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Author Topic: Lola LeBammm - Taunton Anyone??  (Read 982 times)

Online lewis666

Well that didnt go quite to plan............

I was trying to make a link, looks like i wrote a book!! should stick to what Im good at I guess.

Has anyone had the pleasure before, I've not seen her in the area but maybe you have??

Online lewis666

No I see that and hence I thought i would ask if anybody had had the pleasure before I go emailing

Offline JV547845

They read my email.  No reply yet though but fingers crossed.

Offline JV547845

I've just had the pleasure of an hour of fun with Lola and she was amazing  :rolleyes:.  I did a field report on AW, bit late now to put more on UKP.  She's going to be unavailable for a few weeks soon though so get in fast or hang on a while.

Online lewis666

That is good to know and nice to have someone positive in the area, having a look at the dates I shall have to wait until after her holiday now but it sounds like it'll be worth it

Offline Clanger

Local, but I can't tell what she looks like, there's all of three photos in her profile and they show almost nothing. BTW, has anyone noticed how many prozzies can't do basic math? 1 hour for for £120 or 1.5 hours for £200 - that's an extra £80 instead of £60 and even if you book for 30 minutes it's still £5 cheaper.

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