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Author Topic: Ashley Ryder  (Read 1651 times)

10 review(s) for AshleyRider1988 (5 positive, 2 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

 https://www.adultwork.com/2362005 or https://www.adultwork.com/AshleyRyder1988 -

I have been looking at Ashley,s profile on AW for a few weeks now and was always a bit nervous due to Ashley,s porn star image and some of the reviews here and other places. Anyway today i took the plunge and am so glad I did.Ashley was stunning , funny , cheeky  chatty, but most of all very very good. no hint of big headedness that I was half expecting.

comms 1st contact on AW by E mail , slow to respond but thats my fault I messaged her at around 9 am when she obvously wasnt working.
then by text, clear and easy instructions on how to reach her  10/10

looks . smaller than I imagined but with a great body, other reviews have said she was chubby I dont think so as she obviously works out a lot , she was so fit   10/10

Met Ashley at her spotlessly clean flat in south Glasgow,  , easy to find and easy parking around in a nice area. never felt in any way intimidated.

Rates £80 for h/h   , definetly not a clock watcher as I am sure I ran over by 15 mins or so though we were chatting for a few at the end. value for money 10/10

One of the best experiences I have had in a long while, when she goes on her knees and pushes her arse up is a view that will last a long time with me .

10 review(s) found for AshleyRider1988 linked to in above post (5 positive, 2 neutral, 3 negative)

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A few more details would be good . I enjoyed my punt with her but haven't been tempted to go back yet .
Still no kissing ? DT?
cheers  :thumbsup:

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i thot the review was a bit lacking in detail
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Was quite keen on seeing her about a year ago,but for some reason didn't bother,and probably never will now.

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me as well.cant see me seeing her now
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