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Author Topic: Nadine  (Read 1090 times)

Anyone remember Nadine? She disappeared a couple of years ago after working out of a flat up from the SECC

Had a few tattoos (think one was Sean Connery) and a very sexy young lady.

I'm looking for something similar or if better to track her down.
Great OWO and seemed to enjoy herself.

Offline Stewie25

she's back with the same agency, I saw her a week ago and had a brilliant time with her

Hey Nadine......these postings from you arent suspicious at all....

First you plant the seed a few months ago asking about yourself....."oh wonder what ever happened to that gorgeous Nadine".....

Then......surprise surprise (my homage to Cilla) another TOTALLY NEW POSTER  :dash: :dash: just happens to know that you are back with the agency.....what a coincidence  :sarcastic:

And the final surprise is a glowing positive review ..... https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=63700.0 and I like the bit you put in your own review Nadine "I think the girl is probably a couple of years younger than her profile"....... Don't hold back telling us how good you are lol.

Am I just being a bit suspicious or does this sound like a lot of bull shit self promotion from Nadine?

After saying all that....Nadine what i would say is that if those body pics are real and upto date then wow ....... But £150 per hour is just too much for me.
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Offline pilgrim

Now that is a first !! A prossie turning out to be a few years younger than her advertised age!!  Wonders will never cease.

Stewie25 states she has a few tattoos yet the profile says "No" tattoos, another example of misinformation on the profile from this agency http://www.glasgowcityescorts.co.uk/profile/nadine.html  No mention of CIM but she does do Anal.

I think most of the photos are 5 years old except for the one sitting on the edge of the bed with black stockings and purple bra.  You can hear the photographer saying "Stomach in, chest out".  What a waste of money paying for a new set of pics and only being able to use one!!

Offline nike

She does have a cracking body,  even the one on the edge of the bed.  What's she like facially?

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