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Author Topic: Naughty Lada - Plymouth  (Read 538 times)

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Offline Leveve

I’m posting a couple of backdated reviews from 2014 on prossies with not much info on them here. I only discovered UKP last autumn after an 18 month break from punting and using the reviews here haven’t had a bad punt since so hopefully I’m giving back some useful info  :drinks:.
A few of my past punts are still working so I’ll do the most recent negs since they’re the most useful. Obviously a bit of a disclaimer in that things might have changed with these prossies over the last couple of years (but somehow I doubt it).


Naughty Lada, New Year 2014

(I should have guessed a Lada would give a shite and unpleasant ride  :sarcastic:)

All good. Set up by phone call for later the same day. I requested a shared shower and was told that was fine. She gave good directions etc.

Royal William Yard – very posh! Plenty of parking, easy to find apartment and discreet entrance.

Photos are accurate in that she’s a very good looking Thai. A bit over 30 years old though I’d guess.

Awful, in a word. She was visibly unhappy when I arrived. After I’d handed over the money she turned round and snapped at me that we wouldn’t be having sex the whole booking. I said that was fine in my most placating tone when what I should have done is asked for my money back and walked then.
She has a fairly limited likes list now but from my memory it may have been longer at the time I saw her. If it was it was mainly lies because I remember my expectations were well disappointed.

Her massage was indifferent.
No kissing at all.
No blowjob due to a cut in her mouth apparently.
RO was received with ridiculous fake moans (almost insultingly so  :rolleyes:)
She angrily complained I was handling her tits too roughly so I stopped altogether to keep the peace.
She stopped the action half way through to answer her phone and arrange a later booking.
The worst part was when we had sex though. It was in doggy and her fake moans started to sound increasingly like miserable groans on top of being completely unbelievable. At that point I pulled out and the sex was over.
We then had our shared shower but barely looked at each other the whole time. She did start wanking me off for about 10 seconds, then declared ’enough!’ and stopped again.

She seemed burnt out, frazzled and possibly verging on a bit depressed. Without wanting to be unkind I ‘m looking for a bit of (expensive to me!) fun and don’t want anything to do with this in a punt :unknown:. In the stilted conversation we had while I got dressed she moaned about how she couldn’t get a table at the quite expensive looking restaurant down the road at the time of year. Like I would care about her problems spending my money at this point? I left with about half the time remaining but really wasn’t going to try to get her to refund me the difference at that stage – I just wanted to leave.

I did notice on her profile a few weeks later she wrote that she’d had a break and was back to work feeling recharged – I’d say that was a break she needed quite badly.

I won’t criticise the setup at RWY though as I’d been to see another oriental Jasmine Lovely there a few months earlier and got a decent service.

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2 review(s) found for naughtyLada linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Andyply

Hey buddy.  I haven't reviewed Lada but left pretty damning feedback on a few threads.  I saw her quite early in my punting  days (about 4 times maybe) again at RWY Clarence 2nd floor which was my go to venue qt he time.  She was very friendly initially, and although she had very limited services she gave an excellent massage and HR BUT the sex was horrid, fake and embarrassingly for me I could never maintain a sufficient boner  :cry:  with her due to feeling deceived and unwelcome d when it came to sex :sarcastic:  I concur with RO on her, she cums in about 3 seconds all fake noises etc... owo for me was £10 extra each time and over in about 3 seconds too.  Tits were always off limits for me (you lucky sod) as she had sore nipples.  She had a bad back so couldn't do cowgirl.  I eventually had enough and would advise others to stay clear.   I did see Jasmine Lovely like you.  She even let me do Ro with her for free.  She was gorgeous but got pissed off with me for taking too long to cum even though the  hour wasn't over by a long shot.   Her mate Milky who worked in Swindon was hot too ~ big tits.  I've seen a Thai girl called Michelle down here who reminded me of  a young Lada.  does a crap massage, lethargic owc, quite good cowgirl and piss poor hr for £100 ~ no effort whatsoever, sighs most of the time.   i think I have been blacklisted for leaving a poor review on here  ~ strangely I'd see her again but that's not gonna happen   :D   
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Offline Leveve

She seemed very highly strung for prossying.
Terrible attitude towards it, if shes going to take the fantastic money shes got to actually do the job   :rolleyes:

Her latest AW feedbacks are saying the same thing, another bad day in the office for her.
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Offline Roth

This says it all really -

 :wacko: :scare: :wacko:

Can't add a lot to this thread.
I saw her 2015 ish when she was in an apartment in Regent Street.
Booked an hour, stayed 35 / 40 mins.
No kissing, no tit play. No fingers. 
Wasn't aware OWO was extra so pissed of with that too.

Came twice, once her wanking me, once me wanking myself.

Waste of time - wouldn't repeat.

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