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Author Topic: Marissa - Surrey Gems - Camberley  (Read 950 times)

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Offline nowtman

Had long been looking at Marissa on the website as to me she looks gorgeous.
Booked at short notice for 30mins with her.
When she came into the room she didn't disappoint. The fourth picture on the website with her in white is the most likeable to her - at least this one isn't badly photoshopped. However she does have a large tattoo which doesn't show on her pictures.
Paid my money and then she went out and came back in asking me how long ago did I last have sex. I said a week as it was and she said I needed to have it more than that...strange comment.
She has a great body with well done enhanced tits but is very tight. Did OW and then went to do reverse cowgirl which I don't particularly like. Went for missionary so that I could see her properly and straight away she says I needed to be quick as I was going soft....erm what?!? Well with that comment I lost my rhythm and did. Ended up wanking onto the towel as she played with herself. Getting dressed she tells me that I need to have sex more often as I loose sensation....no love it was you saying 10mins into the booking to hurry up that did it for me!!  :diablo:
Very pretty girl but not customer friendly.
No kissing by the way.

Offline MrMatrix

Thanks for the review- she does look nice BTW. No kissing is a deal breaker for me so thanks for that important bit of info- I will not be meeting her. Sorry your punt was only a neutral :unknown:

Online vt

I notice this is the same Romanian girl that also works as Marissa at House of Divine / Annabellas in Milton Keynes.


I've often looked at her pics and wondered...now I know she's a minimal service girl with an unhelpful bedside manner, I needn't bother.

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