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Author Topic: Bree Branning?  (Read 1919 times)

Offline Shure

Anyone had a one to one with her?

Thoughts on the experience? She looks like sex on legs!!

Offline Andy61

If you put up a link it helps us all - and also it will show if there are previous reviews

You can search for reviews by putting the AW profile number - in this case 1305309 - in the search box. And if you do you'll get some results although she hasnt been reviewed individually

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Banning reason: Previously banned (chasb61 + Starby)

Offline Roadster

She looks like sex on legs!!

.... and at £300 an hour she can keep on walking.


Offline Frenchy4012

Banning reason: Stalking other punters

Why not slip her a length at the private club Aston, much cheaper
Obviously not as personal as a 121,
 you might have to put up with the scrum of punters
and some of the less courteous twats who can frequent the club which can make a visit frustrating;
But a lot cheaper than £300

Offline bunny84

£300 an hour wtf. She ain't bad but ain't stunning . I had a go in private club. Diry bitch  she was shouting I want to be spunked  on .

Offline splodger69

oooh bargain.... now £150 / hour lols   :cool:

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