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Author Topic: Tasha Swansea  (Read 1259 times)

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The last in a flurry of initial reviews by me on girls I've seen recently.


In the well documented Punter's wasteland that is Swansea Tasha stands out. I've seen her a number of times for a few good reasons:

- She has humongous natural tits
- She's a lovely, genuine, Lady
- She squirts like a geyser when properly aroused

Tasha takes incalls at a private house (where I imagine she rents a room) in the Mount Pleasant area of Swansea. It's safe, parking is good and the room is very comfortable. Though the house is a bit shabby.

She's definitely a BBW, a little larger than I normally go for. But her tits are quite magnificent. If that's your thing then a soapy tit wank between them is probably worth the price of the punt alone. She's a great kisser and responds very favorably to a slow, sensuous start. But once aroused she gets VERY wet and very passionate. On my last visit I spent a considerable amount of time licking her clean, incredibly responsive pussy. I invest time in this as she squirted, several times, over my very willing tongue and face. Thereafter I got her to frig herself with a dildo causing her to squirt again over my cock whilst I wanked below.

She's an enthusiastic fuck and, when the mood takes her, talk dirty with the best of them. My only complaint is that oral is always covered.

On this last occasion, after much oral and fucking, I pulled the condom off and spunked between the aforementioned giant juggs.

She's an intelligent Lady and afterwards we chatted comfortably on a variety of topics.

All round a great punt. And, at just £100, great value

1 review(s) found for tashaswansea linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline PMAC123

Great review, thank you :) one for the HL

Offline biker-boy

Ah yes, Tasha. I visited her a couple of years ago and remember THOSE boobs very well. There again, I also remember the squirting as well - my first ever experience! One always remembers one's firsts! I really think I need to get back soon, once my other 'projects' have been completed.

Saw Tasha a few years back. Her profile pics were a bit misleading, but she's a good looking girl, very enthusiastic and friendly.

Did she go by the names Dirty Little Blond of Pretty Woman a few years back?

Not to my knowledge. Longer serving correspondents may be able to advise

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