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East England / Ashley - Chelmsford
« by Thaller on Today at 12:00:21 am »

Quick to reply to texts. Arranged for a meet in half hour. Arrived outside the venue (converted office block in the town centre) 5 min early and gave her a call - she said 'I will text you the flat number'. 5mins go by, no text... & the ping pong begins

'I'm not ready yet'

'Sorry, I'm running late'

'Just putting on my stockings'

This went on for nearly half hour, I only stayed that long as my B & C plans were not picking up... having arranged another meet I was already in the car by the time she said she was ready, I assume when the other punter she double booked for left.

Negative for time wasting, although not surprising following some good TOFT reviews :) 

East England / Polish blonde Camila - Chelmsford
« by Harold Wood on Yesterday at 05:50:09 pm »
Visited on 28th March in Chelmsford.  Safe house in Orchard Street.

Comms OK except it was agreed that she would wear stockings and suspenders, which she said were white, but when I arrived she had on black hold-ups.  She is Polish and her English is OK.

In real life she is much older than her photos and a great lump of a girl, I would say size 16, although oddly she had on the red bra in her photos.  Her face is puffed out as someone overweight and her tits are natural but very small on a barrel-frame of a chest.

The OWO had no friction, like fucking a hole bigger that your cock, so no real feeling.  However, she stuck at it, allowed 3 fingers in her pussy, playing with her asshole and pulling and twisting her nipples.  I had a job keeping an erection and finished myself off in her mouth although she disappeared to spit before I had finished ejaculating.

In all worth the cash (£70 for 30 minutes) but I wouldn't return if it was free.

East England / Abbey - Ely -
« by Staggerlee69 on Yesterday at 09:32:25 am »

Comms: Struggled at first to get a time that suited both Abbey and myself, but after some back and forth on texts this was sorted. Abbey does not meet at short notice so had to arrange arrange something ahead of time.

Location: A flat on a quiet part of the City. I didn't notice any prying neighbours or curtain twitching. Very clean and well presented flat.

Abbey: A very nice and friendly british girl. Welcomed me and we had a short chat beforehand. Dressed casually but I didn't mind this at all. Into the bedroom and soon both naked on the bed. Abbey is quite short, which I liked. Great body and lovely pair of tits, great for sucking on. OWO very nice, RO and no smells and tasted good. I think I may have been her first guy of the day. Fucked Doggy, CG, RCG and missionary. Cum twice during the hour once in the bag and once over her tits.

Would I return, oh yes, great value for money and a girl who likes her job which is nice. 

4  Note all photos on AW are deleted at the moment

Meet took place November 2022 after seeing the review on her in November I thought I would see her initially phoned her and asked to book for few hours time, she sent postcode often used by WGs so knew where to go ( CM19 )

When I arrived she was hiding behind the door and wow she was gorgeous facially 9/10 and body wise 8/10 she led me to room and we agreed £80 for 30 mins I asked her for extras and I remember OWO £40 extra I opted for for OW we got undressed then started kissing and licking her boobs ( she only allowed light sucking ) her boobs were DD I’d say natural and really nice, I then went down on her she tasted fresh and clean but I couldn’t tell if she was enjoying as it she was just staring at the ceiling and vaping away, then on with DOM and started in missionary were she was restricting me with her legs and up and to the side then switched to doggy were I finished in the bag.

Strong positive however she doesn’t seem very experienced and responsive, I would meet again but at 30 mins only.

East England / BIA_ALL_NATRAUL - Bishops Stortford CM23
« by Thisemailbet on March 28, 2023, 07:27:48 pm » Or
or 07956 052965

Note this is my first review

Meet took place near town centre October 2022 Services 1 hour - £150, FK £20 extra

Was given postcode and asked to confirm when I had arrived then said to let me know when you are by certain location then gave good instructions on how to get to flat, hiding behind door as usual but was greeted by girl in the photos around 5’2 - 5’3 really nice body amazing big natural tits and nice big Brazilian ass

The meet started of both getting undressed then FK it was mainly just lips and she didn’t seem very comfortable with tongue then she got out Dom on with ok oral then onto missionary and doggy were I finished in the bag she then gave a actual proper massage in between rounds and when I was ready for round 2 she started with a lap dance then onto more oral with condom and finished with tit wank and finished on boobs.

Overall good punt and would see again but I think 30 mins would be ideal
Extras FK £20, pussy licking £20 no OWO on offer

East England / Stella Thai Escort - Chelmsford
« by pixeledge on March 28, 2023, 05:07:40 pm »
This is a neutral but getting onto a negative

£120 for 60 mins
Location: just off Springfield road

I mainly fancied a good thai massage along with full service and this one seems to offer that, on the profile it says "proper thai massage" which was not the case

arrived 5 mins early and given the door number, she was hiding behind the door and when i got inside i was not disappointed with the visuals, her profile pics are accurate, maybe little better in the flesh, fairly tall, i would say about 5"7" profile says she is 28 which i think is about accurate

Got into the room and she said "take off" so got me kit off and she came in close for a good feel and rub, all good so far, very light kissing onto the bed and she continues playing with the old boy and im exploring her body, nice set of tits, these are bolt ons, not bad job, little scarring underneath, her stomach has few stretch marks, think she has had a kid or 2. went down and there was a slight smell, not much but was there, so i didnt venture any further down that path, She said no fingers inside. Then on with condom and she climbed on top, lovely view of her bouncing up and down, she does have a good body, stayed in this position till finished.

then onto some massage which was crap, i said "it says on your profile you do a proper Thai massage" and she said no, she is not very good at massage, so this section was just gentle rubbing over the back and legs basically. After some time i asked she would do some oral (didn't pay £20 extra for owo) which she done, was ok, but real think johnny so couldnt feel much then onto round 2 and into doggy, once again stayed in this till finished.

that was it, all done and dusted within 40 mins, kit on and left.

would i go back? No.

East England / kelseylewisxo - Peterborough
« by jopost on March 28, 2023, 02:51:25 pm »

Met this lady this morning after a week or two of trying to get a date. Usually very quick to respond and checked the day before that the booking was still going ahead.

Met at Kelsey's home, a block of flats, not far from the centre of Peterborough. Dog was locked away. Usual hide behind the door, Kelsey was wear her dressing gown and a very sexy set of red underwear. Very petite and short lady with long red hair tidy back. Lots of kissing and stroking before Kelsey moved onto owo in a few positions. Lots of spit for lube and wanking. Kelsey asked if I ready for the condom, but I wanted to give her oral. Laid her down and went to town on her pussy with rimming. Kelsey had a good bit of bush but not wild amounts. Didnt get any hair in my mouth anyway  :D. Lovely pussy no odour or funny taste.

Kelsey then handed me the rubber to put on because she has long nails. Sex in missionary with both legs up and by her head. really flexible and I certainly enjoyed it! When I finished Kelsey handed me so toilet roll and had to run off to the toilet, which I always take as a good sign lol.

I dont get to Peterborough often, but when I do I think Kelsey may become my go to girl.

East England / Ashley - Chelmsford TOFTT
« by Welshpunter on March 28, 2023, 02:19:28 pm »

LADS… to my regular Chelmsford punters… you’ve got til Saturday to go and see this little rocket. It’s a new profile and she’s flying home at the weekend.

Comms - quick replies via text and saw her 45 minutes later

Venue - flats opposite pure gym in town. Parking nearby. Clean modern flat

Price - £60 for 15 minutes. Included OWO and kissing

The girl - very cute little thing. Age 26 today she said. Photos in profile I can’t figure out if they are all her but the two I’ve attached I’m 99% certain are her. She’s pretty short, skinny waist, nice firm boobs but didn’t see them as she kept her little leathery strapy top thing on (she answered the door in this a black knickers. She very good looking in my opinion and a nice body.

The deed - right I’m not gonna lie boys… I’m buzzing!!! Genuinely the best GFE I’ve had in a long time. Door opened as I was walking down the corridor and this smiley little face peeked out and waved me in!!! NEVER SEEN THIS. It’s always the behind the door trick. Inside, and she offered a hand shake and asked my name. I’d just showered but did again when asked to. Was then asked to was my hands again after handling money. The info the bedroom and lay on the bed. She asked if it’s my first time with an escort (it’s not haha) and I told her the truth. She was nice and talkative without being too chatty. Lovely actually. She climbed on top of me and asked if she could kiss me… of course you can. Really nice soft slow tongue action. Quite handsy. Got little WP up to attention. Loads of mutual touching and kissing. Then down to some very nice owo. Deep at times, with good ball and shaft licking. Nice eye contact too. After 5 minutes she asked if I would like her to continue… yes please. A very good BJ. Then onto the sex. I covered up. Now…. I usually like to try at least 3 positions but I was pressed for time and instantly regretted the 15 minute booking. Put I’ve not punted in a while and as this was a TOFTT I decided to play safe. The sex…. She asked if we could do reverse cowgirl…. I’m sure that’s the one when they have their back to you. She said she wanted to play with her vibrator too. I was absolutely game. Punted a fair bit and this position was a first and the masturbating to climax while she bounced up and down on my cock was also a pleasant first. She kept looking at me over her shoulder and it was fucking hot and I came in mac as she came too.

She climbed off. I’m def over my 15 minutes so aware I should dress quick and leave. But she then asks for a hug so we have a naked cuddle and more dfk. She then initiated a lovely chat as we slowly cleaned up and dressed. She told me it was her birthday today. We talked about our dogs. I told her she was one of the friendliest girls I’d seen and she was shocked. She asked me what other were like and I said 50/50 nice vs almost rude with no chat.

More hugs and kisses at the door.

Wasn’t expecting to leave feeling as good as I did.

Insane VFM

Hidden Image/Members Only

Hidden Image/Members Only

I couldn’t see any intel on this one so thought I would TOFTT


Comms were good I decided to call first as I wanted to ensure there was not a language barrier, nothing worse than that.  She conversed well and sent me the postcode by text. I made arrangement for a 60 minute booking on the proviso I could come twice which was agreed.


A road off the Hamlet Court Road, mostly permit parking so it can be an issue around there.  On arrival I messaged and was promptly asked to take a photo of the area of the street I was in and send it to her (never had this before and don’t understand why). Sent the photo and got the house number straight back. 

Got to the premises, a converted house looks like a HMO but in good condition. No doorbell so had to message again to say I’m there.  A short while passed and whilst standing in the porch I noticed a CCTV pointing at me, never comfortable with that. After a few minutes a girl answered the door, she was short and dark shoulder length hair but defo from South Americas.  She led me to a room on the first floor which was clean, tidy and warm, double bed and bathroom to the side. I did notice that there was also a desktop camera on the kitchen work surface that is pointing straight at you as you walk in!


I was at first surprised that this was the girl as she bore no resemblance to the AW photos but I still ran with it as she was quite pretty, tiny waist and a bubblebutt (which had cellulite)  I realised pretty soon she was not the girl I spoke to on the phone as she was not the best at English.

She was short, shoulder length black hair, fairly pretty (8/10).  We exchanged paperwork whereby she asked for £120 yet the AW advert stated £130 so like a stage magician I managed to peel off the £10 note from the £130 that was already in my pocket so I felt I had already had a result.

I confirmed cum twice which she acknowledged.  She was wearing a tracksuit bottom and loose top so I was disappointed but she took off her clothes revealing a nice bra and knicker set. I got undressed and joined her on the bed.

I went to kiss her but she turned her head away all she would allow is a peck on the cheek. She laid back and was rubbing the outside of her knickers then started to stroke my cock.  I took her knickers off, a nice shaved minge so went to stoke her clit but she would not allow touching it. I then took her bra off as she had amazing tits and again would not allow sucking of them just light stroking. Feeling very disappointed she put a condom on me and started to check her phone and respond to messages, this is a big no no for me.

She started oral on me and she states she’s a 'deepthroat queen' no way, she barely went halfway down my tiny shaft so more untruths.  I then went to go down on her as her flaps looked nice and again NO! On her enjoys list it says receiving oral which was not the case.

I then went to fuck her as not a lot else was happening and she put lube on the condom, I slipped in and because of the lube it lacked sensation which was another disappointment.  I went to lift her legs above my shoulders and she promptly took them down, another no can do on her ever growing list.

I f'cked her missionary for a while then told her to get on top, on the switchover she checked her phone again FFS!
She got on top and leaned forward using her bubblebutt to reasonable effect enough to make me cum.

She cleaned me up then asked if I wanted a massage, apparently she is 'trained in the art of massage', well I can tell you no she isn’t! She put cold oil on my back then proceeded to lightly massage me and it got repetitive, the oil had dried up and I was starting to feel this was a delay tactic to stop a second cum. All the way through the massage she kept leaning over checking her phone and at one point sent a message.

I started to rub my cock and she joined in, I got hard again then I said 'doggie' she said 'NO, only 5 minutes left whereby I went over to my phone and saw I still had 20 mins and told her so.

She reluctantly put another condom on, lubed me up and got on all fours.  As you can imagine it didn’t make for a nice atmosphere but I still engaged and done her doggy, tiny waist and bubblebutt I started pumping from behind, she made obligatory noises and 'yeah baby' and I soon came a second time.

I got dressed, no communication was made and left the room and made my way to the front door.

I was close to a negative on this as it was an obvious B&S and also her not willing to do things on her enjoys list, but I did have an ok massage and come twice (although that caused tension)   As I got dressed there was an array of toys on a small table but I thought perhaps it was just there for display as there was no attempt to use any.  I certainly would not go back even for a P&D.

I’ve added a photo from her WhatsApp profile pic and this is probably close to how she looks but in real life she’s not as tall as the picture makes out.

Clean premises
Girl was fairly pretty

Not doing things on her likes list
Parking could be an issue
Language barrier
Average massage but that was to waste time.
Kept checking phone for messages throughout punt.

Hidden Image/Members Only

East England / Vanessa Delicious Southend on Sea
« by fatboy on March 27, 2023, 09:02:37 am »
Vanessa Delicious

Having seen her profile pop up when doing local searches, she looked to have a lot going for me.
Blonde, about the age I prefer, Slavic type and had some positive reviews when in other areas.
Then saw the review by Oneyedsnake and Skippy2708 both of whom give good honest reviews.
Opportunity was my biggest problem and we did have one attempt at a meet which went awry.
However the comms were very good so I persevered.
I must say her pics did rather inspire me so I was keen to see her.

The only day I had available was a day already planned to see a long time reg which I was not
going to pass by. The reg is about an hours drive away and booked for the morning so I thought
' why not see Vanessa mid afternoon ?'
That's what I did, drove to see my reg in the morning and also booked a 45 min slot with Vanessa
for later in the afternoon.
Did some training beforehand, kept off the shandies - both pints of and hand.

Comms were very good, all by text on the day, 45 mins for 100.
Arrived at the location, it's no secret that she is located in converted offices on Victoria Avenue.
If lucky there are metered bays outside or across the road in the Civic Centre, all paid spaces.

Rang to get final instructions which was a bit awkward as when she buzzed me in there were two
delivery drivers and some other odd people trying to get in.
I just dashed in front and got in a lift.
Heavy smell of dope as I got out of the lift.

In to the flat and the door opened in the usual way, quick kiss, shoes off, invited to a shower or wash your hands.
Declined the shower and washed my hands. Tidy serviced flat.
Vanessa was just like her pictures with a sparkly dress on.
Late 40's, quite attractive facially, nice large naturals and a good trim body for her age.
Initially quite chatty, led to the bedroom and invited to get undressed while she stashed the cash.
The flat has heavy dividing curtains instead of walls which is a bit odd.

Vanessa came back, removed her kit after a bit of stand up foreplay and then wiped me down
and sprayed my genitals. I had confirmed OWO earlier so I guess this was her cleaning routine.
There next followed a good 20 minutes of OWO which I must say was very good and exactly
as Skippy describes in his review. She also (annoyingly) kept moving my legs back if I moved slightly.
To slow things for me I then did RO on her, she allowed mild fingering but would pull my hands away at times.
All nice and clean, she did not respond too much, just mild whimpers.
Must be losing my touch I thought but then remembered my earlier session so it was not me.

Condom on (with her mouth, nice touch) and more oral which again was very good.
Her technique was so good I was really feeling it even with the Johnny on and was contemplating
sex when the inevitable happened.
Clean up, bit of chitchat, got dressed and back out into the dope filled corridor.

Positives were: Nice looking and fit milf for her age, excellent OWO technique.
Excellent comms, flat nice and clean
Negatives: Moving arms and legs small amounts, timer or other pings from her phone,

Return ? Not sure, possibly...think she makes a good extended oral session and you might get
more from her if you went regularly and built a connection and got to know each other.
I think she has been around some time and maybe a bit jaded or it could just be me. :scare:
Thought long and hard about either a positive or neutral but for me it was not what I hoped it
would be or used to experience with the Lithuanian crew so Neutral it is.

East England / Hannah Banks - Norwich
« by Nor2013 on March 27, 2023, 08:36:23 am »

Meet:  Saturday

Location: Really nice, modern appartment at Riverside.

Cost: £160 for 60 mins.

Hannah: She was dressed in the blue lingerie which looked fantastic against her tanned skin.

The Meet:  It has been nearly 10 years since I last saw Hannah and she is so much better now.  She is really open and friendly and seems so much more comfortable and relaxed in what she is doing which made the whole meeting much more enjoyable for me.

I walked in and was greeted with a hug and offer of a drink. After this I was asked if I wanted a shower and even though I had had one that morning it seemed appropriate to freshen up.  After the shower Hannah offered a massage to get started and it was nice to feel her hands on my back and was certainly ready for more when I turned over which Hannah was more than happy to oblige.  My AW username idicates what I like and Hannah was more than pleased to supply it as the whole session was oral on me and on her which is my preference.

Her oral skills seem to have got a lot better over the years, not that they were bad previously but this time it was very good.  She was smooth, clean and tasted great for the RO & 69 and when the time came suggested her mouth and took all I had which seemed quite a lot!

Value: Yes if you like small, very fit women who will put you at ease and give you a lot of pleasure.

Return? Yes but maybe not leave it for another 10 years.

East England / Mistress _Dominique - Bedford
« by Condominium on March 26, 2023, 01:28:41 pm »

I punt too much and it can become just another routine, so I like to occasionally spice things up with some domination (receiving)

I’ve met quite a few now, some good, some going through the motions. This lady is the real deal and I highly recommend for those who seek out such alternative pleasures. For people like me who are used to being in control, ceding that control brings its own rewards.

I paid £150 for an hour and the session included most of the ‘likes’ on her profile. Hotel in central Bedford with discrete rear access (no pun intended).

She’s tall and slim, mixed race, with a great figure and a commanding presence. She’s everything I seek in a dominant woman.

East England / Jasmine_mini88 Brentwood
« by Nickp on March 25, 2023, 09:48:26 am »
Met this young lady. She is the one in the photos and not a B&S.

£140, kissing, owo were extra £10 each.

Dressed as a school girl, pert tits, nice and small chick. Only neg was she wears a brace.

Has to request the DFK which was not great, more poking her tongue out. Lots of decent OWO, on with the condom and a rather good fuck. I came and here's the odd thing, after the condom was off and cleaned whilst I was semi she asked me to finish her off and she was close to cuming and would only be 2 mins so new condom on and shagged her until she came in the few mins.

This is where it went downhill and becomes a neutral.

Overly long massage which I thought was average, listening to her story, 3-4 punters a day etc etc and I was the first of the day (bollocks I think).  During the massage I note she's texting away.

Anyway more owo, no DFK or kissing apparently that's only allowed in round 1. Doggy and she starts saying only 5 mins left. I told her I had a good 15, says the time starts from when I walk through the door. Anyway I carry on and it becomes like countdown, with her being the speaking clock.

Finally she says next customer waiting as her phone is blowing up, I still have 10 mins I remind her. Anyway she relents and says ok. Few more thrusts and I think I'm done with this and tell her I'm ready to call it a day and leave. Oddly she starts begging me to carry on as she's about to come again!  Being a gent I carry on and finish the deed.

Whilst getting ready she's passing me her clothes constantly messaging away, telling me next customer is there.

As I leave the apartment there is a chap on the phone greeting his instructions from her as he's trying to get through the security door, he gets in the lift and presses the floor she's on.

Glad I got there before him!!

If I was to visit again it would be 30 mins. Round 2 is not vfm.




Meet: Today in Flitwick

Comms: The phone is handled by someone by the girl speaks decent english

Cost: 80/30 min and 110/45 min....I opted for the 45 min

Services: owo, Fk and all positions I think cim, swallow and couple of other services are extra

The girl: Short at 4.11 but slim but but fat but because of the short height she looks a little broad. Not toned abs nor is a fit brazillian girl just a normal body#with long natural hair.

Service: She offered me a shower and I took and she went after and got herself cleaned. We started off with french kiss and moved down to 69 for a while and then on with the dom and we must have gone through a variety of positions. She is very accommodating and submissive, did not complain once and at one point asked me if she can get on top as she wanted to cum which was surprising but very glad to see she was enjoying too. Finally finished in pronebone and at that point I ran out of time so had a shower and left. She is there for a week and then moving on. Apologies for the short review but wanted to leave a quick one so someone insterested doesnt miss out.

East England / Naughty Gabriella - Incall - Norwich
« by dkpunter on March 24, 2023, 05:59:07 pm »
Links or

The meet happened on Monday - she is currently in York

Comms via text through her phone number avaialble in her ad on VS at that time. Fired a msg in the morning and agreed in an easy way a 1hour meeting.
Rate 130+30 for OWO

Venue was terraced house off of PoW road.
Usual behind the door welcome: when I was in she gave me a welcome with a kiss on the cheeks.

She is quite a petite lady, slim, toned ass. She is more tanned in real life than her pics suggest.
I think her pics are quite recent and she is absolutely the girl in the pics. Probably there's some "beautify effect" applied but nothing that changes drastically her.
I believe the stated age of 26 to be correct (anyway I'd say late 20s)

She has a great smile ad after entering the bedroom and sorting out paperwork - on her request - we started kissing.
Not a DFK but an enjoyable kiss on lips with some very light touch of tongue. Nice but not remarkable. Probably she doesn't enjoy it too much.
She was wearing a light dress that soon got off revealing her without bra and just her knickers.
She helped me undressing and started with OWO - after cleaning with wipes.
Great OWO, deep, slow with some DT, sloppy. Lot of attention to shaft and top. Not on the balls but I didn't ask.
I enjoyed that a lot, looking at her and on the wardrobe mirror.
Few eye contact, but her skills are top notch.

I had to ask her twice to stop, and then asked for sex that we did - with codom - doggy style. Nice view from there.

After round one some chit chat: she struggles a bit wth English bust still she does her best (no need for google translate) and that was an enjotable conversation.

After a while she started to touch me again trying to give life again to little one.
Even if I was not hard yet she started gaina with OWO with the same attention as in round one. She continued for a long time until I came. No CIM but competion was through OWO on her tongue.

Overall a nice experience that I'm keen to repeat. She is not robotic or distant, she is warm and seems to like a lot giving OWO. She should be back in Norwich - so she said - but I'm not sure when.

East England / Simply Louise - Sandy - still Milfalicious
« by chatman on March 24, 2023, 07:19:02 am » or

Louise is well reviewed on here, with a good number of positives.
(no neutrals or negatives so far and I personally can't see her getting one anytime soon)

Seen: Earlier this week

Comms: As I'm a regular, all messages were done via WhatsApp.
Arranged the meet early in the morning and saw late afternoon the same day. I tend to book last minute.
Messaged again, when parked up outside. Walked up to the front door which opened magically with Louise standing behind with a smile.

Location: Louise is now available in a private residence in Sandy, close to the A1.
Easy to find with the clear directions given. Good parking is available on the road outside. Clean premises.
Be careful, if you go too far along the road, you will find yourself travelling back down the A1.

Cost: £280 for two hours. I do like the longer meet.

Louise is an attractive English lady, about 5’2, with blonde hair and a slight tan.
She is always well dressed for her appointments in matching lingerie showing off her sexy body.
I believe Louise is late 40s but still looks younger than her age, she is blessed with good genes and looks.

Meeting: Louise is always very friendly and chatty from the start and makes me feel comfortable and relaxed.
Was asked to take my shoes off, I was led up to the large bedroom which was clean and tidy.
All very discrete with the curtains closed and a large free standing light in the corner.

We got on the bed, still talking, catching up with each other on what we have been up to since last seeing each other.
Soon, we were both undressed, cuddling and caressing each other's bodies. I soon gave Louise's sexy pussy some oral that got her hot and flustered
She gave me some excellent OWO, Louise was very good at this and enthusiastic.
She then put the bag on, got on top and rode me with gusto, I had a great view of her large breasts as she did.
A quick turn around into missionary and it wasn't long before I was filling the bag with a big grin on my face.

As always, I was very satisfied, with a little more chat while I got dressed. Louise is so friendly and accommodating.

Now I ave seen Louise many times over the years, as I'm a regular of hers.
For me she provides one of the best GFE, with lots of DFK, OWO and great FS sex.
I will keep going back until she retires which I sincerely hope is not anytime soon.

East England / JuicyLucy4U - Incall - Norwich
« by oli7474 on March 23, 2023, 11:54:31 pm »

Meet happened a couple months ago on her tour in Norwich

Location: Meet happened in a discreet apartment in Norwich not too far from Chapelfield. It's very tucked away and off the main road so there were no worries of passers by. Flat was nice and modern with a huge bed and lounge area.

Cost: £80 for 30 mins.

Lucy: She was dressed in a lovely black outfit which showed off her body brilliantly.

The Meet:

I walked in and was greeted by a long hug and a kiss from Lucy. After this we went to the lounge area where we kissed some more and she got my cock all wet with sloppy BJ. She then took off some of her lingerie and i stripped off and walked into the bedroom.

The rest was a blur but it was a mixture of Lucy slamming herself down on my cock while i fingered her and some nice and hard fucking in different positions. I came twice in her mouth and she swallowed the lot both times! I then had a shower and was on my way. I slept well that night and would reccomend to anyone who likes a pornstar style blowjob.

Value: Yes for 30 mins you get just a taster of what Lucy can offer, she's well reviewed on here so you can see what she can do with more time.

Return? Yes again, I hope she returns to Norwich for another tour and maybe with Niki next time.

East England / Hot Shey - Thurrock outcall
« by RudiUK on March 22, 2023, 06:23:11 pm »
Shey bid on an RB of mine, looking for a foot fetish session with full sex. I think she was previously on AW as Naughty Shey? Given her new profile and lack of feedback I had some doubts (especially given my recent RB failures) but we agreed on a date and time and I booked a hotel.

Initial comms were via AW email but we switched to text on the day. Shey turned up bang on time and I was pleasantly surprised to find a completely normal (in a good sense) petite blond lady knocking on the door. I've had so many RBs go wrong lately that I'd basically convinced myself that this one would too. She'd clearly read the RB and, after the initial chit chat,  we quickly got down to a bit of relaxed kissing and cuddling as an ice breaker.

We'd discussed likes and dislikes in advance so it was a comfortable progression from what I'd describe as "sensual gfe" to me spending some time kissing her pussy through her tights and then culminating in two pops in fairly quick succession (with a breather and drink in between).

As I said, I'd had so many let-downs recently that Shey came as a really pleasant surprise and I'll definitely be seeing her again. or

East England / Catherine G - Chelmsford, January
« by Dajie on March 22, 2023, 11:46:51 am »
Saw Catherine G in January in Chelmsford in January. 1 hour incall.

Plush flat, convenient parking, good comms. I don't remember the tariff. It says £200 an hour on there now. It may have been. She has some Indian heritage I think? Slim body, big fake tits, tall.. forties I guess. Must hit the gym a lot. Offered a drink, sat down, had a chat then moved into the bedroom.

Owo, doggie, missionary.. but could I cum? I could not! I eventually came on her tits but it was hard work. That is potentially my fault because on this occasion my eyes were bigger than my balls. Takes me 3 days to prep and I didn't do that  :dash:. But with a younger woman? I don't know.

But she did DFK and that was a huge upside for me. Could have kissed her for hours. Another upside is that she is absolutely professional and patient and did her utmost to get me to cum until I did.

Would I go back soon? No, because not the cheapest and there is more to sample in the area, but she knows her business and if you like mature women you will probably have a blast. Also, DFK.

I don't know how to rate this one because she did everything she promised, she doesn't make false claims about her age and she persevered. Struggling to cum for 20 minutes was not strictly positive, but I suspect that was at least partly poor planning on my part.

So, neutral with provisos.

East England / LadyLaylaLove - Southend
« by Shoeburyguy on March 22, 2023, 10:36:20 am »
This was around last September-October if memory serves, but just been lacking time lately to leave a review...better late than never though! or

Saw Layla's profile show up on AW when it was fairly new, most people in Southend know that it is like a wasteland here and most of the decent regulars have or are disappearing.

Fancied a bit of OWO and thought i would TOFTT as it was around lunchtime midweek.

Messaged her on AW and she was pretty quick and clear on responses, no issue with OWO and she said she did DFK too.

Meet was arranged for an hour later for a 15 min blow n go for £50, she gave me postcode and building name, text for door number on arrival.

Location was Kursaal estate, private parking and in one of the block of flats so not really a "public" location...but probably would avoid at night.

Got to flat, surprisingly clean, tidy and well kept. Layla is as expected, on the larger side, but a pretty face and clean (hygienic) and was wearing a nice little outfit

After a bit of friendly chit-chat and sorting out the paperwork, she lead me upstairs (yes, weird flat with 2 floors) to the bedroom, where she helped undress me along with some nice DFK. She seemed quite happy to do it and definitely seemed interested.

Onto the bed for some nice sloppy OWO, lots of attention to the balls and a lot of eye contact too which was good. She kept coming up to let me suck on her massive rack and some more DFK.

This isn't a big head moment but she kept saying "You are so fit" (I do run and gym a lot) and then after about 10 mins of OWO she said she was really turned on and did i want to F*** her?

At this point I thought it would be rude not to, so on with the bag and into a bit of missionary, doggy and ending with her on her back and me holding her legs up.

Finished in the bag the same time as her, was definitely a genuine one, which was a nice touch to a great meet.

Bit of friendly chit chat before i left, she said she hoped i come back again soon, I said me to...but unfortunately havent due to work always getting in the way  :D

Planning to go back at some point though, decent, clean meet with a nice girl if the larger ladies are your thing

East England / LovelyLorrie Newmarket
« by Staggerlee69 on March 22, 2023, 09:18:28 am »
This meet happened a few weeks ago, in Newmarket. I felt safe and this is clearly her home. As it was my first time with her I only booked 30 minutes for £80.Comms were good with the initial contact through AW and then via text.

She is a mature lady with a fuller figure and if this is something that you are looking for Lorrie will not disappoint. Curvy with a great pair of tits. Definitely not everybody's first choice though.

The Meet
I was looking for something fairly relaxing, and Lorrie delivered. Started with a chat in the lounge then went upstairs to the bedroom. Lots of DFK and hands everywhere. She stripped off her dressing gown to reveal sexy underwear while I got undressed. More DFK and tit sucking. Onto the bed and OWO which was good, had to ask her to slow down as I was close to cumming, then RO. Clean and tasty. On with the mac, fucking in doggy and missionary pulled out and she was happy for me to cum over her tits. Cleaned up and on my way. 

Would I return?
Yes, but I can understand that she might not be for everybody.

East England / Meena99 - Peterborough
« by Adam5637 on March 21, 2023, 11:15:08 pm »

This was about a week ago since she has moved on to Swindon.
The place was just off London road with plenty of parking across the apartments. Decent enough venue and felt quite safe even though it was the evening. Paid 150 including extras for 1 hour. Extras were owo and kissing. Owo is definitely worth it imo. I love kissing so much in fact if it’s not included I would walk but in this case it wasn’t tongues dfk but just lips good enough and not just pecks which I was pleased about.

Soon as I walked in i was greeted with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Confirmed price and time then she said thank you I believe in Thai with a bow which was a nice touch. Told to strip while she went out the room for a minute then onto the fun. She does not hold back whatsoever and isn’t shy. We kissed while she touched and caressed every part of me and I the same to her. She has a fantastic body bit of a tummy but not a problem at all. Then she really wanted to see my cock and kept on saying please show me. She uses her tongue quite well and teases the head and there’s a lot of licking and eye contact. She started to talk to my cock which was quite funny but nevertheless a great mouth on her funny and good at sucking haha

Onto cowgirl and boy can she ride. She’s short so she does this thing with her legs and feet which she positions herself over you with her feet over your thighs and knees next to your side and rides. Haven’t experienced this before but it was really good. This lasted for about 15 mins then doggy. Meena has a really nice arse quite peachy not too small or big. Plenty to grab onto and go at it. Couldn’t last long in this position and came. She cleaned me up then just cuddled for a while.

Overall she’s great and I’m taking a short break but hopefully be back soon and start with meena if she’s near me. It’s been about a year since I’ve started this hobby and it is a heck of a lot of fun but I see myself getting carried away and spending way too much. Not that I cannot afford it but I feel like a short break would help me enjoy it more rather than indulging all the time. Perhaps use this as a reward for completing goals. I’d love to get feedback. Let me know. Thanks

East England / Mrshedonandhell - Peterborough.
« by antony8821 on March 21, 2023, 05:45:19 pm » or

popped to see this WG last week whilst I was passing through, great comms, easy directions.

arrived and paid £70- 15 mins.

a lovely girl, very pretty, peircing eyes. french kissing was nice and passionate, started undressing me, got me to lay down, plenty of eye contact with protected oral, then asked how i wanted her, i opted for missionary.

imagine rolling around on a yoga/beach ball. i absolutely love kissing and it finishes me off but i couldnt get near her mouth with out pulling out the other end. so i had a go on her tits which does nothing for me.

pumped away until i came.

polite little convo, seemed friendly.

male trainers in the hall and a male outside the bedroom window i noticed whilst ploughing her. it was interesting because when i went in to the property the gate was open and latched to the wall. when i came out, the gate was closed.

friendly girl, very pretty but a serious size 18/20. just not my idea of a good punt.

if you like the bigger girl, go for it, she was clean, friendly but if you like slimmer people or even curvy, i wouldnt bother.

East England / SEXY MATURE - Biggleswade
« by cunningman on March 21, 2023, 02:42:28 pm » or

£80 for 30 minutes (£20 extra for OWO)

Comms were reasonable but I think the lady that answered the phone is not Julia - it was arranged at 40 minutes notice and I got a text asking what time just as I was about to park up.

The usual mid-terrace central location - plenty of nearby parking and a supermarket to shop at if you need an excuse.  As usual, the house was really too hot.

I think she's attractive for her age, a bit droopy as you'd expect - and she's clearly not the age she claims.  Nice tits that were offered for sucking several times.
Bum is soft and not shapely.  A bit of a tummy.  Her English is rather poor.

She wasn't exactly enthusiastic about receiving the extra £20 for OWO.  Did indicate not to CIM which is fair enough.

I stripped as she went to park the cash, she slipped out of her underwear sharpish while LFK and fondling my cock.

I went down for some RO which was fine, then asked for the OWO and it was lacklustre and not deep, certainly no sign of Deep Throat.
Asked her to sit pn my face and she went for 69 with some more light OWO.

She rubbered me up and lubed and rode me quite energetically with a good variety of technique, then presented her arse at the end of the bed for doggy with me standing and I had a good old pump.  I felt it wasn't going to happen, so got back on the bed, took the rubber off, and asked for an oily handjob while she sat on my face.  A satisfactory finish.

We were both rather out of breath and the temperature is noticeable at that point.

I left sharpish to get back to 'work from home, I was out after about 25 minutes.

All in all - while I like OWO it was not great and I'd keep the £20.  The other £60 was well spent.

East England / Melody Banks - Hemel Hempstead
« by 1599337 on March 21, 2023, 01:32:06 pm »

Location: Chain Hotel near motorway exit. Hard to miss. Once inside she texted me the floor and met me up there.

Fee: Paid £90 for 30 mins

Looks: accurate to her picture and age seems right too. Pretty young girl, had a cute face, breasts were a nice size and shape but not huge and had a fairly small bum. She was fresh when i arrived and trimmed too

Service: My only negative point would be that OWO is not an option, otherwise her service is very good. Very friendly. No clock watching and she essentially let the meet end when I finished, which im pretty sure was over the time I paid for. She gave a good blowjob that was deep tight and sloppy and used her tongue a lot. Also did enthusiastic french kissing without any issues. Finished the session in cowgirl and she was very tight. Had a nice conversation after finishing, got dressed and left.
Would consider this a strong positive, lack of OWO was the only drawback

East England / Mistress Maria - Welwyn Garden
« by Hansthatdodishes on March 21, 2023, 12:04:36 pm »

Rate - £180 All In DFK Etc (Not Inc Anal)
Pics - 100% The woman in the Photos
Place - Nice clean flat above John Lewis
Location - Welwyn Garden - Easy to park (£2.50 for 2hrs)

Not many reviews on this one so here is mine. Saw her mid afternoon as she was horny as hell and right little energiser bunny. 5ft 6 maybe and she has the most incredible waist to hip ratio, the arse is fantastic. She done a little dance and grinded on me for a while and then on to the bed where she sat on my face for a while. Her tits have defin been done but they have been done very well for sure. She is in her mid 40's and must of been a right looker on her day. She is defin a gym goer and is in great shape. I shagged her from behind and she can take a proper pounding for as long as you like! I was done after 40min and was more than satisfied! After I came we chatted for a while as we found some common ground and she came across as a very nice person. Yes I highly recommend and would return but if you are looking for a Mistress in the Kink/Fetish sense then I would look elsewhere!

East England / Anna with love - Colchester
« by BallJangles on March 20, 2023, 09:30:00 pm »

Was looking for a girl who did a-levels. Comms were easy enough, she responded in reasonable time and was consistent. Arranged an hour booking and confirmed she’d be able to perform anal that day. Mainly text messaging but we had a brief call to confirm the appointment and she seemed pleasant. Arranged for 1 hour + OWO and anal. I can’t remember the price we agreed on.

The same flat nears a supermarket in the outskirts of Colchester as all the other reviews. Decent and quiet residential area with plenty of street parking close in the vicinity.

She’s updated her pictures now but when I saw her, she had very old photos and she appeared almost completely different in person. I concluded it’s the same person as in the photos, just much older and much more ‘weathered’. Mind you, I still thought she was a decent looking girl with a nice enough body but nowhere near as polished as her photos. She also had a natural look with little make-up but still looked managed to look ok.

Got there, let her know and she told me to wait and didn’t give me the door number until just after 10 past. Went into her set of flats and up some stairs and as I approached, she opened the door while hiding behind it as I came through and she directed me to the bedroom.

I hand her the money for the arrangement we had discussed and she immediately hands some back to me and says it’s too much. I’m confused so I confirm that 1 hour is X amount and she says “no I can only do 30 minutes today”. Maybe I should have just walked away there but I had travelled a (relatively) long way so I just said whatever. I wish I was sometimes but I’m not one for confrontation.

She goes to bank it whilst I undress and when she returns, I go on the bed where she proceeds to give me some OWO. She put some music on and it felt like she was going through a routine of a sensual blowjob. Not really my style. I know I’m getting my cock sucked, but I felt like a bit of a passenger and struggled to stay engaged.

She puts the rubber on with her mouth and we move onto missionary. Her pussy felt nice and tight-ish and she had her legs back by her shoulders. The scenes were incredible but it was not what I came for. With the limited time in mind, after a few minutes I suggested we move to doggy so I can try her arse. She laughed sarcastically in a ‘you must be joking’ type of way and said she can’t take me as I was too big for her. Now, let’s just say I take being called average as a compliment so I was genuinely stunned and confused by this. I respected her choice and didn’t press the issue but I felt that if she can’t even take my size, she should make it clear in her profile and in conversations prior that it’s at discretion. Especially when it was specifically requested.

So anyway, she instead then gave me a hand job but with the disappointment, I began to lose interest and struggled to maintain so we both acknowledged that there was no point of continuing. She helped me wipe down, I put my clothes on and I left with maybe 10 mins left of the 30.

- Looked decent enough for me and had a fantastic body for her (real) age
- Location is decent, felt safe and easy enough to find nearby parking
- Decent enough English

- Arranged an hour but reduced to 30 mins.
- Arranged for anal but it turned out to be at discretion, which wasn’t on my side.
- Looked nothing like her pictures.
- Had to be VERY quiet as she says the walls are thin.
- Seemed like a nice girl but I tried to make conversation throughout and she gave very little back.
- Not much feedback or expressions during sex.
- She didn’t initiate any kissing.

I don’t see how this can be anything other than a negative review. I am someone who prefers MILFs (30-50) to younger girls anyways so at least I was happy with her looks despite feeling a little deceived but her other shenanigans pissed me right off.

East England / Juicy.lucy4u - Ipswich
« by BallJangles on March 20, 2023, 09:14:32 pm »

I’ve seen her a few times so this isn’t for a particular meet. She’s a well reviewed SP so I won’t go into too much detail but I will vouch for every positive review she has.

Comms are always super easy and quick. Started on AW then once I got the number, moved to texts and all arrangements are made by text since.

Her own place in Ipswich. Nothing exciting or concerning about it. Easy enough to find parking around the area.

Sexy pornstar MILF type with a nice face, huge breasts, slim body and long legs. Nails and toes done. Pictures and age seemed accurate.

I’ve seen her a few times now and she never disappoints. She’s willing to try pretty much anything and it’s delivered to a high standard with enthusiasm, every time. She’s a one-stop-shop for a bucket list. I like to think I’m a creative fella but I’m running out of things to try at this point.

- Good looking with a great body, accurate pictures.
- Nice and friendly girl.
- High sex drive.
- Plenty of eye contact and engagement.
- Extensive likes list and open to suggestions.


Overwhelming positive. I’m sorry if this reads like an advert but service provision does not get any better than this. I don’t know where I go from here. I’m screwed.

East England / HotdarkRimmingQueen - Basildon
« by BallJangles on March 20, 2023, 09:04:57 pm »

Comms were super easy and quick via text. Everything was set up and I had an address within a couple of minutes. £90 for 30 mins.

Venue was a well know hotel in Basildon.

Sexy pornstar MILF type with a nice face, huge breasts, slim body and long legs. A bit top heavy. Nails and toes done. She’s quite heavy on the make-up and has lip fillers. Pictures and age seemed accurate.

GFE. Friendly girl, made me feel relaxed very quickly. She made effort to make general convo and smiled a lot.

Arrived, parked up and let her know. She told me her room number and I just had to make my way up using the elevator. I walked into the room, was greeted with a kiss and sorted out the paperwork as we made small talk.

Started with some FK and cuddling for a few minutes before moving onto some OWO. I didn’t get to experience her rimming speciality unfortunately but she gave plenty of attention to my balls, which was nice. There wasn’t much eye contact though.

Moved onto the grown up stuff and she got into missionary. I went in but unfortunately, I couldn’t have lasted more than 2 minutes and I came in the bag whilst inside her. A bit more small talk, a kiss goodbye and that was that.

On my way out, I’m pretty sure hotel staff had clocked onto the purpose of my visit. Maybe I was being paranoid but I went past about 6 staff member who all gave a sort of look I can only describe as pitying. I saw two staff members talking and giggling amongst themselves whilst taking turns to look in my direction. This is the first time I’ve felt people knew I was a punter this and it made me feel very uncomfortable. I wouldn’t want to return to this building in the near future. She did mention that she got kicked out of another venue a day or two before so it raised questions about her discretion.

- Nice and friendly girl
- Good looking with representative pictures
- Decent oral

- Questionable discretion.
- Little eye contact.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a lot done with her so I can’t add more detail. Overall though, she’s a good looking, friendly girl who done the limited few things she did to a decent standard.

East England / roxy party girl- Colchester
« by django0700 on March 20, 2023, 06:37:13 pm »
Met her a few weeks ago, paid £60+£10 (OWO) for 30 mins.

Flat located near big supermarket. Her looks etc all been flogged to death, so not repeating it.

The meet:  She kisses not DFK (but I dont really care for that) , OWO ,followed by some RO ,  then on to missionary (she seems to prefer this position) then i got her to stand with one leg on the bed and entered from behind...she was ok with this which for a Rom was a bit of a surprise...

Overall a nice 30 mins. however going forward i will stick to 15 mins as that is ample time for me.

WIR yes


Profile Page using or

07497 716360

Really annoyed with myself on this one. Thinking with my dick again  :dash: Short versio. - save your cash!

Comms - by text but she then bombards you with calls half hour before to check your coming even though she asks you to confirm 15 mins before  :unknown:

Venue - flat on top of a major retail outlet in central Welwyn Garden City, you literally have to walk across the roof to get to the flat  :scare: Flat itself is fit for purpose.

The WG - looks more like Chunks mum from the Goonies than curvy sexy milf. I’d say more 65/70 years old than her stated 48  :dash: Has a huge gut and I mean hideously huge and she’s certainly no looker. Photos are well out of date if they are her. Yes big tits but they aren’t great to look at.

Cost - paid £70 for half hour, thank god I didn’t go for an hour!

The Entertainment - After meeting Rosie, I decided to drop form an hour to half and ask for a massage. Didn’t have time for plan b so this was a think with dick moment and just wanted to get wanked off. In the 15 mins I was there she answered 2 phone calls and had conversations setting up her next few visits whilst holding my dick in her hands.

I just got up and got dressed when she was on the phone the 2nd time. Then she said where am I going and I said well you’re being rude so I’m leaving. She was like oh okay I feel bad so I said well if you feel bad then You can give me some cash back to which she then went on the offensive telling me I should never ask a lady for money and that I’m choosing to leave and that I’m intimidating and started mentioning her security to which I just laughed at. All I did was get up and start getting changed and politely suggested she give me some cash back if she was sincerely sorry.

A few more unrequited words from her before I left. Obv pissed off I decided to up and leave. Told me I don't need to see her again as I walked out to which I told her there’s no worry about that.

Conclusion - avoid this rude unpleasant Greek fat granny like the plague. Waste of cash, didn’t even shoot my load.

Subsequent search after found her Aw profile as originally found her via Vivastreet as her AW only came up after I visited as she only started in Welwyn on the day I went (she tours) otherwise I would have searched her AW ID on here and seen the other negative reviews  :dash:

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East England / Cheyenne Rose- Stevenage Blow and Go
« by Iwobislunch on March 20, 2023, 11:43:52 am »

Met last week. Woke up with the horn and had spent the morning browsing AW and edging. Decided I wanted someone to suck the release out of me rather than do it myself. Searched the Hertfordshire area and found Cheyennes profile. I recognised her from her porn films and noted she did blow and go. Quick text message to confirm services and met an hour later.

Location: Modern house just away from the city center. Clean bedroom with mirrored wardrobe for added views. I didnt need to use the facilities so cant comment.
Fee: £60 for 15 minutes
Services: Oral, DFK to get hard and a facial to finish.
Girl: Cheyenne looks exactly like her profile. Petite, lots of tattoos, nice firm breasts and a lovely arse. I would say Cheyenne is actually trimmer than her profile pics. Beautiful girl with a cheeky smile and wamr and friendly.

As mentioned this was just a blow and go. We shared a a few minutes of DFK with Cheyenne rubbing me over my jeans to elicit a hard on (Didnt take much!) She shed her lingerie and smiled at me saying 'lets have a look at it then' I stripped off and she laid me down and gave me an excellent OWO BJ. Deep at times with a mixture of hand action but not too much. Had to stop her a couple of times as I didnt want to blow instantly. During those times she licked my shaft with vigour. No ball sucking on this occasion. We'd already agreed I could paint her face so toward the end of the time she said I should stand up and give her what she wanted. On her knees she sucked me some more and I told her I was about to cum, she pulled back, stuck her tongue out and took a face full like the porn star she is. It was a big load due to my edging but she didnt flinch and when I'd stopped bucking she cleaned me up with her mouth. Such a sight. Cleaned ourselves up and said goodbye and off out the door in the 15 minutes.

i'd absolutely return, she's great if you just want a blow and go with a facial included. I will return and will consider a longer booking to sample the rest of her body and services.

East England / Paris0 - Great punt! - Cambridge
« by BisexualPeeper on March 20, 2023, 08:41:39 am »

£130/60 minutes


Called and booked with a 90 minutes notice and agreed a time at her place. She was very polite during the call. She gave me a postcode and I called her when I had parked about five minutes before the scheduled time. No waiting and very good directions to her flat

The girl:

Gorgeous french-senegalise woman with a beautiful african face and a very tight and curvy body. Her arse is round but not huge and her waste is tiny compared to the body, great proportions. She welcomed me in lingerie. She wears a wig, as expected, but that didn't really put me off. Fluent in English and French and a good attitude overall. Also, she's a 34-year old intelligent woman that can hold a conversation, which is great for me being middle-aged.

The sex:

We started with some cuddles and light kisses, and then after licking her whole body I went down on her for and for about 15 minutes. She tasted fresh and natural. She was become more responsive with time and at the end she had some violent convulsions as she came. It was real and very satisfying. She then performed uncovered oral on me, deep throat and tongue play. I had to stop her after 5 minutes to save me from cumming and then she got on top of me for a while and we continued on doggy style, which was great. I had that amazing arse and a tiny waste to grab on. I then came all over her tits. By then we were 40 minutes in so we spend the remaining 20 minutes naked in bed cuddling and chatting.

Overall a very good punt and good value for money, considering her amazing body, attitude and skills. She said she'll be back end of April.


East England / Juicy.lucy4u - Ipswich bi gang bang
« by knob rocker on March 20, 2023, 07:22:38 am »

Lucy needs no introduction to members of this fine forum. I am not going to write a blow by blow (pun intended  :lol:) account of the meeting as I'm not sure I can add anything meaningful to what's already on here. She has plenty of reviews on here (one of mine included!) and she is generally regarding as someone who provides an easy, no nonsense approach to escorting. She is also filthy as fuck and provides all the services on her likes list with lots of smiles, laughter, chat and enthusiasm. Works for me!!  :cool:

I saw that Lucy was advertising 3 gangbangs on her profile that took place a couple of weeks ago, one for bi guys, one for straight guys and one for watersport lovers. I texted Lucy and enquired about the bi one, she told me it was just for guys who were willing to play with each other as well as her, it would be 2 hours long, maximum of 5 guys (I think) and all services would be available from her. She also stressed that a £50 non refundable deposit was required and even though she had met me before, there were no exceptions to this.

Her explanation was that she gets a lot of guys putting their names down but many don't turn up. Now...... we all know leaving a WG a deposit is a big risk and I would have been seriously fucked off if I had lost £50 through being scammed but I like her down to earth approach and was worth a risk. She gave me the option of cashapp (which I'd never used) or bank transfer, so I did a transfer. She also now has a card machine so assume that's an option. She confirmed receipt almost immediately.

Come the day, I messaged her to confirm we were still on and arrived at her flat a few minutes early, paid the remainder (£130 left to pay)  and within a few minutes the 3 other guys turned up.

We then all had a very happy 2 hours playing with each other and Lucy and generally having a seriously good fun, debauched time. If this is your thing, I would heartily recommend it. Make your own mind up with regards to the deposit situation. :drinks:

East England / AISHA_SWEET_69 - Cambridge
« by Watts.E.Dunn on March 19, 2023, 05:53:23 pm »
Well first review from me for quite some time been more or less happy with the massage places and a Reg but time for an escort girl again. Have been to see a few but as fast as they come they go so..

Made an appoinment with a "text me bby" one one evening, turned out to be a total waste of time and money shes now off the radar!

So later that eveing decided that i'd take a punt on this lady who's Rom so phoned up, she speaks almost fluent English a good start! and yes she  could see me at a £100 per hour and come as soon as you can! Shes in one of those serviced apparments off station road the postcode and the address didnt quite tie up and then it almost didnt happen as the phone battery was on its last legs but managed to get a text thru and inside the building so all good thus far then she operned the door and quite a nice suprise!, quite a tall lady well built and very pleasant and very friendly. Money taken and stashed drinks offered etc and then down to action.

Very nice body and lovely natrual chebs on the pendolous side but a lovely handfull, soo much better than silicon. Sex in a couple of postions not my best performance as the blueys taken earlier were fading fast but overall a very nice time was had.  I'd see her again but shes now gone off to Narwiich! No downside to speak of but there is an oddity with her phone number google it and it comes up with somone else, and there is a review indexed to her name which is/was a B&S but the girl i a saw was deffo the one in the pics.

Who i'd hope to see again when shes back this way, Cambridge needs good girls!! or



East England / Lara_Blonde - Chelmsford Central
« by PilotMan on March 19, 2023, 04:43:29 pm »
Link: or


W/C 13th March 2023


Chelmsford town centre – Apartment Building on Parkway

Booking & Comms:

Terrible. Had to text and call multiple times from different phones to get a response. Once she responded by text, I made sure I saw her straight away, as I was nearby.

The Girl:

She is a very attractive girl, a couple of profile pictures make her look much older. Early / mid twenties I’d guess, pictures are accurate, if not make her look older. She opened the door in a thin nightie over her underwear and high heels. She stands around 5’5”, is a perfect size 8, really narrow waist and lovely juicy butt (it looks enhanced). Fairly well toned and no fat. Juicy D+ cup enhanced titties, they aren't natural, but they are fairly soft. Small flat nipples, that took a lot of effort to get them to stand up. Nice soft skin and silky medium length blonde hair. No tats.

The Fee

£100 for 30 minutes (+£20 extra for Cum on Breasts, of which I didn’t partake)

The Punt

I handed her the fee and agreed services, she immediately left the room. Upon her return I asked to use the bathroom. No shower offered, no towels in the bathroom. Back in the room I got undressed, she chatted to me during this time and apologised for her poor English. It’s rudimentary and fine for what we needed.

I summoned her to the stand next to me at the edge of the bed, there was a mirror strategically placed on the wall opposite. She reversed in to me and starting grinding on me and annoyingly making fake moaning noises, thankfully this didn’t continue. I was able to kiss her neck and feel through her bra to gain access to her breasts, they were nice and soft. He nipples took a lot of work to get them erect. I also felt through her panties and massaged her clit.

We removed our remaining clothes and she sat on the edge of the bed, while I stood. She gave my todger a good going over with the baby wipes and proceeded to give OWO. It was very good, plenty of variation, she managed a couple of times to take almost all of me in. Sucking my balls and simultaneously wanking me. I was enjoying myself and getting quite close, so suggested we get on to the sex.

She rubbered me up and hopped on the bed, positioning herself so that I could enter her in standing doggy. She has a lovely peachy arse and can take a good pounding, no complaints, I could go as deep as I wanted. She had her head face down on the bed, arse in the air, but unfortunately I couldn’t see her face in the mirror as it was covered by her blonde hair. I think I would have probably nutted if I had.

I asked her to get on top, she rode me CG pretty well, changing position and pace, as well as grinding on me. I had access to her lovely juicy boobs, plenty of opportunity to fondle and suck them, no restrictions.

She tired so we switched to missionary. I banged away for ages and had her legs up on my shoulders for a while. My pumping had her boobs swirling and bouncing around, that combined with her pretty face I eventually busted. I was enjoying it too much and didn’t want to stop to cum over her tits.

She asked me what happened to cumming over her tits? I just smiled.

Summary and would I return?

She is a very pretty girl, has a top bod and didn’t rush me or give it the “Cum for me baby” routine. If I wanted to bang a really fit bird, she would be a good choice.

My only negative was that I would have preferred a little more eye contact. Also kissing, but this was off the cards, despite what her profile and text said.

Below is a very accurate picture.

Hidden Image/Members Only

East England / Hot beauty - Hatfield TOFTT
« by Nagilum on March 19, 2023, 03:08:23 pm »
Link or

Price: £130

Duration: 1 hour (shoudl have been)

Any one who has punted Christina Dream, Megan Allure etc know this outfit well. They are operating in Hatfield next to the Aldi.

Dealing with the Maid. Managed to book easily to see this girl. All done over text in the usual manner.

The Punt:

Did not occur. First walked into a pitch black flat. I couldn’t see her or make her out at all. However, my initial reaction was to question if this was the actual girl and what was being hidden. Now, into the room and I catch a glimpse of her in a very dimly lit room. Let’s put it this way, you want to keep the lights off! What I saw was nothing like the girl in the pictures. However, on further reflection and looking at her pictures, it’s probably her but she looks nothing like the photos on the profile.
She had no makeup on, skin looked awful and she is way older than 28. I would put her in her late 30s. Body is not as slender either and I was really put off by the clear wrinkles.

Now it gets worse, I handed over the notes. The moment I did, she looked at me and said on the bed clothes off. She leaves the room and returns, looking at me angry, almost shouting at the fact I was not on the bed naked. Truth is, she was out the room for 10 seconds and I want to first start by kissing and feeling before moving to the bed. Very impatient and this is my punt, she is not paying me.

I looked her dead in the eye and told her to fetch my money as I was leaving. She came back with the funds and asked me why. I told her this didn’t feel good for me and I wasn’t happy. I also pointed out she looked nothing like her profile pictures. She muttered “the girl in the pictures” didn’t even try to confirm or deny it was her in them.


Don't even bother. Totally crap, waste of time and I’m one blue pill down and frustrated. Rubbish attitude, rude and a catfish.

East England / Suzy@party Chelmsford Toftt
« by Igor on March 18, 2023, 06:41:47 pm »
Hello Gents,
Quick review for This was very recent and a plan b. Comms good by phone and text, arranged 30 mins for £80. Venue is a well known block of flats close to Chelmsford market. I got put back by her a few mins as it takes her 20 mins to have a coffee but finally buzzed in, it is the one where you then have another door to buzz through but after a little faffing got up to the 3rd floor. Behind the door, I believe it is the girl in the pics but these are quite flattering. I would put her at mid 30's, quite plain facially, fairly well built/chunky, little bit of a belly. Could have walked to be honest but she was friendly and I had been let down elsewhere and couldn't be bothered to try again. Into room, paperwork exchanged £80 plus £30 extra for owo. No shower offered but I had showered already. She was wearing a negligee.
We had a little bump and grinding her ass into my crotch standing which was quite good, her ass is not the shapeliest but big and fit for purpose. She asked me to lay down and gave Jr a good spray with something and a wipe. Onto a bj without, fast and furious style with a tiny bit of shaft licking, I would describe this as adequate. Onto sex, went through cowgirl, missionary and doggy. She was not especially tight and tbh I wasn't really into it and didn't really fancy her so was struggling to get the job done, even in doggy which will usually do the job for me. Btw she can take a pounding in this position. She had given the usual 'fu## me baby' etc throughout but had side stepped kissing (agreed in text) and not allowed full access to her boobs also.
To finish I asked her to jerk me off whilst kissing my nipples which will usually do the trick. She insisted in keeping the condom on for this and also had to give my nipples a quick squirt with the sanitiser first. Somehow got the job done, clean up  with kitchen towel and away.
pro's, she was available.
Negs, plain looking for me, loose pu##y, no kissing.
If kissing had been available, may have been a neutral, also forgot to confirm cim which is on the list but I doubt would have been forthcoming. No return for me.


East England / Bella Love Party Chelmsford
« by Igor on March 18, 2023, 06:14:21 pm »
Hello Gents,
Review for I have become accustomed to travelling up to London in recent times as pretty rubbish options in the Chelmsford/Colchester area but obviously means the best part of the day including the travelling. So decided to shop local. Tried this one, sounded good on the phone and genuine. I explained I didn't want to drive to Chelmsford for no reason. Usual story, 'fell back to sleep, give me 30 mins' then getting ready. 50 mins after the agreed time I cut my losses and went for a plan b.

East England / Roxy party girl - Colchester
« by rufus59 on March 17, 2023, 10:56:34 am »

Price Paid £100 1 hour including OWO

A flat near Tesco in Highwoods. Used by lots of girls. When I arrived I had to wait for a couple of minutes in a small room while her colleague saw another punter out. The room had a double bed and floor to ceiling mirrors so fit for purpose but I'm not sure how often the sheets are changed.

Attractive enough, very tanned smallish tits which I liked and a nice round ass.

The Action
This is where it becomes a neutral as she was very passive and while she made some groaning sounds she was definitely not into it. OWO was shallow and lacklustre and receiving oral seemed to have little effect on her. She repeatedly tried to hurry me into fucking which she offered in missionary but never seemed keen on anything else. Her profile lists anal play, deep throat and fingering none of which she allowed and you cant touch her hair as it will pull the extensions out.

It may just be the effect I have on women or maybe she had had a hard day but for me the experience was distinctly neutral.


Straight Negative, booked, via AW. Confirmed time and date. Messaged in the morning, no reply, headed off, called en route, no answer, parked up 5 minutes away just before the time I booked messaged and called again.... but no silence.

I messaged, explaining that it is a pain in the ass to travel, to be ghosted, a simple text saying you have to cancel an hour before the time booked would be useful! And honestly not a major problem.

And worst still, my plan B was a total disaster as well!


Strong negative, should've known better!

Fee paid £50 for 15 mins.

I had booked another SP via AW, all legit and she let me down, so I needed an urgent plan B. I was never going to risk anymore than 15 minutes with a romulan so went for that, confirmed it included sex if wished.

This girl looked ok, she does advertise BB but 1-i thought that be bollox, and 2 - if it isn't I always choose covered anyway.

So I text, quick reply, she can see me in half and hour so I head that way. I arrive, receive a call confirming I am white and British. Given house number and head down, all ok so far.

In the door and greeted by a very attractive 19/20 year old in a crop top and hot pants. Lovely figure, and very doable.

Led upstairs, told to just take my trousers and pants off and lay on the bed....oh dear, I do as I'm told and literally within 5 seconds she has a Mac on my very flaccid cock. I even asked her to wait and give it a chance to wake up at least! Well it kind of killed it for me, my expanding tool unable to reach full effectiveness crammed limp in a condom. She sucks it for a few seconds, facing away from me, I ask if she can remove her top, she lifts it up, very nice pair but limited access. She jerks it, waking me from my slumber and asks if I want sex. To be honest, I was only going for a BJ but if this was all there is to offer I said yes, let's get this over with. She lubed me up, and got on her knees on the bed. Again, lovely bubble butt, clean, smells good, gave her clit a little rub, but she pulled away....
Fuck it, I got myself as hard as I could and then went for it and pounded away for a few minutes till I blew in the bag.

Very disappointing and a keen reminder, to stay away from risky ROMs! God I felt like a right pratt, but at least it was only a bullseye, and I fucked (albeit breifly) a hot young lass.

Hey ho lesson learned, but chaps, don't waste your time or money. She's hot, but very very robotic.

East England / Missleopardgem - Stevenage
« by chatman on March 16, 2023, 03:40:16 pm »

I have seen Gem twice in the last 6 months, with the most recent, earlier this week.

Each time was 1 hour for £170 (not the cheapest, but Gem is not a clock watcher and each time we over run a little)

Initial contact was via AW email, where Gem gave me her number.  Subsequent messages have been via text/WhatsApp

First time I saw her up in Sandy, nice private residence with plenty of free parking on the road outside.
Second time was in Stevenage, near the Town Centre. Parking was more difficult, but I got lucky and found a space on the road outside.
Otherwise there is a car park with a pay machine not far away.
The Stevenage venue is not the best, a grotty area at night, My visits have been during the working day when it is fine.
but once inside, the flat is perfectly nice, the bathroom was clean and tidy. I had a shower.

Gem is very sexy young lady, short, blonde, slim with small natural boobs, a good figure, lovely sexy pussy and a sexy bum too.
The sort of body you just want to run your hands all over and explore those curves.

Gem is chatty from the start, always a nice touch.
Confirming how long I'm staying, which is a reminder to exchange some punting tokens, but she doesn't ask for them.
She did say if she doesn't take it at the beginning, she sometimes forgets! But she knows I'll settle up next time.

We both stripped off and had some cuddles and kisses. Gem kisses well and we both find it a turn on.
I give Gem some oral and after a while it sounded like she was enjoying herself.
Gem returns the favour and gives me some good oral. She says likes doing it, that's nice to hear.
On with the rubber and into first cow girl, then missionary and a first pop from me.

Some recovery time chatting about what we have both been up to over the last few months.
More oral, back into missionary, then a good hand job/blow job and I finally come over her boobs.

Another positive from me with a lovely sexy young lady, a pretty lady, who seemed to enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed hers.

My understanding is Gem works the first part of the week from Stevenage, and the end of the week in Sandy.
I dont believe Gem works every day though. I can see Gem being a regular as whilst pricey, she is damn good.

One final point, I see Gem offers both GFE and BDSM/Dom meets. I've only seen her for the GFE, which it certainly is.  :hi:



Duration 15mins
Cost £100
Location Quiet residential area felt safe.
Comms. Quick and easy.
When. Last couple of weeks.


Was given postcode and told to text when parked. Given exact location and made my way.

Door was opened by Kandi and invited in.

Kandi and Carla was both dressed in lingerie and looked good. Recent pictures on their profiles are accurate.

Both were warm and friendly and once paperwork was sorted into a nicely decorated bedroom with a double bed.

Got undressed and lay down where the fun started.

Double OWO to start which looked and felt fantastic three way kissing with tounges and then a whirlwind of doggy on both while they played with each other, rimming on me by Kandi while Carla sucked the old fella, more missionary with them both, doggy with Carla while she played with Kandi with a Dildo etc then finished off with another round of double owo with Kandi letting me finish with CIM.

Got dressed while chatting and left.


Always wanted a 3way and loved every minute of it.

Both were great fun, didn't clockwatch and I had a blast.

Would I return?


East England / HannahBanks - Incall - Norwich
« by dkpunter on March 15, 2023, 07:34:29 pm »
Links or

Hannah is well reviewd here but I missed the opportunity to review her when I met her in the past.
This meeting happened 1month ago or so.

Comms were via text and evrything was smooth.
Agreed 1h at 160
She gave me very detailed intructions about how to reach her flat that is located in the riverside area and is absolutely spot on and clean.

Once at the venue I was greeted with a kiss on the cheek, and led to the kitchen were I was offered a drik. Paperwork were sorted upon my request.

Hannah was wearing a very nice casual dress. She is a very nice and fit girl, absolutely next door type and down to earth. Always smiling and doing her best to make you comfortable.

I was led then to the bedroom were a shower was offered - I took.

When back she was removing her nice dress and revealing her lingerie.
She gentily pushed me on the bed and started licking my chest and then OWO - not too deep, nice eye contact.
Unfortunately kiss was declined, even pecks on the lips :(
I asked her to sit on me so that I could lick her pussy, but she instead offered her wonderful ass so that I could perform rimming on her. Everything spot clean and she really enjoys a tongue there!
She then reached the condom and rode me cowgirl until completion.

After some chit chat it was time for round two and I asked her to position for 69: she again offered me her ass while she started OWO that lasted just one min or two and then turned into an hand job.
This was really disappointing because she was just playing with speed instead of doing something sensual and deep.
The action, the lack of kiss and OWO was not turning me on at all so after a while I asked to stop and got another shower.

I was out 1 hour sharp.

In conclusion I feel like Hannah - at least for me - is a maximum 30mins punt. Given the raising rates she is also nowadays on the "average" tier meaning that she could be VFM for someone wanting to fuck a friendly and smiling girl.
However her limited services lead to a neutral for me.

East England / Karinna Latina - Hemel Hempstead
« by Caledo on March 15, 2023, 04:38:38 pm »

Saw Karinna back in January so apologies for only putting in a review now as been busy with the day job

* Logistics:
Quick to reply once I got her attention, but she's not keen on WhatsApp calls FYI
  • Tried messaging on WhatsApp, but a few messages got blanked, which led to me trying to call her on WhatsApp, which she was not keen on as she indicated by messaging back on WhatsApp, but eventually got a time and date sorted for the next day, which I confirmed in the morning of the day of the meet
  • Was given a road and detailed instructions on how to get to the flat once I arrived
* Location:
Apartment, a short walk from a local supermarket (5 mins away)
  • Bathroom with usual amenities
  • Bedroom and bed was fit for purpose
* Looks:
Tall in heels and resembled her pics
  • Stood around 5' 8" without heels and around 6' with heels on; great, gym-toned body, decent bolt-ons
  • Spoke good English
* Cost:
  • £200 for 1 hour
* Services:
Came in from the cold and was greeted by her warm, soft body in a sexy lacy lingerie set and heels, which accentuated her tall, athletic figure. After taking a quick shower, was greeted by her voluminous lips and tongue as FK and soon DFK commenced. Pressing our bodies up against one another, she soon took off her bra and panties, as I felt up her perky, round behind and stuck a couple fingers up her wet pussy. I was soon at full mast from this really good foreplay. Positioning her on her knees against the bed, she started HJ, then enveloped between her ample bosom, which was great, before OWO BJ and rather energetic face fucking, lots of gagging and spit, which she took like a champ, before CIM and she went to the bathroom to clean up.

Returned to snuggling on the bed and exploring each other's bodies, couldn't help myself to more DFK and with her fit body at my disposal, I was able to get round 2 started. Quick HJ and OWO BJ and the dom on, started in missionary with full access to DFK and her fully pumped-up rack. After taking a good pounding where she matched my energy from below with lots of dirty talk that got me going, but may be too much for some. She also made good use of her long legs, which were first wrapped around me, before I pushed them up either side of my head for some deep pounding, again taking it well as pussy juices were flowing. I wanted to finish with her on top so switched to CG and she rode like a woman possessed, coming down for the odd FK and smothering my face with her rack, and I ended up blowing my load in the dom with her on top. She collapsed on top of me with both of us covered in sweat and fully satisfied.

She left to get us some water and we ended up having a surprisingly decent conversation and didn't feel rushed at all especially considering the main event had passed. I eventually indicated I had to go, had another quick shower, and finally sorted out the paperwork at the end, another surprise I must say as usually this is the first thing sorted out. Left with a warm embrace and a last taste of her tongue, before departing to a cold winter evening having spent around 1h 20mins in total there.

* Overall:
Great, energetic punt with a fit body who can give as much as can take, who doesn't clock-watch and seems to genuinely enjoy getting to know her clients both physically and in conversation. Definitely one to return to when I am in the area.

East England / Norwich - New Oriental Lady in City Centre
« by the_exile on March 14, 2023, 08:44:42 pm »
VS -

£60 for 30 mins, FS

There are quite a few reviews for this place, it is about 10-15 mins walk from the St Stephens roundabout. Phone number on the VS ad, I found calling got a reply where a text didn't. It is one of those rotation places so the girl I saw has most likely gone, as usual pot luck who you will see. Given that I will keep things brief.

The girl I saw was very friendly, quite tall for a Chinese lady and I thought nice looking. In her 30s I would say. Service was good, a nice feel of each other after we'd stripped off, then she put a condom on me and sucked me as I lay back on the bed. A few minutes of this and I was wanting to get inside her, so we changed around and I entered her as I stood leaning over her. This felt good - she was quite tight - but got a bit uncomfortable for a while so I asked her to move around so I could get on the bed properly and then got back on top of her.

I fucked her like this for a while getting a good rhythm going, then got her to turn over and did her doggy style, which again felt very good. I finished off by asking her to get onto her back again and then fucked her with her legs over my shoulders until I came. Disentangled each other and cleaned up, was offered a shower and took one, then had a bit of a chat with her as I got dressed. She said she lived in London and was working in Norwich until the end of the week. She helped me finish dressing and sent me on my way with a nice hug.

This was a good sex session with a friendly woman - the drawback of this place (other than the random aspect) is that is really a bit of a dive. The bedroom itself was OK, clean towels available and the shower worked (and was hot!) but bits of the building looked like a DIY project that had been abandoned. The bed has definitely seen better days and I was half expecting a spring to come bursting out of the mattress, the noise it was making while we were fucking. I think it would be very obvious to anyone else in the house what we were up to!

East England / _NAUGHTY GABRIELLA_ Norwich
« by Tomcat007 on March 14, 2023, 11:56:18 am »

I saw her recently Norwich/ Mile cross.

The house/ apartment is fit for purpose... a dam noisy bed.... I parked around the corner.

The girl has pretty face... pics are accurate although probably a couple years old.

I paid  80 for 30min plus 20 owo.

Hide behind the door tippical greeting.
She was wearing the little black dress with all the holes on vivastreet video.  No underwear.  I followed the sexy little ass upstairs.
Papper work done.
I got undressed
She had a cool song playing on her phone and she was dancing a little kinda bit so I got in behind her and joined in and had a little moment with her feeling her up I lifted her dress and played with her pussy and tits which are average size. She has really dark nipples with large areola (a slight turn off for me)
She then turns avoiding kissing only little bit of light.... she sat on the bed and applies flavoured lube and starts giving me owo with a good amount of eye contact.
I asked for 69 which was provided I played with both her holes which she didn't seem to mind.
I nearly popped and asked her to stop. On with the rubber and started slowly she pulled a face like she was uncomfortable and was trying to do the typical thing of not allowing me full penetration I told her to relax  I'd go slow... which she did and soon we were both enjoying the noisy bed... a few different positions ended in doggy emptying in the little bag with my finger in her ass. Which she again didn't seem to mind.
All in all a decent punt in my opinion.
I'd see her again

East England / Ivanaa Hemel Hempstead
« by dirtykirti on March 13, 2023, 10:41:04 am »
After a series of good meets with Thai girls, i fancied a less petite girl. 

Ivaana was avaialble

Comms - excellent and easy to arrange.  Plenty of parking and flat fit for purpose

Looks - very good looking, if anything better than the pix on her gallery where she looks a bit too made up.  Wonderful tits, really friendly.  She's fairly tall too, size wise 10-12

Paid £160 for 1 hour

The deed - she likes to talk dirty which is a bit false but i got into it!  Oral is covered but decent, happy to do any positions, can take a real pounding. 

Would see again

East England / Jolita Jola – Chelmsford
« by PilotMan on March 12, 2023, 08:39:02 pm »
Link: or


Early March 2023


Chelmsford town centre - near Maplin

Booking & Comms:

Text her and arranged the booking, got confirmation of the service, no extras all included
I arrived on time and let her know I was there. She wasn’t ready and we eventually started 30 minutes after the agreed time. She did keep in communication with me the whole time and promised to make it up to me  :angelgirl:  ;) :D
The Girl:

Her profile says “age 31”, I looked at the pictures, added the customary 30%, figuring therefore that she would be late 30’s / 40ish. Jolita opened the door with a demure smile and to my surprise and delight, she looked about 27 / 28. I smiled back, but I must have been grinning like a Cheshire Cat that got the milk – she asked if I was OK, I said yes and complimented her on her figure, presentation and beauty and told her that she was way better than her pictures.

She was wearing a figuring hugging mini dress and low heels, stands around 5’6”, is a size 8+, nice curves, not toned but not flabby, pert natural B cup titties, lovely soft skin.

The Fee

£150 for 60 minutes

The Punt

I handed her the fee and asked to use the shower. Out of the shower and we were straight in to FK. It started off with just a little bit of tongue swapping, but got progressively deeper and longer. We stood up for at least 20 minutes snogging and feeling each others bodies. I soon found her erogenous zones and she was wriggling and shivering, it was genuine because she showed me the goose bumps on her arms. That’s the second time that as happened recently, I think I’ve finally got the hang of it after all these years  :D  :hi:

During this prolonged DFK we had not touched each others genitals, I was enjoying it so much I wanted it to continue for as long as possible. However, I succumbed and eventually pulled down her dress to reveal a lovely pair of pert B cup titties with perfect size nipples. I had to put some work in to get those nipples erect, but they eventually obliged. She backed in to me and grinded on my arse, she placed my hands around her breasts. She was grinding her arse on my erect cock, through what was now a very loose towel. While I was standing behind her I slipped my hand in her knickers and started rubbing her clit.

She turned around and removed my towel, then lay on the bed and invited me to join her. I haven’t done RO on an SP as a regular thing for a long time, I really have to be in the mood and this was such an occasion. I asked her if she enjoyed RO, she said she does very much, so I knelt on the floor while she lay back, and I got to work. She has a tiny little clit, one of the smallest I’ve met. She was quite sensitive and wriggled a lot, rubbing her tits as I slurped away. I told her it was her turn to return the favour and she got astride me, but she said she wanted more of my tongue so she got herself in to 69. Eventually it was just her sucking me. Her BJ game is good, she mostly sucks the top 1/3rd occasionally going full depth and deep throating me touching my navel. She continues without missing a beat, sucking, licking, spitting on my cock, and all the time my pre-cum is drooling from her mouth. There’s a lot and she eventually wipes her mouth and the pre-cum on my leg.

I ask her to fuck me and she gets on top for a ride. She has good variation and pace, we occasionally pause for a snog. She tires so we switch to missionary. I hammer away and we snog continually. She’s fairly quiet, but there’s always plenty of eye contact.

Switch to doggy, and I bang away, she looks around at me encouragingly and reaches for my hand.

I lay back on the bed and ask her to give me more oral. She sucks away and performs the same as before. I eventually wank myself and tell her when I’m about to cum so she can take me in her mouth. She half heartedly put her mouth around my cock, so when I spurted most of it dribbled back on to me, that was a disappointment. She got up pretty quick and went for a rinse.

Back in the room she gave me a baby wipe clean up. Then she nuzzled in to the side of me, caressing me, kissing the side of my face and stroking my hair. We chatted for quite some time and she didn’t seem in a rush to get me to leave. Her English is excellent. Even after I showered, we carried on chatting for ages more.

I eventually had to leave and was merrily on my way, already thinking about when I would go back. Alas, she left just a few days later and I was unable to get a suitable time for a return session. She has now gone back home, but from what she told me I expect she will return in a few weeks time, hopefully she will anyway.

Would I return?

No hesitation, she’s hot, great sex, I enjoyed her company. Value for money. Next time I’ll position myself better so she can take my full load and not dribble it out.

The picture below is the most representative of her.

Hidden Image/Members Only

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