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Author Topic: Isabella Bangs - Derby  (Read 636 times)

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Id post a link but she doesnt seem to be on AW anymore, please correct me if im wrong

First review for a guy new to all this

I met her a few weeks ago

It was booked as a quickie meeting and i guess i got what i asked for.

She came round to my place which i was a bit nervous about, was booked for 5pm and she kept texting me saying she couldnt find my place, postcode given and house number etc, she said she only lived in the next part of town so thought this was a bit strange but kept going none the less.

About 45 mins after original booking time she text saying she had gone home to get a taxi????

She rang me from the taxi saying she had forgot her purse and if i could give her the money i was giving her to pay for the taxi, a few warning alarms going off but still went ahead.

Turned up and she looked quite fit to be honest, definitely the girl in the pics on her profile.

Went upstairs and she just go naked, a bit of hand relief then condom on for oral with, was nice but not great.

I told her i was getting close to finishing to which she replied do i want her to ride me, i said yes and it was good wth some fake moaning which im a bit meh about.

She didnt really listen to me saying i was close and proceeded to ride me to completion, it was a quick meeting so guess i understand this.

She then rang for a taxi back and the same taxi company she just used said she had now been black listed???

Used another but again difficulty with finding the place, she walked off along the end of the road to wait.

I guess as im writing this is should have put a halt to the whole thing from first warning sign but as ive seen a lot we dont always thinking with our head.

To be fair to her she did seem like a nice girl and we had a good chat whilst she waited for her taxi before walking off

not sure if i would see her again though

3 review(s) found for isabella bangs linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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