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Author Topic: Claire Keeler  (Read 6578 times)

2 review(s) for Claire Keeler (1 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Pproving that we don't read or listen to advice!

But the honour and privilege of saying /i told you so is ours to relish !

Offline ramrodronnie

Only deserves a dusty phone with this profile  :angry:

+1 collector. I can't be arsed with too much rhetoric on this up her own arse, over priced pro$$ie.
Banning reason: Undesirable

Offline The_Don

@ op thanks for sharing and the review!

(W)Horses for courses.

Indeed, YMMV with any W/G  :thumbsup:

According to her latest blog it looks like she's ranting about this review. :sarcastic:

Having spent a little time reading it and with reference to: (+album)

Also, I am selling a service to married men

Is this a requirement for booking  :unknown:

As I'm sure some punters are not married or in (intimate) relationships and may'be even (a shocker) single , thus they need not apply  :sarcastic:

I find the whole notion of someone writing a review about a sexual encounter in poor taste. It makes me a little uncomfortable. Objectified and reduced to the sum of how well we get along. Don't even get me started on Field Reports.  Except the reviews from UK Punting. They just make me laugh.  If ever you want a place to mock the stupid and the misogynistic step away from Adultwork and head towards this cesspit of 'ohhh I gave it to that bitch and I fucked her hard with my 10 inch cock' review site. They always confuse inches for centimeters. I don't court reviews because they simply make me feel uncomfortable. That's all.

Well she a service provider (W/G in this case) and with the internet (and forums). Any service providers are open to feedback/reviews and rating (etc) relating to there service or lack of, in some cases.

IMO, UKP and its reviews/feedback, has helped many punters, find good service providers. But also warn them, about the bad ones and some in-between.

For some reason I'm reminded of Ali Katt wiki, entry and post (quotes below)

"How dare you review me. We're not pieces of meat, we are human not "prossies" and I have a string of regulars".
A typical response. Once again, doesn't deny a bad service or tries to improve it. Can be discarded IMHO.

"This review is vile. Remove it now"
No-one wants a banned review list. No-one wants to see they can't review Cara Cumlips and can only review one girl from LMP a month and can't review threesomes.

"I wouldn't trust a review posted on a Neanderthal site full of sexist pigs"
She obviously, took time to read it. Maybe she is more used to the fawning "too much of a gent to say" reports that offer no value to the punter and are pointless. A lot of prossies do take this site seriously and a good review works wonders for their trade.


Offline kartrider

from her PG


     :vomit: :vomit: :vomit: She looks so plastic.. Same as her attitude :scare: :scare::dash: :dash: Poor clients..

You also need to add 10+ years on to these pics to imagine what she looks like now as I would guess she is about 40 now which you'd expect given her stated AW age of 35.

Offline swfinest

bullet, matrix, dodge. Thank you.

Offline Elziver

You guys have no idea just how deadly the bullet was. I managed to find out who she really is (not very hard if you put in a little effort). Let's just say she's much older than she claims to be and, in her other occupation, she's a scammer and the subject of numerous complaints.

Thankfully, she's "retired" as of yesterday and is not seeing any new clients. And should she decide to open the door to new clients in the future, I would strongly recommend you steer clear of her. The haughty 'tude will be the least of your worries!

Thankfully, she's "retired" as of yesterday and is not seeing any new clients

..and you learned this how? It doesn't seem to be on her profile where you'd expect?

Thanks, brilliant. Googling that name brings up more (similar) pictures in blogs etc.

Well bet she fucks punters over as much as brides and grooms !

No wonder she left Australia !

Offline Elziver

Correctly correctington anotherwoody69. Like I said, not too hard.

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