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Author Topic: FrancescaFoxx - Llanelli  (Read 1529 times)

5 review(s) for Francesca Foxz (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

After breaking my duck a little earlier, here's my 2nd review.

I saw Franceca a few months ago in her house in a village to the West of Llanelli. I've given her a guarded positive. There were many good things and a few niggles.


On the plus side, she's an attractive Lady and, when she gets down to business, a horny one. She is pretty, has a nice arse (though not as good as she seems to believe it is) but is quite small breasted. Once the punt started she kisses passionately and gets very wet. She has a sweet, responsive, pussy and seems to genuinely enjoy being eaten out. Certainly her moans and wetness suggested this. Though we all, of course, want to believe what great lovers we are.

She fucks with abandon in a variety of position and does a really nice line in dirty talk. I think anal may have been on offer, but I didn't partake. We finished with CIM.

On the downside, we probably spent 20 mins or more in mundane chit chat when we met. "off the clock" but not good if you are pushed for time. I think other reviewers have commented, or at least implied, this. She also had a very hefty baileys (with milk!) at our mid morning meeting

So a pretty good hour, for £120 (I think it's £130 now). Pickings are pretty slim in this part of the world so she seems to do very well. However, on balance, I wouldn't return

5 review(s) found for Francesca Foxz linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Met Fran a few months back. Found her to be very good and would have returned if she didn't move to a house next to friends of ours.

Offline Paulsenis

I used to be a regular with this girl.
The bits about the 20 minute small talk, the Baileys I can fully concur with. I also asked her for DFK but she then decided to have a fag before we started.
I agree reasonable enough service but all these things put me off her.
I now use Little Minx in Llanelli.

Offline Redevil86

She's been  on my h l for a while because of the good reviews , ( until recently ! ) not botherd by the baileys one iota , if it helps loosen her up, great, ( how many of us have taken a bottle of wine ? ) so long as she don't down the fucking bottle in that 20 chat ! My problem is I have to have dfk or at least that's part of my reason for punting, I am a none smoker and to me fags friggin stink, even a slight smell in room or on clothes is off putting, so if she lit up before my socks came off, I'd request money back and depart sharpish. It won't affect her but I'll not bother, she's 55 miles away so not worth the risk from my point of view.

Yeah, she popped out the garage for a "rolly" whilst idling the time away at the start with me. I think she needs that and the baileys, to get psyched up.

I can't blame her, I wouldn't be in a hurry to shag me either! But it's a bit irritating when you are paying pretty good money

Offline Paulsenis

Exactly! She isn't exactly the cheapest so you would expect some standard of service. Like I said I used her quite a few times. There were irritating tendencies throughout with a lot of time wasting but towards the end I found her blatantly taking the piss. Small talk, pissed, fag breath. I had an 11am 1 hour meeting with her, turned up on time, wasted 15-20 mins on small talk. Went upstairs where in fairness she was quite good but after I shot my load I found her in a rush to get me out. As I left she says 'don't forget to mark me positive on AW'. Looked at the clock on the car as I got in. It was 11:45.
Didn't bother rating her, never bothered returning.

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