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London / Fuckclub in kensington
« by coolhandluc on August 07, 2016, 01:44:18 PM »
I feel compelled to write a review about this experience as it was so ridiculous I feel people need to know.

Location was a hotel in south ken, communication was simple and normal. £130 for 2 x hours

The girls.

Hannah Shaw who is actually very pretty apart from doing the pumped up lips thing that look stupid, when will they realize it looks stupid and not attractive? She has no ass though and couldn't feel a thing in her pussy as it was huge.
Sklar Mkay  who was the most enthusiastic but was so skinny with the most awful bolt ons, really hard to touch and unnatural looking, I found her really unattractive
Ginna Gucci, Some fat ugly girl, if you want to sell your body at least have one worth selling, really ugly didn't want to go anywhere near her.

So got to the room and its tiny, I mean absolutely tiny and there were between 10-13 guys in there plus the 3 x girls, don't know if you can imagine how awkward that was, cocks/ sweaty backs everywhere a real turn off plus the bloke running the place was stood by the door worried about us all being caught and telling us all to shut up all the time, at one point security came and knocked on the door to get him to turn down the TV which was on loud to mask the sounds.

Overall a crap experience, none of the girls did owo and the guy running it is just after your money with no concern for us or the girls, avoid at all costs.

In the end (after 1.5hours not 2 hours) girls were so worried about being caught that the girls all got down on the floor for everyone to wank over (no cum in face or anything just bodies only)so everyone could just cum and leave asap.

After 1.5 hours everyone had gone

https://www.adultwork.com/1325527 or https://www.adultwork.com/FUCKCLUB

I felt like a party and this one looked good.  £130 for 2 hours.  Positive - but with reservations.

3 girls advertised.  Monica, Gina and Skyler.  All 3 OWO. Monica squirting, and Gina deep throat.  Unfortunately Monica and Gina were replaced with 2 others - neither did OWO.  In addition Skyler wasn't feeling too well so only participated for half the time - but when she did she was full-on.  This meant the ratio was 5:1 rather than the intended 3.3:1. 

I got there 5 minutes late and the girls already had cocks in their mouths, so no delayed starting.  And they were multi-tasking enthusiastically all evening - looking after 2 or 3 guys at the same time, and making sure people rotated.  Everyone understood the party etiquette and no one was hogging a girl for too long.

With half hour to go the girls said it was time to come on their boobs - which we all did overt he next 10 minutes, so the playing finished 20 minutes before the end.  As the party had started dead on time (raht er than 10 minutes late that is normal) then the overall time was about as expected.

If all 3 girls had been playing it would have been a clear positive.  Even with 3 girls playing and 3.3:1 ratio, I would say £130 is possibly a little expensive for no OWO?  maybe I'm not in touch with London prices.  Fuck Club tour different towns and cities and having said this, I an definitely going to give them another try if I an in their area as good reliable and friendly parties are not easy to find.

London / Fuck club with Chessie Kay and three other hotties
« by Hugeboobslover on December 10, 2015, 07:50:09 PM »

My cock is done in! Two hours at Fuckclub with Chessie Kay and three other hot and trim girls. For me Chessie was the big attraction. I hadn't sampled her new bad boys yet. I tried for a one on one, but she was Dubai. Paid 120 quid for two hours of sleaze!

We were at least 20 guys on 4 girls. It was a well organised party, but very soon condoms were strewn everywhere in the apartment. For me it just helped for the sleazy feel a December afternoon just a few blocks a way from where my tattooed and later also fake boobed idol Amy Winehouse used to live.

All the girls were very friendly and a queue formed immediate to all of them, however  the longest by far to Chessie. As we were waiting, we wanked our cocks. The other three girls were all small tittied so not quite my cup of tea.

I started with Chessie sucking me while I fondled her new 1100cc puppies! Wow! She was fucked by one guy  and wanked another guy at the same time. Pure filth! Didn't want it to go too quickly, so took a break in the other bed room. Monica continued the blow job there. She is talking dirty and have a high energy level. Her tight body was already glistening in sweat. Sexy!

I moved back to Chessie's room again and joined the fuck queue. When it was my turned, I buried my dick between her new big boobs while she was being pussy fucked. I shot my load on her tits and face. Yeah, great stuff! Some other guy helped her to clean up my spunk!

The guys were reasonably good at rotating; however some better than others. The rather tense atmosphere when the party first started was replaced by friendly banter and smiles as time went on. I refilled my mug of champers and queue up for the tattooed and beautiful Frankie. She hadn't done a sex party for more than a year and took some very brief breaks, but really a great trooper. Her long black hair and stockings showed her sexy body to perfection. Amazing ass!

I rotated again for being blowed by tattooed chic Frankie Rider. A tiny blond with tiny tits. A lashed on to her nipples and fucked her mish while she wanked another guy. Second load emptied!

Time for another queue for Chessie. She sucked me again. Then I was riding her from behind, followed by mish. She needed baby wipes as two guys now shot their loads in her face. That got me off track, so my dick softened a bit. Needed to pull out and give a black guy his turn while she blow another black guy and I was wanking over her tits, but no load. Frankie came forward to suck me again even if the party time by now was up!

Great party, but you obviously need to be comfortable and like the scene. Phoenix has a much lower girl to boy ratio, so it is less wanking and more being serviced. However, happy to give that up any day for the delights of stunning huge tittied Chessie Kay!
so for some crazy reason i actually ended up at a orgy event im going to give it a positive for the service and they delivered on all fronts but from my personal preference i will be giving it a neutral as this wasn't my type of thing however it was an eye opening experience. but if any of you readers are into orgies and group events you will enjoy this.

https://www.adultwork.com/1325527 or https://www.adultwork.com/FUCKCLUB

so my initial plan was to go and see linzi dawn and the pleasure dome for a b2b massage i was reading the fbsm thread and got me curious so i booked a time with her for about 1pm i arrived there 15 minutes early and phoned up to let her know around 5 minutes later i get a call from linzi saying her kid is ill and she has to take him home so my fbsm dream went out the window. however the fuckclub event started from 3-5 so i called a taxi and told the driver to take me there, the orgy was taking place in a house in Smethwick the neighbours were outside and they didn't suspect a thing. so it reached 5 minutes before the start of the event i rang up and Grace Harpers male secretary picks up and says knock on the door and ill let you in so i did. he opens the door and i paid £50 for the two hours and i entered the living room meted by 6 other men immediately i got nervous in total there were 10/12 men.

so the event started off in the front room with the two women in the centre and all the men in a circle around them whilst they blow off each guy whilst them getting touched and fingered. before Sylvia made her way to the living room whilst grace stayed in the front room this was all being recorded through her webcam and being shown to paying adultwork members through grace harpers account.

at any moment there was 3 men surrounding either grace or Sylvia but you do get a chance to both get an amazing blowjob and fuck them in various positions however it was just too many people for me and i much prefer being the only guy.


£50 for two hours
give you owo and sex in various positions
actual pornstars
good English and communications both via mobile and email


too many men but it was a orgy
being filmed (shoulders and lower no faces are shown)
just wasn't my cup of tea

would i go again no but i did get to speak to some of the other guys and they prefer orgies then one to one meets, its one of those things that you have to try before you can say its your thing or not but for me ill give it a pass.

The reason that I went to Fuck Club was simple; Chessie Kay! Having visited a few Phoenix parties over the last few months, I had become a bit familiar and comfortable with the sex party scene. I love to fuck hot girls in public. Chessie was on my fuck list and it was so much more appealing to go to party and fuck her and seeing her being fucked by other guys than simply booking a private sesh with her.


I was a bit worried that she wouldn’t turn up, as I wouldn’t have enjoyed the party then. However, she was the first girl that I could see when the security guy had opened he door to the flat. She was stunning in a tight white top and girly knickers and fuck me shoes! Fuck Club is quite different from the Phoenix Club. They tend to have one or two porn stars and then the rest being rather plain girls, while Phoenix has an overall higher quality line up. However, for me if there is one big fake tit girl, I am sorted and care less about the rest of the line up.

Fuck Club has a higher guy to girl ratio than Phoenix Club and is less well organised although condoms, towels and refreshment were on offer. We were asked to bring rose or champers for the girls, but alcohol was less on tap than at Phoenix. The girls were very friendly, but it has less of everybody is very comfortable feeling.

Chessie was super hot; petite and absolutely tiny with great bolt ons. Amazing heavy make up that emphasise her blonde fuck doll style. She is very girly, but at the same time very down to earth to be a porn star. Gina Lynn Jameson is an Amy Winehouse looking brunette hottie with natural tits, but she also plans a boob job! There was a beautiful black girl with an amazing ass showing up half way through the party.  Tits and stomach were nothing to write home about, but as long you focussed on the other parts....

One guy grabbed Chessie right away. I can’t blame him! She quickly serviced three cocks. I started to play with Gina Lynn Jameson who was on the same bed. She was sucking on my dick. Sylvia Bond was also camping on this bed. Sylvia has got rather big enhanced tits, but is quite big all over and not quite my cup of tea. I move from face fucking Gina to pounding her pussy. Another guy splashed in her face as I gave her dick.  Hot! I stopped short of coming though as Chessie had now had her three guys come and was less busy for a moment.

I pulled out of Gina and ripped off the condom and placed my cock between Chessie’s boobs instead. I thought I better take my chance when it was on offer. She has some amazing nipple piercings that look seriously mean... She licked my dick for a while and I desparately tried to hold the cum back. Then back between her bolt ons again and I jizzed all over them and sprayed her face as well. She kept teasing me for the afternoon that i had ruined her make up.

I wondered around to the other room for a while to recover. Another brunette suck my dick for a while. Had lost my towel by now so was just walking around with a huge hard on. I had a glass of wine and then back to Chessie’s and Gina’s bed for more action. They didn’t have much break between the guys. Gina had quite some spunk in her hair which looked hilarious. They were sipping some wine between the guys coming. Gina took my cock in her mouth again as I was massaging her butt and playing a bit with her tits. She had me rock hard again. It was time for fucking Chessie’s pussy from behind.

I licked her small ass and then found my way into her love hole. I was grabbing around her tiny waist and playing with the melons hanging from her chest. Tiny body, blond mane and silicon balls, wow, I just went for it. Exploded for the second time and then pulled out from her pussy. Very satisfied!

Went to the living room and had a chat with the black girl. One guy came and fucked her standing up out there. Hot! I was wanking my cock as I watched them. She then started to suck on my cock and tried to keep it in her mouth as he was pounding her hard. Now it was time for my third visit to my favourite “Chessie and Gina” bed.

Things had started to calm down by now. Less frantic with guys wanting to fuck. Some had left. We had a chat about boob jobs. Gina will have her first this year and Chessie replacing her 650cc with 1050cc in June. That will be fucking amazing. I asked Chessie if I could have a final splash over her chest. She said yes. To my delight Gina got all involved and Gina said she would lick it up and started to play with Chessie’s throbbing breasts with her tongue.  Another guy picked up on it, so we fucked one boob each with Gina’s lips all over the place. Another explosion of spunk hitting tits and the girls make up. Fucking amazing ending to a fab party!

West Midlands / Fuck Club @ Tudor Lounge, Birmingham 18/09/14
« by Captain Caveman on September 20, 2014, 05:30:09 PM »
This gangbang was organised by the same people behind Crome Events parties in Sutton, London which I have been to before and reviewed here if you want a bit more background on them:


Booked through the Fuck Club AW page:

https://www.adultwork.com/1325527 or https://www.adultwork.com/FUCKCLUB

Straightforward with details confirmed 48 hours before the event. Venue is easy to find with sat nav and is in a quiet residential area off a main road with free off-street parking.

The venue, the Tudor Lounge, is a traditional half-timbered detached house that has been converted into a swingers club. The party was £75 plus a £10 one-off fee for Tudor Lounge membership.

Recently refurbished, the furnishings and décor inside are to a high standard with modern wetroom showers, lockers for clothes and valuables, large playrooms with big beds, big mirrors and a hot-tub in one playroom. Photos of the inside here:

https://www.adultwork.com/2560470 or https://www.adultwork.com/TUDORLOUNGE

On entry, I paid the money and was given a guided tour by a member of the club staff. Changed, showered and settled down in the bar (free nibbles and soft drinks - alcohol available for purchase) to wait for the party to kick off.

There were four girls partying, three of them porn stars:

Tamara Grace
https://www.adultwork.com/710396 or https://www.adultwork.com/TamaraGrace

Saffron Bond
https://www.adultwork.com/1835757 or https://www.adultwork.com/Saffron+Bond

Candy Blows
Pictures on the Fuck Club AW page

Pictures on the Fuck Club AW page

There were about 8 guys there so a nice low ratio party and throughout the vibe was a really chilled one with good banter between the guys and girls and between the guys.

(The only exception was early on when one blockhead tried to fuck the girls bareback, which caused a brief kerfuffle. Obviously, the girls were having none of that. I didn't see him after that, whether he was chucked out or left of his own accord I don't know.)

The party kicked off with Tamara and Saffron entertaining several off us on a big bed in one of the downstairs rooms. Tamara gave me great DFK and then OWO and I had to pull out to stop myself coming too soon. Moved on to Saffron, who remembered me from July's Sutton party, and got more great OWO from her. Candy and more guys joined us - she gave me DFK and prolonged OWO while more sex went on around us. I tried to fuck Candy but I found the condoms supplied to be rather tight and uncomfortable. I am average in the cock dept so that is not me boasting.  :)  Gave up and had a brief rest before moving on upstairs.

Found Kendra riding a guy in cowgirl and talking dirty in a naughty skoolie roleplay. Kendra is a very pretty young girl with enhanced but natural-looking breasts and an unshaven pussy. Joined in the role play and they swapped around to do a spit roast with me at the mouth end. Kendra's oral is covered but it was surprisingly good given the uncomfortable condom involved. The other guy then left and I had Kendra to myself - unlike the other girls, she seemed a bit nervous and didn't like the attempts by me (or anyone else) to strike up a conversation, for some reason. I laid her on her back, changed the condom and started fucking her while looking at myself in the big mirror at the head of the bed.

Another guy turned up so I let him have a chance and went back downstairs. Stood next to the bed while Saffron sat on the edge sucking me. Asked her if she did CIM and she replied enthusiastically 'yes' - a few sucks later and I emptied my balls in her mouth and felt my knees buckle a bit  :yahoo: Saffron then ran around a bit headless chicken-like trying to find somewhere to spit out my spunk  :D

Had a drink and bite to eat to recover and then went back for more. The action moved upstairs with me and another guy getting sucked by Kendra at the same time. Saffron was now filling the hot-tub in preparation for the finale and there was some good banter going back and forward.

When the tub was full of suds, Saffron and Tamara got in with me and a couple of other guys. One guy ate out Tamara while Safffron wanked me. Tamara was really in her element, getting passing guys to take photos of her posing on her phone. Later Candy joined us and it became a tight squeeze but in a good way.

Right at the end, Saffron gave me OWO and I finished by tossing off onto her face.  :yahoo:

In conclusion, a good VFM gangbang with porn stars. I'd recommend Fuck Club - as long as they can keep up the standard of girls and keep the ratio low, I will be going again for sure.

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