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You never were interested in are?

Was never a fan of getting rimmed, now I can't go without it!  :lol:


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Eye contact.

Am mega shy/nervous and avoid eye contact in 'real life'. In a punt though it's an absolute necessity for me.

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Only experienced it 3 times, the first two of which were ok (well, the first one I was fucking petrified to be honest), but the last one was ruddy amazing. Tasted like nectar. She's retired now sadly.

I can definitely cope without it, but it wouldn't put me off like it might have done a few years back.

I wasnt a fan of facials , but now i cant get enough! if an escort doesnt offer facials then i wont book her as it is now my fav :P :lol: even the girl in the photo has given it the thumbs up  :dance:  ;)

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Anything up my arse without warning, really!  In my ignorance, I booked a certain French weirdo in Glasgow about eight or nine years ago (yeah, I know.....) and when she was giving me a sort of warm-up massage,she slipped a pillow under my hips.  I mistakenly thought it was to aid the massage in some way.  A minute or so later, she parted my arse cheeks and her tongue disappeared off towards my colon unexpectedly.  I made some kind of noise in shock and shot away from her and asked her what the fuck she did THAT for with no warning!  That put me off rimming for good. 

However, another Wg, during a nice BJ, treated me with oily Thai beads up my jacksy and jiggled them gently during the BJ.  I thought that was the extent of the pleasure until I started to cum in her mouth, just when she grabbed on tight to the base of my cock and began to pull the Thai beads steadily out of my arse at the same time.  I must have screamed like a dying man, as she timed the pull to last about the same length of time as my orgasm.  I thought I was going to die with the pleasure.  So if you've never tried Thai beads during a CIM BJ, you just haven't lived!

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Must say I never realised how many things simply were not on my radar until I got in to punting, things you see in porn did't realy register with me as something I could ever participate in , in married life, so never gave them seriouse thought. But I am not that man anymore, I'm reborn sexually , anal, facials, c I m , squirt drinking, getting my cock pissed on during masterbation, ffm, two stunners takeing your load in there mouth's together,  mmf, ( no Raddy ) fucking a blokes wife in front of him, love all these things and more, never realised how boring the average mans sex life can be, can't live without all these things and with new georgious young woman when ever I like.