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Author Topic: Gentlemens Club - Basic Hygeine appears to be an issue.  (Read 1483 times)

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I always try to look for the positives in a punt. Sometimes however, the negatives outway the positives by so much that it's just impossible to recommend a place. This is the case with GC.

Saw a girl today, black, 5' 8" tall with the most awesome ass I have ever seen. My apologies but for the life of me I can't remember her name. She said she was South African. Probably B cup tits with decent protruding nipples. But that ass was simply outstanding.

Now the girl alone, no matter how stunning her ass might be,  does not make for a good punt. The BJ was covered and lasted a full 10 seconds. Sex consisted of doggy style, missionary, then the last few minutes where she insisted on trying to wank me off as quick as she could. Doggy style with that ass should have been outstanding, but as is the case so many times at GC, the pure wretched stench that emanated from her nether regions was enough to make me nearly puke.

Why do girls that work in brothels think that it is acceptable to have sex with someone, then just get dressed afterwards as though they had just got out of the shower? The girl stank, it was disgusting. She, unfortunately, isn't the only one at this brothel. Most of the girls I've seen here with a few noticeable exceptions (e.g, Julia), don't shower.  The last time I broached the subject with the manager all she had to say was "They don't work for me", which is BS. So GC, just tell the girls to have a wash after a punt and you won't get crappy reviews like this. FFS, it isn't that hard.

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

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Yes, on Union St. Been there for years.

Yes, on Union St. Been there for years.

Respectfully, may I ask why?
I know Plymouth isn't over run with choice, but there are plenty of indys here who give a better service than you seem to have received there

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I meant 'it' has been there for years.  I used to get some really nice chicks there a few years back, one's who used to know what a shower was.

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