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Scotland / Chanelle1xxx/Glasgow
« by Clattypats on August 14, 2016, 11:18:41 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/3275963   30 Min booking(£70) then
Think I'm going back to November(ish) ...Had been at a night out in the city centre so had a good bevy down me :drinks:...Had seen Chanelles profile b4, and her green light was on ,on AW so thought I would chance my arm(this is about midnight).
Texted Chanelle and got a reply soon after,telling me the hotel to go to..
Got to the hotel and texted for the room number..then waited..Got a reply asking if I wanted a duo which I declined as didn't have enough dough on me..stood freezing my bollocks off for about another 5/10 mins and as I was about to give up got a txt bk with room number.
Got to room about 1am and the door was answered by quite a good looking girl,mixed race like her photos suggest..Got in had a quick shower then lay on the bed next to her..She had a glass of wine on the side table which she was drinking,so was offered a couple of sips which I took advantage of..
Lay on the bed chatting for what I think was about 10 mins ,so at that point things weren't looking great(thought she was time wasting)..how wrong I was.
Started off with her giving me oral then moved onto 69 ..in between all of this some really good DFK which she was really into..onto missionary then she suggested doggy which she seemed right into..Told me to keep rattling away until she came..By this point I was ready to come,so jumped off the bed and with her kneeling in front of me came all over her tits.
All in all a nice looking girl,nice tits and figure,maybe a slight mummy tummy(I think she has 2 kids from what she said)
The 10 mins talking at the start didn't deter from the booking as I reckon I was there for about 50 mins..As i got to the door to leave another girl was coming into the room with a young guy,which I take was her duo partner with another punter..maybe an bit unprofessional but didn't really y bother me,and it was about 1am at this point..
Don't know who her duo partner is but she was quite hot..
Seen Chanelle on one other occasion which was quite similar to this review(she is 80hh now)..Again,as I was leaving the same girl came into the hotel room,herself this time..Might be worth a threesome at one point :)
Scotland / Chanelle Glasgow
« by hornysixtynine on August 08, 2016, 04:25:06 PM »

Seen my hot list and forgot about this punt. Half hour duo with whoever it was she was working with.

Wanted a half hour with Chanelle and she offered a duo with 'x'. Snapped it up as I had the horn. Was in an upmarket hotel in Glasgow centre. Arrived at the door to be greeted by the 2 girls who were dressed to impress and looked really fit. Sorted the money, went for a shower and come out to the both of them on the bed.

They took turns of sucking me off while playing with themselves when other was sucking. Did a good job and the other girl had nice tits which i got to play with. Took a turn of fucking each of them before finishing off fucking Chanelle doggy and watching the other one play wiht herself.

It was only a 20 minute booking so don't know whether the girls would have played with each other during a longer booking.

A decent punt that I enjoyed but doubt I would go back as it didn't have that extra edge I would like.
Scotland / Chanelle1xxx
« by seeker on March 29, 2016, 11:55:52 PM »
So fancied something new . :music:
Made arrangements. .  Knoc knock .. Door entered
Sex was excellent and enthusiastic fk was good  owo was slow and deep with plenty of eye contact
 ro was nice and   multiple positions where  enjoyed .C gives of the vibe she enjoys her job. :angelgirl:
It is the girl in the picture and profile is accurate age and size.
Nice bubbly personality in a nice Hotel .
Comma left a little to be desired but was worth the perseverance .
Bit of a mum tum but nothing off putting
One of the nicest  pair of natural teardrop tits seen  ,one with a pin .
Apparently made her cum ;) either that or she had a  wee fit     :sarcastic:
Walked out with a large smile and some nice memories
Would I go back ....Yes :thumbsup:

Scotland / Chanelle1xxx Glasgow
« by Micky5633 on March 19, 2016, 10:52:46 PM »
£80 hh

https://www.adultwork.com/3275963 or https://www.adultwork.com/CHANELLE1XXX

So this was my usual Monday evening punt. Had been chatting by email the previous  day and everything looked good for around a 4/4:30pm meet. When I messaged to confirm arrangements she advised me her and another girl on AW she travels down with, can't remember the name, we're stuck in a massive traffic jam as there had been an oil spill or something to that affect on the motorway. I had been looking forward to this all weekend but I was in a race against time as I started work at 6pm....nightshift! Kept in contact but got into work early guessing it was a no go only to have an email saying she would be ready for 5:15pm as she had just arrived at the hotel (the one kacie clark and Maisie work from) I decided to run the gauntlet and risk being late for work, very daring I know.

So messages from that point were not the best, I was outside the hotel and there were 5 min gaps between replies, it was now 5:30pm so not the best start. It then got from bad to worse as she gave me room 312 so I head on up she advises me to chap the door quietly which I do, no answer.... leave it a mo....chap again and still no answer! I then get a  call to say 'sorry babe it's room 321, thank fuck no1 answered!

I arrive at the room and I'm greeted by a very sexy looking woman which made all the difference, she was very apologetic and we had a laugh about it so no harm done. Only problem was I started work soon! So onto the bed for some OWO which was very good, eye contact and not too much hand. She then instigated the fucking. Johnny on she jumps on top, nice rack, not as big as I thought from the pics but still a good handful. Probs the best on top punt I have had to date, really grinds and puts effort into it, also dfk as well. I was close to exploding by this point should of slowed it down and pleased her but instead I moved to doggy. This unfortunately didn't last long as the my cock sliding in and out of her pussy with that nice ass was just to much, disappointed myself and came in the bag!

Pleasant chat when leaving, she then sends me a text after asking me to leave her feedback which I wasn't keen on as I have a partner but luckily she wasn't about. Left her feedback and she didn't bother her arse leaving me any!

Overall a good punt, a few things swayed me to make this neutral but she is hot, she also has a slight mummy tummy but nothing major and her on top enthusiasm has made this a positive.
Scotland / Glasgow/CHANELLE1XXX
« by Easylover on March 08, 2016, 11:09:31 PM »
I have been reading the reviews on this site for a year but have never posted any reviews myself. Well here we go.


I contacted CHANELLE1XXX at very short notice and did not really expect her to reply or to be free this evening. However, she texted back quickly and an hour long appointment was agreed. In fairness I was unsure of meet as could not find any detailed reviews.

Arrived at city centre hotel on time. Nice hotel with busy public bar and therefore lots of people going in and out. Text CHANELLE1XXX and she advised previous client had not left yet. A bit surprised as most girls would give no explanation. I was not in any hurry and told her no rush. Waited bout 25 minutes and got text with room number. When arrived she was just out of shower.

Fantastic looking girl with nice full lips,large breasts(big nipples)and a great ass. Given lack of reviews i was surprised at how attractive she was and also very relaxed.

Started with a massage which was very professional(CHANELLE tells me she is fully qualified) and some nice stroking of my balls. CHANELLE1 has great lips and kissing was passionate and with open mouth. I'm not normally into kissing during punts but this was very natural. Oral with and reverse oral and sex in a few positions. Oral was good and she has a nice fresh tasting pussy and kept some sexy eye contact. Could not wait to get behind that amazing ass and take her from behind. Finished with handjob onto those big tits.

Nice chat at end of punt and was pleasantly surprised had overrun time. Would definitely return and she also works with her friend. Met her briefly and also very attractive girl. Think name was Emma. All in all surprisingly good punt as not many hot girls with good attitude.

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