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Author Topic: Chanelle1xxx Glasgow  (Read 858 times)

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Offline Micky5633

£80 hh

https://www.adultwork.com/3275963 or https://www.adultwork.com/CHANELLE1XXX

So this was my usual Monday evening punt. Had been chatting by email the previous  day and everything looked good for around a 4/4:30pm meet. When I messaged to confirm arrangements she advised me her and another girl on AW she travels down with, can't remember the name, we're stuck in a massive traffic jam as there had been an oil spill or something to that affect on the motorway. I had been looking forward to this all weekend but I was in a race against time as I started work at 6pm....nightshift! Kept in contact but got into work early guessing it was a no go only to have an email saying she would be ready for 5:15pm as she had just arrived at the hotel (the one kacie clark and Maisie work from) I decided to run the gauntlet and risk being late for work, very daring I know.

So messages from that point were not the best, I was outside the hotel and there were 5 min gaps between replies, it was now 5:30pm so not the best start. It then got from bad to worse as she gave me room 312 so I head on up she advises me to chap the door quietly which I do, no answer.... leave it a mo....chap again and still no answer! I then get a  call to say 'sorry babe it's room 321, thank fuck no1 answered!

I arrive at the room and I'm greeted by a very sexy looking woman which made all the difference, she was very apologetic and we had a laugh about it so no harm done. Only problem was I started work soon! So onto the bed for some OWO which was very good, eye contact and not too much hand. She then instigated the fucking. Johnny on she jumps on top, nice rack, not as big as I thought from the pics but still a good handful. Probs the best on top punt I have had to date, really grinds and puts effort into it, also dfk as well. I was close to exploding by this point should of slowed it down and pleased her but instead I moved to doggy. This unfortunately didn't last long as the my cock sliding in and out of her pussy with that nice ass was just to much, disappointed myself and came in the bag!

Pleasant chat when leaving, she then sends me a text after asking me to leave her feedback which I wasn't keen on as I have a partner but luckily she wasn't about. Left her feedback and she didn't bother her arse leaving me any!

Overall a good punt, a few things swayed me to make this neutral but she is hot, she also has a slight mummy tummy but nothing major and her on top enthusiasm has made this a positive.
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5 review(s) found for CHANELLE30XXXX linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline pete-piper

I've had my eyes on this one for a little while but I'm not sure this review should be a positive.
It doesn't convince me to go visit.

Thanks for the review in any case.

Offline Micky5633

Yeh I understand. I would maybe put the poor comms and flustered start due to the fact she had been in heavy traffic the whole day so it was understandable. If she is in Glasgow for the week probs best to see her Tuesday onwards as she is already in her hotel. And the mummy tummy isn't a major issue just a thing I noticed and thought was worth bringing up
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