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Author Topic: sandradee33  (Read 649 times)

Offline daveev

Great feed back, think i'll wait my turn :(

Offline daviemac

has anyone seen this young lady in Washington?


Young lady  :unknown: :unknown: slapper you mean. You must be mad to even think about it, 2 negatives on AW (she must be bad for punters to risk negs on there) and bareback.   :vomit:

Offline maxxblue

Agree with daviemac - what were you thinking, awesome1?

Offline Addicted65

 :scare: :scare:

WTF, I can only assume you haven't seen her feedback and responses, here is one for you

jeddie (1)   13/05/2016 14:15   Seeking Services
    watch this one she is a scammer she will take your money and after 2 minuets starts pretending she is in pain house is filthy and full of her mates
Response:   Here ya daft divvy sorry if a was in a bit of pain haha ya cock fkn stinks man

But if that doesn't put you off and you want to take the chance of licking someone else's jizz out her pussy then good luck. Think you will need it  :vomit: :vomit: :vomit:

I hadn't seen the reviews, think I will keep clear

Offline coolguy1990

She can't be a smack head, didn't you read her other reply?

"The cheeky twat smack head Neva touched a drug in my life and ya we're rude".
Banning reason: White-knight

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