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Author Topic: RUBY EROTIC  (Read 820 times)

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www.adultwork.com/2746965 or https://www.adultwork.com/RUBY+EROTIC

I sometimes can be a little pain in the arse, I fancied an old fashion strip tease like we used to get in the pubs in good old days, so I found Ruby who confirmed she will do everything on her like list and in bold print states NO EXTRAS
Phoned and confirmed appointment,

Location: - Shithole House in Edmonton just off the Hartford Road

Fee:- £60 half hour, She was such a crack I toped it to £80 as we spent more than an hour together,

Girl: - It is the girl in the photos, but good five or so years ago, she is not a user as I have medical experience. You can make your own mind as to why she has so many Likes ticked

She didn’t understand that I didn’t want her to touch me at all; I explained I wanted to watch her playing with herself and her toys. So I produced a cucumber that I purchased from a local shop and told her to put a condom on it, then she understood and laugh then produced this massive black dildo.

I undressed her and got her started to play with her Minge and she loved putting in the dildo as I filmed her. I got her to put it up her arse as I held it in place for her. The naughty girl then took the cucumber and put it in her fanny as the dildo was working magic in her anus.

I was not going to let her touch me as she is a BB rider, but I finished the session with me wanking off and shooting it into her mouth, she rolled it over a few times then happily swallowed it and liked her lips.

If anyone is brave enough go for it, she is willing and up for a great time, I loved her personality, she is fun to be with even if I’m too chicken to fuck a BB rider

2 review(s) found for RUBY EROTIC linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

"Shithole house?
Bareback girl?
Hey but no extras!  Let's go for it"

...Charles Darwin at work

Ahh my man, Fun is Fun, you London lads are truly spoil for choice.

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