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East England / XX-Gemma-XX Cambridge
« by Corky on Yesterday at 09:34:55 PM »

Previous reviewers may be supervised at posting a negative review but i'm afraid I didn't enjoy this booking. So here goes;

Logistics: booking and communication.
Very efficient. Very professional. Quick and easy to book. Communications were straight to the point, all information was clear. No problems here, very professional.

Location (for In-call):

Hotel near Cambridge.


Other's have described her as stunning. I would say very attractive but you would expect this from a 22 year old. She was very clean, freshly showered, mouthwash etc. Personally I wouldn't put her in the category of stunning, but none the less, very nice.....


Just too robotic. It seemed to be clear that she was just running on autopilot working from a script and that her primary goal was just to put volumes of punters through. As such her personality did not shine through and the session was basically a glorified wank.

Being business like is to be expected, but compared to my last review;

the experience couldn't have been more different.

Would I return? Definitely not.

East England / Kinkykate78
« by Freddy Krueger on Yesterday at 09:06:40 PM »
Met her last week. I have to confirm the largest part of previous review. DFK but she has a strange way of kissing by not letting my tongue into her mouth. BJ was waaaaaw  :wacko:
She sucked the whole thing in and gagged on it. This is the advantage of being build not to larg, every last inch dissapeared in her mouth. Then oral with her, rimming her and she getting very wet.
She jumps on me for CG. I did not like it very much, it was going up and down and she is not really a light weight. After the CG, she asked me I liked anal. Jacket changed and my friend into that ass. That did not last long.
Due to my age I am not the guy who can come twice but she managed to do it. She sucked deep again and me sitting on top of her, I unloaded on her face.

Would I go back??? If I am in the mood for anal, hell yeah


East England / Eden - Berkhamsted
« by Tricky59 on Yesterday at 04:41:16 PM »

I have just had the pleasure of meeting with this delightful young lady and whilst slightly nervous at first I couldn't take my eyes of her gorgeous very slim body, her pictures tell no lies.
Whilst communication was a bit hit and miss, (she doesn't listen to voice messages), I managed to arrange a last minute punt.
Eden lives on the outskirts of the town and parking is not a problem. When you arrive at the designated spot and call her, she'll then give your her apartment number. The apartment is a modest ground floor flat in a typical suburban estate. Once inside Eden directs you to the bedroom which is comfortable and functional.
Eden is young with very short hair and is tall, especially in her high heels, (approx. 5' 8" in heels), and did I say she was young and very slim with small breasts and very kissable, suckable, erect nipples which just craves your attention. Once undressed and paperwork sorted, Eden approached me and started to kiss going deeper and deeper and I could feel my manhood starting to respond, with his tip starting to nudge her shaved pussy. As I kissed her neck, earlobes and shoulder her hand slipped down and started to fondle my balls and then slowly started to stroke me. Needless to say we moved to the bed and I just had to go down on her and was she tight. Eden loves being licked, sucked and teased first with one finger then eventually with two fingers, tight, wet and just asking to be fucked.
Eden has a kinky side which is quite unbelievable from that innocent, young face, and she likes to be spanked and have her arse cheeks gripped, fondled and pulled apart. Eden then returned the pleasure and gave my balls and cock a good going over with her lips and then her throat pounding up and down over my shaft a deep throating worthy of any porn star. Eden then moved up my body and as I sucked and teased her nipples again started to rub her very wet pussy up and own on my shaft almost to the tip that so wanted to slip inside her but teasingly stopped just short.
On with the rubber and on she rode me slowly and first, her tight young muscles easing me in then with longer and deeper thrusts got me going to the edge to the point that I asked to change positions and into missionary where I could control myself better but after quite a long pounding, (especially at my age), I finally popped and was it full, a quick clean up and then a nice relaxing cuddle.
Would I go back for more? I've already booked to see her next week and oh I nearly forgot, she loves anal and am I looking forward to that.

East England / Sexy Sophie milf - A1 near Baldock
« by Punchdrunk on Yesterday at 12:28:26 PM »
I was driving down the A1 on the way home and the loins were srirring, so search time to see what was on offer in the area I traveled through. Sophie caught my eye and liking a milf I thought I'd ring her up. A northern lady answered I checked what was on offer and the price all good she said she was working from 2pm which suited me and a booking was made she said she would text me with location.

The text came through and it was an easy location to get to on the Al between the closed little chef and a petrol station on the southbound side. I got there texted her she then replied with room number and of I went.

I got to the room and she answered the door in glamour wear, now she looked more like a gilf and them pictures are easily 10 plus years old, I was taken a back by this but went ahead with the punt. I paid her the £100 and asked to use the shower. I got out and she was on the bed. We started kissing and she pounced on me and we had a real heavy French kissing session and I played with her tits and pussy as she wanked me slowly. Then she started giving some decent head and I played with her pussy more . I was going to 69 her but I got that wiff of piss from her pussy so no fresh shower from her!!. So I stopped playing with her pussy and enjoyed a skilled bj some more till I cum, she maintained eye contact and teased every last drop out of me then spat. We had a rest and chatted then onto round two in with a condom and I pounded away at her is a few positions she left out a few moans and groans until I blew my beans again. I didn't think I would manage a 3rd so jumped in the shower again and left.  A negative because of the pissy Fanny and how old the pics are out of date.



East England / Charleymonroe69 - Stevenage
« by Punchdrunk on Yesterday at 11:54:11 AM »
I was working in the area and a job got cancelled so I thought what better way to kill some time but to have a punt. I searched the area and noticed Charlie working, I had punted with her before under a different name a good time was had then so I thought I would repeat rather than take a punt on a ee. I messaged her confirmed time, price and asked if she was still cool with services I'd had before she said yes and £130 for an hour. She then told me she had moved so I stuck the address in the sat-nav and off I went.

Got to the house it was in a cul de sac in a new estate in the north of the town, decent area no safety issues, knocked on the door in I went. She had not made any effort dressing up but she had lost weight from when I saw her before. She is a big size 18? Girl but pretty with it. Up we went I paid the money she went off I got undressed, she returned and stripped of we got down to some light French kissing then she started to suck me off. She gives a decent bj plenty of ball sucking and spit after a while I said I was going to cum and she clamped on and sucked it all out. Then shock horror she lifted her head up and spat the jizz into a tissue , I said you swallowed before? She said I don't anymore- I said but I asked you in a message?? She said sorry crossed wires. I was pissed of by this but not much I could do so I chilled for a while ready for round two. In that time she wouldn't shut up about her boyfriend and he didn't no what she does and about moving abroad to work, she also said her mate worked from the house but I forgot the name. So ready to go again we fucked for a good twenty minutes in a variety of positions she seemed to enjoy it and got wet u till I blew my beans in the hat and laid back in a sweaty mess. I was not offered a shower but wanting to beat the traffic I got dressed and jumped in the van ready to fight the road from hell. Not a bad punt overal but the lack of swallow makes it a negative for me, silly me for not making 100% sure on all services.

/2532352 or https://www.adultwork.com/CharleyMonroe69

East England / Kerry - Watford
« by Sanjay Kumar on February 23, 2017, 05:20:49 PM »

80 GBP - half an hour

Comms excellent - via phone.

The flat, I felt, was quite discrete and plenty of paid parking nearby

Mature lady, good fit body. big boobs, gone south as mentioned before here. Face is plain.

This is mostly a neutral punt, but positive for me since it was my first time and she made it very comfortable for me. She dressed as a secretary as requested. We did some kissing, she did not seem to encourage it. Did some tit wank, some OWO, some mish and doggie and one pop.  That is about it. During oral, when I asked her to go deep, she did.

East England / Sexy Coco - Stevenage
« by sumertime on February 23, 2017, 03:50:19 PM »
Great looking profile, no time to do adequate research... must remember as once said "Decent orientals are as rare as hen's teeth!"

           https://www.adultwork.com/3943975 or https://www.adultwork.com/SexyCoco1

Difficulty understanding WG on phone when booking but persevered... location newly converted purple/white appartment block in central Stevenage - thinks this sounds promising not some dive but....

Finally got access and knocked on appt door. To my surprise it was opened by a Chinese male  :unknown: and shown to a dark, red lit bedroom. Here I expected to meet the cute 21yr chinese/japanese WG but bells were starting to ring! Then out from behind the door steps the oriental beauty with whom I was to have my evil way.... Arghhh!! Nearer 40 than 20, probably a heavy size 12 and not very attractive uttering almost uniteligible English. I had brought a print out of one of the profile photos, pointed to it and said this just is not you - she replied you come in, you have me :vomit:

I walked.... have now reported profile to AW

East England / XxFuntimesxx - Lucia - Ipswich
« by bodieA2 on February 23, 2017, 03:06:47 PM »

Have seen Lucia a couple of times now, the last time being a couple of days ago. Would highly recommend as she is a great girl.
Comms always good via text, location is terraced house south of town centre. Was clean & tidy, discrete enough.
She is a good looking girl, cute little voice with an Italian touch to it. Great body too.
Services provided were all great. Kissing though just fell short of DFK but that was fine with me.
Only needed the one position with her legs up on my shoulders and the mac was soon filled!
Will be going back and prices are very good. :)

East England / Stacie C - Hatfield
« by faggins on February 23, 2017, 02:19:06 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2254926 or https://www.adultwork.com/Stacie

Think I may be the 1st to review...

Fed up with all the EEs, so was curious when this little cutie popped up in Adultwork search. Apparently touring the area to get a feel for business, with a view to getting own flat.

Comms - excellent across email, text & phone
Location - apartment near Aldi/Travelodge. Never visited before, so didn't realise it was multi occupancy
Stacie - 5'6", blonde (hair extensions), slender, cracking tits (natural, but she wants them enhanced - don't do it!), bit of a lip filler thing going on, but not off putting
The meet - think there was another punter on site, so a little off putting, and made me go for 45 mins at £100, rather than 1 hour at £140.
Greeted by Stacie in usual behind door manner, and swiftly ushered into bedroom, where greeted with decent FK. Stacie dressed in black silk robe with bra, knickers, suspenders under. Very nice. Started with more FK, then given a surprisingly competent massage. Buried head between the stupendous tits for a while, then went down on her. No hygiene problems, and she seemed to enjoy the attention (or at least put in an Oscar winning performance). She reciprocated with a fantastic, 10 minute uncovered blow job (in the top 5 I've had...). Good deep throat action, and swallowed. Need a sit down just thinking about it :rolleyes:

Offered use of bathroom (before and after). Was contemplating a neutral due to location, but she's a little pocket rocket, so will definitely revisit, especially if she gets her own place.

East England / Alice in Wonderland, Stevenage
« by Demuncher on February 23, 2017, 06:49:03 AM »

3 cancelled attempts to visit this lady so time for a review.

1st attempt
Booked via AW but was given a few days notice that she had to goto London.  Fair enough.  The advance warning was appreciated.

2nd attempt
Booked via UKE and SMS.  The day before the agreed meet, I sent an SMS asking for location details and got back radio silence.  On the day of the punt I sent amother SMS and a message on UKE asking her to confirm the meeting and if not at least let me know if it wasn't heppening but again no response.  I don't believe it was a case of not receiving my messages - I could see both her AW and UKE profiles were active on the morning of the punt with profile pictures being amended and updated posts.  I asked her post the agreed time why she didn't have the decency to let me know about not honouring the meet.  The response I got was "sorry I'm usually more organised".

3rd attempt
Agreed via SMS and sent through a booking request on AW which was read but not accepted. Day before the meet I ask for address details with no response.  On the morning of the punt another SMS but this time I got a response.  "Sorry I've had to fly home urgently as my dad is ill."  Fair enough i thought.  Except on UKE she is posting pictures of Paris and what a great time she's having.

East England / Angel Jones Peterborough
« by buffalobill on February 22, 2017, 09:56:54 PM »
Saw her profile on AW and fancied her slim build so I made a booking to pick her up and tried a car meet for a change.
Glad I did wonderful BJ  with CIM and no hurried action.
Smelt wonderful and delivered in spades, no rush to finish and swallowed my whole load which was considerable due to the fact I had been out of action for some time !
Very clean girl and very well mannered.
Met her in the Centre of Peterborough at a secluded cul de sac with no-one around she lost no time in getting my trousers undone and performing a great OWO on me,
I cannot recommend this girl highly enough, Have met her since and took her home for the works which was everything I expected it to be - amazing.
£50 for OWO and worth every penny. More for the works but well worth it this girl does not hold back.

East England / Pretty Natalia - Touring Rom - Peterborough
« by Perrier on February 22, 2017, 01:21:45 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/ or https://www.adultwork.com/Pretty+Natalia

£70 for 30 mins

Fairly sure it was a B&S - she's a good bit chubbier than the main pic - not overly fat, but far from a gym bunny.

Looks somewhat similar to the photos though, so hard to be entirely sure - but sure enough to go neutral.

Kissing, but lips only, OWO offered with no hesitation & no additional charges - sex in several positions & took it good & hard - enough to redeem and keep it a neutral.

Came in the bag, so no idea if CIM or a facial is really on offer

East England / sexy_blonde_ Romford
« by oneeyesnake on February 22, 2017, 12:02:14 PM »
Comms good.  Booked & confirmed via text.

Accommodation: Nice safe apartment block in Romford
Appearance & Body:  Pics on the profile are definitely her. She was dressed in regular clothes jeans and top. When removed showed undies that did not exactly fit..probably 2 sizes too big and not sexy, no effort.

The meet: well what can I say that hasn't already been said. She is not interested in providing the services she advertises. No FK...peck..peck, so decided to ask for BJ, offered OW or WO, chose the later. This was more of a HJ then a BJ. So went straight in for mish, completed and left. Another shitty punt, should have read the reviews on here properly before venturing down that path. BTW this reinforces the negative reviews on here, don't make the same mistake.

None, barring the location...that's sad.

All of it.

Would I return, Nooo! Would I recommend? NO!

Link: https://www.adultwork.com/2393451 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexy%5Fblonde+%5F

East England / stevenage - A disgrace to all Thai Working girls
« by wibber on February 21, 2017, 06:53:39 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2088584 or https://www.adultwork.com/Ninaoriental

Dear god!!

I'd been saving myself up over the last week or so as I had a business trip to Stevenage. Booked her for 1 hour for £100.

I was quite looking forward to this having read the other 2 reviews...initial comms were ok ...shes a bit hard to understand on the phone but arrived at appointed time and was talked in round the back of the restaurant.

Now I wasnt expecting an oil painting, Im a middle aged bloke in reasonable condition and not one myself, but neither was i expecting was I expecting a girl that looked like a bulldog...with a belly bigger than mine...theres a reason there are no head shots....you can get a glimpse from the pic in the other review. She didnt talk much which was a good thing as I couldnt understand a word she said.

Having spent time in thailand on business over many years I can speak a little thai and normally can crack on really well...things started ok.....nice little massage ...half arsed attempt at thai technique but pleasant none the less.....after a few minutes i turned over with a massive boner and asked "what would you like to do with that"....I had a suck on her titties...and to be honest the nipps are very nice but theyre a bit mishapen with the implants and dont hang particularly well when shes bent over you....I was expecting some fondling, maybe even oral, but she slapped a jonny on it, applied the lube and sat straight down....I did advise her that this wouldnt take long as it had been a while but Ill be ok for a second round...she smiled.

some short time later I was on my front again having another round of massaging....I thought what the hell let her carry on for 20 mins and Ill have another go. I turned over again and she carried out some light tickling which was arousing....took my lad in hand and got me going again...so i was ready for round 2 and to give her a pounding......I said right lets get a condom on and she said no only 1 time....WTF!!!.."you come in hand" she say!

I suggested she might like to give me some oral as per her likes list...."no...you come in hand", by this time I couldnt be arsed and didnt want to look at her face as it was upsetting me so I suggested I have a play with her whilst she made me "come in hand"....

She barely maneuvered around but I couldnt get to her undercarriage....so asked how long....she said 5 mins....youll be surprised to hear that was a lie!!  its was actually 15....I said ok good that was nice ill get dressed now.

I got dressed and left.

I adore thai women, ive rarely met one that didnt have some quality about them be it looks, personality, friendly happy etc but this one just didnt make the grade.

I will not be back


East England / Miss.carter stowmarket
« by Canaryboy on February 21, 2017, 04:45:09 PM »

This is my first review on here
I arranged an appointment with Miss.carter in stowmarket 2 weeks ago I parked my car at Tesco car park and texted to say I was here didn't hear nothing so I called her mobile no answer I texted again waited 20mins then decided to leave!! 30 mins later I got a text saying she was sorry can we arrange another appointment and will do a discount for what has happened so I agreed to re arrange another one which was for today and the same thing happened again ignored texts and calls!!! Avoid

East England / ALICEINXWONDERLAND (Stevenage)
« by The_Don on February 21, 2017, 01:03:00 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3714923 or https://www.adultwork.com/ALICEINXWONDERLAND+

Old profile for linking reviews:

https://www.adultwork.com/3132860 or https://www.adultwork.com/sweet%5Fblonde%5Fgfe

Short version: Time waster, double booking, condescending attitude and substandard service, with unwarranted comms.     


Price: £0 (would had been £120 per hour).

Comm's: Via phone calls and text's.

Would I visit again: No and IMO, clearly one to avoid!

Reason for this negative:

A friend was recovering from surgery. So I offered them some support, thus spending time, in the Stevenage area. I chose to make use of, some of that time, by also punting in the area.
Having done some research, I opted for Alice and lined up several other plans, for the days ahead. I called and text to ask about availability but that day, she stated "full booked".

So another day (I was still traveling back and forth to Stevenage due to my friend). I tried again and was told, she was free at a certain time. So I replied with a text, that the time was good for me. Several minutes later, she replied stating that she was, now "booked"   :bomb:
But with-in the hour, she sends me another text. Stating she had a cancellation and offered me the time, we discussed before. So I sent another text confirming, the time was ok.
I moved things around, to fit this punt in. Not long before the booked time, I called and text, then had no reply  :bomb:

So I waited and sent another text, stating that; I don't appreciate having my time wasted. She didn't answer the calls, but did reply to the text.
This is where, her condescending attitude and substandard service, with unwarranted comms really started to, kick in  :thumbsdown:

She stated, she didn't waste my time and the other punter turned up, and I should book though A/W.

"book me by aw next time to let me know you better and we start from there"  :wackogirl:

I don't jump though hoops and I've made my current view clear, on A/W and the way I book W/G.

Even though, she messed me around (not booked, booked, not booked) and I confirmed via several texts.

I replied informing her, that double booking was not good form on her part and her organisational skills, were substandard.

She then stated, that she hadn't double booked and I was, being "nasty"

But she clearly had, double booked me!

I also posted on UKP, about being messed around: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=101976.msg1352705#msg1352705

I'm not grinning, because of this W/G review to follow at a later date!

Think you will find it was......18th September !! Think you are confused by her change to aliceinxwonderland..
Not confused and not impressed by having my time wasted, by below linked W/G

She then sends me several more texts, trying to be manipulative  :bomb:

                 And before the (White Knights)

                 Coming riding in.

Perhaps read this quote: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=101976.msg1353738#msg1353738

I should to find a very clever explanation but I made a mistake and I can only appologise before you beat my head off  :blush:. I hope amount of genuine feedback can speak volumes . Shame I can't name and shame every time waster I had no pleasure to meet but no one perfect and everone deserve a second chance .


I learned to take W/G, feed back on A/W with a pinch of salt. A system that's to open to abuse and misuse IMO

Currently I have 0 feed back on my A/W account (and its going to stay that way of some time). That alone states how much faith I have, in that system.


I will add,

Reviews may help paint a picture, of what a W/G service and attitude is like, over time IMO.

I don't always review my punts (and normally, never directly after them) but

I used to be a lurker (just reading)   :(

I'm still a litlle lazy, in adding reviews (60% + have been added, but some may never get added  :blush: )

After all the help this forum and its members have offered me. I'm just glad that I, can contribute something back.

As always YMMV with any W/G.

Below are current pictures (+Album), and profile.

East England / Kylie Flirt - Cambridge
« by cambsguy on February 19, 2017, 06:50:43 PM »
Saw her in Cambridge the other day. Thought long and hard about this but decided neutral just beats positive -  https://www.adultwork.com/1393335

Comms - Ok, dealt by text at her request, could have been a bit prompter but was a last minute thing.

Location - Near station in one of the new flats. Clean and nice enough. Easy to find but parking could be a pain weekdays.

Looks - Probably where it becomes a neutral. The pics are here, although would say they are 5 years old? I would say early to mid 30s, and harder hair than the pics but quite a belly. Decent firm skin, but just bigger than the pics suggest. Size 14, maybe a 16. The full length she currently has in a white skirt is more accurate than other pics, just add a rounder belly!

Service - Based on this it would be a positive+++!! Had wanted some dom which she didn't really do and i didn't correct her as she was giving me a hell of a BJ. She started off sucking a bit, normally i don't like BJs and normally move on but this was good. She had quite a dirty look, lots of eye contact, deep throat and use of hands around balls too. Had to stop her twice to stop shooting my load. In the end i asked to cum on face and she obliged. Very good BJ and happy for me to take pics too.

Overall - If you like them to look younger, and slim with a tight figure looking pretty then probably not for you. If you like the girl next door look, mid 30s with curves and a bit of a belly, or love big boobs and great BJ she is ideal. At £90 for 30 mins not cheap, I would say she is a good £60 punt but the old pics and cost outweigh the BJ in the rating. That said she was happy to oblige with pics

East England / XXVanessa+HOTXX/ Stevenage
« by Strangeone on February 19, 2017, 09:08:23 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3915770 or https://www.adultwork.com/XXVANESSA+HOTXX

Saw Vanessa in Stevenage 1 hr/130

Coms - 9/10 handled efficiently clearly not Vanessa handling them. Even got a text from her in mid session.  Texted I was there and got immediate directions to flat. Vanessa does not speak much English.

Venue - 10/10 Flat very near Tesco clean and neat

Looks - 6/10 Vanessa is a more mature lady and time has produced some impact. Very large rack and a nice body but not outstanding. She does have a great smile which she wore often during our meeting.

Service - 7/10 met with a nice kiss and offer of shower which I declined since I had cleaned up right before. Tried to confirm services and was not able to get her to understand what I was after. Her profile lists also everything but her list was much shorter. Did not like DFK but allowed some tongue briefly. No fingers were allowed. Session began with me licking her out. She made the right noises and was mildly convincing but it was a show. That was fine with me since I know this is performance art and nothing is real in this game. We then moved on to her giving me OWO which was her best skill. Deep and some eye contact. I finished but was not CIM as she pulled out at last second. Still was good. She cleaned me up and Round two began with some OWO and covered doggy. Finished and cleaned up with a couple of minutes on the clock. Took quick shower and left.

Overall - 7/10 Vanessa provided a good service. She needs to update her profile and makes sure she delivers what is on it. Very limited English means communication is hard and makes the illusion more difficult. She clearly was engaged and wanted to make sure I had good time. Price point is somewhat high for her and would be better served at 100/hr. The flat costs are likely driving that end some. I likely am going to stick to British girls in the future as I like better communication and the connection that enables.

East England / Alice99Passion - Cambridge B & S Avoid:(
« by Watts.E.Dunn on February 18, 2017, 11:23:03 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3870081 or https://www.adultwork.com/Alice99Passion

Really should have known better an unreviewed Rom in Cambridge.

Probably one of the worst punts I've ever had. Liked the look of the very slim girl on the website, a Tin eye search showed up nothing. Called and usual old "text me bby" cobblers. Took me to a block of flats off Elizabeth bridge. Got there, several texts to find the flat finally got in and  -  nope!, not the girl in the pictures far from it. It went me; Your not the girl on the website! Her; No, so what does it matter do you want to stop or not?, and as usual little dick brain says yes as she did have a decent pair of knockers. So Cash for half hour handed over. Right get undressed and get on the bed and one command after another, more akin to a grumpy pissed off wife experience. Do this do that can't touch this that or put that anywhere near here. This is my job I'm not a girlfriend, you do your job I do mine was all pointed out in No uncertain terms. Just felt so pissed off I did what I should have done the moment i got there and walked:(

I did have a plan B like we do, a "Creamy26 wildSelma" texted her when I got back to the car back came the reply yes can do and Yep same address so probably the same girl or another stand in for her.

Waste of time and waste of money:-(

East England / Blonde-Shell. Gorleston
« by Steve57 on February 17, 2017, 11:36:09 AM »
Shelly had been on my radar for some time but for various reasons I had never actually seen her. A recent post on UKP brought her to my attention again and so, on the spur of the moment, I contacted her for a booking. She had other bookings, but was able to see me for 30 minutes.

https://www.adultwork.com/1157477 or https://www.adultwork.com/Blonde%7EShell

Comms were very good and I went to see her in her flat in Gorleston. The flat is clean and comfortable. The lady herself is absolutely delightful. I liked her from her pictures, but thought that she is even better looking in real life. She is very cheerful and friendly. On AW she claims to be 28  and I think that must be correct because if anything I thought she looked younger. She is pretty with long reddish hair (not blond anymore - she changes it from time to time). She is petite with a perfect little size 8 figure. Lovely and slim but not at all skinny (IMHO). Her boobs are I would say a B cup and are lovely, pert, soft, enough to hold but not too big. All in all, if, like me, you like pretty, petite, slim, friendly girls then Shelly is perfect.

She only does light kissing (not FK) which is a shame, but I knew that before I booked her. She more than makes up for it with everything else she does. Lovely little pussy which I fingered kissed and sucked and a gorgeous bum. I finished with OWO and CIM.

Will I return. OMG yes.

East England / Hot-Girl-Amanda - Basildon
« by TheBSG on February 16, 2017, 01:27:05 PM »

In somewhat of a rarity,  a positive punt in Basildon, albeit a fairly vanilla one.

Comms were straightforward but it was a bit of a treasure hunt with a series of clues leading to the chest of gold(park here,  phone me. Go here,  phone me. Take the lift to this floor, phone me)

Given my success rate in Basildon I was expecting the worst at this point!

The location is the block of flats right next to Basildon station, you exit the rear entrance and it's the first door you come to.  There is a concierge on the desk but Amanda buzzed me in and they didn't bat an eyelid. Apartment is modern, clean and with good shower facilities. There's also a nice big mirror at the foot of the bed for your viewing pleasure. Apartment was shared with another girl but i didn't see her

Amanda is, quite surprisingly, exactly as her pics show. Dyed blonde hair,  very toned body with enviable abs and fake titties. English is very basic but I wasn't there to debate the meaning of life

OWO is on offer but an extra. RO and DFK were included in the hours price but I think they may be extra if going for 30 minutes. Didn't query CIM but it's on her profile so likely to be on the menu if her palm is again crossed with silver

No time wasting with DFK, RO, OW all energetically supplied in the hours punt and two pops of the weasel. 

She insists on mouthwash and there was prolific use of tissues throughout(even though I showered there), but was discrete and not intrusive so no grumbles from me.

All in all,  great value for £100 in an area not known for reliable punting but i probably wouldn't pay too much more if Sergei did try to raise the rates.

East England / Justdomenow/ Stevenage
« by Strangeone on February 15, 2017, 09:52:43 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3845590 or https://www.adultwork.com/Justdomenow

Saw Justdomenow in Stevenage 1hr/100

Coms - 3/10 Certainly struggled in the communication department. Led me to the room first with floor and left right directions. A room number would have been nice. Finally got there after several misdirections. Texted that I was at hotel 5 minutes early and she told me to wait a while. OK not happy but what can a poor boy do. Profile was clearly ripped off. She did not even know what some of the things she listed on her profile were.

Looks - 7/10 Was the girl in the profile heavily tattooed with several piercings. Good bottom and nice rack on her. A pretty girl but not beautiful. Told me her was going to get bosoms done in summer.

Premises - 4/5 Hotel in Stevenage

Service - 2/10 Offered shower after paperwork. Declined since had taken shower before going out. Tried to kiss her and DFK. Was told no tongue. Really tried to move her mouth every time I kissed her. Profile lists everything as a green light. I know should have been big red light but I am new to this game and have to learn some hard lessons myself. Offered massage as a time waster. Tried oral on her and was told no fingers and she laid there like a dead fish. No response at all and told me she did not like her pussy licked. She liked sucking and fucking. OK I told her I was ready for OWO which she was willing to do. It was not very energetic and not deep despite listing DT on profile. Told me she had just eaten. Quickly tired of her weak efforts and asked her to put bag on and have sex. She told me that she liked it on bottom so I pounded away for awhile until I popped. She did not move a muscle or make a sound while I was hammering away. Just had the look that she wished I hurried up and finished. Let her start massage for a bit and then asked for OWO again. The efforts were so lackluster that the little fellow did not want to play. Her skills are seriously lacking in this department. I was done and just want to go. Left with some time left on the clock but it was just not doing it for me and I had lost patience with the game. I guess she won on that aspect but I did not feel like pushing it anymore.

Overall - 2/10 she does not have the skills or the desire to be good at this game. She will have to move around a lot and make new profiles to run away from the feedback.

East England / Lilly. Gorleston. (Gorleston)
« by itk on February 14, 2017, 04:30:03 PM »
Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/3537604 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lillyxxxx - Get QR Code

TOFFT on this one earlier today. . To be honest it could have been a positive review which reasons I'll explain but went with a neutral.

COMMUNICATION: 9/10. Not a member on AW no more so no messages but just a phone call. Answered at third or fourth time of trying  and was given directions to flat. Knew where it was anyway.

LILLY: 8/10. Lilly looked exceptional, dressed in high heels and sexy underwear on answering the door. Make up and hair also impeccable and a great  pair of tits  (E cup) , trouble is she's a size 10/12, and not a 6/8 as stated in her profile. To be honest I found her incredibly sexy and probably better than if she were a size 6, no idea why the profile lies. She isn't the girl in the pics btw.

LOCATION: 7/10. Parking is easy as it's close to local shops, however it's on a busy thoroughfare so some may have issues with getting to the flat. Personally couldn't care, but others may. On arrival I had to walk past the last punter on the stairs up to the flat, so it seems she's busy. Flat itself is a clean, but basic place. Decent bed though with clean linen, didn't use toilet so no idea on whether fresh towels and toiletries were on offer.

SERVICES: 7/10. This is where I was left feeling slightly disappointed, although CIM was available. Services enjoyed were OWO including DT which was good however she was constantly pausing which was annoying as no rhythm was ever built up. Kissing was also poor,  just pecks and any attempt for more was ignored.
The sex however was very good, she was willing to try all positions which ended with me cumming in the bag whilst giving her a good pounding. Round 2 was a quick bj and her finishing me with a wank. Nothing that good to be honest. The customary wet wipe clean up and that was that. Chances are he bloke standing ten feet from the stairs was the next punter. I also noticed on the side she keeps a track of how much money she's made, writing each time slot with various amounts.

Overall, although Lilly is a very pretty and sexy woman with a lovely attitude, I left leaving slightly disappointed. Probably been spoilt with SA sex and the last WG action being a great duo (review last year) the reason being I felt it was £70 down the drain.

Would I return? Tough one, if her OWO was better and DFK allowed I definitely would as she has an incredible figure, however based on today's meet, NO

East England / Kinky Kate 78 St Ives Cambridgeshire
« by wizzo9 on February 14, 2017, 02:23:05 PM »
www.adultwork.com/3583235 or https://www.adultwork.com/Kinkykate78

A very enjoyable meeting .  £120  for the hour.

THE COMMS;  Initially by A.W booking , quick reply giving post code and phone no. Good directions to the venue.

THE VENUE; Dead easy to find on the outskirts of the town, modern estate , not particularly overlooked, fairly anonymous. The house is obviously the family home , she complains that U.K. houses are pretty cramped  compared to Oz  houses.

THE GIRL; Refreshingly looks just as in the photos, fairly tall , clean medium length blonde hair , late 30's  smelt nice and fresh . No surprises, she wears small modern glasses , just as  I do, but she prefers to keep them on. Not a problem to me. Slight trace of Australian accent.

THE ACTION; Met me at the door wearing very sexy lingerie , and we went up to the small main bedroom. She admits she is married , with twins , both at school,[incalls might be  a problem during school holidays]  The body is still in good shape! Some of "Mr Kate's"t clothing in the room, but he's out at work. But he must know about this bit of homework. Dealt with the donation to the housekeeping.

Then some deep F.K. We discussed the  "rules" , virtually none , except no pain [not my scene!]

I decided to start with a  session of Anal, no worries, the sight of Kate lying flat on her back, legs up over her head, showing her exquisite arse in the air ,  was too much for me to resist, so on with the hat, in I went.  Superb, and firm.

Now on recovery before round two , so Kate got the benefit of a good fingering and tongue, not too long before the familiar  trembling within the thighs, thanking me , more deep F.k.

Ready now for round two , a blowie, done with lots of mouth action, very little hand action. She soon had me shooting the load, and swallowed .

We tried again a bit later for  a repeat of round two, but , alas at my age that is a distant memory , three pops in a hour. Oh to be young again!

OVERALL; a splendid meeting, lovely lady who doesn't take herself too seriously, well educated, a professional who is actually a rarity in this area, who delivers what it says on the profile, not noticeable a clock watcher. Previously a "swinger" now graduated to the professional scene, who knows what it's all about.

WOULD I RETURN;   Yes , definitely when I am next in the area.  Well worth meeting.

Hope it's not too "fluffy" but this was genuinely an excellent meeting, which left me drained. 

This is one for the books.

For the last few weeks I noticed a profile of a slim 34F boobs escort in the area who was touring but managed to hang around Luton.  I finally managed to puke up the courage to visit yesterday & went.

The visit was at a local town hotel which was nice & had little trouble at reception.  Got in the room & she was slim, big boobs & was a 6/10 in looks.

For some reason I was flushed & as we were talking I noticed some stretch marks on her boobs & asked if she could show them so I could confirm their were in good nick & nice before money was handed over.  She refused &  instinct told me to leave.  Which I did, but sadly she wasn't happy about not getting paid & demanded I pay her something.  I refused & left.

When outside I was a lot calmer & regretted leaving as she wasn't too bad on the eyes.  I called back &  Apologied & see if we could make the stake happen again.  Told ok & when I knocked again, she opened the door saw it was me & told me too leave.

I texted her back once at home & text tennis about how sorry I was & see if she would give me a 2nd chance.  In the morning I guess she caved & said come over.  Time / price was arranged.


Knocked on the door & she opened saying I missed her around & money first.  Before I gave her the money I advised the time/price was ok.  She agreed & handed over the money.  Just as the money left my hand she tried to slam the door but managed to put my foot as a wedge & said I'm going to count the money & will open it again.  As I thought we were building some trust I removed my foot.
I knocked a few times (sounded like 2ppl in the room)  & about 15sec still no answer & no reply from her.  Thought going though my mind were this is the 2nd time now I been scammed.  As I made my way back to reception still no call / text.

When I got to reception I asked for the manager & a nice lady popped out.  I explained I just been robbed by one of her clients & reported her activities.  She wasn't happy & said she can't accuse a customer like that. 

I reported her room number which was booked & was told a man was staying there.  I told them it wasn't & after a few minutes I asked, look at ur tapes & she called up too the room & she came down in an angry mood as she thought I leave without making a fuss.

She threw the money on the counter & the manger asked some questions.  As I got my money back & didn't want to give my details I decide to withdraw my complaint.  While we stood there she was mouthing off she wasn't selling sex in the hotel & doing other things instead.  As I got my money & now wasn't that interested in her now I left.

The link page is now gone but here some pics from her profile in case someone spots it again.  She had a few pages so she might jump to something else now.

The current site were these pics have now gone/ can't find it.  But this was her last profile & if u search u can find a face pic on here.

The lady is 6/10 on my looks scale
Slim build with big boob (condition not known)
Is older than 20 she states on the site. 
From here rant in the hotel has few kids
Tone of her voice is ok but very cockney which is ok
5" 4inch would be correct

https://www.adultwork.com/2824612 or https://www.adultwork.com/explicitchardonnay

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