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Author Topic: Sensual.Ruby - Bishopsgate - Not too shabby  (Read 1060 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2121314 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sensual%2ERuby
I had Ruby on my HL for ages, but never met her because she was working from Lewisham, which is a bit far from my beaten tracks. She recently started working from a flat in Bishopsgate and I could meet her a few weeks ago. For some reason I didn't write a review so the details are a little blurry in my memory, but I can still vividly remember it was a definite positive.

I think Ruby has two profiles, the other one being https://www.adultwork.com/2141965 or https://www.adultwork.com/megansweet+22 : when I asked her why, though, she became all suspicious and asked me if I was a cop so I didn't insist, only joking it probably was a marketing technique. She didn't confirm, but told me "I indeed have a degree in marketing". It wasn't the first act of suspicion she had done in the session: at the beginning she asked me to leave my bag at the door, eventually explaining why at the end of the session. She told me she once was robbed at knife point by a punter after she fucked her, so she's now a bit more careful (at least she thinks, I don't see why one couldn't simply get a knife in the entrance rather than in the bedroom!).

Interestingly, when I met her, the Ruby profile priced her hour at £140 while the other one listed £150 so I paid £140 which, while expensive with respect to some famous girl, is still a reasonable price for me. Ruby is very proud of her quality and by how she speaks clearly convinced that she's worth more than the competition: I'm not sure that's entirely true, but never mind.

The first impression was that of a consummate professional, not particularly welcoming but not hostile either. I would say average Romanian, with the typical distrust that requires a few minutes of chat to dissipate (which typically happens between the two rounds). Face-wise I would say she's a 7, with a bit of a plain nose, not a bad mouth, still reasonably attractive. Body-wise she's a 8.5 for me: very slim, well proportioned, pretty great ass, fake breasts but not atrocious.

The performance was where she showed me she was worth it: her uncovered BJ was awesome, and in sex I remember her reasonably into it, and clearly committed to my pleasure in both rounds, also able to endure a pretty hard shag on the second round while I tried (unsuccessfully) to pop the second time. Reasonably nice chat between the two rounds where, as usual for Romanians, she turned from emotionless sex-doll to normal girl and remained so for the second round.

Overall, not an experience that I would repeat (but I almost never repeat, except with real superstars) but surely one to recommend, for people who are willing to pay the premium for a girl that prefers not to sell herself too cheaply so she can see a few less people in a day.

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