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Author Topic: Chayada Thai Spa Leeds  (Read 2419 times)

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Got up Saturday morning, and for some reason getting a rub and tug was on my mind.  Rang Siriporn in Bradford, almost as soon as they opened, only to be told that the earliest appointment available was at 3.30! 

Against my better judgement I went to Chayada. Last couple of visits have been so-so, average massage and disinterested HE, and pricey upsell attempts.

Anyway, in I trot, and shown up to the hot room up the stairs on the left. Receptionist takes my door fee, takes the little flowers off the bed, gives me some fresh towels and leaves.

A few minutes later, in comes my masseuse. She's a bit chunky, but pleasant, short blonde hair (dyed, I don't think Thai girls are blonde).

Starts the massage of my back, initially with a towel covering most of me, but that gradually get folded smaller and smaller and eventually discarded. I was expecting a request to "turn over please" but she grasps my ankles and moved my legs wide apart.  Then she kneels between my legs and does a concentrated massage of my bum, upper legs, inner thighs and ultimately cock and balls.

Then I get the flip. Again, a pretty good massage of the upper body and lower legs, before concentrating on abdomen and upper inner thighs. At one point she's nonchalantly gently holding my balls in one hand while gently stroking beneath them with the other hand.

Finally she grasps my rigid cock and asks if I want a HJ.  Yes, of course I do.  I get up, take at twenty out of my pocket, and give it to her. She promptly gives the note back to me. 'here she go, here's the upsell' flashes through my mind, but she leans forward and tugs the neckline of her white T-shirt down. "Money here please!" she says and points to her cleavage.

So, I tuck the money  away as indicated. She leans forward, does a sort of a shimmy, and the money falls out. She gives me a mock frown, and passes the twenty back to me, telling me to try again. After at couple of giggly repeats of this little charade, I use both hands, have a nice grope of her tits while pretending to lodge the money away, between boob and bra (of course it was all a secret invitation to play with her tits, but I'm not complaining!)

She starts a really good HJ, lots of variable speed and pressure and some super ball fondling. I like watching the action, and I get lots of eye contact too, which adds to the pleasure.  I notice how she's leaning lower and lower and closer and closer, until her face is no than a half inch away from my cock. She keeps putting her mouth a fraction above the tip, open, and tongue out, and I'm thinking "if I cum now, it'll go in her mouth, or on her face, or both........."  and I'm also thinking " hey, she's doing the tug, she surely knows what she's about and if she doesn't like it she shouldn't get so near".

All the while, she's looking me in the eye and making little licking motions with her tongue (although her tongue never touches my cock). Then she says " you cum in my mouth, yes?".

(Oh, go on then, you've talked me into it...........)

The excellent HJ continues, mouth open, and tongue out.........and, yes, she does indeed know what she's about as quite literally a fraction of a second before the cumshot she pops her mouth over my cock and with at combination of hand and mouth empties me.

Didn't see an obvious spit, but neither did I see an obvious swallow, so not sure which way it went.

Very attentive cleanup, non-scented wet wipes on the bits and thighs, followed by a warm towel to dry off. Helped me to dress (buttoning my shirt, zipping my fly, tying my shoes ........)

Nice little goodbye kiss, and I'm out again. Never got her name.

Chayada have gone back up in my estimation after that. Maybe they're trying to regain the custom they had probably lost through their previous cash grabbing attitude.

Offline hullbarmy

Great review - where exactly is this place? Website says Manchester?

It's on Harrison Street off Vicar Lane in Leeds city centre, literally just around the corner from the Orchid Spa (which is over the Nong Fa supermarket)

Sorry about the website - the link I gave is listed as theirs, and I didnt check it, so was unaware it now goes to Manchester - maybe under the same ownership?

Offline Ade65

Definitely sounds worth a visit!

Thinking about giving these a try, is there a protocol to follow when getting there to make sure I get a HE

Offline Tricks

How much did you pay for the massage and the extras

There is no specific 'protocol' as such. Most red-blooded males will have an erection after a pretty girl has fondled your balls and on the flip (when you go from face down to face up) it will be obvious. I've only ever had one occasion when I had to ask - every other time its been an offer from the girl. Some will pitch the price quite high, just to see if they can get away with it, so don't be afraid to haggle.

The massage fee was £30 and as I said in the report the extras were £20.

Hi do you have the number of the one in Leeds?

Thanks am visiting leeds today & might give them a call, any others I should try?

The Orchid Spa is just round the corner. Decent massage at at least a HE guaranteed but they are greedy and will push for tons of cash. If shes back from Thailand Ana is the best.

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