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Author Topic: CHINESE MASSAGE FARNBOROUGH  (Read 855 times)

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Offline nowtman

Did a walk in to this place on a Thursday afternoon about 6pm. Petite woman beckons me in and locks the door behind me.
Went into the room where she asks me if I wanted 30mins or 60. Said 30 and she took my money.
I didn't really get a good look at her as it was quite dim in the room. Big sign saying "No sexual services".
I got undressed and laid facedown on the table. I was then subjected to 15mins of the shittest massage I'd ever had. I said medium massage but I'm surprised my bones are still in the same place as when I arrived there!
She then asks if I'd been here before, and asked if I wanted any extras - I asked how much and she told me I had to offer her, but then she couldn't understand. I offered her £15 (start low 'eh!) and had to write it on my hand with my finger for her to see as she couldn't understand me. After a bit of toing and froing we agreed on £30 b2b and hr.
B2B was shit and was her climbing on the table and rubbing one tit down my body. She then got off and started wanking me off. She was fully unclothed at this point so tried to play with her - she allowed my fingers on her pussy but closed her legs so tight I couldn't feel anything properly. Nice tits though.
After I came she then started on the massage again, but when I say massage I really mean knee'd everywhere - she was basically pressing her knee against me and pulling me in to her.
I paid her the £30, got dressed and left. Felt more knotted up and bruised than when I started!!

I'd still go back there to visit a different girl though.

Offline Vectrex

Go again this week and ask for Lucy!

She is the best Chinese massage experience that i have ever had anywhere. she is early 30's and has such a beautiful body and is very playful with B2B+HR (no FS)

She is there for rest of the week and then who knows when she will be back...
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Offline nowtman

I actually went again last week.
Is Lucy small with long black hair? If so I had her last week and she was fantastic. Climbed on top, virtually in 69, and as you say really went for it. 1000% better than the last time, plus a pretty good massage too  :)

Offline Vectrex

Banning reason: Multiple accounts (Vectrex, 50yov)

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