensive here.


South East / XKINKY KELLYX - Camberley
« by nowtman on February 24, 2017, 10:28:47 PM »

Booked this one as was new on listing. Based in the usual apartment in Camberley town centre - you can work out which two girls are there from the way the adultwork listing reads.
Turned up and was immediately told that she didn't understand much English and I had to point to what was written down on the pad to say 30mins. Went away and stashed the cash.
I'd say she was more 5'4 than 5'8" as advertised, but must be a size 6 if that. Very small and petite.
Came back in, no kissing, kept chewing her gum, took off her knickers and bent over the bed. Great Arse. Put the mac on very quickly without offering OWO, did a bit of OW, then bent over again for me to try doggy. Very tight. Tried a few positions and she seemed to enjoy it wanting me to go harder and grab more. Finally took her bra off. Asked if she did CIM or rather pointing to her mouth due to the language barriar but she said no so did COB instead.
In and out in 15mins.
Nice enough girl, great body, but no interaction. Ideal for a quick release I suppose.

South East / Japanese escort east grinstead
« by Sirbazalot on February 24, 2017, 08:40:41 PM »
Had a half hour here at the start of the week, Japanese/Chinese / Korean , I can't tell the diffrance was areangedblast min, and was 1/2 and hour for £70, not the girl in the photo but I wasn't really expecting it to be honest as they seam to move girls about, parked nearby and sent a message, got a call to say where to go, not the most private entrance as it's a door between two shops on the edge of town, but the door was opened quickly by a guy who pointed upstairs, the lady took the money and gave it the guy and was quickly back
She set the timer on her phone to start after I had undressed, which I thought was very good as everyone seams to be out to short change time
As I say not the girl in the photo but still lovely and petite with nice boobs and not usually my cup of tea but unshaven pubic hair
She bagan with an almost massage striking forplay, before moving on to sex in several positions in which she came several times, and she was lovely and tight, totally into what she was doing, and I enjoyed every minuite of it finally unloading on her chest, after which she helped me get dressed and off I went very happy, I think possibly the best punt I've ever had and would definatly go back to see her, I would iwaki even though that she won't be there as it says new girl every week and she is the only one there

South East / English busty blonde, Crawley on tour
« by Sirbazalot on February 24, 2017, 08:25:33 PM »
Went to see her, good communication, easy to get to hotel, looks great in the photos, normally size 12 is as big as I go and they've gotta be something special to entice me into that, clearly states everything she does in the package, unfortunatly it's not acctually true, no fk, no owo, not at all very compromising on anything she didn't feel like doing, nice girl but bad sex, and she looked like she hated the sight of a willy when she was giving a blowjob, definatly not a size 12 more a 16 I would say, I would say she is possibly the same woman as in the pictures but you'd need to squint to seee it, just did my thing and got out didn't use anywhere near the time up, was a shame as she looked amazing in the pics and even half as good would of been ok but unfortunatly not and she was not interested in it at all, I've given hers neutral as she had good coms, and was quite a nice girl otherwise would have been a definite neg but the bit she was acctually being paid for was not good, nor did she really look like her pics much bigger than stated,

South East / Anaabella96 - Brighton
« by j4247 on February 23, 2017, 09:36:41 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2963343 or https://www.adultwork.com/anaabella96

Saw Ana last week and been thinking about what rating to give this review. Overall I quite enjoyed the meet - at least compared to the last couple of disasters.

Comms were good. Arranged quickly and efficiently. Postcode, then number on arrival. She lives with another girl and appears to be controlling her phone (although I'm not 100% on that). I'm pretty sure she doesn't control her profile. She certainly hasn't written it. It's mostly the usual Romanian bollocks IMO.

Looks - as per the pictures. Nice looking early 20's. Pretty face and very nice body with incredible bum and legs. Up there with the best bums Ive had my hands on. No complaints here at all.

Service - I paid £60 for 30 mins. She started off fairly cold and abrupt but with some effort from me she warmed considerably through the meet. By later on in the meet she seemed to really relax. OWO and FK will be extra and some of the other enjoys on profile doubtless won't be on offer. She appeared to put her phone on silent at the start which is a plus point.

Conclusion - I was in and out within 25 minutes - but then I don't usually hang around once I've cum. I didn't really feel pressured to leave or cum quickly. For a £60 punt I've had a lot worse and I was definitely attracted to her but I get the feeling she's moody and you need to catch her on the right day/or she needs to take a shine to you. I'll probably go back at some point due to lack of other options in the area.

To recap.


Nice looking with great body
Easy comms
Reasonably priced


Profile full of crap
Most things will be extra

South East / Jeje seen in portsmouth but tours
« by shaunogg on February 22, 2017, 09:24:59 PM »

30 minutes for 60 pounds.
Nice enough looking thai girl, late thirties, profile claims late twenties...been punting long enough to know they always knock 10 years off their age.

Good looking woman, full make up on my visit.
Tiny body, size 6 and just 5 feet tall. Large fake DD boobs with small bullet nipples. Not bad for fake tits, felt pretty good.Cracking arse.Definately the girl in the profile photos.

Serviced apartment near gunwharf quays. Had to pay 2 pound to park under her building.

From profile i saw she had a limited likes list. I went expecting it to be a bit mechanical and it was.

Handed over the 60 quid for 30 minutes.
Had a 5 minute massage and then asked to turn over.
Not kissing of any kind on offer, so just got on with playing and sucking her big fake tits. Nipples responded nicely.
She popped the bag on me, no owo was on offer. Blow job was okay, no deep throat on offer, so quite shallow but with lots of suction and tongue action. Gave it 5 minutes of that, they asked her to hop on board. Nice and tight, a clean shaven pussy. She rode me cowgirl while i played with her tits.
This is where she got a bit annoying, lots of 'your so big', fake moaning and the classic 'you come soon?'
No, me cum when i had my fill.
Got her to hop off and roll over for doggie.
Got stuck into her from behind, the fake moaning did not bother me as much, she has a fantastic tiny arse and the view got me to where i wanted to go.
Blew in the bag in doggie, no cim or cob was on offer.
Clean up and off i go.
It was an alright punt, classic minimum service and mechanical- hence the neutral rating
On the plus side, tiny bird with a cracking body, big fake tits and an amazing arse.
Definately no good for gfe lovers or anyone looking to do anything apart from bang away.

South East / Kelly - Bracknell
« by advent2016 on February 22, 2017, 10:42:31 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/1686012 or https://www.adultwork.com/naughty+kelly+xyx

Monday 20th Feb 2017, 11am

I've seen Kelly a few times. She is 30s, Hungarian about size 10. shaven pussy. She charges 100 pounds per hour. I booked half an hour as all I wanted was a BJ/CIM and a shower. Her English is still a bit basic, even though she has been around here for 4 years. She finishes early, probably has kids or another job.
This time she was in a nice modern flat, I've been in places where every cupboard and door has a padlock.
The service. We had the usual shower together, I gave her oral which I enjoy, then into a 69, then as I was having a bit of trouble, her kneeling and alternately kissing  (which nearly always works for me), and it did, I came in her mouth and she took it all, and went politely to spit (She won't swallow or snowball).
We tried to chat, but cuddled for a bit, then I had then she had a shower (no intimacy this time), dried, dressed and left.
Comms She doesn't do voicemail or text, until you have made contact and then only for door directions.
Location. Some of the flats in Bracknell are impossible to find even with a sat nav, unless you are a local. Some feel very bad - Great Hollands.
Would I go back, yes, and do.

South East / Jessica-Mae Newbury Hungerford
« by markymarkfb on February 21, 2017, 08:04:39 PM »
I meet Jessica a few times now and every time has been out of this world, she has a discrete home in Hungerford

She is a good looking 20 something, with a petite but curvy in the right places body, great bum and slim with a nice handful up top
Looks wise she is not an English rose at a stretch the girl next door type, she has very beautiful look to her, slight mixed race but not African American more American Indian, her private pics are accurate, i would say more the bondage pics than the face pic. she has a fantastic pair of boobs with slight baby wear but look great as she strips of, age wise she could pass for 23 but purely because of her professionalism and grown up manor i would say she is a little older, she made me feel welcome from the start and her humor and wit and her personality put me at ease, very intelligent and enthusiastic

So meet her she wore sexy bra and panties, we passed paper and straight away full GFE, deep french kissing and im no super model, she caressed me and i her, she pulled out the fella and popped out her boobs while i felt her down below, we totally stripped of and she provided great oral OWO we switched on each other as i can pop quick so i wanted to get the most out of our time, good looking no smell tight pussy shaven, i spent a while on that while she proceeded to CIM, she kept sucking untill every last drop was gulped down and carried on sucking for a while longer, on to more forplay and a chat while the fella got up again, it did not take long as Jess is very sexy and enjoys lots of forplay, i spent a while between her legs before she rode me cowboy, she smiled and looked great as she looked in to my eyes with a keen smile, and boy does she fuck, she bounced up and down furiously and then slowed for deeper penetration, she put her all in to this and her boobs in my face was a pleasure, we switched to missionary but before i had to go down there again, missionary was passionate deep kissing heavy breathing, we synced on rhythm and i was there for a while as she smiled and groaned, i luved it, time was nearly up but i went down on her again and was determined to please her as much as she did me, finally she was happy and had a cuddle while she got her breath, ran over time but not to much, chatted for a while and i left

To sum up, Jess is a very sexy young girl who is not afraid to experiment and explore new things, i get the feeling she is up for anything and im going to pursue this in the future, i guess she enjoys fast furious sex more than slow and it took ages for her to cum rather than be delicate down there put your all in to it more enthusiastic the better, yes there is lots of complaints about her emails ect but she is hard working in her real life and after loads of emails i have finally seen her a few times now and each meet has been better, i think the email thing is to vet you to see if your a genuine guy so keep with it you will get there in the end, but her time to meet can be odd as 8 in the morning is hard for me but she went out of her way to sort a time that would suit me and still does

Im going back for more and more, she is addictive and a pleasure to be with, dare i say the best girl i have ever been with and the best in my area, i could review all my meets with her but it may blow my cover, but i hope you get the gist with this one

South East / Lauren of Kent Courtesans, Maidstone/Rochester
« by MisterMunday on February 21, 2017, 06:17:03 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3630181 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lauren+Courtesan

Lauren Courtesan works for Mel at the kent courtesans agency. She's from the same stable as Carly who I reviewed earlier. Her stats are:

Ethnicity:    Caucasian (White)
Dress Size:    6
Height:    5'4"
Chest Size:    32" D Natural
Hair Colour:    Brown Shoulder length
Eye Colour:    Brown
Pubic Hair:    Shaved Completely

I confirm all the above is indeed correct. She's a bit older than I was led to believe but cuts a very skinny figure with breasts quite saggy.She has a firm arse and tight body. pretty face.Would be proud to have her on my arm. In fact its a bit like a teenage girl. She must weigh about 90-100lbs.

Personality:Posh,educated,not flirty,intelligent,analytical. Quite conservative though and very different from what you would expect from WG. Doesn't openly emit warmth and gave me the feeling she's only doing this work as some kinda social experiment (a bit like journalist James greenwood of the victorian era)

Although she swallowed my massive load which I'd been saving for a few days just for her the rest included a bit of kissing,owo,ro,rimming her,fingering her very tight arsehole (very clean too) and pussy and banging her. Saw her again a few weeks later but didn't swallow this time.

Neutral because she prefers to talk rather than fuck

South East / Carly of Kent Courtesans, Maidstone/Rochester
« by MisterMunday on February 21, 2017, 06:00:14 PM »
Booking was done by speaking to Mel (he's the guy that runs kent courtesans. I believe it used to be called something else). met for 1 hour incall in a hotel near Maidstone. I will not name the hotel as know Mel's girls have sometimes had a few issues. For example a hotel employee walking into a punt with one of Mel's other girls.  :lol:
The procedure is you book with Mel then you phone him when you arrive at the hotel at the appointed time (not a minute too soon!). he then gives you room number and quickest way to get there.

Carly has dirty blonde hair, slim, about 5ft 7" tall. Her face is nothing to write home about though. She's very chatty, open and will pretty much tell you anything.
Punt went really well and included owo,rimming both ways,swallow,mish,doggy and gentle spanking. She's a very naughty girl and loves being rimmed and rimming guys. Although she didn't really check to see if I had "prepared". She drove right in like you'd expect from your girlfriend! I loved it seeing her between my legs, thrusting her tongue into my arse. :P

South East / Eve L of Maidstone
« by MisterMunday on February 21, 2017, 03:14:18 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2805937 or https://www.adultwork.com/Eve+L

pretty brunette
My first experience with a Romanian girl.
Met for one hour incall in 2014, in Maidstone close to Kent Police HQ.

When I arrived, the first thing she told me was that I could only have her for 30 minutes. I politely pointed out that I had booked her for 1 hour but she said she had another client coming in. She then disappeared to speak to her room-mate (who I did not see). I heard some talk in Romanian and then a laugh. Eve came back in the room and said I can have her for 30 minutes and then spend the other 30 with her room mate. I declined and paid her for just half hour.
This included covered oral (despite advertising owo), no foreplay and mish. Did not do CIM or allow me to finger her pussy. I left a few minutes before my half our was up. On the way out she asked me for AW username and wanted me to leave her positive feedback which I did not. The whole experience was a big let down and made me more wary of EE girls. Can't be trusted and very arrogant although not sure what they have to be arrogant about.

South East / X NAUGHTY NATALIE X in Folkestone
« by MisterMunday on February 21, 2017, 03:04:14 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/312180 or https://www.adultwork.com/X+NAUGHTY+NATALIE+X

Blonde based in Folkestone
Looks like she has a really nice body based on the pics. Has about 70 positive feedback spread over 9-10 years.

I booked an hour long incall session with her in Folkestone. Location was easy to find but parking was long a main road so not much in way of privacy. When she opened the door, I was shocked to see what was in front of me was about 10-15 years old than what was in the pics. Quite plump, size 12/14 and haggard looking. Seemed a bit frosty towards me. The stench of smoke filled the air. I asked to use her loo to freshnen up in. The loo was the size of a shoebox and ended up pressing myself against the toilet sides in order to actually get into it (which is quite amazing considering I am of slight build and height). Her home including loo were filthy in my opinion and quite a far cry from the feedback descriptions by previous punters on AW. They must have low standards and live in shitholes if they think her home is clean and tidy. Speaking candidly it looked like a squatters paradise.
While in there to take a piss, it gave me time to consider my options. I could either close my eyes, shove my tongue up her arse and pussy and think of England or I could tell her no thanks. I opted for the latter and politely explained to her that her look didn't really do it for me and the whole cigarette in hand thing didn't turn me on. She smiled rather deviously and requested I pay her £40 for her time. I retorted by telling her that she was not the only one who had wasted time and that in my case, I had taken a day off work and driven an hour to see her.
As a gesture of good will I offered her £20 which she happily accepted.

In retrospect can sort of see how she's garnered 70 feedback. Those punters clearly are not as discerning as I am

South East / harmony massage in Rochester.
« by Jamesleuk on February 21, 2017, 02:59:58 PM »
Having read some feed back on here about this place,  the place was very clean and tidy, looked quite new. There was parking directly infront along the street. I decided to visit last night around 8pm. The girl who I saw was called chole, says she is there everyday, but will soon be moved around to the next place. So not sure how long she will there for.
She was not a great looker, but ok, I would say 6/10, body was nice, firm tits, maybe 27-30ish.
I walked in, met by chole who I paid £25 for half hour massage, she led me to a room where I stripped. I got straight to the point and asked for b2b as I was only there for 30 mins and didn't see the point of a 10 mins b2b which is what normally happens if you let them ask you, anyhow she came straight to point to and said £40. Supprised I didn't have to haggle as I believe that's the going rate for b2b. She stripped down right away, and was actually rubbing herself all over me, and when she was doing b2b she was sliding with her pussy so close to my dick I got a little worried, in the cow girl position, she let me finger her, was hairy but not very hairy, and she got so wet like she had a tap running up there lol, I asked if she did anything and she said she sucked, I ask if she can suck me and she did to my surprise, she sucked me while I fingered her, I asked to cim but she said I couldn't which was fine by me, she finished me off by hand.
So as I was getting dressed I asked if she does anything else, she said she would do f/s but to regulars, I'm yet to go back to confirm that.
On the way out she gave me a card with her number on, I'm guessing to reach her directly when booking. Maybe so the shop doesn't take all her massage money?? I'm not sure.
So in all I paid £65 for 10 mins massage, owo, and cum by hand.

South East / SuriNaughty in Dartford
« by MisterMunday on February 21, 2017, 11:09:46 AM »
Links here https://www.adultwork.com/3527100 or https://www.adultwork.com/SuriNaughty

1 hour incall =£150
Nationality:claims to Brazillian but probably a Romanian incognito.

Looks gorgeous on the pics,nice body. Seems to like being rimmed.  :dancegirl:

I originally phoned her up last week and confirmed to meet her yesterday. Asked about parking and she said there was plenty. Immediately after my phone call was over she text me her address and requested I text or phone her 30 minutes before appointment. I also sent her a booking request via AW but she did not respond to it. On Sunday, I text her again requesting she confirm she's good to go for Monday and whether she could dress casually but wear some sexy underwear underneath. She text me back confirming she will do this. Everything seemed to be going well.

The next day I took the longish drive to Dartford but text her about 30 minutes before appointment time. Arrived at a block of flats (pretentious new development). Unfortunately could not park on this site as it was a private road and a warning sign up stating must have a permit. I ended up parking around the corner.  Was a little vexed she didn't tell me there were restrictions. Anyway phoned her at a few minutes before appointment, no answer. Tried a few more times after than.No answer. Waited another 15 minutes hoping she was just running late (gave her benefit of doubt).No response.

Quite disappointed but lesson learned. Will not be booking any more non English escorts.

South East / Bicester oriental massage , 30 North Street
« by conway_hound on February 20, 2017, 09:49:02 PM »
Strange experience. My first visit was pretty good with Anna. Very nice massage, firm and targeted. Offered B2B £40
In which I could finger her, lick anything etc. She had great hand technique and blew my load in a few mins. So decided to go back the following week.
This time a plain looking girl called Anchi, short with golf ball sized tits. I asked for 90 minutes and she said it was too long and would get bored! When I said  I wanted long enough for a good massage and to relax she agreed.
Very soon into the massage she complained she was allergic to oil! Then moaned her arms hurt. Massage was therefore a bit light. 30 minutes in she asked if I had other things before (an obvious reference to extras) and I said yes.  She screeched "naughty boy" and whacked my bum bloody hard then ran around the table pointing her fingers like a gun saying "bang bang i kill you!" (Im not kidding!)
She offered B2B again for £40 and i said go for it. Ok ish body, strange bruising on one arm. Having got my todger awake she leapt on top of me crushing it hard to the extent that both balls retracted upwards  :scare:
Bouncing up and down HARD, my cock felt flattened and the urge went.
Bone dry pussy in a very hairy fringe. Hand technique rough.
In the end she got it hard again and after a bit of imagining Lucy Lui was doing it, a decent orgasm arrived.
Then she got on top again and grinned manically....and sang tunelessly. Seriously think she was on something.
This place rotates girls faster than a centrifuge so it is luck of the draw who you get.
Neutral because sometimes its good but if Anchi is there next time... you wont see me for dust!

South East / Lara Fun - Winchester (Outcall)
« by kamu on February 19, 2017, 12:40:12 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3529446 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lara+Fun

One of the most bizzarre punts ive ever had.

AGE 35 (Profile states 25)
PAID £160 for a 1 hour outcall
SERVICES DELIVERED OWO | Protected Intercourse
SERVICES REFUSED CIM | Didnt appear FK was on offer
POSITIVES Pretty | Nice Body
NEGATIVES Everything else

PRE-PUNT Contact was via text and call. Comms were good and easy to arrange the meet.


LOOKS 6/10 Good looking half caste girl. Arrived in civillian attire with matching undies underneath. Great natural tits with bullet nipples. Made a point of telling/showing me that they were 32F. Pussy admin was odd. Shaved above but hairy on the lips...

SERVICE 1/10 Lara delivered a pretty basic service. After letting her in and sorting the paperwork she then proceeded to talk at length about what I can only describe as a load of drugged up shit. When I pointed at the clock and made several attempts to get down to business she became aggressive in her demeanor and said i needed to book longer. It was pretty obvious she was coked out of her tree. By this point I just wanted the meet over so pretty much ignored her until finally she got going. OWO was actually pretty good when she wasnt babbling shit inbetween sucks. Then on with the hat for some CG. Without anything in her mouth she was back to talking shit again so was soon soft so got her off to finish off with a hand job. Ran over by around 10 min.

VERDICT I can only describe this as a meet with a drug addict who provides a bloody awful service.


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