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Author Topic: Lucy K - Stevenage  (Read 736 times)

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I was working in Stevenage today and after a boring weekend stuck at a wedding I thought I deserved a treat, I had a small window off opportunity so I had a look what was on offer and liked the look off Lucy. I made the call checked the services are as per profile, all good I then confirmed the money £100 for an hour no extras (Good value for money I thought).

She was staying in the Holiday Inn in the town centre and parking was a nightmare to say the least, got a spot rushed there  and gave her a ring got the room sorted and up I went. She is not bad looking not a stunner not a pig about late 30's maybe early 40's, tidy body long leg few tats and a decent smallish pair off titties with nice nipples and nice smooth skin ( some scaring on belly from an operation of some sorts).

She was dressed in a tight dress and heels which we soon got off, pretty full on kissing not loads of tongue then she started sucking me off. it was not a bad blow job had better had worse which we continued for a while until I was ready to blow my lot. I told her not to swallow it straight away and not to spill any, as I cum she got most of it in her gob  and licked the bit she missed up of my fingers and then licked my cock clean.  after a bit of a rest we had sex in various positions she puts the effort in but not the best acting skills if you get my drift, after a while I had a right old sweat on so got he to stand and lean back and bounce on my cock till I shot my load . She then cleaned me up I had about 10mins left so we laid there and chewed the cud for a while,  I then used the shower got dressed and left to do battle with that horrible London traffic. Id return purely on the price and fact she did put the effort in but she is far from a gfe or pse, just a decent value for money punt with plenty of services on offer.


1 review(s) found for Lucy_k linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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