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Author Topic: Diamond Tattoo - Cardiff  (Read 3083 times)

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Offline wonky

For my TOFTT I went for someone who has been on my hotlist for a while but has disappeared for a while or i've not been able to meet before.

I'm fully aware that Frankie would not be to everyones taste but the tattoos appealed to me and the piercings so I gave it a go.

I was browsing the cardiff girls and she must have updated as she was first on the aw list so I texted her availability and she responded almost immediately that she was free then. so a few txts back and forth and I was knocking on her house/flat door 40min later. She answered in sweat pants and crop top as hallway was shared but in the room she quickly removed into skimpy undies. She had just come out of the shower and I was offered (and accepted) too. Apartment was in the similar style to sexy amy's as in being a normal terraced house split into flats with bedroom, lounge and bathroom, so bedroom was not the biggest and she had a fair amount of junk lying around. personally i like the messyness as it shows a lived in environment and not a brothel style bedroom. Again I like the idea of pulling and going back to a girls (GF experience) and sometimes on punts it's a bit to clinical.

onto Frankie. she is short, I think very pretty (face pics on her profile are very accurate). she does wear some makeup but which girls dont. did i mention she's short.. yes.. well she is very petite and her body is too. breasts are not huge but a nice handful. very pert bum. Tattoos all over as you can see in pictures. quite a few piercings too. She also has a split tongue. I was really curious about this and to be honest french kissing i didnt seem to notice it but it did make for a the bj to be very remember-able!!

Service started off with kissing..removal of clothes..a little bit of exploring and touching (she knows she has a great body and seemed to enjoy being explored).  Blow job was uncovered and after a short while i asked to for 69 to explore that pussy closer. very clean, shaving, .. it was a top pussy lol as pussys go. and tight!! etc etc. sex in few positions. she wasn't shy about a finger up her butt (i didn't enquire about anal but it's not on her likes). Pounded her doggy until I came  :yahoo: I had an hour appointment so we chatted and explored a bit more before round 2. ended up cumming on her cute little titties (face wasn't allowed) which impressed me as I came loads first time. shower offered at end and drink and all the usual in a good experience. I'd definitely go again next time i'm in cardiff.

pretty, cute
tiny tight pussy
service was great
nice girl
good value

for me they are not negatives but..
apartment was messy (she claimed it wasnt hers)

1 review(s) found for Diamond_Tattoo linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Gigiddy

 Hmm had my eye on her too which side of Cardiff is she ?
Banning reason: Frivolous reporting

Hi wonky she looks hot what are her rates don't say on her profile

Offline wonky

looks like she's gone off escorting again!! just cam now!!  she was £100 for an hour.. Very good value for money!!

OK thanks wonky will keep an eye on her profile I love that tattoo look on a chick cheers

OK thanks wonky will keep an eye on her profile I love that tattoo look on a chick cheers
It may be worth enquiring about a booking anyway - it could just be the wrong time of the month for her.

I remember seeing her a couple of years ago - nice girl and good service, but I was a little bit put off by the untidy apartment.

Yeah, nice enough girl - no attitude, can't remember much more about it.

Might have to do a revisit!

YES will do Randolph69 will give her a bell when I am off work could get lucky thanks

Offline Redevil86

Her profile is offten down , then pops up for a while, etc, etc. Another on my h l !

Offline Hotmat

She does look like a nice girl to try. But what turned me off is the split tongue.
I do like a bit of FK and wouldn't it feel like having it with a snake?  :scare:

The split tongue was tge main reason I went to see her. But Iwent not too long after she had it done, and she hadn't quite learnt to move then independently. Kissing was a little strange the first time, but didn't take long to get used to. I haven't been back, but probably will eventually. Hopefully next time she will have better control over her tongue.

Offline purefilth

Nice girl but has a drug habit or did before she went to prison for a firearms related crime.../

Ketamine mainly but uses other things too, I would get checked by the gum clinic after unprotected oral....just saying as she does swing both ways as do lots of the men she sees so a higher risk than a normal prozzie.

Banning reason: Touting banned site via posts and PM

Offline Redevil86

Holy shit batman, if true ? Nice to know I guess, but I can hear the clicks of guys deleting her off there h l's , even ( especially) the bad things have to be posted with great thought and consideration, we are talking about her income ( possibly main income) not saying don't post it , just make sure you are 100% and does it have to be posted.

Offline Gigiddy

 Hi PF.

 Thanks for the info but we are a suspicious bunch has saved me more than once

 How do you know this intimate info about her and can you qualify it ??
Banning reason: Frivolous reporting

Offline purefilth

I have no reason to lie & I guess the only way to qualify would be to ask her yourself.

I could tell you her Facebook id to check personal info as her page is loaded with information that would put many punters off, shame as she has a nice ass
Banning reason: Touting banned site via posts and PM

I think that's really bad Purefilth, willing to pass a girls i.d. on, i thought discretion went both ways.

Offline HughJardon

You seem to have an intimate insight about this girl Purefilth, this would have been good to know in a form of a review giving your insight on events, you have been a member since late last year.
I personally have no interest in ever seeing this girl, the Tattoo thing doesnt float my boat, but what does get me is the comments about STIs and getting checked out, what do you think guys that have punted her and the OP are feeling now...like shit mate.

Ive just looked at your post history and this is'nt the first time youve dropped absurd comments, bit of a pattern emerging here ?

Indeed Hugh,

Until he decides to contribute something remotely helpful I'm going to take all his posts with a grain of salt.

What was her name before she was doing a duo with that french girl?  Was it Pixie something, all her pics was short blonde hair, she was that name for quite a while then she starting mixing it all up on the last year of so, I've had many a wank over her

Pure filth,

Do the right thing for yourself and don't post any personal details here or private messages.  We all have different view but confidentiality both ways is a must.

Don't give anything personal.... You would not expect it

Offline Redevil86

Spot on Hugh, very uncomfortable reading,  why any guy has to delve in to a girls private life defeats me personally, could be called  stalking ? Just comes across as a situation has arisen and P F has it in for the girl, not very diplomatic to say the least, how ever true.

Offline Corus Boy

The issue IMO divides into two courts.

Firstly, some girls let slip more information than you may be comfortable with, or you may find it reassuring that she entrusts you with those details, I don't even want to think about the 'secrets' I have learnt over the years.

But that is the other court, knowing and ever talking about it, or even alluding to knowing it in a public forum is a major and never go there No No.

And of course it goes both ways, I do like Incalls and so many girls know my address, have visited my apartment and with just a simple look around probably know an awful lot about me.  So far and to my knowledge no one has betrayed my trust.

We must all trust our bookings and respect each other private lives and that includes other punters who you may get to know.

Additional point, many of us leave too much personal information on the Internet, when someone or a piece of software chooses to collect up these small nuggets they can put together a large exposure of you and your life.  At least five girls that I have met have at a later date appeared in a Facebook email saying; "Do you know...?"  Scray stuff.
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