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Author Topic: BIGTITS JENNYFER - Woodside Park  (Read 622 times)

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Offline Vivago

https://www.adultwork.com/3052627 or https://www.adultwork.com/BIGTITS+JENNYFER

I'd been edging for a few days in expectation of a much anticipated outcall with a lovely hottie, high on my HL. Then as is usually the case she ditched me at the last moment. So there was I, left with a pair of swollen blue bollocks swinging at around knee level and requiring urgent draining, All of the viable alternatives were seemingly unavailable so I did an emergency AW search centred on the 'available today' button which is how I landed upon Jennyfer. Such desperate last minute horn-led searches rarely have a positive outcome but I have had some great punts with Hungarian girls, so on that basis alone I went for it, poor deluded fool that I am.


Excellent. Answered my texts promptly and gave postcode without being asked.


£80 for the hour plus £20 agreed for CIM.


Way out on the northern line in Woodside Park. 10 minutes uphill walk from the station. Gaff was a second floor flat sandwiched between a bookies and a sushi joint. Sainsbury's nearby so parking shouldn't be a problem.


The flat was pokey and quite nasty. Wasn’t offered a shower so didn't get a chance to see the bathroom which was probably a godsend. The room was small and barely furnished with just a bed and a chair. No fan despite it been a warm day so the window was open and we fornicated to an aural accompaniment of traffic on the busy high road outside.

The Girl

Obviously the same girl as in the AW pictures. Jennyfer is a good looking Hungarian wench with a rubenesque figure ideally suited for those who like their women with plenty of meat on the bone, she was  by no means fat, but well rounded and proportioned with a lovely large set of natural bouncers that I itched to get my mitts on. Pleasant face with a nice smile. Long, dyed red hair. Couple of piercings including an unusual chest stud. Lots of ink.
Poor English. She said she had been in town only 2 weeks. Stated age was 19 and although she looked a little bit older, it was believable.

The Act

It quickly became apparent that proper kissing was off the menu so no GFE. C’est la vie. So began with a long session of oral on her (because I knew that oral on me would have a rapid conclusion). She patently thoroughly enjoyed this and seemed to orgasm. Her lady parts were clean and moist and wholesome but no fingering allowed. Then she returned the favour on me and as expected, I came pretty rapidly and copiously. She excused herself and ran to the bathroom which is always preferable to the wet wipe spit in front of you. On returning, we relaxed on the bed and I played with her magnificent mams for a bit whilst we attempted some stilted small talk. When I was ready for round two she produced the thickest, most uncomfortable condom it has ever been my misfortune to don. Must have been one of a job lot from a Hungarian galoshes factory. She mounted up and we jogged around for awhile as I gamely struggled to retain some wood in my poor strangled member. But it was no good and I eventually had to admit defeat and slid out of her with an audible pop. I ripped off the horribly offensive rubbery noose thingy and immediately felt better. Then came the moment when she doomed herself to a definite negative instead of the neutral I probably would have given her otherwise. I asked for some more oral to revive my wilting manhood and she refused saying that she only allows one bj per session. WTF! So it had to be a nifty handjob for the last ten minutes, which admittedly she did quite competently. Well enough anyway to result in a happy second ending to the session.

On the way out I met the other lass working out of the flat, a quite tasty skinny bint by the name of Suzee. Hope she give better service than Jennyfer. This is her, I think

https://www.adultwork.com/2581563 or https://www.adultwork.com/SexySuzee

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Offline Vivago

The photo posted is of Bigtits Jennyfer, not SexySuzee.

Offline The_Don

Sorry to hear, it wasn't a good punt.

I've seen this W/G profile and considered calling and asked in this thread .
That has some feed back on her, that wasn't great. But no one had reviewed her until now.

As for SexySuzee, I've punted her before but also had a B&S and I walked > https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=68778.0

This group profile swaps and also willing to mess punters around, IMO.


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Offline Cunning Punt

Thanks for the review as she looks hot and was on my HL.

Was being the operative word in that sentence.

Cheers.  :hi:

Shame - apart from the condom thing she sounds like someone I might go for, at least at a slightly lower price.

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