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Author Topic: Are you man enough?  (Read 1529 times)

Offline Matrix

« Last Edit: May 19, 2016, 07:03:09 PM by Matrix »

Offline george r

you would need a plank on your back  :scare:

Offline Iblisuk

She'd make an excellent Bond villain .
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Online Kenaldo

And a couple of bottles of whiskey to calm the nerves!  :diablo:

Offline Neal69

Would need a bottle of whiskey to give me Dutch Courage.  :scare:

If I could Man Up enough though I wouldn't mind giving it a try just for the experience.

I have seen a few tall birds and they were great shags even though doggy can be a bit challenging even for one who is pushing 6' tall like myself as the length of their thighs makes it a bit odd as you have to aim up as opposed to down.

This one could give Watersports to your face without you even having to lie down.  :crazy:


Offline Integral

Am I man enough for her?

In a word...no!  :scare:
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Offline Matrix

One thing I'll say.

I'd rather do her than the one that was "teaching" her to wrestle. Gee Whiz!

Offline Alvin

I don't want to be man enough to risk going near her.  For those who want to  have say good on you but not for me.

Offline punk

Not my type but the blonde next to her looks fit to fuck.

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