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East England / X Naughty Emily X
« by Steve57 on Today at 03:24:39 pm »
Saw Emily in Norwich, although she is on tour. She told me her home town but she doesn't work from there as she doesn't want to be recognised. I therefore haven't mentioned it here.

https://www.adultwork.com/3857933 or https://www.adultwork.com/X+Naughty+Emily+X -

Pretty girl. Absolutely stunning figure. Beautifully proportioned, with boobs that are big but not too big, great bum and her body is just a lovely shape all over. Does kissing, OWO, CIM. Paid £130 for the hour, plus £10 extra for swallow, and I thought she was well worth the money. She also has a very friendly personality and was a great girl to spend an hour with.

Thanks to previous reviewers for recommending her.

https://www.adultwork.com/2773187 or https://www.adultwork.com/Juicy+Jessi

https://www.adultwork.com/1477974 or https://www.adultwork.com/EnglishBustyBlonde

First review so here we go

I saw the adultwork offer of 2 - 4 - 1 and booked half an hour for £60

I had a little difficulty finding (flat on private estate) where they were but when I got there the magic door opened and I was greeted by Jody and Jessi

Both are BBW but at opposite ends of the scales, Jessi has a very pretty face and is a size 16 Jody pretty face but more of a 24-26 so not to everyone's taste; so after the paperwork and a shower I went for a GFE or 2GFE....

Very slow and unrushed lots of chat but not too much and I was spoilt for choice switching from one to the other then both at once; both very responsive too.  Unhurried and relaxed lots of DFK, playing with and sucking both their breasts, finger fucking them both at once, then I lay between them whilst thy shared my cock teasing me to a shuddering orgasm covering Jessi.

Once finished no rush and a shower to clean up.

Definitely recommend if you like your BBW and a duo and at £60 for half an hour what is not to like. I would definitely visit again.

Recently I made a trip to see "Sexy ADELE-Smart-Lovely-NEW-Sexy-GFE" from her Vivastreet advert.


I believe it's the same girl as the review here https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=101971.0 and old profile on AW here https://www.adultwork.com/3364612

Called her phone but got busy, followed by her sending a text message.

Arranged meeting and made my trip to a beige block of apartments in Southend/Westcliff - parking was easy enough outside in lay by  (& plenty of roads nearby if you'd rather be less conspicuous).

Was told to call when outside and was buzzed up, through a heavily CCTV'd communal area (not ideal)

Door opened and she walked away, not sporting any clothes but from the initial glance I got, looked very tidy. Lovely little bod and bum.

Attractive girl aged early to mid 20's, nice figure 5ft3 ? later found out to be Bulgarian, but would be difficult to say it was the same girl in the ad, hence the neutral -  if forum rules allowed otherwise, it would be a positive from me. Shame, as if she was prepared to display herself, would get plenty of business  :unknown:

Asked me "how long", to which I replied 30mins then proceeded to remove her lipstick with a wipe.

Got to the BJ and started to get rubber out, to which I asked if it was ok for BBBJ and she said 20 (or maybe 15, I forget) mins without or 30 min with. I was between jobs so it kinda suited me anyhow.

Great BJ action and plenty of swirling, sucking and licking whilst I was rubbing her - then proceeding to stick one, then two of my digits inside her pussy which was getting pretty slippery and turning me on too.

Thought of finishing with BJ only, but I was rock hard and my cock was telling me that I needed to get in there, so I asked her to get a condom. She reached over to the side table grabbed one, put it on and got on top of me and slipped down. Her pussy by now was pretty wet and felt lovely enveloping my cock whilst she was bouncing up and down whilst I was fondling her boobs. Leant over for a kiss a few times, but more lip to lip than any French kissing on offer.

Time was running out unsurprisingly and that sensation of her pussy engorged on me, got the sap rising until the inevitable happened and I blew my load.

Quick chat whilst I got my clothes back on about if she'd be hanging around this place for a bit, which she was, said my goodbyes washed up my hands etc in the bathroom and left.

As I left, clocked the CCTVs in hall and main entrance which I didn't really like and shot off to my next job.

I will recommend and go back myself, if it suits my times/locations, as I don't think you can go wrong with her. So a thumbs up from me, but a neutral on this site for being different girl from profile pics.

East England / Bunny hoe Cambridge
« by Ianthegreat7655 on Yesterday at 09:15:59 am »
Bunny hoe Cambridge. Booked bunny hoe for a out call was on time etc not bad looking body on the chubby side but not bad nice big Tits tho . Good at kissing and very good chat . Will do just about anything tho bb sloppy seconds only thing off limits is anal . Would probably see here again but thing she won't b going for much longer as just got a new fella 

East England / Alina L - Knebworth
« by Mabbsey on January 17, 2017, 10:13:24 am »
https://www.adultwork.com/3740376 or https://www.adultwork.com/Alina+I

1 Hour - £100 (usually £120 - see below)
Comms : All done through AW. A tad slow to respond but functional and friendly.
Location :  Maisonette in a nice area with plentiful parking and close to station.

Arranged a morning meet and was provided postcode. Got there, called her, waited, texted, waited, drove around a bit, called again, waited, went home  :dash:  Got an AW message later that day apologising profusely and offering a £20 discount to rebook which seemed sincere so arranged a second visit the following month.

The SP : Return visit was very straightforward - parked right outside. Welcomed at the door by a very pretty girl. Big smile, 5'6, slim, long dark hair, soft features and skin. Not many pics on profile but positive reviews and the location swayed me so was delighted with my decision. She immediately apologised for the previous cock up which was sincere. Wearing a silky negligee - nice.

Into the shower, functional bathroom well stocked, then into boudoir for some passionate DFK and sensual touching, off with our gear and straight into OWO - excellent 10/10. RO - clean, very wet, and seemed to love it. MISH - very GFE convincing. CG - frantic, hard, fast then slow. DOGGY - great she does everything with a real sense of engagement. Finished with a sublime CIM swallow which was about 40 mins into the punt. Had a cuddle and a quite open chat about our lives after I'd told her I wouldn't be going for round two - she seemed disappointed! Second shower, kiss, cuddle - goodbye   :drinks:

A great punt with a lovely natured girl, who pretty much does the lot.

East England / Sexy Cleo xxx - Kings Lynn
« by LurkNoMore on January 16, 2017, 08:58:37 pm »
https://www.adultwork.com/3001195 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy+Cleo+xxx

Made a short notice booking by text which was simple enough.

Located in town centre where there is loads of car parks. Ground floor flat set back from back road in a small closed off area, there were neighbours in the area when i turned up so i held off for a bit as it might not be discreet.

Cleo used to have face pics up but these have now gone, but she is the girl in the piccys and as described. 5'8" slim build and pretty.

She is of mixed decent (Scicilly and Welsh) which gives her a nice accent but is easy to understand.

Paid for an hour and was offered a shower. She is quite dominant and does this as she wants sex but is not into one night stands, so only works when she wants so i guess i got lucky.

Started off with decent owo (condom was offered) but was a bit rough initially so asked her to slow down. She asked if i could cum twice and wanted the first one out of the way quickly so i had her lay back as i spunked on her tits.

Quick clean up then i started RO which she appeared to like as she was squirming quite a bit.

Finished up fucking her in missionary and she was giving loads of feedback about what she wanted, she liked it quite hard and im pretty sure she cum just after me.

Shower and quick chat before i left.

All in all, nice girl who i will see again.

« by Moneyshow on January 16, 2017, 03:17:24 pm »
Just before Christmas i went along for 30 minutes in the hope of a "happy ending" alas on that bit i left disappointed.

Ended up with a very good hot stone massage for an hour and only £40 so plenty of opportunities for her to give a HE>

Pictures are very accurate, smart enough part of Luton, and didnt feel in any danger.

So to confirm, nothing sexual AT ALL, but a very very good massage, if that floats your boat.


East England / Jessy 2015 - Cambridge
« by Watts.E.Dunn on January 16, 2017, 12:45:15 pm »
https://www.adultwork.com/2921440 or https://www.adultwork.com/Jessy+2015

Well after last Friday nights debacle thought I'd have another go and decided to try Jessy again having been there sometime ago to see her mate Nichole who is good. Phoned, answered yes can do an hour at 9 PM got there phoned answered let me in, nice block of flats not a million miles from Cromwell road;). Looked very nice in a one piece see thru black slip with a tasty thong under:) She is the lady in the pictures.

Transacted the loot and very pleased to say she was good when I saw her last and is now better. very slim athletic size 6 bod with well enhanced breasts. Nice prolonged chat and foreplay and sex in a few positions very GFE, kissing allowed but lightly as is not much fingering but she was making a lot of nice noises and well into it:).  Her English has improved quite a bit too which is all to the good. Finished up bit of time to spare, only the one pop these days at my age;! spent a little while playing around with some classical Youtube vids on the TV no clock watching in evidence at all. Overall a very pleasant hour with a lovely young lady, totally different to he other night and shes Romanian and one of the very few good ones around too. Why cannot they all come up with that level of service?

Thinking of making her a regular:-)

https://www.adultwork.com/3223628 or https://www.adultwork.com/Ava%2Edeluxe

Wanted a girl last Friday night. Liked the look of this girl and phoned but no reply. Texted to the effect could she do an hour incall later?, yes came back the reply. OK where are you?, replied warren flats near the station. OK I'll call you for the flat number when I get there all OK.

Just before Eight called, no reply texted no reply either. Now just gone start time called again and again no answer texted no reply texted again and again now around quarter past texted yet again "if your busy is your flatmate free?". No reply around 25 past freezing cold gave up on her.

Total bloody waste of time. Only surpassed by another bait and switch as a plan B.

Enough to make you give up the "hobby". Not a very good start to 2017:-(

https://www.adultwork.com/3247653 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sensual+Touch+Laura

I saw Laura one afternoon last week. She is a fit late-30's Polish lady in her prime. Enhanced breasts which are not my kind of thing, but a good attitude and service.

I had read the two reviews on here, the negative one wasn't a problem for me as it was a communications/logistics problem and there's always a Plan B in Milton Keynes. The positive review described full on snogging, good attitude and a fit body which is my kind of thing even if she was described as having enhanced breasts. He hair length and body looked nice in the pictures so I went for it.

Comms - excellent. I'd missed Laura a couple of times in phoning around half a dozen possibilities and not getting an answer. She texted with a discrete 'I had a missed call', so I rang her again and we arranged for an hour later. Postcode and description of building were sent by text. I got stuck in traffic so had to rearrange for half an hour later by text, which was not a problem.

Location - parking was easy in the late afternoon with some office parking starting to clear, but not many parking spaces were available and you might up further away earlier in the working day. The building was easy to find as Laura had described it's main distinguishing feature. It seemed quiet and safe. I only really saw the bedroom and en-suite shower-room in the flat, but these were excellent. The shower was good, bed comfortable and there was a candle burning in the corner.

The lady - Laura is in her late 30s and is in great shape. Just about shoulder length mixed black/blonde hair with enhanced breasts to maybe a D cup, which are not my kind of thing at all. She greeted me with a smile dressed in heels, camisole and her hair tied back. To be honest, she looked much nicer with the camisole off and hair down. Her face shows her years in a pleasing way, you wouldn't mistake her for 27 but that's no bad thing.

I was invited to take a shower and despite having showered only two hours earlier would never refuse such an offer as good service comes from the lady feeling that all is clean is and good.

We started with a massage, which was good and in good time got to all the places required to get me going, then I turned over, light French kissing, rubbing her body against my cock and then cowgirl, then fucking from the side and then missionary. I felt we connected more than is often the case during this and asking her if she was up for two times, came in her after about half an hour.

Then we relaxed next to each other and she told about Polish snow and the part of the country she came from, using her phone to search for pictures of snowy polish forests and wolves. She made a move to get me going again and managed it much better than most, getting me hard and into cowgirl again, then doggie and missionary. It was clear that I wasn't going to come so I switched it around to just relaxing for a while before a shower and then leaving exactly on the hour. (I drove the time of that, no clock watching was visible).

I have never in 15 years of punting managed a second orgasm, and in only about 10% of times do I manage to get hard for more action after the first go, so clearly the right buttons were pressed. I think it came down to it being two adults chatting, connecting and fucking so your mileage may vary.

On my out, when he put on her dressing gown and slippers, and was smiley and relaxed, she looked so hot that I could have happily laid her back down and fucked her again.

  Very fit
  Late 30s - in her prime
  Hair length to my tastes, once it was down
  Nice easy smile
  We connected well
  Kissing wasn't full on snogging
  Enhanced breasts - nice enough as such things go but not my thing
I probably wouldn't return, I just tend not to.

East England / CHANTAL PEPPERY SEXY Ipswich
« by Neal69 on January 15, 2017, 07:01:49 pm »
Yes Positive but Surreal.  :cool:

 https://www.adultwork.com/3878584 or https://www.adultwork.com/CHANTAL+PEPPERY+SEXY

First off I must admit to being stupid and not looking on here for reviews before booking this one. There is a Review that would probably have put me off booking but as always YMMV and mine did even though the MO was the same.

So Phoned up and got no answer but a text back to say "You want to book?" Texted back in the affirmative and got the postcode for a 30 mins at £60.

Residential area in IP4 and had to have a good look on Goggle maps to find somewhere to park as residential parking area.

Got there and set off walking sent the "I'm here " text about 5 mins before booking time. Got back directions to a street junction. Texted again "here" and was given flat number. Bit of confusion on my part as I set off up the street on the junction and found a house of that number but no flat. Did not look right so texted again and found that the actual flat is on the more major street but right on the junction. Probably now 5 mns late.

Up the steps and was greeted by the girl in the pictures and ushered in.

The Girl is the one on the profile but her skin is much darker than the pictures show. Age is about right and she had some small underwear on and a silky wrap. Certainly was not disappointed. English was not too good but enough to get by with and the Flat was clean and comfortable. I needed the toilet by now and the bathroom was also clean and functional.

So Into the room and payment made and drink provided.

This is where it all got a bit surreal.

Kissing was off the menu I could tell and I was encouraged to get undressed. She popped her tits out and started snuggling up to me and seeing if Little Neal was interested. He was.  :yahoo:

Quite a bit of hand action while I was having a feel of her very nice tits and slipping my hand down her pants to feel her bum. Both were very attractive. She did have a bossy way about her like "you go here" but this could be due to the limited English. Quite a bit of sliding her tits over my erect cock as well.

With the little fellah fully erect she went to give him some attention but I could not see what she was doing but it felt great. She had obviously put a condom on but was doing a great job. Then whoa  something went up my bum and it was her finger clad in a surgical glove. New to me this prostrate massage but very enjoyable  :yahoo:

I think I could have let her continue this until the end but I was playing with her pussy from behind and wanted a bit of that.

Then the bossy side again ."doggy, here, no here " and eventually I took her from behind while she was standing up and bent over the bed. This did the trick and I blew in the bag. Now she did jump away soon after with a squeak as she did think the condom had burst ( It had not) and there was much "sorry" "sorry darling" and giggling.

Oh I did forget to mention the hand washing with the anti bacterial spray before hand and again during the clean up which she took great pains in doing herself.

Then "lay here massage" which was a nice was of cooling down after the punt.

As I said English was limited but I did get out of her that she was from Columbia and I did try to find out who else used the flat as I suspected it may be 

 https://www.adultwork.com/3497214 or https://www.adultwork.com/MARTINA+SEXY+HOT  Who I also like the look of .

She was not prepared to reveal and said something like " you phone me you book me"

So In summary.

I don't think the profile was written by her as no offer of FK or OWO .

Was certainly not a GFE and she has a method of the way the punt should go "here" "there " etc

On the other hand the surreal way that she bosses you around and the combination of the services she does do are done well plus the fact that I walked out chuckling to myself lets me rate this experience a positive one.


Probably yes or to see the other one there but more than likely be a daytime punt due to parking issues.


East England / Marina.Roxy-Hatfield-AL10.
« by smiths on January 14, 2017, 02:49:06 pm »
I was in the area anyway though the WG didn't know this so decided to give this WG a look. Agreed £100 for the hour including kissing and OWO. I viewed it as a risky punt but gems can be found this way, plus I had read the recent positive review on her.

 I got their to find the WG I had booked not available but another WG was. As I said I had booked Marina not another WG, so they tried to palm me off with another WG. The reviewer who did the positive didn't mention Marina wasnt the WG he met and there are clear face pics so going on that she is available their, just not for me when I went. Anyway whatever the reason it was fuck all good for me, so this is a negative for being a liar and time waster. Low life tactics. :thumbsdown:

www.adultwork.com/3931761 and www.adultwork.com/marina%2eroxy

East England / Eden – Berkhamsted (HP4)
« by Tony_Red on January 13, 2017, 04:31:07 pm »

Agreed a time on the phone in the morning. Received details by text. On the way, I hit a spot of traffic and rang her to say I will be 5 minutes late. Response was 'no problem at all’. Arrived at location and called outside the block of flats exactly 4 minutes after scheduled time. No response. Called a couple more times, but nothing

Made my way to a plan B.

Received a text 15mins later as I was driving, saying she took another punter because I was late, and she did not want to delay the rest of the punters that day.
Two weeks later, I had agreed a time later in the day. As I was about to leave home, I received a text saying she was feeling ill and cannot make it. Both times no apology or invitation to re-schedule.

In the past, I have given 2nd chances to girls who have messed me about, and they have turned into great punts (Sweet ginger + Renata come to mind). However member 'Big Bad R' has saved me some cash with his input here...


I can associate with some of the ladies Big Bad R has seen (London based girls: Lily Hart, Miss KDD, Ameera, BustyDD Angel to name just a few) and my rating of looks falls in a similar line to him. If he finds Eden unattractive, then that is good enough information for me.

So, thanks to original reviewers, but I won't be wasting any more time on this one. She may float your boat and that's great if she does, but I am out.

East England / Lexie_x Chelmsford
« by muddy funxter on January 12, 2017, 04:36:50 pm »

Town: Chelmsford

The Lady: Large, a lot larger than the pics suggest to me, advertises as a size 16 would guess 20-22 not great with sizes but definitely  no a 16. Age accurate, and tbf the pictures are of her to but just good angles I guess.

I am not really into big women but I had an itch and was there guess I didn't want to be rude! another day I probable would of walked..... So why the neutral?

Here goes...........

Well walked in and thought damn that girls big! shall I walk shall I not?, then see he other punter come out of the door this throws me so I dart in the other room.

She asks how long I want? I say 30 mins hand over £80.00 to my surprise she come backs with the £10.00. I thought WOW I have heard every excuse why they cant give you change, So I thought what a nice plump lass!

Anyway she asked if I wanted a massage, I thought yeah that will take some time up sweet! they had a proper massage table and a shitty old mattress on the floor. (that I can only imagine the state of it underneath all those sheets) so anyway I hop on the massage table and she actually gave a pleasant decent massage front an back! Talks the whole way through, which is ok I guess (mention she love a kebab... which is "standard" for a night out with her) am I being mean? anyway I digress. She tells me to hop on the bed or should I say fall to the floor on this old worn out mattress. an proceeds to give me some A1 oral felt really fucking good ball licking rimming tit wank...... for a good 10 15 minutes, I'm beginning to sense my time must be nearly up...... She didn't say anything but I wanted to bolt so decided to finish myself off while she licks the old rusty sheriffs badge.

I didn't have sex so cant vouch for that, and I know a lot of punters love a chubby chase but just not for me. She did bring a condom over so was def on offer but we never used it.

Not a bad looking girl facially if you like the Towie look all fake tan and lashes, and looks are subjective but definitely not ugly facially to me.

I would mention this girl is part of a parlour, a pretty shit parlour if your asking me, both rooms had mattresses on the floor (saw the other room when I darted to hide from the other punter).
the room we used had silk cloth all over the ceiling and walls to look like a whores boudoir painted floor boards and a lighted tree. (just looked plain shit to me).

I also much prefer independents as well but the room and being a parlour is not her fault. Its only a neutral as she did give a great blowie and that's all I needed really lol

« by eddytheeagle on January 12, 2017, 01:29:48 am »
This is my first time leaving a review so apolgies if i bugger up!       


Ive punting again after a short but very dull break. Ive seen a couple of WGs in the peterborough area but Sexy Blonde Minx has to be the only one worth reviewing so far!

I called rachel to book, great comms and parking available.

Rachel answered the door in a black dress stockings and heels. Her pictures are acurate, she has a great body and it was actually nice to see a WG make the effort. Theres nothing worse when the door opens and they will be standing there with just a towel. Rachel led me to the bedroom and left. She came back in undressed. She looked a million dollars! She wore very nice lingerie ,stockings and suspender belt. She is very tanned and her tits are big.

We got down to it. Rachel gave me a massage before i rolled over and played with her lovely big soft tits. Her nipples are very responsive and there was lots of DFK. After a bit of foreplay (nice wet pussy) she sucked on my old boy. Rachel gives an excellent BJ with lots of tongue action licking my shaft up and down. On went the rubber, i banged away until i shot inside her wet pussy.

Over all it was a good punt. Nice girl, good looking very nice lingerie. Id definately return!

East England / Oriental_Nana Manningtree
« by Neal69 on January 11, 2017, 05:35:55 pm »
 https://www.adultwork.com/3768058 or https://www.adultwork.com/oriental%5Fnana

Bucket list Chinese.

I did read Suffolkman1's review on here of Nana and thought I would take a chance. £60 for 30 minutes.

Phone answered promptly by pleasant sounding Oriental Girl and I was booked for an afternoon punt. Postcode indicated a residential area in Manningtree sent by text.

Parked on an adjacent street in a quite nice area as I did not want to park outside as it could be a curtain twitches area.

Phoned for house number and She sounded surprised that I was there and asked if she could phone back when she was ready. In all fairness she phoned back only a few minutes after the punt was due to start.

Having read the other review I was ready to take the side entrance and was met by the stocky Oriental man at the door asked to remove shoes and shown upstairs.

Was met by a very small Chinese looking girl who was not unattractive. Could be the girl in the AW profile as her body looked similar with nice sized tits hardly dressed at all in a top and knickers. About the advertised age.

Asked to get undressed and was helped with this and she took off her top so I could get a proper look at her quite splendid tits. Not too big and just right on her small frame.

She did mention massage at this point but I wanted to get straight to the action.

I could tell straight away that kissing was a no no  but she was quite willing to cuddle up and started giving Little Neal some hand attention while I was playing with her tits and stroking her nice rounded arse. I was given the once over with a wet wipe before she got properly going on Little Neal.

I rolled her over and she was quite happy for me to kiss her tits but seemed reluctant for me to stroke her pussy once I had got the knickers off. Nice hairy bush but it was a shame that I could only stroke the slit. Once the knickers were off properly she went straight for the condom so I thought fuck it and did just that. Nice and tight and not too much false moans and I finished off missionary.

So far it has been just a pump and dump and with still 15 mins of the 30 left I asked for the massage.

I must say that it was the massage that swayed me from a Negative to a Neutral.

In conclusion.

I suppose I was looking for a replacement for the Thai Brothel that was in Colchester until recently.

Kissing is not on the likes list at all but Oral is and although I never pushed it, it was not offered either.

Once the condom was put on it was straight into the shagging.

So definitely not a GFE and the rather good massage saved it from being a Negative.

Bucket list ticked.


Probably not.

May have to try the Thai in Saxamundum that Suffolkman1 has reviewed.


East England / English Kat
« by bodieA2 on January 11, 2017, 11:05:13 am »
Saw Kat recently in Stowmarket & would recommend. English girl, very pretty, lovely figure & enjoyed a laugh.

Comms were really good, location was small house in Stow just off A14. Not entirely discrete as other houses around but during the day there was nobody around.

Only went for a quick visit due to time but as I said she was an attractive, chatty girl. FK & OWO included. Had a squeaky bed which was quite funny.

Would certainly see again.

This meeting was in middish October 2016, paid 70 for ½ hour

https://www.adultwork.com/2720183 or https://www.adultwork.com/seductive+rose

Comms – Good; called and all arranged for a (very) short later.  Text with postcode sent a few minutes after agreeing booking.

Location – Flat very near to already well known (to other Hatfield punters) flats above a shop.  Typical buzzer arrangement to get in.  The flat itself was clean and tidy.  Free parking for several hours in shop car park, but you must get a ticket.

Rose – No face photos on publicly viewable profile, but 90% sure she’s the woman in the photos; she’s tall, longish black hair, around size 12/14, large (fake) tits (not the best of boob jobs as could see quite a bit of scarring), facially she’s alright.  Agewise difficult to say, I’d guess around mid-late 30s, no claimed age on profile.

The meet – Usual packdrill of open door and hide behind it.  It was a while ago so can’t exactly remember what Rose was wearing, think it was a black basque, suspenders and heels.

Lead into room, sorted paperwork and offered drink (took water).  When she returned she then went into the en-suite bathroom whilst I finished stripping off.  There was a porno playing on a laptop in corner of room.

Punt details (except the ending) are sketchy as it was a while ago.  Seem to recall plenty of kissing, quite probably dfk.  Rose gave an okay BJ (uncovered), then onto RO and covered sex in a few positions; mish, doggy and CG (had to have those boobs in my face whilst buried in her).

Was building to orgasm when she dismounted, pulled the johnny off, covered my cock in baby oil and started wanking me off (not what I asked for).  Asked to cum over her tits, which she agreed to, but when I did cum it flew about a bit, some in her face, maybe in her hair.  She freaked about this, also complaining it had run down her body and over her cunt and she legged it to the bathroom.  Was genuinely worried she was going to lose it and create a scene. (on reflection think she may have been taking something, hence her pre-punt bathroom visit).

Also realised afterwards she’s heavy on the lipstick and does nothing to inform you that you’re covered in it on leaving either.

Would I go back ?  No.

This meeting was in early October 2016, paid 70 for ½ hour

https://www.adultwork.com/3694107 or https://www.adultwork.com/naughty+ruby+red

Comms – Good.  Initially tried to arrange for a few days earlier, but mix up on times lead to cancellation.  Called and all arranged for a few hours later.  Text with postcode sent a few minutes after agreeing booking.

Location – Flat very near to already well known (to other Hatfield punters) other flats above a shop.  Typical buzzer arrangement to get in.  The flat itself was clean and tidy.  Free parking for several hours in shop car park, but you must get a ticket.

Ruby – Is the woman in the photos; she’s short, petite, longish black hair, around size 8/10, good sized (fake) tits, in proportion to her frame and no obvious scarring, facially rather pretty.  Agewise I’d say late 20s/early 30s, so claimed age of 29 is fair enough.

The meet – Usual packdrill of open door and hide behind it.  As it was a while ago can’t remember what Ruby was wearing.

Punt details are also rather sketchy, I went really as I’d never fucked an oriental before.  Seem to recall kissing (though not sure if DFK).  Ruby gave an enthusiastic, if toothy, BJ (uncovered), bit of tit-wank.  I know I went down on her for quite some time, she acts like she’s really enjoying it, lots of moaning, whimpering, but not OTT.  She probably faked orgasm.

Sex was covered and in a variety of positions; mish, CG and doggy.

Would I go back ?  Yes I would.

East England / SiennaBBW - St Albans (May 2016) - No Shows
« by MrXYZ987 on January 11, 2017, 10:32:58 am »
The arrangements for these meetings were made back in May 2016.

https://www.adultwork.com/2118648 or https://www.adultwork.com/SiennaBBW

Comms – Good; called and all arranged for a few days later.  Good discussion about what I wanted from the meet and what were additional extras (basically anything related to a PSE experience), friendly phone manner.  Text with postcode sent shortly after agreeing booking.

On the day got to street a few minutes early, called to get house number, no reply.  Kept calling over the next 15 or so mins.  Then texted, got a reply from a “friend/neighbour” saying Sienna was sorry she couldn’t honour the meeting, unexpectedly had to attend college.  However, was offered a fee reduction for future meet as compensation for messing me about.

A few weeks later arranged a meeting again.  As above, arrived a few minutes early, tried calling and texting, but no reply whatsoever on this occasion.

Haven’t tried to book anything again with her.

East England / Madeline Ipswich
« by hornerama on January 11, 2017, 10:28:10 am »
I had been in touch with Madeline for a few days by email and all seemed to be going well, prompt responses, quite good English. Finally I got the opportunity to pay her a visit, so I rang up at about 4 pm and spoke to whom, I presumed was her, and agreed to pop along at 5pm for an hour. So far so good.

I arrived at 5 and rang her again, after a couple of attempts she , or somebody, replied. I was then told she was busy and could I wait 10 minutes, it was an awful night, pissing with rain, windy and cold, but I, like a mug, said OK and went  and sat back in my car. By this time  my hours parking was not going to be long enough, so I had to put another £2 in the machine.

Anyway, I waited and waited, finally I rang back after nearly half an hour and again someone answered who said come round to the flat opposite dance east, giving me the flat number. At last I thought......

So off I trot and used the entryphone and got let in. I was greeted by a little tubby blonde who did not look ready to receive punters, very bedraggled, she  was not sure what was going on, except to say that Madeline was tied up, probably literally, I questioned again on how this could be and she just shrugged her shoulder, her English was very limited.

She could see I was pissed off at being fucked around like this and then offered herself as a replacement, well, as I said she just did not look appealing, a bit soapy, tubby  and unkempt is the kindest way to describe her. (The flat also had Porn - Shoot stuff lying about, Those foil reflective umbrellas etc.)

At that point I gave up and left, to this point I, having sent an email asking for an explanation, have not received a text or email, in fact bugger all, by way of apology. So I am posting this as a warning.

As I said, cancelling is one thing, taking a booking at four for an appointment at five and then getting under another punter for the session, leaving me out of pocket for petrol, parking as well as wasting my time is not on. Big NEGATIVE


East England / Hot_Sexy_and_Horny Ipswich Touring
« by Neal69 on January 10, 2017, 10:42:13 pm »
 https://www.adultwork.com/1940581 or https://www.adultwork.com/Hot%5FSexy%5Fand%5FHorny

Bit of mixed reviews on here but I did like the look of her.

Phoned up around tea time for an evening meet. Phone answered promptly and a pleasant sounding woman agreed a time and told me which hotel she was using.

She then texted me the postcode and asked me to confirm 30 minutes before that I was still on for the meet.

Just as I was about to call her to confirm I noticed that I had received a text from her about an hour before the booked time cancelling the booking. No reason but then in all fairness no lies.

So by the rules of reviews on this site I have posted a negative.

Horny in Ipswich went to plan B Review to follow.


East England / ClassyAlice@Hot24 - Rochford
« by onepopwunda on January 10, 2017, 04:34:50 pm »
Ok not so much a review as a warning.


I saw Alice / Alexis / KansiNee about a year ago, it was my second punt and the little man was definately in control in those days. I really enjoyed playing with her pussy and making her cum but didn't really discover what she could do. Since then I have discovered what a good punt really is but felt I needed to revisit this one.

Aranged a 10.00 meet, she seemed to answer 1 in 3 texts, bit difficult but we got there. Sent a text to say I was on my way at 9.15 as requested. Parked up, walked to her place and received a text as I was walking to the door to say she couldn't make it as she had her daughter with her. Her dad had failed to pick her up the previous night  :diablo: I sent a couple of texts, to express my anger, not cos she had to cancel but why did she not tell me the previous day or even that morning when I said I was on my way. After 3 texts I finally got a response, "Well sorry".

I then remembered that she had blown me out the first time I tried to book her. Great body, really cute but best have a plan B, totally unreliable, I'm still pissed off now as I had no plan B.

East England / keiraporn
« by big-paul-86 on January 10, 2017, 04:06:57 pm »
My first meet with a pornstar, and a pornstar i wanked over many many times

https://www.adultwork.com/3068381 or https://www.adultwork.com/keiraporn

The meet took place when she made a tour stop in Boston just over a year ago (im catching up on my reviews), as soon as i saw she was in the area i gave her a call and we sorted a meet right away. She was using a house that she borrowed off a friend as she put it down a quiet cul-de-sac. Nice clean house parking on the street but it was one of the few areas in Boston you wouldnt mind leaving your car.

She looks exactly like the pictures and in her films, she hasnt aged a bit, well they do say cum is good for the skin lol. Friendly, chatty and poilte, drink offered paperwork sorted and then the fun.

£160 p/h which some will say is steep but she was worth it plus your paying for sex with a pornstar there not usually cheap. Excelent PSE oral both ways, her on top, reverse cowgirl, doggy, misionary, the usual. and finished all over her tits. Now when ever i see one of her scenes im transported back to the meet.

Sadly she hasnt been back to Boston so no repeat performance  :( but if you get the chance see her you wont regret it

East England / Naughty Vivian – Hemel Hempstead Tourer. B&S.
« by Tony_Red on January 10, 2017, 02:26:12 pm »

Ratings/scores based on personal preferences.

Got fucked around by another girl and decided to toftt.
I had a feeling this could be a potential punt to walk away from. Simply because I did not trust her feedback; she didn’t list body stats on her profile and didn’t appear to be that much in demand.

Comms 3/5 Text and Phone. Appears to have basic grasp of English. Not great with directions. Some Brazilians have gorgeous accents, but some have this elongated annoying twang. She had the latter.
Venue 4/5. Modern flat close to a quay in HH. I think it was called Evans Wharf. I was lucky to find free parking directly opposite the flat.
Face 2.5/5, Body 3/5.

B&S. I saw a Black haired, medium brown skinned, well-built Brazilian lady. In her 30’s. Handful of natural tits with dark nipples. For 130/hr outside of London, I was expecting a better-looking lady. Told her I could not stay. Credit to her as she was fine with it.

There was another girl who operates out of the same flat. I saw her from behind - a blonde also in her 30s - perhaps, that was Vivian? The girls share 1 room/1 bed for the job, as I was made to wait 15minutes so that another punter could finish in the ‘punting’ room. In fact, I am pretty certain I saw him - he’s probably the guy who let me in to the block.

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