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Author Topic: Redhot porcha Aberdare  (Read 1986 times)

So this was my first punt with a girl from aw, coms with porcha where great we met up and had a car meet great owo and cim, she has a great pair of tits and is lovely woman and would defiantly meet again.

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This not AdultWork feedback, that doesn't qualify for a review, so has been moved to this section instead.

See this: https://www.puntingwiki.com/wiki/Guide_to_UKP_review_writing

1 review(s) found for RedHot Porcha linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Looks like it is still in the 'Reviews' section to me. Not too keen on her face pic on AW.

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Not the prettiest but a great looking rack on her  :drinks:

1 review(s) found for RedHot Porcha linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

I've met Porscha. She's a good looking woman, up for anything pretty much awesome breasts and sucks dick like a Hoover. Will do a review when I get time, it was an outcall for 1.5hrs and o had an we some time, I've arranged to see her again. Other guy saying he didn't like her face must have very very high standards as she is a very good looking girl, although in her photos it may be a bit much for some the ones showing minimal makeup show how good looking she is. I would recommend as her blow jobs are the bomb.

She's very tempting. Think her looks are fine. I'd go for it in the bar  :D

Update mailed 3 times over w/end to make booking....all read yet no reply.
Interesting to see how her feedback unfolds.

Offline mr big

had the same problem jester e mailed to see if she had any plans for incalls read no reply WTF  :unknown:

Update....had reply after 4th mail
Said not back until Friday so will see how it pans out

Offline mr big

shock she replied must need extra dollar for weekend  :D

We will see.....not my usual type of punt.....or SP..
Could well be making an error... But will see how comms unfold first.

Still in comms but seems genuine SP. hopefully get meet this week  :thumbsup:

Online Redevil86

Fell out with Carly , basic reason was days of e-mails getting nowhere fast, which lead to a shitstorm !  we have bizzy lives you know ! shock !!!  booked kandice, W B , Olivier Louise etc , the other day with 3 or 4 e-mails each way in 5 to 10 mins, all sorted including an a w booking form filled out and accepted, isn't that how it's supposed to be ?

Online Redevil86

You know me J , I'm tempted every day by all sorts , but the cream never lies.

Yip its great hobby  :thumbsup: But my H/l is small.... Tend to stick with select few...not interested in adding to portfolio as someone put it the other day..

That Olivia Lou down neath area you booked? Or the Olivier in Cardiff area??

Liv Lou Neath great fun

Online Redevil86

Neath, I had a cull and knocked about 10 off h l the other day, have it down to a more realistic 58 now ha ha , about 25 are girls I've seen, keep them on h l , about 10 have no profiles active  so it would be 68+, so thay're gone too, but have girls from Bristol , bath , Gloucester etc and the odd one like Mandy ( Leicester ) who you will see soon enough . Got to be honest a lot I'll never see and some wil vanish before I get to them , life's a bitch !

Lol my HL has Mollie,Mandy,Tiffany snow Miss Ashton and Red Porscha..

Lmao I'm just a boring bastard... Stick with what I like  :D

Online Redevil86

Got to have options, choosing which one to e-mail next can be fraught with indecision, but what great fun e-mailing great younger wimin for sex, still can't believe what we get up to, mind fuck !

I have the h/l as those I will see when I get the chance.... But prefer sticking with the those whom I've met and deliver top service. Can't fail that way..

Online Redevil86

I see the same few , but every now and again see someone new but has to be top girl then back to regular's, round and round we go, get to see new girls in my 3sums as well , that's always a blast .

Lol yeh red the duo king..
Think will knock it off once but not for me as a rule..

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