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My first review since falling off the proverbial wagon for the first time in 10 years last October. Did someone once say on here 'once a punter, always a punter' ?? Anyway, a few meets subsequent to that date to report back on then but I thought I’d start with a negative so I wouldn’t be accued of being a prossie :)  Any questions just let me know.
Meeting date : Wednesday 07th January 2015
Black Diamond: https://www.adultwork.com/2688195

Dying for some action after a ‘dry’ Christmas, I was enticed by BD’s pictures, movies and price…
Comms : Initial meeting was set up via a/w mail the night before. 1 hour meet was firstly confirmed via text early the next day but the starting time was changed via text on at least two occasions thereafter. I also called on arrival (after receiving a text asking if I had arrived yet) and spoke to an EE girl whom I thought then text me the relevant flat number...
On arrival at the flat however, initial conversation turned into ‘how long do you want to stay’ and a small dispute about costs, resolved after showing AW. She was also not wearing anything I had requested and did not reference this. It would therefore seem to me that all members of this AW group ('Busty London Escorts') are managed outside of A/W (there was talk from her, for example, of an agency - which you are clearly not party to) so don't expect any requests to get through or any clear confirmation of services.
Amount paid: £120 for 1 hr
Venue : – was ushered into the exact same room as mentioned here: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=46995.0 in a set of flats off Sloane Ave, SW3. The room was perfectly adequate, albeit with the feel of 1980s student halls.
The flat was also being shared with another WG at the time, presumably Jessica – https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=46354.0
The shower was a bit grim; lots of wet feet marks on the bath mat helped remind you of the steady procession of blokes that had already been through that day, despite my early afternoon meet.
So it was not exactly glamourous - alarm bells should have started ringing louder by the huge pile of towels and the heater drying another lot on a clothes horse, alongside the well used bathroom, but my rationale was strictly being led via my cock by this stage.
Looks/Personality : - It is definitely the pornstar Black Diamond. I would say she is now closest to this movie in terms of looks: http://videos.freeones.com/b_babes/Black_Diamond/32122/ – but is still hot despite the years passing. Lots more tattoos now mind, if you are not into that sort of thing. Overall, a very hot and slutty look.
Size 8 maybe? Nice tits but I think i noticed they were fake. She wore a bikini set, was well tanned and was clean and fresh.
My own choice on any punt is to spend at least some time chatting (which seemed to surprise her!). Of this, some was interesting (life in London vs Budapest), some filler and some seemingly BS ('keeps getting recognised wherever she goes' etc etc)
Service :– This was average at best.
Maybe I was a bit nervous and she took advantage of that – who knows. But there was no F/K, let alone DFK – apparently ‘not even boyfriends get tongues’ ?!? O was with but I don’t mind that. Ball attention seemed to be her speciality, with lots of squeezing and tongue action.
She was very quick to move on from this though – so much so I had to stop the move into sex and request r/o. She tasted good and was clean but asked me to avoid her clit as she is very ‘sensitive’ there. (God knows how she suffered in silence through the movies  :rolleyes: ). This too was brought to a swift close tho as 'my nose was tickling her clit'  :rolleyes:
We moved on to mish, which was ok, and doggy, where I popped.
However, the biggest disappointment was trying to move to round two after a short rest. At first this was refused, as someone else was due in 15 minutes or so (a booking that was due to begin the same time as when my session ended??). She subsequently confessed that she was taking back to back to back bookings that day but didn't seem bothered by that.
Have to say she was clean however so maybe she was pushing everyone out of the door early ?!?
I eventually persuaded her to start again so enjoyed an oily H/J which ended up in cowgirl – couldn’t bring myself to finish though what with a mix of barely believable filthy talk mixed with ‘what time is it?’ and ‘hurry up’ !!
I instead made my excuses, had another quick shower and shot out of the door - not that I saw anyone else.
Pros - real pornstar at a good price, fit body, slutty look, friendly enough
Neutral – venue - a reasonable, if dated room but woeful shower.
Cons - You can't speak to her direct before; average and rushed service; back to back and overlapping bookings.
VFM : 6/10 (it was a pornstar. But it really felt like a walkup / Amsterdam RLD.)
Would I visit again :  No
Would I recommend : Maybe. I know that perhaps contradicts my experience (and a borderline negative review) but (to paraphrase the Sex Pistols) “if you do know what you want and you know how to get it” i.e I think you could have a good time if you were assertive, took no b/s and was maybe the first of the day. I think I was stupidly expecting some relaxing GFE time but this was a poor choice then on my behalf. Just easing myself back in so a lesson learnt; a WG is bound to take it easy / borderline take the piss if you allow them to... Overall, has to be a negative though as I left with regrets, not all of which were down to me.

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