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East England / MissInnocent69 - Diss
« by suffolkman1 on Yesterday at 09:17:55 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3949908 https://www.adultwork.com/MissInnocent69

Well I recognized the pictures on her profile from an account on Fab-swingers but had never contacted her there. I also remember she had a profile on AW some while ago from those pictures as well.

So with that in mind I made an appointment via an email exchange and was given the address prior to the day of the visit.

Street View indicated no close by parking during office hours but I found a couple of spots that looked good and as it turned out the second options was good but probably 5 minutes walk away.

Anyhow met at the door by a great looking lady, shoulder length hair in a nice outfit. Killer heels and stockings.

Invited in and offered a drink and chatted as drinks where sorted. Building is quite old with exposed oak beams etc inside. Clean and tidy.

Then invited straight up stairs. Sorted paper work and used the loo.

So we sat on her very nice bed for a minute more and briefly chatted about what I was looking for. Feeling very comfortable in her company we started things off with some kissing. She really does like French kissing.

And things progressed very well from there and we were soon undressed and enjoying great session of foreplay with lots of oral both ways. She really does have a great body.

From there she obviously wanted to move things on so. Selected a small wand type toy from the bedside draw which was full of them and lube and after lots of play brought her to a very loud orgasm.

From there it was time to cover up for my turn and had a great time until finish in missionary with her legs wide and high in the air really going for it.

From that cooling down which was probably 5 minutes over time I watch her seductively remove her stocking and then we both dressed. I finished my now cold coffee and then back on my way.

Did not find much about her. Not even a name so seems quite private on those matters.

A 'Wow that was just what I'm looking for' from me, so hopefully I'll get to return. I wish she was more local....

East England / Aimee Bell - Luton
« by stevepunt on March 21, 2017, 10:21:49 PM »
A fantastic hour with an absolutely beautiful girl.

Comms - good. Spoke on phone during the day for an evening booking, she speaks great English. £80p/h which I thought was great value. She ran through her service and was all booked in, usual text postcode call for house number when you arrive.

Venue - the basics of the place are fine; lots of parking, by Luton airport in a relatively nice part of the town. Its a working flat with a couple of girls who I could hear when we first walked in but other than that was not disturbed. Aimee was unhappy with the room, she really didn't like it. The bed was squeeky, which is always a little off putting.

Service - the photos are 100% her. She obviously wasn't airbrushed like she is on adultwork but she is absolutely stunning. She is petite, tanned and is beatufiul - she is one of the sexiest girls I have ever punted with (Up there with Lisa in the Soho Walkup). Honestly I was a little nervous as the photos looked too good to be true, but yeah she is stunning.
A true GFE here chaps. Lovely kisser, big slobbery kisses with lots of tongue. I found that she was very responsive to me and pitched the punt at my level, a real skill that so few WGs pull off.
Everything that was offered on AW and on the original call were delivered; GFE, OW etc.
If I was to look for anything to comment on, she doesn't alllow fingering (but loves you going down on her) inside, happy outside but she is very disease conscious. I am also, so although I really wanted to, it didn't bother me that I couldn't. She is really quite ditzy, made a number of really funny comments through the punt and after when we were talking. She has a lovely personality and I probably could have chatted with her for an hour, but there were far better things to be doing!

The punt itself was great, no clock watching, ran over a little in fact. Like the best punts, I left fully satisfied but wanting more.

Overall, Aimee-Bell is a stunning girl who delivers what she promises and for a great price. I would love to see her again, I genuinely can't remember a better punt. A must see, in a crowded EE market in Luton, she is a real find and one with pure quality. Act fast though chaps, I have a feeling she wont be in that flat long.

https://www.adultwork.com/3647901 or https://www.adultwork.com/Aimee%5FBell

East England / Naughty Giulia - Colchester
« by bodieA2 on March 21, 2017, 03:08:12 PM »
First time seeing Giulia and it won't be the last. What a gorgeous girl. 10 out of 10 in every way.
Comms were great via text, location is apartment complex to the East of town centre. Parked on adjoining small housing estate 2 mins walk away. Very discrete.
Giulia herself is great, definitely her in the pics. - looks amazing, friendly, chatty.
Lovely kisser & all round had a fantastic GFE, services were top notch and she genuinely seemed to enjoy the session herself.
One of the best punts I have had and her rates are superb vfm. Great girl, recommended. :)

https://www.adultwork.com/3765132 or https://www.adultwork.com/ChocolateNuru

Met this wonderful lady after some good feedback from members here.

Cost: £100/1Hour

In-call Location: Central Chelmsford, within quick walking distance from the train station, only a short walk away from one of the car parks in the city centre. Her flat itself was very clean/modern. Please note the massage is on a bed, as it is a Nuru style B2B massage experience.

Appearance: Pleasant face, but my god that body ;) Superb hourglass figure (size 10-12) with an ass to die for  :drinks: Not good with guessing age, but I will say between 25-30.

Comms: Answered text straightaway. Provided a rough location and was asked to call once there. Called once I reached, provided clear instructions to get to her flat.

Massage appointment: Opened the door and was led straight into the bedroom and asked to strip and lie with my face down on the bed. She came back a couple of mins later stripped naked and the massage started. She poured oil all over her, sat between my thighs and start massaging my back and legs, she alternated that every now and then sliding all over my back by pressing her breasts against me. There were a few CC swipes to tingle you and the firmness of the massage was just fine for me. After sometime was asked to turn over. At this point she let me know that it is ok to touch (I obliged - no pussy though). The next 30 minutes or so, was more oil, more sliding fun and lots of pressing of each others bodies. Through out the period, kept stroking my cock every now and then, to keep it alert and edging to cum. Finally came with a big bang. Was offered to have a shower which I did (the bathroom and shower all clean and in good condition - provided with clean towels).

Things I enjoyed the most: Her amazing ass and perky tits. The firm massage. She was a very pleasant person to spend time with.

Cons: The only small con (not at all a showstopper for me) was using the oil instead of the water-based nuru gel, they are more skin safe and lot easier to wash off in a quick shower.

Things I would like to see - She did not join me for the shower after the massage, instead choosing to have a separate one. It would have been nice to finish the lovely massage with a shower. Maybe a little more CC swipes and play around the prostate region.

I would definitely return. Yes agree it is not the cheapest in terms of cost, but the experience was good enough for me to justify a return. :hi:

East England / Elisa.1 in Cambridge - good romanian!
« by tallboy71 on March 20, 2017, 05:01:26 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3615478 or https://www.adultwork.com/elisa%2E1

great comms.  Initially by text then phone - speaks pretty good english. Apartment 5-10 mins walk from the station.

looks close enough to pics on profile, no makeup and not airbrushed like the pics, but still quite pretty. Nice figure, great arse.

ex dancer, gave v. good lapdance, great OW, everything else very good, enthusiastic even.  No kissing.    Good chat between sessions, she's funny and clearly quite bright.

East England / Amazing Tya- touring Rom in Ipswich
« by vt on March 20, 2017, 03:37:07 PM »
I did it again!! Suckered in by the pretty pics!!  :dash:

https://www.adultwork.com/4019590 or https://www.adultwork.com/Amazing+Tya

This prissy bitch is fairly new to the game, but seems to have worked out how to spoil a punter's enjoyment very quickly!  :thumbsdown:

1. Her service list is misleading, she won't do CIM as she states. I should have given up at this point!  :dash:

2. She kept me waiting outside the hotel she's using for 45 mins. Reason given: cleaning ladies changing bedsheets. If they take that long they need sacking! Obviously she double-booked me and made me wait 'til the other guy finished. I should have left at this point! :dash:

3. She looks quite pretty in the pics, which are of her, but without make-up the stark reality is a plain-looking girl with a body that lacks tone, spotty skin, saggy tits, stubbly pussy and sour face. I should have left at this point!  :dash:

4. Despite having confirmed kissing included by text, it was now £10 extra. I definitely should have left at this point!!  :dash:

5. She wants to start with a time-wasting massage. Too late to leave as I've handed over £70!  :dash:

6. Thankfully, she gets me to flip over after a minute or so, but I can't touch her nipples as they are too sensitive!  :rolleyes:

7. Wet wipes out and after she's fully scrubbed him I get a lame BJ.  :rolleyes:

8. Things got better once I got inside her, felt quite tight despite the slatherings of lube. Tried a few positions which she took well and I got a result.  :)

9. She's back on the phone texting her next client 'Do you want a shower?' She puts back on her underwear, she clearly thinks she's done!  :rolleyes:

10. 'Ahem, no we've still got time left' 'But I have a another client coming' 'Well that's not really my problem, I paid for 30 mins' 'There is a man coming to change the battery on the door lock' the excuses are getting really far-fetched now! 'Fine by me, let him come' 'What do you want to do, are you going to come again??' 'No, but I paid for 30 mins and I want you back on the bed naked giving me the GFE you promised me. I don't want you fiddling with your phone and I don't want to be rushed out!'

11. It just degenerated from there. I did give up at this point!  :thumbsup:  I stood my ground and finally got £20 back for cutting my time short. 

Don't bother guys, unless you want to hang around outside the hotel while she finishes up, then be disappointed that she doesn't look as nice as her pics, then get all the hidden extras and restrictions, then get kicked out as soon as you come!!

Let her learn what good service means or fuck off back to Romania!!  :bomb:

East England / SexyVerysexy101 near Saxmundham
« by Neal69 on March 20, 2017, 03:01:05 PM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/3820385 or https://www.adultwork.com/SexyVerysexy101

Thanks to Suffolkman1 for previous review.  :drinks:

Phoned up during the day for an evening booking. Very well spoken Thai on the phone obviously been here a good while as very easy to converse with on the phone.

Postcode sent and yes it is in a remote location but clear directions from Nana. You will have to park your car outside as it is a remote location so no good for those who have a problem with this. Public Transport will be a no no. I was a bit concerned about phone signal in a remote area like this but no problems and she talked me in.

Met at the door by a very good looking Thai Woman wearing a dress. Looked in great shape and is definitely the woman in the profile pictures. Age is right as she still had her 50th birthday cards up when I visited. Drink sorted cash stashed and after a short chat it was into the bedroom.

Was invited to get undressed and get on the bed as she was going to massage me. "OK no worries its going to be that sort of punt methinks"

The massage was good and she had stripped down to her bra and very sexy pants C/w holdups. Quite a bit of naughty chat as said before very well spoken English.

Turned over and she takes off her bra which revealed the breast surgery scarring that the previous review mentioned. This is the only fault on an otherwise faultless body that most 20 year olds would be proud of. Nana is rightly proud of her slim almost perfect ( she describes herself as perfect imperfection) body. Knickers off revealed a bushy pussy.  :yahoo: No obvious signs of childbirth and a very nice tight pussy.

I think the revealing of the scarring and The fact that it did not distract in any way for me encouraged Nana to get a bit more passionate. The kissing went up a level and very soon she had a mouth full of Little Neal. Very very nice OWO with plenty of ball licking thrown in. I could not resist a bit of 69 and was soon face deep in the natural pussy. I could tell she was enjoying this and she soon turned over and started playing with herself and me with a vibrating toy. Soon the overcoat was on and she was bouncing on me with great enthusiasm. She then applied the vibrating toy to herself and I could feel it on me as well soon had me over the edge. She continued bouncing away for a while still using the toy until she was satisfied herself.

More massage and chat and cuddles filled in the rest of the booking time and a bit more.

£100 1 hour and was a very enjoyable hour spent.

I did think at the beginning that it was going to be a typical Thai pump and dump type of meet with massage cock suck and fuck, but it proved to be anything but. Once the slight hurdle of the op scarring is out of the way it turned into a real good GFE. I think she is part time only and does it for fun as well as the money.


Already have  :yahoo:

Second booking was not the same MO and as enjoyable as the first.


This one www.adultwork.com/4024545 (which has now gone) had the same phone number as this profile on VS - http://adult.vivastreet.co.uk/escort+chelmsford-cm1/tiffany---attractive-young-lady-in-birmingham/144868861 (who has now moved to Farnborough)
Stupidly i did not spot the link (having already concluded 4024545 wasnt for me) and fell for the cute pics on VS....there is a lesson to learn there. Also a lesson in having bigger balls to walk away when Rom B&S-ed

The person behind the door was 100% not the girl in the photos. The pics that were on the Adultwork profile were accurate. 5/10 facially (for me), zero "skills" in the bedroom and probably the worst experience I've had. Has a tattoo (in english) across left shoulder "Love is just..........." or something like that.

Location - not far from central Chelmsford...walkable from rail station. Door a little "in open view" to others living nearby...and right opposite a school
Timeline - Arrived, £60 for 30mins. Offered a 2nd girl for double price or less if she just joined for 15 - i didnt clock the other girl. I needed a shower, returned to room (2 single beds) to find her on bed with condom already out of packet (bad sign). Put condom on (well tried) to uninterested pecker, which she rubbed/stretched to try and get some action. Basic covered BJ for 2-3 mins then "you like doggy or on top". She just lay there really, asking "you enjoy?" multiple times. Flipped into doggy and to be fair she was quite tight and didnt look too bad from behind. Think i was in, showered, performed, out within 18 mins.

Best avoided....especially as the AW profile listed bareback, though in reality i'd say that is not true as "everything is covered" was made pretty clear at the start.

East England / Bombshell Belle
« by Freddy Krueger on March 19, 2017, 03:52:46 PM »
5 weeks started contacting her by mail and phone. The serie of stories commenced: cancelled meeting due to family reasons, car broke down, lost her phone bla bla bla. On the phone she sounded friendly though and her mails looked fine.
Finally got a fixed date on the 10 of March. Texted her that day but no confirmation, nothing. I waited a week because her last login at AW was at 07 March so I thought that she had some issues. Looked at her profile today and yesterday she logged in. Since 10 March, nothing heared from her.
Anyone experience with her? She seems genuine though

East England / Dildo and passion - Harlow
« by steveppp58 on March 18, 2017, 03:52:23 PM »
What an absolute waste of time and money
Saw her at holiday inn express in Harlow
The poor girl was deluded thinking just because she was pretty
She was sexy far from it

East England / sexyscorpiosexy (Touring Cambridge)
« by richie12 on March 18, 2017, 07:28:40 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3527640 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexyscorpiosexy

This girl had been on my HL for a while now and I have been trying to match my diary with hers in order to meet, but saw she was coming to Cambridge for, I think, the first time and so booked her. She has curves in all the right place and I have a thing for big boobs and her natural G-cups were perfect.

COMMS: First class. I messaged Scorpio a few times before meeting and messages always read and answered promptly. Once at the venue and I needed to call her to get the room number it was answered straight away and she was bright and bubbly and came over very friendly.

VENUE: This was at a national chain of hotels, just on the outskirts of Cambridge. Whereas this used to be free parking, it is now pay and display. It only costs £2 for 2 hours but anyone who has used it previously could get caught out and receive a hefty fine. No issues with reception or staff and the room numbers well signposted. The room was clean and tidy with shower facilities and fresh towels.

THE GIRL: The pictures, age and description on her profile are spot on and accurate. She is a voluptuous girl, lovely G-cup natural boobs, wore a nice sexy black outfit, black stockings, high heels and really looked fantastic. I found her facially very pretty, has a gorgeous arse and pussy, fully shaved and very clean and nice tasting. She is bi-sexual and mentioned that she loves busty girls and loves licking pussy- so certainly good threesome prospect for another meet in the future. She has a fantastic outgoing, bright and bubbly personality and instantly put me at ease. She was smiling constantly and was a really fun girl to be with. Couldn't ask for a friendlier girl.

THE MEET: I arrived at the venue, called, got the room number and then found very easily. I knocked on the door, which opened up to find the gorgeous Scorpio, who was dressed to kill and gave me a very warm welcome of some great FK, which she's very good at.
I asked her to get on the bed and lie down so I could lick her pussy- which is a big love of mine.

I stripped to my boxer shorts and set about concentrating on eating Scorpio's pussy, which tasted fantastic. I found her to be very responsive and clearly loves having this done to her. She has a very juicy pussy, which was very wet throughout the hour. She came and squirted all over my face which was a real highlight for me. I was very tempted to use my fingers, but decided to just simply use my tongue. This went on for some and don't think I have eaten a pussy more in a 1 hour appointment than I have with Scorpio. I also rimmed her arse as well.

Then she asked me to lay down as she sucked my cock with such enthusiasm and skill-one of the best I have had. She is clearly absolutely mad for cock- she paid attention to my balls, licking the shaft up and down, my cock in her mouth was awesome and the hand action felt great.
The deep throat was something else, which she performed a number of times within the meet, right to the back of the throat!! Amazing!!

I suggested 69 position, with Scorpio laying down and me on top. Again she was very responsive, and came a number of times- such a wet pussy.
Next it was protected sex in missionary to start, which felt fabulous, with some variation in strokes and was able to get nice and deep too. Then she suggested her on top and rode me in both reverse cow girl and cow girl, which then allowed me to play with her gorgeous huge boobs, sucking her nipples too.
Then more 69, more cumming from Scorpio and then she started to bring me to climax. She asked where I was going to cum, I asked where she wanted it- she chose her mouth. I then wanked into her mouth and she took the lot, showed it to me by opening her mouth before swallowing every drop.

I then had some cum still dripping out of my cock, but before I could use a wet wipe on it she was down there again, sucking up every last drop!! That's my kind of girl.
This was an unbelievable first meet. She just has a complete love of sex, love of cock, love of cum- she loves it all. 
The meet was fantastic-no awkward moments at all, it just flowed.
She certainly presses my buttons and excites me in lots of different ways. She's a real delight to be around and I felt very comfortable with her.

BOOK AGAIN? Without a doubt. Scorpio for me is a top class girl. Her body, attitude, enthusiasm and bedroom skills are second to none. This meet for me is one of the highlights of the year so far and would even go as far to say one of the best girls I have ever seen- she really was that good. Will certainly look out for her coming to Cambridge again, but to be honest will be very happy to travel to see her wherever she is in East Anglia, or beyond. Can't recommend her highly enough.

East England / Milton Keynes Sexy_Jane05
« by Freddy Krueger on March 17, 2017, 09:35:26 PM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/1473405  https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy%5FJane05

Went to MK to visit her. Made a booking yesterday and all went well. I have been there before in that neighborhood, it is close to Xscape so had to pay for the carpark. 10mins walk to her house.
She started with a little bit of rubbing and that was ok. Got undressed and she sat me on the bed. Condom on and she gave me magnificant BJ. Deepthroat and a lot of saliva came out of her mouth.  :DThen laid her on her back, a little bit of Russian with those very nice boobs but did the job myself. My cum in her hair, on her boobs, on her face and on the bed.
She cleaned up and I laid her on her back. Tried to kiss her but FK was very poor. Licked her boobs and she her nipples were reacting. Tried to go below but she squeezed her legs together. No oral with her and no fingering either. :dash: She gave a massage but nothing fancy.
Then she suggested position. I asked on top but she does not like that. So mish. I tried but she was lying there with nearly no reaction. I gave up, got dressed and went.
A neutral because I think that she is worth the money for half an hour. You get an excellent blowjob and she has a pair of nice tits to play with and I have to admit that she is very friendly. Last point: her pussy was not shaven properly.

East England / Sexy Sultry Sam - Stevenage
« by Punchdrunk on March 17, 2017, 07:26:22 PM »
Had the urge so I plugged in the dongle and fired up the laptop, Sam took my eye she had an offer on £120 for an hour so I gave her a ring. All sorted on the phone she was in a stevenage town centre hotel (HIE) so off I went and text her when I arrived. She rang and gave me the room details(no issues with hotel just in to the lift and sorted).  I knocked on the door and she opened it from behind so the suspense raised until she closed it and I got a look, I was happy an attractive lady who's pics don't do her justice. she is about a 10/12 id guess good shape with a nice pair of breasts a good hand full. She offered me a shower which I accepted had a scrub and jumped out to sort the funds out which was £120 for an hour.

And so it began, we lay on the bed as I got her kit off and had a good kiss which was very deep and passionate I started to finger her and she was pre lubed I was hard already so she started sucking me for a while as I had a little lick of her pussy. She gave a real good blow job sucking well and nice and deep. I thought if she kept this up id blow my top to soon so I got her to stop and put a condom on. We then had sex in various positions she was very vocal through out and acting or not I had a blast before I couldn't hold out much longer and cum before laying back. She had a clean up got the wet ones out . we then had a chat and boy she can talk , I didnt see it as time wasting just her trying to make the punt go well after about 10mins of this I felt ready to go again and laid back and enjoyed a very nice bj until I blew my beans in her mouth, she never spilt any or let it dribble down the side before getting up to spit it in the sink. we then got cleaned up and lay chatting for a bit before I got dressed and left. I had a real good punt with a nice lady who puts some effort into the show and I will be returning for sure next time I am in a area she is working.


East England / ((( Tiffany ))) - Hatfield
« by onepopwunda on March 17, 2017, 04:03:06 PM »

Why do I keep doing this, another terrible punt  :dash: :dash: :scare:

Comms good, sounds nice on the phone, good directions, went for an hour based on a couple of good reviews on here and loads of reviews on AW, (not that these sway me much !), and I still come unstuck.

Barely 5/10 looks but fit body, probably 5' 7" size 8 so stacks up with AW description but the tits in the pictures are not the ones I was playing with 5 hours ago. No conversation, no kissing, no OWO comprehensively NOT what I had read in the reviews at all.

Started with a massage which was nice, not that I particularly wanted one but she clearly had her own agenda. When eventually she let me turn over she takes off her underwear and lays on the bed, no attempt at a BJ, with or without so I went for RO which I assume was OK ???? once I'd had enough she sits up and goes for the condom. With little choice I went for doggy then mish and finished, I'm now looking forward to some effort on her part for round 2. Instead of that she asks if I want a shower  :dash:
and I'm only 35 minutes in. Tried some conversation which was incredibly hard work and after 10 awkward minutes just gave up and had a shower. She had no other bookings today but I wasn't hanging around, no point. She wouldn't have been more mechanical if she'd been made from Meccano

Every which way a complete waste of time and money ! However, this is completely at odds with everything I have read which makes me suspect I was switched.

If anyone can tell me why, when I know 3 great girls, I keep doing this I'd be interested in your theories.

btw, the oriental group at Langdon Hills near Basildon is a complete lottery, this was my last punt which was worse  :dash: :dash: :dash: old, skinny, huge bush and a firm NO to everything for just £110 hr, BARGAIN, I must learn how to walk away !

East England / Rosie For Play - Milton Keynes
« by LurkNoMore on March 16, 2017, 02:45:38 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2665390 or https://www.adultwork.com/Rosie%5Ffor%5Fplay

Made a last minute booking after ending up in MK. She asked my name, age and nationality as she dont see foreigners.

Was given sat nav to a local location so she could make sure a wasn't a time waster, and once i had told her where i was, was then given her real address which was 5 mins away.

She has a bedroom with ensuite in a house share, and when i asked she said the other rooms were also occupied by working girls which could mean this is a target for police and the neighbours defiantly know whats going on, but its the sort of place where i dont think anyone cares.

Rosie is a BBW with HUGE tits. Started off with DFK, a bit of her teasing me and OWO.

I got her on the bed and started going down on her which she responded well to. It was at this point she squirted!! never experienced this before and it surprised the hell out of me, think i now know how girls feels when i CIM.

Sex in mis before cumming on her tits.

Short chat before round 2 which i did her doggy, then straddled her face while she licked my balls and finished over her tits and stomach.

All in all, a good punt.

East England / Petit Ebony - Bedford
« by LurkNoMore on March 16, 2017, 02:35:48 PM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2497755 or https://www.adultwork.com/petitebony

A bit hesitant to post this after the recent thread on her, but her goes.

Initial booking was made via phone, with some texts to follow.

Simple to find location, although its not the sort of area i would want to visit after dark. During the texts she said there was off road parking although i'm not sure she knows what this means as i had to park on a side street which to me is on-road, but never mind.

Her place is in an old block of flats with a lift but her place itself if clean and tidy.

Was met with her dressed in lingerie and a corset and although she is not going to be on the cover of vogue, she is not ugly.

Opted for 30 mins for £80, which started of with some nice FK followed by OWO. Interesting point is that after she stopped OWO she looked at me and her lipstick was all smeared which i had never noticed before on another punt, but i guess this means other girls dont wear as much.

More FK followed by me going down on her which she appeared to like as i made her orgasm or she was acting, but who cares ;-)

Finished by sex in missionary and cum on her stomach as i have never fucked a black bird and wanted to see it :-)

For me this was a speciality punt to see an African lady, so i travelled longer than i normally would. While i would visit again if i were in the area i wont be making a special trip.

East England / Nicole Polish - Cambridge
« by mbutler on March 16, 2017, 11:33:18 AM »
Nicole Polish: https://www.adultwork.com/3904699

Took the GFE a bit too literally, and was really fucking grumpy.  I walked.

I've been trying to see her all week, and finally this morning managed to get an appointment that I could do.  Headed into Cambridge and parked near East Road.  She's staying in a flat by the police station.

Arrived on time, eventually got buzzed up, and was met by a very gorgeous, but very grumpy girl.  Started to get un-dressed and she asked twice "are you staying then".  "you seem a bit grumpy" I said, "so go" she replied.  I did!  She said she didn't feel well.

Real shame, as she was a stunner.  Great tits.  Slim, nice legs.  Etc.

She sent a text afterwards "sorry for wasting your time".  Too late babe.

East England / xx Eden xoxox - Berkhamsted
« by callm3daddy on March 15, 2017, 08:57:11 PM »

A neutral review because a meet didn't actually take place. But I thought it was worth noting as it aligns with others' experiences.

I had messaged Eden a few times and we soon agreed on an incall and things I wanted to cover. Booked, confirmed, and I went to bed with the usual 'drive to postcode xxx yyy and then give me a call for the house number'.

Wasn't until the next morning that I realised that she had not included her phone number in her confirmation message. No problem I thought, her number was listed as one of her contact details on her profile. Only, that morning, it wasn't. I guess Eden is one of those girls who only lists her number when she wants same-day bookings. I figured that I still had two hours of my day empty, so I sent her a message explaining my predicament with the hope that she would pick it up and get back to me; I'd head to hers regardless and then head home if I hadn't heard back at 15-minutes into the booking.

So, sitting in my car like a plum for 20 minutes. No messages. No call. Nothing. Cut my losses and headed home.

Two days later I received a vague apology about her being ill and completely forgetting about the incall (despite being agreed). No suggestion of another date or alternative arrangements.

Anyway. Can't really list this as a negative as I left with my vital organs and wallet intact, but a bit annoyed about the no-notice cancellation and poor comms.

East England / Lola V - Colchester
« by callm3daddy on March 15, 2017, 08:44:02 PM »

Decent comms from the start. Once the booking had been confirmed, Lola sent me her number and the postcode of a nearby street. I called her when I arrived and she gave me the directions to and details of her nearby flat.

Lola works from a flat based in a modern estate. Decent parking options both outside and along nearby roads. Given that she works from a flat i imagine that parking might be more difficult during evenings and weekends.

Lola's photos are accurate and up to date. She has a short bob of hair and I'd estimate she's around 5'8". She has two discrete tattoos which aren't in her profile photos.

I hadn't made any special requests, and Lola answered the door wearing black lingerie, stockings, and heels. It's worth noting that due to the lingerie, she answered the door whilst hiding behind it; something which has thrown me in the past with previous WGs. Once inside, she offered me a drink or use of her shower, but I didn't take her up on the offer. Instead er spoke a bit about what I was after (just the usual) and exchanged paperwork.

Some talking, kissing, cuddling whilst standing, and soon we were undressing each other at the end of the bed. Soon Lola was just in her stockings, kneeling in front of me, tugging at my boxers. A quick check of the old chap and soon I was inside her mouth OWO.

After I was suitably hard I suggested that we move to the bed. Some more kissing, cuddling and I found myself between her legs giving RO. Lola is very responsive, giving gentle nudges whilst moaning and gripping my hair. A bit of a shift and Lola switched to giving OWO, briefly stopping to ask if I could pop twice in an hour. She has great hand technique with lots of spit and deep throat, and I soon finished over myself.

We spent the recovery time talking about her and how she got into escorting. A decent, normal, chat about University and work (outside of escorting), whilst Lola gently stroked my cock back into action. At this point she asked if I wanted to use her toys on her, but I instead chose to use my hands. She is very vocal and we enjoyed some mutual stroking and rubbing until she came.

About 40 minutes in, it's on with a condom and Lola straddling and grinding against me. I'd perhaps overestimated my two-pop plan and switched between cowgorl, missionary, and doggy before reluctantly settling on another OWO and HJ to finish. Ended up finishing over her stomach.

Lola isn't a clock watcher, and we spent an extra 10 minutes talking about Cochester and how I'd bumped into her in a bar before knowing she was a WG.

Was it worth the money? Yes. I get the feeling that I've only scratched the surface with Lola, and I could have a lot more fun in the future should I wish.
Would I book again? Yes.

East England / English Sophie 20 (Borehamwood)
« by brushhand811 on March 15, 2017, 06:08:09 PM »
After seeing many EE girls and still having a few regulars, its is getting harder to get a good result, so I have increased my budget and started going to see English girls. My first pick, due to location was Sophie
 https://www.adultwork.com/3247035 or https://www.adultwork.com/English+Sophie+20

Great comms, and met her at a hotel near Borehamwood.Not sure about the profile pictures, but was happy with Sophie, great pert body, pretty with dark blonde hair, slight black mark was she wasn't dressed in stockings as she didn't have any!!!

Had a quick shower, then lay on the bed. She wanted to know what I was after so agreed to a GFE. She then instigated light kissing, then moved down to give great owo, which I had not been expecting, but was great. We then had sex, she didn't lube so it was a bit dry, but she applied some when we changed position.

Finished as usual with an oily handjob, given at just the pace I directed.

Had a good chat then about her career choice, which she seemed happy with and compared her position to the lack of independence of EEgirls,

I will be happy to revisit

East England / Elite_English_Sophia
« by brushhand811 on March 15, 2017, 05:55:23 PM »
I am quite behind in posting reviews, but will catch up over next few days. I have had a change of heart, and after sticking to EE and mainly Romanian, my success rate has plummeted so have gone to see a few English girls with great results.

I saw Sophia at the usual spot just outside Brentwood.  https://www.adultwork.com/2207737 or https://www.adultwork.com/Elite%5FEnglish%5FSophia

Great comms, ready on time and hide behind the door. No worries, I think that the pictures are her but she is very pretty, and was dressed as requested in full killer heels and lingerie. I checked owo was available(not usually available with my usual girls), she confirmed so I took a quick shower and down to business

£150 for an hour, light kissing only, didn't push for more, plenty of owo then great sex in multiple positions and finished with a lovely handjob,

A bit of time left so I asked for a massage, which she did without oil, but it was great.

So, more than I usually spend, but will be happy to see her gain

East England / Rachels Massage Ipswich
« by gingerprince4444 on March 15, 2017, 04:43:07 PM »
Coming home from a job up in Norwich decided I needed a bit of relaxation on the journey home, thought I'd try a different approach and noticed Rachels had some good reviews.

Nice little shop front very distrete, parking almost opposite so no fuss.

Walked in no previous phoning or appointment, to be greeted by a lovely lady I would say in her late 30s early 40s.

Offered a massage £15 for 30 mins £20 for 45 so went for the 45 mins.

Showered and went into the room very nice clean towels was offered a drink as well.

Then asked wether I would like topless or naked went with the naked for an extra £50.

Was a great relaxing massage with oil, very sexual and great chat lovely lady indeed, most fabulous tits and lovely smile.

Turned me over and went to work on me with nothing more than a smile on her face, fabulous place definatley work the visit, we both seemed to enjoy it ;) ...

Definately a plus...


 https://www.adultwork.com/3601988 or https://www.adultwork.com/foxy+red+xxx

I notice that too many of my reviews are for Roms, so I thought I would write up one of my favourite local English girls, just to show that I am not Sergei in disguise.

Foxy Red has been around for a while, and this is her third incarnation. I just call her Jess when I ring up, although I know this isn't her real name.

 I have seen her about four or five times, and she offers a consistently good service. As long as you are not someone who hates condoms or requires DFK, in which case go somewhere else.

Comms: Jess is not full time and works from home. If you are allergic to cats you should know that there are cats here.
She seems to mainly work on fridays and saturdays, and takes her number down from AW when not working. My experience is that she answers when she is working, and talks to you clearly and professionally. Booking her on these days is an absolute breeze. If she isn't working then expect no response. It is usually obvious from her profile whether she is on or off.


For eighty quid you might think that she offers a pretty vanilla service. Kissing is very light, and the only thing that your cock will recieve uncovered is a bit of stroking.
However, the service is delivered very sensuously and she enjoys receiving plenty of vaginal stimulation, in various forms, and gets very wet. I always feel like it was money well spent.

 Her Oral with is great, and so is her fit bod, with great legs, a fine arse, and nipples like bullets.

I love touching her up and stripping her off, infront of her full length mirror. She always wears the full kit, and wears it well. She looks fantastic in a mini skirt and high heels.
Seems a nice girl. Comes across as a bit shy, but in an endearing way.

She seems quite sporty and lean, so if you like soft womanly figures, Jess is more amazonian. This means that she can and does take a really good pounding in all positions. Muscular and not an ounce of fat, but still very feminine.

Definitely a favourite of mine.

East England / Jessy Sexy Bum -Norwich
« by Norfolkfuntimes on March 13, 2017, 11:46:57 AM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/3994212 or https://www.adultwork.com/Jessy+Sexy+Bum

OK punters, I am doing a review of this little Rom, because I think you might miss out if you research her on here and see the reviews, which so far consist of a neutral and a very brief positive. I really enjoyed my visit and have seen her twice.

Comms. Texts were business like and efficient. Answered promptly and got into her apartment with the minimum of fuss.

Premises: very nice clean apartment in the city centre. Not MJB

Girl: Definitely the girl in the photo, although the photos are well taken and are quite flattering. However I really enjoyed her body. Small but perfectly formed. If you like petite dark girls, you will like her very much. Lovely tight little fanny and great little arse and tits. Rounded. For me it is her bod that I will go back for.

Attitude: very friendly. English not very good, but smiley and attentive. She does kiss properly and gives a good impression of enjoying the sex.

Services: I paid 60 so apart from kissing, reverse oral and plenty of oral with, and 69, it was the basic service. Delivered very nicely though and I felt like I recieved good value for money.

I cannot help you as to what happens if you pay up for anal etc and I assume that full blooded OWO is extra. But to be honest I was enjoying myself so much that I didn't really enquire about owo, and just went with the natural flow.


Nice girl, nice punt, can't understand how anyone would complain about her bod, which was great, but a pretty standard service for a standard price. Good vfm. I would recommend for lovers of the smaller woman. I found her honest, professional, reliable. Nice flat.

East England / ego massage Bletchley
« by Callum23 on March 13, 2017, 12:26:13 AM »
I have been a loyal customer at ego massage for a number or years my favourite being Rachel and am used to a certain standard so when she wasn't available I settled for one of the new girls Nicole from the off I got the feeling she was completely un interested I requested the b2b which I know I ment to be fully naked she kept her knickers on throughout also during the massage I detected a strong smell of alcohol which was alarming as it was a morning appointment the finish was very robotic and by how close her face was to my penis during climax I'm sure owo would of been a option if I had of suggested it and from reading certain forums Lola is offering similar extras aswel these sub standard girls are jeopardising the impeccable reputation you have and will not be returning until these issues have be sorted and hopefully these women have gone


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