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Author Topic: Fuck club (Grace harper & Sylvia Bond) Killergram girls  (Read 2215 times)

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Offline austin

so for some crazy reason i actually ended up at a orgy event im going to give it a positive for the service and they delivered on all fronts but from my personal preference i will be giving it a neutral as this wasn't my type of thing however it was an eye opening experience. but if any of you readers are into orgies and group events you will enjoy this.

https://www.adultwork.com/1325527 or https://www.adultwork.com/FUCKCLUB

so my initial plan was to go and see linzi dawn and the pleasure dome for a b2b massage i was reading the fbsm thread and got me curious so i booked a time with her for about 1pm i arrived there 15 minutes early and phoned up to let her know around 5 minutes later i get a call from linzi saying her kid is ill and she has to take him home so my fbsm dream went out the window. however the fuckclub event started from 3-5 so i called a taxi and told the driver to take me there, the orgy was taking place in a house in Smethwick the neighbours were outside and they didn't suspect a thing. so it reached 5 minutes before the start of the event i rang up and Grace Harpers male secretary picks up and says knock on the door and ill let you in so i did. he opens the door and i paid £50 for the two hours and i entered the living room meted by 6 other men immediately i got nervous in total there were 10/12 men.

so the event started off in the front room with the two women in the centre and all the men in a circle around them whilst they blow off each guy whilst them getting touched and fingered. before Sylvia made her way to the living room whilst grace stayed in the front room this was all being recorded through her webcam and being shown to paying adultwork members through grace harpers account.

at any moment there was 3 men surrounding either grace or Sylvia but you do get a chance to both get an amazing blowjob and fuck them in various positions however it was just too many people for me and i much prefer being the only guy.


£50 for two hours
give you owo and sex in various positions
actual pornstars
good English and communications both via mobile and email


too many men but it was a orgy
being filmed (shoulders and lower no faces are shown)
just wasn't my cup of tea

would i go again no but i did get to speak to some of the other guys and they prefer orgies then one to one meets, its one of those things that you have to try before you can say its your thing or not but for me ill give it a pass.

6 review(s) found for FUCKCLUB linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

I'm booked into this Thursdays party and I've already met both girls on the rota so it should be good

I prefer it just to be me or a lower ratio of 2 to 1 but for that you'd be paying more than double so for £60 you just have to make the most of it and get in there quick :)

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