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Scotland / Ashley Rider - Glasgow
« by HawCotter on January 26, 2017, 03:24:35 PM »

Had a half hour punt with Ashley towards the end of last year.

I know she's had mixed feedback on here but wanted to see her just to have the proper porn star experience as a one off.

I regret this as it didn't come close to what I thought.

Ashley herself facially is very pretty, although this was spoiled for me by the overuse of make-up that made her look a bit like Krusty the Clown.

Body wise she is toned but quite muscly for her size, this works for her top half but her thighs are huge proportionally which was a bit off-putting.

Services were ok, found her oral quite basic but she was good at dirty talk although I could tell it was rehearsed so there was no spontaneity or natural feeling to it.

Told me to 'be careful' when I gently held on to her tits and was quite standoffish if I touched her anywhere.

It felt more like a £50 rom punt than an £80 porn star one.

The reason this is a negative and not a neutral is a strange one though, I was trying to finish the punt by rattling her doggy at the end of the bed. It takes me a bit longer than it used to so after a while she was getting impatient, so she turned around and started making all these fake porn star noises. This had the opposite effect that she intended it to and it made me further from completion. I carried on for a while then I realised she smelled horrible. I don't feel great saying this but her fanny started smelling like a fishmongers bin. This along with an impatient Krusty the Clown face moaning at me made me lose all will to finish. I actually faked cumming and wrapped the Johnny up as fast as possible.

Had a shower then a quick chat before I left, she asked if I was a fan of her 'work' and so on.
I joked that I wouldn't mind seeing her do a F2F scene with Georgie Lyall and she looked like she wanted to kill me, but apart from that she was quite pleasant.

All in all I maybe expected too much but was quite disappointed and won't be back.

East Midlands / AshleyRider1988
« by JK1 on November 05, 2016, 08:35:18 PM »
An interesting one indeed. Don't think i'd revisit as she's too much of a mess around and seemed abit drunk or possibly on something, or just a bit of a fruit loop. First off she wanted to meet me in the bar and then was'nt even there when i arrived, she had gone outside for some reason, so i had to call her and hang around in the bar/reception area which all felt abit awkward and out in the open. Then she forgot her room number and had to go back to reception. When we got in the room she kept needing a wee and finding another reason to delay. And she was rude at times, one example was when she was putting the condom on and i asked her to pull my foreskin back before putting it on as she was'nt doing and she replied in a sharp tone 'i know how to put one on'. She also would'nt shut up about herself to the point it was pretty sickening. I could hardly get a word in edge ways. She was good at sex and oral once we got down to it but she wanted to dictate what went on and it all seemed so unnatural. All in all i'd say a good fuck but abit overweight for her frame and a stinking attitude so just came across as a complete heartless bitch. Avoid!

Scotland / Ashley Ryder
« by bibendium on August 03, 2016, 05:03:02 PM »
 https://www.adultwork.com/2362005 or https://www.adultwork.com/AshleyRyder1988 -

I have been looking at Ashley,s profile on AW for a few weeks now and was always a bit nervous due to Ashley,s porn star image and some of the reviews here and other places. Anyway today i took the plunge and am so glad I did.Ashley was stunning , funny , cheeky  chatty, but most of all very very good. no hint of big headedness that I was half expecting.

comms 1st contact on AW by E mail , slow to respond but thats my fault I messaged her at around 9 am when she obvously wasnt working.
then by text, clear and easy instructions on how to reach her  10/10

looks . smaller than I imagined but with a great body, other reviews have said she was chubby I dont think so as she obviously works out a lot , she was so fit   10/10

Met Ashley at her spotlessly clean flat in south Glasgow,  , easy to find and easy parking around in a nice area. never felt in any way intimidated.

Rates £80 for h/h   , definetly not a clock watcher as I am sure I ran over by 15 mins or so though we were chatting for a few at the end. value for money 10/10

One of the best experiences I have had in a long while, when she goes on her knees and pushes her arse up is a view that will last a long time with me .
Scotland / Ashley Ryder Glasgow
« by Burnside on May 11, 2016, 05:19:05 PM »
I saw Ashley Ryder, and boy did she deliver. :yahoo:
www.adultwork.com/2362005 or https://www.adultwork.com/AshleyRyder1988
Half hour £80.00

I had been wanting to see a porn star for ages, and as Ashley is the only one i know of in Glasgow i decided to pay her a visit, and bloody glad i did. :dance:

I had been in contact with Ashley beforehand, so she knew what i wanted, and i knew what to expect from her.
On arrival i was directed in to her flat, and she opened the door with just a pair of black knickers on, and in this weather i don't blame her, and you could smell that she was fresh out of the shower. :rolleyes:

As i had entered her luxury flat Ashley took my coat off me, and hanged it up.
I then gave her the paperwork, and shortly afterwards Ashley was slowly taking my clothes off me. :coolgirl:
She left my boxer shorts on and teased my rock hard cock (as she had already turned me on) to perform a mind blowing blow job, this was oral without to start of with, but with
 those eyes whilst she was sucking me off soon had me dripping with pre cum, then she asked to put a rubber on me, and as it was what i had expected i didn't have a issue with it.
This is the first time i have had a protected blow job, and either it's not as bad as i thought it would be, or Ashley was doing such a good job for it not to be noticed. :dance:

We then entered the bedroom, and i gave her oral whilst she was talking pure filth to me :cool:
I'm sure she had cum, then she said i had a nice bum could i spank it, and i said yes as i was expecting her hands across my bum, but no she got a paddle out of a draw, and gave me a few slaps with that. :unknown:

Then on to the mind blowing sex in quite a few positions, then on to missionary, not one of my favored positions, but Ashley made it really enjoyable.
As i got in to her she slowly managed to get both legs wrapped around my shoulders, and we rode the living daylights out of each other, needles to say i managed to cum in her whilst she was talking pure filth to me. :yahoo:

Afterwards Ashley cleaned me up with the usual way with baby wipes, and when i had gone across the bedroom, and living room to get my clothes to get dressed we ended up having quite a bit of a chat, but what seemed to be Ashley's main concern was did i have a good time, and would i visit her again, and the answer to both was no hesitation just yes, and yes, and i stated if i had the cash on me i would do it all over again. :cool:

Mind blowing blow job.
Fantastic intercourse.
Those come to bed eyes.

Oral with condom.
Doesn't kiss.
These negatives i feel are a bit nip picking, but have done positive, and negatives in the past.

Frank Burnside had been punting at the lower end of the market before today, and quite frequent as well, in future i will not punt as often, and see the likes of Ashley Ryder, as i enjoyed the p.s.e.
I had the ride of my life today, and I'm still on cloud 9, and will punt for more p.s.e :yahoo: :timeout:
Scotland / Ashley Ryder
« by raymcfarland on February 08, 2016, 11:10:05 AM »
https://www.adultwork.com/2362005 or https://www.adultwork.com/Ashleyrideruk

Top of my “to do” list for some time. Arranged a 1 hr meet for last Friday evening.
Comms were excellent throughout and I was excited to meet her. Arrived at the flat to be greeted  by a blank look and Ashley wearing a grey fluffy bathrobe. Not a great deal of effort made there you might say? Went for a welcome kiss only for her to turn away sharply. “Did I miss something in the profile?” I thought.
Handed over the envelope containing the £150. Every time I do this, the girl goes discretely to another room to count it. Not this time. I was shown into the lounge and told to sit down. She sat the opposite side of the coffee table telling me she was going to “count it to make sure it’s all there.” Not the best warm-up I’ve ever had at a punt.
Then she asked if I’d seen the “nasty” neutral review on UK Punting. I hadn’t, but she proceeded to go through every point in minute detail. The “Z-rated porn star” comment seem to cut the deepest. So I ended up as the sounding board for her displeasure at that review. All the time trying to keep my spirits up for what I hoped would be the shag of a lifetime.

Eventually to the bedroom. Where a large clock was ominously pointed toward the bed. Kit off and at last a look at her body. Her interview says, “34’ legs”. Given that she’s 5’ 2’ tall. That would leave 28 inches from the top of her legs to the top of her head. Hmm. “D cup bra”? ‘C’ at a push and saggy as fuck. Like 2 deflated balloons after a birthday party. That said, she’s been working out and dieting and she is in pretty good shape. Her arse is absolutely fantastic and her skin is smooth and tanned.  Her best feature by far is (are) her eyes. Totally transfixed by them. And when eventually she raised a smile, that was great too.
Reverse oral for a while then I went to her tits. “Gentle with the breasts. No hard sucking and no biting.” When the instructions start, I tend to get pissed off. She went for OWO and I swear she actually sniffed the end of my cock (which throughout the meeting she referred to as my penis) before going for it. Only she was sucking it without pulling the foreskin back. So I grabbed it and did it for her. No more sucking after that. Just licking balls to tip. Things were steadily going downhill and I was struggling to stay interested.

Then she goes out and comes back with her phone. “I need some photos taken for an agency.” Only her phone wouldn’t focus in the light. So she fetched the phone out of my coat and I took some pics and texted them to her. 
Back to the bed and she puts the rubber on me. XL but still too bloody tight. I asked for cowboy which she tried, before suggesting that we’d better start with doggy to get it in. She put a butt plug in her arse - the sight of which made me even stiffer and knelt at the end of the bed. I put him in and placed my left leg onto the bed for some extra thrust. “No! Both feet on the floor!” she ordered. WTF? She’s a fucking porn star. Charges for the privilege but doesn’t want to be fucked like one.
I was totally pissed off at this stage and pulled out. I asked her to finish me off with oral and hand. Again, only licking the cock with the foreskin back and she kept saying in a baby voice. “No spunky. I don’t like spunky.” Which I took to mean “”don’t cum on me”. So I asked about the bukkake vids she’s done and she admitted she hated it. “But when you’re on camera, you can’t pull a disgusted face.” That killed my illusions once-and-for-all. 

Then the alarm bells started discretely ringing. Every 5 minutes for the last 15, a little tone from the vicinity of the clock. Clock-watcher? Or “clock listener”. Same thing.
I never pop before 45 minutes. I too am on a timer. This time it took the full hour and I had to think of a previous punt to get there.

I’m sad at having to write this. But this Forum is about advising other punters where to and where not to spend their cash. And apart from the odd pimp promoting his girl or another girl slagging off her opposition once in a while, it does a pretty good job. So forgive the overly-long review. I just had to tell it the way it is. I can imagine her reaction when she reads this. But it's honest Ashley. I have no axe to grind. It was a pretty shit punt with just the odd couple of highs.

I still actually like the girl. As I said, she has a stunning face, wonderful eyes and a great smile. “Z List porn star”? I disagree. There's a thread on Freeones.com that shows she's been busy. Aberdeen are an “A” list football team in Scotland, but on the World stage, they are not Barcelona. I caught her in a very bad mood regarding the review she’d read. I tried very hard throughout the meet to be upbeat and look past that. Hoping that things would suddenly get better. She should have put it out of her mind while I was there.

Where does it say “no kissing” on her AW profile? How can you get turned on by a porn star that doesn’t kiss? £150 wasted I suppose. But at least my curiosity is satisfied if nothing else.   
Scotland / Ashley Rider
« by bensonhedges20 on January 27, 2016, 01:07:02 AM »
Bordering on positive but felt we didnt click.

Located in an apartment near queens park. Walking distance.

Booked at short notice

30 mins appointment.

Slightly pricey but wanted to get her off the bucket list of fucking a british porn star

Didnt feel special (maybe i expected better as shes done porn etc)
Very fussy with owo - theres a chance her over 'safety approach' means you wont get it.
Does NOT kiss. Knew that going in having read her profile but it leads to awkward moments as she wasnt all out and eager like i expected her to be.
Does clock watch but expected in a 30 min meet

Short pocket rocket
Looks hot.
Good location
Was a plan B so wasnt fussed overall
Makes effort to look good.
Lots of tattoos which didnt look bad imo

Would i reccomend: maybe
Would i return: nope. Need kissing personally.

https://www.adultwork.com/2362005 or https://www.adultwork.com/Ashleyrideruk

[Link added by admin]

Scotland / Ashley Ryder Glasgow
« by mavgoose on November 03, 2015, 09:16:51 AM »
£80 h/h.

Seen Ms. Ryder last week. After looking at her profile and her " work " elsewhere , online.

Although not quite a "... They say never meet your heroes ..." moment.
That was the overall feeling I left with.

I found her quite pleasant and friendly. Body wise , very fit. Clearly works out. Thighs a wee bit chunky but firm. Pretty enough although minimal make up. ( About 5'2" mr small !)

Positives -

Yes , you're banging a ( low to mid level ) porn star.
Good OWO and a little throat fucking.
Good dirty talk.

Negatives -

She talked a little bit too much.
No kissing.
No foreplay.
Forensic check of cock before starting.

I feel she was a £60 shag + £20 for her name.
And I've had better for £60.

Would I return ? No , probably not. There is so much more VFM at £80 available.

Buy hey , it'll be a good conversation with my mates next night out.

See that porn star Ashley Ryder. Yeah - I've 'ad her.
Smashed her. She loved it.
Said I was the best she's had. Clearly.



Scotland / Ashley Ryder
« by guns on August 04, 2015, 08:42:10 PM »
Ok so she has been on my list for about a year and i never got round to seeing her till today .
Really nice flat in a quiet street  . Parking was ok .
She is really chatty and i felt at ease within minutes . We chatted for about five mins as she had a coffee . Very relaxed .
Moved into the room and she she says " ok , get your clothes off " with a wee smile .
She is extremely pretty in the flesh , lovely eyes .
Lay me on my back and started with some owo . Loads of eye contact and plenty of attention to my baldy balls , which she commented that she liked . ( too much info there maybe)
Asked if i could lick her pussy and she bent right over and said she liked it that way .
Gave her pussy and arse a good licking as she gave some lovely little moans ( very good actress , i'm not that good lol )
Moved on to her on top . Not just your normal her lying on top of me but porno style with her squating on me so i could see everything .
Went on to reverse cowgirl which was fucking great , she really knows what she's doing . What a sight !
She said "doggy ?" and bent over for me and i have to say it is a beautiful sight with her on the bed with her arse in the air .
Went for it and she was making some lovely noises , really sexy .
I knew i wasnt going to last and wanted a nice finish so asked where i could come . Was given the choice of her boobs or bum  , so she lay on her back and finished me off over her boobs .
We chatted for a bit as i got changed and she said i was welcome back anytime . She is very genuine and an absolute pleasure .
For any of you guys that say she's fat , i can assure you she isn't . Her stomach is really flat and she works out a lot .
I know a guy that goes to mma classes with her and shes fit .
Anyway , in summary , i would go back to see her 100% .
Judging by the way my last reviews have been received i'll get some negative comments but in my opinion she is great .
9/10 because i couldnt cum in her pretty face . lol
Scotland / Ashley Ryder
« by hornysixtynine on January 28, 2015, 09:54:11 PM »

Well, she's always been floating about and thought I need a punt today, she was available so went for it

Good comms. Nice flat in good location (parking could be a nightmare though)

She was friendly and welcoming, nice girl.

Straight into the punt (half hour). Gave a really good blowjob with some deepthroat.

Followed by her on top squatting on my cock, riding away. On to doggy where i shot my load.

Good punt, did the trick. Happy walking out.

I know a lot of people have mentioned on here about being fat. Got to say though she is very toned and does work out

Would I go back? I really don't know, I can't fault the service or her attitude. After Jessy Tiger punt I had, I don't think anyone will compare.

Actually tried booking Miss Alex https://www.adultwork.com/2813321 beforehand (who sounds really promising) but she wasnt free at that time, offered me alternate time but wasnt sure if I could make it so she offered to text me someone else phone number who is well reviewed and available, her words, she sent it, turned out to be Jordain of Blair St. A women answered (receptionist type) who said she was free. Turns out it was at same place near royal hospital as Owiliah (polish girl, however you spell it) but it was too far for that time in traffic so declined.

Definitely will be trying to pay Miss Alex a visit though.
South West / Ashley Rider
« by Mr Kent (Not AW) on February 18, 2014, 04:29:47 PM »
Sorry again for an in ability to put a link in............she is only down for two nights but will return next month so thought it worth doing a review.

I don't generally see porn stars, and having read accounts on here of punters who have they are not always favourable. I have long admired this 25 year old Scottish girl from DVDs and I was not let down one bit. About 5'3, curvy in a very sexy way, stunning eyes, great at conversation but not over the top. Good sex, oral, DFK, fingers ( which is rare with Glamour Girls), no clock watching. She is the sort of girl I naturally fancy so that helped, if you like size 6 girls this is a no go.

Half an hour punt for an £80.00 with a porn star is not a bad shout, when she comes back in March check her out, I will again.
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