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    Author Topic: Bromley Outcall  (Read 829 times)

    Offline blue80


    I'm due to be stopping in Bromley in a few weeks overnight and wonder if anyone can suggest anyone?

    I'd like British, white, busty outside of that I'm pretty open to suggestions

    Had a look on AW and found 18 none really jumped out at me

    Thanks in advance

    It's a bit of a dead area.  Very few Central London agencies will send anyone out to there and not many locals.

    What services are you after ? What sort of girls do you like ?

    Offline blue80

    That's a shame although the lack of results AW produced was an indication  :thumbsdown:

    Was just seeking a good dirty fuck - not too much to have asked for

    Offline Anadin

    Agencies may not be interested but there are loads of independents who will be. They don't have to be local to do an out call. Just search for someone within say a 20 Mile radius of where you're staying.

    Offline blue80

    I might stick up a reverse bid once I have confirmation of which hotel it's going to be!

    Thanks  :hi:

    Offline Anadin

    I wouldn't rely on reverse bids, they're a bit shit. I'd be proactive now and search for what you want.

    Offline blue80

    I ended up putting a RB up - started with a flurry of bid's - currently have 19 but only 2 really match up to what I'd want

    Got a HL of about 4 so will leave it for another 2 weeks and look to make a booking

    That's seems to be how rb's work you get loads at the start and at the end, not much in the middle
      There are a few serial bidders in this area, gena, malinka and a few others who just bid on all bookings near them

    Offline agcnospam

    I may also have to visit  Bromley soon and spotted that this girl is in the area every Tuesday, never met her but well reviewed I believe and a bit dirty - ex maxes Angel who likes a bit of DT action;

    [[Link hidden, login to view]] or [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    Another girl who is fairly local to Bromley (Kent anyway) and may be close enough for an OC;

    [[Link hidden, login to view]] or [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    And a final busty lady who looks pretty decent but again I have not met personally;

    [[Link hidden, login to view]] or [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    Good luck with your trip, if you do meet any of these or any others, review would be great as I may need some pointers myself.


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