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Author Topic: luscious lalana - Northampton TOFTT  (Read 1283 times)

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Offline cunnyhunt

This review is for https://www.adultwork.com/3578611 or https://www.adultwork.com/luscious+lalana

I was in Northampton last week with a car, I emailed this profile and got her number, comms were good and address given, the car had a sat nav which was good as I do not know Northampton, the location was on the North side near the A428 road (2 minutes from it) Found the location and flat which was top floor (3 floors) on an estate of lower end housing. Flat was basic and not good but I have seen much worse, was offered shower, drink etc.

Pictures on profile are the girl but they are 5(?) years old, this is not bad she is just older. Age on profile is 33 and she says she is 33/4 but did look late 20's.
Size is 10, she looks like she has had children so not a tight stomach but looks ok, small breast, skinny ass, chatty but not too much, tattoos on body.

Just booked for 30 minutes, started with FK and finger play on pussy (shaved) moved to OWO and had her on her knees, good technique so let her continue. Changed about then more owo which I liked as she has larger lips and the technique was good so decided to finish with cim, I had not asked in advance so said she was going to make me cum in her mouth if she continued, she carried on with the owo and so I filled her mouth she did not cum dodge and continued to suck as I came and then swallowed.
I am not sure if afterwards she said she does not usually swallow but it tasted better than some others (my diet maybe?)

I have her as a positive as I would see again, the flat is not so good but it was sufficient and I would have her as an outcall, I would book an hour to fuck her next time.

1 review(s) found for luscious lalana linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline cunnyhunt

Update this to a negative Just looked at the profile and it now lists bareback  :scare:

Luckily I visited before my last test but this is getting fucking mental!

Offline mf_1101

By A428 I presume you mean Semilong or Spring Borough's, both fairly notorious dumps. Personally wouldn't go near anyone who worked in that area, it's a shitehole.

She looks like a skank as well - still thanks for the review, 1 more to avoid  :thumbsup:

Offline cunnyhunt

I had to pass a cemetary at Dallington as I headed North and it was on the right.

There are 2 on the profile now, the one I saw has a Tattoo on her body. For CiM she was very skilled but I would not return now.

Offline mf_1101

Ahh I see, Harlestone Road - That is not Semilong or Spring Borough, not actually a bad part of town. Personally if a WG is in one of the aforementioned areas in Northampton I would not go near her. But there is me, a judgemental twat :lol:

Still glad it was okay, thanks for the review.

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