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Author Topic: Anna-Marie, Chelsea - MILFtacular Katie Price/Jill Kelly/Brianna Banks lookalike  (Read 5083 times)

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Offline west8


I was very, very sceptical before meeting this girl – for two reasons:

1. She is part of the group that includes Busty Jessica (https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=46354.0) and Mega Busty Grace (badly reviewed by others). I didn’t know it until I got there and requested the apartment number, but she also works from the same fifth floor flat as Busty Jessica in a certain well-known building on Sloane Avenue.

2. Her pictures look too good to be true. I’m not 100% certain they are her pictures.

But as she is super local and after 24 hours clear without a punt, it just had to be done. I only booked 30 mins for £80 and would probably have stayed if Ann Widdecombe had opened the door. Yes, it was one of those days.

Within 30 seconds of Anna-Marie opening the door, I had paid for the hour and would have paid for 2 were it not for the fact she had already been booked for an overnight by some lucky fucker.

This girl is a 9.5/10 physically. She is a fucking Goddess. Face of a filthy porn slut and the body of an Amazonian princess. My jaw literally hit the floor when I saw her – I could not believe it. The last time I had such a surprise was when I met Russian MILF Escort Valerie – some 12 years ago.

Anna-Marie is similar to Valerie in several ways: she is statuesque at 5’10”, she has a giant, firm, buoyant pair of 34EE’s – enhanced of course, but fuck me they felt GOOD. She has an all over tan and long, straight, dirty blonde hair. Her lips are as epic as Valerie’s – oversized, soft and built for DFK and cock worship. Although she doesn’t look exactly like any of them, she has elements of Katie Price, Jill Kelly and Briana Banks. Yes, she’s blonde, she has massive tits and she’s a top class MILF fuck.

The Good:

She appears to work from a different room to Jessica – a huge room with a double bed, a comfortable sofa and a wooden Shoji Room Divider. It almost seemed apt that Ruby Velle’s ‘Mr Wrong’ was playing on her laptop as she showed me in. Thinking about it now, I was so taken aback by the quality of the accommodation, her slutty face and those massive, heaving mammaries that I have no idea what (if anything) she was even wearing when I arrived. No matter, that body is better naked without a doubt.
From the time she basically threw me on the bed until I almost had to crawl to shower, my cock was in contact with some part of her body. If she wasn’t playing with it, she was sucking it, wanking it, licking it, kissing it or spitting on it. That was only between the bouts of her deciding to use it as a fuck toy. I have NEVER – NEVER had a girl this filthy bouncing on my cock like her life depended on it. Like that other Hungarian I wrote so fondly of – Adele – Anna-Marie is all was all about me, the paying punter. For that hour she made feel like Hugh Hefner. Speaking of which … she also claimed to have done FHM and Playboy. I can well believe it. She’s probably now 35 or so, but she still puts every other girl I have met recently in the shade when it comes to a smoking hot body and a ‘fuck me’ face.

In all, my cock was probably in her mouth for 30 minutes of the hour. I fucked her three times – two in cowgirl and one in doggie. Each time I stopped after 5 minutes or so as it was agony trying not to explode in her epically tight Hungarian snatch. When I finally give her what she was begging for (literally), she demanded that her tits get a glazing. Fuck me, they certainly did. The cum flew everywhere as I was absolutely bone fucking hard – and stayed that way during the shower and until I made it back into the freezing evening air.

If this is what TOFTT the team feels like, then I’m never going to choose a reviewed girl again.

The Bad:

I think she is ‘managed’. She has never heard of Adultwork. She referred to the ‘woman who takes the bookings and deals with the money’.
This might be a deal breaker for some, but as this group seem to chop and change with the wind, I guess this ‘arrangement’ seems to work.

As written above, I’m not 100% certain that she is the girl in the pictures. She is fitter than the girl in the pictures and the stats ‘match up’ with the girl in the pictures – as does the body and the face. But perhaps it’s just the different hair style/colour that is vexing me somewhat. Either way, it’s a 50/50 scenario and I’m not going to call it as I’m simply unsure either way.

The Ugly: N/A

She’s got a boyfriend!

Final words

A top drawer filthy punt with a sex Goddess. She didn’t take her hands off me – or her eyes or her lips for that matter – for the entire hour. It was one of those whirlwind punts that is so intoxicating and sexual that the time I was there was gone in what felt like a moment. It simply flew by as I had trouble digesting how fortunate I was to fuck a girl that fit who was really into it!

There was very little chit chat, but I did gather that her ‘day job’ is glamour modelling and she apparently spends a lot of time in Paris and Milan as well as her native Hungary.

But I’ll add more if and when I discover more … that’s right, I’ve already booked her again for tomorrow. I can’t fucking wait!

PALS Rating Scale (0-40) + Value (0-10)

P - Personality
A - Attitude
L - Looks
S - Service

Michelle Independent - 9/10/9/10/10  - 48
Stunning Julie - 9/9/9/10/10  - 47
Anna-Marie - 8/9/10/10/10  - 47
Khloe Sexy Girl - 9/8/10/9.5/10  - 46.5
Emily Crème Brulee - 9.5/10/9/10/8 – 46.5
Hot Teen Fuck - 9/9.5/10/9.5/8 - 46
Dee - 9/10/8/10/9 - 46
Maggie21 - 9/10/7/10/9 - 45
Brazilian Mel - 10/9/9.5/8/7 - 43.5
Adele4U - 9/9/7/10/8 - 43
Sweet & Kinky Nicole - 8/8/10/6.5/10 - 42.5
Vanessa$ - 9/9/8/9/7 - 42
Lola Bell - 9/9/6/9/9 - 42
Brooklyn Blue - 9/9/9/7/7 - 41
Girlfriend Dior - 8/7/7/9/8 - 39
SexyPorsha (on the subs bench)

All-time Hall of Fame

Pandora - 10/10/10/9/8 – 47
Sylvia - 8/10/10/9/10 - 47
Nicole Foxxx - 10/10/9/9/8 - 46
Chantel - 10/8/9/9/8 - 44
Jessica - 8/9/10/9/6 - 42

19 review(s) found for Anna-Marie X linked to in above post (14 positive, 5 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Dusktildawn

Thanks barebacker

Another one I can avoid  :thumbsup:
Banning reason: Trolling on UKE

I'm not exactly one who thinks of himself as a saint and know I will bump into a few that are not totally independent but being pimped out to the point of not even knowing what adultwork is and having a "manager" and "boyfriend" is massive no for me. 

As for the whole "You're a barebacker" thing (as there is already one comment here), I'm not gunna actively avoid girls you have been with as laidbackasiandude put it perfectly in perspective here (see post 14 - https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=46880.0) but it's still a little off putting as I said before you are now a walking reminder on this forum that the risk is very real despite people staying clean for years or even decades of punting.

That said, holy shit she is fucking fit as fuck. If she wasn't being shipped off to good knows where after the 21st I would see her every time I pay a visit to London. Congratz on the punt.

Offline west8

Same set of pictures as she has on Adultwork and one picture confirms it -is- the girl I met:

Anna-Marie has identical body art. I'm guessing the pictures on Adultwork are at least a year or two old. As I wrote above, her hair is now straight and sandy/dirty blonde.

Offline west8

Met Anna again for a third time in three days last night. I'm also seeing her tonight before she flys home. She's that good.

No harm in updating the original review as she's leaving tomorrow. Moreover, you can save any 'touting' comments for the same reason.

I had mentioned that she has no idea what Adultwork is. That was true. However, it's because some of her appointments/meetings are via some London escort agencies, and some via Adultwork.

It seems she struck a rather sensible deal with the agencies concerned - she said they charge more and take a %, but on condition that they also answer her own phone for AW bookings. Anna says she pays nothing to anyone else for the AW bookings and although that may or may not be true, I have no reason to disbelieve her.

Now, in terms of what I have written above and what agcnospam has written in his review (https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=47174.0). We both omitted one thing:

Anna-Marie is a very, very busy girl and freely admitted to accepting back-to-back bookings. That sucks. I actually didn't want to know that she'd fucked 9 guys before me yesterday - yes, 9!

She said an average day was 8 customers and a busy day 10-12, so fuck me this is another prime example of conveyor belt punting.

However, would I prefer to pay £500 and be guy #3/4/5? Maybe. Maybe not. At the end of the day, we all know how many cocks have been there before ours, so what difference does another half a dozen really make.
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19 review(s) found for Anna-Marie X linked to in above post (14 positive, 5 neutral, 0 negative)

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