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Author Topic: Rosie69English - Stevenage  (Read 648 times)

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Offline faggins

Saw Rosie recently (used to be "Crystal Ball"), and have been after a visit for a while. She advertises herself as enjoying BDSM and "roll" play (well, she does advertise "food sex"), and this was the primary reason for the visit. Basically, I was after a little more intimacy than I get from my normal pro-domme.

Comms - a bit haphazard. Initially her profile didn't have a phone number, so first contact was via e-mail. I listed what I was after generally (Strict Aunt/naughty nephew), which she indicated was fine. Subsequent e-mail contact wasn't great as I'd asked if she was available on a certain day, and didn't get response until that date had gone. However, I noticed a phone number was up on the profile in the last couple of days, so gave it a go, seeking a same day appointment. This was fine. I did refer to my earlier e-mail, but we were on a bad line, so I'm not quite sure she got that I had contacted her previously. She promised to text post code, but needed a reminder to do so.

Location - Stevenage suburb, near Sainsburys (not the one near the Lister Hospital). Was offered the chance to park in Sainsburys, or on her road. Apparently parking on her drive is OK once she's met you. Semi-detached house - I'm guessing her own. Reasonably safe looking area.

Was asked to phone once I'd arrived in her road, and given directions. She was a little brusque, but granted I had turned up early. Plus this was 1st time meet, so I think she was trying to get the measure of me, which I suppose is fair enough.

The meet - Rosie advertises as 47, which could be accurate, maybe a couple more years. Some of the profile photos are older than others. Rosie is blonde, tall, cracking set of tits. She was friendly, but almost to the point of being a bit distracted as to why I was there. There is a dog on premises, which she had to go and sort out - should have done that before the meeting. Sorted out the finances, then away we went with the role play. This is where the problems started;having visited pro-dommes before, some are very, very good at reading body language, general demeanour, etc., whether something is working. I think Rosie thought I wanted it to go one way, whilst I was expecting things to go another. So the initial 15 minutes of action were bascially me wondering whether I was enjoying myself - never good. That said, the role play led to me having to go down on her for some reverse oral. Pussy was fragrant, and tasted pretty fine - no fish suppers here. Also very responsive, almost to the point of being a gusher. Finished off with her sitting on my face and wanking me into a pair of her knickers. Did use the full hour, so no clock watching/timewasting.

So; basically, it was all a little "awkward" at 1st then improved. I'm not sure whether this was down to me having seen pro-dommes/other "domme" escorts and expecting a carbon copy of stuff I've enjoyed elsewhere, whether I was crap at communicating my wants, or whether she just wasn't quite comprehending of what I was after. It may be that a 2nd visit might lead to an improved experience; then again, maybe a return visit will reveal it to be worse than I'm making it out to be.

https://www.adultwork.com/3423972 or https://www.adultwork.com/Rosie69English

1 review(s) found for Rosie69English linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline faggins

Now changing this to a negative, as have just received a rude text from Rosie, berating me for leaving this review. The whole point of original "neutral" rating was that I was unsure whether it was because it was me not "clicking" with her, so might well have returned to see if it was my "problem". The tone of her text confirms it wasn't. Also annoyed because I described the house as a semi, when it's detached.

PS, if you're reading this, Rosie, just chalk it up to a bad experience on both our parts.

Offline Hertsgent

You will obviously never make it as an estate agent Faggins  :D

Useful and honest review  :thumbsup:

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