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East England / aims96 - Dunstable
« by Moneyshow on Yesterday at 02:16:49 PM »

Curvy girl, lovely boobs, bit of a belly, average looks.

Given my awful recent experiences went with a 15 minute OWO for £40, at this time she said she wasnt offering a "full service" but would probably do so in coming weeks.

House in North Dunstable, Aims is clearly new to the game, she said she has been going for a couple of months and i have no reason to doubt this.

Took almost 4 weeks to get our days to tie up, but i didnt really push that hard.

This was a very good BJ, lots of deep throat, gagging and even spitting on her part, i groped and sucked her boobs, and even fed her a few digits which she was ok with. Went way over my alloted time, was there for 25 minutes.

Would go again.

East England / ROSY2016 X X - Luton
« by Moneyshow on Yesterday at 01:31:19 PM »

I first saw "Rosy" around 2 years ago again in Luton, but she vanished off the scene, when i saw her new profile pop up, and given the dreadful choices available in Luton i decided to pay her a return visit.

It took almost 2 weeks to get a mutually agreeable date (a week or so ago) but i thought given that id had a decent time last time i saw her I would wait.

Turned up at her flat in a good area for Luton, but things rapidly turned sour and went downhill very quickly.

On entering her flat i was somewhat surprised by the odour, this to me was the smell of cannabis and knowing the Rosy smoked, wouldnt seem impossible.

Appearance wise Rosy hasnt changed much, still stick thin, tiny boobs but now, very puffy nipples.

She looked very tired, and to me not quite "with it"

The flat was a tip, and there were 2 filthy cots inside it, the bed sheets werent even passable, i should have walked straight away in hindsight.

I felt really uncomfortable in the place, and beleive she has a young baby now, not to mess her about i settled on a quick blow job (OWO) which was acceptable and made my excuses and left.

Chalked it up as an experience, one that i hope i wont repeat.


I saw Lucy about a month ago, paid £70 for half an hour. Comms  were quick and clear,  I confirmed services and got the pot code. It's a large private house on the outskirts of town with big electronic gates.

The venue is safe, roomy and clean  but a bit 1970'slow decor.
Lucy is 26 but looks younger, ultra slim and I think beautiful, clear skin,  very fresh beautiful big innocent brown eyes, she said she was Slovak? Could be right?

The punt was great, spoke good English,  clearly educated, very clean and enthusiastic.  We a had sex in a lot of positions,  lots of OWO , DFK, 69, RO, stood up, laid down,  carried her round the room, had a very good time with an enthusiastic stunner. I looked at my watch and almost 40 mins had passed. "Had I better cum love?" " when your reeady" I got her down on her knees and said "open your mouth", " not in mouth" came the reply so let go over her tuts which she rubbed in and jumped up for more kissing.

The only negative is she seems to drop in and out, I've no idea where she goes but worth keeping an eye out for.

East England / SexyVerySexy101-Saxmundham
« by Foxtail17 on April 29, 2017, 10:32:41 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3820385 or https://www.adultwork.com/SexyVerysexy101

Communications with Nana were by email via AW site a few days before the booking, location and phone number confirmed almost immediately, along with directions.
The venue is Nana’s home in a converted farm building, isolated and discreet but easy to find.
On arrival I was greeted by Nana who was wearing cream coloured bra and panties. She has the body of a woman so much younger than her stated age of 50, with a delightful peachy bum.
Drink offered and accepted, and paperwork sorted, we sat on her sofa for a few minutes to chat and discuss how our meeting was going to go. I had paid £200 for a 2 hour session and was happy for Nana to lead the way and take control, a good move as it turned out.
Moved to the bedroom and started DFK and undressing, Nana explaining about her surgery scars, onto the enormous bed and Nana spread her legs to reveal a lovely mound of black hair which I duly parted and gave her a good licking. Onto my front for the much anticipated massage. After having put up with a few oily back rubs in the past, what Nana provided was divine. She uses good quality oils, firm but relaxing technique, and a very sexy B2B. I was turned onto my back and the massage continued all over, with Nana sitting astride me, finally some stroking of my cock, and great OWO with Nana taking me deep into her throat. She took my hand and pushed it between her legs, telling me to finger her. I told her to 69 me so I could taste her pussy again, which she seemed to enjoy, and she continued to lick and suck me until I popped.
After some chat and cuddling it was more DFK, on with the condom and Nana on top as she used one of her toys on her clit, I came quite soon so took the vibo and used it on her nips, pussy and she climaxed soon after.
Nana does have some surgery scars as has been mentioned in previous reviews, but to be honest it didn’t affect my enjoyment, and once Nana knew that I think she was more comfortable with me.
Great services from a great lady

East England / annastasya sophie001 - Stevenage
« by tomwatton on April 27, 2017, 09:58:51 PM »

 https://www.adultwork.com/2646278 or https://www.adultwork.com/Annastasya+sophie001





PHYSICAL: Annnastasya is  gorgeous , she is slim  bulit but also had great arse and big tits.  really she is incredible. I cannot understate this.She dressed in very sexy black lingerieas i requested and looked breathtaking.

PERSONALITY:Really friendly and easy to hold a conversation with. Excelent English and very funny alswo.

SERVICES: FK ,OWO/CIM(The best blowjob i've ever had), sex in loads of positions and rimming both of ways.
Her services  are entirerly accurate.

ABOUT THE MEETING. I have met Annastasya several times


After  undressing we climbed  onto the bed  Annastasya removed her bra to reveal  her lovely big tits  to wich she started to rub all over my body, it wasn't longer  before  I was hard so she rubbed her tits on it,it was such a sensual experience.Then she performed OWO ,paying particular focus on on the head, I found it hard  not to cum there and then! She alswo deep throated  me with plenty of spit, it was so deep her nose was tauching  my belly!
Then she sucked and licked my balls and then some deep rimming on me . I then requested  to go down on her so I did  and she tasted good ! I think Annastasya came couple of times.Then some more conversations  and sex in numerous positions  followed by more incredible blowjob.She has a ridiculous  amount of energy, I have no ideea were she gets it from.

Annastasya is no clock watcher and i went over my time by at least 15 minutes.

I already looking for to our next  sexual encounter .
 Communications is excellent

East England / MissBustyVanessa xx - Borehamwood
« by Sanjay Kumar on April 27, 2017, 07:20:18 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3097559 - This is the profile link, which not active at the moment. But it becomes active, when she is back in action.

£100 for 1 hour.

Almost everything is positive about this punt, but I did not have a good feeling after this punt. Not sure why, but may be it is that I was not attracted at all to the lady. She was a few size too big for my liking . I was put off punting after this one, even though nothing was majorly wrong.

Positives, for me: 
- Hygiene: extremely clean and can be a little difficult to deal with. But is a positive for me
- attractive eyes
- excellent oral technique, the best

- Is fatter than in the images in her Gallery.

Entry to the Borehamwood hotel was very discrete and good paid parking available too. She was okay to kiss, but reluctant for OWO. I anyways prefer OW, so that is okay. Massive boobs, played a lot and had a bit of tit wank. And then sex in different positions. Came twice She provided a good service and did OW till I came the second time, which took a long time. So kudos to her for the service.

East England / Karinna Latina - Hemel Hempstead Incall
« by ciscoxxx69 on April 26, 2017, 10:29:32 PM »
Karinna Latina - Hemel Hemstead


She'd been on my HL for sometime (over 2 years) but Hemel H is not somewhere I ever go. Luckily I had the opportunity to 'lose' some time and was able to arrange a meet with her at short notice.

Perfect prompt comms - tick
1 hour of Filthy Fun - tick
Outfit request met no problem - tick
AW pics and Profile accurate - tick
Classy Discreet Location - tick
Perfect Directions - tick

The Girl?
Sexy Brazilian with Body built for Sin.
Sensational Sex in all positions (memorable image for the wankbank pounding her in Doggy and watching her on all fours in the mirror....) 
Great BJ technique and skillful, naughty Anal play on me....

Recommended?  Absolutely

East England / Cindy.muller - Chelmsford (tours)
« by oohermrs on April 26, 2017, 02:57:51 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2928546 or https://www.adultwork.com/Cindy%2Emuller

Just read fatboy's latest review and find myself in the same position i.e. falling back on my regular circle of SPs and not venturing too far outside that.  Fancied a change and even though she's Romanian, Cindy's profile passed the initial sniff test - profile's a couple of years old; she's gone through her likes and made an effort to edit it; she does cim finishes (not 'at discretion'); her AW feedback count of 5 is better than zero and they're all from different punters with decent feedback levels of their own, spread over the 2 year period.

Comms were good - prompt replies and asked me to text again to confirm 30mins/1hr before to confirm booking.  She's currently operating out of a decent, modern flat on New St.  Easy to find and on street parking just round the corner.

Her AW photos are slightly flattering, but not too far off.  Profile has her age as 28, I'd guess early 30s.  Attractive, milf type with slight tummy and tit sagging and a nice firm backside.  Nice nipples to suck on.  Perfectly do-able.

Good English, easy to get along with and a positive, friendly attitude.

Started off with some lap dancing and groping before moving onto some owo to get the old fella interested.  The owo was ok, but no more than that.  On with the mac and into some doggie, all the while she's making appreciative noises without going over the top.  Flip her over into mish for the final run-up.  Gets her legs up nice and high so I can give her a good, deep pounding.  As I get near to popping, ask her to finish me with her mouth - no, she never does that  :angry:  Bollox!  Carry on in mish until I pop.  Quick clean-up and chat afterwards, all very friendly.

This would have been a positive if she'd done a cim finish as advertised. If you're not fussed by that and are looking for something pretty plain vanilla, I could still recommend her, but I won't be returning as I like my porn star finish...

East England / Hot African Pussycat Colchester
« by fatboy on April 26, 2017, 11:38:09 AM »

https://www.adultwork.com/3943321 or https://www.adultwork.com/Hot+African+Pussycat

Being spoilt by a couple of regulars I tend not to play the field too much these days
but now and then I take a fancy for something different and this profile popped up
which was different from the usual newbies in Colchester.

Comms was very good by phone, text and AW email, all responded to quickly.
Arranged a 30 minute session.

Location is near Tesco Hythe in a new development, the house numbering
can be confusing.
There ought to be a law that all houses should have numbers clearly
marked to assist us punters (and the postie).
Parking outside but the road is a bit narrow. I opted to park elsewhere and walk.
Text on arrival and let in.

Met by the girl in the profile – on her pics she has a mark above her right breast which
was there when I removed her clothes.
Scantily and sexily clad. I would say her age is about about right, a really good curvy
petite figure which is topped off with a fantastic pair of titties that looked natural.
There is a C section scar but I did not look at that for long.
Seemed chatty and pleasant enough, has been doing this since early this year  but
there was something about her that I could not quite put my finger on.

She said she allows most things but does not do anal.
Kissing was light and she allowed fingers and then RO.
Oral on me was covered, not the best I have had with a fast hand motion
which does nothing for me. Never been one for the death grip.
Sex was in the usual positions, she did ask a couple of times if I was coming
and that time was nearly up which it was not.
My reaction to this normally is to keep plugging away and think of England !
Nice tight pussy, but too many ooh’s and aah’s from her for my liking.

She also said that for extra money I could have another girl as one was there but I did not
hear or see anyone, should have asked really but had only taken the correct monies (Rule 1).

Maybe I am being harsh with a neutral but I felt a bit rushed at times and also no real
connection (I know it’s punting but you do get it) and also that feeling I could not put
my finger on.
I did get the time I paid for so perhaps it was her inexperience ?
Also there was a large TV at the bottom of the bed which you would have thought would be
showing porn but it had live images of the front door (should have worn my bank robber gear).

Happy Punting ! Cheers, FB  :hi:

East England / Karinna Latina - Hemel Hempstead
« by paul2paul on April 25, 2017, 02:31:53 PM »
She's a work of art that I'd be happy to gaze at for a long time but only managed to do so for an hour (£150).

[Link fixed by admin]

Beautiful soft skin, dark chocolate eyes, ample bosoms, manicured nails and a mouth so plump and lush that I don't know whether I preferred the sensation of kissing it or watching it around the bottom of my shaft. She looks even better than here profile photos.

I went into stealth mode to approach her apartment door that was ajar upon my arrival. Inside a welcoming kiss and some smooth banter. A quick shower and Karinna is arched on the bed effortlessly deep throating my dick, sucking my balls and playing with the ample bosoms. Such wonderful technique, such beautiful eyes and such a filthy spirit that Wham! i came before I got any sense of self control.

And so excited was I that there was no pause for round 2. More wonderful oral and deep throat and I was close again. So into doggy, with a strategically placed mirror, where looking into it, Karinna is growling like a jungle nymph. Move your gaze down and you see her peachy derrière bouncing around your cock. Again, the animal spirit, the variation in technique and Wham! I came in the condom. That's twice in 25 minutes of getting in the door. I felt like a kid again.

Some pleasant chatter, a massage, more sucking and fucking and then my time was up. She really tried to make cum on her tits and boy, I can't wait to do that next time!

Strange she has not been reviewed more here. She's gorgeous, fun and filthy. What a combination  :thumbsup:


East England / sassygirl-sarah South Mimms
« by Big Bad R on April 25, 2017, 12:09:42 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/4083050 or https://www.adultwork.com/sassygirl%2Dsarah

I met Sarah under her previous adultwork profile of sexy_sarah 1994, she now has the profile noted above. I had tried to book Sarah before but on the day of the booking she cancelled as she 'needed a break and some me time'. When the profile reappeared I arranged a booking.

It is the girl in the pictures and she is very attractive with an excellent body, age is about right. I arranged an hour at £140 with a request that she wear something revealing and tarty. All agreed. When I arrived was kept waiting 20 minutes, as I started to drive away got a message, ready and room number. Decided to go back, met at the door in underwear, so much for dress request ! Sarah said 'half an hour ?' started to have doubts so paid £80 for half an hour thinking I could extend if good. She admitted that her 'driver' deals with AW as she struggles with it ! Hence she didn't have a clue about my request or meeting duration.

Okay OWO, FK (not DFK) kept making a weird noise when kissing, RO, sex in various positions.

I found her quite immature, boasted that she had seen 20 guys one day and usually averages about 15 a day !!! Back to back bookings ! I asked for CIM and was told it was an extra £20, declined her offer and came in bag. Her driver phoned and told her time up.

She may be attractive (in my opinion anyway) and English with a fit body but she is immature, clock watches, sees clients back to back, doesn't have a clue what you request when booking, doesn't DFK, charges extra for CIM although on likes list. Enough for a negative in my book.

Sad thing is with that body and look she could make a killing  :angry:

As I left there was a young lad with a cap on in reception on his phone, looking shady. The driver wheeling the next unsuspecting punter in ?

East England / Sensualsinlucy-Ipswich
« by Foxtail17 on April 24, 2017, 11:19:49 AM »

Communications with Lucy were fine. I emailed via AW a few days before to ensure she was in the area as she often tours.

Price was £130 for 60 mins.

Location was a semi in the north part of Ipswich on a fairly busy road. Plenty of parking. Buses from the town centre pass within 5 minutes walk of the venue.

Lucy opened the door in tight shirt, suspenders and skimpy knickers. She is not a glam as her photos and carries a little tummy.

Upstairs, paperwork sorted, drink offered and accepted.

We started to undress each other, lots of FK, nor deep but enjoyable, Lucy rubbing my cock as I fondled her ample boobs.
Onto the bed, more FK as she lubed up my chap and some great hand work that was really enjoyable.

Lucy then went down and gave some nice deep OWO, asked her to move around so I could finger her which she seemed to enjoy, giving me a faster performance with her lips and tongue that had me blow quite strongly.

A bit of a chat and a cuddle and off we went again, great HJ then on with the protection and some lady on top. Great to see her tits jiggling as she rode me. Bit of Mish to finish as I cum again.

A good vanilla session, just as I like it to be honest.

I would see Lucy again, no doubt.

East England / Zen Therapy Upminster
« by dieseldriver on April 23, 2017, 04:01:06 AM »

Second visit on a Saturday, so was to be the same lady that worked there on a Saturday only. First off, forget the different prices and massages on the website. Its £45 full body massage. Plus extras as discussed. Last time it was an extra £10 or £20 (can't remember which) for HJ only. She did not do BJ or full sex. So this time I asked for body-to-body that was £40. Having agreed, and just as started the normal massage first, a bit of talking in Chinese with another lady outside.
Another punter had came in and requested the lady attending to me. I was asked if the other lady could do me instead of her. So agreed. Anyway, the other Chinese comes in, nice looker, and agreed the £40 B2B. As the B2B progressed, she asked if I wanted a BJ? At a price of course. So for another £20  BJ also.
And WOW! Bloody great! Her tongue really went to town on my helmet.....

Apprently, what had happened earlier, was that an Indian punter wanted the works. But the Chinese who is Amy , didn't like Indians. But no problem for the one (name not known) who was going to attend me. Indian guy probabely don't go on this site, but thank you for that. Turned out in my favor.

Amy said she usually does Thursdays, but came in today to cover another Saturday only lady that was not there. My total cost was £105. That's a fiver more than ChocolateNuru in Chelmsford that I had intended to see, but couldn't as it was her weekend off. Not only that, I read somewhere that ChocolateNuru wont give  BJ.

Well, that's two Chinese at Zen experienced. Now have wait for funds to be replenished to visit on a different day? 

East England / Super.busty_Dana - Norwich
« by thundercrackerxx on April 22, 2017, 09:06:38 PM »

It was a sunny afternoon in Norfolk and as I was horny as hell I thought I'd take a drive out and have myself some fun with one of the local women of the night. After my first failed attempt I thought I'd give this girl a go. Was directed to the hotel and which room to go to. After knocking the door opened and I was greeted with a nigh on pitch black room and a girl hiding behind the door. I stepped inside and even in what dim shivers of light there were I could tell that the girl in front of me was twice the size of the girl in the pictures and also had a tattoo that I had not noticed on the girl in the pics. I questioned her about this and she responded with an unconvincing 'I don't know what pictures baby'. I said I was leaving so she she called in her friend and offered her to me. The friend was slimmer at least but had a pitted face and a very untoned, sagging pear shaped body. I'm ashamed to say my horniness and frustration at this point got the better of me and I took her up on it. £40 for EITHER a fuck OR bj. Not both. I took fuck but as I can't get an instant hard on without some stimulation, especially with a girl I don't even really find attractive she said she would give me a bj for free. So generous. Anyway I had my way with her which was about as thrilling and humping a pillow and left feeling rather disappointed in myself for wasting £40.

East England / Amanda_petite_doll in Norwich
« by thundercrackerxx on April 22, 2017, 08:55:20 PM »

Had a hell of a days punting. Started off with this girl. Comms were ok and the girl who answered the door seemed friendly, problem is it wasn't the girl in the pictures. Not unless she's had a breast reduction. Very small flat breasts poking through her vest. Face looked totally different from what I can tell to and not even the same race. I asked about the girl in the pictures and she said something about a tan. I then said adios and left to continued my quest for a decent punt in Norwich.

East England / Natural Healing Oriental - Kings Lynn
« by LurkNoMore on April 22, 2017, 05:14:39 PM »

Been here a few times over the past few weeks, seen a lady called Yoyo and Susan.

Tried to book via phone, but no answer so arranged over text. Parking is at a supermarket a 5 min walk away. The entrance is on a main road opposite a pub, but the door is always open so no awkward waiting on street.

Each time i was met by the masseuse and was shown to a small room with a proper massage table in. I requested a shower and although the shower room is basic, it is clean and does the job.

Opted for 1 hour and paid £40. On my first visit i was unsure if i needed to be a regular before extras were offered as it seems to be a pretty legit place. However once my back was massaged, she started on my legs and the proceeded to play with by balls and cock, which kind of answered the question.

Turned over and it was almost funny how surprised she acted at my cock size, as i aint big but its all part of the act.

First visit with Yoyo was body 2 body finishing off with face fucking and CIM, second visit was oral and sex. Third visit was Susan which was vanilla sex. Paid an extra £60 each time.

Im not sure how many girls work here and dont know how legitimate this place is, so extras might not always be available, but i will return again to find out.

East England / young thai 1 (Angie) - Stevenage
« by sumertime on April 20, 2017, 08:49:39 PM »
Having had some reasonable success with a Thai girl in January, I was tempted by Angie's photos and a fair mix of reviews:

                 https://www.adultwork.com/2684380 or https://www.adultwork.com/young+thai+1

Communications were good and clear directing me to the same apartment in which I had met Nina [ https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=128329.0].

Told to enter (and leave) quietly, not to ring bell or bang door... met at room door, with Angie in tall heels and black basque corset, and told to remove shoes and enter bedroom. Previous visit the room had been in a wierd pink glow but this time it was like entering some "Orc Cave" - dark, gloomy with a purple glow. I could hardly see myself let alone the WG, so some light was requested. My heart sank! There is no doubt the photos are of her but perhaps 10 years ago - must be in early thirties. Her face was round (not quite bloated but getting that way) she looked a big girl and gave a cuddle/kiss on cheek. Paperwork passed over and she disappeared for several minutes!! On return the heels had gone and she was short and as the lingerie came off she was clearly out of prime condition and plump. A good size 14+. However, she had nice tits with great dark nipples - with her back pressing into me I was able to caress the nips and stoke the minge. She started to become quite wet but then used a wet wipe on herself before letting me go for RO. Then the overcoat went on (discretion!) and that was wiped with the wet-one. A lack lustre OW followed by bed and CG with a liberal amount of gell (not really needed). Slack and too slippery, I was getting nowhere so over the edge of bed and get her legs over my shoulders for some tightness. After several minutes she removed the old fellah saying not stiff [he had just lost interest and was thinking about the TV!!]. Back onto the bed for some manipulation to rekindle some interest and finish off with HJ. There was no finger inside, outer manipulation only and by the end of the session I was getting a little lip action but far from FK. No zing, wow factor or simple clicking...and excessive tattoos. All in all, not my cup of tea..  :unknown: 

This meeting took place around the end of November or the start of December and so will probably not be of great use to local punters but she does tour and may be back again. Before I started punting I spent a lot of time browsing adultwork and uk punting and drew up a hotlist mostly based on looks and Denise/Denissa was one of the first ladies that I was drawn to. She moved around and I thought that I had missed my chance so when she came back to the area I took the opportunity to see her (undeterred by her mostly mediocre reviews) partly just to cross her off my list.

Profile Link - https://www.adultwork.com/2065683

Price - £60 for 30 mins no extras.

Comms - Mobile - 07459813269. Initial contact by phone and follow up texts. Good easy communications and pleasant phone manner.

Location - Flat right in the heart of Luton town centre, very close to the train station and plenty of paid parking nearby. Entrance is on a busy road with plenty of shops but I visited at night so no problem there. The flat is actually very nice, open plan with bedroom separated from the rest of the flat by a bookcase. Nicely furnished and warm, good size double bed. Not offered a shower but I always shower at home anyway.

Looks - She looks the exact same as her pictures, about 5 feet4 , long blonde hair and blue eyes, slim, lovely skin and a cracking pair of large soft natural tits. As I said above she caught my eye early on and I was not disappointed when I saw her in the flesh. She answered the door dressed as requested in a red mini dress and black stockings.

Meeting - The meeting began well, kiss on the cheek at the door, offered drink and led to the bed with Denise quite pleasant and chatty. Once the paperwork was taken care of and just before we were getting down to it the list of don'ts were trotted out. No kissing above the neck, no OWO, no CIM (or anywhere but inside the condom). I had known all of this beforehand through our conversation on the phone and through reading her previous reviews and had expected nothing but the most vanilla of punts but it still disrupted the flow. (And things like FK and OWO are listed on her profile as being at discretion even though there appears to be an outright refusal to do them ever judging by other reviews).
We got stripped off and those tits really are magnificent, soft but weighty and I would have loved to have had my cock between them but there was no chance of that. After a few minutes of kissing and playing with her tits she began a covered BJ which was good, quite fast and not too deep. I wanted to see those babies bounce so we began with her on top. This was good and she seemed to be getting into it and the view was amazing but when I began thrusting from below to correspond with her motion she seemed to get a bit narky and told me to stop moving and let her do it. I knew then that my experience wouldn't be any different from the other reviews and decided to go into doggy for the finish. A few minutes of doggy and reaching around and playing with her tits and I shot my load into the rubber. Straight away she began cleaning me up and removing her stockings and I was left in no doubt that it was over even though I still had about 10 mins left. I wasnt too bothered as I didnt feel like hanging around but it would have been nice if the decision to stay or go had been my own.

I know a lot of people would have rated it a negative and I was close to doing so myself but I settled on a neutral because there were both good and bad points. She is very attractive and those tits are great and the sex was good in a very restricted way and she is actually quite pleasant and I finally got to see what she was like after so long. The bad points were the very limited services offered (although forewarned about them), the rigidity of the action and the abruptness of the ending. If she was willing to widen her services slightly and be a bit less mechanical I think she could be very good as she certainly has the looks and body going for her. I don't think that I would return but I am not sorry I went either and would recommend only as a pump and dump. 

East England / EnglishTastyTiffany - Cambridge
« by Rock123 on April 16, 2017, 05:07:54 PM »
I visited Tiffany in Cambridge a few days ago:-

https://www.adultwork.com/1384111 or https://www.adultwork.com/EnglishTastyTiffany

I fancied a punt a few days ago and looked to see who was available in Cambridge and who was english. I had two choices either Megan who I've seen lots of times before or this Tiffany woman who I never met before. So I called Tiffany who answered quickly and booked her.

I looked on here at her reviews and posts on here about here which were mixed, but I thought why not as the price was reasonable for 30mins and I wanted to experience a different english woman than seeing Megan again. I knew going in it could have been worse had I gone instead with the safe option of Megan who always delivers to me a good service, so it was a risk but I was willing to take it.

So she was at a hotel in Histon and I've seen girls there before so knew where to go. As I arrived I texted her for the room number and she replied within 2 minutes.

So got to the room and I wasn't disappointed with what I saw when I entered. She has a good body, nice tits and decent facial features. Got the money out of the way and she asked if I wanted a massage first. I know some on here if for a 30 minute punt wouldn't go for a massage, but I always do go for one, if offered as that is a nice relaxing way to start off imo.

So massage for 5 mins or so and then oral. Oral was without and was very good. I then requested 69 and she obliged. This went on for another 10 minutes before I asked her to put a condom on and she started off on top, then missionary. A bit more oral and finished off with hand relief.

So overall I'd give it a 8/10 punt - I got the services I expected and they were of good standard. Not great but in the good category for sure. Also a bit of dirty talk, which I find a turn on was a nice additional bonus.

So if she ever comes to Cambridge again and she said she will once a month I'll certainly be visiting her again.

East England / SexyVerysexy101 Saxmundham Suffolk
« by Mrfoxxx on April 16, 2017, 04:44:29 PM »
First of all, do yourself a favour. Visit Nana, you will not spend a better £50 for a 30 minute session.


Comms were all good on the day, Nana lives very rural and is aware that Google can often send you to the wrong farmhouse, as it did for me, therefore Nana went out of her way to guide me to hers by sending screen shots of a map.

As mentioned, Nana is rural, very rural. I visited her one evening early January for a 30 minute session. To be honest I was shitting myself driving down all these narrow country lanes for what seemed like forever in the freezing cold and dark. The thought "What excuse am I going to have if I break down and require assistance?" was stuck in my mind. But believe me, it was worth it.

Having arrived at Nana's I could see a torch shining from a door, it was Nana. Nana resides in part of an converted barn and it is beautiful.

Nana had just turned 50, and still had balloons and birthday cards up; she really does have the body of a woman much younger, with a cheeky smile and lovely long hair.

Nana was incredibly friendly from start to finish with not a second of time wasting. This was genuinely like meeting a friend, she came across as being genuinely pleased to meet me and it didn't feel like business at all. 

Nana asked me what I would like and how naughty I was. I advised that I'm not interested in massage and would just like a naughty fuck with lots of oral and kissing. So Nana asked me to lay down on her bed then stripped me. She didn't waste time in sucking cock, lots of ball and perineum licking. I thought she was going to rim me but she stopped just short, and being respectful I did not angle myself for an accidental tongue slip.

Next Nana wanted fingering, so I went down on her whilst giving her a what she wanted, Nana soon wanted my cock in her mouth again. She really could not stop sucking on it! So 69 it was. Nana then wanted a toy on her clit whilst I finger fucked her. Alright woman! Calm down, let me breathe!  :lol:

Next she wanted to ride me with her toy on her clit, fair play! Thing is, Nana was determined to enjoy herself and get the maximum out of our time. She kept telling me off for moving whilst she rode me as I was hindering her orgasm. This did amuse me, the girl's got determination!

Anyhow, she came.. And to be honest, I was having such a good time the rest is a bit of a blur. I cannot recall what came next, I think some doggy and missionary until I came.

I do recall once I was done, laying together cuddling and kissing, chatting. We'd gone way over time and I was the one who said I best be going. I felt bad for ending our time, but I was laying there thinking Christ I'll be getting into trouble if I'm gone all night ;)

Nana offered me an unhurried shower where she still sat talking with me.. And was still talking as I exited the door. What an absolutely lovely woman and time spent.

Time was irrelevant, not once did Nana check on the time.

Like I said at the start, I really cannot see how you could spend a better £50.

East England / Sexy_Clara_ Gorleston Great Yarmouth
« by Mrfoxxx on April 16, 2017, 09:55:28 AM »
My first review, apologies if I miss anything, but I'll be happy to respond to questions if need be.

I'll start of by stating that Sexy_Clara_ really is one to avoid.


Comms were good, she does sound very sweet over the phone. Easy to find flat which was clean and tidy. I will note that I did not discuss services over the phone, just price and length of session.

Clara herself is Polish, with good English, very short, I'd say size 14+ had zero makeup on, made zero effort with her appearance, torn stockings and a simple top on. I certainly wasn't attracted to her at all.

On arrival no welcome kiss, hug or handshake. I was offered a drink and use of shower. I was shown into the bedroom where I handed over the funds. I took my jacket off and sat on the bed whilst the funds were stashed. Upon returning to the room Clara sat on the bed with me and proceeded to tell me her life story. Not at any point did Clara attempt to make physical contact with me.

After sitting there listening and listening to her life story, her mobile bleeps. 'Oh I'm sorry we only have 5 minutes left' So basically I paid £60 to listen to this girls life story. I wasn't pleased, asked for my money back, she said 'no you've paid me for my time' Well I guess there she has got me as nothing was discussed prior to the meet. Although, I said to her that I could have chatted to anyone, I need not pay £60 to listen to her nonsense. Anyhow I ended up getting £20 back, and I hope this review will help others to not be scammed by her.

She said she's heading back to Scotland, so look out Scotland!

A truly, truly negative experience.

East England / Chelseasnow1 Ipswich
« by Neal69 on April 15, 2017, 11:28:45 PM »
Comms were a bit hit and miss before the punt a combination of text and phone.

Anyway managed to book a half hour session with.

 https://www.adultwork.com/3982321 or https://

Got The Postcode by text and off I went.

Ended up at a nice block of flats to the North West of Ipswich. Private Car Park but with visitors spaces.

Texted " I am Here" and got directed into a nice flat.

All on time.

The magic door opened and a Young Woman was there dressed in one of those all over short lacy things and nothing else.

I think Chelsea is quite new to this but I was greeted with a fairly passionate kiss so all good so far.

She is definitely not a stunner in fact a bit on the plain side.

Into the living room and a massage table is set up so go with the flow and get undressed and onto the table.

This is a £60 30 mins booking so not expecting too much.

Massage is OK conversation is good. Bit of good banter.

While She is doing my back there is no objection to me feeling her ass.

Turned over and She was straight into OWO

Kissing was really good and pretty DFK and then we went to the settee.

Got dressed up and did her missionary( covered) with a continuous DFK.

So a summary

Not a Stunner but very willing.

Body shows scars of childbirth.

I think if I had taken a bit of a lead it could have been better ( I intend to next time).

Still a bit new to this but a really nice girl.

All services performed willingly.

So a strong positive for me.  :yahoo:

If You like your stunners and tight unmarked women then this one is not for you.

I enjoyed.


Fully intend to. :yahoo:


East England / X~ Monica ~X - Peterborough
« by PeteSmyth on April 15, 2017, 03:24:31 PM »
In my long and illustrious punting career, I've seen two Polish woman - both have been dreadful.  :thumbsdown:

So why did I take a punt with Polish Monica? https://www.adultwork.com/4028577 Well, a side from having my only two brain cells in my bellend and full balls, I took the plunge because I was bored (I hate Easter) and she was cheap - £99 for 1 hour. With hindsight, what made my decision to see her even more moronic is that she's vastly inexperienced as an escort (she's only been doing it for 5 weeks!) and she was not reviewed on UKP.

Needly to say, my decision to see her was a disastrous one. I guess it's true what they say, 'act in haste, repent at leisure' and 'you get what you pay for'.

£99 for 1 hour

By AW messaging - prompt responses. As agreed, she 'phoned 5 minutues before the appointment to give me her hotel room number.

Peterborough central

She claims to be 31 years old - probably about right. Facially - tonnes of make-up. She has obvious signs of child birth - stretch marks on belly. Odd tattoo. Personality - I found her cold and sullen. Not warm. Polite but not friendly.

To be fair, she consented (sometimes reluctantly) to the services I requested on her enjoys list - French kissing (but it wasn't French); OWO; penetration and facial but it was all way too perfunctory and lacked any real passion, enthusiasm or oomph. No deep throat.

As with most EE girls, prior to the punt her communications were excellent - however, once the paperwork was sorted, the mask of friendliness and interest started to slip. I felt as if I was inconveniencing her!

I began to get bored after about 20 minutes - but somehow managed to stick with it for the full hour. She managed to dodge my generous facial, most of it covered the bedspread behind her which just about summed up the whole experience.

All in all, terrible.

Note to self - no more EE girls!

East England / Amanda One to One - Hatfield
« by gazzpfc1 on April 14, 2017, 08:56:21 PM »
This was 45 minute incall in Hatfield with Amanda April 2017. Have used this agency couple of times recently on the whole ok and that was theme of this meeting. Amanda is not the age described on the site as early 30's I would say late 30's to 41.
Very friendly lady who does DFK and greeted me warmly. Super oral followecmd without as is my preference, then returned the favour. On with condom and Amanda ride me in couple of positions. After I came she licked my cock clean. All of this was great and she is nice person. The reason review is neutral is that Amanda not her fault of course is not the age on the site and the other reason is personal choice I love a girl that kisses and Amanda does but I really dislike it when the lady tastes like a cigarette.
Decent enough punt but wouldn't repeat. Again must stress Amanda pleasant person. Area is not great for punting.

East England / Sexy.sophia Cambridge
« by bobbles1945 on April 13, 2017, 07:20:14 PM »
Apparently used to be around Cambridge a lot, now works various places in the South about one day a week. Sexy.Sophia (https://www.adultwork.com/2559926 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexy%2Esophia19 )  Caught her on one of her incall days in a hotel off the A14 (you know the one). Tall and probably a size 14 good looking MILF as she says. Nice soft breasts with good nipples. Kisses but not DFK did OWO and CIM as well as RO. Nice to chat to about her life-not a hardened WG. Enjoyable punt.

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