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Author Topic: Caroline.x (Northampton)  (Read 727 times)

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I booked a 1 hour outcall via AW to my home in the Peterborough area for 11am today with Caroline on Monday after a brief exchange of emails. Caroline confirmed the booking immediately. A few minutes later I got an email from Caroline saying was going to be in Peterborough late that day and could see me at 10pm. I replied stating I was unable to accommodate evening visits and Caroline replied saying that was fine and she would see me on Wednesday.

So 11am comes and goes today without any sign of Caroline and no comms from her to explain what was happening. As I did not have a contact number for Caroline I emailed her via AW but received no reply. I noticed that someone has added positive feedback to her account this evening so she clearly was taking bookings today but didn't have the common decency to contact me and tell me she would not be able to make our appointment. I understand that issues arise and meetings have to be cancelled but the least that can be done in that situation is to provide good comms advising that the meeting is no longer possible.

I have just added negative feedback to her AW account and within minutes she has blocked her feedback. A simple apology and explanation would have sufficed but as she blocked her feedback I felt obliged to register here to warn any potential punters that she is not the most reliable person. I appreciate that it is not good form to make a first review a negative one but I am a regular punter and will post some more positive reviews over the next few days when I get the chance.

1 review(s) found for Caroline.x linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

A review is a review my friend, whether first time positive or negative. And it is your review, so it'll reflect your opinions and thoughts of your experience with this WG. I personally think it is disgusting for a WG to act in such a manner. Not informing you a booking is going to go ahead is just downright rude. You're running a business, have some professionalism about you.
The lady looks hot, and what she doesn't understand is, if her attitude and communications (as well as services), are acceptable, she could go on to be very successful!!
Sorry about the rant, but it's happen to me a fair few times, and it pisses me off!!!!  :dash: :angry:

Sorry it's happen to you bud. Hope your next punt is a good one!  :drinks:

Thanks Ghostpunter1. I hope the next one is better too.  :drinks:

Tried to book her a couple of weeks ago but her schedule seemed to be according to her needs so could never pin her down even though she agreed days?? I gave up after 3 days of e mails and her not committing? I think it rattled her cage when I e mailed saying I'd made other arrangements( which I hadn't) just being polite and not bothered to persue.. As she deleted my message which she hadn't before. Shame she looks good and I'm sure is but her diary is based it seems according to how she feels on the day????

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