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Author Topic: Bigtits Jennyfer - Finchley  (Read 530 times)

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30 mins @ £60


Comms - All arranged by text, didn’t pick up the phone when called. Her English isn’t so good so it’s probably Sergei who’s replying to your texts. Arrived 5 mins before the agreed time and sent a text to let her know I was there. Was kept waiting for another 20 mins, normally would have bailed and put plan B into play but decided to chill out in the nearby Costa Coffee.

Location - Flat above some shops on the busy main road. Grotty little bedroom with a single bed that seemed to consist of more spring than bed. Covered in burlap sack cloth and a “pillow” that looked more like a pile of folded up sheets. Thankfully it appeared reasonably clean so I decided to stay for the punt.

Jennyfer - I admit, when I got home and looked at her profile again I was almost convinced I’d been bait & switched. Looking more closely the pics are her, confirmed by the dermal piercing on her chest between her tits. The pic I’ve posted most accurately represents her actual appearance.

Not a great start but looking at her thick ass, meaty thighs and big tits I feel I have to retract a statement I made in previous review: EE PAWG’s are a real thing and do exist.

Down to business she was quite chatty despite the language difficulties. OW was decent enough, then onto mish where I immediately felt how tight she was. Had to slow my roll or risk becoming 3 minute man. She was quite passive and allowed me to do as I pleased, so it had to be doggy then prone bone to maximise the full effect of that ass. So tight I found myself struggling not to cum which is unusual for me in a punt.

Not a bad punt in the end, reasonable service but the flat is dire. Also I feel there are much better options out there for £60/30min.

2 review(s) found for BIGTITS JENNYFER linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

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