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Author Topic: Cardiff next week.....  (Read 637 times)


I'm in Cardiff for the week next week ...........who would be your top recommendations?

Offline ThatLadJ

Next on my hotlist for Cardiff is Welsh Kandice!! Not seen her yet but read awesome things!

Online HughJardon

Candice is only seeing mature clients Ive noticed on her profile 30 plus. Still ok for Hughie baby mind  :hi:


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Offline Redevil86

Sadly I'm still able to visit Kandise  ( coz I is middle aged ) ha ha , don't forget at the end of this month she'll only be in Cardiff  1 or 2 days a month, she's well worth it if your not too young, but you can always lie about your age !

Offline Mil 34

I visited her for the second time,earlier today. My god even better than last week. Great sex session with a real nice girl.
The good thing about getting older is these young smart attractive ladies would rather us than the younger blokes.
I think if I saw her when I was 18 I would have blown my load witching a few seconds.

Offline Redevil86

Well I'm middle aged and blew after 40, fuck I could't hold on, but it was great so no problems with that, hope to get back before she leaves, but will at some point, and that won't be the last either.

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