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Author Topic: Ellie Rose, Marble Arch. I now know what the fuss is about!  (Read 2337 times)

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Having read all the reviews and comments about Ellie I decided no girl could be that good and with some of the posts from/about flufflies/white knights I just did not need the hassle if it turned out to be Neutral or Negative.

However, having been off the beaten track a few times and had some crappy experiences I thought I'd see what the fuss was about.

Knowing that I had nothing much to do in the middle of day for a few hours I decided that a punt would be good way of killing time and trying something different.  So I decided to give Ellie a try, more than I usually pay on a 1st punt but the feedback /reviews ensured the risk of having a bad time were low.

Duration: 2 Hours
Amount paid: £230


Contacted Ellie via email a few day before hand.  Received an email back asking me to call her to discuss.  Called her, was taken aback as I was expecting a Czech sounding girl on the other end.  What I heard was a very well spoken girl.  Date/time arranged and booking made. 

The day before the booking I received directions with the road name.  On the day, arrived at the location, called Ellie for the exact address.  Was given exact address and entry (pun intended) instructions.

I was actually about an hour early and grabbed a coffee and sat in Hyde park and watched lycra clad female joggers.  Not a bad way of getting the horn ready for a meet.

In my opinion Ellie is a very good looking girl with a nice body, (think Zinfandel rather than Prosecco.)  In addition, she’s very polite and courteous.  I was able to actually hold a conversation between rounds without it being the usual crap small talk.

The experience
I walked through in to her flat and she led me to the bedroom.  She asked if I wanted to shower, I decided not to having only had one before hand at the gym.  I was asked to use hand sanitiser…and then it started.  Ellie initiated a full on snog with tongues, not just a poke it in, any deeper she would have been able to check for cavities.  She then offered a drink which I accepted.  She left the room and I got to start stripping, she came back in quite quickly and continued the snogging with lots of her hands wondering about everywhere.  I could not get the remaining clothes off quick enough so she could play unhindered.

I undid her gown and got to cup…actually grope her tits and sucked each one.  She took a breather and asked how I wanted to play out the session and how many times I wanted to cum.  At this point there was very little blood to the thinking brain and grunted she was in charge.

On to the bed she took control and lots more kissing and fondling, she then slowly went down and gave me one hell of a deep slow and sloppy blowjob.  She knew exactly how to suck it, slide her mouth up and down the sides of it and even suck/lick the balls like an expert.

Ellie then asked if I wanted to do the tie and tease first, to be frank she could have asked me to do the dishes and I would have said yes, so my answer was affirmative.  So on with the leg and arm straps to each corner of the bed and the blind fold.  Time at this point became very irrelevant experiencing quite a few things in way that I had never before.

The teasing was excellent, with her at times grazing her nipples across my mouth but not allowing me to suck, positioning of her lower body so I could just touch her pussy with the tip of my tongue.  Oral was a slow build up but stopped just in time so I didn’t shoot. 

I did let her know that I like giving oral and she obliged with quite  bit of 69.  The first few seconds of oral are always a bit scary, but once I smelt how clean she was it was a no brainer.  I'm always hesitant to rim unless I know the girl well, again she is clean and I did not hesitate.  On with the condom and she rode me cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.  Even though I could not see it, I could feel the way she worked her hips.

After I popped, she removed the condom and cleaned me up.  She went off to the kitchen and brought back some nibbles (m&m’s, nuts etc)  We picked at the bits and chatted for a bit.  It’s not very often you get to have a tangible conversation with a wg, and it was very nice.  It felt very natural and reminded me of a few session back in my younger days with girlfriends where we spent the day in bed chatting and shagging.

Round 2
Ellie initiated and asked me to lie back.  What ensued was even more DFK, kissing of nipples, her and mine and another fantastic blowjob.  I asked she position herself so we could assume 69.  Feeling the need to blow again, I took the lead and asked her to lie on her back so I could deliver some deep oral.  Using my fingers to insert into her clit I went to town on her pussy.  I think (again can never be 100% sure) I managed to get her to cum, there was some moaning and shuddering followed by a deep sigh and nothing.  Once she got herself together we swapt places and gave me a tit wank, lots of ball fondling and sucking.  Then the immortal words that everyman likes to hear came from her mouth, 'why don't you cum in my mouth'  Happy to oblige, I lay there watching her head bob up and down until I let it all shoot.  I can't remember if she got up to spit it out or not, but I do remember some sweat kisses, more chatting and eating nibbles.

Round 3
After the great round 1 & 2, I was surprised she wanted to go again.  More kissing and sucking ensured I was ready to go, on with the condom and on to missionary.  Even missionary was great with kisses and her hands everywhere on me.  feeling the urge to cum again and slowing myself down deliberatly, Ellie then said the other great words everyman likes to hear.  'Why don't you give me a facial'  Never one to deny a good (or is it bad) girl a facial, I teabagged her until I was ready and then let loose all over her face and mouth.  Watching the cum dribble down the side of her mouth, cheaks and neck was a sight to behold.

We chatted for a bit so I could get my energy back and headed off to the shower.

After the shower, we chatted briefly, the whole time she remained naked.  Ellie is very confident in her self and seeing her naked after my shower felt quite nice considering I had just spent over two hours shagging, playing and cumming on the body.

Oral that off the ricther scale.  She does not use a condom for oral so you can feel the saliva dribble down the shaft
The sex
Actually just about everything 

You have to leave.
She almost turned me in a fluffy!

Would I go again?
Yes, Ellie is now my service providor of choice when I'm in town.  I have subsequently booked and seen her for an even longer 3 hour session.
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84 review(s) found for Ellie_12_Rose linked to in above post (84 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Thanks for the review. Is this your first visit to a popular London WG/forum darling? If not, who else have you seen?

Thanks for the review. Is this your first visit to a popular London WG/forum darling? If not, who else have you seen?

Yes, first time seeing a forum darling.  To be frank that was the main reason why I had stayed away from Ellie.

I've written reviews for the other girls I have seen, so my punting career is fairly transparent. 

Offline GolfNut

Excellent review VT, and pleased you had a great experience with Ellie.

She a top girl and definitely goes the extra mile compared to most other SP's.

Banning reason: Undesirable

Offline Expl1cit

Good review  :thumbsup:

I've seen Ellie myself - had a good experience & cannot fault the effort she puts in compared to many others.  Her rates are reasonable too - but I left thinking wtf is all the fuss about and couldn't even be bothered to review her.  Decent fuck, not a clockwatcher - might see her again as a plan B/C when I need some chunky love  :unknown:
Banning reason: White-knight

Offline ciscoxxx69

Great Review....bumped up my HL  :hi:

Great Review....bumped up my HL  :hi:
+1 very enjoyable review
I can't believe you haven't seen her Cisco!  ;)

Offline stayer


Trust me, you won't be disappointed if you meet her.

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